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I… I just uncovered this…

I should not have. My brain can't… what? What is this?!

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I'm sure you've all noticed the "Draw her x months pragnent with x babbies!" on the front page. It seems to change hourly. Is it by a bot that randomizes the numbers within certain parameters or what? Seems like a hassle to go in and change it manually every hour or so.
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Impregnation >>birth >>incest

OK bit strange this perhaps. Was surfing around and found this animation [video](www.xvideos.com/video4513181/svarog_-_visitors_complete_with_sound)

Somehow she gets impregnated by an alien, gives birth of it..then the baby starts milking..and then giving blowjob to his mum.

Any other video's (hentI/animated) like this? What's the name of this kind of porn?
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Random Amusing Thing

Presented without further comment.
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The various misspellings of Pregnant

Just putting this here, you know what to do.

Prengnant was a recent one.
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If you make fetish related content, can you and do you fap to it?
Personally I can't, I find that anything I draw or edit is impossible to fap to. But maybe that's just me.
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Hi Im new

My best friend tried to fuck my gf but ended up killing her and himself in a car wreck. I have a very small penis. My PSN is TUPAC-THUG-LIFE5
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Oh fuck

I'm having a bad fucking time right now. Probably not the best place for this, but here is thread for those currently having A BAD FUCKING TIME RIGHT NOW.
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Patience Johnson nude pregnant bbw
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Have you ever wondered what people looked liked based on their online alias? Now's your chance to do that to yourself before others do!

Describe your online self in any way you want, pictures, stories, character profiles, stat sheets, anything goes.

No need for real life details, that's boring! I'd rather be a literal bun in an oven then who I am right now!
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A pokemon rom hack

I am setting forth to do a rom hack of pokemon firered and leafgreen with pregnant trainer sprites and some replaced dialouge (Not everything but for major trainers such as misty and some other trainers along the routes.) that would have trainers talking about being pregnant.

The whole idea being that it is a pokemon world where it is common for trainers to either be pregnant with pokemon or to incubate eggs in their wombs.

The problem is that I am not good at sprite making or editing. The attached photo is something that I did in paint from the old sprite and I don't think it's great. What I am looking for are people to help me out with editing sprites or making new ones. Is there anyone who is willing?
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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Like many fans of Jim Davis’ erotica I’ve been waiting for a continuation of Fertile Valley for, admittedly, far too long. Davis wrote 12 chapters, and unfortunately never returned to the story. For years I’ve toyed with the idea of continuing the erotica, postponing it until now. I haven’t made a complete outline yet, but I’m thinking of adding seven/eight chapters, giving the story a proper end.

Note that - like the original - the story will have pregnancy, incest, pre-teen (consensual) sex, breast/penis expansion and cum inflation. If any of these are not to your liking, perhaps this work is not for you. This is a work of fiction and is by no means a justification of pedophilia.

Davis' original: http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/fv/
My continuation:

Please let me know what you think, and share any ideas/comments you have. I hope you enjoy the story.
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How many games are there where you can make a girl look pregnant?
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On a scale of one to Gary Busey how bad is it that I want to get this pregnant
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I'm testing the speech to text editor. Blah blah blah. I'm in her belly was so big it was super hot this thing doesn't make humming noises. I was thinking of using it to write stories when it'll feel like typing with my fingers. And it's doing alright. But I'm still lazy f*. You can say f* computer no one's going to judge you. I miss you messing around in blah blah that Billy is. This could use some work.
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Hello, this is not spam, but rather an invitation and the beginning of the community! We are now small, but I would be very grateful if you could study some of our topics!
Thanks, please, mod do not delete this.
Here is a link to our website: 76chan.org
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Hello, /int/eresting people! You dont know me, but i need help. The fact is that I created my Anonym's imageboard. I need friends. Forgive me for the unexpected invasion. Now my board very small. The Internet is the only thing that makes me happy in this life. Life in my country is sad. Very sad. Angry people, dirty streets, high price and taxes - it's in the nature of things
. I just need friendship to make life better. I ask the admin not to delete it. If you agree to friendship, we can get links our sites in header/frameset/banners. I'll put the name under the spoiler so as not to disturb others. Sorry for my anglish. Maybe f-friends?
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When wiping, do you stand or do you sit?
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i found this german dubbed hospital themed video on a drive from 2007. where's a good place to upload it for other people to figure out its origin or lack thereof. pic unrelated
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Welcome to Generation 7...

So we've now got the latest Pokémon games coming out, and at the same time pretty much destroying any chance for Pokémon Z to finish Gen 6 (despite all the hinting at it).

I'm personally hoping they finally take their foot off the gas as far as the PokéDex goes. I don't mind a couple of new Legendaries or new starters, but let's stick mostly with what exists already (it was enough of a chore to finish the National Dex in Gen 5).

What does everyone else think about what's coming up?
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Stardew Valley

Anyone else playing Stardew Valley? It's a pretty straight homage to Harvest Moon, but somehow manages to be better than every HM game I've ever played. Bought it on Saturday and have spent 40 out of the last 80 hours playing it.

Unfortunately, like all Harvest Moon games, it doesn't feature pregnancy. On the bright side, it does let you be gay (all the bachelors/bachelorettes are interested in you whether you're male or female), and even have kids in a gay couple (just without pregnancy)

Anyone else playing?
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Cars and Dinosaurs

Something I have noticed since I became a pregfetish artist, is that most of my followers, starting with my husband, love dinosaurs, military stuff and cars. It's a remarkably strong pattern. Any input on why this may be the case?

