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1509e No.5545[Reply]

That statement I made about my next and last story? The voices in my head had something to say about that. Some of it wasn't very nice. None of it was negotiable.

So while this is my next story, it isn't the last. I guess we should think of it as a buffer while I try to finish the other one. I hope you enjoy it.


Denver, the far future:

With the rise of robotics and other technology had come a profound change in sexual relations. Carlos Hartford had taken advantage of that by programming a VR sex simulator that was completely customisable and felt utterly real. Users could log into the official site and enjoy different levels of membership: free meant full forum access, and an hour of fun three times a week before automatically getting logged out. Paid membership meant full forum access, and fun for two hours a day, five days a week. The Platinum membership was the most expensive, but by far the most popular: forum membership and unlimited access to pleasure twenty-four/seven.

Carlos had made a fortune. Not enough to quit his software programming job entirely, but he didn’t really want to. He enjoyed the work. But now he was making enough to cut his hours to part time and still work from home, get a different insurance plan with health, home, hovercar, and weather protection all bundled together, and indulge in a luxury.

Or rather, a complicated masturbation aid.

Where Carlos had gone for VR, others had gone for robotics. That work had spawned Dolls, androids and gynoids meant for servitude and sex. But they were more than that: they were tailor-made works of art that could move, and think, and make love like humans. Carlos had wanted one ever since he was fourteen, but even if he wrote the software for the personality on his own, what he had in mind had been very costly.
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1509e No.5546

Twenty days after he had made his order, another drone delivered a different box to his balcony on a Saturday afternoon, while he was making lunch. This was the moment Carlos had been waiting for. Abandoning all thoughts of food, he bolted for the box, dragging it inside and nearly forgetting to close the door and curtains. His hands shook in anticipation as he pried open the wood panels and set them aside to be recycled, and delicately pulled apart the packaging.

And there she was. His beauty. His treasure. His lifelong companion. His dearest fantasy, right in front of him. He had seen a preview of what she would look like before his order had been completed, but the reality was so much better. Carlos lost his breath as he lifted her from the packaging to gently lay her on the bed, staring in admiration. Oh, but the creators of his Doll had outdone themselves!

She was very fair-skinned, to contrast with the complexion gained from his half-Latino heritage, and petite, so he could tuck her under his chin when he hugged her. Her features were fine and exquisite, framed by rippling, floor-length hair so dark a purple it was nearly black. Her hands were elegant, legs long and slim, hips and shoulders beautifully proportioned, and her breasts- oh, her breasts were perfect, rounded D-cups with just the right amount of realistic droop, and nipples and areolae a duskier shade of purple. Her lips and eyeshadow were a jewel-toned purple, matching her fingernails and toenails.

But her crowning glory was her stomach. It bore a tilted egg shape, like a woman who was due to deliver any day now, stretching out over the implanted fetal robot that filled the Doll’s artificial uterus. Carlos could have chosen as many fetal-bots as physics would allow (up to four) of various weights, but he had opted for just one in the heaviest weight offered by the site, that being fifteen pounds. Once his Doll was activated, random movements from the implanted robot would make for realistic-looking “fetal movements.”

Carlos swallowed hard and ran a hand through the Doll’s hair, marveling at the silky texture, then cupped her left cheek in his palm. Her skin was cool, but so soft, like real skin. He trailed his fingers along her jawline, down her slender neck and over the purple niobium collar she wore, and circled under her left breast, lifting slightly. It felt so heavy and firm, as if the Doll was ready to nurse a child. Carlos laid both trembling Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1509e No.5547

Galatea was delighted by the available options, and chose one of the maternity dresses; a white, short-sleeved, knee-length number patterned with blue roses. Once she was covered up (not well, admittedly; her belly protruded so far the hem was closer to the middle of her thighs in the front, and her stiffened nipples poked out as well), Carlos showed her his apartment. Judging by her expression, she appreciated the small, cozy place, but what she liked most was the view from the balcony. It was his favorite feature too, he explained.

