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It seems the first thread has hit the post limit right as I hit the December of Doom (or the usual December shitstorm). Let's start the new year off on the right foot, not wait until March to move the story forward like last year.

Here's the old thread >>11128
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

I will update the pastebin in the future to fix some errors that I noticed in my posts (usually right after posting them). I'll also archive the old thread and add a link to the pastebin.

We are just wrapping up the third and final scene of the second episode. I've promised a full stat-sheet once we finish episode 2.


You are Chiba Mamoru, seventeen years old, first year university student. Orphaned at a young age, you are plagued with strange dreams and visions, always centered about a beautiful woman trying to tell you something. They are usually accompanied by the absolute worst headache. You also have a bad habit of waking up at odd times, in a public place, dressed in a tuxedo. You must have some sort of amazing social life getting invited to the kind of parties that you wear a tux to, but you have absolutely no recollection of going to, or even being invited to a party.

You are also Tuxedo Kamen, infamous jewel thief and ally of magical girls. Potentially. The girl in white told you to recover the Silver Crystal, as it is the key to restoring you sealed memories. The lovely blonde girl, Sailor Moon, seems to also be after the Crystal. This competing interest may be the undoing of any potential alliance between the two of you.

However, neither personality is currently aware of the other. An annoying gap in the memories of the two personas inside your body.


Rules are the same as always. Vote for your preferred option. Write-ins are always welcome, but may not always be used if they don't work. Write-ins that don't win, but had some popularity before the end of voting will affect the final result if I can make it work. External knowledge will be allowed unless it becomes a problem.


Last we'd left off: You were Tuxedo Kamen. Sakura sealed the illusion card, ending that incredibly annoying headache, but passed out in the process. The PreCure girls recovered Mepple, who, being voiced by Tomokazu Seki, knows how to perform the Shining Finger. In the confusion, Poisony escaped, and the PreCures cured the brainwashed townsfolk. You have Sakura in your arms, and Kero is floating near you.

The current winning action is to take Sakura somewhere secluded, but since you're not confident of outrunning Kero, you want him to follow you.

If you have not voted yet, please vote.

e4401 No.24452

It lives once more! Since I already voted I'll just wait for the update.

89302 No.24465

Glad to see you back sir!

782b6 No.24466

Thanks, glad to be back. I've successfully archived the old thread (including images and webms, but not youtube links because that's a little too excessive). I'll add a download link to the pastebin once I go through and fix all the typos that I've made.

5eb36 No.24479

Happy to see this back. I was starting to worry that 2016 had secretly claimed one more victim on the way out.

a1e39 No.24498

Maybe it will be a good new year :)

782b6 No.24645

File: 1484807634540.jpg (76.73 KB, 712x480, Buildings.jpg)

>Tell Kero that we're taking Sakura to a safer location since the red head slipped away and ask him if he can keep up with us or wants to catch a lift. If he goes with either of those two options then we'll have him take us to Sakura's house. Once there, we give him the tape from the camcorder and apologize that in the confusion of the fight, we lost the camcorder itself.

You pick up Sakura, the healed girl light in your arms. Turning to the flying teddy bear, you say, "I'm taking Sakura somewhere safe in case the redhead comes back. Can you keep up, or do you need a lift? Actually, with the people outside, it might be better if you pretended to be a stuffed animal and didn't fly around."

"We were s'posed ta meet back at Tomoyo's van." Cerberus retorts.

"And how are you going to explain Sakura being unconscious?" You counter, noting that Tomoyo is nearby. "Her bodyguards are going to get upset at Tomoyo again. I don't think that head bodyguard will be too happy to let the two of them out of her sight after this."

Kero hovers side to side, his head lowered deeply reflecting on your argument.

"If you don't want to come along," you offer, shifting Sakura so you can hold her with one arm, "You can always give this to Tomoyo along with my apologies for last night." You open your tux and flash the DVC in your inside pocket to him. "But I'm sure you'd rather come along and keep an eye on Sakura."

After a moment, the flying teddy bear nods, and lands on Sakura's belly, and agrees, "OK."

You give a half-bow to the two Cures, "Until next time, ladies." You run off into the sunset with your two passengers. Leaving the park, you ask Kero, "Can you lead me to her house?"

You follow the stuffed animal's direction through the city. People are staring at you as you run impossibly fast, but fortunately no one tries to stop you.

"Wait, how did'ya know about the bodyguards?" Kero asks.

"I was keeping an eye on the three of you after I left." You reply casually. "Healing Sakura weakened me, but I wanted to make sure you all returned safely." While Cerberus returns to his thoughts at your reply, you wonder how it is that you're able to run so fast. You're able to sense that you're using magic, so you try tracing the flow of magic. You're still unable to sense your magical reserves, but you assume that you must have magical energy stored up as healing Sakura the night before seemingly drained them to dangerously low levels. Despite not being able to sense the source of your magical energy, you are able to sense the sink. Your magic is healing the muscles in your legs. Another piece of the puzzle snaps together. You're running at your peak sprint speed, but your healing magic is allowing you to maintain it indefinitely.

782b6 No.24646

File: 1484807661825.jpg (95.88 KB, 960x720, Tree to Sakura's room.jpg)

The stuffed animal rouses you from your thoughts, "Ah! We missed a turn!"

You backtrack and follow Kero's directions until you reach a yellow house. "Do you have a key?" You ask the winged teddy bear.

"Err. No. But Sakura's window should be unlocked!"

Cerberus departs from his resting spot and flies up to a window on the second story. With some effort, he's able to open the window.

With a running start, you jump into the tree by her window and walk out to one of the branches. It bends under the weight of two people, but holds. Trying to avoid hitting Sakura's head on the sliding window, you hit your own on the window frame, but you climb in successfully.

782b6 No.24647

File: 1484807702281.png (316.32 KB, 638x467, Sakura's bedroom.png)

Kero turns on the lights and you take a look around Sakura's room. You set her down on her bed and take her bunny ears off. You place them on her desk and pull her chair to her bedside. You break the silence by pulling out the DVC. Handing it to Kero, you say, "This belongs to Tomoyo. I'll apologize to her the next time I see her, but I don't like having my face recorded." You pull out Windy and Illusion, "And I believe these are Sakura's."

