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e7a97 No.554[Reply]

GTron said something about a yukionna pregnant with oni children on page two, and the idea wouldn't leave my head. People have posted fiction here, so, um, I finally wrote about an oni knocking up a yukionna. There will be a sequel if you all like this.


They did not meet under auspicious of circumstances: she fell into his pit trap and broke her ankle. Despite that, she had been most polite when he had come to investigate, and more, she had been unafraid. But then, she was a yukionna; they were like steel covered in silk, fearsome in their own right. Seeing an oni seven feet tall with red skin, four arms, and a mouth full of pointed teeth and jutting tusks would not frighten them overmuch. He fished her from the trap with many apologies, and carried her to his camp, where he set her ankle and bound it firmly, and gave her an herb tea for the pain. He introduced himself as Jouji, and she said her name was Yukiyo.

Jouji tried to be a good host while she healed; he shared the lean-to he had made of pine branches without complaint; he kept the cookfire banked low as so not to harm Yukiyo with the heat; he shared what food he could find in the wintery forest. Yukiyo, in turn, tried to be a good guest; she did not fuss when he had to butcher his kills at the camp; she kept the shelter and supplies as tidy as she could while limited by her injury; and most importantly, she spoke with him. She told him stories of things she had seen on her travels, humans she had encountered, tales of their kin who were slowly fading away. Not long after, he shared his stories with her too. Stories about his clan, the most numerous of oni even in these days of fading magic; mountains he had scaled; forests he had traveled through unseen.

As the days passed, Jouji came to love his guest. He feared the day Yukiyo would heal and leave him, but it was not in his power to make her stay; she could freeze him solid with a touch and shatter him with a flick of her fingers. The idea of forcing her to stay repulsed him, anyway. Unusual for an oni, yes, but the thought of using force, of breaking the beautiful, deadly woman’s spirit, just did not sit well with him.

Shortly after Yukiyo's ankle healed completely and she could walk again, she roused Jouji in the middle of the night by kissing him. "I do not wish to leave you," she told him as she ran her slim, cold fingers down his wide, muscled chest. "Please take me as your wifPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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3da0b No.575

Ooooh, that was sexy. Can't wait for more, should inspiration strike you. Thank you for sharing your work!

e7a97 No.577

Thank you kindly. I appreciate that. The ideas are still brewing, but I'll be setting fingers to keyboard soon.

16de9 No.581

This story is great! I'd love to see it continued!

f61b9 No.585

Delightful! I especially like how you took my post literally– it's not about her being pregnant, it's about her liking the idea itself of being pregnant! It definitely leaves you wanting more…

2652c No.589

Wow, you all do wonders for a gal's ego. I will definitely get my fingers to the keys and see if I can make the ideas finish brewing this week.

6d094 No.502[Reply]

Want to start a pregfur RP, I have lots of ideas. State a setting and your character's name as well as their occupation.

7f87e No.503


We have an RP hookup thread in the chat board. Use that, please.

1b178 No.44[Reply]

And that question is simple: why? Why does the gravid form capture our minds and enthrall our senses so?

Okay, I'll be less of a pretentious douche about it: why do we like pregnant women so goddamn much? I know a lot of people have asked this question before, but this just seemed the appropriate place to do so.

I ask in order to hear your answers, from those of you who do know, so that, perhaps, some day, I might have an answer of my own.
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375c2 No.185

Same, pretty much. I didn't have any pregnant individuals in the house, I just discovered it through books. As a kid your fetishes are pretty malleable, I had a lot more interest in general transformation before puberty, but I'm pretty glad I ended up with one that's comparatively wholesome.

d90c1 No.383

I have no idea. I've always wondered if something happened to me in my childhood that set this off or if I was born with a pregnancy fetish. All I know is, it's become an extreme turn-on for me.

