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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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52e66 No.6500

might as well put me down

M26 US i like any kind of birthing to a female partner human non human or even egg laying or object birthing

the only thing i am not into is death and gore ….

you can reach me mostly on skype hotshots88

52e66 No.6501


your email is a bit off i can't get a message sent i keep on getting errors i tried 10 times already

0159b No.6505

6484 here. I just got KIK as well, so if anyone here uses that, you can find me on there too.

KIK: joyoushermit

94789 No.6506

Do you have Skype?

1b0f6 No.6534

Long time lurker here and I have to say how awesome you all are. I've had a birth kink for a while, but learned so much about myself from all of your stories!

A bit about me, 33/M in the USA. It shouldn't matter, but I do prefer to role play with women, I have a hard time getting wrapped up in the story if it's with another man. I'm more interested in birth than pregnancy, crowning in particular. The inevitability of birth is a turn on. The mother can fight, pant, struggle, but eventually something is coming out no matter what.

I'm pretty open to different likes and kinks.

Here are a few:

Unexpectedly fast labor, the mother goes from cramping to urge to push in no time.

Long pushing phase, either the baby is too big or she's too small.

On the flip side, fast crowning is fun when we need to get to hospital or somewhere private.

The mother being told not to push, panting, holding the head inside.

Fluids, use your imagination.

Sex to induce labor or during birth, but only if we're already intimate in the story, it has to fit.

The mother not knowing she was pregnant, accidental birth.

Certain fantasy scenarios (dragons, centaurs, eggs, etc.)

Mpreg if you're into it (I would carry) and of course you wouldn't want to make it easy for me.

Quite a few others, I'm sure we can find common ground.

Now, some things I won't do:

Violence against the mother or baby.


Blood and gore.

Traumatic births, either the mother or baby is at risk.

Hospital births. Too little wiggle room for other kinks.

If you'd like to role play or just talk about birth and other kinks, I'm on kik as: just_pant

9d586 No.6558

Well, might as well toss my hat here. Don't care if you're a male or female, just as long as the rp's themselves are fun.

-Long term/perm preggos
-Normal/massive belly sizes
-Cartoon bursting
-Soft vore
-Belly worship
-Characters from various medias (cartoons/games/anime) as long as I know the material

-Abortion stuff


Skype - hitman47_lt
Discord - Illuminati foxkitty#1804

d00fa No.6560

Hey all.

I took a little hiatus from the internet, but I'm back now and interested in picking up some pregnancy rp.

I love all kinds of pregnancy and story, so it would be better to just message and chat, instead of listing here the things I like.

I'm currently only at Kik: limagirl20

52e66 No.6562

I like to do a RP where my female partner can or is willing to try to RP as anything i choose I like real and unreal birthing and pregnancy of any kind extreme or not my skype is hotshots88 I hope that we get to know each other and have a open minded chat

7931e No.6566

hotshots88 returns 3 accounts.

52e66 No.6570

try my kik gushthefruitbat

d3ff8 No.6648

Shameless bump - still around, though

ddffb No.6653

Bump for partners
Also I have a YIM now, it's bustedjerkbox@gmail.com

8d333 No.6669

Male for VERY detailed and descriptive roleplay involving pregnancy, pregnant sex, labor and birth, etc.

Very open.

Please respond to my thread here if interested

8d333 No.6670

Email roleplay preferred!!

ddffb No.6678

>>6669 I am interested :3

8d333 No.6679


Where can you be reached? What's your email?

7f626 No.6680

Hi everyone! I've had a natural vaginal birth a couple years ago, and I'm sure some of you would be curious to talk about it. I'm db_dpp_throw on Reddit and usually open on the weekends. I would prefer if you were labor and delivery oriented. If you'd like to chat and we mesh, we can talk about RP. I use Reddit for privacy but it doesn't have to stay there forever. Hoping to get a few hellos.

ddffb No.6689

Hey guys, I got a Twitter now too @bustedjerkbox

ddffb No.6700

The Twitter page is kind of kicking off, been posting a bunch of pics. Pretty much everything else applies, it's just that this one's got some added spice, hit me up if you wanna

69b00 No.6738

Just gotta repost this from time to time to see what I get:

Im a dude looking for women to rp with.

Kik: borednerddude
Skype: kamenriderknight@hotmail.com

Reposting this since you just have to do that every so often. I have little interest in sex based stuff, I am more interested in telling a story than anything else. If given an f list link I will assume you are joking or didn't read anything I said and will move on. Other than that just lemme know you are from if you add or contact me so I don't get paranoid.

