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This thread is for talented people who want to get there fix or pregnant ship girl….. Hopefully they wont get in the way of the story or take images but here you are
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Ah! Perfect!

d4216 No.31532

Oh my god this is the pregnancy treasure trove!

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File: 1502243966034.jpg (84.21 KB, 672x1050, Hatsuzuki.jpg)

A couple more from SanCom

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File: 1502244012505.jpg (119.53 KB, 654x948, Yuudachi2.jpg)

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File: 1502244060408.jpg (444.62 KB, 878x1241, Houshou3.jpg)

I actually clicked on her thinking it was Yahagi, but I don't mind seeing Houshou as a mothership.

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File: 1502547926735.jpg (122.14 KB, 540x740, IMG_4209.JPG)

Wondering around the net and found this

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File: 1502548492892.png (664.23 KB, 723x1023, IMG_4210.PNG)

And one more

d4216 No.31671

Seen this one.
This one is new!

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File: 1502582325759.png (618.98 KB, 825x900, Mutsu2m.png)

Hope you all are enjoying the event so far. I got a bit of a slow start so I'm trying to grind out E2 before the night ends.
Nice selection of girls this time and a whole lot of ground to cover.
I'm leaving this and 1 more.
This one goes out to the guy who could never find any Mutsu preg that wasn't ugly fat guy rape or futa. I'll also be posting this on /d/'s preg thread on 4chan.

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File: 1502582458120.png (1.14 MB, 858x1200, Sara2x.png)

And a little from our lovely American CV, while you're off hunting for our British CV.

d4216 No.31685


A paired pregnancy with warspite is in order!

9105f No.31688

>This one goes out to the guy who could never find any preg that wasn't ugly fat guy rape or futa.


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File: 1502589853558.png (456.71 KB, 600x839, BzM1RKvCQAANMEX.png large.png)

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File: 1502620171962.jpeg (278.88 KB, 1024x768, D742131F-DD3A-42FA-B98E-5….jpeg)

Lookinng around and found this

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File: 1502620406528.jpeg (219.04 KB, 1280x1810, C25F59E9-B08D-4E5A-B606-D….jpeg)

And for my request this lucky lady make her huge enough so her boobs support her as she leans like that

And shadow whens the next update???

d4216 No.31720

Shhhhh i am to busy trying o formulate a plan to get warspite and ark royal in the story! And get pregnant pictures of both!

d4216 No.31721

Also great finds!

d4216 No.31729

Right to keep these place (The thread) up and running lets play a game related to Kancolle

Ok here is the game: Waifus selection!

Rule: you can only have one Waifu per ship-class. There will be two catagories Pregnant and general and you can give a reason for why if you want. I'll start!

DD (Destroyers…Aka loli)
Pregnant and Non pregnant choose: Samidare
Reason: While everyone here would pick the Shimakaza and any of the destroyer division 6's girls I have a fond love for my first ever ship. (As seen in the story thread and that she is preggers). I just want a Kai ni version of her as she

CL (Light cruisers)
Non pregnant: Ooyodo!
Reason: I love her to death and have a fondness for her as she is the quest giver and now finally in my fleet! She would be my preggo pick buuuuut.

Pregnant: Tenryuu
Reasons: Who doesnt want a girl saying that she is scary when she has a bump on her! I would love to have a progression of her where is scares people at the beginning of her pregnancy and gradully people stop being scared and instead rub her bump and she gets all flustered!

CA (Heavy crusiers!): Oooooh here we go!
Pregnant and none pregnant: Atago
Reason: I couldn't resist! Big boobs with big belly! Sign me up! And for the non pregnant reason is that i actually like her and really want a kai-ni version of her.

BB (Battleships!):
Pregnant and non: Warspite
Reason: British pride!

CVL (Light Aircraft carriers)
Pregnant: Taigei
Reason: this is a bit cheaty but i love her design and i want to see the mother whale in action!

Non: Ryuujou
Reason: got to have a love for a flat chest! And if i could have 2 for pregnant i would have Ryuujou as well

CV (Regular Aircraft carriers)
Pregnant and non: Ark royal
Reason: see Warspite entry

SS (Submarines and Submarine Aircraft Carrier)
Pregnant and non: I-13
Reason: It was either her of her sister!

AV (Aircraft tenders)
Pregnant and none: Mizuho
Reason: She just looks cute and a bump for me would make it!

Unique ships (Ships that either have 2 chooses or 1 in the game)
Pregnant and none: Akashi
Reason: She has to be there! She tinkers with your equipment so she had to maybe use a equipment that impregnante ship-girls on herself!

Lets play!

d4216 No.31730

File: 1502652757728.png (1.67 MB, 5039x1408, shadowmbirthday_by_cross_c….png)

Here is some of the girls! to bump the thread!

d4216 No.31731


Girls that abuse you! (Aka the abyssals)
Pregnant: Battle princess
Reason: I would have Hoppo but it would be too much Loli so i went for my second best.

Non :Hoppo
Reason: Too cute!

Hope you all have a good event!

6e094 No.31733

File: 1502654089227.jpg (156.45 KB, 1133x864, IMG_4220.JPG)

Found this one

185b8 No.31740

Haha!Check it out! Someone finally pregified >>17083
You're welcome?
Sorry, don't know that acronym.
Not sure I understand, but I'll make a separate post to give it a shot, since it'll be a long one.

185b8 No.31741

Who's R?
Taigei, Unryuu, Iku (in labor if I had to guess), Akashi, Myoukou, Shikinami (possibly in labor too), Hatsukaze (looking uncharacteristically cheerful), Samidare, Naka (also possibly in labor), Takao, Yamato, Warspite, and RJ.