Kero grabs both the cards and the cassette from you right as Sakura stirs from her slumber.

"I'm glad you're awake." You say, startling Sakura. "Sorry for startling you."

"It's OK…" she mumbles in reply.

"You fought bravely today." You say, winking at her through the mask, eliciting a blush out of her.

What do you talk about now that you're almost alone with Sakura?
Freeform conversation time. Write down any topics you want to bring up. It can be an actual sentence to ask verbatim, or just the topic and I'll flesh out the details.

5eb36 No.24654

Opening up with a little freestyle, huh?

Let's see. After looking back over the Illusion debacle some more, the first thing I can think to ask would be how she's doing, but that's the obvious bit. Beyond that, I say we ask her about her powers and the Clow Cards in general. We didn't really get much information out of them last time since we were sort of asking them questions to distract them from our healing power and stealing the camera. I want to ask about Shiny Sakura while I'm at it, but I think we can probably agree that NO ONE is going to have any idea WTF was up with that at this point, so I'm writing that one off. And lastly, we already know the answer to this but Kamen doesn't, so we should at least ask if they've ever heard of the Silver Crystal.

782b6 No.24663

>Opening up with a little freestyle, huh?

Yeah. I could have given options, but they wouldn't have been mutually exclusive, so there wasn't much of a point. This way, everyone gets to ask what they want asked.

550fc No.24669

Midnight pretty much covered most of what I want to talk about, though I do want to praise her about her quick thinking of tapping into the pretty cure powers, and ask her what inspired her to try?

06b3f No.24683

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything different, except perhaps to add that we thought her outfit was very cute.

19291 No.24685

The umbrella outfit from last night (that you got a nice upskirt view), the bunny outfit that she's wearing now, or the Shiny Sakura outfit.

Or of course, all three.

5eb36 No.24686

All three, clearly. If there's one thing Tomoyo's good at, it's getting her to dress up in stuff that's kind of adorable.

782b6 No.24857

I guess that's about it. I should get the next post up this weekend.

782b6 No.24882

File: 1485676435591.jpg (1.71 MB, 1383x2800, Clow_Book.jpg)

You continue the conversation with a few questions. "You passed out while sealing Illusion. How are you feeling now?"

Sakura suppresses a yawn and replies, "Tired. I feel like I ran a marathon." She perks up and asks, "Did I lose it again?"

Before you can answer, Kero flies up, holding the card in his paws and replies, "Ah got it! Ah ain't losin' it again!"

"Speaking of Clow cards," You chime in, "What exactly are they?"

Cerberus replies, "They're a powerful kind of magic created by Clow Reed. He was the most powerful sorcerer of his time. Clow Reed was half-English and half-Chinese. He combined Eastern and Western magic to create these cards. After his death, he sealed them in the Clow book." The flying teddy bear glares at Sakura, "Until someone let them out."

"Hey!" Sakura complains. "You were sleeping on the job!"

You heard this argument in the forest the night before, and you try to avoid getting caught in again, so you try to deflect the topic of conversation. "Were those Clow cards as well that Honoka and Nagisa were using to transform?"

"Nuh-uh." Kero answers, "But the magic was similar enough that Sakura could use it."

"That was nice thinking though with using Nagisa's card. What made you think to use it?"

The young girl blushes under your praise, "I only had Windy and Fly, and Nagisa handed me her Queen card." She mumbles the rest, "And then I just tried using it, and transformed into…" Her voice trails off.

"I bet that was a surprise." You say, and Sakura nods in agreement. "But that just goes to show you that you have cute outfits whether or not you transform. The other magical girls I've met only have these cute outfits when they transform.

Sakura is still mumbling, and you have a hard time making out what she's saying. "Tomoyo made these outfits. She said that all magical girls wear outfits like this." She glances down at her bunny outfit.

You wonder if Sakura has ever heard of playboy bunnies, but she seems innocent enough to not have. You recall the fact that Tomoyo had a recording of Sakura changing clothes, that girl probably has a dirty enough mind to have heard of them. You realize, that's probably why she made this outfit. "She's right you know. The moment I saw the three of you in the clearing, I knew you were a magical girl." Continuing your inquisition, you move onto another topic. "In the clearing, I saw the Illusion card turn into the Silver Crystal, you aren't searching for it, right?"

Sakura shakes her head, "Mm-mm."

You let out of sigh of relief. "Good. It'd be a shame if we had conflicting goals."

Sakura puffs out her cheeks for a bit. It reminds you of what Sailor Moon did the night before. "Then why did you steal Tomoyo's camera, and what did you do with it?"

How do you respond?
Why did you steal it?
>I don't like being recorded.
>I didn't know if I could trust you.
>I'm a thief, it is in my nature.
>Write-in [what?]

What happened to it?
>It's safe for now.
>I don't know.
>I pawned it for cash.
>Write-in [what?]

595f2 No.24883

We could probably stand to be a little honest here. State that we're not a fan of being recorded and we've made it this far in life without having a decent image of ourselves anywhere. We'll leave out that we're a international thief though.

As for the camcorder, well, Tux probably has no idea where it got off to, but now's the time to offer up the edited recording we have.

5eb36 No.24890

Gonna agree with this, since it's pretty much exactly why we took it in the first place and lying about such isn't a good way to get the brownie points back.

Slight addendum for the camera, though. We can say we had it before the fight but it's disappeared since, so if something happened to it, it would've been during that. There's no need to be honest about our blackout periods at this point.

7aaa4 No.24910

The consensus seems wise so far. Voting for I don't like being recorded, and I don't know for what happened to the camera.

a1e39 No.24914

I'm also going with the consensus vote: "I don't like being recorded", and "I don't know", with the extra bit about where we last saw it.

4a3de No.24919

Rereading what we'very done so far made me realize that we've already given Kero the recording, so maybe just point it out?

5eb36 No.24922

Did we? If so, then yeah, go with that.

06b3f No.24923

Seeing all these honest answers restores some of my faith in humanity. Thanks guys.

I also put my votes in for telling her that we don't like being recorded and we don't know what happened to it.

782b6 No.24939

File: 1485924241554.jpg (86.77 KB, 960x720, What did you call me you p….jpg)

The four horsemen of this thread have voted, and we got an ovenonymous as well.
>Don't like being recorded. Last had the camera before the fight, then lost track of it. Point out we already returned the cassette.

