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91923 No.2728[Reply]

Hey, I'm new to this community. Any good sites in general? It seems like the only time I find a new site is when someone complains its down…
I like birth and labour specifically, but any site dedicated to pregnancy kinks is good too :)

5b107 No.2707[Reply]

(Holy shit y'all, momentum found at a startling rate. Here's part one of what Hatsuyuki and Yukimatsu have been getting up to.

I should warn you that while there's no out and out incest, the twins are closer than usual. So if that gives you the heebies, go ahead and skip this. I won't mind.

Thank you all again for your interest. I hope you enjoy.)

It had been some time since Hisako and Isamu Takahara had gone swinging, and a date close to their six-year anniversary seemed like a good chance to do so again. The nightclub that discreetly offered a sanctuary for swingers -the club they had met in as college students- was still in business, so they went there eighteen days in advance. It only took two trips before they found a pair both Isamu and Hisako could agree on. They were a young man and woman who looked so alike they had to be related, and so stunningly attractive they could be models. Both had black eyes and thick black hair tied back in high ponytails, and extremely pale skin. Despite the fact it was Winter, the man wore a white muslin yukata with vertical black stripes, and the woman had crimson lipstick, eyeshadow, and nails that contrasted with her own muslin garb, which shaded in a gradient from white at the top to dark gray at the hem.

The pair accepted the drinks Hisako and Isamu bought them, and introduced themselves: Hatsuyuki Oniyama and her younger twin brother, Yukimatsu. Hatsuyuki must have been three sheets to the wind already, because she flirted outrageously with Isamu from the start; snuggling against him, whispering seductively in his ear, dragging him onto the dance floor. Yukimatsu was much more reserved, but he smiled sweetly and gently at Hisako as they talked, giving her his full attention. “I apologize for Aneue’s shameless behavior, Takahara-san,” he said at one point, charming Hisako with the formality of his speech.

By the end of the evening, all four were in agreement. The twins said they would gladly exchange medical information, but Hatsuyuki warned the married pair she would only allow Isamu to have sex with her if he didn’t use any condoms, and Yukimatsu admitted he wished to have Hisako the same way. Isamu and Hisako had to think about that. While Hisako took birth control (horrendously expensive in Japan) and thus felt she might be safe, it was only after Hatsuyuki promised in writing to use a cervical cap and a morning-after pill that Isamu chose to go along with iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5b107 No.2708

“Why don’t we open this?” Isamu suggested, taking the sake from Yukimatsu, and Hisako went to the kitchen while Isamu escorted Yukimatsu to the living room and its comfy couches. Hisako reached for the cabinet where they kept their cups, only to be hugged from behind. A whiff of vanilla perfume told her it was Hatsuyuki. The other woman’s slim arms wound under hers, pale hands pressing against her stomach as Hatsuyuki snuggled against her back.

“Getting started early?” Hisako felt bold enough to joke.

“Well, yes,” Hatsuyuki said, stroking Hisako’s stomach through her blouse before moving her left hand to gather her hostess’ straight, light brown hair and tuck it over Hisako’s shoulder. “I also wanted to take a moment to thank you. My brother is terribly bashful and finds it hard to approach women, so he hasn’t had many lovers despite his looks. He was only brave enough to go to that club if I came along.” She brushed her lips over the back of Hisako’s neck; her mouth and breath had a weird chill. “No doubt you think it’s odd I would take my own twin to a swingers’ club, but I admit, it wasn’t entirely altruistic.”

“You wanted to get laid yourself,” Hisako guessed, teasingly twitching her backside against Hatsuyuki’s crotch.

“Exactly.” Hatsuyuki kissed her neck a few times as she worked a cold hand under Hisako’s shirt to stroke between her navel and pelvis. “I want you to bring Yukimatsu into your bedroom, so he can have a little privacy and build up his confidence. But I would also like to bring your husband in there as well when we’re ready.” Her right hand crept beneath the waistband of Hisako’s underwear. “I want to watch your face when my brother takes you.”

Hisako shivered at the thought, and because her guest was gently tracing her groin with her fingertips. Despite the curious coolth of the other woman’s skin, Hisako liked the attention. “I wouldn’t mind seeing my husband take you as well,” she admitted. “You’re a beautiful woman, and Isamu- well, I’m very lucky to be his wife.”

Hatsuyuki giggled, briefly dropping her forehead against Hisako’s hair. “You’ll be even luckier with my brother,” she confided. “I’ve seen him by accident a few times, and he’s hung like an ogre. I hope you like a little pain with your pleasure.” She gave Hisako’s clit a quick pinch, making her gasp and squirm, and released her.

