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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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3a706 No.7123

Have Skype or kik or instagram?

8fb64 No.7151

Note about my F-list character(s): please send me a NOTE or a private message on chat first before trying to add me as a friend and talk to me before then too. All request will be ignored if that is the first thing I see from you.

7e233 No.7152


Man, that first scenario sounds really familiar Maxi

ddb03 No.7154

22/F, looking for long- or short-term roleplays, and i only rp with ocs. i'm only willing to play the carrier at this time, and i have a preference towards mpreg, though these are subject to change as i get more comfortable.

what i like and prefer:
-fantasy/sci-fi settings
-nonconsensual pregnancy/stockholm syndrome
-heat/mating season
-unnatural conception(magic, tentacles, etc)
-belly attention/teasing
-slavery/breeding stock

what i don't do:
-(graphic) birth/no blood or gore
-hyper preg
-multiples(more than twins)
-bathroom stuff

feel free to ask about things you're unsure about. i'm open to giving different things a try. find me on kik @softlydarling

e09bc No.7166

I'll throw my hat in as well. Willing to play male or female, pretty new to roleplay. Hit me up at prettyhorny@yandex.com

52e66 No.7169

is that your kik name skype name email what is it ?

ac128 No.7173

Guys I've got a discord now
See ya there lol

e4327 No.7213

>so many people labeling their genders and what gender they will only play with
Talk about limiting yourself

e38c2 No.7214

>what gender they will only play with

At least they aren't demanding timestamped nudes + birth certificate.

b55d3 No.7236

Hi there! Looking for some cool people interested in a birth-focused RP. I'd prefer not to preamble with too much of the pregnancy and go right into the birth.

- Fpreg or mpreg (under certain conditions.)
- Multiples
-Non-human (again, certain conditions)
- Public birth
- Difficult births
-Clothed births
-birth denial (as in trying to fight the urge or someone else making the birth difficult)

- Tentacles and Eggs
- Scat/Vore
-A/b/o plots
-Just sex

I usually prefer writing in fandoms. Some of the fandoms I like include FFXV, P5, BOTW, Voltron. I don't mind genderbending characters if MPREG isn't your thing. I also don't mind making OCS. But I am not a fan of first person rps.

Discord: boythiighs#8937
Email: boythiighs@gmail.com
(Please let me know you're from pregchan if you add me.)

9b78c No.7240


I think I'd be right for you, but don't have kik. Would you play through email or skype ever?

eca10 No.7243

I thought I would post my likes again.

-pregnancy, although birthing mainly
- Being the one giving birth or an assistant during your birth.
-female pregnancy and birth. I want to give mpreg ago though! I'm assuming a male birth occurs via the characters anus or equivalent of a vagina.
-in depth detailed. I'm a writer by trade so I usually post with a paragraph at a time and like to explore all the realism. This includes (but not needed) Pee/poo/blood and tearing. I know some don't like it but it's there if you do.
-No medical assistants, no midwife or drugs. We're doing this on our own for whatever reason. Wether that was planned or not.
-births in difficult locations, lifts, cars, trains, boats, even the street! Anything that keeps us out of that boring hospital setting!
- Difficult crowning of a large baby, a breech baby presenting either feet or bottom first. Just a hard birth in general.
-Trying to hold the baby in. Hurtling down the freeway in a car whilst the mother screams she has to push and the father/friend/assistant pleads with her not to.
-the baby's head crowning into clothes. Taking those panties off to be greeted by the top of a babies head emerging.

-Irreversible harm coming to mother or baby

My contact details are:

Kik - NadiaRomanov
Email - jenna.smith2108@gmail.com
Yahoo IM - jenna.smith2108

618d2 No.7258

I'm into pregnancy roleplay of all kinds, as long as I am the one pregnant.

Female, here, 29 but like to play younger or a little older as well. Into nearly all sort of things.

Kik: whispershygirl
Yahoo: whispershy@yahoo.com
F-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/whisper%20shy/

8fb64 No.7270

Note about Messaging me: Please, If you are messaging me, give me context, A hi doesn't cut or betting around the bush! Mention you seen me on here and what you like and/or dislike about what I like to RP, and try to have an Idea in mind too, it really helps!

d032a No.7297

yooo my name is Ricky and right now I'm currently looking for an mpreg roleplay! i won't say absolutely no to fpreg though I'm preferring mpreg at the moment.

I'd like to either do OCs, or fandoms. Fandoms I'm into right now are Baccano, Death Note, Black Butler, and possibly Hetalia.

If you're interested, contact me on discord! I'm JasperQuartz#6082

d032a No.7298

heya, I added you on discord!

