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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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d779c No.6310

I've posted here before, but I suppose I should make a new post now to attract more roleplayers. Here we go.

Things I love: Oviposition, egg laying, huge bellies and large pregnancies, hyper pregnancy, inbreeding and incest, rapid pregnancy, multiples, tight clothes, sex, loads of cum, and of course breeding and impregnation. I also love expansion (breast and butt primarily), especially if my characters start off really flat. If I'm doing expansion or rapid, then bursting out of clothes is a huge turn on too.

Like: Rape, non-con, blackmail, slavery, tentacle or monster pregnancies (i.e. with things out of this world), furries, and cum inflation. I actually have a fantasy of an unbirth roleplay that's more of a "rebirth". I unbirth you, you shrink in my womb over time, and eventually come out once you've grown back to adult size. Maybe even as a new person, who knows?

Other fantasies? Long, overdue pregnancies. Exhibitionism. Unintentional pregnancies, especially if YOU planned it but I didn't.

I still haven't done a birth roleplay, actually. I'd really like to try one of those soon.

I will do "underage" pregnancies, down to 13, since it really gets unrealistic before that. I can also do multiple characters, it's something I really like to try. I'm also really into having multiple pregnant characters at once, no matter who controls them.

Don't do: Blood, major violence, BDSM (aside from sex slavery, not really into bondage), weight gain (aside from breast/butt/normal weight gain from pregnancy), anal pregnancies, miscarriages, urine, scat

My favorite roles or set ups to roleplays would be incest (sister), neighbors (big fav, for some reason), in a relationship, classmates, or close friends. Or victim, if you want to get kinky. But really, I'm up to any role. I'll do any kind of pregnancy or impregnation roleplay, from furry to magic to science to good old realist. I'd say I'm sub, but I can maybe get a bit dom if the need would arise? I'm fine roleplaying with both genders, as long as I get pregnant. I'm bi, but I never really got into vaginas much (aside from my own, haha), kind of preferring dicks, so yeah, I'd be up for futa.

How should you contact me? Well, take your pick. I'm ashleyypbb@gmail.com, ashleyyz on Skype, and now ashleyyp_br on kik.

93204 No.6320

Do you have Kik?

21512 No.6324

looking for FEMALES ONLY that are interested in the extreme part of pregnancy aka hyper pregnancy rapid growth/spurt ect bonus points if into mpreg do let me know if you have anything in mind as well hehe ;3

fchat https://www.f-list.net/c/nightshadow%20blackpaw/

skype nightshadow98.9

btw if you add me please mention where you found this ad from as i get a lot of spam bots on yim and now they have started to show on skype from time to time too >.> so to prevent me from just ignoring you please tell me where youve seen this ad so i know you arent another spam bot trying to add me lol

oh and fyi if you are gonna bitch about grammar then keep looking if you wanna cry about it then find someone else im not having it i care about the rp and the fun not your desire for an efing novel i only mention this not to be an ass hole but because im starting to get people who demand i change the way i type to fit there wants so i figured id be up front on grammar nazing from here on if this offends you tough tits im just sick of waiting weeks months or even a year or more before someone sends an add request for an rp just to cry about the grammar :P so instead of getting my hopes up just to be dashed ill just mention that issue now

as for the rest of you dont let that turn you away if you arent a huge stickler for grammar im quite a fun rper ;3

59ac0 No.6327

Male here, looking for anyone so long as their Character is Female.

I'm 34, a switch(can sub or dom), been roleplaying since 1996, and I'm looking to start with impregnayion and proceed from there.

Some of what I'm interested in:
Age Differences in either direction
Incest/Inbreeding including extended family and multigenerational
Married Women
Things Society forbids
Alternate societal scenarios
Goddess Impregnation
Being a promiscuous Zeus/Odin-like God, impregnating mortals
Breeding non-human partners like beasts, semihuman aliens, furries, unusual lifeforms, and so on
Taking shelter from a crisis and comfort from each other
Gender Switching (non-permanent)
Interracial impregnation
power differentials
and a whole lot more that I dont want to type on a tablet.

interested? WordyDirtyRP@gmail.com

eeec9 No.6329


I'm almost blown away by the fact that there's someone on here in my own time zone.

