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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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8d333 No.6077

Male here.

I'm looking for QUALITY roleplay. Descriptive, detailed, lengthy posts.

Due to my real life situation I can only to some variant of email. However I am consistent and quick to respond (and love responding).

Other partners have consistently fallen to the wayside, disappeared, faded away.

I'm looking for truly quality play.

My main kinks involve the labor and birth side of things.

My only limit is that I'm male and you're female.

Please get in touch with me

21512 No.6099

looking for FEMALES ONLY that are interested in the extreme part of pregnancy aka hyper pregnancy rapid growth/spurt ect bonus points if into mpreg and/or equine/rabbit/mouse human is ok too one idea i have is an rp in which both sides can still give birth but the pregnancy does get to the point in which they suddenly pop how ever its not deadly there bellys reform instantly ready for the next pregnancy to start in just a few minutes to a few seconds depending on the fertility of the person and there new belly is able to stretch a little bit more then the last allowing them to carry more before they pop again this idea could bring quite a few interesting scenes such as the 2 of them going to the baby story for new maternaity wear only to end up having another huge sudden violent growth spurt and depending on how shy the person is about there condition trying to find a place to pop before its too late hehe just a few ideas and the rp scene doesnt have to be these ideas we can come up with something else if youd like do let me know if you have anything in mind as well hehe :3

fchat https://www.f-list.net/c/nightshadow%20blackpaw/

skype nightshadow98.9

btw if you add me please mention where you found this ad from as i get a lot of spam bots on yim and now they have started to show on skype from time to time too >.> so to prevent me from just ignoring you please tell me where youve seen this ad so i know you arint another spam bot trying to add me lol

oh and fyi if you are gonna bitch about grammar then keep looking i type the way i type cause i find commas every 5 words pointless and time consuming if you wanna cry about it then find someone else im not having it i care about the rp and the fun not your desire for an efing novel i only mention this not to be an ass hole but because im starting to get people who demand i change the way i type to fit there wants so i figured id be up front on grammar nazing from here on if this offends you tough tits im just sick of waiting weeks months or even a year or more before someone sends an add request for an rp just to cry about the grammar :P so instead of getting my hopes up just to be dashed ill just mention that issue now

as for the rest of you dont let that turn you away if you arint a huge stickler for grammar im quite a fun rper ;3

46192 No.6100

Just going to throw a feeler out here, anyone interested in doing Futa ball pregnancy?

594b5 No.6102

Female, 22, over 8 years of experience.

I like how a few of the other ladies above worded their lists, so I'll borrow from them where we match up. :)

- Long, difficult labors.
- Strong, instinctive urge to push.
- Panting, grunting, moaning.
- Interact with me during labor, don't just worry about the baby!
- Slow, detailed pushing. No "it's out!" after only a few posts.
- Water breaking suddenly/unexpectedly, or intentionally from coaxing or force.
- Big baby, heavy and making mommy achy and uncomfortable, settling in awkward positions and kicking in bad spots~
- Lots of fetal activity!
- Difficult pregnancy, making little things awkward and hard to do.
- Magical, chemical, or alien welcome, human preferred.
- Rapid pregnancy, varying speeds.
- Triplets max
- No pain relief of any kind
- Late-term preferred
- Belly holding/touching
- Pregnancy-related banter
- Details of how the pregnancy affects my body, down to my skin and how I move and wear my clothes.
- Lactation
- Futa
- Alternative pregnancy (breast, futa ball preg, etc.)
- If we're both female or futa, we can both be pregnant.

Anything else, just feel free to ask!

Female and Futa strongly preferred, no furries.

Hit me up on Twitter @KnockedUpDevil ;)

da883 No.6103


The clothes part, omj.

Is Twitter the only way I can contact you?

fa623 No.6106

I'm easily found on Kik, through limagirl20

I'm female and that is pretty much all info about my real life that I'm interested in sharing.

Now, if you're into pregnancy RP, I enjoy all kinds of pregnancy and have hardly no limits, except that I am never dominant. I'm also friendly, so don't be shy to send a message.

cdc66 No.6117

Hey, 18 year old girl here looking for some fun.

Love: Large pregnancies, huge bellies, active babies, inbreeding (incest), starting off flat and expanding my way up to big, rapid pregnancy, hourglass expansion (boobs + butt), eggs, oviposition, impregnation, creampies, multiples, teen pregnancy (roleplays ofc), breeding, hyper pregnancy, and tight clothes.

