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File: 1418701947750.png (576.07 KB, 1012x1200, 9-11-14-3.png)

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Are you malga?.. Why are you posting this in its own thread?

File: 1417862045624.jpg (234.47 KB, 499x535, kamp1.jpg)

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Haven't seen much in the way of these girls knocked up, only 2 or 3 pictures of Natsuru (blue hair). Does anybody else have or want to see more?
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>>4200 I'll have to give that a try this week then!

>>4204 Yeah that's one of the only ones I've seen haha

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File: 1418025680738.jpg (3.38 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_1305.JPG)


Hooray for insomnia, I took a crack at it tonight!

I used a scene from the show as a reference since I've never been great at drawing straight from my head. But I hope it came out alright, I rather like it myself. Was this more or less what you had in mind?

4cce2 No.4226


I know I missed the right sleeve with the black, but my black and blue pencils crapped out and were too short to sharpen again haha.

ae39c No.4229

Looks good to me. You still have room to grow of course, but you're definitely better at shading than I am. Do you sketch before you ink?

4cce2 No.4230


Thanks. Yeah, I do.

File: 1417325045335.jpg (199.07 KB, 1200x1822, 134b.jpg)

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viewing the 'preggos sitting at desks' thread gave me this idea….I really dig pictures of pregnant ladies with just one button unbuttoned/some buttons unbuttoned, kind of like they still wanted to wear the shirt but it didn't *quite* fit anymore. sitting or standing is fine. I'm gonna search for stuff too. I know this is super specific, but (hopefully) we can find some awesome stuff.
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File: 1417391394994.jpg (155.72 KB, 550x1200, cm__asian_office_lady_by_o….jpg)

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File: 1417760849984.jpg (287.05 KB, 792x1009, image.jpg)

Got another 4 you

36f53 No.4175

Not pregnant, just stuffed.

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File: 1417855678097.jpg (520.15 KB, 1024x1444, image.jpg)

Here's ones for your amusement pt.1 of 2

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File: 1417855710794.jpg (355.52 KB, 1024x1370, image.jpg)

Now here's part 2

File: 1417165121134.jpg (148.02 KB, 1000x1000, 71IneT4ilkL._AA1000_.jpg)

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So Loe Quality Translations has released a patch for a new (old) Swanmania vn, titled Haramiko. the translation patch translates the entire common route and Hazuki's story route into english, supposedly better quality than the Mamankyoushitsu translation (though it still needs revision).


LQT blogpost:
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d3450 No.4129

thanks m8

0f995 No.4148

hello. i managed to install but it's asking for disc serial number. do you have solution for that?

a7ee0 No.4153


In the .rar file of the torrent, there's a file named edp4.dll. Copy that into the Haramiko folder (overwriting the old one), then run the .exe (when the disc image is still mounted; it doesn't have a no-cd crack)

0f995 No.4154

thanks breo! i love you!

File: 1417377903327.png (571.38 KB, 961x775, fap.png)

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Do you guys like K-On?
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File: 1417401631506.jpg (159.54 KB, 600x786, 6811445af11c87f8bbfdc1a3b3….jpg)

This has always been one of my favorite pictures.

4f0ec No.4056

Do I like K- On?
I do now lol.

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File: 1417416607887.jpg (142.02 KB, 900x630, impregnating_spider_chroni….jpg)

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File: 1417416617353.png (320.65 KB, 600x800, impregnating_spider_chroni….png)

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File: 1417419722158.jpg (107.96 KB, 800x800, impregnating_spider_chroni….jpg)

holy assballs it's Azunyan.

File: 1416188944965.jpg (41.29 KB, 728x90, ag4.jpg)

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Saw this banner ad on Nyaa.org and spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out what it was about. Eventually realised that JList just stick up adds with whatever anime meme they think is funny, even though they have no related products. In this case, turns out there's a meme for shooping in pregnancy tests to anime screenshots with funny expressions. And you know, that's the kind of meme I can get behind…

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File: 1416203197090.gif (1022.4 KB, 480x279, 1413510632202.gif)

I got my own share of fun out of this meme I have to admit. Found an animated version that happened to feature my waifu desu kawaii anime noises please kill me.

3ac5f No.3680

Aww Chie

fc5cb No.3682

I'd take responsibility

f763c No.3683

File: 1416249390878.png (435.72 KB, 878x767, ruby_preganancy_test_meme_….png)

This is the one that got to me. Not surprised at all that the creator added the text "Weiss, what did you do to me?".

db1cd No.3687

Fucking this. Its becoming a chore

File: 1415646070675.jpg (698.67 KB, 5366x2471, theseus_rough_story_board_….jpg)

1188f No.3292[Reply]

One of my fave preggo artists on dA has a pic up that he said was part of an old story idea. He said he'll flesh it out a bit if he gets enough comments saying people want to see it. It could be good. He's got a unique sunday paper comics meets old school sci-fi style that I personally enjoy. Check him out!


File: 1415565043105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.46 KB, 1232x1232, stripper.jpg)

5a4c9 No.3180[Reply]

https://www.tumblr.com/blog/cyocyocyo Once I get supporters, all my art is going here free to view, pregnancy themed only


File: 1410458302744.jpg (727.47 KB, 1150x2644, image.jpg)

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51946 No.611

The ones with the dragon girl are actually done by modeseven. Most of his stuff is.. kinda weird.

b76bd No.668

ModeSeven and NitroTitan are the same artist.
"Nitro" being in the name makes me wonder if KamiNitro might be another alias from when ModeSeven went by NitroTitan.

a7aaa No.669

I dunno what other names he went by, but:


52259 No.2812

More of this?

2bcd3 No.2872

I don't suppose anyone can identify this character?

File: 1410378760842.jpg (54.67 KB, 400x746, aeriscolored2.jpg)

8d6ed No.12[Reply]

To celebrate this day and in order to make a first good fill I decided to post a good part of my stash today :3
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bbb6e No.221

The return of Pregchan is so awesome, even the bellies are excited!

(Tried making a thread for this, but the site wouldn't let me for some reason.)

bbb6e No.222

Okay, tried posting a gif only for it to go wonky on me. This is what I was trying to post.

bbb6e No.223

Sorry about this mess. This site seriously won't let me post a gif I have. It's the one with Nagisa from Clannad where you see her belly move for a moment. Really cute stuff.

8d6ed No.234

Stranhge, i was able to upload a Gif without problems in the happy thread (>>131 http://pregchan.com/d/src/1410457969773.gif)

4cff5 No.2688

File: 1414366301332.png (122.46 KB, 800x1000, 1414320867104.png)

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