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This thread is for talented people who want to get there fix or pregnant ship girl….. Hopefully they wont get in the way of the story or take images but here you are

48da0 No.17083

File: 1458863340047.png (791.64 KB, 848x1200, 1765992 - Bismarck Kantai_….png)

Just a few request

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File: 1458863401972.jpg (441.34 KB, 850x1188, sample-dbe0e3aeb1cef7745f8….jpg)

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File: 1458863446403.jpg (211.3 KB, 850x1054, sample-2c9b50db1185c7252ca….jpg)

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File: 1458863578471.jpg (12.24 KB, 158x225, 10399416_1291645667517511_….jpg)

And also you can request the individual ship-girls like

Can i have Iowa….and hopefully someone can do it

48da0 No.17087

so here you go……. have fun with your pregnant ship-girl requests

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File: 1458876487185.png (542.24 KB, 627x900, Pregchan Iowa.png)

Well, in that case, here it is from the other thread.

48da0 No.17100

Thanks dud. and again sorry. but could you do more iowa and the others

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File: 1458908524057.jpg (434.3 KB, 1000x1200, 54879586_p0.jpg)

ef7d3 No.17109

what ship is this?

b8177 No.17110

I'm going to be pretty busy today and the following week, so I can't promise anything, but I suppose I could read through the other thread to find characters people might want edits of. Frankly, I have no idea what Kantai Collection even is - I just jumped straight into searching for an image of that one character to edit. There's also an actual image of her pregnant on Gelbooru, too.

And if you ever want me to take one of these edits down for you to use it in the other thread later, just say so.

ef7d3 No.17111

that would be amazing. cool you post the picture of her actully pregnant here? also you don't have to draw if you don't want to and you also don't have to read it….i just made this thread for you and others that would love to see pregnant ship-girl and want to try and draw them.
Who is that ship girl…. I posted before and with a different ID becasue i am using a different computer but i still would like to know?

b8177 No.17114

File: 1458919375584.jpg (91.95 KB, 601x850, d6f99d1528d8e9192b153c722f….jpg)

Here it is, then. Baring a bit more than she did in the one I edited, even.

ef7d3 No.17115

I love it thanks. Hopefully there will be others like this. and if i get Iowa in the story i will definatly needd the two pictures

ef7d3 No.17116

also what do you mean. " Baring a bit more than she did in the one I edited, even." Got a bit confused there

ef7d3 No.17117

i would even go as far as maybe to commission one of the japanese artist to draw a pregnant kantai girl..but the language gape i guess might be problem

ef7d3 No.17118

Also i try and type Pregnant kantai collection on Gelbooru and find nothing.

b8177 No.17122

I'm saying that she's completely nude in the second image I posted, whereas she was still in a swimsuit in the one I edited.

And you have to type kantai collection as a single tag. You'd search "pregnant kantai_collection" on the site if you're looking for that sort of stuff.

ef7d3 No.17123

Sweet. hope to see some more edits and hopefully i can use then. if so can you delete the so i can?

b8177 No.17124

Not a problem. Would you want me to delete the two Iowa images now so you can use them later when you have the chance? I'd want to make sure you've saved them before I delete them.

ef7d3 No.17126

i say later. i would like to use them on my thread but anyone could easily copy it and put it on the edit thread then i can't use them at all so keep it here and keep any other you make on here until i ask…and don't worry. i saved them as soon as you uploaded them

So in quick summry: no keep them here until i say and keep other one you come across and edit here too

9a784 No.17133

Jintsuu, second of the Sendai-class light cruisers.

f8adb No.17134

I believe that is Jintsuu

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File: 1459343344631.png (815.59 KB, 800x1184, 55845458_p0.png)


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File: 1459430748998.jpg (188.64 KB, 1000x1200, 55696762_p1_master1200.jpg)

