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Got an idea for a picture? Pitch it here, and if one of our resident artists is so inclined, they'll make it happen!

Da Rulez:
-No directing requests to specific artists unless they explicitly ask for them. If you really want a picture done by a specific artist, commission them.
-No spamming the thread. If you post a request, you may not post a new one until either A) it gets taken up or B) a few days have passed without it being filled.
-Reference pictures are useful!

>>edit: If you post a reference image as Doombeez suggests your request is much more likely to be looked at. ~FastFlame

c91a1 No.2096

Quick question. Can your suggestion be used by multiple artists? Or is it, if your suggestion has already been used, is it a one and done deal? Only one artist can use it?

9497c No.2097


Since when would anyone who comes here ever tell an artist "Hey you, don't draw this thing"? Really, if something ignites a spark of inspiration, there's no stopping them. :)

c91a1 No.2098

Just wanted to make sure. I assume there isn't any time limit either? Say, an artist can draw a suggestion that was posted weeks, or months, ago?

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File: 1413251446786.jpg (173.93 KB, 1170x1280, melindachovexani studmuffi….jpg)

Would anybody be willing to doodle something comedy related?
I created a gag character for the Ponyverse named Stud-Muffin. He is, as you probably gained from the name, a candy colored equine stud.

The idea is he's a milquetoast normal guy that just happens to have a suspiciously magical ability to attract ladies in heat. From the time he became a teen to contemporary times, he just can't resist! Literally, the animalistic parts of his mind just flick on and he becomes a metaphoric sperm machine. The poor fellow has upwards of thirty foals and more on the way, most of them from different mothers. And yet still he somehow finds the hours in the day to provide child support and parental time for all of them! (just barely.) He makes his living as a woodworker/carpenter/oddjobber and baker in his family's bakery. He's all around just a super dad, with miraculous intuition for when his offspring are up to mischief.

I wouldn't be OPPOSED to anything sexual, but really I'm more looking for something cutesy. When you imagine a hapless stallion with too damned many kids and a bunch of one-night-stands he maintains friendly/supportive relationships with, what springs to your minds?

He's not supposed to look like completely like Big Mac, that's just how the lady that offered to do his art imagined him to look. He's a little mess buff in the chest area (but not much), with an ice blue coat. Kinda chubby; super healthy, with hazel eyes. That cutiemark is a muffin with a tool belt. If you feel like trying something super artsy, the running gag meant for it is that if you looked at it in monochrome, it'd resemble a throbbing, dripping penis in a certain way.

If any of you have or want to create OCs just to do something artistically with this silly character, feel free!

c91a1 No.2100

I have a request for a woman who has hyper breast, butt, and belly pregnancy giving birth. That means she has multiple babies in her stomach, multiple babies in each breast, and multiple babies in each buttcheek. And is giving birth to all of them through their various orifices. The bigger the belly/breast/butt, the better.

feeab No.2101

Mpreg BBM

45743 No.2102

I'm really unsure about asking this, but I didn't think it could hurt… I'm the creator of a setting full of monstergirls, but I have no talent for drawing art myself. Are there any resident artists who might be interested in discussing the possibility of doing one or two of them? Even if the depicted girl in question has to be pregnant, that would be fine, I like pregnancy too, or I wouldn't be here.

On a more conventional request… I'd like to see a pregnant rendition of Shampoo, from Ranma 1/2, with clues indicating Ranma's the dad.

27118 No.2125

There's a lot of people here (myself included) who are fans of monstergirls, so feel free to describe some I suppose? ^^?

45743 No.2132

The only problems are, well, I have a LOT of profiles done, making it hard to choose, and some of those profile descriptions can get… kind of elaborate?

There's also the fact many of them are futas, or at least capable of being futas.

If these don't present any problems, I am willing to talk about the matter with any artists who might be interested. The below link leads to an "encylopedia prelude" doc, which links to the docs that house all of the other profiles.


7501c No.2156

So I had a little something come to mind. Namely being an early era Space explorer(Space suits and dome helmets, rather than say, ensign uniforms). A woman on a mission enduring a very surprise pregnancy courtesy of alien exposure, chemical exposure, etc. I'm thinking along the lines of say, rapid enough gestation that she was able to get to the ships Airlock prior to expanding belly rupturing the space suit(Can't just have the belly hidden haha, Though i'd suppose uber tight suit over belly could look interesting as well). Maybe put in a hint towards labor/birth starting up.

894cd No.2168

File: 1413334046103.jpg (52.51 KB, 400x400, Mitsuru.jpg)

anyone willing draw a pregnant Mitsuru?

5653c No.2170

Well, since this seems to be a request thread…

I wouldn't mind seeing Darkstalkers Felicia, very pregnant, like quints or something. Huge breasts, lactating. And of course, her in labor and birthing into panties. If someone wants to do that.

9497c No.2171



If you like pregnant Felicia, this is the dude to check out.

5653c No.2184


Oh yeah, I know about Blyzz. Known him for years, but I don't get to talk to him much. Great artist though.

43217 No.2238

File: 1413478145949.png (1.7 MB, 1691x1204, Untitled.png)

A long and rather specific request, all in the image. Haters gonna hate, but I actually liked Kukuri as a character

a583c No.2247

File: 1413510834811.png (2.23 MB, 2083x1657, Felicia 3.png)

Started working on this one. Comments and critique would be appreciated, before I get much farther.

5653c No.2268


Uh..wow. Color me stunned. Um, first, I wanna say thank you. Secondly, that picture is going amazingly. I love the expression on her face and the pose. She just looks heavy and half surprised at the situation. I really don't have much input to give otherwise. Maybe because I'm kinda dealing with a bunch of stuff at once. But uh yeah, again, thank you.

6aa5e No.2278

Sorry if this isn't the right thread, but I took it more as a general request. I write some pregfics and am looking for ideas. I'd gladly use most preg ideas, but I prefer fantasy/sci fi scenarios.

d47ed No.2279

File: 1413554655524.png (447.99 KB, 1200x1687, swanee river.png)

I don't think I do a good imitation of their official style. :B

43217 No.2281

File: 1413560765395.png (344 KB, 800x600, 20110612174811 - Copy.png)


It's fine; I don't think the graphic artist with that style even works for Swaneye anymore, sadly. But I thank you greatly. Here, have a shop of full term Kukuri and Ayana.

39e7e No.2284

I wouldn't mind seeing a breast pregnancy story if you feel like writing one.

417c2 No.2299

Could I get a glasses girl with triplets? It doesn't matter what hair color or eye color

d6d74 No.2334

File: 1413709634069.jpg (35.1 KB, 410x194, image.jpg)

There's a comic called A Friendly Orc's Daily Life, where an orc comes across a somewhat (read as:extremely) lewd elf and acts accordingly… by acting like her dad.
Requesting a, "Happy/Good End," drawing of it, like a house in the background, faded border, yadayadayada, basically a drawing so sappy that bugs will come from miles to get a glimpse of it.

Pic related: The Orc's reaction to most of what the Elf says.

9fde4 No.2371

A pregnant Samus Aran in her new ssbb outfit. Pregnant with octuples birthing metroids.

Anyone up for it?

9fde4 No.2372

File: 1413765592218.jpg (21.84 KB, 300x168, image.jpg)

Ref pic!!

81900 No.2385

File: 1413781985530.png (1.51 MB, 1298x1944, HW_Lana.png)

I know some folks probably really don't like her, but I'd like to see a pregnant Lana from Hyrule Warriors. Pregnant with quadruplets, if possible, because… well there's a Four Swords joke in there somewhere, but I got nothin'.

6b0fd No.2386


This comic is intriguing indeed, Orcs are not suppose to be this composed! :O

80899 No.2389

File: 1413783857950.jpg (855.72 KB, 1412x2400, Ashley Graham.jpg)

Ashley from RE4, pregnant and birthing parasitic creatures. She could be either looking scared, or drunk with pleasure as she births the monsters from her ass and pussy. But feel free to change it if you want, maybe eggs? Or just one large birthing going on.

dd783 No.2408

File: 1413823253229.jpg (53.58 KB, 420x300, kuro-k10.jpg)

I know there are already a bunch of requests on the board, but I guess I'll throw one in.

I would like Kuro (pictured) at a normal single or twin pregnancy size, bashfully smiling like a goof. I guess either standing up or sitting like she's on the floor pose-wise.

05342 No.2410

Umm… You know what, there's probably already tons of art of her in such a way but Toph with her hair down, her shoulders bare and total serenity on her face (because goddamn that girl's gotta relax SOMETIME)… no, you should not let me make a thousand requests.

553b5 No.2446

File: 1413840976997.png (1.23 MB, 2287x794, Pyrrha_turnaround.png)

Anyone willing to do Pyrrha from rwby?

a0389 No.2451

File: 1413852448824.png (3.23 MB, 1483x1920, Suit14.png)

This one piqued my interest. It was a lot of fun to do so I hope it's what you had in mind.

ccf7d No.2458

File: 1413866528672.jpg (190.29 KB, 610x412, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

Here's a challenge for anyone adventurous. I was thinking pregnant Thassa, possibly laying eggs or giving birth to a kraken..

5d8d1 No.2463

What is this character from?

27118 No.2470


How "big" should she be if someone drew her?

dd783 No.2472


One of the main characters of Kurokami/Black God, a Korean manga that somehow got a Japanese anime. Both are good even if they differ in story considerably.

ccf7d No.2477

I would say for Thassa nine months/ten months size. From the scale of the island in front of her it'll be pretty huge.

9fde4 No.2479

Ok, I'll give mine a shot. I would like to see a pregnant Hilda and a pregnant version of her mom.
Hilda has twins in her belly while her mom has quintuplets. Hilda's holding her belly and looking over to her mom who just went into labour. Her mom says something really witty in speech bubble, like " get ready for more siblings" or something like that. Hilda doesn't need to be in labour and she's just real surprised at her mom's sudden liquid explosion. I also want to see some pants birth with Hilda's mom. Thanks to anyone in advance!!!

9fde4 No.2480

File: 1413947013957.jpg (30.62 KB, 240x453, image.jpg)

Hilda's ref pic

9fde4 No.2481

File: 1413947034359.jpg (90.85 KB, 774x1032, image.jpg)

Hilda's mom

6f16a No.2482


Looks Great, I like the expression. Also took me a moment to notice the fluid along her legs.

7ae12 No.2483

fat and pregnant Pam from Archer

553b5 No.2484

Maybe like 9 months with 1 to 3, nothing crazy big, if at all possible.

77e34 No.2491

File: 1413963442823.png (324.08 KB, 392x976, Lianshi.png)

Requesting a pregnant Lianshi from Dynasty Warriors with a twin sized belly, happily rubbing her belly.

2e4e4 No.2513

Here's an idea: A teacher sitting on her desk, as if in front of a class, skirt hiked up and giving birth. A chalkboard or something in the background says something like "ADVANCED SEX ED". She could be saying something like "This will be on the test", or something similarly amusing left to the artist's discretion.

7ae12 No.2519

File: 1414023375762.png (209.61 KB, 368x542, Pam.png)

reference pic

306e5 No.2527

File: 1414038763230.png (677.85 KB, 1534x897, Sabrina.png)

Well, since the seal has already been broken on the subject, I just don't think there's enough art (at least of our preferred subject matter) of….well, really any of the Pokémon girls outside of the female protagonists & rivals and maybe Misty. A long time favorite of mine, though, has always been Sabrina.

I included her classic (Gen 1-3) appearance, her new (Gen 4+) appearance, her cameo in Origins (I wish they did more with the Gym Leaders in that), and…..well, I couldn't find any decent pictures of her as a movie star, so I did what I could. I'm not going to be too specific here, artists. Just pick one and have fun ^_^

fd11a No.2528

File: 1414039147489.png (102.67 KB, 461x267, Secuestro.png)

Second, Pam in Tank Top is best Pam

817d6 No.2584

Bumping this out of…whatever black hole this fell into…

feeab No.2612

Aaaaand as soon as you said that it stopped updating, good job on killing the thread

817d6 No.2613


…You do realize art takes time, right? And besides, better the thread is visible instead of trapped between pages where no one can see it…

55c72 No.2623

Well, here's another request to liven this thread up. I recently saw JAM4077's pic with skyla, elesa and juniper from pokemon. If anyone could make their own version of it, that'd be cool. If anyone needs a reference to what the picture/character/scene looks like, then here it is: http://jam4077.deviantart.com/art/Request-Poke-Day-Off-Ruined-by-Labor-490507661

7900b No.2627

Switching my request to be the same, here. She seems like she's the one who would be fit to be a mom best. Maybe even with Jaune with her, holding her?
(Sue me, I'm a sucker for sappy heart-warming things.)
(P.S. don't sue me.)

a583c No.2633

File: 1414270916946.png (115.87 KB, 703x946, Samus.png)

I'll be perfectly honest here, that's like the best thing I've ever drawn and I was too nervous about screwing it up to keep working on it for a while. Might try inking and coloring it digitally soon.
Sorta forgot the outfit on this one, sorry. I might come back later and add that in.

5653c No.2635


Its totally cool.

55c72 No.2638

>>Burningcore!, you did a nice job on samus here! The body proportion goes well with the size of her belly.

1363f No.2674

File: 1414308973653.jpg (73.81 KB, 350x1000, image.jpg)

Hey, could anyone do this idea?

A pregnant Sami from advanced wars, with her face and belly covered in camouflage paint. Her belly filled with quadruplets. She's crouching within the forest foilage, hiding herself from the enemy when suddenly, her water breaks. Ref pic.

05342 No.2678

This reminds me I had an idea for a Days of Ruin themed pic. Basically it boils down to a propaganda poster featuring a rather pregnant Lin and Isabella encouraging people to do their part for the revival of humanity.

06070 No.2679

File: 1414344513257.png (411.41 KB, 1400x1247, requemon.png)


wit not found please try again later

17f60 No.2684

The Saints Row girls having a baby shower.

17f60 No.2685

3694c No.2686


553b5 No.2687

Update on if anyone's doing this one?

dcb2f No.2692

File: 1414383580376.jpg (136 KB, 800x950, image.jpg)

Could someone please do a pregnant version of nurse joy from the Pokemon anime the earlier seasons version with 8 kids in bełly her water breaks and her baby starts coming out through her panties please will someone do this

a0389 No.2693

I agree with >>2686, very nice

I'm a fan of >>2633 as well. Anything I could bribe you with to color it?

aee4b No.2697

I love this to death, and both Hilda and Mei are my favourite characters to have been drawn. One thing that could help with making sense of the picture-dialogue connection would be a differently-coloured background, though, because as it is the pink area looks a lot more like a shadow than a liquid… just my .02USD, though, it's good art and when I login to DA it's going into my Hidon favourites folder ASAP.

