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Does anyone know where I could find this?

Does anyone know where I could find some birth art where it has a superhero giving birth while chasing a villan? It had a real good story with it and I'm dying that I can't find it
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Impregnator Kings - chat, return


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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Looking for a (furry) story

I had a story from a while back, but lost it when my hd died.
It was called something like "Exploited and ready to explode" (?) I know it had "Exploited" in its name.

It was about a fox girl who was close to delivering a large litter and was staying at a hotel, and two men (dragons?) decide to pursue her. She ends up getting inflated with both cum and water and nearly explodes.

Anyone got this who have any clues to where to find it?

(sorry if this belongs in /f/, but I figured its text-based nature would take priority)
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Pregnancy Stories

We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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Obligatory RP Hookup Thread

Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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Looking for writers

I have ideas, but don’t have much talent in writing. Writers, please help me to make this become full, long story. Thank you very much.


Girls made deals with the devil. If they passed the challenge, they would get what they want. If they didn’t, they would give birth to demon spawn.

- Pinball: A poor girl wanted to make money. The rule: She played a pinball game (she had to sit at the end of the playfield, her vagina was placed between two flippers) The ball was a demon embryo. If she let it goes down the drain, it would be directly planted on her womb. If she hold it for 30 minutes, she won and got the money in $ equal to her score. The devil trick: Bumpers contained demon’s sperm. When the ball hit, the transparent demon cum was released and flow towards the drain, impregnated her.

- Musical Chair: Seven girls competed, who won would become CEO of a large company. The rule: Each one of them was impregnated with a demon embryo that grow rapidly. They would walk over and sit on the chair before they gave birth (some girls tried to ran, so their water broke and they gave birth before could sat on the chair). When sat on the chair, the embryo was reverted to orginal state (obiviously, each round created a new mother). The devil trick: In last round, the last two girls tried to sat on the chair at the same time. Their heavy weight broke the chair and both gave birth.

- Choose The Right Hole: A woman wanted her dead husband back to life again. The rule: Her husband must find her vagina among many vaginas. He could have sex with any vagina in the dark room, but which vagina he cum in, that was his choice. If he chose right, he would be ressurected. If he chose wrong, a demon would impregnate his wife. The devil trick: The wife’s vagina had unique traits that no other woman have, so when the husband got that familiar feeling, he thrust hard and released his load. But the girl, in fact, was his daughter who inherited her mother’s traits. So the wife was impreagated with demon spawn. The daughter was pregnant with a ghost and from incest, so her child become demon spawn too.

- Dartboard: A female doctor wanted to have her own hospital. The rule: If the dart hit the bulleyes, she won. If the dart hit inside the triple ring, nothing happened. If the dart hit outside the triple ring, she must chose a masked man among X men and let him put his loads of cum inside her (X was the number in the section where the the dart hit) . If the dart missed, she lose. The devil trick: She wasn’t a good player (infact she only won after a lot of round, at that time the cum made her belly inflated) but she knew human anatomy well, so she always indetified her boyfriend right no matter how many men. But she didn’t know the board connect to her ovum and the dart contain demon’s DNA. When the dart hit inside the triple ring, demon’s DNA replaced her DNA in her eggs, so she was pregnant with demon spawn anyway.
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Super Mahou Shoujo Wars discussion.

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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The Birthing Games

So I'm starting to make a Hunger games custom simulator over on BrantSteele but instead of having the winner be the last one to be alive, the winner is the last one to give birth. I'm making write-ups of these simulations as if "The Birthing Games" is a game show as I do them and plan on posting them here.

The link below is the first simulation. Tell me what you guys think of it, what any suggestions are for any scenario's, edit them as you please, and feel free to post up other images of these women pregnant/giving birth in a unassisted way. Help is always appreciated. Thanks!

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Pregnant roleplay

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Writing Prompts

Like the subreddit, but with pregnancy.
Got an idea? Throw it out there, see what people come up with!

1. Must have pregnancy as a prominent theme.
2. This isn't a request thread, contribute SOMETHING.
3. Does not have to be sexual at all
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Looking for Dropster Stories

Does anyone remember Dropster and his birth fetish stories? That was some hot stuff right there! So anyway, I'm looking for some old Dropster stories (at least I think he was the author) involving a pregnant spy. Anyone know where I could find some of those? Or really any other stories involving bad ass pregnant chicks? Just trying to get my creative juices flowing there and all, you know.
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Birth Play?

What's your guys' thoughts on birth play a la sheilastretch? Personally, I find the idea pretty hot but would it be worth it if it also comes with the stretched out pussy?

No I don't have a partner, I'm just thinking for the future and want to know if anyone here has engaged in such a thing.
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Impregnation, creampie

M, 7-8.5 inch cock, into impreg and creampies or anything really. Kid @ jeff696568
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Can I join the fun?
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Kik Chat

A friend of mine started a Kik group for like minded peoples. It's called Pregkik. It's for… chatting, rp hookup, whatever. I promise at least one of us is female, too! (Coming soon to a Kik near you: one female and 49 males! I kid. I hope.)

We can invite you! Comment with your Kik username and we'll invite you.

For those who don't know what Kik is: it's IM for your phone. It is not tied to your cell # and there can be group chats. Download it from your App Store or Play Store or Blackberry Black Market or whatever. (I do not know what it is compatible with).
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Sights, sounds, and ______ of birth

I'm not alone here when I say I've read a lot of birth stories. Real and fictional, believable and way out there. By now, I've probably read over a thousand stories of IRL births. The more descriptive they are, the better.

But something I can't ever remember anyone talking about is what labor and birth smelled like. Plenty about the sights and sounds and feelings, but the only thing about the smells would be things like scented candles/oil/other labor aids, and I know what that smells like.

I know we don't use our noses for a whole lot compared to most animals, so taking note of smells during labor and birth is not high on our priorities. I know some things are givens: I know what BO smells like, I know what blood smells like, I know what, um, less pleasant body excretions that happen during birth sometimes smell like. But does, for instance, amniotic fluid have a smell, especially when one's water breaks? Does a baby have any kind of relatable smell when it's born? I'd love to know.

So, today being Labor Day, it seems like a good time to ask for input, both for my own reference and for others'. The reader in me wants to take in everything he can about things that catch his interest, and the writer in me has to know it to make his stories better. Information can come from any kind of experience, your own or others'.
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CYOA: Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men

It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the small town and its people are busy… well, as busy as these small towns get. You chose it precisely because it's relatively quiet. Serene and just beautiful. The old core of the town presents itself in an old European style. Somehow the town managed to survive the war completely intact. Either that or someone invested a lot to restore it to its old, almost medieval looks around this little plaza. You feel the cushy seat in your back and the autumn sun blessing your skin with its rare warmth. The warm coffee in your hand also helps to make it feels as if the warm season isn’t entirely over just yet.
You lift the coffee cup and take a… wait a minute. It says “Thomas”. Why does it say “Thomas”? You’re certain you didn’t give your name this time. How could the girl have known? With deliberately slow movements, you turn around and look back into the coffee shop. There, behind the counter the young blond services another customer. She sees you looking at her and… blushes!
“Damn it!” you can’t stop yourself from whispering. You just started to like this town and now this … this bimbo goes and ruins it all by falling for you! If she knows your face well enough to associate a name with it, she can identify you if They come and ask for you. Time to leave. You will need to get some cash before you can check-out of the hotel, a credit card would leave to many traces. Even the fake cards you use.
“Damn!” you think again, this time without moving a muscle. Your old habits are already taking over. You project an aura of complete calm to the world; every muscle looks relaxed to an outside observer. Just in case there are any. But in your head, you already plan your next steps: The car, the hotel, the bags in your room, your stash in the lake house. You would need to wait till nightfall until you could go to the lake. Without checking your watch, you know that it will be another hour and twenty minutes till sundown. Your training still hasn’t left you. Just enough time to check out of the hotel.
“Is this seat taken?” a melodic, feminine voice interrupts your thoughts. Without betraying your mask of calm even for a millisecond you answer with your friendliest smile.
“No, not at all. In fact, I was just about to leave.”
“I didn’t mean to drive you away.” she says with a beautiful smile of her own. “Why don’t we enjoy our coffee together, Thomas?”
You freeze in your tracks. Did she work for Them? You were getting comfortable for a while there, but now you’re instantly aware of the shape of your weapons concealed in your clothes. Your mind is already going into overdrive, mapping escape routes through the coffee shop and the streets behind it, planning acrobatic manoeuvres should she decide to fire on you, assessing the other customers for potential threads should you need to fire first.
“I have a job for you.” She interrupts your thoughts again.
“I’m retired.” You answer simply and stand up to leave. You’re a bit surprised that she lets you, but you have no problem getting out into the street. Nevertheless, you feel her presence behind you as you step outside. You walk faster, along another alley, then turn into a smaller, less busy street. You try to get as far away from other pedestrians as possible before this gets ugly.
Suddenly she’s right in front of you. She must have taken a shortcut. Bloody hell.
“Terrible pseudonym by the way, ‘Thomas’.” You can hear the air quotes. “Such a boring name.” How the hell does she know about that? Even They shouldn’t know that!
“What do you want?”
“I told you: I have a job for you.”
“And I told you: I’m retired. I don’t do any jobs. Not anymore.”
“You misunderstand, Thomas. This isn’t about your old line of work. This is something new.” She pauses. ‘Purely for dramatic effect’ the analytic part of your brain can’t help but think. Everything she says is precisely calculated for maximum effect.
“Something to redeem yourself, Thomas. I know it eats away at your soul. Munich. Riga. Dallas. I’m offering you a chance to do some good for once.”
While she was talking, you prepared yourself. Shifted your weight slightly, adjusted the position of your hands. You’re ready now. Just a split second and you’ll have knocked her unconscious, a split second more and you’ll have a bullet in her head.

Still, something is going on here. Something dangerous.

Time to make a decision.
> Dangerous means you need more information. Let her talk and find out more.
> Dangerous means you want to be as far away as possible. Get out of there now before They find you.

> A Kevlar vest, under your shirt.
> Two semiautomatic guns, under your shoulders. Fully loaded.
> Two additional magazines, tugged in the back of your pants.
> Another smaller gun, hidden in in ankle holster. Fully loaded.
> Two knives, hidden in your boots.
> A small metal key, on a chain around your neck.

> A lot of very special ones you’ve sworn never to use again. But if you had to… well, let’s just say, Jason Bourne himself would be green with envy.
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Idle Tesy (game mechanic) musing--

Unable to forget the wonderful Tesy Birth story, I was thinking yesterday of different forms it could have (other than a branching tree structure) and as I fell asleep imagined the below mechanic, which I wanted to share (in case it was thought-provoking and/or of interest).

Imagine: When Tesy wakes up, the player gets to choose the strength of the contraction she's feeling, on a scale from 1 to 10, where '10' is 'the baby is coming now, in bed'. (Also whimsically used as the centimetres she's dilated if/when she sees a doctor.)

Every 'scene' (location, roughly, though could also be time-slot) Tesy's labor score, visible in a corner (though not visible to Tesy) increases by 1. Tesy has a doctor's appointment in the evening, and if she starts at 1 and goes up by 1 every scene then the final scene will be 10 and she'll give birth in hospital (or her score could be a little below 10 in that scene by default, if starting at 1).
The doctor's appointment is a reason that she uses to tell herself not to think too much about the contractions.
Tesy can call to cancel the doctor's appointment if an evening thing comes up that she wants to do, like urgent work.
At certain points in the day (one per scene?) Tesy can choose whether to call the doctor.
(Choosing not to and assuring herself there's no need is wonderful in its own way.)
Perhaps if her score is an 8 or 9 then the doctor can tell through the phone that her contractions are coming too strongly (not able tot talk through them) and too frequently, and if it's a 9 then she doesn't make it to the hospital in time (ambulance/taxi birth? Maybe she can choose which to call).
(Edit: Maybe simpler, the doctor not able to tell if Tesy chooses to understate (and hiding even really strong contractions), so that Tesy can cancel the appointment even if she's at score 9, this part of the mechanic depending on the writer's preference for whether the next scenes after cancelling are desired possible scenes for labor; the call timing could also instead be controlled so that, if you do cancel, the next point when your score goes up is the same as if you hadn't cancelled.)
For a 7 or lower, Tesy can {accurately state}/overstate her symptoms of labor, and concern the doctor enough to be asked to come in early, or understate symptoms, mistakenly reassuring the doctor that it's probably just Braxton Hicks, and being mistakenly reassured by the doctor in turn. (And then could mistakenly reassure someone nearby if that someone had been concerned and recommended calling the doctor…)
For the higher scores (lower than 8), one or two contractions during the phone call, but if 'understating' able to speak through them or at least not make sounds of pain, 'to not overly worry the doctor'.

In each scene, choices can increase (and maybe never decrease?) Tesy's score, up to a maximum of 10 (where 10 is baby-comes-now), similar to the current system except that a minor shock/exertion doesn't necessarily lead to labor in the very next scene. (This could be less preferable to the current system, in which Tesy is/was effectively always on tenterhooks, with any little push able to be the trigger.)

Each 'path', then, would be split into scenes which each had different versions according to Tesy's score when starting, from the minimum scene-starting score (higher than 1 depending on how late the scene is) to the maximum scene-starting score (9, if each scene makes it go up by 1 at some point before finishing?).
Presumably, for a score-increasing choice, the scene-part for 7+1 would be the same as if it had been 8+0.
(The score affects strength+frequency of contractions, and by association Tesy's difficulty withstanding them and bystanders' concern, as well as of course when/where the baby actually comes.)

Just a though, in case this gives anyone some pleasant mental images.
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Pregchan dnd

Hello everyone. I am hosting a DnD campaign on kik, and am looking to fill a slot. We will be playing pathfinder, starting at level 1. No experience is needed, and I am more than open to homebrew ideas to fit the pregnancy fetish a bit more without devolving into straight fetish content.

Just post in the pregkik chat, and i will add you to the general thread.
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Okayokayokok presents: Godesses of Fertility


Okayokayokok's first Pregnant Expansion comic. What I've seen of it is good, but lack the funds to buy a copy. So I figured I'd post a link here so you all can enjoy.
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CYOA Nymerian Dreams

As promised, I present you what is hopefully going to be a worthy successor to FF.
Before you guys dive in, I do have one thing I'd like to note.
please do note that while I am not a stranger to writing erotic stories, I'm also not a professional writer or a native English speaker.
So don't be surprised if you come across a minor spelling error once in a while, all I can ask is please do be gentle.

Lastly, because I still have no idea if the Twine passages I made work for you guys, I will first present the mechanics to the game and in the second post I will put the actual story.
If Twine does work for you please do tell, otherwise I will have to find another way for you guys to keep track.

As the story progresses Zahlia will have to eat and drink to stay alive and feed the young she's gestating.
Food and drinks can be found all over the world, but be warned, some might have additional effects on Zahlia's body and/or mind.

Sometimes Zahlia will come across dangerous creatures, if handled poorly these might wound her.
There are 2 forms of wounds: deep wounds and light wounds.

Deep wounds are more serious and can only be healed with the 'Healing hands' ability or the help of certain creatures.
These wounds lower 'Natural Beauty' by 5.

Light wounds are far easier to deal with, they heal over the course of a few days on their own.
However, if 'Healing hands' is used then these will heal together with any deep wounds.
These wounds lower 'Natural Beauty' by 2.

Being wounded impacts the 'Natural Beauty' status for as long as the wound exists, scars aren't a thing in this world so there are no lingering penalties to 'Natural Beauty' after the wound is healed.

Natural Beauty:
Natural Beauty tells you how easily NPC's are swayed by Zahlia.
Many encounters can yield better rewards or outcomes if Zahlia successfully bargains.
Every encounter in which bargaining is possible has a secret set score, if Zahlia has a natural beauty score equal or greater than the set score then it passes.
If Zahlia doesn't then it fails and the outcome will be worse than that if Zahlia hadn't bargained at all.

Sometimes Zahlia will come across hints on how to deal with some creatures, these snippets of knowledge can lower the set score if aquired before bargaining.

Natural beauty can be increased by certain items or encounters in game and is decreased temporarily by wounds.

This stat measures Zahlia's interest in pregnancy, it is increased by items or encounters.
Many encounters require a set preggophillia score to initiate.
This score can be lowered by a few points if Zahlia successfully bargains, making the deal more appealing to her.

Lastly, pregnancies with some creatures requires certain perks, these perks can be picked up through edibles or spells.

Most women are looking to have children at some point in time, Zahlia is no exception to this. Therefore, this stat starts at 3.
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Seems Arkone got deleted

anyone have the most recent version of birth story?
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Pregnancy RP

I am recently getting back into pregnancy Roleplay. I have learned it turns me in more than anything. I am very interested in RP online as well as voice (which is my favorite)
Likes: late pregnancy, birthing, sex during birth, lactation, daddy/daughter just to name a few
Dislikes: degradation, rape, gore, furries, unrealistic scenarios

Contact me here or on kik..laurenmia_86
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Chatgroup for Preggo Art

My kikname is Miller_996
I'm thinking of forming a group, just to share any art (made by someone, or you), relating to pregnancy.
Anyone care to join, hit me up.
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PregKik Links

If you are on the Kik chat, post Links you have here for those of us who don't or can't those links on their phones

Same rules of the chat apply
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Other fetishes?

I'd like to know what other fetishes you all have outside of pregnancy/birth/lactation, etc..? Would be interested to see if there's overlap. If you don't have any that aren't birth or pregnancy-related, chime in too and let us know.

I'm a 27 year old woman. I'd say the fetish outside birth I get off to the most when I'm wanking is femdom/male!sub with an emphasis on orgasm denial. But I like D/s in general with all sexes. My girlfriend is my puppy sub. I'm an all around sadist, and I love to consensually and lovingly control someone else. I'm into med!fet, tickling, pet play, mommy/daddy play, humiliation/degradation, worship, vibrators, deep throat/gags, gender play, facesitting. Some of these are real life desires, some just porn I get off to. It's all basically in the realm of BDSM.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!
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Difficulty Staying Motivated

I guess one can say that I am having a hard time keeping the motivation to draw stuff for this board. Between the one user calling artists "flakes" not worthy of respect while putting on the "Happy Merchant" persona, to the one user who has been acting like he is entitled to his request, I feel like I am making content for people who do not even appreciate the effort we artists put into our work. Hardly one ever comments on the images, and the comments that are made can easily be summarized as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." Hardly any of the comments give criticism that is all that constructive (saying "work on anatomy" is not very helpful as it is such a vague statement that tells the artist nothing specific that actually needs improvement).

I can easily see why not many artists show up on this board anymore. I can be difficult to post creations here when there is no indication that anyone acknowledges the existence of said creations (like what happens with artists like Hidon Redux). There are even times when artist is derided for the work said artist makes rather rudely, even though that artist simply fulfilled a request (which is what happened with Hosea).

Am I overreacting? Very likely. But really, this is how I honestly feel. I might even be alone in this, and many will likely call me all sorts of names while hiding behind their anonymity, but I felt that I needed to be honest.
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Making Money

Sooo… on the subject of making money, I've decided I'm gonna try the site called WritScrib (currently has crowdfunding going on, gonna take the gamble and see how it goes during beta, etc) because getting little tips for drawing artwork will be nice. They also plan to police harassment much more thoroughly than tumblr staff does, which means I won't get chased off with harassment like I was on tumblr (someone ended up finding out who I was and called my boss trying to get me fired for being a "dangerous sexist abuser" and a "pedophile").

I've also considered opening a Patreon. I'm curious what you all currently do to make money off of your kink art, if you guys do anything at all? Tell me your experiences with trying to make money online. I could use any and all advice or personal experiences you all have to offer.
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Can we get a thread going if people who are open to commissions so those who are interested in having one done can find someone whose writing clicks with them easily.

Put down where to contact you, your prices, what you will and will not do, and a link to some recent work to judge off of.
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Cute pregnancy stories

I'm a stickler for cute pregnancy stories.
Specifically those with a timid/quiet lead where the girl offers to let them see or feel their belly.
I like them softcore and cute.
Does anyone know of any stories like these?

Thanks in advance!
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How do you prefer your VN hero/heroine?

If you play a VN, specifically a pregnancy VN, would you want the main character to be seen or would you rather they remain disembodied as if you were them?
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How old were you when you first realized that you were into pregnancy?

What triggered it? How did you respond to it? When did your interest turn from fascination to lust?
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Ty's PregQuest

So apparently a miracle worker named CoffeeSlice saved the quest thread Ty did back on the old board. You can find it here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Quest-Thread-687926347
Make sure to give CoffeeSlice thanks for a good deed!
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Interactive Stories

Are there any especially good interactive stories out there? I was looking for one involving a magic ring gained by a school boy on writing.com, but I think I have lost it.
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New pregnancy game project(Tentative title)

Hi all, I'm looking for potential volunteers or interested writers and artists who are willing to help me with this new pregnancy CYOA game I'm planning.

The game plot and flow will be dependent on the list of choices the player makes in game. I will be using ChoiceScript for the system.

As for a little tidbit on the story, the game will revolve around the choices the player makes between his two potential love interests, both with equal benefits and disadvantages to consider. Either one or even both of the two women will eventually become mothers.

With the right amount of time and execution, I aim to update the game at least once a week, providing one chapter per update. But that solely depends on the nature of my internship.

I welcome all potential contributors to the project, so feel free to contact me via email at toxin.symbiote@gmail if any of you are interested.

Thank you.
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So I'm just wondering if there's a girl out there willing to take pictures of her stomach personally?
I know I can find stuff online but there's a specific feeling I get from having something done personally for me - it just makes me feel that whole bit more… uh… gooder.

Tad creepy I know, if there's a female out there willing to take a picture of their belly, pregnant or not, I'd love to have it <3
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Belly Noises Wanted?

A little hobby of mine is to take fake labor videos and add belly noises in time with the contractions.

This adds to the video and provides a sense of an inhuman pregnancy.

However my library is for sound effects is very small, so can anyone suggest some good belly noises with little to no background noises?
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Possible Touhou Pregnancy Quest Discussion

Hey everyone. Some of you may have seen me commenting on your stuff in a thread, while others may have seen me contributing to certain quests. In one such quest, the conversation turned towards quests that could work well here, and the question was asked: "Why has no one ever done a Touhou quest?"

And I thought that was a mighty fine question. So I thought about it, and realized, "It's too fast-paced! A cacophonic swirl of lights, sounds, and colors does not translate well to a play-by-post quest."

So how do I fix it? Draw inspiration from the fan-games! I'm most comfortable with RPGs, both in general and as the backdrop for quests, and the Touhou Project fandom has no lack of RPGs. I've decided on the mechanical base for the system: the Touhou Pocket Wars series. However! This will not be a complete adaptation. I've decided on a few important rules:

1. NO GACHA. It is a hateful invention that is created to make people waste money and time, no matter if that is real or virtual. If I could, I would invent a new way to destroy each and every gacha machine in existence. And then I'd probably just take a sledgehammer to the face of the guy who invented them in the first place, because I'd be all out of ideas.
2. Mechanics that get carried over (as of TPWEvo+, since that's the most recent version that I have) : Stats, the Time Management (chopped up into 4 parts unless you're in a dungeon), and Combat. I will probably explain these later.
3. I'm going to try and adapt HP and bombs from the main series to an extent, since I feel this would be a bit of an injustice otherwise.

My time is a little short right now, but I wanted to open this up for further expansion later.
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Hardest video game you ever beat?

Off topic, but this has given some good answers on other places I've asked it, so now it's Pregchan's turn.

What's the hardest video game you ever beat? And when I say "beat," I mean:

1) NO cheat codes
2) NO glitch exploits
3) NO having someone get through the hardest parts for you
4) Guides and advice are allowed, but consider if the game was still a challenge
5) Emulated games are also allowed, as long as you didn't win because you abused tools (especially savescumming)

What constitutes "hard" is up to you.

For me, it's a toss-up. For many years, my answer was Viewtiful Joe 2 on Ultra V-Rated difficulty. But as of about a year ago, Undertale's Genocide route is a serious enough contender that I have to call it a tie.
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kik fun

hello people. i am looking for anyone who is pregnant for some fun on kik, whether it be for an rp, just want to show off your gorgeous belly(and maybe a bit more), or if you want to meet up. if you arent pregnant, but would like to do any of the before mentioned things, that would be wonderful. my kik is: bleh2.0
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Best Deviantart Pregnancy Stories

I've recently discovered some really good pregnancy stories on Deviantart. But there are so many and too few artist mention their contents.

So can anyone suggest some, with a brief description of the plot and contents.

Let's start off with my fav…
Summary: Cona unwittingly impregnates herself with tentacles. Inspired by Arthur Saxon’s “Pregnant with Tentacles” 1 & 2.

Contains: Belly expansion, breast expansion, egg laying and some good unbirthing scenes.

Baby Elephant
Summary: An intern is impregnated with a baby elephant.
Contains: Unwanted animal pregnancy and some good inflation scenes.
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Birth scene dictionary?

Hope this kind of thing exists as a birth fetish.
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Hey all :) I'm not totally sure how this forum works, so bear with me. I'm also not sure if this is the place for this, so let me know if that's a problem too.

To start off, I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, due in August. I've had a 'thing' for pregnancy since I was a little girl, but obviously it wasn't sexual then. I'm 99% percent straight, but I find other pregnant women very attractive and always have. I always was always turned on by the idea of myself being pregnant, would stuff my shirt and such. The reality is amazing, but also more difficult than I imagined :P I've also always had a big thing for pregnant boys as well, and I love the mpreg board here.

More about me. I'm a 19 year old rising college sophomore. I don't want to get into much more further detail, I don't want to share pictures, as I'll be getting into private stuff here and I value my privacy. I hope you all understand.

The pregnancy was unplanned, and not exactly drama-free. Not sure how much of this is worth getting into, but I'll answer any questions anyone has.

So anyway, I figured I'd make a post to update on my pregnancy and talk about my fetish, answering any questions you fine folks might have about it or myself. I like answering questions, and I won't be offended by anything though I might not be comfortable asking.

Have a nice day :) xx
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Taking Story Requests/Comms!

So I absolutely love writing about birth and I really need some ideas! I have some ideas for a few stories, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about them. So I'm opening myself up for requests and/or commissions! A commission is paid for and you will get your work faster, but I will complete all requests. Here's what I will and won't write:

- Death Note
- Black Butler
- Hetalia
- Baccano!
- Yuri!!! on Ice

Pregnancy Preferences
Fpreg – Yes
Mpreg – Yes
Alien – Yes
Anthro/Kemonomimi – Yes

Normal – Yes
Perpetual – No
Extended – Yes
Egg – Yes
Animal – Yes

Vaginal – Yes
Cesarean – No
Anal – Yes
Penis – Yes
Throat – No
Bellybutton – No

Normal – Yes
Rapid – Yes
Delayed – Yes

Singles – Yes
Multiples – HUGE YES!!! Less than 10 though

Special Interests: (visit our list of sex and character terms for clarification)
[yes to all below]
orgasmic/erotic birth

[no to all below]
extreme animal abuse

Any genre is good with me!

I especially have a love for humans/half-humans giving birth to animals.
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Can anyone recommend a good translator?

Looking to translate some hentai manga and was hoping someone could recommend a good and cheap translator?
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The most relatable thing I've ever found on tumblr


I'm sure each and every one of us has been there.
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What happened to Mpreg Central?

I go on there and see this.

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male looking for female rp, kik me at foxcub123
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Qst and tg General

General thread for: creation, implementation and discussion of quests and tabletop games.
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Anyone want to chat?

Hey all. I'm 39 weeks with my first, and my boyfriend and I just had a falling out. It sucks, and I'm sad and tired, and just meh. But, I'm also looking for some fun. If anyone wants to just chit-chat or anything else, I'm open. Email me at taylor049696@gmail.com Thanks in advance


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Japanese Pregchan


I didn't took me that much after using Google Translate that pregnancy is just as a hit there as it is here.

Too bad most of the links are dead.
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Do you ever just get tired of it? Like as a creator after you've drawn your 15 pregnancy image for $10 in a day, you look at your life and wonder where you went wrong? You're just sorta stuck where fetish makes you money and you're too afraid or not good enough to make the leap into normal stuff for fear of losing that.

You might try to create non fetish content and people find out and come around asking you to fetish it up alienating your normie fans.
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Kantai collection pregnant chat

this place is for any discussion about what is going to happen, what you think I could improve and which ship girl you would like to get a baby in there belly
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mpregcentral dead??

Someone in one of my kik groups mentioned something happening to mpregcentral. Come to find out looks like the entire site is gone. Any ideas as to what happened?
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Cheap Writing?

Would anyone here be interested in cheap writing? I'm talking like $5 per 1,000 words cheap.
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Prevenge - new horror comedy


Plus: The actress/director was pregnant for real.
Comes across as "done with all this shit".
Minus: Cuts off someone's penis. Ow.
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Pirates versus ninjas

Back when bastion works was still a thing, there was a story about Pirates coming ashore to dig of treasure and finding that the Island is full of ninja that have traps and weapons that have the capability to impregnate them. Anyway I was hoping someone knows where a copy of that story is. Assuming there is a copy then please leave a link.
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"Baby Factory" stories

I'm looking for stories where the woman's life revolves entirely around pregnancy and motherhood. Something where she wants/has to have as many babies as possible for one reason or another, either in constant successive pregnancies or huge multiple births, or both. Anyone know of any stories like this?
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technical support Darien-shields

I'm looking Darien-shields story called technical support. I used the way back to read the first part called technical problems But when I use the file format provided for the second part it just goes to godaddy.com if you know where I get a pdf for it or something please leave a link.
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If you guys wouldn't mind taking this poll...

I am starting work on a project that revolves around many types of non-standard pregnancy and was wondering what the community here would have an interest in being involved in it so I created a poll!

If something you enjoy is not listed, feel free to comment it. :)

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Hello there,
I was wondering if Pregchan has a Discord channel of some sort?
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Weird Situation

Recently my family has been doing the rounds of trying to get everyone to "friend" everyone else on Facebook. So in the process, I accepted the friend request of a cousin of mine I never really see.

Immediately my timeline has pictures of her with a big pregnant belly. I had no idea she was pregnant (or that this is actually her second kid).

It makes me feel weird. I have never had this, like, attraction to a relative before. It helps that I am not attracted to her per se but I just look at her belly for a little while each time it shows up. I don't go through her profile to find it but I have to admit I have been scrolling a bit through the timeline to see the regular belly pictures she posts.

This isn't me asking for advice or anything. Just something I had to get off my chest.
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Concept: Pregnant Idols?

This came up randomly while thinking about some story settings.

Wouldn't it be nice to watch a group of heavily pregnant idols performing on stage, mesmerizing the crowd with their alluring bellies with costumes made to show it off?

I've done some research and most of the works with pregnant idols have them quit performing once they become pregnant. I think only one game by SwanMania, Kimi dake no Botedol!, actually had the performing while pregnant part as an explicit premise.

Of course there are some problems with that concept not just in the physical sense of how someone that big can dance around in an idol get-up, but also the problems involving the media. With all the gossip already present in the regular media, what kind of problems would arise in a world with pregnant idols? Especially the concept of purity in Japanese idols which is a deep rooted thing.

Nevertheless, I think that if the world already embraces the concept of pregnant idols, they would be fine with it. It would just appear rather weird from our point of view.

Going forward with this, I think we can create an interesting setting by taking examples from all the idol anime and games in current circulation to make several interesting stories. There is also ample opportunity to indulge in aspects of our fetish with a society that sees pregnancy as glamorous.

So, any thoughts on this? Anything to add? Would like to see if we can discuss anything.
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Advice on telling my partner about my Pregnancy fetish?

My Girlfriend and I have been together for nearly a year and the topic came up yesterday about "sexual tastes". To be honest I was unsure how to answer, I mentioned some minor favourites but avoided my main one.

Nothing gets me more excited better then pregnant women, everything about it to the belly, expansion of both the belly and breasts, lactation, even contractions.

But unfortunately it's a very limited fetish that can only really be satisfied through porn, there's nothing she can do (short of the obvious, which isn't an option) to bring that fetish to the bedroom. Fake belly maybe but I feel that would be weird.

