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fafde No.24119

A break in the storyline at this point as unplanned, so here is a brief summation of all so far for new readers to quickly access previous parts of the story.

Beginning thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/12251.html

The aristocrat Sir Edward selects his bride, travels to her home country, and settles in to his new life far away from all he's known.

Second thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/14131.html

Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania slowly becomes aware he's traversing a web of intrigue and there are plenty of secrets to discover at the castle.

Third thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/15553.html

Crown Prince Edward makes choices that affect his virility and the direction of the entire country.

Fourth thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20160412094726/http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

Edward is coronated and becomes King Edward.

Fifth thread: http://pregchan.com/d/res/16909.html

King Edward starts to establish his reign. His wife is pregnant, as are others.

Please, use this chat thread for in-depth discussions, feedback, and emotional reactions:


This post will be followed by a post announcing the vote results of the latest choice, and then the update.

I hope it's enjoyable.

fafde No.24120

>1 vote for option three, investigate Margaret.
>3 votes for option six, investigate the older guard you humiliated.
>1 vote for option seven, ask Beatrice to report on herself.
>6 votes for option eight, enough espionage. Ask Beatrice to tutor Tharja.

Ask Beatrice to tutor Tharja.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24121

File: 1482922788180.jpg (705.7 KB, 752x1062, Beatrice-comehither.jpg)

Once again, a small reminder/request to please use the chat thread for reactions/discussion/feedback about the story that does not include actual voting. This will help keep the post-count down and ensure there will be more updates before we move on to a new thread.

Of course, I will not be 'enforcing' this, so it's all right if you really do want to talk about reasoning between updates. Moving along to a new post after 500 posts is not a terribly huge deal, after all. It's more important that people feel comfortable reading the story and share their thoughts about where they want it to go.

Remember, you are writing this story with me.

I hope it's enjoyable.

You are concerned about that soldier you humiliated.

You'd hate to think, even with right on your side, his resentment could fester until he took steps to make himself your assassin.

…But you have no need to be worried of that, yet. It wouldn't happen overnight.

More importantly, you're concerned about Tharja.

You think it's time Beatrice set to work putting Tharja on the 'proper' path of witchcraft.

You'd like her to tutor Tharja instead of spying.

Beatrice nods. Her lips turn into a soft expression of consideration.

"Ah… I'm glad to hear my words have reached you, King. Yes, I'll gladly step in and assist Innocence in the ways of magic."

She raises her pipe.

"Of course, I'll start work on creating a new un-attuned spell book as well."


Did she have to? Beatrice doesn't need to bother, you think. It'll be many a year before you could consider using that.

Beatrice waves your comment off.

"No, I welcome starting such work. It won't detract from my tutoring of Innocence at all. On the contrary, it will aid me to have something to organize my thoughts around."

You suppose if she puts it like that, you won't stop her from doing it.

Beatrice gives you a little grin.

"Furthermore, if you change your mind and want to work as your spy again, I can set the work aside and pick it up at my leisure without losing what I've already done."

Oh. So there really is no drawback.

All right, then.

Beatrice tells you she'll be spending her mornings with Tharja from now on. Afternoon and evening will be spent working on the new spellbook.

She may need to conceal her visits with her, for now. Less so when Tharja is obviously pregnant and she can use the guise of 'being Tharja's midwife'.

You're free to visit during this time, of course.

Hm, this might make organizing threesomes with Beatrice and Tharja a little easier.

"In the meantime…"

Beatrice licks her fingers.

"Have you had sex yet today, King?"

… You haven't.

You had to attend the Church service, then you spent your time with the guards. You missed out on your horseback riding with Malon, too.


Beatrice gives you a very hungry look, arching her delicate eyebrows.

Those are 'take me now' eyes if you've ever seen them.

On the other hand…

It must be getting late in the day.

You still haven't met with Tharja yet.

Maybe Beatrice would like to accompany you to Tharja's room, you suggest?


Beatrice turns her pipe over, emptying the ash to the floor.

"I do enjoy Tharja's company, including in the bedroom… but I confess a certain eagerness to, quote, have you to myself."

Beatrice licks her lips, pink tongue pressing through teeth.

"For the moment," she adds, breathy.


It is tempting. Surely Tharja will understand if you arrive a little closer to sunset than usual.

In that case…

Choice time:
>Fulfill Beatrice's wish. Take her alone in your bedroom.
>You'll be less hurried if you involve Tharja, and you haven't done it with Beatrice in Tharja's room yet. Take Beatrice back to Tharja's room for a threesome.

3f76e No.24122

Option one

ce872 No.24123

How could we resist such magnificent tits and her unfertilised womb? Option one!

4f8db No.24124

Option 1
Much obliged ~

19286 No.24125

Option 1.

8dff2 No.24126

Option 1

29811 No.24128

Option 1, no brainer.

2e4d2 No.24135

e21b1 No.24143

Option one

94410 No.24147

Option 1.

