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The third hit its cap, as with the ones before it. So begins a new thread of delightful edits.

Same rules of common decency; Don't spam requests, be patient, be polite.

Previous threads:
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File: 1506386943585.jpg (342.2 KB, 629x920, e423d62ad8b3d356af2700cce2….jpg)

Anyone up to give the trainer and her gardevoir on the right bellies?

File: 1496199169439.bmp (468.8 KB, 400x400, p132824095133.bmp)

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Original Thread: >>2094
Previous Thread: >>24142

Geez, it took forever to fill up the first one and the second goes so fast. Well, once again here's the thread for those of you with ideas, but maybe not the talent to draw them youselves (or maybe you can, but you want to see someone else's take on something). If you're lucky, one of our artists might draw it out of the goodness of their hearts.

As usual, here's the rules:
1: No asking for a specific artist to draw your request unless they explicitly ask for something to draw. You want a certain artist to draw something for you THAT badly, commission them.
2: Provide reference pictures if you can - it might make the request a LOT easier to draw, or at the very least more visible to artists (otherwise just try to be as detailed as you can for what you want, but it may take longer to draw without a visual).
3: DO NOT SPAM THE THREAD. If you make a request, do not post a new one until it has either been drawn, or a reasonable amount of time has passed since the first request was made.
3B: Let's keep it relevant here, people. If someone's breaking Rule 3, just ignore them, report them if necessary, and move along. Don't waste valuable posts arguing with the trolls.

Old threads linked for easy access to all the awesome art, plus just in case anyone wants to look through for outstanding requests in either thread for something to do. Either way, it's all good.

Pic is courtesy of one of the artists who used to hang around here (dunno if they still do), although edited by me for obvious reasons (…we need some more artistic images to use for starting these threads…)
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7eee7 No.33620


As much a challenge for artists as anything.

A woman in the shallows of a tropical ocean, water coming up to her legs and underslope of her belly on the beach sand.

What kind of swimsuit? That's up to you! I challenge you to look one up that is more geometric in design and decide which one you like the most; practice patterns. Practice clothing folds in the skirt, if there's a skirt at all. Practice texture of the water making the skin shiny. Practice anatomy and perspective.

Particulars of this request? Up to you all. I'm challenging you to challenge yourselves! And anyone can meet this challenge. The power and burden is yours!

I want to see a cute pregnant girl splishy-splashing in some nice warm beach.

File: 1503290134597.jpg (71.99 KB, 1440x810, 9c3b2fc1231f100a908e3fe4d6….jpg)

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Previous thread: >>1818

Any questions about the origins of a picture go here. This includes asking who the artist of a picture is, asking what manga/CG set/whatever a picture came from, and anything along those lines. Individual source request threads will be deleted.
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bff2d No.33610

I believe it will be resolved over time.

File: 1496801799888.jpg (55.82 KB, 500x474, Virginity.jpg)

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Second thread only took five months to hit the post limit, and that's even with a devoted discussion thread to offload some of the off topic chatter.

Here's the old thread >>24451
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

I still haven't done any error checking on either of the first two threads. Once I do that, I'll also archive the old threads and add a links to the pastebin.

Stat sheet as of the end of episode 2:

We are wrapping up episode 3, scene 3. We still have one more scene in episode 3 after this.

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b3c40 No.33613

File: 1506325272765.png (1.44 MB, 640x1167, Mercury.png)

>Pretend that Mercury has her visor up and the other end of the vines are hanging loosely, not taut.

Sailor Mercury is not too far off from Sailor Moon. She's likewise wrapped in vines, but she's not completely immobilized. The vines appear to only be wrapped around her and not tied off. A tangle of loose ends drags behind the bluenette. She has her visor up, letting her see through her own fog, and is engaged in an artillery duel with a foe that you can't see. Mercury's arms are pinned to her sides, but she's still able to fire off balls of water at her opponent. At the same time, she's hobbling around as fast as she can with her thighs bound together, dodging the return fire of what looks like giant seeds.