After the tour came a virtual one. Carlos let her sit at his laptop and showed her various attractions Denver had to offer: Theaters, malls, the zoo, the museum, theme parks, luxurious hotels, parks, and more. “I can take you to any of them nearly any time you like,” he stated, closing the browser once they were done.

“But- But I’m a Doll,” Galatea said a little anxiously. “Wouldn’t that be strange?”

Carlos shook his head, touching her cheek. “People take their Dolls out in public all the time. They say it’s a lot of fun. I’d love to share my home city with you.”

Galatea nibbled her lip with straight, pearly teeth. “And y-you won’t be ashamed to be seen with me so- so pregnant?” Her hands rested atop her stomach, fingers shaking.

Carlos put a hand over hers. “Not at all,” he said sincerely. “I had you made this way for a reason. I don’t care who sees.”

The Doll’s lips quivered, and her eyes looked suspiciously moist. “Thank you, Carlos,” she breathed, and pushed herself from the chair, placing her hands on his cheeks and tilting her chin up. Clearly she wanted to kiss him, and Carlos gladly let her, pulling her as close as her gravid body would allow. For many long moments, they simply kissed, the unborn writhing between them. Galatea’s simulated breaths sped up as Carlos’ grew heavier, and the Doll clung to the human as she kissed him with deepening passion. The programmer moved his hands to unlace the back of her dress, and the Doll stopped kissing him long enough to let it fall to the floor. Her inner thighs were damp, and she was squirming again, making small whimpering noises. “Honey, I- I want you to- to make love to me,” she squeaked. “Please, I n-need you inside me. It- It’s like pain.”

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You don't know shit do u

ec156 No.5576

a8bc5 No.3488[Reply]

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but recently I just decided to sit down and start doing it.

What I want to do is make a game where you watch a customizable 3D character give birth. You get control over all sorts of variables, like the mother's strength, size of her baby, size of her hips, pain sensitivity, whether she's carrying twins, whether or not she's into it, stuff like that. The engine takes your settings and simulates a birth based on them. For example, let's say you set up the mother to have low strength, but wide hips, and a large birth canal. She would take a long time to deliver, but it would be relatively easy for her. If you were to shrink her hips and birth canal, and it would be more painful and take longer. If you were to increase her strength instead, the birth would happen quickly.
Basically, by tweaking the variables, you can watch whatever kind of birth your heart desires.

I definitely want to go the 3D route, but I do not want to use Poser or anything like that. For these reasons I'm currently learning Blender for the characters and animations. I'm fairly far along. As for the programming part, I'm clueless.

Programmers, where should I start?
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75169 No.4280


You're thinking of Xadera's Nimin via FurAffinity.


6628b No.4287

yeah that's the one.

wonder if it's updated any.

ef9d3 No.4331


last update v 0.975 was 2 years ago although the author has posted ideas and ideas about future updates for it nothing has come of it so far

1d858 No.4395

Do you have any profile on any site that you post content on, or could do so if pregchan ever went down?

1c32f No.5533

Is this still being worked on? I would love to see how this turns out.

0ec92 No.5428[Reply]

Man, I've seen a lot of good games that revolve around vore floating about on the web, but yet there aren't nearly as many preg-related games!

Do any of you peeps know about any good games that revolve around preg/mpreg that exist? Don't give me any of that Frozen Flash game bullshit.

2ce3f No.5429

We do have a game thread over on /d/, but there's been nothing new for a while.

8a39b No.5411[Reply]

This was probably the worst week of his life. Not only was his father right in saying adolescence was a bitch, the half-raw claw marks on his face still hadn’t faded. Prince Shiden had a feeling his mother was somehow preventing their healing, to enforce the shame she believed he should feel. It was working, but not well enough. The desire that had lead to him getting slapped by the sky dragons’ Empress was still tormenting him. He had never thought he could want something as badly as he wanted this. It was a simple desire, and yet more complex than it had to be.

And it was driving him insane.

