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File: 1410447575490.png (527.91 KB, 800x818, oekaki_72_by_idlehq-d5rcdl….png, io g t)

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You all knew this was coming!

Artists of all sorts, this is the place for you. Any pictures that you've drawn yourself or had commissioned for yourself, go ahead and post here. Of course, if you'd like to start a new thread to showcase your works, that's perfectly acceptable too.

As always, repeated unsolicited requests will be met with swift modly justice. If they don't ask for requests, don't make 'em. Save it for the drawthread.
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Thanks! I'm always happy to contribute :)
And I'm happy to hear you think my coloring looks good. I've always been kind of worried about the quality of my coloring.

File: 1412600817660.jpeg (19.17 KB, 266x300, RTG6n4K8c.jpeg, io g t)

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Any questions about the origins of a picture go here. This includes asking who the artist of a picture is, asking what manga/CG set/whatever a picture came from, and anything along those lines. Individual source request threads will be deleted.
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source of >>3923 (found in inflation/expansion thread)?

File: 1418953501136.png (960.84 KB, 1278x756, Junketsu.png, io g t)

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Hello all, this is Loe Quality Translations, the translator behind Mamankyoushitsu, HaraMiko, HaraPara, and other projects (if no one's noticed, this is actually a handle I've used from time to time). Ask me anything.

A long long time ago, on the old Pregchan board, there was a thread about translating various VNs into english. One of the ones discussed was Junketsu Megami-Sama by LUNE, a nice love-comedy about shrine maidens and goddesses and one man who's job it is to help said goddesses repopulate their pantheons (pic related). It's cute and I wanted to translate it.

Fortunately, some kind anon with programming knowledge looekd at the game and made a script extrating/replacement tool just for translating said VN. After entirely too long, I'm getting around to it.

Unfortunately, I need a bit of help in order to do it properly. I've followed the original instructions from that thread as close as possible, and while it does work, it doesn't quite work right. I'm finding some problems that could break the game and/or make the translation illegible. It appears to come with how the VN interprets and displays the new english script.

If the anon that made the script extractor/replacer (or another tech/translation minded anon) could help me figure out how to fix this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Details to follow.
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Thanks. I'll have a look at it. I'm thinking the font might need to be replaced somehow.

ID: fc042 No.4518

Your text rar seems to be corrupted. But anyway, you might want try commenting out or removing this section in the asm, then recompile and apply the patch and see if that has any effect.

;Change font from Meiryo to MS Gothic
;original code:
;0040413D . BA B9E66700 MOV EDX,PURE_GOD.0067E6B9

patchat 0040413Dh - TEXT_ORG
MOV EDX,0067E69Eh ;address of "MS Gothic" string
patchtill 00404142h - TEXT_ORG

;original code:
;00404188 . BA C2E66700 MOV EDX,PURE_GOD.0067E6C2
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Sorry, but I'm actually pretty inept when it comes to any sort of file property management; what's an ASM, how do I access it, and then comment out what you have entered there?

ID: 6026f No.4524

It's the .asm file in the translation tools folder. You open, edit and compile it with FASMW ( The thing is, in that same folder, you have to have a clean copy of the exact game exe the patch was originally made for. I must have a different version since many of the offsets are different and I don't know how to find some of them.

ID: df0f8 No.4528


Hmm, I think Junketsu came out with a patch to update it, and I also tried to apply the guy's wordwrap patch before starting the translation. I'll do a fresh install of the default .iso and see if that changes anything, then try changing the .asm like you mentioned. Thanks for the help, by the way.

File: 1412551774817.jpg (370.67 KB, 1185x1205, 1835320376.jpg, io e g t)

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Characters from cartoons on Cartoon Network, Nickelodean and the like. I'll start it off with some of my own morphs and content from around the site
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File: 1416956818207.png (1.11 MB, 2200x1400, yang_and_blake_by_riddleae….png, io g t)

If people are on the subject of requesting still images to be animated, I'd love for this one to get that treatment if someone was willing. Thanks. I'd be willing to do an edit of a character in return.

ID: 45a5e No.3977

Ill maybe do this one and that other one if I have time.

ID: a1b90 No.4228

Hope there is animation which features baby bumps & kicks. But wait, these "samples" features SaburoX's works, right? Just curious.

ID: 2d317 No.4527

these are all SaburoX's work yes. There is one that him and I collabed on in the original content thread

File: 1414396877932.jpg (861.09 KB, 1280x1024, 10-1280x1024.jpg, io e g t)

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You know what? Fuck it. I've been wanting to do this, but was afraid to. Then I wanted to ask if this thread was a bad idea, but couldn't decide whether to pose the question of appropriateness in /c/ or /bs/.