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File: 1463500688985.jpg (365.31 KB, 750x1000, 56853502_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463500728099.jpg (279.63 KB, 750x1000, 56919198_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463500797921.jpg (400.79 KB, 750x1000, 56824649_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463500844257.jpg (385.14 KB, 1000x750, 56818899_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463500920114.jpg (437.29 KB, 750x1000, 56787015_p0.jpg)

aeb8c No.18443

File: 1463500956187.jpg (415.41 KB, 750x1000, 56793257_p0.jpg)

aeb8c No.18444

File: 1463501021577.jpg (395.27 KB, 750x1000, 56770832_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463501067264.jpg (284.82 KB, 750x1000, 56733539_p0.jpg)

aeb8c No.18446

File: 1463501114398.jpg (407.48 KB, 750x1000, 56759942_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463551785054.jpg (291.22 KB, 750x1000, 56932053_p0_master1200.jpg)

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File: 1463590700685.jpg (180.03 KB, 750x1000, 56948989_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463595058198.jpg (350.48 KB, 750x1000, 56644938_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463677903427.jpg (404.58 KB, 750x1000, 56683187_p0.jpg)

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File: 1463677965682.jpg (335.18 KB, 750x1000, 56877786_p0.jpg)

5c95b No.18543

i went on a pregnant ship-girl bing on Pixiv and this is what i brought up. i shall be using most of these in the story with is great!

5058d No.18576

File: 1463768165286.jpg (316.22 KB, 750x1000, 56974079_p0.jpg)

5058d No.18577

File: 1463769498157.jpg (625.19 KB, 1062x1500, 47360662_p0.jpg)

again. gone on a little pregnant ship-girl fun for the story

5058d No.18593

File: 1463823802644.jpg (407.79 KB, 750x1000, 56987512_p0.jpg)

aaaaaaaaah you can see the little ship-girl in there kick

5058d No.18610

File: 1463869185547.jpg (325.21 KB, 750x1000, motherly kiss.jpg)

good old pregnant belly kiss

4c35c No.18637

File: 1463914489826.jpg (499.27 KB, 1000x750, 57010406_p0.jpg)

Look at the new ship-girl addition

77f46 No.18639

Lmao the others were like, "Ow thx god Kaga's baby is fine" *omnomnom*

4c35c No.18641

I hope the artist continue draw the pregnant ship-girl

4c35c No.18648

File: 1463934120112.jpg (492.93 KB, 720x1207, 41872444_p0.jpg)

this one i shall defiantly use this in the story

4c35c No.18649

even though the baby is coming out of her ass

4c35c No.18671

File: 1464021460880.jpg (380.47 KB, 1000x750, 57029155_p0.jpg)

Good old pregnant torpedo class. A bit of yuri in there too. Definitely useful if we find them in the story

4c35c No.18672

You can see it in there eyes that they a both happy with the new addition to there family/fleet

4c35c No.18709

File: 1464104032482.jpg (387.26 KB, 1000x750, 57046341_p0 (1).jpg)

Good old ultra-san never hurt anyone

a06c8 No.18946

File: 1464475042976.jpg (484.02 KB, 750x1000, baby sea.jpg)

good old sea

15f8b No.19059

File: 1464627472294.jpg (444.23 KB, 2507x3541, 1464304327739.jpg)

a130c No.19069

File: 1464638727216.jpg (487.84 KB, 750x1000, 57136805_p0 (1).jpg)

look like the baby is ready to come out for our lovely aircraft tenders

a130c No.19070

File: 1464638871424.jpg (391.44 KB, 750x1000, 57146921_p0.jpg)

ah….the fruits of her labour….also a squeal to

e15e7 No.19139

Requesting Asashio

5c913 No.19151

File: 1464847684905.png (113.93 KB, 1251x639, comm__motherships_by_cross….png)

this is a commisson i got done by a great artist know as Cross-crescent and i think it is beautiful

2fe15 No.19630

File: 1465923175248.jpg (379.07 KB, 1000x750, pregnant a.jpg)

defiantly going to use a good old pregnant akasiki

2fe15 No.19631

File: 1465923435882.png (161.97 KB, 369x277, breastfeeding.png)

she is starting to show while feeded her friend

2fe15 No.19632

File: 1465923782636.jpg (545.77 KB, 1000x750, baby is coming.jpg)

Don't worry Murakumo. you will be pregnant again soon and birth will become a common thing

2fe15 No.19785

File: 1466320522634.jpg (262.76 KB, 750x1000, pregnant sitting.jpg)

aaaaah good old pregnancy

2fe15 No.19786

File: 1466320626892.jpg (535.33 KB, 1000x750, 57472017_p0.jpg)

also the miracle of birth

3d35f No.19803



2fe15 No.19874

File: 1466762079057.jpg (139.65 KB, 700x800, pregnant soviat craft.jpg)

good old pregnant soviet craft. Ready to pop and loving her belly

4e383 No.19875

wrong series

2fe15 No.19876

really? i though this was one of the soviet fleet-girls

fd383 No.19884

Soviet, I think.