Like: Lactation, unbirth, tentacle pregnancy, monster pregnancies, "surprise" pregnancies, magic pregnancies, cum inflation, pregnancy progressions (i.e. spread out over time), and furry stuff.

Not really interested in but "maybe": Mpreg, stuffing, weight gain (not including butt/breast, I love that)

Turn-off: Gore, blood, body horror, miscarriages, scat, watersports, abuse, and huge age differences.

Haven't tried: Birth, surprisingly. Rape or non-con are okay with me (so long as it doesn't get violent), but not many people are into it.

I'm looking primarily for men, but I'm fine with roleplaying with other girls, so long as I get pregnant too. I can do self-inserts, OC's, or base one off of the type of girl you like.

You can contact me on Skype at ashleyyz or Gmail at ashleyypbb@gmail.com. I plan on getting a kik sometime in the future too, but don't have one yet.

d61d5 No.6132

Guess I'll update my old one.

I'm a 20 year male with 3 years experience in RPing. Timezone is UTC+ 8:00 but I don't mind staying up for my partners. :)


Multiples - As long as they're realistically possible, twins, triplets, etc
Tight clothes in pregnancy
Birth - especially difficult ones.
Labor - and everything else that goes with it.
Tight clothing - optional but I like the clothes being described on a pregnant woman.
Intercourse- optional for but I can work with it.
Movement - Who doesn't want to see a baby kick?

Anything out of the ordinary - belly expansion, furries, etc. Just ask me first, maybe I can give exceptions. :)

I'm pretty versatile with the interests, so contact me and we can arrange something!

Email: toxin.symbiote@gmail.com
Kik: Pregchanmaxi
Reddit: Pregchanmaxi
Twitter: Pregchanmaxi
Deviantart: Emperor42

078e2 No.6133

Well, I might as well advertise myself here since I've been feeling rather lonely and bored lately >_<

Legal-age male here looking for anyone who shares my interests!

First, I guess I'd better make it clear that my top preference for roleplays are with Pokémon—though it's not a make or break thing for me. I also can do regular furries (especially feral ones), and humans are fine too though I'd much rather use the others if possible.

I enjoy:

-Live birth (though oviposition is also fine)
-Realistic multiples (like ~4-10 for canines and felines and twins to quadruplets for other mammals and humanoids)
-Belly worship and lotsa rubbing
-Intercourse (why not?)

My turnoffs are very few, though they still stand:
-Unnecessary pain

Feel free to ask me about other kinks, and I'll see if I can do them well or not!

Here are my contacts for Skype and Discord, though PLEASE tell me you're from here, since I delete random invites ^^;

Skype: JordanZoroarkfox
Discord: JordanZoroarkfox#8571

Looking forward to fun stuffs with you >w<

2b980 No.6139

Figured I'd throw my name into the ring, since I'm looking at starting to get into roleplaying. I'm pretty much open to anything (especially multiples or non-human objects like eggs or other animals), but my hard limits are vore, pee, poop, non/dub con, or anything too extremely gory. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Kik: mshamchats
Tumblr: crownqueen

2b980 No.6140

Also, I should mention I'm 21 female

00a7b No.6147

26 Male U.K. looking for casual and long-term roleplay partners from around the world, preferably female.

Interested in the normal pregnancy-related things: Labour both quick and long, lactation and in some cases the lack of it, ranging belly sizes from varying pregnancies from singles to multiples and small babies to large. As for the parents I'm okay with both human and non-human, the latter ranging from an anthro/furry to something mythical or supernatural. I normally use Skype or Trillian but am willing to get on other chat clients.

If requested I can provide a full F-List profile as an example.

Current contact points are:
nizahr_aesith -Skype
lancer.davenport - trillian
@VioOwen - twitter
Viorahn - kik
WhatsApp and Line are available on request. I'm not leaving my number in the open. Email address is also available on request.

I'll probably set up some more accounts for IMs in the future.

ac06f No.6148

mmmmmaaaan we should have RP together

c6596 No.6149


Wanna give it a shot? :)

ac06f No.6150

We can only try…unless you have people you are already rping with

8fb64 No.6151

When you get KiK, mine is Koolken256, I like your kinks XD

96744 No.6171

27 M looking to RP with an open minded female. I am also into breast expansion, lactation, and cum inflation just to name a few.
Kik: starwen35

7372c No.6173


Also daddyssurrogate@gmail.com if you would rather do it there

dd954 No.6179

forgive me, advertising myself is a new experience for me, but I'll copy the format others have seemed to go with.