bcf3c No.387

d23c1 No.435

Well, looking back, I'm having trouble remembering a time where I didn't really have this odd little fetish of mine (I didn't know what it was or what to call it until I was about 14 though). I do have a younger brother, so that bit does fit the article above, though he was born when I was two, so I have no memory of my mom being pregnant, I guess that's just part of that 'imprinting' thing. Lactating isn't my cup-o-tea, in fact, I avoid full nude photos as much as possible. The real attraction for me lies in the belly itself. Usually bigger is better, if anyone has seen Pyxxyl's works, his general size is about as big as I'll go. The belly, and of course that beautiful curve in the back they get when their spine arches to handle the weight. I've always wanted to actually touch a pregnant belly, though I haven't gottan to yet (A friend of mine is pregnant, though, so I'm waiting until she's about to pop before I ask for a feel). I'm not sure why it's there, no one but me knows about it, but there is something about a great big pregnant belly that really gets me going. What's funny is, I don't even want kids, at all, ever. So now I'm stuck, a maesiophile with absolutely no desire to reproduce, save for the sole reason to get a big, round, drum tight pregnant belly all to myself.

f3609 No.500

Hard to explain any fetish, really. I had this one long before I even knew I could masturbate or have an orgasm. There are crude drawings of women giving birth in my childhood diaries. I'm a sadist, that's part of it. I had some weird experiences with medical stuff growing up, so my medical fetish goes along with it too. I am aroused by a particular kind of care/endurance/domination. I'm not really attracted to pregnant women, only birth. I'm not into force/rape, I love the supportive partnership. Gentle, firm, comforting encouragement is like dirty talk to me. I remember watching A Baby Story, reading anatomy books and health books. Maybe this particular fixation was more easily nurtured because I had access to it unlike traditional porn. Bue where it came from? I don't know. Something pinged at a young age and stuck.

3465d No.420[Reply]

Has anyone else noticed lately the amount of preg/belly artists randomly deactivating their deviantart accounts and stuff? Did dA finally go off the deepend with their draconic censorship of everything or some shit? Any idea whats going on?
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3465d No.424

For instance, I fully understand Hungry Hobo's decision to delete his account upon his death, i don't like the decision but understand and respect. (RIP) but I've noticed Walselley went off the radar a few years back, Darkatio and Gh0st1134 are missing now. It's crazy seeing all them leave like that.

b3ecf No.426

And yet when I reported that creepy motherfucker whose gallery is nothing but foot fetish porn of people they took pictures of out in public, I got "We're sorry, but unless the people in the photos complains, there's nothing we can do."

eb244 No.429

Well if that's the case, someone should perhaps inform the deviantart users who visit this site to back up their deviantart stuff, so we can avoid another bellypocolypse.

54046 No.497

There was a "bellypocalpyse?" When was this?

d9bd9 No.498

I'm referring to when pregchan went down. I'm just saying that I don't want a swath of pregnancy-related content to suddenly disappear like it did from pregchan.

6c6d7 No.428[Reply]

Now, I don't know about my fellow pregnonymous, but I personally like to keep my fetishism out of my normal life as much as possible. Recently a Facebook friend of mine posted a picture from Riddle to make a joke to another friend who was pregnant. When I saw this, I honestly almost panicked. Does anyone else have a similar story they'd like to share?
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3f5d7 No.440

I'm really happy there's a thread like this. I used to worry about getting caught so much. Now I know there are other people out there who have to deal with it as well :D

e598a No.441

Have I had close calls? Yes. Loads. The exact reason why I don't touch any pregnancy-related stuff while anyone's on the same floor as me, and the more involving stuff I don't touch when anyone's in the HOUSE… or if it's in the middle of the night like right now.

Just saying, though- my computer is set up such that, for the past 6 months I've had to be extra careful because a relatively recent (recent for my computer is within a year; this thing's ancient) change to my desk layout has my monitor facing the door. And my door's opened 99.9% of the time, except at night.

To be honest, I doubt my family would care; they'd probably give me a hard time if they ever found out, but I'm lucky enough to have gotten a very open family that doesn't give a shit about this kind of stuff. XD

c5d03 No.442

Sorry in advance, this is a touch wordy. ^^;

I've had a couple, and both were with the same person within like, a year of each other.

