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To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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37af2 No.5915

do you guys have enough tin-foil hats for everyone in the Clan? because it appears the last vote was as rigged as a genuine American 'democratic' process. We didn't really want to buy into Scientist's 'conspiracy theory,' (seriously, who bothers with this kind of thing - vote rigging a CYOA - on pregchan of all places?) but it seems he was on to something, as the most recent anon pointed out as well there were obvious issues towards the end of the vote with poster IDs.

bba77 No.5916

I don't know if this is possible, but…

If it were true, I'd think the votes would be more closely packed together. With the exception of the one vote which was clearly an error and not counted, there's no entire block of votes coming in all at once, which is how I would imagine a sudden person trying to get more than one vote would work.

Let me say, unless there is overwhelming evidence of manipulation, I must count the vote as what it is. Furthermore, I like to think I can trust the readers to follow the system of one person = one vote. If there is a person reading this who ever considered voting more than once or actually did so, my personal appeal is this: please don't. It's just not fair. The story is not just written by me. It's written by everyone, and everyone must have their one vote.

Thank you. Update will come later.

Look forward to it.

bba77 No.5948

Hello everyone.

Apologies, but I've been struck with computer problems.

None of the story has been lost. That is not an issue at all.

But I wanted to provide this notice for those wondering where I've been and where the update is.

ee1a2 No.5964

>"Be that as it may, I told you: there is no magic that does that. You and your body were prepared to submit to me, so you listened when I told you not to come until I granted you permission."

Apologies, Infinite Golden Witch, but I'm afraid I have to call bullshit on your statement regarding mind control magic. Why is that? Because of the following words spoken by Erika…

>"A geas compels a person to follow a command… or else. It's dreadful, dreadful magic."

I love you as a character, Beatrice, but I'm afraid you just gave Edward false information.

40580 No.5968

I applaud your attention to detail and memory!

Nevertheless there are several possible or even reasonable interpretation beside "bullshit" ;-)
a.) Beatrice could simply not know about this spell and overestimating her knowledge she claims that it therefore doesn't exist.
b.) She could absolutely know it but doesn't want Edward to find anything out about this "It's dreadful, dreadful magic." Whatever Erika meant by that it certainly sounds like something that has "not suitable for mortal brains" written all over it.
If we want to be generous with Beatrice we could say she just wants to protect us by not telling us.

The literal statement is false for another reason: Strictly speaking even a spell like the red truth is a bit of magic that temporarily takes away control over one's body. Only this spell is applied to yourself and your own body instead of other people.

And outside of the story, aristo has not exactly said but hinted very strongly that magic in this world functions mainly follows the "because the plot demands it" principle and not an actual, thought-out set of rules about what is and isn't possible.

ee1a2 No.5969

>not an actual, thought-out set of rules about what is and isn't possible.

The rules and traditions of magical research in this world may be more realistic than you realize :)

a59ed No.5980

Are you okay aristo? How's your computer?

bba77 No.5981

Hello everyone.

I decided to take the weekend off because I wasn't feeling well and didn't want to push it. New update is up now. (It's not sexy, but it's a start to the new week.)

Computer issues are resolved, for now. I anticipate updates moving forward at their usual pace.

I hope it's enjoyable.

bba77 No.6005

Hello everyone.

Something came up this weekend so I will likely not be able to write the latest update until Sunday at earliest.

Sorry to make everyone wait.

a59ed No.6010

How has everything been aristo?

bba77 No.6018

Sorry for the unintentional hiatus. This sex scene is written in my head but not typed out yet.

I'm going to aim for the weekend. This delay will not become the norm.

bba77 No.6036

Hello everyone.

I am still working on the latest update. I anticipate it will be ready by tomorrow at latest.

However, there's another issue I wanted to point out and draw attention to.

When pregchan went down early this year, the story migrated to bbw-chan for a duration. Scientist went so far as to personally re-post the entire story there. The link was here: https://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/613.html

But, as you can tell from a quick click, that link doesn't work. bbw-chan's erotic literature page finally pushed it off page 10 and it was deleted.

