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File: 1482914501894.png (1.22 MB, 1520x1248, 3243112.png)

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So it looks like the edit thread hit the reply limit. Here's a continuation.

(Ignore the other post, I forgot to put the title.)

Previous thread: >>2707

4f323 No.24127

Linking to the old thread, just in case anyone needed to find something there.

2fb0b No.24129

File: 1482942694148.png (123.92 KB, 1105x909, IMG_3664.PNG)

Did anyone want this pic edited, cause i did

70053 No.24130

perpetuating >>24114

f270d No.24158

File: 1483057147903.jpg (67.14 KB, 668x960, 15697832_204228876706857_8….jpg)

Can we make the most bountiful goddess even more bountiful with a big, beautiful baby belly?

2fb0b No.24161

File: 1483064948070.png (176.15 KB, 865x1239, IMG_3669.PNG)

33dc2 No.24189

File: 1483107931786.png (461.38 KB, 963x1000, 1475546505883.png)

Mei, full of bae(bies) please!

5ada8 No.24193

File: 1483128866374.jpg (49.18 KB, 500x586, 1482902039691ed.jpg)

a07ff No.24195

File: 1483148740358.jpg (213.77 KB, 974x802, thumb (4).jpg)

I'm keeping these requests going because i love your work its grouse, could you please edit this one

54886 No.24197


I agree!
This one is begging for an edit.

Also, please give her a nice looking outie.

5ada8 No.24201

File: 1483167799041.png (396.7 KB, 963x968, 1483107931786ed.png)

33dc2 No.24204

Any chance we could stuff multiples into her?

39ee3 No.24213

File: 1483197322445.png (1.01 MB, 1297x1714, ZqWsWyD.png)

Anyone want to try their hand at Murasaki? We need more Preg Senran Kagura girls.

0f3c4 No.24237

File: 1483278814720.jpg (244.83 KB, 900x644, 5288021_p0.jpg)

Can anyone edit this with popped navel?

ec188 No.24256

File: 1483327346814.png (551.91 KB, 526x940, 5992163.png)

Is this editable? I'd love to see stretch that swimsuit…

10c3a No.24257

File: 1483328207288.png (362.83 KB, 421x752, e23b35226d05c1bd25d22322b5….png)


The artist made a relevant version of this image already, actually.

54886 No.24289

File: 1483361116308.jpg (795.95 KB, 850x1062, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

I found a better pic of Murasaki that should be easier to edit. Also, please give this bustiest shut-in kicking triplets and a popped outie.

But yea, there should be more preggo Senran Kagura girls.

dd429 No.24324

File: 1483539966860.gif (122.28 KB, 421x752, More.gif)

well if you want more…

66d33 No.24326

More please and thank you~

3c394 No.24344

File: 1483664952009.png (842.05 KB, 736x1050, 56C71F54-0A1E-4E9D-95C7-D1….png)

Hard mode. May/can someone edit this photo?

3c394 No.24345

File: 1483664972718.png (878.85 KB, 736x1050, F933DD55-8705-4D6F-AFAA-B3….png)

This too?

ef30f No.24348

Those were done in the old thread.

3c394 No.24357

They were, but poorly shopped.

f8fa0 No.24365

We're hoping for quality? I thought it was just proof of concept(ion)

dbb8f No.24366

File: 1483789589674.jpg (44.29 KB, 648x960, FB_IMG_1483772766963.jpg)

2fb0b No.24374

File: 1483824816488.png (96.96 KB, 806x1194, IMG_3726.PNG)

I tried

6eaba No.24377

File: 1483839313228.png (188.17 KB, 450x750, tumblr_ojd7msy9ec1tvf87ro1….png)

With hand on belly, if you please.

7d39a No.24380

File: 1483847189701.png (486.33 KB, 716x1011, 1483771780073.png)

Requesting with quads or more
just any REALLY big belly should work

8711a No.24385

File: 1483856111074.jpg (141.72 KB, 800x640, c1233_naked.jpg)

I'd love to see a round 9 month belly on Tashigi. The album this is from is just asking to be morphed since it should be pretty simple. Thanks!