Also cars/military/dinosaur thread!
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Random pregnants

Pregnant pictures you wanted to share that don't really fit in anywhere

Mpreg and Herm can go here too
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Vore stuff

The vore community is so weird. You would think pregnant predators would be more of a thing since they are the most voracious fuckers on the planet, but I see more pregnant prey scenarios than the reverse.

Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?
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Hello, I'm beginner singer.
I recorded a couple of songs live, I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you in advance.
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We need to assemble
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>At parents' for Thanksgiving break
>Leave laptop alone for five minutes
>Mom jumps on to google something without asking
>Background tabs full of ボテ腹, 妊婦, 孕ませ
>I get it back before she discovers anything

Thank god my parents are EOPs.
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Would you participate in a "live birth"?

I'm (f) considering doing live audio roleplays for birth scenarios via fiverr/what have you, where the viewer would be encouraged to coach, support, or instruct me while I "give birth". The choice of scenario would be entirely up to you, whether it's a calm homebirth, panicky birth, long and painful first time, or even just vanilla sweet-talking to the "baby", or egg laying, etc. Is this too far out/creepy or something you lot would be keen in seeing happen?
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Do not adjust your set or DeLorean

"…the Chicago Cubs win the World Series? Against Cleveland…?"

It happened. Cubs finally won it all!
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Idle-game variant idea?

There's a number of people that can code and create artpieces.. even a few "scenario" writers…. Anyone had the idea of a IDLE-RPG game with a cenral focus on pregancy/breeding? I have some ideas along those lines.. cant code and havent added arts in years without a scanner… The idea is there tho….
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Sexy Pumpkins

Other vegetables are fine too.
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So I was browsing one of the other chans when I came across this...

I'm honestly not sure whether to find this disgusting for being borderline CP or highly arousing.
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How does pregchan do random?

Random pic unrelated
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Fetish Subreddit

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Gravid Agent- Pregnant LEGO Superspy

This is a mod of a LEGO female spy model that makes her look pregnant. I took some photos and the whole gallery is here: http://bricksafe.com/pages/griffn29/gravid-agent
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7 Types of Breasts


I came across this pretty randomly and thought it was pretty interesting, and maybe a useful resource for those that draw lots of giant breasts? Even as a writer I think it might be kinda handy. When you have a lot of big bosomed characters it's hard to say "Her boobs were really big" seven times without it starting to get monotonous.
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So I had this idea a long time ago...

Ever since before the CP Spam bomb and stuff happened, I've always had this thought that Pregchan should have a chatroom to use for…well, all sorts of reasons. For starters, if (heaven forbid) the site crashes again for whatever reason, we still have some place to gather and talk about stuff. Also it might be able to restore some of the community feel this site had before all the CP and a certain troll drove people away.

Now, if I set one up for us, would you use it? (I tried posing this question in /q/, but I don't think anyone looks at that board unless something goes wrong) I mean, okay, it's a little boring compared to Skype and some other things, but we can do things as a larger group over chat (whether talking about random stuff or coming up with ideas for things, in that sense making it an extension of pretty much every area of the site aside from oekaki and real)
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Looking for a story

Are there any stories about a human giving birth to a gryphon?
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Other Scenarios Like This

It's not really off-topic, but where else was I gonna ask about this?

Is there anything else out there (TV show, movie, etc.) that happens like in Xena's "Gabrielle's Hope"? Er…I suppose some clarification is needed.

In the episode "Gabrielle's Hope"…actually, do I even have to explain the episode itself? It's like one of THE go-to episodes for content. And there have been other shows that have done this scenario.

However, there is a very particular part of the scenario that is probably the real icing on the cake (at least, it is to me).

It's when Gabby is in denial that she is pregnant and believes there is a logical explanation for the whole deal. Just as she says that, her belly suddenly moves. Gabby, right then, knew it wasn't a trick or anything; she was, indeed, very much pregnant.

In other words, a situation where the girl is like "I'm not pregnant", and her belly is like "Oh, yes you are!".

I hope I gave enough clarification. :P
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Remember the 90s?

Everything was better in the 90s.
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Since somebody mentioned "The Chipmunk" in another thread on /d/, it seemed like a good time to plug the time they talked about him on SHOW, the podcast about weird fetishes and weird everything:


Also, appropriately, since we were talking about Miss Mars, here's the one where they talk about the one Miss Mars fanfic ever written, which might be the worst fanfic ever made:


They mention me in both of these (I'm the guy that can "get you a pregnant woman that fell off the back of a truck"), so I'm pretty pleased with these.
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The drawing of Ellen Baker in a Red Sox fan jersey made me wonder.

Does anyone here like baseball?
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Project-H licensed Kodomo no Jikan! O.o


Not sure if that's a good thing or not? But it's something I guess? lol
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Glad I got the site up before getting distracted with Fates.
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Help in purchasing something

Well first off sorry if this is the wrong board, but this is probably the closest thing to it.
Anyways, the issue of mine is that I want to purchase this digital wallpaper https://j1108110013.booth.pm/items/161060
But are unable to do so due to the site not supporting my bank account. So I want to suggest a trade, I will give up to 5€ Of Steam Games/items (You can mix and match) in exchange of somebody purchasing this item and sending it to me. For further contact either send me an email or post here. Either way, you get profit.
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Legend of Vyrule Discussion

Since the original discussion thread didn't survive the Second Coming of Pregnarok, I'm remaking one here.

Thread 1

Thread 2
(Current thread as of making this post)

Glad to be back though. It'll probably be a bit slow going as people make their way back and word spreads around. But the most enjoyable part of running this is seeing all the things people say, so feel free to comment to your hearts content. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say again.
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What can I post and where?