A few ideas come to mind as to how to handle the situation.
>Heal Luna.
>Give Luna to one of the girls.
>Worry about Luna later.
>Try to get Mercury's or Moon's attention. [how, and which one?]
>Get in there and help free one or both of the Sailors from the vines. [how and which one?]
>Look for Sailor Moon's tiara.
>Attack in the direction that the enemy's attacks are coming from.
>Loop around and get an attack on the enemy while it's focusing on Mercury.
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d9899 No.33622

Yeah, I thought this was Nephrite's doing after we saw the guy earlier and his wrath of nature bit. Okay, so good news bad news time. Bad news is, we're pretty much completely fucked for OTL as far as this one goes. Rei was supposed to jump in here, then we show up and rose it, then they ace the youma. That's clearly not happening in that fashion now. Good news is, at least we skipped that stupid boat date scenario as Mamoru.

Anyway, I'm gonna say we pick up the kitty and heal her, first and foremost. We would be an absolute dick to not help the kitty. If she wakes up as a result of the healing, which she probably should, tell her to hang on.

The current situation as it is, with the fog and the screaming, basically gives us the stealth bonus. I'd say… Tell Egret and Bloom to swing around wide and come in from the side to Moon and Mercury's position with the intention of freeing them from the vines or at least helping them dodge/defend. We don't have firepower to clear those things off the easy way, so we'll have to make due. Usagi's screaming should help them keep a sense of where to find them. Tell them to pass it on from Kamen that we're here to help… and to ask Mercury to thin the fog out once she hears the counterattack start. And let them know if they spot a tiara on the ground somewhere along the way, grab it.

Meanwhile, Nagisa and Honoka need to swing around in the opposite direction to set up a Marble Screw. I have faith that either Honoka can use the shots being fired to figure out where the youma is, or can figure it out if we have to explain what we're seeing, and they can pull a sneak attack once they're set up. Make sure to warn them to do it at an angle that won't nail us if they miss, though. Since the girls need a few seconds of setup for a Marble Screw, having them off to the side at a different angle from the others will do a pretty good job of blindsiding the youma, even if it does manage to dodge out of the way. And there's no way Mercury can miss seeing the shot, so she'll reduce the fog at that point since the girls will have lost the surprise attack anyway, hit or no hit.

As for us, I'm gonna say we make for the high ground. Make for the trees and the nearest Conveniently Placed High Branch for our shot, and prep a rose. Plant element means we won't get a kill shot, but he stunned the fucPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0dce8 No.33623

I'll support this.

54eda No.33634

You must be killer at chess, sir. I for one, could not come up with such strategy.

I don't have a better idea, so I support this.

ac52a No.33636

Not chess. Super Robot Wars.

Which this kind of is.

I'm withholding my vote until I have more sleep.

File: 1505006811220.jpg (175.01 KB, 724x1023, 1502877456315-701566286.jpg)

93cb0 No.32883[Reply]

I might start the thread by myself
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b0365 No.33572

File: 1506267832414.png (853.7 KB, 704x954, 1504811378897.png)

she will need to take maternity leave, LOL

03248 No.33591

Why? What's her job?

b0365 No.33595

obviously, flight attendant…but one day, she's sicker than any time in her life.

03248 No.33616

That's what happens when you eat the fish instead of the steak.

b4fa0 No.33635


File: 1411394986841.jpg (182.54 KB, 800x604, smoon.jpg)

5570a No.622[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Sometimes, we just want to appreciate some cute. This thread is for that. :)
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0a172 No.33198

File: 1505577171114.png (549.33 KB, 800x600, 13151801_1716240825254279_….png)

This may be considered lewd by some, but I can't deny that this is just adorable.

