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0cf75 No.4660[Reply]

Note: Please do not discuss whether mpreg needs its own board here. I'm only here to ask a question.

So I've personally noticed that the majority of birth art that has serious depictions of things like gore (blood) and pain are on mpreg art. Is my assumption right? And if so, is there a particular reason?

f4149 No.4661

I've noticed whenever people like/ dislike something the amount they claim doesn't exist/exists does up.

I had a graph but I can't post it in chat.

78941 No.4662

It really doesn't surprise me. From a strictly logical standpoint, men aren't made to be doing that kind of thing (odds are the baby's coming out of somewhere that wasn't designed for that purpose).

It's part of why I'm not particularly fond of that sort of thing in the first place (the other part simply being that pregnant women are nicer to look at than pregnant men).

2d889 No.2480[Reply]


Is bastion works not working or down for anyone else? All the stories seem to be missing, and I'm getting an access denied from the forum.

Anyone have all the stories saved?
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05c0f No.2487

Darrien Shields is the Admin of the site. Sabutoro X, who is working on that RPG frequents DA. Talk to him and he'll pass the word along.

2248f No.2592

All the errors are MySQL errors, so the problem stems from the DB connection. Specifically, the site is unable to connect to the DB using the credentials specified in the PHP code, so either the DB data is corrupt or the login credentials got FUBAR.

cfaf3 No.2748

i asked Sabutoro X what was going on he told to ask Darrien Shields so i did no reply. that was a week ago.

0dccc No.4399

It looks like the site has officially gone the way of Ninpuchan/PG-13 as of today. It will be missed.

…are there any sites like those two out there?

b8a38 No.4588

A shame, really.
Sites like those end up dying so much due to lack of activity.

8c2ff No.4513[Reply]

Hai there–sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm a bit of a lurker here and I'm especially noobish at making new threads! Please feel free to move/direct this question towards whatever board!

Anyways, to put it simply, I'm looking for people to commission or maybe even request from that can draw these things for me:

-Furries, Pokémon especially
-Birthing, live birth especially

If you or others can do these, I'd appreciate it if you could leave your contact info if interested! Thanks~

9b709 No.2892[Reply]

I've been looking for a story I read a while back about a prison where the inmates are surrogates. The main character helps her cell mate give birth then goes into labor in a special viewing room where her clients watch and masterbate until the husband can't take it anymore and joins in and fucks her mid-birth making her push out the baby and his cock at the same time.

There was also another one about a hospital nurse helping to deliver the baby of a hermaphrodite and ends up riding his cock while he births through his vagina so as to reduce labor pains with orgasms. She gets pregnant by him and then births his baby in the next part.

Either ring any bells?

7cba2 No.2898

The first story is called Prison Mother. There's a link for it somewhere in this section of the site where stories were being shared. I don't know about the other one you mentioned though, sorry!

80792 No.4512

b2aa9 No.3558[Reply]

Hi! I'm an eighteen year old female; I will not be giving out my name. I am looking for one or multiple RP partners. I am willing to play any role, whether it be male or female. Here are a few of my interests/dislikes.

- I mainly like the pregnancy part, around the third trimester. Big bellies.
- Tits aren't that important to me; sometimes, I like smaller ones that accent the belly. But I have no problem with them, obviously, no matter what the size.
- Lactation isn't a huge turn-on for me.
- I prefer normal rate pregnancies, or pregnancies that are drawn on for much longer for whatever reason.
- I'm not a fan of being impregnated with eggs/alien spawn/etc. All fetuses must be human or humanoid (given that one or both of the parents is a humanoid mythical being).
- Birth is not my favorite part. Again, it's the actual pregnancy. I do, however, like contractions.
- I love the idea of a difficult pregnancy. Pain, weariness, etc. Trouble doing menial tasks.
- I also enjoy the fantasy of an abusive partner. Someone who forces their pregnant counterpart to be in pain, even aggravating it. Of course, it's just a fantasy– I do not condone abuse in any sense.
- First time pregnancies are also something I like, strangely enough.

Please contact me if you have any questions/might be interested in the comments!

b2aa9 No.3560

I also don't like excessive multiples.

a71d8 No.3572

There's a thread exclusively for RP literally at the top of the board

77249 No.3577

Whoops, silly me! I'm new here.

