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A break in the storyline at this point as unplanned, so here is a brief summation of all so far for new readers to quickly access previous parts of the story.

Beginning thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

The aristocrat Sir Edward selects his bride, travels to her home country, and settles in to his new life far away from all he's known.

Second thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania slowly becomes aware he's traversing a web of intrigue and there are plenty of secrets to discover at the castle.

Third thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Crown Prince Edward makes choices that affect his virility and the direction of the entire country.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

Edward is coronated and becomes King Edward.

Fifth thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

King Edward starts to establish his reign. His wife is pregnant, as are others.

Please, use this chat thread for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


This post will be followed by a post announcing the vote results of the latest choice, and then the update.

I hope it's enjoyable.
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5d1a1 No.30128

Option 2.

07b2f No.30131

Option 4.

8dff2 No.30134

Option 4

4e869 No.30139

Option 2. It seems to be a happy medium.

ce8c5 No.30142

4fbd4 No.30149


f98c2 No.30151

Interesting battery of choices lately…
>Option 4

e4a2e No.30202

option 4

01530 No.30214


e7645 No.30223


Option 4, wanna see where this goes.

fafde No.30233

>4 votes for option two, anything is all right as long as it's sincere.
>7 votes for option four, goad Tharja in to listing more examples to choose from.

Don't reply, tease Tharja back.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.30560

File: 1500121592096.jpg (32.65 KB, 225x350, Tharja-grin.jpg)

You really can't keep the smirk off your face.

You don't know what Tharja is planning, but it wouldn't be the first surprise she's sprung on you in this sitting room. Not even the second.

You'll just wait and see where this goes…

Is that all, you ask?

There must be other options.

She looks surprised, but only for the briefest of seconds before grinning right back.

"Knock me up? Seed me? Give me a family? Make me swell? Gift me with swollen breasts, hips, a swollen belly and a healthy child…?"

…You start to squirm in your chair as your excitement flares up again, spreading your legs wide to accommodate the bulge in the crotch of your leggings.

"Release your seed inside me? Make me waddle? Give me a bump… please… please?"

It's affecting Tharja too. You can hear real emotion in her last sentence.

Those are all things she has most likely whispered to you at some point.

You give a sudden jolt in your seat as you realize Tharja has slipped off one of her shoes and is stroking your leg under the table with her foot.

M-Maybe you should stop this.

If Tharja goes on much longer, this lunch is going to take on a very lascivious mood.

This could easily lead to an orgy.

>All right. Time to bring Tharja back to Earth. Tell her that's enough, restore the decorum of the room, and let it end.

>There's no hiding your excitement for each other. Clear off enough of the table to have sex with Tharja, right there, with everyone watching.
>An orgy might not be a bad idea. Inform everyone present that if they don't have predilections against sex, or other duties to attend to, they are welcome to stay for open sex with you and Tharja.

2cad4 No.30565

option 2

8dff2 No.30566

Option 3

4e869 No.30568

Option 1. Delayed gratification for this one. Gently bring her down, smile, and promise that we will give her good opportunity to put her vocabulary to use before the day is out.

542b6 No.30572

Option 3

38625 No.30574

>There's no hiding your excitement for each other. Clear off enough of the table to have sex with Tharja, right there, with everyone watching.

07b2f No.30575

Option 1.

e7645 No.30578


Option 1.

f98c2 No.30581

Option 2. It's lunchtime…

75184 No.30582

Option 3

d0164 No.30598


2cad4 No.30617

Sleddok; changing my vote to option 3. was 2. sorry read wrong

fafde No.30619

No problem. Noted.

>3 votes for option one, deny the sexual urges for the sake of decorum.

>2 votes for option two, have sex with Tharja right on the table.
>5 votes for option three, have an orgy with the women present who consent.

Let the situation develop into an orgy.

Poll closed, update soon.

fafde No.30620

File: 1500287484782.jpg (79.74 KB, 500x437, margaret-tense.jpg)


You feel Tharja's foot snaking its way higher, until she's outright grinding her stocking-shod foot on your erection.