“Honey?” Isamu called questioningly.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5b107 No.2709

A second later, Isamu and Hatsuyuki came into the room without their clothing, closing the door behind them. Hatsuyuki had taken her hair out of its ponytail as well, the tips floating around her knees. The fact her curvaceous body was clad only in her hair, and that the moonlight made her appear to glow as well, gave her the appearance of some feral goddess, and Hisako was jolted by the rush of even stronger arousal that came from looking at her. “Are you ready, Hisako?” Hatsuyuki asked, gliding to the bed and draping herself atop the comforter. “Oh, what’s wrong? You look frightened.” She brushed the back of her hand against Hisako’s flushed cheek. “Are you afraid of how big my brother’s prick is? Are you thinking you couldn’t possibly stretch far enough to take all of it in?” she cooed. “Are you wondering if it might hurt too much?”

Hisako gulped and clasped Hatsuyuki’s hand in both of hers. “Yes,” she whimpered. “But- But I want him anyway.” She was so turned on, a deep ache was stirring inside her channel, making her hips shift from side to side. “I want him so much it’s hurting me _now_.” She had never been aroused to the point of pain before. It vaguely bothered her.

“Poor baby. Would it help if I made you even wetter?” Hatsuyuki asked mischievously, closing a hand on Hisako’s left breast and squeezing.

“M-Maybe,” Hisako moaned.

Hatsuyuki smiled, and there was something dark in the expression. She moved atop Hisako, her faintly pink nipples tickling her hostess’ as her hair surrounded them like a curtain. She kissed her hostess, sweeping her chilled tongue between Hisako’s lips. One hand rubbed in circles down Hisako’s right side and over her hip, and two cold fingers were pushed inside the other woman. “Are you sure you need my help?” Hatsuyuki crooned, swirling her fingertips against Hisako’s g-spot and making her groan. “You’re so, so wet already.” Her voice teased Hisako’s ears with its low, smoky, blatantly sexual tone and words. “Feel how easy it is for me to add another finger?” She did just that, pumping them in and out so unhurriedly Hisako almost shouted at her to move faster. “I don’t think you need me at all, Hisako. I think you actually like the thought of my brother stretching you too far with his big prick. Your body is begging for it so much, your hips are moving without your permission. You want and need it right this second and you know it. If my brother doesn’t fuck you, you’ll go crazy.”
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faacf No.2690[Reply]

Would anyone be interested in seeing stories involving Jouji's and Yukiyo's children Hatsuyuki and Yukimatsu, and their own reproductive "adventures?"
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46fba No.2701

I think it was Yuki-Otoko, actually. Otouto means little brother. XD

Anyway, yesyesyes! More would be awesome! Feature whatever characters you most want to write for.

However, I have to say… Pregnant kitsune lady? Yowza, that's my weak point. Especially if she finds her own state as erotic as Yukiyo did.

ad540 No.2702

It's not that I have ambitions; it's that Hatsukyuki won't leave me alone until I write this stuff. She's being quite the pest. (sheepish shrug) Anyway, thank you for your kind words.

You're correct; otouto means little brother, otoko means man. (Yes, I am aware that yukiokoto translates to "snowman". I just didn't have a better term for Yukimatsu.) (second sheepish shrug)

And yes, there will be a pregnant kitsune as a guest star.

312db No.2704

Whoops! That's why I'm not in charge of translating anything (although, he *is* technically the younger brother by a few minutes), and that's also what I get for replying to posts when I should be sleeping :P
Good catch!

And you're one of those writers whose characters pester them, huh? I don't think I've reached that point yet, but I have friends who occasionally say stuff like that.

b0c18 No.2705

Yeah, I'm afraid so. My brain housing unit is crowded thanks to all the characters living there. They can get very vocal and opinionated, once to the point of talking to me while I was trying to drive down an interstate on a windy day in a car that was not very aerodynamic.

(And before anyone asks, no, I don't have a mental disorder that makes me hallucinate, I promise.)

Right, back on topic. I'm working on the initial sex scene of Yukimatu's and Hatsuyuki's first story. I'm having a little trouble with momentum, but hopefully that can be overcome.

b0c18 No.2706

Forgot to say thank you all for your interest.

98177 No.2703[Reply]

I've been trying to find games that involve pregnancy that aren't erotic or super graphic, with no luck whatsoever. Anyone able to point out a game or two?

bb54b No.2685[Reply]

Does anyone know of any tumblr pregnancy blogs that ONLY post either regular pregnancy stories and labor/birth stories or rapid pregnancy and labor/birth stories?

b3ca0 No.2700

http://smmaieu.tumblr.com Hi! This is the only one I know of at the moments, there's also: http://birthficsandpics.tumblr.com with occasional stories.

95316 No.2571[Reply]

Since Bastion Works' forum seems to be down for the time being, can anyone please post the story 'Age of Huge: Super Size Me'?
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23b01 No.2680

Here is my collection of Outside Eden.

d4f80 No.2681

Ok, I requested permission, thanks for posting.

18130 No.2682

I also requested

23b01 No.2683

e439a No.2687

does anyone have anymore chapters of ancient Chinese secret by Darien? Or is 2 chapters all he released?

