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File: 1478672656446.gif (634.83 KB, 1280x1299, 2b1c4c60-09de-4041-863b-0b….gif)

79a90 No.353

I'm having a bad fucking time right now. Probably not the best place for this, but here is thread for those currently having A BAD FUCKING TIME RIGHT NOW.

a6a93 No.354

are you democrat?????

39c04 No.355

File: 1478707829390.jpg (8.11 KB, 167x206, 1129792185748.jpg)

go bitch and moan on tumblr or something, nobody needs that mess here. we're having a wonderful time, thanks.

7f758 No.356

It's basically the end of the world as we know it, but it happened, and that's where our world's at. I genuinely have no clue how to process something for *maybe* the third time in my life, and I'm scared as shit. If you ever want to talk, feel free to message me at jacenv13@gmail.com.

a978c No.357

I think a lot of us are

30ff5 No.358

I could barely sleep last night.
And hearing about something similar possibly happening in France, I'm scared for the state of the world.

d37fd No.359

File: 1478735990323.jpg (44.61 KB, 200x440, sans.jpg)

*Pavlovian reaction*

fd4ae No.360

File: 1478741826168.jpg (63.28 KB, 640x1136, 1478673831130.jpg)

>people are unironically sad that trump beat hillary
oh please
literally anyone is better than hillary, who is a lying crook, who did terrible things like steal the nomination right out from underneath bernie sanders' feet
did I support bernie?
no, I have been a trump supporter the entire time, but he's better than hillary, and should've won.
I'm glad trump won, and I can't wait to see what good stuff is in store for the country
There's already plans to mend relations with russia, which in my book, is absolutely great

1fe71 No.361


59595 No.362

No this is a place for random.

71681 No.364

I'm not a Trump supporter, but I'm definitely glad Hillary got her ass kicked.

a978c No.366

It's going to take a minute for everyone to adjust, a lot of people thought Hillary was going to win, not that I want that to happen but this line up was awful. Nothing to do but move forward and adapt.

It's nice to see /b/ get some activity though

79a90 No.368

File: 1478763586298.png (742.3 KB, 1280x1463, 1478660551821.png)

Damn you guys were fucking quick to start throwing insults around.

d0fd0 No.369

While I admit to being a sexual deviant, I don't like the idea of a sexual deviant for president.

39c04 No.372

Good thing Huma's beard didn't win then, huh? Also that's some wonderfully inane hypocrisy you fail to grasp…

fd4ae No.374

fill me in on who exactly is a sexual deviant

a978c No.376

It won't be the first time and probably not the last

fc7e1 No.377

>implying a sexual deviant is worse than a rapist defender
might want to get your shit straight anon

d0e7b No.379


Jesus fuck am I tired of this shit being everywhere I go.

Also, do the words COURT-APPOINTED ATTORNEY mean anything to you?

fc7e1 No.380

don't like it because it's true
suck a dick

d37fd No.381

I'm going to risk playing the Devil's Advocate here and say OP never clarified they were having a bad time due to the election. Hell, I had a bad Wednesday and it had nothing to do with the election; regardless of who won, I had more immediate problems to deal with, and still do.

79a90 No.382

File: 1478965981769.png (166.6 KB, 800x894, Fi2j9os.png)

I just wanted a place to vent lol. I didn't expect this thread to become a debate. I even tried to post site relevant imagery. But people have to instantly jump to insulting each other and arguing. I left what I was having a bad day about vague cause what exactly it wasn't really was something I wanted to discuss. And now the thread has just derailed into pointless shit flinging. That's disheartening. Not like it matters at this point.

I'll just wish you guys a better time than I'm having right now and try to avoid this thread.>>381

71681 No.383

Welcome to politics.

28516 No.385

She didn't laugh at her.
She laughed over the fact that the rapist passed a lie detector test, and that she wouldn't trust the results.

You didn't even bother to check if what you said was true, and parroted what people wanted you to parrot.

35d13 No.386

Oh, so she only laughed at everyone who believed either of them. What a wonderful person.

28516 No.388

That isn't what I said.
Context is key, and either you're not aware of the context, or intentionally leaving it out.