I checked now, and this thread: https://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html which is where the pregchan story continued, is on page 10 and on the verge of being deleted, it seems.

I of course have my own version saved, but I'm wondering if any reader has archived this? Or possibly if that part of the story could be brought to preg-chan's server? It might be too much to hope for, but ideally I would like the story to be accessible to everyone and keep it so any person with enough time could start reading it from the beginning and catch up to the current update.

If not, I might ask the bbw-chan mods if they will help me preserve it.

bd61c No.6037

I wonder aristo can u archive the whole story?
From beginning till latest to a pdf or Microsoft word with all the choices we made even without the pictures

bba77 No.6041

I could do that, and if the previous thread went down and I have no choice, I would do that.

But, I wonder if perhaps a reader could handle this?

Whenever I look at old parts of the story, I have the urge to correct typoes, anachronisms, etc.

The less time I have to spend archiving the story, the more time I have to spend writing it.

e34e9 No.6071

Hey guys, I noticed something and my mind just ran rampant with it.

Edward's curse was lifted before he actively tried to impregnate The Infinite Golden Witch, but she still experienced her womanly curse despite the virility of his seed. Now, this could just be attributed to a bad timing issue (similar to how Tharja was very near the start of her menstrual when Edward finally arrived in Ruhemania), further affected by the "challenging" game Beatrice made of having Edward earn the key to her womb with her Witches' Party puzzle.

Here's where my mind has run away with this idea: What if Beatrice, The All-Powerful, Precious, Immortal, Infinite Golden Witch is barren? Granted, a Witch of her power would probably be able to rectify such a situation, but evidence shows that she hasn't delved too deeply into fertility magic. Oh, she's mentioned what it would take if Tharja wanted to increase the fertility of her own womb, but from what little Beatrice has revealed about her magical research, she seems to have mainly focused on strengthening forms of magic that solidify her Infinite Beauty, Preciousness, and, most importantly of all, her POWER.

What do you guys think or make of this proposition. I, for one, would find it interesting, if not incredibly tragic, if The Infinite Golden Witch were unable to receive Edward's virile seed and let it take root in her Precious womb.

a5c5d No.6073

Nice. If it turns out to be true, this gives Edward and Tharja some leverage over Beatrice. We can do her a favor by using Tarja's fertility magic, that's good if she owes us something.

8addb No.6075

I would have to agree that this would make for a rather interesting revelation to come upon, though it is a bit too early to assume she is infertile. We have only been with her for about a month or two, I think. It may take a few times to be able to with certainty whethe it is true or not. But, I think it would be a unexpected twist.
To see the Golden Witch finally wanting a child, but being unable to bear one. This would be rather heartwreking (did I spell that right?) to hear. This information, if she wishes to share it, could lead to Tharja having a set goal in mind with her magic; turning barren Beatrice fertile. Up to this point, she has probably had a general idea of what she wanted from her experiments; stronger legs and back to support many growing children, more eggs to be formed in her ovaries, increase overall fertility, etc. She has simply been doing anything that struck her fancy every day. But now, she would have a focus and endgoal in mind. This would lead to a large growth in her standings as a witch.
Like Wizard said, it also gives us a bit of leverage with Beatrice. Why we would need it, who knows. Tharja is the only one here who has a) a functioning workplace and b) potential materials to work with. Plus, Tharja probably has more experience in this form of magic than Beatrice does, with Beatrice probably has slim to ni experience when it comes to altering a woman's fertility. Doing this kind of thing would no doubt bring us a lot closer to Beatrice as a lover and friend than simply being an accomplice.
All of this is based on circumastance, however. It will probably be a while before we have enough evidence to even suggest Beatrice's infertility, which may not exist. So, let us see in the coming weeks.

bba77 No.6095

Hello everyone.

I am still working on the new scene. Writing new sex scenes is becoming more difficult because I must think of a new way to approach them each time.

However, I noticed the parts of the story that were on bbw-chan have now been removed for being too idle. The mods or whoever runs the site there never responded to my request to archive the page.