69f38 No.7299

Hey guys, I'm looking for a rp partner, long term or short term, to do pregnancy focused RP's with. I can do anything from fluffy family stuff to dirty smut. I like to switch between being the pregnant character and not, so I can be either one depending on what you'd prefer. I also do any gender. :)

I'm open to most things but I especially like:
mpreg (But I do love fempreg too)
Muscular guys being pregnant (I like feminine guys too but want some more variety)
Fluffy family moments
Belly attention/worship
Strong maternal instincts
Public Humiliation
Shameful pregnancies
Multiples (Twins and Triplets are my fave, but if you want to do more I'm fine with that)
Down talking

Underage (anything below 16)

Contact me using Kik: @Vanillaideal

a217f No.7303

Looking for someone to rp with (Preferably female) on discord

any sort of pregnancy (preferably multiples, more the merrier)
fantasy/sci fi
humans and nonhumans
preg expansion
breast/butt expansion

anthro/feral animals

Discord: DragonWarrior#3785

14810 No.7305

Anyone interested in some Kik rp? Male looking for female.
Likes: Pregnancy
Including those in combination with sexual acts.
Username: Danganropi

521d7 No.7308

Looking for RP partner to RP:
BDSM Mpreg
Supernatural Preg (orc, khajit, argonian)
Willing to do ANYTHING
My Kik is loz1996uwu

521d7 No.7309

Also do any gender ;) Just looking for a good time


447ef No.7321

Hey all!

After lurking on here awhile, thought I would step forward and see if anyone would be interest in some roleplay. I've got close to 20+ years of experience roleplaying. Just about all of it was on AIM. Like a lot of folks, I recently made the jump over to Kik. I'm in the Eastern time zone and will regularly respond to posts in the evenings ( maybe with the occasional post around lunch).

I play female and/or futa characters, and I prefer to alongside other female or futa characters. I'm willing to try playing a female or futa character alongside a male character, it may just take a bit for me to get in the swing of it. I'm good for just about any setting (although I have been on a Western and cyberpunk kick of late). I'd like a chance to brainstorm before jumping straight to the smut.

Kinks: impregnation, pregnancy, breast pregnancy, labor, birth, unbirth, light age play (restrictions may apply), dubious consent and/or non-consensual, and possibly more.

Limits: Incest, mpreg, tentacles, torture, gore, popping/bursting, and bathroom stuff.

Kik me at TheQueitLurker. Let me know what kind of roleplay you're looking for and if you found me on /c/Chat or /r/Roleplay Kik.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from ya.

b82d6 No.7325

Hello! I am a female roleplayer looking to take on the pregnant (or inflated) role in a roleplay. I generally prefer 3rd person paragraph roleplays without sex scenes but may do them lightly if we click and have been roleplaying a long time.
Here are my likes for pregnancy:
Semi-rapid (Rapid but at a minimum of a few hours, not nothing to huge in five minutes)
Human pregnant with something non-human (Slime, alien, animals)
Underage pregnancy (This would have to be a pregnancy by non-sexual means followed by no sexualization. Fantastical pregnancies work great for me on this and I am fine going as young as 12.)

Inflation preferences:
Belly inflation by drinking or womb inflation.
Water, slime, or other things with weight.
Inflation by swallowing inedibles such as marbles.
No weight gain.

kik: growinground

d3f79 No.7327

I'm birthing_helper on Kik if you like any of this.

Male, 27

Paragraphs, detailed descriptions. Not to be rude, but I get bored when my partner doesn't take time to really describe what is going on. Give your character an internal life.

Birth and Labor
First time moms
Natural labor and delivery
Home birth
Birth in the car
Unexpected locations, beach, cabin, shopping mall, ect.
Water breaking, fluids gushing out suddenly
Tight contractions
Mom braces against walls and furniture during contractions
Labor is intense and overpowering
Vocalizing, moans, grunts, groans, discomfort during and between contractions
Fluids leaking, sweat, legs shaking
At around eight cm dilated, mom feel almost overwhelming urges to push but she must fight it
Throughout labor, mom feels the head moving down bit by bit. It feels like it's coming out any moment!
When Mom finally pushes it is primal. She grunts and screams in pain and relief
Big headed babies
Painful crowning, lots of pushing
Shoulders are hard to deliver

Rapid pregnancy, magical or scientific
Alien Pregnancy
Fantasy humanoids
Surprise twins
Panty crowning/birth
Perpetual Pregnancy
Birth Clinic

Medical intervention
Boring or repetetive posts
Violence or cruelty
Sex scenes


1. You are my very cute, very pregnant neighbor who is on the outs with her baby daddy. One night you show up at my door unannounced. Your water just broke, and you have no where else to go.