Kancolle, no.

She's from Strike Witches. Believe her name is Sanya.

2fe15 No.19901

aaaaah well close but not cigar

306c7 No.28902

File: 1497092959628.jpg (536.34 KB, 1280x1810, 0001.jpg)

Judging from the interest in the drawthread, I'd say it's time to resurrect this.

I can probably get some 3D art ready soon so feel free to request.

b62bf No.28904

Oh god make this happen and ill die DX

306c7 No.28905

Let's not do that so that neither you nor my computer die.

b62bf No.28906

Dont worry just gonna be a lot of nosebleeds XD

f84d3 No.28953

File: 1497176745245.png (341.53 KB, 500x706, CHSvl6mVAAIfD4K.png)

Hibernating till a more realistic request comes in.

0e400 No.28989

OH my god! the thread lives again!

0e400 No.28990

Wait a sec…..She form Kancolle? also shall i start asking for girls?

0e400 No.28991

Couse i am guessing Fubuki.

6e094 No.28992

Nope hair to short, no idea who she is but does look like part of the kantai collection

0e400 No.28993

File: 1497273798659.jpg (224.75 KB, 600x800, 62644238_p0.jpg)


0e400 No.28994

0e400 No.28995

Are you my friend from the request thread who does great 3D Kancolle art?

0e400 No.28996

Also hi Ecchi-kun!

442d3 No.28999


Links are dead for some reason.

0e400 No.29000

I guess it dont work….anyway they are cute i swear!

b52e8 No.29018

File: 1497305503762.jpg (75.39 KB, 600x839, DAePmK3XoAAfIty.jpg)

Ok I'm back. Any requests?

0e400 No.29020

Is that a Kancolle girl?

b52e8 No.29021

That's Ooi.

The pillow she's holding has Kitakami's name on it.

0e400 No.29022

Becasue i am guessing it is Ooi

0e400 No.29024

Knew it! and who drew it?

b52e8 No.29025

File: 1497309648803.jpg (413.48 KB, 1280x1812, 01.jpg)

CrowView (Taji)

Same guy who did this.

0e400 No.29026

Wait…..so you know CrowView?

b52e8 No.29027

I just follow his twitter.

0e400 No.29028

So if i request a kancolle girl he hasnt drawn you couldn't help… also what girl is>>28953

b52e8 No.29029

My 3D art is not related to his art so you can request anything.

Though if I can't do it then I'll go find something similar.

And >>28953 is Kako Kai Ni.

0e400 No.29031

Oh..are you the 3D artist from the draw thread?

also so it is!

b52e8 No.29032

Yes I am.

0e400 No.29033

Hello dear! I can give you 2 girls to play?

b52e8 No.29034

Sure I guess. I'm fine with whatever floats your boat.

0e400 No.29035

Ah i get it…but i guess the destroyers are pretty off the list.

b52e8 No.29036

Though I don't really encourage it, to be honest I like several of the younger looking destroyers as well (for me it's Tokitsukaze).

So how about you post a request and an alternate second request in case I'm not comfortable with the first one.

0e400 No.29037

File: 1497312659289.png (435.72 KB, 570x696, BB_Warspite_439_Full.png)

Well i wont ask for the destroyers for a while then. I have a few favourits myself.

Anyway i shall show you three of the girl and i hope you can get them interacting.

Number 1

0e400 No.29038

File: 1497312683923.png (544.91 KB, 652x820, FBB_Iowa_440_Full.png)

Number 2

0e400 No.29039

File: 1497312786589.png (387.85 KB, 522x775, FBB_Kongou_Kai_Ni_149_Full.png)

And number 3! if you see a pattern…It is the english speaking ships.

Just have them with a 6th month belly talking to eachother if you are up for the challange if not pick one of the three and go nuts! (If you could have them all nude that would be grand!)

b52e8 No.29040

OK, got something planned.