5ada8 No.24386

File: 1483858581893.png (186.17 KB, 575x750, 1483839313228ed.png)

e4679 No.24387

I've come to the conclusion you're a wizard, and there's nothing you can do or say to convince me otherwise.

5ada8 No.24388

File: 1483860557347.png (484.37 KB, 716x1115, 1483847189701ed.png)

7d39a No.24393

can someone add stretch marks to this?

b2697 No.24394

File: 1483868495357.jpg (119.84 KB, 724x1103, sw_by_mjelster481-da80ff7.jpg)

Can someone edit this one please?

b2697 No.24395

File: 1483868542740.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1090, Auto_Erotic_Assimilation.png)

Also this one, if possible?

3a0df No.24398

File: 1483887056481.png (484.62 KB, 716x1115, 1483860557347.png)

98b48 No.24401

File: 1483914208707.png (258.95 KB, 787x1181, Hex Maniac Swimsuit.png)

Can someone please Edit Her with a Twin Belly Size?

b6b58 No.24402


5ff4c No.24403

File: 1483916906230.png (696.51 KB, 694x982, b47bf1ac7683caf944c846bc5a….png)

Can someone preggify this and make the nipples darker?

8cbba No.24404

File: 1483917185250.jpg (396.88 KB, 800x1000, 16661527889439.jpg)

just wondering if someone wouldn't mind giving this a go please? With like maybe 4 kids in belly and boobs really nice and round? thanks

71138 No.24405

Well done on the belly! But um… one question: WHAT IN THE @#$% HAPPENED TO HER ARM?!!!

4f323 No.24406

I believe that's called Spoilers.

Always nice to see more Sabrina art, edited or otherwise. You'd think she'd be a more popular subject, especially in that outfit she has from Gen 4 onward…

ef30f No.24409

Go to youtube or crunchyroll. Watch RWBY. All of it. It won't take too long to.

64015 No.24410


684a4 No.24437

File: 1484124812880.png (1.21 MB, 1300x2580, 4555ba7515b4fa591a4017f4b4….png)

5ada8 No.24447

File: 1484195259538.png (298.92 KB, 787x1181, 1483914208707ed.png)

4d27a No.24453


de8d6 No.24459

File: 1484232224860.jpg (65.08 KB, 631x1000, FB_IMG_1484225442712.jpg)

Thx for the edit, http://www.pregchan.com/d/res/24118.html#24366

and can you edit this one

fdbee No.24462

File: 1484262482121.jpg (251.01 KB, 850x1202, __cidney_aurum_final_fanta….jpg)

Cindy Aurum with a full term tummy with triplets would probably like
end my life
i need a doc to end me swiftly

5ada8 No.24464

File: 1484280221018.png (941.93 KB, 850x1202, 1484262482121ed.png)

f8fa0 No.24468

Hoo boy. Gotta love when an exposed midriff like hers goes from "fashion choice" to "mandatory wardrobe requirement".

ea090 No.24469

Thank you for awakening me to the glory of this girl, I hope to make something about her soon.

e84e0 No.24475

e5215 No.24476

File: 1484336626490.png (504.8 KB, 1029x1374, jasper01.png)

how about these

e5215 No.24477

File: 1484336680311.png (283.46 KB, 1000x1344, jasper02.png)

e5215 No.24478

File: 1484336700849.png (989.83 KB, 1280x1810, 03.png)

f270d No.24480

File: 1484349879859.jpg (109.21 KB, 850x1217, 15936353_606875936169554_3….jpg)

Might be a little difficult to make them big, so mid-term and nicely rounded would be cute, but if you can make them big, that would be amazing. Please and thank you to whoever does this. :)

8cbba No.24500

File: 1484389527661.jpeg (578.29 KB, 709x1000, image.jpeg)

Will someone please edit this to make her pregnant with triplets twins fine too

8cbba No.24501

File: 1484389610608.jpeg (128.1 KB, 714x1000, image.jpeg)

Also requesting an edit of this gem with triplets please

61422 No.24504

File: 1484413226911.jpg (432.5 KB, 709x1000, pregchan request.jpg)

not sure if this is the right size
but i tried

ec188 No.24505

nice, gonna have to save that one.