So I would to hear how some of you told your partners about your fetish and what advice you can give me?
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Irish Twins

I recently came across the term "Irish Twins" and was kinda fascinated by it. It refers to siblings who are born in the same school or calendar year (e.g. first child born in January, second child born in October). The term itself seems like an offensive jab at the Irish.

I enjoy the idea of women getting pregnant in quick succession, and this has that but also a kind of 'oops' factor, since a lot of the google results on it involve people thinking they'd be unable to conceive immediately after their first pregnancy. I hadn't thought it was easily possible either, but apparently women can be *more* fertile after giving birth. Two things turned up googling it:

First, normally, breastfeeding produces a hormonal reaction that prevents ovulation. From a Darwinian point of view, if the mother has a baby to look after it's more advantageous to devote resources to it than to produce another one, so everything shuts down. If she doesn't breastfeed, however, it's as if she's lost the child, and thus it's advantageous to get another one ASAP. This is why wet nurses were a thing in the Medieval era. It was so important to produce lots of heirs fast, so noble families hired wetnurses so that the noble ladies could spend more time pumping out babies.

Second, immediately after pregnancy the womb is still prepared and receptive, so it's easier for a repeat conception.

Anyone else find this appealing? Seems a bit of a niche, but any stories in this kinda vein floating around?
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Pokemon Story: You Haven't Lived?

Does anyone have a copy of the Pokemon story titled "You haven't lived" by Darien-Shields?
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Story Commissions Return!

With the old thread somewhat out of date, I've decided to remake it. Below is the new price list, as well as a couple extra details to entice my wonderful patrons here on my favourite pregnant hangout.

I am a writer of talent and small rapport, ready to employ my typing fingers just for the good people of pregchan. For a nominal fee given over Paypal, your wildest imagination will be put to the page!

-For $3.00, USD, you will get a short story geared to whatever you can imagine. A simple play, a strange fetish, or even just a quiet conversation; for 3 dollars, you get whatever you could possibly want for a guaranteed 5 pages.

-Starting at $5.00, you can have your very own Novella written. With a 5 chapter minimum, and a $1 dollar charge for each chapter afterwards, I will spend my evenings carefully crafting a long and drawn out story which encompasses again, nearly anything you could desire. (Please be aware that I have only 3 slots for Novella, since they take so much longer to actually write. Ask for their availability when you contact me)

-For $15.00, you may have crafted for you one of my specialties; an intricate Choose Your Own Adventure. Winding paths may lead to bigger bellies or stranger transformations, all depending upon what you wish. Explore the tightly woven plot, with no less than 3 separate ends to each; neutral, bad, and best.

-Need your story fix right away? Add $2.00 to the asking price and I'll put your story on Rush Order. Your Short or CYOA will be guaranteed to get out that evening or the next, or your Rush fee will be refunded in full! Please note that you can't Rush order Novella.

(Do's and Don'ts)

Obviously, there are limits to everything. While I am more than happy to write many things, there are certain subjects that I simply can't do, either for lack of knowledge or lack of stomach. They are…

-What I will not do

Certain Subjects: Including things like popular Anime, (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, ect), popular TV Shows, (Sherlock, Adventures of Gumball, whatever else is in vogue), and things that are uber detailed, (IE, if you want me to memorize 800 pages of lore to write your short story, I might pass).

Certain Fetishes: Scat, Watersports, Slob, Gross Out, Uber Fat, and anything involving disgusting body odor are a complete no. I simply cannot stomach any of them.

If you don't see your subject posted above, ask about it. I'll give you my answer as straight as I can, but maybe you'll find me able to negotiate.

-What will I do happily?

Certain Subjects: Original Content! I love hearing about your lore, and I will do my desperate best to make sure your vision is realized. Pokemon! I love the Pokemon universe, and am happy to use the critters as their own story, (note that I won't use established characters, such as Ash and Misty, merely the species themselves and trainer characters which have no association with the anime). Furry characters? Of course! I actually prefer these over humans, but then don't allow that to discourage you asking me about human characters, as I will do them happily as well.

Certain Fetishes: Pregnancy! (Pregnancy, Mpreg, Oviposition, and all related subjects). I am always eager to write about mothers bearing children. I think it is a very sensual thing, and I also think it is a good way to add drama to many stories. This one is a no brainer.

Anything else that you don't see specifically pointed out is fair game. I'm very flexible, and up front with my Don'ts, which are very few.


-Once I have my story, what can I do with it?

Anything at all! It's your story once it leaves my hands, and as long as you give me at least co-author credit, I will be happy. Of course, if you make a few edits and then it becomes the next big YA Novel, I want halfsies on the profits of the movie deal! :p

-Can I commission more than one thing at a time?

Absolutely. If you have the dough, spend it here, and I will churn out your stories as fast as I possibly can. Of course, between my other obligations, I expect you to be a little patient, but I also will focus on getting you your product as fast as I can.

-What if I get my story back, and I don't like something in it?

You have cart blanch on the final edit of the story. If you don't like something, tell me, and I'll fix it right away, no extra charge.

-Will you post my stories up on your personal sites?

I don't necessarily want to post your stories to my dA or fA, as I consider them your property. However, I might do so to archive them and to give examples of my product to potential new customers. Before I post, however, I will obviously get your permission, and if for some reason I can't, (either by your refusal or even by me being unable to contact you), then your story will remain completely your own until you yourself decide to post it somewhere.

-Your prices are incredibly cheap! Can I pay more?

This question I never ever expected, and in fact I actually practiced responses as to what I'd say for people who would beg for freebies. But an increasingly large number of my 'fanbase' have wondered if they can't actually give me MORE money for my silly scribbles. The answer I always give is that I can't stop you from doing something silly and dumping a hundred bucks into my Paypal account, but be aware if you DO do something so generous, I will treat it exactly as if you'd just paid for a few dozen short stories. I always believe in giving credit where credit is due, after all.

-I have so many more questions…

Contact me! I'm happy to help make it all clear as to what I'm doing, and eager to sort out any fuzz you might have on the matter.

So what are you waiting for? My pen is inked, and my paper is dry. Let's get to it!

My contact information is; x.file888@yahoo.com. This is both my email, and my Skype information. I prefer email, but either is fine. If you contact me on Skype, please add a message detailing that you want a commission into your initial message, or I might mistake you for a spambot.

PayPal @ paypal.me/stories
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Apparently there's a cartoon pregnancy wiki


So yeah, this is apparently a thing that exists. I dunno, I just discovered it today, and I felt I should bring it to the attention of my fellow weirdos here on pregchan.
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Wanted to let you know this Edith CYOA is still being worked on

I always check on this CYOA because to be it ticks all the boxes on the stuff that I like. I got on the site the other day to discover that some people have been adding sections to this. I am sure you guys will be able to find the additions as the bottom of the page tells you the date they were added. anyways here is the link for the start of the story and in another comment I will list exceptional parts that branch from it.

Charming Edith - http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/380/380365.html
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Hidden-desires permanently down?

So I'm a user on the hidden-desires forum and when I tried to get into the forums today, I had to go through an adfly ad, which is unusual because the website normally doesn't do that. When the ad was done, it said that hidden-desires.fullboards.com was banned??

Please don't tell me this is true, there was way too much good stuff D:
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CYOA Fertile Faerie Thread 2

While I am not Superdeformed or Call Me Lucifer, I noticed that the old thread had reached the maximum number of posts with the new 500 post limit. I thought I would go ahead and create a second thread so that it can hopefully continue. My vote as to the last option is to ask: "Who are you?"
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Pregnancy Calculator

I've seen usage kind of drop off, and there was a lot of work put into it so that artists could have an actual, scientifically derived reference for "how pregnant" someone should be based on how many children they are having and how far along they are.

So yeah, just reminding everyone that this is a thing and that you should share with other artist friends.

(Assuming they didn't save a copy for themselves. I've even added some detail notes recently)
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Mama Mama Fruit

I wrote this One Piece fan fic a while ago and had nowhere to post it. Enjoy! It's set in the Saboady arc just after the timeskip when everyone's meeting up again.

Usopp walked the streets of Saboady, a grin stretching from ear to ear. It had been two long years, but he was finally back, ready to meet his friends. He stroked his chin with one hand, admiring the thin beard he had grown, while his other hand squeezed the long staff-like weapon it carried. Yes, his friends were in for some surprises. In their long, grueling time apart he had transformed. He was not a boy anymore, but a man, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest of his crew and strike down their enemies. It would be a shocking development for them, he knew, but one they would have to deal with.
… just as soon as he could find them.
He scanned the streets for some sign of the other pirates. People thronged the streets, moving between buildings and the towering moss covered tree roots that rose up past ground level. The crowds were a mix of humans, fishmen, even minks. Some had the unmistakeable look of pirates about them, but none were quite as bombastic as his crewmembers. As he watched, a patrol of men in crisp white uniforms moved through, rifles knocked against their shoulders. Marines.
Usopp turned down an alleyway, dipping his head. Not that he couldn’t handle a little attention from the marines, not now after all his training, but there was no reason to pick a fight he could avoid. He followed the alleyway round a corner, out of sight of the marines, and into the backwash of a pub. Voices leaked out from inside, rippling in laughter and conversation. Familiar voices.
“Nami! Robin!”
Usopp all but jumped on the spot. He jumped to the tavern door and reached for the knob. His hand froze. This was their first meeting after two years. In other words, it was as if they were meeting for the first time all over again. They knew the old him, Usopp the coward, Usopp the weakling. It was time to set a new impression upon them. He straightened up, leaned his kabuto over his shoulder and set a cool, aloof expression on his face. He had to stop himself from chuckling. They might not even recognise him at first now! He couldn’t wait to see their faces when they realised he had changed. He opened the door and strolled inside.
Then he froze.
Nami and Robin were there alright, leaning against the bar, chatting together just like old times. Only not like old times. They had changed. There were little changes: Nami’s ginger hair was now a long, flowing cascade over her shoulders; Robin’s hair was slicked back behind a pair of sunglasses; they had both changed their clothes. These changes Usopp did not notice.
His eyes were filled with his friends’ bodies. It seemed that they had spent all of their time apart… growing. Growing bigger and bigger, until their bodies boggled the mind. They hadn’t grown an inch taller, but they must have quadrupled in weight. Each sported a vast pink belly, projecting out feet in front of them. Robin was perched on a bar stool, while her belly spread across two more in front of her. Nami leant back against the bar, one elbow hooked over the rail, her belly stretching out into the room. Even without their ludicrous stomachs their bodies would have been something to behold. Each woman now possessed titanic cannonball sized breasts resting atop their stomachs. Nami’s strained against an inadequate bikini, while Robin’s were barely obscured by her unzipped jacket. Likewise, Nami’s jeans were fighting a losing battle against a boat sized backside, while Robin’s sarong failed to hide the fact that her butt was overhanging the barstool she sat upon. All in all they were… huge.
Seconds passed while Usopp stood motionless in the doorway. The girls were wrapped up in some conversation, talking and laughing to one another. Nami reached out and began to rub the apex of Robin’s belly with one hand, while Robin stroked its sides with her own. Usopp felt the moments stretch out as he watched them act as if everything was perfectly normal. Then Nami spotted him.
“Usopp-kun!” she said, eyes glittering. She launched herself off the bar and ran towards him with surprising speed, arms spread to embrace him.
Usopp’s mouth reacted before his brain.
“You got fat.”
In an instant, Nami’s smiling face transformed, lips peeled back around shark teeth, eyes glaring. She reached him and punched him in the back of the head.
“I’m not fat,” she said. “I’m pregnant.”
Usopp’s brain caught up, but it didn’t do a much better job.
“You’re pregnant?!” he shouted, eyes bulging out of their sockets. He jumped back, pointing with one trembling finger at his friend’s colossal belly. His mind raced. Nami, pregnant! But this wasn’t just pregnant, this was something more, much, much more. There was only one explanation. “N-nami, did you have sex with a giant?!”
She punched him again.
Once he had recovered, rubbing at the big purple blotch around his eye, Nami cleared her throat.
“I ate the Mama Mama Fruit and became a Mama,” she said. She grinned and placed both hands on the side of her preponderous belly, as if presenting it.
Usopp scratched his head, careful to avoid the colony of bruises forming there. “Oh… A Devil Fruit power, I see… But what the hell kind of Devil Fruit is this?? One that makes you pregnant?”
Nami’s hands moved to her hips and she huffed. “Oh please,” she said. “It’s hardly the strangest Devil Fruit I’ve ever heard of.”
“Well, that’s…” True? Maybe. He shook his head. “But why would you eat one that made you look like this?!”
Nami shrugged, sending waves of motion through her chest. “It’s a long story, but it was an accident.”
Usopp shuddered, imagining her biting down into a Devil Fruit and suddenly bloating out like this. He couldn’t stop staring at his friend’s bizarre new body. He circled around her, poking and prodding at her belly. It was very warm, and very soft to the touch. And very big. Every time he looked at her from another angle he found himself shocked again by her sheer size. Even from behind, her belly spread out a foot to either side of her, inescapable. If she wasn’t giving birth to a giant then… He fished in his pocket and pulled out a measuring tape. He circled around Nami, looping it around her lengthways, then over the apex of her belly.
“Ahem,” she said. “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”
“Taking measurements,” Usopp said.
“I can see that,” Nami said. “Why?”
“How much do you weigh?”
Nami’s face flushed. “None of your business!”
“About two thousand pounds,” Robin said, from her perch. “Roughly.”
Nami’s blush turned crimson. “Robin!”
“There’s no hiding it,” Robin said with a smile.
“It’s all baby weight,” Nami said, folding her arms around her chest which, if she was to be believed, did not weigh ten pounds in each breast.
Usopp leaned back, scratching his beard. “Assuming an average birth weight of… and a body fat increase of seventeenpercent…” he reached a conclusion and nodded. “You must be carrying twenty eight kids in there!”
“Thirty,” Nami said, a smug smile on her face.
“Thirty?!” Usopp said. “Thirty babies?!”
“As of last month,” Nami said, stretching her arms over her head. “I thought twenty nine was going to be my limit but I pushed myself the extra mile to make it a full platoon.”
Usopp frowned. “Oi, oi,” he said. “What do you mean. You can’t put more in after the fact.”
“Normally,” Nami said. “Maybe. But I’ve eaten the Mama Mama Fruit. This is my power.” She patted her belly. “I didn’t start out this big. I had to work for it.”
“You had to work to get fat?”
Nami hooked her thumb through his mouth and stretched his cheek out. “It’s not fat. Got it?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“And yes,” she said. “I had to work at it. After I ate the fruit I only had a small, regular belly. One baby. At first I thought it was just going to get in the way, but then I saw how useful it could be. If I trained with it I could push myself further. Get bigger. Do more. I knew everyone else was working as hard as they could for two years, so I had to do my part.”
Usopp imagined her ‘doing her part’, splayed out on a bed somewhere shovelling chocolates and oranges into her mouth.
“Yeah,” he said. “I’m sure you worked hard.”
Nami’s eyes flared, but before she could respond there was a shout from outside. Boots hammered the ground. “It’s the Strawhats! Inside!” someone barked. Nami, Usopp and Robin all exchanged looks. The marines. A second later the door to the pub burst open and they poured in, rifles drawn. The other patrons dove for cover, hugging shadows and hiding under tables.
Usopp grinned and rubbed his nose. Nami had given him quite the shock, but now it was his turn to shock her. He’d take care of these marines no problem.
“Don’t worry Nami,” he said. “I’ll protect you.”
Nami laughed. “Protect me? I don’t need your help.”
She turned to face the marines and planted both hands on the side of her belly.
“Baby Boom!” she shouted.
Then, to Usopp’s bewilderment, Nami squeezed her belly with both hands. It stretched out in front, as if it were a balloon, and a bubble welled up on top of her belly button. It swelled until it was big as her head, then popped off, into the air. She went on squeezing, and more bubbles flooded out. Usopp saw with growing amazement that with every bubble that left her, her stomach shrank. It halved in size, still far beyond any ordinary human pregnancy, and left a dozen bubbles floating in the air. The whole display had taken seconds, and the marines had no chance to react. Then the bubbles popped.
Suddenly, the room was full of young women, all with the same ginger hair as Nami, all carrying swords, poles and other weapons. Usopp gaped in surprise. The marines did likewise, but the squadron of young women were staring them down. They fell upon them.
“How do you like my cute children?”
Usopp turned. Nami was grinning at him. He looked from her reduced belly to the female soldiers that had appeared from nowhere. The resemblance was undeniable. They had to be Nami’s daughters, but teenaged and ready to fight. As he watched, the marines rallied. One of them managed to get his rifle up as one of the girls charged him. He fired. Usopp heard a soap bubble pop. The girl vanished. Beside him, Nami winced and reached down to rub her belly. It bulged out, growing back to regain some of its lost size.
“Looks like she’s back on the bench,” Nami said. “Come on, we should get out of here while they keep them busy.”
Usopp was too dazed to argue. They made for the back door, Robin slipping from her chair, blossoming supporting hands from the bartop to ease her movement. They ran out, into the alleyway.
“There they are!”
More marines pressed in from the far end of the alleyway.
“Baby Boom!” Nami said again. She repeated her display, now shrinking her stomach even further. When she was done, she had no more than a shallow bump. The fresh flurry of bubbles popped, and more young women appeared, ready to fight. This time Usopp noticed more variance between them; some of the girls were shorter, younger, maybe as little as twelve, while others looked almost as old as Nami herself, and everything inbetween.
“Slow them down girls!” Nami said.
“Yes, Mama!” the girl shouted together. They rushed to engage the marines while the trio limped to safety at the alley’s near exit.
Usopp glanced at Nami. Without her belly she looked practically normal again. Well, okay, without her belly she looked like a distorted hourglass, vast breasts hanging around her belly button, waist flaring out into her butt and hips. But at least, he thought, she could run. He turned to Robin, still as pregnant as ever.
“Can you run?” Usopp asked.
Robin winked and crossed her arms over her chest. Flower petals flourished around her, and then a half dozen pairs of legs grew out from under her belly to support it.
“I can run,” she said.
Usopp shuddered. Something just looked weird about Robin’s caterpillar belly, but he wasn’t going to complain.
“Great,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”
They sprinted away down the Saboady backstreets. The buildings blurred around them, bleeding into Usopp’s memory. All he could think about was the ability Nami had just revealed.
“That was amazing,” he said. “How did you do that?”
Nami smiled, although the expression was pained. Usopp had thought that without her belly running would be no problem, but now he saw his mistake. Nami’s vast breasts bounded up and down as she moved, bikini slipping and shifting with each step. He could hear the slapping sound they made every time they crashed down against her lower body. Nami endured, pausing to pat her neat bump with one hand. “I can let them out,” she said. “But only for a while. I can make them older, but it means they won’t last as long before coming back.”
“I see, I see,” Usopp said. He thought back, re-evaluating her other comments. Now they made a lot more sense. Fitting more babies in meant more soldiers at her disposal. Thirty seemed like a ridiculous number of children to carry, but it made a decent sized army to have at her disposal. Still he had to wonder.
“How do they get the weapons and the clothes?” he asked.
She glared at him. “Not the time, Usopp! Ah!”
Nami staggered to a halt, doubled over so that her breasts overhung her hips. Usopp couldn’t see what was wrong at first until, with a grunt, she jerked back, hands on the small of her back. Her belly grew before his eyes. It swelled out, lifting her heaving breasts, regrowing to a singleton full term. It quivered to a stop, belly button popping from innie to outie at the last moment. For now her breasts and belly were the same size, three grand pink spheres growing out of her body. Beads of sweat ran over her exposed skin. Nami moved one hand from her back to her belly, stroking it.
“They’re getting beaten,” she said. She took a few waddling steps forward before another growth spurt struck. Her stomach outgrew her breasts, stretching out in front.
“Can’t you just let them out again?” Usopp asked.
Nami shook her head. “They need time to rest. They- ah!”
Another growth spurt struck. At the same moment Usopp heard an explosion far behind them, and a crash of falling rubble. Looking at Nami’s rapidly swelling belly, it was easy to see what had happened. The marines had brought out the big guns and were dropping her children like flies. He remembered the titanic cyborg that they had squared off against two years ago. If the marines had brought another one to bear against them now, Nami’s girls didn’t stand a chance. Neither did he.
Nami’s belly had already regained half its lost size, and showed no signs of stopping. Her shoulders tilted further and further back, trying to counterbalance its weight, but her waddle was getting slower and slower. They had no chance of outrunning the enemy now.
“Nami, Usopp,” Robin said. She had her eyes closed and her arms crossed over her chest. Usopp only had to glance around to see arms sprouted from the rooftops with eyes opening out of their palms. Robin was searching for a safe hiding place. “This way,” she said.
She lead them round a corner into another alleyway. It terminated where two buildings backed into one another, leaving a narrow gap inbetween.
“Through here,” Robin said. “There’s a space on the other side where we can hide.”
“Are you kidding?!” Usopp said. “There’s no way you two can fit in there.”
Nami grabbed his cheek again. “Who’re you calling fat?”
“We’ll fit,” Robin said. “Just. Quickly.”
She stepped up to the gap, gingerly steering her belly into the space. Her extra legs vanished, and in front of her arms bloomed from the walls, ready to receive her belly and carry it through. She eased herself inside, the sides of her belly scraping the brick walls. She groaned but didn’t stop, disappearing inside.
Usopp whistled. “Well I’ll be,” he said. “Okay, Nami, you go next. Quickly.”
Nami hesitated next to the gap. “Ah… uh…” She pressed her belly up against it. Usopp’s jaw dropped.
“Did you get bigger than before?!”
He didn’t want to believe his eyes, but there it was. Nami had grown right back up to her previous size and then kept going. While she had been the same size as Robin before, she now had an extra half a foot of belly stretching out in every direction. She’d have trouble making it through doorways, let alone the gap between the walls.
“I had a couple of girls outside as guards,” Nami said. “Before you came in. They must have been caught.”
Usopp heard the distant thunder of boots. The marines had finished with Nami’s platoon and were chasing them again.
“Dammit,” he said. “Well try to squeeze through.”
Nami pressed herself up against the gap, but her belly smooshed up against the walls. Usopp Pressed his shoulder against her back, trying to shover her through.
“Hey! Hey! No! It’s too tight!”
“This way!” someone shouted from around the corner.
Usopp cursed. He grasped his kabuto and dug through his bag for ammunition. It looked like he would have to fight after all. Maybe he could hold them off until Luffy and the others arrived. He pulled out a pellet for his slingshot. For a split second he froze, staring at what he had drawn.
“This is it!” he said, spinning and pointing his kabuto at Nami.
“Ehh? Usopp, what are you-”
He pulled back and fired. The pellet hit Nami’s belly and burst into a cascade of clear, slippery oil. It splashed across the walls and ground and spread across her skin, making it gleam. Then he threw himself against her back, pushing hard. Nami groaned, and then slid through with a pop. Usopp dove in after her, just as the marines marched around the corner behind them. The strawhats held their breaths and pulled as far back as they could from the gap in the wall.
“Where’d they go?”
“Through there!”
“No way. Did you see those women? There’s no way they could fit through there, they’re way too fat.”
Nami’s knuckles cracked next to Usopp’s head.
“Did you hear that?”
“No. Come on, they must have gone this way. We need to find them or the Admiral will have our heads!”
The boots marched away. The strawhats gave a sigh of relief. Usopp took stock of the situation. The gap opened up into a narrow square space, some sort of light well for the buildings on either side. Nami and Robin were pressed up against opposite walls, their bellies colliding in the middle. He was squeezed into the space between, pinned by their stomachs, his head currently, and through no fault of his own, buried between Robin’s breasts.
“Sorry!” he said, pulling back.
Robin said nothing. Her eyes were closed again, and Usopp guessed she was surveilling the area.
“They’re patrolling,” she said. “We’ll have to hide here until things calm down.”
“My girls need a chance to rest anyway,” Nami said, sighing and rubbing the sides of her belly. “Usopp-kun, be a dear and rub under my belly button? I can’t reach that far.”
“Mine too,” Robin said, flashing him an affectionate smile.
“Yeah, yeah,” Usopp said, reaching round to rub both women at once. They each gave a satisfied sigh. He looked at himself, pinned between their two vast pregnancies, rubbing their stomachs. This wasn’t exactly the cool image he wanted to cut. Then again his first impression of Nami had changed pretty drastically too. He turned to face Robin, realising that he hadn’t stopped to get the story on her outrageous belly yet.
“So,” he asked. “Robin. What happened to you? Is this a new ability for your devil fruit? Or some kind of special training? Maybe Nami used her powers on you and…”
“No,” Robin said.
She smiled back.
“I had sex with a giant and got pregnant.”
“Oh,” Usopp said. “Okay then.”
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A Guide to Xenobytes and their Reproductive Deviance?

Okay, I suppose I should probably first apologize for the pretentious title. With that said, let me explain myself.

I have a deep and long-abiding love for non-human humanoid females - and, in more recent years, futanari of both the hermaphrodite and the shemale type. However, as my presence on this board indicates, I also have a particularly long-lasting and deep love of pregnancy.

However, I've been made to confront that my pregnancy fetishism does encompass some of the more /d/ aspects of the fetish. Unbirthing, hyper-gestation, hyper-pregnancy, male pregnancy (when the male is suitably effeminate, at least), recursive pregnancy, breast pregnancy and testicle pregnancy.

I was actually browsing the "breast pregnancy" topic over on the Drawn board and contemplating their expressed desire for more such content, when I began to think about how to provide such content and… well, long story short, I think I have in my head the seeds of a "dark hentai fantasy" setting, the basis for a world full of monstergirls & monsterfutas with a basis in pregnancy & impregnation related fetishism.

I wanted to know if I would be allowed to post my work on building such a setting here? And if folks would be interested in critiquing, commenting upon, or otherwise offering input/advice/opinions to help the setting grow?

I am interested in making such a setting work, but I wanted to be certain I wouldn't be breaking any rules of Pregchan by showing it off here.
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Christmas Gift?

So Christmas is coming and that means Santa and presents. If you could have something what would it be?
It doesn't have to be a physical object, something immaterial like changing some part of reality is also valid.
But of course it should follow the board's theme and be related to pregnancy! So, what would you ask Santa for?
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Story Requests

I'm an author, and I'm looking to write stories about birth. But I need me some prompts!

I tried asking on tumblr and didn't really get much of a response, so I'm posting a request thread here. If you have something you'd really like to see written, post it here!

I won't do:
-birthing anything except humans, animals, or eggs
-fandoms I don't know
-rape/sexual assault
-anything non-consensual
-death before, during, or after pregnancy

Pretty much everything else is fair game.
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CYOA Fertile Faerie

Thought I’d try making a CYOA, see if anyone’s game. The premise is controlling Holly, a girl who has unwittingly found herself in Faerie, i.e. the land of the Fae. One way or another, things in Faerie are out to get Holly pregnant, and then get her More Pregnant. There’ll be other girls, but the main theme is making this one girl enormous.

Couple of mechanics. Holly has three stats, Libido, Gravidophilia and Naivette. While you guys get to pick a lot of Holly’s actions, sometimes she will refuse to do things (e.g. fuck the Minotaur, drink the potion of massive pregnancy) if she doesn’t have the right stats. On the other hand, if her stats are high she’ll spontaneously do similar things as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Libido is how horny Holly is. Higher libido, she’ll want to have sex more.
Gravidophilia is her love of pregnancy. Starts at 0, so Holly will avoid getting pregnant if she can.
Naivette is Holly’s tendency to make uninformed decisions, or in other words, (e.g. drink out of bottles labelled “Drink Me”) It starts high and goes down whenever it’s used.

Magical pregnancies confer magical abilities on Holly based on what she’s carrying.

I’m imagining this being a bit like Corruption of Champions, at least in terms of sexual content. There will likely be some Non-Consensual stuff that I will try to handle lightly, but I’ll tag such posts so you can skip them if that’s not your cup of tea.

This is my first time trying a CYOA so I hope it’s okay. Enjoy!


Holly rolls over in bed, a smile stretched across her sleepy face. Last night is a blur. Blasting stereo, blurred neon and booze. And then someone. A boy. In her bed. These memories are closer, vivid and enticing. He was yummy. Maybe he still is. She paws through the sheets, trying to find him. Only he isn’t here. And she isn’t in bed.

She opens her eyes and sees sky instead of ceiling. She’s still tangled in last night’s bedsheets, but they’re the only element of her bedroom in sight. Stalks of dry, dead grass grow foot high around her in bleached green, yellow and red. The grass has been snapped and flattened around her, as if she’s at the centre of the world’s smallest crop circle. The air smells of dust, and the dry earth beneath her. She presses the heel of her hand into her eye socket, rubbing hard, as if she can erase the unfamiliar scenery from her vision. It’s still here when she opens her eyes again. She frowns, strains her memory for details. Driving out of the city to fuck in a field wouldn’t be the weirdest thing she’d done blind drunk, and she could see the appeal of sex under the open sky. No memory comes. She shakes her head. No big deal, really, she can piece together what happened later, for now she just needs to pick herself up, find whoever owns this field and get a lift back into Manhattan in time to start her shift at the coffee shop.

She stands, letting the sheet slide from her body, sending a shiver up her spine. Something feels wrong and she looks down. For a moment, her heart stops, because what she’s looking at shocks her more than the unfamiliar landscape around her. She stares at the shallow swell of her stomach, cresting over her breasts. This is not Holly’s waist; Holly’s waist is narrow, trim, accentuating her broad hips and heavy breasts. But today, she looks swollen, at least half a dozen pounds heavier. The curve of her stomach isn’t steep, but it’s enough to eclipse her vagina. Seeing her toes peek out from under it gives her an uncomfortable thought and she shudders. Her stomach feels firm and fleshy when she touches it, scotching any hope that she’s just retaining water. Nevermind how she got here, how did she put on this much weight in one night?

Again, she shakes her head and again she dismisses the many questions swarming inside it. She’s always been a live in the moment girl, and now is no different. The phantom bulge has not changed her immediate situation; she still needs to find some way to get back to civilization. As she looks around she spots her clothes and shoes, tangled up with the sheets. Good. It will be much easier to convince the local farmer to give her a lift with her clothes on. Well, probably. She pulls on her bra, Punisher shirt and pantyhose, feeling fat as the elastic clings to her expanded waist. She feels fatter when she squeezes into her miniskirt, and has to use the widest notch on her studded belt. She buckles her chunky black boots, one fashion choice that she’s thankful for, out in the wild.

Dressed, she straightens once more and turns her eyes to the horizon. A tremor runs through her heart like an aftershock. The New York skyline is nowhere to be seen. Fine, she thinks, she’s just a little further away than she thought. Or maybe… a lot further away. In the distance she can see a craggy blue-grey mountain erupting from the landscape, half covered in brilliant white snow. She scratches her head. Not a landmark she remembers. On one side the mountain’s incline looks gentle enough to walk, while on the other it gives away sharply, and she can see the snowmelt forming a narrow waterfall on one side, feeding a brilliant blue pool at the foot of the mountain. In the opposite direction the land slopes gently down. There she sees trees in their hundreds and thousands, although she’s hesitant to call it a forest. Forests usually have leaves. All the trees are bare and black, gnarled branches clawing at an uncaring sky. Deep inside the dead woods is a single patch of bright green, like a vast emerald set against jet. She spots something that looks like a town, and for a moment hope and relief swell in her chest. Before they have a chance, doubts press in. She can see neither the lights, nor the proud square buildings of new york. What she sees are short, densely packed buildings that look grey and washed out from a distance. No lights, no movement, and no roads between here and there. It looks abandoned.

The more Holly looks, the harder it is to deny the truth: this isn’t home. Not by a long shot. Her plan to make it back to civilization is looking harder by the second. With no immediate prospects, she might have to start looking to much more basic goals, like food and water.

“Shit,” she says. “I’m going to miss my shift.”


Where will Holly go?

1: The Mountainside Pool
2: The Mountain Slope
3: The Dead Woods
4: The Abandoned Town

Libido: 1
Gravidophilia: 0
Naivette: 100

Pregnancy: ????
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Looking for a kik birth/pregnancy roleplay my kik is cas_long
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Anyone here heard of Baccano! ? I've written quite a few mpreg fics for it and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in reading them.
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Second Life Role Play Meet Up

If you play the game or don't yet, Join and add your names to here for meet ups to play out any and all pregnancy activities. For those that doesn't know how to get that great pregnancy look, come to me for help.
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One of my favorite pregnancy niches is women being pregnant with animals (preferably something larger).