You don't have to put their pictures up though, you can just request by name. That way we wouldn't clutter up the board.

0e400 No.29042

I rather the artish have references….even though you are familer with the art.

b62bf No.29044

Hey shadow sorry late reply working a 15hr shift Dx

This gonna be interesting to see all of these ships
Hey shadow whats the US carrier ships look like?

185b8 No.29048

File: 1497319237101.png (914.33 KB, 801x482, Saratoga Obtained.png)

US carrier?
You must mean Saratoga
She looks like this.
She's the bustiest CV in the game, and even prettier than Iowa.
Really a lovely girl, in every way shape and form.

185b8 No.29049

File: 1497319311425.jpg (254.87 KB, 850x1133, Sara3.jpg)

185b8 No.29051

You could pretty well get away with the Shiratsuyu class, the greater Kageros (Hamkaze, Isokaze, Urakaze), the Akizukis, a few of the Yuugumos, and quite a few other scattered DDs.
Really you start pushing your luck only when you get to anyone younger looking than Fubuki.

185b8 No.29052

File: 1497321177853.jpg (191.85 KB, 1600x636, Agano Festival.jpg)

Mind if I drop a request in the pool?
I need a nice SFW Agano.
Personally my favorite of her class is Yahagi, but currently I'm looking for the leadship.
You see there's a running joke about Agano being fat (she's a bit meatier than all the other light cruisers), and a bunch of the jokes have the punchline of her insisting that she's not fat, she's pregnant.

90e67 No.29071

File: 1497352078039.png (962.17 KB, 1366x768, Warspite sample.png)

Will take a while to create the models. Here's Warspite as a sample.

Sounds very doable. Will work on it after this.

Haven't come up with an idea yet so feel free to suggest what you want the pic to be about.

0e400 No.29072

Yeah my Beautiful warspite!

0e400 No.29073

Yeah and dont get me started on the SS (Thats the submarines) They have boob and waist but they look like children.

0e400 No.29074

Hey i know it is now starting to add up to much now but could you have Saratoga in there too?

0e400 No.29075

If we are going by are Wifu ships i must say i have a cute little crush on samidare. (One of the staring destroyers.) But my main girl i needed and desire is my home-land battleship warspite!

90e67 No.29083

File: 1497374309958.png (1003.49 KB, 1366x768, Sample Iowa Kimono.png)

Based Iowa's hair on her Kimono CG

Will Redo my Kongo and start work on Sister Sara

0e400 No.29084

Good god this is great! What is the senario you are going for?

90e67 No.29086

Be patient, you'll see.

0e400 No.29087

Sexy i hope.

90e67 No.29096

File: 1497387934140.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, Bath.png)

OK done. Feel free to come up with your own quotes or something.

0e400 No.29098

That's perfect! A little hot-spring fun! I'll let you rest before asking for another….i hope you don't mind doing groups…unless you want to do single from now on?

90e67 No.29104

Taking a short break.

Anon from >>29052, feel free to add more specifics to your request like dialogue, clothes etc.

More ships = more time needed. One model usually takes more than an hour to make.

Number of ships: 2 will be good. 3-4 max.

6e094 No.29107


"Cannon ball!" *made a tidal wave in hotspring*

185b8 No.29111

How lovely.
Pretty Sara and Warspite, and Iowa and my darling Kongou.

BTW: I found out why I none of my pics will post. Apparently I didn't take as long of a break from here as I thought, and most of the pregnant kanmusu I have were either gotten here or were morphs you guys made and I found elsewhere.

Oh well, I guess I'm bot gonna be of much use then for contributing. Sorry.

185b8 No.29112

File: 1497410404277.jpg (54.76 KB, 450x600, Agano's Excuse.jpg)

Just her standard outfit with a modest baby belly would suffice.
And if you want to be creative, you can have her wink and say "See, I told you it was Admiral's baby!"
Truth is, the punchline I have in mind goes to this picture specifically.

90e67 No.29117

File: 1497431504734.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, Agano.png)

Hope this will do for now. Left enough space to add your own dialogue boxes

90e67 No.29118

File: 1497432686834.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, Noshiro reaction.png)

Appropriate reaction to complete the 4koma feel.

