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38a09 No.1007[Reply]

How about we list and talk about the cliches of pregnancy stories and art. This will hopefully be a civil discussion.

Story cliches:
-Mother becomes feeble and meek, everything is ab out her and every day is a total hassle
-Story focuses on the mother rather than her pregnancy
-Pregnancy gives mother a bimbo type body
-Story is absolute fluff
-If it is not fluff, mother is constantly horny
-Story focuses on the birth rather than the pregnancy

Art cliches:
-Belly is shiny
-Term "huge" is used when belly is only full term singleton size
-Nudity is only tasteful
-Out of the ordinary or "Different" ideas are ignored in favor of relatively tame and Vanilla concepts
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1fefe No.1152

I agree that there should be, but the problem is that there's too many people, primarily males, that strictly like females, and are uncomfortable with the sheer concept of non-female pregnancy, quite sad, like somehow in 2015, homosexuality is a still bad thing in the world of maiesiophilia

d5f66 No.1190

Most of these seem less "cliches" and more "my tastes are superior".
Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's more like "things you prefer to see in your fetish works".

1fefe No.1197

That's true, to an extent, but it's also just to point out the things you see a lot of and wonder why they keep popping up, especially undersized bellies and the misuse of the word "huge"

e5bdd No.1200

To be fair, "huge" is a relative term. To a woman six months pregnant with her first child, and the people around her, being used to her normal state, she IS huge.

1fefe No.1210

Quite true, but as well it seems as well that many users care more about birth than pregnancy, like they think it's gross to like a woman with such a large belly, so they want to see the baby come out because they think her bump will shrink back to normal size or something.

a1c19 No.982[Reply]

Anyone know any good sites that are pregnancy related or have pregnant manga
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10610 No.988

if I already signed up for e-hentai.ore how do I gain access to Exhentai without having the panda pop up?

4801b No.995

Well that's really all there is to it. Delete all your cookies first (if you tried visiting EX before and got the panda) and then close out the bowser just to be safe. Log into E-hentai (make sure you are fully registered, including activating your account via e-mail.) and then just type Exhentai.org into the address bar and then you are golden.

4801b No.1004

It's a bit difficult to get into the first time because of that weird cookie bug. But once you do you'll never have trouble or have to close the browser again. It's like a one time deal for most people

f2242 No.1006

I've tried everything and nothing works

4801b No.1017

Strange… Well maybe you need to wait a couple days to let you're actibation go through?

In the mean time you can still view most of the galleries by going to
G.e-hentai.org, just the screen will be white, there will be ads, and CERTAIN stories will be hidden from you. But not too many. Just wait a few days and try again.

9a06f No.929[Reply]

Here's a pretty fun podcast where Mara Wilson and the host discuss a pregnancy-themed Harlequin romance novel: http://idontevenownatelevision.com/covert-conception-w-mara-wilson

9e1a3 No.454[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to you all for being so friendly, it's really helped me come out of my shell around here. I tend to be shy, especially about my sexuality and this fetish. I'm not ashamed at all, I just usually feel a little funny talking about it.

That being said, there was something I was wondering about that I'd be very curious to see all your thoughts on.

I'm a 20 year old college student, 21 in the summer, looking to become a physicist. I'm a single lesbian working part time while living with a couple of friends; "Stan" and "Clair" to keep things simple without saying their actual names, and very VERY much a gravidophile on top of finding pregnancy sexy on other women. My friends have been trying for almost a year now (Stan's 23 and Clair's 25, going on 26) to conceive, but haven't been able to and IVF isn't really an option for a few reasons that I'll keep private. They have had things tested, and it looks like the problem is on her end. Just a little while ago, they came to my room and asked me if I would help. They know about my fetish and my sexuality, so I know it wasn't easy for them to ask without worrying about offending me. Because IVF isn't an option, it would basically be the old fashioned way, and the baby would be half mine, but I wouldn't be the mother once it's born. This sounds like a no-brainer, because even though I would have to have hetero sex to get things started, I get to help my best friends start a family while also feeding my kink on the side and feeling sexier than ever…But for some reason I'm nervous to say yes, as much as I want to. And I really, REALLY do.