Beatrice is our #1 concubine, I'd hate to disappoint.

fafde No.24149

>9 votes for option one, take Beatrice alone in your bedroom.

Impregnate Beatrice in a solo session.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24186

If Beatrice desires you that much, you're hardly in the mood to disappoint her.

And you're already hard from watching her lick her fingers.

What else is she in the mood for, you ask?

She stands up, her chair delicately scooting itself back.

"I want to see the bold King that cannot leave even one woman without a baby developing in her womb. Imagine if we don't have sex right now that I will never be pregnant, and show me that… urgency, to rectify it."


Beatrice has certainly learned how to arouse your interest.

You give her a little nod and immediately stand up, starting to untie your cape.

Beatrice puts up a hand.

"Ah, wait. Leave your clothes on, King," she says.


Is she telling you to wait, after hearing that?

–Or was this some sort of test?

Beatrice shakes her head.

"Not at all, King. But… follow me for a moment. What separates man from animal?"


Right now, the stone of the castle walls, your soldiers, the drawbridge, and the moat, you quip.

Beatrice cackles at your answer.

"Ahahaha! –That was clever, I'll give you that, but not what I had in mind."

She waves her hand with her pipe.

"The essence of civilization, what separates man from beast is clothing. Man alone dresses itself to hide its shame. In removing our clothes, we return to the state of being base animals… and engage in primitive urges to procreate."

… It's more complicated a concept you expected when your mind was beginning to turn to the possibility of having sex.

But you suppose you can go along with it. You nod.

She nods back.

"That's why I want us to have sex while we're still clothed… show me that your desire to make me pregnant transcends what society expects from civilized people."

She waves a hand.

"Of course, I'll clean up obvious messes or repairs after the fact."

Your mind can't help but flashback to the time you were in the dungeon with Daniella and Beatrice.

Daniella's argument back then had been so simple…

'Witches were evil, therefore kill them all,' she had said.

…Paraphrasing, but not by much.

You had worried for a time that maybe you hadn't made the right decision. Maybe witches were evil… or at least witchcraft caused more evil than otherwise. Certainly, meeting with Erika put you in mind of how terrifying witchcraft could be.


If there's one thing you can say about all three of them, they enjoy the opportunity to engage in deep concepts.

Tharja had taken philosophy as inspiration for helping you send Elizabeth on her maiden voyage.

Beatrice was constantly aiding you with her intellect. Challenging you, as well.

Even Erika insisted on a little bit of symbolic relevance in the gesture of her putting your crown on your head.

You think you see it now.

The real draw to siding with Beatrice and witchcraft wasn't short-term greed for power to be King, or even to have the safety of escaping King Vlad's judgment.

–It was being free to think about and establish your own legacy.

You think that's what motivates Beatrice too.

In that case, you'll gladly go along with it.

You've had sex while clothed, of course. You had one such encounter with Elizabeth in a closet, and many other fertile women back in Virilia that could not spare the luxury of further privacy and time.

But choosing to do it like this is a new little twist, you think.

Before you start, you go over your safe word with Beatrice again.

Of course, you won't touch her book-holding hand.

You set your sword aside. It'll just get in the way.

fafde No.24187

File: 1483104619541.jpg (883.07 KB, 932x666, Beatrice-clothed.jpg)

You step close to Beatrice.

You can practically smell the lust in the air, and she looks up at you with a pleased smirk.

"Well, King? Don't hold back, now…"


Of course, Beatrice is still in her elaborate magical dress.

You start by wrapping your arms around Beatrice's back and pushing her toward the bed.

Her breasts feel wonderful pressed against you, even under the heavy garment between you both.

There's no lack of cleavage shown in her bust and you take the moment to look down and appreciate it as you bend her backward.

… You have to lift up her skirt.

This part she'll undoubtedly enjoy.

You have to kneel at her feet… so you do.

Your hands go to the hem, and you catch yourself trying to be careful around the fabric before you remember it's a magic dress and you should be as rough as you like.

Beatrice seems to have picked up on that.

"Ahahaha. Is it not a beautiful thing that commands respect? That's true in any situation, King."


Like Beatrice herself, you quip?

She looks at you with heavy-lidded eyes.


You peel up her skirt, long fabric up over soft legs, until you see her familiar red slit among her golden pubic hair.

She rolls up to make it easier for you, and looks into your eyes.

"See how empty it is? It needs your cum, King."


You pull down the front of your leggings just enough to free your manhood.

Your stalk is heavy with arousal and bounces free urgently along with your testicles.

You need to get Beatrice pregnant.


You lift Beatrice's legs leaving her opening bare and undefended.

You pull her closer, thrusting your hips down to meet her genitals with yours.

Spear her opening with your hard stalk and start breeding her.

Your glans meet her pussy lips, and you start to penetrate her.

Your cockhead slick with precum easily splits apart Beatrice's soft pussy lips.