55c72 No.2698


Hey Hidon! Thank you soo much for doing this!!
Glad to know that someone thinks this idea's good enough to be brought to life!!
I'm very happy with the way it turned out, very close to what i had in mind!!
Once again! Thanks!!!!!

55c72 No.2701

File: 1414390677200.jpg (42.56 KB, 254x599, image.jpg)

Kind of an odd request here, but would anyone be wiling to do an mpreg pic of hilbert, with hilda?
Both of them are pregnant, in a tent, with hilbert in labour with his pants down and his belly filled with 5 poke eggs. Hilda is also pregnant with quintuplets and wishes to assist hilbert in his labour, so she gives him a handjob to relieve some of his pain. Both of them are pregnant with the same kind of pokemon.

7e17f No.2702

Neato. Mothers and daughters being pregnant together is pretty cool.

995fc No.2703

Would anybody be interested in doing this?

A pregnant Rea (Sankarea) full-term with twins, sitting up in bed wearing just her baggy purple t-shirt and leaning back on one hand with the other hand holding a nibbled-on hydrangea leaf near her face, but stopping to giggle at Furuya who's lifting up her shirt and revealing her popped navel and very light stretch marks to check on her stitch and looking worried with a sewing kit on the floor. Maybe have her say something cute like "You worry too much~!" while there's a small kick bump on the top of her belly and another by her lap.

I know it's odd since she's undead, but stranger things have happened in fiction! :P

Please and thanks! No pressure!

995fc No.2704

File: 1414394837388.jpg (117.13 KB, 1280x720, ibsuYSbRWs4TFi.jpg)

Ref picture for Rea and Furuya.

995fc No.2705

File: 1414394864134.jpg (57.7 KB, 500x500, 0fc8f5c476d944e3ed3d43c5ea….jpg)

Rea's stitch.

7e17f No.2721

Hah. That's a cute idea, an undead girl having to worry about the stitches on her belly. Well, cute and morbid.

05342 No.2724

*breaks over a chair* NO >:(

05342 No.2725

I get the impression that artists in this thread would be much more inclined to fulfill requests that are made with some sense of the English language in mind… instead of a bunch of run-on sentences with poor grammar that basically sound like demands.

55c72 No.2727

Hey guys! Me again! With another poke-girl idea! My first idea was brought to life, thanks to Hidon! And i'm really grateful! Please forgive me if i seem to demanding, or rude, but don't hesitate from calling my attention either.

I'll be submitting another idea, but anyone else is free to fill it in. I mean, you guys can push this idea aside for a while, besides the fact that it's kinda big. Other people will be adding their own requests or ideas too! So there's really no time pressure on whoever decides to fill it in. It's all kind of similar to my first request, and will all happen simeoultaneosly, meaning all the pics in this request will happen all at the same time.

First pic is Rosa and her mom, pretty similar to the first pic, but the roles are reversed. Rosa who is pregnant with twins, goes back home after a long tiresome journey, there she meets her mom who is pregnant with quintuplets. After spending a few minutes, getting to catch up. Her water breaks. Rosa's mom has a hard time trying to help her. She thinks quickly and calls prof. Juniper, instead of any nearby poke-center.

Next pic will depict what's happening of the other side of the line. Instead of prof. Juniper answering the phone. Elesa answers the phone, telling Rosa's mom that prof. Juniper, Skyla and herself have gone into labour, each pregnant with quintuplets. All three of them are in the same room.

Thanks to everybody who decides to even look at this idea, a little nod or acknowledgment goes a really far way nowadays, thanks to anyone in advance!!!
Ref pics will follow!!

55c72 No.2728

File: 1414402233625.jpg (34.66 KB, 200x502, image.jpg)

Rosa ref pic

55c72 No.2729

File: 1414402342828.jpg (36.1 KB, 284x599, image.jpg)

Rosa's mom ref pic

55c72 No.2730

File: 1414402432485.jpg (16.71 KB, 140x341, image.jpg)

Prof juniper ref pic

55c72 No.2731

File: 1414402791087.jpg (22.99 KB, 236x391, image.jpg)

Kamitsure/elesa pic…honestly, i found her bw 1 costume better

55c72 No.2732

File: 1414402843710.jpg (14.84 KB, 185x298, image.jpg)

Skyla pic

Once again, guys thanks!!!,

62d38 No.2759

File: 1414437209247.png (444.21 KB, 900x1196, Cooking_MILF_Mama_by_Pixal….png)


d0a17 No.2788

File: 1414479644896.jpg (230.89 KB, 1357x771, image.jpg)

Can anyone do this pic for me?

I would like my skyrim OC, drawn in shrouded armor(ref pic).
She's a Breton, with the same skin tone as the model in the picture with orange eyes and blond hair, tied into a pony tail, i want to see her pregnant with six children since she's a werewolf.

I would like to see her, about to assassasinate her latest target, when after getting the target at her knife's edge, goes into labor.

d0a17 No.2790

File: 1414479941130.jpg (127.32 KB, 790x593, image.jpg)

Could anyone redo this image with both of them preggo with quadruplets going,into labor while on the couch?

a583c No.2805

File: 1414519837046.png (129.57 KB, 600x1000, Samus 1-2.png)

Clothes on this time. I also patched up a few anatomy errors.
At the moment, Not unless you happen to know of a live model photo reference library somewhere on the internet (I'll do it once I've got a bit of time to do it well).

On a related note, I've recently started organizing a little drawing study stream. It'll be a place for people to study from photo reference and provide polite and useful critique on the results. I mean for it to be an any skill level sort of thing, because directed feedback is always incredibly useful. Currently all of the technology for it is set up, I just need to establish a schedule that works for people. Here's a link if anyone's got any feedback, the journal has more details. http://burning-core.deviantart.com/journal/Weekly-Drawing-Sessions-490063420

I've got quite a lot of reference images (27,000+), but many of them aren't up to the quality I'd like to hold. Most are scraped from sites like imagefap, which don't exactly focus on anatomical and compositional value. It's also virtually all women, which is pretty bad for study. The stream doesn't need to be limited to just nude figures either, so if you know of a great architecture blog or a well shot series of nature photos or something go ahead and share a link, it'd really help out.

Although probably not here. I don't want to eat up post count with an entirely unrelated project of mine.

05342 No.2824

Okay, one more, for posterity:

Would like to see a very pregnant Raven (you know, Teen Titans) with her clothes shredded and the marks of Skath/Trigon glowing on her body… (I have this absolutely INSANE idea regarding Trigon's intentions to use his daughter as a gateway into the human world…)

33bc0 No.2844

This is a prerfect idea, since most artists usually open up requests to improve themselves, but instead they get cluttered requests before they even finish the ones they've accepted willingly. This will definitely serve a good purpose here on the drawthread

33bc0 No.2845

Hmmm. I'm not sure if it's just me, but don't you guys think that artists should post their pictures on another thread? Like a thread to respond to this thread? Just an idea though.

33bc0 No.2857

File: 1414617491173.jpg (85.8 KB, 451x480, image.jpg)

Could anyone draw sue storm, preggo with the outfit on the left? Over encumbered and having difficulty moving around? I mean she was pregnant once right? Why not get her pregnant again, and make more? Fill her up with octuples maybe?

33bc0 No.2859

I meant picture on the right side of the pic, sorry!

5f9c4 No.2885

File: 1414672822113.jpg (43.29 KB, 400x800, image.jpg)

Gotta bump this thread up!

To freshen this up, I guess I can insert my own request, a preggo star sapphire with a really big belly, bent over while she gives birth to a light purple tentacle monster, with some of it's appendages moving out of her glowing belly button

5f9c4 No.2895

File: 1414768248681.jpg (149.28 KB, 600x715, image.jpg)

Bit of a strange one here, but would anyone be willing to do a pregnant picture of a hunter in monster hunter. In full Kirin armor, nursing a Pregnant kirin who happens to be foaling, both hunter and beast are pregnant with 2 foals resulting in a larger that normal belly for the hunter? I would also like to see a kirin horn stick out of the hunter's belly button.

Thanks to anyone who ever decides to do this picture!!!
Kirin girl armor on the left side of ref pic.

5f9c4 No.2896

File: 1414768343082.jpg (69.07 KB, 700x700, image.jpg)

Kirin ref pic

dabda No.2921

File: 1414891146835.jpg (243.33 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

This thread is going down fast, anyways. Since my old request wasn't filled in yet, would anyone be willing to do my monster hunter OC, preggo with kut-ku eggs, birthing in her bedroom being assisted by her felyne comrades. Her belly should be big, like real big but it should be big enough, not like hyper preg. Maybe something as large as a last trimester with sextuplets or something like that.

553b5 No.2931

File: 1414911803813.png (146.77 KB, 576x960, rwby___pyrrha_nikos_turnar….png)

I didn't realize how detailed requests on this thread are, so I'll try again.
If anyone's willing, I would like a picture of Pyrrha from rwby, pregnant with at least twins, in full battle dress and still fighting. For bonus points, have Jaune in the background upset that she's still better than him. Pic for reference.
Thanks in advance.

ccf7d No.2943

I think people need to slow down wit the requests. This is pitting unnecessary stress and putting pressure on the artists.

7297e No.2949

Naaaaaaaaaaaah. This is a draw thread, I'm almost certain that no artist is getting stressed over it. No artist has any obligation to do any of these requests and most likely 90% of them aren't even gonna be done. It's pretty much just throwing in your luck and trying to suggest an idea that an artist would actually want to draw. So I wouldn't worry about stressing any artists out about this.

If anything I think it's the requesters who would get stressed about their pics not being done.

5d8d1 No.2956

But tossing out and endless stream of ideas isn't going to help matters any.

995fc No.2959

File: 1415000901577.jpg (102.3 KB, 790x593, tAG_24958.jpg)

It might not be a bad idea to slow down a bit, do keep in mind that the rules at the top say to only pose one request every few days and not super quickly.

That being said, it's been about a week since I posted mine, so I'll put another idea out there. This one might be a little simpler. If anyone would like to give this a try, please and thanks in advance!

How about Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire full term and squatting with one hand on her back and the other on top of her belly, and a big blush on her face resulting from her water breaking (which is visible between her feet). Maybe have her swollen-up with twins, most of her belly (including her popped navel) sticking out thanks to her baby bump pushing her hoodie up and her skirt down. And despite her embarrassment, she could have a happy expression with optional dialogue. A kick bump or two wouldn't hurt either.

007d4 No.2963

The Fellow who put up the Spacesuit request again. Got a little something in mind.

So basically a Medieval Fantasy thing, A barbarian couple. An exceptionally heavily pregnant Amazonian-esque Woman in Labor. With a firm and perhaps anger fueled grip on her Husband's beard that would make him think he's about to have a bald chin.

As far as the outfits and looks go i'm not all that picky, quite like to see what the artists do. Could be furs, could be something for lighter climates. Though i'd quite like to see some markings drawn on her belly in paint.

33e5e No.2976

File: 1415067000900.jpg (112.07 KB, 800x800, Kuro.jpg)


Cause I felt like it.

dd783 No.2977


Thank you. This is really good. :)

2e4e4 No.2978

File: 1415071379820.jpg (75.15 KB, 620x400, queen-atziri-path-of-exile….jpg)


Nice to see you around, Himi. Good pic, too.

Anyway! The attached picture is of Queen Atziri from Path of Exile. I have not played Path of Exile (though I hear good things) but I really like her design. For *ahem* several reasons. Four reasons in particular.

So! I'd like to see her embellied. :)

5ca0b No.3014

D'aww, that's cute.

b634b No.3017

File: 1415219632768.png (1.5 MB, 1643x2419, 1403620992450.png)

This here's Eiger. Career soldier turned career criminal, all-round hardass and giant amazonian troll.

I'd love to see her happily pregnant.

17f60 No.3101

File: 1415460973692.png (184.99 KB, 444x250, airpal.png)

I'd like to see the girls from Legend of Korra pregnant. Here's a pic of Opal.

17f60 No.3103

File: 1415461486018.jpg (54.05 KB, 736x446, Korra.jpg)

And Korra

17f60 No.3104

File: 1415461626646.jpg (46.87 KB, 736x436, Asami.jpg)


17f60 No.3105

File: 1415461773101.jpg (102.95 KB, 693x1154, uniter.jpg)

And Kuvira.

17f60 No.3106

File: 1415461889455.png (132.44 KB, 444x250, lin.png)

Ah screw it, Lin and Suyin Beifong too.

6ca9c No.3165

File: 1415520152988.png (24.03 KB, 110x340, Serena_XY.png)

Someone draw this slut pregnant with twins

65d9c No.3181

Someone should do a pic of Korra and Asami giving birth together.

17f60 No.3184

That'd be nice, or all of them at a baby shower. I'm not picky.

553b5 No.3338

File: 1415775042531.jpg (372.59 KB, 644x944, 11964.jpg)

Could someone be kind enough to draw Nadia Grell of star wars the old republic pregnant with 2 or 3, looking really happy about it, even as it is really heavy and they are kicking? I romanced her in-game and wany to see it go further. Pic is of her. Thanks

a583c No.3412

File: 1415903626881.png (381.64 KB, 671x1014, Samus.png)

I should really get faster with these.

bbb5f No.3414

i just finished transformers beast wars and i was wondering if someone could do blackarachnia?

4dd4e No.3422

So glad you came back to it! That's definitely looking like our lovely space-faring bounty hunter! Fantastic Stuff.

9a20c No.3424


Thank you so so much! This is awesome! The colors, the lines, the pose, the whole damn thing's perfect!

6bf86 No.3427


Not the requester, but I'm blown away! Do you take commissions?

e1417 No.3434

File: 1416002810626.jpg (108.61 KB, 600x959, image.jpg)

Any ideas?

a583c No.3438

I told myself I would once someone asked, but I've got too many commitments that need to come first to do something like that at the moment. Feel free to request something on my dA (http://burning-core.deviantart.com/) or shoot an email to moerucore at gmail though. It just might be a while before I get to it.

0f737 No.3445

What about a pregnant female version of Chef Gordon Ramsay? Witty, negative comment included.

