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df009 No.501

I'd like to know what other fetishes you all have outside of pregnancy/birth/lactation, etc..? Would be interested to see if there's overlap. If you don't have any that aren't birth or pregnancy-related, chime in too and let us know.

I'm a 27 year old woman. I'd say the fetish outside birth I get off to the most when I'm wanking is femdom/male!sub with an emphasis on orgasm denial. But I like D/s in general with all sexes. My girlfriend is my puppy sub. I'm an all around sadist, and I love to consensually and lovingly control someone else. I'm into med!fet, tickling, pet play, mommy/daddy play, humiliation/degradation, worship, vibrators, deep throat/gags, gender play, facesitting. Some of these are real life desires, some just porn I get off to. It's all basically in the realm of BDSM.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!

e0b43 No.504

It's a long list.

Futa, breast expansion, ass expansion, multibreast, inflation…in addition to nonconsentual stuff and bondage.

abf9c No.505

Breast play, futa, creampies, clit play, femdom x malesub (in porn/hentai), femdom x femsub (irl), cold objects on nipples or in pussy, vaginal insertions, tight clothes and clothing deforming to fit the female body (a sweater bulging with a nice pair of breasts or a t-shirt being outgrown by a pregnant belly), and blue hair.

a8511 No.506

Chiming in as a single-fetish wonder. I wouldn't say I have any non-pregnancy fetishes– I have a lot of specific turn-ons, but nothing that isn't branching off of pregnancy itself. I don't care about lactation, though, and I don't like birth at all. Sex itself is way more fun in real life than it is in fantasy, so it doesn't feature into anything I write or draw. For most non-expansion related things, I consider myself GGG (good, giving and game). I'll do your fetish if you do mine!

94f7e No.507

I actually do have a slight pregnancy related fetish (considering how you see it)

29 year old male, but like the thought of being age regressed and unbirthed (aka 'taken into a womans womb, giving her a nice big pregnant bumb'). Can't even say what fascinates me about it. Sure sometimes its a sexual turn on, but often I also like to think of it as a save haven to rest.

Also having a "vore" fetish, but going into specifics would take too long (especially since only few would care).

Aside that, I'd say I dont have much of interest.

a1c61 No.508

I'm in a bit of an odd spot since pregnancy isn't technically my fetish, but the best outlet for my actual fetish. I dunno how to explain my fetish though, it's something along the lines of struggle/discomfort or mild masochism, which can be met in various ways besides pregnancy. (Even my "non-fetish" characters are occasionally subject to this.) So I don't have a list of other fetishes that I like in specific, as it's a case-by-case basis depending on if the other fetish is being used in a way that can invoke my primary fetish.

For example I can like breast expansion if it makes the character struggle, but I won't care if they're enjoying it. Or how I rarely bother with male characters, but some mpreg drawings have managed to tickle my fancy because of how the characters react.

a233b No.509

That makes more sense than you think, given pregnancy and other deformities are all super turn ons for me as well provided the woman has to struggle around it. I'm writing a multi breast and udder growth thing right now and I'm pretty sure that's a big chunk of it - working out how she moves around while gravity and her new second breasts and udder make it harder.

8c324 No.510

Personally, I'm on the strange side of this fetish where I'm turned on by the idea of myself being pregnant even though I'm male myself. Looking at the art is usually just a trigger for fantasizing being in the same position. I'm lucky to have a partner that pretends it with me which helps sometimes with relaxation, and doing long story roleplays where characters of different kinds tend to become pregnant is another way of getting it out.

Other than that, I really don't have any other fetishes. Anything else is more normal, healthy love of the female body and all its shapes… Or men who look sexy or handsome in one way or another. Nothing in particular that gets me off.

e816d No.511

I'm something of a xenophile. Big into monstergirls and aliens. But it's important to me that they not be just humans in a sexy Halloween costume or a coat of body paint.

http://www.leftoversoup.com/archive.php?num=74 The blurb under this comic (not the comic itself, just the blurb) describes how I feel on the matter much more eloquently than I'm capable of doing so myself. (Though, not a fan of Giger-esque things. Too many teeth.)

I'm also a fan of huge boobs, BBWs, female-favored size difference… lots of things involving 'bigness' in various ways, really. The odd thing about that is that while I like the bigness, most kinks that involve actual biggening (impregnation, expansion, stuffing, etc.) do nothing for me. Funny how that works.

c0ccd No.514


OP: You're partner is lucky! That's pretty darn hot.

14eab No.587


I'm kinda in the same boat. While I have a thing for pregnancy by itself the struggling and discomfort is a good chunk of what I'm looking for, be it a normal pregnancy or abnormal, sudden expansion or labor & birth.