You smile weakly. That certainly wasn't the best way to get in the girls' good graces. "I'm sorry, but like I said yesterday, I don't like being recorded. I've gone this long without a good recording of me, and I figure there's no need to have that end. I was planning on returning it, unfortunately, I seem to have lost track of it at some point before the fight. I gave the cassette to the flying fuzzball, though." You point to Kero, and then to the DVC that he left on Sakura's desk.

"Hey!" Cerberus complains, irritated at being called a fuzzball.

A smile breaks through Sakura's upset expression at your comment.

"As I told the mighty beast of the seal earlier, I'd appreciate it if you could return that to Tomoyo the next time you see her.

The winged teddy bear seems placated by your tongue-in-cheek praise of him. He seems oblivious to the joking nature of your comment, but Sakura picked up on it and is giggling.

You may not have started off on the best foot with this trio, but at least you seem to have salvaged the situation as best you could.

What do you do from here?
>Keep talking. [What topic?]
>Flirt with the pretty girl. [Keep it innocent? Be brazen? Any specific lines.
>Force yourself on her.
>Take your leave. [Any mysterious parting words?]
>Writein [What?]

595f2 No.24943

I say we do some light flirting as we head out. (I'll need some help on this part. Maybe something like "One as beautiful as her needs to rest to recover her strength"? Bah, super cheesy.)

Then make our way to the window, making sure not to hit our head on it this time. Before we leave, Tell her to stay safe, you doubt card thief will take her interference lightly. Also that we'll keep an eye out for any more cards for her. Then wish her a peaceful rest as we vanish out the window.

06b3f No.24954

Four horsemen? I'm flattered, but that also makes me curious who is which horseman.

A gentleman after my own heart. As for light flirting, maybe something along the lines of "You're as strong as you are beautiful"? Meh, yours was better.

5eb36 No.24958

Obviously, the four horsemen are Transformation Scenes, Mini-skirts, Mascots, and Tuxedo Kamen. We can fight over who's what later.

I think I'm okay with this option. As for flirting, lemme think of something… Right before we're about to actually leave, walk over and kiss her hand. "For now, I must go. You should rest. A beautiful lady such as yourself should not have to suffer fatigue on my account."

From there, we head for the window and say something like… "May the grace of the Earth see you safe until we meet again, Sakura." and bail. A bit over the top, but we're goddamn Tuxedo Kamen and it's high time this girl learned that.

Also, I may start pulling for that kind of line as our outro from here on. Just to sort of quietly connect to the Endymion persona, even if he isn't aware of why he's doing it.

Minor sidenote, I was browsing cheesy pickup lines while trying to think of something, and found this.


"Are you an orphanage? Cause I wanna give you kids." caught my attention for the obvious reasons. I admit I thought about it. XD

595f2 No.24959

I choose the Horseman of Mini-skirts, if only so I can be Roy Mustang.

Anyways, I support that exit quip, that does sound like something Tuxedo would say. The flirting sounds good as well.

06b3f No.24962

I'm not cool enough for Tuxedo Kamen, and Transformation Scenes just take too long, so I guess that leaves me with Mascots.

5eb36 No.24963

Alright, I guess that settles it. Limits, you're Transformation Scenes. It looks like it's up to me to step up and be Tuxedo Kamen proper.

I'll leave it to Colonel Mustang to provide the mini-skirts we so desperately need in these trying times.

a1e39 No.24965

You know, I'm actually OK with this. Transformation sequences are often gorgeously rendered and they have uplifting music. Altogether, they really get me in the "it's time to flatten some evil bastards" mood. I nearly grin uncontrollably/maniacally every time I see a well-timed transformation sequences.

My possible psychological issues aside, I don't know what else there is to just *talk* about. So yeah, short flirt, over-the-top goodbye, that all sounds like stuff I'd vote for.

67b25 No.24971

And you shall have ALL the miniskirts in these trying times my friend.

Doesn't hurt that the first image I have for the representative of the Horseman of Transformation Sequences is Ayumu Aikawa.

7aaa4 No.24983

Leaving sounds smart if we want to maintain our sauve, mysterious demeanor. The longer we stay, the bigger the risk of making a mistake. However, we simply must flirt on our way out. We would not be tuxedo kamen if we didn't.
Tl;dr, a vote for midnight blues scenario.

782b6 No.24988

File: 1486107901346.jpg (75.25 KB, 1280x720, Hand Kiss.jpg)

I was looking for some pictures for my next post. To the best of my knowledge, there exists only one image of Sakura having her hand kissed, and because of the way everyone is positioned, I can't do a little image manipulation to fit my purposes. Also, the only crossover images between Tuxedo Kamen and anyone from the CCS universe is Tuxedo Kamen and Syaoran as "Magical Boys" and Syaoran dressed as Tuxedo Kamen.

Oh well.

Flirt, hand kiss, part ways, and don't hit head on the way out.

You figure it's time to wrap this conversation up. Of course, what good would it do to leave without flirting with the pretty girl? You put Sakura's desk chair back in its place and get down on one knee at her bedside. Taking her right hand in your, you bring it up to your lips and give her a gentle kiss. "For now, I must go." You tell her, "You should rest. A beautiful lady such as yourself should not have to suffer fatigue on my account." Sakura blushes at the romantic gesture.

782b6 No.24989

File: 1486107967498.jpg (98.29 KB, 1280x720, Running Home.jpg)

You release her hand and walk over to her dresser. You swiftly climb through it. Crouching on the window sill, and holding yourself steady with one hand still inside, you look at the young girl over your left shoulder, "May the grace of the Earth see you safe until we meet again, Sakura." Then, you leap from her window to the ground below, and run off into the night. Some unknown sense guides you "home." For a moment, you try to identify what home is, but your senses slowly fail you, and your vision fades into darkness.

End of episode 2:
I'll start working on that stat sheet that I promised everyone (I was hoping to have it done by now, but that didn't happen). In the meantime, vote on an omake, one from each category:

Episode 1:
The Wind verses the Wings
Onegai [locked]
Meteor Shower

Episode 2:
Fightin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
A Grandmother's Youth
Panty Flash!
A Mother's Love

67b25 No.24990

I vote Meteor Shower and mother's love.