I should also mention that normal real life settings bore me, I like sci fi or fantasy where we can bend the rules to make things more interesting.

c79f0 No.6756

Hi' I'm a late twenties female and I m kind of new to the whole RPing thing but I'm very much welcome to it.
This is pretty much a general idea of what I'm into:
-sex with all the aforementioned elements
Now if you want anything more specific, I can also do:
-Hyperpregs (as long as they're like breeding machines and stuff
-age differences
-high fantasy elements
-sci-fi elements
-established fandoms
-I can also do ponies and other furs, but hey have to be Anthromorphized enough.

I won't do death, scat, water sport or anything of those though

Hit me up an email at :kinksysin@gmail.com
I'll be expanding the places of where you can reach me upon request, since I AM new. So please, hit me up :)

061bb No.6765


Hi everybody! I have a Kik now. It's kinksysin, so hit me up :)

0605c No.6907

Heya. M/26/USA I'm looking for men or women to do an Mpreg Rp with. I'm also open to Fpreg but I would like it if both the male and female characters end up pregnant together if that's the case.

My favorite themes:

Anthros/Furries- I prefer canines and felines.
Extreme Pregnancy
Rapid Pregnancy
Odd pregnancy locations- Like breast pregnancy, Ball pregnancy. Stuff like that.
Growing breasts and lactating.
Science based.
Magic based.
Inflation- Any and all kinds excluding air, head, hand, and feet inflation.
Expansion- Butt/Hip/Thigh expansion on a pregnant guy? Omfg~
Weight Gain- Willing preferred. Rapid preferred.
Sex- At any time. Just not ALL the time. Ya dig?

And I'm not into:

Human on Human rape- Tentacle rape is okay.

I am a very open minded individual. I am willing to hear any ideas you might have.

I role play on Skype, Email, or Kik.

Skype: Try finding me with noobadoober@gmail.com I should show up as "Zai"
Email: noobadoober@gmail.com
Kik: Ragdoll777

Hit me up and let me know who you are, and how old you are. By that I mean. Just say hey and introduce yourself. Thanks for reading.

0e694 No.6923

I'm nineteen and female. Here's what I like:

- overdue bellies
- big bellies
- large babies
- belly abuse
- cruel doctors
- cruel partners
- bondage
- belly belts
- prolonged pregnancy
- discomfort doing menial tasks
- slight inflation (of the belly, brought on medically)
- injections in the belly (don't ask, idk)
- forced and then stopped contractions but no labor
- fetal movement
- belly holding/touching
- no pain relief
- first time mothers
- small mother with big baby
- nervous mothers, unsure mothers
- light ageplay
- experienced partner

Here's what I don't like:

- labor
- bathroom business
- sex (unless to cause discomfort)
- excessive multiples
- stuffing or unnecessary weight gain
- eggs/aliens/tentacles
- incest
- lactation

Kik me at: bkiraric

8fb64 No.6954


Just figured I'll leave this here. Note, not all my characters are on that list, as well as some have to be played in 3somes

8fb64 No.6962

New Ad Post!
22 year old Black Male from USA (Texas) here! Opening up once more for RPs with Female/ people who play Female charachters!

Must have (Deal Breaker if not agreed too):
Anal Sex (A ton of it, not just once)
Interracial Pairings (Black male/Non-black female)

Loves/ always want to do:
Birth sex (Anal only)
Large Breast (no hyper)
Mupliples, no more then 3
Large bellies
2 or more women
High school scene
College scenes
Babysitter (female)
Incest (also Interraical, Young mom/Son, Older sibling/younger sibling*, Cousin, Aunt/nephew)
Big brother/little sister
Big sister/Little brother
Shota father
Love/ romance
close friendships
Next door neighbor
Anime setting/characters (Ask about this, but will say yes to Bleach characters)
Teen pregnancy
Shota/Teen girl
Shota/Young Milf
women 16-25 (in looks, can be much older then they look if they are)
Belly rubs/Anything belly play
Story/Plot (No mindless breeding)

Like/can do:
Gothic/Emo/Goth girls
Women 25-35 (in look)
Father/Daughter and Uncle/niece (rarely)
Oral sex
4 or more babies (Please don't make the belly larger then overdue with Triples at time of birth)
Rapid pregnancy (As fast as a few days)
Anal pregnancy/birth (Female only)
Breeding (With Plot)
Drag use (Fertility drugs, mind altering drugs)
OOC play (if your IRL female only, but note I do have a girlfriend)

No/Do not suggest:
Rape/ non-con (If she doesn't give consent, it's rape)
Furries and Anything non-human like (all character must have human skin and bodies)
Impregnation dice roll (F-list/chat users)
Just sex.
No Anal
Black women (Also counts to half black women with dark skin)
Degrading sex
Sex only RPs
Naruto Males
Gender bent characters
Lolis (Girls 13 or younger in looks, 14-15 are iffy at best)
Raceplay/Racism (that is not part of story)
Asking me to play a thug/BBC type
White (or any) race extintion (Besides males of other races)
OOC rudeness
'I can play this' People
'Hi' and silence people
ASKING FOR ABORTIONS! (I am pro-chioce, but I do not like or want Abortion rps)
Abuse (of any kind)
ASKING TO NOT HAVE MY 'MUST HAVES' IN AN RP! (My characters are made for a reason)
Playing a character I haven't made

Alright, now what that's done, as above, I have my F-List main profile linked, you can see my other kinks on there if I missed any there.

