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3c9d7 No.11128[Last 50 Posts]

You're awoken by a throbbing headache. You open your eyes and immediately regret that decision as your retinas are assaulted by the bright afternoon sunlight. Wincing, you rub your forehead willing the pain to go away, but only succeeding in hearing the bustle of a nearby street. Of course, the noise is amplified by whatever is making your head hurt, making it sound like the pedestrians are screaming in your ear and the noise from the cars is reverberating inside your head. It feels like you have the mother of all hangovers. Only problem is, you don't remember drinking last night. To be fair though, you don't remember anything from last night. There was a meteor shower the night before, then nothing.

Your name is SWEET MOTHER OF FUCK WHY DOES YOUR FUCKING HEAD HURT SO BADLY!? You take a deep breath and open your eyes again. It seems you're slowly getting used to your situation. You're head's clear enough now to remember that this isn't the first time this has happened to you. Even worse, it seems like it's been happening more often lately, and your head hurts more each time. This hasn't been helping your studies at all. Wait, were you studying to get into college or were you already in?

You shake your head and change gears. It'll come back to you shortly. You look yourself over and realize that you're wearing a tuxedo. In the middle of the afternoon. You look around and realize that you're behind a thrift store. You could try to grab something and change quickly, payment optional, or you could walk home dressed like this.

What do you do?
>Go home in a Tuxedo. Who cares?
>Get some clothes from the thrift store. If so, shoplift or buy?

What school do you go to?
>High School

What is your name?
I hope I've made it abundantly clear as to who you are, but if I don't get any correct guesses, I won't spoil your name for now. PS. Reverse image search is cheating.

3c9d7 No.11130

Yes, this is a new impregnation quest; the fourth one by my count. This is set in an existing universe, but like with your name, I won't spoil it yet. It should be obvious, but I have put a little spin on it. Rules are the same as always. Vote for your preferred option. Write-ins are always welcome, but may not always be used if they don't work. Write-ins that don't win, but had some popularity before the end of voting will affect the final result if I can make it work. My plan is to update this about once a week. However, we all know what that means. I'll make sure to have at least one weekend between posts so people have time to vote and discuss. Speculation is highly encouraged. External knowledge will be allowed unless it becomes a problem.

Here's the discussion thread for anyone that's interested. Keep meta content there.

3c21c No.11131

File: 1445999600267.jpg (39.08 KB, 460x668, swag.jpg)

Go home in your Tuxedo. Because why would you hide your swag?

As for the headaches, that is pretty easily explained. You literally are walking around clad in a fucking tux as a college student. You are obviously suffering from a case of leaving your swag on and getting ambushed by girls.

aada7 No.11138

SWEET MOTHER OF FUCK WHY DOES YOUR FUCKING HEAD HURT SO BADLY!? is the kind of name you get in college, and he is the kind of man who walks home in tuxedos. Just tell people you're doing a star wars costume, they won't know the difference.

d0641 No.11139

I don't know whether I want to continue with the shenanigans or be That Guy who knows what Moe is actually trying to do here. Forgetting to turn swag off is pretty funny.

31e55 No.11149

Woo! More impreg quest fun! And I think I know who we are/what setting we're in, I just don't know all the names since I never watched it. But I will be so happy if all my Black Dog fantasies come true.

For now, we go home in our tux, and I'm pretty sure we're in high school.

e50a1 No.11182

Go home in the tux because our swag cannot be turned off so easily.

3c9d7 No.11183

Nice to have a warm reception so far. I see people are going for the tuxedo and being a college student. An interesting combination. Of course, I won't tell you what that combination means until after you've sealed your fate.

Also, I'm tempted to add a swag meter to this quest based on the responses so far.

Whichever you choose, don't forget to vote.

>But I will be so happy if all my Black Dog fantasies come true.
>Black Dog

Don't forget to vote for whether you're a high school or college student.

31e55 No.11186

Black Dog is a hentai manga creator. He specializes on a certain anime, the anime which we are keeping mum about for the time being. His art is very nice, check him out.

31e55 No.11187

He does tend to be non-con, thought that's not always my thing. But I'll look past that for his art style.

3c21c No.11195

File: 1446205658728.jpg (47.37 KB, 640x472, drunkards.jpg)

I'm mostly voting college student because I can totally picture a college student getting drunk out of their mind after diving through a bar and waking up with a splitting headache in some random bush off the side of the street.

Granted, that'll put a weird spin on the setting from where I am almost certain OP is coming from, but I adore it too much to not voice it.

3225d No.11204

Black Dog is an artist who draws/fetishizes what he himself calls "unrealistic rape." These are stories, universally, in which a girl is felt up by a pervert but she doesn't resist beyond saying "No…" and some light struggling until she gradually starts to like the sex. Sometimes the pervert is punished afterward, but not usually. He's done one doujin with pregnant content.

e50a1 No.11213

Two, actually, though the content in one of them was only a page or two, but it was still there.

868f2 No.11217

I might have to make updates a little more frequently than once a week if we're already going off on tangents about doujin artists. Although I do appreciate that this conversation is keeping the thread active.

I've realized that I have miscounted. This is the fifth quest thread. I forgot to count The Bard's "The Wastes" quest, and I assume that Shadow forgot about Ty's original quest on here when he confirmed my count.

Speaking of other quests. Would it be bad form to drop a line in the other quest thread advertising this one?

de97d No.11218

Well, since I'm already interested in what Moe is doing here, I should probably give real votes here (also, Moe makes a pretty good point about going off on tangents.)
What to do: I am so far on the swag train that I might as well be the conductor. Go home in your tux and give no…well, you get the idea.

Schooling: The tricky part. See, if I say "college", then our swag-tastic main character will probably be a cradle robber, as in the source material. While I don't pass judgment on those on this site with a fondness for the younger types, that's not my style. Sure, that 4-ish-year age gap in canon won't mean much later on, but right now, that's pretty important. So I will say "high school". (Now watch as Moe makes the girls all 10 years old or something :P)

What is your name? I wanted to put a Monty Python joke here because I was feeling silly, but instead, I shall speak no name, and give only a knowing, enigmatic smile.

aada7 No.11271

From experience, updating sooner is better than updating later.

868f2 No.11283

True, but this is a slow board. I wanted to get enough people in here to play.


High school.

3 votes for college, 2 for high school. Everyone voted for tux.

Tuxedo: +1 manga point.
College: +1 anime point.

This means that both the players and I can choose to draw on either the anime or manga continuity for inspiration and determining whether an action is in character.

I'll update the story some time today.

e50a1 No.11286

Given the nature of this game/story/whatever you wanna call it, canon really shouldn't matter that much. As long as we have the option to throw a rose at someone whenever we damn well please, I'm happy to do whatever.

aada7 No.11287

>Know nothing about the character

The ride begins.

868f2 No.11293

File: 1446532396052.jpg (262.96 KB, 1920x1080, Tsukino Usagi.jpg)

Third try. Will the image actually post this time?

You dig through your pockets and find a pair of sunglasses. Putting them on, you're grateful for the slight reprieve that it gives your eyes. There's no reason to bother changing, it'll just inconvenience you. You walk around the building to the front of the store and curiosity gets you to take a peek through the storefront. You're immediately grateful that you didn't decide to change clothes. This store seems to be filled with the absolute worst bits of 90's fashion. To be honest, you probably would have stuck out just as much wearing anything from there as you do wearing the tuxedo. Plus you've already gotten a couple of moist looks mixed in with all the onlookers wondering what you're doing wearing a tux in the middle of the afternoon.

You overhear someone talking about some American actor, "Darien Shields," but their heavy accent makes the name sound more like "Terran Shields." "Earth Protector," you chuckle. It's the same meaning as your name, Chiba Mamoru. That's right, your name's Chiba Mamoru, you just turned 17 on August 3rd. You skipped a year in school and you're in your first year of university. Speaking of which, you missed class today. You'll have to get notes from someone, but that shouldn't be a problem. It's nice to have your memories slowly coming back, but you still have no idea what the hell you were doing last night that would lead you to wake up in the middle of the afternoon, in an alley, dressed in a tuxedo.

Walking down the sidewalk, you see a jewelry store, OSA-P Jewelry. Suddenly, you see a vision of a beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair in twin tails telling you to find… A bolt of pain brings you back to the real world; something about that vision or memory is causing you lots of pain. It's a good time to bring your attention back to the real world, because you just got hit in the face by a crumpled up piece of paper thrown by a girl with golden blonde hair tied in odango with twin tails. "Hey, you hit me, Miss Bump Head. Are you gonna make bumps on my head too?" You ask. Your tone is harsh from the most recent bout of mental pain.

"They are not bumps!" She cries out in a mixture of embarrassment and anger, "It's an odango hairstyle!"

You ignore her and look at the paper that she threw at you. It's an English test. You glance at the name on it, Tsukino Usagi. You read it again, just to double-check that you didn't misread. Nope, you read it correctly the first time. This girl's parents named her after the rabbit on the moon. With a joke name like that, it's no wonder she only scored a 30%. "30%. You need to study harder, Miss Bun-head."

She jerks the test out of your hands and says, "Mind your own business."

The two of you make eye contact at last and you feel a jolt, as if there was some preternatural link between you and this middle school girl. Neither of you able to speak at this moment, Usagi takes her test and bag and walks away, looking at you over her shoulder for as long as she can.

You chalk that up as another strange occurrence on this very strange day. Instead you turn your attention to this store. What was it that caused you to have a vision? You shake the feeling and head home; you have some studying to catch up on.

You call one of your classmates and find out what you missed. You turn on the news for some background noise while you work. There's news of another jewelry store that was broken into last night. Huh? That's probably why the store triggered a memory. You've heard about these break-ins before. They seem to be a common occurrence.

By the time you finish your assignments, it's already evening. Outside you see another meteor shower. It's not unusual for there to be one after another, but they shouldn't be this intense until after midnight. Plus, you have this strange feeling in your gut that something is very wrong.

Despite the short day, you're already tired and you call it an early night.

868f2 No.11294

File: 1446532563401.jpg (157.31 KB, 1920x1080, Also you.jpg)

Does pregchan have issues with pngs?

You open your eyes. You're running. A sword in your right hand. The hand of a lovely girl dressed in pure white in your left. You have to protect… You blink. It's night. The Silver Crystal. That's right. She said you had to find the Legendary Silver Crystal.

You're the infamous Jewel Thief, Tuxedo Kamen. Somewhere in this city lies the Legendary Silver Crystal, the key to restoring your memories. With it, you'll finally be able to remember who you are.

However, you don't have time for that now. You have a mission ahead of you. There's another jewelry store, maybe this one has the prize that you're looking for.

There's a few ways you can get to the store from here. You can go past the amusement park, through the terraces, or through a residential area by a park.

How do you get to the jewelry store?
>By the amusement park
>Through the terraces
>By the park and residential area?

3c21c No.11299

File: 1446561026234.jpg (7.22 KB, 206x245, Rethink our life.jpg)

Darien Shields? That is one of my favorite preg-content authors. Nice touch.

We are a college student, invoking critical thinking skills.

>>How do we know a gem will gives us back memories?

>>How do we know such a gem, assuming it exists, would reside in a jewelry store? Seems like an odd place for it. Further, since we identify as a well known jewel thief, wouldn't we steak out places to make sure they have our gem rather than just breaking into them ad-nauseum until we find the one we are really after?

Proposed Action:
>>Go home and rethink our life.

bd2dd No.11301

It's also the name of tuxedo mask in the English dub of Sailor Moon.

bd2dd No.11302

I say park and residential area.

e50a1 No.11303

Park and residential. And probably a good idea to consider a couple of the deeper questions in life as well, such as whether or not we have a better way of getting around to our heists than just running through the city wearing a tuxedo. A getaway plan is always a good thing to have.

31e55 No.11304

Sorry, didn't mean to derail the thread, just wanted to answer your question.

Roses for days!

I say by the amusement park. It may be night, but hopefully there are people there to mask our presence. I also agree with >>11303 let's have a getaway plan. But let's make sure the plan includes the lovely girl that we're pulling along and that we'll be keeping her safe as we execute this caper.

aada7 No.11312

I vote amusement park, less people will question our outfit and it's more interesting.

e50a1 No.11313

Yeah, thinking about it I change my vote from residential to the amusement park. I also agree about our escape plan taking the cute girls into account when we escape. What kind of a phantom thief would we be if we weren't charming ladies by sweeping them off their feet into the night, anyway?

868f2 No.11314

File: 1446622503848.jpg (110.68 KB, 1920x1080, Running.jpg)

Are you >>11303 ? Note to everyone. When changing your vote, always link to the vote that you're changing.

All you remember of the girl that you were running with is her hand.

Warning to readers, I'll probably update again this week, so vote as soon as you can; don't wait for the weekend. I might as well move as far forward in the story as I can while this is fresh and I'm motivated to make updates. So far we're tied for the… scratch that, three for the amusement park and one residential area and regular park.

Oh, and feel free to speculate what's going to happen at any of those three locations. You might be be able to guess what you'll encounter there, if you know what setting we're in. *evil grin*

No apologies necessary. I did ask.

e50a1 No.11315


I am, and my bad. I always forget to do that.

3c21c No.11326

I'll make my for real vote the Amusement Park now that I've got the Star Wars reference out of my system.

868f2 No.11327

File: 1446706386841.jpg (124.98 KB, 960x720, Giant Bird.jpg)

Calling it for amusement park. Here's what you didn't encounter.

You decide to skirt past the amusement park. You'll certainly run into more people, but you probably won't stick out too badly that way, just another young man coming back from a night out with a… girl. Brain pain. Brain pain. You shake it off and keep running, resigning yourself to the fact of life that you have some literally painful memories. As you run you consider your situation a little more. You're not aware of any base or home that you might have. In fact, you don't even remember how you got here. This whole thing feels like a dream.

How will finding a gem help you recover your memories? For a moment it feels like you've outsmarted yourself. A gem shouldn't have anything to do with memories. You quickly remember though, the girl in white told you to find it. Right. That makes sense.

How do you know this jewel resides in a jewelry store? You don't, but you don't have any other leads either. It might be worthwhile to stake out a store instead of breaking into them all the time, but you don't recall the last time you've seen daylight. It won't do you any good to find the gem, but not remember it's location the next night.

Running through the night, you think if there isn't a better way for you to move around. However, you're running at what should be a sprint for a human and it doesn't seem to tire you. The tuxedo is finely tailored and isn't restricting your motions. It might be nice to have an alternate means of transportation, but at the moment, you have nothing but your own two feet. You jump onto a fence and from the fence onto a roof. For now, your means of locomotion will suffice.

On the rooftop, you're hit by a gust of wind. In the distance, you see a large greenish-white bird flapping its powerful wings. This seems to be the cause of the gusts. It's flying around the area near the terraces. You jump back down to street level, taking shelter from the winds. You're glad that you didn't try to make your way to the store by way of the terraces.

[1/ probably 3]
Here's the teaser for this update. The floor is open for speculation. I'm still waiting for someone to correctly guess the setting. Next part of this update tomorrow.

aada7 No.11329

I think we all know, we've just been playing along.

868f2 No.11330

Yes, but everyone's been playing along under the assumption that we're in the Sailor Moon universe. We're not.

31e55 No.11337

We're not? Then I'm lost. Now I really wish I had watched more of the anime in my long 'to watch' list.

868f2 No.11342

File: 1446778178166.jpg (49.62 KB, 712x480, David Bowie.jpg)

Hmhmhmhmhm, hahahahaha, mwahahahaha! Nope. Look at the last picture I posted. That bird isn't from Sailor Moon. Neither is David Bowie.

Continuing to sprint down the street, you spot a group of people and slow down to a normal pace. Around the corner, there's actually a fairly dense crowd of people. However, one particular person stands out and grabs your attention. He seems to be cosplaying as David Bowie. Compared to him, you look downright normal. You have a strange feeling about him and decide to keep an eye on him.

868f2 No.11343

File: 1446778314065.jpg (76.29 KB, 712x480, Amusement Park.jpg)

You stay far enough back so that he doesn't see you. With his hair functioning perfectly well as a homing beacon, it's a trivial task to trail him surrepetitiously. He leads you to the entrance of an amusement park. Unfortunately for you, the park is closing and there's very few people left inside. If you follow him in, he'll see you. You consider ignoring him and continuing with your mission to find the Legendary Silver Crystal, but the bad vibe coming from that David Bowie cosplayer convinces you to hop the fence once you're out from prying eyes.

Did this update help anyone figure out the setting?

e50a1 No.11344


I got nothing. The bird made me think of Cardcaptor Sakura for a minute, but no idea where Japanese David Bowie might be from.

de97d No.11348

Yeah, you lost me now. Maybe some obscure crossover event?

9bc50 No.11357

File: 1446869023099.jpg (54.9 KB, 712x480, The characters.jpg)


Stealthily, you make your way through the shadows back towards the entrance of the park. You see David Bowie again, but he seems to have changed his clothes. Additionally, you what has been drawing you to him; he's wearing a necklace with a jewel hanging off of it. The green gem radiates with power and it draws your attention. This may not be the Legerndary Silver Crystal, but it might hold a clue.

The David Bowie cosplayer approaches a girl with ginger orange hair and dressed in a school uniform. She's carrying a lacrosse stick and a cell phone in the net. Scratch that, she was carrying a cell phone. David Bowie just tripped her and stole her flip phone. The bastard. You're about to get closer, but another girl with dark blue hair and dressed in the same uniform runs up to them. She's carrying a flip phone just like the the one that David Bowie stole, but it has blue trim instead of red trim.

9bc50 No.11358

File: 1446869096262.jpg (80.35 KB, 712x480, Bowie Attacks.jpg)

While Bowie is distracted trying to take the matching phone from the second girl, the first girl runs up to David Bowie, hits his with the lacrosse stick and knocks the phone free of his grasp. She catches it in her net and the two girls regroup. David Bowie gets angry and starts telekinetically throwing benches, trash cans, and other assorted items at the girls.

What do you do?
>Leave them be. They'll be fine.
>Those roses in your inner jacket pocket could make a good distraction.
>Get down there an fight.

Also, do webms work on pregchan? I'll link them if they don't.

e50a1 No.11361

So, Precure?

Throwing a rose is never a bad idea, but why go for a distraction? Let's aim for this asshole's face. If we injure him, it'd keep him busy enough to jump in and grab the gem.

de97d No.11363

Well, I guess I was on to something after all, what with the "obscure crossover event" comment.
I didn't really watch much of the first two seasons of Precure (I'm more familiar with the others), but those are definitely Nagisa and Honoka, but the PoV character is Chiba Mamoru (Darien Shields if you managed to make it through the horrifyingly bad English dub), and the scene where he first meets Usagi happened.
I don't know of any crossover event between Sailor Moon and Precure, though…maybe the title has something to do with it. Dai-4-ji…Great 4…I don't know. My knowledge of the Japanese language is laughable.

All that said, onto the votes!
My take on a crossover event is this: the more you change things, the more useless OoC knowledge will become. Normally, this would be a bad thing. However, if we stumble on a ticket out of Loliconville by bucking trends…well, we'll never know unless we try, right? So as Heath Ledger's Joker once said, "Introduce a little anarchy", and let's get right into the fight. Besides, Tuxedo Kamen has a LOT of manliness points to recover (he's the Sailor Moon equivalent to the damsel in distress, for the most part.) Really, there are a lot of good reasons to go for the full intervention option, but this post is a wall of text already.

31e55 No.11366

While my Japanese is rusty as heck, you sound like you're in the ballpark. Big/Great 4 sounds about right, but I don't know what the 'ji' part is.

It's not what I want to do, but yeah, just jump in and get a surprise attack. [What I really want is to throw the rose in to distract then fight, but since we don't know our fighting abilities yet, it's best to get in a surprise round.] Heck, if we land a blow, we might get a shot at snatching the gem he has, that or we take a chance when the girls get into the fight.

3c21c No.11367


I vote we blend the rose and fighting option. Let us fight with roses~! A flash of roses to the face into a sword slash! It just seems so fitting for the character!

e50a1 No.11369

Huh, now that you mention it. The last time I heard Dai-3-ji or Dai-4-ji in any context was…

Oh god, we're following Super Robot Wars rules. We're gonna get to nail ALL the magical girls.

bd2dd No.11370

I say we throw our rose dagger at him as we close the gap and then kick his ass with our cane.

868f2 No.11375

File: 1446935256890.jpg (74.98 KB, 400x300, Super Mahou Shoujo Wars Im….jpg)

>Oh god, we're following Super Robot Wars rules. We're gonna get to nail ALL the magical girls.
And we have a winner. Welcome everyone to Super Mahou Shoujo Impregnation Quest. You are Chiba Mamoru and Tuxedo Kamen (although at the moment neither personality knows that it is the other as well). Your quest is to impregnate ALL the magical girls. And I'll leave your favorite color up to you. >>11218

As for the setting, there's a manga that crosses over two of the series that are going to be in here. One of them has only been hinted at, the other hasn't even had any hints dropped. And then I just piled on a bunch more series. Crossover-mania is happening.

Oh, as for your choice of weapons: Roses (projectiles), a cane (blunt weapon), and unarmed.

e50a1 No.11382

I can already hear Cybuster's theme song in my head. Being an SRW fan has its moments.

The only manga I know of off the top of my head that crosses over magical girl series of any kind would be… Hmm. I want to say, but I'm not sure if it ruins the fun if I'm just answering all the teacher's questions before anyone else can have a go. If I'm right about it though, that's the other magical girl series I'd be looking forward to seeing in this setting, Sailor Moon being the first. It makes me sad to think we missed our first shot at it, though. Later on, then.

As for weapons, the fact we're carrying around roses that are sharp enough to impact concrete means we're probably good at tossing them. I don't trust/remember his melee skills until we've had a chance to use them in a safer environment, but anyone who knows Kamen here knows his sniper accuracy with those roses.

de97d No.11383

So, this is basically the jackpot mega-bajillionaire bonus lightning round of impregnation quests. Even though none of these girls are of consenting age (except for Cure Moonlight, which…well, I'm not going to lie, having sex with her would probably be some kind of amazing.) *sigh* It can't really be helped though, can it?

While I don't remember how actually good he was in melee, he could not only use the stems as high-speed magical darts of perfect timing and aim, but that cane should also be a sword, and the flower end of the roses does something too, iirc.
If I'm wrong, well…we're already playing fast and loose with things here, to some extent. So maybe I don't *have* to be wrong. Whaddaya say, Moe?

868f2 No.11384

File: 1446973467678.jpg (82.85 KB, 712x480, Retrieving Stolen Property.jpg)

The moment when girl one retrieved her phone from Japanese David Bowie.

The more I look at that, the more it seems that he's saying, "Come at me Bro."

I was considering adding an original character to this setting. Samika Honda, a girl that fights with wind magic, and her arch-nemesis, the purple-haired Boots. However, I decided against it because it'd only really work if Samika was the main character. Thought you'd find that bit of backstory interesting. I'm sure you'll get the reference immediately.

Sorry Limits, this quest is going to mostly stick to the wrong side of the age of consent. I have two girls over the age of consent planned for you to encounter and possibly one optional college girl this "season". If we get around to finishing this and playing Super Mahou Shoujo Impregnation Quest 2, there'll be a wider selection of legal aged girls.

Like you said, it can't really be helped, most of the magical girls are young. You just have to accept the rule of "If she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed."

aada7 No.11385

I vote rose distraction and only distraction. We should learn more about what's going on before we jump in. For all we know the girls could be the ones harassing the perfectly innocent psychic demon man.

e50a1 No.11386

Quick meta question before Moe continues. Having never watched any Precure myself, I'd like to ask if anyone knows what season/specific event this is that we're about to intrude upon. I agree with Limits' thoughts that the more we mess with stuff using OoC knowledge, the bigger the butterfly and the less useful said knowledge becomes, but I'm still curious about the the "original" version of this fight.

bd2dd No.11436

Yeah, his cane was basically a sword and he was actually pretty effective with it the couple times I remember him using it.

bd2dd No.11437

As long as we're staying away from the 10-13 year olds. There's young and then there's too young.

868f2 No.11486

File: 1447218277133.jpg (73.29 KB, 712x480, Hurling.jpg)

There is going to be one in that range.

Anyone feel free to answer >>11386 As a rule, I won't answer these types of questions, but everyone else is free to do so.

Four votes for throwing a rose. Four votes for attacking. Two votes overlapping to throw a rose and then fight. I'm going to give it to the "both" camp.

You don't know exactly what's going on, but that David Bowie lookalike is going out of his way to steal cell phones from middle school girls and hurling objects at them. He's clearly the bad guy. You pull out a rose, getting ready to throw it at him, when you get a good look at the second girl. She's a few years younger than you, but you recognize her. Her parents were… Your head starts to throb. The pain of memories, trying to resurface, but restrained by some unknown seal, makes you wince and you try to focus on the task at hand. The girls are doing a great job dodging the flying objects, but you know it's just a matter of time until they get tired. You can't help but imagine the consequences of that happening when the girls dodge a heavy bench.

868f2 No.11487

File: 1447218341892.jpg (55.34 KB, 712x480, Pretend he has a bloody ga….jpg)

>Class skill – Thief: Sneak attack: when attacking from the shadows and unnoticed by your opponent, your first attack is a guaranteed success.

You take aim at your opponent and flick a rose at him with super-human speed. The rose grazes the caped man's cheek, a thorn cutting a bloody slash. He yells in surprise and pain, and drops the rest of the objects that he was flinging at the girls. You burst out of the shadows and run towards him, prepared to follow up your attack with your cane. A squeaky, but seemingly male, voice calls out, "You two, transform-mepo!"

David Bowie blocks your cane strike with his left arm, but by his expression, you can tell that he already regrets that choice of defense. The amusement park lights up from a strobing rainbow of light located somewhere behind you. At the same time, you hear a pair of female voices shout, "Dual Aurora Wave!" The David Bowie cosplayer jumps back to get shelter from the eye-burning rainbow strobe.

868f2 No.11488

File: 1447218367716.jpg (67.17 KB, 712x480, Don't look! You'll be turn….jpg)

The flashing light makes it hard to follow his movements. You look behind you to see the source of the light and you spot a column of rainbow light.

868f2 No.11489

File: 1447218394106.jpg (80.73 KB, 712x480, We are Pretty Cure.jpg)

It soon dissipates and you see the girls from earlier emerge and strike a pose. However, their outfits have now changed. The ginger is wearing a black outfit with pink lace, trim, belt, and hearts, as well as an exposed midriff. The bluenette is wearing a white gown with light blue lace and trim. And both of them are revealing a fair bit of leg. "Emissary of Light, Cure Black!" Calls out the first girl, "Emissary of Light, Cure White!" Echoes the second. "We are, PreCure!" They finish off together. "Servant of the Dark Power… Return to the darkness from which you came!"

868f2 No.11490

File: 1447218417848.jpg (65.78 KB, 712x480, Throw a girl.jpg)

As soon as the words leave their mouths, the enemy leaps towards them for a surprise attack. However, the girls jump out of the way. They seem to still not be used to their powers as their jump propels them to the roof of the carousel that you used to observe them earlier, but they don't have any balance or control over their leap. Your opponent immediately leaps after them. For a few brief seconds Cure Black and the David Bowie cosplayer have a fistfight. Black lands a few solid hits, but takes more punishement than she dishes out. Cure White leaps in help her, landing two solid kicks on him, but he grabs her ankles and throws her off the roof right at you.

868f2 No.11491

File: 1447218454607.jpg (44.08 KB, 712x480, High Jump.jpg)

You stumble backwards from the impact, but you successfully catch the girl. Your left hand is on her chest, groping her small breasts. You're about to ask her if she's OK, but the David Bowie cosplayer jumps to the top of a large ride, safely out of everyone's range at the moment. "Raging spirits of the Heavens, Zakenna!" He calls out, "Heart of darkness, make them understand the horror of the Dark Power!"

868f2 No.11492

File: 1447218544496.jpg (51.21 KB, 712x480, Train Monster.jpg)

The sky darkens and a large black beast arises. It cries out, "Zakenna! as it posesses one of the trains on the roller coaster." The posessed train launches from the station and flies into the sky, calling out, "Zakenna!" once more.

You realize that you're still cupping the girl's boob with your left hand. What do you do?
>Apologize for where your hand is.
>Ignore where your hand is, let her go.
>Give that underage breast a squeeze, you've been holding it for this long anyway.

>Check if Cure White is OK. [Y/N]

>Come up with a plan to fight the man and the monster. [Write-in]

>Let the girls come up with a plan
>No plan, fight by the seat of your well-tailored dress slacks.

>Other writeins.

e50a1 No.11493

Probably a bad idea to draw attention to the fact we're groping her, but I say apologize, then ask if she's okay. From there… if what we've got is enough to actually fight back against a giant flying roller coaster dragon monster, then by all means, let's go for it, but my vote is work with the girls and follow whatever lead they or their mystery voice (I know it's a mascot character, but y'know, IC) might have to go on.

aada7 No.11495

I vote:

Ignore the grope.
Check to see if she's okay.

Plan: Distract the robo dragon to attack you, and then have it chase you before dodging out of the way at the last moment and having it hit David Bowie.

ddfe0 No.11499

I know, I was just trying to prepare myself mentally, I guess. Some preg/impreg stuff that I found when I was first getting into this put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth towards the younger crowd, but I'll be fine as long as it's not taken to extremes.

I checked up on the guy they were fighting. That +the inexperience that Moe mentioned them having means that this is early season 1 of Precure. Which is probably a good thing, because if Moe used the All-Stars DX crossover movies, those two would only the most unbelievably pro at this.
In the 4th movie, those girls, with the help of one other, stop a speeding *freighter* from sliding down a ramp and slamming into the city, *instantly* and without causing any noticeable structural damage to said ship. Which is physically impossible, but the real kicker is that nine other Cures had managed to slow it to a stop earlier, with considerably more effort on their part, before the villain smacked them all away and sped the ship back up. Max Heart is too pro.

ddfe0 No.11501

Oh, and I vote not to draw attention to the grope, but just casually move your hand to a less…aggressive spot, check if Cure White is OK, and then meet back up with Black and try to put together a plan from there. Something like either, "Distract it with roses while the Cures Marble Screw it in the face", or "Take on Pisa–David Bowie while the Cures focus on the train."

If Cure White notices the grope, then yeah. Definitely apologize.

e50a1 No.11504

Yeah, the way Moe described the fighting earlier made it pretty clear that this was first ten episodes sort of early, which I expected, but wanted to make sure about. It's a little harder to look like a dashing hero type when the normal heroines have more combat experience than you do… unless they come to expect you giving them a quick bail out every time. >_> Much appreciated, Limits.


Thinking it over again, I'm changing my vote to match this.

bd2dd No.11507


Throwing my vote in with this.

31e55 No.11509

Ignore the grope, silently enjoying it, but let's not draw attention. Yes, check to see that she's okay.

Suggested plan: While the two girls are inexperienced, they'll need experience to grow stronger. They should take lead in this fight while we give support with roses and hopefully a sneak attack or two (especially since it seems that the direct approach is not our forte).

e50a1 No.11510

Speaking of, we seem to have picked up a job level in Thief. I know it was sort of just flavor text, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have Kamen's skill set besides rose chucking figured out ahead of time.

3225d No.11515

squeeze. why not

aada7 No.11516

I like the mystery of not knowing that we have capabilities but not actually knowing what those capabilities are until they are tested. Especially when the current story seems to have a heavy emphasis on discovering who we are.

e50a1 No.11517

Sorry, I may have worded that a little wrong. I meant more that in the event that the thief skill thing wasn't just a little flavor fun, we should probably keep track of that stuff in case we need it later.

868f2 No.11520

File: 1447303417041.jpg (42.29 KB, 712x480, Zakenna.jpg)

The monster before possessing the train.

These sorts of screenshots between updates are things that happened in the previous update, but I decided against including the picture to not split up the update any more than I already did.

>I like the mystery of not knowing that we have capabilities but not actually knowing what those capabilities are until they are tested. Especially when the current story seems to have a heavy emphasis on discovering who we are.

I've been trying to shoot for that sense of mystery and self-discovery. I'm glad you picked up on it and like it.

3c21c No.11524

File: 1447335865076.jpg (5.02 KB, 140x98, istrike.jpg)

Objective 1 - Get out of sight.
Our only currently known ability procs if we are not visible. We need to for the time being try to hide and wait for an ideal moment to strike from the shadows.

Ignore the grope, who gives a fuck? Bail for it, clutching white to our sides as we run and asking for information about what the fuck is going on because…

Our character, for all intents and purposes, has no recollection of why he is here, or even why he is interfering beyond gut feel. He is operating entirely on instinct. So while we go looking for a place to hide and setting up for another sneak attack, lets get ourselves oriented on what the flying fucktrain is going on. Hell, if we can coordinate with this magical girl we might be able to land some pretty powerful hits.

868f2 No.11552

Last call for votes.

868f2 No.11590

File: 1447643525022.jpg (36.52 KB, 712x480, Frickin Laser Beams.jpg)

Move hand away, check if OK, try to get the dragon to hit Bowie.

Move hand away, check if OK, and come up with a plan.

Move hand away, check if OK, let the girls take the lead, try to get another sneak attack in.


Move hand away, pump Cure White for info,

Her smell is intoxicating, young and oh so fertile. You know you need to plant your seed in this girl. You consider squeezing her breast, imagining it swollen with milk to feed your offspring. However, you resist the temptation and move your left hand down to her flat belly which you intend to cause to swell with child. You keep your right hand on her back and guide her to step aside. "Are you alright?" You inquire.

Cure White is blushing from the fact that you were groping her breast, but she seems to be even more embarrassed at the fact that she enjoyed the feeling. She doesn't comment on where your hand was, and as such, you feel no need to comment on it either. "I-" she nods, "I'm OK."

Cure Black jumps over to the two of you and also checks on White. You notice she has one forearm pressed against her side. You recall she took a hit there and obviosly it still smarts. Projecting more confidence than you feel, you formulate a battle plan, "Do you girls have ranged attacks?"

They glance at each other and shake their heads, "Then here's the plan. Keep the train distracted while I take care of that David Bowie guy."

"You mean Pisard?" Cure Black asks with her head cocked to the side.

"That's his name?" You counter while pointing to the flamboyantly dressed man atop the pirate ship swing. "Then yes."

Further planning is interrupted when the dragon-like possessed train fires a pair of laser beams at you. Fortunately, it misses even though you were standing still. The three of you scatter. You run towards a grove of trees while the two girls stay in the open plaza area and dodge more laser beams. Through the foliage, you can see that Pisard is still standing at the top of the ride.

868f2 No.11591

File: 1447643562431.jpg (25.55 KB, 712x480, Wheel Missile.jpg)

Glancing behind you, you see that the monster has stopped firing lasers and is instead launching spiked wheels at the girls. The two Cures have less luck dodging these if for no other reason than the sheer number of these projectiles. They take a few hits. Some force… obviously magic when you take a moment to think about it… keeps the sharp spikes from cutting or piercing the girls, merely shredding their clothes in the vicinity of each hit. Black has a leg warmer, glove, and part of her decorative skirt slashed. White, the less athletic of the duo, has taken more hits and she needs to use her hands to keep her gown from falling off. One last wheel missle streaks towards White, aimed at her unguarded back. You're about to shout a warning, even if it means alerting Dav-Pisard to your location. Fortunately, Cure Black notices the missile, positions herself to cover White's back, and punches it out of the sky. Impressive, now it's your turn.

868f2 No.11592

File: 1447643633109.jpg (81.96 KB, 712x480, Pisard Altitude.jpg)

You leap onto the hull of the ship and from there to one of the metal supports. You run up the steep metal tube, thankful for whatever magic is letting you maintain traction in dress shoes on the smooth steep metal. Pisard notices you climbing the ride and directs the dragon-train to go towards him. You run as fast as you can to reach Pisard before the possessed train reaches the two of you. You partially succeed. You reach the top in time, but Pisard merely leaps into the air and floats ever higher. You can't reach him and the train is about to hit the ride that you're on.

What do you do?
>Jump to the ground.
>Try to jump on the train.
>Other [write-in]

e50a1 No.11593

Option 3: Several part plan. Step 1, jump off the ride TOWARDS David Bowie, but not AT him. Several reasons:

1: Given that he turned the Zakenna's attention away from the girls, they're probably gonna charge up a finisher or maybe learn how to use one now that they have time or however this show went. We should probably not be standing on the monster when that happens.

2: This lets us go to Step 2, throw another rose at him as a passing shot. He can dodge and probably will, but this is an aggressive move and keeps his attention focused on us. Since we can't reach him for melee, this is the best we can do for that. And most of all, it keeps him looking in our direction for…

Step 3: "You run a lot better than you fight, pretty boy!"

I'm gonna bank on this guy being closer to Jadeite or Zoicite than Kunzite in personality. Taunt his sorry ass.

aada7 No.11600

>Immediately filled with the urge to impregnate this girl
I feel the warp overtaking me.

