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File: 1410447575490.png (527.91 KB, 800x818, oekaki_72_by_idlehq-d5rcdl….png)

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You all knew this was coming!

Artists of all sorts, this is the place for you. Any pictures that you've drawn yourself or had commissioned for yourself, go ahead and post here. Of course, if you'd like to start a new thread to showcase your works, that's perfectly acceptable too.

As always, repeated unsolicited requests will be met with swift modly justice. If they don't ask for requests, don't make 'em. Save it for the drawthread.

80cc6 No.132

File: 1410458014747.jpg (689.17 KB, 1280x1024, jellyfish_04.jpg)

Welp, time to see how this works. By now I can't remember what the last drawing was that I posted before the board went down, so guess I'll start with my jellyfish girl.

23ef8 No.142

File: 1410460314440.png (175.38 KB, 935x866, ghjkghgkj.png)


24aa3 No.154

File: 1410474181217.jpg (1.13 MB, 707x1000, 001.jpg)

A friend from bbw-chan doodled this for me. It was the start of what was going to be a series of comic scripts (and is the origin of my unusual internet handle) but I wound up deleting them out of dissatisfaction of the story.

24aa3 No.155

File: 1410474325263.jpg (1.11 MB, 712x1000, 002.jpg)

The story starred a lady. Through obvious means (wink wink) she gained a sort of sixth sense and a cheater's intuition.
She's like a private eye/ghost buster.

24aa3 No.156

File: 1410474408223.jpg (228.76 KB, 577x2196, dressed.jpg)

I miss blaise. :( Haven't seen her in years.

24aa3 No.157

File: 1410474448347.jpg (334.76 KB, 1224x1628, Norse.jpg)

This may seem like a strange thing to follow with, but I'll just say, she has weird dreams.

0e09c No.247

File: 1410625902538.jpg (305.55 KB, 1280x1025, hilda_and_gilda_s_ghoulish….jpg)

Well Halloween IS coming :P

c6fd7 No.277

I'm always amazed and perhaps a little guilty every time I see this picture show up.

2534c No.278

File: 1410785692928.png (332.44 KB, 1200x1276, old asuka touchup.png)

Kinda fallen out of practice, so maybe digging up some old unifinisheds will help spur me on again.

2534c No.279

File: 1410785991104.png (328.75 KB, 526x1043, sencho.png)

some sort of pirate catgirl i stumbled across in one of Konami's desperate attempts to merge shmups and creepers

wait what does that make me then

2534c No.280

File: 1410786059066.png (315.45 KB, 823x899, alice and hyacinth.png)

Can't say I'm too impressed with Hyacinth on the left, but Alice came out rather cute. I should've done more with this.

2534c No.281

File: 1410786145693.png (441.23 KB, 1300x1000, Spacespie Spreme.png)

Something I was actively finishing months ago and then suddenly stopped. Guess I'm not terribly happy with how Maddalena was coming out here, either.

2534c No.282

File: 1410786522821.png (162.51 KB, 518x852, lina bikini huge.png)

And lastly, because why the hell not, hugely pregnant Lina Inverse. Also in a bikini because that seems to be a theme here.

70c83 No.290

This is awesome!
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more like this.

2534c No.292

File: 1410803283562.png (393.19 KB, 1107x1521, more lina fashion.png)

Not as big, but significantly more finished!

2534c No.307

File: 1410841461530.png (229.02 KB, 509x983, speed doodle.png)

super fast sketch to warm up for something else, kinda turned into another Lina because of course it did.

50bbf No.317

File: 1410894663484.jpg (125.97 KB, 1800x1152, ilse WIP copy.jpg)

Sketched this, thinking of finishing it at some point.

fcf83 No.348

File: 1410979390419.png (622.7 KB, 1119x1436, Huntress Sketch.png)

I made this. Considering coloring it.

18096 No.349


Pregnant Risk of Rain art? DEFINITELY color this. :D

0dd1b No.392

File: 1411088853252.jpg (834.18 KB, 2174x3058, SCAN0093.JPG)

I suppose I am going to need some time to adjust to the new format. Anyway, I felt like using traditional means of coloring for this one. (Those who scored "A" ranks in all of Rouge's missions in Sonic Adventure 2 should recognize the outfit here.)

adb1e No.395

I thought I recognized that outfit! (From a player's guide, never could get all A rank.) Excellent work! Human Rouge is a real cutie.

0dd1b No.396

Not to brag, but I managed to score all "A" in all her missions (in fact, I did it with Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow too). I do, however, appreciate your feedback.

9c1a0 No.588

File: 1411327984509.png (963.91 KB, 1000x1087, Dizzy.png)

Housewarming gift from the shit fairy.

adb9c No.590

File: 1411342299432.png (2.08 MB, 1092x1800, BBW14.png)

A collaboration with Doombeez

>>588 And thank you shit-fairy

adb9c No.591

File: 1411348517966.png (2.12 MB, 2000x1125, Purple05.png)

And one more cause I'm bored

2534c No.600


holy shit yes

288e7 No.707

File: 1411538630321.jpg (50.86 KB, 640x480, HNI_0022_JPG.JPG)

Well been a lurker since the old sight. Figured it was time to say hi. Oh and I drew this up for the ocasion. Why a rabbit laying eggs? Why not?

88b88 No.719

File: 1411545343680.png (156.06 KB, 640x738, ill-fit.png)

Hi again you may remember me, I drew a lot of Pokémon stuff.

I forget what my old username was.

88b88 No.720

File: 1411545374206.png (95.9 KB, 321x508, bad-ditto.png)

Kind of impregnation in this one since ditto's in the process of stuffing her with eggs

88b88 No.721

File: 1411545412938.png (255.55 KB, 580x746, ouka2.png)

Today on 'who even does .hack stuff' featuring me

18096 No.726


Were you Pokeanon? If so, I really liked your stuff. Good to see you around again. :)


Never seen/read/played .hack, but hey, cute catgirl giving birth, can't complain.

6ccc5 No.728


Oh hey, Ouka. Reminds me of the other pic someone drew of her really pregnant. Kind of wish there was more of some of the other characters.

635ab No.743

POKEANON that was me that's right. I even saw one of my old drawings floating around here somewhere, so thanks!
Ouka seems to draw the most art for stuff like this out of anybody. Makes sense, considering her design…

1bb75 No.744

I remember your stuff. Also it's a shame there's not more for .hack characters, some of them were pretty nice to look at (plus there was Mistral, who actually WAS pregnant in the original games, though of course her character never looked it).

2534c No.751

She IS actually illustrated in one of the short novels from BlackRose's point of view (she takes a train out to meet Mistral's player right after she 'retires' from the game), and she's pretty adorable. I'll have to dig it up some day.

b26aa No.756

File: 1411586271250.jpeg (39.95 KB, 300x512, She became complicated.jpeg)

No need, I've got it right here. Not particularly fetishized, but very cute. I may draw her at some point because she's just so adorable…

1bb75 No.795

Yeah, I forgot about that (and I actually own those novels). Of course, I meant her in-game appearance.

There's also the fact that Aura herself eventually becomes a mother (though no one has a clue how Zefie comes to be, she's just there in Legend of the Twilight…which is where Ouka's from, and for the record she's a wolf, not a cat).

Of course, now my inner otaku is showing and I should probably shut up now before I start ranting…

adb9c No.848

File: 1411710418499.png (3 MB, 2000x1125, Study01.png)

Well, easter eggs have to cum from somewhere don't they?

Nice to see you fancy mc'pokeanon. Always liked your art even if I'm too old for pokemon.

162e7 No.851

Noooo, don't say "too old for pokemon", it's "E for everyone" and I'm sticking to my story… :(

But oh man I always did love your stuff. Though I wonder why your stuff always looks so… dry! No fluid at all, although I would guess that's hard to render nicely.

6af4e No.855

Yeah, I'm with you. 25 years old, still looking forward to each new Pokemon release. :)

And man, this thread makes me wish I had at least some artistic talent.

9cf70 No.860

File: 1411757396874.png (465.33 KB, 1024x1333, TTTch01pg01.png)

While this have questionable quality of artwork, I promise it to be worth your while for an entertaining read.

Otherwise, I may have to commit seppuku.

Best Regards!

The continuing can be found here: http://zihilism.deviantart.com/art/Thicker-Than-Thieves-483541678

3ebfa No.874

File: 1411767066479.png (268.78 KB, 641x1000, delete.png)

Sometimes, being a magical girl means fighting monsters that don't wan to kill you, but use you for other reasons….

I'm still alive! ;n;/ Work, meaning real life and comic owrk I do otherwise, has been a bit hectic!

3ebfa No.876

File: 1411768724830.png (275.67 KB, 713x978, delete.png)

More unicorn nonsense! ^^

18096 No.877


Cool stuff, Zihil. Looking forward to reading all of it.


Good to see you back, Beeloni. I always really dug your stuff. :)

18096 No.879


Cool stuff, Zihil. Looking forward to reading all of it.


Good to see you back, Beeloni. I always really dug your stuff. :)

adb9c No.918

File: 1411791791045.jpg (1.07 MB, 2000x1125, Study03.jpg)

When I say that I'm too old, I mean that it came out after I was an adult. At least in the states.

I'm not that good with photoshop and rendered fluids don't usually come out right. I don't mind trying once in a while. Is this better?

I have no talent and look at me. Daz studio is free and comes with some basic models. Don't know if the default models have a pregnancy morph but it might be a start: https://www.daz3d.com/get_studio

70c83 No.977

Welcome back!

14cb5 No.980

Is daz studio completely free? Without trial periods?

e05ed No.987


Very nice!

adb9c No.1003

File: 1411880003557.png (1.81 MB, 1999x1125, Ellie05.png)

Yes, the catch is that you have to sign up for their spam

Thanks! Have another

80cc6 No.1235

File: 1411931678358.jpg (397.64 KB, 1010x1250, Caelia01wip.jpg)

Here's a WIP that I dressed up since I won't be finishing the drawing anytime soon. I need to draw more yuri.

Mmm, a little hard to see. I wonder how it'd look with some rim lighting.

adb9c No.1273

File: 1411964123066.png (1.96 MB, 1999x1125, Ellie08.png)

You're not the first to mention. In my defense it is nice and bright on my main screen. Anywho, lets try a slightly brighter one. And maybe I can get another done tonight. A brighter one…

6839c No.1354

Holy crap, that's awesome!
Poor girl looks ready to pop.

07e4e No.1474

File: 1412050367867.jpg (307.85 KB, 1280x720, WiiU_screenshot_TV_0142C.jpg)

Drew this real quick.

07e4e No.1475

File: 1412051415225.jpg (346.26 KB, 1280x720, WiiU_screenshot_TV_0142C.jpg)


adb9c No.1478

File: 1412056473861.png (603.36 KB, 922x1518, fire03a.png)

This is my friend the Efreet. She's part of something new Doombeez and I are working on. Basically I'm making a series of images for him to use as the basis for a new story. With any luck we'll both finish our contributions at the same time but in either case I'll post more soon. Well, soonish.

In the meantime; anyone out there have a request? Can't do specific characters but I can do [body type] + [skin tone] + [volume of pregnancy] + [situation/pose]. (No loli)

dced6 No.1504

Well, if you are looking for requests, we could always use your help with Tess on the Pregnancy Chart thread.

0a685 No.1523

File: 1412130211642.png (475.68 KB, 1600x1500, Breeder House Pngv1.png)

I don't know if this counts as original content, but I figured it couldn't hurt to share. Spent all day doing this instead of other more productive things.

I did do the coloring on that one girl though, which was a black and white commission I got from some body a while ago.

dced6 No.1524

That is pretty cool! Hell, we could even set up a thread in chat for that thing.

07e4e No.1525

File: 1412132304664.jpg (158.74 KB, 854x480, WiiU_screenshot_GamePad_01….jpg)


c7792 No.1528

Sorry for being slightly off topic, but do you have the full size pic of the b/w sketch in the far right bottom corner?

adb9c No.1529

File: 1412132655965.png (2.57 MB, 922x1518, Water03.png)

I like the idea but that sort of project is going to take quite some time to plan out. To be honest I'm not sure my software can realistically go past quadruplets at full term. I'll fiddle around with some test images over the week.

It is content and it is original, it counts. Nice btw.

Any other takers for single image requests? Last offer.

dced6 No.1530

Hey, you are willing to try, that is all I can ask. I knew it was a long shot anyway. Thank you for your willingness to try over the week though.

If you are doing single image requests, why not knock out two birds with one stone, and can you make a picture of a woman as pregnant as your software will allow?

0a685 No.1531

Heh, thanks but I'd rather slip it into another thread instead of making a new topic. Though I couldn't find another topic where it fit. So maybe some kinda all purpose game/quest thread? Yeah. I can make something like that I think.

Good friend of mine drew one of my characters for me. She's actually the same character as the girl with the glasses, she just sort of has a sort of werewolf alternate personality thing going on. It's complicated. Here is the full version.
Warning if you visit the rest of his stuff. He's into bellies of all kinds and sometimes draws vore too. He does have a few pregnancy pictures too though.

Requests, but not of specific characters? Hmm… I'd ask if you could maybe draw something like the chick on the Breeder House thing. But if that's a no go, then I'm all for fantasy warrior/mage/whatever preggo chicks. Mommas who can kick ass sorta deal.

07e4e No.1533

File: 1412133873588.jpg (198.57 KB, 854x480, WiiU_screenshot_GamePad_01….jpg)

Last for today.

dced6 No.1534

I saw it as a great frame work for RP's. Hell, it made me want to RP, and I NEVER want to do that. Having a special thread for it would be Wonderful!

adb9c No.1535

File: 1412134037419.png (2.61 MB, 922x1518, Water04.png)

Setting the dial to eleven!

Which chick specifically? I see several =D

0a685 No.1536

The pony tail and glasses chick? Maybe slap some warrior or adventurer outfit on her, maybe some kinda martial arts thing? Maybe with a pose of her struggling to adventure with a giant gut in the way. Make it big enough that she has to struggle to move with it. XD I get really detailed with requests so I should probably stop now.

dced6 No.1537


adb9c No.1539

File: 1412136543466.png (1.53 MB, 922x1518, Request_Big01.png)

I couldn't choose between BBW and Standard so I rendered both.

adb9c No.1540

File: 1412136614888.png (1.53 MB, 922x1518, Request_Big02.png)

Posing them was nearly impossible at this size but I was able to make them bigger than I thought.
Good? Bad? General thoughts

0a685 No.1541

Came out looking pretty good. Doesn't have any uncanny valley vibes as far as I can tell. Has sort of an odd shape in the belly but you know. Bellies.

adb9c No.1542

I just gets so hard to keep them round at that size. You want me to try for a specific variation on this theme (thinner, fatter, etc…) or are these ok?

0a685 No.1543

Yeah, I know that feel with keeping bellies wrong. I have a hard time doing it myself in just drawing. 3D is probably way worse.

And those are cool with me seeing as how I wasn't the original requester of those. How would you exactly go about it? Maybe skinnier I guess if you're looking for stuff to do. I'm a fan of unusually slim girls.

adb9c No.1544

Guess I got confused doing two at a time. I'm working on yours as I type so I'll dial back the chubby and add on some skinny.

adb9c No.1545

File: 1412140641740.png (1.63 MB, 922x1518, Red_Rogue01.png)

Speaking of the devil; it just finished rendering. Thoughts?

adb9c No.1546

File: 1412142830251.png (1.51 MB, 922x1518, Red_Rogue_Variant.png)

..and for no good reason a less clothed variant.

dced6 No.1551

That's awesome! Thanks man! I tend to like standard Moore than BBW, so if you ever do anymore requests and I offer, I guess keep that in mind?

As for general thoughts, it's perfect. The only thing I would maybe ask to change is maybe the hair and makeup color. I am a fan of girls without makeup. If you still are doing requests, can I still ask for one?

adb9c No.1562

Ordinarily I would just re-render the image to your specifications however if you have another request I would rather do that. What did you have in mind?

dced6 No.1571

Well, I didn't know you are willing to re-render images for people. You are very generous Mr. Fastflame! If you are willing to re-render the standard image, but without makeup and red hair, that would be sweet. Thank you very much sir.

As for the other request, if you could maybe make another woman of that size, but struggling with the belly, like she can barely lift it. She should look worried, scared, pained, exhausted, generally things that would come with having a large belly like that.

I'm sorry you have to render all that, I can't help my tastes, and I am grateful that you would do this. If there is a way I can return the favor, let me know.

One last thing, out of curiosity. How does your software define its limit, technologically? What makes it say "this is as big as I can go"?

d1a9a No.1572

File: 1412215253209.png (77.36 KB, 314x392, wowwwwww.png)

well, here's something sloppy.

adb9c No.1574

File: 1412219212077.png (1.53 MB, 922x1518, Request_Big03.png)

Hair and makeup are easy, no worries.

Sloppy? Sexy-sloppy maybe.

adb9c No.1575

File: 1412219291316.png (1.04 MB, 2000x1125, Blonde_Birth03.png)

I'm bored, have a birth pic.

2534c No.1577


for a sketch that's rather lovely

07e4e No.1578

File: 1412222139486.jpg (231.71 KB, 854x480, WiiU_screenshot_GamePad_01….jpg)

b15c7 No.1579

You should start an RP thread with this over on Chat or Board Stuff.

14cb5 No.1582

Hey there, I'm the same anon who asked about Daz 3d. So I just started working with it, and I've managed to create a half finished pose with a belly (while bellies are fairly easy to make, making it look realistic is a challenge)

Anyway, do you know a site where I can get some bodies with posable vagina's like the one in your picture?

Also, where did you the blood/amniotic fluid gushing effect in your picture?

18096 No.1588


Ooh, nice'un.


Pretty good for a sketch. Nice pose.

dced6 No.1600

Dude, I am in LOVE with this picture! Its awesome. I have never actually gotten to ask for a request before, so that is awesome. I am glad that those things are easy to change. I was afraid that you would have to let it render again just for tiny changes.

The only other thing I noticed is the mole on her lip, but other than that, she is gorgeous! Great work, Mr. FastFlame!

adb9c No.1617

File: 1412310769485.png (2.51 MB, 922x1518, Dewdrop_Raindrop01.png)

I mostly use Genesis-2 with various skins or model add-ons like http://www.daz3d.com/women/parisa
For genitals I usually browse around renderotica.com (where I recently found http://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/47406_OMG-FemGen-for-G2-Female).
As far as the 'fluids' go I use photoshop. For the brushes I mostly use Rons Splashes and Rons Water (sorry, can't find direct links at the moment).

Glad to hear your giving it a shot. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions. fastflame@gmail.com

Thanks Buddy!

I'm glad you like it. To be honest I thought that the mole would add to the 'natural' look. I'm fiddling with larger bellies to try and complete your other request. I'll know in a day or three if I can pull it off (not a limitation of the software, as it does go to eleven, it's a matter of making the belly look like a belly). Cybertiki has always been good at making big round bellies maybe if he's around here somewhere we can ask for his help.

dced6 No.1665

I didn't even realize you were taking my other request, that is awesome, thanks! And Its okay, Moles just aren't my thing. Would it be too much if I asked if her hair was longer? Same color and no makeup, but longer?

Man, I feel like I sound really ungrateful and nitpicky, but I am incredibly grateful, thank you for this.

adb9c No.1692

File: 1412399135367.png (1.47 MB, 922x1518, Big05.png)

Not as happy as I could be with the pose but I did get rid of the mole and lengthen the hair.

Lazyness is kicking in though, scuse.

adb9c No.1693

File: 1412401513850.png (1.46 MB, 922x1518, Big06.png)

Forgot to go to sleep and made her bigger. Oh well.

b1277 No.1706

File: 1412411055230.png (313.51 KB, 675x900, MordonaPreg1sm.png)

Figure I throw this up and stop fucking lurking for once. My OC and still my favorite picture.

dced6 No.1711

Oh wow, that's awesome! She is Beautiful!and thanks for the facial changes.

