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2a208 No.2114[Reply]

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a place where people within the Community who have these feelings for the pregnant form can come together, find each other, and hook-up? Kind of like an online dating service for pregnancy fetishists?

2a208 No.2177

I guess not… :(

d9bc5 No.2178

All the ones I've seen are fake. And I don't think there's going to be a legit one anytime soon. Nice idea, though.

dc498 No.2181

No idea myself.

Seeing that the RP thread has a F-list website with a checklist of fetishes and such, so maybe there's a kind of dating site out there with such a thing?

3eacf No.1911[Reply]

All the gatherings of birth scenes…what a heaven that will be.
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53fcd No.2042

Well I hope there is.

5788a No.2119

Strange that there isn't one… as far as I know.

f4d63 No.2121

Nothin' stopping one of you from making your own if you're so inclined. Just throwin' that out there. :)

3cf79 No.2138

This thread is asking if there is one, not making it you dumbass(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

212f0 No.2164

Come to think of it, it's quite strange if there isn't one.

7dc28 No.2096[Reply]

So, I found a surprisingly good youtube channel with CGI pregnant women animated. Quality isn't the best but a few of the videos are undeniably sexy. Anyone know what programs he used to make these? and if there are any others out there, perhaps ones that aren't restricted to the general non sexual content youtube's intended for?


7ff54 No.2143

To be honest, the animation on that channel is so bad that every time I see it, I want to make my own since I've actually studied animation. But I've got a bunch of handicaps that hold me back from doing anything, so in the end I'm really no better, heh.

Whatever software he's using has a lot of pre-built models and a built in physics engine. It might be Daz Studio or Poser.

10710 No.2139[Reply]

Should the Furry board have it's own Edit thread? I mean, there's plenty of art to manipulate, and Drawn primarily deals in humans…

66a54 No.2140

Why don't you just make one?

66a54 No.2141

Why don't you just make one?

c2576 No.1783[Reply]

Has anyone here ever bought one of these: http://www.moonbump.com/?

f2c0d No.1811

It's something I considered, but I just stuff my shirt if I want to play pretend. (Though, I have PCOS so my fat distributes to my stomach first anyway)

I did always want to get this though: http://store.realityworks.com/products/realcare-pregnancy-profile-simulator

f0729 No.2084

No, but I do have an inflatable belly and a footpump. So I can slowly inflate it whilst wearing it under my clothes.

1c34b No.2044[Reply]

I am wishing to indulge my desires and others' for pregnancy and birth rpg. I am a 28 yr old female who is seeking both genders to enjoy this with. Anyone interested can email sugarpop175@gmail.com

0a695 No.1436[Reply]

One I know(Hidden-desires) is currently down.
Anyway, even that site was very different to pregchan.
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c9c84 No.1817

Me too.

daebc No.1869

Still no information…:(

28e62 No.1874

Yeah. Where do they get all those?

fd91f No.1909

Well there are many images in galbooru or megabooru but most of images in there came from somewhere else. Want to know where.

daebc No.2024

Yeah what is the source of all those pic sites?

3ac1e No.1974[Reply]

Please. PLEASE keep this generalized. I'm not trying to call out artists and I don't want this to become a fight OR circle jerk. (Can Mods keep an eye on this?)

What do you personally like in art and does how the artist presents themselves change how much you like their art?

Subject is the easiest measure but since we're all pretty inline here what else?

815b9 No.1976

Wrong board?
Also what?

3ac1e No.1978


It's a discussion, not for posting images.

af83e No.1979

We've honestly have two similar threads about this here >>446 and here >>1007
You can try stirring those two up again instead making a whole new one.

3ac1e No.1982

It's really not the same thing but I get the point.

aa288 No.2006

Those other two threads seem to be stuff complaining about things. This one seems more like it's asking what people like.

Anyways, for me, I can like a lot of different things in art for different reasons. Sometimes it's the shape of the belly, sometimes it's the scenario. I can't really tell what I like in appearance so much (as it can vary from belly to belly and every artist does bellies differently). But as for scenarios…

I really like over exaggerated stuff sometimes. Like heavy intense BREEDING. Or massively fertile/virile scenes. One thing I really like is exaggerated scenes of sperm piercing the ovum, sometimes like a little army or slamming into it like a rocket. I could go on, but those are some things I like for now.

19a7c No.1855[Reply]

[Ready for some Robosploitation? Good! I'll just leave this here, and props to those of you who've played MMX Command Mission!]
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ba350 No.1948

Uh, could I perhaps have a link to said gallery?

Also it might be better if you made a thread just for your stories since you have so many, it just would be much easier to archive them or keep up with them

e8bed No.1973


Delayed answer!