So I'd like to know what the chan thinks. Especially any women who have been surrogates before, or have been pregnant at all. Guys are more than welcome to give their opinions too. Thanks in advance! ^-^
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7481c No.912

That's probably a good idea.

57229 No.917

Ow the edge

9e1a3 No.920


Brush your teeth, you're so full of shit that your breath is starting to stink.

6c2b3 No.924

You know, I think there's a satisfactory resolution here. Based on your posts, while SpookyDice no longer lives in Washington, I bet you still do, right? And there are a lot of wild bears in Washington, right?

Tell you what: why don't you practice your trade out there. Find a friendly young Mama Bear, and start taunting her, in person, about her Baby Bear. Keep doing that for weeks on end, and when you're done, come back to us with your findings. We'd love to hear all the gory details. (Not.)

7481c No.925

SpookyDice, I'm going to go ahead and lock your threads since they seem to be little more than attack targets at the moment unfortunately. I'm sorry you've had to put up with this. Hopefully by the time you come back, this sick fuck will have dropped dead or we'll at least have found a more effective method of containing him.

54ab3 No.746[Reply]

Got logged out of my deviantart account and I don't remember the password or email linked to the account. Does anyone know who I can email or contact to try to get my account back?
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4d395 No.753

tried to get the email that was associated with the deviantart account and found out the email account was compromised do you think deviantart deals with these things and has a fix for it?

be069 No.755

You're all idiots
The site was undergoing maintenance

35e7f No.757


unnecessarily rude

95df7 No.758

>The site was undergoing maintenance
When the site undergoes maintenance, it says so.
And if you'd put some effort into reading, you'd notice that DA's staff themselves admitted there was an underlying site problem that was causing what people are commenting on here.

eb619 No.763

Oh, something like this happened to a new friend of mine. I should show her that link. Thanks for putting it up.

084a5 No.719[Reply]

No, it can't be true!

But it is! I'm looking for people who are willing to RP with furries. YOu don't have to be a furry, but those are always appreciated!

Things I enjoy:
Birth, most of all
Just about everything there is

Things I won't do:
Sexual pain

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6f989 No.723

All looks and sounds good here. If you're on skype I'm there as infernox@hotmail.co.uk

366fa No.724

Don't we already have a thread for this?

0ddbf No.729


Yep! Locking this. Deleting it soon.

4eac9 No.241[Reply]

I need some inspiration, so I thought I'd take some writing requests. If anyone has any ideas, things they'd like to see, I'd be glad to consider them.
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bf315 No.671


You know there's a thing called cesarian sections right? This makes no sense. And also, creepy post number.

d2293 No.672


I know that there's such things as C-sections, but the story would involve doctors trying to preform one, and failing, as well as hearing faint crying from withing her, the correct term you are looking for is "trips"

84f79 No.675

well I do have an idea not preg per say but I think the idea is a good couple who just love to save money always look for deals in the supermarket smuggle their own food in the movies things like that but this time the wife has an idea on how to save money on airline tickets she unbirths her husband and births him when they land (at like the hotel or something)to save money on a ticket.

4eac9 No.717

Or, a woman is pregnant with a single girl who is impregnated by the mother having sex.

As for such a plot… I'm afraid I must agree with >>671 on the C-Section situation.

However, if circumstances were so that she did not have access to such a procedure…

06db1 No.718

I already replied to the person mentioning the C-section, that the magic that causer her pregnancy to become permanent, would stop such an operation from being successful

8df46 No.693[Reply]

Here we are: part three of Jouji's and Yukiyo's story. There might be an epilogue at some point; I just need to let that cook a little longer.