Obviously, what I'm looking for here (and what wouldn't fit in the thread title) is stories and discussion.

I'm going to review some board rules and post some story links in a bit.
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Post some of you favorite stories here!

I'm desperate to find some good fic, but I'm extremely picky and Google never offers up anything good. I keep ending up on DeviantArt, and, well.. DeviantArt has a lot of rocks, and a very small amount of diamonds.

So I'm very curious to see what kinds of things you guys are into too.
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NaNoWriMo, Anyone?

Si it's that time of year again: NaNoWriMo and I'm curious: is anyone participating? Writing an epic novel of pregnancy, birth, and labor against a backdrop of, say, the French Revolution or some magical kingdom? Even if you don't hot the goal of 50k words by 11/30, I think it would be great if Pregchan had a NanoWriMo "challenge" or drive (a "push" you could say;-) to really get some good preg/birth stories out there.

One place online which is great for sharing stories without fear of getting shut-down is WattPad. I am surprised to say, however, that with all the erotica and fetish writing on there….there's not much in the way of pregnancy/birth unless your thing is Mpreg, A/B/O, or teenage pregnancy. Still, not much of that either.

I dunno, I just thought it might be a nice, fun monthly event/challenge/community building experience for the group. Let me know your thoughts!
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where can I finde images of kadaths females pregnant
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Longshot Request

Does anyone here remember this story: http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/964813-Darkness-Within

The author took it down and I can't find a copy. Anyone have a saved version?
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New Story: Cursed Birth of the Wyvernic

Hello all! I've recently uploaded a story onto Wattpad - complete with illustrations! I really hope you all enjoy it. Any and all feed back is appreciated.


If it seems familiar to some of you, SURPRISE: I'm the writer/artist formerly known as HelloLunchMeat and originally had this story posted as "Cursed Egg of the Wyvernic".

Well, I've decided to A) Expand on this literally universe and B) go back to live birth vs. eggs.

So let me know. I like Wattpad for a number of reasons so maybe we can get more good birth stories archived there. Thanks for reading!
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Impregnator Kings- bbwchan parts.

I'm going to test to see how many posts it may take to re-post the entirety of the story that was on bbw-chan. It won't have images or be very well edited, but this seems to be the best solution for now.

If it doesn't work, I'll delete this post.
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Illness Fetish

I have a huge love of reading stories with difficult pregnancy, but I can never find any. I do illness stories too but still can't find many that I haven't read.

I'm a huge fun of h/c, whump, emetophila and of course pregnancy.

If any of y'all could show me ones you like or sites that cater to that kinda fetish that be great.
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4 Historical Royal Birthing Traditions


An article that some of you might find interesting. I certainly did, especially the first entry.
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New Pregnancy Subreddit

Hi everyone,

Please come check out this subreddit that I'm trying to start:

So far I'm the only one posting but I think it's an easier way to share content than Deviantart, Tumblr, etc.
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On the lookout for new partners


I'm a female looking for an any gender partner. I've got moderate experience with roleplay and have done it off and on for about three years. I'm comfortable with either long posts or quick back and forths

Large babies/difficult births
Historical or fantasy settings
Detailed characters
Quick, hard ladies
Late pregnancy
Sex during pregnany
Partner's assistance during labor (nipple stimulation, rubbing back or belly, supporting the baby during birth, etc)

Things I'm willing to work with:
Teenage characters
Modern settings
Fantasy elements (egg births, aliens, monsters, magic, etc)
Rapid pregnancy
Multiple births (no more than 4)
Light bondage

Off limits:
Rape scenes (a child conceived by rape is acceptable, but I do not want to write the actual rape scene)
Large age gaps
Adult/minor relationships
Abusive partners
Gore, death, or excessive mutilation of any parties (beyond the usuals of childbirth)

Contact info
KIK: stretchabit
Google Hangouts: swbedits
Or simply reply to this thread
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Is there a birth scene archive anywhere?

That would be great for us birth-fetish humans.
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whats wrong with bastionworks?

okay for a few months now something has been going on with bastionworks, bastionworks fourms everything bastionworks and the owner darien-shield has not answered any of my messages does anyone know whats going on?
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I need your hard cock to get me through that long, hard labor.

You pounded this pussy and now my belly is swollen with your seed. Your twins. I can barely move! I rub my belly and my aching breasts, leaking milk, but it's not enough. The labor pains are so hard.

I need your cock. That's right. Put it in me. Big and hard. I need to squeeze it with every contraction. Oh, it hurts so much unless you're in my pussy, making me feel better from the inside.

I can feel it. The first baby's head is pushing on my cervix. Oh, it hurts so much. Harder. Fuck me harder. Make the pain go away.

What are you going to do to me?
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ANR meetups

Any pregnant women, or women who are lactating interested in ANR? I'm personally looking for someone in California to try this with but I know there are others.


Lactation is a taboo but it shouldn't be cuz breasts are beautiful and milk is life so discuss.

Also, we need male and female members for a Cali kik group so kik me here to join: robbiedee77
If you don't have kik, hit me up at my throwaway email: jayg91@mail.com
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kik tomorrowgirl69 love birth
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Preg stories/erotica. Stuff YOU would pay for!

So. Say somebody wrote something. Situational slice of life? Smut? Either or.

What would it need in it, how long at minimum would it need to be, what would almost GUARANTEE if it were even moderately competently done, for you to spend two dollars on it?

I'm in a mercenarial mood and deliberating trying to make things people would like to pay for. But I don't just want to make stuff hoping people like what I'm making.

suffice to say, I want money. So, I guess I'm posting this here just seeing the subjects that people are willing to come forwards again and make known what they'd willingly part with internet dollars for. Just to see what I can do.
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The Beginning of the End: 1 of ?

The yukionna’s nails bit deeper into the tree branch, and she threw back her head with an ecstatic moan. “Harder!”

The ox-headed youkai behind her grasped her hips tighter and started thrusting into her even more passionately, grunting from the effort. A fresh spike of pain erupted from the yukionna’s groin, making the yukionna cry out in delight as her sore, leaking breasts bounced roughly. She shoved back at her temporary lover just as hard, looking down at her hugely stretched stomach to watch it quake thanks to their actions. Within her womb, the two children weighing thirteen pounds each flailed and kicked, making her gasp and squeal as each motion added a new jolt of pleasure, driving her closer and closer to the peak. “Yes- C’mon, fuck me _harder_!”

The other youkai obliged, forcing joyous screams from his partner, and climaxed. She reached orgasm a moment later, lost in the bliss that came from harsh sex so close to giving birth. She had only just started to bask in the afterglow when a soft wind tickled her face, swirling before her eyes to take a tiny, androgynous form that bowed to her. “Greetings, Oniyama Hatsuyuki-san,” it peeped. “I come with a request from your family for your immediate attendance.”

Hatsuyuki gritted her teeth in aggravation. “It’s not a good time for this, Ryoufuu,” she growled, shivering as the ox-headed youkai slid free of her, and pressed against her back to reach around and rub her stomach lovingly. “I’m due to give birth in about three hours. Tell my family I’ll visit tomorrow.”

The little wind spirit shook its head. “It’s very urgent, Oniyama-san. They wish to discuss a marriage offer.”


The ox-headed youkai jumped. “What?” he asked gruffly, not having heard much of the conversation through inattention.

Hatsuyuki let out a gusty sigh. “I just got a message from my family. I need to go bitch them out.” She gently shrugged the other youkai off and went for where she had left her maternity yutaka and the rest of her supplies. A rag was used to wipe her thighs and tossed aside, and she put on the robe. The edges just barely met at the front of her belly, and the belt wasn’t much better, but it would have to do.

“You will return in time to give me my children?”

“Of course,” the yukionna said reassuringly. “I’m on a deadline anyway.”

The ox-headed youkai would have smiled if his mouth allowed it. “I will guard your belongings.”

“Thank you.” Hatusyuki motioned to Ryoufuu. “Let’s go, but make it fast.”

The wind spirit nodded and raised its arms. In seconds, a swirl of air surrounded it and the yukionna, lifting them up and carrying them away. Travel via wind spirit was disorienting. It felt weightless and did not allow the senses to work properly. But it was a fast way to go, and it seemed like only moments had passed before Ryoufuu put Hatsuyuki at the entrance of the cave belonging to her family. “That took an hour,” Ryoufuu informed its passenger.

“Right, thanks.” Hatsuyuki waddled in, stomach trembling with every step. The twin unborn squirmed, as if protesting being removed from their father’s presence; Hatsuyuki had to give her stomach a few pats to calm them before she stepped into the grand cavern where her clan saw guests and held feasts, and where her older siblings had all been born.

The clan that had long laid claim to this territory was so diminished. The only youkai there were her remaining oni siblings, a few cousins, in-laws, and unrelated oni, and her mother and father. They numbered twenty in all. Her Aunt Haru wasn’t in the cavern, or there would have been twenty-one. Seeing the reduced population brought Hatsuyuki up short, but even more shocking was seeing Jouji and Yukiyo again. Her father’s muscle had turned to flab, and he had shrunk and shriveled in his immensely old age. His mane had fallen out, and his white beard touched his chest. Her mother’s black hair had turned white as well, and she was as small and wrinkled as a human’s great-great-great grandmother.

Hatsuyuki had known her parents were quite elderly, but she hadn’t realized how truly old that was until now; she had been gone too long. Thank the gods her siblings could care for them.

“Welcome home, Hatsuyuki,” Yukiyo said in a voice softer than snowfall, another sign of her age. “You look well. Carrying out the will of the gods suits you.”

“How many have you whelped at this point?” Jouji asked.

Hatsuyuki touched her stomach again. “These will make sixteen and seventeen,” she stated.

“You do me proud,” Yukiyo stated, clouded eyes twinkling. “I know you’re curious, so I will explain. Empress Dowager Ikazuchi is looking for a match for one of her sons.”

Hatsuyuki’s jaw dropped. Empress Ikazuchi was a sky dragon, one of the last; she had taken the throne when her husband died of an absolutely ancient age- the yen dropped. “And you volunteered me.”

“We had to, Hatsuyuki,” Jouji said with genuine sadness. “If Prince Shiden Ifuurinrin finds you to his liking, and agrees to the match, then our clan will be offered shelter within their palace, which floats in the clouds above Hokkaido’s highest mountain, hidden from human perception by magic. We need such shelter, my dear daughter, because we’ve all become so old, and no one else of our clan is unattached but for sister Haru. But she does not wish to remarry; she misses her husband too much, may he rest in peace. Not to mention-”

“Humans,” Hatsuyuki said.

Yukiyo nodded. “They are coming increasingly closer; we have been forced to kill some hikers who had gotten lost and would have reported our location. It’s true they might not have been believed, but more and more youkai are saying that people are actively looking for them, chasing legends. And once we take Hokkaido, we’ll have to defend it. We know it is unfair to ask this of you after Yukimatsu was allowed to choose his mate, but-” She looked down at her wrinkled, folded hands. “But-”

“But times are getting desperate,” Hatsuyuki finished. And it was true: more and more youkai were being forced to retreat to Hokkaido and its flanking small islands, hiding and waiting until the day they could take it over completely. Even though the will of the gods had not changed, it was getting harder to carry out. It was possible her parents wouldn’t live to see the day when the mission was complete, and when it was time for them to pass, the yukionna wanted them to do so in a safe place. “I’ll give him a chance, but I honestly can’t stay long. I need to go back to my last location and give birth in nearly two hours.”

Jouji motioned to her pendant. “Then you should take that off and-”

A curtain across the way opened and Aunt Haru poked her head in. “They’re here!”

Yukiyo patted the space next to her. “Quickly, sit down.”

Hatsuyuki hurried over and knelt, but landed too heavily, causing her belt to snap. Her yukata fell open just as the curtain was pushed aside and Empress Ikazuchi came into the cavern, followed closely by her son. While the Empress was impressive in her humanoid form, swathed in yards of silver and gray brocade and dripping with jewels, Hatsuyuki barely noticed her. Her eyes had been drawn to Prince Shiden the very second he stepped into sight.

The Prince was tall and surprisingly fair-skinned, with deep, dark blue eyes and reptilian pupils, and he wore a long tunic and loose pants of purple and gold, embroidered with various purple gems; a band of gold set with more gems crossed his forehead and disappeared under his long, pearly hair. He showed signs of being half dragon. Rather than being completely covered in silver, oval-shaped scales like his mother, his cheekbones, clawed hands, draconic feet, and serpentine tail looked to be among the only parts of him that were armored. His ears were wide and frilled, and his youthful, sculpted face had character, while the worry lines at the corners of his eyes and below his coronet showed that the Prince frowned often in thought.

At the moment, though, he was far from frowning. His stare was fixed on Hatsuyuki’s breasts and jutting, rounded stomach that covered over half her thighs. Judging by the dilation of his pupils and the expression on his face, he liked what he saw very, very much. And for no reason she could explain, the breeding yukionna liked what she saw in him, too.

The Empress did not. “Is this how you present your candidate to us?” she asked in a steely contralto, sweeping the collected oni and yukionna with an icy glare. “Half-naked and obviously claimed by another?”

“Hey!” Hatsuyuki indignantly interjected. “I haven’t been claimed by anyone; I follow the will of the gods. And it was an accident.”

The Empress glared at Hatsuyuki, who glared right back, refusing to be intimidated. “Cover up,” the dragon snapped.

“No,” Prince Shiden interrupted, and though his voice was quiet, the undercutting authority in his velvety baritone was unmistakable. “No, don’t.” He looked to the rest of the clan. “Forgive me, but might we have some privacy?”

The Empress was surprised, but the oni immediately got to their feet and departed. Jouji tossed his daughter an encouraging wink, and Yukiyo stroked Hatsuyuki’s hair once before being helped up and escorted out by her beloved husband. The Empress huffed in annoyance, but she spun on her heel and stalked away. In moments, the Prince and the breeder were alone.

The next words out of Hatsuyuki’s mouth were, “It really was an accident, so I don’t appreciate how your mother ordered me around right off the bat.”

“I’m sorry,” Shiden said, smiling a little. “Would it help if I said I didn’t mind at all?”

Hatsuyuki smirked. “Yeah, it would. I’d be quite flattered, actually.”

The dragon prince motioned to a space in front of her. “May I sit with you?”

He was a prince; he didn’t have to ask. The fact he did anyway pleased the yukionna. “Sure.”

Shiden picked up a cushion, set it down, and knelt. For a moment, he simply looked at her with raw lust, a terrible longing, and a degree of caution. An odd combination of emotions. “I had a pretty speech prepared for this moment,” Shiden said, “but now I can’t remember a word of it.”

“That’s okay. I’m not one for pretty speeches,” Hatsuyuki said, watching him in turn and looking for clues as to what kind of person he was. Mannerly, yes, and perhaps sweet, but there was something else she didn’t yet understand.

“I understand your name is Oniyama Hatsuyuki. Forgive me, but I didn’t think members of oni clans took surnames.”

“Normally we don’t,” Hatsuyuki answered. “It was convenient to do it when I started interacting with humans, though.”

“But you also took it to honor your family?” Shiden ventured, as “oniyama” meant “ogre mountain”, and received a nod. “Does that mean you were born here?”

“In this territory, yeah. My clan has held it for centuries.”

“It must hurt, hearing it might be surrendered.”

Hatsuyuki nodded. “A little, since I haven’t lived here in years. That doesn’t really foster an emotional connection, you know? What hurts more is seeing my parents so old and weakened that they felt they had to bargain for shelter.”

The prince nodded in turn, understanding. “It hurt to see my father age. He was human too. He did get very old for a human -one hundred-three-, but that’s not nearly long enough to have your parents with you.”

The yukionna shook her head. “No, it’s not.” She was lucky her own parents were youkai; they probably had another forty years before they passed. “Where were you brought up?”

“The palace above Hokkaido’s tallest peak. My father was one of Mother’s concubines after the Emperor passed away. It was a very sheltered upbringing, I’m afraid; this is one of the only times I’ve left the palace. There isn’t a lot of reason to, unless we need to make a diplomatic visit,” Shiden said. “There isn’t even much reason to leave my suite, come to think of it. It’s not that I’m a shut-in, but when meals and books can be delivered nearly any time, and scrying mirrors can show you anything you want to learn about, it’s hard to think of an excuse to go anywhere.”

“Does that mean you never wanted to?” Hatsuyuki inquired.

“No, actually. It would be nice if I could come earthside more often,” Shiden said. “But I- Well.” He motioned to his draconic features. “I’m not an illusionist; I couldn’t pass as a human even if I tried. So I have to content myself with coming down just to see other youkai at rare times.”

“Then I’m flattered you decided I was worth the effort,” Hatsuyuki teased.

Shiden smiled shyly. “I should thank you for agreeing to meet me, truthfully. I know practices like this are falling out of favor even though some people still rely on them, and it means a lot that you’re willing to give me a chance.”

“I can’t say I’m regretting the decision,” Hatsuyuki said, and it was the truth. Shiden was surprisingly easy to talk to, and the way he kept staring at her was extremely pleasing. It made her wonder if he was horny, or if he had a fetish.
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Pregnant Zelda girl story

Once upon a time, I recall reading a story, either here or some other place, about a tavern where almost every female in the Zelda series was represented and pregnant with The Hero of Time's offspring. Two of the details that I remember about it are Maple floating outside the door on her broom, and Nabooru's(I think) water breaking as she gives birth in the middle of the tavern near the end.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?
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Marrazan's DA


Apparently, Marrazan has been suspended from DA.

No idea what happened to cause this. Mods may be known for their relative strictness, but the existence of his gallery seemed to be perfectly fine. Up 'till now.
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Aren't there any birth scene collection or wiki?

A collection of all the birth scenes.
What a heaven it will be.
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It's so hard to trade with all these freeloaders.
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Group Story Archive

After Belliusmaximus went down, there wasn't really a good story archive focused on Pregnancy Fetish literature.

Then Lovepreg showed up and it did a pretty good job for a while, then went away, itself.

So, I got to thinking, what if we got together and made an archive of all the stories we had lying around/could find?

Preggophilia has a pretty good thing going with their armada of Google Drives, so why not use that model?

Or, we could consolidate everything to a single drive (text files don't use much space), and maybe work out a system of tagging things so people could search by topic or author.

Mostly, I'm just frustrated with how hard it is to find pregnancy stories (new and old) nowadays.

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endless e-hentai script

did anyone else here use the "endless e-hentai" greasemonkey script? It seems that they updated the site and it doesn't work anymore. Do any of you know if there's an update out there that fixes it, or if there's a good alternative?
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And so we mourn another loss to the community...

Well, while it's been dead for a really long time, looks like the site Pregfur is officially gone from the internet. Now, I know a lot of you don't really care about furries (I'm neutral on the subject), but I think some of the content on /f/ might have originated there and, well, it was a preg site.

…Kinda makes my suggestion in /q/ seem a little more important now. We should always have somewhere where we can get together and do stuff…
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Now Open for Story Comissions!

I've been writing fetish fiction for some time, and for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, people like what I do. And a lot of times I get a lot of questions along the lines of "When are you going to write more XYZ?" Well, now that's up to you. So, if you want a work of short fetish fiction written and lack the time, inclination or ability to write it, then hey, here I am.

The price will be $5.00 USD per 500 words, rounded down. An average short work length is 2000-3000 words, give or take. If you're interested, email me at doombeez(at)gmail(dot)com, or send me a note on Deviantart or Furaffinity. Send me a brief description of what you'd like to happen in it (character descriptions, basic plot outline, kinks you want incuded, etc). If I accept, I'll send you a small sample of the story, and if it meets your approval, send me your payment and I'll complete it and send it to you. You may post it on your own page. It will only be posted on mine with your explicit permission.

At this time, I'm only accepting payments via Google Wallet, due to some difficulties with paypal. Commissions will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and [b]I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason[/b].

-Pregnancy, labor/birth and any such related kinks
-Including mpreg or trans characters!
-Any sort of anthro or species
-Sex of any sort between any parties of any genders
-Oviposition and similar
-Expansion (though preferably not hyper)

-Anything non-consensual, or even things that hint at it
-Scat/ws or guro
-"Bad end" pregnancies (i.e. no chestbursters)
-Fanfiction involving specific characters

-Most other fetishes? If there's something you like that I haven't mentioned, ask about it and I'll consider it on a case-by-case basis. No harm in asking. I have a very open mind. :)
-Fanfiction that's set in a particular universe but doesn't feature plot characters (depending on if I'm familiar with the work)

Relevant links:

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ecstatic home natural birth in water

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrwXLNC6_CQ Worthy of sharing here. I just wish the camera was at a better angle ;P
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Yall should visit this tumblr. It is prime fap fuel

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So. Uh.

That statement I made about my next and last story? The voices in my head had something to say about that. Some of it wasn't very nice. None of it was negotiable.

So while this is my next story, it isn't the last. I guess we should think of it as a buffer while I try to finish the other one. I hope you enjoy it.


Denver, the far future:

With the rise of robotics and other technology had come a profound change in sexual relations. Carlos Hartford had taken advantage of that by programming a VR sex simulator that was completely customisable and felt utterly real. Users could log into the official site and enjoy different levels of membership: free meant full forum access, and an hour of fun three times a week before automatically getting logged out. Paid membership meant full forum access, and fun for two hours a day, five days a week. The Platinum membership was the most expensive, but by far the most popular: forum membership and unlimited access to pleasure twenty-four/seven.

Carlos had made a fortune. Not enough to quit his software programming job entirely, but he didn’t really want to. He enjoyed the work. But now he was making enough to cut his hours to part time and still work from home, get a different insurance plan with health, home, hovercar, and weather protection all bundled together, and indulge in a luxury.

Or rather, a complicated masturbation aid.

Where Carlos had gone for VR, others had gone for robotics. That work had spawned Dolls, androids and gynoids meant for servitude and sex. But they were more than that: they were tailor-made works of art that could move, and think, and make love like humans. Carlos had wanted one ever since he was fourteen, but even if he wrote the software for the personality on his own, what he had in mind had been very costly.

Until now.

Accessing OfficialDollsHome.com had reduced him to the mentality of a kid in a candy store. There were so many options for bodies, hair, eyes, clothes, software accessories, and much, much more. After he had built his Doll to personify his most cherished dream, Carlos had gone shopping, first on the site, then at a thrift store. Even if Dolls did not mind what was essentially sexual servitude, Carlos wanted to treat his well. That meant making sure she felt safe and secure in his little apartment, keeping her software and anti-hack programs updated, giving her nice things, and making sure she knew he adored her. And he did adore her already. She was his fantasy made artificial flesh; how could he not?

The next thing he bought was a wardrobe from IKEA, made of dark brown wood and styled in an old-fashioned way, which he put next to his dresser. When the clothing ordered from the site came, delivered by drone to the balcony of Carlos’ small apartment, he unpacked everything, unable to keep from running his hands appreciatively over the differing textures and cuts. There were lovely, floaty dresses, latex bondage outfits, a few costumes, several attractive pairs of shoes, pants and soft fuzzy sweaters, and more. Some would be removed from his Doll gently and reverently. Some, like the thrift store clothing, could be torn apart in the throes of passion and discarded, or repaired for later use.

Next came touching up his apartment. It wasn’t much, to be honest. A bedroom with his workstation, the balcony with a view of the breathtaking, majestic Rockies, a full-length mirror, a connected bathroom, enough space for the dresser and the TV atop it, and the king-sized bed. Beyond that was a little living room and kitchen. It was all pretty bare-bones, which he hadn’t minded in the three years he’d owned the place, but now Carlos wanted to make it cozier, more like a home. Thus came flowers kept in stasis at the peak of their beauty and arranged in lovely stained-glass vases, some paintings, new dishware sets, plenty of new linens, and other such domestic things. He surprised himself with how much he preferred the new decorations, actually. Maybe there was something to be said for nice things for himself, too.
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Birth Simulator

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but recently I just decided to sit down and start doing it.

What I want to do is make a game where you watch a customizable 3D character give birth. You get control over all sorts of variables, like the mother's strength, size of her baby, size of her hips, pain sensitivity, whether she's carrying twins, whether or not she's into it, stuff like that. The engine takes your settings and simulates a birth based on them. For example, let's say you set up the mother to have low strength, but wide hips, and a large birth canal. She would take a long time to deliver, but it would be relatively easy for her. If you were to shrink her hips and birth canal, and it would be more painful and take longer. If you were to increase her strength instead, the birth would happen quickly.
Basically, by tweaking the variables, you can watch whatever kind of birth your heart desires.

I definitely want to go the 3D route, but I do not want to use Poser or anything like that. For these reasons I'm currently learning Blender for the characters and animations. I'm fairly far along. As for the programming part, I'm clueless.

Programmers, where should I start?
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Pregnancy Themed Games?

Man, I've seen a lot of good games that revolve around vore floating about on the web, but yet there aren't nearly as many preg-related games!

Do any of you peeps know about any good games that revolve around preg/mpreg that exist? Don't give me any of that Frozen Flash game bullshit.
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Prequel: Deviant.

This was probably the worst week of his life. Not only was his father right in saying adolescence was a bitch, the half-raw claw marks on his face still hadn’t faded. Prince Shiden had a feeling his mother was somehow preventing their healing, to enforce the shame she believed he should feel. It was working, but not well enough. The desire that had lead to him getting slapped by the sky dragons’ Empress was still tormenting him. He had never thought he could want something as badly as he wanted this. It was a simple desire, and yet more complex than it had to be.

And it was driving him insane.

Shiden rolled over in his bed, trying to get comfortable amidst the plush pillows and silk blankets, to no avail. The angle of the moonlight coming through his windows had shifted enough to warn him he would be too groggy in the morning to focus on anything if he didn’t get some sleep. The prince finally gave up and got out of bed, stripping off his silk robe and tossing it aside as he crossed the room to the wall by his bedroom door. There were a short series of switches set in an elaborate sandalwood panel; pressing any of them could summon a servant at any hour for any reason.

Shiden rested a clawed, scaled finger on the one closest to the door, hesitating. He shouldn’t flip the switch. Not that the servants ever minded coming to him in the middle of the night; they made it clear they enjoyed the experience because he made sure they were pleased too. But the sex never lasted long; the women would come to him already aroused, so there was little to no foreplay. As soon as they both reached climax, the women would clean themselves up and go back to work, or to bed, or their hobbies. They never stayed to cuddle or share pillow talk in the afterglow, even if he asked. Once Shiden had become so desperate for continued contact that he had grabbed the woman’s wrist and yanked her back onto the bed, pleading with her to stay. She just met his eyes and calmly told him, “A prince does not beg.”

It was then Shiden realized why the servants never stayed: they were trying to keep him in his place as the Empress’ youngest son, to keep him from forming attachments that would hinder him when it came time to choose an acceptable bride after he reached his majority. Combined with his unspoken desire, it meant Shiden was never truly fulfilled when it came to sex.

But it would be better than nothing. Better than masturbating over and over in an attempt to wear himself out. Feeling decidedly unhappy, Shiden pressed the switch and returned to his bed, sitting on the edge. A hand went to the scratches on his cheek, then rested on the blankets, trying to ignore the guilt stirring in the back of his mind.

The bedroom door quietly slid open, admitting Murasaki. The lesser dragon was wearing a purple kimono and a beaded bracelet that gleamed in the moonlight. Shiden felt a little better on seeing her. She was one of his favorites because she would always take a human form that was pleasing to him: minimal scales, wide hips, long hair, soft lips, heavy breasts, and a cute little stomach. She had done it of her own initiative too, believing Shiden would enjoy a female who looked human due to his half human heritage. She was right. Shiden gave her a tired smile. “Thank you for coming, Murasaki,” he said quietly.

“Of course, Prince,” the servant said, bowing appropriately low, and removed her kimono, setting it aside. She approached the bed, kneeling over his erection, only for Shiden to grasp her shoulders, shift sideways and pin her to the mattress before she could be penetrated. “Ah! Prince, what- I thought you wanted-”

Shiden kissed her, silencing her questions. Murasaki squirmed under him, breasts quivering, and Shiden moved his hands from her shoulders to close them on her chest, squeezing, kneading, listening to Murasaki’s surprised whimpers. The prince pretended she was whispering seductively to him, telling him to be gentle because her breasts were so sensitive when she was fertile. Her imagined speech made Shiden shudder as his arousal intensified, and he kissed a hot path to her left breast to close lips and teeth on the purely aesthetic nipple. He sucked hard, making Murasaki’s back arch and a shocked breath escape her, and fantasized she was asking him to prepare her for when she would nurse the child they would create tonight.
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Sharing Story Ideas

It goes without saying a lot of great pregnancy writers often stop by and hang out on pregchan, and since I couldn't find one, I decided to start a thread where people can post ideas they have, and others take those ideas and put them into writing.

Note: Not exactly the same as requests, whereas with requests you kinda are setting some (if any) guidelines, here, you give an idea, and the writer has full creative liberties with it

For example: A woman is pregnant with an alien, but as far as she's aware, the baby is human
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Can anybody point me to any sources that explain in depth how the various stages of birth feel, how the baby moves out, and things the mother would feel during the process?

I can only seem to find very loose information about the stages of birth that take a very clinical approach to the whole thing and it doesn't really work for me.
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Drawing Program Suggestions

While my artwork looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint, I actually do my stuff in Photoshop Elements. The problem is that it simply does not work as well as I would like. This leads me to the point of this thread: what is the best drawing program? I looked into Paint Tool SAI, but I could not find a price for it (I am guessing it costs 100,000 yen or something crazy like that). I am looking for a good program that is affordable (although free would be nice) that works very well. A line stabilization feature like in Paint Tool SAI would be nice to have in said program. (I guess talking about prices causes the filter to think that this message is automated)
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Pregnant smiley from RT2? Idk,im knew here so idk if i can request here or not.
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Zelda & Ranma Preg Fics

So, back before the Big Crash, I had a topic here with a bunch of pregnancy and mpreg fic ideas. It's gone now because I've been gone for so long and the boards have filled up, but, I do remember that A: I wanted get some of them done, and B: the Ranma 1/2 and the Zelda ones were the ones I and others seemed most interested in.

So, I thought I'd test the waters here by asking if anyone'd be interested in seeing my works, and to try and either recall my old ideas and/or see if there's any suggestions for new ones.

Just a head's up; I don't really like yaoi, but monstergirls, male/futa, "straight" (female-via-magic or futa "father") mpreg, breastpreg and tentatively ballbreg are okays for my "weirder" pregnancy fetish.
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The Beginning of the End: Hatsuyuki Plays Matchmaker.

The very night the human Hisako Takahara gave birth to Oniyama Yukimatsu’s twin sons, the kitsune midwife Lady Rengyou took every snow demon to her lord husband’s home in the hills the next town over, so she could give them things the boys would need (and some maternity yukatas for Oniyama Hatsuyuki) after she delivered her own litter of five. There, the twins entertained a visiting rokurokubi. The rokurokubi shared rumors she had heard in her own travels of a small, isolated community on Rebun Island, which was part of Hokkaido; supposedly, this community was entirely made up of youkai who could tolerate the cooler temperatures of the area.

“We can all increase our numbers safely there,” the rokurokubi excitedly explained. “The population has already reached two hundred-twenty; within twenty or thirty years, there will be enough of us to claim the whole of Hokkaido for youkai, especially if those who use charms help us. The Utari there are somewhat aware of our presence, but there have been promises that they will be treated well, and given full rights to hunt and fish their much-needed salmon. They are much like youkai in that they too have been driven nearly to extinction; I can emphasize with them, really. I might have to take one of their men as a husband in the future.”

Yukimatsu rather liked the idea of a small, safe community where he could raise his children, whom he had unimaginatively named Yukimaru and Yukitaro. While she didn’t wish to settle down, his older twin sister Hatsuyuki wanted to see this community for herself. If she liked it, she reasoned she could put her charmed pendant back on, deliver her triplets, and leave them with a suitable family. Thus, after a week with Lady Rengyou and her husband Lord Niwafuji, the Oniyama relatives departed for the upper tip of Rebun Island.