I vote jump on the train.

f018e No.11602

I say Blue has a solid plan. I'm casting my vote along with that one.

31e55 No.11605

I also agree with Blue's plan, but I would like to add an addendum. Should the girls not have an attack, or should the attack not destroy the demon train, we should turn our attention to the train and give the girls backup.

d802e No.11627

seems like a good idea, but lets try and aim for a soft landing somewhere after we run distraction?

55712 No.11628

Shadow, unless this quest is crazy levels of AU, they do have an attack: the Marble Screw, a twisted black and white beam-o'-doom. They have to be standing next to each other to use it, though.

3225d No.11632

This train isn't getting us impregnating. Just jump off.

868f2 No.11747

File: 1448263082459.jpg (20.89 KB, 712x480, Lightning.jpg)

Away from train, towards Pisard. Distract Pisard. Taunt Pisard.

No brakes on the demon train.

Jump off.

It might be fun to ride on the roller coaster when it's not possessed by some strange shadow demon thing. You don't want any part of that now. You reach the peak of the ride and kick off, jumping in Pisard's direction. He's safely out of range of your jump, but you throw a rose at his smug, David Bowie-like, face. At the same time, the possessed dragon train crashes through the structure of the pirate swing.

The sky lights up with a flash of lightning as Pisard easily floats to the side and dodges your rose. As you start to fall, you quickly check beneath you that you have a clear landing spot and you taunt Pisard, "You run a lot better than you fight, pretty boy!"

868f2 No.11748

File: 1448263135168.jpg (27.35 KB, 712x480, Precure Marble Screw.jpg)

He gets angry at the taunt and falls towards you. You hear "Precure Marble Screw!" and the space between you and Pisard is filled with a black and white spiraling beam of death.

868f2 No.11749

File: 1448263190343.jpg (55.38 KB, 712x480, Pisard Almost Hit.jpg)

Pisard comes to a stop, barely avoiding getting hit by the beam.

868f2 No.11750

File: 1448263217067.jpg (31.93 KB, 712x480, Zakenna Defeated.jpg)

The beam hits the posessed train and exorcises the Zakenna from inside the train. The Zakenna shatters into a multitude of black stars all running away from the amusement park repeating, "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry…"

868f2 No.11751

File: 1448263247994.jpg (75.68 KB, 712x480, Civvies.jpg)

You land on the concrete path; your legs hurt from the impact. The two girls, Cure White and Cure Black, are no longer in their damaged costumes. That's a shame. The way White's gown was damaged, she was probably putting on a nice show when the two of them fired of the Marble Screw.

868f2 No.11752

File: 1448263293874.jpg (62.22 KB, 960x720, Pink Pillar.jpg)

However, that's in the past. You scan the skies for any sight of Pisard. You don't see any sign of him, but you do see a pink pillar of light off in the distance, from about the residential and park area. How do you proceed from here?

>Stick around [If so, pick a sub-action as well.]

>>Continue searching for Pisard
>>Chat with the girls.
>Go back towrds the terraces and see what that bird was.
>See what that pillar of light is.
>Keep going to the jewelry store while the night is young.

3225d No.11755

Let's chat with the girls.

1f2d2 No.11756

We probably need a minute or so to recover from that landing. Let's go chat with the girls, but I hope we aren't missing any other important events going on around town while we're doing this.

31e55 No.11757

Let's chat with the girls, make sure they're okay, perhaps ask if they know what the light was and what Pisard wanted. Also, whatever happened to the girl whose hand we were holding?

de97d No.11770

Looking at our options, we have:
1. The option where we try to throw a wrench in Moe's storyline.
2. The pointless waste-of-time option that will get us no closer to any of our real goals (fight evil, be swag, make magic of a different kind happen iykwim.) Because seriously, villains never stick around until their bosses have yelled at them too many times, and we're probably at near the first episode.
3. The option that keeps us in the Precure story track, and maybe gets us to have sex with the judo-est of nerds (all of the things that Cure White does in the show are more-or-less legit judo moves aside from the team special attacks, and she's the smart one of the two.)
4. The option that will show us the third major storyline. I hope Moe knows that most SRW games that I know of have more than 4 main groups of robots.
5. The option that might show us the fourth major storyline? Otherwise, super bonus lightning round surprise! (Or, the option where Moe tries to throw a wrench in *our* storyline :P)
6. The option that will take us back to Sailor Moon.

Out of character, option 2 is pretty much the worst. I'm also not keen on option 1, because building a positive rapport with the guy telling the story might lead to good things later on. I personally prefer Precure unless one of the other options is either Nanoha or Symphogear, but I don't want to go anywhere *NEAR* Nanoha until its third season…which takes place completely off-world, so…I guess my out-of-character preference is option 3.

In character, however, things are a little different. Option 1 is vague and nebulous; it would never even occur to Tuxedo Mask to do that. Option 2…honestly, what motivation do we have to go looking for our friendly neighborhood Goblin King? I can't think of any *real* motivation there. Option 3 might be nice, but what would you chat about? I suppose you could radiate swag, or maybe say something cool and swoon-worthy, or both, but you don't really know them and they don't know you either. Options 4 and 5 are more-or-less the same, only option 5 would probably stick out more in Mask's mind, since it's fresher. Ultimately, I think Mask would mainly go for option 6, though.

Tl;dr: Since the votes seem to be leaning toward sexy times so far, I'd say go with option 3.

That girl was just from a dream in the Sailor Moon story track. I'm sure it's nothing important.

1f2d2 No.11771

Given what common threads I can think of exist between the first couple major mahou shoujo shows I know of, I'm gonna go ahead and say Nanoha's probably a lock. The first series was all about collecting "Jewel" Seeds, after all.

I'm totally okay with this myself, because Nanoha in any context means Fate, who's tied with Ami for first place on my favorites list. Though like I said before, I'm more worried that we're missing out on the other storylines because we're doing Precure right now. I'm hoping Moe has things happen at least somewhat consecutively, rather than concurrently.

868f2 No.11772

File: 1448350597039.jpg (49.14 KB, 712x480, Incoming Death.jpg)

The last thing the demon-train saw.

Just a quick note, what you have listed as options 1, 2, and 3 are really options 1, 1a, and 1b. You can stick around to search for Pisard, or stick around to chat with the girls. Both options to stick around get counted together, and the specific action gets decided by a majority of the subactions selected.

Also, you should have enough info by now to know what the "third and fourth" storylines are.

3225d No.11776

The bird is CCS, the pillar is Madoka?

CCS would be congruent with "one under-13 girl" thing.

aada7 No.11777

I have no clue what's going on so I'm just gonna vote chat with girls and ask what the fuck is going on.

98172 No.11782

OK. Thanks, Moe.


If Madoka is one of our options, I recommend staying as *FAR* away from it as possible. I think Nanoha is the more likely option, given that her activation of magical power took place in a residential area, and that's where Moe said the pink beam came from. While I don't remember the exact details of her first transformation, it's not a big stretch to say that pink beams were involved, even though she didn't actually use Divine Buster until…Episode 3, I think.
And good call on the giant bird being from CCS. I didn't think of that, largely because Cardcaptor Sakura is the one series that I know the least about, here.
That all said, my vote remains unchanged.

Tl;dr: You're Tuxedo Mask, with this rose you do declare, this is a haiku :V
(Seriously though, you're Tuxedo Mask, and while you're kinda trying to follow the Sailor Moon series, you also have a bit of a hankering for the younger kind, and other magical girl series are also starting all around you, and you can freely interact with them.)

add57 No.11783

Agreed about Madoka. That has the potential to go very wrong, very horribly, very quickly.
Nanoha wouldn't be so bad however, so it's probably worth checking out.

I vote for leaving the girls with a line to make their hearts swoon before disappearing into the night to go check out the big pillar of light.

1f2d2 No.11786

There ARE ways to make Madoka less…potentially horrible. Certain things can be changed, refitted to make it work better in the context of the quest, that sort of thing. That said, yeah, totally agreeing that my first instinct is to stay away from it under most circumstances.

e35e3 No.11787

I suppose it's possible, Blue, but it would be difficult.

On a similar note, I almost thought of a way to combine the "chat with Cures" and "go to jewelry store" options…but, they likely won't stick around long before heading home to finish their respective days. It's probably pretty late out (again, no in-character motivation.)

add57 No.11797

I'd still rather not chance accidentally starting a love triangle and having one of the girls angst herself into witchdom.

add57 No.11799

Stupid browser erasing my name…

3225d No.11800

it's not hard to "soften" madoka. Just make kyubey friendly, the witches random monsters instead of dead magical girls, and remove the whole "magical girls are a dead body, their soul is in their soul gem" thing. we're already playing cross-over soup.

anyway, wouldn't mind mami showing up at least.

aada7 No.11802

Yeah, I get all that… But I've never watched a magical girl series so I have no idea what any of that means. So I'm roleplaying clueless to fit my IRL cluelessness.

868f2 No.11844

File: 1448607753627.jpg (74.87 KB, 522x550, Sailorthanksgiving.jpg)

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Here, have a live action Sailor Moon Thanksgiving marathon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZEjr3yXJC0

Since the vote is nearly unanimous, here's a quick update.

>Nice Trips
Talk to the girls.

Talk to girls, then check out the pillar of light.

The pillar of light is worth checking out at some point, but the girls that fought the train have piqued your interest. You want to know more about what was the cause of the fight from earlier. You want to know more about these girl. You want to know these girls, in the biblical sense of course. They don't seem to be looking at you right now.

How do you go up to them?
>Just walk up to them.
>Get on top of a tree, roof, or something similar and call out to them.

What do you say?
>Mysterious and vague parting words.
>Ask them about something [what?]
>Introduce yourself and find out their names.

0b4a5 No.11847

I'm going to say we should go the classic Tuxedo Mask route and we get up on a tree before introducing ourselves, and amp up the suave while doing it.

1f2d2 No.11848

As much as I'd like to ask them about things right now, doing so at the moment would be admitting that we have absolutely no idea what's going on and got involved for no good reason. Unless anyone else has any ideas what to ask, I say we jump into a tree, introduce ourselves and get their names, and then Tuxedo out with the mysteriously vague parting.

aada7 No.11849

File: 1448623345978.png (412.63 KB, 474x960, My job here is done.png)

>Climb up on a roof

31e55 No.11858

While being mysterious is cool and all, it's not going to get us in the girls' good graces (or their panties). Just walk up normally and introduce ourselves, then ask their names. Then ask if there's anything else we can do before we go on our way.

add57 No.11868

It did well enough for him to get in Usagi's fuku in canon.

add57 No.11869

And reading up a little more on Mamoru has made me realize that as badass as he was in the anime, he was even more so in the manga. With psychic powers such as psychometry, psychokinetic healing, and the ability to shoot freaking energy beams.

Here's hoping that we get to unlock these powers as we play.

1f2d2 No.11884

I'd love to be a bit more upfront with these girls, but let's not forget that we're an infamous jewel thief with what seems to be a pretty decent streak of heists going for us up to this point.

3225d No.11906

but we don't have 100+ episodes.

Introduce self and praise the girls with some nice sounding compliments about "teamwork" and "cooperation" and see if they swoon.

868f2 No.12164

File: 1449633105457.gif (1.65 MB, 372x206, Dreamatic Tree.gif)

Tree, Soave.

Tree, introduction, mysterious parting words.


Walk up, introduce, ask names, ask if we can help.

Walk up, introduce, praise them, and hope they swoon.

You spot a tree that will give you a good view of the girls if you climb on one of the branches, but it will also let you jump back behind the trees and conceal your getaway. You take a step back towards the trees, and you almost fall over; your legs hurt from that fall. As you head towards the treeline, a pleasant tingling sensation runs down your legs, and by the time you reach your target tree, your legs no longer feel the sting of your fall. You jump off a neighboring tree and land on your intended branch. The girls are talking to their flip phones. Girls, they just survived a battle and need to get on the phone.

Your cape billows in the wind. "That was some good teamwork, girls!" You call out, making sure that you speak loud enough for them to hear you.

"Ah! Who are you?!" The ginger that transformed to Cure Black asks.

"I'm Tuxedo Kamen. The two of you fought well. I'll keep my eye on you."

The girls turn their flip phones to face you. Holy fuck there's a pair of stuffed animal heads attached to them! Are you sure that you haven't been drinking?

868f2 No.12165

File: 1449633141685.png (434.78 KB, 964x517, Tuxedo Mask Leaving.png)

"He's so dreamy, mipo." Says the pink head with droopy dog-ears.

"Mipple is mine, mepo." Yells the squeaky male voice from earlier.

"Mepple?" "Mipple!" The two cell phones transform into a pair of living plushies and hug each other. You've had enough insanity for right now. The bluenette is blushing again after seeing you, and the ginger is captivated by your mysterious presence. Your work here is done. You've planted the seed of attraction in them, a prelude to when you plant your seed in their wombs. Fate will surely bring you back together, and so you take your leave. With a flourish of your cape you turn around and jump off. You land behind the tree line and take your leave.

Back outside the amusement park you have a choice to make:
>Check out what that bird was.
>Check out what that pink pillar of light was.
>Move your ass over to the jewelry store. It's getting late.

a1526 No.12167


Well, we have to get the attention of a certain odango atama eventually (I was gonna use meatball head, but figured I'd go for the original), let's go for the jewelry store already.

1f2d2 No.12171

Our work here is done. *Cape swooshes away*

Interesting to note we seem to have some sort of self-regeneration powers. Or that's the endorphins kicking in and we've actually broken our legs without realizing it.

The funny thing is, all in all that exchange took about fifteen minutes tops, but let's head to the jewelry store. Moe's tossed a couple hints out that we should probably go and show up at the event we're actually required to be at to save the girl.

3225d No.12174

c8479 No.12175

Torn between that pillar of light and jewelry store.

I'll go with the pillar of light.

c8479 No.12176

I'll change my vote to jewelry store if voting for the pillar of light causes a deadlock or something.

de97d No.12180

I was always aiming for getting back to Sailor Moon if we left Precure. To the jewelry store!

a7fd2 No.12181

Well, let's hope this mysterious attraction thing works out for us in the long run. And as much as I want to go check out the bird, let's get to the jewelry store. We can check out all the strange phenomena we want once we can remember it.

868f2 No.12343

Interesting how I got all these votes withing 13 hours of posting, and then nothing. If I wasn't ridiculously over-committed, I might have to post more often.

de97d No.12345

Yeah, Pregchan has a short attention span. Personally, I think there needs to be a way to keep track of threads that you like, but I don't know how that would work.

1f2d2 No.12358

Legend of Vyrule has the same thing happen, where the posters descend on an update en masse to vote, and there's only any followup activity if a discussion's going on, since most people won't want to clutter up the thread TOO badly with non-vote posts.

31e55 No.12366

So really, we're a bunch of eager, considerate, patient people? Suddenly I have some faith in humanity restored.

d802e No.12405

more or less, though on the flipside you could consider (some of ) us rather lazy instead

1f2d2 No.12419

I like to think it's all of the above plus the added bit that none of us want to do anything that'll piss off the OP and make him stop hooking us up with our fix.

868f2 No.12440

File: 1450246958364.jpg (92.71 KB, 712x480, WTF!.jpg)

Jewelry store


Pillar of light

Your mind dwells on those strange stuffed animal creatures. Clearly they were helping the girls, but are they cell phones that can transform into animals, or animals that transform into cell phones. You shake your head and clear your mind of those thoughts. It's time to make your way to the jewelry store.

868f2 No.12441

File: 1450247030098.jpg (214.76 KB, 1920x1080, Korera wa Zombie desu ka.jpg)

With the road clear ahead of you, you sprint down the street towards the jewelry store. There might just rest the key to your memories. Then, you'll at last be able to put this long ordeal behind you. You're so consumed by these thoughts that you don't see a group of women shambling towards your targetted jewelry store. Fortunately, they're even more oblivious of their surrounds than you were. Just your luck that there'd be a crowd in front of your target.

Do you follow them into the store, pretending to be part of their group or do you scale the outside of the building and enter through an open window?

>Enter with the crowd


1f2d2 No.12443

This almost isn't even a question. Go for the window.

07364 No.12445


12aac No.12450

Yeah, window time.

c1254 No.12464

Erm… is this even a question?

31e55 No.12475

I love me some sneaky second story work. Window!

868f2 No.12502

File: 1450338462154.jpg (163.16 KB, 1920x1080, Third Story Window.jpg)

>Unanimous window
I see that wasn't much of a choice.

In a choice between the easy way and the way that requires you to climb on top op something tall, there really is no choice. #TuxedoMaskOnTallThings. You Sam Anders the fuck out of that window and climb in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czg-GE1NNYg

868f2 No.12503

File: 1450338497060.jpg (76.05 KB, 640x480, Monster and Zombies.jpg)

You peer down from the third story. A blonde girl with long pig-tails and dressed in a sailor fuku is being chased around by the girls you saw outside earlier, a dessicated old had in a black dress with a strange mark on her forehead (and is able to levitate), a whale, and a cat. Upon closer inspection, the whale is just a land-whale in a pink dress and the cat seems to be on the blonde girl's side. You might want to jump in and help, but that wouldn't be very thief-like. Plus, she seems to be taking care of herself.

868f2 No.12504

File: 1450338538908.jpg (79.41 KB, 640x480, Upskirt.jpg)

One of the zombie-girls attacks blondie with a broken bottle; this is starting to get serious. Blonde meatball-head trips trying to get away and gives you a wonderful view up her skirt. The elastic fabric, seemingly more like a leotard than panties, clings tightly to her puffy mound. Just as quickly as it appeared, the inviting vision is hidden from your sight.

868f2 No.12505

File: 1450338566133.jpg (67.03 KB, 640x480, Ow, a pillar.jpg)

The girl lands with her back against a pillar. She's clutching her knee, something must have happened when she tripped. "Why? Why is this happening to me?" she breaks down in tears. "I… I wanna go home now!" She really isn't making a great first impression on you right now.

868f2 No.12506

File: 1450338631436.jpg (53.99 KB, 640x480, Are you a Yoshi.jpg)

The monster leaps forward and extends her arm, "I'll finish you now. Sailor Moon!"

Now you know her name, Sailor Moon. Your dick says save the girl. Your mind is torn. The hag is probably the bad guy here, but you are after the silver crystal, not the girl. Even if the girl has a long pair of legs leading up to a barely covered prize, a trim waist begging to be swollen with your offspring, and a pair of hips to tie it all together. Decision time. Now.

>Call out to them [what do you say and do you address it to anyone in particular?]

>Jump into the fray

12aac No.12514

I say throw two roses, one to the creatures hand and the other to its forehead.

07364 No.12519

Rose, then intro.

a1526 No.12526

We're Tuxedo freakin' Kamen. It's rose-throwing time

1f2d2 No.12529

There's really no question here. One sec… *Grabs his script*

Throw the rose in front of the monster's hand to block it, and when she turns to look and ask who's there, assume a dashing pose with our cape fluttering and introduce ourselves, then try and pep Moon up a little and tell her that crying won't solve anything.

(Anyone who remembers the first episode will know that last part is bullshit, but hey, we've got to stay at least a little bit on the timeline here.)

31e55 No.12536

I agree with this course of action. Rose, intro, give Sailor Moon a pep talk. But I would add that we should jump into the fray, keeping the zombies off her back until she can vanquish the hag. Apparently we're good at being a support character.

868f2 No.12688

My updates are going to drop off until the new year. I'd like to finish this night before the year ends, but I'm not sure if that's possible. Hell, it's possible that I won't get a single update until then.

In the meantime, dear readers, is there anything that you'd really like to get out of this quest, or things that you hope that will happen?

de97d No.12690

Sorry for the late vote, but let's do the slightly-modified Episode 1 intro.

Personally, I think that if you're having trouble with finishing posts, you shouldn't try to push yourself. If it's just a matter of motivation, then you might have to get determined and fight through it. But it sounds like you have a crazy holiday schedule instead, so consider time to relax as (at least) my Christmas gift to you.

868f2 No.12692

It's the latter. My holidays are too damn busy. My motivation is actually very high.

868f2 No.14285

David Bowie is dead. Moe is alive (sort of). Quest resumes shortly.

a94fa No.15033

I think the ghost of David Bowie kidnapped Moe.

868f2 No.15285

It pretty much did. Sorry about this, but my January has been balls to wall crazy. I haven't even had time to keep up to date with Aristocrat's quest, and reading a quest is a lot easier than writing one.

7198a No.15357

I feel the same way with events that are occurring/may be occurring in my life in the near future: the fear of not being able to keep up to date with Aristocrat's story…

a94fa No.15380

Take as much time as you need.

868f2 No.16414

That's what I seem to be doing.

aff54 No.16415

Trust me, Moe. Stay out of Aristo's quest. Between the level of drama that intermittently pops up, and the potential issues of perspective and expectation that people have been having, he would've been better off writing it as a novel.

a4aa6 No.16420

Pretty much this. I haven't been so angry over how a game turned out in quite awhile. Looking forward to when this is back up and running.

7198a No.16561

I can honestly say that I am sad to see you two go. You both have consistently had extremely logical and helpful insights on how the story was progressing or could progress, and it was fun to have you (and others) to bounce ideas off of. IK will not be the same without you, but fare thee well.

20dd6 No.16564

I'm not *completely* gone, Sci, but I need a vacation from voting on IK. Aside from the earlier issues that I'm kinda trying to reinvestigate now, it was turning me kinda paranoid and negative (I assumed that Ricardo would *immediately* make a power grab that would lead the country to civil war, for example), and more often than not, the only way I could find the clues that were hinted at was through hindsight.
I meant what I said about how I think that story is built more for passive audience participation (all of the interesting theorizing, none of the consequences of potentially ruining a good story or ending it too early), and that I think it would do better as a novel. (I'd read the *crap* out of it, for one, due largely to that "clues-in-hindsight" mechanic. It's a prized talent for a novelist.) And as an added bonus, if I have no responsibility over what happens, then I have no right to complain about what happens. I'll just be like a crappy Yoda, saying things that I think are insightful XD

But I think that's all I'm going to say about that, considering this thread has a different topic altogether :P

1f2d2 No.16629

Don't let this die, Moe. The site came back from the grave, you can too!

868f2 No.16811

File: 1457229674466.png (661.35 KB, 1920x1080, Surprise pannties.png)

Sixth time, will this post?

868f2 No.16812

File: 1457229868115.jpg (106.82 KB, 541x616, Rape Demons.jpg)

Finally. I've been trying to post all week.

I hopped on here a while back to kill the quest off, and I found the site to be dead instead. Luckily, pregchan is back up. I'm still ridiculously busy. Hopefully, I'll be able to resume this at some point in the future, get us to a nice break point, kill it off for real, and dump the plot that I have for five games of this.

bfc4d No.16818

Wait die….ah man i wanted to see pregnant Magic girls

de97d No.16839

What does that mean? I thought you said your motivation wasn't an issue :(

868f2 No.16841

File: 1457337586689.jpg (158.63 KB, 1920x1080, Mystery Guest.jpg)

Motivation isn't an issue here. It's just that I've got so much shit going on in real life that I'm exhausted mentally and physically when I'm done with my day. I'd love to not have to worry about real life and just pump this quest out like a maniac. Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury.

de97d No.16843

And you don't see that changing any time soon, I'm guessing?
Well, sorry.

ba3bf No.16845

Sorry to hear that. well hopefully someone will pick it up or maybe later if you feel like it you can come back and try again

868f2 No.16850

File: 1457391682365.jpg (44.89 KB, 1280x720, Another Future Character.jpg)

Rereading my post, it does sound a little whiny. Life's good, just annoyingly hectic. It's not like I'm struggling for money, or dealing with relationship drama. Just working long hours (and using up a bunch of mental horsepower), followed by hitting the gym (getting some physical exhaustion into the mix), and coming home to a bunch of housework that never seems to finish. So, even when/if I have some time at the end of the day to work on a personal project, I don't have the focus to work on anything. I end up either watching a few videos on youtube, or reading a book, and then going to sleep. Now hopefully, this week marks the start of a more mellow stretch of time (watch that be a lie like "I'll be busy until the new year").

868f2 No.16869

File: 1457512670152.jpg (71.09 KB, 640x480, Scream in Panic.jpg)

Ah fuck it. It's late, but here's a new post. I'm still on semi-hiatus. And for anyone that was interested, Monday was just a relaxed anomaly, not the start of more free time for me. I did get some unrelated good news, so I'll celebrate here.

Throw roses

Rose then intro

Seems we're going to be playing this straight. Not a bad choice.

Sailor Moon screams in fright as the hand approches her. Your little head has won this argument.

868f2 No.16870

File: 1457512701950.jpg (69.53 KB, 640x480, Attack Interrupted.jpg)

You throw a pair of roses, one at the old hag's outstretched hand and the other at the back of her head. She creepily turns her head around and looks at you, demanding to know, "Who's there?!"

868f2 No.16871

File: 1457512733365.jpg (69.41 KB, 640x480, Dramatic Introduction.jpg)

You couldn't ask for a better setup from the dessicated old hag to introduce yourself to the blonde cutie. Still on the windowsill you declare, "I'm Tuxedo Kamen. Crying won't solve anything, Sailor Moon!"

868f2 No.16872

File: 1457512773197.jpg (70.44 KB, 640x480, Critical Failure.jpg)

Roll for encouragement. Critical failure. Your encouraging words only drive Sailor Moon to tears. She starts sniffling a bit, and then lets out all of her emotions in a tidal wave of sound.

868f2 No.16873

File: 1457512809051.jpg (157.09 KB, 1920x1080, Glass Breaking.jpg)

She cries and cries and cries. Her wailing reverberates through the entire building. It's so painfully loud that a wall of windows shatters from the aural abuse. Fortunately, this stops the zombie girls that were chasing Sailor Moon in their tracks and also causes the old hag to clutch her ears in pain.

868f2 No.16874

File: 1457512838890.jpg (66.23 KB, 640x480, Moon Tiara action.jpg)

The cat seems to say something blondie, and she composes herself. She takes off her tiara, which transforms into a boomerang of all things. Sailor Moon calls out, "Moon Tiara Action!" She throws the beam boomerang and cuts the monster in half. It'd be more gruesome, but the old hag seemed to turn to dust afterwards.

There went your chance to find the Legendary Silver crystal in perfect secrecy. You could try to leave this girl with mysterious parting words, or jump down and speak with her. On the other hand, you could try to knock her out and search for the crystal either way.

>Mysterious Parting words

>Jump down and talk with her [and say what?]
>A cane smack to the back of her head and search for the LSC
>Other [write-in]

a623a No.16877

Mysterious parting words

98172 No.16878

Something I wanted to say, but didn't get the chance to, due to wacky site-upgrading hijinks: I can't find anything of >>16841 , but >>16850 is kinda permanently engraved in my mind (in a good way.) Though I wonder how you would settle the power difference there; I only know of one other magical girl series that demonstrates *that much* firepower.

On the actual voting: Tuxedo Mask loves the ladyfolk. He isn't going to do something as callous as clonk one of them on the head just because she *might* be able to identify him in his search. However, the closer we stick to canon Sailor Moon here, the more likely he'll end up brainwashed. So I'm actually going to vote for option 2. Tuxedo Mask can still be suave, even when he's actually being helpful instead of vague and kinda dickish (as we proved with the first two of approximately…fifty Cures.)

1f2d2 No.16881

Option 2, get down there and talk to her. All it takes is one half-smile and she'll have hearts in her eyes for us forever.

As for what to say, well, we could probably comment on both the tiara shot and amend our previous statement about crying slightly, both in a positive light.

Still, we (meta) know any real searching we do is going to catch Luna's attention, so we probably won't have time for more than a few quick glances before the cat picks up on it, so let's keep her distracted from that by effectively taking her side in the eternal argument those two have.

"That was a good throw, Sailor Moon. The crying, however… That was pure luck. If I hadn't shown up, you would've been killed."

This way, we're starting up a conversation but still keeping it focused away from us. And Limits is right, sticking to Sailor Moon's normal script just ends stupidly for us after awhile, so let's generally try to avoid that.

I didn't catch either of them, myself. What's the one you recognized?

7bb95 No.16883

The one that I recognize, >>16850 , is a small portion of the transformation scene for one Tachibana Hibiki, main character of Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Specifically, that's from her 3rd season (Symphogear GX) transformation scene.

868f2 No.16886

I couldn't find a good GX screenshot that wouldn't be too distinctive. I'm happy that the other image is stumping people.

And I just received a big dump of work in my inbox. Yay.

de97d No.16887

Just you wait! I'll figure out who it is! (Even if it's because Tuxedo Mask meets her during his escapades :P)

Also, today's just one of those days. Hump Day? Try Mount Kilimanjaro Day -_-

31e55 No.16888

Option 2. Jump down, talk to her, make a charming joke about how the cat makes a better motivational speaker than we do, then perhaps ask if she's new to being a hero and if there's anything we can do to help her improve her skills. We can ask about the LSC after we've gotten on her good side.

868f2 No.16893

Is anyone having trouble posting? I can't post in the Vyrule thread at all.

a1526 No.16894


There's still some glitches that need to be ironed out between the board software (which is different from what we had before) and whatever security measures they want to try putting in place.

However it could also be a matter of updating your cache. Try hitting 'Refresh' on the page if it won't let you post. If it still doesn't let you, then talk to Couchy.

1f2d2 No.16902

I seem to be posting okay. I think.

868f2 No.16905

File: 1457767870574.jpg (36.29 KB, 640x480, Motto Motto.jpg)

It's funny because it was just the Vyrule thread that was giving me problems. It seems to work now.

868f2 No.16907

Votes seem to be heading in the direction of breaking from canon. If you vote for talking, don't forget to say what you want to say (the actual words, or just the topic are both fine.)

Voting is still open.

Mysterious parting words

>>16878 And say what?
Jump down and talk

I repeat, voting is still open.

de97d No.16912

Oh, sorry, I kinda thought we were going to be given talking options once the next set of plot posts had gone up.
I like Shadow's "open-with-a-joke" idea, but I feel like offering help might not work quite as well. I could easily picture Usagi getting really defensive about her skill, especially if Random Stranger #225 just hops down from a window to say that. Breaking from canon brainwashing paths is going to take some effort, and if we overcompensate, that's just going to delay the nearly-guaranteed romance with Usagi.
So I think I'm actually just going to vote for making the joke. Her reaction to that will give us more to go on, and it'll still help us in the "suave and mysterious" area.

7d41e No.16922

No problem. There's not much of a point making a second choice for "What will you say" because that will just needlessly prolong voting and if it's a write-in it might provoke some discussion.

1f2d2 No.16927

Having thought about it a bit, I'm gonna change up what I was suggesting we say. Something more to the effect of opening with a joke (I dunno, something like "Well, perhaps crying DID solve the problem." or some other fluff) but more importantly, as soon as that's happened change it right back up and ask her if she's okay. Throw in a smile while we're at it.

She WILL get heart-eyed, I guarantee it.

7d41e No.16932

Voting is semi-closed. We're going to break from canon and jump down to speak with Sailor Moon.

Until I actually make the next post, the topic of what say to her is still open. >>16877 can join in as well.

7d41e No.16936

File: 1457996947459.png (3.14 MB, 1440x900, 93_Pretty_Cure_Warriors_wi….png)

>first two of approximately…fifty Cures
You underestimate how many Cures there are. I'm not even sure if this is all of them.

de97d No.16937

OK then. Let's math this out:
Futari wa Pretty Cure: 2
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: +1
Pretty Cure Splash Star: +2
Yes! Pretty Cure 5: +5
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go: +1
Fresh Pretty Cure: +4
Heartcatch Pretty Cure: +4
Suite Pretty Cure: +4
Smile Pretty Cure (do these count? Honestly, this is basically the worst of all seasons): +5
Dokidoki Pretty Cure: +5
Happiness Charge Pretty Cure: +4
Go! Princess Pretty Cure: +4
Mahoutsukai Pretty Cure: +2 (maybe more? It's the newest season)

And, if you count one of the All-Star movies, +1 Cure Echo, for a grand total of…44. So not quite 50 yet.

7d41e No.16938

Nevermind then. I just read the filename and figured that was correct.

1f2d2 No.16940

That… is a lot of Cures.

I'd be okay with this many Cures.

de97d No.16941

It does say 93 in the filename, so it's understandable. I lost count a few times myself!

Haha, yeah, until you get an epileptic seizure because you're swarmed by ridiculous amounts of super-neon colors. Even if you don't have epilepsy.

I have to say that my top two favorite seasons are the two seasons that can be abbreviated with HC: Heartcatch and Happiness Charge. (Not a coincidence that those seasons had the same writer.) Princess Precure wins the award for "Best Character who *Should Have* Been a Cure" in Nanase Yui. Seriously, this powerless, timid, probably out-of-shape kid ran into the line of fire or willpowered her way out of enemy machinations, then pulled the *entire team's collective asses* out of the fire on two occasions. She deserves Cure status more than the entire Smile Precure team.

7d41e No.16955

Honestly, it'd still be a great way to out.

7d41e No.17141

I guess I shouldn't have closed the votes yet. Oh well. Good news, I've finally gotten a little bit of free time. I want at my computer with all my notes and screenshots so I couldn't advance the story. However, I did get a fair bit of episodes in. The series I was watching really holds up surprisingly well.

7d41e No.17340

I should make an April Fool's fakepost. Wait, I missed it? I guess I'll just have to make a real post then.

7d41e No.17341

File: 1459636714352.jpg (150.65 KB, 1920x1080, Glass on floor.jpg)

You jump down from the parapet to the glass-strewn carpet one floor below. The drop reminds you of your earlier fall, but your legs seem perfectly fine now, it must have not been anything serious. "That was a good throw Sailor Moon. But it seems the cat might be a better motivational speaker than I am." You let out a deep chuckle at your own joke.

A quick glance over the contents of the jewelry store leaves you reasonably sure that Silver Crystal isn't here. However, you're not as sure as you could be. The blonde girl's radiance is eclipsing your nascent sensing power.

7d41e No.17342

File: 1459636869141.jpg (55.27 KB, 800x636, Sailor Moon holding Luna.jpg)

The girl awkwardly scratches the back of her head. She's blushing from the compliment, but also trying to decide how to respond to your joke. "Luna's been telling me what to do. This is all still so confusing. Right Luna?" She picks up the black cat, seemingly expecting an response from her.

The cat is frozen in her arms for a few moments and then says "Meow" in response.

Sailor Moon shakes the cat, Luna you now know is her name, and angrily says, "What do you mean meow?"

You ignore her for a moment. By the sound of it, this girl is also new to the superheroine business. Come to think of it, that cat's meow wasn't very convincing.

>Get closer to Sailor Moon and show off your charm.

>Time to leave.

1f2d2 No.17356

Partial Option 1, partial write-in. Get closer and throw on the charm, but stay out of immediate contact range. The cat's trying to play dumb while she sizes us up, but I can bet money that she'll take a swing at us or bite us if we violate Moon's personal space just out of the blue, so no getting grabby.

So instead, let's chat them up. We know the cat talked, so let's call her out on it a little. It pulls the focus off of us.

de97d No.17361

Hmm…that's a good option. Stylish, yet intelligent. Those are the active ingredients in a perfect Tuxedo Mask.
Put my vote with Moe's: Option 1, but don't get *too* close for the moment.

31e55 No.17399

I also agree with this plan!

69050 No.17432

One vote for this!

7d41e No.17455

File: 1460018213221.jpg (Spoiler Image, 310.8 KB, 1920x1080, Luna Scratching.jpg)

I'm hurt. You all make it sound like you don't trust me. I give you soon to be pregnant magical girls, and you repay my kindness by spitting in my face.

It's not like playing option 1 straight would have gotten a face full of kitty claws. Wait, no, I take that back. That's exactly what playing option one straight would have gotten you. You made a wise choice.

In honor of Sailor Moon Crystal Season III, now with 2D transformation sequences, let's move the story along.

7d41e No.17456

File: 1460018306700.jpg (60.93 KB, 640x480, Usagi Blushing FA.jpg)

You step closer to the girl and her cat, but not too close. You're not convinced that the cat is all that it seems. It might be something more like a witch's familiar. You turn up the charm and gaze into into her blue eyes. She seems enchanted, gazing right back into your own deep blue eyes.

After a few moments you break the spell with a wink. You take a gamble and guess that she's not merely new to this, but brand new. "For your first time, that was an amazing performance. I'm even more impressed."

"And I should thank you, Luna, for helping Sailor Moon." The cat glares at you in a non-animalistic manner. You're now certain that the cat is more than just a creature. "There's no need to be shy. You can speak up."

Despite your coaxing, the cat doesn't warm up to you. Sailor Moon may have all but melted in your arms, but Luna clearly still doesn't trust you.

