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Didn't see a thread for this in /d/, so figured I'd start one. Came across this earlier: http://karasawa40.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-96.html

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File: 1453622607648.gif (445.07 KB, 636x900, growth.gif)

Needed to be done.

cb7e8 No.15677

Thanks for sharing. A great example of a well made progression. Not enough of these.

57b7d No.15778

Does this include expansion? Patch made a great TF expansion egg birth here: https://gfycat.com/TatteredMadeupBlackwidowspider there is a version with sound somewhere out there if anyone can find it!

57b7d No.15780

f3290 No.15798

>>>/f/ is that way mate

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Continued from >>12251

You find Tharja waiting for you outside your room, carrying a torch and her book. No one else is around.

She looks as radiant as always.

She explains she came by to kiss you good-night, and she'll see you tomorrow morning. You happily embrace.

"Sweet dreams, my love…"

Despite the stress and mixed emotions of your talk with Ricardo, sharing this moment with Tharja helps lighten your heart and ease your spirit.

Tharja departs for her quarters. You step in to your room, shutting the door behind you.

The room certainly looks clean enough. Your satchel with your things and your sword are arranged neatly on the desk, and you see a fresh change of clothes for tomorrow, as well as, for the first time, sleeping clothes. There's just barely enough light from the window for you to change into them.
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c618f No.15543

Something's not right.

Option 2.

17e8b No.15544

I'm less curious, and more amused. Who knows? Maybe this will just be some really kinky dream.
So why not, Option 1.

P.S.: Nice job fixing our issues with Soiree (Sully, since apparently her name is Soiree in the Japanese version of FE: Awakening. Yes I did just look that up now because I saw the picture of her and thought she looked like an FE character.) I've said it before: love and hate are opposite sides of the same coin.

a7c3d No.15545

File: 1453874647518.jpg (44.3 KB, 736x679, Tharja-magic.jpg)

>Wake up.

… Sometimes you hate your mind for playing these tricks.

You try to will yourself to wake up.

"This will only take a moment," you hear Tharja say.

Wake up.

You feel a fingernail press to the fleshy part of your shoulder, and a light dig of Tharja's finger to your body. You hiss a bit as blood is drawn.

Wake up.

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dc2e7 No.15546

AW CRAP! How am I supposed to sleep now? *sigh* Well, see you gents in the morning in the new thread.

a7c3d No.15556

New thread here: >>15553

Hope you all enjoy.

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92bd5 No.10747[Reply]

As a part of learning how to program in Python, I'm creating a CYOA game (Choose Your Own Adventure). Feeling lewd and having taken a long break from creating fetishy content, I decided on an erotic theme.

Would pregchan like to help me with ideas and inspiration? I have plans to add some form of graphics later on and illustrate the scenes in the game, so your ideas could double as art requests!

The theme is science fiction, and the setting is a spaceship - I'm thinking somewhat inspired by System Shock I/II, if any of you played those games. http://shodan.wikia.com - it could be inspired by other things or entirely original as well, but I reckon that gives a good initial idea.

The protagonist is a female crew member who adventures aboard the ship's many corridors and rooms, with the possibility of pursuing many different goals and endings, most of which are to involve sex and gestating life inside herself in some way or form.

Potential areas I've thought of so far:
* Medical Deck
* Hydroponics Deck

Potential other characters:
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624f3 No.13773

If you (ok, maybe not since you have your own, but anyone else interested) want a quick program for making Chose Your Own Adventure stories, try Twine
(I've been using it for a while and am using it to make a text-game)
I'd like to pow-wow some ideas if you're interested? feel free to email me at zededd at zedslabs dot com

503b0 No.14205

So i guess this project is pretty much dead, a shame it sure did seem quite interesting.

624f3 No.14207

I was really looking forward to this. not to mention learning about how it was programmed since I'm doing something a little similar…
What a shame :(

4ead4 No.14899

File: 1453237784605.jpg (67.46 KB, 547x709, jd003.jpg)

I gave up because everybody was telling me there was some better way to do it than in Python. Since I was still learning Python, I had no intention of picking up other languages or tools at the same time, chipping away from my time and focus. I have to learn programming to make money with it and maybe one day escape the rat race. To that ends, I must use the spare time I have for useful things; I merely thought this would also make that time spent entertaining and more rewarding as a learning experience. I am still interested in doing this, but perhaps later in the future once I have mastered C++.

4c7dd No.15034


Well, I look forward to seeing it eventually when you do finish it!

By the way, do you know where on the Internet I can find JD2000's work?

File: 1453242465388.jpg (5.97 KB, 200x370, Inquisition_Icon.jpg)

cbf5b No.14910[Reply]

I'm looking for a comic that used to be on here, about a woman referred to as a bimbo that continually laid golden eggs, an adventuress that killed her by plugging her with a gem till she bursts, and the warlord that kept her, can anyone find it?

15ed8 No.14911

Sounds like something you'd see in Oglaf.