0e400 No.29119

So are you up for another 3 or 4?

90e67 No.29120

Maybe next week or this weekend.

0e400 No.29121

Ok dear!

0e400 No.29123

And I must say you are doing great! have you got a channel, my anonymous friend?

90e67 No.29124

I keep my work restricted to this board. I don't feel the need to put it elsewhere.

0e400 No.29125

Ah a modest person. I like that!

0e400 No.29218

Just going to keep this thread alive. Anyone ready to do a request for some sexy shit girl action?

185b8 No.29224

File: 1497647893377.png (364.65 KB, 506x535, Agano's Baby.png)

Here's what I came up with.
Time to spring the punchline on them.
Remember mum's the word okay?

185b8 No.29226

Oh, and thank you.
I was so hoping she already existed so all I had to do was edit the captions.

0e400 No.29269

Aaaaaah Cute!

0e400 No.29270

Wait a second….I found this post on facebook!

0e400 No.29271

Did you post it on facebook!

0e400 No.29272

i feel kind of used…

185b8 No.29275

Check the reply to that pic.

0e400 No.29276

Ok….i guess not….It seams like someone else is taking the image!

0e400 No.29277

Oh i see it.

0e400 No.29278


df7f7 No.29279

Uh, what's going on? Can you post a link?

Also, I'm taking some time off to build Gunpla so I won't be doing elaborate requests. Requests to be limited to 1 ship girl only.

0e400 No.29281

Ok dear i shall wait dear. no need to rush

0e400 No.29282

Oh! What one are you building?

df7f7 No.29284

Don't really know what's happening but feel free to re-post 3d images I make.

I mean, I actually prefer to not have my name attached to stuff so go ahead and use those things however you want.

Prob start with Wing Gundam Fenice.

185b8 No.29286

File: 1497721758402.png (1.87 MB, 1256x1314, Kanmusu Harem.png)

Granted. I'm sorry.
I thought I said what it was for.
I actually get most of my content from here and 4chan. I have no talent of my own so I simply post whenever I find something relevant to something I've got.
I think you do rather nice work. I already saved your Yahagi. I'd been looking for stuff of her for ages.
At some point my goal is to post a pregnant group pic of my harem (minus Hatsushimo) on there when I complete it.
I'm doing pretty well, but my girls lack decent preg art.

0e400 No.29287

Im not the artist, The sexy man/women >>29284 is the one that did it!

Also how many are you doing good sir?

0e400 No.29288

And personally….i say that group isnt really for Pregnant artwork or 3-D models. Thats for here and other fetish sites

185b8 No.29289

File: 1497722423734.jpg (217.73 KB, 850x1250, Murasame.jpg)

Ah I see. So Shadow, can I return the post to its spot?
I totally understand not wanting a paper trail between here and my life. That's why I was afraid to take responsibility, but I also didn't want to step on anyone's toes if I knew they'd be hurt by it.

0e400 No.29291

I say keep it off there.

0e400 No.29292

So…..can i get a ship-girl on the way or shall i wait?

df7f7 No.29293

Explain why you want him to remove the facebook post first then I'll consider.

0e400 No.29294

It just doesnt seem like the right place to put it. thats all. If you dont want to do more art thats fine…It feels like i burnt down a bridge here.

df7f7 No.29295

Let the guy do what he wants. It's his decision. It's not like the art is lewd or fetish filled anyway.

Ok so now that the thing's been resolved let's hear that request.

0e400 No.29296

True.and…i feel bad now….so my request can wait.

0e400 No.29297

Also is Murasame pregnant in that?
I think i will wait till you finish your Gunpla….hopefully then my embarrassment will be gone

0e400 No.29301

Or can i just have a cheeky one?

df7f7 No.29302

Go ahead. I'll see if I can work on it later.

0e400 No.29303

File: 1497728884050.png (209.69 KB, 600x750, DD_Hatsushimo_041_Full.png)

Ok got this one. If it is a no no then just say, i'll pick another

df7f7 No.29308

I'll see what I can do.

0e400 No.29309

I didnt give a discription becasue i was wondering if you could? This would also be a make up thing for the guy previous. No lewdy stuff.

df7f7 No.29310

Wasn't planning on lewding her. Actually I think he already has an image of preg Hatsushimo.

