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a33bc No.11047[Reply]

thread for girls that just can't fit

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ccfbc No.8551[Reply]

I've been searching around for a hentai game with a name that translates into something like "50 girls Robinson Crusoe".
The basic premise is you're shipwrecked on an island with a bunch of teenage girls and you can go gather food and supplies for them. If you gather enough for any specific one, you have sex and she gets pregnant. All the girls will have up to 2 daughters that also become characters, and you can also get those pregnant once you have leveled them to 18.
It was pretty grindy, but still fun, and I would like to play it again. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and want to share a link?
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8827b No.8852


Uncanny timing! I just solved my own translation problems with Google - apparently a change to their software has busted chiitrans and chiitrans light translations using Google Translate as a source.

You'll need to use Atlas v14 in order to get translation working. Go here for instructions on how to get it.

hxxps://amaenboda.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/an-aero-gamers-guide-to-using-atlas/3/#Installing ATLAS

Condensed version:

- Download / install trial version of Atlas.
- Download / install U003 patch.
- Download Atlas crack.

Do not run Atlas without installing the crack first. If you're like me, and are just using it for chiitrans light, then you don't even need to run Atlas itself.
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7a7ec No.8860


Thanks a bunch.

ccfbc No.10688

Does anyone still care about this? I want to download it but the mega link is out of date.

b761c No.10710

>>10688 bump

f2832 No.11043

the link is dead, can someone reupload?

File: 1427765303978.jpg (76.93 KB, 900x527, The Wastes.jpg)

b5575 No.6548[Reply]

(This may be a touch grim, if that disinterests you, I suggest scrolling by.)
The sands were overwhelming, having been whipped into an absolute frenzy. Sand buffeted against the hard stone passes, eroding the structures and on occasion causing large stones to go sailing through the air. The heat was palpable. It seared to the bone any unfortunate sole navigating the wastes. One such figure dredged through the sands, clad in a worn brown leather outfit cobbled together with various linens. It was impossible to tell whether it had always been brown, or if the sands that clung to it gave it its present hue. Each gust threatening to knock the figure tumbling to the ground. He stood his ground, taking slow steady steps against the currents.

How had it come to this? His mind turned to happier times, simpler times. He remembered before the world went to hell. He remembered meadows that dotted the horizon and flowing streams that seemed to go on forever. The feel of cool water engulfing him. Meeting Silvia, the bombastic blond at a pub. They had danced the night away. The face of her on their wedding day, her glowing blue eyes that seemed to hold all the depths of the ocean meeting his with that glint of ecstasy. The feel of holding her close the first night they had loved one another. Her scent, the sensation of her silky soft skin against his. The taste of her kiss. The feel of their child growing inside her, his hand against her taut belly. The look of her dark blue gown and pale white skin in a casket. He winced, sometimes it was best not to remember.

He continued his trek through the wastes, trudging under an overarching pass of stone. It was going to be nightfall soon, he'd have to find someplace to make camp if he wanted to be safe from the terrors the curse had wrought. Maybe under the overhanging rock? It'd provide shelter from the-

The overhang crumbled above him, a torrent of stones loosed on the grounds below. He tried to leap out of the way, but the sheer force of the wind through the pass made it nigh impossible to move. Rocks and pebbles pelted him from above and sent him toppling to the ground. He strained, trying to pull himself free only to have a giant boulder collapse above him, the sound of it splintering as it hit other rocks that covered him. A searing pain ran through his skull, and the world faded to black.


Gods it was hot…and the pain, why did everything hurt? You open your eyesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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74129 No.10879

Aw, we didn't get the dog.

But I back Shadow's vote

be642 No.10894

Check over the body and then see if we can still go after the dog, if it needs help then it would be a good time to see if the broken rifle can still fire. If not we could use it or the spade as melee weapons(maybe even dual wield!!!).

23588 No.10896

File: 1445387910538.jpg (83.96 KB, 1000x700, rabid_dog_sketchies_izzy_b….jpg)


You’ve come all this way in the glaring sun, you might as well make something of it. Slowly you begin to shovel the man out of the sand with your spade. It takes time, and the sun beating down on you is draining, but eventually you sufficiently uncover him to go through his belongings. You find a map with the header “Operation Eden” scrawled in practically illegible red ink. The map is dated to 2102. You find yourself staring at the date. How far in the past was that? As much as you strain to remember, your mind is as barren as the desert.