1e687 No.24999

Same. Will we get the others at some point just for fun or is this it?

06b3f No.25002

I'm going for 'The Wind versus the Wings' and 'Panty Flash'

c37ab No.25008

That's a good question. For now, I think I'll let you vote for another set of omakes at the end of episode 3, or if for some reason I'm unable to post an update, but can post an omake.

c37ab No.25009

Here's the stat sheet that I promised. Let me know if there's more info that you want me to add.


595f2 No.25010

Cool. Looks like we've got a ways to go on filling it out.

5eb36 No.25013

Interesting. I think I was assuming that Kamen doesn't register that Mamoru knows Honoka at least by loose association, but knowing it for certain is a nice touch.

I'm gonna go with Meteor Shower and A Mother's Love, myself. Wind vs Wings is probably Sakura's first night out, if I had to take a guess.

a1e39 No.25042

Hmm…I vote for Meteor Shower and…

Eh, heck with it. I'll go with Panty Flash.

782b6 No.25046

File: 1486261047313.jpg (93.36 KB, 712x480, Learn you some knowledge.jpg)

Omake 1.3 Meteor Shower


"Good morning, Shiho."


"Nagisa, good morning."

"Morning, Rina."

"Hey, hey, hey! Did you see yesterday's shooting stars?"


"I did! Wasn't it great?"


"There have been a whole lot of them recently…"

"I did a ton of wishing!"

"Eh? I had no idea."

"But, they say shooting stars are bad omens."

"Oh, really?"

A new voice interrupts the trio, "That's not the case."


"Shooting stars are actually small meteors drifting in outer space that are attracted by the earth's gravity. At an altitude of about 100km, the friction with the atmosphere makes them glow, leaving trails of light in the sky. Past generations used to make wishes on these mysterious phenomena. Don't you think that's better than thinking of them as ill omens? Something good will surely happen instead."

The three lacrosse players gasp in unison.

"Well, see you later!" Honoka leaves the shoe lockers and heads into the school proper.

"Does she know… everything?"

"When you were a first you, you were in a different class, so you might not have hear, but Yukishiro was called the 'Queen of Knowledge'."

"'Queen of Knowledge'?"

"Besides, anyway, did you hear? It seems she was really popular with the boys, and I heard that Nakajima from the kendo club confessed to her!"

"Really? He was just my type too…"

"Wow, I wish I could tabulate her…"

Nagisa's two friends correct her, "Emulate!"

"Aha, emulate, yeah."

782b6 No.25047

File: 1486261108484.jpg (40.66 KB, 712x480, Shooting Stars.jpg)

Later that evening, in Nagisa's room.

"Ah, being popular with girls is meaningless… I sometimes wish boys would admire me instead."

Nagisa steps onto her balcony, thinking she saw something. A few moments later, countless shooting stars start to fall.

"Ah! I gotta wish for something too! Uh, I wish for a great boyfriend, and slim legs, and to be able to buy lots of fancy clothes, and eat tons of chocolate cake!"

Suddenly, a ball of light separates from the meteor shower, and flies straight into Nagisa's room. Nagisa screams in shock as the light bounces around her room, until it finally hits her in the head and knocks her down.

The shining ball comes to a halt and turns into a red-trimmed flipphone and a handful of cards. A cloud of steams comes out of the phone, "Eh. What's this?"

782b6 No.25048

And that's what the omakes will be like. Short little scenes to get some more story from other people's perspective.

By the way, these are the two meteor showers from the first two story posts last thread. Knowledge of magical girl trivia could have let you guess that PreCure was in from two story posts in.

I'll get the second omake out later today, or tomorrow, as well as decide on what episodes should be unlocked for next time.

5eb36 No.25054

Might as well toss this out here now since we're between "episodes" at the moment, but do you guys think we should try and focus on Sailor Moon/CCS/PreCure at this point or try and actively look for other magical girl activities going on? I sort of feel like we've established enough with these three that we could afford to spread it out a little, but harem protagonist powers don't care if we meet them now or later. I'm just a little worried that waiting until Episode 5 or 6 before we finally run across Nanoha or whoever else might be in this game will gimp us in the romance a bit, since part of Kamen's success tends to come from his showing up at an early enough time that the girls we've met so far don't totally know what they're doing yet.

782b6 No.25055

File: 1486272707796.jpg (122.71 KB, 960x720, Nadeshiko looking out over….jpg)

A Mother's love

Sakura runs trough her house. Touya comments, "What are you in a hurry for?"

"Cheerleading practice!" Sakura scarfs down a roll and some milk, "Thanks for the food."

As she's running out, she turns around and places a present near a picture of her late mother, "Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you." She looks at the picture for a while and finishes, "Well, I'm going now."

Touya looks at Sakura in surprise, standing over her is the ghost of Nadeshiko. Once Sakura leaves, the ghost looks at Touya and says, "I was just a little worried this time, so I came by. But it looks like she's alright now." She floats up and disappears, leaving her son alone in the room with a shocked expression.

782b6 No.25067

File: 1486276549940.jpg (51.95 KB, 1280x720, Wake up.jpg)

You are Chiba Mamoru. For once, you wake up without a headache and in your own bed. Hopefully, that means that this will be a good day. You get up and make yourself some breakfast.

You turn on the news and eat your meal. The food is invigorating, the news is uneventful. There's a brief mention of the attack on the Louvre, but mostly to say that the French government has refused to release any more information about the attack, claiming that it is a matter of national security.

You take a glance at your vase and see that there's only one more rose left. You remember planning on buying more roses, but that didn't happen. You could buy some locally, or you could take a trip to your favorite florist. She always has the nicest roses, but it will take up most of your day. If you buy them locally, you'll have time to do something else today.

You remember that you had wanted to explore the haunted forest the other day, but you ended up not going because of the blackout. On the other hand, you remember hearing that a talent agency was making a big deal about the fact that they were going to be holding auditions in town, and that a local celebrity was supposed to be headlining it. It sounds like it will be incredibly mundane, but you assume all the pretty girls in town will be there for their chance at becoming a star.