8b7fb No.24509

File: 1484444781502.png (615.78 KB, 900x900, image.png)

Kinda pictures Blanca being the father. Pump her with a litter please :)

8b7fb No.24510

File: 1484444867019.png (1.61 MB, 1128x1697, image.png)

Can someone also edit this with twins in her belly? Thanks

4c9d5 No.24543

File: 1484581381762.jpg (84.68 KB, 994x1204, 46edfdc82ab9a5f19683a2632d….jpg)

Can you edit Nene Anegasaki having stomach full of babies, please?

5ff4c No.24552

File: 1484602352498.png (644.89 KB, 900x653, pixiv59520814.png)

Can anyone make this Lillie an expecting mother of two?

bbfa4 No.24608

File: 1484733069159.jpg (85.55 KB, 631x1000, edit_a_2.jpg)

I've made 3 versions

bbfa4 No.24609

File: 1484733105596.jpg (88.48 KB, 631x1000, edit_a_3.jpg)

bbfa4 No.24610

File: 1484733128539.jpg (90.54 KB, 631x1000, edit_a_4.jpg)

d47cc No.24611

File: 1484734644332.jpg (152.66 KB, 1067x1400, 9bd427917937c7dc58b9d6a6b5….jpg)

Can we make Cuilan have large round stomach full of babies, please?

ca3be No.24613

File: 1484737481857.jpeg (291.41 KB, 1524x1296, Korra.jpeg)

Ready-to-pop belly, please!

2c796 No.24621

why hasn't anyone responded to this? It's really good.

09e01 No.24627


Holy crap these look great

092c3 No.24635

Whoaa thx dude this really save my life :3

22718 No.24649

no problem :3
she's also my type tho xD

4cdb6 No.24674

jeez, has anyone ever just requested a nice lil first trimester belly. like >>24204
how is that not big enough? do you even know what actual human multiples look like?

7d1b2 No.24695

File: 1485006864919.png (331.16 KB, 1000x1000, LeafaCodeRegisterALOSwimsu….png)

7d1b2 No.24696

File: 1485007022794.png (331.36 KB, 1000x1000, LeafaCodeRegisterALOSwimsu….png)

10c3a No.24706


The world needed more (is there even any yet?) pregnant Leafa. Thank you. Nice job with the arm, too.

09660 No.24721

File: 1485030019187.jpg (242.13 KB, 561x616, tumblr_o6q8fh11Qs1u42yt3o1….jpg)

"Look but don't touch sweetie…"

e328b No.24728

Glad you liked it
original plz??

09660 No.24729

File: 1485052510878.jpg (133.23 KB, 850x933, tumblr_o6q8fh11Qs1u42yt3o1….jpg)

Sure thing! Looked through my ecchi folder earlier today and found lots of inspiration. I haven't morphed anything in quite a while.

e84e0 No.24731

Can anyone edit this?

0542c No.24746

Thanks :D I love to see before and after pics
Also we need more "Show the belly" pics like that

b0504 No.24753

File: 1485135416937.jpg (342.82 KB, 813x1150, IMG_9022.JPG)


Well, this isn't quite the same sense of "show the belly" but if you or anyone else want's to give this image a try, I'm sure it would turn out great.

e3fee No.24757

File: 1485157223635.jpg (250.55 KB, 850x1244, Ferris_Eris.jpg)

A request for a picture I know exists already.

I know I've seen a version of this picture edited to be pregnant before.

Does anyone have it?

0194c No.24762

File: 1485186726008.jpg (64.52 KB, 764x1080, FB_IMG_1485186509180.jpg)

This one would be more 👌👌👌 if someone edit this :3

9df29 No.24766

File: 1485218463706.jpg (43.72 KB, 816x624, EVA331.jpg)

Anyone wanna try putting a belly on this one? Would make for a nice imagined birth picture.

09660 No.24767

File: 1485227219783.jpg (538.05 KB, 850x1244, 1485157223635_m.jpg)


Ah, one of my old morphs! I don't have it anymore, due to computer issues, but it's an easy enough manipulation that I went ahead and did it again.

