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All good things must come to an end.

Threads are going to start being pruned in the coming weeks. Save or bump whatever you want to keep NOW!

454c1 No.6514[View All]

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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1d3f6 No.7486

Prepping some pictures for the upcoming section. I love how CCS doesn't even try to hide how much Tomoyo is perving on Sakura.

cceea No.7490

Were I the GM, that line right there would be enough to get submitted to the "Shit My Players Say" Tumblr.

71e3c No.7491

I got a pretty good reaction out of my friends when I quoted myself from >>7138 without any further context to them.

cceea No.7554

You have the nerve to discuss Pregchan offline? That's enviable.

7a056 No.7556

Context is everything. I occasionally talk about this game and I occasionally do stuff like quote that line as "something I heard on a board I go to", but no one has any reason to connect the dots.

53e14 No.7557

So you're being smart about it. Good.

68e51 No.7560

There are a lot of things I'm comfortable sharing with my friends. My participation in this game is one of them, but the details of said game beyond "It's a magical girl game and we're Tuxedo Kamen and we're AWESOME AT IT" are not.

cceea No.7561

Makes complete sense to me, man.

a96dc No.7573

So with the announced cleanup and eventual page cap, I thought I should ask: Moe, is there a GDrive file or dropbox of some sort with the previous game threads saved in it? If not, could we help somehow?

6918f No.7574

A pastebin would probably work as well.

1d3f6 No.7576

Sorry, I've been gone for a while. Really busy on my end.

I have both old threads downloaded and saved. I was planning on doing some spelling corrections before putting them up as downloads though.

a96dc No.7577

Sweet, looks like we have nothing to worry about when the thread cleanups happen. :-) Thanks man.

1d3f6 No.7583

I know some of you guys are less than comfortable with the inevitable sex scenes with Sakura, Nanoha, Fate, and Tomoyo (if you unlock her). As a courtesy, I'm planning on pastebinning them and linking them instead of posting directly in the thread once we reach them, so those that understandably don't want to read about pubescent elementary school girls having sex don't have to.

However that brings up a point, are there any specific fetishes or kinks that you'd like me to include or exclude?

The reason I brought it up is that the topic of incest came up in CCS. In the anime, Syaoran is engaged to his second cousin (and if you successfully woo Sakura and prevent that engagement from being broken, they'll eventually get married), and Tomoyo and Sakura are also second cousins and there's some unrequited lust happening right now.

*Spoiler* for Tomoyo's unlock requirements, you're going to have to get Sakura to return Tomoyo's feelings, and build a sexual relationship as well. *End Spoiler*

However, that led me to creating a really fucked up backstory for Tomoyo and Sakura's family involving incest, sex slavery, and snuff. (Side note: I'm not a fan of snuff, but it very conveniently explained five deaths that would otherwise be an annoying plot hole in my story.)

Without spoiling too much, in that backstory, Masaki Amamiya would be an example of what could happen to TK if he ends up abusing his powers.

Let me know if that's something you don't mind being explored in the quest, or if that's something you'd prefer I stay away from and just focus on TK building his harem of willing pregnant girls.

7c64e No.7584

I really have no preference either way…. I'll just skim anything I'm not interested in.

a96dc No.7585

First, I hope everything is okay now.

Second, thank you for providing the option to pastebin the underage stuff. Even imagining the lolis as older has its limits, so I really appreciate your consideration.

Third, the most important things to be explored in the quest itself are, in my mind, the girls' limits:

Are they willing to be impregnated at a future date? (Usagi's obviously a yes, but anyway.) Are any of them comfortable with the idea that bisexuality and polyamory will be encouraged? If they all make friends with each other, will they be okay with the idea of loving their friends romantically, or would they be afraid of ruining the friendships?

What are limits they'd like to expand? What're the limits they never want crossed? Who would want to be made love'd to, and who would want a hard fuck? Would anyone appreciate light bondage as the ultimate expression of trust?

The more chances Tuxie has to build trust and consent, the better for him and everyone else. His ladies need to know they'll be cared for and respected.