It took two years to make it there, stowing away on trains, catching rides with helpful wind spirits, asking other kitsune to teleport them, even hitchhiking once or twice. And after a long ferry ride and a days-long hike, they arrived. It was like traveling back in time to days when youkai were plentiful in number, and times were simpler. Houses were large and in the old, traditional style, where a collection of neighbors or big families could live comfortably. There was an artificially created hotspring run by a small group of mujina and nekomata, and several wells and medicine shops maintained by kappa. Little farms were tended by knowledgeable tengu, and house gardens cared for by kamaitachi. There was even a bank of sorts run by three tanuki brothers. It seemed there was no limit to the youkai living in the community. There was even word of a collection of thirty yukionna, quite a few of whom were single.

“I think I want to live here,” Yukimatsu told Hatsuyuki the very first evening of their stay in the inn. “I know we haven’t been here more than eleven hours, but something about this place is captivating, and it feels safe and peaceful. Even the scents make me feel at home.”

They had been traveling for several years now so they could meet other youkai carrying out the will of the gods, and so Hatsuyuki could breed. Yukimatsu could have gone back to their clan’s territory at any time, but that would not have made him happy, largely because there had never been any women he found suitable among the oni. Their parents Jouji and Yukiyo, now greatly aged, could have found their snow-son a match from any other youkai race, but they had admitted long ago there was never a guarantee that love would blossom. Their own pairing had been pure serendipity.

For all that he was a demon, Yukimatsu was a terribly domestic, even somewhat romantic sort. He wanted a house that was a home, a wife, and more children, and he wanted to make his own choices on those matters and be happy with them. Despite his shyness, it had been something he had been thinking about since before he had caught Hisako’s scent at the swingers’ club.

“I’d advise you think on it a few more days,” Hatsuyuki said, “but if this place agrees with you, then I won’t object to you staying. I’ll miss having you around, of course-”

“Miss tormenting me, you mean,” Yukimatsu retorted.

“That too,” Hatsuyuki agreed. “But for all that I pick on you, I do want you to be happy. That’s why I helped you knock up Hisako. If you find you’re happiest here, then I’ll try to find someone else to travel with.”

The yukiotoko smiled with surprising warmth. “Thank you, Aneue.”

After two more days of rest, the Oniyama twins began searching for an appropriate residence. It would need space for Yukimatsu, his sons, his future wife and children -he was hoping for at least three more-, a storage area, and a room for when Hatsuyuki wanted to visit. They found such a place with an inugami landlord, who informed the siblings that if Yukimatsu wanted to stay and be provided for, he would have to contribute somehow to the well-being of the community. This brought the twins up short; their travels had not provided them with a lot of opportunities to develop meaningful life skills.

After a moment of fast thought, Yukimatsu blurted “I’ll be your archivist. This is a fairly new community by youkai standards, but its history is important, yes? I will take care of family histories and genealogies, inventory records, wedding documents, and the stories of the youkai races here.”

The inugami was surprised, and then thoughtful. “Show me an example of your handwriting,” he said, and brought the Oniyamas into his office, where he provided old-fashioned ink, a brush, and paper. Hatsuyuki couldn’t help but feel smug as Yukimatsu wrote a haiku in his beautiful and perfectly legible calligraphy. Their academic lessons had been short in their youth, but her twin had always possessed marvelous handwriting. (She almost envied him for it; her own looked a lot like chicken scratch.)

Within the hour, Yukimatsu, Yukitaro, and Yukimaru had a house to call their own, with plenty of room, tatami flooring, a stone fence, a garden, a tiny well of its own, and many bookshelves given to them by a wood spirit as a housewarming gift. Thanks to word of mouth, forty-eight hours after Yukimatsu had closed the deal with the inugami, the residents started coming to the yukiotoko, sharing their stories and explaining how the community had taken shape, and who had contributed to which effort.

Gossip was like glitter: it really got around. That was why it took only three days for the local, unattached yukionna to flock to Yukimatsu’s house, bringing gifts of food, drink, and their company. This amused Hatsuyuki greatly, because being on the receiving end of so much female attention flustered her brother and gave her more ammunition to tease him with. To facilitate this, Hatsuyuki acted the part of the gracious hostess, serving tea and snacks, and keeping Yukimaru and Yukitaro entertained while the various yukionna visited.

One such yukionna was an exceptionally lovely lady named Yukizora. Out of all the female visitors, she was the only one Hatsuyuki discovered she didn’t like. Even for a yukionna, Yukizora was cold and remote, like a glacier made into the shape of a monster. It actually scared Yukitaro and Yukimaru, and made her seem snobbish, which wasn’t a trait that Hatsuyuki wanted in her brother’s future mate. Unfortunately, there were reasons why Yukimatsu couldn’t ask her to stop coming around. Yukizora had lived in the community off and on since shortly after its founding, so she knew many accounts from its history. She often brought treats for Yukimaru and Yukitaro, even though they wouldn’t take them from her hands, and gave the utmost courtesy to the Oniyama twins. Thus she never truly did anything that could make the polite yukiotoko put his foot down. But something about her clearly intimidated Yukimatsu, which made Hatsuyuki dislike her all the more.

It was during one such visit that gave Hatsuyuki a glimmer of hope. Yukizora lowered her cup of green tea and addressed the Oniyama sister. “If it is not too forward of me to make the inquiry, Oniyama-san, when are you due?” she asked in her formal way.

“Whenever I choose to be,” Hatsuyuki truthfully answered. She’d taken possession of all four of the quartz charms she and her brother had used.

“Might I put forth a suggestion for when you make that choice? There is a yukionna here named Setsugekka; she is one of two midwives serving the local women,” Yukizora reported. “The youkai here do not have the blessed charms given to traveling youkai, and thus the birthing process proceeds naturally. Setsugekka-san is a very talented woman. Births go smoothly thanks to her, and all infants survive.”

Setsugekka. The name meant “snow, moon, and flowers.” Something about it made Hatsuyuki curious. “Would she be able to visit tomorrow? I’d like to speak with her.”

Yukizora nodded. “I will send word her presence is requested at the archivist’s residence.”

Hatsuyuki had to hide a devious grin behind her own teacup. “Thank you, Yukizora.”
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Literature request thread

Post your requests for pregnancy stories, and if you can, fulfill other anon's requests. You don't have to post OC but if you really feel like it it would be appreciated.

Im requesting stories involving the main character becoming hugely pregnant with an animal(s). The gender of the main character doesn't matter to me but i would really prefer if the fertilization was done through mating. Thanks.
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What does Anonymous like to do?

When Anon isn't busy fapping to big bellies (and who can blame?), what does Anon like to do?

What hobbies do you have? Gardening, cooking, woodworking, miniatures/models? What subject is your hobby or enthusiasm? Are you a Civil War buff? Maybe genealogy?

It came up in /r/ on my thread. I sew. A lot. Many things for many people for many purposes. I enjoy taking raw materials and bending them to my will to get a beautiful or functional item. Especially if both result. It tickles me that my kids home in on the handmade stuff first when getting dressed. It's fun to say "Thank you, I made it!"

So, what do you like doing?
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What is Furry?

I have a qestion for everyone….this might not be the correct place to ask but i shall ask it anyway.

What do you define as "furry"?

Seeing the furry section flare up and swiftly removing it from my view when i hit the home page, it hit me to think that Monster girl and Monster girl Encyclopedia don't really count as furry in my opinion due to them having actual human part rather then being covered all in fur. But that is my opinion and i would just like to here anyone else thoughs on the subject. due to me hopefully trying to draw Monster girls.
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Spooky's Bump Log 2

The old thread really WAS going for a long time (just about 4 months!), so it isn't surprising that it hit the post limit for bumps. Time for a refresh!

And please, no posts arguing about not believing me, we've beaten that horse to death and then some. Either be part of the conversation, or don't post. It's that simple. :)
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birth video

Anyone who has google drives which contain many birth videos?? Please share links!!!
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4891's option 4 for me.
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Links Worth Knowing

I know what you're thinking. "Doombeez, why would I ever want to go a website other than Pregchan?" And I know, crazy talk, right? But sometimes, on a slow day, one has to look elsewhere for their belly-related content. If you know any good ones, post 'em here.

http://inflatechan.net - For those who prefer less baby with their bellies.

http://pregnantxxxforum.com - Requires signup, but a pretty decent resource for fetish videos.

http://hidden-desires.fullboards.com - Also requires signup. A forum where people swap birth pictures and videos, for those who are into that.
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Just wanted to say if you're wanting to write, well, anything related to pregnancy, I'm here to write with you! That means mpreg, fpreg, both, inflation, etc, et al, I'm here. 21+/Female writer, and willing. Find me on yahoo at pregnancyplotlines.

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Mother's Day

Well played.
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To all you folks into hyper-preg: What's the appeal to you?

You make up a not insignificant chunk of the niche, to be sure. Personally, I've never cared for it. While I certainly like 'em big, even a little beyond the bounds of realism, I draw the line when it looks like the subject should not be able to stand up straight, much less walk around.

So, to all of you who do like that sort of thing (and beyond), I am asking, not with scorn but with genuine curiosity and interest, what do you like about it?
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Most images of birth with pain/blood are mpreg?

Note: Please do not discuss whether mpreg needs its own board here. I'm only here to ask a question.

So I've personally noticed that the majority of birth art that has serious depictions of things like gore (blood) and pain are on mpreg art. Is my assumption right? And if so, is there a particular reason?
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Bastion Works down?


Is bastion works not working or down for anyone else? All the stories seem to be missing, and I'm getting an access denied from the forum.

Anyone have all the stories saved?
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Looking for people to commission art from!

Hai there–sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm a bit of a lurker here and I'm especially noobish at making new threads! Please feel free to move/direct this question towards whatever board!

Anyways, to put it simply, I'm looking for people to commission or maybe even request from that can draw these things for me:

-Furries, Pokémon especially
-Birthing, live birth especially

If you or others can do these, I'd appreciate it if you could leave your contact info if interested! Thanks~
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Where was this story?

I've been looking for a story I read a while back about a prison where the inmates are surrogates. The main character helps her cell mate give birth then goes into labor in a special viewing room where her clients watch and masterbate until the husband can't take it anymore and joins in and fucks her mid-birth making her push out the baby and his cock at the same time.

There was also another one about a hospital nurse helping to deliver the baby of a hermaphrodite and ends up riding his cock while he births through his vagina so as to reduce labor pains with orgasms. She gets pregnant by him and then births his baby in the next part.

Either ring any bells?
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Looking for RP partners!

Hi! I'm an eighteen year old female; I will not be giving out my name. I am looking for one or multiple RP partners. I am willing to play any role, whether it be male or female. Here are a few of my interests/dislikes.

- I mainly like the pregnancy part, around the third trimester. Big bellies.
- Tits aren't that important to me; sometimes, I like smaller ones that accent the belly. But I have no problem with them, obviously, no matter what the size.
- Lactation isn't a huge turn-on for me.
- I prefer normal rate pregnancies, or pregnancies that are drawn on for much longer for whatever reason.
- I'm not a fan of being impregnated with eggs/alien spawn/etc. All fetuses must be human or humanoid (given that one or both of the parents is a humanoid mythical being).
- Birth is not my favorite part. Again, it's the actual pregnancy. I do, however, like contractions.
- I love the idea of a difficult pregnancy. Pain, weariness, etc. Trouble doing menial tasks.
- I also enjoy the fantasy of an abusive partner. Someone who forces their pregnant counterpart to be in pain, even aggravating it. Of course, it's just a fantasy– I do not condone abuse in any sense.
- First time pregnancies are also something I like, strangely enough.

Please contact me if you have any questions/might be interested in the comments!
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Skype Chat

It was mentioned in the preg kik chat that a few users would like a skype chat in addition or instead of. Because I'm such a magnanimous pregchaner, I'm willing to host this new chat. If you'd like to join us, either post your skype username or copy pasta the chat url and come join yourself. Everyone is welcome! Let the pics and naughty pregness commence!

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Why are there three RP/CYOA threads in /d ?

The /d board is for drawn, right? /c is for roleplay and stories. Shouldn't these threads be here instead? When there was just one it wasn't really a big deal, but they're now crowding out the _actual drawing_ on drawn.
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Tumblr Belly Guide

Out of sheer boredom, I've decided to set up a tumblr that details pregnant and/or belly scenes from movies, TV shows, and video games.

Come check it out if your interested. Suggestions are welcome.

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Hey guys, if...

.. I worked on something, would you guys bother playing it?

My schedule sucks. I couldn't run or even participate in tabletop games if I tried, but I've been having the hankering to try and build a small setting with fluff and mechanics and themes for other people to play.

It would also necessitate being able to provide feedback on said mechanics, if I've left anything out, and thoughts on the fluff (writing, setting, story, characters.)

Just for convenience, I'll be using the comfortable old shoe that is a D20 system. The setting will involve a lot of pregnancy related themes, but I'm hoping to be classy about it. Classy as defined by 'it makes sense for the plot and doesn't just shoehorn it in because muh fetish.'

Any takers? I realize actually playing in the sandbox of somebody's design is tedious and often grinding until it's hashed out, buuuut.. really would just need a minimum of 3. One to sorta pseudo-DM, two to run their maze.
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Impregnated Princess - chat

I'm finally ready to bring this to pregchan.

I hope those who are curious about reading a story similar to Impregnator Kings from the female perspective enjoy.
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Stardew Fanfic

As promised in /b/, I wrote something short for Stardew.

Fingers crossed the formatting survives copy and paste.

Abigail’s belt felt too tight.
“I won’t be back until 8pm,” her dad said. “So you’ll have to lock up too.”
Not just her belt, either. Everything felt tight, her tights, her shirt, even her bra.
“The keys are under the counter, next to the phone. Now, if the mayor comes in axing about taxes…”
It wasn’t like they were small clothes either. She had been feeling uncomfortable all week and picked out her baggiest outfit. It still felt small and itchy against her skin. Maybe she was sick. She definitely felt sick. Her feet had been aching since morning and now, standing behind the counter, listening to her dad drone on and on and on, her back was starting to hurt too.
“Dad,” she said. “I don’t think I’m feeling better after all. I think I’m still sick from the other day. Do I have to do this.”
Pierre frowned. “Abby, were you listening to a thing I just said?”
“Mayor, taxes, blah blah blah,” she said. “I feel totally gross. Can’t we just close the store?”
Her dad’s face fell. “Abby, that new farmer from up the road could be coming into town looking for seeds any day now.”
Abigail grinned. Jackie, the new farmer. She looked cool. Sexy, even. She had spoken to Abigail a couple of times, compared Prairie King high scores, even given her the coolest amethyst from down the mines. Working the store wouldn’t be so bad if Jackie came round.
“And if the store is closed,” her dad went on, “She might just head on over to the Joja Mart and become a customer for life over there. Is that what you want?”
Abigail rolled her eyes. “No, dad.”
Her stomach growled. Geeze, even with her skirt noose-tight around her waist she felt hungry.
“Good,” her dad said. “If she comes in, make sure you show her all the new stock, and tell her…”
Abigail drifted off, thinking about just what she’d show Jackie if she came in. Maybe her ouija board. Maybe her sword. Maybe her…
“Alright?” her dad said. “You think you can remember all that?”
Abigail blinked, coming back to the conversation. Then she huffed. “Yes, dad, I’m not a child. I can remember.”
“Good,” her dad said, heading for the door.
“Hey!” Abigail said, “Can I get a chair or something to sit on? My back hurts!”
“You need to be on your feet,” he dad shouted back. “Attentive to the needs of the customers, not slumped back staring at your gameboy! I’ll see you this evening sweetie. Goodbye!”
The bell tinkled as he left. Abigail groaned. Stuck here on her feet for the next seven hours. Yeah, right. She hopped on top of the counter and sat on it, kicking her heels out towards any approaching customers. She leaned on the cash register, trying to look cool. She imagined the new farmer strolling in, and how she might greet her. She twirled purple hair around one finger.
Her stomach growled. Loud. The hunger that had manifested as a light pain intensified, turning into a gnawing ache in her gut. “What the heck? I had breakfast like ten minutes ago.” She knew it, her body knew it, but no matter how sound her logic she couldn’t convince her stomach that she wasn’t hungry. She looked down at her waistline, or what was left of it. She could kid herself all she wanted, but the reason her belt felt tight was obvious to anyone who wanted to look. She had been putting on weight, and fast. Her tummy squeezed up against her skirt and shirt. “When did I turn into such a pie?” She groaned. Whatever daydreams she’d imagined with Jackie disappearing. Nobody was going to think she looked cool or interesting with a gut swelling out.
Her stomach growled again.
“Alright,” she said. “Alright! Message received.”
She slipped off the counter and snagged a packet of oat cookies from the shelf. Her dad didn’t pay her for minding the shop, so the least he could do was feed her. She tore the pack open and popped a cookie into her mouth, swallowing it a second later. The ache in her stomach relaxed. Or at least, it did after the third cookie. It had all but vanished after the eighth. That didn’t stop her finishing the pack and opening another. After ten minutes the counter was covered in crumbs and her hunger pains were forgotten. Unfortunately they had been replaced by even an even more acute pain. Her belt now dug in, inch deep, into the soft skin of her belly.
“Well,” she said. “Not like we get a lot of business anyway…”
She took one last look at the door and unbuckled her belt. Her stomach spread, peaking over the elastic waistband of her skirt, a broad pink crescent between her dark clothes. The freedom from restraint felt divine, and she let her eyes close in a moment of pure bliss.
Then the bell rang as someone entered the store.
Abigail squeaked. She swept the counter clean in one stroke and then grabbed at her belt buckle, trying to wrestle it closed. It was no good, though, once opened it couldn’t be closed again without the strength of ten men or a solid hour of labour. Instead she hugged the counter, hoping it would hide her figure from anyone on the other side.
“Abby! I’m so glad you’re here!”
She looked up and saw Maru walking towards her. Abigail’s shoulders relaxed half an inch. Maru was her age, and a friend. Sure, she still didn’t want to show off the fact that her belly was hanging out, but at least it wasn’t her dad here to chew her head off for taking biscuits off the shelf.
“Maru,” she said, sweeping her hair back with one hand. “Good morning. You about to start your shift?”
Maru worked part time at the clinic next door, but even as Abigail spoke she saw she was wrong. Maru wasn’t wearing her nurse’s uniform, but the denim overalls she usually wore when she was puttering about with her dad, or working on some project.
“No,” Maru said. “I’m just here to do some shopping. Your dad’s not around?”
Abigail waved a hand. “Out of town getting new stock.”
“Cool,” Maru said. “I’m glad.”
“Yeah?” Abigail said.
Maru coughed, her face flushing by degrees. “Oh, no reason. It’s just, uh, nicer, you know, just us girls. Do you stock any vitamins?”
“A couple,” Abigail said. “Try down there, bottom shelf.”
She pointed, and Maru turned, bending down. As she did so her overalls grew tight around her butt. Abigail had to bite her lip to keep herself from whistling. Maru had been broad and kinda curvy since high school, but she hadn’t had a ghetto booty. When she straightened up a moment later, Abigail noticed that her overalls weren’t just filled in from behind. There was a noticeable bulge in the front.
“Here we go,” Maru said, dropping a half dozen little white boxes onto the counter. Abigail read off half an alphabet in vitamins, folic acid and iron supplements.
“You know,” Abigail said. “You can probably get more stuff and better from the clinic.”
“Oh, I, um, I know, it’s just…” Maru started to blush again. “I didn’t want Harvey to know what I was buying.”
“You work there,” Abigail said. “Just take ‘em.”
“Oh no!” Maru said. “I couldn’t!”
Abigail laughed at the look of shock on Maru’s face.
“Alright, alright,” Abigail said. “I just don’t see what the big deal is about Harvey knowing you bought some vitamins.”
Abigail looked at the boxes. Why the big secret? There was nothing really sensational about these, just some boosters to get Maru back in good health. Except she wasn’t really sick now, was she? So maybe, taken together, a doctor like Harvey could figure out something based on these vitamins?
“These too,” Maru said, dropping a packet of oat cookies onto the counter with the rest. Abigail’s stomach gurgled at the sight of them.
Gears clicked in Abigail’s head. Vitamins, weight gain, embarrassment. She thought of the last time someone had bought vitamins from the shop. That had been Jodi when she was expecting Vincent. Expecting.
“Maru,” Abigail said. “Are you pregnant?”
Maru’s eyes widened, but she didn’t say anything. Instead her skin turned beet red. She reached down with one hand and stroked her belly through her overalls. Abigail slapped her hands to her face.
“I don’t know how it happened!” Maru said. “I didn’t… I mean, I… I can’t be… but I am. I wouldn’t believe it, but I did the test myself in the clinic, three times! I, I’m, Somehow I’m pregnant.”
“Wait,” Abigail said. “What do you mean? You don’t know who the father is?”
“There is no father!” Maru said. Her voice came out loud, and she seemed to startle even herself. She looked around, checking the shop door to see if anyone had heard her outside. After a pause she went on, more quietly. “It started a week ago. I felt nauseous, and then sore, and then I started to put on weight. I felt, I feel hungry all the time. I knew all the symptoms from working at the clinic. I’ve never been with a guy so I didn’t want to believe it, but they all added up. I tested myself and confirmed it. I don’t know how, but I am pregnant.”
Abigail’s skin had gone stone cold. She stood, hands clasped around her chin, Maru’s words echoing in her ears.
“But,” she said. “That’s impossible.”
Maru laughed, and her lips quirked up in a tiny smile. She didn’t look at Abigail, but down at her stomach, both hands on it now. Her belly was still small, but now with the way she carried it, the way she touched it, Abigail couldn’t deny that Maru looked pregnant. Maternal, even.
“Well it’s happening,” Maru said. “So it must be possible. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but I know I want her to be healthy.”
Abigail’s mouth opened and closed, but she had run out of words to say. After sputtering for long seconds, she took a step back from the counter. She put one hand on her hips, pinching her skirt, and the other on the small of her back. Then she stepped out from behind the counter. Maru’s reaction confirmed her worst fears. As soon as she saw Abigail’s pot belly, she gasped.
“Abby! You too?!”
“I thought I was just getting fat,” Abigail said, hooking a hand under her belly. “But everything’s just like you said.”
“Wow,” Maru said. Abigail watched, confused, as the other girl pulled off the straps of her overall, rolling it down past her belly and pulling her shirt back. She stepped side by side with Abigail, so that both their bellies stuck out in front, Abigail’s pale pink, Maru’s warm brown. They were only inches apart in size. They looked no more than two or three months pregnant, but the more Abigail looked at her belly the harder it was to imagine it was just made up of cake and pumpkin pie.
“This is fascinating,” Maru said.
“Fascinating?! We’re pregnant!”
“Yes,” Maru said. “But there must be some phenomena controlling it. Don’t you find that interesting?”
“I find the idea of telling my dad that a phenomena knocked me up pretty terrifying,” Abigail said. “I’ll be grounded for life.”
Maru tapped her chin. Her demeanour had changed entirely since discovering Abigail’s pregnancy. It was as if, Abigail thought, it transformed the problem from something personal to something abstract.
“Now that I think about it,” Maru said. “Haley was in the clinic a couple of days ago too complaining about nausea. I was so wrapped up in myself at the time that I didn’t think anything of it.”
Abigail let out a harsh laugh. “Yeah,” she said. “I know what you mean.”
“But what if she’s the same?” Maru said. “This phenomena could be affecting all the girls in the valley!”
Abigail tapped her chin. “Hmmm,” she said. “Hmmm! Yeah! Dad can’t kill me if everyone’s pregnant. Then it’s totally not my fault.”
“Abby,” Maru said, putting her hands on her hips.
“What? I’m serious! My mom took away my console for six weeks because she caught me hanging out in the graveyard last year. Can you imagine just how much they’ll flip out about this? I need to figure out whatever line I can to get out of this.”
Maru folded her arms.
“I’m sure they’ll understand,” she said.
“Mmm,” Abigail said. “Maybe the wizard.”
“… what?”
“Maybe he’s put like, a magic curse on the town, making all the girls get knocked up. My parents might buy that. Then they’d be mad at him, and not me.”
“Abby, we’re not trying to start a witch hunt.”
“Hmm, you’re right. He’ll never take me on as his apprentice if I get him run out of town. Oh! What about Joja?! They’re always dumping crap into the river. Maybe one of their big chemical plants has put some weird toxin in the water that’s doing this to us.”
“As a scientist,” Maru said, “I find it highly unlikely.”
Abigail shrugged.
“My parents ought to buy it, though.”
She stepped across to the shelf and grabbed another packet of cookies.
“No real point trying to hold onto my waistline now,” she said, tearing the packet open. “Cookie?”
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Secret Stirrups site down?

So, if anyone knows what happened to the Secret Stirrups site, that'd be great.
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Grand spam return

I know that spam return. We need to a captcha system like BBW-Chan but I know it won't stop it. But I hope it slow it down. I don't want site shutdown again.
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Vera saint-luc stories

She seems to be a fetish author that has a shit ton of e-books out there. There are some pregnancy related ones, granted they also involve incest, beastiality, or milking, though. I'd be interested in giving some of them a try but I am not going to drop $3 for only 3000 words. That's like a six page short story. Anyone have any place I can torrent them or some such?
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Sad Panda

Does anyone if you can get around the nefarious Sad Panda on a mobile device? I use an Android, if that helps. Thanks!
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A new surrogate appears?

As I quote from my Deviantart. "So. . I have a chance to be a surrogate for 30,000 dollars. A good friend and their fiance want a baby, but they are medically unable to. Infertility and all of that jazz. So they know my fetishes, and they asked me. They are willing to pay.

Should I take their chance?"
You all decide.
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Looking for a story

Does anyone have a copy, or know where I can read a story titled "Pregnancy Pears"? I read it on deviantART a few years ago. The premise was that the women on this military base had a special kind of pear that, when eaten, would cause them to conceive more children, but also extend any existing pregnancy. Most of the characters wound up very large and, unwilling to give birth to the vast number of children they had conceived, went on eating the pears as a method of delaying birth. I don't think it was ever finished.

A few weeks ago I dug through dA quite thoroughly to find it, but eventually found that the author's account was closed and the story unavailable.

Anyone got it?
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Pregnancy Borrowing Stories

Does anybody know where to find some good stories about magically borrowing pregnancies? I read a couple a few months back, but like a dummy I didn't save them and don't remember where I read them. Poking through here, I'm not really seeing anything that rings a bell, and I don't remember enough details to ask for a specific story.

If anybody helps me find the ones I'm thinking of, I can make you a little edit or try my hand at writing a short story for you. :)
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Why is it so hard to find good stories?

You go on Deviantart and it's overflowing with shit like mpreg, furries, rapid expansion, magic, dumb science, inflation etc.

Where can I find good stories that are grounded in reality?
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Male Pregnancy Done Well?

Does anyone know of any male pregnancy stories that are done well? I have never come across one and it's never been something I'm into but I have been commissioned for one and I want to see how best it can be done. Thanks.
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Story Feedback / Editing

Hey everyone, I've been a long time lurker and admirer on this board. prying eyes might saw me posting on occasion.

I finally wanna take the plunge and contribute more, mostly with some stories (some ideas for them have been brewing for years).

Thing is, english is not my native language and I'd love to have someone to pre-screen my story and give me feedback, mostly in structure.

Would anyone be interested? I'd love to cooperate over a pastebin first maybe, I also have DA account so we could message.

Doombeez, Notabot, any other of these great authors around here feel like helping me out?
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Expansion Mansion Library

Does anybody know where it went or have any of the stories? I have searched for a while but have found nothing but the mansion vault with videos.
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Japanese stories

Does anyone remember, in the hidden desires forum, a few translated japanese stories of an author called naomi were present.

Does any body have these stories saved, please?
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A thread for Shamchat logs! You can just copy/paste or include a screencap.
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Well hello!

Nice to see the place is running again. Iblike this format better, too, except it won't let me post a new thread/image in /r/ which sucks. So, let's test if I can at least post here.
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Wb Pregchan

Sry in advance if this is in the wrong place. Iv been part of pregchan for a long time. A lurker but still part of the community. Added my own commissions to Pregchan and still have more to come.

I'm glad the site is back up but at the same time my respects to FastFlame for all his hard work to keep this awesome site going as long as he has.

Its a great site and place to kick back to and get information from. Thanks for all your hard work FastFlame. ^^
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On the New Feed on the Main Page

I'm sorry but is there any way we could not have the New image feed for the new board?

There's no way to toggle it on or off and I don't come to Pregchan to see mpreg, mlp, or bursting pics. The new version of the feed even has larger photos, making it more obnoxious than the one we had before.
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NEW Pregchan

I don't think it will come as a surprise to anybody when I say that this site has been in a pretty shabby state for quite some time with the CSS and JS glitches, upload problems, and multiple daily spam attacks that go unchecked. I kind of gave FastFlame the benefit of the doubt about possibly coming back to fix some of this stuff after the holidays. Still, I think it's a good idea to start forming a contingency plan sooner rather than later. After all, we could just be one SQL error away from complete breakage.

Long story short, I'm currently looking at remaking Pregchan with Infinity Next, which is the upcoming version of what 8chan currently runs on. It's feature rich, and more importantly, under active development. I know yet another migration would be painful, but I thought I'd ask for everyone's opinions and create an opportunity for people to get on board should it come to that.
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Impregnator Kings

It was suggested to me that a thread for chatting purposes about Impregnator Kings might be appropriate.

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the story's direction, your strategies, and anything else you may like.

I can't guarantee I will check this as much as the actual story thread. If you have a question you would like to ask me directly, replying there would probably ensure that I see it.
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SF Story

So, I began writing my own SF "porn". The idea was lurking around me for quite a long time, but only a week ago I've finally get down to actually writing it down. I wonder, if it's any good, though:


bet my English is pretty fucked up… any thoughts and comments would be much appreciated… ;) :)
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laborroleplay down?

Can't go to laborroleplay.com this afternoon, anyone know why?

(gonna keep updating)
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Hey I didn't check this for a few days, but can you send me the log?


I want to start one of my own eventually, but I want to read more of them first
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New Hyper-Preg Sub-Board at Chounyuu


Just in case everyone else hasn't seen it yet, Chounyuu's admin added a sub-section for preg content that complies with the size ranges covered by the main boob-centric site. (That is to say, fucking gigantic.)

Since this is of particular interest to me, and since this site is having… issues, I figured maybe like minded individuals could start posting more stuff there until things get straightened out here.
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inflatechan is down?

does anyone know what is wrong with inflatechan is been down all week.
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More manga like this?

Anyone know where I can find more manga like this?

OK, so I guess there must be a lot of stuff out there like this, but it's so generic I'm not sure how to search for it efficiently. I came across it because it's tagged under pregnant. The pregnant content is meh, but I really like the coercive scenarios and total-milf moments. Any suggestions of manga to take a look at would be appreciated.
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Anyone in contact with whoever operates laborroleplay?

I got locked out of my account at laborroleplay for incorrect password so I need to enter the CAPTCHA to prove I'm not a bot. The CAPTCHA needs me to send an email to one of their email addresses for a registration code, but I haven't received a response yet in 2 days.
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Labor Role play site

I can't seem to log on into Laborroleplay.com anymore. The site tells me my password is wrong and that I have to solve a captcha to try and log in, but I use last pass, and that's the only password I have saved. Even weirder is that there is no captcha, It says I have to write an email asking for a code. I've done that, but have gotten no response. Laborroleplay was one of my favortie sites. and it's really frusterating that I can't log in to it anymore. Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue?
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Since pururin is down, where to get preg hentai in english

Regularly updated please. Not old ass stuff or sites that update every 2 months.
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That de-sync'd birth video...

Hey Everyone,

For anyone who's watched that twin birth video (often titled "Twins vertex birth (Stephanie)") has anyone been able to figure out a way to better-sync the audio and video on it or find a better recording of it?

I've been trying my luck at it and I just can't seem to get it right. In trying to use a title slide at the start of the video to try to offset the audio I might get one part sync'd but then moments later the audio and video will again be out of sync.

I can't quite figure it out. It's almost as if the video and the audio themselves are running at different paces.