You let out mutual groans of satisfaction as you find your dick covered in hot heat.

She's ready enough with arousal that you slide all the way to the base with minimal effort.


You can't help but pant your pleasure.

Beatrice always feels so good!

You lie on top of her, letting her legs fall back around your waist.

You start to roll your hips against her, pounding her pussy and abandoning any pretense of proceeding slowly.

You'll gladly commit to as many tries as it takes, and beyond.

Any price is reasonable for the opportunity to knock Beatrice up.

Beatrice smiles up at you.

"Truly? Well… let me use some of my magic on you…"

She reaches down and takes your hand, guiding it to her breast.


You knead eagerly, right through the fabric until you manage to stretch it to the point it pops out. Then you do the same to the other.

Her tits are beyond compare and you can't deny the feeling of pulling them free from her dress adds a spiciness you underestimated.

You thrust deep enough and with enough force that you can feel your balls swing.

The sound of your copulation filling the room with loud slapping as your crotch meets hers over and over again.

Doing it like this… with you both clothed and without any restraints

You really do feel like a beast. A mad, rutting one.

It's not a terrible feeling.

"Ah… ah…"

Beatrice's head suddenly presses forward and her lips meet yours.

You're almost startled as you feel her tongue start to press into your mouth.

…She's assertive.

You close your eyes and push back with your tongue, hard.

You feel her legs wrap around your backside in an attempt to draw you closer, still.

A need for air separates your kiss.

You can feel the sweat on your brow, no doubt caused from the heat of remaining clothed.

Beatrice lets out another moan as your staff pleasures her further.

It won't be long for either of you.

Suddenly you watch Beatrice lick her lips, staring into your eyes.

"…Fertilize me, King…"

"…Give me your seed…"

"…Give me a new life to carry…"

"…Give me wide hips, swollen breasts, and a big baby bump…"

"…Give me a hot, screaming birth as I bring your babe into the world…"

"…Knock me up!…"


You hilt yourself inside her, your hands reaching down to cup and cradle her ass.

Draw her hips upward and make it easier to angle yourself as you spurt and spurt and spurt.

Only one thought on your mind as pleasure overtakes you.

Breed her.

Breed Beatrice.

You lose track of how many times your orgasm makes you convulse, but…

It's enough that even with you fully sheathed and lying on top of Beatrice, you can still feel your semen oozing around your cock.

Beatrice felt it too.

You both share in the panting for air before your eyes meet again, her legs unlocking and falling free behind you.

…Ah, you can see a stray hair falling from Beatrice's intricate little hair bun.

Her happy face makes it look especially cute.

You share another, softer kiss.

Beatrice strokes your cheek.

"Goodness. You gave me so much today… as I thought, there's no stopping your desire to breed, is there King? Not even the constrains of mortal society…"


There sure isn't.

That's the wittiest thought you can manage.

You roll along Beatrice to give you both some room.

You swear, you can hear the sound of your seed sloshing inside Beatrice as you withdraw your cock from her folds.

Leaving her with an orifice filled to the brim with your cream.

You lost count, but…

Here was another chance to have knocked up Beatrice.

You hope your seed meets her ovulation and produces a fine child.

>No choice yet. New poll coming soon.

fafde No.24208

You catch your breath with Beatrice on the bed.

Not for too long, however.

You really do need to see Tharja.

True to her word, Beatrice cleans up your disheveled clothes.

She can't do anything for how much you're sweating after all that activity, though. Nor your fading cock wet with the remains of your orgasm.

You ask if Beatrice would like to accompany you to Tharja's room to talk about magic with her and her new role as tutor?

"Hm… no, that should wait. I need to organize myself, King."

Furthermore, she has requests of you.

She gives you a list of mundane items she says she'll need to turn into the appropriate magical artifact.

Parchment, adhesive, wood and leather for binding, etc.

Mundane, but not common. It will probably take a stamped order from you to gather this much.

You're not sure why you need to bother Ricardo for this.

Can't Beatrice create the material she needs herself?

…You decide against asking her directly.

You're sure there's some reason.

You pick up your sword, Beatrice re-takes her noblewoman persona, and you both depart the room.

Your bed is left soiled for the maid to deal with.

Beatrice goes on her own way, giving a parting look of annoyance at the soldier guarding your tower.

You go alone and find Ricardo in the treasury.

You don't actually hand him Beatrice's list, as that'd look suspicious, so you recount what you need from memory and have him write it out.

A quick seal from your signet ring and Ricardo swears he'll have the materials ready for you.

You eventually find yourself with Tharja.

Unfortunately, you're not much in the mood for sex once you're together after your time with Beatrice.

Tharja's very understanding and you pass time just talking instead.

… You recognize Tharja's bed has been cleaned.

Is that right?

Tharja blushes nervously at your question.

"Well… I've been having a difficult time sleeping lately so I thought it was probably time to launder the bedding."