The look on her face tells you she's very impressed with the size of your excitement for her words.

…You've reached your limit.

You clear your throat, and nod, gently removing yourself from Tharja's under-table manipulation.

No sense on possibly wasting your seed in your pants.

You tell everyone present that in addition to the food, you're faced with a new hunger that is consuming all present, no doubt.

Furthermore, with the upcoming summer faire, there's no need to refrain from certain… festivities.

Anyone who wishes to stay and partake in the sexual acts you're about to commit may do so. Those who wish to leave may also do so, you say.

You're not looking at Margaret as you say it, but that's who you're directing the statement to.

Which is why you're surprised when Beatrice speaks.

"I shall refrain… for reasons you're well aware of, Your Majesty."

She lets out a subdued giggle. You realize she must be talking about her… monthly curse, so to speak.

"I see no need to leave, however. Just consider me a part of the furniture," says Beatrice.

Hm. Well, that was all right you suppose. It's nothing Beatrice hasn't seen.

The person who you expected to move doesn't.

You finally lift your head and look up at Margaret.

Had she possibly changed her mind…?


Margaret's face shows an unsure tension, you can see it in her eyes.

It's certainly not the face of a lady excited at the prospect of sex.

"I… as your taster, Your Majesty, I am not permitted to leave the room."



You remember her explanation last time things were about to get interesting in here.

Margaret can't leave the room… because if she did, she could purge herself of the meal, and escape being killed by poison you ate.

You exchange glances with the other women. Tharja looks annoyed Margaret is making herself an obstacle to her fun. Elizabeth, however… you think you can see her nipples hardened and poking through her garment.

It may just be your imagination. Nonetheless, she looks almost to be shaking with excitement.

You're tempted to order Margaret away from the room, regardless of her duty. But…

It really is in your best interest not to. If you order her to leave now, you'd likely do it again in the future.

You're fairly certain you haven't just been poisoned, but who could say what would happen, down the line?

You are about to invite a number of unfamiliar nobles into your home. Not to mention the carousers from the faire. You really have to have your guard up and be concerned for your well-being.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Margaret's free to stand in the corner and plug her ears. She doesn't have to pay attention to fulfill her role as taster, does she?
>You'll relocate the orgy then. Take Tharja and Elizabeth back to Tharja's wing. Ask Beatrice if she'll stay and witness Margaret remaining in the room until her duties are complete.
>You're too overwhelmed with lust to think of a solution. If she can't leave, Margaret's free to stand there and stare off into space during your orgy, then. …Maybe watching you have sex will excite her.

2cad4 No.30623

Option 2

f4918 No.30624


e7645 No.30625


Option 2

07b2f No.30626

Option 3.

d6c6f No.30633

Option 3

5d1a1 No.30655

Option 3.

4e869 No.30656

Option 2

8dff2 No.30677

Option 3

38625 No.30688

>You're too overwhelmed with lust to think of a solution. If she can't leave, Margaret's free to stand there and stare off into space during your orgy, then. …Maybe watching you have sex will excite her.

8ca3a No.30700

Option 3

c43d5 No.30713

Option 3 sounds most interesting.

d6c6f No.30722

Option 3!

dcf3f No.30728

Option two.

93731 No.30739

Option 3 ! Let the lust demon inside awaken!! XD

cc8bf No.30740

This is getting kind of fucked up.

Are we really going to force a woman who insisted she didn't want to have sex with us to stand there & watch us having an orgy? That includes her sister? It feels abusive to me.

Option 2.

dcf3f No.30741

Moreover: Elizabeth may slip up and call Edward "Master" in front of her sister!

8dff2 No.30743


I'm going to change my vote to Option 2.

I had originally wanted Margaret to get carried away and join us, but the anon above is right that it's kind of abusive.

98046 No.30745

Option 2.

We have to be considerate of Margaret's feelings and take this elsewhere.

01530 No.30748

Option 2. The other options seem too dickish.