Shiden rolled over in his bed, trying to get comfortable amidst the plush pillows and silk blankets, to no avail. The angle of the moonlight coming through his windows had shifted enough to warn him he would be too groggy in the morning to focus on anything if he didn’t get some sleep. The prince finally gave up and got out of bed, stripping off his silk robe and tossing it aside as he crossed the room to the wall by his bedroom door. There were a short series of switches set in an elaborate sandalwood panel; pressing any of them could summon a servant at any hour for any reason.

Shiden rested a clawed, scaled finger on the one closest to the door, hesitating. He shouldn’t flip the switch. Not that the servants ever minded coming to him in the middle of the night; they made it clear they enjoyed the experience because he made sure they were pleased too. But the sex never lasted long; the women would come to him already aroused, so there was little to no foreplay. As soon as they both reached climax, the women would clean themselves up and go back to work, or to bed, or their hobbies. They never stayed to cuddle or share pillow talk in the afterglow, even if he asked. Once Shiden had become so desperate for continued contact that he had grabbed the woman’s wrist and yanked her back onto the bed, pleading with her to stay. She just met his eyes and calmly told him, “A prince does not beg.”

It was then Shiden realized why the servants never stayed: they were trying to keep him in his place as the Empress’ youngest son, to keep him from forming attachments that would hinder him when it came time to choose an acceptable bride after he reached his majority. Combined with his unspoken desire, it meant Shiden was never truly fulfilled when it came to sex.

But it would be better than nothing. Better than masturbating over anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8a39b No.5412

Murasaki caught Shiden’s shoulders in turn, trying to get his attention. “Prince, I don’t- don’t understand,” she gasped, and repeated the sound more loudly when he switched to her right breast. It wasn’t that this was unpleasant- oh, no, not in the least. If it had been, she would have had every right to shove the prince away and leave. She was just confused. Shiden had never ignored her before, as far as she could tell; nor had he ever debased himself by sucking on her breasts. If he would just explain, Murasaki would play along, but clarification was apparently not forthcoming.

Then again, it did feel rather nice.

Shiden finally drew back, catching his breath, but still didn’t explain, instead lowering his head to Murasaki’s stomach, kissing the space between her navel and pelvis over and over. Within the fantasy, the fictional Murasaki stroked his hair, whispering again. “Yes, Prince. Worship my womb, then take me.”

The prince groaned, dearly wishing someone, anyone, would tell him something like that in reality, and sat up, clasping Murasaki’s waist to flip her over. Using both hands and his tail for leverage, he pulled the servant up until her hands were pressed against the headboard, body supported by the pillows. He shoved her thighs apart and slid two fingers into her, making Murasaki cry out and throw her head back. “Gods, yes! Please, don’t make me wait!” the imagined version of her entreated. “I’m ready, Prince. I beg you, please, fill me! Give me your heirs- I want so many of them-”

In reality, Murasaki only squeaked and squealed as Shiden moved his fingers and replaced them with his straining, painful erection, pushing into her slowly. One hand closed on her left breast, and the other touched her stomach, stroking tenderly as he started thrusting. He fantasized about Murasaki’s breasts growing even larger, filling with milk to the point she would beseech him to help her relieve the pressure every day; he envisioned her womb gradually swelling over three years, stretching skin and scales until her body could take no more. He imagined what it would be like to rub her stomach and feel four or five, even six children kicking within her. He thought about what it would be like to be at her side as she labored, watching his offspring slowly emerge from her body into the world, to be loved and cherished, educated and protected, to be allowed freedoms he no longer had-

Shiden pretended Murasaki looked atPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8a39b No.5413

Shiden shook his head. How could he explain when court culture said his desires could never be fulfilled? If he told anyone how badly he wanted to impregnate a woman, make love to her, watch her give birth, he would be classified as a deviant, avoided by other members of the court. They would look upon him with disgust, just as the Empress had when she saw him staring at Tanshishoku, one of her handmaidens who was days away from laying her clutch of four large eggs. Shiden wasn’t even sure if he could safely tell his father about his fetish.

He was isolated enough due to being a prince. He wouldn’t be able to bear the near-exile that would result if what he wanted most was ever discovered. “It’s nothing,” he said softly, and slipped free of her, erection finally subsiding.