71e3c No.7586

Gonna level here, Moe. I'm okay with a lot of things as long as they have an endgame that hits my checklist, that checklist of course being a lot of the stuff we're here to see, but I've pretty heavily lost my taste for dark plot type backstories (or frontstories, for that matter), especially stuff like rape, NTR, sex slavery, and snuff, over the years. Blame FSN. I understand the purpose of tragedy and drama in what makes a character tick, but my heart just cannot do that sort of thing anymore.

It's your story and I won't tell you how to set it up, and it's not like just this one backstory is going to make me quit this game or anything, but it's a pretty hard pill for me to swallow if that's what ends up happening.

On a more lighthearted note, though, I'm always amused to acknowledge my double-standards on this kind of subject. While I'm full brakes 110% opposed to the idea of us having one of our girls taken from us by someone, either by something dark like NTR or even something just as simple as Sakura and Syaoran falling in love with each other, I pretty much always find myself plotting, at least in private, at what the best method of taking someone else's girl would be, such as Meiling. I'm greedy like that.

As for other kinds of kinks and such, honestly about the only kinds I'm grossed out by are the "bathroom" fetishes, and I'm not a personal fan of stuff like S&M, if a girl likes to be tied up and spanked I'm not gonna judge her for it. I feel like cosplay is kind of a given with the kind of game this is so that's not really worth bringing up, but really that's about it. As long as we're the ones knocking these girls up I'm pretty okay with things.

e5c9b No.7587

Why would you want to take Meiling, man? She's cute, sure, but too annoying for my tastes. XD

As previously stated, I have no problem with the loli or the incest, but I do tip my hat to you Moe for making the extra effort for those that are uncomfortable with it. You are a true gentleman.

As such, I don't think I have too much to worry about in terms of kinks, but for the sake of clarity, I do not enjoy: 'bathroom' fetishes, blood or gore, hard bondage (light is okay), abuse (emotional or physical), or extremes in just about any area. If you saw my F-list, you'd see a lot of 'No's but I figure I don't have to worry about most of those here.

71e3c No.7588

As noted, primarily greed. You put five girls in front of me and I'll pick one or two as favorites but I'll still happily nail all five.

And I must argue your dislike of extremes on one point, Shadow. That point being… extreme vanilla. Embrace the diabetes, man.

b21ed No.7589

No bathroom fetishes, and I'd rather not deal with guro, snuff, and loli stuff. If character death helps you get rid of plot holes, I'll tolerate it, but I'd rather it not be connected to the sex scenes.
Also, light bondage is kinda OK, I guess.

1d3f6 No.7590

>First, I hope everything is okay now.

Thanks for the concern, but everything's OK. I just have a lot of real life commitments that come first. Some times, I just run out of spare time with which to do stuff for this quest.

>Are they willing to be impregnated at a future date?

Since this is an impregnation quest, yes, they're all OK with getting pregnant. Some of them more eager, some more wary, but all willing, and will be happy about it.


I just ran through the list of girls in the quest. Sakura is the only girl I'd say is completely straight, but Cure Black and Bloom are also pretty darn straight. The rest of the girls range from being mostly straight, but still interested in girls, to Tomoyo being almost completely lesbian (but her backstory makes that a little more complicated).

>being romantic with friends, polyamory

Harem management is probably going to be one of the things that you'll have to do later in the game. Nipping jealousy in the bud, dealing with romantic conflicts, helping the girls navigate the fact that some of them have crushes on the others, dealing with the fact that they're all in a harem together with old friends and new allies, and with the girls experimenting sexually both to find what they like, and who they like. The ideal end-state will be all of the girls in the harem, pregnant, happy, completely in love with TK, each romantically involved with at least one other girl, and comfortable enough with all of their harem-mates to have sex with any of them, whether one-on-one, or as part of a threesome or moresome.

>If character death helps you get rid of plot holes, I'll tolerate it, but I'd rather it not be connected to the sex scenes.
The NPCs that I'm referring to are already dead, so no, no sex scenes related to the death.