You laugh and tell her that's fine.

The bed will still be an 'altar' to your virility even without the actual stains, as it were.

You do eventually embrace Tharja and your playful lovers' cuddling gradually turns to sex.

You're exhausted enough you decide to sleep with Tharja overnight.

fafde No.24209

File: 1483189892336.jpeg (278.91 KB, 800x600, pregnant-sea.jpeg)

Falling asleep in Tharja's arms, you have a vivid dream.

You recognize at least that it is a dream.

You see yourself in your throne with your crown, and you're making a royal proclamation.

King Vlad had a policy that anyone in the Kingdom with a problem could come to him for his judgment and have the matter resolved.

You, however, have your own priorities.

Any woman seeking a child to bear could visit your chambers and have the matter resolved.

The audience in attendance applauds uproariously.

Even the priest is there to bless your idea.

Suddenly you're surrounded by women.

They're lining up, out the door, out the castle, and down into the forest.

You take the first one, a pretty young maid, and get to work.

Time is of the essence, so you have her get on her hand and knees and take her from behind.

You've got a lot of women to gift with your seed, after all.

Of course, the dream doesn't stop with their fertilization.

Before you know it, they're all pregnant, their bellies swelling as fast as you can fertilize them.

You lose yourself among a veritable sea of pregnant women, bellies as far as the eye can see.

fafde No.24210

>New week to make choices for.

It's time to decide on how to handle the new week for Edward. Please look over this list and think if you would like anything to be changed.

This decision is not a vote, but a general consensus.

Week 7
Daily sexual activity: Tharja.
Also have sex with at least once: Elizabeth.
Daily non-sexual activity: Practicing with lances with the guards/Visiting the stable to acclimate Edward to his horse.
Have sex with to impregnate: Beatrice/Malon/Sully
Delay pursuing a relationship with: Twin maids
Maintain relationship with: Ricardo/the senior guard
Watch for problems with: The fat maid, the older guards, the architect and his men.
Research: Ruhemanian titles and holdings.
Delay researching: The new Church-trade book.

Any changes? Please do not hesitate to make your voice known, again. Especially if you have a new idea of who Edward should meet with or how he should spend his time.

If everyone seems agreed with this being what Edward should do, I will start writing scenes for the next week of in-game time.

(Please note that some of these scenes are assumed even if I didn't write them.)

We are almost at the time the summer festival will begin.

Time will (likely, depending on how I think the story will best flow) not proceed weekly once we reach the festival.

This means this series of updates may be the last chance for "usual" scenes in the castle for some time like how everyone is used to reading.

I hope it's enjoyable.

d772b No.24214

Looks fine to me.

61d3c No.24216

Looks good.

8dff2 No.24243

Looks good to me

f6694 No.24290

Looks good

94410 No.24291

Can we bump up the twin maids in priority? They've been in the "delay" category for such a long time now, I'd like to see us actually attempt to form some sort of relationship with them and get our progression under way.

fafde No.24295

Not a problem. I'll include another potential scene with the twin maids then.

f98c2 No.24297

Agreeing with the poster that indicated bumping the Twin Maids as a priority (every pimp needs a set of twins, yo…)
Other than that, we feel Elizabeth has kind of grown long in the tooth, could we maybe swap her place with that of Malon and/or Beatrice, at least until we're certain one of them is properly impregnated? Just a thought.

2e3a1 No.24298

On the other hand we know that Elizabeth is basically addicted to sex and gets some form of withdrawal symptoms if Edward doesn't fuck her regularly. And personally I like the scenes with Elizabeth very much. So I'd rather not bump her off the list.

How about we try to have more threesomes as a compromise?

f98c2 No.24300

Dually noted. We can ascent to a threesome, if that is acceptable to the author as well.

fafde No.24313

It's been an unstated policy that the women who aren't yet thought to be pregnant are getting much more detailed sex scenes than the women who are. That's why Beatrice's sex scenes have gotten the full treatment while the scenes with Tharja and/or Elizabeth are glossed over or only sparsely described. (People voted to still have Edward have sex with Tharja every day, so they are still doing it.)

That said, the scenes with Elizabeth lately have included Tharja, so this >>24298 is what is already happening. Just not every day. She joins them at least once a week.

Though if people want to change this to 'Elizabeth can join Tharja's daily sex sessions and every day is a threesome between them,' then that's fine too. Let me know if this is what you would like to happen.

Assuming there aren't any more drastic suggestions, the next week will start in another day or two.

a7fc4 No.24336

Did someone say twin threesome? Man oh man, I've been waiting for some twin action. Let's work towards some twin action~

fafde No.24337

Week 7
Daily sexual activity: Tharja.
Also have sex with at least once: Elizabeth, in a threesome with Tharja.
Daily non-sexual activity: Practicing with lances with the guards/Visiting the stable to acclimate Edward to his horse.
Have sex with to impregnate: Beatrice/Malon/Sully.
Start pursuing a relationship with: Twin maids.
Maintain relationship with: Ricardo/the senior guard.
Watch for problems with: The fat maid, the older guards, the architect and his men.
Research: Ruhemanian titles and holdings.
Delay researching: The new Church-trade book.