0ec8e No.4510

I'd love to rp with you :) my skype's jackwilliamson941

c821f No.4511

021f9 No.3361[Reply]

It was mentioned in the preg kik chat that a few users would like a skype chat in addition or instead of. Because I'm such a magnanimous pregchaner, I'm willing to host this new chat. If you'd like to join us, either post your skype username or copy pasta the chat url and come join yourself. Everyone is welcome! Let the pics and naughty pregness commence!


1da12 No.4273

FightingSeraph is my Skype name.

82bf5 No.4275

Skype: Koolken256

d1a30 No.4509


a3b67 No.4468[Reply]

The /d board is for drawn, right? /c is for roleplay and stories. Shouldn't these threads be here instead? When there was just one it wasn't really a big deal, but they're now crowding out the _actual drawing_ on drawn.
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a3b67 No.4491

Well people don't seem to have much trouble finding THIS thread in /c/ to explain how they only check /d/

My main concern is that the preponderance of these threads will discourage artists from sharing drawn material because they come to see the board as being primarily focussed on CYOA threads and not drawn material.

84a6d No.4492

Ok true. It will still be is easy to find it. But the place where new artists can post their creation is on a thread that is always locked on the top with the editing thread. and true if the artists want to create a thread of his own then it would be more of a challange to keep it on the front page…..soooo….all i can say is…..well not much other than getting another board which i don't know if Couchy would do that… Hopefully if he is seeing this he can respond to any of these question and hope to sort out this mess….or keep it the same….i am still in the mind set that it doesn't affect the board.

f9d0e No.4495

I guess I would just ask that story threads be moved to /c/ if and when possible, or if not, try to keep the less relevant images to a minimum.

84a6d No.4498

i Guess less relevent picture are the ones about non-pregnant people

84a6d No.4499

Also i would need pictures so i don't think i shall move

1220d No.4435[Reply]

Out of sheer boredom, I've decided to set up a tumblr that details pregnant and/or belly scenes from movies, TV shows, and video games.

Come check it out if your interested. Suggestions are welcome.

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82297 No.4439

Great idea, keep it up!

6d0b6 No.4440

It is a good start. Keep up the good work.

1220d No.4444

Thanks. Will do.

c623d No.4496

Nice! I'll do what I can to contribute. Where would you prefer suggestions?

2ecc1 No.4497

You can either post them here, or through tumblr messaging, it doesn't make a huge difference.

I definitely appreciate any help, though. I've still got quite a bit to get through, but I'm always looking out for new stuff.

2e248 No.4422[Reply]

.. I worked on something, would you guys bother playing it?

My schedule sucks. I couldn't run or even participate in tabletop games if I tried, but I've been having the hankering to try and build a small setting with fluff and mechanics and themes for other people to play.

It would also necessitate being able to provide feedback on said mechanics, if I've left anything out, and thoughts on the fluff (writing, setting, story, characters.)

Just for convenience, I'll be using the comfortable old shoe that is a D20 system. The setting will involve a lot of pregnancy related themes, but I'm hoping to be classy about it. Classy as defined by 'it makes sense for the plot and doesn't just shoehorn it in because muh fetish.'

Any takers? I realize actually playing in the sandbox of somebody's design is tedious and often grinding until it's hashed out, buuuut.. really would just need a minimum of 3. One to sorta pseudo-DM, two to run their maze.
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0c661 No.4436

Sounds interesting. What chat room would you use ?

2e248 No.4446

Well as stated above, that'd depend on the other people who want to play. I won't be DMing or playing, I'm sorta unable to afford the time. The best I can do is come up with the setting, the mechanics, the rules and the objectives and things. You know, the fluff. The sandbox.

The rest would be up to players and storytellers. So anywhere there's both roleplay and roll play. Probably F-list, for starters.

20179 No.4476

Yeah, think i'd be interested, got into dnd the last few months. Any progress so far?

5a19d No.4480

Count me in!

2e248 No.4481

Working on the first short story introducing the setting and the concept right now.

Keep posted. I might make another thread for it in the future, but I'm not sure which board would be most appropriate for writing. Who knows, maybe it'll get fanart.

79ef3 No.4467[Reply]

I'm finally ready to bring this to pregchan.

I hope those who are curious about reading a story similar to Impregnator Kings from the female perspective enjoy.

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