I'm a 25 year old male, I have 3 years of roleplaying experience, but that's with normal non-sexual or fetish settings. Really looking for someone to be patient with me as I get my feet wet.

I'm willing to play either the male or female roll, so long as I enjoy the theme of the RP.

Things I love
-Pregnancy (Obviously enough)
-Realism (even if we're streching the imagination far, I like to do so in a realistic way, ex. multi pregnancy over quads might leave one bedbound)
-Vivid descriptions of size
-Pregnancy impeding normal routine stuff/chores
-trying to wear too small clothes, or bursting out of them
-the other changes pregnancy has on the body being noticed (engorged milky breasts, wider hips, sore body parts ect.)
-fetal movement
-steady growth (can be fast, can be slow, but no sudden 'bursts')
-going overdue/long or permanent pregnancy
-stuffing/weight gain

Things I am open to
-sex, pregnant or conception
-multiples (I can be persuaded to a large amount depending on the rp, but lets say the standard cap is 4)
- vore and unbirth (so long as it's implied the person comes out eventually)
-sub/dom or inflicting pain on someone
-Birth and labor

Things that kill the mood

I believe that's it, you can contact me via
email : bigbellyrp1991@gmail.com
skype : knonme
kik : knonme

d644c No.6185

I'm a 28 year old male looking for girl who might share my passion for romantic and intimate RPs with focus on the pregnancy aspect.

The most appealing thing about pregnancy stuff is the whole idea of having me and two people love and trust each other to such a degree that they want to create life together, the man giving his lover a part of himself for her to carry and care for and for him to be there during the whole thing to take care of her, support her and admire her as their little one is growing along with her belly and breasts.
Pregnant cuddling and snuggling is somethin I love a lot, and I also really adore lactation/breastfeeding. I fin the whole scenario so appealing. Resting in my lover's arms while suckling and drinkin her warm milk.

Well. Probably a tmi, but I'd rather be up front.
Here is a short list of my likes if needed.

Belly admiration
Giving belly massages
Pregnant sex
Heavily/multiple pregnant
Breastfeeding and lactation
Long multi sessioned RPs
First-Person perspective
Naughty talk during sex (Like "I'm about to pour my potent batter all over your eggs now, my love")

I think that just about covers it.
If I haven't scared all the gals here away and maybe even have someone interested in chatting, you can find me on Skype most of the time

Skype: blace_medal
E-mail: blacedk@hotmail.com

3e3c5 No.6193

Yeah I'm looking for an mpreg roleplay, either with the anime Baccano! or an original roleplay. I have a couple of plots in mind, and my mpreg-compatible ships I ship within the Baccano universe are:
LuckDallas (my OTP)

I'll also do original characters in an original setting. Please email me at thewriterisclean@gmail.com or contact me on skype (kingofeli, comes up as Dallas Genoard) if you're interested!

46192 No.6219

looking to try some futa ball pregnancy

if anyone is up for that, hit me up on my skype at Kellcrp

604c3 No.6226

Male 34, with decade and a half RP experience, both sexual and gameslookinglooking for female chat partners

Prefer detailed,paced stories, over multiple sessions

wide range of interests, both prego and others

prefer modern, but with some suspension of reality, can do fantasy,magic, sf, miracle drugs

heavily prego/multiple
late terms
nreastfeeding and lactation, abundant or overly abundant
large, engorged milky breasts
sudden increase in bump or breasts (clothes bursting)
clumsy/difficult pregnancy
huge bump and breasts on slim body
overdue or perma prego

non-consent(blackmail/manipulation/ coercion/drunk/drugged)
abuse of power(especially turning the table on authority figures, teachers,police officers, bosses..)
abuse of trust (good friend, therapyst, confidant…)
servitude out of desperation/need

exhibitionism/public humiliation,
medical,body mod,behaviour modification(corruption-manipulation/brainwash-hypno)
taboo (like family), loove hearing about new things
and more

few dislikes, open to about everything if it makes the story work

gmail: MasterDeviantDesires@gmail.com
XxXChatters irc :DomRandom
open to any venue of real-time(chat,IM) comunication on laptop (so kik would be out as they dont have windows app afaik)

039ed No.6228

Rebumping for interest.

db9ca No.6229


Bumping with updated contact information

Preglovergreg on kik and YIM,
Preglovergreg#7010 on Discord

c69e8 No.6231

Hey, i'm 23 Female.
Role-playing experience for 6 year, but this is my first time role-playing pregnant and birth. So, i'm open on any suggestion. Prefer male partner.

i'm more into deep story where detailed, paced stories, and sweet

but i dislike gore stuff, monster or alien, and bestiality.