Back when I was just hitting puberty and discovering my attraction to pregnant women, my cousin who's only a couple of years younger used to come over my house a lot. And of course this was back when me locking my door would have been considered unusual, unlike now when I do it all the time. The first time was no big deal, I don't think she even saw anything, but we were in the same room and both playing games. I was playing Animal Crossing on my DS with it facing away from her and messing around with the texture-making thing, and for some reason in my not-so-bright 11 year old mind decided to try and make a pregnant belly. Because hormones, I guess…I'm half way through it when she goes "Lemme see your pattern." and I had to stumble for an excuse why she couldn't look while she was trying to turn it and peek haha. So I turned it off and got bitched out by a disgruntled mole to keep from having to explain anything. xD

Second time was more embarrassing, cus that was when I had just discovered what one does with themselves while looking at fetish material haha. It was early in the morning and I didn't even know she had gotten dropped off, I'm laying on my bed with my PSP just getting started (the internet browser was terrible, but it got the job done for looking at pictures haha), and I see my door start to crack. Yeah. She almost walked in on me playing with myself to pictures of pregnant women. xD Thankfully my lower half was under the sheets. So naturally I jumped a mile and hid under the sheets and told her to beat it haha. Thankfully she was too young to have any idea what I was doing and thought she just walked in on me waking up.

Thankfully both of those seem to have been forgotten. xD

f5c20 No.444

So…..How cute is your cousin? Cause you know, she may have figured things out and things could get, interesting. LOL

c5d03 No.445

Let's just say cute enough that it's a good thing I don't have a dick and she hadn't hit puberty yet. xD

b8105 No.89[Reply]

Back on the old board, we had a good run of questions and discussions regarding pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding. Since I had my memory refreshed three weeks ago, I thought I'd open a new thread, as promised in the old thread, for the curious.

In case someone needs a refresher, I'm Ty's girlfriend. I've had six pregnancies, 5 births, 4 living children, and have nursed (or am nursing) 3 of them. Timing has meant I've been pregnant, nursing, and sometimes both (hereafter referred to as tandem nursing) for the last 5 years, with a brief 3 month break. Ask me anything! If it's too personal, I'll decline to answer, possibly with a reason why. Some questions are "squishy." That's okay - I use correct anatomical terms and medical terms, don't mind details, and am not easily grossed out. If you'd prefer to ask in private, my email is available. Tys_pixie AT yahoo DOT com.

Who wants to know what? If it was asked on the old board, I'll answer again, no problem.
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857bb No.405

Labor is caused by the maturation of the baby's lungs? That's absolutely fascinating, I never knew that.

b0e7b No.407

Yep. New research from… last year, I think, maybe 2013 when I found it. In a normal pregnancy, all other things being equal, labor waits until baby's lungs are good to go. There may be other factors too, we don't know everything, after all. But when I see moms getting desperate for baby to arrive, I point them in that direction and remind them that their body and their baby are worth waiting on.

9d81e No.408

As a woman and a mother, I wanted to take the time to say I am sorry for the loss of your other two children.

8ba74 No.409

So what causes premature labor, when a baby's lungs really aren't mature enough for air? I know it sometimes happens (admittedly, it's probably rare)? Is it basically the body trying to miscarry at a very late time?

b0e7b No.412

Thank you Stargift <3 I hope motherhood has treated you better than me. My hair is green to cover the grey! lol

Pregnon - Uncertain. Different things in different circumstances probably. We do know sometimes maternal infections, incorrect medication or herbal treatments, exposures to toxic substances, diseases (measles and anti-vaxxers, I'm looking at you, but uncontrolled or poorly managed diabetes or epilepsy also), severe allergic reactions, injury and trauma, and in some unfortunate cases plain old stress are all causes. Each case is different. Sometimes, there is no way to know. At least not yet. Perhaps one day every grieving mother will be able to know the answer to the question they weep. I hope so.