Can anyone offer an assist?
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Pregnant Traps

I'm not sure if there's a thread for this somewhere already, or even if it should be on this board, but out of curiosity, is there anyone on here that is a trap who also dresses up and pretends to be pregnant? If so, it'd be nice to have a discussion about how you do that.
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JJ's Pleasures

Does anyone have any videos of this most amazing pregnant girl from Ifriends? If so, would it be possible for you to post them, share them, or link to them? It would be most appreciated if you could.
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Dropster stories?

Does anyone have ALL of the birth stories by Dropster? If so, can you post the link to it? I LOVE his birth stories.
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Pregnant porn moral discussion

So pregnant porn is my fetish.

But what always has bothered me is the fact that there's a third party involved.

I'm talking about the baby that's involved. Of course it has no idea of what's going on in there..

But later the baby will grow up and will probably find out that his/her mother did porn with him while pregnant. And probably even hardcore porn with belly cumshots and so on.

I can't really guess of how the son/daughter will react when finding this out, even seeing the porn movie.

So what is your take on this? Is pregnant porn morally wrong?

How would you react if you found out your mother did porn whilst pregnant with you? What would you do? And: Would you reject your mother?
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I'm trying to find this movie where this guy's sperm is mutated, somehow becomes something like an airborn virus, and indirectly impregnates a large portion of the female population. From what I can remember, the pregnancies progress very quickly, and the children, who age fast as well, all look like clones of the original guy. The movie was made in Asia, but I can't remember which country specifically.

Do any of you out there know what this movie is?
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Innie or Outie?

Ahoy. I made a poll to further probe your fetishes and fetish accessories.


You can have multiple answers or choose a single absolute, and I guess this thread is free to discuss what exactly you like about belly buttons :D
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I Thought That We Were Safe

The CP spambots have returned
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new interactive story?

Hey guys I see that there is quite a few interactive story to choose from. what I was wondering was if I should make one as well but because there is a lot to choose from I though it might be worthless. I have had fun reading through the stories and would love to try it out myself.

as you can probably tell my grammar and spelling are atrocious.
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So it seems most people here are in their 20s - an age where we start to see friends and acquaintances getting paired off and knocked up, and we begin to contemplate whether and when to have kids ourselves. Some have theorized that pregnancy fetishism is more prevalent in first-born children because it stems from happier times when we were closer to our mothers when they were pregnant. I just thought it would be kind of cool if that sort of thing came full-circle - i.e., does your love of pregnancy ever play a part in a larger fantasy of being a parent and having a family, or is it strictly a sexual thing?
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Looking for more birth fetish stories

Any Blog or forum?
Addicted to the maesophilia fiction written by dropster, wanna find more stories like that.
Thanks for sharing.
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Differentiating beteween fetishes

Doing some research for various projects.
What, to your mind, makes maiesiophilia different from gravidophilia?

Guy in Real Life theory aside, I'd especially like to hear from the ladies in the audience on this kind of thing. Like, how does being someone that could conceivably become pregnant if you wanted change how you feel about certain aspects of the fetish?
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Mods are not Gods

Who here besides me thinks the mods on here are a bit way too trigger-happy with the power they have to delete and ban whoever whenever and whatever they want? I wish there were something someone could do to stop there monarchy.
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A good BirthStories.com successor?

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may remember back in the day that there was a dedicated site called "birthstories.com", hosted by I believe iParenting at the time, that probably had one of the best collections of stories regarding - as you might guess - the experience of giving birth. I loved reading it over not just because that's one of my things, but also because of the diversity of the stories that counters any thoughts that birth should only take place in a hospital. And you could look up the stories by categories between speedy births, homebirths, or even unique ones which really break the mold.

To name off a few of them:
-A fast birth where a woman has cramps at a picnic and 15 minutes later she pushed out her kid.
-An outdoors birth where a woman carrying twins gave birth on a lake.
-A triplet birth in a ballroom when she was at her own wedding reception.
-An unassisted birth of quintuplets at home.
-An assisted birth of sextuplets at home.

Could some of these stories be too crazy to be true? Maybe. But at the least they were very interesting reads.

Unfortunately, the site in the last few years was taken over and changed to the point where it didn't resemble the past site. And trying to find the interesting stories is harder to do on it and other similar sites that I've found.

Granted, I haven't dug too deep into a lot of similar sites but it's been hard trying to find something that makes it convenient to find these gems.

Does anyone have any site suggestions?
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So has anyone heard anything negative about the payment system for PowerMan2000's site Otakusquid?, I've been considering signing up since I like the art. But I don't want to fall into any trap or unreliable security.
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what 2 role play

hello there
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Story Commissions!

Get your own stories immortalized here!

Do you hate writing? Endless hours of sitting in front of a painfully glowing screen, trying to eek something from a frazzled brain, whilst resisting the attractive allure of leisure or the annoying adjunct of work? Do you have a vision you want to share with the world, but can't seem to get it down right; either because you feel like you have no skill, or simply dislike your own writing style?

Your problems are officially over!

I'm a rather skilled writer who is currently both idle, and broke! So I'm here to offer cheap, fast commissions of Short Stories, Erotica, and even Full Blown Novella!

-How does it work?

It's fast and easy. You send me a couple bucks over PayPal, you describe what you want in as excruciating detail, (or lack thereof) as you prefer, and within a few hours to a few days, you get your story!

So without further ado, the priceboard:

-For $2.00 USD, you get a full Short Story, which is guaranteed to be <i>at least</i> 5 pages of well crafted intrigue. It could be an interesting start to a larger adventure, or simple its own little tale in a neat little package. Anything from a superhero fighting a monster, to a murder mystery, to a tragedy of epic proportions, if you want it, you got it.

-For $2.50 USD, you get to add a bit of sauce to your story, turning it into an Erotica. Whether it's lovingly tendered descriptions of missionary position sex, or one of the many fetishes I can cater to, the extra 50 cents will add more than its weight in charge to your commission. (See below for what is unacceptable here)

-For $1.00 USD, you get a chapter of your own Novella! The beginning of your own epic, or the slithering start to your own penny dreadful, I will ghost write as many chapters as you need, even if it means completing your entire book for you! (3 Chapter Minimum)

(Do's and Don'ts)

Obviously, there are limits to everything. While I am more than happy to write many things, there are certain subjects that I simply can't do, either for lack of knowledge or lack of stomach. They are…

-What I will not do

Certain Subjects: Including things like popular Anime, (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, ect), popular TV Shows, (Sherlock, Adventures of Gumball, whatever else is in vogue), and things that are uber detailed, (IE, if you want me to memorize 800 pages of lore to write your short story, I might pass).

Certain Fetishes: Scat, Watersports, Slob, Gross Out, Uber Fat, and anything involving disgusting body odor are a complete no. I simply cannot stomach any of them.

If you don't see your subject posted above, ask about it. I'll give you my answer as straight as I can, but maybe you'll find me able to negotiate.

-What will I do happily?

Certain Subjects: Original Content! I love hearing about your lore, and I will do my desperate best to make sure your vision is realized. Pokemon! I love the Pokemon universe, and am happy to use the critters as their own story, (note that I won't use established characters, such as Ash and Misty).

Certain Fetishes: Pregnancy! (Pregnancy, Mpreg, Oviposition, and all related subjects). I am always eager to write about mothers bearing children. I think it is a very sensual thing, and I also think it is a good way to add drama to many stories. This one is a no brainer.

Anything else that you don't see specifically pointed out is fair game. I'm very flexible, and up front with my Don'ts, which are very few.


-Once I have my story, what can I do with it?

Anything at all! It's your story once it leaves my hands, and as long as you give me at least co-author credit, I will be happy. Of course, if you make a few edits and then it becomes the next big YA Novel, I want halfsies on the profits of the movie deal! :p

-Can I commission more than one thing at a time?

Absolutely. If you have the dough, spend it here, and I will churn out your stories as fast as I possibly can. Of course, between my other obligations, I expect you to be a little patient, but I also will focus on getting you your product as fast as I can.

-What if I get my story back, and I don't like something in it?

You have cart blanch on the final edit of the story. If you don't like something, tell me, and I'll fix it right away, no extra charge.

-I have so many more questions…

Contact me! I'm happy to help make it all clear as to what I'm doing, and eager to sort out any fuzz you might have on the matter.

So what are you waiting for? My pen is inked, and my paper is dry. Let's get to it!

Contact me @ x.file888@yahoo.com OR thevioletwitch on Skype for info on how to get your own stories commissioned!

PayPal @ paypal.me/stories
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Pregnant Sex Toy


Does anyone have this? If not, would you get it?
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To get some Javascript practice, I'm trying to build a simple choose your own adventure pregnancy game.

It's kinda working now, but I would really like to have exact data about the progression of a pregnancy. Does anybody know where I can find belly size charts week by week for a single baby and for a twins pregnancy?
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Pregnant Cosplay Ideas

First, before anyone gets their hopes up, no, I'm not actually pregnant.

In a couple of months I'm going to be going to an comic/anime convention pretty close to me. I've finally worked up the courage to cosplay with a fake belly to appear pregnant, since I won't actually be pregnant anytime soon, if ever. I figured a convention where everyone else was dressed up would be the best place to do this. However, I'm still not exactly sure how I should go about it, so I thought I'd come here for some ideas!
The one thing my costume needs is something that covers my face. I'm just paranoid about running into someone I know and don't want to have to deal with that awkward conversation… Here's a couple ideas I had so far, please tell me what you think, and feel free to suggest your own ideas!

-Harley Quinn - Her costume is form fitting enough to show off the belly, plus her having the Joker's baby isn't that far of a stretch. I could hide my face enough with her mask plus like a surgery mask or something, or maybe something like a gas mask.

- Deadpool - I'm actually not really a Deadpool fan, but he's "wacky" enough that most people wouldn't give a female pregnant version of him a second thought. Plus, full mask.

- Random Rave Girl - I also considered just buying a generic morph suit and decking it out with cliché rave gear. The morph suit would be good for hiding the fake belly. Again, I could find some kind of mask to cover my face.

So far I've managed to make a decent looking fake belly just by stuffing a combination of balloons and towels into tights, but if anyone has any advice for making a more realistic one, I'm totally open to advice!
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Dai-4-Ji Impregnation Quest Discussion

Here's the discussion thread for the new impregnation quest that I've started. The fourth one on this board if my count is correct.

Here's the quest thread.
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Hey Y'all, are you looking for some great stories? Look no further as I present to you Darien-Shields' Bastion Works Library free for download and redistribution:

I did not write these. They were written by Darien-Shields who you can find on DeviantArt here:

You are welcome to post these anywhere you want, just remember to state that Darien-Shields wrote them. Also don't charge money for them…that's just…no.
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I thought it would be nice to put up a list of pregnancy stories that I have discovered while perusing the net. Others can put what they find here as well but the only qualification is that it has to involve massive pregnancies, meaning someone pregnant with many many babies.

Anyways I am going to start of by providing links to all the stories I have found thus far.

The extreme soda:
CH1: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Extreme-Soda-Ch-1-948767890
CH2: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Extreme-Soda-Ch-2-94961879
CH3: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Extreme-Soda-Ch-3-94998327
CH4: http://ghstkunai.deviantart.com/art/The-Extreme-Soda-Ch-4-95085407?q=gallery%3AGhstKunai%2F5667499&qo=3
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my pregnancy and birth

Hey im jackie looking for a man between the ages of 40-55 who would like to have hot sexual fantasies with me throughout my pregnancy and hopefully when the time comes help me break my water and give birth.
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1) Do any of you support any artists on Patreon?

2) What are some good pregnancy artists to support on Patreon?
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Interactive Stories

I've recently been enjoying (and adding to) this interactive:
What else has everyone been enjoying in the world of interactives?
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Reliable fake bellies

So, my kink is for being pregnant, and I'm looking for decent fake bellies/ways to make them. Preferably more real than stuffing a pillow up your shirt–that lost its charm when I stopped being eight–but not as pricey as the fancy foam and silicone ones. I like to stare at Moonbump and imagine the day I'd have $500 to drop on my weird fetish.

My friend got one of these: http://www.bellysquare.com/store and it's apparently GREAT. Can fill it up with air, and I want to try water. Imagine the weight…ahem. I'm getting overexcited.

Any other pregnancy simulation ideas for the wank sessions?
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Part two of the twins' first tale.

Hisako stirred to wakefulness. Her poor groin and clit were aching and tingling faintly, hurting and yet begging for her hand. Her breasts felt heavy, skin too tight and overheated. Someone was humming and giggling across the room. Hisako had been propped up on pillows and tucked in, the silk blanket soft on her skin. She automatically reached for her husband and found his side of the bed empty. Maybe he was in the kitchen, making coffee. Hisako rubbed her eyes and opened them, blinking into the dimness of the room. Why had the curtains been closed? Oh, probably because Hatsuyuki was still there, naked but for her mass of hair. She was standing in front of the full length mirror, admiring herself. From the bed, Hisako could see Hatsuyuki’s reflection, and what she witnessed woke her up completely.

Hatsuyuki looked out-to-THERE pregnant. Her stomach was bulging at the sides and protruding forward so far, it didn’t seem possible she was still able to stand so easily. The pale woman was lifting the stretched mass as far as it would go and letting it drop to watch it bounce, twisting about to look at her gravid state from all angles, and shaking from side to side, making her stomach sway wildly. Judging by the broad grin on her face, she was relishing her new shape, which was in no way possible-

Hisako’s eyes widened as she remembered those glimpses from last night, and-


Hisako lifted the comforter with shaking hands, gasping loudly on realizing she too looked pregnant. Her stomach was nearly as big as Hatsuyuki’s, and so heavy, taking up all the space between her ribs and pelvis. As she stared in utter disbelief, something squirmed within her. Her breasts had changed as well; they had become two full cup sizes larger, the nipples and areolae darkening to a rich mocha shade.

“Ah, you’re awake? Good morning, my temporary sister-in-law,” Hatsuyuki greeted, still looking at herself in the mirror. “You did a wonderful job last night. Yukimatsu is absolutely thrilled.”

Hisako gawked at her. “But- I- This- This i-isn’t possible!” she cried. “I’m on birth control! I can’t be pre-” Something kicked at the ride side of her ribs, and she froze while Hatsuyuki turned around to smile at her. “How?” Hisako squeaked after a long, stunned pause.

The other woman sauntered to the bed, stomach quivering with each step, and sat down next to Hisako’s thighs, pulling the comforter from her hands to stare lustfully at Hisako’s body. The woman could see her guest’s nipples had also darkened, but to a shade of red that matched her lips and nails. “This is going to be a hard tale to believe, but with the evidence right here, it should be easier for you to digest,” she said, smiling with those sharp teeth. “My brother and I are among the many youkai carrying out the will of the gods. They have decided humans need to be put in their place, and they have called for the remnants of the remaining inhuman races to go forth and procreate with each other and with humans.” She cupped a hand under Hisako’s right breast, the cold skin soothing. Her other hand went to the human’s newly rounded belly, stroking slowly in long, up and down motions. It felt a little too good on the stretched skin for Hisako’s liking. “As for why conception and gestation have happened so swiftly, each non-human carries blessed charms that we wear to insure we conceive each time we have sex, and we keep spares to give to human partners.”

Charms? Wait! Hisako’s right hand flew to the pendant she still wore.

“That’s right,” Hatsuyuki confirmed. “They’re a little different for everyone.” She kept rubbing Hisako’s stomach, hand gradually traveling lower. “With the blessings on those charms, it doesn’t matter what kind of precautions human women take in order to prevent reproduction, unless they’re too old or needed their ovaries removed for some reason, or got their tubes tied. And what with how many human men hate condoms, well, they’re easy marks, especially if you lie about taking preventative measures like I did, and find a kitsune or tanuki who can forge medical reports.”

That explained the leafy texture of the papers; both mythical creatures commonly used leaves in their illusions. Apparently they were real too.

“And with these charms, the sex is guaranteed to be a rapturous experience for everyone involved. Orgasms are mind-blowingly intense and long-lasting, sperm production skyrockets, eggs immediately enter the womb, and we can fuck for hours if we want to. Also, conception and implantation are instantaneous, and we women are only pregnant for three days before we have to give birth. The resulting children grow up a little faster than usual, but we still have to nurse and care for them for about a year before giving them to an appropriate foster family. This is why Yukimatsu hasn’t had children until now; he’s been helping me raise mine. Since it’s his turn, I’ve taken off my charm so delivery will be stalled for a year, and I can help him raise his babies. They’ll need someone to nurse from, after all.”

Hatsuyuki giggled again, and moved her hand from Hisako’s breast to her own stomach, rubbing in circles all over the tight skin. “I’ve always hated the fact I can’t be pregnant for longer than three days, and now this group has to stay inside me for a year. I’m already enjoying it, since I think your husband gave me triplets. I’ve never had triplets before. I’m so excited. Not even my mother was able to have so many; she could only bear eight before she had to stop. But then, she was married to an oni. Oni whelps are huge before they’re born, and it takes a toll. Mother gave birth to six oni twins before she had Yukimatsu and I.”

Hatsuyuki sighed wistfully. “I envy her, though. I’ve never had an oni or other large being before; that’s why I can still have children. But despite the risk, I’d love to be fucked by a man much bigger than me and get hammered by his giant dick. I’d love to give birth to a massive child; feel the struggle, the agony, and then the triumph and rush of endorphins when they’re fully in the world. Hell, if I could carry five or six babies at once, my life would be complete. I probably could if I found a kitsune or another animal-type youkai who wanted to fuck me.”

At the last two words, her cold fingers slipped into Hisako’s groin, stroking against her g-spot, and because she was still wearing the pendant, Hisako was brought to orgasm within minutes. Hatsuyuki waited until her hostess could think again. “We had to send your husband to work an hour ago. I hope he’ll do all right; he was very dazed by this development.” She chuckled. “Yukimatsu has gone out to buy groceries for both of you. He’s going to be helping out like that a lot for the next three days.”

Hisako clawed at her wits. “My job- I can’t go in like this-”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” Hatsuyuki said casually, beginning to finger her hostess another time. “I told your husband to call your workplace and say you had a horrible migraine, and wouldn’t be able to come into work for a couple more days. You’ll give birth, the charm will return your body to the way it was before, and then you can take it off and no one will ever know you were pregnant.”

Hisako reached around her stomach to grab Hatsuyuki’s wrist and make her stop. “What will happen to humanity?”

“Your population might take a dive before stabilizing, I suppose,” Hatsuyuki mused. “Some monster races still eat humans. But we’ll just have to learn how to live together again, and the humans who bear our children will be treated fairly. In the meantime, those charms can make people incredibly horny, so we’ll have a lot of fun.”

“But you’re not wearing yours-”

Hatsuyuki kissed Hisako. “I want to fuck all the time anyway, and it doesn’t matter who or what my partners are, as long as they’re humanoid enough. I especially love it when I’m with a pregnant woman,” she said against the human’s mouth. “Being pregnant myself just makes it so much better.” She used the hand not at Hisako’s groin to pry the woman’s hand off and guide it to her own crotch, pushing Hisako’s fingers in. Her crotch was chilly as well. Hisako wanted to pull away, but those cold kisses and frigid touches were beginning to turn her on again.

“Do you have any toys?” Hatsuyuki asked after many moments of slow, deep kissing and gentle fingering.

“Yes,” Hisako gasped, too aroused by the charm’s effects to think about what she was saying or the bizarre situation. There was nothing she could do about it, anyway; it was far too late. “The- In the- aaah! In the bedside table on this side.”

Hatsuyuki opened the drawer of the table with her free hand. “Oh-ho, no wonder you liked the fact my brother is hung like an oni,” she teased with a devilish grin, lifting out a beige dildo attached to a black harness. The toy was two inches wide and five long. “This looks like your husband. Was it modeled on his measurements?” the yukionna asked as she stepped into the harness and pulled it up to her hips.

“Yes,” Hisako repeated, trembling. “I u-use it when he has to be away on business, and when- w-when he watches me with other women.”

“How cute,” Hatsuyuki cooed, tightening the toy’s straps. “Lie on your side, sister. I’ll take care of you.”

The other woman bonelessly collapsed on her left, and Hatsuyuki bent Hisako’s left leg and lifted her right. She teased Hisako’s folds with the head of the toy, her swollen middle brushing against her hostess’. “Having sex when you’re pregnant is heavenly. You’ll love it. I’ll make you feel amazing,” the yukionna crooned, and slowly, slowly inserted the toy, shivering in sheer delight as their stomachs rubbed together. “Want to know a secret? Isamu couldn’t take his eyes off you when we finally stopped last night,” she breathed. “I think he likes how you look now.”

Hisako moaned, breasts heaving as she gulped for air. This was starting to feel way too good, with Hatsuyuki’s bigger, heavier belly pushing down on her bulging skin with each motion of the yukionna’s hips. “R-Really?”

“He watched you sleep for an hour, touching your stomach with one hand and jacking himself with the other, before Yukimatsu and I convinced him to get some rest.” Hatsuyuki moved faster, using her free hand to roll the other woman’s clit between two fingers. “Did it feel good when my brother took you?”

“Yes,” Hisako gasped, hands going to her now more sensitive breasts to squeeze and pinch. “It hurt so much and I loved it.” She closed her eyes, head tossing on the sheets, remembering how it felt to have the huge, cold member so intimately joined with her body.

Hatsuyuki grinned wickedly, speeding up more. “I loved seeing you stretch for him.” She shuddered, breathing harder herself. “Was it wonderful when he spurted inside you?”

“Y-Yes. There- There was so much-”

“And when you went, it was even better because you got knocked up-”

Hisako climaxed violently, as if Hatsuyuki’s words had been a hypnotic command that compelled her to do so. Hatsuyuki hissed through her teeth, watching with delight. There was nothing like seeing a full-term pregnant woman have an orgasm, because they writhed so prettily behind the full wombs that shook from their pleasure. As such, the yukionna made her hostess come three more times, playing her like an instrument. She only stopped because Yukimatsu called from the entryway. The yukionna stepped back, taking off the strap-on. “I’ll be back soon,” she promised after putting the toy on the bedside table, and left the room.
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Daddy's Big Boy
by AnnaZ
I’ve been wanting to get my son’s cock in my wife for a while now. You heard me right. I would like nothing more than to see our son fuck the living daylights out of his mom, right in front of me with his monsterous young tool. I want to watch those fat apple balls slap his moms ass and pump her full of hot family love. Its obvious that he’s five inches better at the job than his dear old dad. He’s only thirteen and much more of a man than me already.
I’ve been following my boy around for months, taping him using his talent through windows, from behind bushes and trees and even with a long lens from the car. I’ve seen the kid make complete slut out of his teacher Mrs. Pomeroy, screw the daylights out of the teenage girl with big tits at the pinball arcade. I got tape after tape of all ten inches of my boy sinking into the good stuff served up hot and often. Mrs. Pomeroy is already looking a little puffy in the belly and big in the tits, there isn’t much wonder about that. If you take a shot of our boys milt you get knocked up, that’s all there is to it.
My wife and Jimmy’s mother has always been admiring of our sons strong young body and manly cock, but she won’t go further than daily breastfeeding to nourish our boy. She takes out a big fat udder three or four times a day and offers up a big squirting nipple. She prides herself on her powerful nutritious breasts and hot milk. Both of them treasure feeding times. Millie has never turned down our boy for a hot milky meal.
Me and Millie both like porn and watch some favorite tapes often. I got an idea though and put in a “special tape” this time. While Millie was popping popcorn I slipped in the tape of our boy Jimmy doing Mrs. Pomeroy on the playground after school in the vcr. I waited with the remote to show my wife our son’s animal intensity.
She watched as Mrs. Pomeroy walked out in nothing but her pantyhose, heels and a old lacy bra with cups like missiles. She left all her other stuff by the swings. That broad has the biggest sloppiest tits in town. That bra was on its last thread almost. She wasn’t wearing panties and her thick brown bush was curly all the way up to her belly. She had nearly as much down there as on her head. Millie perked up when she realized who it was. She looked over at me with her mouth wide open in disbelief.
It got better from there. As she walked out almost naked I panned the camera along with her over to our son. Millie’s eyes nearly popped out when she saw our boys monster fucker sticking out and up in full glory. Ten inches of solid meaty fuck rod aimed right at his poor horny teacher. She fell on her knees and sucked it lustfully down her throat absolutely amazing that she could get even half of that fat manhood down her pie hole. She sucked worshipfully and Millie’s hand found its way down her shorts family or not.
We watched our son’s teacher nearly choke on the first load. Her cheeks fattened with more sperm than any boy should be able to shoot from his gun. His mother crotch got soaking wet and her hand worked double overtime and her heaving breasts dripped and leaked a mess. It was like I wasn’t even in the room.
Teach presented her fertile snatch and took it like a whore on the grass. It was pure animal lust. Ten inches of hard sperm cannon slamming into her thick bush and hot steamy womb. I didn’t think a woman could take a fucking like that and live but Pomeroy was loving every hot pummeling inch of it. Our boy was fucking her like a stray bitch.
I know his mom was seeing this and imagining her womanhood getting done up like I could never do. She was imagining what her son’s big cock, made in her own womb could do on the return trip. Ma nature was at work in my wife’s womanly soul and none of those phony myths about incest was going to stop her from enjoying what she made in her own belly. I was pretty sure that there was going to be more than titty-feeding around here real soon.
Millie saw the whole deal and when it was done she was nearly pussy-creamed to death. Her tits were fat with milk and passion for our boy, swollen fat with lust and even her ass was blushed deep. Millie couldn’t stop talking about what she was going to do for our son’s cock once she realized I wanted to see her fucked family style. She rubbed her pussy and tits cooing about how Jimmy’s powerful young sperm would feel working inside her. She asked one more time If I really wanted this and wouldn’t mind her offering herself to our manly virile son. Millie gave me a kiss and smiled wide and softly as she jiggled off to daydream and do some small chore.
Millie fucked me like a demon that night and I encouraged her to call me Jimmy. She tried to make the most out of my five inches as she could. He twat was on fire and sloppy with fuck juice. She had an orgasm you could hear a mile away just pretending my little thing was our son’s. I got a cucumber from the kitchen and worked her pussy good, trying to help her feel what ten inches of man could do. She even begged for it up the asshole. Millie had always been repelled by that before, now she couldn’t get enough. She fell asleep in a pool of tit milk, cum and pussy lube.
The next day Jimmy was a bit curious about the noise in our room last night but we steered him off with pancakes. I watched Millie milk her teats into the bowl like every morning to make the batter. She put the cup over the less milked tap and turned on the electric pump till our son’s morning milk glass was full. Millie makes the best pancakes in the universe. This time though she kept the udders hanging right out rather than modestly hiding them back inside her robe.
Millie asked me to take her shopping and she tried on a variety of maternity clothes. She liked the look on my face as I watched her shop for clothes to carry a real man’s baby. She got a big sheer baby doll nightly with flapped titcups and enough sheer weave for a huge belly. She got several maternity bras since she knew her old ones weren’t even near up to the job of carrying her babyfeeders after another knocking up. The register lady asked her if she was expecting and my cock almost exploded when she bluntly said “My son is going to knock me up later” and grinned ear to ear. The lady nearly fell on the floor.
I pulled down my jacket to hide the wet spot on my slacks. When we got home, Millie threw away her anti-baby pills ceremoniously and put on a maternity dress with a big flap for her tits and nothing much to cover that fertile motherly ass of hers. It said baby inside on a big heart on the front leaving space to embroider a name above.
When my wife heard the door she opened her flap and displayed her succulent tits out in the light. Jimmy came in and saw his mother laying on the couch, it wasn’t unusuall for Millie to have her tits out if she thought Jimmy needed a warm feeding but millie never had her pussy on display. Jimmy looked under his mom’s loose dress and saw the heart on the belly.
“Are you pregnant mom?” Jimmy said shaking all over.
“Not yet honey but your daddy wants to make a movie of a handsome young man making a me that way with his big cock” His mother said coyly.
“Whoa dad, moms got the hairiest twat on the fucking planet” Jimmy said with his cock ripping at his jeans.
“Yeah and you got a cock like a horse you handsome stud. Here take a long look, I remember you coming out of it a few years ago” Millie teased.
“The happiest fucking days of my life were in there mom” Jimmy said.
“All I can give you is balls-deep dear now that your’re born and all, is that enough pussy for you?” Millie taunted.
“This enough cock for you fuck slut” our son said hauling out his manhood. The words “fuck slut” burned into his mothers mind. If she had any doubts they were gone for sure now. Mom spread wider for her baby boy.
“Well, are you gonna fuck mommy or what?” millie taunted and I fired up the camcorder.
Jimmy slipped out of his jeans and was on him wet mom quick. For the first time our sons tongue entered his mothers mouth for love and his long thick hardness nestled between her shivering legs.
“I need your cock baby, I need your cock inside me.” Millie cooed.
“Jesus mom your cunt’s hot, big fuckin’ tits too” Jimmy growled.
“You get to watch them feed your kid baby, you wanna watch that, watch your kid with my fat tit in their mouth. You wanna watch mama wobbling around with a fat prego belly and ass too, I’ll tell everybody who did it too, you hear that, I’ll let everyone know I’m full of your baby you hung little stud, every fuckin’ body in town” my wife screamed as our son forced open her steaming hot babymaker.
I did my best to concentrate on filming the hottest fucking I had ever seen on video or off. From the instant our son was in his mothers cunt he slammed her belly brutally, wedging his huge engorged cockhead in her welcoming womb. It was just straight animal fucking, pure beastly mating at its best. No pretensious romance, no games, just a fertile mother begging with her hot womb for all the sperm her stud son has to give.
Jimmy turned his mom over and rammed her from behind. Millie’s big ass slapped and jiggle wildly on our sons magic gun. Our son’s ass clenched and he drove deep for the first salvo. He slammed so deep that his mother screamed as his fat balls fired fresh heat into her fertile oven.
Millie came so hard she was like a rag doll after, but our son fucked her even harder and harder, faster and faster, stopping to fill her sloppy twat over and over with fresh incestuous milt. I knew I never stood a chance at fucking my wife that well. I didn’t mind though, I couldn’t wait till Millie’s pumpkin started growing and my son could see what he had done to his horny mom.
As they fucked for hours into the night, they grew together as lovers. I knew that their feelings ran much deeper than simple lust. They played and kissed in bed breaking into pure animal madness spontaneously with several long hot shots into my wife’s sperm soaked womb. There was no way she wasn’t knocked up with all that healthy young milt in her.
I gave my wife a special treat a few days later. Our son owns my wife now, she is his body and soul, she already embroidered our son’s name on the heart. Jimmy’s baby” it says. They are now lovers in every way and Millie promises to make our son a big family. I went out and got divorce papers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not moving out. I love watching my ex wife get fucked right by a real man who can keep her pregnant, milking and happy. I got the papers so she will be free to marry her true love.
Millie is completely devoted and insists that our son discipline her on the bottom for everything she does that might annoy him. She even took a bare bottom whipping in public several times now. She insists on going till she sobs and her bottom is nice and beet red for her man. “Red hot for cock” as Millie calls her spanked behind.
Millie and our son got married right before their beautiful baby was born. Millie’s huge squirting tits and massive pumpkin belly were on bare display wearing only a veil, heels and stockings. We invited all of the family and they consoled me about how much better of Millie was with our son rather than me. On the wedding night Millie invited her sister and mom in too. In fact nearly every pussy in the family, young and old manage to get at least one “wedding gift”. She told them all to ignore me as I filmed our son impregnating grandma and aunt too. I let the man of the family handle the job like nature intended and kept ole little dad happily out of the way.
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A link to the past.

I discovered a link to an old site that was probably one first websites that was about pregnancy fetish. I want to thank Mr. Stormr for finding the link.
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Surrogate/surrogacy stories

Post here stories in which the wman is working as a surrogate or having the kid for somebody else.

Preferably only fictional stories.
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laborroleplay.com down?

Is the site laborroleplay.com down? I can't access it sice yesterday.
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good sites?

Hey, I'm new to this community. Any good sites in general? It seems like the only time I find a new site is when someone complains its down…
I like birth and labour specifically, but any site dedicated to pregnancy kinks is good too :)
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(Holy shit y'all, momentum found at a startling rate. Here's part one of what Hatsuyuki and Yukimatsu have been getting up to.

I should warn you that while there's no out and out incest, the twins are closer than usual. So if that gives you the heebies, go ahead and skip this. I won't mind.