Murasaki covered her groin with a hand to prevent semen from seeping out and making a mess. “If I might avail myself of your bathing room-”

“Of course.” Shiden dropped his eyes to the blankets as Murasaki eased herself off the bed, limping from the room. He threw himself down on the pillows, taking in the scents of sex and Murasaki’s perfume, desperation and loneliness. He hugged one of the larger ones tightly, trying to fool himself into believing it was a Murasaki who wanted to be cuddled and fall asleep in his arms as much as he wanted it to happen. But what he truly needed and wanted was a woman who shared his fetish; one who would accept him completely and not call him a deviant. But where on Earth could he find her, when he couldn’t hide his draconic features to look personally, and he was too ashamed to use his scrying mirror now?


Murasaki was going to feel rather sore in the morning, but dragons were made of tougher things than most youkai. She would heal quickly. She truly couldn’t complain about the roughness of the sex; despite his youth, the prince could make her go and go hard. She never minded being called to his room, especially not when she had a chance to use his opulent bathing room afterward.

She flushed the last of the prince’s seed from her body, shaking her head over the amount of it. If it weren’t for her bracelet, bespelled to prevent pregnancy, then the prince might well have made a mother of her that evening, which was not something anyone needed. Perhaps one day, when she had found the right dragon for her, she would be ready for such responsibility. But the prPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ef86c No.5415

And Femanon strikes again! Who is this mysterious female anon, who moves like shadows, leaving wildly erotic stories in her wake?

But seriously. Well done.

8a39b No.5416

(bluuush!) Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Please look forward to my next and last tale, where an older Shiden does meet a woman with gravidophilia to match his maiesiophilia.

47743 No.2319[Reply]

It goes without saying a lot of great pregnancy writers often stop by and hang out on pregchan, and since I couldn't find one, I decided to start a thread where people can post ideas they have, and others take those ideas and put them into writing.

Note: Not exactly the same as requests, whereas with requests you kinda are setting some (if any) guidelines, here, you give an idea, and the writer has full creative liberties with it

For example: A woman is pregnant with an alien, but as far as she's aware, the baby is human
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c15b8 No.5349

A detective investigating a series of disappearances accidentally interrupts a ritual being performed as a tribute to some great eldritch being, and after a good tentacle fucking she realizes the old god had impregnated her. Im thinking it'll be like a hyper pregnancy, but with a single child.

981fe No.5373

A wish granting demon targets a bunch of very vain ladies who ask him for sexier bodies. Breast augmentation and the likes. He fullfills their wishes by knocking them all up.

981fe No.5374

A family has a long standing tradition of most or all female members of the family having at least one child by the family patriarch.
What nobody knows: The patriarch has been the same since for ages. He once gained the ability to meld his consciousness with one of his sons and has guided the destiny of his family since the dawn of time jumping from body to body once every generation.

50946 No.5409

I would love to see a story where getting pregnant several times in high school is seen as a rite of passage in a small town and the more babies you have the more popular you are with some girls going to drastic lengths to have lots of babies.

b5cbb No.5410

If you can find a way to translate it
is almost exactly what you're looking for.

03f44 No.5208[Reply]

Can anybody point me to any sources that explain in depth how the various stages of birth feel, how the baby moves out, and things the mother would feel during the process?

I can only seem to find very loose information about the stages of birth that take a very clinical approach to the whole thing and it doesn't really work for me.

130d9 No.5212

I can answer some of that. Anything specific?

03f44 No.5213

Hey, thanks for offering your help.
First of all I can't seem to find any info on once the head is past the cervix. Does the head crown immediately or is there more pushing involved before that happens? Are the shoulders as hard as the head to get past the cervix or is it easier?

Can you "feel" that it's time to push?

Do the types of contractions change through the labor? I read that they usually start off in your back and then move to the belly, does that keep happening or do they move to just the belly?

Is there anything that isn't mentioned in either this http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/labor-and-delivery/childbirth-stages/three-phases-of-labor.aspx or this http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/labor-and-delivery/childbirth-stages/pushing-and-delivery.aspx that comes to mind?