Kik :eyrhiannon
e-mail: aroerraav@gmail.com

ebbee No.6253


ebbee No.6260


I've got a yahoo messenger account now, it's got the same email as the one posted in the previous post

Username is Jerome Rogue :)

ddb03 No.6262


bumping this to say that i also now have skype at live:kestreling

5c06b No.6263

Sounds like a lot of fun, but reddit is telling me your username doesn't exist. Hit me up: pharaoh170.deviantart.com.

0e694 No.6264


B here! My Kik is bkiraric!

b08a0 No.6274

Throwing my hat in the ring, too:
F based in the UK, looking for an M or F as am willing to roleplay either. Primarily working off Kik (soup_duds) and looking for a new (text only) RP partner after the disappearance of an old one. Fine at grammar, punctuation, etc, but not a huge amount of experience for smut or pregnancy RP, particularly in long paras, but I'll do the best I can. Not a huge fan of overt or drastic dom/sub play, although definitely erring on the side of sub.

Likes (in rough priority order):
- Smut (obviously) for the impregnation itself
- Incest/Taboo/Inbreeding (sibling or parent/child)
- Animal/Alien/Monster male; fantasy, SF and modern settings are all fine, especially in conjunction with…
- Non- or Dubcon (anything from drugging to mind break to stockholm syndrome)
- Unintentional/Unwanted pregnancy
- Accelerated Pregnancy (not to an extreme extent, but not the full 9 months).
- Underage pregnancy; nothing too far, generally 14 at the youngest. Usually in conjunction with inbreeding.
- Public sex, especially when leading to…
- Multiple males, again mixed with a mixture of the above (noncon, animals, etc)
- Futa (either as breeder or bred, both are great)

Okay/can work with:
- Furry, mostly canine or equine (ideally male only)
- Existing fictional characters/settings (some; ask if interested)
- Sex during pregnancy (with above likes)
- Intimate/Romantic relationship for impreg
- Multiple females
- Extended family incest
- Lactation/breast play
- Fantasy/SF female
- Extended or permapreg
- Tentacles
- Nonextreme multiples

- Scat
- Watersports
- Guro/Death
- Vore of any kind
- Unbirth
- Painplay BDSM (limited bondage from the above is okay)
- Labour, crowning
- Birthing
- Egg or non-mammalian beast impreg
- mpreg
- Hyper preg
- Anal preg
- Misscarriages
- Extremely old or young partners
- Bloodplay
- Stuffing
- Weightplay, obesity
- Unusual fillings

Probably a great deal more that I've completely forgotten, so if interested reply here or hmu on kik (username soup_duds). May be able to get other IM accounds, but can't promise anything.

b08a0 No.6275

Back again, also adding corruption (demons, zombies, etc) as a Like and interracial as an Okay (like, if you can convince me).

Anyone who's seen this'll have to message me again, I'm afraid, since my phone just decided to fuck up.

43e11 No.6277

Greetings and Salutations to everyone here:
I'm a male that's looking for a female to not only chat and discuss general things such as movies, music, tv, anime, video games, life, etc. but someone who would like to roleplay on some occasions, too. Right now, I mainly use Skype (uglymuffintop), but I can also utilize KIK (Uglymuffintop) as well. I range from decent to good at grammar, punctuation, etc, but it's been a long time since I've properly did roleplay with anyone, especially when it comes to the sexual kind. articularly in long paras, but I'll do the best I can. Here is a list of fetishes/situations/themes that I can and can't go with.

Likes (in no particular order):
- Pregnant (ranging from beginning to overly massive beyond realistic comprehension)
- Lactation (Nipple sucking/milk or other liquid/thick substance)
- Breasts, belly, butt, lip, vagina, penis, and cheek expansion (No honest limit to any
- Body or fruit inflation (spherical through hose, liquid, cream, air, etc/blueberry/strawberry/other odd fruit to mix it up)
- BBW to SSBBW (from slight chubby to world consuming: No limit on this)
- Weight gain and pregnant progression (from realistic to swift)
- Gas (burps and farts)
- Futanari (Hermaphrodites to penis growth)
- Transformation (from an anthropomorphic being to a monster/beast/alien/abomination to either unconventional changes)
- Size change (Shrinking to Giantess)
- Tight clothing/clothes ripping
- Incest
- Multiple body parts (breasts, penises, etc.)
- Muscles (from slightly to catastrophically built)
- Yuri
- Fantasy/sci-fi/medieval/modern settings
- Different races (Dark Elves, Dryads, Humans, etc.)
- Sex/Paizuri/Blowjob/Anal/etc incorporating one or more of the fetishes listed
- Scat (yes, I do approve of this controversial fetish)
- Love and tenderness or even a casual fling/hookup
- Possible character building
- Breast/butt/belly docking
- Birthing (Humans, eggs, etc.)
-Breast/other odd pregnancies