5c2a6 No.3488

By the way, who is that female characters? Where is she came from?

e1417 No.3490

She's a new Pokemon character and the whole internet has made her their new waifu

23f19 No.3500

File: 1416144091511.jpg (46.42 KB, 236x634, image.jpg)

While we're on the topic of preto Pokemon, could anyone draw a preggo May and flannery in their new redesigned outfits, each as large as someone at full term with triplets. Pregnant and complaining because it feels so hot inside their bellies?

May on de right

23f19 No.3501

File: 1416144258774.jpg (48.95 KB, 304x600, image.jpg)

Flannery's new design

3fce6 No.3502

File: 1416149158636.png (88.61 KB, 256x458, Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_….png)

Well, as long as everyone else is throwing Pokemon characters in the ring, I'll just say that if anyone from ORAS needs to be drawn preggers, it's Shelly. Come on, just look at this outfit, it's practically begging to be filled out.

65d9c No.3723

Enough of the fucking Pokemon character requests, Jesus! There's already another Pokemon thread on here anyway.

306e5 No.3724


Yes, but it's not a request thread (at least I only made the one)

e1417 No.3736

I just made one request, don't know who's doing the rest

3fce6 No.3737


Here's an idea: ignore them. Or maybe even come up with a more original request yourself. Anything that isn't throwing a tantrum over nothing.

ff135 No.3739


Isn't everyone here entitled to their own request?

Dude, don't hate on other people's requests because their mainly centered around a particular franchise.

You probably want to request a piece of your own, from another franchise. How would you feel if we singled you out for requesting something different from our tastes.

If you feel sympathetic towards artists and feel like there are too many requests for them to fill in, keep in mind that this is a request thread, a pool of different community ideas, for our community artists, not all requests are needed to be satisfied and our artists are not obliged to do any of them, so don't stress yourself out.

To be frank with you, I'm not really sure why you're angry in the first place, because If it's about a lot of people requesting Pokemon characters, then you just need to accept the fact that a large majority of pregchan users like Pokemon characters, and for good reason too. Great and creative character designs, lively colors and wonderful personalities, who wouldn't request for a preggo poke-girl?

11ba7 No.3740


I think over the years some artists are tired of requests for pokemon characters. Especially older ones like Misty and May. Some people may have some pent up anger about that.

ff135 No.3746


But not all bro, let's not generalize here. Besides, these are different characters, not the usual misty that I'm honestly fed up with too.

83021 No.4235

File: 1418082723234.png (297.47 KB, 522x561, hjvjhvn.png)

Will this suffice?

8f88a No.4237

Four words: adorable pregnant lesbian couple.

c90dd No.4238

That's Zinnia…aka the Team Aqua/Magma chick who stalks you most of the game. She sets off the Delta Episode side plot and is a classic case of the creators knowing exactly what they were doing when they made her.

06070 No.4239

File: 1418097466572.png (468.21 KB, 1200x2044, bikini help1.png)


Clarification: one or both pregnant? determines if pic related

0f57b No.4240

File: 1418100658135.jpg (2.93 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_1309.JPG)


One pregnant Poke-Star Sabrina.

0f57b No.4241

File: 1418102171581.jpg (218.09 KB, 850x1055, a4699fe457b5076600b17ebe7c….jpg)

Speaking of adorable pregnant lesbian couples…

How would someone like to do some Skyla x Elesa with the two of them swollen up (Elesa with twins, Skyla triplets) and cuddling, their baby bumps getting in the way and making things a little difficult? Maybe Skyla can be giggling and Elesa's just got a little smirk while she rests her hand on Skyla's belly.

950fb No.4242

This totally suffices, thanks for doin my request! They look so cute together!

306e5 No.4319


Looks cute. I don't know why Sabrina seems to be so overlooked (it's usually…just about any other girl). Maybe we can start to fix that around here :P

dcb2f No.4393

will someone on here do the posted picture of nurse joy

e935f No.4428

I'm doing some stupid cheesy Steven Universe fanfiction. It sorta-kinda involves unbirth, but not really?

Would anybody be interested in doing art of the three primary female characters? Given how they're so stylized physically, the show's art doesn't really lend itself to pregnancy. So.. some liberties would need to be taken in the girls body types.

Over the course of the story, the girls wind up in that state at least once. So if anyone is a fan and has any inclination, I'd like to see interpretations of Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl all preggered! 'Realistic' is preferred, but given the geometric soft pastel style of the show, it'd be understandable if they at least seemed a little bigger than normal.

85b64 No.4443

File: 1418780654990.png (135.33 KB, 304x544, mn.km.png)

Have Pearl,
I'd do the rest but I haven't been up to snuff lately

see? I forgot to add the file the first time posting this

c90dd No.4444

Having seen the show as a result of living with my cousins.
Pearl is the only one of the main 3 that I even want to imagine like that, mainly because Amethyst is a slob, and Garnet is…scary.
However…do you remember Lapis?
I saw that episode and even I had to admit, she was lovely for a character in that show.

85b64 No.4446

I would like to see Lapis again but that's just me.

But the thing is that #spoilers; Gems do not reproduce naturally. If they do, IE Rose Quartz, they die or as the show explains it they'd "have to give up their physical forms for their child.
But then again who's going to stop us

e935f No.4447

It's cool! I appreciate even this!
If you do the other two, that's cool. If not, that's also fine!

I know of Lapis. Howeverrrrrr… Lapis is unavaiable for show reasons. She's lovely, but..

Ah, gems do not -reproduce- naturally. But they may shapeshift and do all manner of interesting things joining their bodies together. In this stupid story, they wouldn't be reproducing. What they'd be doing is sort of a shapeshiftery version of nursing someone back to health from a chronic and terrible magical illness.

And I know Amethyst and Garnet would seem unusual choices for this surrogate motherhood. That's kind of the point. The hijinks.

Also, Garnet isn't really scary. She's just a woman of few, meaningful words and direct, knowledgeable action. I'm so happy she's in this show.

2e76c No.4448

File: 1418799584786.jpg (241.1 KB, 1280x779, image.jpg)

Anyone wanna take a crack at drawing a massivly pregnant Kuvira from legend of korra?

17f60 No.4450

Yes! We need to see Kuveera and her "Earth Empire" ;)

c90dd No.4458

To be fair, from what I gathered from the bit of the show I watched. Furuya's mother might have already been a zombie when she had his sister. She never really came off as completely human to me, especially not compared to the rest of the family.
Maybe in this universe it's possible for the dead to breed. It'd just be dangerous because of the whole "I love you so much I want to eat you" thing.

fa1a6 No.4481

File: 1418935786917.jpeg (701.34 KB, 1366x768, Бесконечное-лето-арт-крас….jpeg)

I'd like to see Alice from Everlasting Summer pregnant. Would somebody care to do such an edit, please?

fa1a6 No.4482

File: 1418935958964.jpg (26.03 KB, 326x688, Maya_Fey_L_VS_G.jpg)

This is Maya Fey from "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney". Can someone make her pregnant?

de8a8 No.4487

File: 1418952680627.jpg (78.47 KB, 401x863, maya.jpg)

Lucky for you I granted that request seven years before you made it

ffd30 No.4501

Epic. Though I agree that the world could always use more Maya art; she is just unreasonably hot…. but it'll still be hard to top that SPEED. ^_^

306e5 No.4539

File: 1419140936692.png (69.56 KB, 433x669, Konata.png)

Well, much as I'd love to see more Sabrina or Pokéstuff (my attitude still stands, even though we've gotten some new art), I suppose now I make a slightly more selfish request. Since it's my birthday for a few more minutes, I suppose requesting one of my OCs wouldn't hurt. (I guess this is also where I hope no one I know comes here…)

This is a 3DCG render a friend did of a character of mine once (albeit dressed more like a schoolgirl than her usual attire). Her name is Konata, her normal choice of clothing is blue jeans, a white t-shirt, sneakers, and a jacket of some kind. She's a tall one (about 6'3"), black hair (the model gives her hair a blue tint), modestly well-endowed (a D-cup bust, nothing ridiculous), a Psychic (as in the Pokémon type, so telekinetic and stuff), and has had some interesting adventures in the RPs I've used her in. I am going to have to say to hold back on the belly size, though (don't give her a litter, basically).

Thank you in advance. ^_^

67b95 No.4542

File: 1419156643763.jpg (436.57 KB, 1729x2437, NekoSab.jpg)


Hello NS. I don't know if you remember me, but I need some relaxation and practice anyway, so I decided to take on your request. I hope you won't mind a quickie.

You didn't put on any more details regarding her personality/etc, so I just used my own imagination. How ironic of you not wanting her to have a litter… the last time I did a request from you, it was supposed to be a litter. Ah, the old times…

And a happy birthday to you. Now I will have to get back to my thesis work. Ugh.

4140c No.4543

File: 1419161773948.jpg (172.37 KB, 845x946, cthulhu_wars___asenath_wai….jpg)

I think it would be fun to see Asenath Waite from Chthulhu wars heavily swollen with the spawn of some eldritch abomination. IF there's any takers. XD

dcb2f No.4546

File: 1419174929261.jpg (105.81 KB, 875x646, image.jpg)

To anyone willing to this, a pregnant rikku from final fantasy 10 with 9 kids in bełly sitting on a couch or bed and her water broke so she's giving birth on couch and in her panties and pants cause it happen so fast with next to no time to react thank you for anyone willing to do this

306e5 No.4549


Well I've seen you here and there around here…but unfortunately I don't remember the request (though I can at least guess which of my characters it might have been).

The image is very good, even for just a quick sketch. It actually kind of blends some of her adventures together, too (the jacket looks like something she wore during one of her runs as a Pokémon trainer, albeit not the one where she actually got pregnant, the stopping bullets is more like another RP (oddly enough the one the model I used as an example was done for) where she had to play action hero a bit…and was pregnant for most of it)

As for her personality, there's not a lot to her that's interesting. Normally she's a cheerful, friendly young woman who's a bit of an otaku (inherited from her mother, who's even more of one). She's very determined, likes to try to help her friends (it doesn't always work), bisexual (causing one of her inner conflicts, she's more into girls than boys but she wants a family of her own making, which she eventually finds a way to do with one of her girlfriends). However when things aren't going her way, she tends to suffer from confidence issues that really bring her down.

a2cba No.4551

Heh, reminds me of a character I made, partially for funsies until I got invited to a Pony D&D group~

Her name is Honeyblossom, and she was the Team Mom in several ways. She patched everyone up after fights, was there to comfort the others, and she had the distinct habit of being pregnant most of the time, having been the mother of three of the five party members.

Her butt-picture was to show her capacity for an endless love for little ones and ponies in general~ Stud-Muffin reminded me of her~

67b95 No.4554

I was talking about the time we met in PG-13 forums. It's been years ago. And I believe I did this for you back then: http://i.imgur.com/D527Zob.jpg

4d1dc No.4565

Wish someone draw Furukawa Nagisa giving birth in hentai ways.

e935f No.4567

I don't have the time to tabletop these days. You lucky. Poni-centric stuff is whimsical and fun. :>

dcb2f No.4583

How bout a pregnant rikku and yuna from final fantasy 10 both with 12 kids in bełly, yuna wearing a Santa suit with skirt and an elastic belt and rikku being her bubbly headed elf teasing her bout not having to use a fake big bełly cause she's already got one and yuna blushing out of embarrassment

306e5 No.4584


That must have been a long time ago. No wonder I don't remember… I really miss those forums. There was a pretty fun (and long) RP that I was involved in on there…

4d1dc No.4611

>>4565 Me too!
And Hana and imaginary grown-up Yuki from Wolf Children Ame and Yuki too!

1c824 No.4621

I might as well join in. Anyone have a request for submissive pregnant women?

1c824 No.4622

And does this chan not have auto-update? That's a bit of a bummer if it didn't, but understandable.

11ba7 No.4628

Weird how the board seemed to die after they started.

1c824 No.4662

File: 1419567698813.png (416.13 KB, 660x880, Mitsuru Kirijo1.png)

I'll give this a stab

e935f No.4686

I'm not sure if you're asking if we have requests for submissive female themes, or asking artists if they'd draw them.

1c824 No.4688

I meant requests with submissive themes, but I'm tackling something else at the momemnt.

e935f No.5026

Is there a limit to how many requests we can make in a given period?
If we leave them up to one per thread, with the rate at which they're answered (or not, as the case may be,) we'll be waiting forever.

11ba7 No.5030


I don't really see why you couldn't ask for as many as you want. Just don't complain if you don't get anything because people think you are being rude.

2e4e4 No.5036


It says it right in the top post. >>2094

e935f No.5037

Oh. My apologies.
You read something once, check if it inherently differs from your standard behavior, and then pass it over once it's deemed superfluous. Then it's like when you're trying to find an object but pass over it 10 times from some sort of perception blindness.

My bad.

0eef3 No.5348

File: 1421891060201.png (257.9 KB, 607x756, asenath waite.png)

You rang?

e3756 No.5364

File: 1421909249848.jpg (25.09 KB, 280x210, image.jpg)

Im not the original requester, nor am I into the lovecraftian mythos,but that's really cool.

The draw thread has been revitalized!

So I shall submit a request. (This isn't directed to anyone in particular, anyone who is willing to do this pic may freely do so).

Brock's Mom is a major MILF, just look at her on the right. 10 pregnancies and 10 childbirths and she still looks bang-able, from what I can see in the brocklings,(Brock's 8 other unnamed siblings), 4 of them seem to be the same age. So can anyone do a birth/labour pic of her, with a bare, big quadruplet-sized belly? Complaining at how "rock hard" her belly is,(due to the contractions, it's also a pun since Brock and his dad are rock/groundtype trainers). And have her water gush out of her pants, like a waterfall? (Cuz she's a water-type trainer?)

Anyways, I'd like to thank anyone, whoever decides to do this, as always! :) :D

e3756 No.5365

File: 1421909297360.jpg (49.12 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

Wait, here's a better ref pic

dd783 No.5370

File: 1421968073079.gif (17.35 KB, 309x372, chara_lacus_b.gif)

Okay, I'm back with a second request. This one is for Lacus from Gundam Seed/Destiny in her outfit in the provided image. The idea I had was that she would have a large pregnant belly in this outfit but holding her waist sash in one hand and her other hand up to her cheek with an "Oh my" expression on her face.

306e5 No.5371


Ah, Gundam. Always dangerous territory to tread in this community, given the nature of the series (those who have laid eyes on a series know exactly what I mean). Still, Lacus is a perfectly good choice….although….hm, I might have an idea…

82ec1 No.5373

I have no idea WHAT you're talking about. The franchise is absolutely full of happy endings and fruitful romances, and is absolutely free of unnecessary angst. I mean, just look at Heero and Relena…. oh.