7d41e No.17457

File: 1460018339427.jpg (152.57 KB, 1920x1080, Travelling by Light Pole.jpg)

The lovely blonde girl is practically seeing hearts. "I couldn't find the Legendary Silver Crystal, but I saw something interesting." You say, adding, "And I met someone amazing." You suddenly turn around and throw out your cape, like a peacock fanning his tail. You leave the store and take a running leap onto a light-pole.

7d41e No.17459

File: 1460018547667.jpg (183.59 KB, 1920x1080, Look Back.jpg)

Just as expected, Sailor Moon runs out after you like a puppy. Mid-leap from one light pole to next, you look back and add, "Sailor Moon… I will remember your name."

7d41e No.17460

File: 1460018675916.jpg (213.34 KB, 1920x1080, Usagi Blushing 2.jpg)

Her look tells you all you need to know. This girl will be yours at whatever time or place you decide to take her. Luna runs up to Sailor Moon, and you leap further into the darkness.

7d41e No.17461

File: 1460018737921.jpg (55.67 KB, 960x720, Witch in Front of the Moon.jpg)

A glance to the night sky shows what appears to be a witch flying on a broomstick across the moon. However, a second look shows her to be gone. You must have just been imagining things from thinking that Luna was a witch's familiar.

You travel home by the fastest means available to you, by rooftop. However, at the thought of home, you find your vision slowly blurring up and turning to darkness.

7d41e No.17462

File: 1460018856484.jpg (133.16 KB, 1920x1080, Waking Up.jpg)

You are Mamoru Chiba, seventeen years old, college student. You just woke up, your muscles are sore, and you have the bluest of blue balls.

>Take care of business.

>Get up and start your day, you'll only make it worse.

7d41e No.17463

And so, just three months and a week later than I was hoping to have this. Day one is finally done.

79c27 No.17465

Option 2, we best start getting ready.

87ace No.17467

option two

1f2d2 No.17483

It's not you I didn't trust, it's Luna.

Okay, yeah, I didn't trust you for a second~

Option 2, minor write-in. If we have a TV in this bedroom of ours, let's turn it on and check the news for anything interesting while we get going.

de97d No.17493

Day 1 Complete? Do we get a stat-boosting achievement? :P

Anyway, Blue's idea is fun. Modified Option 2, if you'd be so kind.

19fc0 No.17494

so does this mean the story is going to continue! yeaaaaaaaaah. good to see another writer of the pregnancy art is sticking around

I shall go with 2

7d41e No.17518

I'm surprised that no one's pointed out that we spotted another magical girl, and I finally got around to confirming one of the series that's already been correctly guessed.

Yeah, I guess I'll stick around. I wish I could do a post every other day or something like that, but I'm a little (OK, a lot) too busy for that.

No, no stat boost, just the blue balls.

Really, trusting a GM is one of the worst decisions you can ever make.

1f2d2 No.17520

Unfortunately, this is a lesson I'm painfully aware of.

And honestly, CCS was pretty much a given at this point. The last one, since it's been long enough that no one else has openly guessed it, is Nanoha.

de97d No.17525

I thought we had already resolved the issue of that particular identity (CCS.)

Maybe not openly guessed, but I'm pretty sure that I mentioned Nanoha being here earlier in the thread. Pink pillar of light in a residential area during night time could be a lot of things, but Nanoha is one of them. I would've been more vehement about my guess, but I didn't want to draw attention to that as a potential part of the plot because she doesn't even follow the "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed" guideline. She's 9 years old in season 1, 9-10 in season 2, 19 in season 3, and 25 in the manga-only season 4.
Furthermore, those last two seasons happen in some poorly-explained extra dimensional space, relative to Earth. So by the time we could meet up with her in a way that matches a season of the show AND fits the recommended age range, she would be in Nonsense Technobabble Land. Also, fans are 99% sure she's a lesbian (with Fate Testarossa, natch.) She:
1. Is described by the series creator as being "very good friends" with Fate, and suspiciously clammed up when pressed for more details,
2. The first time she sees Fate, Nanoha describes her in terms that sound like they come from Twilight,
3. They are, after season 3, living together with an adopted child who calls them "Nanoha-mama" and "Fate-mama".

So, my point is that I'm glad we went after the Precure (whose rumors of lesbianism have very little proof outside of a few lines that could easily suggest close platonic friendship instead) and Sailor Moon (because canon.) The other options are an anime that I don't know too well (CCS), or one that has some logistic issues that need explaining (Nanoha).

7d41e No.17542

>I thought we had already resolved the issue of that particular identity (CCS.)
Yeah, but I never confirmed it, and this is actually the first appearance of Sakura.

Also, Nanoha ViVid got an anime adaptation last year.

db684 No.17543

Yeah, I remember that discussion, though I also remember discussing that if the pillar turned out to be Madoka there was a good chance we were going to nope out of there.

de97d No.17550

I always thought of ViVid as season 3.5, and Nanoha Force as season 4, but it's good that at least one of those two is getting an anime version.

My first guess was Nanoha, and thinking back on it, there's no way it could've been Madoka unless Moe broke theme and gave us end-of-season Madoka, a.k.a. MadoKami. And that would be hard to do.

1f2d2 No.17555

Back when we first guessed that this was gonna be Super Mahou Shoujo Wars, Moe did mention that two of his planned series were involved in a crossover manga, and the only such manga I know of is Nano-Mado. I didn't say anything at the time, but it made Season 1 Nanoha kind of a lock in my mind.

…And now that I'm looking back at the post-Precure discussion, I even said as much. Yay for five months between downtime segments!

We did pretty much all agree to this, though. Although I did mention something to the effect of "There are ways to make it less nope-worthy, but I'm not the writer so let's nope away"

So, sorry to derail the conversation a tiny bit, but as I was rereading the thread I got back down to the Precure pic on >>16936 and took another look at it. Those are all pretty obviously Dark Cure versions of the girls up in the far top of the screen, but my question is, do they count towards that total?

7d41e No.17938

Back to being stupidly busy again. I've had half of the next post written up for the past two weeks, but haven't had too much of a chance to finish it up. I did get a bit more of my plan nailed down. So at least I have that.

I'll try to post something this weekend, but I've been trying to post something "this weekend" for the past two weekends, so who knows how that'll work out.

That's actually not the crossover manga I'm referring to.

7d41e No.18155

File: 1462687221172.jpg (74.3 KB, 1280x720, Awake.jpg)

>Start your day.

>Modified start your day.

Although in this case the regular option 2 got more votes than the write-in, the write-in wins because it just adds some more story without changing the action. As I said in the second post:
>Write-ins that don't win, but had some popularity before the end of voting will affect the final result if I can make it work.

Masturbation never really seemed to give you any lasting relief, there's no reason to start thinking it will do so now. You get out of bed and start your day. You turn on the TV in the living room of your apartment for some background noise while you make breakfast. However, breakfast is soon forgotten. Instead of the standard morning news, they're focused on a news story that had just broken overnight. The Louvre had been attacked by a gang of criminals. No details have been released about the gang or the extent of the damage. However, unofficial reports show that countless priceless works have been stolen or damaged beyond repair in the assault. The number of dead and wounded has also not been released.

The news moves on to a local story. Another jewelry store had been robbed. The news reporter is interviewing Osaka Mayumi, the owner of OSA-P jewelry. She retells the story of how she was attacked and left bound in her basement, rescued only by the police that came to investigate the break-in. In stark contrast to the attack on the Louvre, little or nothing of value had been stolen.

You'd love to watch more, but if you don't finish getting ready, you're going to be late. Reluctantly, you turn off the TV and finish getting ready. You quickly eat breakfast, but something seems wrong about the vase full of roses on your table. It seems like there's less than you had yesterday. No, it must be your imagination. The flowers are probably starting to wilt, and they're taking up less space now. You finish preparing for school and head out.

Your classes are dull, especially geology. You spend more time listening to the whispers of other students than listening to the professor drone on about rocks. One girl is complaining to her friends about what a big fuss her little brother made about a haunted forest. You just sigh and go back to learning about rocks. The rest of the day goes by uneventfully. Despite that, something just doesn't feel right. It feels like a slight detachment from the world. As if the reality that you know is just an ephemeral veil, and the world of your dreams is the true reality. That's right, you had a dream last night. You can't seem to recall it anymore, but it was vivid, and it seemed more real than this world.

7d41e No.18156

File: 1462687441468.jpg (71 KB, 640x480, Shapely.jpg)

With classes out, you figure that you need to do something to get your thoughts straightened out. There's an advertisement for Shapely, a new gym that opened up. They're running a promotion with a free trial membership. Mindless exercise might be just the thing to get rid of these bad vibes.

7d41e No.18157

File: 1462687483038.jpg (27.23 KB, 487x693, On the third hand.jpg)

On the other hand, you could also go to your favorite flower shop and buy a few more roses. On the third hand, you could wander around the city, kill some time, see if anything interesting is going on, then check out the haunted forest and see what it is that's got some kids scared.

>Hit the gym

>Flower shop
>Check out the 'haunted forest'

79c27 No.18158

Option 2 seems like a good idea, we should restock our [s]ammo[/s] roses.

7fed6 No.18159

Hmm. This sounds like the sort of thing that's gonna lead into another encounter, but I got nothing at present. Withholding my vote for the moment.

Anyone else got any ideas?

b61de No.18160

>holding a pistol with one hand
Unless it's a .22lr, your wrist is gonna be aching

43965 No.18161

I'll be honest with you. All three options lead to an encounter. The only question is what you'll encounter and who you'll fight with.

Also, speculation on what you'll encounter with those options is highly encouraged. I like knowing how much people can guess from my vague hints. I think two of the options are pretty straightforward, and one is very vague. But, I know what all three options give you, so I'm not the best judge of my hints.

e3b30 No.18162

option 2

7fed6 No.18166

Yeah, I figured all three are encounters, I'm just totally blanking on which ones lead to where.

de97d No.18173

All right, I'll put my brain to the test. That reference to the Louvre being robbed on the TV sounds most likely like Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. It's about a girl who gets special powers from a little shoulder angel that allow her to turn into a very inaccurate version of Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'Arc, hence the name.) This transformation also allows her to go sneaking around and hunting demons that possess beautiful inanimate objects. Defeating the demons also destroys the objects, though, so she gained a reputation as a thief.
The haunted forest…yeah, I got nothing. The gym is clearly canonical Sailor Moon, though. And I don't know what we'd find at a flower shop (I swear, if it's Heartcatch…)
As for the vote, do we know how many roses we have? If not, I think we need to figure that out first.

7fed6 No.18176

We've got a vase full, just not completely full. Were we still chilling in the apartment right now I might just vote to check.

Browsing the thread at 4 in the morning probably isn't the best idea for trying to figure this out, but yeah, I realized after a bit that the gym is sticking to canon. I think we oughta avoid that for the time being, just on the chance we get lucky and can loop back around to it later like we did before.

Frag it, let's go check this haunted forest nonsense. Option 3.

31e55 No.18219

Call me Shaggy, because I say we go in the haunted forest man!

7d41e No.18222

>As for the vote, do we know how many roses we have? If not, I think we need to figure that out first.
I don't want to add an ammunition system. It feels like a pointless mechanic to have to keep track of. Unless you explicitly go to a florist, you can safely assume you restock after every 1-2 encounters. This isn't a resource management sim, it's a quest. We can play fast and loose with the logistics.

However, I reserve the right to come up with a hard scenario and tell you what your rose limit is for that encounter.

So far, two votes for the florist, two votes for the haunted forest. Keep the votes coming.

54ad0 No.18230

Another vote for haunted forest

28243 No.18294

File: 1463039864178.jpg (67.99 KB, 640x480, Cafe.jpg)

Still only five people voted, but I guess I need to update more often to get a larger crowd. Anyway, let's progress the story.

Flower shop.

Haunted forest.

Haunted forest it is.

You have a good idea of where this haunted forest is. It's off the side of a smaller road that you're familiar with. It's not so much a forest as it is a nature trail. There's enough trees to give the appearance of a forest, but the path runs parallel to the road, and isn't ever more that a few meters away from the road. However, like any good ghost story, the spooks don't come out until sunset. That means you have a fair bit of time to kill.

You head to a nearby cafe that's popular with the college crowd. It's not anything special, but the prices are on the low side, and the portions are large. An automatic win with poor college students. Even though that doesn't apply to you, you at least try to blend in. You were taken in by the Hina family after your parents died. Wise management of the life insurance money and their other assets by your benefactor has led you to a point that you could live comfortably for the rest of your life on that money. You aren't attending university because you have to, but more because you love reading and studying. You might as well get a good degree and job because you can.

Having finished your meal, you're drinking your tea and letting your mind wander too much. A blackout takes you out of your thoughts. You wait a few moments, assuming the lights will turn back on, but nothing happens. It's still light outside, so you weren't plunged into darkness, but a feeling of dread squeezes your guts uncomfortably. You breathe to relax and regain your composure. You pay for your meal and tea and leave.

Outside, you need to decide on a course of action. You can wander around nearby. There's some outdoor stands and kiosks that are certainly taking advantage of the blackout to market their wares. You could head towards downtown and see just how far the blackout extends. Lastly, you could head towards the "forest" early and see if you can't find any signs that this haunted forest story is just a prank done by some kids.

>Outdoor shopping

>Go downtown
>Go to the forest
>Go somewhere else [write-in]

e3b30 No.18298

option 1, shopping

7fed6 No.18302

Might as well check out the immediate area. Option 1.

31e55 No.18318

Option 1. We can also use this as recon to find any jewelry stores that might be nearby. And it always pays to know the lay of the land.

723c3 No.18321

Option 1

de97d No.18322

Technically, Option 2 would work just as well for scouting/recon purposes, but I don't have strong enough facts or opinions to fight the consensus that's forming.
I vote Option 1.

0c232 No.18336

File: 1463194208205.jpg (90.27 KB, 712x480, Takoyaki.jpg)

Everyone wants to explore the shops.

You head out outside and head towards somewhere with plenty of street vendors. The black out probably isn't something to worry about. A tree somewhere probably knocked down a wire, or possibly a transformer blew out at a sub-station. If you don't see a big plume of smoke in the next few minutes, it's probably the former.

Food carts seem to be winning the competition. There's a takoyaki stand in particular that seems to be getting a fair bit of attention. However, you already ate, so you keep going.

0c232 No.18337

File: 1463194243051.jpg (50.69 KB, 712x480, Vacuum Zombie.jpg)

Further down the street, you see a vacuum shop. However, the salesman is standing in front of his shop and staring off into the distance.

0c232 No.18338

File: 1463194285698.jpg (64.94 KB, 640x480, House of Fortune.jpg)

Next door, is the only building that still has electricity. The gaudy storefront is covered in neon signs, spelling out "House of Fortune".

0c232 No.18339

File: 1463194336961.jpg (56.65 KB, 640x480, Fortune Teller.jpg)

Across the street is an old fashioned street fortune teller.

Where do you go?
>Check out the shell-shocked vacuum salesman.
>Examine why the House of Fortune has electricity.
>Have the street fortune teller read your fortune.

c63e8 No.18342

Vacuum salesman

53aef No.18359

Fortune teller, but keep an eye on the vacuum salesman

7fed6 No.18363

All three of these could potentially lead us somewhere. The House of Fortune is clearly the next boss fight, so let's stop for a minute and have our fortune told at the street teller first.

31e55 No.18384

The salesman has seen some sh*t, so let's ask what he's seen.

28243 No.18407

Two for the fortune teller, two for the vacuum salesman. Someone needs to come along and break the tie while my work schedule has loosened up.

Nealend and Limits, I'm looking at you.

ec012 No.18408

de97d No.18421

OK, OK, sheesh. I actually kinda want to see what's up with our face-of-a-lost-soul James Dyson wannabe. Option 1.

Nealend, now you need to pick the other option and make it a tie again :P

79c27 No.18422

Lol, didn't expect to get called out. I'll go with the vacuum salesmen.

28243 No.18424

And that brings the total votes to seven, matching the highest vote that this thread has ever gotten.

Seeing as it's 5 to 2 for the vacuum salesman, I'm pretty sure I know where this is going. I won't lock the thread until I start writing, so any additional lurkers can feel free to chime in, and everyone else can speculate as to what the options will do.

In other news, seeing as I'm back in business, any thoughts on where I could advertise this quest? I figure a quest featuring impregnation of underage magical girls requires the overlap of four niche interests, so this never will be hugely popular. I appreciate the audience I have now, but more people usually means more speculation and shadowrunning, and those are the lifeblood of a QM.

28243 No.18468

>I won't lock the thread until…
I probably shouldn't post late at night. I meant to say I won't lock voting.

723c3 No.18640

I don't think those are that niche, if you keep posting regularly people will start following more actively

28243 No.18656

A fair point. The hard part part is the "posting regularly" part. No updates last week, two updates the week before that. My schedule is just a PITA sometimes.

28243 No.18973

File: 1464505646042.jpg (40.09 KB, 704x480, Shoe.jpg)

I got sick at the start of this week. I could have worked on this. Instead I read three thick novels. I regret that decision, but not too much.

Anyway time to go to the vacuum salesman.

The vacuum salesman was looking a little green around the gills. You have plenty of time to kill so you decide to double back and see if he's OK. However, before you can turn around, a shoe falls on your head with a smirk. No, that's not right, shoes don't smirk.

28243 No.18974

File: 1464505688232.jpg (68.7 KB, 640x480, Worried Dumpling Head.jpg)

You grab the shoe and turn around to see who hit you. Standing before you is a certain blonde dumpling head. The one from the other day that got a 30% on her English test.

28243 No.18975

File: 1464505708341.jpg (54.66 KB, 640x480, Approach.jpg)

You approach her with the shoe in hand. "That hurts dumpling head."

28243 No.18976

File: 1464505730334.jpg (66.24 KB, 640x480, Confrontation.jpg)

She confronts you red-faced, "Is that all you can say?"

You've been feeling off all day, and you don't have the patience to deal with blondie right now. So, you decide to drive the dagger home and end this converation quickly, "You'll never have a boyfriend if you don't act more ladylike."

28243 No.18977

File: 1464505779921.jpg (66.56 KB, 640x480, She got a shoe!.jpg)

She seems to be at a loss for words and grabs her shoe back. That may have been brutal of you, but you can't be bothered to care right now. You walk past her and head towards the vacuum salesman from earlier. From behind you, you hear her calling out sarcastically, "Well, Thank you so much!"

28243 No.18978

File: 1464506249301.jpg (42.25 KB, 712x480, No Vacuum.jpg)

You roll your eyes and go up to the vacuum salesman. He doesn't give any non-verbal indication that he saw you, but he starts giving you his pitch for the vacuum, in perfect monotone. "… with its power, it can even pick up a flea from a mat or carpet…" He's holding his empty hands out as if he were holding something, and his pitch seems to be about a specific vacuum that he's holding in his hands, except that again, he's not holding anything in his hands.

What do you do?
>The guy is clearly crazy. Just leave him be.
>Give him a vacuum to hold and see how he reacts.
>Slap some sense into him.
>See if you can't find some water to dump on him.
>Write in.

0a082 No.18990

Let's check him if he has anything like a wallet, etc..

de97d No.18991

That guy is under some serious magic?/psychic effect?/whatever. I doubt anything that we do to him will have an effect, unless we have some kind of magical mind-freeing touch that we didn't know about previously. And even if we did, it's probably hard to access magical powers when not in Tuxedo Mask form.
That being said, option 1 is closest to my current opinion. It just doesn't use meta-knowledge as blatantly. So I vote for that.

8249a No.18996

Option 1, go looking for trouble

7fed6 No.19004

Yeah, there doesn't seem to be much we can do here. Option 1.

27863 No.19008

I vote for Option 4. Maybe we can snap him out of it.

8249a No.19010

Whoops, meant option 2

28243 No.19099

Be a thief.


Dump water on him.

Give him a vacuum.

Voting is really split this time. I'm not comfortable calling it when the vote 2v1v1v1. I'll leave it open for some more votes.

e3b30 No.19102

option 2, give that man a vacuum.

28243 No.19149

File: 1464837004546.jpg (80.02 KB, 712x480, Vacuum.jpg)


>Run away

>Take the red herring
>Discover a new power and possibly figure out what happened to him
1 [write-in]
>Figure out what happened to him.

I don't like calling it with this vote spread, but I hope you can why I did as I did.

The salesman looks like he's supposed to be holding a vacuum cleaner. You figure he's upset at the fact that he's not holding one. The demo units on the floor each have a security cable preventing you from bringing them to the salesman. Instead you head over to the shelves, pull out a vacuum that you think will be easy to assemble. The shop is dark, but it only takes you a few minutes to put the vac together.

You hand the assembled vacuum back to him. For a moment, his face lightens up as he takes it from you. However, it only lasts for a moment. His face soon slides back to the same dull expression that he had previously. You wait a few more minutes, waiting to see if there's any change in his expression, but nothing happens.

Feeling yourself powerless to do anything to change this, you head back out. Going down the street, you see the fortune teller packing up his stall. You might still get a chance to get a word in with him. The house of fortune across the street is still the only building that you can see that has any electricity.

Where do you go now?
>Your goal was the haunted forest, get there early and explore.
>Try to get your fortune told before the old man leaves.
>Explore the house of fortune.

28243 No.19150

Also, can anyone guess why the shoe was smirking?

98172 No.19168

Um, what? A smirking shoe? I have no idea.
Anyway, let's do the thing that we definitely won't be able to revisit and check the fortune teller.

28243 No.19170

>Um, what? A smirking shoe? I have no idea.
Yes, a smirking shoe. See below.

>However, before you can turn around, a shoe falls on your head with a smirk. No, that's not right, shoes don't smirk.

08604 No.19176

Fortune teller

27863 No.19178

Let's head for the fortune teller.
I'll guess that the shoe was Luna in disguise.

7fed6 No.19179

Fortune teller, and going to second the thought that it was Luna.

31e55 No.19180

Nuts, missed my chance to put in a vote for a water bucket. Oh well.

Fortune teller. That should get us to night time.

837cb No.19219

File: 1464984720842.jpg (36.28 KB, 330x370, Shu.jpg)

Nope. I thought you'd get it at least, Midnight Blue.

Pic very related

837cb No.19220

837cb No.19221

File: 1464984947465.png (113.94 KB, 235x235, Masaki.png)

837cb No.19222

For anyone not familiar with SRW, the purple haired guy is Dr. Shu Shirakawa. He's a smug bastard.

The green haired guy is Masaki Andoh, the first playable OG in SRW. He has a bone to pick with Shu.

27863 No.19225

Right, I would have never gotten that.

7fed6 No.19227

I find myself severely disappointed in myself now, especially given that Masaki's my favorite Banpresto Original. -_-

Time to go blow myself and my Gundam up in shame for my dishonor.

de97d No.19249

Ohhhhhhh, a smirking *Shu*…you punned too hard. As much as I'm sure I'd love SRW, I've never played much of it :(

28243 No.19275

File: 1465091518619.jpeg (83.82 KB, 500x500, Sudoku.jpeg)

Shamefur Dispray. Commit Sudoku.
Pic related.

I do love my puns. It takes a while to get into SRW. There's a bunch of games, very few in English (although one of the ones that is in English has Shu and Masaki), and most of them have some pretty big flaws.

de97d No.19289

Good to know. I've only played a small amount of SRWJ, where there were FAR too many reinforcements for your enemies. They won the battle of attrition.

7fed6 No.19298

That's most SRWs, to be fair. You basically reach a point where anyone who doesn't have SP Regen to use Focus and Newtype dodge hax becomes a liability against crowds by default. And then you hit the last few missions where the boss rushes happen and anyone without SP Regen period is gonna run out of steam.

de97d No.19322

You're probably right, but I thought J was the most egregious offender in that regard, based off of things I've heard from other people I know who enjoy the series.
And one last bit of off-topicness: which SRW game or sub-series would you recommend?

28243 No.19353

File: 1465241736993.jpg (52 KB, 640x480, Fortune.jpg)

Everyone wants to hit the fortune teller.

You stop the fortune teller as he's packing up and politely inquire if he could read you your fortune. He seems more than happy to do so.

28243 No.19354

File: 1465241759826.jpg (55.37 KB, 640x480, Reading.jpg)

He takes your hand and traces the lines. First he examines the line from your index finger to the edge of your palm below your pinky. "You have a very pronounced heart line. There will be many girls competing for your affection in your future." He looks at your hand and tilts his head in confusion, "You don't have a fate line. Interesting. You will have to create your own future." He traces from between your thumb an index finger down to your wrist. "You're the second person I've seen today with two life lines. One is short and tragic. The second is longer, but I don't see how it ends."

28243 No.19355

File: 1465241790650.jpg (58.23 KB, 1280x720, Hospital.jpg)

As he traces the lines of your palm, you start to hear the beeping of machines in a hospital. You see the rectangular ceiling panels of a hospital room. You shake your head and force yourself to focus on the real world, and not the vision.

The fortune teller releases your hand and smiles. You dig a bill out of your pocket, change from earlier at the cafe, and drop it on the table. He protests, "You've showed me such an unusual hand. Seeing it was payment enough." You can barely hear him through the spike of pain going through your head. You wave him off and shake your head, immediately regretting your decision as it only makes your head hurt worse.

28243 No.19356

File: 1465241825275.jpg (81.6 KB, 1280x720, ________!.jpg)

You head down the sidewalk to get out of sight of the fortune teller. Your eyes are closed you have one hand pressed against your forehead in a vain attempt to dull the ever-growing pain. You're supporting yourself with your other hand, leaning against the side of the building. You don't even notice as you follow the side of the building and walk down an alley. You're assaulted by another burst of pain and an accompanying vision. "________!" Your… Name. She's calling out your name. You struggle to hear what she's telling you, but soon everything fades to darkness.

28243 No.19357

File: 1465242104159.jpg (63.42 KB, 1280x720, Perch.jpg)

You open your eyes. You are the infamous Jewel Thief, Tuxedo Kamen. It is late in the afternoon and the alley that you're in is dark, the glow of a single bulb illuminates a small bubble of light. You don't remember how you got here, but you remember that you were supposed to go to the forest because something was haunting it. Looking around, you see a fire escape. You leap to the bottom level, and rapidly climb your way to the roof of the building. You use the sight of the sun setting in the west to orient yourself. You know what direction to go to reach the forest. However, across the street from you is building that seems to be shrouded in a dreadful miasma. Piercing through the figuritive cloud is a bright glow, becking you to come closer.

>Investigate the building across the street.

>Go to the forest.

9afc5 No.19358

Gotta find your Serenity, Mamoru.

9afc5 No.19360

>option 1
It is still early enough in the evening that sorting out what's wrong with the building shouldn't take too long… Unless it's a witch's barrier. If it is, then I restate my "fuck that" opinion.

7fed6 No.19370

If you can find the OG games, give those a shot. It's pretty much all the Banpresto Originals thrown together into their own SRW, but it's fun nonetheless. And it has Cybuster, so there you go. Just remember what I said about SP Regen.

As much as I want to check the forest, we are RIGHT next to that building. Seconding Nealend's vote, both to check out and to nope out if it's Witch related.

de97d No.19375

Building first. We can investigate spoopiness when it has reached maximum spoopy. Option 2.

31e55 No.19378

Investigate that miasma. Hopefully we'll have time for the forest afterwards.

7f0bb No.19382

Definitely something going on with the house, check it out.

28243 No.19384

File: 1465276180117.jpg (78.69 KB, 1280x720, Decision.jpg)

>Investigate that oppressive aura.
Also, two updates in one day. How is that possible?

There's no rush to the forest. The spooks aren't supposed to come out until after nightfall. You have plenty of time to investigate the house of fortune across the street. You take a moment to appreciate the warm glow of the setting sun. After giving in to such a rare luxury for another minute, you need to decide how to get to the house of fortune.

>Climb down like a civilized being and cross the street.

>It's far, but you might be able to leap across with a running start

643b5 No.19413

Jump across

7fed6 No.19415

Write-in: Check Inventory.

Not that I don't think we can't jump it, given we took the high dive off a freaking ferris wheel, but before we start hauling ass across the rooftops just yet, I wanna see what we're carrying. Who knows, we might have a Batman-style grappling gun or something.

27863 No.19416

Keep it up Moe! I believe in you!
Seconding this. It's good to see what we have to work with before we start kicking in windows and saving girls.

79064 No.19418

Check inventory, then do the Tuxedo Kamen thing.


79064 No.19419

Or, in official terms, I support the write-in, but should that fail to turn up anything useful, make like a long-jumper and…jump. A long distance.

27863 No.19424

Hopefully crashing through a window for maximum badass points.

28243 No.19425

File: 1465358444766.jpg (41.39 KB, 736x517, Pocket Watch.jpg)

Inventory check:
Roses, cane, broken pocket watch.

de97d No.19437

OK then! Option 2, with "I Believe I Can Fly" wafting gently through the background.


27863 No.19441

Very well then. I'm sure the windows on the building look exceptionally kickable.

28243 No.19442

File: 1465369751066.jpg (10.81 KB, 300x200, Pocket Watch2.jpg)

>Take a leap of faith.

You palm the pocket watch. It hasn't been able to keep time for many years. As you decide to leap across the street to the roof of the house of fortune, the pocket watch begins playing a melody.
>Magical item – magical musical pocket watch: Can play a plot relevant piece of music. (Don't make me regret this).

28243 No.19443

File: 1465369896357.png (2.86 KB, 161x194, 3.png)

You give yourself enough space to get a running start and time your jump so you take off as the lyrics hit "I believe I can fly"

>roll 1d20 = 3 +2(musical bonus)=5 fail.

You feel the music lift your spirits. Unfortunately, you were timing your steps to the music, and not to how much roof you had left. You unfortunately slow down as the edge of the roof near so you can kick off properly. Even worse, you slipped on a stray rock, which disperses even more of the power you were putting into the jump.

You have enough speed and power to make it to the other side of the street, but just barely. You don't gracefully land on the roof and you don't dashingly crash through a window. Your flight is as ungraceful as that of the two girls from last night. You flail your arms and legs wildly in a vain effort to regain control of your leap.

You land on the sidewalk, fortunately you're able to make a rolling landing. Regardless, you feel your left knee hit you in the chest, painfully. Your top hat lands a few feet away from you.

Passers-by scream, thinking that you had just committed suicide. When they see that you're alive and moving, a few people have the courage to go up to you. One of the men starting to crowd you points at one of the bystanders to call 119. You insist that you're fine and pick yourself up. Your ribs scream out in agony, calling you a liar, but you don't give any external sign of that pain except for a small wince when you lean back down to pick up your hat. You brush the dust off your hat, put it on your head, and head inside the house of fortune.

Inside, you hear a loud commotion in what you figure is the main fortune telling room. You approach the double doors and listen to the sounds coming from inside. There's multiple foot steps, some people are running around a room. You hear a girl's scream, as well as a somewhat feminine, but very monstrous voice taunting someone. Finally, the entire wall shakes from a heavy impact, releasing a layer of dust on your side of the wall.

Not moving seems to have helped your ribs. The pain is slowly easing and there's even a slight tingling feeling. You shake your head, clearing that thought and crack open the door to peek at what's inside.

28243 No.19444

File: 1465369922312.jpg (63.78 KB, 640x480, Youma.jpg)

It's not a pretty sight. Sailor Moon and Luna are fighting against a green-skinned, elf-eared, hag and a group of green-skinned, middle-school-aged boys. Calling it fighting might be giving the girl too much credit. Luna's trying to coax her to attack, but the blonde heroine is running from the boys, straight into barrages of throwing cards thrown by the hag. You inhale in sympathy as a card hits her in the back and causes the the two ends of her undone back bow to hang loosely.

28243 No.19445

File: 1465369953734.jpg (94.56 KB, 640x480, Damage.jpg)

You take quick stock of Sailor Moon's damage. Her right odango plate is cracked, and tattered remnants of her right glove litter the floor. The left loop of her chest bow is missing and part of her left breast seems to be struggling to escape through a cut in her white body suit. Her skirt has been slashed in enough places to give you a clear view that she has a leotard-like body suit, and not panties under there. Lastly, her left knee-high boot is split from the top to about mid-shin and flopping when she runs.

Do you enter?
>Charge in.
>Stealthily move to the other side of the door.
>Stay outside the room.

What do you use (and who do you target if it requires a target)?
>Pocket watch [What song?]
>Voice [What do you say?]

28243 No.19446

File: 1465370508103.png (696.27 KB, 640x480, Zombie boys.png)

The green lines are where Sailor Moon has taken damage.

This picture is the boys chasing after Moon.

27863 No.19448

Is there a balcony or chandelier we can get up on? If there is, I vote for us to stealthily move to it to get a better vantage point before taking a rose to each of the dorks pocket protectors. They seem to be glowing so that strikes me as a possible weak point.

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKrxIpyzPos

986fc No.19451

Voting for this, need to have the high ground to properly be a fabulous bastard

7fed6 No.19453

Hang on, checking the script.

(Seriously, I have the whole first season on my computer, this is easier than using Google.)

Doesn't look like there's any sort of high ground for us to use, unfortunately. It's kind of a plain looking room with some curtains in the far back, but we're probably not getting to that without getting spotted. No one seems to be paying attention to us at the door, though, as the boys are too busy chasing Moon and the youma's too busy controlling them.

Voting to stealth into the room, then rose the fuck out of that youma. Aim for the goddamn face.

31e55 No.19463

We went fancy and paid for it, so let's sneak in and rose the hag between the eyes!

28243 No.19465

I feel pretty bad that the first encounter with the RNG ended so poorly. At least it wasn't a crit fail.

If dice rolling was available on here, I'd run it as best out of 3 (1 and 20 critical) for slightly better odds.

7fed6 No.19466


I use it for pretty much everything.

de97d No.19467

Wow. I wasn't actually intending to modify the result at all, but that's basically Christmas come early as far as I'm concerned. We get a magical pocket watch that plays appropriate background music. Seriously, I can't get this grin off my face. I think it's stuck.

Anyway, while I'm busy trying not to make Moe regret giving us this literary ambrosia, I vote for the stealthy approach, and then a swift caning upon the youma's ugly-as-sin face.

28243 No.19468

It's not that I don't have a way of doing 3d20 (or most likely 3d100, because 3d20 has a 27% chance of getting at least one crit).


If I wanted to, I could even pull out my old dice set and roll. It's just that I'd like to have a bit more audience participation.

I was about to lament that using an external roller would allow someone to keep rerolling until they get the number that they wanted. However, I just found this.

You sign up, then you can request rolls and it tweets those rolls out. Would you guys be interested in using this as a roller, or do you want me to continue rolling?

Think of it as a pocket bard, with all the positive and negative aspects that that covers.

d2694 No.19493

Leap into the middle of the green skinned boys and use your extendable cane to knock them all unconscious with quick strikes.

28243 No.19494

Welcome to the pregchan, Barret. For anyone curious, there's a Sailor Moon quest running on Anonkun.

I did a little pimping of my quest on there. I figured I may as well return the favor and pimp Nox's quest on here.

8c61a No.19505

This was a wise decision, Moe. The only thing better than one CYOA where you get the magical girls is two of them.

9e147 No.19517

The room has high ceilings, but it's not a two-story room that would have a balcony or a chandelier (that you could stand on).

>invalid movement, revote.
>Rose to the glowing pocket protectors.

>Sneak into the room
>Rose the youma.

>Sneak into the room
>Cane the youma.

>Charge in.
>Cane the boys.

There are no clear winners. If any individual vote doesn't pull ahead, I'll split it up into components and go with:
>Sneak 3
>Rose 4
>Youma 3, boys 3 [coin toss]

As it stands, voting is as open as the tear in Sailor Moon's body suit showing part of her boob.

27863 No.19520

Revoting to sneak to an advantageous position and rose the boy's glowing pocket protector, and totally not to oogle Sailor Moon's impromptu boob window… Totally not.

5846d No.19546

Revoting sneak in, rose the boys

28243 No.19572

Revotes noted.

Still tied 3v3 on who to attack. If the tie isn't broken by the time I get to writing, I'll flip a coin.

28243 No.19576

Just a quick check if I can post because lots of people have been getting "no country" errors when trying to post.

28243 No.19692

Voting is closed. Writing now. I'll decide by coin toss.

28243 No.19710

File: 1466179262263.jpg (47.52 KB, 640x480, Lean against door.jpg)

Has anyone else had massive lag problems trying to load pregchan yesterday?

Heads the Youma, tails the boys.

You open the door a little wider, just enough for you to slip through. You sidestep through the opening and lean against the other half of the double door. A quick glance over the room tells you that you hadn't been spotted. The baddies are focussed on Sailor Moon, Luna's telling Sailor Moon to use her tiara, and Sailor Moon is still running away screaming. Wait, you finally caught Luna speaking. Sneaky little cat.

28243 No.19711

File: 1466179312807.png (97.64 KB, 340x334, Tails.png)

You pull out a rose and consider your target. The monster is clearly in command, but the boys finally coralled Sailor Moon into a corner and are slowly closing in on her. Do you think with your big head or little head?

