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File: 1417167283150.jpg (175.21 KB, 1500x1028, requests image2.jpg)

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Requests are presently closed ~FastFlame

I'm bored and I need some good ideas.
So send me your requests and I'll draw them. I'll try to do them as often as I can, and I'll do them in order of how interesting they are to me.

Here's my pixiv account if you want to see the sort of thing I usually get up to.

I'll draw ANYTHING except:
*Furries - because I'm not very good at it. Expect your furries to look more like human women wearing animal Halloween costumes.
*Underage - i.e. cartoon characters who are canonically underage. If I get any underage requests, I will age them UP until they're pregnant grannies.

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2faa4 No.6760

Guys…This thread has been closed for a while…

47335 No.6799

Well bang Ok

47335 No.6800

Well bang Ok

b9639 No.7042

Probably a good idea to LOCK the thread since people can't into reading.

133c6 No.7045

Thread locked. Meant to do this earlier, but y'all know how scatterbrained I can be. If you have any new requests, take it to the drawthread.

File: 1422056416292.jpg (138.38 KB, 600x800, Etuyo_p.jpg)

72ead No.5390[Reply]

This is a particular fetish of mine, so I thought it'd be fun to see if anyone else has any pics like this. I'll post the few that I have here.
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6ab8c No.5990

File: 1425044733712.jpg (60.6 KB, 800x600, pregggirl.JPG)

Here's am image I found on photobucket a few years ago. no clue about the source.

10bbf No.6005

source is Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou | みんな大好き子づくりばんちょう
a game where you go around beating highschool girls and inducting them into your harem to impregnate them to receive baby money from the government. It got an english patch a while ago.

a3901 No.6008

File: 1425151408341.jpg (90.41 KB, 1200x900, nihoncgcollege-siesta_s.jpg)

5dadb No.6085

where is this from?

fb77b No.7024

File: 1428739638730.png (182.89 KB, 512x680, 50_follower_special__pregg….png)

This was a pic I made of my OC back when I hit 50 deviantART watchers.

File: 1428029038502.jpg (263.63 KB, 850x1198, image.jpg)

ae245 No.6659[Reply]

I don't know about you, but I've seen a lack of girls with bellies WHILE wearing an animal costume like the kind in the reference pic. I think it would be cute to see them bulging in the middle, and the girl(s) rub their belly to calm their "litter". :P
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ef407 No.6665

this is relevant to my interests, pls post what you have.

080aa No.6666

This is so cute, I'd love to see anything for it. x3

b2255 No.6692

This really IS an adorable concept~ ^_^
if anyone out there were to draw this stuff, is there any favorite characters who might look good for this?
*Food for Thought, I guess? XD*

050bb No.6693

File: 1428089243721.png (5.55 KB, 209x329, Not_your_average_bear_by_m….png)

I only know of this one. "not your average bear" by mogologo.

6075c No.6705

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to actually draw something for this board. I might give it a go and post if I do :)

File: 1421815727419.jpg (163.97 KB, 1040x1346, iffrilece_the_broodmother_….jpg)

19bb3 No.5303[Reply]

A few of you might be familiar with the stuff I've commissioned. This is oddly both a very broad fetish with its various subfetishes yet specific in the way they are combined, so I wasn't sure what topic to post my pictures in. If there's anything wrong with this let me know.

Note that there are more curious mutations coming up in the later posts, so be warned. If you want to post some relating content up yourself, you are welcome!
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9416d No.5375

File: 1421982613042.jpg (85.42 KB, 753x498, kH0gqkg.jpg)

can't be too careful ;)

19bb3 No.5414

File: 1422145360471.png (803.49 KB, 2200x2500, Not today.png)

19bb3 No.5420

File: 1422159178083.png (494.02 KB, 1200x1000, Quen's Upgrade.png)

19bb3 No.5510

File: 1422415497522.jpg (3.05 MB, 3508x2436, Bday.jpg)

Madamsquiggles did this art as a late Birthday Day gift out of nowhere. Might as well celebrate with a big bump to this thread.