Thank you all again for your interest. I hope you enjoy.)

It had been some time since Hisako and Isamu Takahara had gone swinging, and a date close to their six-year anniversary seemed like a good chance to do so again. The nightclub that discreetly offered a sanctuary for swingers -the club they had met in as college students- was still in business, so they went there eighteen days in advance. It only took two trips before they found a pair both Isamu and Hisako could agree on. They were a young man and woman who looked so alike they had to be related, and so stunningly attractive they could be models. Both had black eyes and thick black hair tied back in high ponytails, and extremely pale skin. Despite the fact it was Winter, the man wore a white muslin yukata with vertical black stripes, and the woman had crimson lipstick, eyeshadow, and nails that contrasted with her own muslin garb, which shaded in a gradient from white at the top to dark gray at the hem.

The pair accepted the drinks Hisako and Isamu bought them, and introduced themselves: Hatsuyuki Oniyama and her younger twin brother, Yukimatsu. Hatsuyuki must have been three sheets to the wind already, because she flirted outrageously with Isamu from the start; snuggling against him, whispering seductively in his ear, dragging him onto the dance floor. Yukimatsu was much more reserved, but he smiled sweetly and gently at Hisako as they talked, giving her his full attention. “I apologize for Aneue’s shameless behavior, Takahara-san,” he said at one point, charming Hisako with the formality of his speech.

By the end of the evening, all four were in agreement. The twins said they would gladly exchange medical information, but Hatsuyuki warned the married pair she would only allow Isamu to have sex with her if he didn’t use any condoms, and Yukimatsu admitted he wished to have Hisako the same way. Isamu and Hisako had to think about that. While Hisako took birth control (horrendously expensive in Japan) and thus felt she might be safe, it was only after Hatsuyuki promised in writing to use a cervical cap and a morning-after pill that Isamu chose to go along with it. Medical reports were passed out five days before the decided night -the twins’ papers were of a strange, leafy texture-, and with everything in order, Isamu and Hisako told the Oniyama twins where to find their small house.

On Friday night, three days before their anniversary -the only date the twins said they would be able to join them-, Hisako and Isamu tidied up their home and especially the bedroom. The most important detail was the thick, winter-weight silk comforter that had been a wedding present from Isamu’s favorite cousin and best friend. It was a lovely thing with burgundy and gold base colors, decorated by half-rings of lime green and sky blue. It had been in the Takahara family for years, and every time it slid over Isamu’s and Hisako’s bare skin, it added a delightful sensuality to their lovemaking. No doubt the Oniyama twins would enjoy it as well.

They arrived at seven, shaking snow off their hair and clothing on the front steps before being welcomed into the entry. Yukimatsu smiled shyly at Hisako as he offered a bottle of plum sake to the married pair, and Hatsuyuki surprised them with a pair of necklaces. They were made of plain silver chains and drop-shaped charms that seemed to have a soft luminance to them. “This is snow quartz,” she said as she clasped one around Isamu’s neck and brazenly bussed him on the cheek. “And this is ice quartz,” she added, putting the other around Hisako’s. The little droplet was so clear and perfect, it cast tiny rainbows on Hisako’s blouse. “Look, now we match,” Hatsuyuki stated, and brought out an identical necklace from under her kimono collar.

Even though it was unorthodox to get a gift in such a manner, Hisako had to say she liked her new jewelry. “I love the prismatic effect. Thank you very much; it was a kind gesture,” she told Hatsuyuki.

The other woman just smiled. Up close, her pearly teeth looked sharp and somehow strange. “Oh, don’t thank me,” she said breezily. “It’s just a trinket.”
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(shyly waves for attention)

Would anyone be interested in seeing stories involving Jouji's and Yukiyo's children Hatsuyuki and Yukimatsu, and their own reproductive "adventures?"
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SFW Games?

I've been trying to find games that involve pregnancy that aren't erotic or super graphic, with no luck whatsoever. Anyone able to point out a game or two?
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Story blogs?

Does anyone know of any tumblr pregnancy blogs that ONLY post either regular pregnancy stories and labor/birth stories or rapid pregnancy and labor/birth stories?
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Since Bastion Works' forum seems to be down for the time being, can anyone please post the story 'Age of Huge: Super Size Me'?
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Fanfiction births?

Does anyone know of any good and detailed fan fiction birth stories? For example: fan fiction pregnancy story where Rachel from Friends goes into labor and gives birth, or Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Thats the kinda stuff that I like.
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Some story ideas; should I write?

To make a long story short, I have a bundle of pregnancy related short story ideas that've been bubbling around in my head. Thing is, I've never really written preg-focused content before, so I came here to dump my ideas and get opinions on which one(s) I should write, if any.

Fair warning, my interests are both kind of vanilla and kind of weird. I like WAFF, playfulness, love, male/female, male/dickgirl, female pregnancy, male pregnancy, breast/ball/butt/penis pregnancy, large pregnancy, the lower tiers of hyper pregnancy, monstergirls, furries, and male human/female other interspecies stuff.

If you're still here, on to the ideas…

Legend of Zelda:
* Link's Brood Ends - assorted PWMP (porn with minimal plot) oneshots based on Link losing to various bosses (in monstergirl form) and winding up as their breeding slave.
* The Festival of New Fruit - The Kokiri hold their once-a-decade festival, where randomly selected Kokiri drink a magical brew from the Great Deku Tree and become pregnant.
* Father of the Sands - Link becomes the new King of the Gerudo after killing Ganondorf and cements his place by marrying and impregnating Nabooru.
* For Fairy's Sake - After returning to his childhood, Link begs the Great Fairies to let Navi come back to him. The price for doing so is to bear a swarm of fairy progeny by the Great Fairies.
* A Warm Nest - Link and Medli prepare for the arrival of their first born.
* Fertile Darkness - An erotic dream for Medil goes wrong when the Twilit Shadows make it come to life, resulting in her hugely impregnating her loyal companion, Link.
* Waddle for Your Life - When Link and Maple's latest crash results in both of them being covered in experimental pregnancy potion, the two steadily expanding teens have to try and make it to Syrup so she can do the spell before they end up becoming moms for real.
* Waters of Life - Having married Ruto after all, Link finds out the complexities of Zora reproduction first-hand.

Ranma 1/2:
* Breasts of Calving Mountains - Akane, envious of Shampoo's larger bust, makes a deal to use a Joketsuzoku secret technique to increase her breasts. Pity she didn't read the fine print about the growth being due to the daughter(s) growing in each of her newly-enlarging tits.
* Chinese Amazon Retribution- Ranma deeply regrets agreeing to Cologne's offer to break the engagement to Shampoo when the method becomes clear: his giving birth to Shampoo's daughters in exchange.
* Revenge of the Fiancees - Shampoo, Ukyo and Kodachi decide that if they can't have Ranma, they can at least get revenge on Soun, Genma and the Tendo Daughters, with the aid of some Chinese black magic. Growing themselves cocks, they set to knocking up Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi and the TGed Soun & Genma.
* Pyrrhic Victory - Ryoga finally managed to marry Akane Tendo. A pity she found out afterwards about the P-chan deception and didn't take it so well. A fact Ryoga can't help but reminisce on as the pig-girl prepares to deliver the litter Akane gave her.
* Hidden Depths - The heavily pregnant and extremely horny Nabiki Saotome gladly ravages her husband, already considering adding to her brood.
* Big Hearts, Big Bellies - A very baffled Ranma awakens to find the very pregnant duo of Shampoo and Ukyo in his bed. What's worse, they claim to have been married to him for months, and it's a very different Nerima to the one he recalls from before he went to bed.
* Mother for Real - A very confused Kasumi Tendo awakens in a strange new world; one where she has no sisters, but she is heavily pregnant with twin daughters, and she has been hastily engaged to Ranma Saotome, who is being presented as the babies' father.
* Flipping the Coin of Love & Hate - Assorted oneshots with the common theme of Ranma and a pregnant TGed/"female equivalent" of one of his rivals or enemies from the series.

* Hot Night in the Ol' Swamp: The Aftermath - A heavily pregnant male maid in a bayou mansion has to try and figure out which of the monstergirls living there is the one who knocked him up.
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Missing story question.

Quick question, has anyone happened to save any of gladosisstillalive's old preg stories before the account got deactivated out of nowhere? I distinictly remember a few interactive stories like one about getting a woman to win a karate competition before her waters burst (which they do right as she wins). It also had a stand alone version.
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Labor Day Plans?

Just wondering if anyone had any special plans for Labor Day, which will be on Monday September 7 this year. By "special plans" I mean pregnancy-related.

There's usually a marathon on Lifetime and/or TLC/Discovery Health about women having babies on that day or the whole weekend. The same is done on Mother's Day, too. I figure I ask if anyone knows of any networks doing anything like that.

I have plans completely unrelated to Pregnant women for the whole weekend myself XD
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I've posted the prologue to what I hope to be a fetishy story. It probably won't be too awfully smutty, but definitely themed after what we all like here.

I realize it will be offensive to many people, but that's kind of the point. That's the conflict. Please don't be too upset about how awful a lot of the characters are in the setting.

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The Most Bountiful Harvest by MamaStoryMaker

I commissioned this wonderfully written story by MamaStoryMaker the other day. Her prices are well worth the effort of looking into. Check her thread out here and enjoy the story! http://www.pregchan.com/c/res/2605.html


The Most Bountiful Harvest

What more pleasant time of year than the crisp and cool time of Autumn? A time when men and women come close together under a blanket, share a soothing mug of cocoa, and watch the leaves fall. The time of year where even the most Scrooge-like of hearts is melted by the promise of the oncoming holiday wonder. After the shadows of Hallow's Eve creep back under the beds, the world becomes a quiet and colourful place…

But after All Saint's, and before Santa Claus comes to town, there is the time of feasting, festivity… And family.

Claire Dempsy Lune knew all three, but as of recently, she knew most the last part. From the chilly outdoors which threatened frost, and eventually snow, she emerged into her humble two bedroom house and sighed. Reaching up, she plucked the driving cap off of the rusty brown bob weave that sat on her head, just a bit messily from the wind. As she stepped forward to place the paper bag she was clumsily carrying onto the table, she nearly had to reach up to do it. Coming from a petite family, she barely scraped 5 feet when she was measured at the doctor's office. But that wasn't to say she was unhealthy, mind you. Far from it; the bright eyed female had always been on the roly-poly side. Wide hips, a cute face, and a penchant for rustic colours had earned her the name "Chipmunk" when she was in high school. If they could see her now, they might instead name her "Bunny Rabbit", because…

She peeled off her long coat, carefully to undo the buttons, and revealed herself, and the heavy belly filled with children that bulged from her front. She wore a very baggy sweater, and a pair of sweat pants, because at this point, it was all that fit her. Kicking off her boots and hanging up the coat, she waddled lightly forward towards her shopping bag. One hand tucked upon her belly's top, she resisted the urge to set her belly on the table. A quiet smile indicated she was imagining that the thing would simply buckle and break when she did just that. After all, it certainly felt like it…

10 months ago, the woman had met someone at an office party at the university she worked at. She barely remembered his face, thanks to the copious amounts of wine that she'd tipped back. But she remembered the wild ride that followed after. Once the boss had started to do his infamous fishing trip stories… Well, it felt more appropriate to duck back into a broom closet with the suave gentleman. One door shaking escapade later, and she couldn't even muster the force of will to get in her car and drive home until the afternoon of the next day…

Of course, 2 months after, she was on extended sick leave for nausea that just wouldn't go away. 4 months after, she was trying to take up jogging every day, to get rid of excess weight that seemed to be gathering around her midsection. And 7 months after… Well, she as in a doctor's office, eyes sparkling with the news. Yes, she was going to be a mama… Some might have told her off, considering that the guy who had shown up at the party was no where to be found… But Claire was eager. She knew she could be a single mom; she even relished the idea of the challenge. But before it came to that, she had to deal with the thing the size of an exercise ball strapped to her front…

The brunette sighed and tapped her sleeve against her forehead a couple times. It was Thanksgiving Day, and rapidly approaching dinner time. The female had invited most of her local family to a big feast, which she had been slaving over for almost an entire week. She'd been running herself ragged to make sure everything was perfect, and indeed; the spread on the table was now a veritable cornucopia. It had better have been, anyway… Today was the day she revealed to her parents, her sisters, and her cousins that she was going to be a mother…

Ignoring a soft twinge in her back, (since she'd been having nothing but back pain since month 6), the female carried the can of olives she'd just bought over to the table, and poured them into a bowl. She tossed the can into the garbage, and only then allowed herself to rub her achy bits, as well as lift her shirt a bit to admire the supple and pale stretch of taut flesh that fell forward from her being. A smile once more creeped across her lips; she simply couldn't help herself. The burden she carried as anything but. It was a lifelong dream, ever since she was a little girl stuffing pillows under her shirt… And now, here it was in reality. Better and bigger than she could have ever hoped… Silently, she walked to the counter and dug through a small plastic box of things, before coming up with her 700th bottle of cocoa butter. Gingerly, she sat herself down on a chair in her kitchen. Ignoring the loud creak of protest the thing gave, she rolled her sweater a bit to make sure it wouldn't fall back down, and then began to apply the oil to her center.

She'd been judicious about her daily oil rubbings. Not only did it give her a chance to touch over every contour and line that her body now held, but it was healthy too. Still, despite her best efforts, a few stretch marks had formed on her strained tummy. She wore the marks with pride, however, and hoped they'd stay around. She wanted the world to know she'd worked hard for these little ones, and nothing less.

Something was a little off today. Usually her self-massage woke up the passengers within her, and they started to kick. Today, they were calm. Almost eerily still, as well… She frowned, and pushed on her side a bit to see if she couldn't get a reaction. The only thing she accomplished was making her back twinge in pain again… How odd, she thought, but perhaps a blessing in disguise. It had been hard enough to make her thanksgiving feast. With a soft chuckle, she recalled the almost violent kick that had caused her belly to swing into the pie rack. A whole day's worth of dessert, gone because of a rambunctious little troublemaker! And they weren't even born yet…

But by now, the pies were warming… The cranberry sauce was glistening in its bowl, the stuffing was piled high, and the mashed potatoes still ran with butter. The only thing that now remained was the slowly crisping turkey. A stuffed bird, made by a stuffed bird.

Speaking of which, Claire stood carefully once she was sure her belly was well lotioned. After taking a moment to breathe when a particularly nasty back pain struck, she waddled forward again to open the oven slightly, and peer in on her masterpiece… It was nearly ready. In a half hour, it would be fully cooked… And her guests would arrive. This was the most important part. If she left it to itself, it would dry out… And no one wants dry turkey.

The female turned to fill her baster. When she turned again, she grunted softly, and dropped the kitchen tool on the floor… Slowly, she rubbed over her center. She'd felt like a knife had been pressed into her side, so now she was beginning to worry… Were her babies alright? Maybe that's why they weren't moving! Claire calmed herself down as best she could, trying to remind herself that the doctor said her babies were healthy, and even bigger than what normal babies would be at this stage. The belly that nearly dwarfed her could easily attest to that… So why was she hurting?

In a moment, she got her answer. It came to her when she squatted down carefully to pick up her baster, as well as remembered the rest of the conversation with her doctor. At this time, she was almost a full week overdue, and the hospital was starting to talk about inducing labour. Luckily… Or, maybe unluckily, that was no longer necessary. The contractions she'd been feeling, alongside her position, suddenly caused a splash of fluids to coat the front of her sweatpants. With a gasp, she fell to a sit, and panted loudly in her surprise. Her babies were coming! And they were coming NOW!

The female struggled to try and get herself up, but found herself nearly pinned beneath the weight of her mammoth center. Try as she might, she couldn't get up from her current position on the floor of the decorated kitchen, and soon ended up laying against a cupboard and giving a light groan of pain, as the contractions pushed inward, squeezing the breath from her lungs…

Above, the timer on the oven ticked softly. Its gentle meter helped the female get her breathing in time. She remembered her Lamaze classes well, being the only single female there… However, it was almost immediately thrown off when another contraction racked her body. Her belly gurgled loudly, and a bit more fluid leaked from her… In her state, she barely had presence of mind to reach down and peel off her pants, and her undergarments. She carefully bunched the pants up and placed them between her legs, giving her something to birth on besides the linoleum.

What would her parents say? They were going to walk through the door before too long, and find their daughter huddled up on the floor, bearing out a couple babies, with no father to be seen! What a greeting after so many months!

But no, she couldn't focus on that. She wasn't reaching her phone, and she wasn't getting out the door either. The little ones were going to have to be born here… and very soon as well! The timer above continued to clack in rhythm, alternately being a comforting melody to help her through, and a frustrating noise whose stoic and uninterrupted tick mocked the uneven contractions the female was feeling.

With another thunderous pain, the female was squeezed, as if by a giant invisible hand. She couldn't help but squeal as she felt this, and after the pain of it died down, she realized that there was no more time to dally. Still keeping her breathing even, as she could in this state anyway, she drew her knees up a bit, and cupped them around her middle. Gripping onto them tight, she set her jaw and pushed her head back against the cupboard. With a strained groan, she pushed with the next agony soaked contraction… and to her astonishment, felt something within shift. Her belly bobbed visibly in front of her, and suddenly there was a massive, (to her at least), weight on her pelvis…

With whispered gasps of shock, she positioned herself a bit once more, and with the next set of contractions; she pushed. Through her cries of pain and curses of frustration, she felt the thing, the little one, slowly sliding through her… Slowly being the operative word. Stubbornly, she shifted yet again, and spread her legs wider. Her belly taut as a drum, it rippled once… Before yet another squeezing had her shout in pain… This push let her feel something at her entrance… A head. She was crowning…!

She gasped in a couple breaths, her brow soaked and her hair frizzed in every direction. That infernal ticking continued far above, as she braced herself, and then pushed again… This was perhaps the most torturous part; her lower lips stretching… Straining… Threatening to snap… And then, suddenly…

A cry. The weight dropped from her body, and onto the soft cushion of her bunched sweatpants. Immediately, it began to whine, and Claire's world briefly stood still… Slowly, when she was sure the contractions wouldn't once more knock the wind out of her, she shifted until she could pick up the bundle of joy she'd just birthed… In tears already from the straining, she couldn't hide her emotion, as she hugged the sweet thing to her chest…

There was little time for celebration, however, as the contractions slowly revved up again. Another little one was on its way…

With the experience she'd had the first time, and the stretching of her passage, the female went into this birth with a bit more confidence. Clutching her little one to her chest, muttering soft words of encourage to soothe the whimpering baby, she pushed again… And once more felt a child shift through her body. Another few contractions, and the baby was soon crowning… Then falling onto the soft sweat pants cushion… And then, in her arms…

The timer above let out a soft clang, indicating the turkey was done… But Claire barely noticed… She softly rocked her little ones, and breathed a sigh of relief… She had done it… Her little ones had been born…

Just then, the door opened up, and the woman heard her mother's voice calling out…
"Claire? Claire are you here honey? The dinner smells delicious, and you'll never guess what your sister told me…! She's going to be a mama! I bet you're just jealous of that…!"

Claire smiled a bit and closed her eyes, leaning her head back… Wouldn't they be surprised when they discovered she was already nursing her own set of twins…

-The End
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birth fetish

Any one into birthing here? im a female seeking a male or female whose into labor and delivery who's looking to just chat and swap stories
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Are there games which I can have sex and make female characters give birth?

Want to see those baby heads coming out of their vagina…
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I have a bit of an odd question, but does anyone here ever feel sort of, I don't know, ashamed of our fetish? I mean, back in high school I used to hate myself for it, but over the years, I've accepted, nay, embraced it as part of who I am. And yet sometimes, when I'm going through that "Oh god I'm going to die alone" thing, one of the first reasons I come up with for this is "I'm a disgusting pervert."

I'm sorry for the emo bullshit, I just wanted to know if anyone else is the same way.
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Blog suggestions?

Does anyone haveany recommendations for for tumblr blogs that post good preg content? Mpreg is acceptable too, so long as there isn't too much wang. I recently reopened my account, you see, and a lot of the belly blogs I followed back in the day are password-locked, reduced to spam accounts, or just plain gone; I was wondering if anyone knew of any god sources?
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TheBumpFiles is gone?!

Can anybody shed light on what happened with TheBumpFiles?

I tried to check it today and the wordpress page says that the authors deleted it.

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Want to be pregnant

Looking for someone to impregnate me. I am new at this so you may need to explain how this works. Want to join text me
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Spooky's Bump Log

Since a few of you guys wanted me to restart the chat thread about my surrogacy now that we've got things more under control, well, here it is! ^-^

So since it's a new thread, let's make this one a sort of log where I'll update those of you who are interested on stuff that happens during my pregnancy, and if there are any (legitimate) questions and things that you all want to talk about, be it the pregnancy or me in general, then as long as I'm comfortable talking about it, we can!

Let's have some fun, ok guys? <3 ^.^
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Location, location, location

Where is everyone from? It's as simple a that.
I'm in the middle of the USA, Kansas City, MO. Anybody else here with me?

I know preggophilia has a thread like this, but I figured pregchan should have one too.
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looking for pregnant stories

I don't think there is a thread for this but, if anyone can link pregnant stories where in it the girl gets pregnant against their will?
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Drawing Tablet Suggestions

As the title suggests, I am considering buying a drawing tablet (but not right now) and I am curious as to what any of you would suggest. The reason why I am considering buying one is because I want to be able to do line art, coloring, and shading faster and using a mouse is too slow for my tastes.
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I was thinking if other people have dreams about being pregnant or birthing. Also if guys have dreams of getting a woman pregnant. It happens only once in a long while for me.

The first time i had one was in my teens. I was a character in a anime who got pregnant by the hero. It was 3 quick moments. First him and i making love for the first time. It flashed to friends surprising me with a baby shower. Then finally me laying in our bed, legs open as he tells me to push.

Now that i have given out my one of my biggest secrets, what kind of dreams have you all had?
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Sims 4

Anyone know if there are some good pregnancy related mods for Sims 4, I know of the babies for everyone mods, but that seems to be it, not to mention, nobody knows how to fix the bodyblend type or buffs since patch 8, so you can't have the morph applied to teen or loli sims
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Not sure where this goes, but I know it goes here somewhere.


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Here's a link to a long lost site that holds some fond memories for me.

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"4 Things Too Gross To Put In Pregnancy Books"
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Arkone disappeared from pixiv?

I just noticed that arkone's pixiv account has completely disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to him?
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'i'll b ther n 10, c u sooooooon <3~'

Ben wrangled a pair of sweatpants out of his closet. Pulled them on, pulled the drawstrings tight, and tied it sloppily on the way to the living room. He cleaned up the clutter of your everyday bachelor pad the best he could. He had very little time; ten minutes before she'd be here. Opening curtains and cracking windows to brighten the room up would have to be enough. It was a sunny day, and he still remembered how much she loved laying in his old backyard during summer afternoons, basking in the rays. This would have to make up for the lack of turf in the downtown area.

A knock at the door yanked him out of his short daydream. That wasn't even five minutes. He wasn't ready. He wanted to put out some snacks at least. The easy knocking became rhythmic and testy. Nervous, Ben's legs marched him to his next chance at happiness. Through the frosted glass of his front door, he could see her silhouette, her body, her comeback. He unlocked the door and placed both hands on the knob - it jammed itself shut recently and he hadn't bothered calling maintenance to fix it yet - then pulled with all his strength.

"Whoa! Tryin' to show off how much of a man you are now?" her voice exploded into his apartment, the sound of another human greeting the walls in what had been a very long time.

"Haha, sorry! It's just been sticking lately and I didn't want to leave you hanging…" Ben started then stopped, unintentionally letting his sentence come true. Here she was, his long abandoned dream girl of a high school crush. Matilda Carter was her name, but she went by 'Tilly' in the school halls. She wasn't part of the popular crowd. She wasn't even the token girl in their outcaste circle of friends, nor the one who scored them stolen booze every weekend. But she always had been the center of his attention, especially now. Like when they were kids, Tilly was still taller than him. She smiled wider than him, held her head of sandy, frizzy locks higher than him. In a dress-like, plaid shirt and skinny skins, she even dressed better than him and t-shirt and sweats. A massive backpack held in front of her hid most of her frame right now, but her leaned-back pose still reeked of raw confidence. From the threshold of the door, he could smell her choice, earthy perfume and it made Ben doze off into the past while wide awake.

"I guess I'll do the honors," Tilly pulled the door from his grasp and barged in. Ben snapped back into the world as her scent begged him to follow her into his home.

"Tilly! It's been years! How are you!" he cried, from behind her.

"Starving! You?"

"I…I don't even know what to say! This is happening so fast. And it's all real! I can't believe you even recognized me in Jojo's party pics. When you moved away, I was so sure I'd never see you again. I just…um, Tilly???"

Ben's train of thought crashed and burned. He was so absorbed in the moment that he hadn't noticed he followed the woman into his kitchen. He stood by his tiny dining/card table - her backpack laid on top - and it's old, fold-up chairs while Tilly stood in front of his open refrigerator. With her back towards him, he watched her pull out the milk he bought yesterday, screw the cap off and start chugging. Ben simply sat down and waited.

"Agh, so good!" his childhood crush announced as her lips popped off the half-empty container.

"Yeah, I still like my milk whole," Ben chuckled, enthusiasm unbroken even with his fridge being ransacked. "I've got some tv dinners too. Or we could go out and have some real food somewhere while we catch up?"

"Nah, I'm gonna need to sit in about a minute."

"Ha, what do you-" the attempt at being cool and casual failed as Tilly finally turned around. Ben's mouth clamped tight into a thin line as he stared at her belly, comically swollen and straining the buttons of her shirt. Despite how uncomfortable it looked, Tilly took another long swig of the milk like it wouldn't destroy her outfit. She punctuated the drink with a burp and smiled at her friend.

"You're pregnant," the man in front of her stated with no emotion.

"What, this ol' thing?" Tilly slapped her gut, the lack of jiggle under her clothes only solidifying his statement. She took a smaller sip from the jug before agreeing, "Well, yeah. Pretty hard to ignore at this point. Also, and I hope you don't mind, but my clothes probably won't be lasting much longer sooooo-"

"I-Uh-Well, um," Ben stumbled over his words as Tilly set the milk down, her hands promptly unbuttoning the lower half of her shirt. Her bloated midsection shined in the sunlight, this fully baked pregnancy clashing with the Tilly of Ben's memories. The only thing familiar to him here was her outtie belly button, though it was definitely much more pronounced from the added girth and also pierced by a silver ring. His crush's right hand ran over her stomach in circles while the left grabbed the jug again, her hungry mouth finishing off the milk in less than a minute. She sighed gratefully and licked the white off her lips.

"You gotta tell me where you get this stuff, man! It's fucking great!" Her voice rang in his ears yet sounded miles away. Ben stood up from his seat.

"Tilly, listen, I think we should-"

"Hey, you got cable right? There's supposed to be a Godfather marathon starting at six and I am not missing it!" The woman strolled out of his kitchen, leaving Ben dumbfounded. He hurried after her, his mind not taking into account that he probably didn't need to run after a pregnant anything. As if this were her own place, he found Tilly slouched up on his couch, her skinny jeans undone and the rest of her shirt opened up. A lavender bra valiantly hugged her breasts, forcing him to acknowledge that Tilly's endowments were of course just as full of milk as her gut. Funnily, they actually seemed smaller than he remembered, or least compared to the massive swell of her middle .

"You get FX or what, dude?" the woman questioned as she skimmed through the tv guide, the fingers of her free hand fluttering around her pierced navel.

"…163," Ben answered out of habit. "But before you start anything, I do have some questions that I hope don't offend you in any way because I really do think highly of you even after 10 years so I'll just start by asking-"

"Ugh!" Tilly suddenly cried out, the hand teasing her belly button now grabbing at her middle as she suddenly curled up. "Hold on to that thought, will ya!?"

"Oh God," Ben's face drained of blood, "You're going into labor, aren't you???"

"What? No!" His crush looked him in the eye. He calmed a bit seeing that she was genuinely puzzled. Tilly straightened herself out as much as she could, making Ben wonder if she was intentionally pushing her stomach out like this. She looked like she was in pain, but at the same time pleased by the circumstances. Her belly heaved with every breath, tiny twitches of its unyielding skin becoming more frequent. Tilly's eyelids slid down half way as she gave her friend a cheeky grin, "Hell, this is much cooler than labor."

Ben found himself watching the pregnant belly of his dream girl start growing right in front of him. His neck slackened, the impossibility of the situation tilting his head in confusion for him. Meanwhile, Tilly groaned and cursed as the unnatural bodily function consumed her. Hot white stretch marks etched over her belly as the man standing a few feet away swore he could hear her skin tearing and mending itself over this feat. Sweat beads formed in her cleavage and on her forehead and Tilly threw her head back to utter the deepest moans that finally forced Ben to do something else instead of just gawking like an idiot. He dashed out the room, brain unable to form an exit plan quite yet. What the fuck was going on!? First she was pregnant, now she was getting more pregnant! And on his couch too! What could he possibly do in this moment? He stood in the tiny hall staring at his feet before noticing that there were towels still on the floor. Whether they were dirty or not didn't really matter as he snatched them up and went back to the insanity in his living room. Leaning around the corner, Ben peered in just in case he'd find an ugly mess of blood instead of his childhood friend. Thankfully, Tilly's body was still intact, as well as very much more with child. Her stomach had ballooned at least a foot out and around. Angry streaks riddled the once unblemished surface now, though his crush didn't seem to mind. She was back to sitting in a slouch again, eyes shut and hands massaging her sore middle. Ben walked up to her as her eyes opened just in time to see the offered towels.

"Sweet. I sweat like a pig every single time. Sorry if there's stains, by the way," Tilly said and gladly received the towels.

"Every…time?" her friend's blank face was enough to show he was beyond reasoning or explaining the biology of the situation. His crush patted herself dry instead of answering and Ben sat right on down beside her. At this point, he felt any answer would go in one ear and out the other because he could not fathom what took place moments ago. Tilly then threw the damp towels on his head.

"I am all kinds of hot now…" she breathed, shrugging her shirt off completely and draping it over the back of the couch. She twisted her body to put her legs on the couch in a drawn out, cumbersome fashion thanks to her mighty gut. "Do you me a favor and pull my pants off, eh?"
Tilting his head again to the direction of her voice as one eye stared out at Tilly, Ben was all out of common sense to question his life right now. So he did as asked, the woman sprawled on his couch wiggling her hips to help him along.

"Mmm, much better. I think my butt must of grown too during that," she grinned and slapped the side of her thigh, the view of her flesh wobbling in near slow-mo in Ben's perspective. He glanced over at the time on the cable box. It was about 4:30 on a mid-week afternoon. Most mid-week afternoons involved him being hung-over on the floor of his bedroom. This one in particular though was unreal. Damn near naked was Matilda Carter on his couch, her body over ripened in every aspect after ten years of separation. He didn't care how she got her, or why now, or who the father of her child was. Though he had to question if he should be pluralizing the last two nouns because there was clearly something supernatural going on here.

"Hey, Benny…"

Yet none of that mattered when she called him by his name. He pulled the towels off his head and met her eyes. Her hair was a mess, clinging to her face and chest and his couch. Her breasts were nearly up to her chin in this position, forget the mountainous orb of skin that sat under them. He did have a double take though, as a bulge appeared on the surface of her belly and rolled to the other side, something - somethings?? - shifting inside. Tilly gave him a Mona Lisa smile.

"Don't worry about it, kay?" she spoke, voice so low but her words booming in his ears.

Ben looked at the tv screen and took a breath after a few seconds. "I'm gonna order a pizza," he declared and stood up. Tilly laughed.

"Better make it five!"

Finally been in the right state of mind to get creative. I've never posted anything of my own here yet, so here's hoping it is not abysmal and worthy of an angry mob. Enjoy!
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Story Request?

Is it okay to request a story here?

I have an idea for one, but it's EXTREMELY niche and I've only been able to find 2 short stories with not a lot of detail about it.

Just a warning, it's quite graphic, I hope that's ok….
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Community dating service?

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a place where people within the Community who have these feelings for the pregnant form can come together, find each other, and hook-up? Kind of like an online dating service for pregnancy fetishists?
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Are there birth scene wikis or dictionaries?

