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dcdee No.1891[Reply]

Just a bit of Zelda multiverse, enjoy!

dcdee No.1892

Not for the first time that day, Telma felt full.

Lunch had been substantial, as demanded by her cravings and condition; consisting of freshly grilled goat sausages in a puree-honey glaze, spiced pumpkin-squash soup, hearty vegetables, and plenty of milk. Which wasn't surprising, since milk was always in abundance these days, she thought with a wry smile and glance at her mammoth rack.

She'd always been considered busty by Hylian standards, and above-average when compared to other Gerudo; plumper too. Which is probably why new patrons of her bar always seemed so surprised: expecting a nubile young thing in silken desert garb and long flowing crimson locks; and not the hefty, squat, matronly woman clad in leather and lace; with a yellow sports bra straining around her impressive chest and beads decorating her dark, woven, cornrows. Such surprise abated often enough, with adequate flow of booze and suitably exciting stories and song.

Indeed, Telma didn't mind her weight, not fully turning to fat, but maintaining a healthy amount of pudge - she didn't have to compete with younger women at market for outfits, nor need fear curious questing hands of the rowdier bargoers. Though her cleavage helped keep them mildly enticed and distracted when haggling tabs, as well as providing a handy place to keep her coinpurse.

Despite all this, she had felt unfulfilled: mainly in the ways of love. Her first crush had died to Lizalfos attack when she'd been a maiden; and her fling with Renado had been brief and unanimously called off when he couldn't spare time away from his Shaman duties. Hardly bitter about this, Telma had resumed her usual way of life - an inexpensive barkeep serving wayward adventurers and sharing a flat with her poofy cat, Louise.

Then decree had come down on high. The script of the goddesses shone on shiekah-stones throughout the land, in the temples, caves, and on roadside. They all bore the same message: that the bloodline of the Hero of Time should be preserved and spread so that the world would better combat evil the next time darkness swallowed the land; and that specific women be granted rights to take in Link's seed and swell with his children. Suffice to say, the blonde mute had had a busy schedule as of late - questing to prevent catastrophe and being used as a breeding stud ate up alot of free time.

The many suitors were courted and romanced by the Hero, soon receiving gifts from his Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1e2de No.1895

Not too bad. I'm not hugely into hyper stuff, but the descriptions are pretty good, there's a nice level of detail, and your grammar is perfectly solid. And I do love me some Telma. Good show.

I do find myself wishing there was more detail in the birth scene, but that's just personal preference. XD

d7a7c No.1925

I like it. The scenario is pretty great, and I'm a sucker for all encompassing multiverse cross overs. And I'm a big fan of scenarios where one guy knocks up a lot of girls.

8c39b No.1937


Glad you liked it and that the grammar works well. I tend to suffer from run-on sentences whenever I write, so I'm happy I'm able to break away from that.

Yeah, I haven't done much in the way of writing birth before, so I'm a bit noobish at it. If you've any bits of advice, please let me know.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :D

8c39b No.1938

I suppose I was inspired by Lurkergg's Lending Link Out comic series. Something about Link getting all the tail he's missed over the franchise is neat.

Besides, we've kinda already have a multiverse in the form of Hyrule Warriors. I'm just expanding it to be all-encompassing to all the games.

d19f8 No.1867[Reply]

I just tried to get on preggophilia today and for some reason, it wouldn't let me login. It said I was banned even though I hadn't logged in. It it like that for everyone> It won't even let me try to log in or to contact the administrators.

36ef1 No.1871

I can still access it.

bdd36 No.1866[Reply]

I'm not sure if anyone has started one of these yet, but I think it'd be pretty cool to share stories of the first time we've ever actually TOUCHED a pregnant belly. I'm attempting to focus on non-super-sexual stuff, but hey, you write whatever you want.

(I apologize in advance about the length)

I had my first time the other day, and it was amazing. I volunteer at our local animal shelter, have been for the last 5 years, and one of the other employees there, we'll call her Cass, got pregnant. Now she's short, like, real short, teetering at around 5 foot, and when she got to full term, she was all belly, carrying real far out front. I'd known her and talked to her the since before the pregnancy, but I stepped up my game a bit when I found out for just the following reason. There aren't many times she's there, and my work schedule changes on a weekly basis, so I feared I wouldn't be able to see her before she gave birth, but I lucked out. I was talking to her, asking questions about her pregnancy, I'm trying to play it cool but I'm totally sweating on the inside. The maesiophile in me wanted to touch her belly so badly, but the gentleman in me didn't want to be a creep. Eventually, the pressure of this fetishy little quirk won out, and I asked her "What does it feel like?" She answered by talking about just how stretched out and bloated she felt, and about the development of stretch marks. Sensing a bit of a conversational opening, I made my move and asked more directly "may I feel?" To my delight, and relief, she was totally ok with it, saying "Oh, my stomach? Sure!" before turning to face it toward me. I couldn't believe my luck. I was ecstatic, though I think I covered it pretty well. I reached out gently with my right hand and lay the tips of my fingers at the very end around where her belly button would be. I could not believe how taught it was. All those fetish-fics describe it as 'drum-tight' and man, it's pretty dead on. It was like she filled a beach ball with water and stuffed it under her shirt. There wasn't any movement, but really, I wasn't going to complain. I think I milked it or about 45 seconds. Feeling around and exploring that super firm belly of hers was a dream come true. It may have been through a shirt, and one of those supportive 'belly belt' things, but that's fine. It's finally something I can take off my bucket list. Due to my work schedule, I'm pretty sure she'll have popped the next time I see her. If she hasn'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b5ab2 No.1530[Reply]


Apparently, this is a thing now. Thank you TLC for stooping to another level of…something…which I don't know what.