2. You are a pregnant callgirl I hired for the evening. Oops, you just went into labor!

3. We spend the night in a haunted house where you are possessed by the spirit of a pregnant woman who needs you to deliver her child. Over one night, your belly grows and you give birth.

4. We find a bottle on the beach. Inside is a genie who grants us one wish. We ask for a child. That night your belly begins to swell rapidly.

5. Fantasy birth clinic: you are a fantasy creature (fairy, centaur, orc, giant, elf, mermaid) who is in labor. We have rooms for anyone!

07ad3 No.7332

6. In a secluded village, once a year during a harvest moon, a single woman goes to the temple to take part in a ritual. There she is impregnated by the moon god and delivers children for the village. Her belly grows, the child is born and her belly grows again. She labors in agony from sunset to sunrise attended by the high priest and priestesses of the temple.

birthing_helper on Kik if you want to play.

d3f79 No.7339

7. In a faraway land, an ancient evil has slumbered for a thousand years and is ready to be reborn in flesh. Two of his servants, a man and a woman, go to the ancient altar and there the woman grows pregnant with a child who will be the doom of the world. Her labor is intense and painful, overseen by her partner.

birthing_helper on Kik if you want to play.

ca9e5 No.7341

8. In a nearby thread, a concurrent poster cannot contain his ideas to a single post, or even two! They multiply in fast fashion, and soon reach critical mass before too long. They spill over into the far reaches of pregchan, flooding the board for all eternity, and we all drown. The end.

be856 No.7342


Congrats,you just basically made all potential RP partners lose interest in your ad with that triple post.

Learn some net etiquette, mongrel.

447ef No.7344

Hey all!

After lurking on here awhile, thought I would step forward and see if anyone would be interest in some roleplay. I've got close to 20+ years of experience roleplaying. Just about all of it was on AIM. Like a lot of folks, I recently made the jump over to Kik. I'm in the Eastern US and will respond regularly on most evenings (excludes Thursdays) with occasional post in the mornings and afternoons.

My preferred pairings are female/female or female/futa. If you can pitch a cool story seed or character idea my way, I might play alongside a male character. I'm good for just about any setting (although I have been on a Western and cyberpunk kick of late). I'd like to have the chance to brainstorm before jumping straight to the smut.

Kinks: impregnation, pregnancy, breast pregnancy, labor, birth, unbirth, cute monster girls, male-to-female and female-to-futa transformations, light age play (restrictions may apply), dubious consent and/or non-consensual, and possibly more.

Limits: Incest, tentacles, torture, gore, popping/bursting, and bathroom stuff.

Maybe: I will allow mpreg *only* as part of a male-to-female transformation RP.

Kik me at TheQueitLurker. I'm available to RP on Kik, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Feel free to send me story seeds, any kinks you'd like to see addressed and, more importantly, any limits I need to be aware of.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from ya.

3c331 No.7363

Quiet bump, since I'm able to respond again

bc250 No.7371

mail me on masterdeviantdesires@gmail.com
doent have kik but i am interested in playing

bc250 No.7372

mail me on masterdeviantdesires@gmail.com, dont have kik but interested in playing with you

84f67 No.7382

I have years of experience in RP and I'd like to find new partners, I'm 27 M, but I'm able to RP also as a female character.
That's what I like: Normal pregnancy, breedind/impregnation, hyper prenancy (with multiplets), hyper due pregnancy, huge baby/babies, a lot of belly movements, lactation, adult breastfeeding, I really love unbirth. I prefer romantic stories, but I'm pretty good also with mean ones (without blood), I'm pretty open to all the scenarios.

I will not do stories with male pregnancy, scat, blood, monsters/aliens.

If you're interested my kik is ronnie2390

1b0f6 No.7390


Casual bump.

70113 No.7402

Hi! My name is Feydra and I'm a 22 year old female looking for male partners for pregnancy and birth roleplays. I have lots of roleplay experience but I'm always looking for new partners! ♡

My favorite roleplays are realistic birth scenes. I like singleton pregnancies - rarely multiples - but with big healthy babies on the upper end of realistic sizes. I love to roleplay the progression from early labor to painful and overwhelming contractions, with long pushing and difficult crowning. Medical knowledge of the birthing process is a favorite of mine! I prefer fantasy settings over modern-day or futuristic.

I don't prefer orgasmic birth or hyper pregnancies, but I will consider it if I'm in the right mood. Please no female partners, m-preg, oversexualised or casual birth scenes.