Does anyone have it archived? The concern is not for myself but for the readers.

If not, I will have to take care of it myself, eventually, which will remove time I could spend writing.

9c852 No.6130

It's been a week and a half since the last update.

Is everything alright, aristo? Do you need to take a break for a while?

bba77 No.6131

Everything is fine. Part of it are sex scenes are more involved to write, part of it is I keep running out of time. Part of it also was I was trying to figure out how to get the bbw part of the story back.

I'm aiming for a Friday update.

Please follow my DA. I post notices about update statuses there usually instead of here.

8addb No.6172

I hate to say it, but we will have to stop Beatrice's spying and focus on teaching Tharja after the priest is done. She has brought up a lot of points that suggest that Tharja will need to learn how to defend herself eventually. And I would rather that be sooner rather than later. So even though I do not approve of the creation of books, I do want her to be safe. Besides, we do not necessarily have to use said books.

bba77 No.6174

Hello everyone.

The next update will come tomorrow or Monday.

This is less not having time and more I must give careful consideration to the next choice.

I don't mind saying the latest poll result was an unmitigated success.

I hope it's enjoyable.

e34e9 No.6177


I think you are misunderstanding the way spellbooks work. Any spellbook that Beatrice creates will not be used as a tool to teach Tharja because Tharja already has a spellbook of her own.

Plus, Beatrice even said herself that she is not allowed to "teach" her anything or even help her with her magical research: Tharja must experiment with magic and learn EVERYTHING on her OWN. Beatrice mentioned that it is taboo for a witch to teach another witch or help her with her magical research.

All Beatrice can do is express her concern to Tharja and encourage her to broaden her focus to other forms of destructive and defensive magic, instead of narrowing her focus on nothing but Fertility magic. If Tharja is to survive, she must have a versatile arsenal of magic that she is equally adept in. She must become a diversified "red mage", so to speak.

8addb No.6178

I understand how the spellbooks work. The problem I have with them is that they revolve around family murder to work. If it was not for that reason, I would be all for them.

When the option came up for Beatrice to stop the espionage and begin tutoring Tharja, it also mentioned that she would be creating spellbooks on the side as well. So, if we are to have her teach Tharja, she will be doing her own thing on the side.

And I feel tutoring is far different than teaching. With teaching, you are actively participating in their progression, monitoring and controlling it. With tutoring, you are leaving more of the student to their own devices and pointing them in the right direction.

bba77 No.6186

Hello everyone.

I'm posting to say we might be entering a time where there may be more updates with no choices before an update with a new choice is posted.

In the old days, since there was very little time-skipping, it was easy to make new choices from scene to scene. They all followed each other seamlessly and the audience was also choosing what Edward was doing as the new scene.

However, now that we are in a period in the story where time skips are the norm and the schedule is more pre-determined, I confess the difficult part of writing lately (which I think contributes to update-slipping) is that it's hard to think of new choices for every update.

Many times, new scenes must be entirely established before I can give the audience a proper choice. This means I have to write out the end of one scene, then 'shift gears' to write out a new scene. It is not always easy.

I have disliked posting updates without new choices in the past and always tried to avoid it, but I think I am realizing that with the scenes coming out over a time-skip, it makes more sense to write one, post it, and then start the next one with a fresh mind that is only thinking about that new scene.

This will probably lead to steadier updates.

Of course, if it doesn't work, I will reverse this policy. I will still strive to try to end new updates on a choice.

I hope it's enjoyable.

94b11 No.6191

Tharja wanting Edward to live as long as possible might just the motivator she needs to learn more than just fertility magic. She will need defensive spells and health spells for the occasions when Beatrice isn't available for some reason. AND she should definitively learn shapeshifting in order to fake her death and afterwards become Edward's second (and then third) wife. That's the only way she can stay knocked up for the next fifty, sixty years without giving her abilities away.

bba77 No.6212

Hello everyone.

I saw that this vote was a close one. Thank you everyone for following along with the story and using your one vote.