This is all I can think of so far

8cbcc No.5226

Those articles are fairly clinical. But also rather accurate for textbook births.

Think of the cervix and vagina and head thing like a turtleneck sweater. The part where the neck joins to the body of the shirt is the cervix. The opening is the exit of the birth canal and the rest of the tube of cloth is the vagina. Because there's a lot going on, as mentioned, it can be very two steps forward, one step back. Baby's head will appear and disappear and reappear with each push, until a certain point. Sometimes, you can feel the baby's downward progress, but not always. Once, too much going on during an induced birth. Second, I could and it was amazing. Third, too fast! Fourth, stillbirth and too tiny. Last yes, and I could even feel him rotate, which was also freaking amazing, though damned uncomfortable.

I can't say the shoulders are always harder or easier. A couple of mine slipped right out. My youngest got slightly jammed in his hurry to join us, having rotated too far. The midwife had to tug a bit to help him out.

Yes. Very yes. I feel pushy during transition. I don't bear down hard, but I do give some push. Once dilation is complete… there's no stopping it. It's a full body urge, and involuntary.

Yes. And every woman is different, even labor to labor. I honestly can't say I really pay attention to where they start front or back after a certain point. They just exist, and I roll with it. But, in the beginning, yes. They start in the lower back, move forward and spread across the belly, all while staying tight in the back. Then they recede from front to back as they end. A false/practice/Braxton-Hicks contraction is generally only felt as a tightening of the abdomen, with little involvement of the lower back. They suck, and can take your breath away sometimes. It also really hurts to get kicked during a falsie, btw.

I am exhausted after moving across town this weekend. But I wanted to give the specific questions some answers. Anything else I can think of… will come later.

Ask away if you need clarification or think of more.

32787 No.5375

This is very interesting. You say that feeling your babies progress into your vagina felt "amazing". Naturally, I'd love to hear you elaborate about what that was like and why it stood out to you. Given you're the kind of person who posts here, what else about having a baby excites you the most?


If you don't mind me asking, do you get any particular satisfaction out of feeling your vagina expanding? Do you enjoy being stretched out otherwise?

6ffbb No.5378

It stood out because it was just… NOT a normal feeling, but the sensation meant I was that much closer to meeting and holding my baby. It was not pleasurable (but not associated with being particularly painful either). Just astounding that I could feel his descent. Amazement that my body was doing this crazy thing. High on hormones. All mixed up and insane and drowning in sensations of an intensity I cannot describe, and somewhere in the midst of it, I could feel my baby getting closer to being in my arms.

No. Not really. I enjoy the sensation of fullness that comes with initial penetration during coitus, but I'm not interested the horse cock huge dildos.

What excites me about having a baby? The baby! lol I enjoy making them. I enjoy carrying them. I enjoy birthing them. I enjoy holding and clothing and cleaning and feeding and comforting them. And I enjoy it all differently, each phase, each time. I am extremely maternal, without losing my sensuality or sexuality. But birth itself is not sexual for me. The initial contractions feel almost good, but mostly because the practice contractions were getting annoying. Like finally scratching that itch. There is a high and rush of hormones at birth, but again, it's not sexually pleasurable. Nor can I say birth "feels good." But I don't describe my births as painfully excruciating or anything either. It just… is. It's a process, a transition, and an experience. It marks the cusp of the change from Maiden to Mother. I never feel so strong, so vulnerable, so feminine, so ancient, and so wondering as I do when I bring a new life earthside. But the last thing in my head is sex.

e299a No.5290[Reply]

While my artwork looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint, I actually do my stuff in Photoshop Elements. The problem is that it simply does not work as well as I would like. This leads me to the point of this thread: what is the best drawing program? I looked into Paint Tool SAI, but I could not find a price for it (I am guessing it costs 100,000 yen or something crazy like that). I am looking for a good program that is affordable (although free would be nice) that works very well. A line stabilization feature like in Paint Tool SAI would be nice to have in said program. (I guess talking about prices causes the filter to think that this message is automated)
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ed0c0 No.5319

While I would prefer something with a one-and-done price, I guess it is something to consider (thank you for answering, by-the-way).

