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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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8fb64 No.6962

New Ad Post!
22 year old Black Male from USA (Texas) here! Opening up once more for RPs with Female/ people who play Female charachters!

Must have (Deal Breaker if not agreed too):
Anal Sex (A ton of it, not just once)
Interracial Pairings (Black male/Non-black female)

Loves/ always want to do:
Birth sex (Anal only)
Large Breast (no hyper)
Mupliples, no more then 3
Large bellies
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A friend of mine started a Kik group for like minded peoples. It's called Pregkik. It's for… chatting, rp hookup, whatever. I promise at least one of us is female, too! (Coming soon to a Kik near you: one female and 49 males! I kid. I hope.)

We can invite you! Comment with your Kik username and we'll invite you.

For those who don't know what Kik is: it's IM for your phone. It is not tied to your cell # and there can be group chats. Download it from your App Store or Play Store or Blackberry Black Market or whatever. (I do not know what it is compatible with).
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2c7fa No.6788

Hi! I'm kinksysin! I'd like to join :)

7ee04 No.6807

i'd like to join!

username: hthrshea

93330 No.6809

I'll join gaomizuchi

580ef No.6967

Can I get in?

Kik: ashleyyp_br

dc5ed No.6974

I would like in my username is: pregnantmegan2013

1f078 No.6965[Reply]

da781 No.6969

Yay! Looking forward to reading this later!

d8e96 No.6970

A link with no description or context. That is completely normal and not at all suspicious.

da781 No.6971

He's mentioned this story before and has been poked into posting it. The link is legit. It's a Dropbox link. Has a text file containing a few chapters of story.

1f078 No.6972

uhm. My story is a story, not a virus or whatever. Though I admit the lackadaisical way I posted it does seem a bit like an internet trojan dumped off by Eastern Europeans or China. I apologize for that.

But I promise you it's just a story housed on the dropbox file saving service and linked to here. You can find request art that was made from the official drawthread.


see? It's her. This is the story featuring this character.

76f25 No.6968[Reply]

hello people. i am looking for anyone who is pregnant for some fun on kik, whether it be for an rp, just want to show off your gorgeous belly(and maybe a bit more), or if you want to meet up. if you arent pregnant, but would like to do any of the before mentioned things, that would be wonderful. my kik is: bleh2.0

98cf9 No.6834[Reply]

Of Monsters and Men

It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the small town and its people are busy… well, as busy as these small towns get. You chose it precisely because it's relatively quiet. Serene and just beautiful. The old core of the town presents itself in an old European style. Somehow the town managed to survive the war completely intact. Either that or someone invested a lot to restore it to its old, almost medieval looks around this little plaza. You feel the cushy seat in your back and the autumn sun blessing your skin with its rare warmth. The warm coffee in your hand also helps to make it feels as if the warm season isn’t entirely over just yet.
You lift the coffee cup and take a… wait a minute. It says “Thomas”. Why does it say “Thomas”? You’re certain you didn’t give your name this time. How could the girl have known? With deliberately slow movements, you turn around and look back into the coffee shop. There, behind the counter the young blond services another customer. She sees you looking at her and… blushes!
“Damn it!” you can’t stop yourself from whispering. You just started to like this town and now this … this bimbo goes and ruins it all by falling for you! If she knows your face well enough to associate a name with it, she can identify you if They come and ask for you. Time to leave. You will need to get some cash before you can check-out of the hotel, a credit card would leave to many traces. Even the fake cards you use.
“Damn!” you think again, this time without moving a muscle. Your old habits are already taking over. You project an aura of complete calm to the world; every muscle looks relaxed to an outside observer. Just in case there are any. But in your head, you already plan your next steps: The car, the hotel, the bags in your room, your stash in the lake house. You would need to wait till nightfall until you could go to the lake. Without checking your watch, you know that it will be another hour and twenty minutes till sundown. Your training still hasn’t left you. Just enough time to check out of the hotel.
“Is this seat taken?” a melodic, feminine voice interrupts your thoughts. Without betraying your mask of calm even for a millisecond you answer with your friendliest smile.
“No, not at all. In fact, I was just about to leave.”
“I didn’t mean to drive you away.” she says with a beautiful smile of her own. “Why don’t we enjoy our coffee together, Thomas?”
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1be50 No.6958

