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5836b No.161[Reply]

I'm doing a research paper for a college class about the western world's opinion on sex, and how it influences gender equality.

Society seems to have this opinion that the bigger a pervert you are, the more sexist you will be. However, I find the opposite to be true. I spend a lot of time on here and other niche porn forums, and gender is just a non-issue. Male, female, something in between—it doesn't matter. There is a feeling of true equality, acceptance, and comfortableness around each other. I've loved porn more than the average person ever since I was young, and personally have never understood how someone could even be sexist. My wife is the same way.

I'd like to include something about this in my paper, a corrolation between perviness and equality, but anecdotal evidence doesn't fly. Do any of you know of any actual research on this topic?

Again, I apologize that this isn't pregnancy related and won't be offended if Doombeez or whoever takes it down.

e1b87 No.165

Nah, this thread's cool.

And if you really want to understand how someone could be sexist, look in the comment section on any youtube video prominently featuring a woman. <.<;

e1b87 No.168


That was me, sorry, dunno why my name wasn't in.

be763 No.169

I'm not sure whether this research supports or disproves your hypothesis, but I think it's probably relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-A8GvUehq4

6acd7 No.126[Reply]

First time posting after much deliberation.

The Lurker's Series

Pregnancy series that you, the reader, the most important person, can influence! Yes, that's right, you can have a vote
(though note I make no promises as to what or when I will write, or if I will incorporate anything into the story).

I've lurked for too long, and wish to give back to the community. Thank you all who have contributed art and media!
I cannot draw for crap. However, I can write. This is just a little taste of what I think about sometimes, and I am
pretty versatile.
Maybe this can become a series. Maybe you can write and tell me what you'd like within my preferences, and nothing
outside of them.
Maybe some of you who enjoy my stories or want a part in creating the epic could bust out your extremely adept drawing
skills and put life into what I write… would love to see how my words stir images in your minds…

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701d5 No.128

So is this the Ulysses of pregnancy erotica?

e3df9 No.129

Hi there. Mind some critique?

6acd7 No.133

Hi pregnonymous! It's an honor to have you read my stuff! Really like Ulysses' epic journey… would be interesting to do an ancient Greek setting… always thought Circe had a lot of potential.

Critique away, it's all in good fun.

I saw some of your preferences, perhaps you have an idea of a direction you'd like things to develop in?

e3df9 No.134

Heads up, pregnonymous is the name given to anybody who doesn't put a name in the name section. Meaning there's likely dozens of people going by the name pregnonymous on this site.

789ad No.135

>>133 I think he was really referring to James Joyce's Ulysses… mainly because of the stream of consciousness style you have going on.

3d9fa No.109[Reply]

Hey guys. I was looking if anyone is interested in writing a collaberation story, mainly a hentai crossover with a male OC. Posted this same add on inflatechan before you ask.

The two hentais in question are:
http://myanimelist.net/anime/15409/Oyakodon:_Oppai_Tokumori_Bonyuu_Tsuyudaku_de also called HaHa Musume Donburi.


Could add on a third hentai depending on which series is good. Or if my partner has any good hentai series to recommend.

Now, I would like to add in some story and adventure in here, but most importantly of all: Expansion. Like Weight gain, cum inflation, breast+butt expansion, pregnancy, extreme pregnancy etc.

The OC will be in the universe where Sakie and Rumi are, and they will be warped into the fantasy world that's being conquered by the demons and dragons of Catue.

Shine and Rumi are childhood friends(she's tsundere of course) and one day Shiina comes across an old text in a library and they take it home. Sakie is present and upon reading the text they get warped and they're entire house gets sent over to the fantasy world in a forest. Cue we're not in Kansas anymore but our Japanese characters have gained new powers! Shiina can control nature and trees, Sakie can change her size at will and become a giantess amazon. Rumi is a mage.

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3d9fa No.132

Bumping. Any takers at all?

18f6f No.15[Reply]

Before pregchan crashed, there was a link to a veritable treasure trove of labor/delivery clips hosted on a Google Drive. Like an idiot, I didn't save the location, so now I'm wondering if anyone might be able to steer me back to it. Please and thank you!

55069 No.79

I will say that I am the anon who owns that G-drive and I'm not willing to re-make it public because I don't want to contribute to the spam youtube accounts that clog suggested video feeds with birth videos stolen from others.

I have already replied to your request here for a solution: pregchan.com/r/res/33.html

(Press CTRL-F and type in 422)

52477 No.74[Reply]

That's right, after… something like a year and a half, a new fetish story by me, Bender! Er, Doombeez. I've been focusing mostly on my non-fetish writing in a big way lately, but Fastflame commissioned me and I can't say no to money. So without further ado…


The young woman let out a dreamy sigh as the coaching inn dissapeared into the distance behind her.

To look at her, one wouldn't think much was unusual about her. She was quite beautiful, with her shapely figure and flame-red hair, but lots of beautiful women came by these inns. Granted, there were her ears, but lots of people had pointy ears these days. Those elves, tree-huggers that they were, sure loved to 'sow seeds'. And her bright-red facial markings caught a few eyes, to be sure, but those adventurers had all sorts of weird fasion styles these days. And of course, there was the fact that she never seemed to wear shoes, but hey, to each their own.

Most people would not, in fact, think that she was the scion of a primal fire elemental. And why would they? But, as an Efreet, that was, in fact, what she was.

There were, in fact, not many things that your average mortal knew about elementals. But this young woman was sure not going to explain it to them when she had better things to do.

As intensely magical beings, the reproductive cycles of Efreets could be a bit… strange. Enough so that their population numbers would be even smaller than they were, had they not taken it upon themselves to rectify this problem.

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3f9ae No.75

Wow, nice to see new work from you. Especially pleasing to see some baby movement brought up in story.

ba2c4 No.27[Reply]

Does anyone know what happened to Lovepregnant? It went down and never came back…

b341a No.29

The guy who ran it said he was sick and then it started asking for money to support it. I guess there wasn't enough money coming in and it couldn't be sustained.

5f85c No.5[Reply]

>be me
>been driving cabs at night to get some extra money
>slow night
>call comes
>have to pick up a woman from her house
>drive there
>she's waiting outsite
>she's massively pregnant, looks like twins
>oh shi-
>she gets in, panting and she tells me to bring her to the hospital as quickly as I can
>she keeps having contractions while I drive
>inbetween I try to make conversation
>"no, actually only one, I'm carrying really big!"
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0232e No.8

816cc No.14

Best thing ever.

8b026 No.4[Reply]

Nice to see that the board has been reconstructed from the shambles of the ruined one, lost to the confines of data that lurk the internet. This board shall rise again, greater than before! (I apologize if this is late, just checking old files and found a link to the old one that lead here.)

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