New update coming soon.

fafde No.24338

File: 1483616927604.jpg (541.03 KB, 850x1360, Tharja-on-top.jpg)

You wake up with Tharja, and a very large, painful erection. Sleeping with her gave you good dreams, and you're all too eager to share the results with her.

You spend the early morning having sex with your wife.

She's eager to help with your pain and needs no cajoling.

She crawls on top of you while you're lying down and squats on top of your manhood, penetrating herself over and over. Her feet flat against the bedding.

It's no doubt tiring for her.

But she knows you've been doing a lot of strenuous physical activity recently.

"Let it out inside me, my husband… I need your seed inside me so bad!"

You won't deny it to her.

You gladly surrender to the intense pleasure only your wife can give you.

Tharja's crying out as you spurt inside her.

"Aaah… aahh… aaaah!!"

She slowly pulls herself off of you, crawling over to lie on your chest, she presses her face close.

"I love you, my husband…"

You realize then she's crying tears of happiness.

You share a long kiss together, your tongues dancing in passion, awash in the love you share together.

You trace your hands all along her curves.

You know every inch of her body.

She's definitely gaining weight.

Not dramatically, of course. It's subtle, but a very good sign.

Her baby bump would soon show itself. You know it.

>No choice yet. New poll coming soon.

fafde No.24355

File: 1483707753327.jpg (332.92 KB, 554x742, Malon-justincase.jpg)

You proceed along your usual schedule.

Breakfast is uneventful, although you share a little risque innuendo with Tharja about your night together in your conversation.

You're careful not to say anything that might hint Tharja is already pregnant.

You can't help but feel a little bit of nerves as you go out to the armory to train with the guards.

The atmosphere doesn't seem changed, however, and you soon find yourself forgetting your apprehension as you settle into the practice.

You're getting confident in your lance-work now.

You should perhaps soon ask for one to practice holding while riding on your horse.

You meet with Malon, apologizing for missing her yesterday.

Of course she doesn't mind.

Neither does Eclipse, as you easily take him for a brief canter outside the stables.

Malon informs you she thinks your relationship has progressed to a point you could safely take Eclipse beyond the castle walls without worrying about losing him to the forest.

That's good, but not your objective.

You need to get the beast used to wearing armor and carrying a heavier load.

Malon blushes at the comment.

…You think she must be thinking about how you'll soon have her carrying a heavier load, as well.

You take Eclipse back to the stable with Malon.

She adds that when you start working him harder, she'll have to take more time to care for him. Especially as the days grow hotter into summer.

–You know that much, at least.

You're smart enough to know you can't just ride a horse ragged and then push it into the stable and be on your way.

But you know why she's telling you this.

It might cut into the time you take to breed your stablehand.

Speaking of which…

You take Malon aside to an empty stall in the stable.

You ask her if she has bled like a woman recently.

She blushes and smiles.

"I haven't, King," she tells you.


That was a good sign.

You may have hit Malon's ovulation window.

That will make Malon the fourth confirmed mother you've made in Ruhemania.


You step closer, brushing her hair with your hand.

You would like to be sure, you say.

Just in case.

Malon teases the ground with her boot, looking at her shoes embarrassed, but… delighted.

"If… that's what the King wishes…"

You spend more intimate time with Malon. Putting her on her back in the literal hay and pumping her full of your seed.

You can't wait to see her pregnant, along with the other mares in the stable. …And the castle as well.

It'll be a very satisfying feeling to see her pregnant, and you're sure she'll be a perfect mother.

She freely cries out her satisfaction as you make her climax around you.

It sounds like even she's aware you don't care who in the castle knows what you're doing with her.

>No choice yet. Future poll coming soon.

fafde No.24367

File: 1483798246585.png (228.77 KB, 339x442, Sully-enamored.png)

You're caught in the corridors of the castle by one of the servants. An older maid passes on a message to you.

A verbal message, not written.

Master of Coin Ricardo prepared the materials you requested. He will have them delivered where you like.

Hm. That's the 'ingredients' Beatrice requested to create a new unattuned magic book.

You could have them take them to your room, but that's a bit much to ask from her, and Beatrice when you give them to her.

You could have them taken to the library, but you don't want Tharja to be disturbed.

You ask the maid if there's a spare room that could be used as a study.

Of course, there is such a room. She tells you where it is. You inform her you'd like the materials brought and left for you there. She swears it will be done.


You proceed on to your midday meal.

Fortunately, you find Beatrice there before Elizabeth and Margaret have arrived.

You tell her what she requested is ready, and where to find it.

She gives you a sly grin and her thanks.

That's that, then.