28243 No.19712

File: 1466179342931.jpg (43.6 KB, 312x352, Umino Freed.jpg)

Your little head wins out in the end. You take aim at the lead boy and land your rose right on his glowing pocket protector.

28243 No.19713

File: 1466179404617.jpg (71.35 KB, 640x480, Rescued Damsel.jpg)

The hit causes the glowing pocket protector to discharge. It appears electrical, but you can feel a magic pulse come from it and then die off in time with the fading color. He stumbles to a stop and the two zombie boys behind him trip over him, bringing the trio down.

Sailor Moon uses the gap in their ranks to leap free. She lands in the middle of the room, her back to the Youma and spots you. She's overjoyed to see you. She clasps her hands together, presses her knees together and smiles widely. "Tuxedo Kamen!" She calls out.

28243 No.19714

File: 1466179432012.jpg (69.99 KB, 640x480, Hair claws.jpg)

Luna interrups, calling out, "There's no time for that! Watch out!" However, her warning comes too late. The youma rakes Sailor Moon's exposed back with her razor sharp hair claws.

28243 No.19715

File: 1466179677796.jpg (92.29 KB, 640x480, Damage.jpg)

Sailor Moon flies forward, screaming, from the impact. She rolls, and comes to a stop sitting with her back to you, facing the youma. Her back ribbin is on the floor between herself and the youma. Her blue sailor collar is tattered, and her white body suit might as well be backless for all the coverage that it provides. Enough of it remains that it doesn't simply fall off of her, but the few remaining strands are clearly under a lot of tension supporting the rest of the body suit. You notice an interesting fact about about her pleated blue skirt. It's attached to the bump on her body. So, even though the back of her skirt is likewise gone, and you can see her coin slot peeking out from a tear, the rest of her skirt is still safely in place.

In the corner with the zombies, the bespectacled boy seems to have woken up and has completely lost his shit. He's screaming in panic and trying to untangle himself from the two zombie boys in mao jackets that are on top of him.

What do you do now?
>Stand in front of Sailor Moon and defend her.
>Help four-eyes get himself untangled.
>Attack the Youma. [With what]
>Attack the other zombies. [With what]
>Say something [Can be done in addition to another action.

>Moe rolls.
>Players register for Simdice.com and roll there.

Note: If you're having issues with posting and getting "no country" errors, force refresh and use the form at the top of the page instead of the quick reply form.

13808 No.19718

A mixture of 3 and 1 would be best here. Dash forward and try to club the Youma across the face with our cane, then afterwards drawing back and positioning ourselves between it and Sailor Moon.

Then afterwards say
>"Though your smile truly brightens up my evening, Sailor Moon, let us finish off this creature before we stop and chat."

28243 No.19721

File: 1466188480733.jpg (73.71 KB, 640x480, Cornered.jpg)

I messed my pictures up a bit. This picture goes here, >>19711 then move the others down one post and split >>19713 into two posts.

Also, a few more action options I forgot to add.
>Perv on Sailor Moon.
>Leave, she can handle the rest.

7fed6 No.19722

Can I post again?

7fed6 No.19723

Sigh. Fuck your errors, Pregchan. I've been trying to weigh in on the tie vote thing for three days.

So, I was going to say while it was still up in the air, but the youma IS controlling the zombies and would've lost her hold over them entirely if she'd taken a surprise rose to the face. Since that isn't gonna happen now, it's time to get creative.

Mostly going to agree with this, but I say we should toss another rose at her as we charge, and then close distance with the cane. It should keep her busy long enough for Moon to line up a tiara shot, and one would hope Luna or Moon herself would be courteous enough to call out so we can dodge out of the way.

62b6b No.19724

The errors have also pissed me off. I got a few people interested from the anonkun Sailor Moon quest interested, but only one person was able to post.

I really should read through my drafts a few more times to catch more typos.

e3b30 No.19725

option 1

31e55 No.19726

I agree with this. Let us buy her time until she actually does her freaking job. As you might tell, I have a bit of a problem with Moon's little freak outs.

de97d No.19729

Yeah, the >>19718 combo of Option 3 and Option 1 sounds solid. It has earned my vote.

a328c No.19737

Trust me Moe, I plan for Tuxedo to start purving on Usagi once the Youma is taken care of… but it's best not to get too distracted right now lest we take a hair claw or a cat claw to the face.

a328c No.19738


c8c96 No.19754

Voting for this one as well, best defense is a good offense

28243 No.19765

File: 1466297175262.jpg (39.54 KB, 675x467, Bitchin cane.jpg)

Offense is the best defense


Leaning against the door, you push back with your shoulders, thrust your hips, and let the momentum carry you to a standing position. You pull out both a rose and your cane.

Passing by Sailor Moon, you coax her to stand up and fight, "Though your smile truly brightens up my evening, Sailor Moon, let us finish off this creature before we stop and chat." You trust her to take care of herself, and hopefully put her tiara to good use.

You throw the rose with a quick flick of your wrists and run forward. You toss your cane from your left hand to your now free right hand and focus on the monster. Whether or not Sailor Moon will provide you with the fire support that you want is out of your hands now. Hopefully with some breathing room, she'll be able to compose herself to throw it. You know Luna's nagging certainly wasn't enough up to now.

28243 No.19766

File: 1466297209108.jpg (7.77 KB, 250x137, Quinte.jpg)

You focus your attention on the monster. She used her hair claws to swipe your rose away. You bring your cane up to a quinte; your cane is over your head, almost horizontal, angled slighly up and towards the youma. You feint an overhead strike, and your opponent dutifully counters with a high cross block.

She deserves a slight bit of praise. Had you actually followed through with an overhead strike, her cross block's greater deflection angle would have meant that she wouldn't have hurt her arm as badly as Pissard did by blocking your strike with a high block. Unfortunately for her, you don't rotate the cane back into a strike, but rather forward and down. You then thrust your cane forward, performing a downward strike with the point of the cane.

28243 No.19767

File: 1466297238912.jpg (43.68 KB, 558x730, XFistRisingBlock.jpg)

With both her arms in an overhead guard, the youma left her torso completely open. Your strike hits her sternum with a satisfying crack. She stumbles backwards with a sharp gasp of pain. The zombie boys also come to a halt. It seems she's no longer able to control them, at least temporarily.

28243 No.19768

File: 1466297261296.jpg (64.27 KB, 640x480, Ready pose.jpg)

Out of the corner of your eye, you see that the boy with the oversized glasses managed to free himself and scrambled into the same corner that the zombie boys were trying to push Sailor Moon into earlier.

"Look out behind you!" A feminine voice calls out.

You jump and roll to the left, knocking down more of the zombie boys in mao jackets. Behind you is Sailor Moon with her arm stretched out, holding her glowing and spinning tiara.

28243 No.19769

File: 1466297291838.jpg (55.2 KB, 640x480, Moon Tiara Action.jpg)


Sailor Moon pulls back her arm and calls out, "Moon Tiara Action!" She throws her tiara like a frisbee. The glowing golden disc rotates a few times in flight, then hits the stunned youma in the chest. It looks like Sailor Moon hit the youma in the place as you did.

The monster screams out in pain as her body slowly turns to dust. Her death throes last only a few seconds, but her ear-piercing wail makes it seem much longer. From inside her drops a tarot card onto the pile of dust. Card 15, the Devil. Come to think of it, the glowing pocket protectors the boys had earlier were about the size and shape of a tarot card.

28243 No.19770

File: 1466297366907.jpg (62.46 KB, 640x480, It's not easy staying gree….jpg)

Four-eyes seems to have finally gathered up enough courage. He runs out of the room screaming. You look at the remaining zombie boys. They're standing motionless, seemingly waiting for orders. They still look ridiculous in their mao jackets, but they aren't green anymore, and their pocket protectors aren't glowing anymore either.

What do you do now?
>You promised Sailor Moon to stop and chat once you deal with the monster [And say what?].
>See what you can do with the rest of the zombie boys to wake them up.

31e55 No.19771

Option 2, see what we can do about the boys, then chat with Moon.

7fed6 No.19772

I know it went exactly as the blow-by-blow I gave, but I admit I'm a little impressed we killed the youma that easily. I keep underestimating how strong Kamen really is when he's actually bothering to fight people instead of tossing roses and walking away.

Write-in series of actions. One, pick that tarot card up. Might be cool to have a trophy, or there might be some other use for it later. I've played enough Persona to treat those cards with respect.

Two, check the hallway outside. Just because Short, Four-eyed, and Nerdy took off doesn't mean he actually went very far. I don't want to have any sort of conversation with Moon that Umino might overhear, especially with her outfit torn up as it is.

If the outside's clear, then motion Moon and Luna to follow you out and talk there, closing the door behind you. Those guys'll wake up eventually, no need to worry about them.

And once we're outside, first and foremost ask to take a look at her injury. The girl's got the attention span of a lovestruck bunny, sure, but her getting hit like that WAS kind of our fault.

28243 No.19774

We are at that part in the series where the monsters are easy and our heroines are still getting their feet wet with tutorial battles guided by their mentors or mascots. Also, it doesn't help that Usagi only has two settings right now, dodge&cry or finishing move. Even further, it doesn't help that we're dealing with a genre where monsters of the week die to a finisher almost without question, and only the big-bad's lieutenants are able to tank or deflect them.

This episode had this conversation that emphasizes this fact.
Luna: C'mon Sailor Moon, the tiara.
Moon: Oh, yeah.
Moon: Moon Tiara Action!

Admittedly, if this was turn-based strategy video game instead of a quest, the smart thing would have been to defeat the zombie boys with counterattacks to get that sweet EXP (without racking up a high turn count), and then the youma would have been a minor damage sponge that probably would have needed three finishers to take down. This quest is more streamlined (by necessity as much as anything else).

7fed6 No.19775


Easiest way to solve Map 1.5 of SRW3. A field full of Dra-Cs, the single most trash enemy in the entire game. Just run Amuro in the Gundam out into the middle of it and watch how fast they all kill themselves on the first turn.

Yeah, I know we're still in the gimme phase, and I'm grateful for that, but I still keep underestimating Kamen. I'm used to fights turning into slugfests or chess matches, so it still catches me off guard to think that we probably are just a high enough level over any mahou shoujo at this stage to take on a MOTW without them and just beat them to death with roses and a cane that may or may not still secretly be a sword.

de97d No.19777

Blue has a good plan. I'll second his vote with my own vote.
Though I will say that it's interesting that we get a card. There is a mahou shoujo series that we could've explored in the previous in-story day that makes heavy use of cards. Not quite a Persona thing in this case, though.

a328c No.19778

Doesn't hurt that Kamen legitimately is one of Sailor Moon's strongest allies, and the later manga chapters showcase this. Dude's got fricken laser beams.

Option 1. Ask her if she's alright and if she thinks the boys will recover on their own. Also, now's the time to perv on Sailor Moon, and admire the tasteful tears that the handy Youma created for us. Just try to keep an eye out for that damn cat, and don't leer too much. It'd be a shame to scare her off.

a328c No.19779

On second thought, maybe tack my thing onto Blue's.

7fed6 No.19797

That was the first thing I thought when I saw the card, honestly. Best case, we've picked up something that'll come in handy or make life interesting later. Worst case, we've just got a tarot card in our pocket for funsies. Nothing to lose.

d2ba5 No.19798

Option 1

28243 No.19827

I've been watching season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal and a certain anime that will be in game 2 (which I'm sure we won't reach). I've got so much cross-over fodder that I'm giddy with excitement.

It'd be so awesome if I could actually turn this into a SRW-like game. Who knows, maybe when (if) SRW Eternity happens, I'll take a crack at it.

2 then 1

1 [with write-ins]


Option 1 has a strong lead right now. I'll give a little more time in case anyone else wants to chime in.

de97d No.19855

Just let tomorrow worry about itself, Moe. You have a supportive audience and a good story, so don't let the future get you down.

b7021 No.19917

Voting's closed. Post written. Just need to get a few more images when I get home tonight, and I'll have the post up.

28243 No.19925

File: 1466998436136.jpg (17.68 KB, 405x444, 1 Who.jpg)

No more votes.

You snap you fingers in front of the boys in mao jackets. They're no longer green, but they don't react to you in the slightest. You wave your hands in front of their eyes. Still nothing. A dark corner of your mind tells you that you've seen this before. A vague shadow of a balding older man appears in your mind's eye, followed by a sharp stab of pain that pulls you back to the real world.

28243 No.19926

File: 1466998473885.jpg (60.72 KB, 640x480, 2 Devil Card.jpg)

You sigh and walk over to the dust pile. The only thing that remins of the youma is the devil tarot card. You pick it up. It's still warm to the touch and it's resonating with magical power. However, you're not here for the card, but for the lovely twin-tailed blonde. You place the card in your left inside jacket pocket, and focus your attention on Sailor Moon.

28243 No.19927

File: 1466998494264.gif (11.83 KB, 500x424, 3 Prickly Luna.gif)

Her tiara is back on her head, but she's breathing heavily. She doesn't appear hurt, so this is probably just a combination of her catching her breath after some physical exertion combined with an adrenaline crash now that she's safe. A quick glance at Luna lets you know that she doesn't necessarily agree with her young charge that the room is free of enemies. In fact, the word that most comes to mind to describe the black cat is "prickly".

28243 No.19928

File: 1466998515692.jpg (72.46 KB, 640x480, 4 Like a lovestruck puppy.jpg)

"Are you alright, Sailor Moon?" You ask, looking over all the damage to her sailor uniform. Your gaze lingers over her impromptu breast slit just a little longer than necessary, but not long enough to attract the black cat's ire, or at least any more of it. "It seems like you had a rough battle."

Being this close emphasizes the height difference between the two of you. The top of her head barely reaches your shoulders, and she has to look up at you. "It was really scary, but then you came to rescue me!" She proclaims, looking at you like a love-struck puppy.

28243 No.19929

File: 1466998538953.jpg (50.09 KB, 640x480, 5 Stuck up cat.jpg)

You can hear Luna give an exasperated sigh. You'd like to know just what she is, but that's a mystery best left for another day. "Let's leave them be." You point to the still frozen boys, "They'll be confused enough waking up here even without seeing us." You head towards the doors and open one. Like a gentleman, you let Sailor Moon go first. "Luna, do you want to make sure they're OK?"

The cat glares at you, silently letting you know that you're not getting rid of her that easily. She throws her nose up with a "Hmph" and struts after Sailor Moon with all her feline grace and her tail swishing back and forth.

It was worth a try. Besides, the blonde's almost completely uncovered back and half-exposed rump catch your attention. Looking still farther down, her long shapely legs are almost on full display for your lecherous gaze; her pink boots cover the bottom third of her legs, but the rest of those beautiful long legs are bare for your viewing pleasure. You're lucky that Luna literally has her nose in the air, because otherwise, she'd have caught you staring.

28243 No.19930

File: 1466998569789.png (895.04 KB, 1024x768, 6 sailor_moon_and_luna_by_….png)

In the large entrance hall, you ask Sailor Moon, "That attack to your back looked really powerful. Are you sure you're not hurt?"

Sailor Moon turns back to face you, but before she can answer, Luna jumps onto her left shoulder. She walks behind Sailor Moon's head to stand on her right shoulder and face you. Sailor Moon had given a small gasp of surprise, but Luna ignores her and starts explaining, "Sailor Moon's uniform is really a type of magical armor. It protects her by redirecting all attacks from her to the uniform. So, as long as it's intact. Sailor Moon in fine." She gazes into your eyes, knowing, or at least heavily suspecting, the thoughts running through your head.

"But then why did I scrape my knee last time!?" Sailor Moon asks. Based on her expression, this is news to her as well.

28243 No.19931

File: 1466998615248.jpg (73.36 KB, 640x480, 7 Puffed cheeks.jpg)

Luna jumps down from Sailor Moon's shoulder, startled by the loud question. She paws at her ear, letting Sailor Moon know that she doesn't appreciate having someone shout in her ear. "That's because that wasn't an attack. That was just you being clumsy."

Sailor Moon puffs out her cheeks, thinking of a witty retort. However, she doesn't think of anything. Deflated, she half-whispers, "That was too cruel."

What do you do?
>Encouraging words [Say what?]
>Agree with Luna, she should be more careful
>Pinch Sailor Moon's butt
>Take her hand and kiss her fingers
>Whisper something to her without Luna hearing [Say what?]
>Leave [Parting words?]
>Mix and match

10578 No.19934

Definitely the first one.
"Worry not Sailor Moon, though your skill is a little rough around the edges, I can tell you have much potential. I would think that perhaps you just need a little more practice to hone your edge. In fact, I've heard rumors about a forest near here that's haunted. Maybe you'd like to join me in investigating it?"

If she accepts, then maybe we can get the Magical Girl Wars started and/or "accidentally" lose Luna in the forest. If she declines, then we kiss her hand and then take our leave.

7fed6 No.19935

Gonna go with the mix and match. First, agree with Luna that she does need to be more careful, but before she can take that as us ganging up on her, turn it around and say that she clearly has the potential to be much stronger than she is if she works hard at it and never gives up. Y'know, something to make it not sound like a lecture.

And then, when Luna thinks she's in the right and not paying attention, whisper to Moon "But if something happens, I'll come running to save you." That oughta put the hearts in her eyes pretty quick.

Same as last time, getting physical or just too close in general with the talking cat that clearly doesn't trust us sitting right there is a bad idea that'll get us scratched. Not that I really think we'd lose against Luna, but there's no need to do something stupid and make her think she NEEDS to chaperone Moon around forever or the strange guy in the tuxedo is going to molest her charge the moment she's not looking.

…I know that's the plan, but Luna doesn't need to know that. >_>

7fed6 No.19936

I'm not sure if that idea's brilliant or crazy, but I want to add it onto my idea.

77dad No.19945

This. It both agrees with Luna, but also props Sailor Moon up. Great idea!

31e55 No.19951

I agree with both of these ideas! Excellent work gentlemen.

9275d No.19956

File: 1467084752568.jpg (67.14 KB, 640x480, Heart Eyes.jpg)

Hey guys, what are you doin'?
Nothing much.
Thwarting my plans?
Thwarting your plans?
Are you?


TFS references aside, with four unanimous votes, I feel safe calling it here.

You try your best to thread the needle on this issue. Sailor Moon clearly needs some encouragement, but Luna is right. The blonde girl is clumsy and inexperienced. Considering that she defeated the youma with a single attack, she should have been able to handle that monster by herself, but she needed you to save her.

"Worry not Sailor Moon, though your skill is a little rough around the edges, I can tell you have much potential. I would think that perhaps you just need a little more practice to hone your edge. In fact, I've heard rumors about a forest near here that's haunted. Maybe you'd like to join me in investigating it?"

With hearts in her eyes, she starts to reply, "I'd lo-"

Luna interrupts her, "Absolutely not! You're in no shape to go chasing after rumors of some haunted forest. You need to go home and rest. Besides aren't you embarrassed to be seen with your uniform half-destroyed?"

It seems that Sailor Moon hadn't realized the ragged state of her uniform. She looks down to the bit of her exposed breast. She blushes a little, but seems to take it in stride. More than that would have been exposed had she been wearing a bikini. Sailor Moon reaches behind her and eeps in surprise when she realizes that the back of her skirt is gone. She backs away from both you and Luna towards a hanging mirror. Looking over her shoulder, she examines the extent of the damage, and just how much skin she was showing off.

You can't see lower than her upper back through the mirror, but you have a clear view of her face. Her slight pink blush has turned into deep red blush of embarrassment. She's biting her lips nervously. You can tell that she's torn between your argument and Luna's.

>Agree with Luna.

>Close the sale [Writein] (If you choose this, success will be based off of whether or not I feel Sailor Moon is convinced.
>Something else.

de97d No.19958


Haha, but seriously, good on you for at least trying to roll with it.
I want to say "close the deal", but then Luna's going to be *insufferable*, and that's only if she doesn't do something really drastic.
I'll have to think about this a little longer. Don't count this post as a vote, because it's not.

28243 No.19959

>Haha, but seriously, good on you for at least trying to roll with it.
With the exception of a few scripted bits (may as well call them cutscenes), I have just a loose framework set up for this quest. I've got ten skeletons of possible "episodes". I lock down the setup details of an episode before I put it up for a vote. After that, I let the world evolve naturally as you interact with it. By the way, you guys have already made a huge change to part 3 of the haunted forest episode earlier in the fortune teller encounter.

In short, I have been rolling with it, and am more than happy to continue doing so.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words. I hope I didn't sound as if I needed a pep talk in the post that you were replying to. I'm one of those people that has more ideas than time. I'd play the fuck out of this game if it existed. Since it didn't I figured I could either bitch about it, or do something about it. I decided to do something about it.

10578 No.19962

Well, even if I could think of something to say that would convince Sailor Moon to come with us anyways, she'd probably spend all night being self conscious about her clothes… Let's ask her or Luna if there is a quick and easy way to mend her outfit. Like a spell or incantation, or maybe detransforming then quickly retransforming. Hell, maybe there's a magical winged unicorn from a forgotten age who dwells in pure dreams that can do quick costume swaps on the fly.

77dad No.19966

I feel the best way to make her come with us would be to: a.) compliment her, b.) try say the uniform is no a problem, that perhaps it can be repaired. Not a vote, just my thoughts

de2be No.19973

Offer her your cape to cover up.

31e55 No.19979

Offer her our cape to cover up, and then let us sincerely express our concern that she take care of herself.

Because now that I think of it, there's likely to be another girl in the forest, and I'd rather not risk Moon getting jealous.

7fed6 No.19980

"I'm gonna ****ing kill you!"


Hmm, quandary. Either we can start partnering up magical girls in order to face threats and deal with them easier, but risk bad interactions by all these rookie mahou shoujos starting off on the wrong foot with one another because of personality clashes or because they get jealous with one another over US…

Or we try to keep them separated for awhile to build everyone up both in levels and relationship points, but risk the HUGE backlash of people meeting up and realizing that we're playing the field.

Furthermore, we have several facts in front of us to deal with. They are:

1: We can't offer our cape up and then ditch Moon. It's gentlemanly as hell, sure, but then we're left without a cape and no self-respecting dandy like ourselves should ever be without our trademark attire.

2: Taking Moon with us may be a bad idea because Usagi + Haunted House/Forest/Anything = Oh God My Ears Are Bleeding.

3: Taking Moon with us into a haunted forest will likely result in her clinging to us in terror for most of the trip.

4: Luna's right, hate to say it. There's no way in hell Moon should go anywhere else with her outfit as torn up as it is, and trying to talk her into doing so is a very good way to rose ourselves in the foot with getting the cat to trust us.

Therefore, given the evidence… I have a workable solution.

"Luna is right. I'm ashamed of myself for not thinking about it sooner."

That oughta get Moon's attention back on us. Take the cape off and slowly approach her with it held out, so Luna realizes our intent and doesn't try to claw us for getting too close. Keep eyes directly on Moon's face and don't even twitch anywhere else, or else she'll get self-conscious again. Hand her the cape.

"I am a gentleman, and no self-respecting gentleman would let a lady walk around in a state she might be ashamed of. Take this for now. I'll wait outside, if you wish to come along. Otherwise, I shall take my leave for the evening."

And at that point is when we lean in and whisper like I wanted to do earlier. "Ask Luna if there's some way to restore your uniform. She seems to know a lot about it."

And after that, we bounce out the door for a couple minutes and let her decide.

10578 No.19982

Yeah, I can support this.

de97d No.19989

Glad to hear it, on both counts.

And Blue with the save while my brain is working its way out of sleep dep yet again! I agree that it's too early to start bringing the teams together, when few of the teams have even formed yet. I vote for Blue's write-up.

7fed6 No.19994

Keep in mind though, my idea does still lean towards getting her to come with us if she can fix her suit. It's just giving her the most gracious out we can if she doesn't join us while still maximizing our heart-eyes points in the process.

28243 No.19995

Offer cape.

Offer cape and tell her to take care of herself.

Offer cape (looking only at her face), let her decide if she wants to come along, tell Moon to ask Luna if she can restore the uniform somehow, wait outside for her decision.

I'll give the vote some more time to coalesce.

248a4 No.19997

>Offer cape (looking only at her face), let her decide if she wants to come along, tell Moon to ask Luna if she can restore the uniform somehow, wait outside for her decision.
votin this

28243 No.20021

File: 1467323471901.jpg (84.19 KB, 625x800, Tuxedo Mask Cape.jpg)

I guess I can call it here.

You wrack your brain, thinking what you can say to convince the lovely blonde girl to come with you to the haunted forest. Suddenly, an all too obvious solution comes to you.

"Luna is right. I'm ashamed of myself for not thinking about it sooner." You say, as you unfasten your cape from the two large buttoms holding it securely in place. Taking the black and red garment in hand, you look into Sailor Moon's eyes. Your last sentance has gotten her attention. As you walk up to her, neither of you are able to break eye contact.

28243 No.20022

File: 1467323523931.jpg (92.53 KB, 427x750, Sailor Moon and Cape.jpg)

"I am a gentleman, and no self-respecting gentleman would let a lady walk around in a state she might be ashamed of. Take this for now." You finally break eye contact with her so you can set the cape on her shoulders and cover her back. "Hold this please."

Obediently, she holds the ends of the cape near the button holes. She's silent, seeminhly using all her willpower to keep herself from blushing too much. She isn't too successful as her face is covered in a light rose blush, and her blue eyes have a sparkle in them that give away everything that she's trying to hide.

From your right inside breast pocket, you pull out a small gold chain with a pair of what look like oversized double-sided cuff links. While sailor Moon holds the cape in place you insert one link into one end of the cape, and then the other into the other end of the cape. Satisfied that the cape is secure, you take a step back and examine her. The cape is far too large for her as a fair length of it is dragging on the ground. It almost touches the ground when you wear it, and Sailor Moon is a full head shorter than you. Additionally, since she has it clasped in front of her instead of at her shoulder like you wear it, it looks like she's wearing a black cloak.

She takes the sides of the cape and covers her front more with it. Although you regret the fact that she's covering herself up, you must admit that you like the way it looks on her. "I'll wait outside, if you wish to come along. Otherwise, I shall take my leave for the evening."

You give her a wink and turn around. You already miss the cape. Without the swoosh that it makes when you make a sharp turn, your exit feels far less dramatic. You head to the front door. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Sailor Moon following in your footsteps. The moment is ruined when you hear Luna call out, "Sailor Moon."

You take another step forward and look behind you. Sailor Moon has stopped in her tracks and is looking back and forth between you and Luna. You nod to her, "Like I said, I'll be waiting outside." You turn around, and leave the entrance hall. Ouside, you lean back against the wall and listen to what's happening inside.

"Luna! No one can see my uniform now, see?"

"But it's still damaged. If you get into another fight, it might not be enough to protect you."

"I'll be OK. Tuxedo Kamen will be there with me."

"I still don't trust him, Sailor Moon. We don't know who he is. He said he's also after the Legendary Silver Crystal. If we're after the same thing, he might be our enemy."

"But…" Usagi doesn't seem to have any counter-argument to that, and it's silent from inside.

"I'm sure we'll see him again Usagi. Let's go home."

After another moment of silence, you hear the clicking of Sailor Moon's boots heading deeper into the House of Fortune. You wait a little longer, on the off chance that she turns around and comes back, but she doesn't.

What do you do?
>Go back inside and try to change her mind.
>See if you can make it aroudnd the building before she reaches the back exit.
>Let her go. You did give her a choice. Go to the haunted forest.

10578 No.20023

Well, I'm going to go with 3. If we go after her all we'd be doing is coming off as really pushy.

28243 No.20024

>I'll wait outside, if you wish to come along. Otherwise, I shall take my leave for the evening."
This is what they call snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Leaving Luna alone with Sailor Moon to listen to her arguments uninterrupted sealed her victory.

Without that. Offering her the cape would have been enough to convince her to go with you.

7fed6 No.20032

It depends on your definition of victory or defeat.

We're still walking away from this with a lot more favor in her eyes than we would've otherwise, and I stand by my earlier assessment that bringing Usagi and Luna along for a haunted forest trip would've done more harm than good for us in the long run.

My years of experience at dating sims have instilled in me a very specific set couple of philosophies that work very well together, especially if you're trying for a harem route: "Love at first sight is all well and good, but slow and steady is what gets you laid", and "Any landing you can walk away from is a good one". We saved her life, and we wooed her a little more. Or a lot more, depending on how much she enjoys having the cape. Sure, we didn't get to have anything super off the rails happen like we were hoping, but we didn't do anything to piss her or Luna off, either. I'll take my small victories.

…Plus, we know her name now. That's a nugget to set aside for when it's most useful later.

As for actions, gonna go with Option 3 with a write-in skill check. Are we able to track any errant bits of our sweet duds or otherwise recall them at will? Tracking Sailor Moon back to wherever she takes our cape would be an interesting advantage to have, but barring that insanely useful sort of power, I sort of don't trust the odango-head to remember to bring it back to us next time we have to save her from a youma.

31e55 No.20039

Option 3. Maybe we can find a replacement for our cape as we head for the woods.

de97d No.20040

Or maybe the cape is as magical as the rest of our outfit, and appears and disappears when/wherever we need it most :P
That being said, I'm all for learning what we can or can't do with our clothes. Option 3 + the Midnight Blue accessory, please.

28243 No.20086

File: 1467443828556.png (603.67 KB, 457x667, Umbrella Dress.png)

Option 3 it is.

It's a little disheartening to know that the girl has left, especially with a piece of your outfit. However, there's not much you can do now. You gave her the choice to leave, and she took it. Sure, it may be that black cat's fault, especially with the way she was so eager to follow you up until that point. Still, the event wasn't a complete loss. You did learn Sailor Moon's real name, Usagi. A fitting name for someone with long twintails like her.

You cross the street, and go back into the alley that you woke up in earlier. Along the way, you see a balding older man in a vacuum shop with a vacuum next to him packing up the pieces of a second vacuum back into its box. As you climb the fire escape once more, your thoughts go back to your cape. It would be nice if you could track it down, that way, you will be able to "reposses" it, should the need arise.

It's only once you're on the roof that you realize just how much your sensing power has been jammed by being near Sailor Moon. It's as if you had been surrounded by a wonderful warm glow that washed out everything else. Now that she's moving away from you, you can feel your sensing ability coming back into sharper focus. Nonetheless, Sailor Moon's glow is so brilliant that you can only tell the general direction that she's in, as opposed to pinpointing her. As for your cape, you don't have any luck sensing it.

You consider following her. It may seem a bit stalkerish, but knowing her base of operations might prove useful. Before you can decide one way or the other, her signal vanishes. You blink in surprise, not sure how she performed that disappearing act. You strongly suspect that the Sailor Moon persona is a transformation, just like with Cure White and Cure Black.

Regardless, it's time for you to explore the haunted forest. It's already after dark, which means the spooks should be out by now. You travel by the fastest method available to you, by rooftop, avoiding other large intersections like the one that you messed up jumping earlier.

When you arrive at the entrance to the nature trail, you're forced to slow down. You take a moment to see if you can sense anything. There is a magical presence deeper in the woods, but there's no dark cloud of malice surrounding it like what you felt in the House of Fortune.

You head down the trail quietly, heading towards the magical presence and trying to avoid running into anyone. Near the source of the magical vibes, you see two girls and floating… something. The girl with short brown hair is wearing a yellow umbrella dress and holding a pink rod. She also has a yellow hair band that looks like a communicator of some sort. She's wearing a pair of frilly white gloves that extend just past her wrists, and frilly tights that go past her knees. It looks a little gaudy, but clearly, this is the uniform of a magical girl.

28243 No.20087

File: 1467444089120.jpg (123.32 KB, 960x720, Two girls and stuffed anim….jpg)

The girl with the long dark hair is dressed far more normally. However, she is holding up a camcorder and recording. The real interesting thing is the floating teddy bear with wings and tail. Of course, it's able to speak as well. "Be really careful."

The dark haired girl wonders, "But will it appear so conveniently for us?"

What do you do?
>Observe from where you are.
>Introduce yourself from where you are.
>Jump into a tree and introduce yourself.

10578 No.20088

Option 1, though move to observing from a tree if we believe we can get in one without being seen. They're obviously waiting for something so let's not crash the party until we know what it is. Been too long since I watched Cardcaptor so I have no idea what card they're on.

e3b30 No.20091

option 3

It's more mysterious.

29c86 No.20094

Option one

de97d No.20098

There isn't much tactical discussion that can be done with this right now, but can Tuxedo Mask sense his cape now that Usagi isn't overpowering it? He seems to be able to detect magical sources, he's one as well, and his clothes are magical as well…something for later, I guess.
Anyway, I vote Option 1. Let's see what Sakura's waiting for before we try anything.

7fed6 No.20102

Interesting. Being able to leave a piece of our outfit on someone like a bug was admittedly a talent I wasn't expecting to get away with having, but knowing that we've got an aura radar at all IS worth having asked the question for.

As for Sakura, I don't remember this show almost at all and I know I only ever watched the… localized version when I did see it, so I'm going to… Oh, dear.

A thought occurs to me that I may have either given us an in or totally stepped our foot in it, and I don't know which. They're looking for cards.

We still have that tarot in our pocket.

…Well, something to keep in mind, I guess. Option 1, I don't want to crash this party just yet.

10578 No.20108

Not sure if our card is similar to a clow card, but it's worth a try.

28243 No.20109

I go to sleep, and I wake up with enough votes to hit my soft cutoff.

With one opposing vote.

The aura radar has shown up in every encounter so far. Tuxedo Kamen was able to sense Pissard's jewel, the lack of the LSC (and Sailor Moon's aura), the miasma in the House of Fortune (and Sailor Moon's Aura), Sailor Moon's retreating aura, and something magical ahead of him right now.

Voting still open because I have things to do before I can start writing.

7fed6 No.20110

I don't think it is, but it's either a conversation starter, which I'm hoping for, or a reason to set off an Inoue-level misunderstanding that results in a fight because people don't always think before they act, which I'd obviously like to avoid.

31e55 No.20112

Option 1. Let's not be too eager. Besides, we need to give these girls a chance to grow (as fighters! Their bellies will be later).

28243 No.20113

File: 1467501504319.jpg (62.46 KB, 960x720, Floating ball.jpg)

I had plans. Instead I'm on call. On the bright side, that gave me plenty of time to write the next post.

Five votes to stay and watch, one vote to climb into a tree and introduce yourself.

They haven't noticed you, so you hide behind a tree trunk to keep it that way. You peek out just enough to see what's happening. The flying teddy bear flies between the two of them and exclaims, "It will! Mah hunches never go wrong!"

Was… was that a drawl? You come to the conclusion that it was. So, in addition to the fact that it's a flying teddy bear with wings and a tail, it also speak with a slight southern drawl. Just one more crazy thing to add to the list of talking phones/plushies and a the talking cat. At this rate, you wonder what else you'll run into.

The girl with the camera records scans the area away from you. You know there's a lookout point with a nice view of the city. There should be a railing there to keep people from taking a steep plunge onto the street below. However, a section of the railing is broken. Right above the broken section floats a glowing blue ball of light.

28243 No.20114

File: 1467501550142.jpg (119.96 KB, 960x720, Sakura!.jpg)


"It appeared." Says the girl with the long dark hair, a mixture of excitement and trepidation in her voice.

"Sakura!" The floating teddy bear calls out. Another bit of useful advice; the girl's name is Sakura.

Sakura nods and makes a sound of agreement. On the other side of them the ball seems to blow up. First, two rays of light leave the ball, making a vertical line. Then, the ball itself grows until it's blocking out the view of the city behind it.

28243 No.20115

File: 1467501588255.gif (1.91 MB, 500x250, Legendary Silver Crystal.gif)

When the bright blue light fades away enough for you to see again, you are faced with the most beautiful sight you can imagine. Floating right before you is the object that you've been seeking. The key to unlocking your memories. The Legendary Silver Crystal.

28243 No.20116

File: 1467501668309.jpg (132.42 KB, 960x720, Mom.jpg)

The girl in yellow, Sakura, quietly says, "Mom…" You can barely make out the words, but your attention is no longer focused on her. You need to secure the crystal before anyone else does.

How do you do that?
> They seem to be stuck in place. Charge in and grab it.
> Throw a rose and try to break a tree branch. When they look at what cused the noise, charge in and grab it.
> Loudly announce your presence. Politely, but firmly tell them that you will be the one to secure the crystal.
> Attack the brown-haired girl while she's distracted. Then, go for the crystal.
> Move as close as you can without being seen and continue observing.
> Write-in.

7fed6 No.20119

Tuxedo Kamen as we play him seems to have two rules:

Rule 1: Never seek to harm the fairer sex without good reason. Like, someone is actively trying to kill us good reason.

Rule 2: Roses for days.

So, Option 5, but carefully. We don't really know what all's going on here, so let's figure out what these three want with the crystal before we start going all snatch and grab. Besides, there's a video camera in play here, and I don't want us caught on camera if we can help it.