What do you want to do today?
>Visit your favorite flower shop.
>Go back to the so-called haunted forest and see what's up there.
>Check out the talent auditions.

Is there anything else you want to do before starting your day?

782b6 No.25068

Take some time and speculate what could be behind the three possible options, and then decide which option you wish to take.

I'm going to take a break from the rapid-fire updates and give you guys enough time to speculate.

a1e39 No.25069

Talent auditions is Sailor Moon. I am 99% sure of it. Except I thought that was a bit later in the season.
I got nothing for the other two, so I'm thinking maybe we get the roses locally. Disregard ladies now, acquire ladies when our swag meter is maxed out.

5eb36 No.25071

Yeah, the talent thing doesn't happen for awhile. And I definitely agree we need to stock up on ammo, but I have no idea off the top of my head what the favorite florist is a trigger for… so fuck it, let's go.

595f2 No.25084

Agreeing with everyone else. Florist time.

75daf No.25086

Just to clarify, "getting roses locally" is a plot device to refill your ammo.

Going across town to stock up (and dealing with the encounters there) is one possible encounter.

If you choose either of the other two encounters, the restock will happen automatically, using the aforementioned plot device.

7aaa4 No.25088

Favorite florist it is. More encounters can only be a good thing.

a4234 No.25095

Favorite florist. Maybe we should think about doing a low ammo run at some point for the challenge?

06b3f No.25097

In line with this thinking, I say get the flowers locally and then head for the haunted woods.

782b6 No.25102

Limits: >>25069
Not sure what this is a vote for

Flower Shop:
Blue >>25071
Neal >>25084
Ovenonymous x2 >>25088 >>25095

Revisit the forest:
Shadow >>25097

Seems like the votes are overwhelmingly for the flower shop. Despite saying I was going to slow down, I may as well start posting. I guess my hints were a little too cryptic (Although Limits is currently winning the guessing game with three correct guesses). I've still got to fit all the pieces together, but I have the rough outline for the episode. Fingers crossed for the next post tomorrow.

782b6 No.25114

File: 1486530533994.jpg (138.44 KB, 646x720, Pink Skirtsuit.jpg)

You turn off the TV and take a quick glance at the time. You do a doubletake as you realize that it's already early afternoon. No wonder you feel so well rested. Heading out, you take the bus to a transit center near a shopping center. It's going to be half an hour before the bus that you want arrives, so you decide to wander around the shops and see if there's anything worth checking out, or any girls worth checking out for that matter.

You pass by the Juban subway station. It would be much faster to take the subway than the bus, but unfortunately the flower shop isn't along the subway route.

At the corner by the station, a woman in a pink skirtsuit hands you a flier. "This is our new product. You should give it a try. With this you'll be certain to pass the university entrance exams."

782b6 No.25115

File: 1486530577386.jpg (167.73 KB, 879x720, Flier.jpg)

You look down at the flier. It's advertising a Crystal Disk, and there's a picture of a girl with short blue hair. Her name is Mizuno Ami, and apparently she's some sort of a genius that's been winning all sorts of national competitions. You sigh and fold up the card. While the seminar may have crammed more knowledge into her brain, she certainly didn't become a genius thanks to cram school; that was genetics. "Thank you, but I've already passed the entrance exams. I'm actually in my second semester at University."

She suddenly smiles broadly, and you realize you gave her too much information. "That means you have an even greater need…"

You cut her off by raising your hand between the two of you and walking away, the very thing you should have done from the start. Still, you find it odd why she would try to push cram school on you. You try to put that thought away, but it nags at you as you continue wandering.

782b6 No.25116

File: 1486530610239.jpg (106.4 KB, 960x720, Twin Bells.jpg)

For a weekend, the area seems unusually empty. While that would have been convenient for you had you actually been shopping, it's less than helpful towards your goal of going girl-watching. You spot a new store across the street, Twin Bells. The sign says that it's open, but there are boxes all over the place and a woman and a few girls seem to be setting up shop. One of the girls with short brown hair seems oddly familiar, but you can't place her. For some reason you think you remember seeing her at school, but that can't be right. She's an elementary school girl, and if there was a prodigy like that attending school with you, you're sure you would have heard about it.

782b6 No.25117

File: 1486530644953.png (1.06 MB, 571x924, Petshop Perfume.png)

Rounding the corner, you see why the crowds are so thin. Everyone is packed in front of another new shop, PetShop Perfume. The storefront consists of the name of the shop in bright and gaudy letters on top of what might be a starfield. Or maybe they're trying the imitate the glittering appearance of perfume mist in the air.

You still have some time before your bus arrives. How do you want to spend your time?
>Head back to Twinbells.
>Step into Petshop Perfume and see what animals they're selling.
>Go to the Crystal Seminar and see if you can't figure out why that place doesn't sit right with you.
>Head back to the bus stop and wait.

a1e39 No.25119

That's what I get for checking this late at night, I suppose. Though I'm glad that my memory appears to be holding up.

Moe, you're a wild man! These scenarios are jumping all over the place! They aren't staying in episode order!
Or they might be, but they might also be skipping a few here and there. Also, I will not explicitly state the result of the Twinbells option because I Googled the important keywords, but I will say that Moe's hint there isn't a trick hint. If you think about the description in the paragraph about Twinbells, you will realize which anime it's from.
I want to try to stay in-character for this vote, but it's actually somewhat difficult because I'm not sure what Mamoru's primary motivation/first instinct would be.
Does he want to creep on a grade-schooler while her mother is most likely *right there*?
Does he want to sit around and wait when Moe mentioned that he's partly here for girl-watching before the bus comes?
Honestly, if he just takes a short peek around, I think he would most likely do that in the pet shop. Easiest way to get in and out. So I vote Petshop Perfume.

595f2 No.25123

Petshop sounds good to me as well.

5eb36 No.25132

Welp, there's the setup for one of my priority targets right there.

Yeah, I'm gonna go with the petshop as well. Mamoru might want to do some girl-watching, but he's just as likely to check out a crowd as anyone else, methinks.

595f2 No.25134

Ami's always a worthy endeavor.

782b6 No.25135

>I want to try to stay in-character for this vote, but it's actually somewhat difficult because I'm not sure what Mamoru's primary motivation/first instinct would be.
Remember, you guys are Mamoru. Whatever you vote for is his motivation.