Well, at least Domon and Rain presumably had babbies.

dd783 No.5374


Not sure why it would be dangerous territory here. Is it the war themes or the characters?


Yes, a lot of teenage main characters means lots of angst, but it's still enjoyable to me. Although, my favorite protagonist of all the Gundam shows is Kou Uraki from 0083, Gundam Seed still has a special place for me despite the teen dramas. And not just because Kira was the first teen main character to boff during the show.

306e5 No.5378


It was kind of a passing reference that things tend not to go well for female Gundam characters (one way or another). There's a lot of good-looking girls in Gundam, just kinda hard to find the ones that don't wind up with a bunch of baggage or dead or both. Of course, I suppose there is such a thing as revisionist history, but it still seems difficult (for me, anyway) to think of applying our chosen subject matter to someone like Haman or someone…

11ba7 No.5380

When has canon stop anyone from doing anything?

fdee3 No.5386

Indeed, when. Well said.

306e5 No.5401

Maybe it's because Gundam is such a serious series that I have a harder time ignoring canon than with other things.

That said, I see your Lacus Clyne and raise you Cagalli Yula Athha, Murrue Ramius, and Lunamaria Hawke (sorry, couldn't come up with good pictures for them in the short amount of time it took for me to decide to go for this). They could be with Lacus catching up and stuff (and comparing bellies and maybe goofy stories of things their guys have been up to). I'd have thrown one other character in the mix, but she's a bit obscure.

11ba7 No.5413

It's their request not yours.

306e5 No.5415

Well, I was just trying to make a suggestion to make it more interesting.

I suppose technically it could be counted as a second request on the same theme, but I did get perhaps a bit too impulsive there…

0f57b No.5419

File: 1422155242139.jpg (83.59 KB, 680x680, aa3.jpg)

If someone could please do the Me!Me!Me! girl with a nice swollen bump and doing her little dance, that would just be lovely.

(I'm gonna give it a try myself, but I'm curious what other, much better, artists would do with this little beauty.)

dcd13 No.5614

File: 1423019187416.png (279.07 KB, 931x691, NTRabbit.png)

What characters should I use if I wanted to turn pic related into a picture?

9f035 No.5628

Haha holy shit use Lagoman's lagomorph characters maybe? http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/lagoman/

Or I don't know, if you want to use a video game character or something maybe pick like Cecil, Kain, and Rosa from Final Fantasy 4. Squall, Seifer, and Rinoa from FF8. Mario, Luigi, and Daisy/Peach. Just some random suggestions. Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf? I'm struggling to think of actual rabbit related characters, but Mario and Link did have a bunny powerup at one point so whatever.

4140c No.5630

Hah, Nice, thanks!

4140c No.5631

sorry, name vanished.

56176 No.5639

Well, for all you video game players here, the new Persona 5 trailer dropped.


…and, well, you know…

The blonde girl's name is "Anzu Takamaki". If one of the talented artisans here would be willing to draw her in a family way (w/ quads or so, preferably), I'd love that.

dcd13 No.5640

It doesn't have to be bunnies as long as the girl is pregnant and getting fucked silly by a rival/monster in full view of her partner, who is powerless to stop his love from getting knocked up again.

e8ad0 No.5659

File: 1423363491397.jpg (584.09 KB, 1976x2860, image.jpg)

on the subject of persona, can someone draw Naoto Shirogane from p4, heavily pregnant, trying to pass off as a male, beer-bellied detective?
just so there's no confusion, I'm not the same guy who post the trailer.
which is so hype, gonna try and beat every single persona game in anticipation of this.

05342 No.5661

ralph pls go

06070 No.5673

File: 1423463577855.png (367.18 KB, 1048x1530, naowhat.png)


Honestly? She's hella cute, I should probably actually play these games at some point.

18dc6 No.5674

File: 1423475412731.png (3.9 MB, 1500x3143, Tohsaka_rin.png)

Bit of a different request considering the general attitude of this site, but would it be possible to get a picture of Rin from FS/N (picture included) at about 3-4 months, just starting to really show but not yet too far along? Preferably with her arms crossed just above the bump and a sort of tsundere expression on her face?

879ee No.5676

Oh my god Naoto is adorable :3

82290 No.5677

see yeah man, you're the best, much appreciated.
big ol heart for ya! <3

82ec1 No.5678

File: 1423513817163.jpg (27.39 KB, 550x425, Mother-of-god-meme_3997206.jpg)

05342 No.5679

that's not how you use that reaction image :P

82ec1 No.5680

Okay, so I fucked up.

But dat bump doe

d39c4 No.5681


it's…not that mind-blowing of a pregnant belly? It's good but if that's really shocking you, it seems like you should be commenting similarly on a lot of pics here

82ec1 No.5682


Not so much shocking, as it is that I guess I'm one of the few people in this community who feels there is such a thing as "too big", and I feel that, in terms of size, shape, etc, Hidon nailed the perfect balance.

dd783 No.5683


Yeah, that felt kind of like my request was being hijacked…

Well, let me at least take the time to clarify my Lacus request: I was hoping for a clean and cute drawing, so basically clothing stretched over the belly with no bareness or revealing going on.

1777c No.5697

I agree; there is such a thing as too big. But eh, to each their own, right?

6aef0 No.5877

File: 1424565304821.jpg (26.42 KB, 156x446, image.jpg)

Wow, it's been a long time since this thread's been up front, imma see if there's gonna be some magic with this idea.

I recently got Pokemon alpha sapphire and would like to see both the new and old Shelly Preggo with a minimum of triplets, flooding their pants with amniotic fluids as both their waters break. Each of them have one arm around the other's shoulder, trying to support one another and have their other hand on their belly, trying to soothe the pain of labour in their rock hard bellies
Old Shelly on the right
Ref pics will follow

6aef0 No.5878

File: 1424565500558.jpg (18.41 KB, 180x322, image.jpg)

New shelly on the right

I would like to thank whoever decides to do this
I apologize if this may seem a little bit too mucg
Once again, thanks!

e1a15 No.6491

well I do have an idea not preg per say but I think the idea is good a couple who just love to save money always look for deals in the supermarket smuggle their own food in the movies things like that but this time the wife has an idea on how to save money on airline tickets she unbirths her husband and births him when they land (at like the hotel or something)to save money on a ticket.

cacee No.6533

File: 1427697264836.jpg (350.88 KB, 1600x1440, image.jpg)

Can someone draw a busty, preggo Alice please??

a9e28 No.6543

File: 1427739320022.jpg (120.3 KB, 500x714, tumblr_nhg8beRlyU1u69ns8o1….jpg)

As long as this is on the front page, I guess I could put a request in.

A picture of Korra and Asami. Asami is pregnant, happy and positively radiant. Korra is with her, equally happy. Someone off-panel is asking "But how…?" To which Korra replies; "I'm the Avatar. Deal with it."

2d4eb No.7010

Sorry that I lack a ref picture, but Could anyone here try drawing a picture involving permanent pregnancy?

9f035 No.7018

How exactly would you do that? How do you show permanency, a state in which is only measurable through the passage of time, in a single image? You could just look at any picture and imagine it's permanent pregnancy.

bfffd No.7033

I guess a picture of the mother being told she's pregnant, then another picture of her with a massive belly saying something like "x amount of years later."

ff6c9 No.7048

File: 1428914849787.png (294.52 KB, 400x600, Misa_Amane_by_TerrorEffect.png)

Wouldn't mind a picture of a heavily pregnant Misa, say in a Chinese dress.

8247c No.7062

File: 1428985605960.jpg (87.79 KB, 490x640, 2011-01-20_Sonja_Pregnancy….jpg)

Could I get pic related, but on a voluptuous redhead?
*She should be collared, with pierced nipples and clit
*She should look strained or in pain, and as gravid
*there should still be a cutaway or x-ray
*instead of dog fetuses, she should have 3 Xenomorphs (like from Alien) crammed in there, still gnawing and clawing at her womb.

e0800 No.7207

File: 1429738820888.jpg (342.04 KB, 1534x593, r4525.jpg)

What about a shy tiger girl wearing a sports swimsuit? She is nine-months pregnant and has her baby kicking or labour pains or her water already broke. At the beach or in swimming pool shower room? Thanks :)

85b64 No.7213

I suggest moving this the Furry Board.

d2f4b No.7221

File: 1429796836709.jpg (25.66 KB, 640x480, nagisas-suffering-002.jpg)

Would you please draw Furukawa Nagisa giving birth in a hentai version?

61b96 No.7224

This, soooo much.

5d613 No.7248

I suggest so, but there's no request thread in /f

8a94e No.7296

Has there been any answer to the requests here?

c8ca5 No.7297

Yes, scroll up :|
Tbh only a few, might be easier to find if we had an anchor similar to 4chan /d/ drawfriends…

b68b0 No.7298

the artists respond to requests they like. "draw my favorite anime character pregnant/birthing" is only possibly going to get a reaction.

bfffd No.7300

It could be that none of the ones being requested are very appealing, and the ones that are interesting are ignored. If it's not a unique idea that seems like it would be a fun concept, then it's straight vanilla birth, like the pregnancy itself doesn't matter.

11ba7 No.7304

Every time someone asks stuff like this I feel less inclined to do anything, but the other person was right most of the requests are birth, something I will not do. No, I'm not asking to point to your request and say "but mine!"

I'd be lying if I said I did a lot but the last one I did for a thread the requester asked for another immediately. So maybe it's not the ideas but the people that turn others off. Or the fact that there are what… three or more requests threads because people keep making request threads for some reason.

85b64 No.7307

A lot of requests feel like they're asking for same thing with a different coat of paint.
I find people more overwhelming than the requests because you know, free stuff /grabby hands

I'll probably crank out a couple requests that I haven't bothered to do yet.

8c8f5 No.7315

If you are looking for something different you want to try out. I had an idea for a request that was very unique, and no one else has mentioned on this thread. I am curious to see what it would look like.

My I dea was to have a woman pregnant in everything. What I mean is, if it is an orifice, she is pregnant their. So you would have your standard pregnancy, but also Breast pregnancy and butt pregnancy, and then truly weird ones, like being pregnant in your nose, mouth, ears, eyes, and the like. It would be crazy, but potentially hilarious.

bfffd No.7317

Kind of leaning in my idea of a person who can get pregnant in any part of their body, though I also made a request involving permanent pregnancy

8c8f5 No.7321

True, but I kinda want to see it happen all at once!

9f035 No.7323

I've been interested in seeing more pregnancy in odd orifices like this myself, but it's such an odd thing that a lot of people aren't going to be into it. XP

8c8f5 No.7324

I know. I don't know If I would be into it. At this point, I am just curious to see what such pregnancy would look like! :-)

8c8f5 No.7325

But glad to see I am not alone!

bfffd No.7338

Sorry to say this, but we were discussing these being the problem, of sorts. This is Pregchan, not Birthchan, the person said that he would not do those, you're taking attention away from the ideas that are actually good, your saturating it, and nobody is interested because of the saturation.

b68b0 No.7341

Yeah, and you're kind of deliberately samefagging in order to get more requests. Requests that people clearly don't want to do. Do you notice the poster ID? It's different. But clearly the same person posted both of those. I'm betting you're the same person that got busted samefagging your own requests before, as well.

Which brings me to my next point. There being multiple request threads isn't such a terrible thing, since it's kind of a pregchan convention that you not flood a thread with your requests. You wait for someone to fulfill it and give it time before posting another.

Multiple request threads headed by multiple people interested in fulfilling them, you have more opportunity to request stuff.

bfffd No.7362

If he keeps spamming requests his IP may have to be blocked to stop the samefaggotry

fc750 No.7366

Before talking about taking away attention, let's face the truth ; there aren't many artists that responds to these requests dude :)

So there's no point blabbing about saturation or attention or whatever.

b68b0 No.7369

well, lemme try and request something that someone might LIKE to doodle.

I'm writing a story featuring a pair of grotesques. Like gargoyles. Actually, gargoyles are a form of grotesque, but grotesques are just stone statue guardians while gargoyles.. gargoyle water.

ANYWAY. Here's a doodle that b2 did of the main protagonist. http://pregchan.com/d/src/1420781523520.jpg

I would verymuch appreciate if someone would be interested in doodling a scene with her.

The story is a wizarding man and wife are too busy being drafted into a kingdom's war to raise a baby, so they convert their bodyguards (a mated pair) into a magical nanny/surrogate and her guardian/attendant. The lady grotesque is, for all intents and purposes, a surrogate.

I'd like something intimate between her and her mate, or something relating to the ritual wherein the baby goes from the female mage into her surrogate guardian grotesque, if anybody might be interested in doodling that. Actual characteristics for her mate and the mages are sort of up in the air at this time, so some artistic license is allowed.

11ba7 No.7379

Now I'm not trying to be mean but I'm really curious about why you and >>7315 Think these are ideas someone would want to draw. If we need to take it to chat or something that's ok.

b68b0 No.7385

Well, for one thing, they aren't "Draw [X character] from [Y anime] here, Pregnant with [1-∞] babies, for [0-∞]days, (potentially giving birth)"
That will only take you so far.

8b4e2 No.7388

I didnt know if anyone would draw it, but I put it out there anyway. Isn't that the point of this thread? As to why, I am just curious to see what such a picture would look like. The the thought entered my head one day, and I couldn't get it out. I would do it myself if I had any artistic talent.

a9899 No.7389

File: 1430430849522.jpg (226.54 KB, 1600x900, 1354980577478_zps79280069.jpg)

Not to be a pain in the patootie, but would anyone be interested in doing something on the cute side with these two?

Whether Leafa (left) is pregnant by Kirito like Asuna (right) is depends on if the artist likes wincest (since she's his sister irl), but in either case, maybe to up the cute factor, Yui could be sitting between them and be listening to Asuna's belly, excited to be a big sister and big cousin. :3

(Here's Yui)

Please and thank you. ^-^ <3

a9899 No.7390


Of course both Asuna and Leafa are pregnant, for some reason I feel like I wrote that in a way that could be misunderstood. So possibly unnecessary clarifications! :p

85b64 No.7393

File: 1430443589526.png (78.83 KB, 331x421, sketchhhh.png)

uncolored because of the use of the term 'slut'

85b64 No.7394

File: 1430443606766.png (86.61 KB, 260x402, aaaaaaa.png)


089fc No.7400

This is a really cute one!

cf146 No.7408

Finally, someone has spoken the truth.