Huh, you know, I thought I wanted her to look pained and worried, but now, it feels like I don't. Hiw hard is it to change the face, and would you be annoyed and angry with me if I asked if you could change it? I'm sorry.

71795 No.1725

I think that's my new favorite picture.

I'll change the expression when I get home tonight. That'll be the last change though so if there's anything you want to sneak in (like a nose job) let me know in the next four hours. After that is someone else's turn.

18096 No.1730


That is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Great colors, great subject, and that facial expression… damn. Expression can really make or break a pic. I hope we can see more from you!

dced6 No.1733

That is great! If you could make it similar to the other piece you made for me, that would be great. And your right. I'm sorry I have been like this. I apologize and can't thank you enough for what you have done. Again, if there is anything you want me to do, just ask.

adb9c No.1736

>>make it similar to the other piece you made for me
In what manner similar? Pose? Shape?

dced6 No.1737

What do you mean by shape?

adb9c No.1739

File: 1412475467308.png (1.51 MB, 922x1518, BBig01.png)

I didn't follow that you were asking for a similar expression. Pardon me.

In this context I meant shape to mean skinny/chubby etc.

dced6 No.1740

That woman looks maniacal in that picture. Yikes!
In Regards to shape, basically the same shape you had her in before, withe same skin complexion and color and hair color/length. The only thing that would change from the other picture would be her facial expression to match the first picture you gave me.

Basically, make this woman…

dced6 No.1741

…have the same expression and pose as this woman. (But with the red hair color, no makeup, or mole like the picture right above this post) And always, the big belly! :)

dced6 No.1742

Oh, and the long hair too!

adb9c No.1747

File: 1412482571500.png (1.47 MB, 922x1518, Ceekay.png)

The files got deleted because they were reposts. IT's better to stick with reference links like >>1739.

I wasn't able to get her into the exact same pose so I did what I could to improve upon it.

dced6 No.1748

Thanks, good to know.

Man, she is perfect. Thanks a lot! If there is anything you need from me, you got it. I am a pretty good story writer, so if you want, I got you.

Seriously, thanks.

adb9c No.1749

File: 1412486645163.png (1.63 MB, 922x1518, Come_Hither.png)

Pay it forward. Offer a free commission and post it on the Chat board. And you're welcome.

Is there anyone else that has a request?

dced6 No.1750

I DO!!!! Just kidding.

What do you mean by what you said? Can you reword that a little?

adb9c No.1751

Take the next reasonable story request posted here. When it's finished post it in the Chat board =D

dced6 No.1752

OK, that sounds great! Nothing you want done though? Because I will do both

b1277 No.1754

I have much more, but its not all that tame. Search for me on FurAffinity, DeviantArt, e621, tumblr, and HentaiFoundy and you'll find my works. I'm pretty much the only mordona out there.

602bd No.1812

File: 1412573471500.jpg (162.9 KB, 425x523, Univir 2.jpg)

When I got Rune Factory 3 after it first came out, I went fucking nuts wifing up Kuruna

602bd No.1813

File: 1412573625331.png (724.38 KB, 1100x600, runez.png)

But I had my other favorites as well

80cc6 No.1814

File: 1412575082953.jpg (453.5 KB, 1333x1333, Aiyana getting up.jpg)

On a whim I drew my centaur girl embarrassed at how clumsy she is trying to stand up. Now I want to draw a whole series of slice-of-life drawings of her, which of course I don't have the time for. >_>

adb9c No.1819

File: 1412604464479.png (2.74 MB, 1916x1577, Dancer05.png)

I wouldn't mind if you wrote a story to go along with image >>1747. But that's up to you.

They're adorable even if I never played.

There may be more belly than centaur there. Not sure standing is in her future. Not her immediate future anyway.

Since there haven't been any requests yet I spent the night doodling. Quite productive but I did forget to go to sleep again. Since I couldn't decide which version of this picture to post you get both.

Still willing to take a new request. Any takers?

18096 No.1820


Very nice! :)


This board never has enough pregnant centaurs.

81dce No.1826

Nice, and welcome to the site!
I love the girl on the left. :)

dced6 No.1829

Did you have anything specific in mind? Or do you just want me to wing it?

71026 No.1842

I love how pregnant she is. (and that she is a centaur), but I can't help but feel like the belly never really looks properly attached with it's weird super-wide shape.

24aa3 No.1843

Can you do slightly heavier bodytypes?

adb9c No.1844

File: 1412667534541.png (2.91 MB, 2000x1125, Joan05.png)

Nope, all you.

I can do a fairly wide range of body-types. What did you have in mind?

24aa3 No.1846

File: 1412674509840.jpg (65.83 KB, 768x1024, putti3.jpg)

I have a character that is, for all intents and purposes, a parasitic demon/spirit.

I was thinking something.. Halloween-y.

Maybe a lady in witch's clothing, sitting somewhere while she reads over a tome of some sort. A cutaway/x-ray of her normal-but-big (think day before due) belly, showing the little monster curled up inside. Nothing action-y, more serene and peaceful and slice of life, if warped and twisted.

The character in question (the spirit, not the girl) has a somewhat dark magenta skin tone.

24aa3 No.1847

I asked if you could do a heavier bodytype, because the witch in question would be a bit chubby.
All those months of binging on healthy food, n'all. A healthy fat.

Have fun with the witchy's characteristics (eyes, hair, skin.) Her race doesn't really matter. But healthy and matronly is best. ^.^

6d50b No.1907

File: 1412729207318.jpg (60.7 KB, 1024x768, josie_before_and_after_ske….jpg)

OC coming through. One of my characters. If I'd have to give this picture a story I'd say it's delayed rapid pregnancy. You think you've escaped the risk of rapid swelling that comes with being overly fertile. But then a few hours later…

Commissioned from http://anubis2pabon288.deviantart.com/

6d50b No.1908

Oops. Chalk up forgetting to reply to this on my list of things I forgot.

I like the outfit, her face and situation. The angle gives her belly an odd shape though. Still, wouldn't mind seeing more of this girl in different poses.

71889 No.1909


I know we all kind of had a moment with this great thing already, but SOMETHING more needs to be done with this premise. This is amazing.

adb9c No.1920

File: 1412757435933.png (3.75 MB, 2000x1125, Witch02.png)

Since your request is a bit more complicated that average I would like you to tell me EVERYTHING you want different before I move forward or do any of the photoshop work. I should mention that I don't have anything specifically witchy so I went with my idea of a sorceress that had recently 'outgrown' all of her clothes. I will have to do the x-ray stuff using photoshop so we won't see that for a bit.

>>edit: I may have lost track of the halloweeny theme. Should I put that back in or forge ahead.

What sort of pose did you have in mind?

24aa3 No.1923

What you've got here is utterly perfect, actually! She looks the part.
A softer bodied sorceress carrying on with her studies/research while dealing with a precocious familiar-of-sorts. I'm satisfied with the body type, clothing and pose.

As for the Halloweeny theme.. mmmmm.. you could make her top darker and give her a stereotypical cone topped witches hat, I guess.

Maaaaaybe change the mouth/lips some. Instead of baring her teeth, more pursed and 'trying to not frown'. Like she's doing her best to ignore the more annoying sensations of her unruly familiar and carry on her business.

81dce No.1926

This is delicious!
And if you need ideas, I have one for you:
The witch miscasts a spell on herself, and it causes her pregnancy to grow with whatever she did to herself (fetal growth, impregnation with eldritch abominations, etc.).

adb9c No.1936

File: 1412810913083.png (3.52 MB, 2000x1125, Witch03.png)

Darker top: All clothes are now darker.
Witches hat: Not entirely satisfied. Thoughts on size/shape/lack-of-pointyness?
Pouty/uncomfortable expression: I think I've got it.

I always enjoy a good expansion.

81dce No.1940

>I always enjoy a good expansion.
Don't we all? ;)

adb9c No.1943

File: 1412819896114.png (3.03 MB, 2000x1125, Blue03.png)

How about implied expansion?

24aa3 No.1957

Size: Perfect. It's a little bigger than I usually desire, but not too big as to warrant changing! It's perfect as is.
Shape: I like it. Many bellies experience a kind of 'slightly deflated soccer ball' or 'beachball full of pudding' shape when resting against a surface. I like how it seems like resting the weight on the ground has warped the round shape a little.
Witch's hat: I actually *like* the curly droopiness of her hat.
Face: A little more subtle on the pout/grimace would be nicer. But if it'd wear on your patience too much, don't sweat it. It's not unreasonable for a gal to make that face in her condition!

The big fret is getting the little magenta demon-ghost to show through her belleh. The attention to detail is appreciated, but don't sweat the small stuff!

adb9c No.1985

File: 1412919187331.png (3.47 MB, 2000x1125, Witch05_Alternate.png)

This is NOT the finished image. I did this by accident and had to share.

adb9c No.1986

File: 1412921016247.png (3.46 MB, 2000x1125, Witch06.png)

I can still make quite a few changes at this point so I want your honest opinion.

>>edit: Not entirely satisfied myself but it's late and photoshop is a cruel mistress.

24aa3 No.1991

Oh my god. Wow. You say it's still a work in progress but this still looks amazing!
Okay I goofed when it came to one important detail; the eyes are indeed black in their background, and the green color looks eerie and awesome. Howeverrrrr.. I'd like if he had 'banal orange' colored eyes. Which.. isn't actually a color. But try to imagine a yellowy orange glow that's a little more orange than yellow in those adorable yet infernal eyes.

The face looks fine. She looks resolute and a bit uncomfy, but that's endearing and cute.

The 'seeming to glow through her gut' effect of picture 1985 is NICE. As an effect on it's own, I really like that.
.. But there's also something to be said for the actual x-ray view. I like both. Rrrgh.. so hard to decide.

Would it be possible to still make it an x-ray, but the color of the surroundings a little darker? Picture #1 has this foreboding darkness that really makes him stick out. Picture #2 he's clearly visible, but it loses something.

I'd like to thank you again for this. You've done a lovely job!

adb9c No.2007

File: 1412997892286.png (3.29 MB, 2000x1125, Witch07.png)

I appreciate all the compliments. Thank you
Let's see what you think about this one.

24aa3 No.2021

So good.
I think the final detail would be lowering the brightness in the womb juust a little. Just to give it that 'the apparition is bright but it doesn't apppear to reflect off the walls of whatever they're around or in' quality.

One final nattering detail: can you make it so the white part of the demon-baby's eyes are black? I may be mistaken but they look kinda white from this angle.
But beyond that I'd say she's perfect, captain. You've been very patient asking for details and making modifications.

24aa3 No.2022

ergh also also:
Can you dull the horns edges a bit?
Think faun and cow calf horns. They're barely more than these tiny little blunt nubs when they're newborns, making it less dangerous for the mother to squeeze'em out.

81dce No.2027

That works too. :)

This is fantastic! :D

adb9c No.2040

File: 1413083441864.png (3.29 MB, 2000x1125, Witch08.png)

I think this is what you're looking for.
My appologies though as there wasn't much I could do about the horns at this point.

Thank you. If you want an actual request please feel free to make it.

Oy, Where did all the artists go? I hope my constant posting didn't put you all off…

24aa3 No.2050

Thank you!

2dafa No.2056

Since he twisted my arm, here's a request for Fastflame…

Either a nurse or a businesswoman (depending on if he can get the outfits working) giving birth in her pants while on the job. With glasses in either case, if possible.

adb9c No.2062

I did not twist your arm. I just asked you to post it here instead of emailing me so that I didn't forget.

ed094 No.2064

File: 1413172147016.png (298 KB, 824x768, feyarts1.png)

Here is some stuff that I did or have been working on currently! The two completed ones were done for my askblog: http://feydras.tumblr.com/

b9e92 No.2066

That's a sexy succubus. The other two completed ones are cute, and the sketches are looking good, especially the one giving birth. Really looking forward to that one :) But great work all around!

adb9c No.2067


adb9c No.2068

File: 1413179767330.png (1.27 MB, 965x1589, Scrubs02.png)

Would you believe that I couldn't get the uniforms to work? I'll try harder later. In the meantime have a test picture I made.

To elaborate on my 'YAY FEY!': I've always loved your art, it has this exceptionally cute quality to it that you just don't see often enough.

3ebfa No.2086

File: 1413235735154.png (173.93 KB, 652x823, delete.png)


:> I like prompts!

2dafa No.2087


Good stuff from both of you. :)

We should get the drawthread started up again, that's always a good time.

3ebfa No.2088

I was just looking for the request thread myself :0

2dafa No.2095


You know, I was going to wait for an actual artist to start it, but, screw it, gotta prime the pump somehow. Drawthread is go!

adb9c No.2109

File: 1413262444099.png (1.75 MB, 965x1589, Bathingsuit02.png)

Yours looks better 'n mine =D

Would you beleive I still cant get the uniform to work?

2dafa No.2136


Considering all the weird technical problems I've had over the years, I can empathize.

Still, you've got the birth-in-pants effect looking good, so I can't complain.

3cae5 No.2194

I love your style and the way this came out

56683 No.2235

what a killer style! PLEASE tell me you have a gallery!

3ebfa No.2244

I have a DA but it's getting too noticed and I might have to take it down because of how anxious it makes me! I mostly upload here however!

18096 No.2302


Might I suggest you get a furaffinity page? Despite the name, nobody will care that you do mostly human stuff and the only content restriction is "no loli".

aa803 No.2317

>Pregnant Raven

I never thought I'd see the day. hnngggg

82ac7 No.2328

File: 1413696155908.png (385.03 KB, 1417x2029, SatellizerWIP3.png)

Oh hey, first submission from me on the new site.

This.. would have been a commission but the guy who asked for it never paid for it, so this's as far as it went ^^;

In any case, Satellizer from Freezing! :3

945ef No.2329


Are her clothes supposed to be digital?, cause I like that affect as well as the character.

375a5 No.2390


Pantybirth/pantsbirth is my favorite thing ever.


adb9c No.2412

File: 1413830031358.png (3.53 MB, 3688x1518, Fire_Large.png)

Made these to go along with a story I commisioned from Doombeez: http://pregchan.com/c/res/74.html#74

I like it even if it isn't finished. Too bad though.

3ebfa No.2447

I'll pass, I very much like it here and I've been avoiding Furaffinity because of moderator issues (I used to have one for serious art and was attacked by two moderators because I refused to introduce them to a comic artist I knew) I don't think they're around anymore but bad taste in my mouth :( I might, one day, link my official art pages and share my SFW projects and such, but I'm still super new and really scared of getting "caught" so to speak ^^;

553ff No.2452

I've been on FA for years now, and I can attest to nobody caring if you don't do furry stuff. You can basically just upload anything. I might start reuploading some stuff here.

d5e47 No.2454

File: 1413858929278.jpg (1.97 MB, 1600x2000, Preg Roller Girl.jpg)

I've been waiting to put something up on the new PregChan :)
This is a silly idea that I've always wanted to try and do, a pregnant rollerblader grinding rails.

adb9c No.2772

File: 1414455863466.png (2.37 MB, 1236x1600, VSuit04.png)

That's a crazy picture you have there. I imagine the belly button ring rig is to help her steer?

Just to try something new here's a propaganda poster.

b8c83 No.2777


I like it.

14cb5 No.2783

File: 1414477860317.png (441.71 KB, 1360x768, cowgirllithotomy.png)

A little something I made in 3D Custom Girl (originally for myself), the baby is coming out very slowly and painfully.

Also, don't expect much more from me.

adb9c No.2800

File: 1414484673569.png (2.67 MB, 1236x1600, Fiddle04.png)

I'm glad you approve.

d6388 No.2902

File: 1414814204892.jpg (21.17 KB, 427x688, B1AxbjFCQAAIdwb.jpg)

Gypsum clay

adb9c No.2904

File: 1414818946013.png (2.43 MB, 1236x1600, Purple_Witch.png)

Woo Gypsum's got a nice belly!

Happy Halloween everybody =D

6fb1a No.2916

File: 1414865206289.jpg (141.85 KB, 584x752, image.jpg)

a8c0e No.2919

Dang, Gypsum's looking pretty ripe.

e4ef4 No.2926

Your work is always awesome!

I seem to remember you having a website, but I don't remember what it was. Mind posting a link?

d6388 No.2946

File: 1414960807006.jpg (570.26 KB, 1413x1884, PB030002-tile.jpg)


Thank you.
However , I'm still immature .

d6388 No.2947

File: 1414960831661.jpg (609.55 KB, 1413x1884, PB030011-tile.jpg)

d6388 No.2948

File: 1414961048947.jpg (311.23 KB, 1256x942, PB030023-tile.jpg)


Thank you for remembering me.


Recently, they've been lazy to update .
This image is the latest .

553ff No.2950

File: 1414971682396.jpg (48.98 KB, 1113x835, sculpypreg.jpg)

Kore wa, watashi no ninshin….ninshin…. nihongo de wakaranai.

183da No.2952

File: 1414983426369.gif (11.26 MB, 640x480, GameAnimations.gif)

First post, long time lurker.

d6388 No.2954

File: 1414992069152.jpg (203.32 KB, 1168x778, PB030029-tile.jpg)

Fellow is increasing I also glad !

Incidentally this is ver.2 of the doll which you drew before.
Since you drew, it was able to make so far.
Thank you.

a0a34 No.2961

Slightly terrifying, but in a sort of cute way.

Your work is always cool. You can feel the love on those finely crafted bellies.

b8cc8 No.2964

File: 1415028849429.png (350.21 KB, 1173x1495, krezaire.png)

I'm still playing Wildstar, and news of it's death has been greatly…well, actually it's probably not terribly untrue, but the servers are technically still up so eeejefuoiowefwefaf

Anyway I felt the need to knock up one of my warrior lizard alts, so I went with Krezaire, she of the enormous ass. Which she'll need. For all the babies.

Shit how does this work again-

285e9 No.2970

Awesome stuff, Catfish!

Nice first post!
Welcome! :D

d76c0 No.3091

File: 1415427925359.jpg (47.68 KB, 807x1465, Vivian James Preg Sketch.jpg)

I drew this. Not exactly the most noticeable of bellies, but it's there. The perfect excuse to just lounge around and play video games.

045be No.3097

Yeah please don't do that.

b8cc8 No.3098

We draw circles on anything and everything, I don't see why a failed 4chan meme should be off limits.

a0299 No.3099

What? What's wrong?

3ebfa No.3121

I think what Nonymous means is that the board is and of itself a fetish board, the point is to see bellies and more. Someone on the last board posted a gif of a girl who was actually pudgy and not pregnant, so there's a bit of "Stay on topic" that needs to be maintained by mods and peers as it is a fetish board and people come here to see pregnancies.

It's super cute, but perhaps stay on point with visible bellies and whatnot that is attributable to pregnancy?

I don't know how to word this without sounding rude, I mean the best and I hope that all makes sense!

adb41 No.3127

She is pregnant though, it's just not very noticeable. I think what's really going on is that that one anon is deathly afraid that this will spark a flame war related to her source material.

d62d9 No.3128

She may be pregnant, but she doesn't look preggers at all

90634 No.3132

I mean that character is a sensitive topic right now and making her into fetish fuel would be inflammatory and in poor taste.

d62d9 No.3133


That would be implying that everyone would be offended by it, and that we would all be sensitive enough to be offended by a little controversy.

dced6 No.3135

Who is this, and why is she controversial?

d62d9 No.3136

Vivian James, one of the mascots for #GamerGate

d62d9 No.3137

Have you ever heard of a little thing called "Rule 35"?

90634 No.3138

She's a mascot for a large angry 4chan/8chan mob. Kicking that hornets nest is probably not a good idea.

e8e5b No.3139

I could comment on the reductionist summary of events, or the fact that rule 35 has already kicked in for a half dozen other fetishes already, or the fact that the source is almost guaranteed to give zero fucks, but instead of all that, I think I'll just point out that it's ironic that your problem isn't that the character is a ten year old girl, but rather appears to be that she might cause people to think we're associating with 4chan.

d62d9 No.3140

If she's really ten then that pic should be moved to the loli thread

also, that claim needs citations, we won't simply "listen and believe"

51136 No.3141

It's a drawing posted by the original artist therefor it goes in this thread. I'm not a loli fan but that is immaterial.

