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Any questions about the origins of a picture go here. This includes asking who the artist of a picture is, asking what manga/CG set/whatever a picture came from, and anything along those lines. Individual source request threads will be deleted.
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Dammit I meant right! Quick correction here!!

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You all knew this was coming!

Artists of all sorts, this is the place for you. Any pictures that you've drawn yourself or had commissioned for yourself, go ahead and post here. Of course, if you'd like to start a new thread to showcase your works, that's perfectly acceptable too.

As always, repeated unsolicited requests will be met with swift modly justice. If they don't ask for requests, don't make 'em. Save it for the drawthread.
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File: 1414484673569.png (2.67 MB, 1236x1600, Fiddle04.png, io g t)

I'm glad you approve.

File: 1413245451681.jpg (58 KB, 273x705, painter_remix_by_Zareste.jpg, io e g t)

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Got an idea for a picture? Pitch it here, and if one of our resident artists is so inclined, they'll make it happen!

Da Rulez:
-No directing requests to specific artists unless they explicitly ask for them. If you really want a picture done by a specific artist, commission them.
-No spamming the thread. If you post a request, you may not post a new one until either A) it gets taken up or B) a few days have passed without it being filled.
-Reference pictures are useful!

>>edit: If you post a reference image as Doombeez suggests your request is much more likely to be looked at. ~FastFlame
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This is a prerfect idea, since most artists usually open up requests to improve themselves, but instead they get cluttered requests before they even finish the ones they've accepted willingly. This will definitely serve a good purpose here on the drawthread

ID: 76aad No.2845

Hmmm. I'm not sure if it's just me, but don't you guys think that artists should post their pictures on another thread? Like a thread to respond to this thread? Just an idea though.

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File: 1414617491173.jpg (85.8 KB, 451x480, image.jpg, io e g t)

Could anyone draw sue storm, preggo with the outfit on the left? Over encumbered and having difficulty moving around? I mean she was pregnant once right? Why not get her pregnant again, and make more? Fill her up with octuples maybe?

ID: 76aad No.2859

I meant picture on the right side of the pic, sorry!

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File: 1414672822113.jpg (43.29 KB, 400x800, image.jpg, io e g t)

Gotta bump this thread up!

To freshen this up, I guess I can insert my own request, a preggo star sapphire with a really big belly, bent over while she gives birth to a light purple tentacle monster, with some of it's appendages moving out of her glowing belly button

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I have an idea for a project, but will require some help. Specifically, from the local math whizzes and artists of this board,if they are willing.
It all started when I came across the picture above on this site.

"At 24 weeks, an expectant mother of a singleton is just beginning to show her pregnancy and her uterus is approximately the size of a ball 20 inches around. The twin mom at 24 weeks might look like a typical 32-week pregnancy and may have a uterus 28 inches around.
The triplet mom at 24 weeks may look like a singleton mom would appear at 36 weeks and her uterus would be about 33 inches around, or the size of a smallish beach ball. And at 24 weeks, the mom of quads might look as large as a standard pregnancy's mom at 40 weeks. She would be full-term size, with her uterus 36 inches around."

Looking at the picture, A thought came to my mind. "I love this picture! But it is a shame that it only stops at quadruplets. I would have liked to see the difference between higher multiples atOH WAIT!! LIGHTBULB!!"
and into my mind sprang the idea for the Super Pregnancy Chart Project.

The goal, is to recreate this kind of of picture, but instead stopping at singletons to quads, we go much higher in the multiple scale. And even better, we could do different weeks of pregnancy too!

This is where the math and art come in. To accomplish this, we need to know certain stats and perform calculations to figure out the size of the belly correctly, and the artists would create pictures based on the calculations and measurements of the math whizzes! I would suggest that we try to go for as realistic as possible in the drawings, make it look as close to the sample picture as possible. That way, it could be as (semi) realistic as we can make it, and maybe look like what a pregnancy that would look in real life?

I am aware that it is a big undertaking, but so were the quests, and if people are willing to help, it could be amazing!

So what does Pregchan Think?
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ID: d6ce6 No.2807

Also, yeah, that image size will work just fine.

ID: d6ce6 No.2808

YEEAAAAHHH!!!!! It is finally up! Let it begin!!!

ID: d6ce6 No.2875

Now here comes the worst part, the waiting!

ID: 57c5c No.2883

I'll field that. The initial calculations that were inputted to the tables were direct calculations from the foetal measurements for each 4 week mark. The calculator is actually less precise because it uses a quartic approximation formula for the volume over the entire term (allowing one to input any number of weeks rather than the divisions of 4 in the table). You'll see the numbers are close, but it was never exact to begin with.

ID: 36a0f No.2884

Not sure if this helps at all, but here's a video that show "The Doctors" did on "Octomom", including a 3D see through animation of her growing belly. Not sure how accurate, but it may help?

