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0fd6c No.6197[Reply]

Anyone here heard of Baccano! ? I've written quite a few mpreg fics for it and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in reading them.

d2227 No.6183[Reply]

If you play the game or don't yet, Join and add your names to here for meet ups to play out any and all pregnancy activities. For those that doesn't know how to get that great pregnancy look, come to me for help.

f4f8b No.6184

Find me at Elgrinj! I wouldn't mind some help updating my look.

e1d63 No.1443[Reply]

One of my favorite pregnancy niches is women being pregnant with animals (preferably something larger).

Obviously, what I'm looking for here (and what wouldn't fit in the thread title) is stories and discussion.

I'm going to review some board rules and post some story links in a bit.
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0804b No.2850

Would love to see more of this.

0804b No.6058

Bumping again for visibility.

2ec3e No.6138

totally want more of this too.

0ca2c No.6164


Coming soon to a veterinary clinic near you.

c66c5 No.6167

That orca story is beautiful.

2c195 No.6156[Reply]

I'm desperate to find some good fic, but I'm extremely picky and Google never offers up anything good. I keep ending up on DeviantArt, and, well.. DeviantArt has a lot of rocks, and a very small amount of diamonds.

So I'm very curious to see what kinds of things you guys are into too.

8c1dc No.6160

Shameless plug! :D


But on a less pluggy note, I'm fond of the works of this dude here.


97dbb No.6078[Reply]

Si it's that time of year again: NaNoWriMo and I'm curious: is anyone participating? Writing an epic novel of pregnancy, birth, and labor against a backdrop of, say, the French Revolution or some magical kingdom? Even if you don't hot the goal of 50k words by 11/30, I think it would be great if Pregchan had a NanoWriMo "challenge" or drive (a "push" you could say;-) to really get some good preg/birth stories out there.

One place online which is great for sharing stories without fear of getting shut-down is WattPad. I am surprised to say, however, that with all the erotica and fetish writing on there….there's not much in the way of pregnancy/birth unless your thing is Mpreg, A/B/O, or teenage pregnancy. Still, not much of that either.

I dunno, I just thought it might be a nice, fun monthly event/challenge/community building experience for the group. Let me know your thoughts!

4b95e No.6083

I'm writing but it's not preg content– however, some of it may be repurposed from pregnancy-themed RPs I've done in the past.

0c22f No.6155

I actually am working on something. It's a sci-fi thing that is basically a combination of our love of pregnancy and Jurassic Park. Hopefully I'll be able to post it soon. I even did some original art to go with it.

98635 No.6142[Reply]

where can I finde images of kadaths females pregnant

98eb0 No.6141[Reply]

Does anyone here remember this story: http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/964813-Darkness-Within

The author took it down and I can't find a copy. Anyone have a saved version?

e27c4 No.6110[Reply]

Hello all! I've recently uploaded a story onto Wattpad - complete with illustrations! I really hope you all enjoy it. Any and all feed back is appreciated.


If it seems familiar to some of you, SURPRISE: I'm the writer/artist formerly known as HelloLunchMeat and originally had this story posted as "Cursed Egg of the Wyvernic".

Well, I've decided to A) Expand on this literally universe and B) go back to live birth vs. eggs.

So let me know. I like Wattpad for a number of reasons so maybe we can get more good birth stories archived there. Thanks for reading!
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760ad No.6124

Oh, hey, I remember seeing your stuff on Deviantart! I quite enjoyed it! Happy to see you writing again.

f0011 No.6126

I wasn't banned: I just decided to get rid of the old stuff and slowly move it all over to my LadyWyvernic profile.


Whoops! This should work


f0011 No.6127

Any and all feedback, votes, comments appreciated! I hope the illustrations turned out nice as well!

d56d3 No.6128

Yay thanks time to read heh

d56d3 No.6129

Nice one!,

Go for both a and b
Im curious what other stories u can make

1b2c7 No.6096[Reply]

I'm going to test to see how many posts it may take to re-post the entirety of the story that was on bbw-chan. It won't have images or be very well edited, but this seems to be the best solution for now.

If it doesn't work, I'll delete this post.

1b2c7 No.6097


Until recently I was writing a CYOA story on preg-chan called Impregnator Kings.

The story revolves entirely around impregnator/pregnancy/birth fetishism.

The story stars Sir Edward of Virilia who lives in a medieval (ish) setting that is not Earth as we know it, but has some similarities. His father is an Independent Duke, who bows to no King. Edward is his eldest son and stands to inherit his father's Dukedom, but he is more ambitious. He wants to be a King.

Also, he has already fathered dozens of childrens by having lots of sex with every woman in the castle, because he loves to see them pregnant.

This has given him a reputation as a man who is a reliable source of sperm for countries facing succession crises. Even though he's of lower standing, many royals want Edward to marry into their families.

The game begun with Edward meeting a matchmaker who showed him a bride to choose from. He had the following options:

1. The Tomboy Princess Alena of Saintheim. Princess of a large, stable country, but Alena herself is reckless and rebellious. If Edward married her, he'd have a stable political life, but he'd have to persuade Alena to become a good mother, or at least sit still long enough to give birth.
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1b2c7 No.6098

This is going to require much, much more effort than I thought. I thought it might be all right, then I realized the 30,000 limit on posts here isn't words, but characters.

It still seems to be less than 30,000 as that last post was the only one that went through and it was just a touch over 20,000.

I may have to look for a better solution or it would have to go up update by update…

1b2c7 No.6120

All right, for the time being, it seems the internet archive has the entire text saved here: hxxp://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

I don't know how long it will last, and of course the images are gone, but it is something, at least.

bfcc7 No.6072[Reply]

I have a huge love of reading stories with difficult pregnancy, but I can never find any. I do illness stories too but still can't find many that I haven't read.

I'm a huge fun of h/c, whump, emetophila and of course pregnancy.

If any of y'all could show me ones you like or sites that cater to that kinda fetish that be great.

76cf2 No.6080

I think I may be into Whump, now that I found out what it constitutes. I write a good number of birthing stories (COMING SOON!) which always involves the mother being some form of peril -be it a dangerous situation, threatening birth, under a terrible curse, or being poisoned/weakened by some illness. I also like to set many of my stories in a fantasy/royalty setting…which is PERFECT for political treachery, assassination attempts, and lack of modern-day hospital interventions. I should have a reworked story out this weekend on Wattpad (complete with illustrations) this weekend so stay tuned.

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