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f2e4a No.446[Reply]

It bugs me when hentai has a girl with a pregnant belly, and then in the x-ray view they show her womb being filled up with sperm, or even worse, the x-ray view has a small womb at the end of the vagina that gets splodge in. If her belly is huge, shouldn't there be…a baby in there?
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75ae8 No.1430

This is less of a pet peeve and more of an observation, but I find it odd how the navel is rarely popped in Japanese works

d3dac No.1431

Doujins: The fact that whenever you find one with nice art and nice preg content, it is always, always, ALWAYS either rape or incest. Is it so wrong that I want to get going with something relevant that DOESN'T involve a kid fucking his mom or a chick getting raped into catatonia?

36271 No.1432

Yeah. My biggest issue is the whole rape thing because I think fetishizing it is incredibly insensitive to the real victims of rape out there, even if they never see it. And the mind breaking thing seems demeaning to women as well. I know it's porn but there is plenty of porn out there that treats women likete independent people they are.
For once it would be nice to see a trend of happy and fully consensual preggos…

32698 No.1434

Size… The one thing that ticks me off is art that is seeing art that is beyond unrealistic. A belly bigger than her entire body… carrying 16 children at once… I don't mind a little bit of "too big" but I don't want to think this woman swallowed a friggin boulder.

32698 No.1435

Also I see everyone bringing up Doujins… Is it so much to ask to see a pregnant girl in the doujin out side of the sex? I mean like after the do their thing and she get's knocked up, I see a lot that just skip straight to them having sex again just with a belly… How about some down time to see how she's adjusted for work or school… So few actually show the pregnant lass still clothed…

2ec45 No.1421[Reply]

(Disclaimer: This thread is to be used as a confession dump for users, the opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of OP, no need to lock it.)

Since BBWchan has a trash talk thread, how's about we have one, too, Post things that you don't like about preg artists, your criticisms, and opinions about what they're doing wrong, and what good alternatives to them are, this also applies for story writers.

02cb1 No.1422

This thread seems like a hilariously bad idea and I can't wait to see what comes of it.

b6292 No.1425

Me too

1ad69 No.1426

Yeah, I can't see anything good coming of this thread. Locking.

7273e No.1065[Reply]

Can be any video ; anime, movie, drama, etc.

4bd3b No.1299

Eureka Seven Ao episode 14 was great.

bbb68 No.1371

Tide Line Blue episode 1 is always one of the best.

fc669 No.1400

Shigurui episode 5 has quite a horny moaning.

95b96 No.1389[Reply]

Hey everybody! I had an idea that just won't leave my head. So I've decided to share it with the lovely people of pregchan.


The concept is basically, a fantasy RTS game that mixes preg fetishes to varying degrees. The game circles around 2 beings that must use the power of pregnancy to rally their armies and destroy opposing factions, located around the map. Like every RTS, the player starts off with the "general" unit. This character is way more powerful than ordinary units but if this character dies, the player loses. In this game, players have the ability of playing as either a male or female character. Picking this character's gender will play an important role later within the game. Aside from this, artifacts will be scattered around the map, finding one will boost your soldier's or hero's stats.

Note: All units (e.g footmen, scouts) are considered genderless and sterile)

A.)Playing as a male
-A male character must find "wild" women scattered across the map, these wild women cannot attack, and will not attack. Once recruited into his army, the player must then impregnate them regularly to keep his army in check. Different girls produce different units, at different time intervals and in varying quantity.

-Human girls produce regular footmen who have medium health and medium damage, they perform a very grunt-ish role in keeping the enemy at bay. The human girl can produce at least 1-8 children per pregnancy, even more if artifacts are found.

-Catgirls produce scout-like units with low health and low attack but are 3x as quick as any other unit, as mention above, they operate as scouts within your army. A Catgirl can produce up to 1-20 units in one pregnancy

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e4913 No.720[Reply]

I've been working on tabletop ideas and tossing them around for a while. But recently the idea of a pregnancy based one crossed my mind. And to be honest, I have no idea how such a thing would work. So I've come to you, my marvelous maiesiophiles, to help me create such a thing.

The end result will be, of course, be open to all and everyone can have some input, even it is seems weird to ask.
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3b1d1 No.1375

We should probably make sure we're on the same page with what system we are using if we do this. Of course, we don't have to be. =P We could all just pick random systems and make rules for each and everyone of them if we wanted too.

e6e23 No.1376

I had the idea of maybe running a pathfinder game here with a breeding/pregnancy focus. Would there be any interest?

0c6ad No.1377

It was actually a pretty shitty session. :-(

That makes sense. What system would you recommend? I am thinking D&D, just because it is so popular. Maybe 3.5 or 5?

You know it ;-)

3b1d1 No.1379

I would be interested.

Ah, that blows.