In retrospect, I'm actually a little glad we don't have the cape right now. That thing could get snagged on branches and shit and that would just cause all manner of inconveniences.

10578 No.20120

While I do want to agree with this, and I'm pretty sure this crystal is The Illusion, Tuxedo Mask doesn't know this and I think he's under it's power at this time. Thus I'm forced to go with Option 2, while also tossing a rose and the girl's video camera to prevent us from being caught on film.

de97d No.20129

That makes sense, Neal. And really, I should've called that the card we picked up would be almost plot-relevant.
I'm going back and forth on option 2 vs. option 5. I'll have a more definitive answer when I'm more awake.

28243 No.20130

Heads up. I'm placing a soft cutoff for voting on July 3rd, 8PM EDT. I've got another on-call shift that should be pretty boring. If I have enough votes by then, I'll get another post out for you guys, so be sure to vote by then. If there aren't enough votes by then, I'll keep the voting open and find some other way to spend my time.

10578 No.20131

Just remember that in canon, Tuxedo Mask had a habit of turning into a bit of an asshat whenever the Silver Imperium Crystal became involved.

Hope you get enough votes.

7fed6 No.20152

I'm not saying that shouldn't happen, but I'd rather avoid us jumping Sakura and then getting blasted or suckered in by this Card and looking like a total moron in front of the two girls. And if it is an illusion of whatever our heart desires, which I trust your judgement that it is, that means if we step out there and start something, odds are good that we'll get into a fight because we see a crystal and Sakura sees her mother and neither one of us are willing to back down.

7f0bb No.20166

Move as close as you can without being seen and continue observing.

49e02 No.20167

Three votes doesn't cut it. Voting stays open.

7f0bb No.20168

Option 5

de97d No.20172

Ah, heck with it, option 5 is fine. I'll vote for it.

de97d No.20173

Ah, heck with it, option 5 is fine. I'll vote for it.

49e02 No.20174

File: 1467615603428.jpg (114.58 KB, 960x720, Sakura's Mom!.jpg)


Distraction and go for the crystal.

You want to distract them, a simple rose opposite your position should be enough to distract them. However, caution wins out in the end. Something just doesn't feel right about this entire situation, so you decide to stealthily move closer and continue observing. You find a spot behind another tree closer to them. You're behind them, but in case of a mad dash to the crystal, you feel confident that you'd win.

The dark haired girl exclaims, "Sakura's mom!"

"Just like the photo!" The teddy bear adds. "But why can all of us see the same thing this time!"

"Mom…" Sakura repeats.

It seems like the three of them think that the crystal is Sakura's mother. The object in front of you is clearly the Legendary Silver Crystal, not a person. Was her mother the Legendary Silver Crystal? Did her mother turn into it? Was she consumed by it?

There are so many questions filling your head that you don't notice Sakura moving towards the crystal until she's within-arm's length of it. "Mom, is it really you? Why are you here?"

You see the Legendary Silver Crystal start to float backwards. It's now floating out of reach over the street below.

What do you do now?

>Commanding voice. Tell her to stop and move away from the crystal.

>Announce your presence, ask them why they're calling the Legendary Silver Crystal Sakura's mom.
>Run, towards the crystal, jump, and grab it.
>Try to cause a distraction with a rose.
>Sneak attack on Sakura.
>Take the cameragirl hostage.
>Throw a rose at the crystal. A magical item of such power shouldn't take any damage from an attack like that, right?
>Continue to observe them.

49e02 No.20175

It's always nice to see some discussion and speculation. Keep it up.

10578 No.20177

Torn between 2 and 7… Fuck it, going with 7 and afterwards loudly proclaiming while stepping out of the shadows:
>"Not all of us do see the same thing. I see an object that I have been searching for…. One that has precious little to do with the girl's mother, as far as I know."
… Hmm, someone want to think of a good music for our pocketwatch to start playing at this point?

e3b30 No.20179

option 6

7fed6 No.20185

Okay, this is the point where I agree with being a moderate level jerk. There's now enough probable cause to suspect something's amiss, which leads to Option 7, but I vote we skip the loud announcement and just step into view. In the event that it's an illusion after all and the peanut gallery turns and starts to give us crap for interfering, we can point out that it wasn't real, and their friend was about to walk off a cliff following it.

de97d No.20188

I would if I knew any, Neal. If we went with option 2, I would've offered something from Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright.
"HOLD IT!" *music starts playing* Something like that.
But we all know that Tuxedo Mask is a bit sneakier than that, so I say yeah, option 7 is the most likely thing for him to do, considering that he's now somewhat suspicious of this "crystal".

10578 No.20210

Well, I'll go with Breakthrough for our song then.

10578 No.20211

Or maybe save it for if an actual fight happens.

31e55 No.20217

Option 7. Let's see what this 'gem' is made of.

28243 No.20258

File: 1467837456514.jpg (59.43 KB, 960x720, Clow pattern.jpg)

Throw a rose at the crystal.

Take the cameragirl hostage.

The girl with the long dark hair is in a completely indefensible position. She and Sakura seem to be friends. It'd be easy to sneak up behind her, wrap an arm around her neck, and use her to get the other girl's attention. However, that seems very uncouth, and after a moment to make a decision, you decide to not go through with it.

Instead, you pull out one of your roses. Something seems not right about the Legendary Silver Crystal. You're not sure if it's supposed to be floating. True, it's supposed to contain immeasureable power, so it might be able to float. But even putting that aside, it's moving as if there was some intelligence behind it. Praying that the real Legendary Silver Crystal is able to withstand getting hit by one of your roses, you throw one at the slowly retreating crystal.

You hope that it simply bounces off, but a deep part of your gut worries that it might shatter. You're not sure whether to be relieved or not when your rose simply goes straight through the crystal without any indication that it hit anything. A split second later, the crystal distorts, looking like a garbled image from an analog broadcast. Shortly afterwards, only the outline of the crystal remains, with a hexagonal tesselation filling in the space where the crystal used to be. You hear three gasps and assume that the others see what you just did.

28243 No.20259

File: 1467837565484.jpg (78.54 KB, 960x720, That Pattern!.jpg)

Seemingly unpreturbed, the teddy bear calls out, "I recognize that pattern! It's a Clow card after all!"

28243 No.20260

File: 1467837629247.jpg (116.9 KB, 960x720, Return to the form.jpg)

Sakura takes a step back in surprise. You see that she was one step away from falling off the cliff. That would have been bad. Now that she knows that this is a card of some sort, she seems to regain her confidence. She twirls her staff and brings it over her head. She calls out, "Return to the form you originally came from, CLOW CARD!" She swings down the staff. A card shaped rectangle forms in front of the staff. The image of the crystal is replaced with a bright white glow. That glowing white form is being sucked into the card. There's some wind blowing from it, but it doesn't seem to be strong enough to explain the rustling that you're hearing in the trees. You frown, only the trees on the left side of the clearing are rustling.

28243 No.20261

File: 1467837668264.jpg (18.97 KB, 225x350, Poisony.jpg)

You try to find the source of the noise, but it's too dark behind the tree line. You occasionally glance at the Clow card to see how much of it has been absorbed. Right when it's fully absorbed and the card starts to flutter down, you spot the source of the noise. A woman dressed in black with long dark red hair and elfin ears runs out from behind the trees and into the clearing. She snatches the card before it falls into Sakura's hand.

"Hey!" Sakura loudly complains.

The woman comes to a stop and laughs, "Fufufufufu." She taunts Sakura, "Thank you for the card, little girl. It's not as good as the prism stones, but I'll take it as a consolation prize." She laughs once more and runs into the forest on the right side of the clearing.

Sakura seems to be at a loss for words. "Give it back!" She calls out, only after the woman was back in the trees.

What do you do?
>Run after her!
>Tell the three of them to run after her (or just Sakura).
>Sneak away.
>Dramatic exit.
>Introduce yourself to the trio.

7fed6 No.20262

Shit! Getter enemies on a Mazinger map!

Option 1-2-Extra. Dash after her, yell at the trio to come on as we pass by, and go weapons free. If we get a chance to rose this chick in the back as we chase her, we should definitely go for it.

28243 No.20263

>Shit! Getter enemies on a Mazinger map!
I laughed far too hard for such a simple line.

de97d No.20264

I think we all did, Moe.

I'm going to vote Option 2, under the assumption that Tuxedo Mask will join in the chase so that when the inevitable "Who are *you*?" question pops up, we can give at least something of an answer while we also give chase. And I'd assume that part of chasing would include using weapons whenever possible.
So, functionally the same as Blue's vote, just consolidated a bit more fully under one option.

7a354 No.20265

Seconding this! No letting some crazy evil woman get magic illusion powers!

31e55 No.20266

Agreed! A gentleman doesn't allow a lady's property to be stolen! After that woman with all haste!

7fed6 No.20268

*Takes a bow and cape-swooshes away*

28243 No.20270

File: 1467870087909.jpg (97.77 KB, 960x720, Fly!.jpg)

Here you go. Have another day with two posts.

After that woman! And bring the girls and flying teddy bear.

It all happened so fast that by the time you processed what had happened, the black-clad woman had already escaped into the trees. However, it doesn't take much longer than that for you to act. You jump out from your cover and run after.

Once you pass the girl with the camera, so she can only record your back, you sharply order, "After her if you want your card!"

"Who are you?" she calls out.

You ignore her and yell at the girl dressed in yellow, "Sakura! Move it. Now!"

From behind you, the teddy bear calls out, "Sakura! Use Fly!"


You run into the trees and chase after that feeling of magical energy that was being thrown off earlier.

What's the best way to catch her and retrieve the card?
>You have the numerical advantage, try to surround her and block off any chance of escape.
>Run as fast as you can and try to catch up ASAP.

cf5d6 No.20271

Option 1, with us maintaining our current course and pushing ourselves to catch up. Sakura should try to get above the trees and fly ahead and cut her off, and the bear and girl trying to box her in. (bear being the most likely one to succeed)

Also realize that the way Sakura is riding on her stick means that you should try to glance up at certain points in time.

7fed6 No.20275

Gonna agree with this one, but reiterating my earlier suggestion to snipe at any and every opportunity to slow this bitch down and make her focus on us. Priority targets being legs and back to that end.

I don't remember how much combat Sakura got into on a regular basis, but I don't think it was a huge amount, at least not during the early stages when she only had a limited number of cards. I don't really want to make her take the "lead" on this fight like we did with Usagi and the Precures if we can help it.

31e55 No.20284

Option 1. And I agree that we take shots at her, but let's now waste roses. Let's take the best shots we can get.

31e55 No.20285

*not waste roses. Darn typos

de97d No.20287

Option 1, even though it might be pointless because most magical girl villains can teleport back to their main base of operation as a free action.

cf5d6 No.20288

It's the effort that counts.

28243 No.20289

File: 1467958107455.jpeg (163.05 KB, 1000x778, Pretend this is the yello….jpeg)

Option 1: Surround her.

You can feel the roses moving against your chest as you run and your jacket shifts in place. One of those roses has an appointment with the woman that just casually stole Sakura's Clow card, whatever that is. You hear something flying behind you, and correctly assume that it's Sakura. You look up and yell, "We outnumber her! Get in front of her and lets surround her!"

Sakura passes overhead as you finish giving her the order. Still looking up, you're graced with a wonderful sight. Part of you realizes that this is the "witch" that you saw the previous night. However, what really catches your attention is that you have a perfect view up her skirt. Her yellow umbrella dress sticks out stiffly, and her tights end just above her knees. That leaves the entire length of her thighs open to your gaze. She's wearing a cute pair of plain white panties. The incongruity of her innocent panties and her lewd position only manages to underscore just what an innocent girl this is.

The way her pussy mound is pressed against her staff makes you think of what you'd rather have pressed against her pussy. Said appendage rapidly grows to full erection, just as Sakura zooms out of your view.

28243 No.20290

File: 1467958146972.jpg (205.52 KB, 950x1334, Torn Clothes.jpg)

You refocus on the path ahead of you. Your big head is telling you that it'd be better to have more people if you want to surround someone. Your little head is telling you that you need a woman in your life to releive the pent-up pressure.

As you weave around another tree trunk, you're confronted by a delightful, but completely unexpected sight. In front of you stands a blonde girl in a torn sailor uniform, Sailor Moon. You come to a stop to not run into her.

What do you do?
>Tell her to follow you, explain your plan as you run. (Does the plan change?)
>Ask her something. (what?)

24239 No.20294

Explain plan, no change

3eb43 No.20295

And this is why illusions are a fucking dangerous weapon for your enemy to have, especially since Mystery Bitch has to have seen what the card did if she's using it now. I've got a couple ideas for how to beat this, but let's start with the checklist option.

Pretty girl? Check.
Shredded fuku? Check.
Annoying cat? …….
Annoying cat? …….

"Ah, there you are. Where's Zero? I don't see him."

cf5d6 No.20297

She also seems to be lacking our cape. Do we sense her?

3eb43 No.20299

Exactly. We've got plenty of options to tell this isn't our girl.

3eb43 No.20302

Hate to double post, but just making sure to clarify this is a vote for Option 2.

05c70 No.20304

…Wow. I need to pay more attention to this. I almost got completely suckered.

Option 2. My shame won't let me answer any other way.

fe6cd No.20305

2, ask where her cat is and where our cape is.

7fed6 No.20306

Thinking about it a little, I feel like we oughta kinda try and pool our knowledge of CCS here while we can. I'm willing to buy that our interloper saw enough of the illusion thing to figure out that was what the card did (And was probably seeing a "prism stone" the same way we were seeing the LSC) but aside from generic Magic Villain Powers, I thought only whoever had the wand could use the Clow Cards. Or was it the wand is what seals the spirits back into cards?

0e8d9 No.20307

Right… From what I remember of the series, there are a few ways to use the Clow Cards without the wand, Syaoran was able to use them I think… Though I could be mistaken on that. In general though, Sakura uses her wand to both use and seal the cards, though Poisony's outside context magic may allow her to use it's powers.

7fed6 No.20308

That's kinda what I was thinking, and I'm running with the assumption that she's making herself look like Moon, hence the obvious misinformation question. I don't know anything about Poisony's powers either, and I'm hoping she hasn't been following us for long, so I didn't want to give her an easily deflectable "Over that way" option. The real Usagi would go "Wait, who's Zero?" in a heartbeat.

31e55 No.20310

Once again, the work has been done for me. Option 2, cat and cape are where?

f679b No.20317

Also, add in a quick check to see if she's actually Moon as suggested by everyone else

28243 No.20318

File: 1468119383863.jpg (30.01 KB, 712x480, Force push.jpg)

Be untrusting of me and overly paranoid.


Your elation at seeing Sailor Moon is short lived. You don't sense that all-encompassing warm glow that you've come to associate with her. Furthermore, there's no sight of Luna or the cape that you lent her. And then to tie it all together, you were just dealing with an illusion.

You silently curse your luck. Still, it makes sense to check. You quickly come up with a question to trip up Sailor Moon, "Ah, there you are. Where's Zero? I don't see him."

Sailor Moon stands there silently and scratches her chin as if she were thinking.

You approach her, prepared for any surprise, but doing your best to appear nonchalant. You reach out to her upper arm, and your hand goes right through her, causing the same analog distortion in the image as earlier. "Fucking hell!" It's another illusion.

You run forward once more, trying to make up for lost time. You hear the snapping of branches ahead of you. You're afraid that Sakura has already reached the woman, and that nothing bad has happened to her.

Up ahead, you see Sakura flying circles around the red-haired card thief, and flashing anyone that happened to be looking up. The woman in turn is throwing blasts of air at Sakura. You see her miss Sakura once more and the blast rips off another branch from a tree. That at least explains the snapped branch from earlier. Sakura realizes that she's both too close to the woman, and too low to the ground. She climbs to open the distance between them.

You still need to get closer to get a clean shot as there are too many tree between you and the red-haired woman. The card thief stops moving around so franticly and carefully aims her next shot. A quick glance up tells you all you need to know. Sakura's steep climb has bled off too much of her speed, and now she's a sitting duck. Damn, Energy Management is a bitch, even when using magical propulsion.

Sure enough, the woman easily hits Sakura with her next air blast, sending her flying. That wouldn't have been so bad if Sakura hadn't lost her grip on her staff. As it stand, Sakura is in a freefall without anyway of arresting her fall that you can tell.

What do you do now?
>Sakura is a magical girl, she'll be fine. A few more steps and you'll have a clear shot at the woman.
>Same, but go even closer for a cane attack.
>Magical girl or not, you need to catch Sakura before she hits the ground.

7fed6 No.20319

Shiiiiiit. This was exactly what I was afraid of when I said I didn't want her taking the lead. Sakura's not nearly as combat-centric as any of the other main magical girls we've seen or expect to see soon, which makes her a lot more of a combat liability.

We've got a serious problem here. Obviously, unless the CCS arc is a lot farther along than Precure or Sailor Moon are, Sakura's going to hit the ground and go splat. BUT, if we drop everything to save her, that gives Poisony time to bail out, and we all know villains have a 100% chance to escape when the heroes are distracted, and I REALLY don't want to let her get away with that card.

I don't have an answer yet. Anyone else have a suggestion?

0e8d9 No.20322

Hate to say it, but you're probably right. Sakura does become more combat capable later on in the series, but this will probably be the end of her unless we move in to help.

Alternatively, one of the Pretty Cures might intercede, but we shouldn't rely on that.

My vote? Chuck a rose at the woman's neck, then race to catch up with Sakura and save her. If she hasn't noticed us yet, then we may get a sneak attack in.

de97d No.20331

Hmm…OOC, the only thing that could come close to saving Sakura right now (aside from us or any other intervention) would be the Jump card that she got shortly before the Illusion (which we're dealing with right now.) But even using the Jump is a stretch. She'd have to time it perfectly. Not impossible, but definitely a "roll a nat20" scenario.
Also, her magical girl uniforms are unique in that they are literally just costumes. The camera girl dresses her up in them because she thinks Sakura looks cute in them, so they offer *no magical protection*. Sakura is all about having the right card for every situation, as opposed to being stronger/faster/tougher than any other human.
That being said, we don't know any of that in-character. We do know that Mask isn't a heartless bastard, and he doesn't know Sakura's capabilities. However, it's not too much of a stretch to say that he'd figure out that Poisony will zip off if he takes his eyes off of her.
To that end, I propose the following write-in: use Poisony as a springboard to catch Sakura. No, seriously. We sneak-attack, jump onto/off of her with appropriate timing, catch Sakura, and hopefully Poisony will be too pissed off by this to run away.

Hopefully, on Tuxedo Mask's journey of self-discovery, this will help us figure out what he's physically capable of, at least (show us his DEX or some other similarly appropriate stat, pretty please~?)

de97d No.20332

Oh, and sorry for the double-post, but I also wanted to mention that this shouldn't be a head-on vertical catch. That would make it harder, and worse results if we failed. If we sorta "tackle" her instead, it'll redistribute her momentum in a safer direction–that is, NOT STRAIGHT DOWN. So get some horizontal momentum in there.

43e12 No.20333

Catch her

3eb43 No.20335

I feel like this might be our best option.

f219d No.20352

Yeah, let's go with this.

28243 No.20363

File: 1468224235387.png (21.13 KB, 509x845, Scenario chart v0.1.png)


Limits's write-in

>Catch her

I'll leave voting open. I'd like to get more than four votes every once in a while (it's an ego thing). However, I wanted to share a bit of what goes on behind the scenes. This is the scenario chart for this quest as of right now. This can and will change. Only twelve of those nodes are complete episodes/scenarios, the rest are important points from the shows that I'm reminding myself that I have to hit. This will change as I make more episodes/scenarios, and also whenever you guys mess up my plans. Also, this is not a flowchart, it's a dependency chart. In order to unlock a red node, you need to clear all the nodes pointing to it.

The white node is just a placeholder to keep this all as a single chart. The green node is the episode that was completed (Sailor Moon episode 1, CCS episode 1, FwPC episode 1, and ??? episode 1). The blue node is the current episode that we're in, the Haunted Forest episode.

3eb43 No.20371

You're a mad man, Moe.

fe6cd No.20373

A vote for this great idea. Unexpected, and classy.

28243 No.20379

Thank you. That is the highest praise.

3eb43 No.20381

So just to go ahead and clarify, we could actually hit every node on that chart if we spread our activities out enough, right? We're not locked on that one route just because it's the one we're currently on.

0f27d No.20383

Probably, but we probably wouldn't be able to do a good job wooing anyone.

7fed6 No.20386

Harem routes are not as difficult as people think. The only two things you need to be aware of is how to manage your time or relationship point spread properly, and whether or not there's any sort of active penalty built in to discourage playing the field, i.e. girls getting jealous of one another.

Though, knowing what the hell each episode we're signing up for is when we have choices would be nice, too. If nothing else, having the knowledge of what's a Precure and what's a CCS setup gives us an idea on how to manage that time and point spread issue.

28243 No.20387

Yes, sort of. There may be cases where I make an episode missable (it'll still happen offscreen and unlock the next episodes).

However, within the episodes, there are things that can be missed. For example, you only had the possibility of hitting 2 out of the four shows in the first episode. Also, in this episode, you missed finding out what caused the blackout (but if you found that out, you would have missed the fortune teller).

Lastly, the scenario chart has a bunch of lies in it. You did not have eight possible episodes unlocked when you finished the first day, just three. I'm still in the process of making sure all the links are in the right place, and that I don't accidentally add a cycle.

f219d No.20388

Clever bastard.

28243 No.20426

File: 1468479611799.jpg (60.23 KB, 960x720, Falling.jpg)

Took me far longer than I wanted it to, but here's the next post.

4 votes for Limits's write-in
1 vote to just catch her.

As much as you don't want to take the pressure off of the woman and give her another chance to escape, you really have no choice; you have to save that girl. You could try to get under her and catch her, but you'd only be shortening her fall by a few feet and spreading out the duration of the impact by letting your arms give a little as you catch her. Instead, a crazy idea comes to mind, and you think it's just audatious enough for you to pull it off.

Relative to your curent path, Sakura is at 11 o'clock. Rather than cutting the shortest path to her, you sharply turn right, and then slowly arc to the left. This puts the red-haired woman in between your position and where you expect Sakura to land.

The elf-eared woman must have heard you because she turns around to face you. She's shocked to see someone this close to her and instictively tries to guard against an attack. Fortunately for you, you have no intention of attacking her, yet. You jump with your left leg, almost going over her head. Instead, you land on her left shoulder with your coiled right leg, and push of, leaping towards the falling girl.

You hear a satisfactory howl of pain from the woman that served as your springboard. However, your focus shifts to the falling girl. You hold your hat in place as you burst through the canopy. You feel some scratches on your hand, but you ignore them for now.

Your positioning and timing are spot on, and you catch Sakura in midair. Of course, two of the plastic ribs holding her skirt out bend out of shape and break when you catch her. Riding high off of your successful catch, you're caught completely by surprise as another blast of air hits the two of you. Although you manage to keep your grip on Sakura, the blast of air imparts a nasty spin on the two of you.

Instead of the controlled landing that you were going for, you crash through the canopy. Sakura is in front, and she takes the brunt of this impact. One of the ribs on the back of her skirt snaps, the right side of the bodice of her dress gets caught in the tree and tears off a huge chunk of her dress, along with some skin, and her bare right arm is covered in scratches. She has a few more scratches on her and smaller tears on her dress, but those are relatively minor.

Spinning as you continue falling, you hit the ground with your back, and Sakura lands on your chest, knocking the wind out of you. Fortunately, you roll, which helps disperse the energy of your fall. On the other hand, rolling though the undergrowth has pretty much destroyed Sakura's tights and covered her legs in numerous small scrapes and scratches.

You let out a moan as your body complains at the abuse that you're subjecting it to. That moan turns into a groan as you see the red-haired woman snap her finger, and disappear in a spiral of energy.

You're holding Sakura closely against your chest, what do you do now?

>Help her get up.

>Ask her if she's OK.
>Examine her for injuries.
>Examine yourself for injuries.
>Say something else.
>Do something else.
>Mix and match.

45865 No.20431

We should probably do a quick self inventory and make sure we're all in one piece, then ask her if she's alright while apologizing for letting the woman get away with the card.

45865 No.20432

No worries Moe, take as much time as you need.

7fed6 No.20433

Fucking goddammit. We should've used her head as a launchpad instead of the shoulder.

Going with Neal's option.

28243 No.20434

>We should've used her head as a launchpad instead of the shoulder.

Her neck wouldn't have been able to support your jump.

8aced No.20441

It would've gotten the card back, at least.

1a5b7 No.20442

But there's a good chance that Sakura would have gone splat.

8aced No.20443

I know. I'm just being salty about losing the card.

de97d No.20445

Dangit, I really thought she'd stick around longer after being so thoroughly disdained. Nothing like being used as a springboard to communicate that simple and infuriating message: "You a shit".

…Or so I thought, anyway. Maybe we just needed to thwart more of her plans, and fewer of Moe's.

And yeah, I'll vote for Neal's write-in also. You can't really help someone up when they're sitting on you, after all.

28243 No.20519

Looks like I slowed down my post schedule, and everyone slowed down their vote schedule.

1a5b7 No.20526

Yeah, not sure where the other people ran off to.

31e55 No.20558

I was off on vacation for a week.

Option 1 plus Neal's write in.

02eda No.20565

Help her get up.
Ask her if she's OK.

7fed6 No.20639

Moe? Still alive, buddy?

28243 No.20640

Started writing the next post. However, between being busy at work and prepping for a long vacation. Speaking of vacation, my posts for the next month may be erratic. I will have my laptop with me so I'll most likely post, but we'll see what happens.

4926a No.20647

Ask if she's okay, and maybe stare her in the eyes when we do like a proper bishounen to his damsel.

31e55 No.20666

Take your time to enjoy your vacation!

7fed6 No.20684

*Grumbles about not getting to go on a vacation himself*

28243 No.20685

File: 1469324581498.jpg (59.35 KB, 618x625, Sakura Crying on your ches….jpg)


You inhale, and only consideration for the young girl on your chest prevents you from howling an expletive at the pain. Screaming certainly would have made things worse, but at least you would have hadd an outlet for the pain. "Not the ribs again." You quietly complain. Sakura pressing down on your chest is certainly not helping, so you go to gently move her off of you.

Your right hand and face have that crawling ant feeling of returning bloodflow. You look down and ask, "Are you O-…" You don't finish the sentence as you see big bloodstain on your white dress shirt. For a moment you're afraid that you're bleeding, but you quickly realize that the blood belongs to Sakura. The branch that ripped off a good chunk of the side of her dress seems to have taken some flesh with it.

The basics of first aid come rushing back to you, apply pressure to stop bleeding. As you're about to press your left hand against her bleeding side, a discharge of static electricity makes you pull back your hand in shock. "Ah-". Your yelp is cut off once again by the pain in your chest.

As you try to stay motionless to let the pain die down, you feel a rhythmic vibration against your chest. You realize that Sakura is crying against your chest. Not loundly, but her breathing pattern is unmistakable, quiet sobs. The tingling sensation seems to have spread to your chest as well, displacing the pain.

Right as you're about to focus on the crying girl on top of you, you hear the cameragirl from earlier call out, "Sakura, are you OK?!"

The flying teddy bear flies ahead and also shouts, "Sakura!"

What do you do now?
>You don't want to be on camera. Push her off of you, gently, and book it.
>Sakura's still bleeding. Try to apply pressure again. Hopefully you won't have a static discharge again.
>Say something to the cameragirl and teddy bear. [what?]
>Reassure Sakura. [Anything in particular?]

7fed6 No.20686

Why would she be cry–

Oh, fuck the POPE. We didn't just lose a card, we lost a card that she just saw as her friggin' dead mother. Even if she hasn't realized we lost the card by now, the panic high is probably coming down enough for it to sink in that the whole thing from earlier was just an illusion. And the cheer squad showing up means we don't have time to talk one on one, either. Oh well.

And as much as I don't want to be caught on Tomoyo's camera ever or at all if we can help it, I refuse to leave a girl alone and crying for any reason. Ever.

So first things first, she's still bleeding. Definitely try to not shock ourselves again, but if it does happen a second time, it's probably not normal static.

Next up, call out to them. Just something simple, like "We're over here!", and when they inevitably get over here and ask WTF, we'll explain that we lost the thief. We can have an actual conversation later, but right now, basic "Hi I'm on your side and by the way she's bleeding" communication should be the priority.

In that few seconds between us calling them and them getting here, though, we should probably say something to Sakura, bleeding sobbing nine year old wreck that she currently is. The only thing that comes to mind to tell her is…

"I'm sorry. This was my fault, not yours."


When you think about it, we have a crying injured girl who, unlike most of the other girls we may or may not run into across this game, doesn't have a transformation form she can use to fight back with. We could just jump up with her and take her off to the Tuxedo Cave for a little "first aid" while she's too distracted to resist. </kidding>

1a5b7 No.20687

Siding with this.

277bd No.20701

Agreeing with this. The real idea, not the joke one.

de97d No.20715

I like to think that Blue and I make a good team: whenever he doesn't have an idea, I do, and vice-versa (more often vice-versa >_> )
Anyway, 'tis a good plan that is worthy of my vote. Maybe it'll even help us figure out more of Tuxedo Mask's abilities in this quest.

31e55 No.20725

We are nothing if not gentlemen, and I completely support this.

7fed6 No.20726

I'm pretty sure it's mostly clear and people know what I was saying, but it's bugging me so I'm making sure to clarify that my Step 1 is to try and put pressure on her wound again.

9d5df No.20733

File: 1469531197514.png (38.05 KB, 600x700, Wound.png)

Here you go, have a layover post.

Go with another one of Blue's plans. No complaints, just teasing.

In hindsight, the static discharge should have been completely foreseeable. Your jacket is made out of wool, and Sakura's outfit is made out of some sort of synthetic material. When you factor in how much your outfits rubbed against each other during your catch and crash landing, static buildup was pretty much inevitable.

Now that you were both discharged, you should be able to apply pressure to her wound. You bring your hand close once more, and are zapped once again. "Shit." You hiss, trying not to get your rib injury to flare up again, and partially succeeding. Still, you try to ignore it and press your hand against her side.

You find where she's hurt. There's a flap of skin that's been partially torn off. It's bloody, but it looks far worse than it is. If you just press the flap of skin back into place for a while, it'll scab over in place and most likely even heal without any mark.

You notice Sakura's crying has changed. It's louder for one, but she's also no longer sobbing. It sounds more like mewling now. You're sure that pressing on the wound doesn't feel pleasant for her, but you need to do it to slow down her bleeding.

You waive your right hand and shout, "Over here." The crawling ant feeling combined with the somewhat-fading, but still-present, pain in your ribs results in a quite unpleasant sensation.

Finally, you need to deal with the crying girl in your arms. You stroke her brown hair and quietly talk to her, "I'm sorry. This was my fault, not yours." You move a few strands behind her ears. You want to say more, but you also have a desire to just close your eyes and rest for a moment.

That doesn't pan out, as the cameragirl and the teddy bear run and fly up to you respectively. The teddy bear calls out, "Sakura! Sakura! Are ya' OK?" The girl meanwhile seems to be staring at your face.

"Mmmmmm." Sakura ambiguously answers.

What do you do?
>Have them to take over first aid and skedaddle.
>Tell the camergirl to get something to clean up the wound.
>Tell the cameragirl to take over compression while you get something to use to clean the wound. [Use what?]
>Ask, "What are you looking at?"
>Take Sakura with your for a "private consultation".
>Tell them the red-haired woman got away with the card.
>Ask them about what they saw first from the illusion card.

1a5b7 No.20739

We should tell them that the red haired woman got away and ask camera girl to get something to clean the wound with, and a bandage if she has one. Then have ready bear take over aplying pressure while we go and aquire the tape while they're busy.

7fed6 No.20741

You make it sound like my plans are ruining your plans somehow! >_>

The only difference between my plans and Limits' or Neal's or Shadow's plans is I posted first. >_>

As for this situation… Damn. I suddenly really regret giving Usagi our cape before. It would've made for a great bandage right about now.

…Tomoyo staring at our face also gives me a sudden worry. First thing we do is move our free hand up, subtlety, and make sure our damn mask is still there and not askew somehow. I mean, it should be, and she might've just been looking at it, but camera, not taking any chances.

We can distract her from this little slide move by telling her to get something to clean up the wound.

Meanwhile, dat der Kero should probably be informed that we lost the card.

Aside from that, I've got nothing. I feel like we should be doing something else on top of this, but nothing comes to mind. Anyone else have any ideas?

7fed6 No.20742

Case in point. Hurray for not refreshing the page!

Adjusting my plan to fit in with Neal's idea.

42f73 No.20745

>You make it sound like my plans are ruining your plans somehow! >_>
Crazy flowchart aside, you're giving me too much credit saying that I have any plans.

31e55 No.20753

I haven't had much in the way of original plans lately. It seems like everyone else thinks of the good stuff first.

Like I agree with Neal's plan.

1a5b7 No.20755

Happy to snipe.

41d81 No.20789

I'm okay with both plans. Check out mask while we give orders and try to nick the tape while they're busy.

e62a5 No.20806

File: 1469791140376.jpg (298.8 KB, 800x800, Sakura hair.jpg)

Back down to four votes. Unanimously for the combined plan of Neal and Blue.

The fact that the cameragirl is staring at your face is weirding you out. Time to redirect her attention. "That woman got away with the card." You inform them, and then look the cameragirl in the eyes, "Do you have something to clean her wound with, and a bandage?"

"No! We need to recover all the cards." The flying teddy bear complains.

The cameragirl thinks for a moment and says, "I have something in the basket, but I left it in the clearing earlier." She seems to be saddened at the fact that she's going to have to stop recording, but at least she has her priorities straight and runs back to get the basket.

When she turns around, you stop stroking Sakura's hair and 'scratch' your face. You go to feel if your mask is in place. It is, however, you feel something wet on your face. A quick glance at your tattered, formerly white gloves lets you know that it's blood. However, you don't seem to be bleeding any more, so it's not something to worry about. You close your eyes for a moment and think, 'Maybe that's just the tiredness talking. A quick nap would be great.' You snap your eyes open, 'This is no time for a nap.' Sakura practically purring into your chest is such a nice feeling, but it isn't helping you avoid the call of sweet oblivion. You go back to stroking Sakura's lovely hair, and think.

What do you while you wait for the cameragirl to return?
>Talk to the flying teddy bear. [about what?]
>Say something to Sakura. [what?]
>Have the teddy bear take over applying pressure, and you run away. [parting words?]
>Sing something to Sakura. [what?]
>Write-in. [what?]

df422 No.20807

Whisper into her ear "Everything will be okay." Then get the bear to float to see if Sakura has any injuries you didn't notice, while you still hold her. Bam

1a5b7 No.20808

This seems pretty good.

db2ed No.20809

Gonna go with this

7fed6 No.20815

I've got nothing better, let's do it.

31e55 No.20817

Tell Sakura that everything will be okay, then tell the bear that we're running low on metaphorical gas and we might have to leave soon. We'll help retrieve the card at a future time.

de97d No.20819

I agree with the voting consensus that is forming. Also, what about the card we got from the fortune-telling house that most definitely did not exist in the actual Sailor Moon anime? I figure we might want to bring that up before leaving.

7fed6 No.20823

I've been trying to think of a good time to bring it up, but so far we've been too busy taking care of an injured kitten in our lap to be able to mention it. Maybe once we've at least gotten standing again?

88132 No.20831

Yeah, that would probably be best.

d1d47 No.20873

File: 1470043224824.jpg (106.51 KB, 698x720, Basket.jpg)

"Everything will be OK." Ask the bear to check for other injuries. Say that we're going to have to bow out soon.

Sakura's brown hair feel's really nice. You whisper into her ear, "Everything will be OK." However, it seems that you're reassuring yourself just as much as the girl. The edges of your vision are going black, and you really don't want to pass out here.

You tell the teddy bear. "I'm going to have to take my leave soon as I am nearing my limit. Can you check if Sakura is injured anywhere else?"

"OK!" Dutifully, the fuzzball flutters around and examines Sakura. After about a minute, a lovely minute of stroking Sakura's hair, the teddy bear flies back up into your sight with a blush on his fuzzy face, "Nah, she's OK."

Soon the cameragirl returns carrying her basket. She pulls out a few napkins and a water bottle. She gets the napkins damp and wipes the blood away from around your hand. She goes through a few napkins, and finally says, "Um, Mister? Can you move your hand now?"

You oblige and let go. The cameragirl quickly replaces your hand with the napkin and starts to clean the area up. Sakura doesn't seem to be complaining about the change. A few seconds after having let go of the injured girl's side, your visions seems to return to normal. You're no longer suffering from tunnel vision as the black edges of your sight fill back in. You feel a sensation of lightness as if your energy is returning to you.