Yukiyo’s body was at its limit. There was simply no more room inside her for the oni twins conceived a year ago. They weighed at least sixteen pounds each, and could no longer move without causing her great pain. As much as the yukionna had enjoyed the pregnancy, she knew she couldn’t carry her children any longer; the strain was too much. She was constantly fatigued partially because it was so hard for her to take a deep breath, could barely eat more than a few mouthfuls at a time, and had to be cared for by her husband Jouji as if she were an invalid again. She had not been concerned for her condition before, but now she feared her womb was so overstretched, it wouldn’t be able to contract hard enough to deliver the whelps.

That fear was partially invalidated when she went into labor three days ago. The pains had been mild at first; so mild, she almost didn’t notice them. But as the hours passed, they gradually grew stronger, coming and going randomly before settling into a rhythm she could time by the second day. When Jouji was informed that the birth of their children was inevitable, he panicked: while they had reached his clan’s territory five days ago, they were still at least two days from the caverns where his family lived, where he had been born nearly a century past. There was no suitable shelter for his wife to give birth in on the way. Yukiyo had said yukionna preferred to deliver their daughters outside in the snow, but Jouji reminded her why that wasn’t an option for oni whelps. Thus he packed up their camp, picked up his wife, and ran as if the gates to the Buddhist Hells had just opened behind him, denying himself any form of rest in order to cover more distance.

Jouji was still running when the contractions worsened. Yukiyo had previously been able to breathe through them, but as the day went on, she began to moan, whimper, even sob. She had to cling to the bands of beads Jouji wore about his chest because her nails had punctured her palms. As the winter sun began to set on the third day, the pains became unbearable, even frightening in their intensity. Jouji could see the shape of his wife’s distended stomach change each time a contraction occurred, which was happening far too often; they would last for three heartbeats, end for oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8df46 No.694

Jouji’s head suddenly cleared. “Big sister Haru!” All his terror was banished by a blaze of hope. “Yukiyo, this is my sister, Haru! She was the first born of our litter. I told you we were close!”

“Gods and spirits, you’ve been gone too long,” Haru said, lowering her cudgel.

“We can catch up later,” Jouji said hurriedly. “Please say our family is home. My wife is in labor and she needs help now!”

Haru gawped at the yukionna and the size of her stomach. “You impregnated such a small woman? Jouji, you’re an idiot! She could die!”

“It’s what I w-wanted,” Yukiyo squeaked. “Please- Please help me, honored elder sister. Our children must live.”

That seemed to be all Haru needed to hear. “I’ll pummel you for being so stupid later, little brother,” she told Jouji. “Come on. Our family is indeed home. And luckily for your wife and whelps, I finished my apprenticeship with the midwives four summers ago.”

She lead them around the bend and a meter farther into a gaping cave mouth. The instant they were inside, Yukiyo squeaked again as a gush of fluid abruptly spilled from her body, soaking her kimono and Jouji’s right arms, and brought a contraction of such strength that she screamed once more. “It moved!” she managed to say once it ended. “It’s coming!”

“Because we’re safe now,” Jouji said as he followed his sister deeper into the cave.
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8df46 No.695

The absolute pain on Yukiyo’s face transformed into wonder as she felt the warm, damp hair. “Th-That’s our first?”

“Yes, and you’re doing wonderfully,” Jouji encouraged.

Yukiyo placed her hand back in Madoka’s, drawing a deep breath. The next contraction was borne out with gritted teeth instead of screams, and the top of the whelp’s head pushed through. Two more made it pop out completely. “Hold it, brother,” Haru ordered, and Jouji cupped one pair behind the whelp’s skull. Haru felt the sides of Yukiyo’s stomach, pressing in carefully, and Yukiyo shuddered as the neck was followed by the right shoulder, then the left. “Grab and pull, now!” Haru said. “I’ll get the second one positioned.”

Carefully, so carefully, Jouji closed his second pair of hands on the whelp’s shoulders and pulled with the next contraction. The rest of the whelp’s body was delivered in a gush of blood and fluid and a gusty breath of relief from Yukiyo. The firstborn kicked its feet, flailed its four arms, and started squalling so loudly it didn’t seem possible that such a great sound could come from its little lungs. Jouji found himself laughing in pure joy. “Yukiyo, look!” He held up their child so his wife could see. “It’s a son!”