40311 No.410[Reply]

So… has Finalixer given up on his AMAZING gallery collections? I haven't gotten a new one for a couple of years now (his most recent one, last year I think, somehow dropped out of torrents cuz I wasn't able to get it before it stopped being seeded)

Just wondering, cuz I sure loved those. If he's too busy to do it anymore or got burned out, I can totally understand, but I do still miss them.

a92ff No.389[Reply]

Any other writers here have ideas they won't ever get to? Or just ideas they want to see written? I propose we use this thread to create "story seeds" - small prompts for fetishy stories that could inspire people to keep writing! I have a million of these. Will add mine below.

1e9af No.391

I'm not the OP, but my "story seed" would be that of an acceptance of pain, where a mom did whatever she could in life to avoid pain, good or bad. This results in her intentionally inhaling a significant amount of gas during her first birth, despite it being very quick anyway. She doesn't hate children, nor does she hate childbirth in particular, she just does not want any sort of pain.

She gets pregnant a second time, and she is recommended for a c-section due to various factors giving a high chance of the birth being painful and difficult (but not impossible!). Then when she enters labor, she is instead restrained and various things are done to make her birth possible yet painful, like not giving her any painkillers, putting her in a lithotomy (during the first birth, she was in an all fours position so she can feel the difference!) and having no medical intervention unless a life threatening condition occurs. Things like a posterior presentation, shoulder dystocia, nuchal hand/cord and such happen to her baby during the birth, adding to the pain and difficulty.

She is left to give birth on her own, painfully. When she does manage to push out the baby, she feels a much stronger and proud-er connection between her and her newborn infant and sees pain differently. One lingering question would be who put her through the ordeal; it could be whoever, or left blank.

The simple "moral" of the story would be to accept that there is pain in life; shit happens, pick up where you tripped and move on. Pain can be used to make yourself stronger (assuming it doesn't cripple you!)

I would type this myself if college life didn't suck and my writing skills weren't on the level of a 4th grader :(

8889a No.353[Reply]

I've been feeling like writing some Monster Preg scenes. So, anyone that wants to suggest a girl to get knocked up by some big monster, just let me know.

A few things to know about me:

1) I'm not terribly good with grammar.
2) I'm not a big fan of rape. As such, most scenes I write are consensual.
3) I'm not big into furries… So, most furry girls requests will probably be rejected.
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cee90 No.365

Minotaur who owns a herd of human fuck slaves which he uses like cattle?

1e1cb No.366

A crew of women were sent on a mission to a planet that left a distress signal, little did they know the alien creatures sneak into ship when they left the planet after their search.

The aliens are dinosaur-like, how they impregnate they hatch from an egg and come out as facehugger-like creatures like the facehuggers from the Alien series, they impregnate through the mouth, Optional pregnancy lasts for two weeks Optional as hours pass their bellies expand, they give dinosaur-like creatures that either look like a tyrannosaurus rex, a pteranodon or a triceratops.

Just like the Xenomorphs from the Alien series, the Dino Aliens mature rapidly.

fb4a5 No.370

An explorer finds a sacred grove with a small pond. She bathes in the water and drinks so deeply of the sweet water that she comes out full and sore, but satisfied. Little does she know she is full to the brim with a water dragon and now has to let it gestate to full term.

4da22 No.371

Is it okay if the girl is a monster too? Sort of like the idea of a delicate yuki-onna struggling to carry big oni babies, with the hulking daddy clumsily trying to help.

cee90 No.373

Spriggans are like ents, but more female in physique. They got the full set from the smoother looking face to he very wide hips, they also represent fertility.

ce938 No.305[Reply]

Hey all.

A bit ago, I stumbled across a very detailed pregnancy calculator. It used hip measurement, waist measurement, cup size, chest size, height and starting weight, hormonal levels, and number of babies to "calculate" what your measurements would be after being impregnated. However, I completely forget where the calculator is located. Can someone help me out?

ce938 No.306

Nevermind, I found it.

Just in case anyone else's curious: http://www.msgotu.com/ms/other/belly.php

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