I like your kinks, too. Still up for RP-ing via skype or email?

eeec9 No.6330


I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, I copied a template and forgot to remove the email of the original, even after I'd written my own stuff out.

afe04 No.6334


I am very interested in finding someone to regularly RP with. I would love a long term RP partner.

I am a 26 year old female from the USA. I think of myself as creative, kind, and articulate.

Find me on kik: cranrazz

Low intervention hospital birth
Sex during labor
Stimulation during labor
Water breaking during sex
Long crowning
Stretching/pushing out other insertions
A strong, directive partner
Twins or triplets
Lots of other things!

Highly medicalized birth
Multiples more than three
Nonhuman birth


I am interested in men mostly, but perhaps the right woman. I am also interested in building a relationship that could eventually be over the phone.

7a4ff No.6340


I don't suppose there's any other way to reach you besides kik?

d7c0b No.6355

Looking for inflation RPs with female's. I'm into pregnancy, lactation, breast expansion, butt expansion, belly expansion, body morph, blueberry and size. I also like just weird things in general happening to girls. The scenario we could play is that I have an iPad that can change any aspect of your body, what do you think? I can also do rudimentary photo manipulation and morphs. I know that was all a lot but yeah…there it is. pm me on kik.

Kik: starwen35

8951a No.6357

any chance of email/messaging other than kik (hangouts,skype,yahoo, anything that has a pc version)
(im >>6226)

e3dd4 No.6358

Yo! I'm a legal aged female wanting a detailed RP with anyone I can get my hands on!

Big bellies and big babies
Not being allowed to give birth (for example a chastity belt or smthn. Willing to explore any ideas relating to this!
Sex during labor (vaginal and non-penetrative)
Sudden strong contractions
Being forced in to labor (Squeezing the belly, deep sex etc.)
Tight belts around the belly
Not being allowed to push
Heavily pregnant/in labor in remote, unpopulated locations
Crowning with underwear still on
Baby being pushed back in

Hospitals/medical interventions

KIK me: oneeyedcat_!

50a5b No.6418


Hey there I can't seem to find your kik ID so mine is natures_duality

2921e No.6420

Me again, thought I'd add my f-list if anybody was interested!


ef158 No.6431


Same as the guy above, I can't seem to find your KiK. Mines staredcraft so you can add me too if you wish

bb84d No.6434

Skype -bellytofill
Female. legal age. Very experienced.

Loves inflation. Impregnation,rough sex, huge bellies. Being treated as livestock. Stuffing. Rating.

Reposting as I'm still around but changed client.

abca1 No.6470

Guy looking for guy/girl to Rp as woman. I can be a girl if you like.
Things I like:
Heavy, large pregnancies, super big bellies, immobile, tight clothes, forced to not give birth (like chastity belt or medical stuff, just keep the baby in that belly lol), walking around while crowning, painful labor, immobile pregnancy or fat, tight painful tummies, weight gain, stuffing, inflation, bbw, fat, expansion, alien pregnancy, eggs, monster pregnancy, magical, death and gore I would Iike of do but we don't have to if that doesn't float your boat. I'm also kind of interested in loli pregnancy, where she is immobile or forced to hold in the baby.
Kik me at okcharley1

d2a25 No.6473

Here are my flists:


Two of my most recent scene ideas:

eet Jennifer Strawberry, the local sex ed. teacher. Her teaching methods are a bit…unorthodox…to say the least. Her goal is to turn the bright young minds of her students into those of obiedent, cock-hungry sex slaves and to turn the entire female student and teaching body into public use sluts for horny, unsavory, fat,old,ugly, men from the streets and the ghetto. All pregnancy / breeding kinks adored~

Jeynelle and her companions were charged with protecing a human city from an invading monster army. They failed miserably.Now the city is occupied by the monster army and all women have to serve as breeding pets and pleasure slaves[/url] for monsters and humans alike. They have to work as serving wenches in the local tavern and have to fulfill every whim of their male masters. The monsters intend to raise a new army on their fertile wombs. How long will the elves be able to resist before they break? All pregnancy / breeding kinks adored~

abca1 No.6475

Guy looking for guy/girl to Rp as woman. I can be a girl if you like.
Things I like:
Heavy, large pregnancies, super big bellies, immobile, tight clothes, forced to not give birth (like chastity belt or medical stuff, just keep the baby in that belly lol), walking around while crowning, painful labor, immobile pregnancy or fat, tight painful tummies, weight gain, stuffing, inflation, bbw, fat, expansion, alien pregnancy, eggs, monster pregnancy, magical, death and gore I would Iike of do but we don't have to if that doesn't float your boat. I'm also kind of interested in loli pregnancy, where she is immobile or forced to hold in the baby.
Kik me at okcharley1, I can Rp mostly late at night PST

be6fb No.6483

Hey. Got back into roleplaying after an extended hiatus. So I thought I'd "re-bump" my original post. Yes, that pun was intended.

