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a3a2f No.891

I'm not really into the pregnant theme of this site, I'm pretty much here because I got kicked off other imageboards and am struggling to find more, the reason being of why I'm looking for other chans is because Im just wanting people to interact with, so itt let's do just that, tell me about yourselves and your interests.

06ef2 No.892

…why did you get kicked off other image boards?

cd46b No.893

File: 1503599873305.webm (422.41 KB, 480x360, nipah~.webm)


95adc No.894

aaff2 No.895

File: 1503625856077.png (819.39 KB, 955x837, 1497729328026.png)

Sure, tea with a cute preggy lady, there are teas recommended for pregnant women to help, and a friend to talk to, even a male attracted to her appearance, it's a done deal (sips tea).

4f81d No.896

File: 1503626209088.png (218.35 KB, 720x405, かわいいですね.png)

Guess this is proof that magic doesn't exist. Why didn't you use a Jedi mind trick on the mods?


What is with those videos begging for forgiveness, and why are you using a Twilight fan fiction author working at a cheap clothing store as a character witness for a bronie site? I'm just saying it's generally better to avoid having a common persona connecting you to every visited site.

As for interests, I've been taming a squirrel that took up residence in my backyard, and my efforts have finally paid off. (Pic related)

a2054 No.897

Dude, as long as you don't bring any drama here, I don't mind.

49abb No.898

what the actual fuck is going on here.

2a184 No.899

Pregnant women can't drink or smoke so when they get together they have tea

0ebe0 No.988

Pretty sure MI6 is using this image board to communicate in strange code.

d1aa6 No.991

Didn't you know? We're all either agents or sleeper agents. How else would we get and receive orders?

aaff2 No.1211

File: 1510542497009.png (863.27 KB, 810x1080, X.png)

It's a tea party on pregchan, invite all the girls/ women/ ladies - YES BIG FAT ROUND CHICKS!

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