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A break in the storyline at this point as unplanned, so here is a brief summation of all so far for new readers to quickly access previous parts of the story.

Beginning thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

The aristocrat Sir Edward selects his bride, travels to her home country, and settles in to his new life far away from all he's known.

Second thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania slowly becomes aware he's traversing a web of intrigue and there are plenty of secrets to discover at the castle.

Third thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Crown Prince Edward makes choices that affect his virility and the direction of the entire country.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

Edward is coronated and becomes King Edward.

Fifth thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

King Edward starts to establish his reign. His wife is pregnant, as are others.

Please, use this chat thread for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


This post will be followed by a post announcing the vote results of the latest choice, and then the update.

I hope it's enjoyable.
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98046 No.28208

Option 1.

01530 No.28453

Option 1

fafde No.28558

>8 votes for option one, have Tharja use her magic to put you both to sleep and wake you up on time.
>3 votes for option two, have Tharja put you both to sleep, but wake up early for more sex.
>6 votes for option three, forgo magic, have sex throughout the night until you pass out naturally.

Have Tharja use her magic to let you both have a restful night sleep and wake up at the right hour.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29211

File: 1497616109213.jpg (22.98 KB, 300x186, jousting.jpg)

As worthwhile as more sex with Tharja is…

You need to be ready for any new situation that develops with the Priest or the Faire.

You tell Tharja to let you both sleep until sunrise.

You look forward to waking up with her beside you.

You say, pressing a kiss to her hands, held in yours.

Tharja nods, and after rubbing her face with the hand you kissed, stands to get her book to cast her spell.

Yes… This was how you were going to do it.

Not with announcing yourself as King Edward, controller of All Witches, but with subtle manipulation.

Tharja and Beatrice can easily do things most people take for granted, after all.


Before long, the air… feels drowsy.

You keep yourself awake long enough for Tharja to rejoin you on the bed.

"Good night…"

You're asleep before she says much else.

You wake with Tharja, put on your old clothes, and go out to take your breakfast together.

The sunlight that reaches the inside of Tharja's wing tells you that you indeed rose for sunrise together.

It is a little bit of a challenge to not give into the temptation to resume what you started last night… but you're able to contain yourselves. Just barely.

Still, you exchange little kisses, and you both can't help but caress each other as you put on your old clothes together.

Breakfast is uneventful. You were almost expecting something more, but it seems if the Priest has any other requests to spring on you, he isn't doing it at that moment.

That leaves you with your day open, and you bid farewell to Tharja and Beatrice as you go about your routine.

You want to make that sparring practice. You'll be needing all the strength you have.

Sparring is relatively uneventful. The guards seem to be working just as hard as the servants are.

That's to be expected. You're actually going to have visitors for the Faire.

You can't help but recall that you've universally heard patrol duty as 'boring' from the guards you've spoken with.

At the very least, they'll have new faces to worry about.

–Though hopefully nothing quite so dangerous as Varillo's Gang.

Your practice ended, you go to the stables to meet with Malon and see about Eclipse.


You find the stableman waiting for you.

Moreover, he starts to kneel and says he must speak with you.

…You move hastily to tell him a bow will suffice.

You don't need him kneeling into the dirt and muck around the stable.

He thanks you, then starts to speak.

You're afraid for the moment he's finally going to mention your relationship with Malon to you…

But what you instead hear is something else entirely.

"It be about the upcoming jousting tournament Y'Majesty."

He explains that with the Faire so close, preparations are starting to be made.

An area of land to set up the contest has been chosen. Names are being counted…

A small number of your loyal guards have requested permission to compete.

Moreover, the senior guard approved their requests.

Of course, it's likely there will be some visitors from the Faire who will also compete…

But they would need to have prepared and brought their own horse to do so. Or at least visit the stable often enough for a free horse to become acclimated to them.

There's a decision you need to make.

He knows from your practice with Eclipse that you intend to compete.

You confirm it to him.


Is he to advise you against it?

"Nay, Y'Majesty… but some might be hesitant to raise a lance against their King if they knew he was competing… or rather, if they knew which competitor he was, and if they were facing him."


That is certainly a possibility, you say.

But the guards should know your reputation for wanting a fair fight.