I can play both male and female characters, though I'm obviously more suited to playing men and only rarely play women.

Things I like include;
+ Realism. Pretty self explanatory really.
+ Grammar, third-person perspective and well-written responses
+ Difficult, drawn-out labour/crowning. Especially where the woman has to work to get the baby through her cervix/labia.
+ The primal act of giving birth, the instinctual side of things.
+ Larger babies in small mothers (8-10lbs).
+ Isolated, interesting and difficult settings.
+ Backstory and characters with personality. Not just blank slates with a name and description.
+ Unexpected crowning.
+ Water breaking and fluid (pee included).
+ Characters who aren't romantically attached or even strangers to eachother.
+ Grunting, moaning, crying out, a little bit of screaming for good measure.
+ Changing position, especially squatting.
+ Having to hold off/fight the urge to push, generally because of some complication like trying to reach a safer place.
+ Age gaps and teenage mothers. Nothing extreme, 16-19 is ideal. But I'm not hung up on age really.
+ Impregnation.
+ Potentially willing to do some more fantastical elements like oviposition (mainly the laying) or rapid pregnancies, but there would have to be a good story to it.

Things I don't like;
- Gore/Vore.
- Unbirthing.
- Orgasmic births.
- Ridiculous sized or numbered babies. I.e. More than 3.
- Furries.
- Exccessive lactation.
- Immobilising bellies.
- Scat.
- Obese characters.
- Unnecessary cruelty.
- Tentacles.
- Incest.

Reach me on Kik at; havehart. <- Include the period.

0159b No.6484

(god making these things is never not awkaward lol)

Hi, everyone. 25-year old guy here, looking for some like-minded girls to RP with. For a good while now, the various chat clients I use to RP have been reduced to ghost towns (save for like one person lol). So, I figured it was time I threw my hat into the ring again.

Things I'm into:

-Big babies (like 10 pounds or more)
-Twin & triplet pregnancies
-Overdue pregnancies
-Belly love (i.e. rubbing, kissing, etc.)
-Water breaking (especially if it's in a splash or gush)
-Malpositioned babies (i.e. breech, posterior, etc.)
-Movement from the baby
-Going into labor in public/incovenient locations
-Interventions (i.e. the mom has trouble delivering the baby so the doctor/midwife/helper/whoever has to help her)


-Violence and/or death
-Other bodily fluids (i.e. pee and poop)

(these lists are meant to be pretty broad in scope. I figured it would be better than overly long lists with really specific kinks lol)

If any thing here catches your eye, you can hit me up on Discord. If for whatever reason you don't wanna use Discord, you can reach me on YIM (even though YIM's desktop app blows now) and AIM.

Discord: joyoushermit#0286
YIM: joyoushermit@yahoo.com
AIM: eternalpersona89@aol.com

94789 No.6485

Got a skype?

94789 No.6486

Same question for you, are you on Skype?

94789 No.6487

both of these are me btw

fae7f No.6488

Hello all,

I'm 27, male with a few years of roleplay experience.

kik me: Dr.RobertOBGYN
Skype: mybabybelly27@gmail.com

Big bellies on small first time moms.
Nervous moms
Single moms
Natural births, at home or in a unexpected location such as a train or department store
Big gushy water breaking, fluids pouring out as the mother grabs her belly in surprise
Contractions get worse after water breaks
Stopping to brace and groan through each building contraction
Mom can feel the baby's head pressing in her hips, it feels like its coming out any second
Sighs, moans, groans, lots of vocalization through labor
At 8 cm dilation the mother starts feeling strong urges to push, but it's too early
The first push feels powerful and satisfying
Mom grunts and groans through pushing
Lots of pushing, this baby isn't coming easily
Hard crowning, mother feels like the baby is huge and she can't possibly deliver it
Lots of fluids during birth