0e400 No.29311

File: 1497730516968.png (192.74 KB, 400x700, DD_Inazuma_037_Full.png)

Ok then… How about a Inazuma! Around about 8 months lets say she is surprised about feeling the baby kick! Also this make me question something…1….can you do nude ones of the destoyers? and 2…When would your Gunpla build be over? i am guessing it going to take a ling time
Kongou is my waifu! Until i can get Warspite! so hands off!

df7f7 No.29312

1. No nudes of child like destroyers.
2. No idea but I won't work on it all the time. I can spare time for this.

0e400 No.29313

1: What about swimwear like bikinis?
2: So a lot of time later you can work on another 4 girl part?

6e094 No.29314

Be carefull with left arm where you connect the shield
Its a bastard to connect them together
Same goes for the wing renascita
Everythiing else pretty much good when building them

Hey shadow i totaly forgot any side effects with the vials
Besides speeding up pregnancies?

df7f7 No.29315

1. At most school swimsuit or other one piece options. Go search pixiv for lewd destroyers if you need any.

2. No plans for multiple girls yet. Last one took me 8+ hours so I'm not very willing to do that again.

0e400 No.29316

Wait….not willing….what about two…actully im asking too much. and i think that would be fine…..so no swimsuits and i don't think underwear is in the question so…i just want to see the bump in the flesh.
Vials? They dont speed it up…the blow touch does and that is limited.

df7f7 No.29317

Well if the destroyer is already not wearing much like shimakaze…

Anyway Inazuma will be fully clothed, I have the mod for her clothes anyway.

Thanks, would love to discuss more but there's no hobby thread in the random board or anything like that.

0e400 No.29318

Will we be able to see her bump?

And would you want to do another multi one….Not with 4 of course but maybe like 2?

df7f7 No.29319

OK then I'll modify it so the middle is exposed.

And let me guess, you want Ikazuchi to join in.

Also on the destroyer thing. If they have lewd CG then I am okay with making lewd art, but nothing more lewd than their CG.

0e400 No.29320

No no no it's for the future. Because I was planning maybe Yamato and Nagato having a belly off!

If they dont…..Could you just have them in htere swimsuit…or like a summer uniform with there bellies exposed?

0e400 No.29321

But if you want to have Ikazuchi….

df7f7 No.29322

As long as it's nice and wholesome I will be willing to put bellies on destroyers.

Belly off not recommended. 3D models likely to clip through each other.

0e400 No.29323

I didnt mean it literly…i meant Have Yamato and Nagato in the same picture.

0e400 No.29325

But would you do one with Ikazuchi?

Also when i mean by belly i mean you can see the belly….Not covered by cloths but actully see it, belly button and all!

6e094 No.29338

Oh ok thanks totaly forgot its been a while

Sorry late reply working on my own set of gunpla XD
1/100 bartos lupus rex

185b8 No.29340

File: 1497751196526.jpg (109.86 KB, 850x881, Shouhou and Zuihou.jpg)

Yes she is, though not as big as you guys are used to.
And for the time being I'll honor the request.
Though I may bring it up again eventually if I forget and the occasion strikes.
Kongou was the first one I married (since she's the reason I started playing), I did it on White Day last year. I applaud your tastes though.

df7f7 No.29341

File: 1497756192006.jpg (586.16 KB, 620x1080, Inazuma.jpg)

Inazuma Summer Custom.

Not recommended for posting on normal sites.

df7f7 No.29342

File: 1497757864810.jpg (469.8 KB, 620x1080, Ikazuchi.jpg)

"You don't need such custom uniforms cause I'm here for you aren't I!"

Looks like she modified her old uniform.

f8d98 No.29343


The belly poking on the cloth blouse was a nice touch.

6e094 No.29344


3e4df No.29349

Not really my cup of tea, but I'm genuinely curious about something. Kancole gets an impressive amount of preg content. I've noticed this as a general trend and this thread just kinda confirms it. I'm not familiar with the games. Is there implied breeding or something going on in the official games? There's gotta be some relationship here that I'm missing.

df7f7 No.29351

It is more likely that there is just a larger amount of Kancolle art in general rather than a higher percentage of preg content.

