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File: 1423843149996.gif (1.57 MB, 800x468, tumblr_ney9i5K6Zl1u3w54so1….gif)

fd9b0 No.5719[Reply]

Can we havew a Ty artwork thread please? I lost mine a while ago.

Picture is unrelated, I just don't have any of his drawings.
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ef8ab No.26578

It's great to hear from you again.

77a1f No.26585

TheGirlfriend and I lurk more than I care to admit; mention one of us, you're likely to get a reply.

We're just busy dealing with the results of all those lovely pregnancies. They came out. They got bigger. They got mobile and vocal and into and onto everything.

Its hard to write/draw in a full home, but it sure is happy.

29189 No.26588

No tsunderes allowed :P

29189 No.26589

Aww…I changed my mind. Thinking of your cute little kids doing stupid cute little kid things warmed my heart. You can stay.

6f85a No.26608


I know y'all have had some rough times here and there, so I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. :)

File: 1490143752690.png (37.17 KB, 400x400, oeb131.png)

2be8d No.26198[Reply]

Pic unrelated

Okay, i just realised I lost half of my 'art' folder when I moved to a different PC and i lost one of my favourite doujis(?)
I don't even remember if it was a full thing anymore or whether I just grabbed some pages from another -chan board back when

I think it was japanese I believe, so i'm only able to tell you the visuals :(

There was some schoolgirl (main character) being jealous (?)at the popular/mean girl
Somehow she got a demon (?) (through a pact? )to curse popular girl in the middle of class.
Popular girl starts getting tingly down there, and gradually getting worse, something grows inside of her, her panicking, I think belly pushing against the table, she gets up, eventually she gives birth
it switched between panels back and forth between pop-girl getting her punishment, main char being all like "Yes, show that bitch!" and some shots of the classmates being "WTF is going on".
What I liked most, was that once Pop had given birth, the demon (?) turned on main char and fucked her up too.

So it has non-human pregnancy, schoolgirls, demon?, humiliation, demon turning on summoner?
Which I am aware is like 50% of the stuff floating around, but maybe someone happens to know it
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a7898 No.26256

Is that image it? Where get?>>26245

5088d No.26259

Artist is Amatake Akewo (甘竹朱郎) from circle "Pish Lover". That particular image can be found in the artist's tankoubon, 寵姫さまの淫虐遊戯.

1ba91 No.26263

Found it.


If you get sad pandaed, tough. Look up how to bypass it. It really isn't that hard.

73fbd No.26275

Better link, the one your looking for is the last story on the last two pages

318c3 No.26331

You guys are my heros!
Thank you very very much!
(figures i never found it searching with the school girl tag, seeing as it's not tagged as such ORZ )

File: 1458552232241.jpeg (198.49 KB, 1000x800, image.jpeg)

8e119 No.17016[Reply]

I remember reading this manga online about ryuko matoi staying in with mako mankanshoku's family home and I guess her dad (for some reason?) asked Ryuko to pay him though sex….

Yeah! XD That's where she got Pregnant from.

Long story short! She blackmails the daddy due to her being almost nine months due and I guess the reason why I made this post was cause the website where I read this story from (pururin) closed down and this manga I read wasn't even in black and white? It was in color and all of the pages right till the end we're all colored and it was very rare to find books online about Kill La Kill being a preggo story with sex without it being so low or just not existence? lol

(And before you ask? The book that I read was made in Japan and it's not from some American guy who's well known for making a comic about the two sisters growing dicks when using their Goku uniform.) lol

Just wanna make myself clear? ;)
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68160 No.19557

File: 1465693498073.jpg (1.11 MB, 1191x1684, 0018.jpg)

Is this it?
Adapting (Color ver.) by GOD Ryokutya (Bu-chan)
[GOD緑茶 (ぶーちゃん)] 順応 [カラー版]

cb2af No.26302

Link please.