As for the other matter this is my website and I'm not about to start banning or deleting content just because 4chan might disapprove.

Houyo, ignore them and carry on. Everyone else chill

95ce3 No.3142

I normally don't want to comment, but I feel yah need to hear it.
I think your drawing is cute, and I wouldn't mind seeing more work staring her.
Everyone else needs to relax and have a little faith that this community can be reasonable and keep on topic.

553ff No.3176

Yeah, agree.
Let's please not have a repeat of the 'mpreg' shitstorm we had on the last site. And for God's sake, let's not bring politics into a place where people come to crank their jank.

2a4e6 No.3177

>>3141 (also this is chill, just clarifying a thing.)
She's not ten. She's an adult….?

As an occasional in Gamergate let me speak for all of them: No one cares. There's already a lot of porn of her.

All right back to business.

a0299 No.3191

Wait, she's 10 years old? Whoops. I had no idea. I've seen so many pictures of her looking at LEAST teenager…

Or not? I don't even know any more. I just like the character and somebody I knew wanted a picture of it, it never even occurred to me that posting her would be an issue cause she was made before gamer gate was even really a thing.

Anyways, thanks to people who commented. I'm tempted to try more chibi drawings like this cause they're fun and easier to not fuck up anatomy. But they aren't very sexy and it's harder to make a noticeable belly like that.

d62d9 No.3247

>10 years old

[citations needed]

9decb No.3443

Posting fetish material of Vivian was never an issue, it's mostly just people on Pregchan getting paranoid. There was a good amount of art of Vivian on Inflatechan (something of Seiga's was even posted on a /v/ thread and everyone mostly just said something along the lines of "DOBSSONNN" and left it at that), so I don't see why it'd ever be an issue here.

80cc6 No.3451

File: 1416032961439.jpg (506.79 KB, 1200x1200, ask_elizadifficulties2.jpg)

May as well get this thread back on track, so here's a reply from my Tumblr to an ask. Also a reminder to myself that I have more asks to catch up on.

01c1a No.3467

where is your tumblr/ask?

80cc6 No.3480

I don't get much time for drawing anymore though, so it's hard to keep it up to date.

b8cc8 No.3677

File: 1416219720304.png (633.18 KB, 1200x1830, rydiastic.png)

Drew some Rydia, added some bonus Edge.

Really need to draw her more, she's always been one of my favorite character for damn near as long as I've been alive.

084b4 No.3730

File: 1416375535520.jpg (236.66 KB, 720x540, Bag O Chips.jpg)

Having a bout of insomnia. So I'll leave this here since I'm now getting finally getting sleepy.

9ba96 No.3734

Haha you and me both, cybertiki. Excellent work as always!

a618a No.3813

File: 1416800262215.png (4.4 MB, 2289x2577, Mikuru1a.png)

Here's my contribution. There simply aren't enough drawings of Mikuru pregnant, so I've taken it upon myself to fix that.

b8cc8 No.3832

File: 1416834427010.png (442.5 KB, 1300x1000, preglean.png)

More Mairenn, featuring my personal favorite, "old jean shorts that used to fit"

I feel content in admitting this, a clearly taboo interest.

b429d No.3834

That's certainly a dangerous game you're playing, posting that. But I think you should take a chance and post more. Who knows, maybe it'll catch on.

6d86d No.3836

I concur.
It's a risk worth taking. :3

dc924 No.3840

File: 1416869181655.png (342.3 KB, 1053x852, emisimple.png)

I hope this counts as original content, so here is an belly expansion animation I made of some of Saburox's art. My other ones are in the cartoon thread.


0dd1b No.3842

File: 1416875024137.jpg (1.12 MB, 3559x3344, SCAN0091.JPG)

This would have been done months ago, but I was working on other projects and school ate up quite a bit of my time.

I thought it would be fun to do some "guides" to demi-humans as a means of giving my interpretations of them. I will be doing these semi-regularly, so I hope this will be something a few of you might find interesting.

18096 No.3843


Oooh, very nice. I'd love to see more of them. It's always nice to see something added to the pretty pictures.

e1432 No.3845

Where did you find the original pic?

dc924 No.3846

me and him are collabing to make these

0dd1b No.3848

Glad to see you liked the idea. I am working on the "catgirl" one (I have yet to work on it in Photoshop) so you can look forward to that…maybe.

b8cc8 No.4031

File: 1417363591190.png (743.69 KB, 1200x1192, pink nd who.png)

A previous elf lesbian couple of mine engaging in some family expansion.

I'm really kinda fond of them, so I'll have to try and draw them more.

3671c No.4079

File: 1417506989190.jpg (75.32 KB, 1228x1979, Malyna Pregnant Sketch.JPG)

Oh, I forgot to share this. I know there's notable problems with it, but figured I might as well.

3ebfa No.4111

File: 1417650199152.jpg (73.21 KB, 408x762, delete.jpg)


18096 No.4112


That look on her face is all like "Oh dear, not again". I approve.

426f4 No.4113

Looking forward to more of your works. :^)

8b24a No.4126

I'd like to make a request, if I may…
If I were to post the sequential images of a commission I received a few years back, would you be able to work them into a progressive growth animation (going from flat to full-term) and then making her go even further along than that?
Would be a really nice birthday present (18 more days!) :)

7953a No.4174

File: 1417846766820.jpg (87.46 KB, 1024x1820, B4JrsTLCMAAmJIS.jpg large.jpg)

426f4 No.4181

Very nice stuff, Catfish.

6596d No.4188

File: 1417914930166.png (139.6 KB, 555x413, kbkjhkb.png)

First time postin'
Hopefully this quick sketch is good enough to appease the board

f4bbd No.4189

With how you like Wildstar, I'm surprised you haven't done any art of Sadie Brightland, considering she's pregnant ingame.

18096 No.4190


I am the Doombeez, I speak for the board! And the board approves!

But seriously though, nice picture. Always good to see new artists around here!

01c1a No.4191

Liking the original content so far!

b8cc8 No.4192

I think I just got sick of her after making like 40 alts before the server merges.

Plus then she exploded 40 times and it gets all weird. Kinda similar to how I'm probably not gonna draw one of my wife's alts like that despite canonically being a mother, on account of having to choke her zombie son to death during the great apocalypse. D:


This, this is good. This is very nice. More of this, plz.

6596d No.4193

File: 1417923919978.png (222.64 KB, 627x627, klnkj..png)

I forgot what I was trying to do but uh enjoy

f4bbd No.4195


Aw, sadface. I find the Mordesh oddly pleasing to look at. Probably explains why my current main is one, though he has the see-through facemask so he looks freakier than most Mordesh.

b8cc8 No.4196

The mordesh alt in question IS supremely cute, too. Alas, alas.

b8cc8 No.4197


that's hot

b4511 No.4201

Do you think this is a game?!

6596d No.4262

File: 1418187795511.png (247.86 KB, 612x606, jkhnjk.png)

It started out as mermaids and then it became this…
Idk I feel someone will get a kick from it.

16573 No.4265

File: 1418196255640.jpg (3.42 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1311.JPG)

Any "Tales" fans?

I've been wanting to draw Milla knocked up for a while now. I haven't finished inking (Aaaalviiin!), and I'll probably color it later, but here's what I've been cooking up. Constructive criticisms are welcome, I know I'm not s'good with faces haha.

In case you can't read it, here's what the text bubbles say:

1) Milla: "I'm thinking the boys can be Efreet, Sylph, and Ragnome, and the girl can be Undine. Just like The Four."

2) Teepo: "WOW! Four babies! Now you really ARE Mama Milla!"

3) Alvin: "Easy there, spud…Don't want her to rupture a membrane, do ya? Riiight, Papa Jude?"

4) Teepo: "Whatever you say, lil' buddy."

5) Jude: "Eheheh…^^;"

6) Leia: "ALVIN!"

(Maybe I'll draw a continuation with Leia pregnant too if people like this one.)

19776 No.4266



d0168 No.4277

Ooh, nice. I like the popped bellybutton and nipples especially.

As some constructive criticism, though, I'd like to see you work on proportions and positioning. Positions particularly, but your linework is clean and thorough. Keep it up!

If you want to continue drawing Tales girls, Colette and Estelle appear to be favorites of this fetish community. Seeing Leia in a family way would be awesome, for a change.

f2c3b No.4279

I'm not into birth, but that's cute as hell.

f2c3b No.4281

Notes and criticisms.

-I like how the belly turned out. I feel you could smooth out a lot of your lines, but the belly is almost immaculately smooth. It looks nice.

-If you want to improve on faces, try just practice drawing faces for a bit. The girl's face isn't that bad, but the window dude looks like he's italicized. So for improving on faces, just try drawing faces. And you could go further and just practice drawing parts of faces to improve on the details, like eyes or mouths or noses.

And that's all I can see with my amateur eyes. Happy arting.

16573 No.4294


Thanks for the feedback. The proportion/position thing is definitely a problem with Alvin, not exactly a fan of how he came out. May've come out a bit better if not for that damn coat of his hahah. I definitely will work on faces and hands too, I find that they're easier for me when they're bigger. It's when they're smaller that I have problems.

As far as drawing other Tales girls >>4277, I was planning to do Hisca and Chastel from Vesperia, as well as more Milla since she's excellent MILF material. I'll definitely do Leia too.

b8cc8 No.4296

File: 1418273408004.png (584.71 KB, 1200x1911, bikini help smaller1.png)

Man I hope this smaller version fits whatever our upload limit is. I should probably look into that. :B

c8ea3 No.4321

Great work! Though I wonder why only one of them is pregnant…

edbfd No.4373

What's there to wonder? Don't they teach how lesbian pregnancies work in school?

…This was supposed to be a joke, but then I remembered that lesbians can be pregnant and they probably don't teach that in most schools.

b8cc8 No.4374

Honestly I just didn't think pregnancy really fit Dio at all, so she just stays tall and thin forevs. I think she loves being a mom, though.

b8cc8 No.4384

File: 1418580826948.png (602.25 KB, 1800x2000, asuka laps.png)

Practice doodling some Asukas.

f639c No.4386

I have clicked on the link but the video isn't working

f639c No.4391

nypod4 i was wondering if you had free time on your hands there's a few pictures of pregnant women id like for you to animate for me please

0dd1b No.4394

File: 1418615114689.jpg (524.6 KB, 2496x3360, SCAN0092.JPG)

This one took me longer than it should have (which is why I usually do not bother with backgrounds). The skirt was quite annoying to color as I used the tartan of a Scottish clan (can any of you guess which clan uses the tartan in this image?)

0c3f4 No.4395

File: 1418615969273.png (363.43 KB, 639x570, bkjh.png)

I tried fluff with two of my characters.
results; drool

71e53 No.4439

I love fluff stuff! Really makes the characters seem more alive in a way.

18096 No.4441



Too cute. :)

d5c5f No.4449

post it and I'll see if I can make it work. I do that if I have time.

8b24a No.4453

File: 1418828245221.jpg (183.8 KB, 500x1044, cody preg 1 small.jpg)



The name's Cody Lynn and she is very good at what she does.
Should I leave my email too or is this fine? :3

0e09c No.4454

File: 1418841175557.jpg (4.49 MB, 2834x4200, MarthaXmas14.jpg)

Just posted my holiday 2014 pic over on my dA and I figured I'd share with you lovely pregchaners :) Happy Holidays, guys!

1e8a2 No.4460

Damn skid I love the way you color shit. It looks like they'll be making somedifferent deliveries of their own. Thanks for the share

d5c5f No.4461

The way I do it is simply animated a bulge effect on After effects. I'm afraid it won't look very good with a lot of detail and shading on the belly. I don't know if I can make this work to the same effect of what I've already done.

fdea7 No.4486

File: 1418952631120.jpg (339.64 KB, 1100x988, postdai.jpg)

Dragon Age: Inquisition has some delightfully mushy romances, including my Trevelyan Inquisitor ending up with Commander Cullen. Just my interpretation of some predictable post-game results.

2a4e6 No.4492

You I like.

0e09c No.4511


Thanks! I'm always happy to contribute :)
And I'm happy to hear you think my coloring looks good. I've always been kind of worried about the quality of my coloring.

cc04d No.4531

File: 1419125186249.jpg (154.05 KB, 1135x1606, pregnant anime cat girl.jpg)

I've made a few pregnant drawings. Can anyone give me some feedback?

cc04d No.4532

File: 1419125233055.jpg (2.05 MB, 2032x3016, pregnant elf girl playing ….jpg)

cc04d No.4533

File: 1419125302772.jpg (3.99 MB, 2548x2212, pregnant lady in the bath0….jpg)

cc04d No.4534

File: 1419125363173.jpg (615.87 KB, 868x1872, pregnant wastelander0001.jpg)

ce72b No.4540

Sure. Your arts cute. I'm not an expert, but here we go.

The neck seems sorta off, maybe too wide? It doesn't look like it connects to the head properly. The clothes don't sit right on the body. One of the ears could be further in the foreground

Nothing my eye can see can find any glaring faults with it. Nice job.

The neck is to far forward connected to the head. It should be be connected further back on the skull I think. And the hand on the belly maybe should be bigger?

I like the concept and the details. Though her legs look a little stubby.

Hope that helps. I'm no pro, but good luck.

183da No.4602

File: 1419412611099.png (129.65 KB, 750x576, SchoolBirth.png)

I thought I would try my hand at a bit of 2D.

1d4e0 No.4619

Games count as Original Content, right?
I'm making a puzzle-style game that involves a girl getting impregnated by tentacles. Before I pull the trigger on the idea, I want to know if you'd rather play as the tentacle doing the impregnating or the girl fighting off the tentacles.

I'll probably make a thread about the game here once the game gets fleshed out with visuals.

71ec2 No.4620


Well, having teh impregnation being the reward for winning the puzzle is better than getting it by losing it.

So I vote for being the tentacles.

38651 No.4650

I agree with the mechanical concept of the rewards being for winning, not losing. Either way sounds nice, but I'd prefer to win to get my reward, not lose.

18096 No.4653


Great concept. :)

183da No.4654

Thanks :)

1d4e0 No.4657

What sort of pregnancies would you like to see? Cross-species fertilization, eggs, or both?

16573 No.4658


Both would be good.

1d4e0 No.4659

I might as well ask you guys about what sort of pregnancy stuff you want to see while I'm here.
The stuff I already have planned for the finishing moves are
>egg incubating (just laying eggs)
>egg-laying followed by fertilizing
>natural fertilization
>forced fertilization (dozens of ovules forced out of the ovaries at once)
>hosting a parasite
If any of you have any suggestions to add to that, I would be much obliged.

183da No.4668

File: 1419586738597.png (122.44 KB, 750x576, SkirtBirth.png)

I'm really enjoying drawing, tho I will probably start to slow down.

16573 No.4669

File: 1419587486325.jpg (3.27 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_1338.JPG)

"Y'know…Hisashi would've used a condom for this exact reason…Stupid Takashi."

Can't go wrong with the HOTD girls. This was just a quickie.

b8cc8 No.4739

File: 1419843668219.png (837.7 KB, 1203x1439, megrav.png)

Rune Factory 4 is fun and has some cute girls in it so now they're pregnant because at least ONE of these two is gonna be within the next few weeks of my file. :B

183da No.4844

File: 1420172984303.png (133.7 KB, 751x576, MageBirth.png)

25a7f No.4865


god thats pretty amazing….moar?

50bbf No.4969

File: 1420578824274.jpg (1.12 MB, 2322x4128, 20150105_124044.jpg)


50bbf No.4970

File: 1420578844661.jpg (1.11 MB, 2322x4128, 20150105_124058.jpg)


50bbf No.4971

File: 1420578868583.jpg (2.61 MB, 4128x2322, 20150105_142415.jpg)


18096 No.4972


Good to see you around. Nice artstuffs, too. :)

183da No.4977

>>4865 I post them as I draw them. Anything specific you want moar of?

b8cc8 No.4986

File: 1420623680082.png (322.93 KB, 1398x1385, rikasplosion1.png)

It wouldn't be HidonRedux the Musical without Rika!

5b7d0 No.4996

File: 1420694514471.png (881.3 KB, 795x990, aichan_resized_by_saburox-….png)

here's another animation done with saburox's art


38651 No.4998


ccebf No.5001

never seen that pic before :)

5b7d0 No.5021

me and him collabed on a couple of pics. The other one is in this thread.

3caf3 No.5022

You said there were more in the 'cartoon' thread, where is it?

2a4e6 No.5025

I then they're referring to the cartoon editing thread.

50399 No.5029

Should probably just make yourself a thread for all these animations of yours so people can find them easy rather then scattering them about the threads. =P

553ff No.5033

File: 1420874883559.gif (369.15 KB, 550x354, pregharpy.gif)

Yeah, it's me again.

I started messing around with Spriter to see if it could fit my purposes… game-wise.
This is what I came up with. Keep in mind this is the first time I've used bones for animation.

5b7d0 No.5040

the other ones are here:

I'm not named in that thread tho

5b7d0 No.5041

the other ones are here:

I'm not named in that thread tho

b8cc8 No.5145

File: 1421416953107.png (645.21 KB, 1336x1170, burglab.png)

In which a blue haired girl inadvertently stuffs herself into labor to avoid having to pay for a challenge burger, if i ever do more of this.

a2f21 No.5158

You really hitting all of my fetishes with that one HR.

554b5 No.5296

File: 1421802953708.jpg (42.07 KB, 673x1693, EPSON008.JPG)

Drew this today, was inspired by this picture. Just drew it from memory, no references. If I ever draw this guy again I'm gonna try and make his belly stand out more, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with his design.

0c3f4 No.5385

File: 1422041971092.png (199.06 KB, 723x558, Pregggg.png)

I haven't drawn a big belly or nsfw work for a while.

bc7a6 No.5387


God, your style is so great!

0c3f4 No.5417

File: 1422151880814.png (188.91 KB, 548x512, nknkj.png)

Cleaned up a sketch and then proceeded to vomit colors on it.

0c3f4 No.5418

File: 1422151994634.png (200.24 KB, 548x512, jn,j.png)

Inside look version I guess??
Note to self; start practicing drawing gentaila again

553ff No.5454

File: 1422245550151.png (143.84 KB, 645x593, pregslime2.png)

A pregnant slime-girl about to split : )

553ff No.5455

File: 1422245613946.png (134.91 KB, 645x593, pregslime.png)

Also the original purple version.

f95a5 No.5457

File: 1422259348329.jpg (47.39 KB, 600x1066, B8Oti4LCYAAeHxr.jpg)


68b5a No.5458

Yay! More CatFish creations!

810cf No.5461

She's a cutie. :3

f95a5 No.5464

File: 1422316788976.jpg (74.92 KB, 600x1066, B8UH4CsCAAAgZei.jpg)

Two are being made.

553ff No.5465

File: 1422317955645.png (12.91 KB, 283x275, 1up.png)

Ureshii…. ganbatte, Catfish!

f95a5 No.5527

File: 1422515428845.jpg (53.62 KB, 600x1066, B8f3HOHCYAAZ7ia.jpg)


Thank you very much.
I can exert myself more.

5e512 No.5533

File: 1422566888634.png (427.46 KB, 1250x732, 4FEA7426.png)

She winced as her calf's horns carved their way past her bruised labia. With the horns out, the head would no longer slide back in with the end of every push and nullify her progress. "Where the hell is the doctor?!" she kept thinking to herself. She had been pushing for several hours now. she was exhausted, and she still had the rest of her calf to deliver…

5e512 No.5536

File: 1422568177807.png (304.68 KB, 1250x732, 4FEA4E10.png)

The point of this was to demonstrate that I've managed to create realistic vaginal lips in 3D custom girl WITHOUT the use of any image editing, something I myself consider quite an achievement :)

719d5 No.5545

PH could you show her splitting? Pretty please with a nice plump cherry on top?