Feel free to message me anytime and we can discuss roleplaying together! ♡
Please send me a note on F-list:

0159b No.7403

ngl i am considering setting up an f-list just to play with you cause your kinks are hitting a fuckton of my buttons

8fb64 No.7405

Discord: Koolken #3541 (say you saw me here first or will ignore)

4e279 No.7418

Why can't people post their discord too?

fcaf0 No.7420


Because it's their right to or not to.

a5c30 No.7426

I love rapid pregnancy and birth RP. I'm not too much on cartooney stuff or anything involving ageplay.
Discord is RoseAlchemist#2504

9d61a No.7428

Male here, would like to RP with females/female characters. I've never done any roleplay before, but this stuff seems pretty interesting to me.

I am into:
Multiples-triplets, quads, nothing too unrealistic
Very overdue pregnancies-over two weeks or more, nonconsensual
Very big babies-10+ pounds, especially with multiples and overdue
Ass expansion
Breast expansion
Being forced not to give birth-stopping the process, preventing the woman from going into labor, etc.
Trying to induce labor
Discomfort, pain, contractions
Mild S&M
Nonconsensual-as long as it is not too abusive or mean
Home births
Burst teasing-talking about how the woman might pop, burst, etc

I am not into:
Anything too extreme (scat, piss, torture, poop, etc.)
Extreme pain
Delivery-contractions, etc. are fine, but the actual birth I'm not really into
Rapid pregnancy

You can hit me up on F-list and see my other kinks, I didn't really put a lot of thought into it though

9b3db No.7431

Hi I'm looking for a birth RP without limits.
You can find me at Google Hangouts my email is: gfm.bongo.79@gmail.com
Or at YIM: bongo.gfm@yahoo.com

My likes:
-Long difficult and painful labor and birth.
-Forceful contractions visible on the pregnant belly.
-Very large baby or babies(twins or triplets) and little first time mothers.
-Sex during labor/birth, anal sex during birth.
- Sadism, torture, rape, whip/slap/punches, blood, extreme painful birth is fine for me.
-Pushing on the mother's belly/use birthing tools. I love scenarios where the baby gets stuck and they have to squeeze the mother's pregnant belly and she desperately push to get her big baby out.
-Stretching the birth canal with the hands/tools. Pull from the baby's head.

I can play both roles, the birthing mother or the other person. So message me if you are interested in play.

a5c30 No.7449

I posted the other day requesting RP and made the caveat of no cartooney shit and no ageplay, with a focus on rapid pregnancy and birth. The amount of people that messaged me that didn't read any of the above was a bit staggering.
No underage, no ageplay, no pedo, no loli or whatever the male equivalent is.
Birth is a must. Absolutely no RP without birth, and I will specify that I won't even RP sex any longer due to the abuse of this. I like both, but it's infuriating to only get half any time I look for RP.
As for birth- no belly worship, gross farting and gutteral noises, or jizzing on me. Just no.

Discord: RoseAlchemist#2504

1abea No.7451

Male/19 looking for a RP Partner or someone to talk to about pregnancy

Likes and dislikes just ask me :)

Skype: Allegedpluto

Tell me you're from here when you message me

39c20 No.7464

So if this is the RP hookup thread, is there an IRL hookup thread?

13ab9 No.7465


There's Tinder for that.

39c20 No.7466

but i want to hook up with pregnant chicks

ca9e5 No.7467

well I want a gilded toilet. What about MY needs?

d3f79 No.7469

Hey all, I'm preggopartner on google hangouts, Male 27, 10 years of roleplay experience

Labor and birth
Water breaking
Natural delivery
Grunting, moaning, and vocalizing
Lots of pushing
Long, complicated labors
Interesting stories
Public births
Home births
Water births
Period births
Rapid pregnancies

Epidurals, too much medical intervention
Boring, repetitive posts

Hit me up on google hangouts with any ideas!

973ba No.7470

Hey, nice to meet you guys. I'm a 21 year old female looking for some people to roleplay with.

I'm into lots of pregnancy things, included but not limited to rapid pregnancy, expansion, egglaying, oviposition, tentacles, impregnation, overdue, birth, labor, cum inflation, hyper pregnancy, "out of this world" pregnancies (both amazing or quite literally otherworldly, like monsters or aliens), multiples, clothesbursting, and most things inbetween.

Personally, I'm not really too picky on the setting. As long as pregnancy or impregnation is involved, I'm fine. I'd also be fine doing a bit of ageplay (not too extreme), incest, or rape. I can play almost anything for you, including futas, multiple characters, "monsters" or something else similar. The things I wouldn't be fine doing would be stuff like bathroom
"activities", unnecessary weight gain (obviously, expansion and regular pregnancy weight gain don't count here, I'm mainly talking 'fat', sorry if that offends), or gore.

My favorite aspects of pregnancy would have to be the sex (you know, making the baby), the belly, and the "growth" or "swelling". Basically, the creation of bump, the bump itself, and how the body accommodates for the bump.

You can find me on Kik or Gmail, both with the usernames aallie368.

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