6c3bc No.5325

You can get less than legal copies of photoshop c6 on the internet. it's pretty great because it has an autosave feature that will save your life.

Otherwise Manga Studio is great, has stabilizers, and usually on sale for pretty cheap. I got mine for $15

c5f18 No.5336

Manga Studio, eh? I think I will consider it if they accept American currency (I use prepaid cards for online purchases because my bank is stupid and will not give me a debit card until after I use checks for 6 months). Thanks for the suggestion.

86cd8 No.5363

Try Krita. It's open source and free (funded by Kickstarter and donations). It's updated very often, with each update bringing a lot of new features.

It does have a few different stabilization modes and great brush engines (check out the brushes created by fans, esp. David Revoy, Vasco Basqué & Wolthera)).

I've moved to Linux just to be able to use the most recent development versions (and to help with bug hunting).

c0b1e No.5370

Does it work with Windows, though?

673b5 No.5215[Reply]

Pregnant smiley from RT2? Idk,im knew here so idk if i can request here or not.

673b5 No.5240

I guess not, eh whatever

87230 No.5073[Reply]

So, back before the Big Crash, I had a topic here with a bunch of pregnancy and mpreg fic ideas. It's gone now because I've been gone for so long and the boards have filled up, but, I do remember that A: I wanted get some of them done, and B: the Ranma 1/2 and the Zelda ones were the ones I and others seemed most interested in.

So, I thought I'd test the waters here by asking if anyone'd be interested in seeing my works, and to try and either recall my old ideas and/or see if there's any suggestions for new ones.

Just a head's up; I don't really like yaoi, but monstergirls, male/futa, "straight" (female-via-magic or futa "father") mpreg, breastpreg and tentatively ballbreg are okays for my "weirder" pregnancy fetish.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

f3fcc No.5108

Hmm…I like the Ranma ideas except for kinda #3 and kinda #5 (futa and mpreg are turn-offs for me).
As for the Zelda ideas, #5 is very yes, #3 is slightly less yes, and my potentially morbid curiosity has me interested in #4 as well. Like with Ranma, #1 and #2 don't really do anything for me.

84986 No.5117

I'm much the same way… though the first Zelda story hits me in a MaplexLink soft spot.

3a619 No.5118

I really like the second and third Ranma ideas, and I like the second Zelda idea, but I would absolutely love reading about Gerudo King Link.

19748 No.5199

I actually found your original post way back on page 10.

Here it is.

cf75a No.5223

I'm more interested about the first,second and fifth Zelda stories, as well as the original ideas from the original thread. Do let us know if you have any works you can share with us.

db55a No.5099[Reply]

The very night the human Hisako Takahara gave birth to Oniyama Yukimatsu’s twin sons, the kitsune midwife Lady Rengyou took every snow demon to her lord husband’s home in the hills the next town over, so she could give them things the boys would need (and some maternity yukatas for Oniyama Hatsuyuki) after she delivered her own litter of five. There, the twins entertained a visiting rokurokubi. The rokurokubi shared rumors she had heard in her own travels of a small, isolated community on Rebun Island, which was part of Hokkaido; supposedly, this community was entirely made up of youkai who could tolerate the cooler temperatures of the area.

“We can all increase our numbers safely there,” the rokurokubi excitedly explained. “The population has already reached two hundred-twenty; within twenty or thirty years, there will be enough of us to claim the whole of Hokkaido for youkai, especially if those who use charms help us. The Utari there are somewhat aware of our presence, but there have been promises that they will be treated well, and given full rights to hunt and fish their much-needed salmon. They are much like youkai in that they too have been driven nearly to extinction; I can emphasize with them, really. I might have to take one of their men as a husband in the future.”