You've set Beatrice to start creating more witches. In the sense she'll tutor Tharja, and create a new book to initiate another girl into a witch in the future.

You can't help but you really have started rebuilding the legacy of witchcraft in Ruhemania, now.

Especially if one of those future witches happens to be a daughter of yours.

After your midday meal, Tharja stops you.

She tells you there's a good reason for you to visit her wing right now… and it's not for her needs.

She whispers to you Sully is waiting and she's heard she has something she wants to say.

"My room will be unlocked, my husband. You'll find me in the library whenever you're satisfied," she says.

You tell Tharja you appreciate it very much.

It'd be a bit too much to take Sully past one of the other guards up to your tower with you, after all.

You find Sully standing guard over Tharja's wing of the castle.


You can tell just from her body language that something is different today.

You walk right up to her, greeting her fondly.


She stares at you as if entranced.

"Hey King…"

You watch her flinch, looking away… and you think you even see a blush of red on her cheeks.

"Can we… talk?"

Her tone implies she very much does not expect to 'talk.'

You can't help but put on your own flirtatious tone to your speech.

You tell her you always hate to be one to disappoint… certainly you'll grant her your ear, and anything else she likes from you.

You lead Sully to Tharja's room.

True to your wife's word, the door to her room is unlocked.

You set a torch aside so you have some light.

The door shuts, and Sully immediately is on you.

Kissing you.

Her lips are hard, but her mouth is eager.

Moreover, she puts her entire body into the embrace.

She wraps a leg around yours, grinding herself into you.

Her arms wrapped around your torso as you kiss, and kiss, and kiss.

You can't help but feel you're locked into a test of endurance with her.

It's certainly with a ferocity she showed in your early spars together.

Finally she separates, with an audible smacking sound left to resound throughout the room.

Her breath is heavy, her chest heaving against yours.


She pants loudly, catching her breath. She's practically moaning.

"I want your babies!"


You were already eager from the intense foreplay, but…

Your cock quickly stiffens up, hearing that.

Her eyes are heavy, pleading.

"Please… give them to me… make me yours, King…"

She kisses you again.

Your head is spinning.

Sully's truly desperate.

You can't help but think this simply must be related to the stunt you pulled with the older guard.

Was that it?

It'd make a certain amount of sense… but you hadn't really intended it as a way to get Sully excited for you.

It was purely for the sake of all of your loyal soldiers.

You take her hands, separating enough to get your mouth free and ask if that's what Sully would really like.

There's… after-all… more to lovemaking than the woman just asking to be bred.

…. You can't help but feel a sense of deja vu.

Sully grips your hands tight.

"But, that's what I want!" she says.

She doesn't raise her voice, but the intensity is definitely felt.

In her words and her grip.

"F-Fuck, King… I want you… to feel you impregnate me… just push me down on the bed and let's do it! I'm tough! I can take it!"

You can't help but feel your own passion kindled by Sully's eagerness.

This goes beyond the vaguely scripted delivery Sully gave you when you took her virginity.

Still, you can't help but be curious.

Maybe you should lower the intensity of the situation and ask specifically what's got her so hot and bothered.

–Though your manhood would certainly like to follow what she suggests. It'd definitely be like throwing a wet blanket on the fire.

As another option, you can't help but remember your last session with Beatrice.

Maybe it'd be enticing to do it partially clothed with Sully.

Your last sex together you had her leave her top-armor on, but you still had your boots off, at least.

Choice time:
>Grant her wish. Strip Sully, put her on the bed and knock her up without delay.
>You want to settle the question of what has her so riled up. Try to calm her down enough to ask about that.
>It's too much of a wait to strip her naked. Have sex with Sully while clothed.

799df No.24368

We can talk later. Fuck her now. Option one.

8dff2 No.24369

Option 1

94410 No.24370

Option 1.

We'll talk after she's "calmed down."

98046 No.24378

Option 1.
Like everyone is stating, we should calm her needs before we proceed. Trying to make her stop right now may go either ignored or vague answers that get us no where.

Now, I am starting to worry about the women here. She obviously has something more going on with her right now. It could be be argued that Elizabeth has a similar situation going on right now (the slave thing was really weird). I fear that Tharja may be influencing our mortal mistresses magically into a sexual rut as a way to appease us. I think we need to talk to Sully about what specifically Tharja has been talking to her about after she has calmed way down. If it is hinted that this theory is true, we talk to Tharja about this and (if true) have her figure out ways to reverse what she did to them. This is all oberating on an "if".

79a14 No.24382

Option one

61d3c No.24383

I agree with this. Say I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but things have been a bit too convenient with Sully and Elizabeth. Afterwards, I get the feeling we need to have a word with Tharja.

Anyway, for now, Option 1. Let's not torture the poor woman.

4f8db No.24390

Option 1

If we dont ask thajra how about
we asking beatrice to trace any
magic around sully and eliz?

fafde No.24397

>7 votes for option one, have sex with Sully, as she requests, on the bed.