09660 No.24768

File: 1485228502501.jpg (421.93 KB, 813x1150, 1485135416937_m.jpg)


89bf8 No.24769

File: 1485228667346.jpg (1.92 MB, 1790x3538, Runo.jpg)

Can someone edit her?

e3fee No.24770

Thank you so much. It was the same situation for me as well.

e3fee No.24773

File: 1485240505671.jpg (992.3 KB, 1094x1600, ferris.jpg)

Found it! Let's see how different it is.

e3fee No.24775

File: 1485243016412.jpg (220.73 KB, 1024x724, misato.jpg)

Another stroll down memory lane.

e3fee No.24776

File: 1485243433357.jpg (273.22 KB, 800x567, maria.jpg)

Maria from Xenogears, had to look that up.

06a0c No.24789


Holy crap that looks great! Thank you so much

89bf8 No.24798

I'd also like to mention if different trimester sizes could be done as well, please.

9cdb6 No.24804

File: 1485311288717.png (87.44 KB, 500x907, Rudy.png)

Can somebody do a pregnancy edit of this pic?

09660 No.24863

File: 1485611552227.jpg (182.76 KB, 684x900, 61140121_p0_m.jpg)

No one asked for this.

09660 No.24864

File: 1485611575818.png (316.46 KB, 684x900, 61140121_p0.png)


332fc No.24868

File: 1485641692886.png (680.28 KB, 764x1080, 1485186726008.png)

ec188 No.24872

Nice! I didn't even know that was an edit from the thumbnail!

09660 No.24877

Holy shit, good fucking work!

09660 No.24887

File: 1485697259603.jpg (269.4 KB, 842x1190, 61164073_p0_m.jpg)

Another recent pixiv find

09660 No.24888

File: 1485697271295.png (332.52 KB, 842x1190, 61164073_p0.png)

092c3 No.24889


Whoooaaaaa thx bro this is really save my life once again 😉

33dc2 No.24891

Is "This is really save my life" the new "please make a fat of she"?

5ff4c No.24894

File: 1485728848057.jpg (347.97 KB, 545x732, shelly.jpg)

Would anyone care to make her an expectant mother?

21f2e No.24899

File: 1485786487749.jpg (52.99 KB, 841x1340, FB_IMG_1475600214436.jpg)

How about this one 😊

ea5ae No.24909

File: 1485810829178.jpg (295.17 KB, 850x1212, mashu and astolfo.jpg)

I know the one on the right is a trap, but now I'm a little curious to see him with a belly.

ca3be No.24945

File: 1485937557056.png (960.66 KB, 811x1249, OptionalTypo.png)

ef30f No.24946

File: 1485940653601.png (303.03 KB, 551x816, dc890ef4e759484c887cbbfaeb….png)

Might not be possible given the image but maybe try to edit Papika, on the left to be pregnant as well.

Also the anime is called Flip Flappers.

e5a9b No.24955

File: 1485971160447.jpg (218.32 KB, 976x1500, 1471615555130.jpg)

3676b No.24964

File: 1486003215417.jpg (137.31 KB, 800x1219, the_old_republic__nadia_gr….jpg)

Could someone please add a belly to this?

f270d No.24982

File: 1486070951564.jpg (57.58 KB, 619x834, 16473708_1801081530215630_….jpg)

A million pleases and thank yous in advance.

fa165 No.24991

File: 1486119717395.png (1.75 MB, 1128x1697, 1484444867019edit.png)

fa165 No.24992

File: 1486119857342.png (1.66 MB, 1128x1697, 1484444867019edit2.png)

I'm not sure about this one xD
I'm not used on making bigger belly proportions, sorry if the results are quite disappointing

0f3c4 No.24993

I think the position of belly is too low.

6b05e No.25001



0f3c4 No.25053

Anyone can edit this?

0b88b No.25063

File: 1486275058236.jpg (50.84 KB, 720x1018, 001.jpg)

0b88b No.25064

File: 1486275228021.png (488.28 KB, 720x1018, 001_edit.png)

c450d No.25072

Not to be confused as me. lol

ec188 No.25075

File: 1486294068538.png (535.36 KB, 580x592, lingerie.png)

Anyone feel like giving this cheerful blonde a sizable bump?

21341 No.25079

File: 1486305517149.png (1.43 MB, 976x1500, 6b4c8856c4d2bfa53a64cb0455….png)

Is this good enough?