I want to say to those who voted "no slavery," and that it repulsed them on some level: don't worry. I hear you too. All votes count, even if the choice doesn't win in the end.

I hope the new update scheme is satisfying. It has made things easier for me.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

bba77 No.6227

Hello everyone.

First, my apologies for not having an update yet. This is just a temporary setback because I've been busier than expected. I expect it will clear up by the end of this week.

However, to my surprise, I realized that we've officially passed the one-year mark for when this story first began!

Thank you very sincerely for following along and using your one vote all this time. This story would never have come as far as it has without you. This isn't my achievement, it is everyone's achievement.

Therefore I'd like to ask if anyone has any feedback they'd like to give?

What has been your favorite part of the story so far?

One thing I really like to hear is does anyone have a favorite sex scene, or perhaps at least a favorite girl they like reading a sex scene with? I am always looking for ways to keep them interesting.

Thank you once again. I hope to continue to write this into the next year and more, if I am able.

d6838 No.6230

Well Happy Anniversary to us :-)
*champagne poppers pop*

My favorite sex scene was the one with Tharja in which she "promised" Edward that she will bear more children for him then all the other women he knocked up combined.
Close behind are the scenes with Elizabeth where she begs to be bred.

f9cbb No.6232

This story is just so different than it was in the beginning. I think that I started reading around the time that we left for ruhemania, and the world just feels so different now.

My favorite sex scenes are the ones where someone is trying to get pregnant followed by ones with a dominant female (but not feet stuff)

f9cbb No.6233

Congrats on a year of writing this aristo

10bec No.6241

I love just about anything with Beatrice. Favorite scene with her is probably her teaser trailer scene or ones where she is dominant. Her character really shines when you want it to and has imo the most interesting backstory/secrets. Favorite sex scene is probably erikas, lots of new things there but still made fun. She was the only girl i felt Edward wasnt either obligated or supposed to take for himself but he conquered her anyway.
Great job so far Aristo lovce where the story has gone! Fair is very hype and I can't wait to delve into some of the more shrouded characters like sully or Margret!

919e9 No.6242

Honestly, I liked the dominant scenes with Beatrice the most. Especially the feet scene, even though I know a lot of people hated that scene/thought it was rigged.

0a409 No.6243

Apparently I'm somewhat in the minority, but I vastly prefer the Tharja sex scenes. Congratulations on the anniversary, and here's to another year of naughty fun!

bba77 No.6272

Well, here's something I didn't know that could happen.

The current thread of Impregnator Kings is telling me I cannot upload a new reply because it has reached the maximum amount of posts.

I will create a new post.

I hope no one tried to vote and found they couldn't. There is a clear majority, but if anyone did, reply here with your attempted vote.

bba77 No.6273

Vote is closed for that. New post is up. The latest update will soon follow.

Posts are now capped at 500 replies. I was planning to move the current thread because it was getting a little unwieldy, but this solves that problem for me.

If at all possible, please try to have more general reactions/commentary apart from votes in this chat thread than the actual game post so I won't have to make so many different posts as the game continues.

I hope it's enjoyable.

3ec26 No.6280

Wow, that was something! I really enjoyed that sex scene, aristo.

And such interesting details… Beatrice taking the initiative in kissing Edward? "Soft" kisses and gently stroking his cheek? Could it be that Beatrice has developed feelings beyond lust for a mere mortal?
Let's hope for it. That was something we wanted for a long time. And whatever the next big crisis is going to be, having Beatrice a bit more securely on our side will certainly help.

7ae68 No.6281

Most certainly sir. I noticed this as well.

I enjoy the sweetness of Tharja's scenes, but Beatrice has a hotness that I very much enjoy. Hopefully we got her pregnant this time.

I wonder if Tharja's fertility magic could give us an early indication…

Anyway, thanks much sir for writing this and working with this bunch of pervs and overthinking nerds. I look forward to more in the new year!

bba77 No.6282

Thank you both very much. I'm always eager to hear feedback on the quality of the sex scenes and which were hits, so to speak.