Yukiyo’s face showed all her love clearly as she reached and touched the newborn’s cheek. “Daigoro. This is our- our Daigoro. Our son!”

As Haru gently massaged the yukionna’s stomach, easing the second whelp into its mother’s pelvis, she called for two of their cousins to bring over some cloth and string, and a large bowl of warm water. “We have a few moments, so it’s best if we cut the life-cord now and get Daigoro cleaned up,” she said, and talked Jouji and the other two through the process. Another gush of fluid and more blood signaled the imminent arrival of the second whelp, and Yukiyo pushed with renewed strength. It took only one for the second head to descend, and three contractions, still intense and deeply painful, for the head to emerge.

Haru kept massaging Yukiyo’s stomach, easing out the shoulders, and Jouji caught the twin and brought it into the world. This one was a little girl who also started squalling almost immediately, but she was drowned out by Jouji’s bellow when Yukiyo unexpectedly passed out as the afterbirths were expelled with still more blood. “Someone take Koume!” he yelled without thinking, and as his brother took the oni girl, Jouji snatched up Yukiyo from Madoka’s armsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d7822 No.608[Reply]

Does anybody know how to make HF's censor stop covering *everything* with warnings and only cover what you tell it not to show? Or is it glitched? Because I tried telling it what I don't want to see, and it covered everything. I tried telling it what I want to see, and it still covered everything. Sorry if I'm just being dumb, I'm just not sure why it's doing that and couldn't figure it out. ^^;

eccae No.609

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but are you sure you're logged in? I have it set to let everything but guro through, and never had any issues.

d7822 No.612

Yup, for some reason it only happened when I was logged in. And last night it just started working all of a sudden. Spooks was confused. xD

6d4a8 No.595[Reply]

I love Sundays. They're great for being productive.

(glances about at untidy bedroom and list of chores that need to be completed)

Uh, let me rephrase. Sundays are apparently very good for being productive when it comes to writing porn. I told you, the ideas were brewing.


Yukiyo had to stop again and lean against Jouji’s hip, one hand on the small of her spine and the other pressing against her chest. “I had forgotten how difficult it can be to breathe, the farther one goes into the mountains,” she admitted on seeing the oni’s expression of concern.

“I am feeling it as well,” he told her, running a hand down her hair, which now reached the yukionna’s knees. “It has been quite some time since I was last here.”

It had taken no time at all for Yukiyo to conceive once they had taken each other as husband and wife. The very evening the yukionna told Jouji she suspected she was pregnant, he had asked that they return to the mountain range his clan occupied, so that their children could be born in safe, familiar territory, and be accepted amongst their numbers sooner. It was a very long journey, but they had made surprisingly good time for five months. The growth of their children had been slow at first, and Yukiyo’s stomach remained trim, with just a small bump below her navel and the changing size of her breasts showing any evidence to her pregnancy. But the closer they got to Jouji’s homeland, the faster their children began to develop. Eight months into the trek, with Autumn in full swing, Yukiyo really was having difficulty walking as the terrain became steadily harder to travel and the air thinned.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6d4a8 No.596

They just had to travel faster somehow, he supposed. His clan’s home was perhaps four more months away, but at least there, amongst oni women who did know healers’ arts, Yukiyo and the whelps had a chance. “I can carry you again,” the tall oni offered.

Yukiyo shook her head. “Thank you, my love, but I feel guilty every time you must,” she said. “You already carry all our supplies.” She had previously helped her husband with the task, but as her pregnancy progressed, she had been forced to relinquish more and more of the weight to Jouji, until she carried nothing but their children.

“Ha! You think your insubstantial weight would bother me?” Jouji scoffed, lifting his second pair of hands; the first pair was holding on to the cloth that was bundled around their belongings and slung onto his back. “I am a proud mountain oni! I could carry a ton across hill and dale, through forest and across rivers without rest!” And he swept up his wife like she was thistledown and resumed his long strides. “Besides, look at the sun,” he added, motioning with his chin, and Yukiyo did so. “We probably only have about three more hours of travel before it gets too dark, and there will be barely any moon tonight.”