You're sure they will compete with all their strength and give those in attendance a good show.

"Aye, Y'Majesty… but can the same be said about those traveling here?"

…Hm. Perhaps not.

As good-natured as your reign has been, you doubt your reputation for fairness has spread far enough to reach everyone in the Kingdom, yet.

Certainly, you imagine they'd want to avoid a bad first impression that might come from ramming their King with a wooden spear.

The stableman nods.

"That's why I wanted to ask… would it serve Y'Majesty for the jousting tournament to be anonymous?"

–Is that possible, you ask?

He nods.

"Everyone will be in armor, and then everyone will just be called 'the first rider,' or 'the second rider,' and such."

The winner will, of course, be unmasked and allowed to bask in the appropriate fame of winning the tournament.

But when the competitors are first announced, it won't be told to anyone who is competing against who.


What about Eclipse?

Your horse was truly the finest example of equine.

Surely people would realize you're riding a truly remarkable horse and put together that you must be the King.

The stableman shakes his head.

"Your horse will be armored as well Y'Majesty… and as quickly done as each match is, I doubt anyone would get a good look at it enough to see exactly whose horse it is."

… It's a fair point. Although you hope your horse is appropriately lively for the tournament.

It was certainly something to consider.

If you won the tournament anonymously, it might win you more glory in the eyes of those attending.

It will seem more like a genuine contest of skill, and not merely your opponents intentionally losing to curry your favor.


If you were to lose, and lose badly, as least it wouldn't be too embarrassing either.

Unless your helmet was ripped off, but you think if that managed to happen, you'd have bigger things to worry about. Like the massive head injury you had suffered.

–Though there would be some glory in reaching at least second place. If only the winner is unmasked, it would be the same as if you were eliminated in the first round.

That was something to consider.

Your mind can't help but fall back to Tharja and when she asked to watch you spar with the guards.

She really wanted to cheer for you, but you told her not to.

A joust would certainly be a much more appropriate venue for cheering.

She'd lose out on that joy if the tournament was anonymous.

You nod, trying to give yourself time to think about it.

There's pros and cons to both sides, but…

Choice time:
>Yes, the tournament will be anonymous. Each participant will wear generic, unmarked armor. The winner will be dramatically unmasked at the end.
>No, the tournament will be completely public. Each participant will fly the standard of his house, if available, and be announced plainly for each round of the competition. A chart of who placed where will be compiled at the end.
>A mix of the two. The tournament will be anonymous until it's down to the final two participants. Their identities will be announced then, for a final dramatic match.

c9879 No.29212

Wb mang.

Option 2.

93731 No.29213

Option 3 this way thaja can know who you are in the armor while you alone being anonymous to the public

Welcome back aristo!

53512 No.29216

Welcome back, aristo. We missed you!

I vote for Option one.

f98c2 No.29217

if this is an acceptable/applicable write-in option, then…
>Jousters will compete under an alias
Unless this is too similar to option 3, of course…

4e869 No.29219

Option 2. While it will be nice to let Thaja know, we'd also have to ask her to cheer just as enthusiastically for other participants as well, lest she give away which one we are.

4e869 No.29220

Crap I wrote the wrong vote. Option one! 1!

8dff2 No.29221


I vote for the write in

53512 No.29222

The only reason for this is that you want to be Ulrich von Lichtenstein, admit it!
And I'm totally up for that! I change my vote to the write-in.

fafde No.29223

I'll allow this, but it's basically option one with a stylistic change, so I will count it as a vote for option one.

07b2f No.29225

Option 3.

1dcaf No.29258

Option 2

2cad4 No.29267

option 3

5d1a1 No.29273

Option 1.

fafde No.29386

>5 votes for option one, make the tournament anonymous until the winner is dramatically unmasked at the end. With the opportunity for the riders to compete under their choice of an alias to make it interesting.
>2 votes for option two, keep the tournament as a completely public competition between public individuals.
>3 votes for option three, make the tournament anonymous until the very last match and unmask both competitors for the final bout.

Make the tournament anonymous, with a little style allowed.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29424

There are solid, compelling reason to make the tournament anonymous.

However, having the entire thing be a competition between "rider one" and "rider two" is overdoing it.