When you wake up again, the sun is already shining… barely.
“Good morning! You’re awake! That’s a good sign. Do you know where you are? What year this is? Who’s president?”
The voice of the blabbering, blonde nurse is like a sharp needle in your ears at this hour. You let out a dissatisfied groan.
“Oh no, he can’t speak.”
“Alright, calm down, pumpkin. He’s probably just miffed that you woke him up.” Another, older and male voice chimes in. You let out another groan somewhere between Affirmation and ‘Go away’. To no avail.
“I’m sorry we woke you up, Sir. But Julia here is right, it is a good sign that you are awake.”
“Right! And do you remember what year it is?”
“Julia, stop it right now! He’s a burn victim, not a coma patient. Maybe I should let your professor know how much you’re paying attention to him. Now measure his blood pressure like I showed you.”
Alright, so not a nurse. Sounds more like a student. Julia’s attempts are incompetent enough that it gives you a few moments to wake up and let your brain catch up to what is happening.
“There was someone here last night…”
“Oh, you mean Christina? Yes, she was keeping an eye on your vital signs, I hope she didn’t disturb you.”
You shake your head slightly. At least you have a verification on the name, if not on the rest of her story. “How long have I been out?”
“A little over two days, Sir.” Again, nice to have confirmation on that. “Don’t worry, I’ll send a doctor in soon to talk to you. I will come back later to check your bandages too.”
Julia jots down some numbers you are positive she simply made up to cover her inaptitude with the sphygmomanometer. The male nurse does not seem to notice. He takes your temperature, writes it down as well and starts to lecture Julia about something about medical thermometers.
You take a mental inventory of yourself. ‘I’m feeling much better than last night. I bet if I wanted to, I could leave the bed.’
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05eb9 No.6959

Option 1.

It would be in our best interest to maintain a low profile, which would be hard if we let them on to anything unusual, such as rescuing Emma or the miraculous healing.

01a36 No.6960

option 1 makes the most sense to me

ff64d No.6961

I vote for option 1. It gives us more options on what to do next in the hospital with someone who already knows about our healing ability.

fc6cd No.6966

Option one seems the best choice.

4e264 No.6963[Reply]

I've recently discovered some really good pregnancy stories on Deviantart. But there are so many and too few artist mention their contents.

So can anyone suggest some, with a brief description of the plot and contents.

Let's start off with my fav…
Summary: Cona unwittingly impregnates herself with tentacles. Inspired by Arthur Saxon’s “Pregnant with Tentacles” 1 & 2.

Contains: Belly expansion, breast expansion, egg laying and some good unbirthing scenes.

Baby Elephant
Summary: An intern is impregnated with a baby elephant.
Contains: Unwanted animal pregnancy and some good inflation scenes.

4e264 No.6964

If this already exists on the site I apologize and would like the link to it please.

I'll share whatever other good stories I come across and share them with you and hope you do the same.

af462 No.6717[Reply]

Hey everyone. Some of you may have seen me commenting on your stuff in a thread, while others may have seen me contributing to certain quests. In one such quest, the conversation turned towards quests that could work well here, and the question was asked: "Why has no one ever done a Touhou quest?"

And I thought that was a mighty fine question. So I thought about it, and realized, "It's too fast-paced! A cacophonic swirl of lights, sounds, and colors does not translate well to a play-by-post quest."

So how do I fix it? Draw inspiration from the fan-games! I'm most comfortable with RPGs, both in general and as the backdrop for quests, and the Touhou Project fandom has no lack of RPGs. I've decided on the mechanical base for the system: the Touhou Pocket Wars series. However! This will not be a complete adaptation. I've decided on a few important rules:

1. NO GACHA. It is a hateful invention that is created to make people waste money and time, no matter if that is real or virtual. If I could, I would invent a new way to destroy each and every gacha machine in existence. And then I'd probably just take a sledgehammer to the face of the guy who invented them in the first place, because I'd be all out of ideas.
2. Mechanics that get carried over (as of TPWEvo+, since that's the most recent version that I have) : Stats, the Time Management (chopped up into 4 parts unless you're in a dungeon), and Combat. I will probably explain these later.
3. I'm going to try and adapt HP and bombs from the main series to an extent, since I feel this would be a bit of an injustice otherwise.

My time is a little short right now, but I wanted to open this up for further expansion later.
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063c9 No.6726

The exact mechanics of it are a little too complicated for me to want to explain at four in the morning, but there are two kinds of costume types in TPW. The first one is the kind he's talking about, re: fetishy/funny/memetastic stuff. Actual cosplay type outfits, basically. Those have two unlock conditions. The first is you have to actually get the costumes by winning a stupid little card matching mini-game, but the actual costume you get for it is totally random so good luck trying to get one in particular, and then depending on the outfit you have to have enough real affection with the girl that you can actually put the outfit on the gacha.