Anyways, pregnancy edit thread! Take a screenshot of a cartoon character, or a comic panel, and BAM! preggify her.
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File: 1418256463897.png (116.96 KB, 333x250, Mary_Jane_Watson.png, io g t)

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File: 1418256475696.jpg (68.5 KB, 380x653, Cleveland_RobertaPose_v3F.jpg, io e g t)

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Good Job Keep Up The Good Work :)

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File: 1418940366190.jpg (71.8 KB, 554x418, kim1.jpg, io e g t)

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File: 1419057971442.jpg (54.13 KB, 440x455, waitress.jpg, io e g t)

one more

File: 1411788217137.gif (25.21 KB, 452x384, expect-graph.gif, io g t)

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I have an idea for a project, but will require some help. Specifically, from the local math whizzes and artists of this board,if they are willing.
It all started when I came across the picture above on this site.

"At 24 weeks, an expectant mother of a singleton is just beginning to show her pregnancy and her uterus is approximately the size of a ball 20 inches around. The twin mom at 24 weeks might look like a typical 32-week pregnancy and may have a uterus 28 inches around.
The triplet mom at 24 weeks may look like a singleton mom would appear at 36 weeks and her uterus would be about 33 inches around, or the size of a smallish beach ball. And at 24 weeks, the mom of quads might look as large as a standard pregnancy's mom at 40 weeks. She would be full-term size, with her uterus 36 inches around."

Looking at the picture, A thought came to my mind. "I love this picture! But it is a shame that it only stops at quadruplets. I would have liked to see the difference between higher multiples atOH WAIT!! LIGHTBULB!!"
and into my mind sprang the idea for the Super Pregnancy Chart Project.

The goal, is to recreate this kind of of picture, but instead stopping at singletons to quads, we go much higher in the multiple scale. And even better, we could do different weeks of pregnancy too!

This is where the math and art come in. To accomplish this, we need to know certain stats and perform calculations to figure out the size of the belly correctly, and the artists would create pictures based on the calculations and measurements of the math whizzes! I would suggest that we try to go for as realistic as possible in the drawings, make it look as close to the sample picture as possible. That way, it could be as (semi) realistic as we can make it, and maybe look like what a pregnancy that would look in real life?

I am aware that it is a big undertaking, but so were the quests, and if people are willing to help, it could be amazing!

So what does Pregchan Think?
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ID: f94ca No.4119

thanks for the feedback :)

i'm planning to do a few more weeks in between, but for the moment im just focusing on the three terms as a baseline. I know i have a habit of torpedoing the belly, so i'll see if i can make it a bit more rounder. as you probably know i'm also not the greatest at drawing bigger sizes, but heck figured i would give it a try.

ID: dc8e8 No.4132

Good practice at least. Knowing your furthest-point measures and using a bit of geometry and center-of-gravity adjusting seems to be an effective approach.

ID: 67fc1 No.4136

File: 1417728457815.png (110.81 KB, 752x1055, rect3499.png, io g t)

I made this based on the numbers the spreadsheet gives for non-standard pregnancy lenght. The idea being that elves in Warhammer (and their Warhammer 40k counterpart, the Eldar) are supposed to have a pregnancy the lasts multiple years, so I wanted so see what that would look like assuming same rate of growth as human fetus (which admittably isn't probably accurate). For this one I just used the distention value. I also tried to make one thta takes belly diameter into account, but it looked very strange on larger belly sizes. It also looks terrible because I can't actually draw.

I think the size for longer than normal pregnancies, especially when combined with multiple fetuses might be a bit too large, really. The 24 months with twins elf there is the same size as a human (9 months pregnant) with octuplets.

ID: 81403 No.4142

Keep in mind that we were only able to work with measurements of offspring after they were born at that point… and biology almost demands that they grow quickly, and gain weight needed for survival now that they would be exposed to the elements. The "extreme" growth in the womb is accurate.

ID: 1f6d0 No.4525

Progress report?

File: 1417015781503.jpg (166.8 KB, 800x1282, 1401952950684.jpg, io e g t)

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This is a thread for sexy pictures involving only women wherein one or more of the participants are in the family way.

For those wondering how they got each-other pregnant, remember your MST Mantra. ;)
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Any source on OP pic? It seems to be Aya Shachou/Satetsu art but couldn't find it anywhere.

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File: 1419041701107.jpeg (423.57 KB, 550x553, wiccans.jpeg, io g t)

Time to dig up some old classics I got once. Go go Bellius Maximus Rangers, and Devoltchka.

