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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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"Due to heavy server volume, Interactive Stories are temporarily unavailable to guest visitors.
Please try again later."

^Because of this bullshit on every page load, I assume. That and their anti-adblock shenanigans. This coming from a site that serves up fucking text files.

669a2 No.5248

I also have a interactive story on writing.com. More shameless promotion



14244 No.5844

i found this story series on deviantart not long ago and i thought the concept was awesome its a shame he stopped writing :/
would love to see more even from another author at this point

e8024 No.5846


What kind of fucked up kangaroo court is that

913be No.5951

Hopefully it lets me post this. Anyway, I'm wondering if you gents could help me. We have manga and pics of the moment that a sperm fertilizes the egg, but story-wise there's just too much out there to sift through it all to find it.

TLDR: Requesting stories that have detailed, sperm-meets-egg fertilization.

d0618 No.5970

Why don't you just wait like the rest of the plebs? Or, ya know, actually pay the money? Writing isn't a free occupation, writers still get bills and need to eat…..

d32be No.5971


Wooo, be careful to not cut yourself with those edges, your royalty.

It's kind of dumb for him to straight up ask for stories that are known to be limited to a paywall, but Compera did start as a free write and used to write way more per chapter back then.

Also, nothing is unreachable, he could ask for any of the patreons for some of the stories if he's really that commited to not spending money.

c3af1 No.5972

Do… Do you know what edge means?

e9648 No.6053

I read two Amazon E-books recently and thought I'd post some reviews.
The first is https://www.amazon.com/Karyuudo-Monogatari-Adventures-Overweight-Youkai-ebook/dp/B0166XQFGM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477669646&sr=8-1&keywords=karyuudo+monogatari
It's surprisingly good as youkai-hunting stories go, but it's primarily a BBW/stuffing erotica novel. The main character has a thing for pregnant women, and there are a few good scenes featuring pregnancy. My favorite part involved a hefty and massively pregnant kitsune. Unfortunately, there's a lot of slob content involving the main character, so it kind of turned me off at a few points.

The second is https://www.amazon.com/Ten-Days-Embarrassing-Changes-Eschedor-ebook/dp/B01MPY6GXZ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477669605&sr=8-1&keywords=Ten+days+of+embarrassing+changes
It's a story about a superhero who has the power to get pregnant with supernatural creatures whenever she hugs other superheroes. As you'd expect, there aren't any actual sex scenes, but it covers a lot of fetishes. Rapid pregnancy, inhuman pregnancy, breast pregnancy, oviposition, kicking, mobility impairment and even some non-pregnancy content like monstergirls and butt/breast expansion. However, most of the pregnancy content is centered around the middle of the novel, so if you're only looking for belly bumps then you might lose interest in the later parts.

e51aa No.6059

Don't think that I saw it mentioned already, so here is one author that I really enjoy.


I don't enjoy bursting so I skip those, but there's plenty of other sib-fetish content. Rapid pregnancy, oviposition, delayed birth (probably not the right term, but whatever), impregnation, etc. Most of the stories even share the same literary universe, which is a cool plus. Chances are good you'll find at least one story that you will like.

Election means I am super busy at work, but I will try to come back with some more suggestions / recommendations.

Quick question because I know it can generate some strong reactions: Should I avoid sharing mpreg? Some is het, some is yaoi.

f4bde No.6060


There's a Mpreg thread. If you are not sure, you can make an specific thread for mpreg stories.

b697e No.6062

Just finished reading 'Fertile Valley' By Jim Davis


Overall it was fantastic, large pregnant scenes, breast expansion, it had everything I loved in Pregnant stories. Only downside of it was the loli elements which I'm not a big fan of, but the preg content made up for it.

But then it ended incomplete, with the family members just starting to hinting at being impregnated.

I found someone else's continuation of the story, but was very disappointed as he's didn't just stray from the path. He fucking jumped off it!
Hardly a shred of pregnancy or expansion content within any of the chapters.

Then I thought surely there has to be a good preg story writer on deviantart or somewhere else that could be convinced to continue the story to the wife and daughter's pregnancies.

