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2ff90 No.237[Reply]

I remember a long time ago that I came across a movie about a woman who was pregnant for 3 years. the name of the movie is called
3 Year Pregnant
3 Year Delivery
san-nen migomoru

it goes by any of those three titles. I have searched everywhere but cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can find this movie? Thanks in advance.

903c0 No.238


best I can do is one scene that's on YouTube


2ff90 No.239

yeah. its all I could find too. I remember seeing more scenes of this movie online may years back but the websites that hosted them no longer are in service.

61c63 No.232[Reply]

Hey there,

an english and german speaking girl of north-germany is searching for a good chatpartner. Male or female, both will be fine. I can play the part that gives birth or be the part that helps you with birth (as long as you play a female).

What I love:

++ Long birth
++ Hard birth
++ Contraction stimulation via touching vagina or clit
++ Birthes with a roleplay husband or midwife
++ Detailed described contractions
++ Realistic birthes

What I like
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

c489d No.233

Happy to have you, but we have a thread for this. :)


Locking this.

edc59 No.214[Reply]

Anyone wanna DS friendcode?


Currently I got:
-Pokemon A. Sapphire
-Animal Crossing
-Monster Hunter 3 U.
-Shin Megami Tensei 4

0d12e No.215

Well, I just happen to have omega ruby!

edc59 No.228

Well you got to post your own code or I can't add you. XD But keep in mind, I'm super casual with pokemon. Trying an ezmode nuzlocke right now.

6c52e No.218[Reply]

Does anyone know of any stories where the main character gets it on with a pregnant motherly figure?

This can be a biological mother, a step-mom, an aunt, a friend's mom, or anything else you think fits the bill.

14726 No.222

Well, if you can stomach all the clicking/time outs, there's a sporadically ongoing, fairly long pregnancy story over at Writing.com which fits the bill I think.


Basically a story about an impregnating magic amulet that a guy finds in a garage sale. Fools around with it and ends up impregnating a bunch of women; his own milfy mother included.

Starts with some incest overtones, but a convenient / sudden plot twist does away with it.

520aa No.223

Oh no, its back. make no mistake. there is a lot of good stuff on that site though. that story included.

3d9d7 No.224

there used to be one on writing.com where you had a body swap machine and an option was swapping with your pregnant neighbor. eventually you gave birth. anyone know what it was called?

a0fcd No.198[Reply]

Hey everybody.I have a story for you all, but I will tell you more about it after this next post.Try to guess the setting before the end. ;-)
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b2278 No.206

I was apathetic to it before I figured out what this was.
Put me in the 'eh, I'll sample it like a tasty platter if it's there' category. Continue.

a0fcd No.207

You have confused me a bit. What?

b2278 No.209

continue at your leisure.

a0fcd No.210

eb88b No.212

I agree, there isn't really enough to determine whether this is a good premise or not. A pregnant mutant meeting/joining the X-Men should be more than just a tour of school facilities.

If you have an idea for a larger story to go with this, definitely write it, but don't stop here or turn it I to an interactive.

d0e5e No.187[Reply]

Alright, I recently started writing this story and I was wondering what you guys would think of it. I hope you like it!

Chloe leaned absentmindedly against the counter of the coffee shop, staring out the window at the people walking by as she gave the espresso machine a halfhearted cleaning. Summer was the slow season for her store (after all, who wanted hot coffee in the middle of July?) so she had plenty of time to think. Her thoughts drifted aimlessly: lighting for a moment on an ex-boyfriend and wondering what he was up to, what she would cook for dinner, what her friends were doing on Friday. But more often than any other subject, her thoughts turned to pregnancy.

Chloe stood at about 5”4 with olive skin, brown hair that was styled into an undercut, a curvaceous body and piercing green eyes. Beautiful by almost any standard, she played a starring role in many men’s (and women’s) fantasies, but despite her good looks was chronically single. Why? Because Chloe was a gravidophile. Deeply ashamed of her fetish, (after all, what self respecting feminist would just drop her career to make babies?) Chloe had always had a lot of trouble opening up to partners about the way that she felt, and when she did it didn’t always go so well. Picking up a coffee mug to polish, her memory flashed to a particularly unpleasant fight between her and an ex: her trying to explain her search history, him calling her a “dirty freak” and beginning to pack his stuff. Chloe sighed: stroking her disappointingly flat stomach. Would she ever find a man who wanted for her to be knocked up as badly as she did?

Ever since she was a little girl, Chloe had been fascinated by the idea of being pregnant. Even now she could remember stuffing pillows under her shirt, trying to understand why thinking about being pregnant made her feel so strange. She imagined herself massively gravid with twins, or maybe even triplets, being filled joyously with the cock of some nameless lover and felt her knees weaken ever so slightly. How amazing would it be to feel new life growing inside of her? How wonderful would it be to have some loving partner to lavish her changing body with passionate kisses and lovemaking? Her eyes were half lidded from her sultry reverie. God, she could almost feel the cum spurting warmly into her, filling her with new life, making her into a woman.