You might have problems with the peasants being unable to count that high to keep track of who is who. Possibly a few of the nobility as well.

You tell the stableman that you approve of his idea, but all jousters will be able to pick an alias for themselves.

'The Black Knight' or 'the Green Knight' some such thing. Might as well allow them the chance to be creative.

The stableman nods and tell you he will organize the contest in that way, then.

You hold off on giving him a name for what you yourself will be riding under. You can think of that for later.

In the meantime…

You ask if you can have your horse fitted with armor for a little practice.

"Aye, we have that ready, Y'Majesty."

You spend the mid-morning riding your horse with the armor on. Eclipse doesn't seem bothered by it, but it's a little harder to direct him in this state as the reins feel a little different.

You suppose it's not too much of an issue. When the tournament comes, you'll only be driving him in a straight-line.

Still, while it's easier to dress a horse in armor than a person, it does shorten your time with the beast a little bit.

You leave it to Malon to put the horse in the stable and see him properly wound down.

Next time you'll try holding a shield, pole, and have the animal armored, all at once.

Then you would only need to practice doing all of that while wearing your own armor.

Your early return from the stable means you have a little time left before lunch.

You wonder if it would be reasonable to have sex with Beatrice.

You're halfway to her quarters when you realize…

Ah, yes. She's going through her monthly cycle. You'll wait another week before propositioning her again.

She might not even be done with her sessions with Tharja anyway.

In the meantime, it wouldn't be too much of a bother to do something else. This could be a chance to micromanage your castle, or just unwind a little bit.

How should you spend your free period before you go to take your midday meal?

You rule out doing anything involving the visiting Priest. You hadn't quite recovered from your confrontation the other day.

Choice time:
>Go to the treasury and check on Ricardo. You want to make sure the finances are in order.
>Go to the site of your tower being built and check with the architect on the progress being made. See if work is progressing smoothly.
>Check on the servants and see if they're working hard enough to prepare your castle for its future guests. See if the fat maid is showing due diligence.
>You're still wearing your clothes from yesterday. Go bathe and change into fresher ones.
>You might not want to meet the Priest, but this could be a good time to check on the dossiers he gave you. Go to your room in the tower and look them over.

8dff2 No.29425

Option 5 because it gives us something to talk about the next time we see the priest.

4e869 No.29426

Option 5 as well. Let's look over the files. Though we can still at least change our clothes when we're done.

f98c2 No.29437

>Optionem V
>Option 5

07b2f No.29441

Option 5.

99402 No.29447

Option 5

10f5c No.29472

I'm going against the flow here and vote for option 3. I want to know what Helga is up to, if Margaret handles the situation well and how the twins are doing.

fafde No.29501

>1 vote for option three, check on the maids' progress and their work.
>5 votes for option five, look over the dossiers from the Church on potential chaplains for your castle.

Go look over the dossiers from the Church with the spare time you have.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29527

File: 1498202176812.jpg (120.81 KB, 800x600, nun-too-soon.jpg)

There is something you will need to make a decision about.

That is, what to do about the Church insisting you appoint a court chaplain.

You think it's time you open those dossiers and look over them.

Certainly, when the Faire is in full swing, you think you'll be a little more distracted than at present.

You make way for the stairs to your tower.

The guard at the entrance tells you no one has visited, excepting the maid who visits you in the morning, who was told you weren't present. She has since departed.


You tell the guard if any guest comes they may be escorted up, if they have a good reason.

You would like to be able to concentrate on the task, but you'll allow interruptions in an emergency.

He salutes and says it will be so. You proceed up the stairs.

You find the door to your room shut, so you open it and step into your room.

The shutter is up, so you take it down to allow some sunlight in. Gaining enough light, you shut the door.

You spy the clean set of day-clothes for you to wear on your bed, and take the moment to change.

At least you'll smell moderately less like a horse in time for lunch.

You have a seat at your desk with the dossiers you've been given.

Each one is sealed individually with wax, so you have no choice but to break the seal on each one.

You open the first one, and skim the contents.


It seems it's not just a profile on the candidate for your position, it's also an order for you to add your sigil to, as much as if Ricardo had drafted it personally.