However, you don't think about it for too long, as the cameragirl interrupts your thoughts, "Um, Mister. Was Sakura really bleeding that much from that small wound?"

d1d47 No.20874

File: 1470043572371.jpg (44.2 KB, 500x403, Sakura tears.jpg)

"It's a…" You speak a little too loudly with the sudden return of energy and pulse of pain radiates from your ribs. A little more quietly, you continue, "It's the way she was cut. It isn't a big cut, but it's deep enough to bleed pretty badly." You stick your head out to the left. Your ribs complain, but you need to see the wound for yourself. "See the way the flap of skin…" You stop mid-sentence as you realize that her wound looks nothing like the way it felt. There is no loose flap of skin letting blood flow freely. There's just a half scabbed over, crescent moon-shaped cut on her side.

Sakura looks up at you. Her green eyes are still red and glassy from crying. "Could you keep doing what you were doing, sir? It felt really nice, but now it hurts again." You can see a fresh tear run down her face.

What do you do?
>Answer the cameragirl's question. [Say what?]
>No, she really should have a bandage put on.
>Of course. Who can resist a plea like that?
>Introduce yourself.
>Ask them to introduce themselves.
>The hell is that flying teddy bear?
>Your energy is back, you really must take your leave. [Parting words?]
>The camera is unattended. Grab it and run away.
>Mix and match.

7fed6 No.20882

Oh goodie, looks like we can transfer HP to other party members. I'm sure that won't come up again any time ever.

No, she should get it bandaged up, and while they're distracted with that, we should get up and step back a little, just to get closer to that camera. Before they notice it, we should introduce ourselves, then ask them to introduce themselves and kindly ask for an explanation as to what in the sam hill just went on here.

And yes, I am aware I just said no to a crying girl, but c'mon guys, there's a difference between "I have an owie" and "My puppy just died".

d1d47 No.20883

>I am aware I just said no to a crying girl
You monster.

c7f08 No.20886

I'm okay with this. We can just grab the camera on our way out.

8266d No.20892

Same, and we can leave them with a cheeky "My apologies, but I have a strict no camera policy."

8266d No.20893

We should also see if we can gift them with that tarot card at some point.

7fed6 No.20898

I'm not sure I actually want to give them the card, given that we found it in the remains of a youma. At least not without letting someone or something with some legit magical senses, Kero actually being a decent example, take a look at it first and make sure it isn't somehow dangerous or could lead to being such. Last thing I wanna do is hand it off onto Sakura and suddenly now Jadite's after her too.

de97d No.20899

And then, Sakura became the Jadeite.

But no, Blue's right that we shouldn't just leave a potentially corrupted card in Sakura's hands. Although I wonder what the harm is in healing her the rest of the way. It's probably not going to hurt us too much more, and I didn't think we had any other route paths planned for this "day".

So, I vote for Blue's plan, only I'll vote for the healing thing instead.

31e55 No.20902

Introductions all around, explain that helping her comes at a cost and she should put the bandage on. And let's be polite and ask the camera girl to edit us out before we outright steal her equipment. Replacing it will be harder for a kid than an adult.

7e973 No.20903

Except for the fact that the camera girl is stupidly wealthy.

5f9c9 No.20913

She's gotta get those dresses that she makes Sakura wear from somewhere.

87eef No.20914

Don't continue healing. Distract them with bandaging. Get close to the camera. Introductions all around. Ask what's going on. Don't give the card.

Same as Blue. (agnostic on card)

Same, add a cheeky response. Maybe give the card.

Finish healing. Get close to the camera. Introductions all around. Ask what's going on. Don't give the card.

No healing. Explain healing has a price and have her put on a bandage. Politely ask her to edit us out.

Unless anyone wants to change their vote, we're going with the following. I'll lock voting when I start writing.

No more healing. Explain that it comes with a cost and tell her to put a bandage on. Go to the camera while they're putting a bandage on. Introductions. Ask what's going on. Grab the camera and leave. Do not give Sakura the card.

5f9c9 No.20915

Just clarifying, I don't want to give the card YET. I wanna make sure it's even safe for US to be holding it first. If it ends up that giving them the card would work in our favor I'd be all for it, but we have no reason to think giving them a consolation prize that isn't a Clow Card is a good idea at the moment. I'm all for at least mentioning the thing to them.

31e55 No.20917

Oh yeah. I forgot that. Been a few years since I've seen CCS. Though in character, we wouldn't know that.

de97d No.20918

Quick question: how would we be edited out? If that's not possible for early-'90s technology, then asking would just get a few weird looks sent our way.

00c8f No.20942

OK. I'm starting writing. Main votes locked. But vote on this:

>Mention the card and show, but don't give the card if asked.

>Don't mention the card at all. Investigate when alone.

de97d No.20943

Mention it to Kero, at least. Who else is going to know enough about potentially magical cards to help us identify whether it's worth giving?

1a5b7 No.20946

Mention it to Kero.

7fed6 No.20947

Mention it.

31e55 No.20962

Mention it. It's probably not his, but he could possibly tell us something about it.

4331a No.20974

File: 1470313876294.jpg (95.3 KB, 960x720, Because Reasons.jpg)

Mention, but don't give.

"I'm sorry Sakura, but healing you is draining me, and like I said, I'm running out of juice." A part of your brain realizes that speaking isn't hurting you any more. You must have gotten the volume right to not aggravate your ribs. "You'll just have to put a bandage on and let it heal the rest of the way naturally."

You run your fingers through her brown hair one more time and you roll her over to your right so her wound on her right side is facing up. You sit up carefully, but even so, it appears that you sat up too quickly as your vision whites out for a few seconds. While you're dealing with the temporary whiteout, the dark-haired cameragirl goes around you and puts a clean napkin on Sakura's side. "Sorry, I don't have a bandage. We can put one on when we get back."

When your sight is restored, you stand up once more. You take a few steps towards the camera and turn around to face the trio. "Ah, how rude of me. I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Tuxedo Kamen. I know the lovely girl in the yellow dress in Sakura, but the two of you are?"

"Ah! My name is Tomoyo Daidouji." The cameragirl responds. "And this is Kero." She adds, indicating the flying teddy bear. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Mah name is Cerberus." The teddy bear angrily huffs. "And ahm the beast of the seal."

You tactfully avoid any comments about a stuffed toy being a 'beast'. "A pleasure to meet all three of you. Now, would someone be kind enough to explain what's going on? I take it we were dealing with some kind of illusion earlier. I saw a crystal, and then later an acquaintance of mine when I was chasing after that woman. I assume the three of you saw Sakura's mother." You inflect the statement as more of a question. "Also, does anyone know who that woman was?"

Cerberus takes the lead in answering your questions, "That there was one of the Clow Cards, The Illusion. It shows us what we want to see. The reason we saw Sakura's Mom earlier was because we were shown 'er photo, and we were expecting to see 'er 'ere."

That certainly explains why you saw the Legendary Silver Crystal. "And what about that woman?"

"I ain't never seen her before."

4331a No.20975

File: 1470313949772.jpg (103.89 KB, 960x720, That beautiful place in th….jpg)

The cameragirl, Tomoyo, speaks up, "She look a little bit like my mom, but her hair was too long and her skin was too pale." She hears Sakura start to sniffle again and turns her attention back to her friend, "Does your side hurt again?"

Sakura wipes a fresh tear that's running down her cheek, "No. I'm glad… I'm glad that Mom isn't all alone here." Despite her tears, you see that she is in fact smiling, "I would be happy if I could see her, but I would be even happier if she was in the beautiful place in the sky."

Kero flutters by Sakura's side, not really sure what to say. You spare him the awkward moment by adding, "I take it there are more of these Clow Cards."

"Yeah huh. There're fifty-two."

"Fifty-two?!" Sakura calls out in shock.

"Yeah huh. And yah need to gather all of 'em since you let 'em go."

"Hey! You're the one that was supposed to be guarding them!" Sakura complains, "Instead, you were sleeping."

"Jus' a quick nap for a few centuries."

You pull out the tarot card from your inside breast pocket and interrupt them, "Is this one of the Clow Cards?"

Kero forgets his argument with Sakura and flies up to the card. "Nope." He sniffs it for a bit, "But there's some purty strong magic in it." He sniffs it a few more times and snorts, "Dark magic. You should get rid of that card."

"Thanks." Despite his warning, you put the card back in your inside breast pocket. "Sakura, are you doing better now?"

Sakura nods, "Mhm." Her eyelids are still puffy from crying, but you can tell that she's telling the truth.

While Tomoyo and Kero are both distracted looking at Sakura, you lean down and pick up the camera. "My apologies, but I have a strict no camera policy." You turn around, once again regretting the lack of an accompanying swish, and run off into the forest.

You make your way out of the small forest. At the trailhead, you see a parked van, and several women in sunglasses are loitering around. The fact that they're wearing sunglasses at night

What do you do?
>Stick around and watch from a distance.
>Find a secluded location and watch the recording.

1a5b7 No.20976

That's not at all suspicious. Stick around and watch. We should also find a way to dispose of that card.

55c70 No.20977

They're probably Tomoyo's bodyguards, but let's hide and observe just to be safe.

4331a No.20980

File: 1470333716969.jpg (94.89 KB, 960x720, Suspicious Women.jpg)

Since this is just an optional cutscene, I'll go for it, even with just two votes.
Stick around and watch.

The van and those women are making you very suspicious, Sakura and Tomoyo might not be out of the metaphorical woods yet. As such, you decide to stick around and watch. After all, you owe them at least a little kindness after stealing Tomoyo's camera. You find a perch on a tree at a bend in the trail that gives you a good view of both the van and up the trail.

Shortly, you see the trio coming out of the woods. Cerberus is loudly complaining about you. "…but it was all just an act. When ah get mah paws on 'im, he'll be sorry.

Based on the expressions on Sakura's and Tomoyo's faces, it seems like they've been listening to the stuffed teddy bear ranting the entire way back.

"Really, Kero. It's not that big a deal." Tomoyo says.

"But, Tomoyo." Sakura interjects, "He stole your camera. That must have cost a lot."

"I'm not worried about the camera; I'll just buy another one. I just wish he hadn't stolen the tape. I haven't copied over the footage from tonight, but I have a copy of everything else at home."

"They should be just around the corner. Kero, you have to act like a stuffed animal." Tomoyo states.

Sure enough, the stuffed animal rests on Tomoyo's shoulder, probably out of consideration for the fact that Sakura is walking while holding the red-tinged napkin against her side.

You see them come in view of the four women and the four women run up to them. You tense, getting ready to act, but two of them get on one knee next to Sakura, while two stay back. One of them, which looks like she might be the leader asks, "Miss Tomoyo, Miss Sakura, are you OK? What happened?"

Sakura blushes and replies, "I just got caught on a branch and I was bleeding a little. Do you have a band-aid?"

"Of course." One of the kneeling women responds. She then picks up Sakura and princess carries her to the van.

"Ah! I can still walk." Sakura complains, but her complaints are ignored.

"Miss Tomoyo?" The leader of the women pointedly asks.

"I was recording Sakura dancing, but her dress got caught against a branch. Since she was bleeding, I tore her dress open so I could get to the cut and put a napkin against it." Tomoyo answers, looking earnestly at what's now obviously a bodyguard.

You don't see the bodyguard's face, but you assume she's trying to find anything in Tomoyo's facial expression to give away a lie. Fortunately, it seems that Tomoyo is a good liar and her earnestness has convinced the head bodyguard of her story.

After another moment, Tomoyo and the two bodyguards go to the van as well. One Chinese fire drill later, the van leaves, and you see the reason for the movement. There was a black sedan hidden behind the van.

With that issue resolved uneventfully, you should get down to the examining the recording. Where will you do this?
>Find a nice secluded roof top.
>You feel like you're being tugged in a direction that feels like home. Go there.
>Write-in [Go elsewhere, or even do something else.]

1a5b7 No.20988

A secure roof top seems good.

7fed6 No.20989

Let's fine a roof to Batman on, shall we?

31e55 No.20993

If our time is running out, we might have to head home for the night.

And isn't it Keroberos instead of Cerberus?

1a5b7 No.20994

Depends on the translation.

89843 No.20998

Kerberos is the English transliteration of the original Greek. Keroberos is the English transliteration of the Japanese transliteration of the original Greek. Cerberus is the accepted English "translation".

24aee No.21009

This explanation has been 100% approved by a 25% Greek person. Also, how would we examine a recording from a rooftop? As much as I feel like this will take us out of a plotline that I think we should still try to be in, I'm voting for the "go home" option.

89843 No.21011

File: 1470403195618.jpg (73.32 KB, 960x720, Camcorder.jpg)

>Also, how would we examine a recording from a rooftop?

Take a look at >>20174 and pic related. Tomoyo has a camcorder with a flip out screen.

9bb6b No.21026

Oh. Thanks for the explanation. Then in that case, rooftop.

82225 No.21042

File: 1470500146000.jpg (67.44 KB, 960x720, Footage.jpg)



The sedan follows the van and with that, you're alone. You wait a moment just to be sure that they don't double back for some reason. Once you're confident that they're not coming back, you leave your perch and head back into the city.

You wander around a little, more out of habit than paranoia. In the evening, no one seems to give you much more than a passing glance. You're the best dressed person out on the night, but no one that you encounter seems to appreciate just how much fancier your outfit is than a regular business suit. Certainly, no one is sufficiently well versed in male formal evening wear to know that you're wearing a cross between a black-tie and white-tie outfit. You worry that someone might see the blood stain on your white shirt, but it's mostly covered under your coat for now. What little extends into view can easily be mistaken as spilled wine.

Finding a nice building that's taller than the ones surrounding it, you walk into the alley, jump onto the fire escape, and make your way up to the roof. You make sure that you're alone and take a seat. You flip out the camera's screen and rewind the tape to the start. You hit play and watch what's on the tape.

The first thing is a stage setup with dolls. A hand and voice, that seem to match Tomoyo's, moves them around and has them act out a scene. It's adorable, and great fodder should you ever need to tease Tomoyo over something, however, it's not what you're looking for.

You fast forward through all of this, and then you reach the good stuff. First, you see a short clip of Sakura flying across the moon in her pajamas. That makes you remember that you saw that as well the previous night. It wasn't your imagination.

82225 No.21043

File: 1470500255516.jpg (54.18 KB, 403x574, poncho.jpg)

Continuing through the footage, you see Sakura and Tomoyo inside what looks like a walk-in closet. There are costumes hanging from both sides. Sakura is dressed in a yellow coat, or maybe a poncho. Tomoyo is wearing the red cardigan that she was wearing earlier tonight. You notice that no one is handling the camera, so the two girls are probably alone.

Tomoyo pulls out the yellow umbrella dress that Sakura had been wearing earlier. "Come on, you have to change into this."

"Do I really have to?"

"When you're doing special things, you must wear special clothes."


Tomoyo forces the dress into Sakura's hand, "Now, now, put it on."

Sakura blushes and takes her street clothes off. Soon, she's standing with nothing but a cute pair of plain white panties on. She's not wearing a bra as she doesn't have boobs yet. However, she's not completely flat. Her nipples are no longer the little dots of a child. Instead, they're puffy and stick out a little. Clearly, she's already experienced the first touch of puberty.

You pause the video. Your cock is straining uncomfortably against your pants, so you adjust it. Your mind is filled with thoughts of this little girl. Of course, if through some strange twist of events you put a baby in her, those tiny breasts of hers will have to start growing really quickly. A quick glance and the screen confirms that her waist and hips have started their shift to a more womanly configuration. On second throught, knocking Sakura up might not be such a crazy idea after all.

You enjoy the thought for a while, then hit play on the camcorder again and continue watching what Tomoyo has recorded.

Sakura puts the yellow umbrella dress on. Tomoyo helps get the cumbersome shoulder pieces in place and then puts the headgear on Sakura. "You look lovely, Sakura."

Sakura blushes, "This is embarrassing."

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about." Tomoyo states and guides Sakura out of the closet. She reaches back to get the camera, and you see more of the surrounding space. This isn't a closet like you thought; it's the van that you saw earlier.

You fast forward through the next section of the film, it shows the encounter with the illusion. Your mind wanders as the only interesting thing on the video is that the illusion appears as a formless smear. Your thoughts focus on the cameragirl, Tomoyo. It's obvious that she has a crush on Sakura, not to mention, for an elementary school girl, she's a huge perv. As far as you can tell, Sakura had no idea she was being recorded by her friend when she was practically naked. You focus back on the recording.

You see yourself and Sakura falling, but the view is obscured by the trees. You wave to the camera. You know you shouted "Over here!" at this point, but it seems like you did it too quietly for it to be recorded. Tomoyo runs up. Despite the fact that Sakura was bleeding, the first thing the perverted girl did was get a nice upskirt shot of Sakura's panties. One of the ribs of her skirt is broken and Tomoyo wasn't able to get the entirety of Sakura's panties in frame, but she still did a good job.

The camera next focuses on your face. No wonder she was staring at you; you have a big ugly scratch on your cheek, running all the way up to your mask. If that was a scar instead of a scratch, you'd look like a bond villain. As the video keeps playing, you realize that she was staring for another reason. Your scratch is healing in real time. It gets shorter and shorter, until all that's left is a drop of blood on your cheek.

At that point, the video comes to an end. What do you do with the tape.
>Pocket the tape, you're keeping it.
>Record over parts of the tape. [Which parts?]
>Leave the recording intact.

What do you do with the camera?
>Keep it. This is a Panasonic, not some cheap Chinese knock-off. [I'm looking at you PenesaniG]
>Return it to Tomoyo. [How? You don't know where she lives.]
>Throw it away.
>Stash it. [Where?]

Anything else you want to do tonight before turning in?

1a5b7 No.21045

We really should record over the picture of our face, though the knowledge of a healing factor should be useful. Maybe record over it with a nice panning view of the city?

Aftewards we should pocket the camcorder for now, but plan on giving it back next time we run into Tomoyo or Sakura.

d3921 No.21047

>though the knowledge of a healing factor should be useful

Discovered a skill:
>Innate skill: Regeneration: Uses your magic reserves to recover from damage, causes a tingling sensation when active.

Blue, if you'd been a tiny bit more confident about saying that we have self-regeneration powers here >>12171 , I would have called the skill discovered then.

1a5b7 No.21048

So it works passively normally, but we can also use it actively to heal others?

d3921 No.21049

No… Not this skill.

1a5b7 No.21051

So it's a different healing ability. Still seems to rely on contact though.

d3921 No.21052

Different skill.
>Class skill - Damsel in Distress: Heal others: Use your magic reserves to heal other people. Can pass out if you completely drain your magic reserves.

Sorry again Blue. It's just a good old-fashioned healing spell, not an HP transfer skill.

7fed6 No.21054

*Shrugs* I find that not assuming I have auto-regen or healing magic tends to be safer than assuming I do, so I always go for the broad strokes assumptions. Though it's interesting to note that we really probably did break something in that fall and it simply healed just as fast. It's a much better distinction to know we aren't just tanking hits without any penalty at all, or we'd be more tempted to do reckless shit that'd cost us in the future.

As for >>21043… Keep the tape and camera in separate RPG storage pockets that we seem to have on our person. Or just, y'know, hang on to it but pull the tape out. We can do something with either one later, but while I could care less about the camera beyond the fact it's a nice camera, I don't want to run around as an adult male with a camera that has recordings of both a half-naked loli and said adult male dressed like a pimp physically healing like Wolverine still in it, in case anything happens.

We should probably cruise a little longer around the rooftops before going home, though. You never know if we might stumble across something else of interest. I'd like to see if we can pick up hints or triggers for stuff we haven't seen yet, but if we HAVE to have something we're specifically trying to find, we could try searching the area where we last sensed Sailor Moon, just to see if there's any clues in that area that might lead us a little closer to her.

7fed6 No.21055

Oh, and I'll hold Moe to this later if something does come up, but I'm hereby requesting a "full" stat sheet of all the stuff we know about ourselves once we hit the end of Day 2, just as a reference. This ain't Legend of Vyrule, but having all our stuff in order every now and again is a good idea.

56323 No.21056

Why not A.) Make a copy of the oringial recording, lets call this our copy. Then, the newest copy, copy B, we record over our face. Bam bam, we have tons of panty material. After this, we try to give copy B back to its creators. Might be hard. Give up? Never.

7fed6 No.21060

The main problem with this idea comes just from the fact we don't really have any sort of equipment for that, as it would require an extra tape and some sort of computer capable of transfering the data. You could argue that Mamoru possibly might, but he and Kamen don't seem to be friends enough to be on speaking terms just yet.

Hell, depending on just how different the two personas really are from one another right now, he could possibly be freaked out at the Sakura part of the tape if he were to watch it. Might start to wonder why he's suddenly carrying around homemade loli porn, and that could be troublesome.

I would also assume him seeing a tape that appears to depict himself dressed as a masked pimp healing auto-healing a cut on his face with the timestamp showing a period of time he definitely does not remember being awake for would probably also raise some questions, but that's thinking too inside the box for me.

6552c No.21066

This works

9ee17 No.21108

This is true. God dangit, why can't we have magic photocopy skills. Didn't even think of our inability.

d1dfc No.21119

File: 1470570156401.jpg (60.34 KB, 500x500, Panasonic DVC.jpg)

>I'm hereby requesting a "full" stat sheet of all the stuff we know about ourselves once we hit the end of Day 2, just as a reference.

Sure thing.

>The main problem with this idea comes just from the fact we don't really have any sort of equipment for that, as it would require an extra tape and some sort of computer capable of transferring the data.
Adding onto this. The tape is not a full-size VHS tape. It's a Digital Video cassette, pic related.

31e55 No.21190

I'm down with Blue's idea to record over the parts with our face, then give it back when we next see her. If we keep it in our tux pocket, hopefully we won't come across it as Mamorou. Anyway, since we're up on top of a building, let's take a quick look around for anything out of the ordinary, and if there isn't, head home.

7632e No.21230

File: 1470766184465.jpg (64.38 KB, 640x480, Skyline.jpg)

Making a fusion of your actions. Overwrite the part with your face. Keep the tape separate from the camera. Cruise for the next plot thread, go home if you don't find it.

First thing first, you have an instinctive urge to cover your tracks. The tape is the only piece of evidence aside from the eyewitnesses to your existence and healing powers. You rewind the tape until you get back to the footage of you falling through the trees holding Sakura. You consider recording over this section as well, but there's no real reason to. You can barely make yourself out with all the trees in the way.

You get to the section with your face healing from the scratch. It feels strange to learn about one of your powers in such a strange way. You watch the recording one more time, trying to make sense of your healing factor. You rewind and play it for a third time. This time, you just look at the timestamp to find out how long this recording is. Finally you rewind to the start of this section and record a nice view of the Tokyo skyline. Once the footage has been overwritten, you confirm that the evidence has been successfully eliminated. Satisfied, you pop the tape out of the camera, place it in your right breast pocket, and hold onto the camera.

7632e No.21231

File: 1470766265104.jpg (90.08 KB, 1280x720, Fountain.jpg)

You jump across rooftops on the lookout for anything that might be out of place, or anything that just feels wrong. After an hour of this, and nothing out of the ordinary, you feel a different sort of tiredness affecting you. Your muscles are starting to ache from the constant exertion. Fortunately, you see a park nearby. You jump down to a lower rooftop, and then down to street level. Confirming that no one saw you, you cross the street and enter the park.

The trees offer a degree of privacy from the bustle of the city, although at this time of night, there isn't all that much bustle. There's a fountain in the center some planters with flowers and some benches. You take a seat on one of the benches to rest your feet for a few minutes. The water falling from the fountain makes a lovely relaxing sound. You take your shoes off and just relax for a few minutes.

7632e No.21232

File: 1470766427599.jpg (72.31 KB, 712x480, Fountain Day.jpg)

You wake up, and everything hurts. Your head, your neck, your back, your butt, and your legs are all hurting. The sun is shining atrociously brightly. The sound of children screaming, water hitting water, and dozens of conversations happening at once isn't doing anything good for your headache.

As you wake up more, the sun becomes a little less blindening, the sounds of people enjoying the park become a little less earshattering, and you're able to take a look around. You can at least tell why your body is sore, you were sleeping on a hard wooden bench in a park. You've once more woken up in a strange location wearing a tuxedo. At least this time, you remember that your name is Mamoru Chiba, so this is already better than the last time you woke up like this.

Since you were well dressed, it seems like no one mistook you for a hobo sleeping on a bench, but rather a partygoer that drank too much and passed out on a bench. You wrack your brain, but can't think of any party that you were invited. If you really are drinking, you need to make a mental note to drink less, and maybe you'll remember as to what's happening. Oddly, you find yourself tightly clenching a camcorder in your hand. Maybe this holds the answers to what was happening. However, there is no tape in the camcorder.

You press your left hand against your face hoping the pressure will help your headache go away. Maybe it helped, or maybe it was just that you stayed like that for a minute, but your headache mellows down enough for you to try to take a stock of your surroundings. You're in a park as you guessed from all the commotion. You figure the best way to get your body to stop aching is to get moving.

What do you do?
>Work the kinks out of your muscles and go to the right.
>Work the kinks out of your muscles and go to the left.
>Stay sitting on the bench, you don't trust yourself to stand up yet.

Before anyone asks, we're still in the second episode (episode 2, scene 3), so no character sheet yet. Also, no one commented on the fact that the healing "spell" falls under the "Damsel in Distress" class.

31e55 No.21236

Off to the right, because. And I'm curious to see what other skills we'll find in the Damsel in Distress category.

a3174 No.21239

Not sure what's supposed to be different from left and right but I'll go with right

5a3a3 No.21242

Right is right, so I support this.

7fed6 No.21247

Right this way, folks.

de97d No.21250

All right! Literally!

Also, I totally didn't realize that bit about the type of spells, though I thought at first that it was weird because Tuxedo Mask is basically the DiD in Sailor Moon canon. So then why would healing be a class skill for Damsels…?

But considering how we've been going around rescuing/supporting young girls, it makes a bit more sense if they're the Damsels. It's not a perfect analogy, though.

de97d No.21251

All right! Literally!

Also, I totally didn't realize that bit about the type of spells, though I thought at first that it was weird because Tuxedo Mask is basically the DiD in Sailor Moon canon. So then why would healing be a class skill for Damsels…?

But considering how we've been going around rescuing/supporting young girls, it makes a bit more sense if they're the Damsels. It's not a perfect analogy, though.

7fed6 No.21252

It's probably either a direct support/rescue subset, given how we'd only need it when we're the ones doing the rescuing, or just directly related to us interacting with anyone other than ourselves.

f0bcc No.21257

Tuxedo Kamen has healing abilities in canon. He's also the DiD (despite being most assuredly male) in that universe. So, I figured I'd just make the support/healer class be called DiD. As such, Tuxedo Kamen is currently dual-classed as Thief and Damsel in Distress.

Seems like everyone wants to go to the right. I'll be making a post later (several hours later). I've got some work to take care of now. While you're waiting for my post, can anyone guess who's sitting next to the old lady, obscured by the fountain? Once you know that, you should know who'd you run into if you went left.

de97d No.21261

That makes sense. Also, I'm now wracking my brain for anime with fountains.

f0bcc No.21267

File: 1470846020781.jpg (89.15 KB, 712x480, Honoka and old woman.jpg)

Everyone made the right choice.

You stretch your arms out, and then crack your neck. Already you're feeling a little better. You roll your ankles for a bit while pulling your arms across your chest. Feeling a little more awake, you stand up. You feel a little dizzy, but it quickly passes. You arch your back, then finally you stretch your legs. Being aware that you're wearing a tuxedo, you don't go overboard with your stretches. You're not getting ready to run a race, you're just trying to get rid of the after-effects of falling asleep in a sitting posture on a hard bench.

Feeling that you've done all you can do to help yourself with stretches, you figure the best thing is to move around, get the blood flowing, and let your body take care of the rest. Without really thinking about it, you head to the right of the fountain, going counter-clockwise. It really is a pleasant day today, and it's almost enough to make you forget about the random aches and pains. You look around seeing if there's anyone you might know or even just a cute girl for you to flirt with.

To your left, sitting next to an old woman is a bluenette, about middle school aged, that seems familiar. The two of them are deep in conversation. You slowly walk forward and try to wrack your brain as to who the girl might be. The realization hits you like lightening. She's the daughter of a husband and wife pair of jewelry traders. You recall they were occasional guests at the Hina household, they always had fascinating stories of their travels around the world. They had a cute blue-haired daughter, that used to attend with them, but it's been several years since she last attended with her parents, and you haven't seen her outside of that social event. Still, the facial features are far too similar for this to be anyone other than Yukishiro Honoka. You snap your fingers while mentally fist-pumping at recalling her name.

You're pulled back to reality by a commotion going on behind you. You look behind you, but don't see the source of the noise.
>Honoka is having a conversation with someone, it'd be rude to interrupt. Go investigate the commotion.
>Go up to Honoka and ask her if she remembers you.
>Loiter around and see if Honoka might be free soon.

0e248 No.21270

Hmm…a commotion in the PreCure story arc that isn't particularly alarming to anyone…safe bet is on it being Nagisa, ha ha.
Seriously though, I'm a bit torn between investigation and loitering. I'll abstain for now.

31e55 No.21277

Turn our head to look at the commotion. Hopefully we can catch Honoka before she leaves.

7fed6 No.21303

Gonna go with this.

3d9e7 No.21319

do this

5a3a3 No.21346

I'll back this.

00bb7 No.21347

File: 1471010476399.jpg (22.2 KB, 166x349, Wrong Person back.jpg)

See if we can see what's going on, don't actively go there.

Honoka isn't going anywhere, she's deep in a conversation and you're sure you can catch her before she leaves. You look behind you and try to find the source of the commotion. You're a little far away so you can't make out any details, but you see a ginger-haired girl bowing, probably apologizing profusely if you had to guess, to a bluenette. You can't be sure from this distance, but she certainly looks a lot like Honoka. You glance back at the first Honoka, just to make sure that she didn't somehow magically cross to the other side of the fountain.

00bb7 No.21348

File: 1471010565817.jpg (77.42 KB, 712x480, Threesome of SCIENCE!.jpg)

No, she's still there. However, she and the old lady have been joined by an old man in what looks like a lab coat.

What do you do?
>Go to Honoka and the other two people.
>Loiter around.
>Go to the two girls and join in on the rubber-necking.

7fed6 No.21350

Hmm. I think I can guess what just happened with Nagisa, but we're in that maddening limbo of being between both but not able to pick up on either of them. We're probably gonna have to get closer to one if we want to get anything out of this.

On the one hand, Nagisa's drawing a crowd, but we could probably use that to talk to her, to get her away from it. On the other, we technically actually know Honoka, but she looks like she's having a conversation with someone she probably really looks up to and/or may somehow become important to whatever episode of Precure this is, because mahou shoujo shows just kinda work like that.

Another thought comes to mind, unless Kamen somehow exudes some kind of "Don't notice too many details to me" magic whenever he's running around, we ARE still kinda dressed up as him even if Mamoru's lost the mask, cape, and hopefully the hat. Approaching either Precure like this runs the chance that they'll take one look at us and realize who we are. They can't all be as clueless as Usagi, after all.

…Then again, this IS a mahou shoujo game, and if girls running around in skirts and frilly dresses can get away with doing it, we probably can too.

I'm gonna say we get closer to Nagisa, but not so close we can't keep an eye back on Honoka in case anything changes with her. She's our "in" into having a real conversation with these two right now, but Nagisa's scenario is probably the more fleeting of the two and I'd like to see what happened.

I'm gonna try and think of a good bluff in case they do openly ask about the tux, though. We could probably say it's related to our day job or something without going into details.

00bb7 No.21351

>even if Mamoru's lost the mask, cape, and hopefully the hat.
Yes, those three things are gone.

>They can't all be as clueless as Usagi, after all.

I'm imagining a version of Sailor Moon where no one is convinced by Mamoru's "transformation" except Usagi. Everyone plays along, and neither Mamoru nor Usagi catch on that it's not fooling anyone.

>I'm gonna say we get closer to Nagisa, but not so close we can't keep an eye back on Honoka in case anything changes with her.

The fountain is in the way. Getting close to either one requires getting out of view of the other.

7fed6 No.21354

That would be hilarious.

And in that case, fuck it let's just get closer to Nagisa then.

31e55 No.21356

We may big a big old perv, but we are also a gentleman, and a gentleman does not interrupt a conversation that a lady is having. But investigating a commotion isn't, so let us see what is going on with the ginger talking to what might be Honoka's little sister.

3d9e7 No.21365

go rubberneck why not

eb191 No.21387

Voting for Nagisa

769fb No.21398

Go to Nagisa

0c36b No.21411

File: 1471344845076.jpg (51.59 KB, 712x480, snap.jpg)

Go to Nagisa.

You spare one more glance at Honoka and figure since she's not going anywhere, you'll head to the left and find out what the commotion is all about.

You head closer to the two girls that are the center of attention, but missed the entirety of the exchange. The girl that looks like Honoka is moving away from you, although now that you're closer, you see that she has a bun that Honoka doesn't have.

The ginger-haired girl in a middle school uniform is jogging towards you. "Where is she!?" She yells to no one in particular. You're about to ask her who she's looking for, but your chest suddenly starts hurting, right over your heart. It's burning as if someone was pressing a red-hot iron again your chest. You clutch your chest, vainly trying to get the feeling to pass. Then, with the snap of someone's fingers, the pain is gone.

0c36b No.21412

File: 1471345139408.jpg (42.56 KB, 504x480, Sky.jpg)

You notice the sky has darkened and a voice reverberates through your mind, "Make them understand the horror of the Dark power!" You turn towards the source of the voice and start to unconsciously walk in that direction. Going around the fountain, you see two old women, an old man, and a blue-haired girl. Instinctively, you that "them" referred to the bluenette and the older woman standing protectively next to her.

You see that there are other people like yourself walking towards them hands outstretched as if they were zombies. The bluenette has a cell phone that she's tightly clutching. That is what you're supposed to get. The zombies are gathering around the girl and the old woman trying to get the cell phone.

What do you do?
>Make them understand the horror of the Dark power
>Make them understand the horror of the Dark power
>Make them understand the horror of the Dark power

0c36b No.21413

File: 1471345550626.jpg (51.69 KB, 450x333, You dun Goufed.jpg)

Alright, you guys sure fucked this up. It's only the second episode, and you already got yourselves mind controlled. The rules of this mode are simple. You cannot violate the letter of the command given to you. Aside from that, go full Monkey's paw

0c36b No.21414

File: 1471345592084.jpg (88.29 KB, 712x480, The Marks.jpg)

BTW, here's who you're supposed to make understand the horror of the dark power.

0fa85 No.21417

Sorry about that previous post. The postscript past the voting options wasn't up when I started writing my knee-jerk response. It has been deleted.
So we're going to have to be clever here. Unfortunately, I have no time for being clever, seeing as I'm at my work :/

98172 No.21418

Though we will have to find some reliable way of resisting this in the future >_>
After all, we're trying to be more than Mamoru was in canon. No one wants to be canon!Mamoru.

7fed6 No.21419

What in the fuck just happened. No, seriously, what in the fuck just happened.

I am also on my way to work, but I'll try and come up with something. But seriously, there's just a straight up "Fuck you you're hypnotized" mode? Fucking hell.

0c36b No.21420

>I am also on my way to work, but I'll try and come up with something. But seriously, there's just a straight up "Fuck you you're hypnotized" mode? Fucking hell.

What did Mamoru have in the location where it started to hurt?

5a3a3 No.21422

God damn tarot card. Never did have a chance to properly get rid of it.

5a3a3 No.21423

>Make them understand the horror of the Dark power
Perform Thriller?

5a3a3 No.21424

Wait scratch that, I have a even more epic/insane idea. One that we even have a tuxedo for.

Do the old man dance from 6 flags.
And have our pocketwatch play the same music.

7e2ff No.21425

Goddammit. This is my fault, isn't it?

Okay, I'll accept the idiot points for this one. I was hoping we might be able to use the card for something helpful, but I guess it's acting like an amplifier for the Dark Power, and it isn't like Mamoru has the highest Will stat to begin with.

Just to clarify, are we able to struggle at all against this, or do we have to go straight up evil mode and make sure we accomplish our orders?

0c36b No.21426

There were a lot of write-in opportunities where you could have decided to get rid of the card.

Yes, yes it is.
To be honest, I didn't have the mechanics for being brainwashed down when before you guys went down this route, so it's somewhat bare bones right now. The idea is that Mamoru's sub-conscious is struggling against the mind control by creatively obeying orders to get himself out of the situation (you guys are good at thwarting my plans, put that skill to work). In other words, start rules lawyering.

768d3 No.21427

Don't beat yourself up about it. None of us are experts in red herring magical cards of DOOM.