3f66b No.6561

>>5420 why the fuck are their dota items here how is this dota related is that TG lycan?

File: 1427211551723.jpg (26.13 KB, 439x343, 新生児.jpg)

ef219 No.6428[Reply]


39cc8 No.6431

We have a thread for this. Please post it there. Locking this.

File: 1427168543442.png (124.03 KB, 466x340, Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at ….png)

ab834 No.6413[Reply]

I was wondering if there are some kind souls out there who can help me find a comic that I am possibly looking for. Unfortunately, this is where the problem comes in. I don't know the name of the comic, the artist nor do I have any pictures from where it came from. All I know is this certain scenario that I cannot seem to forget (luckily). Maybe if I tell you guys this scenario, it might be possible that someone can help me find what I'm looking for. So here it is.

This all starts out with two young adults screwing on the side of a building, a school or hospital or something like that, and i'm pretty sure they're brother and sister. The girl gets a phone call from her mother who is heavily pregnant, and after a bit of arguing, she thinks she hangs up, but the phone is still on, and the mother hears the sounds of their sexual scene. The mother starts masturbating on top of a bed as she can't resist not doing so while hearing these sounds. She is very wet underneath, and as soon as the mother cums, her husband comes in and says something like "you're masturbating when you're heavily pregnant like this?" and after they talk for a bit, the husband and mother start making love…

Thats all I remember. I don't know if it's enough, but I have been searching for this Hentai for days and it's killing me that I can't find it. Maybe someone has it saved up in their files, or knows where is may be, but this is all the information I could offer. I'd be extremely grateful of someone could post some kind of link to where it may be. Thank you everyone.

(Also, I don't know if there is a certain thread for this kind of situation, but if so, can someone transfer it there? thanks again!)

7c913 No.6414

ab834 No.6415


YES!!! Oh god. Thank you so much!

File: 1426567716570.jpg (2.33 KB, 50x50, redman50222.jpg)

1bf05 No.6276[Reply]

Well, like I said. I wanna get to know you guys a bit more, and get involved in the community. So what better way then to do a request thread guys. Go for it. Pic unrelated.
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1bf05 No.6287

Huh? Stipulations and limitations huh? Well, okay. I guess, no scat, waterworks and mpreg…I guess, that's, all I can think of for now.

e7c80 No.6290


Well, its always best to ask. Just because I like something, doesn't mean everyone else does. I'll think of a request when I'm not half asleep.

e7c80 No.6301

Alright, now that my brain isn't a total useless fried lump. Here's my request.


See this pic?, I'd like it brought to its natural conclusion if that is okay with you.

6919c No.6305

I'd like to request something with this, an OC of mine.

>The grotesque has uniform beige-reddish skin.

She has pure obsidian eyes. They're eye shaped, they just look like round inkwells.
Her hair is raven and ebony, tied into a bun in back (Nanny style, ftw)
>Her face is round; slightly chubby cheeks, plump lips, pronounced but feminine roman nose. Set in a stoic, determined (but not necessarily grimacing or sneering) expression. Were she human, one would think she'd been plucked up from the shores of Greece.
>Her body type can only be described as a pear; wider down below than above, but resembling what would happen if an olympic fighter stopped training and their body was hit with a sudden reaping feminization that comes with a pregnancy and sedentary lifestyle. Wide hips, chubby, big butt. Her belly, being so fat, is the kind that leaves one wondering if she's pregnant or just carrying her weight in a deceptive shape. Her breasts are those of a petite woman that has succumbed to food, age and hormones, and what were once peaches are now fat, heavy nursing breasts, dotted with a pair of teats suckled into more adequate puffy feeders.
>She possesses four arms; Sound weird? Just think of her as a sort of non-flying gargoyle, and it'll make more sense.
>For horns, she possesses only a line of tiny bony ridges that stick out from her brow. A line of six protruding, blunt spikes no bigger than tictacs.