I'm also somewhat into breast expansion, tight clothes, some bondage topped off with a bit of a stuck fetish. But I'm not so much into the hardcore stuff, stuffing, or most inflation material.

d97e8 No.590

Most other fetishes I like branch off of pregnancy. In particular I like clothes stretched, torn up, or outgrown by a pregnant belly, and women willingly pregnant and giving birth.

I like femdom (which is severely lacking when it comes to pregnant women) with both malesub and femsub, but that's about the only non-pregnant fetish I have.

3b6cb No.591

My list is rather short. Beside pregnancy and impregnation, I like incest fantasies (and combinations of both).

I don't know how it is your you out there, but both my fetishes are much better as a pure fantasy for me. I like the *idea* of impregnating my girlfriend (and luckily she plays along) but I am very much aware that a *real* pregnancy would be a major turn-off. (Stupid reality always making beautiful things messy and complicated… *grumpy mumbling*)

e816d No.592


I'm in the same boat, I don't want kids at all and neither does my ladyfan.

e242e No.593

29, female and aside from preg\birth and all things that tend to relate to the topic includeing unbirth. I am also turned on by vore, mostly vaginal, fuata\herm, inflation of both stomach and breast, bondage, torture, knife play, and straight up guro which I don't feel pregchan has enough off. I also enjoy role play if any one is interested ;)

824d6 No.594

In addition to pregnancy, I'm also into unbirth, futa, and rapid pregnancy. I'm more into fetish artwork and hentai than the real stuff, to be honest, but I like some real stuff. For example, as gross as it is, this turns me on: http://aryion.com/content/slices-life-unbirth.

abf9c No.598


Ooh, I might be interested if you're into playing with other girls. :3

e242e No.605

What kind of chat programs you on Spooky?

28dfd No.606

Heya, i might be interested :3
Ya also on Eka's?

As for Fetishes, I prefer gentle Unbirth :P And not such horror things like posted before.

abf9c No.607


I don't really use IM programs, but you can find me on gmail. :)


21ee8 No.5837

I enjoy Futa, femdom, cum inflation, femboys, traps, breast expansion, lactation, weight gain, wide hips, thick thighs, ball growth, multibreast, etc…

Pretty much the only things I don't like are masculine guys, lolis, body horror, s&m, scat/watersports, and the other typical no-goes.

79878 No.5838

Vooooooooore I love vore. Pregnancy, vore, and genderbending are my Triforce of fetishes.

95244 No.5840

Other than vanilla pregnancy, I like H-preg, some non-sexual things(i.e. belly rubs, snuggling, etc.), lactation and breastfeeding, stretch marks, occasionally popping(pregnancy related of course) and sometimes birth, though not often to be fair. Sometimes I like the recipient to be in pain from their generally massive pregnancies. Generally the characters I draw/write in that position tend to be on the younger, smaller side.

feee6 No.6034

22 M here. Aside from pregnancy I like to fantasize about incest, polygyny/harems, and (occasionally) vore.

4cd35 No.6040

polyandry can be hot, esp a husband shares his pregnant wife with me ;-)

62b25 No.6043

I'm a 26yo woman, long term relationship, no interest in children.

I've recently fallen for some elements of ABO even if the social structure that people have built is dumb, I love the heat/rut and the biting and marking. Nice shit.

da37c No.6082

I'm actually somewhat tokophobic, which I guess is pretty weird for a girl on a pregnancy kink site of all places.

Things like unwanted transformations, parasites, and difficult births pretty much all stem from that junk. I guess it's the idea that I'm not even in control of my own body and being forced to go through something truly horrible. I feel like it's a violation of the body if that makes sense, something growing inside me without my consent and then ripping its way out of me.

Maybe it's just fear and masochism, which is frustrating since most prefer it with sunshine and rainbows =/

d5d02 No.6297

I enjoy a variety of other things, but for now, I'd like to share a particular niche of my pregnancy fetish that I have only wondered how many others may share in common. I admit, it's something of a sensitive matter for me. The center of my attraction to pregnancy is the womb full of life within, and my fantasy to make it grow fuller. My favorite fantasies involve deeply penetrating my partner's pregnant womb, usually through their cervix but including naval penetration, and making them "more pregnant", whether by fertilizing them repeatedly while pregnant, or even impregnating our baby within them, as a recursive pregnancy, that could go on and on, deeper and deeper. This usually goes with rapid pregnancy as well. The thought provokes a potent lust that never ends, and only amplifies as my partner's body grows. There's little else that turns me on so much, yet between the taboos and the physical impossibility, I wonder how many others would agree.

53340 No.6301

22, female. Mine are mostly just pregnancy and birth related. Impregnation, huge belly, labor, birth, difficult birth, alien impregnation, forced impregnation, multiple pregnancy, rapid pregnancy, unexpected pregnancy and birth, etc.

577a5 No.6302

SSBBW/weight gain for me. Love the idea of eating for two…or three.

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