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File: 1419041710878.jpeg (102.13 KB, 281x450, pool.jpeg, io g t)

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File: 1419041760923.jpg (278.02 KB, 480x492, angelraven1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 0af67 No.4523

File: 1419041773238.jpg (274.21 KB, 538x426, angelraven.jpg, io e g t)

File: 1417167283150.jpg (175.21 KB, 1500x1028, requests image2.jpg, io e g t)

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I'm bored and I need some good ideas.
So send me your requests and I'll draw them. I'll try to do them as often as I can, and I'll do them in order of how interesting they are to me.

Here's my pixiv account if you want to see the sort of thing I usually get up to.

I'll draw ANYTHING except:
*Furries - because I'm not very good at it. Expect your furries to look more like human women wearing animal Halloween costumes.
*Underage - i.e. cartoon characters who are canonically underage. If I get any underage requests, I will age them UP until they're pregnant grannies.

Now go forth and request!
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ID: 090ac No.4510

I got 2 ideas that might strike your artistic fancy, who knows.

1. A pregnant anthropomorphized Tribble from Star Trek. Since Tribbles are just featureless furballs, that'd provide an interesting challenge on how to properly anthropomorphize them. Personally, I'm thinking of naked / swimsuit / underwear female with long, unruly/wild hair that reaches down to her leg.

The catch is that since Tribbles are 'born pregnant', perhaps we could see an x-ray inside her belly, with more pregnant Tribble-girls within.

2. A pregnant clown/jester girl giving birth. Make it modest, perhaps twin or triplet belly will suffice.

The punchline of course, is that she's given birth to 20+ babies, and still no end in sight. Clown car pregnancy, if you may.

ID: 579db No.4512

Hi b2 I was wondering if you ever get the time would you please start working on the ada request I asked for but only if you've the time

ID: 67edd No.4514


Dude, would you lay off him already?. A billion requests later after being warned to stop spamming and with continuing with fake accounts no less, and now you're asking him to "get started" on your request?. Man you are rude.

ID: 93059 No.4516

I'll get to it when I get to it, pal. You already put the same request in this thread twice thinking you were putting it in the general draw thread. If you don't lay off I'm not going to do any more requests for you.

Thanks for standing up for me, but just fyi, I am a woman:)

ID: 67edd No.4517


Oops, sorry, though the way I was talking it could be considered gender neutral. I dunno.

File: 1418921369923.jpg (757.01 KB, 2481x3508, 1407979825193.jpg, io e g t)

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Thread about HUGE preggo bellies with multiples etc..
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File: 1418929571832.jpg (678.87 KB, 1024x2862, image.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 31146 No.4479

Thanks for the contribution Vader; I'm not sure if you realize this, but the Super Pregnancy Project originated from here. I'm sure Noh-Bahdi is always happy to see his art rebound like that, but its already been linked for us.

ID: 20bfa No.4484

This is why I love 4chan offshoots. You can take the anons out of 4chan, but you can't take 4chan out of anons

ID: ccd91 No.4485


To the person whose post used to be here: Chill the eff out. He's contributing to the board and he made one mispost. If you think someone's not conducting themselves properly somehow, report the post and get on with your day. Consider yourself warned.

ID: 0c46c No.4509

We Kinda already have this thread?

File: 1413245451681.jpg (58 KB, 273x705, painter_remix_by_Zareste.jpg, io e g t)

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Got an idea for a picture? Pitch it here, and if one of our resident artists is so inclined, they'll make it happen!

Da Rulez:
-No directing requests to specific artists unless they explicitly ask for them. If you really want a picture done by a specific artist, commission them.
-No spamming the thread. If you post a request, you may not post a new one until either A) it gets taken up or B) a few days have passed without it being filled.
-Reference pictures are useful!

>>edit: If you post a reference image as Doombeez suggests your request is much more likely to be looked at. ~FastFlame
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To be fair, from what I gathered from the bit of the show I watched. Furuya's mother might have already been a zombie when she had his sister. She never really came off as completely human to me, especially not compared to the rest of the family.
Maybe in this universe it's possible for the dead to breed. It'd just be dangerous because of the whole "I love you so much I want to eat you" thing.

ID: 853c2 No.4481

File: 1418935786917.jpeg (701.34 KB, 1366x768, Бесконечное-лето-арт-крас….jpeg, io g t)

I'd like to see Alice from Everlasting Summer pregnant. Would somebody care to do such an edit, please?

ID: 853c2 No.4482

File: 1418935958964.jpg (26.03 KB, 326x688, Maya_Fey_L_VS_G.jpg, io e g t)

This is Maya Fey from "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney". Can someone make her pregnant?

ID: 2e144 No.4487

File: 1418952680627.jpg (78.47 KB, 401x863, maya.jpg, io e g t)

Lucky for you I granted that request seven years before you made it

ID: f0618 No.4501

Epic. Though I agree that the world could always use more Maya art; she is just unreasonably hot…. but it'll still be hard to top that SPEED. ^_^

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