The sound of a voice startled her from her daydream. “Chloe? Chlo, are you okay?” She turnedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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13b95 No.189

As far as PWP (Porn Without Plot) stories go, this one seems pretty good. Nice fetishy setup, lots of good possibilities… yeah, I could totally get into this. Pretty decent writing, too. There's a couple of places where your grammar and punctuation could be cleaned up a little, and the pacing could stand to be slowed down a bit, but overall, I can dig this.

If you'd like a little more in-depth feedback, drop me a line at doombeez(at)gmail(dot)com or note me on DA or FA.

f4c2b No.190

Slaanesh bless you, kind sir. >8D

8d130 No.191

I find myself intrigued by this. I should like to see how it ends.

d0e5e No.194

Chloe offered a halfhearted protest, but was by this point debilitating aroused: any sense of propriety was gone. The man approached her and offered his hand in greeting. “Hi Chloe, I’m Michael. Will you help me to sanctify this birth?”
“Yes!” Said Chloe, the swiftness and volume of her reply betraying her enthusiasm. She blushed as she heard several of the other members chuckle. Michael smiled warmly at her and helped her and Nicole to stand. Without speaking he wrapped his arms around Chloe and Nicole’s waists, drawing them in until they were pressed against his sculpted torso. Nicole wasted no time pulling Michael’s face down to hers and kissing him greedily while he groped her ass, his erection once again full and throbbing in between the women’s bodies. Chloe placed her hand gently around the shaft of his cock and began stroking, her eyes half-lidded with lust as Michael began to thrust gently against her hand. Breaking her kiss Nicole turned, her belly nudging Michael’s cock aside as she helped Chloe to remover her clothes. Chloe offered no resistance: there was no way she was going to let this slip by and not break her dry spell.

Chloe’s simple black top slipped over her head, freeing two perfect D-cup breasts and drawing the attention of Michael’s hands, groping roughly with their need for her. Smiling knowingly Nicole sunk to her knees and helped Chloe shimmy out of her high waisted shorts, planting a single (almost nurturing) kiss on her clit before taking Michael in her hands and guiding him over to her. Then with an almost devious smile she stood. “I’ll leave you two to it,” she said, making her way towards Sarah as she spoke, “I’ll see if Sarah needs any help with the delivery.”

Michael inclined his head downward and asked if she was ready. Chloe nodded, kissed him, and lay down with her legs spread: ready to receive him. He knelt, grabbing her thighs and pressing the tip of his cock against her womanhood. Chloe felt a shiver go up her spine: he was fucking huge. Placing a hand at the base of his cock he began to tease her. He pushed forward gently, just enough so that he was right at the threshold of entering her. He swirled the tip of his manhood in gentle circles against her, drawing forth soft moans and halting cries of need. Chloe had soon had enough though. Grabbing him by his hips, she stared intently into his eyes and pulled him into her, her mouth opening in disbelief at how glorious it felt to have something Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4e59b No.195

The first three paragraphs were iffy for me, but everything else afterwards has made me forget I even cared. Definitely would like to see more!

92745 No.118[Reply]

A game/story/ I found about a guy, who swaps gender with his ladyfriend, and then spends the game trying to avoid getting knocked up, or dealing with it, while trying to reverse the transformation. It isnt complete by any means, but it has a lot for anyone who is into impregnation. Figured yall might like it.


Theres a thread on it on the site too the author is pretty receptive to ideas.
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01611 No.125

Does anyone know of any similar games that would be worth a look at?

6a219 No.131

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make these kinds of things?

f8acb No.173

Tutorial for making them? Google twine. That's what this was made in.

65156 No.174


You can check out Anonymous Man's Cursed game. Brief summary is that you play as a womanizing man getting his comeuppance by being turned into a woman by a witch, and are forced to adapt to your new life. In my opinion one of the best text based pregnancy games out there - the descriptions of the pregnancy as it progresses are superb.

While the author is still alive-ish, I wouldn't expect any updates to it soon due to a RL burnout sadly.

0f0ac No.176

Eh, I played it and frankly it's got a pretty terrible effort/reward ratio. You literally have to be happy to spend a couple of hours clicking and clicking and clicking to get up every morning, get dressed, exercise so you don't get fat, go to work, work, come home again, then it's one shot at sexytimes in the evening. Oh, provided that you correctly adjusted your sexuality to what you want. And went to the mall and bought the right clothes. And remembered to wear the clothes (lol you forgot to go through the clothes menu before leaving the house again, your character is now an exhibitionist! Because that's obviously what you wanted!)