9582b No.7412

This is the guy who posted >>7223.
There is a perfect example of what I want. Check >>7349.

2d4eb No.7414

Not to mention, even if an artist responds, they will usually stay in their comfort zone and only do vanilla preg requests, the unique ideas that would be considered more challenging are ignored, any responses or drawings of them are few and far between if not nonexistent, the only time there is a drawn response it's vanilla, meaning that there's virtually no variety, there isn't any fatpreg, breastpreg, buttpreg, full body preg, mpreg, or non regular pregnancy drawing, meaning that even if those ideas are requested, nobody will deliver and draw them.

bf58b No.7415

Then ask for something that's not vanilla preg/birth.
Or commission someone; artists are more willing do more challenging stuff for money.

2d4eb No.7416

I, as well as other users have requested non-vanilla preg in the thread before.

a9e28 No.7417


What this guy said. It says it right there in the top post. This is a place for open requests for artists to take up at their leisure. If you really want to see a specific something, there's plenty of people who will draw whatever you want for the right price. :)

Now let's get back on topic, please.

11ba7 No.7420

When you have someone saying that artists are unwilling to do their "unique" ideas implying that people /have/ to accept their eccentricities or else they're uncreative and boring yeah it's unwelcoming.

2d4eb No.7421

I'm sorry if I come off that way, and I do have money, around $6.50 Canadian

32cf1 No.7422

Well I'm not gonna let this idea forgotten.

11ba7 No.7423

File: 1430538770843.jpg (149.92 KB, 639x1000, idontknow.jpg)

d3ce5 No.7433

Thanks a lot! Never thought I'll see this one :D

f1759 No.7441

File: 1430658687666.png (231.63 KB, 436x955, 0cb5155667d0a3befe22b2cd70….png)

Could I ask for Takane Shijou from Idolm@ster at 8 months with twins in this outfit?

e1d7f No.7498

File: 1430956933067.png (319.62 KB, 629x1679, Maid_Warm-up.png)

Just doodling. Thought I'd post anyways. :>

f1759 No.7499

That looks amazing so far.

71b0d No.7506

That reminds me of a request I made a while back. It had to do with a waitress serving food ending up getting hungry herself, and her stomach growling causes the baby to move a bit.

If you don't mind doing so (and totally optional), could you do a picture of this scenario? Could be like a sequel pic to this one. :P

11ba7 No.7560

Dude people don't want to draw it because you keep asking over and over like you're entitled to it.

e1d7f No.7563

File: 1431029009771.png (381.58 KB, 893x1881, Going for Seconds.png)


Not all that familiar with this sort of scenario. :| Minor edit, but hopefully this would suffice. :3

f1759 No.7564


059d6 No.7565

That totally works for me. You are awesome! :)

e1d7f No.7572

File: 1431037754639.png (1.99 MB, 2000x2000, Skullgirl Healing Precedur….png)

Posted this on 4chan /d/ drawfriends a moment ago. Technically pregnancy based on the initial request (distorted belly by tentacles). Art style in homage of Sparrow on Hentai Foundry. :3

f1759 No.7620

File: 1431125568861.jpg (228.72 KB, 640x901, 21a0934b7a5b67dc20452fd44e….jpg)

Let's try another I guess before I space these out. Don't wanna go overboard with the requests.

Anyway, Nozomi in her cheerleader outfit, cheering someone on while 8 1/2 or so months with twins? (Sorry, couldn't think :P)

f1759 No.7621

Optional: The babies can be kicking while she's cheering.

c8ca5 No.7627

File: 1431136213521.png (2.13 MB, 2000x2000, Edit this, Rounder Boobs2.png)

Last Edit hopefully :3

31d8a No.7660


3c948 No.7699

Could someone do Galacta from the Marvel series?
She was pregnant in the comic series, but the series was discontinued.
Galacta with a pregnant belly would be nice

4b25e No.7740

File: 1431323461577.jpg (147.37 KB, 640x1850, 4c278ce78cd312d301bd1eab9d….jpg)

I'd really love to see Kurisu pregnant. I would prefer non-lewd and non-hyper pregnancy art, but I'll be grateful for anything.

Bonus points if she is acting Tsundere over the pregnancy or just something really cute with her being pregnant.

6bdaa No.8070

I agree. We need some hardcore drawings.

11ba7 No.8076

I disagree. More cuddles. More kissy faces and hands on shoulders. Let's get platonic up in here.

306e5 No.8077


…We can't have both? Let the artists draw what they want to draw, the clean ones will do the clean requests, the others will do the more fun things (although I think most artists here are good with both categories).

11ba7 No.8082

Yes well that was the point of the second one, at least in my head. Saying "we" /need/ something is rather rude. Implying everyone wants it when it's obviously not true.

9067b No.8198

>You do realize that samefag does not mean the same person

Er, yes it does.

bfffd No.8199

Then what do you call multiple people who all want to see the same thing that the artist doesn't want to do?

bfffd No.8202

I think there should be rules added for no samefagging and no lemming posts

1d0d3 No.8205

Artist? The point is that this thread is almost dead. There is no 'artist' checking here for requests and drawing them.

52135 No.8206

Actually I was thinking the same thing. There seems to be almost no artists responding to requests in this thread.

bfffd No.8210

Reporting someone for swearing is censorship, plain and simple

11ba7 No.8211

Ain't self worth a bitch.

21ab3 No.8212

Excuse me? There aren't any birth contents in this thread.

bfffd No.8213

It's more of just pressure and intimidation, the newbies want to git gud and go pro as fast as they can because they think that's the only way to be successful, the problem with this is that many a time these newbies try going pro so prematurely that they don't even get off of the ground, and their hugbox of fans stagnate any progress that they can make. Self worth is not determined by the bulge in your wallet, but rather the quality and flexibility that you offer compared to competitors.

11ba7 No.8218

You can try to rationalize it all you want but all you're saying is you're mad you can't get free stuff. More specifically you can't get exactly what you want since artists post free content all the time.

dca69 No.8219

Well it's not the first time Hidon Redux did such a thing. Last time he banned whole bunch of people and erased their writing because of 'ban evasion'. He couldn't accept the fact that so many people were criticizing his way and thought all of them are same person changing IP. Bit stupid really.

1b197 No.8221

People need to re-request in this situation. dbe3e added a bunch of writings to the end of thread, which make artists or others hard to see the requests.
And besides what is wrong with requesting birth like >>7221?

11ba7 No.8225

Dude don't bring that fight over here.

If no one wanted to do it the first four times why would a fifth time help? Not many people post here to warrant such repitition.

f61ca No.8226

Actually I don't think nobody wanted to do it. I think that because of so many requests or writings before and after of >>7221 people might have just overlooked it.

c8ca5 No.8280

How far does this thread go? (has more posts than the usual 4chan thread)

b4926 No.8415


deaa0 No.8460

File: 1433306056900.jpg (32.3 KB, 500x485, anne frank6.jpg)

This isn't really a request for myself as it is for trolling someone else. Basically a friend of mine's showed up to Literature class raging drunk and bragging about how he wanted to fuck Anne Frank (we were reading it for class). He's kinda a pervert, but not in a harmful way. Just enough to be hilariously offensive, even more so when he's wasted.

That got me thinking and since I suck at drawing, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in making pic of an 8-9 month pregnant Anne Frank. I'm not asking for anything with nudity or excessively graphic. Just a cute, clean, and fairly realistic picture of her in a dress that I can add captions or text bubbles onto would be great.

2e71b No.8461

Absolutely not. That is beyond distasteful and such jokes should stay amongst your friends.

0b41c No.8462

The more offensive the better I always say. Being constantly forced to be PC is what is killing off the "interesting people" population (I'm terrible)

05342 No.8469

are people being intentionally ignorant of the fact that had she lived she would've had kids?

0b41c No.8470

You're on a chan board, so the ignorance, intentional or not, is very likely. I bet she would have had kids had she survived the Holocaust. Just because she is dead doesn't mean that she didn't have aspirations for when she grows up. The idea of the whole "fucking Anne Frank" thing isn't inherently offensive, nor is the idea of a pregnant Anne. In all honesty, she was cute and probably would grown up to be hot. Now, if its offensive he is REALLY looking for, just have Anne Frank pregnant wearing a Nazi uniform posing with Adolf Hitler who is the father. THAT would be distasteful, but I digress.

d04b6 No.8472

Our chan has rules, especially for shit like this.

0b41c No.8473

Which part is against the rules? The thing I said about people being too PC with things that aren't inherently distasteful because in all honesty, its just people being so sensitive that they don't see possibilities had historic events not happened. Or the part about rebutting the "distasteful nature" of the request with something that would ACTUALLT be distasteful and rather offensive?

11ba7 No.8475

Sheesh can't we go a request without fighting about what people should and should do? I won't be doing it. That's the end of my involvement.

c6c6d No.8477

Quite likely, like I said before, this is a chan in denial that has attempted to reject chan culture, meaning that down the road it will struggle to find an identity.

c8ca5 No.8485

File: 1433384234064.png (353.53 KB, 2000x2000, Return to Sender.png)

>Decides to revisit Pregchan Drawthread
>Finds debate over PC/pregify dead people requests…

4140c No.8486

Wow… I laughed longer at this then I should

0b41c No.8489

Gad to know I gave you a laugh, that was one of my intentions. To make a point, and to make someone laugh. I would say it was a pretty good day. :)

6d88e No.8491

File: 1433402092592.png (79.95 KB, 348x530, Shinoa_H ragi_(Anime).png)

Shinoa from seraph of the end, any amount of pregnant but preferably still wearing the uniform (covers stomach)

8fdfc No.8501

A slutty, tattooed/pierced whore lifting up her shirt, horrified to see aliens stretching out her womb.

d2704 No.8502

Seconded, thoroughly

f1759 No.8524

File: 1433683183693.png (136.6 KB, 734x710, Zellha.png)

Zellha from Brave Frontier with triplets will suffice.
(Went with the simplest design I could find)

df1b5 No.8531

File: 1433723993790.png (75.63 KB, 320x200, pit&palutena.png)

A pregnant Palutena confronts Pit, who's the baby-daddy. And if it's at all possible, I would also like a family snapshot after Palutena gives birth.

ae0d6 No.8932

>>7221 THIS! Sooooo Much….

29203 No.8974

File: 1435722281472.jpg (502.96 KB, 1272x1800, 1397835144_kendra-wilkinso….jpg)

This isn't a request for a drawing, but since I couldn't find a photoshop thread, I'll leave it here.

I'm just requesting that someone take this picture of the beautiful Kendra Wilkinson and remove the bra and panties and add in some great breasts and vagina.

76041 No.9014

i remember seeing a fanfic where she was pregnant and the baby turns out to be pit.

80cf3 No.9016


54a7a No.9124

did see this thread when I originally posted this:

can anyone do that? It could even be as simple as a sketch. I can ink I just can't draw that well ;_;

6bdaa No.9156

File: 1436537563702.jpg (57.12 KB, 960x540, grown-up Rin.jpg)

Can someone draw this grown-up version of Rin Tohsaka giving birth naked with the baby's head coming out her vagina?

bbe14 No.9160

File: 1436577682770.jpg (532.46 KB, 1625x1076, Ytjdytjty.jpg)

Anyone want to do a pregnant Elizabeth from Bioshock?

If any of you could do clothed and nude. That would be great.

f1759 No.9161

I posted it in the wrong thread but it doesn't matter what size the belly is as looooong as it rips through the bodysuit.

df1b5 No.9184

File: 1436707222447.jpg (60.64 KB, 345x433, brickhouse_betty.jpg)

Brickhouse Betty makes an air-headed comment about being pregnant.

c8ca5 No.9414

File: 1437654097875.png (840.85 KB, 2000x2000, With Flying Colors.png)

For practice on my new wacom. :D

df1b5 No.9416

Thanks for doing this request, man. It looks really great!

888d0 No.9424

A nude woman wearing a lab coat, with an IV and electrodes, rubbing an ultrasound on her belly remarking on how far along her aliens are. Bonus points for an x-ray or cutaway.

02836 No.9427

File: 1437727286238.gif (4.41 MB, 410x575, Gerudo Link.gif)

Based on Ian Samson's Amongs the Gerudo comic, I'd love to see Gerudo Link becoming acclimated to being a pregnant brown amazon (and soon to be mother)

58328 No.9428

File: 1437735980143.png (156.85 KB, 600x1000, CatPrFu.png)

Can I get any of the artists to do this futa cat girl but with her legs spread and a lot more milk/mess.

f3ec6 No.9438

File: 1437771392520.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.37 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Can someone draw some stuff of a pregnant Valentine from Skullgirls? What she's wearing and what's going on is up to the artist.

341b1 No.9481

File: 1438064884591.jpg (227.15 KB, 736x1050, image.jpg)

Can anyone make her pregnant?

341b1 No.9523

File: 1438263080855.jpg (216.66 KB, 717x1024, image.jpg)

I have basic ideas if anyone needs them. It's more than likely that you guys might have to redraw the picture from scratch, I can't find the original artist to ask this request.

341b1 No.9524

File: 1438263112617.jpg (216.2 KB, 717x1024, image.jpg)

df1b5 No.9557

File: 1438520883941.png (287.76 KB, 640x719, loki&amora.png)

Amora is pregnant and Loki is panicking because he's the father.

13cd4 No.9565

Can someone draw a realistically pregnant Yukari Takeba in her school uniform but with her belly showing?

7277b No.9739

File: 1439240209723.png (956.76 KB, 900x1150, pregchanyukarip3rqst.png)

fbbf8 No.9742


This is the exact same face I have when I'm reading a sexy maieusophile-focused story, and realize it's actually well-written to boot XD

Good job regardless A0IISA. Favorite part are the strained buttons; it gives the impression that the uniform is only a day or two away from being un-wearable.

2460a No.9747

File: 1439347941575.jpg (157.07 KB, 802x996, image.jpg)

These two(obviously aged to adults) cuddling together with May being about full term with twins, with most of her belly showing.

215be No.9771

File: 1439436838522.jpg (68.76 KB, 720x960, 10526007_1606527549566303_….jpg)


Not a photo. But still great.

It's too bad I suck at drawing because I'd totally do this.

05342 No.9787

http://harvestmoon.wikia.com/wiki/Georgia_%28ToTT%29 is what I'm requesting today.

or any of the girls from that game.