Loving everything about this thread :)

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ID: bfd69 No. 21 [Reply]

And now, for my
Since i cant seem to upload all at once, i gonna start with those i like most and add more over the next few days.^^
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File: 1413964930374.jpg (475.22 KB, 1056x1500, 027.jpg, io e g t)

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File: 1413964938250.jpg (492.88 KB, 1056x1500, 029.jpg, io e g t)

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File: 1413964998159.jpg (195.52 KB, 777x1121, punkyknight9_04.jpg, io e g t)

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Welcome to The Legend of Vyrule Quest thread! New and improved for the new website! Or at least, uh… Well newish. And the improvement is more of a sidestep. Whatever, you’ll gobble up whatever smut I toss at you anyways. This thread is the continuation of the thread on the previous website, and we’ll be picking up right where we left off. I plan on reposting all the old content again so folks can catch up.

For those unfamiliar with Quests in this sort of thing, pretty much this thread is an interactive story for the community. I write a small portion of the story, and people vote on the actions of the character and what happens next .

This quest, as you may have been able to tell already, is a Legend of Zelda inspired foray. Except instead of a tale of good vs evil, it’s a story of some guy who with any luck is gonna be reproducing verily. The setting is an alternate version of Hyrule punnily named Vyrule, the blessed land of Virility. The protagonist will adventure influenced by the community’s votes, and his fate will be decided by the choices that are made. Will he end up settling down and having lots of babies, leaving a trail of gravid mommas in his wake, or wind up a fuck toy for wild monster girls? Who knows?!

Now, onto the technical aspects of this. Here’s how it works. Each game post will be written as a continuation of the previous post based on what choices were voted on (Or if somebody suggested something that wasn’t an option that everybody also wants to do). It continues on from there, on and on until the story is completed or we all just get tired of it. However, this one is gonna have a second voting system as well that dictates the protagonist’s current goal. The current goal will be more of an longer term overarching vote. It won’t have any immediate influences, but will affect the protagonist’s current mind set.

There will also be some simple stats going on behind the scenes, as well as items and abilities to earn and learn. Another aspect that I plan on including is that if the protagonist ends his quest (via settling down, getting eaten, whatever) his quest can be continued after a time skip by one of his heirs. And with any luck, I’ll give drawing some stuff as rewards too.

And with that, I think we’re ready to go! I’ll start posting the previous entries with big bold letters mentioning they are old entries, and tomorrow I’ll have the next voting section up. Good to be back!
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>Seek Adventure.
I say 1, What better way to start our adventureing then with a creepy mask shop! Sidequests hoooooo!

ID: 6ec87 No.2877


Current Goal: Adventure!

Current Action: 1. Let's go to the mask shop, since if we need to deliver masks, we can travel AND get paid! XD

ID: 918b4 No.2878

Unanimous, mask shop!

ID: 8f6ed No.2879

>Aura's Milk
>Light in Flavour
Eyyyy~ it's corny but it made me giggle so fine.

It sounds like there is a time limit for the Gerudo in Vyrule City, so why don't we head over to the mask shop for a bit then go over there? I'm sure there's loot-I mean, erm, rewards, erm… Benefits? to be working with them. Plus I bet they could teach us how to fight, too, in ways that are practical. I bet if we tried to get into the Vylian Knights we'd be swinging swords all day in a manner that would most befit an animatron at the local fair. However, we would be getting an early start to what would be a huge adventure, and little time to wrap up things here, but we could come back at any time.

However, a Guards(wo)man Captain would be a pretty good teacher, too; they know how to uphold the law, from Rioters to Enemy Soldiers, they can fight with either Lethal or Non-lethal means, and are good at it, we'd have experience with the LAW(!!) as well as have opportunities in Vyrule remain open to us. However, we would be getting a very late start with things, we would have even more ties to Vyrule, we would have less experience with the outside world, and we'd have a harder time, "Getting into the thick of it," if you will, than if we jump into the pool.

Either way, there will be tail to chase, either figurative or literal that's up to your preference, however I, personally, vote for

>Look for the leaving Gerudo Caravan before they leave.

>GOAL: Adventure

There is LOOT, ADVENTURE, and ROMPS to be had in that direction with a band of females!

ID: 0ddfc No.2880

Seek Adventure

1> Look into seeing what kind of jobs the mask shop offers.

File: 1411699864101.jpg (57.34 KB, 900x741, ayase_guilty_crown_commiss….jpg, io e g t)

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We need to start this thread back up. Mega Pregnancies and beyond. If they can move it, it's not big enough!
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File: 1414594372672.jpg (691.61 KB, 1000x1000, 175748_20141004225541_0.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 5f35b No.2851

File: 1414594389164.jpg (632.81 KB, 1000x1000, 175748_20141004225543_1.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 5f35b No.2852

File: 1414594402405.jpg (551.96 KB, 1000x1000, 175748_20141004225545_2.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 5e242 No.2853

File: 1414594832949.png (1.34 MB, 2000x1600, biohazard_rebecca_by_riddl….png, io g t)

Not really sure if those apply…

ID: 58744 No.2874

Yeah, her belly isn't the thing immobilizing her (but it would be by the last pic).