0ee18 No.389

File: 1478998068070.jpg (10.75 KB, 268x188, images-3.jpg)

I hope things get better. Here is something that amused me today. <3

32c43 No.390

Can we get a mod to close this thread and delete it? Its only a separating point for the community,

931b6 No.391

File: 1479015137551.gif (118.3 KB, 200x200, tmp_16187-dbc1e5cbb04c9677….gif)

Mode delete this or we roll for dubs

dc589 No.447


0116f No.448

File: 1484183974697.png (116.83 KB, 500x504, when-another-boy-has-a-bal….png)

how do you think trump voters are doing knowing that he's MORE corrupt than hillary ever was? seriously, never trust a loudmouth who made deals with the new york mob. and took loans from a bank with Russian Mob connections. And screwed over everyone that ever worked for him. And went to court for not paying people. And had a school that was designed to be a pyramid scheme.

64953 No.451

File: 1484210646493.png (842.37 KB, 1440x1352, 1478584433366.png)

12381 No.452

File: 1484222969223.jpg (42.07 KB, 960x626, 12803164_1036756109716345_….jpg)

a978c No.455

File: 1484289327937.jpg (74.8 KB, 721x960, z5SDsSP.jpg)

32c43 No.457

Requesting a lock/deletion on this thread. It has nothing to do with what pregchan was made for, and it's a huge division point for the community.

79a90 No.458

File: 1484309075357.jpg (420.93 KB, 1600x900, 1480748842826.jpg)

None of this has left the thread and most commentary is anonymous anyways. Besides, this is random shit and despite disagreement this is relatively tame compared to what the conversation could be like.

I honestly don't feel comfortable being silent on the subject. I'm honestly really afraid of where this nation is headed. Not figuratively afraid but actually afraid of the route we're heading down. The many cues and flags of a facist government are going up with rapidly increasing pace. We've got a president to be who is instigating hate speech while dissenters are drowned out by mob mentality and insults.

But this is a place to escape reality and enjoy fantasy so I wouldn't object if the mods did decide to lock this thread.

666a7 No.459

can we stop with this whole, "trump is a fascist" thing?
being nationalist ≠ fascist.
trump has no plans to do any harm to this country, and he has already been doing great things for it and he hasn't even been inaugurated.
meanwhile, if clinton had been elected, we would be most surely preparing for WWIII, considering her policy to set up a no-fly zone over syria, which would, by proxy, begin a war with russia.
why do people not understand that hillary is far more corrupt and we dodged a bullet by not having her elected?

21e35 No.460

i mean sure he ran a fascist campaign and most of his supporters are racists and the first thing his party has done since winning power is try to defund what little health care support americans have ever had, and he has done nothing but fluff his own ego and screw over everyone around him for his entire career built out of being given money by his dad, but yeah, no, he's totally not a fascist or terrible, and will totally fix the ecomony by yelling at the brown people, sure.

b69ac No.462

File: 1484316593241.png (328.04 KB, 337x498, 1478936177334.png)

>most of his supporters are racists
you do know that the racists are at best a vocal minority, and a decent amount of his voters were working class people who were sick of getting fucked over by the establishment and jobs being shipped off to other countries.
the racists who voted for him are honestly extremely misled, and should've voted for hillary, the true racist.
not one policy or thing trump has said is actually racist, no matter what the media tries to say.
barring immigration from the middle east until they can correctly get the security in place to stop radical islamists from coming through isn't racist in any way.
reinforcing the border and stopping drug cartels, other assorted criminals, and funny enough, islamists yet again, also isn't racist.
putting tariffs on imported goods from places like china to remove the economic loopholes for companies to basically betray their countries and put their men out of jobs for basically slave labor to make a quick buck isn't racist either.
why did racists support him?
beats me, considering he's got plans to do the exact opposite of what they want, like trying to help poor minorities out of the rut they're in, which is definitely something they wouldn't want, considering they're just as retarded as the left with their stupid identity politics.
and I'm pretty sure trump's campaign was better considering he was supported by his voters, and not by big, very oppressive countries like saudi arabia, and evil warmongers like george soros, like hillary was.

b1e91 No.463

Do you even know what fascism is Hidon? He isn't even a demagogue, as his arguments on the trail have been fairly reasonable. I cannot say his personal attacks have improved the american political system, but such is a natural result of LCD universal democracy. Donald Trump was one of the first mainstream american candidates to be unapologetically nationalist, and after years of calling anyone who was so a racist, people had enough.

It really saddens me that people honestly believe that you must be a rascist to support donald trump. The word is used so flippantly these days I fear when an actual racist makes it into the spotlight, such accusations shall be ignored. Its absurd to think that people who merely hold different views on the role of government must be inherently prejudiced.