Even Jessica. Even Cheryl.

df1b5 No.9831

File: 1439735990995.png (363.93 KB, 1280x800, UcogiAlice&Dedu.png)

Ucogi (blonde hair) & Alice (black hair) reveal to Dedu that they are pregnant. Ucogi is embarrassed, Alice is angry, and Dedu is scared out of his wits.

f7b65 No.9908

File: 1439911090735.png (117.66 KB, 447x713, ashley_by_drbreeder-d92dka….png)

Can any do my OC Ashley please?, she's pregnant with triplets, her lab coat and clothes can look futuristic like out of sci fi movie or video game.

651be No.9911

File: 1439922754755.png (429.73 KB, 1169x830, 4f37c6f946b25d3b8e2a815b69….png)

Can I request a follow-up to this where the Hex Maniac is introducing Calem to her mother, the Hex Maniac from RSE (will provide reference in my next post)?

Optional plot twist: THAT Hex Maniac is also pregnant

651be No.9912

File: 1439922790807.png (1.45 KB, 64x64, Spr_RS_Hex_Maniac.png)

And here's that ref image

82ec1 No.9930

File: 1439966515374.png (Spoiler Image, 209.76 KB, 245x606, latest.png)

I feel bad asking this, but would anyone be willing to take a crack at drawing Sharla from Xenoblade Chronicles pregnant, either singlet- or twin-sized?

82ec1 No.9931

I did not mean to nsfl that.

90720 No.9973

File: 1440107931404.jpg (210.91 KB, 1191x670, suguha_wallpaper_by_cenari….jpg)

Had a cute/sexy idea involving Sugu here. Basically her preggers and leaning back in a computer chair, wearing just her undies and either on a webcam or playing a non-VR MMO.

Example of her in the pic, and example of what I had in mind for the pose here;

Please and thank you to anybody interested! :)

6f145 No.9975

How bout no she looks way to damn young, like really young

90720 No.9978


She's 16. Age of consent in 31 states is 16, the rest are 17 and 18, and most states where it's 18 have caveats that accept 16 and 17. In Japan, since she's Japanese, it's 13. In every case, she's old enough lol.

306e5 No.9990


There's a part of me that would find it infinitely more amusing if Asuna and maybe Sinon were involved, but that's just me wondering how deep in trouble Kirito would get (poor guy IS a chick magnet, even if all he wants is Asuna). Suguha/Leafa on her own would be very cute, though…

90720 No.9993


Haha that WOULD be pretty amusing. Poor guy. :p

fbbf8 No.9995

File: 1440208588639.jpg (22.75 KB, 510x627, Sketchy_1.JPG)


Here's a crappy phone snap-shot something. Not a whole lot of something, but not nothing? :P

My head went in a different direction in regards to context, but here's a body base I managed to doodle. Her pose is hunched over while frantically gaming the keyboard and mouse, legs pushed aside and the belly somehow wedged underneath the desk. Extremities excluded, and I probably need to proportion and scale it a bit more to both nail a hunched over look, but avoid too much of a hunchback.

Relearning Flash in order to color, layer, and lay a foundation for simple idle animations. And belly kicks, of course :P

Currently working on a self-imposed something for chrisguy3 though, but maybe I'll progress with this next.

Speaking personally, it's not that drawing is hard (you can get stuck in a pretty bad rut at times), it just takes TONS of time.

fbbf8 No.9996

File: 1440208758357.jpg (1.04 MB, 2340x4160, Sketchy_2.jpg)

More crappy basework for a spy request I saw on another thread (thought it was this one). Bent down and peering around corners to avoid detection. Skin-tight and zipped up (and barely holding on) stealth-suit plans.

82ec1 No.9998

File: 1440220298405.jpg (27.65 KB, 300x222, dearprimusno.jpg)

The art style has a lot to do with that though; take this image, for instance. How old would you guess the blonde girl is? Ten? Eleven?

How would you feel if I were to tell you that she's about twenty? Cuz she is.

My point is, sometimes the art style lies(and that's not even getting into shit like Nowi. That's a whole other can of bullshit we're not going into here).

df1b5 No.10009

File: 1440334076303.jpg (303.72 KB, 680x875, ariel&flounder.jpg)

A sequel pic where Eric & Melody discover that Ariel is pregnant, and human!Flounder is trying to sneak off.

e603c No.10012

File: 1440347492622.jpg (1.02 MB, 1933x2783, IMG_3108.JPG)

Pregnant gamer with quintuplets. She is a serious gamer.

fbbf8 No.10016


Dang, that's awesome! Belly art reminds me of LoL Jinx.

Guess I'll need to redo to the pose as per the >>9973 YouTube Link, but totally don't mind after seeing something from ya Silverstar!

0a9ae No.10023

File: 1440383661259.jpg (397.16 KB, 850x1184, Alexiel with Halo.jpg)

Hello, I've been lurking here for a couple of years and was wondering if anyone would try their luck at drawing Alexiel eight-to-nine months pregnant?(Preferably nude and spread eagle.)

e603c No.10024

Thanks Soul C. I took the idea from your sketch actually so you get credit for that drawing. I remember Jinx. Jinx could be her hero.

fbbf8 No.10033


Glad that my barebone sketch gave you the inspiration to make it :D

5d8d1 No.10099

Not to the point where I am happy with this. But this request stood out to me. Mostly because it was a bit more than draw yatta yatta character massively pregnant and such. Those kind of things are just kind of ehh… lack creativity from the requester.
It was a good idea and I always like hearing good ideas. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for not pick Asuna. Not saying she's a bad character. Just don't like her too much myself. Anyways my first attempt I erased and second I didn't like the results. So here's number 3, unfinished though.


Once I am happy with it I'll post it on here.

df1b5 No.10130

File: 1440964260997.png (1005.13 KB, 971x800, michelle_trachtenberg.png)

Can somebody photoshop a pregnant-morph for Michelle Trachtenberg from Eurotrip?

a1f63 No.10232

File: 1441315186455.jpg (35.36 KB, 263x560, image.jpg)

I understand that a lot of people here like Fire Emblem girls, however, I'm not sure if you guys remember the characters from the past games. So, I've come here today to not only submit my request but to bring attention to one of fire emblem's most seductive women, Sonia.

Anyways, I'd like her drawn with a triplet-quintuplet sized belly. She receives a small jolt of pain as her belly instantly expands with whatever form of black magic, ripping open her dress and exposing her round belly.

1a85a No.10252

File: 1441524596750.jpg (421.43 KB, 1455x1500, Suguha.jpg)

Alright. I think I got this to a nice place.

5d613 No.10328

Just another dream: A running fitness girl who exercised so hard so she had her water broke and flowing out while she run in the park. She has blonde long hair and wears some kind of boxer shorts and sport bra embracing her E-cups

32673 No.10333

Probably not in the "drawn" section

c8ca5 No.10398

Is this thread dead? If not, how far can it go before starting a new one?

85296 No.10404

The artists are probably just uninterested in drawing most of the requests. Can't control that.

All you can really do is post more ideas for requests. But things you think artists might want to draw. It's clear, "X-anime protagoness pregnant with 1-10 babies, maybe birthing" isn't cutting it.

fbbf8 No.10451

File: 1442673793396.jpg (160.08 KB, 800x727, download.jpg)

Nearly lost my sh*t at work seeing this while on lunch break XD

So naturally I started thinking of a preggorized version of this. Something like Fate with a triplet sized belly awkwardly seated on Cerea while brandishing a sword. Meanwhile, Cerea's human torso is being painfully pushed out and down by Fate's belly, which means her own human 'upper' full-term belly is getting wedged in between her front legs, making it rather difficult to charge forward. Could also have the horse belly as well, which means her rear horse legs are rather splayed out. supporting all the fecund weight in and on her. They're both trying to look noble and dignified, but they're not fooling anybody.

Store this gravidly noble idea away for now, or have a go at it if you'd be so kind. Just wanted to pitch it out here!

1a85a No.10454

That is why I tend to not take requests really. They are mostly draw a certain character being x months pregnant with y number of babies. And most times giving birth or having their belly rubbed.

a2119 No.10455

Can I please get a bit of followup art for this piece?

A bit further along in the story. The Lady has grown from her normal human size, looking a bit more like a more monstrous woman/beige-red dragon/tarrasque.

The background for the pic is that The Lady is escorting a bunch of refugees and migrants away from villages they had no chance of defending from an enemy, invading army. They had no time to gather supplies or food, so The Lady, a gargoyle in service to her master and mistress, has generously offered to supplement their diet with her own body.

With her supernatural constitution and physiology, she can eat most anything organic and nutritious with no risk of illness, poisoning or or virtually any mortal frailties. So she's become something of a filter, with her large size and milking capacity converting a great deal of the food she eats into milk for the people traveling with her.

It's up to you, the artist, if the position gets more complex than her sitting lotus style, but rather than let villagers nurse individually, she takes to manually expressing herself into a large wooden funnel, leading to a large cauldron the refugees are ladled bowl fulls from. And in doing so, each get a portion of rations.

It's for a story I'm working on, but I've already received that one bit of art for it. I'd understand if you feel the request is being greedy.

651be No.10457

Think it would be a good idea to provide more interesting and less generic requests?

2d4eb No.10458

It would, but that would be expecting too much of most of the board's userbase

8036e No.10459


Plus these are free requests, yes? Many of the artists keeping tabs on thia thread are known to either only do freebies for friends or only do paid commissions.

I think the OP, requesters and artists had unrealistic expectations:

- The OP made it too open-ended and set no limits. Nothing wrong with that per se but as a result, only about 8 of the requests have been fulfilled.

- There simply aren't enough artists who are either remotely interested in doing the requests or have the skills to do most of the detailed requests. I can't fault the artists in either case. There is also the possability most artists only take requests via DA or are simply no longer around.

- Most obviously, the specific requests are the main reason why this thread tanked so hard. "X Character Pregnant with Y Babies while Z" ad nauseum prettymuch.

I think an admin should press the reset button on this thread and add some specifics to make things a little easier for both requestsers and artists.

9a5f7 No.10460

File: 1442768827226.png (1.09 MB, 2233x2473, request.png)

I don't usually do requests, but sometimes some ideas are to good to pass up. =D

fbbf8 No.10461


Haha yes, that's fantastic! Thanks Cross-Crescent!

a9e28 No.10462


*shrug* What sort of limits will make a difference? We're a small community. Some artists take the time to do a thing, some don't, it's all up for them. This is just for fun. :)

If enough people really want a fresh thread, then by all means, we'll give 'em one, but I don't think it'd make a difference.


Very cute!

a2119 No.10471

for what it's worth I don't think new rules need to be implemented. As is, artists just have a choice what they want to do.
There's nothing stopping an artist from looking down the thread and going, 'Yeah, I like this idea, enough to take 2-3 hours of my time to draw it.' Nothing stopping them at all.

When this thread stops bumping is probably when it'll be time to get a new one.

dd783 No.10472


I'm in agreement with this. I don't think new rules are necessary, and to be honest my two requests I threw in were more just "that would be neat if someone does it but I'm not fussed if it gets passed over." That's how I saw the spirit of the topic: for funsies, not serious requests expecting results.

I'd readily commission for a picture I really wanted to see drawn, but as it is I haven't had an idea that made me go for that so this is good enough for me.

db4ce No.10476

Just gonna reiterate this. See if anyone wants to take this up.

afaad No.10483

File: 1442857345824.jpg (164.69 KB, 1024x1536, elizabeth_by_fedallah48-d9….jpg)

11ba7 No.10486


Honestly a new thread wouldn't be bad. At least if 4chan's drawthreads are any indication early in new threads tends to be most active. As long as people don't spam repost stuff from this one.

Maybe also making a thread in chat and linking it OP for talk so these discussions that come up every month or so don't clog the thread anymore.

a9e28 No.10495


The thing is, we are not 4chan. 4chan gets several hundred times the traffic that we do. If not several thousand. That changes things up a bit. XD


11ba7 No.10503

It doesn't really. The longer the threads get the more daunting it gets.

9f035 No.10505

I don't think a new thread would help much. What benefits do you think creating a new thread would bring? I can't think of any.

a2119 No.10510

Lets ask our resident named artists.
HEY ARTISTS! Could you weigh in on how you feel?
Would a new thread help, or does it matter to you?

11ba7 No.10519

I have been but apparently no one likes my opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a4e3f No.10520

File: 1443040999791.png (437.29 KB, 800x1200, kaiju_girl_by_blazbaros-d8….png)

Can you edit this picture of the kaiju girl's belly so that she can be nine months pregnant her child? I seen one of them pregnant in the Pacific Rim movie.

ab8cb No.10532

*weighs in* If there was a way to easier archive old threads, or have a request board that's be BOMB. The request form would have a "drop your request here" thread and "Artists replying" thread and then a thread for individual artists taking specific requests. it would also be cool if there was like… A "Professionals" board for commission ads? Just a thought! I need to go through this list when I have the energy!

a9e28 No.10549

File: 1443138446538.png (240.02 KB, 500x600, tumblr_mndv096Lnb1rgf5dao1….png)


Some good thoughts there! Not sure all of it is doable with the tech we have, but it's given me some ideas. I'll talk to FF and take some soundings. Stay tuned~

Anywaaay. I'd really love to see a birthing pic (or at least a preg pic) of Toriel from Undertale. Preferably a happy one. :)

89f71 No.10557

I haven't even played the game, and just when a friend was starting to tell me about it, I quickly came to adore(iel) Toriel. Best Goatmom. One of the most instant furry waifus since Isabelle. Goodness knows she needs love…

While I too have not seen a birth picture involving her yet, I very second the notion of more pics of her having a (biological) kid. In the meantime, there's https://e621.net/post/index/1/toriel%20pregnant (and fair warning, at least a couple as of this posting involve the not-of-age protagonist).

df1b5 No.10577

File: 1443361500261.jpg (438.47 KB, 1000x1300, zone_tan_and_lemmy.jpg)

Zone-tan is pregnant with Lemmy's child, and he's being super protective of her. If it's possible, I would also like to see a picture of the new family. The baby should just be a small, purple tentacle monster.

ccd47 No.11629

Rest in peace thread… :<

e9db9 No.16627

File: 1456420947853.jpg (13.94 KB, 236x308, ms_marvel.jpg)

Time to resurrect this thread.