6b05e No.25081

File: 1486308906150.png (913.18 KB, 2250x1350, samusdva.png)

currently 2 of the hottest spandex clad girls in teh vidya game industry. Both pregnant with twins please? Possible bare belly variant too, if ever

7382a No.25083

Not OR but this is excellently done.

8c437 No.25089

>>25079 this is great,nice belly and i'm a big fan of the bra not fitting aspect of pregnancy. keep up the good editing.

a07ff No.25090

File: 1486351606139.jpg (1018.52 KB, 1120x840, IMG_6074.JPG)

Love this picture, would be even better if someone could please make an edit with all three girls pregnant, it would be greatly appreciated!

2fb0b No.25112

File: 1486522941723.png (564.94 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3915.PNG)

2fb0b No.25113

File: 1486522982784.png (545.41 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3921.PNG)

+bare belly variant

f8fa0 No.25127

Way to go the extra mile. Nice work!

6b05e No.25131


2fb0b No.25138

When you ask for the extra mile, you get the extra mile

a07ff No.25187

This would be a great edit

fc936 No.25202

File: 1486794133527.jpg (417.8 KB, 1000x1217, 1481867934719.jpg)

Might be tough given the angle, but would someone mind taking a crack at this? I'm thinking 7-8 months pregnant with one if you wouldn't mind.

c3a5a No.25240

File: 1486996945979.jpg (43.61 KB, 800x945, e0ec3fa0.jpg)

Can someone edit her?

a65c5 No.25277

so good…

ca3be No.25294

File: 1487150058372.png (1.18 MB, 1240x1753, julia.png)

Can someone give her a nice belly?

3e1d5 No.25329

File: 1487270683833.jpg (137.26 KB, 720x1145, 1484822050836.jpg)

Can anyone do this one?

6736f No.25333

File: 1487281569744.png (50.04 KB, 130x452, Lucy Baker.png)

Looking ready to pop, please.

2fb0b No.25334

File: 1487281655686.png (184.51 KB, 919x1240, IMG_3963.PNG)

2fb0b No.25335

File: 1487282655944.png (106.19 KB, 790x1222, IMG_3966.PNG)

09660 No.25342

File: 1487301063193.jpg (184.91 KB, 475x756, 1487270683833_m.jpg)


Tried taking a shot at this, ended up with something using just the liquify tool. I'd like to see someone else's interpretation because… I can't do it.

09660 No.25343

File: 1487301115520.jpg (184.13 KB, 475x756, 1487270683833_mLower.jpg)

Moved her navel down, think I like the previous one better, this one looks like she's just chubby

20896 No.25346

File: 1487317028247.jpg (835.03 KB, 850x1121, sample_cf11ba19ab15b37ed9e….jpg)

How about this one?

7382a No.25348

File: 1487322444102.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1300x1715, cf11ba19ab15b37ed9efa57df….jpeg)

Higher res

846e4 No.25350

File: 1487329930228.jpg (428.86 KB, 850x1098, Sabrina.jpg)

Edit from another thread

6acb8 No.25352

verri nais

76ac4 No.25366

File: 1487385418063.png (647.12 KB, 1050x750, 4bfc12a318e5383bf6c4cb20c3….png)

Rather like this one better myself. Other one felt too high to be natural.

Anywhose, thought I'd give this editing stuff a try, but don't expect anything perfect; only got something on my phone. :P

76ac4 No.25367

File: 1487385539660.jpg (114.51 KB, 1050x750, PicsArt_01-30-07.08.29.jpg)

And here is the edit.

76ac4 No.25369

File: 1487386753723.jpg (76.06 KB, 480x800, downloadfile-37.jpg)

Got two more (for the same pic, mind). Here's the unedited version. That belly just screams to be made to grow, huh?

76ac4 No.25370

File: 1487386847296.jpg (69.33 KB, 480x800, PicsArt_02-07-09.53.05.jpg)

Edit #1 with some ever-rare below-the-navel bulging (really lucked out with the pose).

76ac4 No.25371

File: 1487387089207.jpg (69 KB, 480x800, PicsArt_02-07-10.33.55.jpg)

Edit #2.

If I'm feeling froggy, and I have the time, I might post more edits.