Anyone have any suggestions of writers that would be suitable and not mind the loli elements?

b697e No.6063


From what I know there are two versions, this continuation maybe more to your liking…


c83b5 No.6068

That version actually has its own thread on this site. It's well-written, as far as I can tell.

a1a82 No.6092

I feel the need to do a shameless plug cause gosh darn it the least I can do is write.



http://cat-scratch-writings.tumblr.com/post/149899174188/thetas-ghost-encounter Art by a friend

Here's a couple of stories I wrote, there are more if you want to search for them. The blog has other ideas but I doubt you'd find them interesting.

Except the Harem quest one, you guys would probably love that one. But I'll leave that for you to find~

478ca No.6283

I actually really enjoy reading this. It's a shame that it's updated really infrequently. Is anyone able to add to it.

063f4 No.6312

I just found this yuri birth story about a demigoddess and a demititan.

Good quality English, good fetish content and it's yuri birthing which instantly sells it for me.

Hopefully the author doesn't mind me posting it here.


86bb2 No.6325

So, I'm not sure if I can use this topic to search for stories, but there's one I've been dimly recalling that I've had no luck finding.

It was a fic on deviantArt and I think it was a fanfic for a JRPG or anime series - fantasy adventure type setting. It was a hetero mpreg piece in which the male member of a romantic couple found himself spontaneously impregnated by the kiss of his lover… I think after they confessed their mutual feelings? Each time she kissed him, he got more pregnant, before going into labor right there on the spot. I think there was an incomplete (at the time I read it last) sequel wherein she surprised him at some point after their marriage by kissing him again, proving that, yes, he was still capable of getting impregnated that way.

Anyone have any idea what fic I'm talking about?

5663b No.6331

I'm another of these preg fiction writers. Have my stories on my dA Account. Did a series that seems to be popular featuring magical pregnancy transfer (when it was all the rage ;) ) I'm also open for commissions.

Stuff i do:
- fpreg
- large / multiples
- growth here and there
- fan art / furry

Find it here: http://kylehydepc.deviantart.com/

Most recent story:

Btw: thanks for everyone writing and posting stories. I love digging around here.

913be No.6341

Bumping this, just in case.

2d1e5 No.6348


Just make a free account and you get into it with no problem. It's not that big of a deal and you can add to interactives. It's what I did.

2f72b No.6388

I thought I'd share this. I don't get to write as often as I'd like, but if others are promoting, I will too.

I like fpreg, but won't shy away from anything. This is my only story, but I have an outline for a sequel, and I can make time for more if there's demand for it.



928ee No.6395

I love the story! I would love to see more of it! by all means

fb42a No.6432

So story time… A long time ago I was into 3d poser art as it tended to feature preg content. I stumbled across Mr.X's homepage which has a fair amount of just that. What I wasn't expecting is that (s?)he keeps a library of user submitted stories. Most just featuring bound and raped heroines, but more than a few feature preg; Especially the author "Orb". I really wish I could find more of there works or something like it.

ef4c3 No.6436

Just finished "Ten Days". It's really not a fetish-y work, it's mostly there for mechanical convention. Yeah, there's some nice stuff here and there for people who like it, but it's summarized pretty well in the afterword: "[I was]… trying to think of a superhero who had incredible powers, but who no one would ever want to be."

In that way, it's kinda like the 'Conception' games on PSP and 3DS (with more than a few similarities), where it's just skimmed to get the power-child that results.

If you can get past some kinda lame superhero names, with a bit of awkward dialogue and character traits, it's pretty much worth the price of $3-5 depending on your region.

tl;dr Preg-stuff is frontloaded and alright, writing is okay, not bad for a first work, but probably shouldn't expect more from them.

64f7d No.6447

Dude your story is awesome! Please continue!

f5600 No.6460

Hey guys, I have a request. Did anyone save the CYOA I had been writing, and have it available for downget? My tablet bit it, and so its been lost to me. I garnered an odd itch to re-read it, and maybe even pick it back up in some form after theGirlfriend mentioned missing how fun it was the other day.

Also someone said it was awesome on g.hyperpreg, and a little ego-stroke goes a long way.

ad0cf No.6490

Link appears to be broken. Bugger. Anyone care to re-link it?

I've been looking all over for this guy's stories.

7495e No.6491


I have the story saved in word document format, but wouldn't know how to post it in a convenient medium.

f5600 No.6499

Email it to me? tys_pixie@yahoo.com

7495e No.6523


Just sent you it :)

40441 No.6703

Shameless self promotion:

MuchBirth on DeviantArt:

MuchBirth on Tumblr:

I write stories about women giving birth. Much of the time their pregnancies are things they didn't intend, and many of my tales involve clothing birth, if that's a thing you're into.