The second kind's arguably worse. Every girl has the option to play King's Game with them, which boils down to the closest the game can do to strip poker. The catch is if you're trying to get these you have to go through three straight fights against a boss version of the girl with tougher stats each time and you can't reuse gachas between fights. Hope you've got a bunch of good teams ready.

d269c No.6735

Despite Blue being correct, maybe Houyo has a bit of a point. Granted, some of the changes I outlined earlier make the current methods of gaining costumes infeasible, but I'm sure I could think of some other methods for giving my readers things like a kitty Reimu :3 After all, I'm still keeping the Affection stat, which originally allowed the gacha figurines to cosplay once their costumes were earned.
But ultimately, let us not forget that this is a Touhou Project quest that just so happens to use TPW mechanics. The TPW/TPWEvo/TPWEvo+ storyline and setting don't really apply, except maybe as references.

ab160 No.6751

With a little more thinking, I've come up with the following ideas:

1. The main character will definitely be male. I am aware that this is possibly confusing and disappointing to those of you who follow the Touhou Project more closely, but I have my reasons. Namely, I can't think of anyone else who would be willing to give all the girls "Love" (which will pull double duty in this quest as both experience and the D.)

2. As I may have mentioned before, each "stage" will actually be more like a standard RPG's chapters. It probably won't be too hard to figure out where one ends and the other begins, though.

3. I'm still in the middle of trying to figure out how to move the plot along.

4. The bosses will definitely be original, which means I'm going to have a *really fun* time trying to stat them properly. Expect the hopefully-only-occasional update hiccup around those times.

5. My normal schedule for running this will be weekends. However, sometimes, I lose *complete* control of my schedule on the weekends. Please don't fret too much; I will keep people mostly up-to-date on stuff like that.

6. The name of this quest, in keeping with Touhou Project tradition (somewhat), will be "Touhou Nanisore?" For those of you who know Japanese, hopefully this will hint at the tone I want this story to convey.

7fff0 No.6889

Wall of text to solidify my mechanics incoming. Believe me, I haven't been idle:

Touhou Nanisore? Plot/Mechanics Ideas:
-Girls can mechanically level up while refusing to do anything story-wise (they just make up for it all at once later on.)
-Readers must select 4 Gensokyo girls to start.
-They earn more party members by advancing the plot.
-Readers earn new spellcards and gain the ability to strengthen them by winning Dream Battles.
-As a result of this, Dream battles generate no Score. They're literally just dreams that can inspire the girls.
-Score has one purpose: equipment. Every girl has at least 1 equipment slot. Some gear is found in dungeons only.
-Score is earned by hitting opponents and winning fights.
-Each hit is worth 50 Score * factor based on opponent's difficulty rank
-Each opponent defeated is worth 100 Score * the above-mentioned factor
-Bosses will be worth even more Score! But they're also very strong
-Roll bo3 d100s. If a character in the readers' party dodges an attack by 5% or less
-Example: 24% hit chance means that the opponent must roll under 24. If they roll 25-29, your party earns 1
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ab160 No.6955

OK, since most of my updates here are getting too wall-of-text, I figured I'd just consolidate them all into a pastebin:

So, yeah. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out a few more nuts and bolts over this long weekend, and can actually get this started soon.

454c1 No.6514[Reply]

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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1d3f6 No.6948

I'm assuming you let people die, skip treasure, and don't wait until level 20 to promote characters.

fab30 No.6949

Good lord, no. I just fuck around a lot when I'm bored and do generally stupid or "why would you do that" sort of moves or just use lower tier characters with no regards to whether they're worth a fuck or not if it makes me laugh.