I'd gladly get down to specifics, but political memes and personal attacks are not my realm of knowledge. What i do know is that most of these attacks mentioned in the thread are unsubstantiated, not false, but without ability to be proven, and thereby useless to actual discussion.

b69ac No.464

I agree with stuff like racist being so overused
the more stuff like rape and racist gets abused, the less value it has
it is extremely sad because one day, real racists and rapists won't matter because the left has just driven them into the ground

64e8c No.465

I'm only chipping in because I feel like it's getting a bit to one-sided.

I don't think Trump is a fascist (and I come from a country with fascist background - I know), I also don't think he is racist (at least not in an active way, he's just more the clueless white privilege type).

I think he is not fit to be POTUS for a few reasons, but the main one is his behaviour: He cannot take criticism and is not reflective and admits to faults (thats a good personality trait for anyone - shows backbone and integrity).
He just doesn't have that or doesn't show it.

I don't like him dismantling the ACA, and his stance on climate change is more than worrying; fighting overbloated bureaucracy and corruption is definitely a good move though.

I can't and won't talk much about Hillary, I'm sure she wouldn't be the best candidate either, but if really all of her emails are out there and she's still not prosecuted for any crime, than than she's better than 50% of all citizens. :P (don't take this too serious guise). Anyway she's not the president, so she kinda doesn't matter anymore.

In general the US parties are both very center right, they are not that different. The irrational fear and stigma with anything just smelling of "socialism" (which is NOT communism) just amuses me to no end.

Culturally I really like the US, the people are super friendly too, but damn, some of your laws and legislation just terrify me.
I wish you all hope, reason and progress this year, there's potential. Go foward and not back.

298fa No.466

Comments like This is exactly why trump won, and why the pendulum is swinging right.
Your average normie is starting to think the left is crazy. Which at this point im convinced that it is.

39c04 No.467

Jesus Christ, this is still going/here/not locked? Yeah, really want to see political commentary HERE of all fucking places…

1d2da No.468


no, comments like that one aren't why Trump won, and many "normies" are pretty afraid of the next couple of years

I can't believe people are still defending one of the worst people to ever win the elections

like, "nuh-uh he's not racist" or "nuh-uh, he's not a sexual deviant" (you forgot to deny him being a woman-hater, too), or "yeah, but REAL rapists and racists…" (wow, really?)

I mean, how many examples of disgusting behavior do you need to finally see that he's a stupid, aggressive bigot who's proud of being ignorant (I mean, who's gonna educate such a powerful, egoistic big baby?), and who's totally clueless when it comes to actually being the POTUS?

*his own* acts, tweets and speeches are perfect examples of just how much the US is screwed right now

oh, and also the people he's chosen, who are probably as bad or even worse than he is, ranging from hateful bigots to people who actively fuck over schools or who, like him, deny a tiny little thing called climate change (aren't you glad that they will be in charge of education or environment-related issues now?)

but yeah, sure, Hillary was the worst (even though fact-checking shows that most of this evil is due to her having the audacity of being a woman, plus urban legends, plus the fact that no politician, especially an experienced one, is going to have clean hands) and he's totally not corrupt at all, guise (even though there are countless examples of him being corrupt, like most of his aforementioned people being rewarded that way after they threw tons of money at him as his supporters during the elections)

maybe let's return to our regular porn, because the longer this thread goes on, the creepier some of the Dorito supporters' comments get

a978c No.469

Everybody is going crazy, considering how bad the economy has gotten, I don't blame them

fbf12 No.470

File: 1484340602932.png (574.67 KB, 719x1280, 240568fe-c2fd-4659-8a51-ca….png)

This is potentially a world changing event. And not just minor world changing. This could influence history on a grand scale. This IS influencing history as we speak. This may be one of the biggest deals in our life time. It's going to bleed over into potentially everything for as long as it's going on. It's not something you can just bury your head in the sand over, sadly, as I wish I could.

b1e91 No.471

Incredulousness is not an argument; how is it that he is a racist or a sexual deviant or a woman hater, and how is everyone who voted for him any of those things?

Please provide examples, rather than keeping vague and lazy in order to slander a guy who, while hardly a good politician or person, really has not done much of anything that is unreasonable.