>Death/dark stuff.
I'll go back and make some changes to make Masaki's backstory less dark. The deaths will just have to be a tragic accident instead of the intentional/ritualistic death that it is in the current backstory.

>Why would you want to take Meiling, man? She's cute, sure, but too annoying for my tastes. XD
Word of God agrees with this post. Meiling is not a romanceable girl, Syaoran gets to keep her.

Ferret-bro is the only one that's allowed to get shit on. He may be the broest of all ferrets, but he's also the betaest of all males. Optional side-quest: Since Nanoha's heart will belong to you and Fate, help Yuuno get over his crush on Nanoha, and potentially build a harem of his own with the minor characters from the shows.

e5c9b No.7591

You have be there, sir! One cannot have too much vanilla.

Like a good DM, you've really thought things out. And I'm all for helping our Ferret-bro get some. …I really need to watch Nanoha if he's this bro in canon.

71e3c No.7592

>No Meiling
As noted, it was more of an amused commentary on my own double standards regarding NTR and Netori. I wasn't expecting us to actually get ahold of her, because god does that boy need to get laid, and as much as I found them fucking adorable in Tsubasa I'm sure as shit not giving up our claim on Sakura.

I think he's more bro here because Nanoha really doesn't have much in the way of males who do, well, anything of value. The first series sort of hints at the idea of him and Nanoha being a thing, but by A's she and Fate pretty much take the Yuri Ball and run straight to the nearest bedroom with it. He's a total bro either way, but it makes you feel bad for him to an extent.

That said, I would absolutely be okay with taking him under our wing and letting him build a minor girls harem. That shit would be hilarious.

"Kamen, I need dating advice."

"Roses, my friend. Roses for days."

1d3f6 No.7593

a96dc No.7595

I agree, let's throw the bro a bone.

And that's not an invitation for jokes, guys. :-P

7a056 No.7598

Oh, it's a shame you feel that way. XD

a1bae No.7599

Agreed with us taking Yuuno under our wing and teaching him our ways.

1dbed No.7600

>implying that Fate won't join Nanoha in TK's harem

Well, I'm all for Yuuno following in TK's footsteps.
Just, not before some kind of timeskip >_>

a1bae No.7601

… Yuuno x Chibiusa?

71e3c No.7602

Limits, you're my buddy, but I believe you misunderstood me if you think I'm not all about pulling a Harem Get on Fate and I feel moderately offended by it. You should be ashamed of yourself, man.

And I could totally see us hooking Yuuno up with Usagi's friend Naru, though that one depends more on whether or not we can keep Nephrite alive, which I'd prioritize more. Nephrite definitely deserves better if we can help it.

"…Yuuno. Would you please explain to me why you took my daughter to a love hotel last night? And for your sake, make it good."

a1bae No.7603

And then it turns out that it's actually Chibiusa truly taking after her daddy and constructing herself a reverse harem of the secondary male characters.

a96dc No.7604

[slides outta chair laughing]

71e3c No.7605

Part of me is horrified by this idea, part of me is highly amused by it. I'm not sure which is winning but I'm laughing either way.

e5c9b No.7606

Yeah, we'd have to watch out for her mom on that one. *still snickering*

*snickers turn into laughter* Okay, now I find myself torn between this and helping Yuuno get his own little harem.

78e7b No.7607

I almost feel bad at this point because sooner or later Moe's gonna come see this and be like "Aw fuck guys c'mon" and have to start furiously rewriting his season three script or something. XD

a96dc No.7608

I don't think there's ever a script that survives contact with viewers, players, readers, editors, or what have you. :-)

71e3c No.7609

Especially not with us. I'm pretty sure just by virtue of us talking about the idea of it back when we first fought her, we made Moe add Poisony to the secret Harem Get list.

1d3f6 No.7610

I love it when discussions blow up like this. Gives me more fodder to work with. It may be a bit of a moot point since I doubt we'll get to game 2 and have Chibi-Usa show up, but you guys do know that Chibi-Usa's defining characteristic is her unhealthy and overpowering lady-boner for her dad (and that's not to imply that she's a futa; no futanari in this game).