I also apparently have stupid insane luck, according to my friends. I once ran Joshua with low health into a room full of five Knights in one of the early maps in Sacred Stones because he had an Armorslayer… and I forgot to equip it before ending his turn. He walked away from five corpses the next round. Steel's a motherfucker when it crits. Five times in a row.

af6e3 No.6950

Hahaha, that's great. Say, do you play the new (overly simplified) mobile FE (FE Heroes)? Despite itself, the tactical roots are actually pretty strong.

fab30 No.6951

I gave it a shot, but I got bored pretty fast. I'm one of those odd heretics who still uses their phone primarily just as a phone and little else even in this day and age, so mobile games don't really interest me any.

bee7a No.6952

That's fine. Like I said, it's very simplified, built more around getting units with valuable skills in order to schlep them off on units who have the power to use those skills best. Lots of tinkering and min-maxing, not as much of the mainline FEs in that.
Also, the complete lack of several stats (namely Skill and Luck) leaves me scratching my head. But it is a good gateway to Fire Emblem. If you want people to ease into it, get used to some of the mechanics and general tactical concepts, then Heroes is fine.

e2e89 No.6607[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

As promised, I present you what is hopefully going to be a worthy successor to FF.
Before you guys dive in, I do have one thing I'd like to note.
please do note that while I am not a stranger to writing erotic stories, I'm also not a professional writer or a native English speaker.
So don't be surprised if you come across a minor spelling error once in a while, all I can ask is please do be gentle.

Lastly, because I still have no idea if the Twine passages I made work for you guys, I will first present the mechanics to the game and in the second post I will put the actual story.
If Twine does work for you please do tell, otherwise I will have to find another way for you guys to keep track.

As the story progresses Zahlia will have to eat and drink to stay alive and feed the young she's gestating.
Food and drinks can be found all over the world, but be warned, some might have additional effects on Zahlia's body and/or mind.

Sometimes Zahlia will come across dangerous creatures, if handled poorly these might wound her.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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cb3ff No.6905

Option 1

dd004 No.6915

Option 1

e2e89 No.6916

I'm closing the vote, needless to say that option 1 got the most votes.

I will probably make it a bit harder in the future to get knocked up, the people who voted against it actually had some really good points RP wise.
However, this is being done democratically so option 1 it is.
(No worries for the people who voted for option 1, I won't make it nigh impossible either. This is a fetish forum after all.)

e2e89 No.6936

Just a bit of a headsup.
I obviously wasn't able to make the next part yesterday, today might be the same case.
I will try to complete it in the evening, but since this weekend is very busy for me there is a chance you'll only get to see it next Monday.
My apologies for the delay.

e2e89 No.6942

I got some rather unpleasant news to share I'm afraid.
This week is going to be just as busy as the weekend was for me, so I'm going to have to put the next deadline for myself on coming Monday.
Currently I simply have too many obligations to take care of which take up all my time and are keeping me from writing the next part.
Normally I would just spread the story out over a few days and slowly chip away at it, but this one will probably be for many, if not for everyone, the most interesting one so far.
Therefore, I want to put in a good chunk of time and write it in one go to make sure it's of good quality, instead of doing small pieces at a time and possibly make mistakes or break cohesion of the story.
Next week most of my obligations will have been taken care of and it should be business as usual again.
My opologies in advance, but on the bright side that does mean you will have 2 stories in one week next time.
Of course, it is always possible that I do manage to find a few hours I have nothing to do and will write it then, so do keep an eye on the topic.

21c11 No.6776[Reply]

Off topic, but this has given some good answers on other places I've asked it, so now it's Pregchan's turn.

What's the hardest video game you ever beat? And when I say "beat," I mean:

1) NO cheat codes
2) NO glitch exploits
3) NO having someone get through the hardest parts for you
4) Guides and advice are allowed, but consider if the game was still a challenge
5) Emulated games are also allowed, as long as you didn't win because you abused tools (especially savescumming)

What constitutes "hard" is up to you.

For me, it's a toss-up. For many years, my answer was Viewtiful Joe 2 on Ultra V-Rated difficulty. But as of about a year ago, Undertale's Genocide route is a serious enough contender that I have to call it a tie.
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0de5c No.6888

Holy crap.

7a9fe No.6890

I finished Metal Gear Rising on the hardest difficultly without getting hit once.
I had to practice a whole bunch of times for it.

d05c0 No.6917

Normal Game : KHII FM+ On the hardest difficulty just to get that BBS Teaser (fuck the clear conditions) and Call of Duty world at War (Damn they just keep throwing grenades with the player has little cover)

Bonus (eroge) : Violated Heroine (To keep Nanako Pure and Virgin).Fuck I played without any guide and have to keep loading back everytime H-scene occurs.But finally I only made her pregnant just once just to give birth to Nana and raise her.(plus no futa Rin)

a8921 No.6927

Wu Tang: Shaolin Style
(Seriously, what else?)

e45f5 No.6941


I forget but it probably come from AC ps 1. Nineball is evil.

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