Okay/can work with:
- Furry (depending on the species)
- Existing fictional characters/settings (though I'm more interested in using original characters)
- Force Feeding
- Tentacles
- Vore/unbirthing

- Watersports (Piss)
- Guro/Death (Only if it suits the plot and not incorporated into the sex)
- Bondage
- mpreg
- Anal preg
- Miscarriages
- Extremely old or young partners (especially pedophilia themes)
- Anything having to do with rape or forced intercourse.

I may have forgotten some other things, but hopefully this is a basic showcase of what I'm looking for. No worries if I never find anyone (or if there's no sexual RP), but if one's interested, I can be found as Uglymuffintop for both Skype and KIK. I may not be able to chat a great deal, but I will always get back ASAP. Hope to find a new friend soon. Thank you kindly for the time and attention.

a9c11 No.6291

So I'm looking for someone to RP with! It can be sex, pregnancy sex, birth, etc! I'm down w/ nearly everything!

I love:
Clothing births
Non-hospital births
Long and painful labour
Having to do things like walk around while crowning

My KIK is oneeyedcat_!

ebeef No.6294

Hi first time putting myself out there for rp.

18 year old male from the uk looking for a male or female partner.

What I like?
- I honestly don't mind anything in terms of "turn ons". As long as it involves inflation I'm down, the bigger the better. If I had to choose though I would say breast, belly and cum inflation are my favorites.
- I like paragraphs describing what's happening, what your saying and how you feel. Even if its a wall of text as long as it not a one liner I don't mind.

What I dislike?
- Furry and in detail gore. (This does not include popping)
- Not finishing a rp. I don't mind if we stop and start but if you have to leave it please give a reason.

If you want you can contact me on kik:2geckomam

d779c No.6310

I've posted here before, but I suppose I should make a new post now to attract more roleplayers. Here we go.

Things I love: Oviposition, egg laying, huge bellies and large pregnancies, hyper pregnancy, inbreeding and incest, rapid pregnancy, multiples, tight clothes, sex, loads of cum, and of course breeding and impregnation. I also love expansion (breast and butt primarily), especially if my characters start off really flat. If I'm doing expansion or rapid, then bursting out of clothes is a huge turn on too.

Like: Rape, non-con, blackmail, slavery, tentacle or monster pregnancies (i.e. with things out of this world), furries, and cum inflation. I actually have a fantasy of an unbirth roleplay that's more of a "rebirth". I unbirth you, you shrink in my womb over time, and eventually come out once you've grown back to adult size. Maybe even as a new person, who knows?

Other fantasies? Long, overdue pregnancies. Exhibitionism. Unintentional pregnancies, especially if YOU planned it but I didn't.

I still haven't done a birth roleplay, actually. I'd really like to try one of those soon.

I will do "underage" pregnancies, down to 13, since it really gets unrealistic before that. I can also do multiple characters, it's something I really like to try. I'm also really into having multiple pregnant characters at once, no matter who controls them.

Don't do: Blood, major violence, BDSM (aside from sex slavery, not really into bondage), weight gain (aside from breast/butt/normal weight gain from pregnancy), anal pregnancies, miscarriages, urine, scat

My favorite roles or set ups to roleplays would be incest (sister), neighbors (big fav, for some reason), in a relationship, classmates, or close friends. Or victim, if you want to get kinky. But really, I'm up to any role. I'll do any kind of pregnancy or impregnation roleplay, from furry to magic to science to good old realist. I'd say I'm sub, but I can maybe get a bit dom if the need would arise? I'm fine roleplaying with both genders, as long as I get pregnant. I'm bi, but I never really got into vaginas much (aside from my own, haha), kind of preferring dicks, so yeah, I'd be up for futa.