I'm not opposed to you passing her off to Yuuno to be part of his harem, or even to have her build her own reverse harem (although that's something I'm less interested in writing, so it won't have as much focus if you go down that route), but that's something that you proactively have to change the story to get. Of course, you guys have changed the story in a few places already so far, so there's nothing stopping you from setting that up if that's a goal you want to shoot for.

1d3f6 No.7611

Don't feel bad, I'm enjoying it.

Also, I'm not SEELE, I don't have a script that I expect you to follow. I have a framework for the future, and I'm evolving the world as you guys make changes to it.

>we made Moe add Poisony to the secret Harem Get list.
You did. I needed a while to figure out the mechanics of it, but I have added her to the secret list. However, I don't have the story requirements yet to unlock her. Until I write down some specific requirements, it's going to be a case of do I feel if you guys did enough to convince her. I've got an idea for the story requirements, I just need to hash it out and get things locked in place.

71e3c No.7612

bce0f No.7613

The shame is real *rings shame bell*
See, Naru is in a tricky position here, especially regarding hooking her up with Yuuno, due to his age.
(Though if by some absurd miracle we get the Princess PreCure in on this, I'd let Yuuno go with Yui Nanase.
I have ranted before how she's the most underrated character in that season.
Victim of the Week 4 times, but she still hung out with the Cures, still wanted to be a Cure at one point, and saved the Cures' collective asses in two very climactic struggles.
WITHOUT POWERS. She's highly qualified and underrated, and is the only reason I care about the Princess Cures.
This is a fine birthday present.

e5c9b No.7619

Anyone making Hellsing Abridged references gets points in my book.

Since we've been bringing up the subject of setting Yuuno up with a few girls, and I notice that Egret and Bloom are taking a liking to him in our latest post, why not start there? We have Black and White, and I'm not a greedy mascot, so why not let Yuuno have the mini versions?

71e3c No.7620

*Record scratch*

You… suggest we give girls up whom we actually have a better than great chance of Harem Get'ing?

…Guys, I think someone killed Shadow and started using his account.

a96dc No.7621

It'd be an interesting way to build an alliance and more trust, though. Show the girls Tuxie's not crazy-jealous-possessive and he trusts them to make good choices, even if they don't choose him. That'd go a long way.

If we're gonna build a happy harem, we need to prove we can provide more than sex and pregnancies. Off the top of my head: Protection from threats, emotional support (which was done with Sailor Moon, along with a gentle kick to the ass), and trusting the girls to trust each other and be mature about sharing and exploring other options, are good starts.

a96dc No.7622

Adding to that, I know I said maybe Tuxie wouldn't share easily, but this is Ferret-bro we're talking about. He seems like a good dude.

71e3c No.7628

So, derailing the previous line of whether or not Shadow's been replaced with a pod person or a creepy stuffed doll with an antenna ball on his head while the rest of the unlockable characters are robots because who knows to ask if anyone's played Eiyu*Senki. I started checking it out and I'm enjoying it so far, even if Himiko feels pretty painfully like Usagi at times. Those times being all the time.

b21ed No.7631

Is it PS3 only? Because that limits its availability to me :<

71e3c No.7632

Nah, it came out on Steam the other week, and you can buy it straight off of Jast USA's website as well. It's cheaper to get it on Steam and then buy the 18+ restoration patch, though.

e5c9b No.7635

I'm just not greedy. And since I don't know the source material (yet. I'll be changing that soon), I don't care for the characters as much. And I didn't know they would be easily aquired as I can't read people well.

On a personal note: my laptop died. I may not be on as much, but I hope to fix that in a little while and continue playing and archiving these fun threads.

a96dc No.7637

Good luck with the laptop fix, man.

1d3f6 No.7640

This came as a great shock to me, but there is a distinct lack of pictures featuring a wet Sailor Mercury. I thought that would be an obvious thing that people would draw, but I guess not.

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