553ff No.5564

File: 1422766670584.gif (47.59 KB, 184x224, Idle1.gif)

I don't have any splitting, but how about some animations?

553ff No.5565

File: 1422766714051.gif (44.97 KB, 191x209, Idle2.gif)

553ff No.5566

File: 1422766746469.gif (23.06 KB, 193x216, Labor.gif)

719d5 No.5600

File: 1422938674001.jpg (30.71 KB, 510x374, Thank You Meme Funny You a….jpg)

This is for you PH.

f95a5 No.5613

File: 1423018504473.jpg (50.4 KB, 600x1066, B8988jWIIAE5blU.jpg)

88077 No.5618


stop making these. they are too damn good! :D

28776 No.5620


OwO So sexy~

b8cc8 No.5675

File: 1423486342148.png (1.08 MB, 756x1394, lina ss rare doubleplus.png)

Some more pregnant Lina Inverse for the universe.

1a9de No.5684

Looks more like Ranma-chan…but okay.

b8cc8 No.5687

File: 1423581244405.png (772.58 KB, 1422x1250, tagalong1.png)

Okay, more Lina, with additional dismayed Naga!

114da No.5791

File: 1424382452390.png (1.49 MB, 1230x709, Action Scene Redux.png)


Trying to get back into the swing of things.

fca01 No.5792

File: 1424383594922.png (277.3 KB, 1000x740, project.png)

not sure if this is the right place to put this since its not original characters but I decided to fix the lack of Big Hero 6 preg content

cdf13 No.5847

Neat all around.

65843 No.5852


Good stuff. Also, nice to see you around again. :)

0cbd7 No.5853

>>5792 techy where can I find more of your preg content work?

fca01 No.5854

thank yooouu, its nice to pop in every once in a millennium

tbh I don't really have that much content. I've probably drawn pregnancy maybe three times in the history of ever. Once was a pregnant asari back in the old boards (which means its probably lost to time itself unless someone saved it) another was a drawing for an rp partner that was promptly deleted and the third time was that GoGo one. yeah. I'll see about doing some more.

0cbd7 No.5855

>>5854 I see well thanks for the response and looking forward to more work if you do it !

65843 No.5868

File: 1424543504423.png (72.5 KB, 263x549, 1320615380759.png)


Is this yours? I think it is but I'm not sure.

84213 No.5869


yesssssssssss thats it thank you

8a914 No.5872

Not sure why Baemax is commenting on that last bit, but okay. It doesn't make me love this pic any less though.

4e36c No.5874


You should really do a sequel pic with a laboring tomago

Or a new pic with a preggo honey lemon

Wait, why not both?
It's a really awesome pic nevertheless

114da No.5876

File: 1424562339918.png (771.85 KB, 677x772, Claire.png)

Did this one today.

51778 No.5879

File: 1424570447586.png (256.92 KB, 1000x997, project2.png)



0cbd7 No.5880

>>5879 this is awesome :3

4e36c No.5881

Well, that was quick.. Have you ever thought of opening a legitimate gallery to store your work?
A deviantart or a fur affinity account maybe?

I seriously want to see more of your stuff

b8cc8 No.5888

File: 1424577020055.png (514.9 KB, 1071x925, 222dream.png)

While I wish this sticky showed more than one post at a time and didn't hide everyone else's art every time anyone posts…

I had a dream about a circle for five seconds and then I drewed it.

ad380 No.5894

Uh, hi? Its, a pleasure to meet you all again. I'm sure you may have forgotten, but my name is redman. I posted some artwork relating to a personal comic I did, its a pregnant space elf, if anyone remember. Would, you guys be interested in seeing it again?

65843 No.5896


Me gusta! :3


She's very cute. Good pose, too.


I don't remember it, but sure, why not. You can start your own thread for it if you'd like.

ad380 No.5898

File: 1424633777877.jpg (1.83 MB, 1875x3334, Firefly.jpg)


Here's my elf, her name is Firefly. Its set up like this because it was for an assignment I did for my class during the summer. I wrote a comic on it, if, you want to see some of the pages, I don't mind.

Also, what file extensions can we put on here? I tried putting a BMP up here, and it gave me an error.

0c3f4 No.5904

File: 1424648337243.png (67.82 KB, 398x448, bnjkmnk,.png)

It's been snowing a lot so snow fluff

Also if anyone cares I'll be opening commissions real soon and maybe a thread of my own

65843 No.5905


JPG, GIF and PNG formats should be fine. Anything else, you'll have to talk to Fastflame.

a1ffe No.5907


Perfect! I'll be order a few! :)

c0178 No.5914

Excellent stuff, techy!

0dd1b No.5974

File: 1424942061643.jpg (205.4 KB, 2187x1687, EPSON002.JPG)

I really wish that I did not have so much homework because I have so little free time these days. So rather than being a lurker, I have a drawing of Benten from Cho Aniki done with more traditional art materials. I know it would have looked better with a background and colored in Photoshop, but you will all have to deal with it for this one (I am still working on the catgirl thingy in the meantime). Hope you all do not think this looks like complete garbage.

10859 No.6007


I love your work. Great to see you back at it.

f95a5 No.6014

File: 1425196902170.jpg (550.86 KB, 1080x1920, DSC_0061.jpg)

Sisters of a fox

28776 No.6015


すごく可愛い~ *w*

f7616 No.6021

Very cute stuff, Catfish.

8b24a No.6022

I like the one with small breasts better. makes the belly look a lot bigger in comparison.

f7616 No.6023

I like that when that happens, too.

b5b7e No.6153

File: 1426056300759.jpg (3.25 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_1408.JPG)

Been wanting to draw this little vixen with a nice swollen bump forever.

I tried to make it look like she was lactating and the milk was soaking through her dress, and even onto her glove a bit, but colored pencils aren't always the easiest to work with. And the angle I took the picture on makes her head look a little too small, but it's better in person.

Any suggestions for what she might be carrying? Maybe I'll draw a follow-up with her giving birth. I'm thinking she's got 3 or 4 little "MeMe"'s in there. They do seem to multiply quickly haha.

ec9d9 No.6154


I'm going with 5 months with sextuplets

65843 No.6155


Just one. But it's *huge*. ;)

Cute pic. Would like to see said follow-up!

0dd1b No.6163

File: 1426116543164.jpg (1.38 MB, 4991x3580, SCAN0097.JPG)

I know it was a long time since I did the cowgirl one (damn homework), but here is the catgirl one I promised. If anyone forgot, this is part of a series of images where I make "guides" to sort off explain my headcanons on various demi-humans/extra-species.

Just as a suggestion for when you are taking pictures of artwork, try propping up the paper/notebook or standing directly over the image with a lamp shinning over it to prevent shadows.

b5b7e No.6175

File: 1426191377254.jpg (1.99 MB, 3113x2412, IMG_1410.JPG)

Kersploosh! Looks like her water broke sooner than expected. ;D

Considering what she represents, I figured it would only be appropriate that she'd have an orgasmic birth. So here she is, crowning with her first little clone and REALLY enjoying it.

>>6134 >>6155

I like the way you two think! Here it is, enjoy. ;)


Thanks, I tried that with this one and it worked pretty nicely.

b5b7e No.6176

Oops, that was supposed to point to >>6154 , not 6134.

3fe5d No.6177


Some very interesting ideas here. What demihumans do you plan on doing, if real life permits? And likewise, which do you think will probably be next?

0dd1b No.6181

The next one will be the elf guide (I have some of it done already). In terms of which ones I will do, that is pretty tough to answer because I plan on doing quite a few of them (like a doggirl one, a bunnygirl one, and a maybe succubus one).

cc04d No.6233

File: 1426347644189.jpg (942.78 KB, 1357x2010, pregnant cowgirl0001.jpg)

I doodled something a few months ago on a restaurant tablecloth made of paper and it just sat around folded in my room until I discovered it again today.

It's not super great quality but I think it looks cute.

0dd1b No.6236

Well, if it makes you feel better, you certainly draw guns better than I do. You also have the anatomy mostly right, although I am assuming you, like many of us, have trouble with hands (*I* still have problems with hands). Anyway, she looks cute (but could maybe use some eyebrows).

2781b No.6237


She could use a bigger belly too!

cdf13 No.6297

Looks alright.

72222 No.6392

File: 1427073750950.png (622.55 KB, 1250x732, 529A1D16.png)

72222 No.6394

File: 1427076669469.png (603.61 KB, 1250x732, 529A2090.png)

82ac7 No.6417

File: 1427183197334.png (773.24 KB, 1942x1945, HappyGoSlimy.png)

Somewhere between random concept-y stuff and my ineffable love of monstergirls ^^

It feels nice to submit something the same day it was drawn ^^

b5b7e No.6418


Ooh, very cute. :3

0e09c No.6482

File: 1427409420283.jpg (198.49 KB, 1024x1514, commission__mako_means_bus….jpg)

Figured I should go ahead and share some recent sketch commissions I did, enjoy!

0e09c No.6483

File: 1427409466378.jpg (124.55 KB, 900x868, commission__ryuko_s_roundn….jpg)

0e09c No.6484

File: 1427409667483.jpg (203.96 KB, 1024x1617, commission__mandy_s_matern….jpg)

80cc6 No.6534

File: 1427702655258.jpg (302.1 KB, 900x896, ask_cravingsserin.jpg)

My first try at a pregnant chibi, using Serin since her smaller bust fits into those tiny proportions better.

Also I keep forgetting to post my art from Tumblr to here.

0c620 No.6542

That's adorable! :D

70764 No.6557


My God, what cuteness!

b8cc8 No.6670

File: 1428042748004.png (567.06 KB, 1080x1566, garnet 2015.png)

Unsurprisingly I still have a thing for pregnant princesses.

0c3f4 No.6719

File: 1428184932717.png (36.9 KB, 713x743, sssssss.png)

Come to think about I probably don't produce enough to have my own thread yet heh
I hope these sketches will make do for now

9300e No.6744

File: 1428265948577.png (411.08 KB, 984x1024, skirts.png)

It's been so long since I've drawn something super indulgent that wasn't mpreg…

65843 No.6746


Man. That outfit is so cute with her filling it out more.


Cute bug girls? I can dig.


I likes it. I likes it a lot. :D

cf37b No.6747

File: 1428266733841.png (673.12 KB, 1148x1303, cm___eighteen_by_saburox-d….png)

I commissioned this a while back from SaburoX.

0c3f4 No.6748

File: 1428273216913.png (105.74 KB, 320x489, nm, b,jnm.png)

Quick sketchy gift for a friend making a klk fanfic

Also my nsfw tumblr with my commission info is fudgeoflamb so uh yeah

70764 No.6767

File: 1428344960393.png (264.64 KB, 443x731, Lily R.png)


That's some cute art!

Anyway, I've finally gotten into the routine of checking Pregchan again on a regular basis since the 'great cataclysm." While some of you may (doubtfully) know me from DA (my main, and almost only, drawing is on this post), I'd actually like to draw attention to this request WIP of mine sketched by the extremely talented ShyLavender:


It came out immaculately, so please, give her art a look!

Also, I'm planning to submit another piece of my own for another friend either today or tomorrow, but that's that. Thanks!

3f517 No.6805

I like your works, they're really good. Do you have any more?

8a861 No.7008

File: 1428634701889.jpg (95.53 KB, 673x1048, post_hoc_ergo_propter_hoc.jpg)


8a914 No.7011



cdf13 No.7012

File: 1428640862426.jpg (172.82 KB, 1893x3003, Mama Jermod.JPG)

Drew this for a friend.

8a914 No.7014

File: 1428707677186.png (1.46 MB, 5100x6108, honeylemon.png)

Since there's already some Gogo in this thread, I figured it need some Honey Lemon to even things out. Unfortunately, I suck at action poses.

0e09c No.7096

File: 1429115956382.jpg (6.96 MB, 3300x5100, Martha_250.jpg)

Hey, guys, I just posted this pic to commemorate reaching 250 posts on my deviantART but I also wanted to share it with you, the lovely folks of Pregchan! Enjoy :)

f2daa No.7115


I said it on the DA page and I'll say it here: if that were a real comic I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

0d891 No.7118

File: 1429281063646.png (4.39 MB, 2421x4138, Hunting Zynona3.2.png)

Hi. I'm…well, a number of pseudonyms, but I go by Rock Tall Bull, generally. I'm Red Thousand on DA.

cdf13 No.7122


0d891 No.7136

File: 1429404746114.png (4.2 MB, 1624x1951, Djem Shiny.png)

Just some of my better pieces.

d0168 No.7176

Yet another outstanding work from you, Sidkid. I've been increasingly looking forward to your artwork, as of late. Keep up the awesome work.

Well, these are a couple of fine pieces already. For a bit of critique, I'd say to hone your linework further, and especially (this is critical for many artists) to work on faces. Faces, faces, and more faces. I want to see you improve!

0d891 No.7184

I know I need polish. This is my first animation. I am going to need gallons of polish

0d891 No.7185

File: 1429561887948.gif (878.81 KB, 611x824, Pregspansion.gif)

Sorry, messed it up. This is the animation.

ab822 No.7188

Very nice!

0d891 No.7202

Thanks, Ghoul. Turns out, you can animate with GIMP by just using layers as frames. Its a great way to practice my line work as I get to make proper adjustments to proportions, mid animation.

It's also good fun.

ba681 No.7236

File: 1429845502440.jpg (396 KB, 1536x1024, IMG_20150424_114422-horz.jpg)

I was very careful of unevenness around the belly.

28776 No.7283



80cc6 No.7431

私はあなたの忍耐を賞賛します。私は彫刻を学んだし、それは時間が必要です。世界はより多くの妊娠中のフィギュアを必要とします。 (*¬*)

467e2 No.7510

File: 1430968618896.png (627.18 KB, 1220x741, 54EC5020.png)

467e2 No.7511

File: 1430968648772.png (662.64 KB, 1220x741, 54EC4F8A.png)

6e3bb No.7512

File: 1430968961210.jpg (156.16 KB, 800x954, triplets.jpg)

Triplets Pregnancy.

65843 No.7513


Is this 3D Custom Girl? If so, could be the best-looking birth effect for that I've seen in awhile. :)


Hella cute. A good name for this picture would be "Triplets Squared".

467e2 No.7514

Yeah, that's 3D Custom Girl, and what I'm most proud of is that I made that without any image editing.

b81c9 No.7530

Ooh, that's a really nice pic ^_^ I've always liked the idea of twins/triplets getting pregnant together too.

cc04d No.7651

File: 1431181295244.jpg (1.1 MB, 2218x2579, pregnant sexy cowgirl0001.jpg)

Pregnant cowgirl, do you guys like?

6e3bb No.7656

Ooh I like the concept. Maybe I should tackle the concept sometime myself…

ab822 No.7659

Awesome stuff!

2a4e6 No.7695

File: 1431237674196.jpg (477.93 KB, 1018x1255, Untitled-17.jpg)

6e3bb No.7704

Oooh I really love how this one's drawn. The curves, shades, everything!

65843 No.7708


That is one seriously nice piece.

b8cc8 No.7712

File: 1431288140591.png (1.51 MB, 2636x2880, lay.png)

here's hoping i remember what our file size limit is!

cc04d No.7717


Very very nice. She has gorgeous breasts.

c3e93 No.7734

File: 1431316313125.jpg (181.18 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

My fist post to this site!
This is my OC Yani Keppler

65843 No.7754


Man, what is it about pregnant girls in overalls?

Cute pic. I like the pixelly art style you have going on. Her hands look a little wonky, but other than that, it's pretty dang good. (Don't feel bad, hands are hard. Keep practicing!)

c3e93 No.7756

>>7754 Thanks this was actually my first all digital drawing, and I just used a mouse on GIMP 2.8 to draw her.

ab822 No.7772

This is fantastic!

b8cc8 No.7777

File: 1431368249063.png (624.51 KB, 1372x2050, washuuu.png)

Uh oh, more anime from dark ages!(jesus christ how do i edit posts again)

b10b3 No.7779

Nice pic and nice quads!

3f877 No.7876

File: 1431548813041.gif (3.54 MB, 538x300, Pregsex.gif)

Animated GIF-
Was playing with my animation program again and kinda wanted to do this.
(Dont mind weird layering, still learning to understand it even though i got behind most of the basics by now) ^^

ab822 No.7897


0dd1b No.7921

File: 1431643804925.jpg (431.96 KB, 2995x2399, SCAN0100.JPG)

Sorry I took so long (I was too busy with school to do any "artwork"). I finally did something with a background for once, so I hope you all enjoy.

0e09c No.8044

File: 1432061853567.jpg (2.54 MB, 2447x3472, Strawberry_Bunny.jpg)

A trade I did with RiddleAugust for the May-ternity event over on dA! :D

28a17 No.8117

File: 1432325613635.png (131.55 KB, 789x1002, NElf_Princess.png)

I've done some fanart for the Towergirls CYOA on 4chan, trying to improve my art in the process. The one that would be relevant to this thread is the Night Elf Princess from the fanmade princess chart, who is heavily pregnant.

Also included a hyper-pregnant version as a bonus.

28a17 No.8118

File: 1432325759507.png (58.91 KB, 441x507, NElf_DEAlt.png)

Also did a Dark Eldar (Warhammer 40k) alternate outfit/recolour based on the design. Suprised there is no art of pregnant Dark Eldar anywhere, since their background does have some potential for stuff like that.

65843 No.8123


Very cute!

28a17 No.8148

File: 1432397618559.png (276.35 KB, 1952x659, PregChart.png)


I also made this when I dug up the pregnancy chart spreadsheet made here in order to find out just how pregnant I had drawn her.

cdf13 No.8155

Nice. I like the Tower Princess/Girls/Whatever art style a lot.

48c5f No.8157

File: 1432437168229.png (1.99 MB, 1148x2000, Mio 4 3.png)

Drew this for someone I know.

0dd1b No.8158

That is pretty cool. Although it might be nice to have someone color it (just as a suggestion).

48c5f No.8160

>>8158I don't think I'll clean it up/color it due to some other higher priority things that need doing, but someone else could if they liked!

3c71f No.8162

click on the post number to reply newfriend

c6fd7 No.8177

Is there any chance to see more preggo towergals? I know it's a recurring theme with some of them. Great job, too! These are very cute!

28a17 No.8178

By me? I don't know. I'm kind of tempted to do the other fanmade elf princess for completion's sake (plus she has a pregnant alt costume drawn for her already), but on the other hand I feel I should do something else as well.
I mostly stick to the fanmade princesses since there is a metric ton of artwork of the original ones that is of much higher quality than mine (I can't actually draw, you see), and other than Night Elf, none of them really have pregnancy as their thing.

Check out the booru at http://tower-girls.booru.org/ though. There's quite a lot of art with pregnancy or big round bellies in general.

28a17 No.8228

File: 1432544927608.png (88.3 KB, 582x667, DElf_Preg.png)

Well, I did end up doing this. Doesn't look as good as it was just a quick edit of the non-pregnant version I did, rather than me setting out to draw her pregnant from the beginning. Would still need to get the belly to look less flat.

cdf13 No.8229

Well, practice makes perfect. Is there a particular place where these things are talked about, or is it just random 4chan threads and towerbooru?

cc04d No.8234

File: 1432564809987.jpg (1.47 MB, 2177x2700, pregnant cowgirl0002.jpg)


Remade version.

28a17 No.8240

The /twgrl/ board on 8chan, although it's pretty slow to update, and the towergirls thread on 4chan's /tg/.

0dd1b No.8286

File: 1432704103855.jpg (485.34 KB, 2205x2187, EPSON003.JPG)

Here is the next entry in my "guide" series. I know I copied 262an's idea of elf pregnancies lasting about eight years and that I am really stretching the definition of "demihuman", but I sort of made it work with some of my own ideas in this "guide".

0dd1b No.8287

File: 1432705787980.jpg (76.55 KB, 913x1210, SCAN0098copy.jpg)

This is a just a companion image to the one in >>8286 (If it loads).

I like the gun holster and her jeans in general.