Funny thing about bluenettes, they have a tendency of being the best girls in anime, and the absolute worst girls in real life.

06b3f No.25136

I shall shake things up and say go to Twin Bells.

5eb36 No.25137

Yeah, Mamoru's kind of a blanker slate than Kamen is. Kamen's got some real motivation even if it's just for the sake of getting us into a situation, but Mamoru is even more of a setup guy than that at this point. Hell, I don't think he's actually been conscious for most of the last week with what we've been putting him through.

As for the bluenettes thing… I won't argue the first point, though I'd like to note for the record that I like Ami for the simple fact that she's the smart one, though that kinda isn't saying much in terms of Sailor Moon. Usagi and Minako can make anyone else look like an honors student in comparison. As for bluenettes in real life… man, I'm sorry, but you just aren't meeting the right ones.

a1e39 No.25145

Ugh, I know. If I was going purely on what I wanted, I'd make an immediate beeline for Ami. But as it is, we're likely to get embroiled in something that we aren't prepared for if we try to look through that cram school.

How many bluenettes have you known?

Ami is the smart one, and so much more in the episodes where she's written well. She smashes a youma's illusion-casting helmet with the Mercury Computer before her untimely demise! She opens her mouth extra-wide to eat sometimes! She's generally the first of the girls to pick up on lewd subtext in situations! She even, very rarely, gets to be the deadpan snarker who taunts her enemies!

She's pretty great, imo.

782b6 No.25150

>How many bluenettes have you known?
Personally, only one. And even then, she was changing hair colors every other month, so she wasn't blue for long. She was an odd duck. I was more referring to the tendency of tumblrinas to have blue hair.

Three votes for petshop, one for Twinbells. I've started writing, but voting's still open if anyone else wants to get their say in.

5eb36 No.25154

I reiterate, you just aren't meeting the right ones.

a1e39 No.25179


Tumblr is why we can't have nice things, with a few exceptions.

11eeb No.25235

Post has been written since Friday. Haven't had time to get screenshots. Hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow.

5a72f No.25237

No worries.

782b6 No.25245

File: 1487031482528.jpg (76.57 KB, 640x480, Petshop Perfume.jpg)

Since you're already here, you may as well step into the pet shop. Interestingly, most of the crowd outside isn't pushing to get in. Instead, they're entranced by the animals in the display case. They look like strange long-haired rabbits. What really bugs you though, is that they're not moving. They're just sitting in place, looking cute, and everyone seems enamored by them.

You make your way through the crowd and the sliding door automatically opens for you. Stepping inside, you take in a delightful scent. No wonder this place is called Petshop Perfume, it smells like perfume in here, not the usual animal scent that you normally associate with a pet store. The place is packed, large groups of people are crowding around the glass display cages, just like they were outside. From over their heads, you can see that there's only one kind of animal being sold here, that same kind of long-furred rabbit that was on display at the front.

782b6 No.25246

File: 1487031585125.jpg (64.59 KB, 640x480, Kids on a date.jpg)

You overhear a conversation nearby. A boy and a girl, both elementary school aged, are talking about the animals. "Doesn't it smell good?" The redheaded girl asks.

The brunet answers, "Yeah, it smells like perfume!"

"I think it's coming from those pets over there." The girl replies.

"What?" The boy asks in shock.

782b6 No.25247

File: 1487031634265.jpg (68.32 KB, 640x480, Saleswoman.jpg)

You can't make out any more of their conversation as they move further away and their voice is drowned out in the din of all the other shoppers. Looking around some more, you see a woman with red hair in a turquoise dress standing near a girl with short ginger hair in a pink jacket over a white shirt and rust-colored miniskirt. The woman looks like she works here and is trying to make a sale.

782b6 No.25248

File: 1487031650683.jpg (61.13 KB, 712x480, Gingeritis.jpg)

You step closer to the duo, thinking the girl looks familiar. You quickly realize that she's the girl you saw by the fountain. You saw her there with Honoka. There was some commotion happening. You wanted to find out what was happening. Trying to recall that, you think back and remember that there were two Honokas. However, your memory of the rest of that event is hazy, and trying to remember any more is just giving you a headache. You listen in on the conversation.

"It's no surprise a pretty customer like you would pick out the cutest chanela in the store." The woman says. You're immediately revolted by the blatant salesmanship of the woman. You figure she's probably paid on a commission and needs the largest amount of sales.

"I really should have waited for Rina and Shiho." The ginger-haired girl replies. "I don't have enough money for it. I've already used up my allowance." You see her mumbling something more, but can't make it out.

Rather than cutting her losses, or trying to convince the girl to get her parents to buy the strange pet, the woman smiles and says, "That's alright. You can pay me whatever you like."

You can't figure out what her possible motive could be. It might make sense if she was planning on making some money of off pet food and other supplies, but you don't see any of those things in the store. "Really! That's great!" The girl cheers. She turns back to the glass cage and looks at the strange rabbit.

What do you do?
>Take a look at one of the rabbits and see what all the fuss is about.
>Head over to the woman and girl and ask the woman how she's making any money when she's giving the animals away for free.
>Head over to the woman and girl and hit on the ginger-haired girl.
>Keep wandering the shop.
>Writein. [What?]

5eb36 No.25251

On the one hand, I'm annoyed that we keep walking right into the bloody Sailor Moon and Precure plots. On the other hand, I find it interesting to note that Jadeite seems to be running multiple plans at once.

Hmm. I don't really have a good idea for this one besides approaching them without actually saying anything just yet. Snarking about the shop or openly flirting with a grade school girl in public both seem like… bad ideas right now.

782b6 No.25252

>or openly flirting with a grade school girl in public

To be fair, grade school is used to mean elementary school. Nagisa is 14 and safely in middle school. Still a little awkward of an age gap, but not unreasonably so.

As for Jadeite's multiple plots, I can't wait to spill the beans on what Zoicite's been doing (Whenever that'll be).

5eb36 No.25253

Still, noticeable age difference in public.

Also, I propose we have a shotgun handy for whenever we run into Zoicite. If there's anyone we'll run into that needs to die screaming, it's him.