Pantybirth: The baby's head bulging out into mom's pants or panties, she has to find a place to deliver quickly
Strangers: The mother is assisted by a good Samaritan that she barely knows
Surprise twins!
Car birth: The baby won't stay in long enough to get to the hospital
Rapid pregnancy: Magical or scientific pregnancy in a night
Trapped in an Elevator: The elevator is stuck, but the baby isn't Wink
Public or semi-public birth: Giving birth in a store dressing room or the back of a bus where people can hear everything
Fantasy creatures: Mermaids, Elves, Orcs, Hobbits. If it's humanoid and gives birth we can play

Too much medical intervention
Poop and pee
Boring situations or dialogue
Sex to induce labor (i know people like it, I just find it boring)
Unrealistic numbers of babies

All FREG likes apply
I can play either role but prefer to be the one in labor
Straight MPREG only
I deliver through a male equivalent of a vagina
FREG dislikes apply
No anal or penile birth

82ded No.6489

I know only a fraction of this thread uses f-list, but has anyone considered making a custom room for pregchan or such, as a way to for f-list regulars to meet on a casual basis? I couldn't help but wonder if it would work…

6269e No.6498

I'm looking to do a roleplay focused on birthing where the birth is long and hard. I'd like to do non-human animal/egg births but I'll also do human births. If you're interested please email me at otabekaltiinss@gmail.com

52e66 No.6500

might as well put me down

M26 US i like any kind of birthing to a female partner human non human or even egg laying or object birthing

the only thing i am not into is death and gore ….

you can reach me mostly on skype hotshots88

52e66 No.6501


your email is a bit off i can't get a message sent i keep on getting errors i tried 10 times already

0159b No.6505

6484 here. I just got KIK as well, so if anyone here uses that, you can find me on there too.

KIK: joyoushermit

94789 No.6506

Do you have Skype?

1b0f6 No.6534

Long time lurker here and I have to say how awesome you all are. I've had a birth kink for a while, but learned so much about myself from all of your stories!

A bit about me, 33/M in the USA. It shouldn't matter, but I do prefer to role play with women, I have a hard time getting wrapped up in the story if it's with another man. I'm more interested in birth than pregnancy, crowning in particular. The inevitability of birth is a turn on. The mother can fight, pant, struggle, but eventually something is coming out no matter what.

I'm pretty open to different likes and kinks.

Here are a few:

Unexpectedly fast labor, the mother goes from cramping to urge to push in no time.

Long pushing phase, either the baby is too big or she's too small.

On the flip side, fast crowning is fun when we need to get to hospital or somewhere private.

The mother being told not to push, panting, holding the head inside.

Fluids, use your imagination.

Sex to induce labor or during birth, but only if we're already intimate in the story, it has to fit.

The mother not knowing she was pregnant, accidental birth.

Certain fantasy scenarios (dragons, centaurs, eggs, etc.)

Mpreg if you're into it (I would carry) and of course you wouldn't want to make it easy for me.

Quite a few others, I'm sure we can find common ground.

Now, some things I won't do:

Violence against the mother or baby.


Blood and gore.

Traumatic births, either the mother or baby is at risk.

Hospital births. Too little wiggle room for other kinks.

If you'd like to role play or just talk about birth and other kinks, I'm on kik as: just_pant

9d586 No.6558

Well, might as well toss my hat here. Don't care if you're a male or female, just as long as the rp's themselves are fun.

-Long term/perm preggos
-Normal/massive belly sizes
-Cartoon bursting
-Soft vore
-Belly worship
-Characters from various medias (cartoons/games/anime) as long as I know the material

-Abortion stuff


Skype - hitman47_lt
Discord - Illuminati foxkitty#1804

d00fa No.6560

Hey all.

I took a little hiatus from the internet, but I'm back now and interested in picking up some pregnancy rp.

I love all kinds of pregnancy and story, so it would be better to just message and chat, instead of listing here the things I like.

I'm currently only at Kik: limagirl20

52e66 No.6562

I like to do a RP where my female partner can or is willing to try to RP as anything i choose I like real and unreal birthing and pregnancy of any kind extreme or not my skype is hotshots88 I hope that we get to know each other and have a open minded chat

7931e No.6566

hotshots88 returns 3 accounts.

52e66 No.6570

try my kik gushthefruitbat

d3ff8 No.6648

Shameless bump - still around, though

ddffb No.6653

Bump for partners
Also I have a YIM now, it's bustedjerkbox@gmail.com

8d333 No.6669

Male for VERY detailed and descriptive roleplay involving pregnancy, pregnant sex, labor and birth, etc.