Amidst the soldier’s belongings you find a first-aid kit with sufficient supplies to dress 5 wounds. The kit also comes with a few spools of thread for stitching bad cuts, but the needle seems to have been long ago lost. You use the first-aid kit to patch up some of your surface scrape as best you can, but will need something more serious to deal with the various broken feelings inside your torso.

An empty canteen is found around his waist, its sturdy plastic composition seemingly much sturdier than your beaten up water skin. You also find a single combat knife and sheath bearing an emblem depicting a silver and gold eagle rising out from a fire. Both items strap to your belt.
A cursory inspection of the gun reveals that the trigger mechanism appears to have been damaged by it taking on the brunt of the cave-in. You don’t have the tools or the expertise to repair a break like that, at least you do not anymore. With a sigh, you place the gun and its three shots back inside the sack.

Looking after the tracks, you notice the odd speed with which your visitor appears to have departed the area. The other set of tracks look to be following behind, but seem to be somewhat disoriented. You’d almost expect the other creature was drunk by the way it moved. While following the trail, your mind wanders.

You are not sure what to make of this strange land you’ve woken up in. Then again, you are not terribly sure of anything. You try to grasp at a name, to get a feel for your bearings. All that comes to mind is white static. Memory of a red and white striped flag with a segment of blue and white stars comes to you. The sensatiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

aa05d No.10907

Now we're in for it. Well, let's take this sucker on. Maybe we can wound it enough to scare it off. And if we do kill it, more meat. But! With as banged up as we are, let's conserve energy and try to bullfight this thing, dodging and taking stabs at it as it goes by.

be642 No.10967

What Shadow said. It's half dead already so it probably won't last long while exerting itself, so the main point is to not get hit.

File: 1442889814498.jpg (571.9 KB, 1280x960, 1f9.jpg)

62ec7 No.10487[Reply]

Any Mahou shojo Madoka art out there?
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c7141 No.10491

File: 1442894190849.jpg (123.47 KB, 588x684, 24553320.jpg)

Wait, here's another one. I should organize my folders better…

7f192 No.10628

File: 1443794243220.jpg (963.4 KB, 1582x2255, 1335396393416.jpg)

7f192 No.10629

File: 1443794388707.jpg (79.31 KB, 540x784, tumblr_midvy7gizx1qdj6r2o1….jpg)

7f192 No.10630

File: 1443794555273.jpg (1.41 MB, 1986x2310, VZMK2-Madoka.jpg)

ebf75 No.10950

File: 1445470315283.jpg (57.25 KB, 530x298, Madoka movie OP.jpg)

I'm a little surprised no one's mentioned this (and that it took me this long to remember it). Which, you know, actually happened both in the context of the series and in the opening of the first two movies :)

File: 1444418473060.jpg (185.63 KB, 765x741, image.jpg)

3669a No.10705[Reply]

So i think someone at Paizo knows what we like: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/aberrations/drakainia
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9b1eb No.10843


Way to show off, Z! Everything you redraw looks awesome =O

244c3 No.10847

I thought her ass(thorax) was the belly. I think they're going for more insectoid.

02b58 No.10854

One pc was captured, she is also into preg, will post when scene is done (dnd over skype)

b7a37 No.10860

Ah! I am honored to be graced by your generosity Zil! Haha, never much expected to attract any attention with my first post here

b7a37 No.10861

File: 1445216394453.png (96.73 KB, 900x400, image.png)

Here is another mother of monsters kinda rpg thing. From the upcoming miniatures game Kingdom Death. There is a whole series of beings in the game about breeding with humans and monstrous spawn.

File: 1438941612628.jpg (123.11 KB, 600x838, 40week.jpg)

ae9c8 No.9675[Reply]

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03e26 No.10436


So fucking hot I wish that were possible too! Even if it's not just roleplaying something like that would make her the best GF ever.