5428c No.33271

File: 1505700067738.jpg (177.26 KB, 933x1400, 65018741_p0.jpg)

e0808 No.33615

File: 1506327243329.jpg (384.36 KB, 1123x1587, 170813d.jpg)

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File: 1506379488721.jpg (207.83 KB, 675x960, __inaba_tewi_and_reisen_ud….jpg)

File: 1458863280724.png (288.13 KB, 500x941, 0e272074f22637fd7c9568aab6….png)

48da0 No.17082[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread is for talented people who want to get there fix or pregnant ship girl….. Hopefully they wont get in the way of the story or take images but here you are
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41b50 No.33426

Also i am not that bad……i like small bumps.

14be2 No.33461

File: 1506051238333.jpg (199.21 KB, 1098x1077, Warspite S.jpg)

Made a Summer Warspite. Still gotta adjust the hair colour though.

41b50 No.33476

As ash beautiful

20584 No.33617

File: 1506334313199.jpg (213.38 KB, 1280x720, Graf RC.jpg)

Small advertisement for my collection. Sometimes I'm too lazy to prepare samples so I just dump stuff there.

Also might want to create a new thread, maybe name it Kancolle General or something cause no requests have been done in months.

41b50 No.33625


File: 1484534716253.jpg (479.13 KB, 1109x1600, 151.jpg)

a04fe No.24528[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

As the last one is capped, we will start a new one!

This one is from Kamigomori no shoujo (The Pythoness of Kamigomori)
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abbb4 No.33570


ce6a5 No.33592

b7bb8 No.33593

File: 1506289503025.swf (284.89 KB, beth_gives_birth_commissio….swf)

ce6a5 No.33614


You are the best. <3

e3b00 No.33624

You, sir, are a gentleman, and a scholar.

File: 1482949768369.png (817.27 KB, 508x1200, 1424051358106.png)

c6563 No.24132[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Comic Thread is kill >>608
Long Live the comic thread.
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3b100 No.33540

5a6b4 No.33554

Proof? Because I thought that this new… whoever the hell she is, Miss America? Miss Marvel? Whatever, is pretty much beloved of tumblr.

a49fa No.33585

Some people think it's garbage. Some don't. I don't know what this has to do with anything though.

The writer is bad and she should feel bad.

b0160 No.33607

The character herself his fine, her current series just happens to be garbage.

a49fa No.33621

File: 1506351789027.jpg (499.69 KB, 1041x1600, RCO008_1495044867.jpg)

Since Gillen the character has been irrevocably altered to be more and more powerful and more and more gay. That this point she's not the Flying latina brick she started out as. She's stuck with every bit of baggage that's been put on her. I don't think she's redeemable, but I will acknowledge that the current writer was left with the steaming pile that Gillen made.

But with that perhaps we should take the general comics discussion to chat.

Birthright's pregnancy plot has come to an end, but the big problem is that giving birth in "the real world" Rya may not be able to go back to hers. You know what that could mean, but probably won't. Someone needs a sibling.

File: 1482914513863.jpg (101.96 KB, 850x478, castle-6.jpg)

fafde No.24119[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A break in the storyline at this point as unplanned, so here is a brief summation of all so far for new readers to quickly access previous parts of the story.

Beginning thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

The aristocrat Sir Edward selects his bride, travels to her home country, and settles in to his new life far away from all he's known.

Second thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania slowly becomes aware he's traversing a web of intrigue and there are plenty of secrets to discover at the castle.

Third thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Crown Prince Edward makes choices that affect his virility and the direction of the entire country.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html
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4e869 No.32513

Option 1 (prays that there isn't some sinister consequence down the line.)

8e5e6 No.32522

Option one. And tell Elizabeth to treat Tharja the maid like she wants to be treated by her queen. This way we will learn something here.

86896 No.32547

Option 1

fafde No.32550

>9 votes for option one, let your wife role-swap with your maid.
>1 vote for option three, encourage Tharja and Elizabeth to experiment sexually with each other.

A session of sex where Tharja and Elizabeth swap roles.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.33618

You do have something to ask, you say.

Tharja looks at you with questioning eyes.

Will Tharja be having Elizabeth wear her circlet, you ask? Or wedding ring?

Tharja puts a hand over her ring finger, protectively.

"No," she says, firmly.


That's enough for you to hear.
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