Week 6 was a little longer than usual, but I think it is time to move on to week 7. Please feel free to discuss what you want Edward to do in the upcoming week in the main thread.

bba77 No.6285

Happy new year, everyone.

I don't want to push on the story until enough readers have the chance to look over the current setup for the new week, so updates will wait until then. (I imagine it will take that time for people to recover from new year's celebrations anyway.)

Thank you everyone for following along with the story.

bba77 No.6326

Hello everyone.

Since the votes are close for both stories, I thought I'd use this time to talk about a little "behind-the-scenes" action.

That is, what do I actually do when I write an update for Impregnator Kings? How do updates get made?

Well, of course, I have to write them.

The average update takes between 1-2 hours to write.

That's not including brainstorming, researching, or anything else. Strictly speaking, from the minute I start typing the update until the update is done. Even the shortest update that is only a few paragraphs takes at least an hour. (Back when there were multiple updates each day, I really was typing so much I developed problems in my arms and hands. This problem didn't really go away until the weekly time-skips started and I got a little more opportunity to rest.)

But where does the update 'come from'?

Of course it begins with the vote. If there is a clear favorite response and almost no chance it will be out-voted, then I will start thinking of the outcome. The 'brainstorming' session, so to speak.

There's no special method for this. I basically just think about the story and let my mind wander. I think about what characters will be affected and why and what they would do and if it would matter to Edward and what he could do about it. If he can do something, that sets the stage for a further choice. If not, I will think of what scene to move on to next.

If the vote has enough votes (generally speaking I like to have between 5-10 at least, with 5 being the near-absolute minimum, and only if they all vote for the same option unanimously), I will close the vote. If there is an overwhelming favorite, I may just start writing the next update without even closing the vote and then close the vote and update it at the same time. This risks the situation that a vote may look a clear favorite and then be overturned, but in the entire history of the voting, this has only happened once. (I won't say which one until maybe the game ends and I can include it as a post-story discussion before the new game+.)

I have long-term notes about how the story will possibly develop as well. But not as many as some might think.

For example, when the story was first being written, I had only a vague idea about which brides would be presented and only knew I wanted to hit certain "types" of brides. I knew the first votes would revolve around meeting the matchmaker, but not even 'who' the matchmaker was, yet. These weren't set in stone because Edward's overall personality was not decided upon. If the first vote had turned toward "Edward is a miscreant who forces himself on girls," Impregnator Kings would have turned out very different. Indeed, it set the whole tone of the story.

It goes without saying that when I present a choice, I have vague ideas for the outcome of all presented options. Some more than others. I also of course try to be flexible in case an ad-lib I didn't anticipate appears and gains traction. To be sure, the ad-libs are never a "problem". The only possible problem is if the ad-lib contradicts the setting of the story or some knowledge Edward would know about, in which case I have no choice but to say 'Sorry, this won't fit' and give an opportunity to the person to re-vote. Fortunately these times are rare. There have been some very clever ad-libs that have influenced the story.

However, sometimes even I don't know where a choice will end up leading until it's actually voted and decided upon and I need to start writing.

A good example of this is a choice from 'early' on, when magic was not yet introduced. The choice was "Tharja brings up the subject of shaving each other's pubic hair, do it, or don't?"

When I first came up with this, it was meant to be purely cosmetic. I had written quite a few sex scenes by then and I realized that, unlike the modern day when pubic hair shaving or grooming is wide-spread, probably every single woman ever introduced in the story was going to have pubic hair.

I thought to myself "some readers might have their own preferences for bare pubic areas, and this gives me an opportunity to introduce some variety if it's voted yes," so I offered that as a vote.

However, when it was actually chosen and I started to write, I realized… wait a moment.

It's difficult to shave oneself in such an awkward area even in the modern age. It's unlikely a medeival(ish)-age Tharja would be able to do this by herself. It'd be perfectly reasonable if she asked a servant for help.