Requesting a pregnant Ms. Marvel smiling embarrassingly.

d3ffb No.16663

File: 1456540732553.png (877.3 KB, 1118x1742, 304ff69ddf52e504dd827b01ca….png)

Like to request an image of Thickseid here knocked up and proud of it. Swollen stomach, heavy milk dripping tits, and holding up a pregnancy test with supermans S crest on it to imply who the father is.

d3ffb No.16664

File: 1456540797971.jpg (129.43 KB, 800x1132, jessica_rabbit_pin_up_by_d….jpg)

Requesting pregnant Jessica Rabbit, still trying to fit into her dress while her milky tits spill out of the top.

b7155 No.16665

File: 1456543346621.jpg (526.23 KB, 810x1080, 1422153058752.jpg)

Requesting Videl pregnant. This version of Videl, with the spats and the white shirt.

3082e No.16680

File: 1456614531591.jpg (1.62 MB, 1188x1683, Futurism-Got-Corn-graph-63….jpg)

Leading tags of desired picture, if you dislike such things, please scroll by:
[Tags: Pregnancy, Voluptuous, Labor, Water breaking]

Who are they?
Selina is a wandering songstress that makes her living passing from town to town. Unfortunately for her, one of her last performances about nine months ago left her with a particularly virulent escort. One thing led to another, and now she is bloated to an absurd degree with little ones. I leave the exact size to you, but the bigger the better~.

What are they doing / what is happening to them?
The songstress still is trying to make her living plying her trade, much to the chagrin of her parents. While enroute to one of her popular pubs, she starts having contractions. They get so intense that she is forced to take a seat propped against a tree. As soon as she sits down, her water breaks, spewing a pool of liquid around her thighs. The exact scene is her staring wide eyed at her bloated belly while the little ones within are kicking about like crazy, a weak groan shooting from her lips.


Her head is craning over her massive belly, eyes wide with shock and teeth gritted. Blush is pouring around her cheeks, and grunts slipping from her lips. Her back is pressed against an oak, her legs splayed apart to accommodate her massive gravid girth. Liquid is gushing from her pussy through her panties. Maybe she should have listened to her parents suggestions about staying off the road until the babies were born!

Faptext (Optional read for those so inclined, the gist of the notion was already expressed above)!

So as not to flood this thread and possibly fluster people without the aforementioned kinks, I've decided to link this to a pastebin page, for those that might be interested in reading a few paragraphs of smut <3!


e9db9 No.16689

File: 1456639033220.jpg (26.19 KB, 620x704, skye.jpg)

Requesting something with a pregnant Skye from "Agents of SHIELD".

9a75c No.16807

File: 1457187747724.png (48.02 KB, 358x445, USreference.png)

The guy on the right standing up, the girl on the left kneeling with her back to him, her head leaned back and sucking his cock and stroking her very pregnant belly.

3701b No.16846

File: 1457374099477.jpg (320.48 KB, 596x811, ce7ec6b262b67a1f6de422d289….jpg)

Requesting Tiki from Fire Emblem pregnant with huge lactating breasts, getting a visit from one of her male followers during one of her long sleeps. The sight of the sleeping pregnant Voice of Naga causes the horny follower to get a huge erection as the man makes a silent apology to her husband as he is about to use he's thick Falchion to mate with Tiki.

3701b No.16867

File: 1457485792959.jpg (99.85 KB, 640x800, 007_(3).jpg)

Requesting an image of Murasaki from Senran Kagura waking up in the morning wondering why she is naked and heavily pregnant not noticing that nearby, her plush bear Bebeby has a large limp cock that suspiciously looks like it has ejaculated a lot recently.

3701b No.17169

File: 1459089484147.jpg (421.75 KB, 1422x2320, 9b02f144cf706198fc23a22224….jpg)

Could I request an image of a young pregnant Aki Nijou showing her large breasts to her father, who is stroking his erection.

3701b No.17177

File: 1459108933600.jpg (282.61 KB, 1043x1500, 786876878.jpg)

Hello! I don't know how lewd you can make requests be, so bear with me here.

I would like to request an image of a pregnant Mikoto Kiba from Triage X, wearing the micro bikini in the image.

I want her to have a "This is your fault" look on her face.

4fd9d No.17188

File: 1459133680387.png (164.2 KB, 327x558, Setsuna.png)

Anyone willing to draw a pregnant Setsuna from Fire Emblem?

c1b46 No.17189

She is pregnant there, you just can't tell because she has no growths.

713d6 No.17207

File: 1459184239495.png (2.83 MB, 1144x1484, RE.png)

Requesting Re-Class Battleship from Kancolle nice and pregnant, preferably all cuddled up with pillows on a bed and comfy with a warm, happy smile. Anything else with her even lewdness always welcome of course.

ff704 No.17246

Which artist are you talking about? :/

6d73e No.17253


7da0c No.17264

File: 1459394635350.png (346.4 KB, 603x493, Nex.png)

Could someone draw the demoness Nex from Runescape very pregnant, please?

be375 No.17374

File: 1459700897788.jpg (456.89 KB, 972x1449, HaraPara Manual0006.jpg)

This is a page from the manual for HaraPara, the pregnancy centric vn by SwanEye. It shows concept art they'd been considering for the cover art of the game. Only the top one got completed and turned into the actual cover image, but I was wondering if someone with the drawing/tracing skills could complete one (or both) of the bottom images? The image on the right is straightforward enough, but the image on the left looks as though every heroine is posed so that their belly is at least somewhat visible (even the background characters) which will probably be challenging to depict in a finished version if anyone wants to try.

Here's the character page for the game, for a better view of the outfits each character is wearing: http://www.swaneye.com/swan/harapara/cha.html

And here's the gallery where the game manual (and a lot of other promotional material for Swan) is located at:

77331 No.17378

Gallery's gone, FYI.

be375 No.17380


Weird; still loads for me, except for when I try to open the link in an incognito window. Maybe you have to have an account for g.e-hentai, or just have to view it on the sadpanda version?

77331 No.17382

I have an account, but every time I connect it says "This gallery is no longer available or has been moved," then a redirect to the front page. No sad panda.

be375 No.17389

File: 1459736814786.jpg (315.67 KB, 1548x830, header.jpg)


I honestly have no idea what to tell you. I'm the gallery uploader and it's still in my gallery list, I did ctrl+f5 on the page its self and it loads, but yeah, it's not showing up on searches or anything. Not sure what I can do here, or why it was made unavailable.

be375 No.17390


Er, correction. I know why it wouldn't appear on g.e-hentai, but not why it wouldn't be on ex.

77331 No.17395

And there it is, just had to fudge the URL. It's on exhentai.

bcda3 No.17413

I doubt I'll see this, since it's a specific fetish and hard to draw. But I always liked the idea of a picture showing a young class of kids with the teacher in front of the class saying something about 'concerns' about children meeting up after last weeks sex ed class (and/or concerns that the sex ed class may have led the children to think no kids could get pregnant yet)

Meanwhile we see the kids sitting in the front row with an Xray showing each of the girls in the front row with a tiny fetus of a new baby, finding out too late that they were fully fertile lolis and gotten knocked up experimenting with their class mates.

If someone was a really good drawer, to do multuple facial expressions and somehow still fit it all in one picture, I would show something like the girl in the left looking afraid/concern with one fetus, the girl in the middle looking more accepting/proud/excited with a hand on her belly and twin fetuses inside, and the girl on the right with an egg being attacked by someone sperm even as she sits in class listening (maybe with a sneaky/guilty look to a boy sitting near her?)

bcda3 No.17415

They say that fetus masturbate even in the womb. Why not a picture of a pregnant mother masturbating with an xray style showing the infant masturbating as well?

2d49e No.17422

You know that's a baseless myth, right?

439bd No.18188

File: 1462780992448.jpg (1.73 MB, 2649x3836, IMG_1343.JPG)

Miss Selena Gomez presenting the 2016 pregnant bikini contest sponsored by MTV. She is 7 months pregnant with quadruplets. She do singing performance at the beginning, between breaks and at the end of the competition as well as interviewing each contestant.

36778 No.18210

File: 1462829822749.gif (2.13 MB, 380x214, Wtf_look_of_disapproval.gif)

231f8 No.19484

c8ca5 No.20490

Been a month since anything happen here. :C Requesting sad preg-chan.

f2b47 No.20499


In an attempt to see if we have any artists left around here, I think I'll combine my previous requests for a nice new one. The scene is my OC Konata in a less action-y setting and more enjoying herself as she just finishes up a round of training her Psychic powers with Sabrina (possibly with a spectator, but I'll cover that later), pausing to give her belly a rub (and Sabrina might show interest in doing the same).

Konata has black hair, green eyes, D-Cup breasts, is 6'3" (so she'd probably be taller than Sabrina, but I don't think by any considerable amount), and probably might be in more comfortable clothing than the jeans, t-shirt, and jacket shown in the sketch. Sabrina…doesn't matter if wearing her old Gen 1-3 outfit or the new one, but I'd prefer the old hairstyle. Optional bonus: Sabrina is also pregnant in the picture (neither girl is supposed to be huge, though, so just regular-sized pregnancy for this pic)

Optional background character: a somewhat androgynous-looking girl (I think the appropriate trope is Bifauxnen) with long blonde hair, A-cup breasts (so kinda flat, but not entirely), and wearing an off-white (cream?) colored suit and white shirt (something similar to a male school uniform). She wouldn't be pregnant, but she'd be enjoying the view (whether both girls are knocked up or only Konata).

4dd3d No.20631


I second this request; in fact, more Neptunia art in general would be pretty great. It's unfortunately one of those ones that have a lot of potential but next to no fetish art capitalizing on that potential.

ee7b5 No.20795

Requesting a large dose of STFU and a re-reading of the rules of the thread. Which is pretty much dead, and obvious as to why with shit like this going on…

231f8 No.20796

I find it silly that his requests mostly have perfectly nice clean pregnancy images. Which honestly I prefer that.

f2b47 No.20798

Well, in fairness, this thread does need a little life injected into it, but some people are just impatient and a bit over the top. I'm sure if their requests are completely ignored while others get theirs drawn (few legit requests there are around here), maybe they'll get the message…

…at least my request was a cute little scene (if maybe a touch complicated).

6bd1f No.20981

File: 1470337744726.png (418.26 KB, 498x774, Nonoka.png)

This one seemed like a fun one, im sorry if it disapoints

d6080 No.21013

File: 1470406442315.png (59.78 KB, 140x395, 140px-XY_Viola.png)

Viola reference, Pregnant with Twins, wearing her Vivillon pattern themed Lingerie, with a tenderness expression rubbing her belly feeling her babies moving

01761 No.21016

seconding dis

d6080 No.21022

Well, can please Someone draw Her?

f2b47 No.21023


One of the cardinal rules of this thread is patience. If you want someone to draw a picture for you, it's best not to either post repeatedly about a request, or spam the thread with multiple requests in a short time frame.

Good art takes time, and unfortunately spammers and an annoying troll or two have pretty much made artists not want to be involved in this thread as much as they used to be in the past.

9f035 No.21260

Nice. Would spend some time at the day care with her I tell you what.

9d4d6 No.21268

File: 1470847952595.jpg (10.09 KB, 182x331, julia.jpg)

Since i just got my gameboy emulator fixed, i was wondering if anyone would like to draw Julia and Kathy from the Harvest moon franchise :).

I picked both of them because of their aesthetic similarities.

Anyways, the idea goes with both of them, heavily pregnant (preferably no less than triplets) Resting on some piles of hay, in the barn contemplating over whether or not they should milk themselves with the cow's milking machine.

<<<JUlia on the right

dba4b No.21269

File: 1470848793316.jpg (10.19 KB, 162x311, julia2.jpg)

<<<<Kathy on the left

6d7d4 No.21367

File: 1471044791643.jpg (124.03 KB, 1738x836, 1470982739100.jpg)

requesting Haydee pregnant

d3102 No.21369

File: 1471054669494.jpg (770.67 KB, 2991x1300, CosmicLineup-N(1).jpg)

Requesting the Girls pregnant

d6080 No.21439

File: 1471385590304.png (85.98 KB, 200x430, 200px-Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sap….png)

Requesting Glacia pregnant wearing a two piece Tankini Swimsuit, with a Cute expression rubbing her belly

224db No.21974

May we request art for /f/ here, if we request they add it to /f/?

I don't want to contribute to breaking the rules, but I think a lot of potential artists just won't naturally visit /f/ for no reason. So making the request there, it won't be seen.

If it's a no, that's okay.

0f6f2 No.21983

i think the reason why they don't visit the /f/ page is that they don't want to draw furries stuff so i would say no….not really. but i am not a artist, just my genral opinion. also what do you mean by furrie…..i had a debate on this site about monster-girl not being furries so….

224db No.21989

Cartoon anthropomorph. Like the VG Cats.

I kinda wanted to see some cute art featuring Aeris and Leo doing the 20-30something thing.

You know, scrap book photo type pictures.

0f6f2 No.21992

most likely keep that in the /f/ section

7331d No.22154

File: 1473996559723.png (1.65 MB, 2400x3000, dthfgh5465fdh1.png)

96107 No.22171


This is quite nice! Good job. :)

2d771 No.22324

File: 1474689133886.png (320.18 KB, 495x810, 1456087332278.png)

I feel like I've posted this here before, but I'll be damned if I an find it, searched through the thread and turned up nada. If my old request turns up then Ifuckedup and i'll be happy to delete this.

Could I get an image of a RP character I've been using for a while in some more modern attire? The image was originally a pretty good fit, but she's been in the modern world for a while and adjusted, so I kinda need an image of her in some more modern clothes. Something like a cut-off T-shirt and short denim shorts. Pose is entirely up to you, but she's generally a very regal and mellow character, so nothing too high-energy.

35c2f No.22328

Bun in the ovenonymous I love this pregnant eliza so much http://pregchan.com/d/src/1474689133886.png

Do you know who drew her I want to know

2d771 No.22329

I always assumed the artist's name was Eliza. I don't know who the character is or who the artist is beyond that, I just snagged it off the preg thread on /d/ and made a character out of it. Sorry, anon, wish I could help more.

d60c9 No.22331

Artist and the like can be found here: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3274276

I thought that had been posted here before, too. Would've linked it before if I knew there was so much demand for it.

6d7d4 No.22499

File: 1475324323704.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 1475308801886.png)

seconding haydee pregnant

f2b47 No.22550


…Are you trying to cover up for the fact that this is actually your 9th request in this thread (a few of them coming in rather quick succession)? It's fine if you find some cute girls you want to see with a belly, but PLEASE have some patience!

(And we can tell they're all from the same person, too. It's not hard to figure out~)

396ba No.22558

File: 1475630643822.png (806.54 KB, 2661x4093, haydeepreg.png)

Have a pregnant Haydee.

6d7d4 No.22559

Yay! Thanks!