As for what system, I'd probably pick something obscure myself and just do it as a side project. X3

ef7d0 No.1385

Yeah, it did. My players need to learn how to work as a team, and not go off and do shit on there own.

3ca87 No.1366[Reply]

Are there any good pregnancy or expansion games that are downloadable?

97a5d No.964[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

There is nothing more frustrating or irritating than for a troll to receive an 'automated' response.

The rules are simple:

1. Every time the obvious 'troll' speaks up, respond or post with our "Reported (ID number, don't even use his fake name)". You can even add a '#ForSpookyDice' if you feel bold enough.xD

2. No personal remarks or responses as the mods have already tried reason but haters gonna hate.

3. Leave all personal remarks to the admins as they are solely responsible for talking to the spambot.

4. Game ends until..it ends.

Have fun!

(Oh, and lock this thread, admins. :))
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fb89a No.1221


I'm going to put you in a diaper and burp you

a949f No.1222

(F it. maybe it doesn't matter with breaking up posts XD; I'm wall-of-texting ass either way XD; )

Aaaah, I see what you mean now. (…I think)

>>What I saw as "cult-like" was how the entire board seemed to flock to Spooky, almost as if she could do no wrong.

I didn't see that as at all cult-like, but then again all I saw was people being supportive of and happy for one of our users bringing to the board something of potential interest. But, there's many ways to see a given scenario.

In a variation of your own words though, the way you talked with her and others just gave this impression that you thought she could do no right. Like EVERYTHING had some ulterior motive.
I don't think either is appropriate, really ("do no wrong" OR "do no right") but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle ^^;

>>And as she herself stated earlier, she took this as a positive atmosphere and encouraged her to post more and more often.

The thing is… I'm glad to hear this. I'm not exactly sure why you're not. (unless I misunderstood what you meant there)
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a949f No.1223

not helping ^^;

a949f No.1224

>>"On a related note, it's remarkable how much can happen during a period of sleep, and can lead to missing out on stuff" >.<

Oh and pfft, yeah XD; It's pretty amazing.
Like that night the troll just got silly and people started making Gurren Lagann references XD; (among other things) I missed the whole thing, then woke up like "..wait.. what? PFFFFFFFT WHAT?!! XD;;"

83fdc No.1365

Wowzers this thread reminds me why I try to keep my opinions to myself. (Try being the optimum word.)

2d930 No.1339[Reply]

Finally, the epilogue to Jouji and Yukiyo's story. I hope you like it.


In their time together, Yukiyo gave Jouji six children. First came the boy and girl Daigoro and Koume; next were the boys Ginjiro and Hachiuma; last were two daughters, Fuyuko and Masago. None of the oni whelps had been harmed by being delivered prematurely by oni standards -at a year instead of two-, but after Daigoro and Koume were born, Jouji’s sister Haru very sternly warned them that they had better wait at least four years if Yukiyo wished to have more whelps. It didn’t matter that oni children grew up rapidly and became self-sufficient in a short amount of time; after they were weaned, the yukionna and oni had to wait.

Jouji wanted his wife to be healthy and keep her strength, so he acquiesced, and while Yukiyo was disappointed due to her desire to become pregnant again as soon as possible, she agreed as well. It was best to listen to experts in these matters. After Fuyuko and Masago had been delivered, Haru said that if Yukiyo was impregnated a fourth time, it had better be the last. Even a nigh-on immortal youkai’s body had limits, and each delivery rendered Yukiyo bedridden for nearly two weeks due to the size of the whelps and the rapid roughness of the births.

Thus, six years after Masago and Fuyuko had been weaned, Jouji and Yukiyo conceived their last children in the middle of winter. The resulting pregnancy was different from the others; Yukiyo’s stomach grew very quickly, but stopped in her seventh month with two infants that Jouji judged were eleven pounds each, and did not get any larger. Plus, the movements of the unborn were much gentler. Haru theorized these whelps would be runts, but Yukiyo had a feeling she was finally carrying two yukionna who happened to be slightly bigger than usual thanks to having an oni for a father. While Jouji never said it aloud, he was deeply relieved. Smaller children meant that his beloved wife would struggle less and be spared some pain. And if they were yukionna, they would still be welcomed into the clan.

Late in the following winter, as the sun rose on a new day, Yukiyo went into labor for the final time. The contractions were strangely pleasant as they came and went, and the yukionna found she was able to perform her domestic duties to the clan and her older children, instead of being crippled by agony. Despite that, Jouji hovered like an anxious hen, and more than once, his wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2d930 No.1340

Late in the following winter, as the sun rose on a new day, Yukiyo went into labor for the final time. The contractions were strangely pleasant as they came and went, and the yukionna found she was able to perform her domestic duties to the clan and her older children, instead of being crippled by agony. Despite that, Jouji hovered like an anxious hen, and more than once, his wife had to reassure him that she felt fine. The contractions progressed over the hours, growing closer together and stronger, until they lasted two heartbeats, paused for two, and began again. While the pains robbed Yukiyo of breath at times, she found she was actually experiencing a kind of euphoria as the contractions built, peaked, and ebbed.