7cf8c No.25378

File: 1487416960750.jpg (78.94 KB, 619x1100, 1485454627204.jpg)

3e1d5 No.25379

File: 1487451960254.png (181.72 KB, 800x1112, tumblr_oje08kGttp1vetgoho1….png)

this one please
Outie navel and belly bumps would be apreciated

a07ff No.25380

Can someone help a brother out, really want this edited

94fca No.25383

Is anyone able to edit?

5902d No.25402

File: 1487537984693.png (202.67 KB, 800x1112, 1487451960254ed.png)

8dd25 No.25406

File: 1487556141220.png (820.89 KB, 1050x1250, 95b9ab3e529154eb5ab7d08c9f….png)

I feel like this request is a little much, but figured I'd throw it out there anyway.

a07ff No.25410

Can someone please edit 25090?

3e1d5 No.25411

File: 1487596825924.jpg (351.41 KB, 800x800, 1478351791576.jpg)

This one with an outie please and thank you

3e1d5 No.25415

Nice work
Thank you

3e1d5 No.25416

File: 1487615321094.png (278.52 KB, 800x1164, shanteeee_by_beheiit-daygs….png)

Could you do this one with outie navel and belly bumps as well?

5902d No.25424

File: 1487652025461.png (278.21 KB, 871x1123, 1487615321094ed.png)

3e1d5 No.25432

Can you make a version with no belly bumps?

5902d No.25433

File: 1487687634987.png (273.34 KB, 871x1123, 1487615321094edn.png)

3e1d5 No.25435

Thank you

3e1d5 No.25436

File: 1487691075810.png (221.65 KB, 507x859, 1482520349106.png)

Can someone give her a nice belly with a cute outie?

6817d No.25440

File: 1487721939658.jpg (127.97 KB, 833x1000, d20.jpg)

D.Va has a severe lack of belly. Care to Edit?

a1a42 No.25469

File: 1487845188080.jpg (80.36 KB, 875x1250, 003.jpg)

anyone want to give her a second trimester belly?

a07ff No.25478

File: 1487913019277.jpg (821.15 KB, 1120x840, 1792181 - Hinata_Hyuuga Na….jpg)

Hey, would this image work better than the one with the girls naked?

5902d No.25479

File: 1487916073222.png (600.5 KB, 875x1250, 1487845188080ed.png)

33dc2 No.25488

I got it off tumblr. Its some Terezi cosplayer who liked taking sexy cosplay pictures. She's inactive now IIRC.

561c1 No.25492

File: 1487977990991.jpg (89.61 KB, 540x699, tumblr_olvyhcLt0h1rswl8zo1….jpg)

This one could be a nice edit :D

8cbba No.25503

File: 1488011487739.jpeg (84.62 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

Could someone please give this an edit of her with a triplet belly or bigger, please?

7607b No.25508

Or just a little popping belly that looks like shes sucking it in.

64819 No.25520

File: 1488042024677.png (1.9 MB, 1562x2210, bd622e3b-0921-4baf-9398-39….png)

Can androids get pregnant?

523d9 No.25527

File: 1488060881960.jpg (1.55 MB, 1215x1566, 198fb9d40d9ee301b68e67190a….jpg)

If we can move the hands from the chest to an edited belly, this could be godly

523d9 No.25528

possibly this?

523d9 No.25530

File: 1488067195984.jpg (413.53 KB, 1280x1807, 8.jpg)


efc43 No.25532

Just ask 18 from Dragon Ball

8cbba No.25534

>>25508 as long as she has a decent size bump in front I'm happy none the least

8cbba No.25535

Sorry i meant none the less

3340d No.25619

Is there anywhere to request edits of actual pictures (real life)? I couldn't find one.

3e1d5 No.25663

File: 1488465101730.png (394.96 KB, 787x755, 1487241725480.png)

Can someone edit her belly to look like she's pregnant, not fat?

8d563 No.25666

Got it, I'ma workin' on one.

6d80c No.25683

Hey i think that would be good if someone edit this one

3e1d5 No.25700

File: 1488649631348.jpg (458.24 KB, 1000x1300, 1488647083622.jpg)

A big belly with an outie and belly bump please

384e4 No.25701


fc279 No.25703

It took me a little too long to get that she was naked

e8933 No.25724

File: 1488758388256.jpg (273.42 KB, 1064x600, SLAP.jpg)


I did character body painted similar to that giving birth in parks. Big tits.