How should you contact me? Well, take your pick. I'm ashleyypbb@gmail.com, ashleyyz on Skype, and now ashleyyp_br on kik.

93204 No.6320

Do you have Kik?

21512 No.6324

looking for FEMALES ONLY that are interested in the extreme part of pregnancy aka hyper pregnancy rapid growth/spurt ect bonus points if into mpreg do let me know if you have anything in mind as well hehe ;3

fchat https://www.f-list.net/c/nightshadow%20blackpaw/

skype nightshadow98.9

btw if you add me please mention where you found this ad from as i get a lot of spam bots on yim and now they have started to show on skype from time to time too >.> so to prevent me from just ignoring you please tell me where youve seen this ad so i know you arent another spam bot trying to add me lol

oh and fyi if you are gonna bitch about grammar then keep looking if you wanna cry about it then find someone else im not having it i care about the rp and the fun not your desire for an efing novel i only mention this not to be an ass hole but because im starting to get people who demand i change the way i type to fit there wants so i figured id be up front on grammar nazing from here on if this offends you tough tits im just sick of waiting weeks months or even a year or more before someone sends an add request for an rp just to cry about the grammar :P so instead of getting my hopes up just to be dashed ill just mention that issue now

as for the rest of you dont let that turn you away if you arent a huge stickler for grammar im quite a fun rper ;3

59ac0 No.6327

Male here, looking for anyone so long as their Character is Female.

I'm 34, a switch(can sub or dom), been roleplaying since 1996, and I'm looking to start with impregnayion and proceed from there.

Some of what I'm interested in:
Age Differences in either direction
Incest/Inbreeding including extended family and multigenerational
Married Women
Things Society forbids
Alternate societal scenarios
Goddess Impregnation
Being a promiscuous Zeus/Odin-like God, impregnating mortals
Breeding non-human partners like beasts, semihuman aliens, furries, unusual lifeforms, and so on
Taking shelter from a crisis and comfort from each other
Gender Switching (non-permanent)
Interracial impregnation
power differentials
and a whole lot more that I dont want to type on a tablet.

interested? WordyDirtyRP@gmail.com

eeec9 No.6329


I'm almost blown away by the fact that there's someone on here in my own time zone.

I like your kinks, too. Still up for RP-ing via skype or email?

eeec9 No.6330


I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, I copied a template and forgot to remove the email of the original, even after I'd written my own stuff out.

afe04 No.6334


I am very interested in finding someone to regularly RP with. I would love a long term RP partner.

I am a 26 year old female from the USA. I think of myself as creative, kind, and articulate.

Find me on kik: cranrazz

Low intervention hospital birth
Sex during labor
Stimulation during labor
Water breaking during sex
Long crowning
Stretching/pushing out other insertions
A strong, directive partner
Twins or triplets
Lots of other things!

Highly medicalized birth
Multiples more than three
Nonhuman birth


I am interested in men mostly, but perhaps the right woman. I am also interested in building a relationship that could eventually be over the phone.

7a4ff No.6340


I don't suppose there's any other way to reach you besides kik?

d7c0b No.6355

Looking for inflation RPs with female's. I'm into pregnancy, lactation, breast expansion, butt expansion, belly expansion, body morph, blueberry and size. I also like just weird things in general happening to girls. The scenario we could play is that I have an iPad that can change any aspect of your body, what do you think? I can also do rudimentary photo manipulation and morphs. I know that was all a lot but yeah…there it is. pm me on kik.

Kik: starwen35

8951a No.6357

any chance of email/messaging other than kik (hangouts,skype,yahoo, anything that has a pc version)
(im >>6226)

e3dd4 No.6358

Yo! I'm a legal aged female wanting a detailed RP with anyone I can get my hands on!

Big bellies and big babies
Not being allowed to give birth (for example a chastity belt or smthn. Willing to explore any ideas relating to this!
Sex during labor (vaginal and non-penetrative)
Sudden strong contractions
Being forced in to labor (Squeezing the belly, deep sex etc.)
Tight belts around the belly
Not being allowed to push
Heavily pregnant/in labor in remote, unpopulated locations
Crowning with underwear still on
Baby being pushed back in

Hospitals/medical interventions

KIK me: oneeyedcat_!

50a5b No.6418


Hey there I can't seem to find your kik ID so mine is natures_duality

2921e No.6420

Me again, thought I'd add my f-list if anybody was interested!


ef158 No.6431


Same as the guy above, I can't seem to find your KiK. Mines staredcraft so you can add me too if you wish

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