Will need an account to view the gallery in its entirety.

a542e No.2003

Just a little something for those of you who enjoyed Basquash! and Kagaku Na Yatsura! XD

a542e No.2004

Ayana groaned as she shifted to get comfortable, feeling the office chair creak under her fertile weight.

It felt good to be on-break, one of the many her adoptive-sister allotted during Ayana's shift. There were often 'unexpected' breaks in the form of milking sessions, briefings, debriefings, and harmless-but-arousing-experiments; Ayana was quite used to it. After all, they were the Hizuki sisters; they lived and breathed biological science.

As it so happens, they now bred it too. Ayana looked down, barely able to see her bloated womb around the taut pair of spheres resting on her chest. Having been the size of her head before pregnancy, Ayana's breasts had ballooned ridiculously as the months passed. Now they were to the point that she couldn't even reach around them to feel her nipples. She'd been extremely sensitive before, and pregnancy had magnified her arousal tenfold, leaving her thankful for the protection afforded by the nurse's garb she'd squeezed into.

She didn't know why Touko insisted on ordering such small uniforms; Ayana mused as she regarded herself in the full-wall mirror that Touko installed in her cramped office. Her crimson eyes regarded long blue hair still damp from the morning shower. Her creamy skin seemed to glow with maternal pride, still partially dried from hastily toweling off what little she could reach. Her pert, human, nose could still smell the faint honeydew scent of her shampoo, as well as the remnants of the cocoa-butter and coconut oil that Touko had scrubbed her rotund body with in their spacious shower that morning.

Ayana felt her lavender nurse's garb creak alarmingly as she shifted her weight again; her legs wriggled, spread at nearly 90 degrees around her planet of a womb; her belly so huge it easily reached the floor from where she sat and lifted her mammoth breasts to tickle her chin. Such was the sheer size of her pregnancy; Ayana's legs couldn't reach fully past her belly - and Touko fared little better with her own size. Ayana's pointed dog ears twitched slightly, as did her fluffy point of a tail as it wagged; despite her ill-fitting attire and fertile bulk, Ayana was happy.

And why shouldn't she be? She was swollen to near-immobility with Haruki's litter, the boy finally manning-up and marrying her after college - preferring her personality over Airi's snippiness. Airi had attended the wedding, but left soon after the reception began, and Touko theoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e8bed No.2005


This one gets another hearty Vault Boy thumbs up :D

Thanks for sharing HuskArchon!

00349 No.1872[Reply]

'Nother fic, this time Yugioh based, surprising eh? You all can blame the Abridged series for this, as well as the unedited manga.

00349 No.1873

The cosmos bled around him.

Bakura yawned and leaned back in the throne, watching with mild disinterest as he swirled his drink. The skies cracked with both light and unlight - lighting locked in time at its brightest moment and left to undulate in the agony of it. There was no sun here, and no moon, but there were stars. Their light was weak, and the expanse of the horizon was blotched with tears in reality, pale windows into other worlds and timelines. Other conquests for another day. Around him stretched the flat floating expanse of the realm, a random mishmash of desert sand, lush garden, cold concrete, and sandstone cobble. Such plains were occasionally dotted with structures: a shattered egyptian monument here - it's pieces frozen in mid-collapse; a floating apartment there, lights on. A desolate scape of frozen destruction. He lounged, sipping thoughtfully, letting the rich pinot blanc flow over his tongue. Good vintage; it tasted of home.

Not that 'home' existed for him anymore, not in the conventional sense anyway. His ascension to godhood upon releasing Zorc Necrophades into the mortal realm and using the power of the Millennium Items to absorb the daemon's essence and fuse it to that of his and his limey host's souls.

Was home Ancient Egypt? Or perhaps the Shadow Realm where Zorc had formed? Or maybe Great Britain, where his mewling present-self-host had been born? Honestly, they were questions he didn't care to dwell on; besides, this was his home now. Bakura smirked as he regarded the insane morass around him: Where rips in reality didn't peek through skies the colour of gasoline-stained velvet; the disembodied eyes of eldritch… things rolled, regarding him warily with alien intelligence. For all their implied gall, they knew an apex predator when they saw one.
A fact he was keen to remind them of, taking a moment to glance at one particular eyeball and sending a spark of power into it. A low screech was heard on the very edge of the senses; the eye pulsated, looking about frantically before dissolving in a splotch of black blood. Other eyes orbiting his realm took their cue, hurriedly winking out of existence.

"Yes, begone." Bakura hissed bemusedly, sipping the vintage again. "We won't have gawkers invading our fun, right love?" At this he finally looked down at the maiden who bobbed her head in his lap.

Bakura didn't quite know why Ishizu stayed around; and stubbornly refused to aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c4821 No.1939

Too hardcore, gentlemen? PX

84178 No.1944


Well, didn't get much into Yugioh, so I couldn't enjoy the pervy fan-fic spin like the others.

Just as good imo though!

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