5eb36 No.25257

Also, this is bothering me enough to actually say something. Feel free to blow me off, I'm not really expecting everyone to agree with me on this.

So real talk for a second, Moe, but would it be too much to ask for bigger hints on occasion if there are choices present that would lead us towards a series we haven't interacted with yet/in awhile? I know you've got a scenario flowchart that looks like something a crazed conspiracy theorist posts up on a wall somewhere for everything, but as I said before, we keep leaning into the same three series without even trying at this point, and as I said the other day, that's more likely to hurt us in the long run. Plus, if I have to be fully honest, not only am I legitimately curious what other magical girl shows you've got hidden away in this crossover wonderland, but goddammit seriously I want to get into the Nanoha stuff.

782b6 No.25262

I'll definitely try dropping bigger hints. I'm trying to keep them from being too obvious, but I realize that I've been much too vague.

I understand the desire to break out of the SM/PC/CCS trifecta that we've been in. Rest assured, there are several other series in this episode.

Without spoiling too much, this episode has three series aside from the three that we've already dealt with showing up.

One of them's a cameo from "game 3" (No chance of us ever reaching it unfortunately).
One of them's an early cameo of a new series that hasn't been guessed yet, but has already had an obscure hint for it dropped in the last thread (and referenced in this one). However, that series's debut was on one of the other episode choices.
And the last one is a proper debut of a new series that's been correctly guessed.

5a72f No.25276

I think I'll go with wandering the shop more.

5eb36 No.25280

I think I'll agree with this, but a minor caveat to keep an eye on where the ginger is in case we want to chat with her in a more quiet setting.

Yeah, I apologize if I come across as bitching about it. I know we're not even doing it on purpose with how we keep walking straight into these scenarios, but at the same time, I really don't want to miss anything major.

06b3f No.25286

I tried to steer us to the woods, but no one wanted to go that way. Just so you know, I do try to explore more options.

Anyway, right now, let's wander the shop. Something is definitely wrong here. But yes, keep an eye on the cute ginger girl.

06b3f No.25287

Forgot to put my screen name on that post. XP

97802 No.25289

Hate to break it to you, Shadow, but Twin Bells is a store in Cardcaptor Sakura. That's what I was hinting at earlier. So we wouldn't have seen a new series unless we got the cameo.
As for my vote…Option 1 is another "you dun goofed" option. Not that I think Mamoru would have much interest in those things anyway.
Option 2 is one that I *really* want to do. That high-tier snark is something I really appreciate.
Option 3 is a solid option, but I like the snark better.
Option 4, however, is mystery box. It is very rare for a quest/CYOA to give me a mystery box option that I regret taking. From an in-character perspective, I think Mamoru would go with option 3, since he's actually seen Nagisa before.

My final decision? The option 3/4 hybrid that Blue suggested.

782b6 No.25315

File: 1487209670385.jpg (73.23 KB, 640x480, Pet the wabbits!.jpg)

Keep exploring, keep an eye on the tomboy.
Hope everyone had a good Valentine's day.

The girl may be cute, in a sporty/tomboyish kind of way, and the woman may be a scummy saleswoman, but you decide against interfering. Caveat Emptor is the word of the day, and a "free" lesson on the fact that nothing is free might end up helping the ginger-haired girl. Likewise, hitting on her in public may not be the best of ideas. She appears to only be a few years younger than you, but you're at the age that those 3-4 years will seem huge to far too many people.

You figure you'll keep an eye on her, and maybe catch her on the way out. Meanwhile, you head deeper into the store, thinking you may find something, or someone interesting. As you go to the back of the store, the people seem to be more and more enamored with the furry bunnies. Another glance at the strange furry creatures still doesn't tell you why everyone's so enamored by these Chanela. You spot the boy and girl from earlier to your left. They're each holding a pink furry bunny, and are telling each other how cute the Chanela are in a rather monotonous voice. And if that wasn't strange enough, their eyes are both half-glazed over.

782b6 No.25316

File: 1487209713770.jpg (19.17 KB, 252x230, Nagisa.jpg)

A shiver makes its way up your back from the base of your spine to your head. It's like the customers here are in a trance. At the thought of a trance, another memory starts to work its way up to your conscious thought, but something stops it. The more you try to bring that memory into focus, the more your head starts to hurt, not letting you recall what it is that seemed so important. You sigh, look to the right, and your belly flips from a strange case of deja vu.

In the back corner of the store, you spot the same ginger-haired tomboy looking at one of the Chanela. You glance behind you, not believing that the girl could have made it there that quickly, at least not without you noticing someone running in the store. The back of the display cases is frosted, so you can't see clealy, but there are two shapes, one taller and one shorter, where you left the girl and the saleswoman. This store keeps getting stranger and stranger. A quick glance at the time lets you know that you still have some time before you need to get back to the transit center.

What do you do?
>This place is too creepy, leave.
>Backtrack and make sure that Ginger and Slimy Saleswoman are still where you left them.
>Head over to the girl, the saleswoman isn't here, and everyone's focused on the Chanela. [Just conversation (if so, what topic?), or talk and flirt (topic and gist of the flirt)].
>Take a look at those wonderfully smelling Chanela and find out what's so enchanting about them.
>Writein [what?]

5a72f No.25321

Too many warning bells about the little beasts are going off to want to look at these damn things. Let's tap the girl on the shoulder and ask "Hey, weren't you talking to the clerk a little while ago?"

5eb36 No.25322

Gonna go with this, but we should be ready for it in case we need to make a quick exit. I absolutely do not want to fall into a Kamen scenario while we still only have one rose on us.

06b3f No.25332

I put in a third vote for talking to the ginger girl.

620f9 No.25344


I think Neal has the right idea here. Let's do just enough to keep Nagisa out of trouble, without falling down the chanela hole ourselves.

782b6 No.25358

File: 1487361954199.png (370.38 KB, 580x480, 5000 hours in MS paint.png)

Talk to her.

Curiosity wins out in the end. You head over to the girl, tap her on the left shoulder, and as she's turning around, you ask, "Hey, weren't you talking to the clerk a little while ago?"

She looks at you with half-glazed over eyes, rests her head on the chanela, and replies, "No…?" managing to uptalk the single syllable response. "My chanela is the cutest, and it really smells good? And this chanela doesn't eat anything? Oh, I want to look at my chanela!?" The girl says, getting agitated. She brings the strange animal back in front of her and gazes deeply into it, seemingly calming down. "What do you think of my chanela? Isn't it the best?"