Yukimatsu rather liked the idea of a small, safe community where he could raise his children, whom he had unimaginatively named Yukimaru and Yukitaro. While she didn’t wish to settle down, his older twin sister Hatsuyuki wanted to see this community for herself. If she liked it, she reasoned she could put her charmed pendant back on, deliver her triplets, and leave them with a suitable family. Thus, after a week with Lady Rengyou and her husband Lord Niwafuji, the Oniyama relatives departed for the upper tip of Rebun Island.

It took two years to make it there, stowing away on trains, catching rides with helpful wind spirits, asking other kitsune to teleport them, even hitchhiking once or twice. And after a long ferry ride and a days-long hike, they arrived. It was like traveling back in time to days when youkai were plentiful in number, and times were simpler. Houses were large and in the old, traditional style, where a collection of neighbors or big families could live comfortably. There was an artificially created hotspring run by a small group of mujina and nekomata, and several wells and medicine shops maintained by kappa. Little farms were tended by knPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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dcc65 No.5107

Suddenly, Hatsuyuki was wide awake. “What?” She shoved past her brother and went to the midwife’s room, finding it tidied up and empty but for a piece of paper on the floor. She picked it up. “‘Thank you for being such gracious hosts all these days. Your kindness means a great deal to me, and I am sorry I imposed on you for so long. I hope to see you around town in the future. Yours sincerely, Setsugekka,’” she read aloud. “What the absolute fuck?!”

“She- She knew she was welcome to stay, didn’t she?” Yukimatsu wanted to know. “We made it clear she could, didn’t we?”

“Of course we did,” Hatsuyuki said hotly, “and it was going so well!”

Yukimatsu shook his head. “Then- Then why has she left?”

“Probably because that cunt showed up and-”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, right. I was so mad I forgot to tell you.” Hatsuyuki turned around, rubbing her forehead. “Yukizora came to visit yesterday, probably looking for you. She said some things that pissed me off and made Setsugekka really sad.”

Yukimatsu hesitated. “Is that why the floor was thawing out when the boys and I returned?”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

dcc65 No.5119

Her first stop was her bedroom, where she checked on the triplets and pocketed the four charms. Then she found her brother. He was sitting on the garden porch, watching Yukitaro and Yukimaru play, and Yukizora was kneeling next to him. Hatsuyuki put her temper on hold again and approached. “Come with me, now,” she said, grabbing Yukimatsu’s bicep and yanking him to his feet.

“Wha- Ow! Aneue, let go,” Yukimatsu protested. “You’re hurting my arm.”

“Yukizora, I’m so sorry to impose on you,” Hatsuyuki said sweetly and lying through her teeth, “but I’m afraid I must ask you to stay with the kids for about another forty minutes. Hatsushimo, Osojimo, and Miyuki are all still napping and should remain so until I get back, and their swaddlings are clean, so they won’t give you any trouble. You can just stay out here to watch Yukimaru and Yukitaro. Thanks! I owe you one.” Without waiting for consent or protest, she dragged Yukimatsu away, leaving the confused Yukizora on the porch.

“I’m going to freeze your hand off if you don’t let me go,” Yukimatsu threatened as he was pulled barefoot through the streets.

“A snow demon’s power won’t work on another snow demon,” Hatsuyuki shot back. “Stop fussing at me. I’m taking you to Setsugekka’s house.”

Yukimatsu immediately blushed. “Wh-Why? Is she all right?”

“No, actually, which is why I need you there.” Hatsuyuki brought her brother into the midwife’s residence, taking him to the hall outside the bedroom and making him kneel. After motioning for silence, she clasped two of the charms around his neck. “Just wait and listen,” she whispered, and tapped on the door. “Setsugekka?”

“I’m s-still here,” the midwife answered.
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dcc65 No.5120

“I’m back,” she called when she arrived, leaving her sandals at the door and going to her room. Miyuki was half awake, making unhappy noises, and the yukionna checked her wrappings. Finding them still clean, she let her kimono fall open -she needed to find another belt soon- and lifted the infant to her breast. Even though she was the third born, Miyuki was always the first to make her needs known. When she was burped, no doubt her brothers would wake and need nursing as well.