It rapidly turns into a chore, and the pregnancy (once you manage it, which in itself takes a while) progresses in what I swear is real time. That's right, you have to click through nine whole months of everyday living. Just to let you know before you do though - the birth and post-pregnancy content is barebones and disappointing. It surely gets 10/10 for immersion, but god damn it does a great job of hiding the good stuff behind tedious uninspiring gameplay. CoC gets probably too much credit, but one thing I will give it props for is being a model of better gameplay-porn balance. It's possible to skip one for the other in CoC. Cursed, meanwhile, is basically a very detailed life-as-grill-simulator for TG fans with some preg and TF content tacked on. Don't come for the latter unless you enjoy the former, because it's overpowering. Also, RAGS is awful and I cannot believe anyone thought it would be a good game platform for pornography.

5836b No.161[Reply]

I'm doing a research paper for a college class about the western world's opinion on sex, and how it influences gender equality.

Society seems to have this opinion that the bigger a pervert you are, the more sexist you will be. However, I find the opposite to be true. I spend a lot of time on here and other niche porn forums, and gender is just a non-issue. Male, female, something in between—it doesn't matter. There is a feeling of true equality, acceptance, and comfortableness around each other. I've loved porn more than the average person ever since I was young, and personally have never understood how someone could even be sexist. My wife is the same way.

I'd like to include something about this in my paper, a corrolation between perviness and equality, but anecdotal evidence doesn't fly. Do any of you know of any actual research on this topic?

Again, I apologize that this isn't pregnancy related and won't be offended if Doombeez or whoever takes it down.

e1b87 No.165

Nah, this thread's cool.

And if you really want to understand how someone could be sexist, look in the comment section on any youtube video prominently featuring a woman. <.<;

e1b87 No.168


That was me, sorry, dunno why my name wasn't in.

be763 No.169

I'm not sure whether this research supports or disproves your hypothesis, but I think it's probably relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-A8GvUehq4

6acd7 No.126[Reply]

First time posting after much deliberation.

The Lurker's Series

Pregnancy series that you, the reader, the most important person, can influence! Yes, that's right, you can have a vote
(though note I make no promises as to what or when I will write, or if I will incorporate anything into the story).

I've lurked for too long, and wish to give back to the community. Thank you all who have contributed art and media!
I cannot draw for crap. However, I can write. This is just a little taste of what I think about sometimes, and I am
pretty versatile.
Maybe this can become a series. Maybe you can write and tell me what you'd like within my preferences, and nothing
outside of them.
Maybe some of you who enjoy my stories or want a part in creating the epic could bust out your extremely adept drawing
skills and put life into what I write… would love to see how my words stir images in your minds…

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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701d5 No.128

So is this the Ulysses of pregnancy erotica?

e3df9 No.129

Hi there. Mind some critique?

6acd7 No.133

Hi pregnonymous! It's an honor to have you read my stuff! Really like Ulysses' epic journey… would be interesting to do an ancient Greek setting… always thought Circe had a lot of potential.

Critique away, it's all in good fun.

I saw some of your preferences, perhaps you have an idea of a direction you'd like things to develop in?

e3df9 No.134

Heads up, pregnonymous is the name given to anybody who doesn't put a name in the name section. Meaning there's likely dozens of people going by the name pregnonymous on this site.

789ad No.135

>>133 I think he was really referring to James Joyce's Ulysses… mainly because of the stream of consciousness style you have going on.

3d9fa No.109[Reply]

Hey guys. I was looking if anyone is interested in writing a collaberation story, mainly a hentai crossover with a male OC. Posted this same add on inflatechan before you ask.

The two hentais in question are:
http://myanimelist.net/anime/15409/Oyakodon:_Oppai_Tokumori_Bonyuu_Tsuyudaku_de also called HaHa Musume Donburi.


Could add on a third hentai depending on which series is good. Or if my partner has any good hentai series to recommend.

Now, I would like to add in some story and adventure in here, but most importantly of all: Expansion. Like Weight gain, cum inflation, breast+butt expansion, pregnancy, extreme pregnancy etc.

The OC will be in the universe where Sakie and Rumi are, and they will be warped into the fantasy world that's being conquered by the demons and dragons of Catue.

Shine and Rumi are childhood friends(she's tsundere of course) and one day Shiina comes across an old text in a library and they take it home. Sakie is present and upon reading the text they get warped and they're entire house gets sent over to the fantasy world in a forest. Cue we're not in Kansas anymore but our Japanese characters have gained new powers! Shiina can control nature and trees, Sakie can change her size at will and become a giantess amazon. Rumi is a mage.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3d9fa No.132

Bumping. Any takers at all?

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