Email: KoolKen256@Gmail
F-list: *linked in another post*
Skype: Koolken256 (Should come up as Kenneth Huffman)
Kik: Koolken256 (Note: No Rping over Kik, please us for messaging me to chat)

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

b7763 No.6980

hey there hi there ho there, I'm 18/m with no real preference who I roleplay with. I prefer consistent stories over one-shots, but anything goes!

here's what I like:
- femdom: M younger/less experienced than F, F bullying/taunting M, mommy play
- BBW / slightly chubby, short partner
- infidelity/cheating: partner carrying someone else's baby
- lots of movement, discomfort, etc
- belly play
- growing breasts and lactation
- big bellies
- multiples
- overdue / early in labor
- impregnation

can also do
- expansion
- stuffing / inflation
- majjyk / aliens or whatever
- birth
- basically anything else

can't/won't do
- scat or piss or whatever
- guro
- vore
- lolis
- anthropomorphic animals / ponies (sorry)

My kik is this_kills__the_crab if you're at all interested!

55839 No.7056

Hey, I'm a male who loves to role-play being pregnant as a woman. i enjoy gender change themes as I believe it makes a greater impact. I also like inflation and rapid expansion. Send me a message on kik: empreg
hope to be knocked up and waddling for you soon!

0e0db No.7078

Throwing in my hat onto the table, as some unexpected turn of events has suddenly made my schedule vacant.

3-4 years in RP experience, male. Mostly into pregnancy and especially birth as long as it isn't unrealistic. Which means mpreg, expansion, and the works are a no for me.
I'm very into plot development and stories, as I'm searching possibly for a long term RP partner who can at least tell me that they're busy instead of disappearing. Optionally, it would be better to have someone who has good grammar or at least proper spelling.(The same goes for one-liners and first person RPs)

Here's a few scenarios on what to expect from me, as a sample.


You can contact me via email.

9699d No.7110

Hey, I'm a female looking for a male RP partner, must be 18 or older. I currently only use Kik. Im not picky about my partners but I don't do one liners or sci-fi. Pregnancy and birth has to be a part of the discussion.

Things I like:
Unassisted births
Long difficult birth
Dad or boyfriend delivering
Messy births
Premature births
I didn't know I was pregnant births where it's a total surprise
Miscarriage (delicate for some not for me)
Abusive partners
Raceplay (I'm black)
Huge bellies
Lots of morning sickness
Extremely weird/unnatural cravings
Rimming (goes both ways)

Things I will not do:
Younger than 18
Permanent pregnancy

Kik me at bigpregnantbelly

55d52 No.7119

Hi there,

I'm looking for someone to rp with (I know, surprise). I prefer roleplaying female characters, and my main turn-ons are pregnancy (again, surprise right?) and difficult labour/birth. Aside from that I'm open to trying and experimenting with quite a few other things.
My YIM is jsshdg@yahoo.com

3a706 No.7123

Have Skype or kik or instagram?

8fb64 No.7151

Note about my F-list character(s): please send me a NOTE or a private message on chat first before trying to add me as a friend and talk to me before then too. All request will be ignored if that is the first thing I see from you.

7e233 No.7152


Man, that first scenario sounds really familiar Maxi

ddb03 No.7154

22/F, looking for long- or short-term roleplays, and i only rp with ocs. i'm only willing to play the carrier at this time, and i have a preference towards mpreg, though these are subject to change as i get more comfortable.

what i like and prefer:
-fantasy/sci-fi settings
-nonconsensual pregnancy/stockholm syndrome
-heat/mating season
-unnatural conception(magic, tentacles, etc)
-belly attention/teasing
-slavery/breeding stock

what i don't do:
-(graphic) birth/no blood or gore
-hyper preg
-multiples(more than twins)
-bathroom stuff

feel free to ask about things you're unsure about. i'm open to giving different things a try. find me on kik @softlydarling

e09bc No.7166

I'll throw my hat in as well. Willing to play male or female, pretty new to roleplay. Hit me up at prettyhorny@yandex.com

52e66 No.7169

is that your kik name skype name email what is it ?

ac128 No.7173

Guys I've got a discord now
See ya there lol

e4327 No.7213

>so many people labeling their genders and what gender they will only play with
Talk about limiting yourself

e38c2 No.7214

>what gender they will only play with

At least they aren't demanding timestamped nudes + birth certificate.

b55d3 No.7236

Hi there! Looking for some cool people interested in a birth-focused RP. I'd prefer not to preamble with too much of the pregnancy and go right into the birth.