There's a spot for you to pour wax and stamp your signet ring to confirm you've selected that man for the job.

Perhaps this is a way to make your decision and present it to the priest without actually telling him personally who you've chosen.

…Though he could simply open it up and look.

You take a glance over the actual writing.

In the name of God, the Holy Church, presided over from the Holy City, by the Holy Father, in the season of Abundance and the approaching Jubilee…

…You skip a little as it's clear the official introduction is going to be long-winded.

For the eyes of the Royalty only, the Holy Church addresses His Royal Majesty King Edward of Ruhemania…

You can't help but read that sentence and get a little shock from it. Enough to cause you to reel back from the page a little bit.

Here was an official Church document addressing you as 'King Edward'…

You thought after so many weeks from your coronation you might be over the shock of suddenly being 'King,' but that is not the case.

You wipe the beads of sweat from your forehead with the heel of your hand and continue reading.

We submit the following candidate with full confidence he would be a proper representative of the Holy Church and would fulfill His Majesty's need for spiritual guidance and act in accordance with His Majesty's wishes…

Finally it gets to talking about the man.

Father Jerech, in service to the Church for two score years. Has given public liturgy for one decade in years. …

…Your eyes begin to glaze over. It lists a long list of 'years' he's spent doing various Church tasks, but that doesn't at all tell you anything about his personality.

You sigh. Maybe it's just this one…

You crack open the next one.

It's exactly the same, only with a different name and a different number of years listed.

You put it aside with the first and crack open another…

Then another… then another…

You're beginning to lose hope. You have only one last dossier to open, but you do so, scattering a bit of wax on your desk as the seal breaks.

You start to read the fifth dossier and notice something different as you read.

Father Tomas, in service to the Church for three years…

–Three? Not three score, or three decades, even…?

That's a huge discrepancy. It suddenly gives you an idea.

The profiles are bland, but…

Clearly there's something to read in-between the lines with the number of years listed for each service they've been performing.

You read along and see something else in Father Tomas' dossier that makes him stand out.

Notice: Father Tomas is in the process of becoming experienced in his Fatherly responsibilities. If chosen, he will be accompanied to the castle by a friar and two nuns to help him in his duties…


Your eyes stop there.


Oh, God.


Your thoughts can't help but jump back to Virilia.

You impregnated many women there. Experienced, inexperienced, cute, warm, flirty, brash, cold…

… But the nuns you knew…

Impregnating them was definitely some of the most exciting and satisfying experiences of your life.

It had taken you days, perhaps weeks of planning, conversation, flirting, and courting, but the forbidden fruit of a Holy Woman offering you her maidenhead and bearing the baby you would sow inside her Holy Womb had made the effort so worthwhile…

Your only regret was that your father intervened and they were sent away before you could see their bellies properly swell full.

… You find yourself wincing suddenly as your manhood gets instantly erect recalling the deeds.

No doubt your lack of sexual activity this morning is also exacerbating the situation.

You try to turn your attention back to the document.

Father Tomas would bring with him two nuns…

The prospect was enough to make your cock strain with excitement already.

You can't help but think that alone should win him the position.

Nuns… nuns… nuns…!

You take a deep breath.

You imagine… if ever you were to impregnate another nun, ever, in your entire life…

This was probably the only way it was going to happen.

Even if you were to visit the Bishop, you doubt you would be allowed to explore the monastery to the point you could find yourself in the convent where the nuns are cloistered and have your way with them.

Surely there would be consequences for that.

…Though there might be consequences anyway.

Even if you could arrange such a jaunt somehow, having them at the castle means you could have the pleasure of actually watching them develop and perhaps even birth the child you gift them with.

You put Father Tomas' document aside.

You run back over the previous ones you've looked at, this time keeping an eye on exactly how many years they've spent doing what.

There might be some insight you missed before.

Well, you can't puzzle out anything too interesting.

Father Jerech, the first profile you looked at, had the longest years spent with the Church. You surmise he was likely the oldest candidate.

Although it says he spent so many years serving the Church, it seems he only started performing duties relating to being a Father recently.

The other profiles have years ascribed to service and performing liturgy as rather close numbers. One score and one decade eight years. Three decades and one score and five years, etc.