Take Sully to the bed and impregnate her, as she asked.

Poll closed. Update soon.

fafde No.24536

File: 1484571610120.jpeg (141.02 KB, 800x1131, Sully-eager.jpeg)

You push any curiosity you have to the side.

For the time being, you'll simply credit Sully's excitement to your exceedingly good looks and virility.


Tharja is pregnant. Elizabeth is pregnant. The blacksmith's widowed sister is pregnant. Malon was likely pregnant. You had sex with Beatrice while she was ovulating this month…

That left Sully as the final girl to knock up who you already have a sexual relationship with.

You whisper that she doesn't need to say anything else.

You don't intend to leave the room without giving her a nice, hard fertilizing.

One that'll leave her carrying your child together.


Despite your assurance she does say one thing else.

"Thank you."

You step apart so you can take off your clothes.

fafde No.24537

File: 1484571728450.png (753.27 KB, 1280x1213, Sully-waiting.png)

Sully immediately lets loose her belt, pants, and yanks her entire bottom armor off.

Then she steps free of her boots and shrugs herself out of her top armor, leaving her pert breasts exposed.

…You're a little stunned.

You've barely started to undo your leggings.

"King?" she asks.

You need a second to catch up.

You tell her to lie back on the bed… legs spread.

She nods, setting her self down, then leaning back with her legs parted.

"Like this?" she asks, giving you a very generous view of her spread pussy.

You notice her pubic hair is starting to grow back. She must not have had it shaved since your first time.

… Your hands can't work fast enough on your leggings.

You tell Sully to touch herself with her hand.

It… goes better the more aroused she is. The feminine fluid from her needs to flow freely.

"Oh… okay."

You watch her lift one hand and put it between her legs.


She jumps a bit, her hips rocking in response to her fingertips stoking her slicked opening.

With her legs spread, you can see her glide her fingers over her lips and how she presses her fingers together to rub around her clit.

Her hand is soon wet with her fluids, which she generously trails around her hole to make herself ready for you.

…Her hands must be callused, as yours are.

You're a little surprised.

As you set your sword aside, you ask her.

She asked before if you had 'used your hand to satisfy yourself'…

Did she, to satisfy her feminine needs?

You hear Sully grunt with arousal.

"Ah… not my hand or anything… too obvious… but sometimes when I'm wearing rough clothes… ah… they rub… there… And I'll just keep rubbing my legs together until I come…"

You watch Sully's vagina pulsate as she recounts her masturbation method to you.

You finally free yourself from the tyranny of your clothing.

You tell Sully to get ready.

You'll do for her what she needn't do for herself anymore.

You'll stir up her womb with your seed and give it a baby to make.

She raises her head, eyes heavy with lust.


Sully lifts her hips, inviting you to penetrate her, fingers gently spreading her pussy wider for you.

"F-fuck me hard, King," she starts to request.

But you're already on top of her.

Your manhood is burning from the show Sully has put on and your foreplay together.

Your precum-soaked cockhead meets her opening and you easily slide yourself inside of her with a soft thrust of your hips.

Even after her requests to be 'hard', you take it easy.

This was only Sully's third time, after all.

fafde No.24538

File: 1484571899665.png (802.76 KB, 1280x1024, Sully-filled.png)

You can feel Sully's vaginal walls gripping you as your manhood spears itself deeper, settling between the crook of her spread legs.

"Ah! …Aaaah."

She winces as your cock forces her lips to part and you settle on top of her with your weight, pressing her back into the bed.

Until your length bottoms out and you can't push yourself in any farther.


… Your balls rest comfortably as you find yourself sheathed in Sully's vagina.

Her hips are narrower than the other women at the castle, so you really have to spread her open to get access to her this way.

But it's a right, dominant position you're in.

You let Sully take control for your first few sessions.

Now it was time to really make her feel like a woman, under you, taking your seed.

Your hands reach up to grope at her chest.

You do manage to knead a little bit of fat among Sully's flat, tomboyish frame.

Her nipples are hard and you take the opportunity to let her know it by stroking the little nubs of flesh.


She rewards you with another moan.

You can feel her trying to lift her legs behind your back, as much as she can.

Even with you fully sheathed, it's not quite so easy for her.

But the action does shift her hips higher to make the angle easier for you.

You stretch out your legs to give yourself more leverage and start to thrust.

Sully's moans fill the bedroom along with your own as you lose yourself in the feeling of sex.

She's… tight.

You decide to test her earlier claim.

You wrap your arms around Sully, pulling her body tight with yours, giving her just enough room to breathe and fill her lungs.

Meanwhile, your rock your hips harder.

Penetrating her with your cock as a soldier might attack a straw dummy with their sword.


Sully's cries ring out.

You keep thrusting and they grow louder and you realize you've overwhelmed her.

Her legs have stop tried to wrap themselves and stick out straight back.