It was nearing four pm when Yukiyo’s water broke and she felt an overwhelming compulsion to go outside as the euphoria deepened. That was more than enough proof that she would not give birth to oni whelps this time. Jouji tenderly carried her through the caverns to its second exit, leading them to an open space within the mountains, hollowed out centuries ago by some act of nature. The clan would sometimes hunt there, as trees, stones and shrubs offered prey shelter. Haru followed with her bag of supplies, just in case.

Once in the frigid air and slowly falling snowflakes, Yukiyo cried out in a way that Jouji only heard when they made love. “A tree,” she managed to say, untying her belt. “Take me u-under a tree. A tall, old one.”

There were several that fit the description, but Jouji chose a sturdy pine that was older than the oldest oni in the clan. He set his wife down momentarily, and she shed her kimono as he sat cross-legged with his back against the pine. Haru helped the yukionna return to Jouji’s hold, and he assisted her as she squatted, one pair of hands clasping hers, the other holding her thighs. “How are you doing?” he asked.

“Wonderfully,” Yukiyo gasped. “It was never- never like this before. Ah!” She shuddered and threw her head back, hips thrusting involuntarily.

Haru anointed her hands and knelt before her sister in-law. “For once, you just might have an easy delivery,” she said, and carefully slid two fingers inside Yukiyo, checking her progress. “Good, you’re ready. I feel the head. You can push any time now,” she stated, withdrawing her hand.

“I don’t-” Yukiyo moaned. “I don’t want to. This feels like making love to Jouji.”

“Now dear, be reasonable,” Jouji gePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2d930 No.1341

Yukiyo caught her breath and kept pushing, bringing her last baby into the world. While the euphoria remained, her next orgasm was not as intense. But it was still very enjoyable, and Yukiyo groaned happily as she sagged against Jouji’s chest and Haru delivered-

“This can’t be right,” Haru said in astonishment, and held up the final baby. It was also pale as snow and black-haired, but it was a boy.

Jouji’s and Yukiyo’s jaws dropped, their faces absolutely gobsmacked. “That- That’s not possible!” Yukiyo exclaimed. “There’s no such thing as a yukiotoko!”

Her husband started guffawing. “Only you could do such a thing, my wonderful wife,” he proclaimed, and kissed her other cheek.

“But he should be a daughter!” Yukiyo protested as Haru set the boy down to take care of the afterbirth. “Yukionna are just yukionna! This has never happened before- I- it- I just-”

Now Haru was chuckling at her in-law’s bewilderment. “Stranger things have happened, like someone actually taking my brute of a brother as a husband,” she commented.

“Here now, I’m a lord of the court compared to Onimaru,” Jouji volleyed, meaning their youngest triplet. “And he got married too.”

Haru tied off the birth-cords neatly, cut them with her claws, and placed the whimpering children in Yukiyo’s arms. “Well, it looks like you’ll need a new name,” she said matter-of-factly, and took the afterbirth to dispose of it.
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7a1a5 No.1363

These stories were all so sweet and amazing to read. <3

2d930 No.1364

Thank you very much. I'm glad you think so.

770c4 No.1255[Reply]

Is there anything that kind of sort?
I'm limited to birth, not preg fetish
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27f9a No.1355

I don't know how you got the idea that I thought they were the same thing. I guess my brain damage is very 'series'.

(This is another reason it would be nice to have another place for birth fans to go.)

ebafd No.1357

As I've said multiple times before, I try my best to make sure both that A) those with nearly every facet of this interest feel welcome and B) those who don't want to see a particular thing have an easy time not seeing it. Hence trying my hardest to keep stuff in its own thread, so that Miss Hide Button can do her job.

d1b0b No.1358

Let's start with sex then asshole.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

94ffc No.1359

Are you blind? Or can't you count?
There are more preg things than birth things.
Everything's birth, birth, birth what the rubbish is that??(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

ac165 No.1360

Okay clearly this thread has run it's course really quickly. Locked.

03c90 No.738[Reply]


It's been a while since I've been here (my broodmother thread is still up lol). I couldn't seem to find the old sharing/critique thread.

I've been looking near and far for some critique or at least some sort of feedback. So far I've been told by one person I'm better off going to Literotica.

63496 No.765

The link is leading to a 404'd deviantart page, might wanna check it.

03c90 No.1215


I kinda delayed with this, but I decided to take it down because I felt like I want to redo it. I'm also not certain of i could get away with its contents with DA's rules.

03c90 No.1216


I kinda delayed with this, but I decided to take it down because I felt like I want to redo it. I'm also not certain of i could get away with its contents with DA's rules.

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