File: 1410458302744.jpg (727.47 KB, 1150x2644, image.jpg, io e g t)

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ID: b50d1 No.611

The ones with the dragon girl are actually done by modeseven. Most of his stuff is.. kinda weird.

ID: fdec0 No.668

ModeSeven and NitroTitan are the same artist.
"Nitro" being in the name makes me wonder if KamiNitro might be another alias from when ModeSeven went by NitroTitan.

ID: 8d6f8 No.669

I dunno what other names he went by, but:

ID: 137c8 No.2812

More of this?

ID: c1eab No.2872

I don't suppose anyone can identify this character?

File: 1414540239609.jpg (432.31 KB, 1058x968, Homage to Birthshow A-Go-G….jpg, io e g t)

ID: 1bbbf No. 2814 [Reply]

The "Birthshowagogo" is a warm, dark place where pregnant women can become mothers their own way.

This is specifically a reference to achieving "birthgasm" by incorporating into delivery, erotic activity between the mother and whosoever is at hand, literally schlickin' & fappin' away as she pole dances through childbirth. The idea is that in a guilt-free, anonymous environment, the dancer can reach childbirth orgasm most reliably and labor pain is eliminated. There is never a need for surgical or violent birthing methods, ever if "rough play" is used by the mother-in-the-making. Everyone in attendance benefits by at least being very well entertained for the evening…

That being said, it is customary to tip well and often.

(NOTE - If you have any old bsagg images you'd like to post, feel free as I none of the ones from the old board.)
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ID: 1bbbf No.2819

File: 1414540532677.jpg (342.47 KB, 1190x1875, bsagg - 05 babygasm.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 1bbbf No.2820

File: 1414540566201.jpg (379.17 KB, 1197x1862, bsagg - 06 mamas big helpe….jpg, io e g t)

ID: 1bbbf No.2861

File: 1414624351454.jpg (349.81 KB, 1152x1812, bsagg - 07 you came too.jpg, io e g t)

I had this idea that if splashed by amniotic fluid, a woman would experience a spontaneous orgasm (a sympathetic birthgasm) if she happens to be erotically addicted to pregnancy and birth.

So then I thought - Why not the same thing for men who like to play doctor of Ob/Gyn? Just a good, hot splash across the gonads should do it for anybody.

ID: 1bbbf No.2865

File: 1414624948845.jpg (313.6 KB, 1236x1946, bsagg - 08 on the dole.jpg, io e g t)

This image was inspired by >>690

NOTE: In the opening post of this thread, there is a misspelling in the sentence "There is never a need for surgical or violent birthing methods, ever if "rough play" is used by the mother-in-the-making"

- It should be "even" not "ever"

ID: 46c45 No.2869

I know im slow to say it but I glad to see your still around man. It just ain't pregchan without you

File: 1410461155629.jpg (499.23 KB, 1142x1600, 28g.jpg, io e g t)

ID: 9be92 No. 147 [Reply]

Provide links to pregnancy-themed manga and what have you that you feel are worth reading. Please note what sort of content it has.

IF YOU SEE THE SAD PANDA ON EXHENTAI: Delete all of your e-hentai and exhentai cookies, log into e-hentai, then try again.
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ID: 66610 No.2045

ID: 9be92 No.2236

Here's an oldie… waaay back when, there was this Japanese fetish site I really liked called "Milkcan" or something. There were two things in particular on that site that blew my mind, as at the time, drawn birth content was hella rare. One was a doujin called First Love, which I have some of but am missing a significant portion of. The other is a short doujin and a flash movie featuring Tifa Lockhart, the latter of which I am now sharing. Enjoy.

ID: 335d9 No.2680

File: 1414347995654.jpg (307.4 KB, 1128x1600, r-fpsq3jcy.jpg, io e g t)

ID: b8164 No.2700

File: 1414390629195.jpg (561.05 KB, 1077x1511, 01.jpg, io e g t)

Probably my favorite: Dekichatta Patchouli (

I love deredere patchy so much

ID: 66d24 No.2848

File: 1414594313623.jpg (151.52 KB, 415x311, jacket_S.jpg, io e g t)

I might as well link my current favorite.illustrated story (make sure to download the torrent to get the html with the story)

Daisy Chain (middle schoolers as far as I can tell, 100% insect sex, lots of mating, some pregnant sex and a couple of birth scenes)

What I really like is the girls're doing it as a voluntary industry. None of that dark "mindbroken slave forever" stuff found in most breeder manga. A quite welcome change of pace.

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