0f3c4 No.25746

File: 1488804463536.jpg (634.99 KB, 800x1149, 57232685_p0.jpg)

Can anyone put realistic sized belly?

3e1d5 No.25781

How's the progress on >>25663 ?

5bb68 No.25798

File: 1488955807886.png (127.74 KB, 280x350, hex_maniac_by_the_tttrop-d….png)

Can anyone edit this?

5ff4c No.25807

File: 1488962164257.png (917.78 KB, 1000x1250, hex.png)

What's this, hex maniac for ants?

9e81e No.25816

File: 1489000794032.jpg (50.71 KB, 800x1051, FB_IMG_1489000145377.jpg)

Edit this one pls :3

b87f8 No.25832

File: 1489031370642.jpg (261.52 KB, 762x1048, goddess_by_osmar_shotgun-d….jpg)

df283 No.25845

File: 1489086966809.png (298.41 KB, 1057x1469, arere.png)

I still need to get photoshop so I can't do this myself atm

but I found this one and it's just begging for an edit. i planned on making much bigger so it her belly reaches higher, just under her chest. Thought I'd post it here if anyone else wants to do it before I get ph

2680d No.25849

File: 1489094692365.jpeg (65.09 KB, 730x1095, karin1.jpeg)

Would it be possible to edit this, please?

b6b58 No.25850

File: 1489099541100.png (329.08 KB, 1057x1469, plums.png)

I did my best.

6fceb No.25866

File: 1489123618324.png (202.18 KB, 1024x798, so-big.png)

Would anyone give these two ladies both nice big baby bumps?

b6b58 No.25873

File: 1489133447162.png (330.15 KB, 1024x798, 1489123618324(1).png)

Again, I did my best.

3e1d5 No.25875

File: 1489160843171.jpg (509.25 KB, 1671x1500, one_punch_man___fubuki___c….jpg)

b6b58 No.25876

File: 1489161581755.png (236.74 KB, 507x859, 1487691075810(1).png)

Since I'm on a "roll", here's probably my last one for now. I'm sorry if the quality of them isn't up to par with the others who contributed before me, this was a new experience.

3e1d5 No.25881

I'll be honest, the outie is kinda bad, but the belly looks ok. I will be glad, if you could take time time and fix later.

b6b58 No.25884

Something like this perhaps? http://i.imgur.com/Wl1A3KY.png

3e1d5 No.25886

Thank you

523d9 No.25888

File: 1489192488207.png (596.18 KB, 1240x1753, 89cf920b8bb8b68f8df6b1e111….png)


6fceb No.25892

Pretty nice. Thank you kindly.

6736f No.25906

File: 1489268498911.jpg (112.06 KB, 591x729, Winry tired.jpg)

Winry working hard while preggers would be a glorious sight to see.

940c0 No.25909

If you're okay with the quality I've been putting out I can do this later. Otherwise you could wait for a more talented artist to do it instead. Your call.

523d9 No.25917

File: 1489294604352.jpg (68.22 KB, 608x1100, tumblr_oiraeuDcwg1v03xaeo1….jpg)

Can someone fill her up please?

6736f No.25919

Which ones are your edits? Though I suppose as long as the belly looks natural and not like a cartoony edit, I'd be fine with that.

f5e85 No.25920

File: 1489296898266.jpg (75.71 KB, 819x1212, FB_IMG_1489290250621.jpg)

How about this one

28c62 No.25921

File: 1489311767191.jpg (65.84 KB, 720x1017, 4323372365e804d5.jpg)

0f3c4 No.25923

Can anyone edit this one?
I prefer realistic size and popped navel.

ca3be No.26075

File: 1489670329352.jpg (344.48 KB, 600x899, rosarabbit.jpg)

Please give her a bigger belly :)

e3fee No.26096

You could try putting this in the /f/ edit thread where someone is a lot more likely to do so.

34a83 No.26112

is there not a lot of artists left in this thread?

b6b03 No.26136

File: 1489919931095.jpg (65.08 KB, 600x834, 1489919483781.jpg)

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