Yukiyo cuddled against his broad chest. “Yes, that is true,” she sighed. “As much as I appreciate the falling temperatures, the lesser amount of sunlight is inconvenient-” She broke off with a gasp, and Jouji looked down just in time to see their whelps moving. The fabric of her kimono was so thin, it did nothing to hide how vigorously the infants were kicking and flailing their arms. “Oooh. E-Easy, my darlings,” Yukiyo panted, running both hands firmly over her rounded stomach. “Don’t fight now. There is no room in Mother for it.”

Jouji couldn’t help but smile. Despite his worries, it was good to know his children were doing well. “Father says listen to your mother,” he said. “You can roughhouse all you wish once you’re born, but not before.” As if his words had been a charm, the whelps settled and Yukiyo was able to breathe again. Jouji chuckled and continued walking. “What does it feel like when they do that?”

“Strangely pleasing,” Yukiyo said after some thought. “Certainly exciting, because it means I will be a mother soon. Sometimes it’s even somewhat arousing.”

That was an amazing concept.

The sun had almost finished setting by the time they found a suitable campsite. It was a little clearing with a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6d4a8 No.597

Yukiyo surfaced, shaking her hair from her face. “You were right,” she called, turned to face the shore. “There are fish aplenty-” She broke off on seeing her husband coming toward her, eyes alight with lust, and grinned, swimming to meet him. “You couldn’t wait until our dinner was cooking?” she teased, catching his erection in one hand. Her cold fingers could not close around it completely, but she could still stroke firmly and slowly.

“Oh, I could have,” Jouji said, shuddering as his wife touched him, “but what sane oni would want to when their wife is so willing?” He reached into the water and caught her hips in one pair of hands while reaching for her breasts with the other.

Yukiyo gasped again and writhed as his strong fingers and thick claws dug into the curves, pinching her nipples and rubbing in circles. She bent her head and kissed all over his arousal, still stroking, trusting Jouji to keep her from going under. She could feel his pulse under her lips and hand, which excited her further. “The women of your clan will be so jealous of me when they find out you are no longer available to them,” she murmured.

“Well, they will simply have to -ah!- be jealous,” the oni said, breath hitching as the yukionna swiped her chilly tongue over his heated skin. He moved a hand from her left hip to stroke the pad of his thumb across her nub repeatedly, making Yukiyo moan and thrust her hips at him. Jouji adjusted the placement of his hand to slip a finger inside her at the same time, pressing against the spot that drove her absolutely wild, and took great pleasure in watching her squeal and squirm.

“Take me,” she managed to say. “Don’t make me wait.”

Jouji properly clasped her hips again and moved the other pair of hands from her breasts to her shoulder blades. “Lie back. It’s all right, I have you,” he said, and the yukionna did so, her hair fanning out in the water as Jouji pulled her onto him. Even after their months together, she was still so tight, her sighs of joy so alluring. Yukiyo closed her eyes in sheer pleasure, tossing her head and caressing her breasts as Jouji and the water supported her. Jouji loved that look of total abandon on her face. “Is it good, my love?” he whispered as he began to move.

“Yes, gods, yes,” Yukiyo murmured, each thrust and rocking motion making her delightfully dizzy. “So good- too good! Don’t be gentle!”

That was most assuredly not a hard request to fulfill,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

9ec72 No.599

Their tender love is pure gold. This strikes a pretty good balance between not glossing over such affection and not dragging it out too long and making me want to skip to the sex scene. And it REALLY gets me going when Yukiyo talks about how she loves carrying his litter.

Jouji's concern for her makes me worried this tale will end badly. Write what you want to write, of course, but that would make me very sad. XD

af294 No.600

It would make me sad too. I most assuredly do NOT do snuff.

Thank you very much for explaining what you enjoyed. Stuff like that is always helpful.

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