185b8 No.31742

File: 1502658085162.jpg (364.11 KB, 849x1200, Hayasui2.jpg)

All right, lets see if I understand this.
Sorry ahead of time for the wall of text.

Non-preg: Hatsushimo
I just couldn't imagine her like that it would ruin why I love her, which is because she's incorruptably pure and sweet.
Preg: Teruzuki or Urakaze
Both are the most beautiful girls of their class and sweet and caring to boot. And Ura already having preg djs doesn't hurt.

Non Preg and Preg: Yahagi, she's just the best CL, that's all there is to it.

Non-preg: gotta say there's really no one I like that I wouldn't.
Preg: Choukai or Ashigara since they're my waifued CAs anyway.
Although I also quite enjoy the thought of Furutaka with a cute baby belly.

Preg: All of them lets face it.
The BBS are just too perefect for their own good. But I'd most like to see more Mutsu preg like that guy I mentioned in >>31683
Also my other ringed BBs including Fusou and Kongou.

Non: Zuihou
Again she's too cute and too much of a loli (in most depictions) for my tastes
Preg: Guess it's gonna be Shouhou. She's really one of the only CVLs I really like. Oh, and of course Houshou. I'd be happy to make her a mothership.

Non/Preg: Katsuragi and Saratoga
The flattest and bustiest CVs, Katsuragi is too awesome and pretty much only my wallet is keeping me from marrying Sara on the spot. I tend to talk at length about how much I love both of them.

I really want to save >>31527, but I have a rule about not saving any lewds involving lolis unless I can prove they aren't for some reason.

She's just too good to pass up, even if she is hopeless as a ship.

She's plain, so plain, but so cute. How can I say no?

185b8 No.31743

File: 1502658241319.jpg (93.09 KB, 681x960, Natsu Hime1.jpg)

And for the Abyssals it can only be Summer Harbor Princess either way.
If there were an option I'd ring her.

d4216 No.31744

Yep you got the idea!
Also i have that in my preggo kancolle file!

d4216 No.31745

But you got to pick! So the BB needed to be done agian and CA

185b8 No.31746

I did pick.
For the CAs I had Choukai and Ashigara, and for the BBs I ultimately went with Mutsu.

d4216 No.31747

Ok…you pass

9105f No.31748

It means Fixed That For You. I was making a joke about how it's hard to find vanilla preg in general, and not just for Mutsu.

185b8 No.31754

Cool. Well he got it and was very happy.
I do enjoy this especially when what I have can help.

9105f No.31759

Oh he wasn't the only one who got some enjoyment out of that. I have to admit that Nagato is my favorite ship girl though.

d4216 No.31769

Drum roll please!!!!

It is Shigure

185b8 No.31787

Really? Even I couldn't make that leap.
God knows I had to try for a few of em.

9105f No.31797

The book for this just came out. Very cute story, but godawful censorship.


185b8 No.31805

Cute is good. Anything that doesn't involve gang rape or her being the sluttiest little daddy humping whore in the fleet is good by me. I'll have to look into it.
After all, Kashima may be a good cute girl, but she's still one of the hottest in the fleet.
And that's even more impressive considering that there are 200 other girls to choose from.

b63be No.31807

File: 1502798623587.jpg (671.44 KB, 1440x864, __hatsushimo_kantai_collec….jpg)

Hey everyone, how is the event treating you guys? Taking it easy for now and showing Luigi-chan the ins and outs of Orel.

May work on some stuff if I'm free on the weekdays. Weekends reserved for finishing the event.

d4216 No.31808

i needed t get past E3!

185b8 No.31813

That was great. God Kashima is the best.
No one else quite matches that perfect balance of cuteness and sexiness she has.

185b8 No.31816

Sounds good. I'm working over Abyssal Richelieu right now. Hoping to get E5 done by Wednesday morning so I can take a break for a few days and chill. Then I've got work for a few days so that'll be pretty slow, and by Tuesday I should be good to go again for a few more days. Rinse, repeat, try not to lose my head, and whenever I get Ark then I can go back and farm.
My farming targets are Yamakaze, Matsuwa, and Graf. And if I somehow get all those I'll try to get Shioi too.
Then if there's a decent amount of resources left after all that I want to try my luck at Bismarck again.
Luigi and Sagiri aren't priorities and I've already got Erotofu and Amagiri.

8f231 No.31849

File: 1502845694901.jpg (1.17 MB, 1456x1671, 6914313.jpg)

Here's a rare shipgirl.

185b8 No.31864

Nice Iyo. I was just reading a dj of them. Of course the one I finished with was a Suzuya one with birth thrown in for good measure.
I also read a really cute Kashima one, but it had nothing to do with us. Though the one that just came out was nice.
Also finished E4, and now I can sit back and chill for a little while (supposedly) before doing E5. I may get impatient though.

d4216 No.31882

I just got past the first part of E-3……this is going to be a long event.

185b8 No.31909

E3 was the easiest map for me.
I'm going to start E5 today while my girlfriend's asleep.
E4 sucked. Or rather it was fine until last dance.
I hear once you hit the extra ops the pain really begins.

d4216 No.31911

Oh…..well look like i wont be doing the event then…… fuck

Anyway! people here i have some news! I am going to start my story up again!

6343b No.31912

File: 1502976975496.jpeg (36.96 KB, 451x960, D4FA37E8-CEFA-46F5-AADA-4….jpeg)


Cant wait to see!

d4216 No.31913

Ah a pregnant Bismark! Love it.

11b11 No.31914

E5 boss is easy. It's just the sheer amount of PT Imps and airstrikes means you won't be making it to the boss a lot.

BTW Shadow what difficulty are you playing on? Easy is way easier than normal.

d4216 No.31915

Im working on easy…..it not the difficalty, its the bloody resourses! I got no ammo!

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