The most you get in the games is a pregnant looking Abyssal transport ship.

In some fanworks, they take the construction mechanic and turn it into a breeding thing. Official lore has no such thing though.

0e400 No.29352

This was the one i was thinking of! The other is ok but i wanted the second one more. Thank you and hope you Get you Gunpla working!

0e400 No.29353


0e400 No.29357

The is no implication of breeding. As >>29351 said that some fiction have the construction process be pregnancy and some (Like my story) have breeded aspect but in the offical game there is no such thing. Just really cute girl shoot other cute girls….

Also I kind of feel pretty responsible for the increase of preggo kancolle about here.

185b8 No.29365

Oh my god! She's so cute!

0e400 No.29381

Hey quick question….. What about 3 characters….I know you have answered it already but i want to know again.

7cb80 No.29383

Only 1 character per request

0e400 No.29390

What about later?

0e400 No.29404

Also do you use different computers to post?

0e400 No.29409

Aaaaaaw you changed you CL post…

0e400 No.29457

Are we up for another 2 request or shall i hold off?

3362e No.29459

I'd say we should follow the format of the drawthread more closely. The current format feels haphazard and messy.

Taken from the OP of drawthread:
1: No asking for a specific artist to draw your request unless they explicitly ask for something to draw. You want a certain artist to draw something for you THAT badly, commission them.
2: Provide reference pictures if you can - it might make the request a LOT easier to draw, or at the very least more visible to artists (otherwise just try to be as detailed as you can for what you want, but it may take longer to draw without a visual).
3: DO NOT SPAM THE THREAD. If you make a request, do not post a new one until it has either been drawn, or a reasonable amount of time has passed since the first request was made.

Very simply put, just post a request and see whether the artist will do it. No need to go asking them beforehand. This is an imageboard not a chatting service.

0e400 No.29461

File: 1498054145612.png (574.8 KB, 728x762, BB_Nagato_Kai_Ni_541_Full ….png)

true true. well… Lets see if Nagato and Yamato With bumps on will get any traction.

Ok description time!: Both are 6 months pregnant and have a limit of 3 children in there bellies. Have them in their uniform (Maybe nagato in her new Kai ni), Alternatly maybe in a Bikini for both.

If you needed references for the girls i shall fine some.

0e400 No.29462

File: 1498054205974.png (372.92 KB, 430x587, BB_Yamato_Summer_878_Full_….png)

Sexiness number 2!

1349c No.29468

Yamato in bikini!*nosedbleed*

905ee No.29476

I've seen it, she's glorious, and the preg morphs of her are amazing too. You can find them elsewhere on this site.
This could be nice. I've also enjoyed the pregnant Nagato I've seen. The best of her is still from "Eggs" and "Others."

905ee No.29477

File: 1498093199376.jpg (148.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0797.JPG)

Yamato' bikini CG is on the wiki,but I'll grab a pic of Nagato from the anime just in case they decide to take that route.

65009 No.29615

File: 1498383555646.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, Piyo.jpg)

0e400 No.29624

love it! Aaaah nagato has become a pregnant made!

75c65 No.29625

File: 1498399440821.jpg (239.39 KB, 850x1290, __nagato_and_yamato_kantai….jpg)

Based on this

bfde4 No.29636

Careful now, someone might request you redo the image but with those birds on Nagato's head pregnant with like 20 babies.

0e400 No.29677

nah im good. Good jod >>29625

36c82 No.29700

File: 1498547563725.jpg (528.84 KB, 1920x1080, Random.jpg)

Did this cause I was bored and cause this ship doesn't have a lot of art. If you can't identify her than I kinda failed.

bfde4 No.29701

(Makes Wild Guess): Uhh… Littorio?

0e400 No.29714

Do you want me to pick another?

185b8 No.29716

How cute!

Honestly feel free to do as many of them as you'd like. My one request is that you don't do Hatsushimo cause the implication ruins why I like her: she's pure and innocent and has no sex appeal.

36c82 No.29717

Another request? I'll rather see if anyone else will request anything first.

As for identifying the picture, you can even pick a character from another series. Whatever floats your boat.

0e400 No.29724


0e400 No.29727

I think i'll wait it out now. You have done so much for me already.

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