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File: 1433712163902.png (145.81 KB, 600x800, pregnant_inkling_girl__spl….png)

b64fa No.8528[Reply]

We open a new thread for Pregchan, the Inklings!

6405e No.8544

File: 1433748575480.jpg (13.84 KB, 425x601, PregSquidloli Sketch SMALL….jpg)

Crappy sketch I did when the game was first announced.

2b590 No.8546

File: 1433749899419.png (738.56 KB, 1200x1600, 50693843_p0.png)

Hory Shet!

12e51 No.8547

File: 1433753064196.png (166.08 KB, 600x800, Splatoon Girl PregXXX.png)

The more hardcore version of >>8528
It's supposed to imply birth, but I'm not sure if I conveyed it correctly. And the Japanese dialogue says something along the lines of "It will come out," to further imply birth.

12e51 No.8548

File: 1433753135307.png (159.52 KB, 600x800, Splatoon Girl PregX.png)

And the version of >>8547 that doesn't have ink.

84aa2 No.20186

File: 1467626026276.jpg (1.51 MB, 5400x6000, spl021.jpg)

File: 1466229721951.gif (666.72 KB, 1182x886, output_kuzqQv.gif)

54242 No.19736[Reply]

Dumping some GIFs I like.

9ad87 No.19740

/f/ is over there.

File: 1465406287261.png (1.39 MB, 1600x900, 05-06-16_11-01-32 PM.png)

e871a No.19457[Reply]

Hi everyone. Nice to meeting you. Not really hand drawn but this is my creation in Sims 4. I'm pretty shy about sharing my creations… ^^;;; I hope you like them.
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992b6 No.19474

File: 1465465701327.png (950.86 KB, 1366x768, 1412862126380.png)

Looks good to me. I love seeing sims pregnancy pics if they are done well. Or if they are silly. Or anything really, sims is cool. I'll share some random pics I have

bfe83 No.19483

Those pics makes me want to play Sims again and make all my charackters pregnant over and over again.

b9bda No.19485

this looks like James Sunderland and Maria, post-SH2 life.

992b6 No.19495

In Sims 3 I heard a way to easily impregnate every woman in town with very little work. You just make them like your Sim enough to woohoo, and then go to the theater with them. You can woohoo (and try for baby) more easily in there, and you don't even need a bed! All my neighbors were running out of rooms in their houses from all the kids.

03329 No.19496

Just wanna say i love your stuff on youtube hyashi, i'm always looking forward to your next videos

File: 1456888736405.png (9.35 KB, 141x143, QT281T7.png)

48176 No.16763[Reply]

As it says on the tin.
Does this count?
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48176 No.16784

How the hell do you unlock Cambion Conception?

c61d9 No.16789

Clear the chest with Lilith.

f817d No.16844

File: 1457355402171.jpg (338.69 KB, 1188x1000, 1448754955.adjatha_boi-lil….jpg)

Here you go, Lilith with her brood by Adjatha.

edff3 No.16849


I foresee large amounts of WIN hear. :)

f9f9f No.19491

File: 1465504392854.png (219.04 KB, 600x900, Lilith Mother of Demons.png)

File: 1435595060192.jpg (211.76 KB, 1024x600, cg038_04.jpg)

93d46 No.8930[Reply]

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1c9f2 No.18418

Came back to say that the files are about 98.1% complete, which is about 25 GB of pregnant stuffs. There are 400MB still needed to be completed, so if anyone cares to know about that. But I checked the files and some of them missing a single file or two from here and there but nothing you can't compensate from exhentai. You still have almost everything in there within that sizes. Other than that, this is still a viable torrent. You still get 25GB of stuff. Thanks to the anons who helped to get 98.1% within few hours. It was blazing fast! I am currently seeding, so if anyone still is interested to get that 98.1%, get it quickly…who knows…people may give up waiting for 100% seed. If you care to get those 400MB of stuff, then you have to wait for an original seeders, who has all the files in his possessions. Again as I said, if you go to exhentai, you can get those missing image files, which should be easy to track since they are nicely titled.

5ffe4 No.18464

Thanks for the seed, anon. I hope to get this whole gallery from you, so I can pick through the sand and find gems in the rough.

Too few anons on /d/ would have this entire collection, I suppose.

5ffe4 No.18490

Only got to 25%. If the Malaysian and Ukrainian IPs would come back, I could easily finish this up.

5ffe4 No.18553

Thanks to whoever just seeded! At long last I have the complete gallery. I will be sure to continue seeding myself and back it all up reliably.

ba5ea No.19301

Hey is there any possible way to get this torrent? And is there any place where we can download all the previous ones too besides exhentai.org?