- Fpreg or mpreg (under certain conditions.)
- Multiples
-Non-human (again, certain conditions)
- Public birth
- Difficult births
-Clothed births
-birth denial (as in trying to fight the urge or someone else making the birth difficult)

- Tentacles and Eggs
- Scat/Vore
-A/b/o plots
-Just sex

I usually prefer writing in fandoms. Some of the fandoms I like include FFXV, P5, BOTW, Voltron. I don't mind genderbending characters if MPREG isn't your thing. I also don't mind making OCS. But I am not a fan of first person rps.

Discord: boythiighs#8937
Email: boythiighs@gmail.com
(Please let me know you're from pregchan if you add me.)

9b78c No.7240


I think I'd be right for you, but don't have kik. Would you play through email or skype ever?

eca10 No.7243

I thought I would post my likes again.

-pregnancy, although birthing mainly
- Being the one giving birth or an assistant during your birth.
-female pregnancy and birth. I want to give mpreg ago though! I'm assuming a male birth occurs via the characters anus or equivalent of a vagina.
-in depth detailed. I'm a writer by trade so I usually post with a paragraph at a time and like to explore all the realism. This includes (but not needed) Pee/poo/blood and tearing. I know some don't like it but it's there if you do.
-No medical assistants, no midwife or drugs. We're doing this on our own for whatever reason. Wether that was planned or not.
-births in difficult locations, lifts, cars, trains, boats, even the street! Anything that keeps us out of that boring hospital setting!
- Difficult crowning of a large baby, a breech baby presenting either feet or bottom first. Just a hard birth in general.
-Trying to hold the baby in. Hurtling down the freeway in a car whilst the mother screams she has to push and the father/friend/assistant pleads with her not to.
-the baby's head crowning into clothes. Taking those panties off to be greeted by the top of a babies head emerging.

-Irreversible harm coming to mother or baby

My contact details are:

Kik - NadiaRomanov
Email - jenna.smith2108@gmail.com
Yahoo IM - jenna.smith2108

618d2 No.7258

I'm into pregnancy roleplay of all kinds, as long as I am the one pregnant.

Female, here, 29 but like to play younger or a little older as well. Into nearly all sort of things.

Kik: whispershygirl
Yahoo: whispershy@yahoo.com
F-list: https://www.f-list.net/c/whisper%20shy/

8fb64 No.7270

Note about Messaging me: Please, If you are messaging me, give me context, A hi doesn't cut or betting around the bush! Mention you seen me on here and what you like and/or dislike about what I like to RP, and try to have an Idea in mind too, it really helps!

d032a No.7297

yooo my name is Ricky and right now I'm currently looking for an mpreg roleplay! i won't say absolutely no to fpreg though I'm preferring mpreg at the moment.

I'd like to either do OCs, or fandoms. Fandoms I'm into right now are Baccano, Death Note, Black Butler, and possibly Hetalia.

If you're interested, contact me on discord! I'm JasperQuartz#6082

d032a No.7298

heya, I added you on discord!

69f38 No.7299

Hey guys, I'm looking for a rp partner, long term or short term, to do pregnancy focused RP's with. I can do anything from fluffy family stuff to dirty smut. I like to switch between being the pregnant character and not, so I can be either one depending on what you'd prefer. I also do any gender. :)

I'm open to most things but I especially like:
mpreg (But I do love fempreg too)
Muscular guys being pregnant (I like feminine guys too but want some more variety)
Fluffy family moments
Belly attention/worship
Strong maternal instincts
Public Humiliation
Shameful pregnancies
Multiples (Twins and Triplets are my fave, but if you want to do more I'm fine with that)
Down talking

Underage (anything below 16)

Contact me using Kik: @Vanillaideal

a217f No.7303

Looking for someone to rp with (Preferably female) on discord

any sort of pregnancy (preferably multiples, more the merrier)
fantasy/sci fi
humans and nonhumans
preg expansion
breast/butt expansion

anthro/feral animals

Discord: DragonWarrior#3785

14810 No.7305

Anyone interested in some Kik rp? Male looking for female.
Likes: Pregnancy
Including those in combination with sexual acts.
Username: Danganropi

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