19bf5 No.10641

Still no full version??

f9326 No.10693

Finally..there are more images(albeit lower quality)…but still incomplete


f9326 No.10694

c3efd No.10698

Probably the worst quality upload I've seen yet.
Still… cant complain I guess. :)

Thanks, if that person is on here!

File: 1442519724619.jpg (172.71 KB, 714x1024, immorality_family_146_www.….jpg)

6573c No.10416[Reply]

Hey guys

I was wondering if anyone knew some decent games or even hentai where good part, if not all, of your harem is composed of members of your own family. I want to live Craster's dream (GoT fans will know what I'm talking about). Bonus points if you can add your eventual offsprings to your harem, at some point (e.g. Follower Sophie's or Slave Amily's routes in Corruption of Champions). Even more bonus points if the offsprings can make other offsprings in a more or less endless cycle (I'm assuming that only hentai will reach this incest depth, but it doesn't hurt to ask). Text adventures count only if they're as developed as CoC.

If I had to ask somewhere in particular, I'm sorry. I'm still new around here.

Pic related: it's called Immorality Family.

44272 No.10421

Can't say I know of anything that takes incest to that extent. I mean, there are tons of games where there's a sister or mom route (or even both!), but not much comes to mind when you speak of stuff that crosses generation gaps.

I can really only think of how CoC has Minotaur son and Tamani's daughter encounters, should you get impregnated / impregnate the respective monster.

cdd04 No.10434

You could try Whoremaster or Whoremaster EX, they both allow you to sex girls, knock them up, and then later knock up their daughters once they've matured. It's not a great game but it has its good points.

4247b No.10485

File: 1442870880139.jpg (271 KB, 800x1141, 164.jpg)

Thanks for the tip >>10434, I'll take a look at it ASAP.

I also found this little gem while I was looking the other day for stuff like this. I think it gets pretty close to what I wanted to see (while the protagonist doesn't have sex with his offsprings, lots of babies are made, sometimes multiple times, with sisters, mother, aunts and what have you).

It's called Botepuri Kanda Family, if you're interested.

44272 No.10488

Where would you find such games?

File: 1417458433213.jpg (664.7 KB, 1200x1705, 0021.jpg)

4871e No.4064[Reply]

Thought I'd start a thread for pregnant related inflation, mainly Rapid Pregnancy.

So feel free to add to it, bonus points if you include a link to the source?

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f82fe No.10325

I like that the dad at the end is like "Nope, we're done thanks."

eae37 No.10327

Why the hell is Exhentai so secretive. It's a porn site, it's not selling goddamn nuclear launch codes.

f78e4 No.10331

It's not really. All you need is an account and log in at g.e-hentai.org before you visit exhentai.org. At least that's how I've been doing it all this time.
There's some (possibly offensive or prohibited content) that they have have decided to put after that unconventional log-in barrier.

eecaa No.10334


it has content considered illegal in some nations and thus not allowed for viewing on g-e hentai and it's also run by the folks who run g-e hentai but because of that content it's hard to get a (reputable or at least as good as one can get for a porn site) ad service which g-e hentai does.

so to keep the traffic down as well as to make it no so public those barriers to casual entry are in place since ex has no ads and the content.

a3396 No.10413

File: 1442502133360.jpg (680.4 KB, 1200x1741, 061.jpg)

[Rakujin] Zettai Fukujuu Camera -Iinari Podcast- l Camera of Absolute Submission - Hypnotism Podcast [English] [desudesu]


File: 1442191041959.png (298.99 KB, 800x1067, rwby_mama___yang__waiting_….png)

a999e No.10369[Reply]

put any and all rwby pregnancy themed art here

a999e No.10370

File: 1442191350188.jpg (103.52 KB, 900x1132, iCZkf7e.jpg)

mama neo :)

0a854 No.10096[Reply]

Can you make Rebecca Lee 9 months pregnant with twins?
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0a854 No.10104

Oh, My bad.
So where's the request thread?

41ac1 No.10105


No prob - sometimes threads get swallowed up with the activity.


Same pose as your ref pic or had something else in mind? Sometimes giving more specifics or backstory can help / motivate others.

0a854 No.10107


0a854 No.10108

So, Can I post it else where?

18e91 No.10110

I deleted the pic so you can post it in the other thread.

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