Very open.

Please respond to my thread here if interested

8d333 No.6670

Email roleplay preferred!!

ddffb No.6678

>>6669 I am interested :3

8d333 No.6679


Where can you be reached? What's your email?

7f626 No.6680

Hi everyone! I've had a natural vaginal birth a couple years ago, and I'm sure some of you would be curious to talk about it. I'm db_dpp_throw on Reddit and usually open on the weekends. I would prefer if you were labor and delivery oriented. If you'd like to chat and we mesh, we can talk about RP. I use Reddit for privacy but it doesn't have to stay there forever. Hoping to get a few hellos.

ddffb No.6689

Hey guys, I got a Twitter now too @bustedjerkbox

ddffb No.6700

The Twitter page is kind of kicking off, been posting a bunch of pics. Pretty much everything else applies, it's just that this one's got some added spice, hit me up if you wanna

69b00 No.6738

Just gotta repost this from time to time to see what I get:

Im a dude looking for women to rp with.

Kik: borednerddude
Skype: kamenriderknight@hotmail.com

Reposting this since you just have to do that every so often. I have little interest in sex based stuff, I am more interested in telling a story than anything else. If given an f list link I will assume you are joking or didn't read anything I said and will move on. Other than that just lemme know you are from if you add or contact me so I don't get paranoid.

I should also mention that normal real life settings bore me, I like sci fi or fantasy where we can bend the rules to make things more interesting.

c79f0 No.6756

Hi' I'm a late twenties female and I m kind of new to the whole RPing thing but I'm very much welcome to it.
This is pretty much a general idea of what I'm into:
-sex with all the aforementioned elements
Now if you want anything more specific, I can also do:
-Hyperpregs (as long as they're like breeding machines and stuff
-age differences
-high fantasy elements
-sci-fi elements
-established fandoms
-I can also do ponies and other furs, but hey have to be Anthromorphized enough.

I won't do death, scat, water sport or anything of those though

Hit me up an email at :kinksysin@gmail.com
I'll be expanding the places of where you can reach me upon request, since I AM new. So please, hit me up :)

061bb No.6765


Hi everybody! I have a Kik now. It's kinksysin, so hit me up :)

0605c No.6907

Heya. M/26/USA I'm looking for men or women to do an Mpreg Rp with. I'm also open to Fpreg but I would like it if both the male and female characters end up pregnant together if that's the case.

My favorite themes:

Anthros/Furries- I prefer canines and felines.
Extreme Pregnancy
Rapid Pregnancy
Odd pregnancy locations- Like breast pregnancy, Ball pregnancy. Stuff like that.
Growing breasts and lactating.
Science based.
Magic based.
Inflation- Any and all kinds excluding air, head, hand, and feet inflation.
Expansion- Butt/Hip/Thigh expansion on a pregnant guy? Omfg~
Weight Gain- Willing preferred. Rapid preferred.
Sex- At any time. Just not ALL the time. Ya dig?

And I'm not into:

Human on Human rape- Tentacle rape is okay.

I am a very open minded individual. I am willing to hear any ideas you might have.

I role play on Skype, Email, or Kik.

Skype: Try finding me with noobadoober@gmail.com I should show up as "Zai"
Email: noobadoober@gmail.com
Kik: Ragdoll777

Hit me up and let me know who you are, and how old you are. By that I mean. Just say hey and introduce yourself. Thanks for reading.

0e694 No.6923

I'm nineteen and female. Here's what I like:

- overdue bellies
- big bellies
- large babies
- belly abuse
- cruel doctors
- cruel partners
- bondage
- belly belts
- prolonged pregnancy
- discomfort doing menial tasks
- slight inflation (of the belly, brought on medically)
- injections in the belly (don't ask, idk)
- forced and then stopped contractions but no labor
- fetal movement
- belly holding/touching
- no pain relief
- first time mothers
- small mother with big baby
- nervous mothers, unsure mothers
- light ageplay
- experienced partner

Here's what I don't like:

- labor
- bathroom business
- sex (unless to cause discomfort)
- excessive multiples
- stuffing or unnecessary weight gain
- eggs/aliens/tentacles
- incest
- lactation

Kik me at: bkiraric

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