>For clothing, she wears a linen sarong which provides little modesty, and an open cloth vest that ties up the front she uses like a bra. Her ears are otherwise humanoid. For jewelry, she wears loop bracelets around the forearms of her lower set of arms and rings.

Maybe walking. The background doesn't have to be complex, and you don't NEED to color it if you don't want, but perhaps have her walking down a dirt road. Her top set of arms holding her belly, her lower set pressed against her lower back. :)

1bf05 No.6328

Alright. Thank you guys for your requests. I've taken note of them, and I will work on them asap. So please, no rushing or constant spamming. I'm a full time student and will do my best to get to any or all of them. They are all, quite interesting.

File: 1416435272708.jpg (192.84 KB, 1200x1822, 133b.jpg)

5b462 No.3749[Reply]

Anyone else want to see more pictures of preggos behind desks? Whether it be giving birth at a deck or just trying to fit behind one.

I know this is a really specific thing, but I think it has potential.
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5b462 No.5842

I noticed that he has some of his work on deviantart.

24863 No.5903

Hii! I don't have much but I do have a DA by the same username!
PS: Not a he :)

5b462 No.5915

Haha, sorry about that.

c17d3 No.6146

This turns me On we need MOAR NOOOOOOWOWWWWWW

5b462 No.6264

File: 1426519738653.jpg (121.86 KB, 850x531, sample_082ccd41cec6459339f….jpg)

Found this one recently.

File: 1425701353264.jpg (271.23 KB, 1001x2015, firefly.jpg)

87665 No.6098[Reply]

Hey guys. I don't know if your remember me, but I was the fellow that mentioned about doing a comic with a pregnant lesbian couple, if I posted stuff or offered, would you guys critique some of my stuff and I don't mind taking requests. I'd, like to join the community, if I can guys. I appreciate it. Thanks.

05d18 No.6100

Feel free, as far as I know everybody is welcome to join the community in whatever capacity they want to. I think your style is pretty interesting but I'm not too sure how to critique it myself.

87665 No.6107

Anything will do. Just like, 'oh, hands are nice, but I suggest this.' Or something along the lines of that.

c5b50 No.6117

this one has really interesting unique style. you don't see a very vector-like / no outlines style very often.
this character has a very clear vision in terms of design and clothing, it seems like a personality, so thats very good.
i would try to add more depth with more shading, especially in the clothing. the shoulder-armpit area seems very flat. the folds between the top and the pants can also use more work, hip/leg shape could be a bit more pronounced, but this is getting too picky.
I'd like to see more from you. :) Keep it up!

87665 No.6260

File: 1426490097376.jpg (24.32 MB, 6313x8180, Tinman Print-3.jpg)

Here's a print from my comic. If I had to give it a comparison. Think of CHAPPiE, except its in the United States, set in the future with District 9 and a lesbian couple.

File: 1426127204589.jpg (15.69 KB, 158x200, final_preggo_fantasy_part_….jpg)

045eb No.6164[Reply]

i apologize but i don't have a higher resolution for this pic, buy if anyone does feel free to post it.
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045eb No.6167

File: 1426127442302.jpg (417.51 KB, 738x1023, rain preg 1.jpg)

045eb No.6168

File: 1426127452359.jpg (349.19 KB, 772x1022, rain preg 2.jpg)

b91d1 No.6171



I know this comes across as rude, but I can't really say I'm a fan of this guy's work. If you need a reason why, well, just look in the bottom-left corner.

ec2a2 No.6204

Hey, I loved your work on deviantart! Are you still on there? I haven't seen any new work, but sometimes I miss stuff right under my nose.

96748 No.6224

I've been looking for his Final Fantasy comic for awhile does anyone have it in full?

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