Then this led to "what if Tharja asked Elizabeth to help her?" And suddenly this little vote that I originally intended to only be for the sake of a little personalization suddenly had big consequences. It set up the whole scene of Edward taking Elizabeth's virginity. Without that vote, that scene may not have happened and Elizabeth's relationship with Edward may have been very different.

Certainly, I did not intend that consequence when I offered that choice, but that's how it ended up. This is why I always say "You are writing this story with me." Your vote may determine things even I don't anticipate.

So I am always brainstorming throughout the day when I am not actually writing about where the update could take the story. That's for a normal update. But what if the update requires a sex scene?

In this case, I can't really 'brainstorm' too much during the day. Thinking about sex is more distracting than other subjects. Therefore I have to wait until I can truly have time alone to plan how a sex scene will go and write it.

Sex scenes take much, much longer to write than normal updates. Four-five hours is completely normal. Even a very brief glossed-over sex scene can take two or three hours to write.

Besides just the writing, what also do updates entail?

Sometimes I have to pause writing to do some research. I can't be 100% faithful to real history (I think it'd be impossible), but I try not to make any obvious mistakes. This is why I always say it is a medieval(ish) setting. If you look closely, you might see some mistakes. Ones I can think of off the top of my head was one time I made reference to potatoes (which are native to the Americas and wouldn't be found in a medieval(ish) setting), and sometimes references to modern biology sneaks their way in. (Medieval sexual biology would not know what 'sperm' is, nor the details of insemination of ovum, etc. Sometimes these references sneak in because we take such knowledge for granted in the modern day and its role in this kink.)

I also must find pictures to post. This can sometimes be the hardest part of the update, especially if the character I used for a portrait is rather obscure. (Sully very quickly ran out of appropriate sexual pictures, and even Tharja has little art left of her I haven't used at this point.)

Another consideration is reader feedback and discussion. Sometimes there is speculation and planning of where certain choices will go, and I try to incorporate this into the updates to answer questions and make sure the readers have all the 'tools' necessary to vote. I also try to be sensitive to reader enthusiasm and what the reader wants to read. The purpose of the story is to entertain. If I do nothing but create a boring story that depresses everyone and can't inspire readers' interests, then I have failed.

Finally, I have to keep the updates faithful to continuity so there are zero contradictions. This is not too big a problem with all of the story easily archived and "find and search"-ing a word or two solves any doubts I might have.

After that, I post the update into the thread, do a last-minute check for typoes and other errors, and hit 'new reply'.

I hope it's enjoyable.

a3c93 No.6332

Thanks for this aristo. I've seen a lot of cyoa threads but never an in-depth explanation of the writing process. You did the right thing not planning too heavily, and I'm glad we've been able to surprise you.

Have you found yourself writing faster as the quest's gone on? You must have sunk hundreds of hours into this by now and I'm wondering if the practice is sharpening your skills.

>Medieval sexual biology would not know what 'sperm' is…

Van Leeuwenhoek first observed spermatozoa in 1677, so it's not drastically out of place. His clever method of lens-making could easily had been discovered earlier. Okay, egg cells and what sperm actually do were a lot later.

So far I've thought of this world as somewhere between Medieval and Renaissance depending on location (cosmopolitan places eg Veneta vs backwaters eg Ruhemania) and what's convenient for the story. It won't be a big deal unless a technology could resolve a plot point and we're not sure if it exists or not.

>I also must find pictures to post.

For my part I don't mind if there isn't a picture for every update. It's fun to have, especially for a sex scene, but you shouldn't feel obligated every time.

On that topic, do you have picture references for what the male characters look like?

bba77 No.6333

I hesitate to say I find any part of writing Impregnator Kings 'easy' or 'more easy'… but I will say that I feel I don't have to 'worry' so much now.

When I was first writing the story, I was terrified I'd fail to include an important detail that I would rely on later, or that I would contradict what was established in the story because of some accident or carelessness. This hasn't happened, and I don't worry so much about this anymore.