It is absurd to think that Clinton lost for being a woman. She lost because she kept the same rhetoric that was used for the last eight years and divided the nation.

Your pathetic pleads to try and throw shit and then run is emblematic of the reasons why he won.

39c04 No.472

I'm not advocating burying your head in the sand ostrich-style. I'm saying, maybe it doesn't HAVE to bleed over. Politics are the most inane and potentially inflammatory topic you could choose to bring up. Whatever, let's all fucking shitpost until the cows come home; I'm just personally tired of going everywhere and being unable to escape this 'BUT YOU MUST BE OUTRAGED TOO RIGHT?' mindset. No, I'm not. I don't give two fucks, just shut the fuck up about it already. Besides, this is literally the last place I want to see 'holier than thou' comments from the community at large. Seriously, what the hell do you want us to do about it?

e13a1 No.473

Let's be honest. You're sealioning right now. If you don't already have enough evidence to believe Trump is a racist and sexist then you're either incredibly willfully ignorant or already know and don't care. It's pointless to try and argue with either somebody who is so insanely unaware of the situation, or somebody who is a liar.

e13a1 No.474

File: 1484351496479.jpg (546.51 KB, 1050x1500, 1479550359006.jpg)

What do I expect you to do? Join the discussion or ignore it. There's a block thread button. You can use it for mpreg and furry stuff. Use it for this too.

e6f28 No.475

Yeah, keep insulting everybody who asks for evidence, I'm sure one day it'll work.

64953 No.476

File: 1484353427132.png (897.11 KB, 605x505, 1480561416770.png)

>typical hillary supporter who can't come up with an ounce of proof for their claims against trump, and resort to non-arguments like insulting someone
it would be nice if for once a hillary supporter could actually be good at debating and not just make claims that are either unsubstantiated or proven false
but then again, most people with enough of a brain to debate probably voted for someone else

93bd0 No.477

File: 1484355594292.gif (497.99 KB, 500x236, 5s4kkZ1.gif)

>mfw not part of the US and watching this thread grow into something magical.

c5a96 No.478

I'm with you on on this and I'm in the US. LOL I didn't vote this year because i felt the lending my support to either candidate would only reflect poorly on my own intelligence. Plus there is the Psychotic side to me the just want's to see watch world burn. I knew the voting would just be a waste of good gas that i could pour on the fire later.

39c04 No.479

File: 1484361148038.jpg (50.04 KB, 640x480, 1233464079052.jpg)

So you don't want people burying their heads in the sand, as you said, but you're advocating blocking the thread; love how you also realize this thread is part of the arguably worst and more overwrought aspects of this site/community, i.e. furries and mpreg. Also, isn't this all part of the 'discussion' as you call it? Which invariably comes down to 'no, you're wrong, I'm right' ad hoc arguments anyway. My entire point is that this is literally the last place I want to see a political discourse taking place, oh well!

298fa No.480

The worse case scenario is that hes an asshole that doesnt know when to shut hes mouth.Which if you dont want to vote for one, thats your right and certainly understandable.

Its pretty hard for be to believe a muh soggy knees type guy would be advocating things like tax breaks for children care and six weeks materinity leave.
hes pratically more pro women than hillarys
platform on alot of issues.

Also you might want to read more about your us presidents.
He hasnt been elected yet and hes no where near the levels of awful fdr(i know im going to get shit for this but he pretty much trampled on rights and unlawfullly imprisoned japanese citizens) or andrew jackson.

2ce1d No.481

File: 1484362885914.jpg (119.2 KB, 1280x1067, 1483660619723.jpg)

I for one welcome Trump's victory. For once, I feel like we have elected somebody that will fight for our own country's interests first. My vote might have not counted for squat in my super-liberal state, but I feel optimistic about the future for once.

298fa No.482

Its always nice to see some positivity :D

b1e91 No.484

See previous post, incredulousness is not an argument. If its so obvious, please point out how Donald Trump is a racist or a sexist or a sexual deviant. You are only further proving my point by being so elusive and baselessly calling me a liar when I have neither lied or misled you.

I have ideas of what remarks you may be referring to, and I am waiting for you to point it out so I may dismantle it and show to you why this train of thought has zero reasoning.

79a90 No.485

You asked what I wanted you yo do. I want you to join the discussion. Failing that, I want you to block the thread so you can ignore it and stop trying to shut down discussion. Don't get mad at me because I gave you a choice.

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