737f0 No.26323

Don't get too excited. theres actually no preg or birth content involved. Quality is good though, if your into kill la kill.


58fd2 No.26327

> theres actually no preg content involved

Then why on earth is it here?

b0aac No.26329

Well, I think it's more that she's not far enough along for it to be noticeable.

File: 1453092515019.jpg (762.84 KB, 1241x877, Twin Pregnant Angels by Fu….jpg)

5cec9 No.14755[Reply]

I don't know if there was a pregnant angel thread before, but thought I'd start one.
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5cec9 No.24805

File: 1485315321757.png (482.77 KB, 800x600, 534dee365cced9568a69c87f19….png)

Also from the same game.

5cec9 No.25893

@Shadow: Here's the whole thing: https://e-hentai.org/g/1008544/698b09750f/

5cec9 No.25894

a7979 No.26135

Doesn't look that "whole" to me with the cliffhanger ending… Are we sure that there isn't another chapter somewhere?

e4a38 No.26193

still being written. I think they're on chapter 5 now, but nobody's "procured" 4-5 for "public consumption"

File: 1489854810379.jpg (1.05 KB, 48x48, unnamed.jpg)

f222d No.26103[Reply]

When I switched phones recently, this image got left behind! It's my favorite background, too. Ty's hard drive took a shit recently, and he lost quite a bit of his archive. This was among the lost items. Life happens, but life also finds a way.

Does anyone have this? The original version had a white background. This version is a thumbnail I managed to scavenge from an old unused account profile's picture dot. :( Also, anythingiant else you've got of his would be helpful in filling in the gaps of his hard drive's deadly prank. It'd be nice to have some of it back.

Thanks guys <3

File: 1410404644871.png (469.46 KB, 780x990, 454851.png)

85a32 No.52[Reply]

Let's start this thread off with one of my favorite subjects. Post sexy pics where all of the parties involved are clearly enjoying themselves.
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edc9c No.22319

File: 1474674835208.jpeg (239.88 KB, 1200x900, 1432925474155-0.jpeg)

edc9c No.22320

File: 1474674859692.jpeg (601.52 KB, 3000x2249, 1432925474156-3.jpeg)

edc9c No.22321

File: 1474674890076.jpg (1.39 MB, 1200x1029, 1462644588394-1.jpg)

All for now.

9b0a0 No.23899

Mamasupe 4

9b0a0 No.26083

File: 1488850023595.png (1.13 MB, 1474x1018, Comparison.png)

e4e4b No.25759[Reply]

A little while ago, I had the idea of redrawing a picture I did 10 years ago using the same materials. Well, I figured that if I redrew something, maybe some other people did too. Therefore, I decided to start a thread for such a thing.

I did the outline for the newer image with a black colored pencil, which I am not sure works that much better than using a pen.
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02424 No.25972

I know this may sound like I am making excuses, but I regularly try different poses (in fact, I am currently working something with more of a foot focus). I just wanted to do the same pose for the sake of consistency (this pose is also very similar to the one found in the game's manual).

I am not exactly the best at using colored pencils, which is why I usually use digital coloring methods instead. Moreover, if you want to say my work sucks, tell me why. Just saying it sucks without an explanation is not helpful at all and very rude.

Your linework and coloring have certainly improved. The new image really captures the style of the original film.

30054 No.25982

When using colored pencils, even cheap ones, you don't want to get aggressive with them. Especially the gradient in the cape. Lay a light layer in one color then one in the other to get where you're going.

They guy saying Loomis is shortand for "study anatomy". Loomis is a popular artist/author of free on the internet anatomy teaching books. Their copyright is up so sharing them is ok.