As for picture references for the male characters, I started out planning characters this way, and Ricardo was given that name from the Ricardo in Haunting Ground/Demento that Daniella's portrait was also used from and originally I was going to use portraits from there for him too. I decided eventually against using any portraits for males. As for what Edward looks like, I do give some details (his preferred hair style was described in one update), but I try not to give anything too concrete so the reader can more easily imagine the details they like themselves. Subjective descriptions like "He's handsome, fit, and well-built" are much better to illustrate him than specific qualities, which someone may not think are "handsome" at all.

d16c1 No.6343

I have thought about the festival and I think it would be a good opportunity to announce Tharja's pregnancy publicly.
We have a lot if not all of Ruhemania's important people in one place including anyone who might still be opposed to Edward's rule. Announcing that the Edwardian dynasty has already started will derail some possible plots. For example: All but the most ruthless adversaries will hesitate to simply kill Edward in order to move the ruling power back to Vlad's family if it means that an innocent child would have to be killed too.
The reactions to such an announcement will also give us clues as to who is on our side and who isn't. Of course that's nowhere near definitive, but a small clue is better than nothing.

Small Bonus: The announcement will plant the idea of pregnancy in the minds of all visiting women making them a bit more open to seduction.

a59ed No.6344


Conversely, announcing her pregnancy publicly may make other women less likely to sleep with us if they think that they might be breaking up a budding family (even though Tharja is totally into all of that).

bba77 No.6345

Hello everyone.

Just to be sure, please feel free to continue to suggest any last-chance possible requests for scenes. I intend to address them all.

I hope it's enjoyable.

305fa No.6347

These last two sex scenes were really fun, aristo :)
I absolutely love Elizabeth's submissiveness. I know, it's not everyone's favourite idea to have Elizabeth be a sex slave, but I for one really like it and look forward to sex scenes with her.
And having Edward so preoccupied with Beatrice that he didn't even hear the maid enter was hot and hilarious at the same time. :) Keep up the good work!

bba77 No.6349

Thank you very much! I'm always eager to hear feedback. Especially on the sex scenes because what is sexy is so subjective.

37af2 No.6351

Thanks for always making sure to touch on the suggestions and inclusions from the audience, even if they are just brief asides or flavor text. Keep on keeping on, author Aristocrat.

bba77 No.6400

Thank you very much. I always try to do this, for several reasons.

1. They are usually good ideas! They help me keep my brain thinking about the plot and the world and I am usually thinking "I should have thought of addressing that."

2. Even if they aren't 'good' ideas (meaning, viable), I can usually address 'why' they aren't possible in the story, and reveal a little more about the world or a character's motivations at the same time.

One example I think is that very early in the game, someone wrote about Edward possibly finding out what was in the oubliette in the dungeon by lowering Tharja down there, since she was trustworthy enough to keep the secret, and possibly light enough for Edward to pull her back out. I considered this possibility, and although it may have been 'physically' possible for Edward strength-wise, he probably wouldn't go through with it because he would seriously risk injuring her in an accident and then he'd have no back-up plan if that happened. Still, I was thankful for this suggestion because it helped me reconsider the problem. (That is, I had framed it as 'who could Edward get to lower him in the oubliette?' but someone found a good possible solution by reversing it as 'who could Edward lower into the oubliette?' It ultimately wouldn't have solved the problem, but it helped me consider how to pose problems and account for possible solutions in the future.)

3. I want to keep the game 'fair'. That is, I want the reader to be able to approach a choice in the story with the same knowledge as Edward would have. If the reader notices something 'off' or something that might become a problem, then Edward should be able to investigate and act, too. With all the resources he has at hand.

Keep in mind, for every 'hard choice' that appears in the story that seems a really tough decision with subtle consequences, there have been many, many times where the readers have successfully found a good solution to something that could have become a problem before it became a dire situation. (I know what these are, but it's probably not obvious at first glance.)

Furthermore, in addressing suggestions and requests, it encourages more of them. Something which I really want to do for all of the above reasons.

I will close the vote on the latest choice and write the update tomorrow.

Thank you for following along with the story. I hope this illustrates I really mean it when I say 'you are writing the story with me'.

I hope it's enjoyable.

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