All the gatherings of birth scenes…what a heaven that will be.
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Youtube Channel

So, I found a surprisingly good youtube channel with CGI pregnant women animated. Quality isn't the best but a few of the videos are undeniably sexy. Anyone know what programs he used to make these? and if there are any others out there, perhaps ones that aren't restricted to the general non sexual content youtube's intended for?

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Furry Edit thread?

Should the Furry board have it's own Edit thread? I mean, there's plenty of art to manipulate, and Drawn primarily deals in humans…
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Random Question

Has anyone here ever bought one of these: http://www.moonbump.com/?
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Looking for hot rpg with both males and females

I am wishing to indulge my desires and others' for pregnancy and birth rpg. I am a 28 yr old female who is seeking both genders to enjoy this with. Anyone interested can email sugarpop175@gmail.com
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Are there any sites that focus on birth fetish?

One I know(Hidden-desires) is currently down.
Anyway, even that site was very different to pregchan.
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Art and artists.

Please. PLEASE keep this generalized. I'm not trying to call out artists and I don't want this to become a fight OR circle jerk. (Can Mods keep an eye on this?)

What do you personally like in art and does how the artist presents themselves change how much you like their art?

Subject is the easiest measure but since we're all pretty inline here what else?
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Warning: Boss 'Battle'

[Ready for some Robosploitation? Good! I'll just leave this here, and props to those of you who've played MMX Command Mission!]
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Thief-King's Mistress - By HuskArchon

'Nother fic, this time Yugioh based, surprising eh? You all can blame the Abridged series for this, as well as the unedited manga.
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Worker-Break, by HuskArchon

Just a bit of Zelda multiverse, enjoy!
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Prggophilia banned

I just tried to get on preggophilia today and for some reason, it wouldn't let me login. It said I was banned even though I hadn't logged in. It it like that for everyone> It won't even let me try to log in or to contact the administrators.
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First time feels?

I'm not sure if anyone has started one of these yet, but I think it'd be pretty cool to share stories of the first time we've ever actually TOUCHED a pregnant belly. I'm attempting to focus on non-super-sexual stuff, but hey, you write whatever you want.

(I apologize in advance about the length)

I had my first time the other day, and it was amazing. I volunteer at our local animal shelter, have been for the last 5 years, and one of the other employees there, we'll call her Cass, got pregnant. Now she's short, like, real short, teetering at around 5 foot, and when she got to full term, she was all belly, carrying real far out front. I'd known her and talked to her the since before the pregnancy, but I stepped up my game a bit when I found out for just the following reason. There aren't many times she's there, and my work schedule changes on a weekly basis, so I feared I wouldn't be able to see her before she gave birth, but I lucked out. I was talking to her, asking questions about her pregnancy, I'm trying to play it cool but I'm totally sweating on the inside. The maesiophile in me wanted to touch her belly so badly, but the gentleman in me didn't want to be a creep. Eventually, the pressure of this fetishy little quirk won out, and I asked her "What does it feel like?" She answered by talking about just how stretched out and bloated she felt, and about the development of stretch marks. Sensing a bit of a conversational opening, I made my move and asked more directly "may I feel?" To my delight, and relief, she was totally ok with it, saying "Oh, my stomach? Sure!" before turning to face it toward me. I couldn't believe my luck. I was ecstatic, though I think I covered it pretty well. I reached out gently with my right hand and lay the tips of my fingers at the very end around where her belly button would be. I could not believe how taught it was. All those fetish-fics describe it as 'drum-tight' and man, it's pretty dead on. It was like she filled a beach ball with water and stuffed it under her shirt. There wasn't any movement, but really, I wasn't going to complain. I think I milked it or about 45 seconds. Feeling around and exploring that super firm belly of hers was a dream come true. It may have been through a shirt, and one of those supportive 'belly belt' things, but that's fine. It's finally something I can take off my bucket list. Due to my work schedule, I'm pretty sure she'll have popped the next time I see her. If she hasn't, she'll be about 9 days overdue, and that probably isn't healthy…

But yeah, went down the best possible way it could have, I regret nothing, and I can finally stop wondering 'just what does that feel like?' If anyone else has any yarns to spin, I'd love to read em'. :)
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Game Show During Labor?


Apparently, this is a thing now. Thank you TLC for stooping to another level of…something…which I don't know what.


I can't…words cannot…I don't know if…wha?
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TV Fun Fact

So, I'm pretty late to this (pun not intended), but some late Mother's Day trivia, as if we needed more to be grateful to mothers and pregnant women for. Also because Lucy's cool.

Did U No…
"What TV show was the first to air a rerun?

I Love Lucy, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, on October 20, 1952. The episode, 'The Quiz Show,' had originally aired on November 12, 1951. Arnaz introduced the rerun to give wife Lucy some respite during her pregnancy, which was part of the show's story line."
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MLP Pregnancy/Birth Stories

Haven't found a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd start one while sharing a story I wrote myself.


Enjoy! c:
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Joyce [Story]

It's been years since I actually completed a story, but recently, I did this pretty quick one-shot with a catgirl.

I of course welcome constructive criticism.


Joyce – A catgirl birth one-shot


“I don’t think it’s going to be long now, sweetie,” Joyce said, smiling brightly as she softly patted the massive orb of her heavily pregnant belly, “I think the cubs might very well come today.”

“Do you want to stay inside until the cubs come, honey?” Marcus, her husband, asked, looking at his hugely pregnant wife with enjoyment and amazement.

“Not really… even if these cubs choose to come half an hour from now, I still want to take that walk,” Joyce replied as she curled her tail and arched her back while placing her hands in her back, thrusting her massive belly forward. A short while ago, Marcus had invited Joyce to take a walk in the woods surrounding their small cottage. It was a hot, bright summer day and a walk in the woods seemed like the right thing to do.

Marcus walked up to his wife and softly patted her pregnant belly, then started to kiss her. Being a lot taller than Joyce, it took some maneuvering for them to be able to kiss. But soon, they were kissing each other lovingly, as Marcus softly rubbed Joyce’s heavily pregnant belly.

Cat man Marcus stood about 6’1” and being a construction worker, he had the strong, muscular physique of someone accustomed to physical labor. A square face with broad but attractive features, short messy dark brown hair, dark eyes and cat ears and a dark brown, short-haired tail gave him a somewhat ‘tall, dark and handsome’ look. He wore jeans shorts, a T-shirt and hiking boots.

Joyce, however, stood just 5’2” and she was a textbook example of a short curvy woman. Joyce’s body was soft, round and shapely with nice, fleshy thighs and buttocks and deliciously large breasts. That sexy look was nicely completed by a cute and attractive round face with large dark brown eyes, shiny dark brown waist-length hair, dark brown ears and a long black bushy tail. Right now, at 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twin cubs, Joyce’s curvy body had become a massively pregnant body. Her hips had widened even further, accommodating the upcoming birth of their progeny, and her already large breasts had become huge and heavy milk-filled melons. However, the most noticeable change was her enormous round belly, covered by a very stretched white tank top, which her swollen belly button was poking through. She also wore a short, tight black skirt and sneakers.

“Are you ready, honey?” Marcus called out to his wife as he stepped outside.
“Yes, I’m coming, darling…” Joyce responded as she followed her husband, waddling along. Joyce had absolutely loved being pregnant and she looked gorgeous and radiant pregnant, which Marcus had enjoyed very much. But as much as they had loved the pregnancy, they were now getting very excited – and impatient – for the birth. Joyce stepped outside smiling and they shared another kiss, before they started walking into the woods at a slow pace, holding hands.

They had been walking for about twenty minutes when Joyce noticed their cubs were suddenly kicking a lot more. “Hmm, they are getting active again…” Joyce purred as she rubbed her belly.

Marcus stroked his wife’s belly as they stood still for a minute. “They are, sweetie… who knows, maybe they’re ready to come soon…” he said softly.
“Who knows… let’s walk some more and see what they’re up to!” an excited Joyce purred.

About ten minutes later, Joyce suddenly stopped in her tracks, her hands going to her belly as she winced and purred, feeling a sudden cramping and clenching sensation in her abdomen. The sensation lasted for a while, and as it passed, Marcus asked, “What was that, sweetie?”

“It felt like one of those Braxton-Hicks contraction I had, but stronger… maybe it’s starting…” Joyce replied with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

“Let’s head back, sweetie, just in case it’s time,” Marcus said as she wrapped an arm around Joyce and started guiding her back to their cottage.
Not even five minutes later, Joyce stopped in her tracks again. As her uterus clenched and flexed, she rubbed her belly and softly moaned, “OWW… HMMM.” Marcus supported her and rubbed her back during the contraction.

Once the contraction had subsided, Joyce softly declared “that was definitely a contraction… and it felt pretty strong too. Also, it didn’t come very long after the last one. I think it’s probably go time…”

“Probably, sweetheart… let’s get you back to the cottage, shall we?” Marcus replied. He supported Joyce as they continued their journey back to the cottage. Joyce had six more contractions even before they reached the cottage. They seemed to be coming about 4 minutes apart, and Joyce could feel they were getting stronger. While they did hurt, with Marcus’s help, she could get through them fairly well.

Eventually, they did reach their cottage, but right as they were about to enter, a strong contraction struck Joyce. Facing the wall, she braced herself against it with both arms and moaned through the contraction, louder than before, rocking her hips, “OWWW…HMMMM….OWWW.” Marcus rushed to her side and rubbed her back, as he whispered encouraging and soothing words to her. Once it subsided, Joyce recovered breathing heavily, still braced against the wall.

Suddenly, Joyce felt a very weird sensation, as if something soft was being squished and forced downwards inside of her. Even before she could say something about it, a loud “POP!” was heard, quickly followed by another. A torrential flood of water gushed from between Joyce’s legs. The water cascaded onto the ground, forming a large puddle on the pavement in front of their cottage, as well as soaking Joyce’s underwear, skirt, socks and shoes. The initial torrent was followed by four more large gushes and bursts that made the puddle grow larger.

“My waters broke! My waters broke!” a shocked Joyce squealed loudly, as her hands went to her nether regions, feeling the soaking wetness there.

“Yes, they did sweetheart… you’re definitely having the cubs! You should probably get out of those soaking wet things and go to your nest after that… I’ll help you!” Marcus said, somewhat shaken but also excited.

Joyce nodded. She stepped away from the puddle of amniotic fluid and after Marcus helped her to take her shoes and socks off, she squirmed out of her soaked skirt and panties and let them drop to the floor. Marcus handed her a towel to hold between her legs.

Joyce started walking to her nest, but quickly got stopped by a massive contraction raging through her body. Joyce almost doubled over as it hit and she dropped the towel as her hands wen to her belly. Joyce let out a loud shriek as the contraction started, then loudly moaned through it, “AAAHHHH! OOOHHHH HMMMM OWWW OOHHHHH!” Marcus rushed to her side, supported her and rubbed her back, talking to her in encouraging way.

“Oh God, that one was strong… this is happening… and pretty quickly too…” Joyce muttered. Marcus nodded, picked the towel up and handed it back to Joyce, before helping her to get to her nest. In a corner of the living room, Joyce had built herself a birthing nest from an old bed and mattress and a heap of pillows, towels and blankets. The time had definitely come to use it.
Joyce sat down on her nest and took off her tank top and bra. Now completely naked, the next contraction hit her just as she was getting onto all fours. Joyce’s hands clenched the mattress as she loudly groaned and moaned through the contraction. Marcus quickly came to her side and he supported Joyce through intense and strong contractions for the next hour and a half. He also timed them for a while, and he noticed Joyce’s contractions were now only one to two minutes apart.

“I’ll have to… check soon… where…I’m at… things seem to… be going pretty… quickly,” Joyce panted as she came down from a contraction, now in a kneeling position on her nest. As she came down further from the contraction, Joyce leaned back against the wall and attempted to check herself. But before she succeeded, another contraction hit her and she quickly pulled her hand back as she moaned loudly. Once the contraction passed, she tried again to check herself, and this time she succeeded. “I’m at… 8 centimeter… AAHHHH! OOOHHH OWWW!!!” Joyce shrieked and moaned as the next contraction hit her, “not… AAHH OOHH… long… now… OOHHH!”

Marcus scampered to get water, towels and other things they might need soon. He also got a cool, wet cloth after Joyce asked for it. Her contractions were now extremely intense and besides having to moan, groan and shriek, she also needed Marcus’s help to be able to get through the pain. She was now starting to feel as if she couldn’t do this or wasn’t strong enough, and she did voice these thoughts, but Marcus countered them and reassured and supported her as best as he could. In the short pauses between her contractions, Joyce gasped and panted for air. She alternated between a kneeling position and being on all fours.

About 40 minutes later, Joyce’s contractions suddenly started to peter out. They stayed as intense, but the pauses got substantially longer and six contractions later, they suddenly stopped for a while. Joyce gained her breath and got Marcus to get her a drink, before checking herself.

“Oh God… I’m fully dilated, sweetheart…I can feel a head… it’ll be time to push soon…. I’m going to get prepared,” Joyce said after the self-check. She got into a low kneeling position on her nest, with her legs spread. By now, she was feeling rising pressure as the head of one of her cubs descended ever deeper into her pelvis. Joyce closed her eyes and started breathing deeply as she mentally and physically prepared to give birth to her cubs. The pressure quickly mounted as Joyce experienced a small contraction, which she grunted through. “OOOHHH… lots of… pressure… I think I’ll have to push soon…” Joyce panted as the contraction subsided.

When her next contraction hit, a much stronger one, the urge to push became impossible to resist, and Joyce shrieked, “I have to PUSH… AAAHHHH! OOOHHHH! HUNNNHHHH!” as she started to push. Marcus stood by, with one hand on her shoulder and one on her back, trying to support and encourage her, but Joyce didn’t seem to be noticing much of it as she pushed with force, making loud, primal screams. She pushed until the contraction subsided, then panted and gasped for air.

“I can feel the cub coming down, sweetie… it might be a while still, but it’s definitely coming…” an excited Joyce said, just before another contraction started. Joyce’s body tensed and she started shaking as it grew in strength and she started to push with a loud, primal grunt. The pattern of pushing and grunting during the contractions, and panting in between, continued for five more massive contractions. Joyce could feel their cub steadily moving down and as she checked herself, she could feel the head now much closer, close to crowning in fact.

“This cub… won’t be… long… OOHHHH FUCK AAHHHH!” Joyce panted and shrieked, as another contraction started to hit her. Towards the end of the contraction Joyce groaned, “Oh, it’s starting to burn! AWW!”

“That means you’re starting to crown…” Marcus said, as he peeked between Joyce’s legs, “Oh yeah, I can see the top of the head… your lips are starting to part… cub’s almost here now, Joyce!”

Joyce did not get the time to respond, as she started to contract again. The intense burning sensation made her scream and grunt loudly as she pushed, but more slowly than before. As Marcus supported the head of their cub and loudly encouraged Joyce, her lips parted as the head slowly emerged from her body. The head was about halfway out when the contraction subsided. Joyce panted and gasped for air as she felt the head coming out of her, until the next contraction came. Joyce let out an extremely loud, primal scream as she started pushing again with force, and soon the cub’s head completely emerged from her body, soon followed by the shoulders. Shortly thereafter, the cub slipped into Marcus’s waiting hands.

Marcus rubbed the cub’s back and cleaned its mouth and face, and soon it started to cry. “It’s a girl, Joyce!” Marcus yelled with excitement, as he handed the cub to Joyce.

“We have a…. d…daughter…” a shocked and amazed Joyce stammered as she took their daughter from Marcus, “She’s so…beautiful…”

Joyce was holding a good size, squirming little catgirl with a full head of dark hair, dark ears, a dark tail and large, very dark eyes. Joyce held her, mesmerized and amazed, while Marcus stood by, looking at them lovingly and softly stroking his newborn daughter’s head. It was about 10 minutes after their first daughter was born, before Joyce started to feel her uterus starting to flex again. She groaned, “OWW… Marcus, I think number two is coming…”

Marcus finally clamped and cut the first cub’s cord. Joyce moaned as she once again had a contraction. The urge to push quickly returned and holding on to her first cub, she started to push again. With the first cub already having prepared and stretched the birth canal, the second cub seemed to be moving down quicker. After two quick pushes, the second cub was close to crowning, and Joyce again felt the burning sensation.

“OHHH… it burns again, Marcus… I think number two is close… AAAHHHHH!” Joyce panted and screamed as a contraction overtook her. As the contraction peaked, she pushed forcefully, and her lips parted as the second cub’s head emerged from her body. Joyce momentarily stopped pushing, the contraction still ongoing, and quickly gasped for air, then started pushing again as the head completely emerged, quickly followed by the body. Marcus’s hands were again waiting and he caught their second cub. He repeated what he had done with the first cub, then handed the squirming and crying cub to Joyce as he exclaimed, “We have twin daughters, Joyce!”

Joyce had to maneuver a little to hold both cubs, but eventually managed. “Twin girls! I had twin girls!” she squealed as she looked at her two newborn daughters. They were almost exactly the same size and looked very much alike. They were probably identical twins. Joyce just held their daughters for a while and shortly after Marcus had clamped and cut the second cord, Joyce finally expelled the afterbirth. Soon afterwards Marcus started to clean up the mess the birth had made, as well as helping Joyce to clean herself and the babies up a little. He made sure never to stray from his wife and daughters for too long – he just couldn’t stop being amazed at them. Marcus even got their kitchen scale and he quickly weighed their daughters before Joyce tried to latch them on her breasts.

“They are 8 pounds each, sweetheart… that’s pretty good…”

“No wonder I was so huge, with two eight-pounders inside of me… but it was worth it!” Joyce laughed as she latched their daughters onto her breasts for their first milk.

“What are we going to name them?” Marcus asked as he looked at his wife and daughters in amazement.

“What about Manuela and Marcia? I believe we both loved those girl names…”
“That sounds good. They look so much alike, though… how are we going to tell them apart?”

“We’ll find a way…” Joyce said. Manuela and Marcia didn’t nurse for long, and soon after they started to fall asleep. Joyce and Marcus dressed them, giving them a different colored bow for now to keep them apart, and put them into their cribs. As they stood by, watching their newborn daughters, both smiling widely, Joyce suddenly uttered, “That was a totally amazing experience… being pregnant, having babies… I loved it, even when it hurt… I can’t wait to do that again, Marcus! I want at least a dozen more of these!”

“That can be arranged… I want a big family too!” Marcus replied.

“Let’s try to have some boys next time… who knows, maybe I’ll get even more huge…” Joyce joked.

“I’m looking forward to that! I’m sure it won’t be long!” Marcus quipped back.

And it wouldn’t be long before Joyce got knocked up again. Marcus and Joyce are now busy with expanding and raising their family.

R: 10 / I: 0

Looking For Some Stories

I'm looking for this story where this girl starts giving birth to animals and after each birth, the next animal is bigger than the last.

Any stories by NewTestament. His deviantart account got shut down.

Oversized(/too big) pregnancy/birth.

Painful pregnancy/expansion/birth.

Anyone know any stories like these?
R: 8 / I: 0

Preg video games

Are there any video games that let you play as a pregnant woman?

Outside of flash games.
R: 31 / I: 0

Preggo art pet peev

It bugs me when hentai has a girl with a pregnant belly, and then in the x-ray view they show her womb being filled up with sperm, or even worse, the x-ray view has a small womb at the end of the vagina that gets splodge in. If her belly is huge, shouldn't there be…a baby in there?
R: 3 / I: 0
(Disclaimer: This thread is to be used as a confession dump for users, the opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of OP, no need to lock it.)

Since BBWchan has a trash talk thread, how's about we have one, too, Post things that you don't like about preg artists, your criticisms, and opinions about what they're doing wrong, and what good alternatives to them are, this also applies for story writers.
R: 3 / I: 0

What was your best hot birth moaning in video?

Can be any video ; anime, movie, drama, etc.
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Hey everybody! I had an idea that just won't leave my head. So I've decided to share it with the lovely people of pregchan.


The concept is basically, a fantasy RTS game that mixes preg fetishes to varying degrees. The game circles around 2 beings that must use the power of pregnancy to rally their armies and destroy opposing factions, located around the map. Like every RTS, the player starts off with the "general" unit. This character is way more powerful than ordinary units but if this character dies, the player loses. In this game, players have the ability of playing as either a male or female character. Picking this character's gender will play an important role later within the game. Aside from this, artifacts will be scattered around the map, finding one will boost your soldier's or hero's stats.

Note: All units (e.g footmen, scouts) are considered genderless and sterile)

A.)Playing as a male
-A male character must find "wild" women scattered across the map, these wild women cannot attack, and will not attack. Once recruited into his army, the player must then impregnate them regularly to keep his army in check. Different girls produce different units, at different time intervals and in varying quantity.

-Human girls produce regular footmen who have medium health and medium damage, they perform a very grunt-ish role in keeping the enemy at bay. The human girl can produce at least 1-8 children per pregnancy, even more if artifacts are found.

-Catgirls produce scout-like units with low health and low attack but are 3x as quick as any other unit, as mention above, they operate as scouts within your army. A Catgirl can produce up to 1-20 units in one pregnancy

-Cowgirls produce tank-like units that can soak up a bunch of damage, these units have high defense but medium attack. The cowgirl herself is also very useful. While Pregnant, she produces milk that can be fed (directly from her nipples) to other pregnant woman and to units. This is done to replenish health, this also increases fertility for a short amount of time. Sadly, birth rate is low for these creatures with having only 1-2 units per pregnancy.

-Succubi produce the magically adept units, these units hit hard and strong, but probably can't take as much damage. The Succubi can produce 1-4 units per pregnancy

–If your character finds a wild "male" on the map, you will have the ability to recruit this man, and use him to speed up reproducing.

-The male character is more mobile and hits heavier than her female counterpart

Playing as a female
-The female character must find "wild" men around the map, to mate with. Like with the wild females, wild males also produce different children if chosen to mate with a female character. She can be pregnant to up to 10 units of the total army size, per pregnancy.

-Wolfmen impregnate her with 5 units, this pregnancy usually yields 1-20 footmen units.

-centaurs impregnate her with 8 units, this pregnancy can yield 1-5 bow armed scout units

-Minotaurs impregnate you with a full 10 units, with only 1-2 tank units per pregnancy (ouch) sadly, the Minotaur lacks the ability to heal.

-Arachnids don't really impregnate, more like deposit their eggs inside the character, this usually takes up 5 units per pregnancy and can result from 1-10 spider units that function as drones in your army.

–Once all 10 units are filled, the female character is immobile until she gives birth to some of her units.

–Wild women can also be recruited and used to speed up reproducing

–Despite being less mobile than her male counterpart, she produces more powerful units and has higher maximum health.

So what do you guys think?

I have no skill, money or talent to ever do this, but if anyone out there will give this idea a shot,then by all means,
Please do it. Also, this thread is community based so I guess everyone can input in their opinion, and ideas
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Pregnancy Tabletop

I've been working on tabletop ideas and tossing them around for a while. But recently the idea of a pregnancy based one crossed my mind. And to be honest, I have no idea how such a thing would work. So I've come to you, my marvelous maiesiophiles, to help me create such a thing.

The end result will be, of course, be open to all and everyone can have some input, even it is seems weird to ask.
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Pregnancy/expansion games

Are there any good pregnancy or expansion games that are downloadable?
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Pin The Cliche On The Troll Game

There is nothing more frustrating or irritating than for a troll to receive an 'automated' response.

The rules are simple:

1. Every time the obvious 'troll' speaks up, respond or post with our "Reported (ID number, don't even use his fake name)". You can even add a '#ForSpookyDice' if you feel bold enough.xD

2. No personal remarks or responses as the mods have already tried reason but haters gonna hate.

3. Leave all personal remarks to the admins as they are solely responsible for talking to the spambot.

4. Game ends until..it ends.

Have fun!

(Oh, and lock this thread, admins. :))
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Finally, the epilogue to Jouji and Yukiyo's story. I hope you like it.


In their time together, Yukiyo gave Jouji six children. First came the boy and girl Daigoro and Koume; next were the boys Ginjiro and Hachiuma; last were two daughters, Fuyuko and Masago. None of the oni whelps had been harmed by being delivered prematurely by oni standards -at a year instead of two-, but after Daigoro and Koume were born, Jouji’s sister Haru very sternly warned them that they had better wait at least four years if Yukiyo wished to have more whelps. It didn’t matter that oni children grew up rapidly and became self-sufficient in a short amount of time; after they were weaned, the yukionna and oni had to wait.

Jouji wanted his wife to be healthy and keep her strength, so he acquiesced, and while Yukiyo was disappointed due to her desire to become pregnant again as soon as possible, she agreed as well. It was best to listen to experts in these matters. After Fuyuko and Masago had been delivered, Haru said that if Yukiyo was impregnated a fourth time, it had better be the last. Even a nigh-on immortal youkai’s body had limits, and each delivery rendered Yukiyo bedridden for nearly two weeks due to the size of the whelps and the rapid roughness of the births.

Thus, six years after Masago and Fuyuko had been weaned, Jouji and Yukiyo conceived their last children in the middle of winter. The resulting pregnancy was different from the others; Yukiyo’s stomach grew very quickly, but stopped in her seventh month with two infants that Jouji judged were eleven pounds each, and did not get any larger. Plus, the movements of the unborn were much gentler. Haru theorized these whelps would be runts, but Yukiyo had a feeling she was finally carrying two yukionna who happened to be slightly bigger than usual thanks to having an oni for a father. While Jouji never said it aloud, he was deeply relieved. Smaller children meant that his beloved wife would struggle less and be spared some pain. And if they were yukionna, they would still be welcomed into the clan.

Late in the following winter, as the sun rose on a new day, Yukiyo went into labor for the final time. The contractions were strangely pleasant as they came and went, and the yukionna found she was able to perform her domestic duties to the clan and her older children, instead of being crippled by agony. Despite that, Jouji hovered like an anxious hen, and more than once, his wife had to reassure him that she felt fine. The contractions progressed over the hours, growing closer together and stronger, until they lasted two heartbeats, paused for two, and began again. While the pains robbed Yukiyo of breath at times, she found she was actually experiencing a kind of euphoria as the contractions built, peaked, and ebbed.
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Wish there is Birthchan.

Is there anything that kind of sort?
I'm limited to birth, not preg fetish
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Author Feedback Thread


It's been a while since I've been here (my broodmother thread is still up lol). I couldn't seem to find the old sharing/critique thread.

I've been looking near and far for some critique or at least some sort of feedback. So far I've been told by one person I'm better off going to Literotica.
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Pregnancy Story and Art Cliches

How about we list and talk about the cliches of pregnancy stories and art. This will hopefully be a civil discussion.

Story cliches:
-Mother becomes feeble and meek, everything is ab out her and every day is a total hassle
-Story focuses on the mother rather than her pregnancy
-Pregnancy gives mother a bimbo type body
-Story is absolute fluff
-If it is not fluff, mother is constantly horny
-Story focuses on the birth rather than the pregnancy

Art cliches:
-Belly is shiny
-Term "huge" is used when belly is only full term singleton size
-Nudity is only tasteful
-Out of the ordinary or "Different" ideas are ignored in favor of relatively tame and Vanilla concepts
-If the mother is a male or a loli, the belly must be shrunken to the point of resembling a paunch or a pushed out stomach
-Person may be shamed for wanting to see a twin or triplet-sized belly

I am not anticipating any specific reaction, feel free to add others to the list.
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Anyone know any good sites that are pregnancy related or have pregnant manga
R: 0 / I: 0
Here's a pretty fun podcast where Mara Wilson and the host discuss a pregnancy-themed Harlequin romance novel: http://idontevenownatelevision.com/covert-conception-w-mara-wilson
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I might become a surrogate

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to you all for being so friendly, it's really helped me come out of my shell around here. I tend to be shy, especially about my sexuality and this fetish. I'm not ashamed at all, I just usually feel a little funny talking about it.

That being said, there was something I was wondering about that I'd be very curious to see all your thoughts on.

I'm a 20 year old college student, 21 in the summer, looking to become a physicist. I'm a single lesbian working part time while living with a couple of friends; "Stan" and "Clair" to keep things simple without saying their actual names, and very VERY much a gravidophile on top of finding pregnancy sexy on other women. My friends have been trying for almost a year now (Stan's 23 and Clair's 25, going on 26) to conceive, but haven't been able to and IVF isn't really an option for a few reasons that I'll keep private. They have had things tested, and it looks like the problem is on her end. Just a little while ago, they came to my room and asked me if I would help. They know about my fetish and my sexuality, so I know it wasn't easy for them to ask without worrying about offending me. Because IVF isn't an option, it would basically be the old fashioned way, and the baby would be half mine, but I wouldn't be the mother once it's born. This sounds like a no-brainer, because even though I would have to have hetero sex to get things started, I get to help my best friends start a family while also feeding my kink on the side and feeling sexier than ever…But for some reason I'm nervous to say yes, as much as I want to. And I really, REALLY do.

So I'd like to know what the chan thinks. Especially any women who have been surrogates before, or have been pregnant at all. Guys are more than welcome to give their opinions too. Thanks in advance! ^-^
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Deviantart account

Got logged out of my deviantart account and I don't remember the password or email linked to the account. Does anyone know who I can email or contact to try to get my account back?
R: 3 / I: 0

Not another RP advert!

No, it can't be true!

But it is! I'm looking for people who are willing to RP with furries. YOu don't have to be a furry, but those are always appreciated!

Things I enjoy:
Birth, most of all
Just about everything there is

Things I won't do:
Sexual pain

If you want a full list of my kinks and interests, you can find it here: https://www.f-list.net/c/tyler%20mcrae

Feel free to send me a note there! If not, leave yer info below, and I'll throw ya a hello~!
R: 56 / I: 0

Taking Story Requests

I need some inspiration, so I thought I'd take some writing requests. If anyone has any ideas, things they'd like to see, I'd be glad to consider them.
R: 2 / I: 0
Here we are: part three of Jouji's and Yukiyo's story. There might be an epilogue at some point; I just need to let that cook a little longer.


Yukiyo’s body was at its limit. There was simply no more room inside her for the oni twins conceived a year ago. They weighed at least sixteen pounds each, and could no longer move without causing her great pain. As much as the yukionna had enjoyed the pregnancy, she knew she couldn’t carry her children any longer; the strain was too much. She was constantly fatigued partially because it was so hard for her to take a deep breath, could barely eat more than a few mouthfuls at a time, and had to be cared for by her husband Jouji as if she were an invalid again. She had not been concerned for her condition before, but now she feared her womb was so overstretched, it wouldn’t be able to contract hard enough to deliver the whelps.

That fear was partially invalidated when she went into labor three days ago. The pains had been mild at first; so mild, she almost didn’t notice them. But as the hours passed, they gradually grew stronger, coming and going randomly before settling into a rhythm she could time by the second day. When Jouji was informed that the birth of their children was inevitable, he panicked: while they had reached his clan’s territory five days ago, they were still at least two days from the caverns where his family lived, where he had been born nearly a century past. There was no suitable shelter for his wife to give birth in on the way. Yukiyo had said yukionna preferred to deliver their daughters outside in the snow, but Jouji reminded her why that wasn’t an option for oni whelps. Thus he packed up their camp, picked up his wife, and ran as if the gates to the Buddhist Hells had just opened behind him, denying himself any form of rest in order to cover more distance.

Jouji was still running when the contractions worsened. Yukiyo had previously been able to breathe through them, but as the day went on, she began to moan, whimper, even sob. She had to cling to the bands of beads Jouji wore about his chest because her nails had punctured her palms. As the winter sun began to set on the third day, the pains became unbearable, even frightening in their intensity. Jouji could see the shape of his wife’s distended stomach change each time a contraction occurred, which was happening far too often; they would last for three heartbeats, end for one, then begin again. Yukiyo was desperately trying not to cry out each time it happened for fear of distracting her husband, but Jouji told her to make as much noise as she needed to. “If you clench your jaw any tighter, your teeth will crack,” was his reasoning.

“Put me down,” Yukiyo finally begged when the sun touched the rim of the mountains. “It’s too much. I have to push.”

“I can’t,” Jouji said, giving her a tortured look. “My love, I know you’re hurting, but even if you push, our children just won’t come. We’re not safe out here. Please, save your strength.”