542b6 No.30749

Option 2

c7c0c No.30766

Option 3

I think the very fact that the option presented her joining in as a clear possibility points toward it being a valid option. Aristocrat never been dickish or backhanded to us before.

fafde No.30771

Not to object (because being fair to the audience is absolutely what I strive to always do,) but I feel the need to point out that "Maybe she'll join in," is less stating what the result will be and more what Edward's mindset would be if he in fact made that choice. Because, as established, Edward is generally speaking a good-hearted (if breeding-obsessed) person, and certainly his motivations would be of that nature. Having an orgy in front of Margaret to taunt her for no reason would be a mean-spirited action beyond him, so this was to state exactly what his motivations would be in such a case.

The vote is close, but the total votes tallied is a very large number and I'm not sure if more are coming. I am also nervous about leaving the poll up for even longer because I want to get back to putting myself in a rhythm of maintaining updates steadily. I do like to have clear favorites when it comes to results, but the needle must fall eventually…

>10 votes for option two, relocate the orgy and ask Beatrice to watch Margaret.

>9 votes for option three, have the orgy right in the room, with Margaret watching.

Relocate the orgy.

Poll closed. Update soon.

c7c0c No.30780

That's my point, I did not think you'd present any clear trap options, or deliberately mislead us. The possibility that it would work was there, and when else would we get an opportunity?

7e163 No.30782


On the latter note, maybe it's time to start putting (reasonable) time limits on the polls to keep momentum going? I know you don't want to exclude anyone, but lately I think the timeframe has been extending itself - a poll takes a bit more time than normal to resolve, people get in the habit of checking/voting once every week or ten days, thus the next poll takes longer, people get even more lax, etc.
If you start chopping off the poll after a couple days to keep yourself on a schedule, if people want to feel included they're just going to have to check a few times a week. No one's connecting from the ISS here - we all have computers and phones and are probably checking fairly often. If the story goes where they don't want it to they'll just have to vote next time, won't they? :)

fafde No.32076

File: 1503316913847.jpeg (87.5 KB, 636x900, Tharja-ass.jpeg)

…It was tempting to just let Margaret stand there and watch.

This is a woman who has seen you naked, after all. Even if she declined to pursue a relationship with you. Surely the commoners had less modesty than the nobles.

But, no.

There were all sorts of problems that could arise from that.

Elizabeth might raise an objection, or accidentally call you 'Master' in front of Margaret and invite wrong impressions.

–Possibly you'd suffer some performance anxiety.

…You cough to get everyone's attention back to you.

You ask Beatrice, if she intends to stay in the sitting room and will bear witness to Margaret until her duties are complete?

Your tone implies you certainly are hoping the answer is 'Yes'.

Beatrice blinks in surprise, but nods.


Leaving your meal half-eaten, you take Tharja and Elizabeth from the room.

Tharja is practically squealing with giddiness and delight at your boldness. You're sure you see a blush on Elizabeth's face too.

Meanwhile, your erection has come back in a very obvious way.

Under pretenses of hiding it, you let both girls walk in front of you.

…Tharja soon has the idea to let the distance close between you and rub her posterior against your crotch, glancing back with a lustful gaze in her eyes.

It's very hard to keep your composure as you relocate yourself to Tharja's room.

There's no guard in front of Tharja's private wing. Sully must not be by, yet.

It is technically speaking still time for the midday meal. Possibly her schedule as a guard begins a little after this time.

Tharja gently orders Elizabeth to pull down a torch from beside the entrance and lead you all forward, rather than doing it herself.

It seems Tharja's very comfortable with her position in front of you.

You're almost at your limits as well.

With you all entering the privacy of Tharja's wing, you wrap your arms around your wife's ample thighs as you waddle forward, eager for in eventual penetration.

Avoiding any accidents, Elizabeth leads you down the hallway and the next corridor to Tharja's room.

Tharja unlocks the door with the key from her pocket and you press yourselves inside.

No sooner have you entered than Tharja locks the door behind you, and you find yourself embraced by your wife from the front, and your maid from the back.

Mm… Having both bodies against you is very pleasant… indeed.

You feel like quite the piece of meat, sandwiched between these two fertile beauties as you all hurry to disrobe.

>No choice yet. Further update coming soon.

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