Father Jerech however has two score serving the Church and ten years liturgy?

Either he was doing something else, or he only decided to get involved in doing service recently.

That might be a sign he was old, senile, and likely to let you 'get away' with more bad behavior. …Perhaps.

The other three dossiers might as well be the same person. There's nothing that sticks out about them.

You weigh your options.

On the one hand, Father Jerech, an old man of the cloth with lots of experience but only a few years actually doing something.

It's possible that would mean he was so old he wouldn't pay much attention to the affairs. Or at the very least, if on the contrary he was strict and scornful, at least he would be expected to die soon.

On the other hand, Father Tomas, an obviously young man who was inexperienced, likely eager for duty… he would bring with him nuns.

Sweet, delicious, tempting, Forbidden Fruit, nuns…

You can't help but gleefully forget you actually have a responsibility as your mind wanders to the thought of nuns again.

You calm yourself and consider… you could pick one of the other three more 'generic' dossiers as your Chaplain. They likely would attend to your castle as well as the current Priest who comes to visit for the service does. With the bonus that they would need to build up a relationship with the castle and peasant settlement.

Or, you could just make the Priest who is already here your Chaplain.

He'd probably be happy, though less so than if you had chosen him before reading the dossiers.

All you have to do is take one of these to Ricardo, get some hot wax poured on to it, press your stamp, and it would be done.

Choice time:
>Your heart is alight with the prospect of nuns. Hire Father Tomas as your Chaplain.
>Your mind is wary of the Church paying too much attention to your affairs. Hire the old Father Jerech in hopes that he will be slower to see any potential heresies you commit.
>Hire one of the generic priests. At the very least, having a fresh face at the castle means you have time to make a good impression with him.
>None of these inspire you with confidence. Hire the priest who has been visiting the castle since you arrived as Chaplain. It's what he's long wanted, surely.

5c1ab No.29530

I fear this may be an awful decision, but I vote for option 1.

6e10c No.29531

I sense a trap. Option 2, Father Jerech.

93731 No.29532

Option 1, and hoping the two pair of nuns are both twins~

50993 No.29535

This is a difficult thing to consider tactically, but I actually think Option 1 might work, and not just because of the nuns.

If Tomas really is a young man without much experience, we might actually be able to get away with quite a bit here. First off, he might actually be intimidated by the crown as much as he is the church, so there's a chance he'll stay out of our business, or perhaps could even be swayed to let Edward do as he pleases with the right argument (like some of those Old Testament stories with men having wives and concubines and being fruitful and multiplying and such).

Secondly, while a long shot, a young and inexperienced priest might actually be easy to lead astray (while Bea or Tharja may not have any interest in actually doing anything with him, they could certainly play the tempress). Either that or, like above, Edward could try and use the good book itself to make Tomas re-think his beliefs. Problem with this is it could lead to being back to square one as far as having the church on our back about a chaplain.

Third…..I just have this weird hunch. Total longshot again, but maybe there's even more forbidden fruit here than just the nuns? (Hey, there's that old legend about a woman who somehow became Pope and almost got away with it until she gave birth in the middle of a crowd or something).

4e869 No.29537

Option 1. I have no particular thing for nuns, but I'm also hoping there's more to gain with a younger father, though we'll have to keep out eyes on the friar as well.

42545 No.29538

Option 3: I think jerech is likely to be a witch hunter, and we need to be in the church's good graces, so nuns is a really bad idea.

8dff2 No.29540

Option 1.

I agree with some of the other posts that having a younger priest will be better because it is easier to bend him to suit our needs. The nuns are a plus, not the main reason.

Father Jerech smells like a trap. I think that Edward completely misread the situation with him and that he is probably a witch hunter (he's been a Father for 10 years, it's been 10-15 years since Vlad's crusade against witches ended). I think he was put on top of the pile to get us to quickly choose him and keep suppressing the tradition of witches in ruhemania.

07b2f No.29542

Option 4.