48c5f No.8338

File: 1432967979864.png (2.31 MB, 1148x2000, Mio 4 4.png)

Ended up coloring it after all.

I did! Must've deleted the return by accident or something.

0dd1b No.8409

It looks great, although I feel guilty for suggesting you color it.

08beb No.8417


Great coloring job!

ce3e4 No.8471

File: 1433346107803.png (13.29 KB, 474x466, cownicki.png)

Guess I'll post this one I finished a little while ago.

I mostly do stories but often draw something to accompany it.

65843 No.8479


I like her a lot. :) Is there a place where you post your stories?

ce3e4 No.8481


I started fairly recently but I try to get content up somewhat regularly.

82ac7 No.8492

File: 1433402150867.png (181.36 KB, 825x915, LiliFamilyWIP3.png)

Any Danmachi fans out there?

Have some litter-pregnant Lili X3;

(frontal views can be surprisingly hard to get right D: I hope she looks at least somewhat natural in her standing posture >w<; )

cdf13 No.8494

I like the style. Shiny.

0dd1b No.8498

She looks super cute.

0057b No.8520

File: 1433652641851.png (659.48 KB, 1440x2560, artflow_201506062347.png)

My first art post here. I got bored and drew a pregnant fairy.

65843 No.8527


You need to get bored more often. :)

0057b No.8537

Hahaha,thank you! So far my only contribution to the board was the poke-preg thread. It was time for me to try some pregnancy art of my own. Hopefully I'll have time to add plenty more!

b8230 No.8553

This is great!

cdf13 No.8620

She looks rather surprised. I guess she hasn't been very attentive the last few months.

71b69 No.8670

File: 1434416400824.png (423.12 KB, 827x907, 20150616_0840411.png)

Musashi from Kancolle, transformed into abyssal Transport Wa-class to breed and give birth to more abyssal destroyers.

Oh, she was looking for you, Admiral.

13a8a No.8728

File: 1434643215496.jpg (321.89 KB, 1600x1200, alien_preggos_by_silversta….jpg)

Some drawings I did recently. My fav is big belly on smallish babes. Not too crazy with big boobs. Big belly yes.

13a8a No.8729

File: 1434643265954.jpg (92.34 KB, 1024x689, bump_and_grind_by_silverst….jpg)

I love belly manipulation.

13a8a No.8730

File: 1434643312921.jpg (99.81 KB, 774x1032, gigi_chan_the_pregnant_sec….jpg)

Action heroins.

13a8a No.8731

File: 1434643344402.jpg (118.21 KB, 1024x754, pregnant_kung_fu_actress_b….jpg)

Dangerous situations.

13a8a No.8732

File: 1434643377197.jpg (348.82 KB, 1600x1200, rita_oliveira_the_pregnant….jpg)

Girls doing man's job.

13a8a No.8733

File: 1434643422677.jpg (122.09 KB, 741x1079, velka_by_silverstar1976-d8….jpg)

Daring adventures.

1ca6a No.8738

Are you doing any requests ATM?

8b24a No.8740

I haven't seen bellies this big since InvictusVoxFini stopped doing art.

Please say you take requests :D

cdf13 No.8742

I like your style a lot.

b8230 No.8777

42818 No.8879

File: 1435417366522.jpg (1.43 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_2432.JPG)

The queen is now a sex slave. A very pregnant one.

b8230 No.8883

Sexy indeed.

c20bc No.8951

0dd1b No.9012

File: 1435820132583.jpg (626.83 KB, 2362x2187, Dag Gurd.JPG)

Here is the next entry in my series of demihuman "guides" (I know I write it as "demi-human" in the guides themselves, but that is because I stopped typing the hyphen in the term after finishing the first one, but wanted to keep the format consistent). Anyway, I am horrible at drawing rapid movement and found the position in the bottom image rather challenging to draw.

I am not sure if I want start a thread to showcase all of my guides because I feel that would be rather egotistical of me, but I might do it if any of you think it would not be gauche.

657fb No.9015

>>9012 you should do it! your pics are very enjoyable, I really like them!

9300e No.9024

File: 1435868450728.png (154.81 KB, 437x563, momma-yellow.png)

Something cute!

I also put something in the mpreg thread.

b8cc8 No.9060

Absurdly cute, always a pleasure to see your stuff around.

e686e No.9089

File: 1436136987686.jpg (892.49 KB, 1687x2703, IMG_2512.JPG)

The pregnant hand maiden about to get punished after failing a test. Dragon queen watch in horror.

b8c21 No.9315

File: 1437205274412.png (457.83 KB, 1472x2112, birth.png)

Hey guys, here's something I just did.

b8c21 No.9316

File: 1437205394277.png (6.89 MB, 2520x5016, Dranli.png)

And one other thing. Her name is Dranli.

65843 No.9318


Very nice! Good pose.


And she's cute. :)

175a4 No.9377

File: 1437455807171.png (1.71 MB, 1300x1992, monicamams.png)

big ol' pregnant and lactating Monica Raybrandt, because video games stopped being made after the ps2, right?

81081 No.9380

At least the fun Dark Cloud ones.

9300e No.9412

File: 1437639837374.png (79.57 KB, 710x554, hyena8.png)

Well I just drew an incredibly embarrassingly self-indulgent image set.


It's a hyena-girl giving birth into the cat-girl's womb.

65843 No.9415


Oh wow. This is something I did not know I needed. Unf. <3

Can't wait to see more!

3cae5 No.9419

This is my fetish, please draw more like it!

4a83c No.9421

File: 1437689118230.jpg (916.16 KB, 5088x6592, scan0001.jpg)

I recently completed a couple of drawings

4a83c No.9422

File: 1437689181772.jpg (3.78 MB, 6592x5088, scan0003.jpg)

4a83c No.9423

File: 1437689293017.jpg (2.88 MB, 3690x5946, scan0002.jpg)

48ad4 No.9459

That moment where you realize a familiar name on a website you frequented for over a year is someone you follow on tumblr :3c That image set is one of my favorites ever.

b89b9 No.9553

File: 1438482353319.png (133.67 KB, 551x587, UntitledBunny.png)

I return bareing this doodle

'cuse me while I go check up the requests thread

7db3a No.9593

File: 1438701439906.jpg (67.14 KB, 900x1125, 309475-66401-preview.jpg)

I'm just gonna leave this here.

65843 No.9598


Please leave more things here. I'm not sure what she's supposed to be, but I like her.

0dd1b No.9637

File: 1438755966263.jpg (272.96 KB, 1836x2176, SCAN0098.jpg)

I figured that I should be a little less lazy and do something with a background, so I dug up this image and colored it. I really am not too happy with the shading in this image as I tried a different method that was too dark in some spots while too light in others. I also think that the feet look horrid. Definitely not my best work.

cf077 No.9644


70121 No.9746

File: 1439346353693.png (236.47 KB, 482x936, pregnant lady.png)

First time posting something here. Hope you all enjoy

ce4aa No.9811

Not complaining. If you continue to post things, then I shall likely continue to enjoy such. ^_^

c1f03 No.9819

File: 1439658085770.jpg (1.11 MB, 2816x1883, IMG_3024.JPG)

My OC. She is pregnant with octuplets. She's 8 months here performing a pop/ hiphop song to promote her new album. An Indonesian singer and a famous porn actress.

d9521 No.9825

Holy shit yessss

a16d2 No.10272

File: 1441615045350.jpg (1.28 MB, 2107x3142, IMG_3252.JPG)

She is 8 months pregnant with five babies. She works as a security supervisor and can kick butt very easily.

cf077 No.10276


85562 No.10278

Hot damn, that was nice. Thanks for sharing!

48ad4 No.10526

OTL I posted a new thread instead of replying!!

48ad4 No.10529

File: 1443066926356.png (267.99 KB, 504x982, preg1.png)

Thank you Couchy for the deletion advice!

A punker girl who doesn't understand her body or the significance of what's happening :)

65843 No.10530


Good stuff, Beel. :)

Say, is there any chance you could put up some of the stuff that was taken off your Devart?

48ad4 No.10531

None of it was on my computer so I've got to go on DA and pluck and post. I was going to make a dropbox but I'm sort of scared of that? Is it okay to post them here like… In a row? I don't want to spam :(

175a4 No.10535

I am a thousand percent okay with this. I assume the rest of the mod staff is as well.

48ad4 No.10536

File: 1443090644625.png (318.8 KB, 1000x1000, preg2.png)

Veronica always loved bugs, even when she was a little girl. She had a sweet spot for centipedes. When she learned that the house she was looking at had an infestation, she didn't hesitate to buy it. To her surprise, something was very special about this species, it craved warm, dark, and damp places to lay its seed, and Veronica's willing womb provided just as they needed. It's a good thing she works from home, birthing almost every night would make it difficult to hold a job in the public. She doesn't mind, anything to help her leggy little friends.

48ad4 No.10537

File: 1443090679241.jpg (120.71 KB, 983x813, preg3.jpg)

When Tori found a lamp she, of course, gave it a rub…. Only to find her womb fill with a strange life. She went an entire day trying to figure out what was inside and, when she rubbed her belly, a djinn came fourth to grant her wishes!

He was reluctant of the girl, for her first wish was his freedom. "Nothing else?" He asked her and she smiled. "I just want you free!" After the wish was cast, she gave birth to him and he proceeded to court her. Once she was pregnant with his young, the Djinn gladly impregnated himself to follow her journey. After only a few short hours, both gave birth to wonderful litters of humans (Djinn had to modify himself to make things a bit easier) and the Djinn wished the children into the wombs of the women who wanted them.
Tori gave her djinn a smile, sitting upon his lap and pressing herself against him. "Let's do it again."

48ad4 No.10538

File: 1443090719104.png (362.11 KB, 1024x686, preg4.png)

It's not fun being the daughter of the Underverse's king, especially when he needs to summon monster allies or create new soldiers. She could never say no to being the perfect womb and portal for the task. She just wishes he'd ask before summoning, and just before she goes out with her friends Grenda and Brimstone.

48ad4 No.10539

File: 1443090755314.png (353.46 KB, 1000x1395, preg5.png)

Synica wasn't ready when her lover died in an accident. She looked for every way to bring him back… but he was already working on it from the other side. She had a bizarrely realistic dream, being pleasured by something unseeable. Not even a day later and she's pushing her lover from herself.

48ad4 No.10540

File: 1443090801958.png (122.98 KB, 1024x886, preg6.png)

After a visit with a fortune teller, Bailey was told she would bear and revive the Unicorn race. she didn't believe it… Until the following Night.

48ad4 No.10541

File: 1443090826075.jpg (114.79 KB, 479x1664, preg7.jpg)

Jenna was never told to be careful when going hiking. She loved nature too much to listen anyway. Until, that is, a cave she decided to explore. Within the cave was a Naga who was having a rough pregnancy due to losing her mate and having to defend herself. Out of fear of losing the children, she transfers her triplets to Jenna, who births the healthy children a week later.

48ad4 No.10542

*DROPS THE MIC* All I didn't post are some Mpeg francs of other artists who don't support Pregchan but that's it all! Love you <3

65843 No.10545


Thank you muchly! <3

78b1a No.10548

Iv seen this sort of art only a few time and loved it. Seeing more of it is all the more awesomeness. Thanks for posting it Beeloni. ^^

cc04d No.10550


I fucking love your art Beeloni. Normally I can barely stand non-human births but damn you manage to make it work.

Never give up. Keep being awesome you magnificient bastard. Keep the pregnant girls flowing.

adefa No.10554

Nicely done, Beeloni!
I like the little extra story parts. They really fill in and enhance the drawings, which are already well drawn.
Good facial expressions and good backstory are the two keys to satisfying preg art, IMO, and you nail those criteria.

48ad4 No.10555

Thank you all! ;w;/ I haven't been in this community long but I love doing works in it. There'll be more as the weekend comes around as well! I love all the art here already and it really got me going "I wanna share too! Ahhh!" Haha <3

72b44 No.10561

Meaning you're going to post more art? If that's the case are they going be never before seen art or new art?

48ad4 No.10563

New :)!

175a4 No.10590

File: 1443431931890.png (764 KB, 1625x1500, sittin sera.png)

I miss drawing Sera. I also kinda miss knowing what the hell I'm doing.

a6cb8 No.10594

This reminds me of that scene in Xtro.

Fantastic stuff, Beeloni! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have to publish.

175a4 No.10606

File: 1443530376283.png (925.95 KB, 1095x1767, mina mina mina.png)

Mina, another OC I miss drawing.

72b44 No.10607

>>10563 Awesome!!! :D I'm looking forward to that!!!

1e250 No.10646

File: 1443884287416.png (223.65 KB, 3000x3000, 2Devil.png)

It's Drawlloween this month, and that calls for random belly content! Here's the prompt for day 2: Devil. A kindly devil companion helping out the one carrying his spawn, only to have religious dissenters attacked by the very person he's trying to help!
Possibly more preg related prompts to come.

71026 No.10648

Cute! I like the whole, 'hold my purse, I'll take care of this' look she has.

65843 No.10649


"Kick his ass baby, I got your purse."

Love this picture.

cc04d No.10668

Can I have feedback on this? I want a way of improving it.

cc04d No.10669

Can I have feedback on this? I want a way of improving it.

cc04d No.10670

Derp, I forgot the file.

cc04d No.10671


What the fuck why doesn't pregchan uploads my file?

1e250 No.10678

More Drawlloween sketches! This prompt was goblin.

And this goblin tailor has to deliver the unfortunate news that Husky's original Halloween costume isn't going to fit. Now she need to think up a new one!

1e250 No.10679

File: 1444159026946.png (594.12 KB, 2256x2628, 3Goblin.png)

Aaaaaand I forgot to post the image….

48ad4 No.10703

File: 1444398130838.png (448.37 KB, 1140x2245, slubabe.png)

Posted fresh to my tumblr!
Victorian era dude who discovers a slug on his travels and put it in a jar. Upon his return, it outgrew the jar and snuck to him in the night, laying its eggs and speaking a strange language at him.

He's saying" You're close to the birth, you might want to get ready."

Sorry for those of you not into Mpeg, it's one of the many things I dabble in :) I'm illustrating a bunch of creatures and girls and guys for a patreon page!

7ad95 No.10716

File: 1444487967271.png (117.32 KB, 2500x2700, Species (F).png)

I implore the court to please ignore the abysmal quality of my art. I'm not a very good artist, and I know it .-. That being said, I felt that pregchan deserved to have these beauties shared. These are my species; informally known as 'wombies', but officially being dubbed the "Matra". Information below.

>The Planet

Vapardomus is an absolutely massive planet, 12 times the size of Earth, floating alone with a number of smaller, planet sized 'moons' floating around it, to the point where it looks like it has rings. Given its size, its gravity would apparently be heavy, but given the makeup of its minerals, it's actually no heavier than most planets a quarter of its size. Tt has an unusually distant orbit to a dying white dwarf sun, meaning that light even during the daytime is sparse, and the equivilent of a heavily clouded earthly evening. The mineral makeup of the place tends to be porous and light, similar to pumus stones. Flora on this planet tends to be wild, and favours a colour scheme of faded greyish or cobalt. Water is an unnaturally deep midnight blue, and exceedingly thin and insubstantial. A human is a hundred times more dense than it, so we would more likely perceive it as thick fog.
Due to the makeup of the planet's mineral substrate, it has an unusually low gravity for its size. Creatures, if so inclined, could leap through the air unfettered, almost as if gliding. They could also hop into the air, and would have a small hangtime before gently floating back down. However, there is a strong enough gravitational pull to ensure that no creature can break into the exosphere.
The sparse atmospheric pressure means that most living creatures haven't flourished well. Reptiles, birds, and similar creatures have all died off, thanks to inadequet thermic retention. Mammals do still exist, but in very few underground colonies in numbers only barely adequet for their continued survival.
On the surface, many insectoid creatures have adapted well, growing to enormous size and differing configurations. Large flies, cockroages, grasshoppers, ect, though we would doubtless not recognize them for the various changes. The more intelligent inhabitants use crickets for steeds, and eat the meat of large gastropod creatures.
Cephalopods rule the sea, such as it is, with exceedingly developed brains, to the point of low level psionic abilities. While there are still fish, they are akin to flouders and mudskippers, and of course, crustaceans skitter about as well.


The Matra

A Matra is the most intelligent and human like species of Vapardomus. They are 7 feet tall, 30-65 lbs on average, and are composed mostly of a strange substance called 'ectoplasm'. Their bodies are thus exceedingly soft, almost insubstantial, and very light. However, it retains a flesh like consistency, and despite appearances to the contrary, they are in fact living creatures. While they lack a pair of lungs, they have a dermal network of pores, which absorb their the neccesary components from the planet's air to oxygenate the blood. Their blood itself is only a liquid under pressure, however. Once cut, it wouldn't splatter, from the womb instead beginning to smoke and evaporate. Thankfully it quickly clots thanks to that. A matra also posesses a few other major organs, including a heart, liver, intestines, ect.
(fig. 1) A matra posesses large, two pronged claws, always coloured the same, with which they dexteriously manipulate their environment. The Matra's claws are, like the rest of their bodies, very soft and maleable. While they are serrated and can indeed cut, they are also flexible, and can be used as a pair of dexterious 'fingers'. A vestigial 'thumb' is located below, and is occasionally used to help grasp and hold things.
(fig. 2) A Matra's internals tend to be very different than their externals, but usually have much lighter colours. The insides of a female's mouth, the end of her claws, her nipples, and the exposed parts of her sex can display this colour. The colour remains light, but can be within a large range, and varies between each species.
(fig. 3) Many Matra posess full heads of hair, which grow very quickly and can grow exceedingly long. The hair itself is thin, and has a texture akin to spider silk. A Matra will often be seen tying their hair up in some kind of more practical tie. The hair colour of a Matra can naturally be a wide range of colours, though the most common are shades of blue, red, or pink.
(fig. 5) A Matra's eyes are very large, thanks to the low light conditions of their planet. As a result, they experience extreme photosensitivity; their eyes could see perfectly clear in the blackest pitch black night on earth. Their eyes can be a large variety of colours as well, ranging from scarlet to magenta to emerald.
(fig. 9) The Matra have a very small footprint, appearing to walk on 'tip toe'. Their minimal contact with the ground allows them to move quickly through the thin atmosphere with a controlled bounding motion. When climbing, such as in trees, the female's dewclaw helps keep them in sure footing.
They can smell via a flat, subdermal organ in between their eyes, which we obviously can't see. It absorbs smells based more on scents than human perception of what things smell like.
In essence; their smell is functional, but not very useful, aesthetically. They smell 'things', but they don't smell subtle differences between aesthetics. For instance, they couldn't tell the difference between a very well prepared tasty chicken, and a freshly slaughtered chicken corpse. They would just take in the scent 'chicken'. It's the equivilent of being colourblind: They can 'smell' the primary colours. but not the pastels,
(fig. 4) They hear via antennae, which are the 'eyelashes' extended out of the sides of her head in the picture. Their hearing is equivilent to twice a human's through their thin atmosphere, which is particularly conductive to vibrations.
All Matra posess small wings, which extend in length down to their hips. They are exceedingly light, very thin, very frail, and nearly spectral. They are so slight that many adults have damaged theirs. However, unless heavily damaged, they remain able to use them to achieve a low hover above the ground for short periods of time; an average of 20 minutes. They emit a low frequency hum, sounding like a very wispy 'oooooo…'

There are two main subspecies of Matra; Abdo-Matra, and Matra.
The Abdo-Matra are much less studied, but what we do know is this; they generally live within the dense forests, where they can build up nests. Their anatomy is much the same as the Matra, but have a moderately more spindly air to them, with legs that come to two separate points, and vestigial, but functional arms just under their chest. Their abdomens are located at the base of their spine, just above their buttocks. They are akin to a spider's; smooth, somewhat round, yet pointed at the tip where a pair of spinneret lie. They would still require large amounts of food, and so would lean more towards the veggies side of an omnivorous diet, tending to harvest even leaves directly from trees to consume.
They wouldn't really hunt, but a downed fly or cockroach caught in their web would certainly not go to waste. Meanwhile, Matra would be a bit more civilized; tending towards cultivating actual fruits and veggies, as well as herding livestock.

