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8e78f No.2391[Reply]

I don't think there is a thread for this but, if anyone can link pregnant stories where in it the girl gets pregnant against their will?

8e78f No.2392

Also this thread could be used for looking for other kinds of pregnant stories

a8464 No.2465

Looking for any one who wants to impregnate me. I miss being pregnant. Ihave never done this before so you may need to explain how it works

a1fe4 No.2467


so you miss being pregnant…but you've never been pregnant before?

5de85 No.2379[Reply]

As the title suggests, I am considering buying a drawing tablet (but not right now) and I am curious as to what any of you would suggest. The reason why I am considering buying one is because I want to be able to do line art, coloring, and shading faster and using a mouse is too slow for my tastes.
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5de85 No.2381

Thanks for the suggestions, they really helped.

5de85 No.2387

I actually bought one yesterday, so thanks for the help.

fd32e No.2388

I'm all for getting more opinions about what to get, but what prompted you to come here? "I don't know which drawing tool to get…better ask the pregnant fetish site."

5de85 No.2389

I figured that, since there are a good number of competent artists on this site with a few of them with an education in art (I know Isel is in/has done art school), I would bound to find someone who could help me (which I did). I also have no real life artist friends, so this was my best option.

6de21 No.2390

Hi! I use Monoprice brand tablets as they're affordable, rugged, and my last one lasted me 5 great years. Check out moonrise.com!! Their stuff is AMAZING for casual.beginner/pro artists!

a278f No.2109[Reply]

I was thinking if other people have dreams about being pregnant or birthing. Also if guys have dreams of getting a woman pregnant. It happens only once in a long while for me.

The first time i had one was in my teens. I was a character in a anime who got pregnant by the hero. It was 3 quick moments. First him and i making love for the first time. It flashed to friends surprising me with a baby shower. Then finally me laying in our bed, legs open as he tells me to push.

Now that i have given out my one of my biggest secrets, what kind of dreams have you all had?

5708e No.2110

Had a similar dream back in my teens as well about being a pregnant girl. It was hazy and non-sensical overall (as dreams can be), but I wasn't big (3-4 months), and I think I was trying to hide the fact I was pregnant, despite being happy overall.

I rarely dream at all lately though. At least, as far as I can remember come morning.

0cbd9 No.2112

One dream that I remember having relatively recently (not like last week or anything, but rather just a year ago) happened when I was living with my girlfriend. In the dream, I was lying down and a woman whom I assumed was my girlfriend was squatting over me and giving birth practically right in my face. But the dream was hazy and I never saw the woman's face, so honestly, it could've been anyone.

Strangely enough, I remember having slept on the floor of my girlfriend's bedroom that night, and when she and I woke up, I made the statement "Well, it doesn't get much better than that." She was naturally confused, but still had enough of a sleepy daze to not concern herself with what I had said.

In terms of my dream frequency, though, I have gone years and years without ever having a dream (one that I can recall when I wake up). So I guess you could say that I rarely have any dreams…

f49b5 No.2150

I'm a guy, but I would kill to have a dream where I was pregnant. I've totally got a gender bending fetish too, and have actually had dreams where I've been a girl. But sadly no pregnancy dreams yet.

683aa No.2153

I once had a dream where I got my sister pregnant, and before anyone asks my sister is my step sister so she is no way related to me.

dc5db No.2386

I debated whether to say anything or not on this topic, but I guess I should mention mine just because they're so…interesting. Every once in a while I wind up dreaming I'm pregnant, but it's never actually as myself, it's either as or channeling one of my various RP characters (some of them happy mommies themselves).

For example, once a long time ago I dreamt I was my character from that D&D game from the PG-13 forums I keep bringing up (sorry), although other members of the cast were there with me (so other lovely preggy girls were involved). However instead of the medieval setting the game had, the dream was modern-day. I really don't remember much that happened other than at one point my water broke (didn't get farther than that, though).

Another one that's a bit more recent played out like a scene straight out of an RP involving a character who I've at least attempted to request some art of here on Pregchan. It involved a car chase and the kind of stress that might put on the poor pregnant girl riding shotgun (though like my character, I managed to hold it together enough to not panic myself into labor, despite the adrenaline).

There's been a couple others, but nothing all that special to them aside from my characters being involved (they always tend to be in weirder dreams).

02961 No.2278[Reply]

Anyone know if there are some good pregnancy related mods for Sims 4, I know of the babies for everyone mods, but that seems to be it, not to mention, nobody knows how to fix the bodyblend type or buffs since patch 8, so you can't have the morph applied to teen or loli sims
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8434d No.2374


There's a cheat code for this. Open the console, type "testingcheats on" and then "sims.add_buff Buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3". The current sim will become pregnant without ever giving birth, unless she was already pregnant.

829e1 No.2375


Yeah, it's a ghost pregnancy more or less. The Sim will act as if pregnant, but should you push them to give birth, there will be nothing.

bdabf No.2376

Wasn't there a cheat where you could change somebody's age in sims 4? I know for a fact that somebody had pregnant loli's on 4chan. They had a girl get pregnant normally, and then used some kind of cheat code to de-age her to a child and lo and behold she was still pregnant.

829e1 No.2377


That would be a mod, probably on MTS2,the age cheat naturally in the game only sets sims to adults as I recall.

82433 No.2378

Yeah, the TwistedMexican setage script, IIRC, then there's also a loli mod on allthefallen that even allows for pregnancy and try for baby, but because of patch 8, the pregnancy morphs aren't applied, and the birth does not result in any babies

83fd7 No.2368[Reply]

Not sure where this goes, but I know it goes here somewhere.