You look up and see her face awash with pleasure and… panic?

It actually makes you miss your rhythm.

You start to ask if she's okay.

But her eyes meet yours.

"Don't stop, King! Don't stop until I'm pregnant…!"

…You resume.

You're true to her request. You don't stop.

Rather, your balls won't let you stop.

You can feel your climax approaching, your testicles ready to deposit your load inside her.

Fill her valley to the brim with your cum and knock her up.

You thrust harder, faster. You're sure you'll be sore tonight, and possibly tomorrow.

No doubt Sully will be, too.

Your mind recalls Beatrice's words about how a child's personality develops at conception, and you hope your child with Sully will be blessed with the same endurance and determination you both share at the moment.

Your thrusts become a little more rushed as you pass the point you can't hold back your orgasm.

You squeeze Sully's body tighter, pressing the muscle of her frame against yours.

You try to reach with your mouth to kiss her, but in the excitement, you can only dangle your tongue around her cheeks.

Until she gets the idea and opens her mouth.

She offers her own tongue, meeting together with yours as you come.

Your loins tightening furiously as your sow your seed in Sully's fertile depths.

Your cock pulsates wildly as her own walls grip you.

You watch her clench her eyes shut as the tense contractions wrack through her.

Her walls milking your cock and pulling your seed deeper inside her.


Finally, it's over. For both of you.

You blink, trying to will yourself back to the present as the last traces of pleasure flow through you and out of you.

Until both you and Sully are panting, spent from your session of procreating.

Hah… haaah…


Your eyes meet, and you kiss again.

A bit better aimed, this time.

You stroke your arm under the curve of Sully's back, as if trying to cast your own magic to help your seed find its way to take root in her womb.


You separate, and Sully laughs a tomboyish chuckle and gives you a wink.

"That… felt real good, King."


Likewise, you say.

Well, there it was.

For better or worse, you knocked up Sully.

You hope the desperate session of lovemaking on both of your part helps calm her lust and gives her a baby.

You won't mind seeing her belly swell as she gets ready to be a mother for your children.

fafde No.24539

You finally separate, rolling to the side of the bed with her.

Sully's hand goes to her opening, her fingers playing with the seed you put inside her.

She holds it up to her face, admiring it with little oohs and aahs.

You manage to gather up the wits to ask.

What had made her so… eager, you ask?

She blinks, turning her head.

"You don't know…? What you did for us yesterday, King."


That's as articulate as you can manage a reply with your confusion.

She lets out a little huff of air, smirking.

"You don't know how much it meant to us, King…"

She goes on speaking, reminding you.

She's talking about how you humiliated the older guard yesterday.

"That guy's an asshole. Always has been. We never thought he'd get taken down a peg… you know? And when he's an asshole, the other guards higher feel they have the right to give us just as bad."


It sounds like the situation in the barracks with the older guards intimidating the younger ones was worse than you thought.

You felt guilty about humiliating a man older than you with such obvious bullying, but…

It sounds like what you went through with doing was the best thing you could've done, after all. It definitely brought immediate results.

…A good thing from the point of view of the young soldiers, at least.

It definitely got you Sully's admiration.

She rolls closer and presses another kiss, this time to your cheek.

"That's why I really can't wait to have your babies, King. For once… I'm really glad I've got a womb instead of a meat-tube down there."

She gives you a playful little grin.


You laugh together on the bed at her crude language.

Despite your initial concerns, it doesn't sound like Sully was influenced by anything magical.

Maybe you should just think of your relationship with Sully as a sign of the strength of your relationship with all the guards.

That is, really good.

It's amusing to think if only the 'Ruhemanian tradition' of women becoming soldiers was a little more common, you could have a veritable harem of soldiers eager for your seed now.

Maybe in the future…


Even if Sully's eagerness wasn't magic inspired, you're wondering if it ever could be.

You really should satisfy your concerns there.

You trace your fingers on Sully's flat body as you ponder what to say.

Was it better to ask Sully about her interaction with Tharja?

Maybe you should ask Tharja herself.

Or… perhaps Beatrice.

Choice time:
>Ask Sully about her time spent guarding Tharja's wing and, discreetly, if she had any interaction with Tharja.
>Ask Tharja directly about her influence on Sully and if she's using magic on her.
>You should see if such a thing is even possible with magic. Ask for an audience with Beatrice.

57e17 No.24541

That's hinoka no?

9a6b1 No.24542


Option 1.

642c7 No.24544

Option 1. The other options can be follow up if necessary.

8dff2 No.24545

Option 1

5a9b1 No.24546

Option one.

I'm still skeptical that there is anything to find here, but on the other hand I've also missed the big intrigue in the first part of the story.

fafde No.24550

I've already run out of sex pictures of Sully that could possibly fit the situation. Hinoka is close enough for these purposes.

The vote is still up. Please continue to vote.

a62f5 No.24566

Option 1

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