Option 1 sounds too good to be true. I have a feeling the nuns accompanying Tomas would likely be older nuns. Probably Mother Teresa old.

f98c2 No.29547

Option 3
Nuns are great and all, but that addendum of a friar following along with is kind of worrisome. Jerech *probably* isn't a witch hunter, but he's old and if he kicks the bucket, wouldn't Edward be right back in this same position again? He can at least mold a generic 'lowcard' priest into his personal scion, if Ed plays his cards right…

a4652 No.29554


Option 1.

02eab No.29556


b3756 No.29557

option 1
let the debautchery commence :)))

fafde No.29577

>8 votes for option one, hire Father Tomas.
>1 vote for option two, hire Father Jerech.
>2 votes for option three, hire a generic Father.
>1 votes for option four, appoint the current Priest in your castle as Chaplain.

Hire the young Father Tomas and the nuns and friar he will bring with him.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.29604

There are all sorts of ways this could go wrong.

The nuns could turn out to be long past breeding age, for example. They might be old enough to rival King Vlad for longevity.

Who knew what personality that friar would have?

In addition to whatever man Father Tomas turned out to be.

….And yet.

Nuns. Nuns you could impregnate.

Nuns trump everything.

Your balls won't let you make any other decision.

You make sure to set Father Tomas' dossier aside, then wrap up the rejects so you don't accidentally get them confused.

You're not sure what to do with the others, but you decide it's probably safer to return them all to the Priest. There's no sense actually keeping them.

You're grinning like mad as you get organized, eager to feel the satisfaction that will come from stamping the order.

No time like the present.

You start to get up from your desk and head out the door of your room.

You… stop, before you open your door.

… Well, this is embarrassing.

You know you're hiring Father Tomas as a way to get access to nuns.

You know you will actually have a chance at impregnating these nuns.

Which means… your penis knows you will have a chance at impregnating some nuns.

Your hard-on is large enough in your leggings it sticks straight out from your crotch, making it plainly obvious to anyone who looks at you.

No doubt it's impressive, but you'd rather not show your lewd self off so intimately to anyone walking through the halls of your castle.

You scowl, knowing this wouldn't be a problem if you had given in and woken up this morning to have another session of sex with Tharja.

At the very least, it would have taken the edge off of your libido.

You stand there and wait, pacing a little, trying to control your lust.

It's impossible. Each time you think you're finally starting to calm down, you remember you're carrying the order that will allow you access to nuns, and your cock surges with another rush of energy.

Urgh… You can't help yourself.

You really do have a thing for nuns.

So cute… so innocent… so forbidden…

The most rarest of women to impregnate.

Even more-so than witches, now that you think about it.

You glance down at your discarded clothes you wore yesterday.

You can't help but recall your words to Sully when she became so curious about your manhood.


Maybe it wouldn't hurt to let out your 'desire' like this, just once.

Then again…

You spy the satchel that you carried your small things you brought with you from Virilia to Ruhemania.

You could always just put the dossiers inside of that and carry it in front of your crotch as you walk.

Hopefully by the time you actually get it handed over to Ricardo, you'll have distracted yourself enough.

Choice time:
>Relive the time you impregnated the nuns of Virilia and masturbate.
>Don't waste your seed, just hide your erection and carry on.

dcb99 No.29607


If Option 1 comes with a flashback scene, then friggin option 1.

f98c2 No.29609

There are far worse things Ed could do than walk around the castle sporting wood. Isn't this kind of in line with his reputation, for better or worse? Surely there's someone who would appreciate his…status….more than a misc. piece of cloth or cleaning rag…
>Option 2
>My hard will go on and on…

fafde No.29617

I'll confirm the implied flashback scene as a result of this choice. (Though that may not be the only consequence.)

b4f26 No.29618


In that case, I shall confirm my choice.

Here's to hoping a pregnant nun scene or something.

245b5 No.29621

Option two.

We literally have a sex slave at our disposal. Let's visit Elizabeth.

3527c No.29622

Option 2.

93731 No.29623

Option 2 and look for someone available ~

8dff2 No.29631

Option 2.

We should visit Elizabeth and see if we can dress her up looked a nun (if she's okay with that)

fafde No.29678

>1 vote for option one, masturbate and relive your experience impregnating nuns.
>5 votes for option two, don't masturbate, just hide your erection and continue on.

Continue on to have Father Tomas' dossier stamped.

Poll closed. Update soon.

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