Another contraction made Yukiyo’s back arch as she screeched in pain. “Oh, gods, Jouji, please, let me push, or walk, or something,” she gasped once it passed.

“Just hold on,” Jouji pleaded. “This is the path to my home. We’ll be there any moment now.”

Yukiyo’s stomach shifted and changed from an oblong shape to round, and Yukiyo screamed. “Gods, please, I can’t stand it!” she choked. “I- I think I’m going to pass out-”

“No!” Jouji said in horror, not wanting to think what might happen if his wife lost consciousness. “Stay with me! I swear, we truly are close. Talk to me. Say anything. Just stay awake!”

“I feel one of- of their heads pressing down,” Yukiyo babbled. “It feels e-enormous, like- like it’s filling my entire pelvis. It’s the w-worst pressure I’ve ever felt. It wants to b-be born, a-and I have to push!”

“You CAN’T-”

From around the bend in the path ahead, where a snowdrift had piled up, another oni leaped into sight, brandishing a giant iron cudgel, waving all four arms and bellowing like something from a nightmare. Jouji jumped back as he and Yukiyo shouted in shock and fright. It came closer, revealing itself to be a woman nearly as tall and muscular as Jouji, and she almost took a swing at them with that cudgel before something made her stop. “Jouji?” she asked in a husky, incredulous voice. “Little brother Jouji?”
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Hentai Foundry Censor

Does anybody know how to make HF's censor stop covering *everything* with warnings and only cover what you tell it not to show? Or is it glitched? Because I tried telling it what I don't want to see, and it covered everything. I tried telling it what I want to see, and it still covered everything. Sorry if I'm just being dumb, I'm just not sure why it's doing that and couldn't figure it out. ^^;
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I love Sundays. They're great for being productive.

(glances about at untidy bedroom and list of chores that need to be completed)

Uh, let me rephrase. Sundays are apparently very good for being productive when it comes to writing porn. I told you, the ideas were brewing.


Yukiyo had to stop again and lean against Jouji’s hip, one hand on the small of her spine and the other pressing against her chest. “I had forgotten how difficult it can be to breathe, the farther one goes into the mountains,” she admitted on seeing the oni’s expression of concern.

“I am feeling it as well,” he told her, running a hand down her hair, which now reached the yukionna’s knees. “It has been quite some time since I was last here.”

It had taken no time at all for Yukiyo to conceive once they had taken each other as husband and wife. The very evening the yukionna told Jouji she suspected she was pregnant, he had asked that they return to the mountain range his clan occupied, so that their children could be born in safe, familiar territory, and be accepted amongst their numbers sooner. It was a very long journey, but they had made surprisingly good time for five months. The growth of their children had been slow at first, and Yukiyo’s stomach remained trim, with just a small bump below her navel and the changing size of her breasts showing any evidence to her pregnancy. But the closer they got to Jouji’s homeland, the faster their children began to develop. Eight months into the trek, with Autumn in full swing, Yukiyo really was having difficulty walking as the terrain became steadily harder to travel and the air thinned.

Careful prodding from the yukionna indicated the presence of twins within her, which delighted her no end and made Jouji privately worry. He had not been jesting when he said oni whelps were large, and every time he stroked and cradled Yukiyo’s swollen stomach in one or both pairs of his big, clawed hands, he knew the infants were getting heavier and heavier. By his best guess, they were ten pounds each, and they would be larger still by the time they were ready to be born.

But with their journey slowed by the whelps’ growth, Jouji wasn’t sure when that would be. Oni women would go into labor with no trouble, but if they were not in a proper shelter when it happened, the whelps simply would not budge until the mother to be found a deep, safe cave, or even an abandoned human shelter. It was a strange survival instinct that had become especially important now that humans were more widespread and youkai of all kinds were losing ground and numbers. What if his children were too large to pass through Yukiyo’s pelvis by the time they had made it to his clan’s territory? Jouji was no midwife; he had no earthly clue how to handle a situation like that. If he lost Yukiyo and their twins because he knew so very little, he had no idea what he would do.
R: 10 / I: 0

(shyly tiptoes in)

GTron said something about a yukionna pregnant with oni children on page two, and the idea wouldn't leave my head. People have posted fiction here, so, um, I finally wrote about an oni knocking up a yukionna. There will be a sequel if you all like this.


They did not meet under auspicious of circumstances: she fell into his pit trap and broke her ankle. Despite that, she had been most polite when he had come to investigate, and more, she had been unafraid. But then, she was a yukionna; they were like steel covered in silk, fearsome in their own right. Seeing an oni seven feet tall with red skin, four arms, and a mouth full of pointed teeth and jutting tusks would not frighten them overmuch. He fished her from the trap with many apologies, and carried her to his camp, where he set her ankle and bound it firmly, and gave her an herb tea for the pain. He introduced himself as Jouji, and she said her name was Yukiyo.

Jouji tried to be a good host while she healed; he shared the lean-to he had made of pine branches without complaint; he kept the cookfire banked low as so not to harm Yukiyo with the heat; he shared what food he could find in the wintery forest. Yukiyo, in turn, tried to be a good guest; she did not fuss when he had to butcher his kills at the camp; she kept the shelter and supplies as tidy as she could while limited by her injury; and most importantly, she spoke with him. She told him stories of things she had seen on her travels, humans she had encountered, tales of their kin who were slowly fading away. Not long after, he shared his stories with her too. Stories about his clan, the most numerous of oni even in these days of fading magic; mountains he had scaled; forests he had traveled through unseen.

As the days passed, Jouji came to love his guest. He feared the day Yukiyo would heal and leave him, but it was not in his power to make her stay; she could freeze him solid with a touch and shatter him with a flick of her fingers. The idea of forcing her to stay repulsed him, anyway. Unusual for an oni, yes, but the thought of using force, of breaking the beautiful, deadly woman’s spirit, just did not sit well with him.

Shortly after Yukiyo's ankle healed completely and she could walk again, she roused Jouji in the middle of the night by kissing him. "I do not wish to leave you," she told him as she ran her slim, cold fingers down his wide, muscled chest. "Please take me as your wife." She kissed him again, and her lips were cold as well, but his skin was tough and thick; he found he did not mind.

"I would love nothing more," Jouji said, "but I fear harming you."
R: 1 / I: 0


Want to start a pregfur RP, I have lots of ideas. State a setting and your character's name as well as their occupation.
R: 21 / I: 0

A, nay, THE question.

And that question is simple: why? Why does the gravid form capture our minds and enthrall our senses so?

Okay, I'll be less of a pretentious douche about it: why do we like pregnant women so goddamn much? I know a lot of people have asked this question before, but this just seemed the appropriate place to do so.

I ask in order to hear your answers, from those of you who do know, so that, perhaps, some day, I might have an answer of my own.
R: 8 / I: 0

Account Deactivations

Has anyone else noticed lately the amount of preg/belly artists randomly deactivating their deviantart accounts and stuff? Did dA finally go off the deepend with their draconic censorship of everything or some shit? Any idea whats going on?
R: 12 / I: 0

Close encounters

Now, I don't know about my fellow pregnonymous, but I personally like to keep my fetishism out of my normal life as much as possible. Recently a Facebook friend of mine posted a picture from Riddle to make a joke to another friend who was pregnant. When I saw this, I honestly almost panicked. Does anyone else have a similar story they'd like to share?
R: 28 / I: 0


Back on the old board, we had a good run of questions and discussions regarding pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding. Since I had my memory refreshed three weeks ago, I thought I'd open a new thread, as promised in the old thread, for the curious.

In case someone needs a refresher, I'm Ty's girlfriend. I've had six pregnancies, 5 births, 4 living children, and have nursed (or am nursing) 3 of them. Timing has meant I've been pregnant, nursing, and sometimes both (hereafter referred to as tandem nursing) for the last 5 years, with a brief 3 month break. Ask me anything! If it's too personal, I'll decline to answer, possibly with a reason why. Some questions are "squishy." That's okay - I use correct anatomical terms and medical terms, don't mind details, and am not easily grossed out. If you'd prefer to ask in private, my email is available. Tys_pixie AT yahoo DOT com.

Who wants to know what? If it was asked on the old board, I'll answer again, no problem.
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Finalixer's galleries?

So… has Finalixer given up on his AMAZING gallery collections? I haven't gotten a new one for a couple of years now (his most recent one, last year I think, somehow dropped out of torrents cuz I wasn't able to get it before it stopped being seeded)

Just wondering, cuz I sure loved those. If he's too busy to do it anymore or got burned out, I can totally understand, but I do still miss them.
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Story Seeds

Any other writers here have ideas they won't ever get to? Or just ideas they want to see written? I propose we use this thread to create "story seeds" - small prompts for fetishy stories that could inspire people to keep writing! I have a million of these. Will add mine below.
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Monster Preg request thread.

I've been feeling like writing some Monster Preg scenes. So, anyone that wants to suggest a girl to get knocked up by some big monster, just let me know.

A few things to know about me:

1) I'm not terribly good with grammar.
2) I'm not a big fan of rape. As such, most scenes I write are consensual.
3) I'm not big into furries… So, most furry girls requests will probably be rejected.
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Detailed Pregnancy Calculator?

Hey all.

A bit ago, I stumbled across a very detailed pregnancy calculator. It used hip measurement, waist measurement, cup size, chest size, height and starting weight, hormonal levels, and number of babies to "calculate" what your measurements would be after being impregnated. However, I completely forget where the calculator is located. Can someone help me out?
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Are there communities for 'birth' fetishs

Pregchan is one, though it focuses on various pregnancy/belly fetishs.
As a 'birth' fetish I'm looking for that kind of communities.
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The kinds of stories you'd pay to read

So… I've started working on a bunch of material I'm hoping I can publish and have bought.

I'm just curious. What are some story subjects you'd *pay* to see published in paperback/hardback/ebook/pdf form?
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Looking for a Movie

I remember a long time ago that I came across a movie about a woman who was pregnant for 3 years. the name of the movie is called
3 Year Pregnant
3 Year Delivery
san-nen migomoru

it goes by any of those three titles. I have searched everywhere but cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can find this movie? Thanks in advance.
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Searching for role play partners (birth)

Hey there,

an english and german speaking girl of north-germany is searching for a good chatpartner. Male or female, both will be fine. I can play the part that gives birth or be the part that helps you with birth (as long as you play a female).

What I love:

++ Long birth
++ Hard birth
++ Contraction stimulation via touching vagina or clit
++ Birthes with a roleplay husband or midwife
++ Detailed described contractions
++ Realistic birthes

What I like

+ Light problems with birth. The cervix is not opening? Massage it open and hear me beg to stop
+ The birth is not going on? Let me try to find out what you want without telling me. I will change positions, stimulate myself, do anything to make the birth go on.
+Examinations before or during birth.
+ Pain
+ Not being allowed to push due to my cervix not being open.
+ Erotic elements, like having sex during birth to support contractions.
+ Begging, crying, whinening
+ Being very brave during birth, so I can surprise you
+ Being full of fear during birth, so I need all your support.

What I do not like:

- Abuse (though I like it when you speak a little harder with me, when I do not obbey)
- Birthing anything other than real babies
- Poop
- Birth more than two babies in one birth.
- Injections (when my or your contractions aren't coming we can however,use a jelly placed ino the cervix.

Even if I mostly wrote in the perspective were I give birth, be assured I also LOVE to play the other part. So if you need help with your birth, I can help you. And I will play male or females.

I like chatplays where the birthing part tells the supportive part what he sees / feels during examination and the birthing part being told by the chat partner how the birth feels. I am , however, also open to every other form of chatplay.

You can contact me via Mail or skype. lynn.dawn (at) gmx.de

If you can not find me in Skype, please contact me via Email first and I will help you find me.
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Anyone wanna DS friendcode?


Currently I got:
-Pokemon A. Sapphire
-Animal Crossing
-Monster Hunter 3 U.
-Shin Megami Tensei 4
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Pregnant Mom Stories

Does anyone know of any stories where the main character gets it on with a pregnant motherly figure?

This can be a biological mother, a step-mom, an aunt, a friend's mom, or anything else you think fits the bill.
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The Marvelous Gaia

Hey everybody.I have a story for you all, but I will tell you more about it after this next post.Try to guess the setting before the end. ;-)
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Story time!

Alright, I recently started writing this story and I was wondering what you guys would think of it. I hope you like it!

Chloe leaned absentmindedly against the counter of the coffee shop, staring out the window at the people walking by as she gave the espresso machine a halfhearted cleaning. Summer was the slow season for her store (after all, who wanted hot coffee in the middle of July?) so she had plenty of time to think. Her thoughts drifted aimlessly: lighting for a moment on an ex-boyfriend and wondering what he was up to, what she would cook for dinner, what her friends were doing on Friday. But more often than any other subject, her thoughts turned to pregnancy.

Chloe stood at about 5”4 with olive skin, brown hair that was styled into an undercut, a curvaceous body and piercing green eyes. Beautiful by almost any standard, she played a starring role in many men’s (and women’s) fantasies, but despite her good looks was chronically single. Why? Because Chloe was a gravidophile. Deeply ashamed of her fetish, (after all, what self respecting feminist would just drop her career to make babies?) Chloe had always had a lot of trouble opening up to partners about the way that she felt, and when she did it didn’t always go so well. Picking up a coffee mug to polish, her memory flashed to a particularly unpleasant fight between her and an ex: her trying to explain her search history, him calling her a “dirty freak” and beginning to pack his stuff. Chloe sighed: stroking her disappointingly flat stomach. Would she ever find a man who wanted for her to be knocked up as badly as she did?

Ever since she was a little girl, Chloe had been fascinated by the idea of being pregnant. Even now she could remember stuffing pillows under her shirt, trying to understand why thinking about being pregnant made her feel so strange. She imagined herself massively gravid with twins, or maybe even triplets, being filled joyously with the cock of some nameless lover and felt her knees weaken ever so slightly. How amazing would it be to feel new life growing inside of her? How wonderful would it be to have some loving partner to lavish her changing body with passionate kisses and lovemaking? Her eyes were half lidded from her sultry reverie. God, she could almost feel the cum spurting warmly into her, filling her with new life, making her into a woman.

The sound of a voice startled her from her daydream. “Chloe? Chlo, are you okay?” She turned and met the gaze of her manager, Sheila, which presented a whole new kind of problem. Established, loved and closing in on her fourth month of pregnancy, Sheila had everything that Chloe wanted. It made her supremely jealous and more than a little horny to watch her, apron sticking out over her burgeoning bump as she filled orders, as she kissed her inordinately handsome Yogi boyfriend when he brought her lunch or just stopped in to say hello. Today it seemed the universe was conspiring to turn Chloe into a puddle of sexual frustration. “Huh?… Oh, yeah I’m fine Sheila. Sorry.”
“Are you sure? These past few days you’ve been a regular space cadet. Have you been going through a, you know, a dry spell?”
“What?” Chloe exclaimed a little louder than she had meant to. How could Sheila possibly know that she hadn’t been getting any? Sheila inclined her head and pointed to Chloe’s grey cotton crop top. Chloe looked down to notice that she was sporting a rather horrifyingly obvious nipple stand. It had been the wrong day to go braless.
“I’m no psychic,” Sheila said to her blushing subordinate, “but when somebody starts staring into space, licking their lips, and their nipples could fucking cut glass, I’d have to say they’re horny.” Sheila let loose a knowing chuckle, resting a slender ebony hand on her belly. Chloe could have died.
“No…I’m fine, really! God, was I that obvious?” Chloe stuttered. Sheila gave a half smile and nodded her head. “You know Chlo, I’ve been wondering something.”
“What?” Chloe uttered, still blushing furiously.
Sheila craned her neck around, searching pointlessly for eavesdroppers in the empty coffee shop. “Do I turn you on?” Oh God, it was even worse than Chloe had thought. “It’s okay, you’re not exactly subtle when you’re staring at me. You like pregnant women, don’t you?” Chloe nodded weakly, unsure if this was the end of her days as a barista or if her life was about to get a whole lot more interesting. Sheila smiled that half smile again, brushing a stray dreadlock from her face and resting it behind her ear. “I thought so. I want you to do something for me: a few of my friends and I are having a pretty special celebration tonight, and I think you would enjoy it.” Chloe stood dumbstruck, unable to believe what she was hearing. “Come to 1265 Wyland Avenue tonight and show the man at the door this,” she said, pressing what felt like a small stone into Chloe’s hand. “Maybe we can help you concentrate on your job a little better.” Sheila said with a knowing wink. Chloe’s panties were a fucking ocean. “You can take the rest of the day off, nobody’s coming in here anyway.”

Apron slung over her shoulder, Chloe walked mutely from the coffee shop, her mind reeling with what had just happened. Had she just been invited to some kind of orgy? Was she about to fulfill her most devious sexual yearnings? She was determined to find out. Only after she had gotten into her car did she realize that she’d never even looked at what Sheila had given her: the small stone was still clutched tightly in her hand. Opening her fingers, she was confused and intrigued by what she saw: a miniature replica of the Venus of Willendorf.
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A game/story/ I found about a guy, who swaps gender with his ladyfriend, and then spends the game trying to avoid getting knocked up, or dealing with it, while trying to reverse the transformation. It isnt complete by any means, but it has a lot for anyone who is into impregnation. Figured yall might like it.


Theres a thread on it on the site too the author is pretty receptive to ideas.
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Non-pregnancy related question for fellow fetish porn lovers. Is that ok?

I'm doing a research paper for a college class about the western world's opinion on sex, and how it influences gender equality.

Society seems to have this opinion that the bigger a pervert you are, the more sexist you will be. However, I find the opposite to be true. I spend a lot of time on here and other niche porn forums, and gender is just a non-issue. Male, female, something in between—it doesn't matter. There is a feeling of true equality, acceptance, and comfortableness around each other. I've loved porn more than the average person ever since I was young, and personally have never understood how someone could even be sexist. My wife is the same way.

I'd like to include something about this in my paper, a corrolation between perviness and equality, but anecdotal evidence doesn't fly. Do any of you know of any actual research on this topic?

Again, I apologize that this isn't pregnancy related and won't be offended if Doombeez or whoever takes it down.
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Story Series

First time posting after much deliberation.

The Lurker's Series

Pregnancy series that you, the reader, the most important person, can influence! Yes, that's right, you can have a vote
(though note I make no promises as to what or when I will write, or if I will incorporate anything into the story).

I've lurked for too long, and wish to give back to the community. Thank you all who have contributed art and media!
I cannot draw for crap. However, I can write. This is just a little taste of what I think about sometimes, and I am
pretty versatile.
Maybe this can become a series. Maybe you can write and tell me what you'd like within my preferences, and nothing
outside of them.
Maybe some of you who enjoy my stories or want a part in creating the epic could bust out your extremely adept drawing
skills and put life into what I write… would love to see how my words stir images in your minds…

Preferences, included in this story, but not solely limited to (what I will write):
Rapid expansion of pregnant belly, breasts
Extreme birth
Fantasy (Middle-Earth style)
Sex (Duh)
Extreme pregnancy (well, if you're not familiar with this, you're on the WRONG site)
Anthro (picky here)
And a few other things, don't say I didn't warn you…

No way (will not write about):
Anything illegal to possess or produce

My stories contain my preferences and include extremely harsh language and lots of sexual stuff, so if you're not an
adult, please leave immediately.

If you don't like, don't read. Negative comments are useless and will be ignored. I assure you that there is nothing
anyone can say to bother me, I've been through too much in life to let petty stuff get to me.

Hope you all enjoy. More stories will follow. Hopefully I will bring some Lurkers out and we can discuss what the
others want.
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Looking for a collaberation partner for a story

Hey guys. I was looking if anyone is interested in writing a collaberation story, mainly a hentai crossover with a male OC. Posted this same add on inflatechan before you ask.

The two hentais in question are:
http://myanimelist.net/anime/15409/Oyakodon:_Oppai_Tokumori_Bonyuu_Tsuyudaku_de also called HaHa Musume Donburi.


Could add on a third hentai depending on which series is good. Or if my partner has any good hentai series to recommend.

Now, I would like to add in some story and adventure in here, but most importantly of all: Expansion. Like Weight gain, cum inflation, breast+butt expansion, pregnancy, extreme pregnancy etc.

The OC will be in the universe where Sakie and Rumi are, and they will be warped into the fantasy world that's being conquered by the demons and dragons of Catue.

Shine and Rumi are childhood friends(she's tsundere of course) and one day Shiina comes across an old text in a library and they take it home. Sakie is present and upon reading the text they get warped and they're entire house gets sent over to the fantasy world in a forest. Cue we're not in Kansas anymore but our Japanese characters have gained new powers! Shiina can control nature and trees, Sakie can change her size at will and become a giantess amazon. Rumi is a mage.

And after fighting off some horny lusty wandering demons, they come settle in and need to find a way back home to their world and out of this war-torn nation.

When they get to the castle…over-run with mind-broken women and monsters and dragons is when the story kicks in.

The fallen queen and princess, Nina and Catue respectively. The former now has countless parasitical bugs for a dick, while the latter is a breeding slave for the Dragon Lord there, her fallen transformed fiance…I forget his name.

OC, Rumi, and Sakie take care of the monsters there and save some of the girls. Though the battle the monsters were killing the human women. Scorched Earth policy if you will and out of spite. They do manage to save some, including the Queen and Princess, but aside from those two, the other women go insane with what they have become and kill themselves out of shame, disgust, and trauma.

Catue is still in a dick-crazed haze, and Nina the same but also WITH fucking. Doesn't help that they are pregnant with worms or demon spawn. When Catue births them they kill the offspring and Catue realizes what she has become. A succubi dragonness. And as she is the last of her line with her mother, rejects herself.

The story here will be redemption. Nina and Catue;s lust hazes slowly being lifted as they learn to love naturally and move on from their past trauma. Of course, the lust haze will remain for some lemony goodness.

While aiming to defeat that demon king Ginyol, who came over.

PAirings will be OC with the ladies mentioned. Could add in another dude if possible.

If anyone is interested in writing this with me, let me know via skype or email.
Skype: systemofthematt

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Before pregchan crashed, there was a link to a veritable treasure trove of labor/delivery clips hosted on a Google Drive. Like an idiot, I didn't save the location, so now I'm wondering if anyone might be able to steer me back to it. Please and thank you!
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Doombeez Presents: Fire in the Belly

That's right, after… something like a year and a half, a new fetish story by me, Bender! Er, Doombeez. I've been focusing mostly on my non-fetish writing in a big way lately, but Fastflame commissioned me and I can't say no to money. So without further ado…


The young woman let out a dreamy sigh as the coaching inn dissapeared into the distance behind her.

To look at her, one wouldn't think much was unusual about her. She was quite beautiful, with her shapely figure and flame-red hair, but lots of beautiful women came by these inns. Granted, there were her ears, but lots of people had pointy ears these days. Those elves, tree-huggers that they were, sure loved to 'sow seeds'. And her bright-red facial markings caught a few eyes, to be sure, but those adventurers had all sorts of weird fasion styles these days. And of course, there was the fact that she never seemed to wear shoes, but hey, to each their own.

Most people would not, in fact, think that she was the scion of a primal fire elemental. And why would they? But, as an Efreet, that was, in fact, what she was.

There were, in fact, not many things that your average mortal knew about elementals. But this young woman was sure not going to explain it to them when she had better things to do.

As intensely magical beings, the reproductive cycles of Efreets could be a bit… strange. Enough so that their population numbers would be even smaller than they were, had they not taken it upon themselves to rectify this problem.

This young woman's name was Nuri, and she had just enjoyed a very fine evening. It wasn't often that the tribal elders mandated that you go out and get laid. She smiled to herself, blowing out a ring of smoke with a flourish as she rubbed her flat belly.

Efreet were fertile for a relatively small time in their lives, and only during certain times of the year, wherein several mystic forces alligned (or something like that, Nuri had fallen asleep during the lecture). When that came about, the time had come to, as Nuri had so delecately put it, "get breedin'".

And since her tribe was all women, that meant going out into the world, finding a male in decent shape without any communicable ailments, and getting down to business. And she certainly had done that. All night long.

This was Nuri's third year doing this, and the first two had been a breeze. Efreet pregnancies tended not to be difficult. And this year was off to an even-better start; her chosen partner for this year was, bless the Great Flame, a half-dragon, and the words had not yet been invented for what a party that had been. Her knees still felt wobbly. And now she just had to take it easy for a few months.

Had Nuri paid a little bit more attention during that aforesaid lecture, she might have thought twice about her choice of partner. And she certainly wouldn't have written off the strange feeling in her tummy as consequences of the greasy pub food.


Nuri woke up the next morning after a nice, peaceful rest under the stars with the morning sun beating down onto her body. She stretched, yawned, lazily laid a hand over her belly and relaxed.

Two seconds later, she sat bolt upright, looking down at herself.

"What in the hells?" she exclaimed, giving herself a poke. Where there had been a perfectly flat surface the evening before was a sizeable protrusion. She looked to be about four or five months gone. Panic gripped her for a moment, but it was very shortly replaced by annoyance as bits of the lecture were coming back to her.

"Use caution when mating with dragon-kin," the elder had had said to her and her gathered sisters. "For they blah blah blah born of the flame blah blah magical essence blah blah blah…"

Nuri really, really wished she had paid more attention.

Her swollen middle twitched slightly, and she felt a surge of warmth.

"Well then," she said, half to herself and half to the being residing within her. "This is going to be… interesting."

She had been banking on having enough time to travel back to the tribe's lands at a leisurely pace. But now…

No, no, best not to think about it. She allowed herself a stretch, then set off.

The travel wasn't particularly stressful; she kept off the main roads, and anything that bothered her could be promptly incinerated. But she felt a sense of urgency all the same. All the while, she was constantly aware of the thing growing inside of her. That was new; normally, she more-or-less just forgot about it until it was time to squeeze the little runt out. But now, it seemed a lot more… lively, constantly sending pulses of heat throughout her body.

By the time she stopped for the night, she had progressed another two months or so. She sat down against a large rock and massaged her belly gently.

"Calm down now, you little bugger," she said, as she tried to relax. "Mom's gotta rest for a bit."

That seemed to have some effect, though she may have been imagining it. Satisfied, she leaned back and let her eyes close. Maybe she'd make it after all…


"I'm not gonna make it," she said, looking down at herself.

Nuri had woken up that morning to find her passenger had doubled in size. In addition to the warm sensations (which were only getting stronger), it had started to move around. Every so often, she would see the surface of her belly distort slightly.

She sighed. Bleeding dragons. Still, though, the sex had been mind-blowing. She sighed again, this time a bit more dreamily.

Right, focus. She steeled herself and set off again, her baby wriggling all the way.


Another day and a half had passed. Nuri could barely sleep, the little bugger inside her was so active. The night before, she had been long past what she would have considered "ready to drop". The next morning, she had gone past even that. Damned thing was giving her cramps in places she didn't even know she had.

Still, she was getting there. Just through these woods, then across the valley, then she could hop on the caravan and be back in the desert by sundown.

Right. No trouble. The pangs that her belly had been giving her all day could be safely ignored.

The elder had always said that Nuri was a terrible liar. Even to herself, it seemed.

She stopped to lean against a tree for a moment, catching her breath.

"I can do this," she said to herself. "I can do this."

She stood upright again, cracked her knuckles, and set off.

Five steps later, she was down on her knees as a sharp pain ran down her spine like a lightning strike. A faint pressure that she had only vaguely been aware of suddenly gave way, and she could feel a rush of hot fluids run out of her. As it hit the ground, there was a crackling noise as the grasses blackened and smoldered.

"Oh, hells," she groaned, pulling herself into a standing position again. She wasn't going to make it to the caravan. She probably wouldn't even make it out of the woods. The thrice-cursed thing inside of her wanted out and it wasn't going to wait. The last times she had delivered, it was in a nice secluded cave with her sisters there to support her. But now…

Another pain, stronger than the first, hit her, causing her to cry out, a cone of flames billowing fourth from her mouth as she did so.

Thankfully, there were no people for miles around that she copuld inadvertantly set ablaze.

Nuri groaned. This was happening, and it was happening faster than ever before. Quickly, she knelt down and began peeling clothing off. Her whole body felt hot. She could see steam rising from it. She took a deep breath and let it out.

"Alright," she said, running a hand along her quivering middle. "You want out? Fine then, let's get you out."

Last time, Nuri had found comfort in getting into a good squat, but there was nothing nearby that could assist in that. In lieu of that, she leaned down and settled onto all fours, a position one of her sisters had reccomened once.

Nuri could already feel the child pushing downward, eager to leave her womb. She grit her teeth and blew out a breath, steam hissing out of her nostrils. As soon as she felt her inner muscles contract, she bore down. Sure enough, it began to shift, pushing out of her. It was big, bigger than her last ones had been, and with every effort, she felt hot all over. She could feel herself sweat, and the sweat turned to steam almost instantly.

She rested for some time until she felt the next pain, and bore down again, the baby progressing inch by inch. For all it had seemed to want to get free, it was sure taking its sweet time coming out.

Finally, she could feel herself stretch and bulge as it neared her nethers. Human women often talked about a burning sensation as their baby was born. Nuri laughed despite the pain she was in. They had no idea what they were talking about.

Nuri could feel another contraction building up. She took another deep breath and gave it her all, unable to stop herself from screaming as she felt the baby crown, a gout of flame shooting forth into the sky. She felt like her whole body was wreathed in flame, and for all she knew, it may have been. She wished she could see what was happening back there, but it felt like it was happening fast…

She had no idea how much time had passed since her labor had begun. Thirty minutes? An hour? Two? Pain overtook her and she flexed her internal muscles with all of her might, feeling herself stretch around the child's head, until finally something gave way. Carefully, she leaned down and peered between her legs; though just barely, she thought she could see the edge of a head protruding from her.

"That's it," she said, her breath quickening. "Almost there… time for you to come out now…"

As she struggled to birth her child, her mind became a haze. For a moment, Nuri was not a single Efreet, but an aspect of the Great Flame itself. Burning. Searing. Consuming. She was all of the warmth and the rage and the passion that was the essence of Fire, and she channeled that into her efforts.

Nuri let out a shout, louder than before. Birds scattered and trees shook as she put everything that she was and everything that she could be into a great push. Everything went white as she felt the flame within her blaze…

And then, everything was silent. Silent save for the gentle wailing of her newborn daughter.

Carefully, Nuri turned herself around. There, squirming in a bed of blackened grass, was her baby. Nuri let out a breath of relief as she scooped it up into her arms. The baby fell silent almost instantly, opening her eyes and looking up at her mother. Her body bore the red markings that were typical of her tribe, but she also had brilliant amber-colored eyes, more suitable to her father's lineage.

"Now that's certainly interesting," said Nuri, gently rocking her progeny. She sniffed, and caught a whiff of charcoal, then looked up, surveying the area.

All around her, in a rather large radius, trees and grass were as blackened shells, burnt to a crisp, as if a very localized brushfire had broken out.

"Whoops," said Nuri, smirking and looking down at her daughter, who radiated innocence. Innocence and heat.

"I have a feeling that you're going to be a real handful when you grow up," she said, falling back and letting herself relax again. And as she did so, one thing was running through her mind.

The elder was going to give her the mother of all "told you so" lectures when she got back.

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Does anyone know what happened to Lovepregnant? It went down and never came back…
R: 2 / I: 0
>be me
>been driving cabs at night to get some extra money
>slow night
>call comes
>have to pick up a woman from her house
>drive there
>she's waiting outsite
>she's massively pregnant, looks like twins
>oh shi-
>she gets in, panting and she tells me to bring her to the hospital as quickly as I can
>she keeps having contractions while I drive
>inbetween I try to make conversation
>"no, actually only one, I'm carrying really big!"
>keep driving, she's literally screaming
>what the fuck do I do
>tells me to stop, she has to push
>get out to help her
>help her as best as I can
>tell her to push
>suddenly, a strange red ball comes out of her vagina
>she pushes again
>Lanky Kong's funny face comes out of her pussy with a huge gash of water
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In need of a revive

Nice to see that the board has been reconstructed from the shambles of the ruined one, lost to the confines of data that lurk the internet. This board shall rise again, greater than before! (I apologize if this is late, just checking old files and found a link to the old one that lead here.)