270a8 No.2686[Reply]

Does anyone know of any good and detailed fan fiction birth stories? For example: fan fiction pregnancy story where Rachel from Friends goes into labor and gives birth, or Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Thats the kinda stuff that I like.

a02e6 No.2323[Reply]

To make a long story short, I have a bundle of pregnancy related short story ideas that've been bubbling around in my head. Thing is, I've never really written preg-focused content before, so I came here to dump my ideas and get opinions on which one(s) I should write, if any.

Fair warning, my interests are both kind of vanilla and kind of weird. I like WAFF, playfulness, love, male/female, male/dickgirl, female pregnancy, male pregnancy, breast/ball/butt/penis pregnancy, large pregnancy, the lower tiers of hyper pregnancy, monstergirls, furries, and male human/female other interspecies stuff.

If you're still here, on to the ideas…

Legend of Zelda:
* Link's Brood Ends - assorted PWMP (porn with minimal plot) oneshots based on Link losing to various bosses (in monstergirl form) and winding up as their breeding slave.
* The Festival of New Fruit - The Kokiri hold their once-a-decade festival, where randomly selected Kokiri drink a magical brew from the Great Deku Tree and become pregnant.
* Father of the Sands - Link becomes the new King of the Gerudo after killing Ganondorf and cements his place by marrying and impregnating Nabooru.
* For Fairy's Sake - After returning to his childhood, Link begs the Great Fairies to let Navi come back to him. The price for doing so is to bear a swarm of fairy progeny by the Great Fairies.
* A Warm Nest - Link and Medli prepare for the arrival of their first born.
* Fertile Darkness - An erotic dream for Medil goes wrong when the Twilit Shadows make it come to life, resulting in her hugely impregnating her loyal companion, Link.
* Waddle for Your Life - When Link and Maple's latest crash results in both of them being covered in experimental pregnancy potion, the two steadily expanding teens have to try and make it to Syrup so she can do the spell before they end up becoming moms for real.
* Waters of Life - Having married Ruto after all, Link finds out the complexities of Zora reproduction first-hand.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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a02e6 No.2525

Thanks for understanding. Let me see if I can clear my head, and then if that'll help me write instead of think…

* Poor Choice of Victims: A would-be vengeful demon summoner learns the hard way that not only should she not call up that which she cannot put down, she should check to make sure the victim and the intended instrument of her vengeance aren't seeing each other.

* Tentacles Love Senpai: A bizarre and perverse love triangle between a high schooler, the tentacle monstergirl who impregnated him, and the younger schoolgirl who lured him into her embrace in the first place.

* The Oldest of Needs: In a fantastic world, a lost traveler and his bride, an exile from a primeval tribe of humanoid raptors, prepare for the birth of their child.

* Bad Bunnyboi and the Big Wolf-marm: A former trouble-making rabbitmorph tries to hide both his pregnancy and his growing feelings for the herm who knocked him up, his lupine-morph teacher.

* The Perfect Day: A gorgon is determined to finally tie the knot with her human lover, even though their daughter is equally determined that today is the day she finally gets born.

4c05c No.2526

are the oldest of needs and the perfect day mpreg? the descriptions don't exactly make it clear.

a02e6 No.2528

Is that so? Let me try and clarify things, in order:

#1: In this story, the demon the "villain protagonist" summons is a herm, who impregnates her summoner instead of her intended victim. Possibly also have the demon get pregnant by her intended victim at the same time, currently undecided.

#2: Male pregnancy of the balls-pregnancy variety, with possibility for female belly and/or breast pregnancy in the epilogue.

#3: The raptor is the pregnant one. Haven't decided yet if she's female or hermaphrodite, though.

#4: Fairly obviously as standard mpreg.

#5: Female pregnancy; the gorgon is the mother-to-be who's determined to have her wedding to the point of denying to herself that she's in labor.

4c05c No.2536

thanks for the clarification. since they don't explicitly mention mpreg, it makes sense that 1, 3 and 5 were fpreg. still, i just wanted to know for sure.

25381 No.2676

So how are the stories coming along, there an estimate on when they'll be done?

58e93 No.2641[Reply]

Quick question, has anyone happened to save any of gladosisstillalive's old preg stories before the account got deactivated out of nowhere? I distinictly remember a few interactive stories like one about getting a woman to win a karate competition before her waters burst (which they do right as she wins). It also had a stand alone version.

5062c No.2600[Reply]

Just wondering if anyone had any special plans for Labor Day, which will be on Monday September 7 this year. By "special plans" I mean pregnancy-related.

There's usually a marathon on Lifetime and/or TLC/Discovery Health about women having babies on that day or the whole weekend. The same is done on Mother's Day, too. I figure I ask if anyone knows of any networks doing anything like that.

I have plans completely unrelated to Pregnant women for the whole weekend myself XD

96d8e No.2604

In my experience, TLC just has a Cake Boss marathon all day everytime that its any holiday at all.

5062c No.2606

Doesn't hurt to double check. Lifetime also does a movie marathon with their TV movies centered around a pregnant woman.

02fde No.2637

some radio stations have a labor day pregnant bikini contest. I think only one of them is fully on youtube.

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