>On the subject of Pregnancy and Birth

The Matra lay eggs. (fig. 8) Their eggs are 2.5-3 feet long and around 2 feet in diameter at their widest point. The shells are white, with large splotches covering them which match their mother's internals colour. They are also not perfectly rigid, but become so when they're exposed to air. A mother will typically have 1 egg, with 3 being rare. The largest ever recorded 'litter' was 7. Birthing typically takes place 6 months after mating, with the pregnancy split into two distinct dimesters; the first three months force the female to seek food and enpower her nesting instinct. Her midsection will swell moderately during this time. In the middle of the 3rd month, the female will begin to expand rapidly, reaching full size at around month 5's beginning. Once month 6 has passed, the female will generally experience contractions, and be forced to pass the egg(s). The egg will then take anywhere from another 4 to 7 months to hatch, depending on whether it is incubated in favorable conditions. The mother will generally tend close attention to their egg during this time.
Egg laying also means the Matra experience ovoid cycles. If a Matra is not impregnated, she will lay infertile eggs, which will be about twice as large as an orange or so. This cycle varies by a small margin for each individual, but generally remain within the range of 1 to 2 months.
On the subject of mating, each Matra has a small organ, called a "Mating Dermus" (fig. 7), which is very thin and tiny and located just below the surface of their belly, near where a human's belly button would be. It constantly produces genetic material, slowly swelling with it. When the packet becomes too dense, it is released into the uterus, like ovulation. When it does this, it forms an infertile egg, which is abandoned by the body when it realizes it doesn't need to carry it to term, in a similar process to any human female body.
Matra do not have separate genders, but are not truly hermaphrodidic, posessing only one set of sex organs. Instead, when two bellies are rubbed together, the warmth and hormones activate a response, causing the Mating Dermus to become engorged. This has the effect of rounding out the belly just a tiny bit, equivilent to 1 or 2 months of pregnancy. Frotting the bellies would simulate mating, and cause the packets to be forced from the belly as the organ engorges, putting a foreign genetic packet into the other female body. There, it will be accepted and grow to term. And obviously since the two are the same gender, both will release the genetic packets into one another, causing a separate chance to become pregnant for each.

>On the subject of Lactation

Since Matra don't breathe, the empty spaces where lungs would be is replaced with a rounded organ. This 'second stomach' is usually shriveled and small, but activates when the rush of hormones from a pregnancy forces the body's metabolism into overdrive. At this point, it begins to siphon away extra nutrients and vitamins to create nutritious milk, for the express purpose of the two pregnant mates being able to properly feed each other in their second dimester. This of course, was evolved because both can become pregnant at once, and so of course, both become very overbudened, and would not be able to hunt. Thus; two Matra nearing full term will hide within a nest, feeding one another, and waiting for their little ones to be born. The body accelerates metabolism in the first dimester of the pregnancy to facilitate the gathering of extra nutrients. This is so that when a female begins to take in milk which is equivilent to the nutrient rich liquid she herself is producing, neither she nor the mate she is feeding ends up losing out in an attempt to continue production of the milk with insufficient nutrients.

>On the subject of Speech

Matra speech would sound ethereal to us, with many S and z, but very few L and K. There are no hard stops, and as such, words all flow immidiately into one another. For instance;
Would be a sentence they understand. Things are very quiet on the planet, and the spoken words are no exception.
One note of interest of this language is that all Matra names can be spelled out with four earth letters. Never more, never less; every Matra has a 4 letter name. These names can appear to us to hold a T, K, or any other hard stop, but when spoken in the Matra native tongue, it sounds exceedingly different.
For example: 'Vati'. We would pronounce it 'VAH-Tee". But a native Matra would pronounce it "WAH Yoo Ay". Such is the difference between worlds.

>On the subject of Culture

The Matra culture can best be described as Middle Earth, or Dungeons and Dragons. Their lands are generally split into Fiefdoms, and rolled by various royalties who would all assume that they were the true ruler of the planet. The Matra have of course fasioned weapons of their wood and minerals, and thus there are indeed 'Knights', 'Archers', and many other medieval archetypes. Many serfs will live as farmers or have other mundane lives as tavern goers, hired thugs, ect.
Knights are especially interesting, however, because with a lack of combustion on the planet, it is difficult to dig down into the planet's crust and find proper metal. Most knights will merely wield spears, with special tempered spearheads and wooden shafts. However, swords do existm because while the task is difficult, it is not impossible. Merely a herculean task. Because of this, a ritual is established; those with enough wealth can hire a trained swordsmith, who will take a perilous journey down into the world. If they survive, they will bring back up a suitable chunk of ore, which they will then spend a large amount of their life carefully tempering and molding into the shape of a blade with their tools, and their bare hands. Upon the sword's completion, it is offered, (usually to an heir of the one who ordered), and the swordsmith then must turn their knowledge to training a replacement, who will continue the cycle.
Currently, there are many kingdoms which retain their power. The largest of these kingdoms belongs to a family who has built a magnificently large castle over the generations, and who has established no less than three somewhat larger towns in their territory.

>On the subject of Magic

On any other world, a normal mage uses 'magic missle'.
However, in a world where many normal elements, such as water, earth, and especially fire, are lax and weak, alternatives are established. Mages command not elements, per se, but "Intent".

An example of this is; a mage channels their intent to harm into a sphere, which floats in their hand. They then direct the sphere to strike upon the enemy, causing them harm.
A mage's ability and talent to control his intent is called "Creativity". Creativity can establish the power of a mage in many different ways. Using the example above, the mage's creativity channeled the 'Harm' Intent into a mere sphere, which they flung at their enemy in the equivilent of a Fireball on other planets. However, using a bit of imagination, they might instead direct it into a 'stream' of harm, which exudes from their palms, or a solid 'spear' of harm, which can potentially exist for a few moments. The measure of a mage's power is how well they can establish their Intent, and how Creatively they can direct its power. Below are the seven 'colours' of Intent, each with their own progression of abilities as a mage gains power.
Mages would also, as they slowly grow more power, grow gems near their heart, which, after many years of training, would emerge from the skin in the middle of her sternum, above her breasts and just below the collarbone, (fig. 6).
This is a side effect of them gathering mystical energy into their body for so many years. Normal Matra don't exhibit this, Although rarely, approximately 1 in 1500, someone can be born with one. The gems would be different colours depending on what sort of magic the mage specializes in:

Pink: Simulate, Enhance, Conceive
Green: Disguise, Alter, Morph
Blue: Pain, Harm, Kill
Gold: Soothe, Heal, Resurrect
Red: Dampen, Mute, Silence
White: Push, Lift, Carry
Purple: Trick, Hypnotize, Dominate

48ad4 No.10775

File: 1444819149961.png (182.08 KB, 684x454, Screenshot 2015-10-14 03.3….png)

Sample of the upcoming sketch dump. I have about 8 of 25 sketches done~ There's a LOT of content

ec8ca No.10778

I can hardly wait to see them.

ecad1 No.10792

File: 1444982290428.png (792.76 KB, 1100x1500, Georgia_Halloween_2015.png)

Drew this for Halloween. My OC, Georgia Stately, in her skeleton-inspired costume.

65843 No.10794


Looking forward to it. :) You said you had a tumblr now? Mind posting the link so I can follow it?


Cute 'n spoopy.

48ad4 No.10800

Crowpi.tumblr.com :>

9ab74 No.10816

There's nothing there. :(

67bfd No.10844

File: 1445172320620.jpg (1.83 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_3595.JPG)

A bit violent but she carries 8 lamb fetuses. A scene is a preggo SM video. Contain gangbang, belly punch, slapping, squeezing, hot tie etc. Viewers beware.

48ad4 No.10850

File: 1445180791987.png (463.99 KB, 1515x1572, patreon1.png)

Something from the patreon. Sorry again and I'll be posting here <:)

1e250 No.11083

File: 1445907693469.png (148.54 KB, 3000x3000, 9Eyeball.png)

Part art stream, part Drawlloween challenge, here is a pair of doting parents awaiting their unborn children. =)

1e250 No.11084

File: 1445907815233.png (314.51 KB, 4000x3000, 10Alien.png)

"It's a Joke!"
"I don't see how humans can possibly think this is suitable for space flight…"

We join these parents to be in the second trimester, while they try to set up the babies' room.

1e250 No.11085

File: 1445907922087.png (147.15 KB, 3000x3000, 18Mask.png)

And Part 3: the Trimestering!

In the final trimester, the pair are playing with masks in preparation for the coming spooky holiday.

404cc No.11111

File: 1445986594068.png (16.51 KB, 512x512, Chrissa Lyn.png)

I'm kinda new here. I recognize a lot of you guys from DA. I don't really know how to introduce myself, but I started trying to draw preg art recently, so I guess it's cool to post here with my shit, right? I'll try not to spam or overstay my welcome. Pic related is an OC of mine that I kind of made out of the blue. I drew the body and couldn't think of an established character to draw into it, so I just added some cute features and clothing and made it my own. Can I post my DA page here?

6c000 No.11142

it took a little searching to find your DA, but I found it. Your stuff is really cute! Keep up the good work!

1e250 No.11147

I would love to see more of you work, so but I'm not as good as the guy above me at searching. =(
A link would be appreciated.

404cc No.11150

here ya go, not a whole lot of content yet, but I hope you like what you see.

Thank you~

c3e93 No.11189

File: 1446185168792.jpg (1.32 MB, 1891x1419, image.jpg)

Surprisingly enough drawing on a 1990 Mac SE/30 isn't as hard as I thought it was, anyway this is another OC Mary-Anne, the orginal picture that I portrayed in the c'n'c thread.

2e058 No.11266

File: 1446438632207.png (1.06 MB, 2500x1258, Character_doodles(Maggie).png)

I've been working on a OC for a upcoming webcomic that I think you guys might like, let me know what you guys think:

adefa No.11268

Hey, those are good drawings! She looks like she'll be a fun character, too.
Be sure to let the board know when this webcomic takes off. I'm sure you'll get some dedicated readers pretty quickly.

95233 No.11269

She's cute, those freckles!!! :3

3c1bc No.11276

I flashbacked to the mid-90s. It kinda hurt.
Why. Why are you drawing using that old thing? How CAN you? Those things would freeze up and die when they were new. The very idea one of these computers is still working, I just.. wow. Nice character, though.

Aw. Looks cute.
Can you elaborate on the webcomic?

f4c6a No.11280

This is very cute.

2e058 No.11290

File: 1446530118603.png (1.9 MB, 2500x1258, Character_doodles(Maggie).png)

I'll drop you guys a link when I have some pages done, although don't get your hopes up too high, it won't be anything smutty (Though I'll be sure too add some "subtle" pregnant lewdness, along with pregnant progression through out the story)


It's going to be called 'Maggie's Potion Shop' (Although that names subject to change) and it's pretty much your stereotypical fantasy/ RPG world, except it's centered around some colorful vendors trying to get as much gill from passing by adventurers.
To put it simply; Our main character Aster, has finally left her home village to pursue a life of adventure and dungeon exploring, only to find out she's not too qualified, and has to settle for a less glamorous job.
That's where mother to be; Maggie(pic related)comes in, and hires her as a shop assistant.
Kinda like that animated show 'Dofus' (that wakfu spin off), except more focused on tongue and cheek 'vendor based' shenanigans.


Cheers! I'm sure you guys will enjoy her, as much as I enjoy drawing her (and her baby bump).

3c1bc No.11296

I'd recommend having a big ole idea bible, if you intend to have any benchmarks for how long you want this comic/story to go.

93f13 No.11305

Oh very cool and interesting, is she going to be the only pregnant OC or there will be more pregnant characters? :3

ecad1 No.11513

File: 1447282639659.png (941.84 KB, 1200x1300, Georgia_Jump.png)

Haven't really drawn anything preg-related since early October, so yeah.

f9a7f No.11543

File: 1447470264906.png (18.16 KB, 512x512, Chrissa Lyn 3.png)

My well has run dry, guys. Anyone have any characters they think I should draw? I wanna experiment with some WG stuff.

f9a7f No.11554

nearly 12 hours later and i just now realized why it was a bad idea to ask this question on this particular board

a0080 No.11555

Yeah, it can get pretty silent at times. How about something with Samus Aran?

4bb83 No.11556


Always down with the Aran. If you go with the Metroid Fusion era, you could have a pregnant/WG piece revolving around her gorging on too many X-parasites. After all, no price is too high to save the galaxy n' all that :P

f9a7f No.11557

File: 1447571208233.png (20.1 KB, 512x600, Untitled10.png)

I might do that. Everytime I've tried in the past I end up making her look too manly. Is there a universally accepted way to make her look cute and petite? Some sort of head canon model I can use to draw a more moe samus?

f9a7f No.11558

Gah I meant to quote >>11556 im so bad at everything ///.///

60090 No.11631

File: 1447826202760.jpg (1.04 MB, 2093x2365, IMG_3743.JPG)

Isabella 7.5 preg with octuplets preggo sex. Very crowded in there.

6c3e7 No.11640


How about Sharla from Xenoblade? She's a character I'd love to see more relevant art of.

1fbd3 No.11643

Damn, that's tight!

97041 No.11685

Holy fuck, those octuplets pic are hot! I hope they are permapreg, it would be a pity if those girls had to lose their fertile shape.

613a6 No.11774

File: 1448356532305.jpg (349.7 KB, 1804x2820, SCAN0032.JPG)

Lazy OC here, used to drawfag a lot for the pony boards, been a lot busier lately, and drew this after playing loads of CoC as a horny goblin

I want to go over this and colour it up, so finished version coming eventually

6c3e7 No.11785


I love me some pregnant shortstacks. Good stuff!

613a6 No.11795

File: 1448416176861.jpg (121.89 KB, 787x1717, colour.jpg)

had a go at colouring her, really need to work on line work i think

7e733 No.11864

Nice to find a place other than my own gallery I can post things :D still, the rest of my work is at gallery.zedslabs.com

96ec5 No.11880

Welcome to the site, Zed! :D

7e733 No.11902

Going to have another go at uploading… fingers crossed

bb6d1 No.11924

Hey, Zed, do you still provide Poser Preg models? Has there been any updates since V4.2 Preg Morph?

Even if not, thank you for that!

7e733 No.11979

Well, I never planned on making them for poser (never got into poser myself) but I could release all my current morphs as another V4 bundle?
Guess it would be wanted… y'know what, I'll give it a go!
I can't seem to upload any of my pictures here, so why not haha!
check back at Zed's Labs in day or two and I might have something there :)

7e733 No.11982

Let me know if this works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gekw7mpz5s2j7t6/V4%20%28Zedstyle%202015%29.zip?dl=0

Anyone else using poser of DAZ, please feel free to have a go. just dump her in your V4 content directory and load her up through your DAZ library as usual :D

4df9c No.11988

File: 1449057015921.jpg (1.16 MB, 2051x2928, IMG_3849.JPG)

Big pregnancy is the current trend after the big boobs and ass wave. Lisa Suraya uses a blend of drugs to prolong her pregnancy and is promoting the brand on behalve of the company that sponsors her. The entertainment industries cannot get enough of her so she plan to continue her pregnancy for another six months.

96ec5 No.12000

Holy shit, this is amazing!
I bet she's gonna burst at the end of it.

fa682 No.12003

This isn't working for me. It has dependencies setup for the dropbox account, so I have to locate two files when loading it and it asks for "blMilwom_v4b_QS.obj" which I don't have with my V4 (my version doesn't have the QS). I do use V4.2 if that makes a difference.

I'd like to try out your morphs! Any way to just put the morphs in a file that can be loaded into any V4 model?

7e733 No.12020

saving just the morphs is something I really want to do… but for some reason, DAZ seems to think that everyone wants to use Genesis and forgot that a few people might not!

All the help I can find for saving morphs as assets does not seem to work for one reason or another.

I need to ask the forums because nothing is working

46d6e No.12021

oh gosh
I cant wait to see her performing live at 18 months

bb6d1 No.12037


Yeah V4.2 is a MUST. I found that out late as well LOL

bb6d1 No.12038


THANKS!! I can't wait to try it out!

bb6d1 No.12044


After a few hours I cannot find anything on that file except for a French forum post. And even then it lists it as a pre-existing file.

7e733 No.12059

Hang in there… I am working on it… MIGHT (don't hold me to this one yet…) have found a way… but I need some more time :S sorry guys

bb6d1 No.12068


Zed, do you use poser or Daz Studio? I'm just wondering as it might be a file created by poser. Or it could be a file for a Mac version of the program…not entirely sure LOL

7e733 No.12137

I know the file… i'm using a bolted-together V4 that's got all the morphs I can cram into her… some I don't even use! (another reason I want to export these damn things) the version I'm using is 'millennium woman' and as nice as it would be to just give that away, it is illegal to distribute the mods that way.
The main problem is that the files I'm exporting don't seem to do anything! got an INJ and a REM that do fack-all!
Awaiting replies from the DAZ tech-heads to help me out… i'm stuck

bb6d1 No.12141


"Millenium woman" is Victoria 1! Wow, bringing it back LOL! Any benefits to using that over the newer versions?

fa682 No.12144

Yeah, I noticed the morphs don't do anything. I manually edited the .cr2 in a text editor to reference the non-QS version of my V4.2 model. It loaded up fine and didn't complain, but none of the dials do anything.

7e733 No.12177

this last export went totally FUBAR. I don't know if I did something different to before or if the updates changed something, but I need to hear back from the DAZ forum to know why the tutorial I am following isn't working
deleting the file because it won't work

f8c6d No.12178

File: 1449659880470.jpg (1.25 MB, 1953x2943, IMG_3930.JPG)

Natasha and Maria headed up to a nearby beach to get some sun tan. Both are equally pregnant with quintuplets. Natasha is wearing a shiny pair of golden bikini and Maria wear red shiny one. While Maria gone to toilet, Natasha approached two young men and asked "Could you help me apply some lotion as I cannot reach the front", tugging her belly and pretend to be frustrated she slap hard the side of the big belly. The babies kick in protest. Maria came back with some ice cream and watch the two young men massage Natasha while she lays under the sun.

10f87 No.12182

Noice. I don't get how you get that much detail in with just a goddamn pencil. I can't get any detail in when I draw. I guess Ticonderogas aren't the best pencil.

fd58a No.12189

Thanks. I used mechanical pencil with H and 2B lead. I draw under good desktop light. I also use putty eraser to easily remove some lines.

10f87 No.12194

Ahh, touché. I don't have a nice lamp to draw under. I just have my shitty bedroom light that needs some bulbs replaced. I feel like I'm drawing in half darkness.

7e733 No.12309

File: 1450038039232.png (25.39 KB, 150x150, Zed's Morphs 2015.png)

Well, I need stoog… i mean… assistants to test out the exports… without installing another DAZ on another computer, I can't test 'er out… anyone want to see if https://www.dropbox.com/s/dcelux4tae3tdfz/V4%20Zedstyle%202015.zip?dl=0 works?
(now contains folder hierarchy and… stuff…)

cabcc No.12310

Remind me again, what directory does the folder go into?

7a564 No.12312

Let's see if it'l post…

7e733 No.12314

the zip file ought to have a 'runtime' folder. you can stick the contents of it in your own runtime folder (which in newer DAZ versions isn't where mine is :S)
you may need to do a computer search i'm afraid

7e733 No.12315

File: 1450040554859.png (1.09 MB, 1000x750, read your contract careful….png)

lets see if this works…
if it's small enough, it should have uploaded…

fa682 No.12324

It does indeed work. Can you link to a tutorial on how you did it?

7e733 No.12374

step 1: get your picture
step 3: upload

I can't upload my full-size renders… it has to be half-size :(

168c2 No.12376

maybe not use pngs? 2mb an image is bit much.

fa682 No.12391

LOL, I'm not talking about how you made the pic, I'm talking about how you managed to convince DAZ to save your morphs.