Footsteps fell on the tatami mats outside the door, and Hatsuyuki smirked. “Hello, Yukizora,” she greeted without turning her head. “Will you be leaving now that I’m here?”

“Not just yet, if you’ll pardon me for being so uncouth,” Yukizora answered.

“I can pardon a lot of things,” Hatsuyuki said, “especially now that you have no reason to court my brother.”

A pause. “Excuse me?”

Now Hatsuyuki looked over her shoulder, giving the older yukionna a sharp-toothed, wicked grin. “He’s with Setsugekka, helping her pack her belongings so she can move in.”

Yukizora became very still. “What are you talking about, Oniyama-san?”

The grin grew wider. “Yukimatsu and Setsugekka are going to get married. Officially, that is; they pretty much got married in my new sister in-law’s bed. Oh, and I’m going to be an aunt again,” Hatsuyuki merrily continued. “Setsugeka is out to there pregnant.” She exaggerated the size of the midwife’s womb with a hand motion, having to guess on the size. “I’ll have to take her one of my maternity kimono to her place if she doesn’t have one around.” She giggled. “And I’m the one who made it all happen. I could make a living as a matchmaker, don’t you think?”
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dcc65 No.5121

“Slowly,” Sakurada-san cautioned. “We may heal fast, but you don’t want to-”

The following contraction made the head practically explode from Setsugekka’s groin, making her scream and Sakurada-san stop talking. The laboring yukionna unclenched her left hand and reached around her shaking stomach to touch the top of her child’s head. Her fear was completely banished with a sob of joy. “Anata, look,” she choked, feeling the wet hair and the shape of the skull. Yukimatsu moved around the birthing frame to see, and his breath caught in wonder. It was as if he was a first-time father again, and the excitement threatened to overwhelm him.

“Oniyama-san, come here,” Sakurada-san said, scooting over, and Yukimatsu knelt with her, cupping his hands behind the infant’s head. Another giant push shoved out the left shoulder, then the right, and Setsugekka bore down even harder to send her firstborn, wet and wriggling, into Yukimatsu’s hands. Sakurada-san slapped the infant on its feet, and it coughed up some fluid before crying.

Yukimatsu cried out himself, but in sheer joy. “Look, beloved,” he said, and held up the squirming ten-pound baby. “It’s a boy!”

“Oh, he’s so cute!” Hatsuyuki exclaimed, taking in the chubby cheeks and plump body, and Setsugekka began to laugh, touching her baby’s cold, wrinkled skin, stroking the wet hair.

“I have a son,” she wept, happy tears leaking from her functional eye. “Anata, please, c-can we call him Bansou?” Meaning a late frost.

“Yes, of course,” Yukimatsu immediately agreed, and laid his third-born son on the thick frost of the ground.

New energy filled Setsugekka, and she grasped the bar once more. “P-Please keep rubbing my back, Aneue,” she requested. “It’s helping- OH GODS! KYAAAA!” She writhed as her next baby was abruptly and brutally driven down into her birth canal.
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dcc65 No.5122


“Are you sure you must leave now?” Setsugekka was saying, hovering over where Hatsuyuki was sitting on the front porch.

Her sister tied up one sandal and reached for the other. “I’m sure,” she said. “My children don’t need me anymore, and they’re happy in their new home. Besides, the will of the gods is an ongoing mission, and I’ve been craving a hard fuck and an occupied womb for some time. Three years without being pregnant is too long for me.” In truth, she could have asked any island youkai to remedy that at any time, but she had been so busy raising her triplets and helping her brother and in-law with their twins and quadruplets that it just wasn’t an option.

“You will come visit, won’t you?” Setsugekka asked anxiously.

“Of course I will. I just can’t promise when,” Hatsuyuki said, tying on her other sandal. She picked up her travel bag and stood. “But I do want to see your new children at some point.”

Setsugekka and Yukimatsu both blushed. “How did you know?” Yukimatsu asked.

“I saw you stroking her stomach last night when she was trying to make dinner,” Hatsuyuki said. “Congratulations, by the way. I hope a natural pregnancy is as satisfying as a charmed one.”

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