79680 No.22560

File: 1475649236121.png (63.59 KB, 340x216, 340px-XY_Hex_Maniac.png)

Requesting a Pregnant Hex Maniac naked having twins with a sexy pose, sending a kiss and her babies kicking

396ba No.22585

File: 1475666803763.png (1.35 MB, 2569x4093, hexmaniacpreg.png)

I'm sorry, I didn't see the word 'naked'. But I've already finished it so yeah…

79680 No.22587

Well, it's Ok

96107 No.22588


Your stuff is good! Do you have a gallery somewhere?

18d65 No.22589

File: 1475675230165.png (530.87 KB, 677x1280, image.png)

Requesting Lisia or the S/M Female Protagonist from Pokémon with a decent amount of little ones packed in them(triplets or more preferably), mostly because neither of them have pregnancy art to my knowledge.

396ba No.22590

I'm still setting up but most of my works are on maiesen.tumblr.com (there aren't much)
I'll have my DA gallery filled soon.

43795 No.22595

File: 1475682162918.jpg (284.93 KB, 1229x1001, 117452.jpg)

could i get a some art for adagio dazzle (the girl with the big hair)?

396ba No.22598

File: 1475689637769.png (1.78 MB, 2709x4666, Lisiapreg.png)

Here you go!

79680 No.22599

File: 1475695480586.png (462.23 KB, 676x1280, Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_….png)

Requesting pregnant Roxanne with Twins, having a Contraction, flooding amniotic fluid on her pantyhose breaking her water, her babies kicking so hard, and have her hands on her belly, trying to soothe the pain of labour.

889d3 No.22600

you're a tad slow on the uptake, ain't ya?

a0dbe No.22603

That's the thing with liars; they don't appreciate being caught. Nobody should tell them what gives it away either. Multi-requesting like this is shameful and they should accept that they've been called out for it now. Maybe they'll shut up.

a0dbe No.22604

That is a lovely pic! A choice request!

18d65 No.22606

Oh damn. You hit the nail on the head, friend. Thanks for this!

6a3dc No.22607

they won't. The dumbest man in the room thinks they're the smartest and will deny deny deny people can see through their charade until they know what's giving them away.
Sociopaths have no heart.

6c6f1 No.22615

File: 1475728471139.png (67.59 KB, 320x253, 1843207-fiona_mayfield.png)

No love for Arcana Heart? Got two peeps to request.

First one here is Fiona Mayfield, cause not only is she cute, but she's also wearing a maid dress. 2 for 1. Trips to Quints would be lovely!

6c6f1 No.22617

File: 1475728707551.jpg (51.23 KB, 282x501, AH3_Konoha.jpg)

Second one is Konoha from the same series. A female dog ninja is also a pretty cute concept! Would like to see her in the same Trips to Quints range, but maybe add some baby activity for her since she looks like the type who'd enjoy it.

332b2 No.22618

Planning on doing this, do you any suggestions for her pose and facial expressions?

889d3 No.22619

this is fantastic. well done!

6c6f1 No.22628

Thanks for your consideration! Perhaps she could be having this as a first time experience; having trouble keeping her balance standing and looking pretty nervous about the thought of falling over?

I dunno I'm not too good at this stuff.

6c6f1 No.22634

File: 1475776896046.png (107.29 KB, 485x321, MLrqA5V.png)

Are furry requests allow here? I didn't find one in /f/.

Can anyone drawn Ilm here from Puzzle and Dragons nice and heavily preggy? It might be hard to discern her outfit from all that magical fluff, so if you guys need another ref, I can link some unofficial art over at pixiv too.

31d8e No.22636

File: 1475780210035.png (1.57 MB, 3864x4999, FionaMayfieldPreglines.png)

So many details…*faints*

No color because lazy

96107 No.22640

File: 1475795140309.png (304.57 KB, 614x918, 1410856019-150_waitwhat.png)


As long as you're on a roll… how about a preg pic of Grace (left) from El Goonish Shive, nude and preferably happy? And with pubic hair if you don't mind.

(It was surprisingly hard to find a kinda neutral image of her.)

6c6f1 No.22642

Wow! She looks so cute there! Thanks a lot! <3

31d8e No.22659

File: 1475857092464.png (828.7 KB, 2456x3624, konohapreg.png)

Here's another one. Think of it as a cost of not coloring.

291f2 No.22661

File: 1475864487783.jpg (404.97 KB, 900x692, nintendo_princess_by_furbo….jpg)

Can anyone draw these three ladies, with triplets, in the current outfits they're in? THey're in sports attire, so i'd like to see them all sitting down, in labour, heavily panting and sweating, after doing some strenuous activity.

i'd like to share some details about the individual girls. I'd like Daisy to have difficulty pushing her baby out, as her pants are still on her, with a visible crowning bump, emerging from her nether regions while her legs are spread out. Her expression, painting a feeling of pain and arousal.

Next to her, Rosalina's on her knees and her water breaks,her active brood rips her midriff's tight fitting cloth section, ripping the seams on the surface.

Peach is resting one hand on rosalina's shoulder and the other on her own belly as a contraction wracks through her body

40259 No.22664

File: 1475868067439.jpg (154.25 KB, 850x1469, kanan.jpg)

Requesting Matsuura Kanan from Love Live Sunshine with twins or triplets. Whichever works for you.

515b0 No.22712


Nobody has to do this person's requests if they don't want to. That's for the artists themselves to decide.

The burden of proof always falls on the accuser~

37eec No.22713

That made no sense at all but i reccomend you just accept that you have been called out (also quick tip; some people browse the other threads you spam so do not start up again there). Besides that enjoy your day internet person.

889d3 No.22718

Why are you two defending someone who was obviously breaking the cardinal rule of the thread? For that matter…why did you decide to stir the pot again, as it were?

411a9 No.22730

File: 1475950742834.png (544.95 KB, 1722x2411, matsurakananpreg.png)

Here have this… even though it's pretty bad

411a9 No.22732

File: 1475951144767.png (487.28 KB, 1132x2721, matsurakananpreg2.png)

…actually, I made a second one.
Enjoy :D

7fa04 No.22743

Sources please?:
Also, who is "fudge" and where can I find more of his stuff? >>4235

40259 No.22744

Thaaank you very much!

70ae4 No.22937

File: 1476562463590.png (106.99 KB, 900x429, Ash Mallow and Lillie.png)

Requesting Ash, Mallow and Lillie in a Bed, Ash without his hat, Wearing his sleeveless sleepwear top shirt from XY Series, and a light and dark Blue striped boxers. Mallow Wearing a Lime Green sleeveless shirt and a small pink shorts. & Lillie without her hat, wearing a White transparent babydoll Lingerie nightdress, and White and Light Blue striped panties. Both Mallow and Lillie are 9 months Pregnant with One baby each one who Ash is the Father of both babies, Mallow a Boy, and Lillie a Girl, Ash smiling and blushing about that and Mallow and Lillie hugging Ash with a Lovely smile, and Pikachu Sleeping on the bed.

9cea2 No.22938

Being a tad unreasonable, imo.
There's no please, no thanks, nothing - just a full-on request like they owe you this.
Reminds me of this comic: http://www.pregchan.com/d/src/1431392284987.jpg

Are manners so hard to ask for?

70ae4 No.22939

you know what?, nevermind about that

c9bf8 No.22948

File: 1476590954750.jpg (195 KB, 850x1133, __moa_show_by_rock_drawn_b….jpg)

May I request a picture of Moa from Show By Rock, please? I'd like her in her normal clothes at 9 months pregnant, sitting on her knees, one arm curled under her belly and the other with her pointer finger at her lips, looking down affectionately at herself.

Its clean and a little detailed, but is it reasonable?

dd981 No.22949

A bit too much detail when you really didn't need it.
Seconding on the Mallow part though, she still has 0 preg pics and it hurts.

70ae4 No.22950

you know, you're right about that, i think i'll put the commission back on

212ed No.22961

File: 1476743616945.jpg (35.73 KB, 145x500, Mary_Jane_Watson.jpg)

Can I get the Spectacular Spider-Man version of Mary Jane revealing to Peter that she's pregnant? Bonus points if she's quoting her "Face it tiger, you've hit the jackpot" catchphrase.

dd981 No.22993

File: 1476936418081.jpg (598.56 KB, 1200x1600, 1476810019456.jpg)

Requesting an embarrassed, heavily pregnant Ace Trainer from Pokémon Sun and Moon.
She's just too cute to pass up, anyone else agree?

83b78 No.23002

As the guy with the "Eliza" pic, I literally haven't the faintest idea. I found it in the /d/ preg thread on 4chan, thought it was just some random art, and made a character out of it, I hadn't the faintest idea it was a character in some game.

94ea0 No.23060

File: 1477307693986.jpg (181.16 KB, 1024x768, ObsDX9 2016-05-16 14-09-56….jpg)

This is my OC, Lily. She is character from my preggo-story. I make her ic 3DCG. I would seeing her a heavily pregnant, with quintuplets.
Thanks for your advance!

6d7d4 No.23061

looks good!

212ed No.23080

File: 1477366235400.jpg (115.83 KB, 715x1104, lady_death.jpg)

Does anybody want to draw Death from the Deadpool video game pregnant?

df85d No.23087


a4425 No.23101

Is Death carrying life oxymoronic?

b291b No.23162

File: 1477677438482.jpg (606.21 KB, 2048x1280, Nvdlc02_endingslide_waking….jpg)

Anyone here play Fallout: New Vegas? I picked it up recently. Currently playing through the Honest Hearts DLC.

Depicted here is one of the companions from it, Waking Cloud. A native woman, she's a midwife and mother of three, and also a badass who punches the crap out of people with a gauntlet made from a bear claw.

There's not much in the way of fanart for her, much less relevant fanart… anyone want to have a crack? :)

f7f85 No.23165

On LL is a new Maternity pack. With that you could give her a pregnant belly ingame

54e04 No.23175

File: 1477899535356.jpg (359.51 KB, 1242x1383, Micaiah BBW.jpg)

This request might be a little bit weird, so please be patient with me on this one, I kindly would like to ask if someone could do Micaiah from Fire Emblem as a hyper pregnant BBW wearing her Dark Mage outfit from the Awakening DLC.

212ed No.23214

File: 1478023473740.png (1.05 MB, 742x1050, motoko.png)

Can somebody draw a pregnant Motoko from Ghost in the Shell?

f2b47 No.23238


I rarely make requests, but in light of a major sports event that just happened, here's a simple novelty pic I think would be cute: my dear OC Konata (see above post for details) dressed to support her favorite baseball team (though her Cubs shirt may not fit well since it was bought for not-pregnant Konata, so probably some exposed belly for that), maybe levitating a baseball with one hand while the other rubs her belly wishing her baby could have seen what she was able to (or maybe it did thanks to Psychic things).

Optional: the blond from my previous request (still waiting patiently for that, but this should be a simple one) alongside looking rather frazzled from watching the game and making sure Konata didn't go into labor from watching the game (oh, the stress and nerves~)

fe694 No.23240

Haha, yeah, that game was so frustrating, but so good.

54e04 No.23326

File: 1478851264788.png (1.32 MB, 1599x2003, Oh Mai!.png)

Would someone be interested in doing an image of a hyper pregnant Mai Natsume from BlazBlue?

Thank you for hearing me out!

86024 No.23345

Hey, I'm back and I'm interested. What do you want her to be doing?

54e04 No.23358

Welcome back!, and thanks for taking an interest in this.

I want her to be doing the same pose in the reference image I have posted of her, except now she is blushing and looks slightly embarrassed with her already large breasts getting even bigger from pregnancy and have started to slip out or don't properly fit inside her outfit anymore, and if possible add some baby activity going on in her belly.

Sorry for the wall of text, I have never really done this type of thing before, so I hope I am doing it right.

24e85 No.23361

File: 1479013958624.png (446.29 KB, 1482x1945, mai natsume HPreg.png)

I feel little bit hesitant to be doing this. For one, you lied about having never done this before. You also put out too many requests in succession. If you haven't realized your mistake, you should. Cause I'm not gonna do anymore of your requests.

54e04 No.23364

I'm not going to even try to defend or explain my actions, but I owe you a sincere apology and I feel like a big jerk for letting you do my request, especially when you were hesitant to do it, so for that I am truly sorry maiesen, I did you a wrong and you didn't deserve that.

54e04 No.23365

I forgot to mention this in the last post, but the request you did for me looks very good and I wanted to say thank you for doing it for me.

bc488 No.23565

File: 1479848067134.jpeg (36.83 KB, 318x463, image.jpeg)

So I read somewhere that scarlet johanssen was pregnant during the shoot of the avengers two (she was in her first trimester, I think) and was praised, for apparently doing half of her stunts.

Can anyone draw her HEAVILY (with atleast twins or triplets) pregnant with her suit zipped all the way down, with a bare chest and belly, sitting on a motor bike, panting (apparently they were shooting in really hot places too) waiting for her stunt double to take her place on the bike?

57f0b No.23573

File: 1479900599978.jpg (182.07 KB, 1284x1728, f2a44557278bfdc9268e8c660b….jpg)

Wondering if anyone here might be interested in doing something with the lovely Hotaru Shidare. Nothing complicated. Perhaps in this outfit with a ripe, full-term belly (popped bellybutton and all) and doing what she's doing here, when her water breaks? And of course some kind of reaction, either with dialogue or without.

If anyone takes this, you're awesome. Thanks in advance!

And I don't plan on mooching, so if this gets done, I'd be happy to tackle one or two of the ones on here or take one from whoever does mine. :)

21470 No.23603

File: 1480119638113.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1926.PNG)

Good ole fetish fuel. I've seen drawings of a pregnant bare belly Haley, but never bare belly Francine. Anyone want to take a crack at it?

0a9ae No.23720

File: 1480733467641.jpg (223.34 KB, 702x1000, Alexiel 01.jpg)

Another reference for Alexiel for those who still want to take on my request.
It's at >>10023 in case anyone's wondering.

dc6c4 No.23890

I don't have such money for the commission, but I might give out an idea here.

Ever seen Tide Line Blue, Vandread and Itazura na Kiss?

What if you guys could draw that view where we can see the crowning of such. That'd be awesome.

Animated would be better. :D

f2b47 No.23892

This isn't a thread about commissions, so don't worry about it. If any of the artists wish to draw scenes like that, they'll do it. Just remember that patience is a virtue - it may take some time before someone does your request (I've got a couple of my own I'm waiting for, but I know people can be busy so I'm in no hurry)

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