6cd82 No.2193[Reply]

Here's a link to a long lost site that holds some fond memories for me.

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f5ba8 No.2248


90e01 No.2249

Nope, not me! There's a few things there I'm still pleased with.

eeb4f No.2250

You ever thought about restarting something like that again GTron? Relevant Content didn't really last that long.

a0e8e No.2251

I've kind of gone on to other creative pursuits, but if someone else were inspired to start such a site, I'd be glad to sit on the board of directors!

b540a No.2252

Doing stuff is hard.

a6d36 No.2204[Reply]

"4 Things Too Gross To Put In Pregnancy Books"

a2720 No.2111[Reply]

I just noticed that arkone's pixiv account has completely disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to him?
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abba2 No.2116

I noticed that too, he was one of my favorite artist as well. The last thing he uploaded before this happened had a link to some download (google dox I think), now I'm not familiar with pixiv's policy on download links, but that might what got his account shut down.

a2720 No.2118

Well, I've downloaded that last thing arkone posted. If anyone wants it, let me know.

5a3db No.2120

Well sure.
I've never seen his art before.

a2720 No.2122


71eda No.2203

I can't download it

bc1f2 No.2170[Reply]

'i'll b ther n 10, c u sooooooon <3~'

Ben wrangled a pair of sweatpants out of his closet. Pulled them on, pulled the drawstrings tight, and tied it sloppily on the way to the living room. He cleaned up the clutter of your everyday bachelor pad the best he could. He had very little time; ten minutes before she'd be here. Opening curtains and cracking windows to brighten the room up would have to be enough. It was a sunny day, and he still remembered how much she loved laying in his old backyard during summer afternoons, basking in the rays. This would have to make up for the lack of turf in the downtown area.

A knock at the door yanked him out of his short daydream. That wasn't even five minutes. He wasn't ready. He wanted to put out some snacks at least. The easy knocking became rhythmic and testy. Nervous, Ben's legs marched him to his next chance at happiness. Through the frosted glass of his front door, he could see her silhouette, her body, her comeback. He unlocked the door and placed both hands on the knob - it jammed itself shut recently and he hadn't bothered calling maintenance to fix it yet - then pulled with all his strength.

"Whoa! Tryin' to show off how much of a man you are now?" her voice exploded into his apartment, the sound of another human greeting the walls in what had been a very long time.

"Haha, sorry! It's just been sticking lately and I didn't want to leave you hanging…" Ben started then stopped, unintentionally letting his sentence come true. Here she was, his long abandoned dream girl of a high school crush. Matilda Carter was her name, but she went by 'Tilly' in the school halls. She wasn't part of the popular crowd. She wasn't even the token girl in their outcaste circle of friends, nor the one who scored them stolen booze every weekend. But she always had been the center of his attention, especially now. Like when they were kids, Tilly was still taller than him. She smiled wider than him, held her head of sandy, frizzy locks higher than him. In a dress-like, plaid shirt and skinny skins, she even dressed better than him and t-shirt and sweats. A massive backpack held in front of her hid most of her frame right now, but her leaned-back pose still reeked of raw confidence. From the threshold of the door, he could smell her choice, earthy perfume and it made Ben doze off into the past while wide awake.

"I guess I'll do the honors," Tilly pulled the door from his grasp and baPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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23974 No.2174

i second this notion :)

c3a50 No.2175

I'm intrigued as to what's going on, how Tilly landed herself in this situation, and why it's happening.

435e0 No.2176

That makes two of us!

e9c98 No.2183

Certainly a 'No Time to Explain' scenario going on here. It obviously sets up so many questions, but it's intentional, and well written in that fashion.

Nice work reshii! Looking forward to answered questions :P

35b69 No.2202

I'm so sorry I'm not posting with more story! There's def more on the way, I'm not planning anything in the long term, just make-it-as-I-go kinda gig. I didn't want to leave any one hanging and I am very happy with the fanfare so far!
And no, I don't have any accounts anywhere that I upload stuff to yet. Testing the waters right now, basically. But I do have an extra tumblr that I was planning on using for content like this, so I'll continue posting this story here and future stuff will go there when I get to it.

1e9c9 No.2182[Reply]

Is it okay to request a story here?

I have an idea for one, but it's EXTREMELY niche and I've only been able to find 2 short stories with not a lot of detail about it.

Just a warning, it's quite graphic, I hope that's ok….

12dfb No.2194

Well, extreme loli and guro would probably be frowned upon I suppose; anything else would be fine..? Just speaking for myself, but I'm fairly open-minded.


Never know until you go ahead and request it :P

9c12b No.2196

Like SoulC said it depends on what your request and who takes it on. Also keep in mind some folks just might not have the confidence or experience to do certain things. If that is the case, try not to take it personal.

1e9c9 No.2197

Well there's no guro, loli or scat. There's watersports, fisting and anal involved though. Basically a story of a husban, wife and midwife having sex during labor. Just wasn't too sure what would be considered "graphic".

If anyone is interested I can make a burner email and we can talk.

056ff No.2199

>If anyone is interested I can make a burner email and we can talk.

It's sounds like you're trying to deal in illegal activities. >.>

1e9c9 No.2200

Lol no, I just don't feel comfortable sharing an email I use is all. I'd rather the request be private contact only, pretty shy about this.

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