I can't…words cannot…I don't know if…wha?
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afea9 No.1535

Tell me about it; remember fuckin' Runway Moms? A show all about pregnant fashion models. And then there was "A Baby Story;" the episodes themselves were hit or miss, but the intro (at least the first one; i THINK it's the first one)was really cute.

But seriously, what the fuck happened? I guess after fucking "Honey Boo Boo" and "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," anything is an improvement.

cec57 No.1536


I remember that. When I was first starting with all this I used to record them on blank VHS tapes (yup!) with my parents' VCR since they usually weren't home when those came on, then I would watch them in my room muted. xD Then I would record over them with a cartoon or something to hide the evidence. :p

Ahh the good ol' days. xD

b74ec No.1840

Speaking of shows like Runway Moms and Baby Story, I also remember some similar shows, though they were on Discovery Fit-Health. Birth Day, which was like Baby Story but focused only on the birth and House of Babies which…..I really don't know much about that one, other than the only episode I saw part of was a water-birth focused one.

On another note, does anyone actually know a place to watch some of those online?

7bba0 No.1844

… they are really dredging the bottom, aren't they? /smh

32c33 No.1845

If you don't have good writers to make fiction, reality TV is the lowest bar because you can roll out cameras, film for two days, throw it to editors to make a story up, and call it good. It's cheap, and people eat it up like crazy, even ironically.

If you haven't, look up Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and TV editing, he covers how bullshit and fabricated reality TV is.

331cf No.1740[Reply]

331cf No.1842


8be74 No.1803[Reply]

So, I'm pretty late to this (pun not intended), but some late Mother's Day trivia, as if we needed more to be grateful to mothers and pregnant women for. Also because Lucy's cool.

Did U No…
"What TV show was the first to air a rerun?

I Love Lucy, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, on October 20, 1952. The episode, 'The Quiz Show,' had originally aired on November 12, 1951. Arnaz introduced the rerun to give wife Lucy some respite during her pregnancy, which was part of the show's story line."

52a87 No.1736[Reply]

Haven't found a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd start one while sharing a story I wrote myself.


Enjoy! c:

24e8d No.1714[Reply]

It's been years since I actually completed a story, but recently, I did this pretty quick one-shot with a catgirl.

I of course welcome constructive criticism.


Joyce – A catgirl birth one-shot


“I don’t think it’s going to be long now, sweetie,” Joyce said, smiling brightly as she softly patted the massive orb of her heavily pregnant belly, “I think the cubs might very well come today.”

“Do you want to stay inside until the cubs come, honey?” Marcus, her husband, asked, looking at his hugely pregnant wife with enjoyment and amazement.

“Not really… even if these cubs choose to come half an hour from now, I still want to take that walk,” Joyce replied as she curled her tail and arched her back while placing her hands in her back, thrusting her massive belly forward. A short while ago, Marcus had invited Joyce to take a walk in the woods surrounding their small cottage. It was a hot, bright summer day and a walk in the woods seemed like the right thing to do.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2566b No.71[Reply]

I'm looking for this story where this girl starts giving birth to animals and after each birth, the next animal is bigger than the last.

Any stories by NewTestament. His deviantart account got shut down.

Oversized(/too big) pregnancy/birth.

Painful pregnancy/expansion/birth.

Anyone know any stories like these?
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2c7f5 No.162

Yeah! His were some of my favorite stories. Shame he stopped.

1df1f No.163

If this a story request thread, then I have been looking for some older (i think they are older) stories by a user stevie d. they had really in depth pregnancy content, they were on blaze knights vault for a while but that site disappeared again.

4be33 No.208

I was just looking for BKV only to see it had left :( Stevie D was known for reposting, so maybe the stories exist on other arms of the internet! Hopefully, because his were my favourite.

4be33 No.211

Update, turns out if you just search Stevie D Pregnant on any search, a large portion of his stories appear!

64e2f No.1574

I've done a search for Stevie D stories, and here are all the ones I found:





Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

307da No.1408[Reply]

Are there any video games that let you play as a pregnant woman?

Outside of flash games.
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28a71 No.1420

Don't forget all the delicious mods

64bb6 No.1423

Dunno if it counts, but your villagers get visibly pregnant in Black & White 2(dunno about the first game)

I mean the Peter Molyneaux game, not Pokeymanz

4d90e No.1424

Fire Emblem: Awakening is kind of an oddly Schrodinger situation xD Once you get two characters paired up, they officially will have a kid in the vague near future; thus, for all you know, some of the women in your army could actually be pregnant for a fair part of the game (even your own avatar, if you're playing a gal!). No one actually SHOWS, of course, but there's plenty of room to let your imagination fill in the blanks ;D

Both seasons of The Walking Dead games also have pregnant characters (particularly Season 2), but you control someone else in both.

0e26d No.1427

96ff6 No.1437

I was just thinking about B&W2 today. That game was fun.

Reminds me of my teenager years, spamming vore and pregnancy pictures on gameFAQs whenever given the chance. Ah, to be young and woefully unaware of what my future self would think looking back. Why the first pregnant picture I ever drew was a terrible scrap of Lyn from Fire Emblem that I spammed on gamefaqs.

I really need to get into drinking so I can drown out these memories.

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