Now, to business. There are three different broad-stroke ways that I can think of to show someone the "horror of the Dark Power":
1. Play it Straight (lol no)
2. Lewds (ehhhhhhh, probably not, unless we manage to dig up an archaic definition of horror that means something else, like how "terrible" once meant "awesome".)
3a. Literally teach it to them. Like they're in kindergarten or something. "Now class, today we're going to learn about the horror of the Dark Power!"
3b. Something like what Neal said.
I don't want to divide the vote up too much, but I like my idea >_> It's funny and helpful.

On a side note, how can PreCure villains trigger youma-based powers, aside from an obvious pat answer of "They're both evil!" That needs to be investigated as soon as we can reasonably fit it into the plot.

768d3 No.21428

Oh, and to be clear, that means I'm voting for my write-in (3a). Though I'll be entirely fine if Neal's write-in (3b) wins. I think the 6 Flags dance is sufficiently horrifying.

P.S. Moe, good job putting a robot pun in a pseudo-SRW quest. I appreciate it and you.

7fed6 No.21429

"Precure villains > youma powers"

The card's an antenna that doesn't care what frequency it picks up as long as it's the right waveband. If we didn't have it, we'd probably be fine.

The thing that annoys me about that, honestly, is I thought that since it was the card that dropped from the actual corpse of that youma, it'd be the "master" card, which would've given us a chance to maybe study it a little, possibly figure out some way to work it to our advantage. It seems like a real waste that all it was was just another drone card, and a sucker trap at that. Part of me admittedly entertained the idea of gaining mind control powers of our own, if we could get it "purified" somehow. Or even without that, fuck if I care if we get Dark Side Points. Either way, the risk has fully overtaken the reward.

Anyway, Limits' plan has merit. We must teach this girl the horror of the Dark Power, and as luck would have it, we have a convenient teaching tool on us right now!

"Now class, today we're going to learn the horror of the Dark Power! Starting with… The Devil Arcana card I have in my hand! See how dark it is! Fear it! It is my connection to the Dark Power!"

…What? Just because we aren't Kamen right now doesn't mean I can't headcanon that he's sitting here ad-libbing since Mamoru's too busy being a zombie right now.

31e55 No.21430

Man, I wish I had more experience with stuff like this.

Wait… okay, this is a stretch, but dark power of any sort has no room for other dark powers. It always turns on others, if not itself. So could we somehow attack others that are under the influence, showing how even the dark power will self destruct and leave nothing in the end?

I think you can guess which body part is talking.

791e9 No.21431

While I'm not 100% sold on your idea about the card, Blue, I'm very glad that we're on the same wavelength regarding our next move. It's like the best show-and-tell ever!

7fed6 No.21444

If you're talking about the using it for our own ends thing, one thing I should clarify.

I'm a nice guy and will treat our girls as such. But I am a dirty cheating asshole and will not hesitate to grab every advantage I can get my greedy hands on in pursuit of our goals. I recognize that it wasn't something we could get away with here with the card, but if there's a way to turn something we took from them in our favor, by goddess I'll look for it. It's not like the villains never do the exact same thing to us, after all.

63adf No.21446

I'm pretty much the same way. The card seemed like a good idea at the time but it turned on us. We just need to escape it's effects and move on.

de97d No.21447

No, I'm just not entirely sure that it has *completely* outlived its usefulness. I agree that if we had a lead box handy, our first priority should be stuffing it in there and vacuuming out all the air to ensure it can't cause any more problems, but I think there's more to learn from it, and I think Kero might be able to help us there.

7fed6 No.21469


If you've got any ideas how we can get out of this situation and get it to that box without the card getting destroyed first aside from the hope that Honoka swats it out of our hand instead of just blasting it, I'm all ears.

de97d No.21470

Oh yeah. Pretty Cure Rainbow Therapy is probably going to wreck that card. Oh well.

a6d3f No.21482

Let's do this. And maybe wave the card in her face a little so she'll think to slap at it.

f1e11 No.21523

Go Mr. Six on them.

Now class, this is the horror of the dark power.

Limits idea, and pull out the card.

Show that the darkness always turns on itself.

Blue's idea.

>P.S. Moe, good job putting a robot pun in a pseudo-SRW quest. I appreciate it and you.
And I appreciate having my ego stroked. (It won't help getting out of this situation).

>Man, I wish I had more experience with stuff like this.
If you'd like, I can add more mind control traps to the quest.

I'll be going with the combination of Limit's and Blue's idea. I'll start writing this evening.

However, I wanted to mention, this is the most response to an action I've had in a while. I might need to add more pitfalls like this to the quest.

f1e11 No.21531

File: 1471714267033.jpg (46.48 KB, 712x480, Bad Grandma.jpg)

You shamble along with your compatriots towards the girl and her grandmother. You will rip that phone free of the girls grasp. That will show them the horror of the Dark power.

>That's not enough horror.

You stop in your tracks. You don't know where this new voice came from, but you can't argue with it. Such a simple mugging won't inspire true terror in them. You recall a commercial advertising and American theme park. There's an old man dancing to a very catchy tune. There must be some supernatural horror letting him move like that.

Although you're dressed well enough to play the part, you're nowhere near old enough to pull that off. Furthermore, it won't teach them anything about the supernatural horror that has washed over you and everyone else that's shambling towards them.

That's it! You move the camcorder to your left hand. With your right, you pull out the card from your left breast pocket. You hold it above your head and call out in a loud, booming, voice, "Now class, today we're going to learn the horror of the Dark Power! Starting with… The Devil Arcana card I have in my hand! See how dark it is! Fear it! It is my connection to the Dark Power!"

You're right hand is gripped tightly on the card, almost as if you were touching a live wire, and your muscles were stuck flexing. Your right arm is trembling; you can feel tendrils of darkness writing through your arm towards your heart and mind. However that distance has weakened the card's influence over you. You are not a servant of the Dark Power, regardless of what that voice in your head says.

You see the first old woman pull out a card identical to the one in your hand. "That's what I get for relying on that pretty boy's toys!" She grumbles. The professor that had been standing next to her flickers, and disappears. You feel her gathering a new surge of dark power and pumping it into the tarot card in her hand, "Take that device that she's holding!"

A new dark tendril emerges from the card. It painfully pushes through your wrist and travels down your forearm. With it no longer directly pressed against your heart, the command is no longer instantaneous. You're pretty sure that the tendril of dark power worming its way down your arm carries the command that she just shouted. If it reaches your mind, you'll have to carry out that order.

What do you do?
>That second voice was lying. You are a servant of the Dark Power. Let the command reach your mind.
>Creatively interpret that command to suit your purposes [and do what?]
>Fight it. Don't let that command reach you. [how?]

1d1ba No.21533

Hmm, perhaps we can tap into some tuxedo power… Lets see if that second voice is the persona of the good prince.

Say to yourself:
>"Alright whoever you are, if you don't want me to be a servant of darkness, then give me strength!"
Then with all your might, throw our devil card straight at the old woman's version of the card. if we can toss roses with supernatural accuracy and power, then we can toss a card the same way.
If the Tuxedo persona helps of course.

7fed6 No.21534

It definitely caught us off-guard. It tends to be whichever of us few named folks comes up with a plan and everyone else sees no reason to argue, so we go with it.

Well, if it isn't Fuckface herself! Sounds like she's already been making friends with Jadeite, if she's carrying around a spare master Devil Arcana. Explains that other question we had. I want it, but she's still got The Illusion on her as well, and I want that back too. Taking either one would be considered a victory, since it'd rob her of the weapon for future encounters.

But we're still Mamoru, so assuming we don't have super healing powers (or at least not near-instantaneous) active is a good idea. Along with lacking all of our other athletic skills, weapons, and identity-concealing gear. A prolonged fight isn't going to go well for us.

Fortunately, I have an idea.

Before I go into it, though, can I ask how far apart everyone is right now? Like, how far we are from Poisony and Honoka, and how far apart they are from each other.

de97d No.21541

HA! Yes! Poisony didn't refer to any particular "she"! This means that, no matter whether we're under mind control or not, we now have free reign to go for whatever device that Poisony may be holding! (What? "Device" has a *VERY* broad definition.)
Though, before I actually make the vote, I would also like to know where everyone is in physical distance to each other. It'll help me tweak how I want this next vote to work since, as Blue pointed out, Mamoru isn't Tuxedo Mask right now.

7fed6 No.21544

Yup, you totally guessed my plan. I like to call it Option 2: Kamen Take The Wheel.

Because we are going to go MAXIMUM Motherfucker Mode on this bitch.

81aab No.21556

File: 1471784010379.jpg (132.11 KB, 712x480, Crowd.jpg)

>Before I go into it, though, can I ask how far apart everyone is right now?
>I would also like to know where everyone is in physical distance to each other. It'll help me tweak how I want this next vote to work

You're the dashing figure in the blue circle. Evil Grandma is in the red circle.

de97d No.21557

Blue? Say it with me now:

Kamen, take the wheel. And ram this metaphorical car of our mad thieving swag right into this fake grandma's face. Buuuuut let's try to make it *look like* we're under her control until it's too late for her to properly respond, at least. Should we be unable to transform, I don't want to actually *fight* her.
So, shamble forward a bit, but also kinda shift to the side until we're next to Poisony, and *then* divest her of any device she has.

7fed6 No.21558

Close, but no need to be quite so vague when we already have a weapon in hand.

So here's my plan. Our goal is to take the "device" out of "her" hands. So as Limits said, we have to get closer to her. We shift over as we move to make it look like we're about to go in with the crowd, and then once we're within range of her?

Spin around and smash the camera into her fucking face at full power, then grab the card out of her hand while she's stunned.

Part of me only expects us to get this far before the mind control status wears off and Mamoru freezes up, but if we're able to follow up at all, we need to drop the card we're still holding and pocket the one we just stole, preferably while still moving forward to keep hitting her. I'm thinking we toss the camera at her face again as we move to free up our left hand, then grab her arm and pull her forward towards us so we can knee her right in the gut. If all THAT goes successfully, spin her around and smash her to the ground with an armbar while she's reeling. Hopefully The Illusion will drop at some point during this and we can just pick it up.

Kamen fights dirty and likes to get the drop on people. Absolutely no reason we shouldn't take that to its logical conclusion. I'm inherently loathe to do something permanent to her because bitch or no bitch she's still a female, but honestly, if this was Jadeite or especially Zoicite we were fighting I'd say just snap his goddamn neck if we get a chance.

81aab No.21560

File: 1471796367329.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.7 KB, 276x183, It would appear.jpg)

7fed6 No.21561

I am all about the ultraviolence, good sir. We just haven't had any good excuses to indulge in it before now.

de97d No.21566

Savage, but effective and amazingly stylish, with a side of chivalrous. Don't tell me that's not everything that the ladies want to see in a man.

a6d3f No.21570

Do it

31e55 No.21571

I was going to come up with a less violent approach. We have the card out, why not simply drop it? Granted, we'll have to fight the darkness to do so, but it will make it much easier to fight on our own. Then you guys can punch the grandma in the face.

7fed6 No.21574

We completely surrender the element of surprise if we do that, though. The amount of willpower we'd need to put into dropping the card wouldn't go unnoticed, and we're too far away from her right now that she wouldn't be able to get a couple shots off before we closed in. Kamen can shrug off that kind of damage, but I doubt Mamoru can. It's easier to just get close and deck her first, and the camera makes sure she won't just shrug it off as a human blow against an inhuman opponent as most mahou shoujo villains are oft to do.

3b329 No.21654

Lets Kick her ass

28243 No.21723

Update is 3/4 written. It's actually been 3/4 written since Friday, and the only bit of spare time I had this weekend I spent RPing on f-list. I should get it done tomorrow.

4722d No.21757

Good, good.

28243 No.21799

File: 1472712427417.jpg (71 KB, 712x480, 1 Stop.jpg)

Ask for power from the voice, then throw the card.

Blue, Limits, and both Buns:
Take "her" device, ultraviolently.

Drop card, then punch her in the face.

You don't know for sure what's going on, but you're not a servant of the dark power, and you certainly don't want to attack some poor girl and her grandmother just because an evil old hag is using a demonic card to tell you what to do. As the dark tendril carrying her command forces its way past your elbow, you silently call out to the voice that was in your head earlier, "Alright whoever you are, if you don't want me to be a servant of darkness, then give me strength!"

The tendril reaches your shoulder and you calmly prepare yourself for the next mental assault. "The 'she' is evil grandma. The 'device' is the tarot card in her hand." You repeat those two sentences over and over again as the dark tendril reaches your brain and the old woman's command becomes your thoughts. You must obey. You must take that device that she's holding.

The fingers of your right hand still seem glued to the card; those dark tendrils are forcing your hand to tightly grip the card. You feel the power to walk normally returning to you, but you decide to continue shambling. You force your way forward, run into the fat man in a brown suit in front of you, and get "bumped" to your right. You stumble into a woman in a white skirt and red jacket, and get in range of bad grandma while trying to "regain your balance."

With all the strength you can muster, you spin to your right and smash the camera into her face with your left hand. Your left hand hurts like a bitch, and you're pretty sure that the camera didn't survive the impact. However, you're supremely satisfied to see her clutch her face and howl in pain. Oddly, her hair seems to have taken on more of a red hue, and her wrinkles aren't as noticeable.

You drop the camcorder and try to grab her card with both hands. Your left hand hurts, and only your ring finger and pinky are free on your right hand. You're able to grab her card, but your grip isn't as strong as it could be and you're unable to pry it free from her grasp. With that not working, you go for plan B. You wank on her arm as hard as you can to have her stumble towards you, and then you knee her hard in the gut.

The old woman collapses forward from the impact, or so it appears. For a moment, your vision is obscured by red strands. In the moment it takes you to process that, you feel a battering ram of air hit you in the chest and send you flying backwards. You realize that you're no longer holding the card in your hand. Your right arm feels better, not having tendrils of dark power writhing in it. Before you can appreciate the freedom from the card's control, you hit a tree trunk with your back, and then your head snaps back and hits the tree as well. You fall to the ground and slump over. With otherworldly clarity, you see the zombies approach the girl and grandmother, and then darkness overtakes you.

You're woken up by a woman's voice shouting, "Stop this at once!" Your eyes snap open at this unexpected voice. It is a paradoxical combination of frail and powerful. And yet, it forces the pain aside. You're Tuxedo Kamen, and the back of your head hurts like nobody's business. You're on the ground, next to a tree.

28243 No.21800

File: 1472712465860.jpg (55.04 KB, 712x480, 2 Two girls and a grandma.jpg)

On the other side of a row of bushes are two girls in middle school uniforms and an old lady in a blue kimono. The girls are in front of the older woman, shielding her with their bodies.

28243 No.21801

File: 1472712493032.jpg (86.5 KB, 712x480, 3 Evil redhead.jpg)

Facing them is a woman with red hair in black clothes, flanked by a horde of pale zombies. She tosses a cane to the ground between them, almost as if this was a gauntlet and she was challenging them to a duel.

"What in the world are you?" The old old woman in the blue kimono asks.

The redhaired woman standing at the front of the zombie horde ignores the question and with a degree of eerie calmness, states, "You are starting to get on my nerves. Give that thing to me right now."

The old woman counters, "I can't give this to you. This… This is something important to Honoka. I won't give it to you no matter what."

28243 No.21802

File: 1472712554557.jpg (81.17 KB, 712x480, 4 shock and surprise.jpg)

The two girls turn to the old woman. The bluenette, shocked, says, "Grandma…"

"It's not good for your health to be so obstinate!" The black-clad woman sneers. She thrusts her right arm forward, palm facing the woman and girls, and a blast of air shoots out. The ginger haired girl is thrown to your left. The bluenette flies off to your right. The old woman, tightly clutching the blue-trimmed flip-phone, stands in place, unmoving. The blast of air at first is completely repelled, but whatever force repelled it weakens until the old woman's hair and clothes are flapping violently in the gusting wind. Fortunately, whatever force was protecting the old woman outlasted the blast of air.

28243 No.21803

File: 1472712585078.jpg (87.55 KB, 712x480, 5 KO.jpg)

The old woman is hunched over and panting. The two girls run up to the old woman and hold her arms, helping support her upright. The bluenette, Honoka, asks, "Are you alright, Grandma?"

"Yes, I'm fine." The woman replies, her breathing returning to normal, "It seems I was saved by this once again. I probably shouldn't have been so stubborn. I feel so tired." The words barely leave her mouth, and she collapses backwards. The two girls slow her fall, and set her head down on Honoka's lap.

The bluenette calls out, "Grandma, Grandma!" But the old woman appears to be passed out.

The other girl stands up and yells, "What have you done!? This has nothing to do with her, right?"

She's joined by the bluenette. "I won't forgive you. I'll never forgive you!" She cries out, you can hear the pain in her voice, but it's sharpened by the by a deep thirst for vengeance.

28243 No.21804

File: 1472712624159.jpg (61.78 KB, 712x480, 6. Red trim phone.jpg)

The evil redhead laughs dismissively, "Don't talk so big. You can't even transform without this." She's holding a flip-phone with red trim. It matches the phone that the David Bowie lookalike, Pissard, was trying to steal the other night.

The ginger calls out, "Mepple!"

The black-clad woman taunts, "If you don't want to end up like her, you'd better give the other one to me."

You're not happy that you're missing your cape, but you can't help that. What do you do now?
>Wait and watch.
>Throw a rose at the redhead.
>Run out and attack the rehead.
>Join the girls in a defensive stance.
>Carry the old woman to safety.
>Use the locket.

28243 No.21805

Tomorrow managed to become two days, and 3/4s done managed to turn to half done. I see webm support has been enabled. I considered trying it out for this post, but it's already taking too long.

7fed6 No.21807

I'm starting to get just a little bit tired of Poisony getting caught off-guard by our attacks but smart enough to tank it and not lose her shit like most mahou villains would. The part that sucks, at least to me, is that out of all the villains we could run into, a redhead with a hot bod like her is the one I'd rather "get along" with, but she's honestly starting to shape into the one we hate just on principle because of how much of a pain in the ass she's been.

I'm a little undecided on what to do right now, but I'm thinking wait for a turn. As usual, Kamen's got so many points in the Backstab ability that letting them forget we exist before we make a move feels like the best idea, even if I really want to jump in there right now.

2276c No.21816

I'm pretty sure she's already mostly forgot about us. She probably still thinks Mamoru is still out after she blasted him into the tree.

I say we move to a more advantageous position, toss a rose at the phone holding hand, then dash forward and catch the phone before it can even hit the ground.

7fed6 No.21817

She's probably forgotten about us, sure, but the Precure girls aren't doing much to keep her distracted right now either. If it turns into a fight, she'll be paying a lot more attention to it than her surroundings.

31e55 No.21829

Let's take care of the grandma and earn ourselves some brownie points. If the girls still need us, then we can help.

28243 No.21858

Rose to the hand. Catch the phone.

Take care of Grandma and earn brownie points.


Voting is still open.

7fed6 No.21860

Yeah, this deadlocked pretty quick. I still don't think we should jump in right away, because if we force Poisony's hand too quickly she may just bail on us like last night.

Limits, do you have any good ideas?

de97d No.21863

>>Nothing write-in worthy, sorry. I'd start combining options if I didn't think they all took similar amounts of time/attention, which would blow a lot of our surprise.
I think giving everyone an extra turn would be best now, so "wait and watch" is my vote. Unless Poisony can one shot an untransformed Cure (I don't believe she can), we can afford to delay our entrance until it'll catch her off-guard.

7fed6 No.21874

Yeah, gonna go ahead and officially vote for "Wait and see". Kamen's effectiveness as The Backup come from his willingness to sit and wait for an opportune moment to jump in, usually when the enemy isn't expecting it.

d2694 No.21877

Rose to the hand. Catch the phone.

5a277 No.21880

Wait and see

de97d No.21884

Oh hey. Are you the same guy that headcanoned Beryl's backstory in the anonkun Sailor Moon quest? If so, good job.

28243 No.21893

Three votes for wait and see.

Two for Rose to the hand and catch the phone.

One vote for brownie points.

I'll keep voting open for a while longer, then start writing if there's no change.

28243 No.21894

File: 1473100225134.webm (4.57 MB, 712x480, Air_Blast.webm)

Also, does anyone know of an mkv to webm converter that will add hardsubs to the video? CCS has hardsubs so I can make webms with subs without a problem. All the other series have softsubs, and the webm converter I use doesn't add them to the video stream when reencoding.

3d9e7 No.21895

Let's wait

28243 No.21909

File: 1473128672187.jpg (48.38 KB, 712x480, Put that mouth to good use.jpg)

And that brings the vote for waiting to four. Good enough to call it here.

The situation is too fluid right now. Prematurely exposing yourself would just be reckless. Those blasts of air don't seem to be too bad, at least for someone that isn't flying. The girls should be able to tank it, even if they aren't able to transform.

The bluenette takes the matching blue flip phone from her grandmother's grasp and clutches it tightly. "I'll never give it to you!"

The redhead starts to squeeze the phone, "If you don't want anything to happen to this one, give me that one now!"

The ginger cries out, "Please stop it! Let Meppple go!"

"I guess you don't care what happpens to this one." The black-clad woman squeezes tighter, and large crack forms along the front of the phone. It's loud enough that you can hear it as well from your position behind the bushes. "First, I'll crush the one I have, and then I'll take that one. Afterwards, I'll just take my time forcing that one to talk."

The bluenette is at a loss for words. She's staring at the woman mouth agape.

The ginger shouts franticly, "Stop it! Give back Mepple!"

You hear more snapping plastic, and more cracks form on the phone in the redhead's hands. "Give it to me!"

The bluenette bows her head. You can see her grandmother's lips moving, but you can't hear what she says. After a moment, the girl straightens her back, her left hand holding her grandmother's hand. "No." You can barely hear her say that, then she repeats it louder, "No! I said I'd never give Mipple to you!"

You see the redhead gets furious. She growls and crushes the phone to dust, "If you had just given me that thing you're holding so tightly, I wouldn't have done anything to you." She throws her right arm back and thrusts her left palm forward, launching another blast of wind at the woman and girls.

28243 No.21910

File: 1473128713596.gif (20.95 KB, 200x328, Bunny.gif)

From the other side of the park you hear a girls voice shout, "Windy!" You look to see the source. It's clearly Sakura, but she's wearing a different outfit. This time, she's dressed in a bunny costume. The beak of her staff is pressed against a card floating in the air.

28243 No.21911

File: 1473128747394.jpg (142.34 KB, 640x480, Windy.jpg)

From the card emerges a winged figured. It's a blonde, elf-like woman with a crest on her forehead and green tendrils floating around her body. The woman flies forward and intercepts the blast of air for the redhead. She stands between the two opposing parties, shielding the girls and semi-conscious woman from the evil redhead.

The woman in black blasts the elfin woman several more times. Although she loses her cohesiveness with each blast, she quickly regenerates. She changes targets and tries the blast Sakura. However, she rolls out of the way and runs to the girls. "You have to run away," Sakura pants, "She's a really bad person that steals things and hurts people."

"I know." The ginger replies angrily, her fists tightly clenched, "She… she crushed Mepple."

Unable to blast through the pale blonde elf, the redhead snaps her fingers and shouts, "Get them!" Following her orders the shambling horde, which had been standing around without orders until now, begins to shamble once more towards the three girls and the old woman.

What do you do now?
>Continue observing.
>Run away.
>Get in there and help them retreat.
>Get in there and join the fight.
>Rose to the zombies (right over their hearts or elsewhere?).
>Rose to the redhead.
>Use the music watch.
>Sneak around the park and get behind the redhead [Then do what?]

131b6 No.21920

I think now's the time to take down the redhead. If we remember the last zombies, the control over them is easily broken when the controller is distracted.

I'd suggest a song for our music watch, but can't think of one right now.

7fed6 No.21931

…Huh. That shouldn't have happened.

…No seriously, that shouldn't have happened! I started friggin' watching this show because of this game, that shouldn't have fucking happened! Mepple was supposed to change forms, run for it, get back to the girls and they go all Precure and get shit done. She wasn't supposed to actually crush–

That's it, I'm DONE fucking around. Rush for it as quietly as we can, but as we're running, toss a rose at the hand that's still holding the card and controlling the zombies. That should distract her long enough for us to close distance and cane her in the fucking skull, but if she starts firing shots at us we need to actually dodge this time. If we do have to dodge, call out to Sakura and tell her to help us out. That should have her send Windy in our direction and improve our odds a little. If we DO manage to close in and get into a melee, I've got a line to use.

"I hope you've got more than those little shots to fight with, lady. Even that makeup-wearing friend of yours was brave enough to fight me face-to-face!"

And then we should proceed to SMASH HER INTO THE GROUND.

28243 No.21954

File: 1473213165645.webm (Spoiler Image, 565.92 KB, 640x360, Good.webm)

7fed6 No.21957

I always want to roll as a Jedi, but people always moan and complain when I try to use Force Lightning. "That's a Dark Side power!" they say. "Stop electrocuting those people!" they say. "Oh god why did you murder everyone in the town?" they say. Buncha whiners.

de97d No.21961

Yeah. "Wait and see", to me, meant "wait until Poisony STARTS doing real violence, then kick her ass because any reinforcements are too slow and kicking her ass was the plan anyway." Not "sit back, grab some popcorn and a patent-pending Idiot Ball."
I have to say that this was the most poorly-worded set of options that you've given so far, Moe. It was just bad enough that I didn't think we'd need a write-in to save Tuxedo Mask from being dumb. His entire thing is showing up at the last second. Not after the last second.

That being said, let's see how she likes magic armor-piercing roses in her vital organs. All of them. If she wants to play at tonal dissonance and being more competent than she's supposed to be, she can deal with a lack of human empathy from us.

31e55 No.21966

Welp, I don't think we'll ever see any hesitation again. This is straight up our fault. We failed to act when we should have.

Let's back stab the red head. Rose to her neck, try to paralyze or at least buy enough time for us to close the distance and strike her from behind.

408f8 No.21977

Are you guys sure? I thought she opened the phone to show them it was Mepple originally. And he screamed a few times as she was squeezing him. I don't see where any of that happened here. She just smashed a closed phone without any of that. Doesn't she still have that illusion card? Seconding Blue's plan though, bitch needs to go down.

de97d No.21993

…You know, the thought had crossed my mind a few times, but I thought it was equally likely to be shown as butthurt denial. And if I'm going to be butthurt about anything (like a consequence that goes past my willing suspension of disbelief based on an option that is apparently far more open to interpretation than it should be), I'm going to be as sure as I can that it's not butthurt denial. Because that solves zero problems.

28243 No.21995

Seems the voting is united on "Kick her ass." I'll combine specific non-contradictory actions as best I can.

I'll get to writing soonish. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Friday. In the meantime, feel free to strategize for the fight.

28243 No.22061

Or Sunday.

28243 No.22072

File: 1473666263114.jpg (234.29 KB, 411x600, Queen.jpg)

That's it, it's time to kick her ass. You'd love to do nothing more than to stab her in the back, but there's one problem, distance. Rather, there's several problems because in the distance between you and the black-clad woman, there's a row of bushes, open space, and the zombie horde forming an impenetrable wall. If you made it to the closing semi-circle of zombies, you could jump over them, but being airborne doesn't seem like a smart idea, considering what happened to Sakura the last time that fucking bitch fought someone in the air.

Backstabing it is. Keeping below the bushes, you walk around the outside of the park. While moving to get the fountain between you and the redhead, you listen to what the girls are saying.

Sakura is franticly giving commands to Windy. You risk a peek and see that each time Sakura sends Windy out to knock some of the zombies back, the redheaded bitch throws more air blasts at the girls, and Sakura quickly recalls Windy to shield them. "Please you two, take your grandma and run away. I'll fly away once you're safe."

After a moment of silence where you assume that the girls considering it, you hear the bluenette respond, "OK. Nagisa, please help me."


Having moved far enough counter-clockwise that the girls are still visible to your left, but the woman in black is behind the fountain, you leap over the bushes. As you run, you see that Windy is taking longer to rematerialize after each hit. It doesn't look like the wind elemental has much juice left.

Sakura cries out, "Kero! Windy isn't enough! I need a stronger card!"

The ginger-haired girl, Nagisa, stops helping carry the old woman. She reaches into a pouch and pulls out a card. "Will this help?"


The flying teddy bear reveals himself, he was also helping carry the old woman away. "It's not a clow card, but dat dere's magic. Yeh should try it."

Sakura takes the card, she reads the inscription, hits the card with the beak of her staff and calls out, "Queen!" Sakura is covered in a metallic sheen.

"Honoka!" A squeaky voice calls out. "Use the queen card."

The bluenette hesitates for a moment and nods, leaving Nagisa along to support the unconscious old woman. She takes her cell phone out of its pouch along with a card and swipes it in the phone. She's also covered in a metallic sheen. Honoka runs over to Sakura and takes the younger girl's hand.

"Dual Aurora Wave!" The two girls are surrounded by a strobing rainbow ball of light which erupts into a strobing rainbow column of light. You can the outline of the two girls, but the blinding light prevents you from seing any details.

28243 No.22073

File: 1473666311732.jpg (50.68 KB, 712x480, Poisonny stunned.jpg)

Fortunately, the redhead's attention is caught by the transformation. She's shielding her eyes and complaining, "That shouldn't be possible without the other one!" With her so perfectly distraced, you pull out three roses with one hand and throw them at her.

"Emissary of light, Cure White!"
"Card Captor, Shiny Sakura!"
"Servant of the dark power! Return to the darkness from which you came!"
"After you give me back the Clow Card!"

The redhead howls in pain. The top rose only grazed her neck, but the other two have embedded themselves very nicely in her back. With the woman distracted, you spare a moment to glance at what happened to Honoka and Sakura. Honoka is now back in her Cure White persona. Just like at the amusement park, she's wearing a white gown with blue trim.

28243 No.22074

File: 1473666338549.jpg (17.13 KB, 178x164, Blonde hair.jpg)

Sakura is wearing the same outfit as Cure Black was wearing, a black crop top and a black shorts and skirt combo, with pink trim. However, unlike Cure Black's hair, which didn't seem to change at all from Nagisa's, Shiny Sakura's hair is golden blonde, very long, and tied off in two bushy pigtails.

The redhead's attention is back onto you. "You need to stop getting in my way!" She fires another blast of air at you, but you expected it and easily roll out of the way.

"Hiyaaa!" Getting back on your feet, you see White flying through the air, clearly having just lept over the line of zombies. A moment later, her flying jump kick connects with the villainous woman and sends her sprawling.

Cure White seems shocked to see you and calls out, "Tuxedo Kamen!"

"Don't give her any time to get back on her feet!" You turn to where the woman is picking herself up. Luckily, you reach her first, and knee her in the face. You stumble from the sudden change in your momentum, but that felt very satisfying. You regain your footing and turn to the redhead. To your dismay, there's now three of them. All three of them have bloody noses, so at least you have that bit of satisfaction, but you can't tell the three apart. "I'm sick of these damn illusions!"

To your right is Cure White. Behind you is the semi-circle of zombies. In front of you are three of "those fucking bitches". What do you do?

>Continue the beatdown [pick Left, Middle, or Right.]

>Throw a rose. [Pick which one.]
>Say something to Cure White. [command, or question.]
>Check out what's happening behind you.

7fed6 No.22089

Sure, cause we haven't fucked Precure canon nearly enough yet!

"White, go for the one in front of you! Sakura, keep the people off us!" as we toss a rose ahead and take a swing at the one on our left. I want to be more detailed than that, but the situation's too fluid at the moment to do so.

28243 No.22093

>Sure, cause we haven't fucked Precure canon nearly enough yet!
A. At the risk of sounding like I'm praising my own work, I think the sign of a good crossover is one that messes with the canon in interesting ways.
B. Sooner or later, we'll stop fucking with PreCure canon and start fucking PreCures. OK, maybe not stop fucking with canon, but at least fuck the girls as well.

7fed6 No.22094

For the record, I'm going to be legitimately mad if we actually did lose Mepple back there and thus lost Cure Black. I'm with Limits about not wanting to come across as butthurt over this, but yeah no denying I'm gonna be pretty fuckin' butthurt if that actually happened.

31e55 No.22097

I agree with this plan. If things go south, we'll get Sakura back with us to take out this kage bushin knockoff.

de97d No.22098

Ugh, if only we had a good AoE thing. I was in an illusory clone enemy situation during a recent Pathfinder session, and we just lit them up with AoE effects until we figured out which one was real by their reactions.
Now I wonder: could Kamen perhaps do something entangly with his rose? Like throw it stem-first into the ground, and then SUDDENLY TANGLING ROOTS AND THORNY VINES EVERYWHERE?

28243 No.22152

White goes for right, Kamen throws rose center and attacks left. Sakura keeps the zombie horde at bay.

Blue's plan.

Contemplating actions.

Voting's still open.

44291 No.22153

I'll back Blue's plan.

de97d No.22155

Ugh. Blue has a good plan, but I want to vote for my general plan outline.
Let's face it: every time Tuxedo Kamen has earned a new ability, it's been by doing something that we were more-or-less unsure he could do.
Hmm…is it OK if I go with Blue's plan, but use his advised bit of rose-throwing to test what I'm trying to do? Basically, would that count as a separate vote if I did that?

7fed6 No.22166

I'm all for the idea, but I feel like going all Poison Ivy is probably more something a magical girl could do, to be honest.

And as much as I'd be okay with the idea of us being able to turn our roses into tentacle traps or otherwise do fun crazy stuff with them, I don't want to experiment during this particular fight because I'm actually more worried about it actually working when we're not expecting it to and ends up distracting us a la teamflashing in CounterStrike than I am it just not succeeding. We've finally gotten the drop on Poisony and I really don't want to do ANYTHING to risk that, especially since now that we HAVE gotten this close she's probably going to try and bug out at the first given opportunity.

28243 No.22175

No update until next week (hopefully Monday, but maybe Tuesday). Crazy busy weekend. 3 votes for Blue's plan. 1 vote for Limit's modified version of Blue's plan. Have fun y'all.

de97d No.22189

OK then. The answer to my question was "Yes, it's a separate vote."

Yeah, that's a good point, Blue. We can experiment when we're back to normal youma/Zakenna/whatever.

28243 No.22272

File: 1474421794054.jpg (15.79 KB, 640x480, Spin Kick.jpg)

That's what I get for being half-asleep when I read your post. I miss the question in your post. Yes, it counts as a separate vote, but it's also a non-contradictory write-in. Following my arcane rules of combining votes, the action will be combined.

You order, "White, go for the one in front of you! Sakura, keep the people off us!"You pull out a rose and throw it at the middle redhead. You really wish that you had some sort of an attack that could hit all three at once and really simplify your problem here.

Your rose goes through the the middle one and embeds itself in the concrete behind her. The illusion deforms, become semi-transparent and covered in scan-lines. You figured it wouldn't be that simple that the one in the middle was the real one, but it still would have been nice. So would have been entangling vines sprouting from your rose.

You exhale in a combination of disgust and resignation. Before the middle illusion is able to restore herself, you already have your cane out and are running towards the left one. The redhead sticks her arm at you palm first. Instinctively you tumble diagonally to your left to dodge the imminent blast of air. You land on your left shoulder, roll, and continue running.

During the fraction of a second that you were looking to the right, you could see White spinning, but the fact that you were also spinning prevented you from clearly seeing what she was doing.

Running once more towards the redhead in front of you, you realize that you didn't hear any air whooshing past you. You swing your cane, and the black-clad woman raises her arm to guard. With a loud smack, your cane goes straight through the illusion, deforming it and obscuring it with scan-lines.

Quickly, you turn around and realize that the smack didn't come from your cane. Cure White connected with her flying spin kick, and the villainous woman is picking herself up off the ground. You can see where the two roses hit her in the back. Parts of the stems are still poking out from her back, and although it's hard to tell with black material, the material around the strikes looks wet. Hopefully she's bleeding from those hits.

Directly opposite the redhead stands Cure White, only about half as far away from the woman as you are. She appears to be a little dizzy from the spin kick, but quickly clears her head. Looking further right, you see the damaged concrete where an air blast hit as well as some of the zombies knocked over from that blast.

Looking further right, you see Shiny Sakura on your side of the shambling horde. She's panting and her black gloves and the pink lace of her skirt appear to be evaporating. Small squares of material are separating from the rest of the outfit and falling up. After a short while, those detached pieces seem to dissolve in the air. Windy isn't looking too well either. The wind elemental is far less corporeal that she was earlier, appearing translucent. Furthermore, her green tendrils seem to be moving less fluidly.

Moving on, the illusion of the redhead between you and the real one has reformed, but is standing in place without moving. However, the one right next to you doesn't seem to be reforming and still appears like a distorted image on an old analog screen.

"Sakura! Seal the illusion card!" Kero orders.

Sakura is glancing between you and the flying teddy bear, confused. You and Kero have given her conflicting orders.

What do you say?
>No, keep the people away from us.
>Yes, do it.
>Other [what?]

The woman has picked herself up and yells, "I'll get that device from you for the sake of the Dark King!"

What do you do?
>Run after her
>Yell a command to White [say what?]
>Write-in [do what?]