I have stories for Egg Laying, Human Birth, Alien Birth, Rapid Pregnancy, Non-Consent, Transformation, Bursting, and even a handful that aren't dark in tone! If you swing by, please, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think, every little bit helps! and feel free to leave a suggestion of something you'd like to see, though be sure to remember I usually do darker themes.

Enjoy! :3

40441 No.6704


Also, should you find yourself wanting to go into the collection of REALLY risque stuff, there's the Forbidden Archive, which I post a link to every time I update it. But it's not for the faint of heart. ;)

95fd5 No.6705

Hey munchbirth ill take a look at that archive ^^

40441 No.6706


Gotta hit DeviantArt, it's got the easiest to find link. Loo under my journals for the one listed "Forbidden Archive". Not gonna link it here, would defeat the point of the plug. :P

95fd5 No.6711

This gonna be a fun hunt then xP

4883c No.6725

Is it okay to ask for advice for writing pregnancy/birth stories in here, or something of that nature? Because I have an idea for a pregnancy/birth story that I intend on writing but I don't know how to approach it…

18a8b No.6727

you can ask me on discord:

05427 No.6918

bumping this again just because

ac503 No.6919

adad2 No.7116

Can't we breathe some life back into this thread please?

I highly recommend reading Tentacles by KomperaKlause.
Girl accidentally impregnates herself with an alien, features some very good expansion, birth and unbirth scenes.


Also Fertile Valley has finally be completed, the guy who continued it did a fantastic job!


e9648 No.7244

The author who wrote Ten Days of Embarrassing Changes wrote another pregnancy-related novel:
Just as the cover implies, it has a lot more pregnancy content than his past works. There's still no actual sexual content, but one of the main characters is a legal loli (19 years old) who wakes up pregnant in the first chapter and spends the rest of the book struggling with a massive pregnancy. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, given that there's still very little fetish content, but anyone with a focus on loss of mobility or petite pregnancy (like me) will definitely get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it.
Overall, the writing quality is a lot better than the author's other two works, and it's a lot longer, too. It's exposition-heavy, mostly for the purpose of world-building. Your mileage may vary depending on whether you like that sort of thing, but I fell in love with the setting immediately. It even has field guide excerpts that describe different aspects of the setting between chapters. I would definitely like another story in the same universe.

3f1ee No.7273

Wondering I be anyone can help me find a story called "just a little bigger"? Was on the old pregnantcommunity.org story section, idk the author but it was about a doctor that offered miracle conception and body modification (t+a inflation depending on the hole used, instapreg in the vagoo) but seems to have vapourised when the old site died.

f89e0 No.7276

Check Overflowing Bra. I think I saw it there.

3f1ee No.7280


Awesome, got it cheers.

3923e No.7287

So I have been exploring the be-archive CYOA stuff and I found some story paths that were pregnancy related.

The Maternity Shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/550/550221.html

The Shirt is inside out: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/643/643261.html

Worse luck with the shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677432.html

Edith takes the shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677689.html

Women on the flight get pregnant: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677691.html

Stewardess offers a sharing a hotel room: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677835.html

Joan: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/683/683895.html

The walking womb: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1062/1062486.html

If someone who is good at writing decided to pick up on any of these stories that would be awesome! regardless these are good branches.

76b97 No.7370

Anyone have the story "having it" i've been looking for it forever but cant seem to find it again :/

e8024 No.7373


Is that a teen pregnancy diary where the MC gets pregnant over the summer and starts up a lesbian relationship with an older student?

If so, I'm pretty sure that hyperia83 has it on his first Google drive (I don't have a link). You can find him on Tumblr.

2d1e5 No.7383

After being a long time writer on interactive stories, I've finally started writing my own short pregnancy stories. I only have two so far but I would love if you would take a look. They can be found here.


30f3b No.7386

Does anyone have the 'curse of life' story, chapter 1 and 2? I still haven't learned my lesson to download things while I can…

Alternatively, there was once a story about a girl who was impregnated by an eel-like alien, gave birth to a clone within a day, and then both she and her daughter gave birth again after the next day. It was called something-inside, e.g. "life inside" or "monster inside" or something… Thanks for any help anyone can give~

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