Also I googled the character and this pic is literally the first result so it's not just similar; it exactly it barring the addition. Using references isn't a bad thing but you shouldn't really try to pass it off as original work. Someone will always find out.

cd4f7 No.25985


Other than the increase in character drawing, can I also compliment the background detail? It really makes it a much more vibrant and interesting image

02424 No.25986

Looking through the books, I must say that I am not looking to do photo-realistic drawing (if I want something realistic-looking, I could just take a photograph). They are some interesting resources that are still worth looking at (even if some of the images are pretty racist with the "mongoloid" and the "negroid," as the books call them, being the offensive stereotypes). The books are really a product of their time, but I thank you for finding them for me and explaining the stuff to me.

I guess I still am working on anatomy. I often give women a pear-shaped body with very wide hips (the "Hartman Hips" as TV Tropes calls it) and biggish heads. I am still working on hands and I am very careful with feet. I also am working to improve how I draw thighs. I also have a growing folder of images and tutorials that I use for reference.

Maybe using the same pose was not the best thing to do as I am probably guilty of something criminal, but I never claimed it to be original work in the first place (it is not tagged as original work on Pixiv). While I will think twice about using the same pose for something else in the future to avoid legal issues (I rarely use the same pose as the reference), I will say that I did not trace anything.

Anyway, thank you for your input and your politeness. I have no formal training and am completely self-taught, so I would have had no knowledge of Andrew Loomis and usually am put off by the use of le stanky dank maymays. I hope I am not coming off as whiny.

7b1c7 No.26009

read the Vilppu Drawing Manual

>have no formal training and am completely self-taught

pretty much everyone who draws smut for fun is self-taught

File: 1429834071787.jpg (54.62 KB, 412x795, Super_Puffy_Daisy_by_rolli….jpg)

0f9d9 No.7229[Reply]

I'm trying to expand my collection of pregnant nintendo princesses, post em if ya got em.

bonus points for best girl, pic related.
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e353c No.7800

File: 1431390093671.jpg (98.85 KB, 572x786, 1431385422915.jpg)

5 minutes in GIMP

e353c No.7801

File: 1431392284987.jpg (471.84 KB, 810x733, comic-5_zpse2746e1e.jpg)

Although the ad is kind of endearing as a cheesy early-internet porn throwback. It kind of reminds me of this comic.

2dd6f No.7812

I lost it at Captain Crunch

d19ca No.8590

Because a redundant thread was started.

42471 No.25998

File: 1489489491489.jpg (1018.64 KB, 1625x1874, 61901113_p0.jpg)

File: 1488437984305.jpg (18.85 KB, 340x260, umbrella-logo-screensaver.jpg)

52384 No.25656[Reply]

I'm interested in seeing some Resident Evil: Biohazard content…especially since Evelyn REALLY wanted a mommy, mayhap she could find a way to turn Mia and Zoey into real mommies?

44e5c No.25662

This sort of thing is what we have the Drawthread for. Just post whatever scene you want to see with reference images (if you have them) of the girls you want knocked up and someone should eventually get to that.

63bec No.25665

probably belongs in the edit or draw thread though

File: 1473338825875.png (109.14 KB, 619x876, 12949630_p0.png)

511ea No.22000[Reply]

I want to see more pregnant CPU.
If you have one, post here.
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10e2b No.23271

It's from this http://g.e-hentai.org/g/878886/0d55468d37/

Also, the page in >>23247 is from http://g.e-hentai.org/g/677084/e262c27ba0/ if anyone wants to see the rest of that. Sadly, neither one has any other pages with bumps.

9e5ad No.24199

File: 1483165903756.jpg (264.08 KB, 1280x1707, 160707a.jpg)

From the extras portion of the latest Airily Steps work.

511ea No.24886

File: 1485696036343.jpg (651.22 KB, 900x1200, 59030430_p17_master1200(No….jpg)

Originally this picture has dilf, so I turned him into a "snowman".

b2875 No.25486

File: 1487943288438.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, Blanc1.png)

Might as well do this since the Switch is dropping soon

b2875 No.25487

File: 1487943357152.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, Blanc2.png)

Alt version

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