File: 1464045246336.jpg (4.7 KB, 150x115, filia_by_jaypisces-d5mu5uy.jpg)

94ae8 No.18675[Reply]

In spirit of the Saburo thread, I'd like to create a new thread dedicated to JayPisces' old art. He placed a lot of it in storage on DA, and no matter what he thinks of it now, I reckon it was damn fine art.

Some pieces are available through Google and related search engines, but only in thumbnail form. If anyone has the original pics, posting them here would be awesome.
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15fb9 No.19258


So much so that you have to make a journal on DA to get feel good comments?

I don't give two shits about Jay's honor or whatever you're implying. All I'm saying is that you're the last person who should be educating anyone on composition, so shut the fuck up when you are talking about things you don't understand.

88a7e No.19264

We got an internet tough guy here.

8b174 No.19265

Sir, One's personal skill doesn't negate their ability to see problems. In fact if they have the same problem it make sit easier for them to see it in others.

Acting like that about critique creates a hierarchy which is the reason we have so many stagnant artists in this "community."

48b97 No.19267

Jay said he accepts critiques with open arms so I gave him one. I don't see why you're reacting so angrily to a comment that wasn't even aimed at you.

Also the status I posted on dA can only be seen by my watchers, meaning you watch me even though you think my compositions are total shit?

Look, I don't want to derail this thread any further. My only intent was to be open and honest with Jay and help him improve in areas where I believe he needs improvement. Jay's a very successful artist who has worked long and hard for what he's achieved but even he'll tell you that he needs to improve. Any artist would. Any true artist constantly looks to improve. If you think my compositions suck ass, then I guess thats what I'll focus on next.

So I'm going to leave it at that. Apologies to the rest of Preg-chan for all of this. Lets get back to sharing preggo belly pics and stuff.

5c016 No.19293

Spoken like a true artist.

File: 1449569179537.jpg (161.62 KB, 1200x841, C569F9FD-AE02-4B52-8E34-64….JPG)

4ae3b No.12146[Reply]

Hey, does anyone remember a storywriter from a few years back by the name of 'NewTestament'? They used to post on DA, but since becoming inactive their stories have started getting delisted…

They used to do some fantastic rapid/expansion stuff, and regular too. If anyone knows of an archive or has a a story or two saved, I'd be super-interested in hearing about it. Fingers crossed if anyone knows…

*Pic Unrelated*

35d42 No.12163

04e4b No.12183

You magnificent bastard.

d627e No.18884

Any chance you have a source for the OP pic?

9cbe5 No.18897

It's by J.C on Pixiv.


File: 1417015781503.jpg (166.8 KB, 800x1282, 1401952950684.jpg)

159f9 No.3876[Reply]

This is a thread for sexy pictures involving only women wherein one or more of the participants are in the family way.

For those wondering how they got each-other pregnant, remember your MST Mantra. ;)
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31387 No.9375

I like how Eliza looks so warm and happy in this picture, especially with the blush on her breasts and belly.

230fc No.9378

Oh hey there Y'Shtola

49e6d No.9407

File: 1437594120712.jpg (197.08 KB, 638x900, 4f1911bf575db6004823707123….jpg)

44484 No.9877

File: 1439744226458.jpg (1.11 MB, 1260x1374, 4945224.jpg)

dd1b7 No.18578

File: 1463770554443.jpg (421.71 KB, 1480x1810, 1649938 - Gravity_Falls Ta….jpg)

File: 1462922972177.jpg (191.53 KB, 1200x900, 524022a2f7bc876cc60bc34a02….jpg)

7e0b6 No.18245[Reply]

I can't be the only one turned on by heterochromia! So are there any more heterochromatic preggos out there?
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7e0b6 No.18249

It might be. I don't follow the series, so I wouldn't know.

6983f No.18257

Yes, it is a recolor.

7e0b6 No.18284

File: 1462997092422.jpg (528.5 KB, 849x1200, 45333544_p0_master1200.jpg)

Ok then. Here's a few more that I found on Pixiv.

7e0b6 No.18285

File: 1462997286225.jpg (203.47 KB, 1000x1200, 56157636_p0.jpg)

cfeb2 No.18378

as someone with partial heterochromia, allow me to bump this and hopefully further scratch a specific itch!

File: 1462665147921.png (131.58 KB, 1152x648, Raskas rantakallio.png)

9ea0f No.18145[Reply]

I was very bored today so i played with MS paint. Result was this. Then i got an idea: MS paint thread. Post ms paint pregnancy art you have found or made yourself.

8285b No.18174

Know a guy who learned and did art exclusively in MS paint. He did kink stuff including pregnancy. Hasn't been super active lately and I don't know if he still uses paint, but his hand is PimpDaddyPichu. Can't remember if that was his DA name or not.

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