28243 No.22273

Missed a line.

>The woman has picked herself up and yells, "I'll get that device from you for the sake of the Dark King!"
And starts running towards Cure White.

7fed6 No.22282

This one's actually somewhat easy. Yell "Do it" to Sakura as we start to run towards Poisony with intent to cane her in the skull, and if we can get a clean shot that won't fuck up Honoka as we're running, toss a rose straight for… Gonna say her hand, the one still holding the zombie card if she's still got it out. If she's still holding that card, this could be our chance to knock the zombies out of the equation entirely. If she's not, it'll at least catch her in case she wants to try and fire off any more of those damned airblasts.

de97d No.22283

Yeah, that's about right. If we seal Illusion now, then Sakura won't have to work as hard at protecting bystanders, and she'll be able to conserve some energy. If we wait, then she'll gas herself, and won't be able to seal Illusion, which could let Poisony get away with it AGAIN. And that's when the rioting will start.
A vote for Blue is a vote against unnecessary rioting! This message has been paid for by the Committee for Necessary Rioting.
Or, short answer, I vote for Blue's plan.

28243 No.22293

>Or, short answer, I vote for Blue's plan.
In other words, the usual option.

Still waiting on votes.

59ae2 No.22303

I'll vote for Sakura sealing the card, but instead of tossing the rose at Poisony's arm, we go for her legs. That should hopefully cause her to stumble and throw off her aim.

7fed6 No.22306

Don't be hatin' just cause I'm beautiful

28243 No.22359

Beautiful, sure. Let's go with that.

31e55 No.22402

A vote for Blue's plan

28243 No.22432

File: 1475011248134.jpg (26.1 KB, 712x480, Judo throw.jpg)

Seal the card x4
Rose to the arm and chase after her x3
Rose to the leg x1

You nod to Shiny Sakura, "Do it!" Pulling out another rose, you chase after the redhead. If you could just hit her arm, you think you could release her hold over the zombies. With both of you running, not to mention her arms swinging, her hands are moving all over the place relative to your position. You aim and let your rose fly.

"Shit." You curse, as your rose flies past her. You don't have any chance of making it to the redhead before she reaches Cure White, but you keep running to at least be able to help once the fighting restarts.

The villainous woman reaches Cure White before you're even able to reach the middle illusion. The redhead's arms are outstretched; she's obviously planning on tackling the bluenette and prying the other cell phone from her grasp. However, instead of the woman and girl falling into a tangle of limbs as you had expected, Cure White sidesteps and uses the woman's momentum against her. The bluenette judo throws the redhead and sends her flying backwards.

You come to a stop in shock. That wasn't something you expected her to be able to do. Up til now, the only effective fighting techniques you'd seen her perform have been her flying kicks. Aside from the corkscrew beam of death, her fighting ability had been rather lackluster.

Shiny Sakura comes to a stop in front of the reformed illusion close to you. She pants a few times, trying to regain her breath, then calls out, "Clow Card! Seal!" She hits the illusion with the beak of her staff and much like the last time she tried to seal the illusion, the image is replaced with a bright white glow. A stream of that same bright white glow moves past you, clearly from the illusion that hadn't had a chance to reform. Additionally, you sea a glowing object fly away from the redhead and come to a halt in front of Shiny Sakura's staff.

Your attention is taken away from the process of the Illusion being sealed by a loud splash. The redhead falls into the fountain, causing a large spray and water to overflow past the sides. You turn back to Shiny Sakura. The sealed card is hanging in the air, but she isn't making any moves to grab the card. Furthermore, her gaze looks a little unfocused. Windy returning to her card form warns you that not everything might be right. You get closer to the now-blonde girl, just in time to catch her as she passes out and falls over. In your arms, her black and pink outfit dematerialize the rest of the way, along with her bushy blonde hair. For about a second, you have an unconscious naked nine-year-old girl in your arms. You don't have much chance to enjoy the view, and her bunny outfit from earlier appears in its place. On the ground next to you two lie three cards, Windy, Illusion, and Queen.

Looking up, you see that Cure White has also detransformed and is now back in her school uniform. She's looking around, not sure what happened, or why her transformation ended. She sees you and Sakura and jogs over. "What happened?" She asks.

"I think Sakura used up all her magic."

Before you can continue your conversation, the redhead stand up inside the fountain and screams in frustration. Something is moving around violently inside of her black tunic. The woman reaches inside and pulls out a flipphone with red trim. It looks just like the cellphone that she crushed earlier. The phone opens up and an impossibly large amount of water falls out into the fountain.

The head of a stuffed animal pops out of the cell phone and complains in a squeaky voice, "Don't be such a klutz Nagis- AAAAHHHHHH!"

The redhead squeezes tightly and screams, "Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" as she trudges through the water and out onto dry land. She's soaking wet, looks miserable, and is absolutely furious.

You're holding an unconscious Sakura in your arms, and three cards are on the concrete. Honoka is standing near you with her attention focused on the redhead. The shambling horde is more of a bumbling horde right now. They're walking around aimlessly, bumping into each other. You see Nagisa running towards you, but you don't see where she left the old lady.

What do you do now?
>Feel up Sakura. She is right there.
>Check if Sakura is physically OK.
>Hand off Sakura to Honoka, freeing you up to fight.
>Wait for Nagisa to get to you three.
>Carry Sakura off somewhere safe.
>Carry Sakura off somewhere where you can do lewd things to her.
>Strategize with Honoka.

84edc No.22436

Can we disguise out feeling up as checking to see if she's okay? Otherwise, I'm for strategizing.

7fed6 No.22439

Goddamn illusions. Every fucking time.

I say we gently set Sakura down and quietly grab the three cards off the ground, pocketing the two Clow Cards, because I absolutely fucking refuse to lose any more cards in this scenario, and hold up the Queen card for Honoka as we strategize. We might have a chance to buy some time for Nagisa to catch up if Poisony wants to turn this into a hostage situation again.

And while we're messing with our inventory, check our rose ammo. We probably don't have that many left, and this kind of scenario is begging for a well-placed sniper shot.

28243 No.22442

But of course.

>Goddamn illusions. Every fucking time.
I know, right? it's almost as if I was having a great time fucking with you guys with those illusions. Oh, wait! I was.

29e85 No.22443

I have some DM buddies who would enjoy your style. (offers fist-bump)

28243 No.22451

*Fist bumps*

Still though, my goal is for you, the players, to win. I just don't want to make it easy for you.

7fed6 No.22452

For what it's worth, I really do enjoy the challenge of sitting down and figuring out the way to go that earns us the biggest success or at least averts the worst failure. And as I've said, while I'm greedy about our win/loss ratio on the battlefield, I have no problems playing the long game for our romance options.

I'm just so over Poisony and these illusions, though. It's made us second-guess ourselves more than a few times now and we've almost always come out the worse for it. I still want to somehow engineer a situation where we can bring her over to our side and have sexy fun times with her, and granted if we're really going full SRW with this it IS a distinct possibility, but I'm perfectly happy in the short term with making her drop all her Key Items and sending her packing. We got Illusion back, now for Mepple and The Devil.

de97d No.22467

Ehhhhhhh…saying that you were enjoying that makes me worry a bit. I can't speak for Blue, but I was close to the point where I was just so mad that I wasn't having fun anymore.
Obviously, I'm still having fun, because I'm still here commenting on this. And it seems like we made it through the worst of the illusion shenanigans for now. Just…please don't go overboard if another situation like this comes up? I don't know how else to say that without making it sound too much like a stupid threat that wouldn't do any of us any good. In the end, you want us to win, and we want to win. So yeah, let's just keep going with that in mind, I guess…

de97d No.22468

>pocketing the Clow Cards
Just to be sure, we'll give them back to Sakura when she wakes up, right?

7fed6 No.22469

Of course, but I'm not just leaving them on the ground.

28243 No.22470

I wrote a long reply, but I think it's best to save until the end of the episode when I'll post it along with the stat sheet (and probably start a new thread).

Suffice it to say, no, this battle is not going to be the norm for battles from now on, especially not against monsters of the week. However, fights against minibosses will be harder than average in hopefully unique ways.

>but I was close to the point where I was just so mad that I wasn't having fun anymore. Obviously, I'm still having fun, because I'm still here commenting on this.

That sounds like I reached exactly the desired level of difficulty for this fight. I'll be sure not to tip it over into the "so mad I stopped playing" space.

31e55 No.22478

Take Sakura to safety then return to fight, I don't want no hostages.

And seriously, how do I get around the 'Forbidden' error!?

de97d No.22482

One last question: what exactly are you trying to do by showing Honoka the Queen card? I'm just not quite understanding. That's what I get for checking this so late, I guess…

I usually don't get mad about difficulty unless I think it's arbitrarily and suddenly assigned to someone who wouldn't otherwise have that difficulty. That being said, I'm trying to give this quest more wiggle room out of gratitude towards your intention as QM and because this is a crossover event and weird stuff happens.
Now, as for what to do: we definitely need to keep those cards safe. We just got them; losing them all again would be really rough, especially since Sakura drained herself on our suggestion.
After that, though, I really think we'd be better off trying to reunite Mepple and Nagisa, though I don't know how aside from using our cane like the Ruyi Jingu Bang (contraction/extension. It's a thing that Kamen's cane does) and smacking any hand that might be grabbing the little guy.
I don't know; I'll think better when I'm more awake. Moe, if you get antsy to close the vote, consider this a vote for Blue's plan until further notice.

7fed6 No.22490

Mainly just so she'll grab it. If Sakura was still standing I would've handed her the Clow Cards back.

28243 No.22504

Neal: Feel up Sakura while checking for injuries and/or strategize. (feel free to clarify/confirm)

Blue: Set down Sakura, grab the cards, show off Queen, strategize, and check rose ammo.

Femanon: fistbump.

Shadow: Take Sakura to safety and come back.
I haven't been getting any errors lately, but try using the form at the top of the page instead of the quick reply form.

Limits: Blue's plan until he changes his mind.

Voting isn't coming together yet. I'll try to combine votes as best I can if I have to. Voting is still open. And yes, femanon's vote is very tongue in cheek.

63933 No.22540

Blue's plan sounds good

28243 No.22646

File: 1475816131995.jpg (199.01 KB, 760x720, Sakura passed out.jpg)

You shift Sakura so you can support her with your left arm. You're worried about her; hopefully she just passed out from using too much magic. An image of Sakura's puffy little nipples from the recording flashes in your mind. It would be so easy to feel them up. Besides, you could make it look as if you were checking her for injuries. After all, this might be something worse than just magic exhaustion.

You kneel, slowly lowering Sakura to a sitting position. As you go down, you place your hand on her chest. They're small, but just like on the video, her breasts are budding. Her nipples are not the little bumps of child, but they have some volume to them. They're not hard though, but that probably would have been asking too much for the girl to be sexually aroused in the middle of combat. Still, you've been able to confirm that puberty has already kicked in for this girl. For a short while, you fantasize at the idea of impregnating this elementary schoolgirl, and watching her tiny breasts grow rapidly and swell with milk to feed your offspring. You close your eyes and a blissful smile spreads over your face.

You regretfully move your hand away from the girl's chest and run down her left side. Your thoughts are pulled back to reality when you feel her outfit is wet, immediately followed by an electric shock like yesterday. You finish setting Sakura down, and take a closer look at her outfit on her left side. You can see a darker spot, and quickly deduce that her wound from yesterday opened back up. You could try to finish healing her, but she's already out of the fight. You don't know if you want to use up magic on someone that won't be able to help. Healing her and yourself yesterday seemed to be pushing your magic reserves to their limits.

You double-check where everyone is. Honoka is close by, but looking at the redhead. Nagisa is still running towards you. The drenched woman is trudging towards the three of you, leaving a trail of water behind her. Her attention is focused on the animal-head cell phone which is complaining loudly at being captured by her.

Quick time voting interrupt:
Do you heal Sakura?

After that, we'll continue with the actions voted previously, unless anyone wants to change their vote.

84edc No.22648

9128c No.22658

Partial heal. Enough to slow or stop the bleeding but we stop once Honoka walks up. If this is enough to heal the wound entirely, great, but we can't afford any weakness now with things about to kick off again.

e9918 No.22663

Heal enough to stop the bleeding. Once the fight is over then we heal her and the others fully.

31e55 No.22672

I agree with the others. Heal her enough to stop the blood loss, and we'll save some energy to fight with.

e9dc0 No.22717

No heal. Save the magic.

28243 No.22778

File: 1476067294012.jpg (51.94 KB, 712x480, Stupid face.jpg)

You think for a moment; both courses of action have their merits, and their drawbacks. You figure the best thing to do is to split the difference. You press your hand once more to Sakura's left side. Interestingly enough, you don't feel an electric shock. It seems that focusing on your healing ability prevented an accidental discharge.

Your thoughts not being clouded by the weight of a girl on your chest while your ribs were broken, you can feel a flow of something leaving you through your hand and going into Sakura. You try to trace it backwards, hoping to deduce your magic reserves, but it seems that your power of self-perception is not strong enough. The flow of magic is noticeable at your hand and forearm, but is barely perceptible in your upper arm. Perhaps if you had a chance to practice and focus on this magical flow, you'd be able to get a better feel for your magic.

>Self-perception - level 1: You can feel when you're using magic, but your ability to sense your magic reserves is limited to a feeling of exhaustion when you're nearing empty.

After a short while, you figure that you've stabilized Sakura. However, you make a mental note to yourself to go back to her and finish healing when the battle is over. You pick up the three cards off the ground. Pocketing the two clow cards in your left inside breast pocket, you're hit by a very strange sense of deja vu, and a little bit of dread. You remember that you had the Devil arcana in that pocket, but you don't recall what happened to it. You double-check that you still have Tomoyo's tape in your right breast pocket, but you have no idea where the camcorder is.

"Honoka!" You get the girl's attention and show her the Queen card. "This was Nagisa's, right?"

"Right." She answers and takes the card from you.

"Do you have plan?" You ask.

"If we can just get Mepple back, Nagisa and I can transform."

The stuffed animal head in the cell phone interrupts your conversation. It's constantly complaining, "This is terrible-mepo! Hurry up and save me-mepo!"

The redhead is visibly annoyed by the constant yammering and is snarling, "Shut up already or I'll break you into a million pieces!" You see her squeezing the phone.


Nagisa joins the three of you and takes the queen card back from Honoka.

"Let go of Mepple!" She yells.

"I'll say it one more time!" The redhead calls out. She really looks terrible in her drenched clothes. Her wet hair is plastered to her face. Despite the illusion fuckery that has been ruining your day, it seems that she's having a worse time than you. "Give me the other one, or I'll crush this one to dust!"

Honoka seems to have found more of her resolve, "I already told you, I'll never give Mipple to you!"

"Either give me the other one, or the prism stone," She squeezes and the cell phone in her hand, Mepple, and it cries out in pain, "Or this pathetic creature won't have long left to live."

You feel inside your jacket, "I have four roses left." You warn the girls.

What's your strategy?
>Bum rush her, and rescue the cell phone creature before she can do anything else.
>Attack her yourself, have the girls stay back.
>Rose to the arm, and get her to drop it.
>Pretend to leave to get to an advantageous position. Have the girls try to stall her.
>See if Honoka can use a Clow card [Windy, Illusion, or check if Sakura has more?].
>See if Nagisa can use Sakura's staff [use it with a Clow card or the Queen card?].

7fed6 No.22781

Hmm. I expect she's not stupid enough to fall for it if we try to outmaneuver this time, but aside from that I haven't got any immediately good ideas aside from prepping a shot and waiting for the right moment. Anyone else got a good one?

31e55 No.22816

Yay for gaining more skills!

Hmm, while we've seen that magics can mix here, I'm not a fan of trying it. I'm all for sending a rose to her arm. Even if it doesn't hit, the distraction would hopefully allow the girls to rush the red head.

966a3 No.22866

Lets do both. Ready a rose but wait until a good shot then aim for her arm

7fed6 No.22886

That's not too bad of an idea, actually.

28243 No.22951

I guess three votes is going to have to be good enough. I'll start writing later today.

1c38f No.22958

So, real talk for a minute Moe, is it possible for us to somehow turn Poisony to our side later, or is that something you totally aren't factoring into this game at all? Cause I had an idea about how we might lay the groundwork for it but it isn't worth wasting time on if we don't have a chance with her.

28243 No.22976

It's not something I had in mind at all. What that means is, that while I will not actively block you from shooting for that goal, it's also not going to be an easy secret to get.

Since she doesn't show any signs of wavering or doubting her cause in canon, you will need to lay the groundwork for her to join. That requires both having a pull to join your side, and a push to get her to betray the dark king.

I try to have a very holistic approach to writing. I try to have the characters do what is in their nature. If you set the conditions and/or change Poisony's nature so that the natural thing for her to do is to switch side, she will switch sides.

7fed6 No.22978

The fact that you're not outright saying it's impossible is enough for me to say we should at least try for it if we can. Worst case, we end up with nothing to show for it, and best case we get an ally and a fuckbuddy out of the deal.

The reminder that she stayed true to the darkness brought my idea back down to reality, though. It's easy to forget with SRW sometimes that just because you know someone can join your side doesn't mean they'll make it easy. Hell, some people only ever join your team because of stuff that happened through absolutely no action of your own, and you're just the best of a lot of bad options to them.

Not to mention, success with her in the future isn't going to happen if we don't manage success against her now. The other tenant of SRW is it doesn't matter who the hell will or won't join your team if you're screwing up the mission objectives. So I'll put my idea on hold for the time being, as I doubt she'd be willing to put up with a Talk action at this stage unless something REALLY drastic happened out of our control. Maybe next time.

de97d No.22982

I think you have the right of it. It's an unwritten rule of quests that any hot female enemy is fair game for a conversion attempt. Or several conversion attempts.
In fact, the Sailor Moon quest over on anonkun is making excellent headway towards sequence-breaking the Ginzuishou into Usagi's possession, and thus converting Beryl instead of purging her after she fuses with Metallia.
Granted, her backstory is a slight deviation from canon, but I'm sure the readers would've found a way to fix her anyway.

7fed6 No.22984

Now that you've reminded me, I am FULLY intending on breaking the shit out of that quest as much as Moe's willing to put up with. Theoretically, as long as we had some way to extract the rainbow crystals, Nephrite's black crystal for example, we could just grab Usagi, camp out on the seven targets, pull the crystals out and just drop a Moon Healing Escalation on them before anything bad happens.

…I haven't checked out that quest you're talking about, so if that's literally what they're doing I'll laugh my ass off.

de97d No.22996

Not really. They aren't doing Rainbow Crystals over there, but are instead using the manga explanation of "Usagi had it inside her all along", and it can be released with either great joy or great sorrow.
The readers of that quest are planning an Usagi/fem!Mamoru/MC threesome in order to unlock it. Also, things diverged to the point that a disguised Beryl accompanied Nephrite and Zoisite to the D Kingdom Ball, where she promptly got hit on and treated VERY nicely by the aforementioned three people.

7fed6 No.22998

That'd do it. Also, I did forget the manga version went with "always had it with you". That might make things interesting later.

28243 No.23001

While I'm still working on writing the next post (combination of being short on time, and wanting the debut of the next piece of crossover bullshit to be just right, is slowing me down), I want to remind everyone. We are on both the manga/Crystal and anime paths. So, the Crystal might be in either location (or it might be in neither, because crossover bullshit).

7fed6 No.23003

That's kinda what I figured, hence the interesting. As much as our knowledge of canon has helped out at times, it'd make things a bit TOO easy if that was all we needed. There's always gotta be some kind of variable in place or all we're doing is running through a script and maybe looking for places to come out ahead of it.

28243 No.23004

File: 1477000197750.jpg (29.53 KB, 712x480, Here I Mepo!.jpg)

Rose to the arm when the right moment arises.

You reach into your jacket and ready another rose. You're prepare yourself to throw the rose when the time is right.

"No?" The redhead taunts, "Then you'll just have to live with the consequences of your choice." With a snarl she adds, "But if you can't live with that, then I fix that as well. The villainous woman grabs the top of the flip-phone with her left hand and pulls back, trying to snap the phone in two.


You know that this time, this isn't an illusion. If she snaps that phone, Nagisa will no longer have a way to transform into Cure Black. The one good thing is that either the phone's hinges are stronger than they appear, or the redhead isn't putting her full strength into it yet. Still you just need a good opening, or even just a decent opening.

"Would you rather see me destroy it from the front?" She pulls the phone in front of her and turns it to the side, "Or perhaps in profile?"

Two thoughts hit you at almost the same time. The showmanship was a distraction, she moved the phone in front of her so she could get more leverage to break the phone. Also, she just pulled her arm in front of her center of mass, even if you miss her hand, you'll hit her torso. Without another thought, you pull your arm free of your jacket and throw the rose at the woman.

Sure enough, the black-clad woman was so focused on breaking the phone that she didn't see the incoming rose until it hit her right hand. She pulls her right hand off the phone, crying out in pain, but still has her left hand on it.

The stuffed animal head in the phone, Mepple, yells "Here I Mepo!" In a pink cloud of smoke, he transforms from a phone into a stuffed animal.

28243 No.23006

File: 1477000268922.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 480x360, Mepo Finger.webm)

Hovering in the air for a moment, free of the redhead's grasp, Mepple continues, "You may have those ugly claws mepo, but I have these gold fingers mepo!" He grabs her left hand and pulls himself up her arm. The yellow stuffed animal runs up her left arm; his right fist taking on an eerie green glow. "Shining Finger Mepo!" Mepple punches her in the face with his glowing fist.

28243 No.23007

File: 1477000791571.webm (7.56 MB, 712x480, Transformation_1.webm)

The redhead staggers backwards, more out of surprise than at anything else. Mepple uses that opening to run away, repeating "Mepo, mepo, mepo, mepo…" all the way back to Nagisa, where he jumps into her hand and transforms back into his flip phone form.

Nagisa turns back to Honoka and says, "Let's transform."


The girls swipe their respective copy of the queen card through the phones, and raise one hand to the sky, shouting, "Dual Aurora Wave!" The two of them hold hands and engulfed in a blindingly bright strobing rainbow ball of light, which soon changes shape into a column.

Standing behind them, your view of the redhead is blocked. You shade your eyes and try to look into the light to see what's happening. Both girls have a metallic sheen to them. You glance at their derrieres and see two pairs of nice ass cheeks. You realize that their clothes are gone, and only the combination of the bright light surrounding them, and the metallic glow, are allowing to preserve at least a modicum of modesty.

A glowing ring starts at the Nagisa's right hand. It moves up her arm, replacing the metallic glow with her black and pink glove. The process repeats with her legs, first the left, then the right, creating a matching pair of black and pink leg warmers. The two rings merge into a single one and move up her hips and waist, creating her shorts and skirt combo. The ring moves past her midriff and combines with the one on her left upper arm and slides over her upper body, forming Cure Black's crop top in it's wake. In a single motion, it slides down Cure Black's left arm, and up Honoka's right arm, forming both of their gloves. The ring slides across Honoka's torso, forming her white and light blue gown.

28243 No.23008

File: 1477000888791.webm (8.07 MB, 712x480, Transformation_2.webm)

Mirroring what happened to Nagisa, but in reverse, the ring splits into three smaller rings, one at her left shoulder, and two at mid thigh, just below the hem of her dress. The rings travel down Cure White's appendages in order, first the one down her right leg, then left, then her left arm. They create leg warmers and a glove in their wake, completing the girls' transformation. The strobing rainbow column of light is blown away by a bright burst of pure white light.

Where the two middle school girls had stood seconds ago, stand two magical girl heroines.

"Emissary of Light, Cure Black."
"Emissary of Light, Cure White."
"We are Pretty Cure!"

"Servant of the Dark Power…!" Cure White yells, pointing forward.

"Return to the darkness from which you came!" Cure Black finishes, also pointing forward.

With your line of sight no longer obscured by the girls' transformation theatrics, you look for the redhead, but you don't see her.

"What? She's gone." Cure Black states in shock.

"I wonder if she actually returned to the darkness?" Cure White asks.

"Seems like it." Honoka agree."

You and the two Cures look back at the shambling horde, and see that they're still bumbling around, running into each other.

"We can't let them stay like this, can we?" Black asks.

"But how can we turn them back without hurting them?" White counters.

"Use PreCure Rainbow Therapy-mipo!" a squeaky female voice says from a phone case hanging off of White's belt.

What do you do?
>Interrupt them. [Hold off on the PCRT for a while, or manually take the cards from each of them?]
>Let them do it and watch.
>Sneak away while they're doing that. [Take Sakura with you?]
>Heal Sakura while they do that.
>Search the are to make sure the redhead isn't just hiding.

ec876 No.23010

I'll go with healing Sakura while watching our back so the redhead doesn't sneak up on us.

7fed6 No.23012

I think you might've missed a small bit of that last post, or had a typo or something there, Moe.

I want to go with Neal's idea, but with a small change. If we see any signs of Poisony hiding out somewhere clearly just waiting for a chance to run for it, I want to go after her. My reasoning is that the girls would be fine if she's bailing out, but I still want a shot at working her over to our side for now.

Course, that's assuming she's bailed and she isn't just about to drop a Zakenna on us.

28243 No.23013

>I think you might've missed a small bit of that last post, or had a typo or something there, Moe.

Which line? The only typo I see is:
>Search the are to make sure the redhead isn't just hiding.
"are" should be "area"

7fed6 No.23014

"I wonder if she actually returned to the darkness?" Cure White asks.

"Seems like it." Honoka agree."

You and the two Cures look back at the shambling horde, and see that they're still bumbling around, running into each other.

I don't know how to green text on these boards.

28243 No.23015

No, that's just threat prioritization. Poisony's gone, so everyone turned their attention to the zombies. However, they're just walking around bumping into each other.

Take a look at the video in the last post. It's sticking straight to the storyline right there.

7fed6 No.23017

Okay, didn't know if you were using the video as an actual "this is happening" or just as a visual.

Also, for the record, Mepple with the fucking Shining Finger was golden. If we ever get a chance to go full Sanger Zonvolt on someone, I will fucking take it without any hesitation.

28243 No.23020

>Also, for the record, Mepple with the fucking Shining Finger was golden.


However, the important question is, why does he have the shining finger?

7fed6 No.23023

Because clearly, Allenby's around here somewhere, Nobel Gundam and all. Wouldn't THAT be a trip.

And now you're all picturing Usagi's reaction to Nobel Gundam. You're welcome.

ec876 No.23027

She'd probably complain that it's stealing her costume.

de97d No.23028

Why does Mepple know Shining Finger…? I'm going to say because the blessing of SRW is upon this quest.
Haha, Usagi vs. Nobel Gundam. Well played.

My vote is to keep as much of an eye out for Poisony as possible while healing Sakura. If she's still around, we hunt her down. Constant Vigilance!

31e55 No.23034

It's not as cool as when a Gundam is doing it, but the Shining Finger was still a nice touch. XD

I agree with this. We'll help Sakura, let the Cures to the therapy, then see if Poisony is still around.

07bcd No.23036

This page should explain why Mepple knows the shining finger.


7fed6 No.23037

I'm not gonna lie, as funny as it is that he's Domon, I saw Gilgamesh as well and I'm now expecting Battle Moon Wars to break out here too. But then we'd get Rider, and that would be awesome.

de97d No.23042

That guy has his fingers in every anime pie, and I'm OK with that.

75842 No.23043

Great, now I have this image of Meeple opening the Gates of Babylon in my head.

e2656 No.23066

Heal Sakura but chase Poisony if we spot her hiding somewhere. I wanna bring her over to our side. With sexual results.

28243 No.23125

Near universal agreement to heal Sakura and watch out for Poisony.

If I have time, I'll write the post tomorrow. If I don't, Sunday will be the soonest I can get it up. Friday and Saturday look very busy for me right now.

28243 No.23151

File: 1477633472199.jpg (97.61 KB, 1600x1067, 1yearoldtoday.jpg)

Didn't get to write the next post today. Hopefully, I'll get something on Sunday. In the meantime, Happy first birthday to this quest.

48136 No.23152

28243 No.23223

File: 1478062551028.webm (7.76 MB, 712x480, PreCure_Rainbow_Therapy.webm)

Got busy this weekend, then it never stopped.

You step back to the unconscious girl on the concrete. Keeping an eye out for the redhead, in case she was just hiding instead of retreating, you crouch beside Sakura. You take a moment to look at her face. She is a very cute girl. You brush a few stray strands of her short brown hair from her face. You have to admit, you're quite impressed with her. She really gave her all in this battle, even with her side not fully healed from yesterday.

You press your hand once more against her side and feel the flow of magic coming from your hand again. You consider focusing on the healing, but a sense of paranoia keeps your eyes darting back and forth for any sign of the villainous woman.

A pair of voices draws your attention to them. "Black Pulsar! White Pulsar!" You quickly look in the direction of the two cures. A series of alternating black and white rings surround around them, forming a globe. The rings fuse into a single glowing ball of light, obscuring your view of the girls within.

"One that is cursed by the dark power…"
"We now break the chains that bind you!"
"PreCure Rainbow Therapy!"

The ball surrounding them turns rainbow colored and what appears to be ribbons stream out of it. The ribbons surround the zombified people, and reform the glowing rainbow ball around them. After a few moments, the ball disintegrates, revealing the no-longer-zombified bystanders unconscious on the ground.

You realize you've been staring at the Cures' light show and sweep the area once more. Still no signs of the redhead. You feel that the flow of magic has stopped emenating from your hand. You leave your hand on Sakura's side, enjoying the contact with the young girl.

What do you do now?
>Run off with the unconscious girl.
>Search for Tomoyo, after all, the cameragirl must be close by.
>Engage the Cures in conversation. [say what/cover what topics?]
>Mysterious parting words, and disappear.
>Write-in. [what?]

e6e33 No.23225

Hmm, Mysterious parting words, or run off with Sakura?

Think I'll go with taking a quick look around for Tomoyo, then gathering up Sakura and taking her to a safe location. Either to romance her or let her off so she can go home.

When taking off with Sakura, we should definitely keep an eye out for Tomoyo, she'd probably chase after us if she saw us leaving, and I'd hate for her to interrupt us if Sakura is receptive to our flirting.

36a17 No.23233

Run off with Sakura

7fed6 No.23234

Going with this, maybe leave a rose on the ground behind us as some sort of calling card. Just so we can still be sorta mysterious for the Precures.

31e55 No.23235

I'm down with this, saying words along the lines of, "Pleasure to work with you ladies. Hope to see you again soon."

31cde No.23236


Option 2.

9f83d No.23244

Do these without a word to the Precures. Let them wonder for a bit because he's a mysterious guy.

de97d No.23249

We've already talked with them a bit, though. I want a short and suave good-bye, followed up with us vanishing Sakura while making sure that Tomoyo doesn't follow us. I just don't see how we could pull it off without making the Cures a little suspicious.

bd0b3 No.23264

9337f No.23268

We could tell the Cures that we're taking Sakura to a safer location so she can recover, and they should stay here and make sure that the Redheaded woman doesn't escape.

de97d No.23269

Hmm…yeah, I could see us giving the Cures a short and suave good-bye with saying that. OK then. I vote:

Short, suave good-bye to Cures
Quick explanation of leaving with Sakura, a la Neal's plan
Move Sakura away from the premises while staying watchful for Tomoyo.

28243 No.23304

File: 1478754654119.jpg (57.83 KB, 625x508, fap.jpg)

Just checking in to say I'm alive. Been keeping busy.

95d75 No.23532

Moe didn't die, right?

2bbda No.23535

Nah, he's probably just really busy.

28243 No.23542

Alive and well. Better than usual even, but also busier than usual.

28243 No.23611

File: 1480147413773.png (804.42 KB, 960x547, Kero.png)

Sorry that this has taken so long to get out, especially with all the enthusiasm I got in response to the last post. Let's just say my interpersonal life took a turn for the better, but that put an additional strain on my already limited time budget.

Neal: Look out for Tomoyo, run away with Sakura.

Bun: run off with Sakura

Blue: Neal's idea, plus leave a rose.

Shadow: Neal's idea.

Maxi: Search for Tomoyo.

Bun 2: Neal's and Blue's ideas.

Bun 3: Blue's idea.

Short suave goodbye to the cures, and then Neal's idea.

Run away with Sakura while watching out for Tomoyo: 7/8
Plus, leave a rose: 3/8
Plus short suave goodbye: 1/8

Just watch out for Tomoyo: 1/8

You're not sure exactly what came over you, but you decide to spend some time alone with Sakura, and the easiest way to manage that is to just run off with her. You take stock of the situation around you. The two Cures have just detransformed; their heroine outfits disappear in a shimmering rainbow of light and are replaced by their school outfits. That suits your purposes just fine. In their civilian forms, you're confident that they have no way to keep up with you, and if they take the time to transform back into their PreCure personas, you'll be able to use that time to get a head start on them.

You keep looking around the area. Despite not seeing Tomoyo anywhere, you assume she must be hiding somewhere out of sight. You hope that after having had her camcorder stolen she'd be more likely to stay away from from the action, but what little of her you've seen, she's probably somewhere around so that she could perv on Sakura, and try to get her camcorder back. The Panasonic DVC weighs heavy against your chest. It's certainly not the 30 or so grams that the tape weighs, but rather the guilt at having stolen that tape and camcorder from the girl, and having lost the camcorder somewhere.

You try to think if you're forgetting something something when you hear a voice from right behind you, "Sakura! Are ya' OK?"

You realize that you completely forgot about the flying rat. Kero probably isn't a physical threat to you, but you doubt you can outrun him, and you're not in a mood to try it out.

You're on one knee beside the unconscious girl, moments away from scooping her up and disappearing into the city with her. You wrack your brain, do you scrap the idea, or do you try to distract the flying teddy bear somehow?

Quick time voting interrupt:
>Scrap the plan. [What do you do instead?]
>Distract Kero. [How/with what?]
>Don't be a pussy, you can outrun a teddy bear.

If you scrap the plan, the options from the previous post are still available.
If you try to distract Kero, the old vote stands and will be continued after taking care of Cerberus.
If you run now, the old vote stands and will be resumed immediately.

7fed6 No.23613

Write-in option. "I'm moving her away from here. Can you keep up?"

I had no intentions of trying to creep on Sakura to start with, but while I admit after our last round with Usagi that we probably have a far better chance of doing so without the mascot sitting in on the conversation, but we've already got Luna pissed off at us and I don't really feel like going two for two.

28243 No.23619

>I don't really feel like going two for two.
A little late for that. You're already on Kero's shit list for stealing Tomoyo's camcorder.

d60f7 No.23620

Seems to be a good option. If he can or opts to hang on to us while flying we'll have him direct us to her house. If he does come with us, we'll give him Tomoyo's camcorder since we've already overwritten the part with us in it. If he doesn't then we leave it with Sakura.

31e55 No.23623

Agreeing with this.

7fed6 No.23624

Actually, did we overwrite the part of the tape we were in? And we kind of smashed and dropped the camera itself back there, so it's not like we can hand it over.

d60f7 No.23625

We overwrote it here >>21230
but I forgot about us using it as a blunt force instrument. Guess we can offer him the tape?

7fed6 No.23626

Yeah, if he wants the tape, we can hand it over now that the important bits of us are off it. We can even tell him as such when he inevitably gives us crap for taking it.

As for the camera, we may just have to offer an apology for that one. Kamen wasn't driving when we smashed it over Poisony's face, so he logically doesn't know where it is.

de97d No.23642

Once our course of action is phrased as a vote-able option, I'll throw my vote in. I agree that we need to start mending fences with the mascots, or else they'll pester us forever.

bd0b3 No.23643

I begin to wonder how we're supposed to impregnate anyone with all the mascotblocking going on…

d60f7 No.23644

We just have to be smarter then the fuzzy animal.

>Tell Kero that we're taking Sakura to a safer location since the red head slipped away and ask him if he can keep up with us or wants to catch a lift. If he goes with either of those two options then we'll have him take us to Sakura's house. Once there, we give him the tape from the camcorder and apologize that in the confusion of the fight, we lost the camcorder itself.

28243 No.23657

File: 1480384303945.jpg (103.52 KB, 1280x720, Mamoru perving on an uncon….jpg)

OK. I read the previous votes as wanting to creep on her in private. After all, it's very much in character for Kamen to perv on sleeping/unconscious girls.

de97d No.23658

Yeah, sounds about right. I vote for that plan. Least risk, most reward.

7fed6 No.23663

Yeah, no, my intention has always been to get her clear of the Precures so we can just talk/flirt with her in relative private and raise our points, but no creeping. I was assuming from the start that Kero or Tomo would stop us if we tried anything, anyway, and as I noted when we gave Usagi the cape, I'm okay with playing the long game here.

d60f7 No.23664

Pretty much what Midnight said here >>23663 though I wouldn't have turned down Sakura if she proved receptive. It was mainly to get her away from our romantic rival Tomo and Kero. We have start now before that little shit from China arrives.

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