7e733 No.12413

File: 1450213288309.png (39.62 KB, 747x448, Screenshot 2015-12-15 20.3….png)

er… I knew that! was… just testing you… yeah, that's it…

Actually, I may have had a breakthrough
(major thanks to "Richard Haseltine" from DAZ's support forum who has put up with my crap for oh so long XD)

check this out: http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/artzone/pub/tutorials/exp/tutorials
two deviations to this tutorial:
one: this picture ←. The ExP Export is under 'assets'
Two: where it asks for 'actor list' on the exporter, you NEED to include it! (it should be: \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4\ActorList.txt)
drop me an email at zededd at zedslabs dot com if you need to pow-wow details (still trying to get it to work myself… but I suspect it's my bastardised V4.Z that's messing with it all :S)

66e75 No.12557

File: 1450409085299.jpg (22.29 KB, 187x191, Benjamin-Franklin-U.S.-$10….jpg)

MFW Night Elf Princess never caught on

66e75 No.12558

File: 1450409118286.png (71.62 KB, 500x900, NEP0.png)

66e75 No.12559

File: 1450409130604.png (70.47 KB, 500x900, NEP2.png)

3c428 No.12584

File: 1450434386865.jpg (569.25 KB, 1200x1200, preg1.jpg)

mmm i love them nice tight wombs.

bc7a6 No.12673


Niiiiice, love it~

7e733 No.12832

File: 1450908785734.png (726.63 KB, 1000x750, Merry Xmas from Xeron's La….png)

Merry X-mas from Dr Xeron.
Remember, don't open your presents early…

bb6d1 No.12877


I might have figured out how to create an injector. I'll let you know once I test it out.

bb6d1 No.12879


Ugh it's being a frigging jerk and crashing on V4.

7e733 No.13031

Email me: zededd at Zedslabs dot com. Lets see if we can figure it out! (Mine is still not working as it happens :()

7a564 No.13726

Image uploading is being a dickweed, so Here's a direct link to a doodle I recently did that i'm actually kind of proud of… An OC of mine nice and ripe with offspring sired by a Certain Genetically engineered rage-and hate fueled Demigod Son of a Certain Emperor of Mankind.


ce8a6 No.13850

File: 1452042634636.png (239.31 KB, 415x1100, Georgia Winter.png)

To make up for not drawing anything "Christmas-y" during December, I drew my OC in winter attire.

6e7af No.13853

Dammit Chris, why must your art be so top notch? You could make serious bank if you started commissions.

7e733 No.14460

File: 1452729993525.jpg (21.01 KB, 150x150, INJ Zed's Morphs 2015.jpg)

OK! Last time I upload this dang thing haha!
This should be all my morphs all packaged up without any trouble!
Included an instructions, but it's just extract to your 'content' folder, boot up DAZ and look in your 'poses' folder and it should all be there!
Maybe even power-loader support… not tested that yet…

fa682 No.14633

I don't know what is going on with DAZ, but that doesn't work for me. It doesn't throw any error messages. It just doesn't load any morphs.

a04e2 No.14661

So, I got it to work for me, but I can't make her look attractive. Like, I can get her to get her clothes off, but her genitals and breasts are like a barbie doll.

7e733 No.14842

remember, these morphs are for V4, not Genesis
>>14661 i did include two nipple morphs and a pussy morph to make it look at least vaguely realistic

>>14633 I'd need to message back and forth with you to find out what's going on… you use skype or emails at all? zededd2000 on skype and zededd at zedslabs dot com for email

08b46 No.14957

File: 1453275224053.png (456.4 KB, 1420x1129, faseafvrfwe.png)

never posted on pregchan before so fingers crossed I don't mess everything up :p

9050c No.15100

Well, shidddd…so far, so good!

b32a1 No.15384

She is currently 6 month pregnant with sextuplets. At 5 feet short, her belly looks like its ready to pop at anytime.

b32a1 No.15385

a04f3 No.15429

What happened here?

26c12 No.15455

File: 1453783938405.jpg (999.08 KB, 2059x2784, catgirl birth0001.jpg)

I made a quick sketch what's you guys opinion?

26c12 No.15456

File: 1453784050845.jpg (1.29 MB, 2520x3146, gardevoir may fun0001.jpg)

Also I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this or if it should go in another thread but…

Going home I had an idea and I decided to sketch it at 23:30. It's quick and I made no pretense of making a quality work so think of it more as a proof of concept than anything. I'll make a better version when I have more time and feel like it.

What do you think of the idea though?

03be6 No.15458

I tried to upload but the picture don't appear

6f0f5 No.15462

Keep going with it. Anything with preggo May is a good idea. Dunno why you made her puny compared to Gardevoir tho.

0dd1b No.15463

But Gardevoir is a fair bit taller than she as Gardevoir is the about same height as Professor Oak (There is a gif with Oak standing next to a Gardevoir before being picked up by the Gardevoir's psychic powers). The official height of Gardevoir is 160cm/5'3", by the way, which is much taller than the average 10 year old.

6f0f5 No.15466

May isn't 10 tho. She's at least 12. And she's been approximated to be 4'11", and that seems to be much more than 4in and Gardevoir is also pretty gangly. Pic needs to be reworked to be a bit more realistic, but I love the idea.

6f0f5 No.15474

File: 1453806826957.jpg (141.89 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

On the topic of pregnant May, I sketched this up, and it took me a good two and a half hours to get perfect. Sorry for the potato quality.

7651f No.15490


Both of these are very nice!

26c12 No.15491


Like I said it's a very rushed sketch I didn't pay attention to proportion.


I'd rather pretend she's older and she's 18 in that picture so I can sleep better at night. And yeah you're right I will rework that pic eventually this was just a proof of concept.


This is a very cute drawing.

6f0f5 No.15492

Thanks for the compliment. I got a little critique from a friend and I ended up making that by listening to his tips. I like how it turned out.

6d5e9 No.15548


a04f3 No.15584

I think the picture may be too big.

f7a4d No.15598

I'd really like to see what you drew, want to downsize the picture some and try again?

03be6 No.15650

File: 1453973373395.jpg (816.63 KB, 1487x1802, IMG_0377.JPG)

She is currently 6 month pregnant with sextuplets. At 5 feet short, her belly looks like its ready to pop at anytime.

d31b6 No.15875

File: 1454138246268.jpg (750.27 KB, 1858x887, 1.jpg)

I have been doing 3D for leisure, never for work. Until recently, I started to do pregnancy, one of my fetishes, and I found this forum. I was wondering if you guys think I could make some money out of this? I have no experience in the business part of this whatsoever

d31b6 No.15877

File: 1454139572494.jpg (460.97 KB, 919x887, 2.jpg)

My apologies, I forgot to trim the unnecessary space in the last one. Those 2 images are how it looks before any polishing. I'm just interested in spending time in making it realistic if I can make it a trade. Otherwise, I don't need the details that are missing to get my boat rocking haha. Some people might not even mind how it looks like that. I mind, but it takes sooooo long to get to this point, and then, to make it look "real", like stretch marks, linea negra, skin imperfections, nipple darkening, you know…

6f004 No.15902

These look FANTASTIC

91470 No.15911

File: 1454172395377.png (910.88 KB, 1050x1250, goddess_by_chrisguy3-d9plk….png)

Imma just leave this here…

48ad4 No.15964

File: 1454207276850.png (344.27 KB, 1210x1238, gross4.png)

She went out for a jog, sitting on a bench that had some strange slime on it. She gasps as the slime forces its way deep into her womb and she has no choice but to get off of the hiking trail to birth the growing brood within.

c071c No.15967


Oh snap, it's Beeloni with an awesome as usual doodle.

b8ac9 No.16134

File: 1454292334103.png (370.28 KB, 1737x1128, IdleHQCom.png)

A commission I was lucky enough to win from the ever-talented IdleHQ. Be sure to check out her DeviantArt page if you want to get in on the commissioned preggy-goodness!

a04f3 No.16220

It's great to see a new contributor on the site. :D

It's great to see content from you, Beeloni. :)

61a88 No.16388

Thats a pretty awesome pic. Very original

d31b6 No.16528

File: 1454655647551.jpg (371.62 KB, 1395x917, 1.jpg)

Inspired by a photograph I saw. I love B/W pictures. There's something beautiful about them

d31b6 No.16530

File: 1454660191904.jpg (391.78 KB, 1072x1222, 2.jpg)

Inspired again by the same photographer

0dabb No.16628

I'm sure people will have some use for your lovely 3d models!

cdf13 No.16669

File: 1456574459069.jpg (254.38 KB, 2340x4160, Z83u5Vi.jpg)

I need a scanner. But regardless, this is probably the best piece I've ever done.

a945d No.16682

File: 1456617095247.png (263.69 KB, 1400x1050, slime.png)

this thing I drew is a bit too explicit for DA, so I'll post it here instead.

cb85b No.16683

That is simply scrumptious darling! Thanks for sharing!

What is your DA by chance~?

a04f3 No.16685

This is awesome!

7a564 No.16690

File: 1456648385314.png (1.09 MB, 984x1395, Camping in Minecraft.png)

Alise got knocked up again…

b1432 No.16696

File: 1456660024626.jpg (386.82 KB, 1080x1920, 20160228_062639.jpg)

Did some doodle practice. Pretty much just copied a reference and drew on a belly.

42314 No.16813

File: 1457235879807.jpeg (43.43 KB, 946x776, 7995a26618e1db50232a5a62b….jpeg)

63c83 No.16823

That looks great! Congratulations! Glad to see you made it back here, and I must say that I'm looking forward to anything you feel comfortable sharing about your experiences!

a2318 No.16855

Loving the details on that pic! Do you have a blog or dA page?

0dd1b No.16868

File: 1457493781399.png (558.23 KB, 1206x1396, EPSON012.png)

I know some of you already saw this on my Pixiv, but I figured I would post it here too. I was trying out some different coloring techniques and found they work pretty okay (I like how the hair looks). I just need to thin out the lines to make my artwork somewhat good looking. I even tried to give her a "glow".
I know the condom in the image is pointless, but it just adds to the seductive nature of this gijinka Gardevoir.

175a4 No.16880

File: 1457543587379.png (2.79 MB, 1860x2000, sera bunny.png)

Let's see if I can get this working here…

0d1c5 No.17055


Very nice! I really like the mesh effect on the edge of her bum. Something looks a tiny bit off about her eyes (too high? Too small?), but otherwise it looks great!

943ba No.17068

File: 1458801688894.png (1.92 MB, 2448x3264, surprise birth.png)

okay so someone told me nyarlathotep says "if you talk like that i'll get pregnant"

so yeah that's exactly what happened here

7651f No.17072


Oooh, I love this pic! Good work!

3c5fb No.17074

Love it. A fire emblem character with a good belly.

2a077 No.17098

You are amazing.

8d247 No.17137

File: 1458970540544.jpg (595.47 KB, 1540x1963, 스캔0058.jpg)

Here’s my very first contribution from south korea!
I’m preparing a cyberpunk novel about the world that most of people get their babies from surrogates. In this world, surrogates drafted or applied at young age and professionally trained. She is heroine, who is being trained in one of the biggest surrogate academy. Reason why she has that humongous belly compared to her body is the academy is delaying her delivery deliberately. Each academy system is quite like agency of artists, so girl belonged to delivers bigger/healthy baby, it talks academy’s quality.
That’s why she is suffering from 52 weeks baby, even being her pubis amputated and not able to walk. Entrance ceremony is left 2 months more, baby will grow even bigger…
Going to draw another picture with her delivery.

d8feb No.17143


WoW!…i did't know that i can see same taste another Korean, like me

6018d No.17153


ad380 No.17155

Dude. I so wanna see it! Please let us know when we can read it, the whole, concept behind it sounds so, different and unique.

7a564 No.17162

File: 1459061622294.png (925.09 KB, 1311x1860, AliseLateforworksmall.png)

Tumblr: bellykitten.tumblr.com
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bellykitten/

Thanks for the encouragement!

cdf13 No.17225

Some interesting ideas in the setting there.

0937b No.17366

File: 1459682986535.png (439.98 KB, 900x900, Mermaid_v1.png)

Late night drawing of a little mermaid carrying big twins. And now it's 4:30 AM.
Variants are at my pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56171147

a3bbf No.17368

Ahhhhhhh baby mermaid…..they are very active in there

79a44 No.17442

I don't suppose you'd consider drawing her giving birth, would you?

a3bbf No.17451

i dout that

a7e4a No.17505


Just putting here that I'd like to know where this idea went.

0937b No.17506

File: 1460173675310.png (621.48 KB, 1050x900, Mermaid v Catgirl 1.png)

Mermaid v. Catgirl

175a4 No.17786

File: 1461166221885.png (712.2 KB, 1300x1000, erf cap.png)

So, I vaguely remember some animu called Captain Earth or something coming out a while back, and…that's about all I remember. I just recall seeing a LOOOOT of gifs of one of the characters lifting her shirt and waving her belly button around as some sort of…thing. I dunno.

Clearly the response would be to shove some babies into both main girls and smash them into the protag.

And clearly one should give the scrawnier girl the extra baby or two.


Did anyone watch this? Did I?!

2a0d7 No.17787


I do not remember this show, but man I love this pic. And kind of hate that guy for looking so annoyed about it. :D

b167a No.17788


I dropped it about halfway through the series when the sub group I was using fell way behind. This is making me want to pick it back up.

8d6a6 No.17791

Full pic when

60839 No.17794

Any news on your project cause I'm very interested and other people are as well and the art style is very cool :)

05d70 No.17903

File: 1461775039537.png (348.04 KB, 900x900, georgia_cosplay_sketches_b….png)

Drew some sketches

62369 No.17912


You should do a pregnant Quiet. I don't think that exists yet.

cdf13 No.17914

File: 1461842990836.jpg (21.16 KB, 561x1309, Gale Tiggerwom 33%.jpg)

I did this small practice sketch trying to recreate a pose from a SaburoX picture. I may have gone a bit too far in copying the style and I don't think I could do this good anatomy without a reference, but I'm pretty proud of it either way.

cbf91 No.17992

Looks pretty good to me.

538d2 No.18010

fa260 No.18133

File: 1462623091613.jpg (480.79 KB, 2893x4092, pregnant test scetch.jpg)

Here is my attempt at pregnancy…..a bit shoddy but i am looking for any critics and help

fa260 No.18134

Hey chris. what program do you use?

fa260 No.18140

File: 1462650291947.jpg (66.89 KB, 1280x1024, pregnant ship-girl front.jpg)

Here is my second go with the pregnancy drawing. hope people can critic both of the pictures i have made.

This one is a ship-girl i tried to draw.

fa260 No.18142

And please be a critical. no missing or avoiding thing. if you can list anything please.

fa260 No.18143

i….mean……be critical…….without the extra a

20bac No.18148

Try practicing by redrawing pictures by others, since free-hand drawing is tough for beginners. As for pregnant bellies, I found a couple reference guides on Pixiv. They're in Japanese but the images are still helpful.



a7c2f No.18149

A bit of constructive criticism: You should really work on your proportions, the little stumpy arms really kill the picture. A person's arms should be as long as their torso, their hands should be around hip level. The head looks a small on the body too, a real life human body's typically 7-8 heads (the length from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin) tall. There's obviously wiggle room for stylistic variations, but when you go too far away from human proportions things start to look weird.

fa260 No.18163

Yeah my hand and arm are off. i shall needed to try better with those. the head…..that is a whole thing i can't do but i shall try.

>>18148 i am just going to go free-hand due to other people not liking there art being re-drawn but i shall use the pregnant belly drawing

fa260 No.18164

i also think the legs are reaaaaally off

fa260 No.18165

i would also needed a scale or something for heads if there is one

fa260 No.18168

And what pictures could is use to re-draw?

a3a3b No.18169

Try tracing some pregnant bikini figure to practice body proportion. That's how I self taught myself. There is also youtube channel on how to draw body.

168c2 No.18170


Copying and tracing a body isn't really going to help you understand the workings. Drawing pregnant women is the same thing as drawing anything: study and practice.

Learning how the body moves and what shapes make up the parts means you can do whatever you want in whatever style you want.

Copying artists means you learn their tics and not why they produce them. We already have more than enough people that copy anime without a hint of what they're doing around here.

If you're really serious about art I can dump resource links in a chat thread or something.

fa260 No.18171

Where abouts would these links be?

20bac No.18177

Perhaps copy wasn't the best choice of word. What I had in mind was more like how musicians play other people's song to practice. I probably skipped the part about actually developing fundamental skills. Oops.

319c1 No.18179

"imitate" may be a better term than "copy"?

fa26c No.18186

is that you who put some reference in the chat section

8da03 No.18367

File: 1463241757703.jpg (77.75 KB, 400x300, 160514kisekae.jpg)

Don't know if this would be OC?
(Made in kisekae btw)

8da03 No.18369

File: 1463242432921.jpg (75.37 KB, 400x300, 160514kisekae.jpg)

Part 2! can. she . catch . it!

8da03 No.18370

File: 1463244264359.jpg (131.19 KB, 400x300, 160514kisekae.jpg)

175a4 No.18386

File: 1463313574697.png (645.84 KB, 1284x1352, are you yasty.png)

This whole "imagine your OC in these shorts" thing ended up being really fruitful in this case!

Poor, poor half-naked Yasty bunny.

fe445 No.18404

File: 1463417548179.jpg (277.59 KB, 1440x1080, IMG_20160516_153926.jpg)

From Kankore, "Ushio" and "Akebono"

cbf91 No.18405

Looks good, Catfish.

f77a7 No.18413

aaaaah good to see ship-girls

cdf13 No.18500

File: 1463637842611.jpg (108.43 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o7ed1xFBMr1rbqeipo1….jpg)

aa7ca No.18545

File: 1463681947207.png (127.83 KB, 556x1000, morrigan.png)

quick sketch!

aa7ca No.18551

File: 1463691436290.png (261.75 KB, 881x1000, isabela.png)

yeeeeah wonky perspective \o/

1e87d No.18557


Wonky it may be, but I like the pic. :)

7e45b No.18568

Dude, where can I check your stuff? You got some good stuff going on

cbf91 No.18605

These look fantastic!

17f33 No.18947

File: 1464477802555.jpg (1.36 MB, 2480x3508, Overdue_Tracer.jpg)

Preggo Tracer:
tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/plus1b
deviantart: http://plus1b.deviantart.com/

Will do the rest of the gals as well!
Hope you like what you see.

b167a No.18965


Well, it looks like I have a new favorite person.

e0279 No.18966

File: 1464489617179.png (224.65 KB, 612x332, erect.png)


you are a hero among mortals.

1db50 No.18969


ad8c5 No.19006

File: 1464539192452.jpg (1.41 MB, 2345x2879, IMG_1583.JPG)

Ellie is 18 years old and come from a broken family. Father left her family and mother is drug abuser along with her mother's boy friend. She started selling her body when she was sixteen in order to support her family especially her younger sister. A customer slipped a pill inside her drink and a few months later found she was pregnant with quads. Being petite at 5 feet tall the big belly is more accentuated. Worst is that she has polyhydramnios. Customers began to shy away and she is low with money.

Luckily for her she found some companies looking for pregnant porn actresses. They mostly involve rough sex, big dicks and some character playing. In photo she is trying to swallow one of the widest 12 inches. The hard pounding cause the wall inside her to bleed and wake up the babies. There was also some hard slapping actions.

92478 No.19184

File: 1464923727747.jpg (92.8 KB, 646x720, 167050_107805502628224_656….jpg)

92478 No.19185

File: 1464923766155.jpg (84.99 KB, 565x720, 167250_107807035961404_602….jpg)

33737 No.19215

saw this and though it would be lovely here

0937b No.19218

Definitely sure that doesn't belong in the "Original Content" thread. Might I suggest the thread meant for pregnant video game characters?