41b99 No.14931

The comic is called "Kat and the Golden Egg Laying Bimbo"
found (censored) here: http://inflatetress.deviantart.com/gallery/
drawn by: http://h-panda.deviantart.com/

(there is also other great stuff there. Enjoy :D)

File: 1452872060947.jpeg (28.04 KB, 300x230, image.jpeg)

b0a63 No.14559[Reply]

Does anyone have his art backed up? this is all I could find thought the wayback machine.

9a48a No.13595[Reply]

Not my original artwork (that credit goes to Margie Perenchio) but it very much fits this section.

This Salma Hayek painting aptly named "Salma's Surprise" was a pretty awesome find.

To be honest a story with a very pregnant Salma would be really awesome.

File: 1449919763782.jpg (426.81 KB, 800x600, castle.jpg)

28e57 No.12251[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

There are already a few interactive stories… but I wanted to try writing one too. This story will be called "Impregnator Kings," in which you play as a medieval (ish) era aristocrat.

You wake up underneath the sheets of your soft bed with a reluctant yawn. You pull back the canopy of your bed and get a look at your surroundings. You definitely remember going to bed with one of the maids in the castle last night, but can see no trace of her, the clothing you remember ripping off of her before your copulation, or the wine you both shared. Instead you see merely a fresh tunic, leggings, and undergarments set out for you. Someone must have tided things up while you were asleep. Perhaps your guest herself?

Your name is Sir Edward, you're the eldest son of your father, the independent Duke of Virilia. His territory is relatively small. Its out-of-the-way location and easily defended terrain have kept rulers of neighboring kingdoms from showing up to demand your father bend the knee and accept anyone else as his feudal liege. As the eldest, you stand to inherit his title, his counties, its holdings, and all the prestige that comes with them. …Assuming he dies before you do, at least.

But you're still young while your father has lived his life, and your goals and ambitions are a little higher than a mere dukedom. You want an entire kingdom of your own.

Independence, however, is a double-edged sword. While your family has no masters, it means you similarly have no rightful claim to any throne, anywhere. Without a claim, even if you raised an army and invaded another land by force, no one would respect your hold as legitimate. The church would surely excommunicate you as a barbarian, and then all rulers of nearby lands would unite to dispose you.

That leaves one valid option… marriage. United in holy matrimony, you would gain a foothold into your potential wife's stake to the land and titles of her family. Peacefully. Comfortably.

The only question is who would want to marry a son-of-a-duke such as yourself?
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13428 No.14124

All right, we have a tie-breaker.

>7 votes for option one.

Tell Ricardo your reputation of impregnating women and fathering children.

Poll closed. Update soon.

01b5e No.14125

File: 1452381213726.jpg (23.08 KB, 921x606, picard-facepalm.jpg)


b1be7 No.14129

Again, it doesn't necessarily have to be full disclosure (again, let's avoid that nickname like a plague). Just some carefully considered details should do…

13428 No.14130

You've come so far, might as well tell him the rest.

You start to tell him about you've fathered more than a 'few' bastards in your lifetime. More than six. More than twelve. More than fifty.

You don't go into too much detail, but you make it clear when it comes to impregnating women, your efforts are unparalleled. Surely also, the country could do with a bit of repopulating?

Ricardo seems… neutral. Like he's trying to decide if you're lying to him and how seriously he should take your story or not.

"That's quite fascinating, Your Highness. But, if that's the case… why is taking your maids to bed so disagreeable?"



That's right.
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13428 No.14134

New thread here: >>14131

Hope you all enjoy.

File: 1451178887778.jpg (242.37 KB, 1200x1696, luc07_01.jpg)

6492e No.13006[Reply]

finally the ending to one of the most well-known preg doujins was translated.


Pretty moving ending actually, didn't see that twist coming.

Also seems like the actual artists commented on the exhentai page, so there's also that.

File: 1450512142302.png (1.79 MB, 1024x768, Yukikaze Mizuki.png)

c6cff No.12655[Reply]

is there any anime creator that features pregnancy and boob size optimation?

File: 1448799419198.jpg (1.54 MB, 1799x1012, Art43.jpg)

3c0d7 No.11917[Reply]

ITT: God Tier SFW desktop wallpaper with beautiful pregnant women (I wanted a new desktop wallpaper, but can't find anything up to snuff or SFW enough).

Pic related.
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8d743 No.12016

File: 1449099042866.jpg (1.09 MB, 1600x1200, koketu_UXGA.jpg)

8d743 No.12017

File: 1449099230158.jpg (181.9 KB, 1288x753, ByrZIkKCMAELpgw.jpg)

eeca1 No.12025

Can someone post wallpapers from Maman Kyoushitsu pls? Thx :>

e58ee No.12026

File: 1449176176255.jpg (754.41 KB, 2090x2090, d24d3d48-7a5d-4bda-cb4f-50….jpg)


I've got this image which is a higher-res, clean version of the box art. Rotated, resized, and/or cropped properly it works nice

e862a No.12143

File: 1449551332128.jpg (539.38 KB, 2576x1506, d5507baf-e052-4e96-ce2b-f0….jpg)

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