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5f59a No.7061

anyone have the most recent version of birth story?

1663c No.7062

What happened to Arkone? Even his pixiv is gone now

b6df7 No.7063

Arkone has taken an unknown indefinite leave of absence. He has cut all ties with the team as well as taken back all assets of the game.

It might have something to do with irl stuff, but I wish him the best of luck regardless of whether this is the end or not.

b8074 No.7064

>Arkone has taken an unknown indefinite leave of absence.

AKA "Mom/girlfriend/wife found his porn stash and made him delete everything".

5f59a No.7065

is it at all possible to get some mirror going or is that out of the question

ea79f No.7066

Well shit, hopefully he back soon,

I was still working on a scenario T.T

582cd No.7067


I have the updated version on my desktop. But I'm withholding it until I get permission from Arkone. I think there's a reason why he removed all the game files on our team's Google Drive, and until I have his approval - I won't upload it as gesture of respect.

Besides, this project would be nothing without him.

5f59a No.7068

understandable. i actually had the updated version myself, but accidentally deleted it while getting rid of clutter, so you could imagine my frustration when I came back to retrieve it. given the circumstances, i dont see him giving an approvalon a full on mirror, but if the idea of a temporary download was ever considered, id be grateful.

7defd No.7069

It reminds me of last time when Arkone suddenly vanished while making former version of TBS :(

7152b No.7076

This is a shame. I've worked with Arkone, he seemed to be a nice person. That, and his work was pretty darn top-notch. Hopefully it isn't something that's causing him undue duress IRL. Whether he returns or otherwise, I with him the best.

49be2 No.7115

Anyone have a link to the previous version of Birth Story?
Think it was 1.09 or 1.10.

I got it from a Mega upload link before, but can't find it again now.

fc387 No.7155

all links of any existing versions are gone. I would also appreciate any mirrors.

44afc No.7279

so, any update on this? my hard drive sadly died and i really want to play it again

71ae6 No.7443

Any updates on this?

dbf21 No.7444


Only what you see.

9ddaa No.7473

Why don't remake or make the new one. Let's say "Birth Story 2" ? With new character and scenario

4cd16 No.7474


Sure, go ahead and start drawing that new character's normal and birth sprites, practice Python using renpy, and come up with the game flow. Then rip some voice lines from some Japanese VN and slap everything in.

Boom, congratulations on your new 'remake'!

fc3ce No.7475

Been studying Python lately (which Renpy uses for more complex actions). But I'm definitely no artist :)

4cd16 No.7476


Yet Arkone played all those roles save the scenario writing..

5a198 No.7477

Indeed. Arkone was, for a large majority of the game's history, the sole creator, and even if more recently he started to take scenarios from the community, he still made the art, the code, and basically everything else about the game. Making a "Birth Story 2" without his input, seems rather…. well, rude, I guess.

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