3dbe8 No.19246

Hoooo man, that pose and anatomy are on point! 8D

33737 No.19256


33737 No.19257

No his right

02354 No.19305

File: 1465164924048.png (123.63 KB, 1773x1417, X3.png)

02354 No.19306

File: 1465164981286.png (160.49 KB, 1773x1369, X2.png)

17f33 No.19307

File: 1465165623578.jpg (505.71 KB, 2480x3508, Overdue_Mei.jpg)

Mei is Bae!

17f33 No.19308

Which one should I do next?

f2018 No.19312


Zarya. Gotta love buff girls. :)

23167 No.19315


acf20 No.19317

I'm gonna be a rebel and say D.Va

8da03 No.19321

Have Mercy mid wife for all of them(secretly getting off) and then have her freak out when she goes into labor.

0020b No.19352


Preg D.Va must happen.

5cf74 No.19400

File: 1465303654805.png (51.8 KB, 1030x673, 1.png)

some shitty drawings by me

5cf74 No.19401

File: 1465303697015.png (Spoiler Image, 60.09 KB, 1030x673, 2.png)

next (futa warning)

5cf74 No.19402

File: 1465303715621.png (25.75 KB, 366x307, 3.png)

third (futa and birthing)

5cf74 No.19403

File: 1465303732275.png (Spoiler Image, 60.32 KB, 363x523, 4.png)

one more futa

5cf74 No.19404

File: 1465303747865.png (Spoiler Image, 77.97 KB, 1366x768, 5.png)

and the last one for today

17f33 No.19414

The next one will be Zarya, love to play her right now, so the choice was easy.

D.VA will be the next, after that Mercy and then Widowmaker. I'll try my best to hurry up :-)

Thank you all for your support and the nice comments and messages on my deviant account, it really helps to stay motivated!

91c29 No.19591

File: 1465822857714.jpg (1.41 MB, 2341x3198, IMG_1736.JPG)

Russian mob boss decide to treat his men. He paid for an escort service for a night with Elena. She is eight months pregnant with triplets.

b5bdb No.19595

Nice, do you have any bird eye view or worms eye view pictures of any of these women?

17f33 No.19606

File: 1465858749911.jpg (475.39 KB, 2480x3508, Overdue_Zarya.jpg)

Mother Russia!

52b84 No.19648

Loooove it. Amazing pose. She's so proud of her belly!

798f8 No.19649

File: 1465957765278.jpg (216.04 KB, 2550x3507, PREGGO WONDER.jpg)

I'll post my weird drawings, Some consecutive criticism will be appreciated!!! Sorry it's upside down… :(

5c097 No.19650

Just rotate it via the right-click options while selecting the file.

adb62 No.19802

File: 1466374695280.png (418.22 KB, 1944x735, dva.png)

D.Va livestreaming her labor/birth

f2018 No.19806


…while DVa doesn't particularly appeal to me as a character, this scenario is HAWT. Good pic.

168c2 No.19812

I've noticed people doing this all the time so I'm just curious. Anon, why do you feel it necessary to say you don't like D.va?

f2018 No.19815


You misunderstand me. She's just not my type. I prefer my women a bit less waifish. :)

168c2 No.19816

I understand that. Why do you feel it necessary to say it? If you like the image you like the image.

17f33 No.19914

File: 1466974918456.jpg (472.65 KB, 2480x3508, Overdue_Dva.jpg)

Hi dudes and dudettes! new picture!
if you want to, you can visit me on deviantart (http://plus1b.deviantart.com/) and well, dunno, leave a comment or something.
if you have a cool idea that I should do, tell me and maybe I'll do your crazy shenanigan ;D

85ab8 No.19915

File: 1466975845812.png (625.35 KB, 1608x2039, pregggg.png)

*obligatory chicken noises*

f2018 No.19921


Suddenly I'm craving an omelette.

Nice picture!

32c93 No.19933


I don't think those are chicken eggs, my head canon says dinosaur eggs!

d8b22 No.19948


4db65 No.19987


This pleases me greatly.

fe445 No.19993

File: 1467221958432.png (222.48 KB, 1489x926, pregnant.png)

0a3da No.20027

This is nice! That body going to be used for any further works or just practice? Got really nice proportions going on here!

fe445 No.20099

File: 1467468847933.png (308.56 KB, 1474x1000, pregnant2.png)

Thank you!
I began the practice of 3D using Blender.

d8b22 No.20105

17f33 No.20208


c7717 No.20309

File: 1468033114530.jpeg (56.19 KB, 640x930, image.jpeg)


fe445 No.20325

File: 1468142927793.png (415.44 KB, 1409x1000, preg-asashio.png)

9087a No.20360

Eeey, more beeloni! I love your stuff, but is it ever gonna be hosted/posted somewhere again?

3605f No.20497

File: 1468643640703.png (463.49 KB, 486x980, Mei 1.png)

Made 2 Mei Draw

3605f No.20498

File: 1468643675267.png (635.16 KB, 524x1051, Mei 2.png)

Hope you like em

22634 No.20556


These are nice drawings, I would to see what other drawings you would or you got :D

1103c No.20572

*you would draw or what you have already drawn

3605f No.20719

File: 1469467672903.png (1.36 MB, 1606x993, Dynatron.png)

I did another one with Mighty No. 3 Dynatron, the game sucks but she's pretty cool, it's better than nothing

c6c00 No.20720

She looks pretty cute <3

85dee No.20729


Aw, the game's not THAT bad. I mean sure, it isn't that good either, but it's still a better Megaman game than X7 was.

Also, I second Dr B's comment; Dynamite is pretty cute here, though I am curious about the empty lightbulb bump; is there supposed to be something in there? Electricity? Nanites? Whatever that Xel stuff is?

3605f No.20738

I didn't think about it, i just drawed

85ab8 No.20746

File: 1469550293873.png (892.73 KB, 2130x1363, nasty1.png)

Did some requests on my deviantart :)

62144 No.20830

File: 1469904894453.png (68.6 KB, 803x1157, X32.png)

More OC

7bc5e No.20835


9e070 No.20839

File: 1469951465772.png (4.8 MB, 3150x2572, Gurls.png)

Hosea back here, gotcha a kinda new drawing

Pregnant Pink Spidergirl Vs Pregnant Vivian James vs Pregnant Shy Gal squad vs Pregnant Colored Dynatron In Drawn Life Preggo Drawings for Fun! 2016

9e070 No.20840

Also i disabled ratings and comments

066a7 No.20852


Your stuff is cute! :)

c7717 No.21379

File: 1471077409929.jpeg (106.19 KB, 936x1280, image.jpeg)

Quick, rough sketch that I need to finish sooner or later.

a46b8 No.21465

File: 1471465180711.png (1.79 MB, 2126x2835, DuoPregUpload.png)

I made a thing.

e49f3 No.21466

you made something!!! oOOOOOOOOOoh.

hell yeah that looks beautiful

16cc2 No.21474


Love how wide her hips look! She should be able to push the little one out with no problems. ;)

35af0 No.21479

File: 1471527260616.png (1.66 MB, 2126x2835, MaiestroUpload.png)

and… I made another thing. Specifically from Monster Hunter Generations (It's quite fun, check it out!).
Maiestro - Female only skill. Combines the effects of Short Sprinter* and Double Hunger**. Decreases the efficacy of Stamina recovery items but stops most monsters from targeting you and decreases damage from all monster attacks. Also flinches you rarely.
*Short Sprinter - Speeds up Stamina depletion for actions which continuously drain Stamina (such as dashing).
**Double Hunger - Greatly speeds up maximum Stamina depletion over time.
'Note' - Lagombi is a big rabbit-like monsters. see: http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Lagombi
Our huntress has mistakenly forged an alternate Snowbaron Lagombi armor which includes the Maiestro skill which she thought was the other similarly named skill, Maestro. As soon as she puts on the armor set, her belly starts swelling up quickly, taking her by surprise. Luckily the effect is only lasts until the armor is taken off but the feelings are all very real. But the temporary offspring would 'kicks' occasionally, making the her flinches during quests. She also needs to eat a lot more than normal too, even though the pregnancy is quite 'fake'. Fortunately, despite all of these drawbacks, maternal energies created by this skill lowers the aggression of most monsters, making hunts easier. But for hyper monsters, they are so aggressive that the energy and only lowers their attacks damage.

50ee5 No.21507

File: 1471630659834.png (375.95 KB, 1503x950, musashi.png)


7e6f3 No.21535

File: 1471733416910.gif (8.76 MB, 500x400, Shantae Preggy Special.gif)

I admit that i didn't do much pregnant content the past few month (at least none i felt like sharing here). But I thought this is something you people might like.

Did originally trained on making animations via official game art/animation.

894ec No.21537

Always happy to see more Shantae stuff.

e49f3 No.21547

Yeeeeeeaaaah 3D kancolle pregnancy!

a8ece No.21614

Now I just imagined RAY like this. Pretty hard to do with that stomach mouth of hers.

But this is indeed cute!

2c3f3 No.21641

File: 1472176179953.jpg (297.28 KB, 1074x950, mina-comm.jpg)

I didn't commission this, but I wonder if someone from here did? It's really cute.

71649 No.21643

Gonna be a bit dumb here and ask "Who are these characters?"

2c3f3 No.21644

The blonde is an original character of the artist's, not sure about the other.

And here's Hidon's latest.

2c3f3 No.21645

File: 1472191734189.jpg (195.59 KB, 1026x779, comm__honnouji_academy_wad….jpg)

File was too big, apparently.

f7f1c No.21659

File: 1472267492348.jpeg (59.88 KB, 640x695, image.jpeg)

d8fe8 No.21678

looks like a pregnant emma watson i like it.

00b7f No.21688

File: 1472399514883.png (352.79 KB, 929x1173, Tesy Cosplay (Kaori).png)

Have a picture of Tesy cosplaying as a pregnant Kaori Miyazono. All credits go to Arkone.

c7717 No.21719

File: 1472524129793.png (233.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

A more finished version.

c7717 No.21720

File: 1472527949441.png (79.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

9e139 No.21755


Source, please.

c7717 No.21756

Uhh, some generic dancer reference plus some middling art skills.

c7717 No.21768

File: 1472590401064.jpeg (79 KB, 826x640, image.jpeg)

c7717 No.21839

File: 1472845722570.jpeg (340.16 KB, 1904x1747, image.jpeg)

c7717 No.21840

File: 1472849391101.jpeg (215.75 KB, 2140x1367, image.jpeg)

50ee5 No.21851

File: 1472903064674.png (652.39 KB, 1434x888, SnapCrab_Blender [Dbrendya….png)

2c3f3 No.21867

File: 1472985111061.jpg (75.82 KB, 723x1104, utena-sama.jpg)

Pregnant Utena, from Hidon.

2c3f3 No.21868

File: 1472985141067.jpg (63.97 KB, 723x1104, utena-nude.jpg)

And nude version.

78fcf No.21869

These are all great, thank you!

15ed6 No.22014

File: 1473400949222.jpg (248.39 KB, 1240x1000, Hyrule Warriors sleep wear.jpg)

This is the result of a request on here of Lana pregnant. We have Linkle, Lana, and Zelda pregnant. http://kumichan.deviantart.com/art/Hyrule-preggos-sleepwear-632565530

168c2 No.22128

File: 1473817858711.jpg (131.64 KB, 899x1000, mm1.jpg)

Oh no. What will Miss Melee do?

175a4 No.22141

File: 1473864440819.png (746.89 KB, 1000x1906, bikini goals.png)

Really really really wanna keep drawing more Yasty. I've missed the floppy little thing.

8a914 No.22144



9c89b No.22148

Well, we appreciate the drawings of her, so no problems here.

175a4 No.22297

File: 1474560491312.png (773.85 KB, 1552x1881, study lina.png)

It's got issues but this also has some stuff I'm happy about.

Also maybe I need to mess with fullbody spandex-like stuff more often.

4d544 No.22302

I agree about the fullbody spandex part.

175a4 No.22340

File: 1474736692815.png (1.12 MB, 2460x2200, ancient ritual lina.png)

Aaaand another.

50ee5 No.22362

File: 1474805343296.png (1.03 MB, 1455x907, SnapCrab_Blender [Dbrendko….png)

06d9f No.22364

I think I'm in love.

4aada No.22365



38872 No.22382

File: 1474852536192.png (614.05 KB, 1977x922, Jasmine & London Colored.png)

38872 No.22385

File: 1474852898759.png (695.72 KB, 3300x2550, Kabi Complete.png)

69285 No.22407

File: 1474935964249.png (177.92 KB, 718x855, After class.png)

This is part of a short comic I made. the rest is here ->http://fkitzg.deviantart.com/art/Pregnant-Hannah-s-Grow-and-Tell-636468886

78d0f No.22408


That was oddly cute. I liked it. I only wish it had a few more panels. :)

bab35 No.22413

i love it!

50ee5 No.22489

File: 1475267797949.jpg (848.01 KB, 1443x1773, preg-vert.jpg)

>>22364 >>22365

Thank you! I'm so very happy

941fe No.22491

This is awesomeness! Never enough sexiness like this on the web. ^^

4626b No.22500

Seriously, this is amazing.

33462 No.22536

File: 1475524514949.jpeg (101.66 KB, 1024x654, image.jpeg)

601fc No.22586

"Please, please, help me up!!" The urge has got a hold of her something powerful, but shes fighting against pushing. She thinks if she could just get on her feet and start walking, it would be alright and she could go back to how things were.

c7717 No.22622

File: 1475746311364.jpeg (109.23 KB, 751x1065, image.jpeg)

c7717 No.22623

File: 1475746417676.jpeg (91.32 KB, 850x940, image.jpeg)

b5bdb No.22629

It looks cool but it's a bit blurry.

aa87d No.22632

File: 1475773632685.jpg (358.59 KB, 1600x900, 2o70ckwt.jpg)

i do edits mostly, not good at drawing full figures.
it also helps when the art follows simple coloring

b2aaf No.22647

>>22632 that's hot. What's the image from?

23b57 No.22668

23b57 No.22669

This is wonderful! I really like her expression.

aa87d No.22726

the character is gwen tennyson from ben 10 alien force.
original artist is incognytus (i think that's how you spell it)
i added the belly

d8fe8 No.22734

>>22726 i had a feeling she looked familiar. that's some good editing.

175a4 No.22827

File: 1476208086052.png (860.31 KB, 2224x2000, tobblebirth.png)

A toblin squeezes one out. http://hidonredux.deviantart.com/art/Toppled-Toblin-639542910?ga_submit_new=10%253A1476207875 for the accompanying plot courtesy of Doombeez!

9e070 No.23278

File: 1478467843091.png (418.3 KB, 1034x1094, Smash Girl and Nina.png)

Im back, for a while at least

Anybody likes flash animation?
I do, sometimes, Nina from Sanity not included and Smash Girl from the animation Power Trip

Srry if 2 cringy i did it prty fast

e4c69 No.23288

I know this isn't a request thread but could you do one with Nina and Amanda?

9e070 No.23289

File: 1478539090074.png (369.74 KB, 1278x1136, Nina and Amanda.png)

Just because you asked so nicely

e7045 No.23292


I'm not familiar with these characters but your style is pretty cute.

62955 No.23300

File: 1478681440346.jpeg (174.4 KB, 640x838, image.jpeg)

8f7e7 No.23333

File: 1478923092444.jpeg (89.97 KB, 640x912, image.jpeg)

8f7e7 No.23334

File: 1478923126664.jpeg (65.44 KB, 640x1051, image.jpeg)

e92c8 No.23517

Love bondage and birth. The combination is awesome and sadly rare. Can't wait to see more

38798 No.23529

File: 1479532899021.jpeg (100.81 KB, 640x903, image.jpeg)

bc83e No.23536

Wow! <3

19e96 No.23584

File: 1479988858650.jpeg (73.31 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)

19e96 No.23585

File: 1479988915632.png (370.89 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

c652e No.23592

All these drawings are great!

5317b No.23597


Monster/Creature/Tentacle sex with a heavily pregnant woman is where it's at!

f400a No.23605

File: 1480126307758.png (6.26 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0268.PNG)

Just doing an image dump from a story i wrote/illustrated over at Wattpad. Hope y'all dig.

f400a No.23606

File: 1480126524027.png (6.42 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0304.PNG)


f400a No.23607

File: 1480126663708.png (294.53 KB, 1477x1536, IMG_0318.PNG)


f400a No.23608

File: 1480126850691.png (5.59 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0303.PNG)


f400a No.23609

File: 1480127369691.png (5.24 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0302.PNG)


If you wanna read the story it's over at hxxp://my.w.tt/UiNb/yg3q0kbCBy

Just replace the xx with tt

175a4 No.23645

File: 1480340379137.png (591.79 KB, 1300x2380, askagainlater.png)

I'm fairly certain it's still the '90s, right?

e3c0e No.23647


e3726 No.23648

Sure. I'd believe that.

2289d No.23653

I love your work, Hidon.

09a3e No.23669

File: 1480489521379.jpeg (80.41 KB, 640x888, image.jpeg)

cf4cf No.23678

File: 1480528003650.png (725.03 KB, 1920x1080, untitled4.png)

175a4 No.23702

File: 1480684571237.png (1.81 MB, 3000x2600, newlinanaga.png)

Running far past the boundaries with Lina!

9df31 No.23719

Nice to see you try your luck at human litter pregnancies, Hidon. Will there be a birth follow-up?

175a4 No.23721

I…kinda want to, but I'm also not sure how to really pull it off well. Also I dunno if I should just count it as the 'nude' outfit that's still technically left to cover.

40944 No.23724

With that many babies you might want to take inspiration from that series of images with nitemare99's Juli laying all those eggs, or Patchyeah's dragon girl birth.

175a4 No.23785

File: 1481043736098.png (1.23 MB, 2530x2240, triple trellane trial.png)

Drawing some more Wildstar oc's in between prolonging Lina's agony.

Trellane's super cute, I should've draw her years ago.

175a4 No.23795

File: 1481104653518.png (239.29 KB, 526x838, trellshowers.png)

Oops now she's wet and naked.

6bf7c No.23797

She's purdy

e4afb No.23801

Hey hidon redux i love your drawings so much i love how you did to her she's very pretty


168c2 No.23861

File: 1481425240451.jpg (145.03 KB, 1000x978, purple.jpg)

6bf7c No.23863

The telecutenetic girl needs her pan beau. Prroooobably gonna be canon.

168c2 No.23870

File: 1481476739380.jpg (147.09 KB, 955x1000, rain.jpg)

14f83 No.23871


These two are super cute! :D

6bf7c No.23872

I like to imagine she loaned him those flowery boxers to keep his goat junk from rubbing on everything.

168c2 No.23873

He dresses himself like a big boy.

4d4bf No.23885

File: 1481646189585.jpg (322.4 KB, 894x1056, 1.jpg)

Just playing around with new computer's capabilities

6bf7c No.23903


1eb87 No.23951

File: 1482131729659.jpg (2.68 MB, 1852x2699, 20161219_020706-1.jpg)

Can't even remember the last time I drew stuff like this just for shits, and it sure as hell ain't going on my blog, so we'll throw it to the dogs.

175a4 No.23955

i have to find this by accident

i am wounded

(nah this is awesome)

4cffe No.23998

Holy shit Max came back from exile

1eb87 No.24026


Not like I disappeared to begin with, I'm just not here. Y'all ain't a bad bunch but I don't get a lot of mileage outta imageboards… Plus I still suck at drawing curvy stuff, which isn't very becoming of an admirer of moms-to-be. You tryin' to tell me there are people who actually missed this garbage?

adefa No.24042

I'd say the term you're looking for is more "stylized" than "garbage". I think it looks nice and curvy, even if it's not 100% realistic in terms of the actual style.

b7893 No.24055

>>23885 i like to think that she's wondering why she's heavily pregnant and looking up and cursing god.

c20a5 No.24063

File: 1482658242585.png (27.15 KB, 720x1440, Jessa.png)

Have this image as a christmas gift from a longtime lurker.

d03f2 No.24077

File: 1482746656942.png (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, Secret Santa.png)

Santa (a Santa?) delivering gifts in secret.
Even if the gift is a newborn baby, the gift must be delivered in total secrecy.

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