You look at the long-furred rabbit-like creature from the back and you still don't understand what the big deal is. A regular rabbit looks much nicer with its sleek look. Even Moonbunny is cuter, you add, as your thoughts drift to that blonde girl that you've run into a few times.

The behavior of everyone in the shop is incredibly strange. Why is everyone staring at these weird animals with that dopey look on their face? It's like they're hypnotized, or high. You remember that there exist toads that produce a hallucinogenic toxin. Maybe the smell is a similar toxin. On the other hand, you recall the vacuum salesman from the other day. He looked out of it as well. Maybe there's some bug going around, or a serial hypnotist. Glancing behind you, the taller of the two shapes is moving away from the smaller one.

What do you do?
>Science demands it, take a look at one of the chanela and see if you get hypnotized/drugged.
>Toads and sleeping girls (well, you thought of the toads, and she's more dazed than sleeping?) If you've learned anything from fairytales, it time to kiss the girl [sha-la-la-la-la-la?]
>Slap some sense into her.
>Ask to see her chanela.
>Grab the chanela from her.
>Go back and see if that second shape behind the frosted glass is the same girl as this one.
>Leave and make it to the bus stop a little early.
>Write-in [what?]

5a72f No.25359

It's eyes are full of eeeeeeeevil.

I'll wait for some others to come up with any idea because I'm not exactly sure what the best path to take is. Maybe flick her ear and say she's getting way to focused on these little things.

5eb36 No.25361

I'm not sure either, to be honest. My first instinct is to grab her and run for it, but that might attract more attention than we can handle at this point. And if Nagisa's here, who's over there?

5eb36 No.25362

Oh, just had an idea. I need an inventory check Moe.

6cecc No.25363

>Pocket watch: A broken moon phase pocketwatch. No longer tells time, or the phase of the moon. Sometimes plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1aUoCX7C78 when opened.

5eb36 No.25364

Damn. I was hoping we had a pen or something. My plan was to have Mamoru stab himself with something sharp so as to be able to focus on the pain and hopefully be able to power through any creepy hypno-critter effects while we got Nagisa out of here.

We could probably still use the keys, but keys aren't sharp enough to do more than leave a small scratch, which won't help us through an extended period of time. If Kamen's regen is working even at a lower power setting, a scratch would stop hurting within a couple minutes and be gone within ten, and we might not get a chance to apply a second scratch.


Y'know what, fuck it. Let's do it. Okay, so this requires a little bit of precision for me to explain, so just bear with me. Take your hands and ball them into fists like you're holding something. You know how the side of your index finger is facing skywards when you hold your hands like that? Okay, now we take the keys out and slash the side of our left index finger just like that, just below where the knuckle is. This spot is important. And I do mean fucking rake it across the skin, it needs to feel like we just tried to take the finger off even if it's only really a small scratch. From now until we get out of here, unless shit hits the fan on us we need to ball our left hand up into a fist and press our thumb nail-first into that scratch. If at any point we start feeling like we're losing it a little, press down even harder. I'm not going to pretend this is a foolproof option, but Mamoru's already been hit with the hypnosis bullshit once so hopefully this is an acceptable step for us to build a tolerance to that nonsense.

Anyway, once we accomplish that, the keys go back in the pocket and then we need to walk up and just bonk Nagisa on the head. Slapping a girl is unnecessary, after all. If she starts to go WTF at us for it, and really why shouldn't she, give her a "Shhhh" and tell her she REALLY needs to get out of here before she becomes a zombie, and if she doesn't believe us, tell her to look around. If there's not an Oh Shit prompt from there, we can go ahead and book it ourselves.

ab662 No.25368

Blue, I need to semi-veto this. Kamen knows Nagisa, Mamoru doesn't. Also, something that you yourself said last thread:
>Rule 1: Never seek to harm the fairer sex without good reason. Like, someone is actively trying to kill us good reason.

I can accept this vote, but you'll need to give me a reason that it would be in character for Mamoru.

06b3f No.25372

You know what, kissing her is just crazy enough to work. Kiss her.

5eb36 No.25375

Well, I didn't mean hit her very hard, just enough to make her snap back to her senses. If we're able to tell she's got a dazed look on her face and outright slapping her is a listed option, it'd be reasonable to assume we could go for the middle ground and give her a light bop. Just enough sudden impact to hurt for a second but not enough to cause a comical swollen bump.

That said, breaking hypnosis IS what I consider a good reason for whacking a girl upside the head, or I wouldn't have suggested it in the first place. As for the fact it's Nagisa, I don't really have a good answer for that one aside from the fact we're sensing some bad juju in the air and she's the nearest warm body to us.

If that satisfies you, then let's go for it. Shadow's kiss option is the next best thing, but I don't expect Nagisa to take some stranger stealing what's probably her first kiss very well.

782b6 No.25376

That works for me.

a1e39 No.25377

My vote is for a modified version of "Ask to see the chanela". Lead her closer to the entrance, possibly even outside *if* we can manage it. She's in a suggestible state, that shouldn't be hard.
*THEN* we ask to see the chanela, and handle it with minimal skin and eye contact. Then we take off running for the bus stop, and throw that damn Furby-wannabe somewhere that no one can easily reach. If we can't outrun Nagisa, we're pretty hopeless, even though she is athletic and Mamoru is not necessarily quite so much.

782b6 No.25384

Neal: >>25359
Flick her ear and tell her not to focus on the little things.

Blue >>25364
Hurt self to avoid mind control. Bop her on the head and tell her to get out of here.

Shadow >>25372

Limits >>25377
Lead her to entrance, ask to see chanela and book it.

Gents, we stand at an impasse. Either someone needs to change their vote, or we need some fresh blood in here to shake things up.

4441f No.25395

Kiss her

89332 No.25399

I'll switch myself to Blue's idea.

5eb36 No.25401

Also, the thing about scratching our finger with the keys doesn't have to apply just to my idea alone, I suggested it as more of a universal "do this to try and resist being hypnotized" idea.

782b6 No.25425

File: 1487655675951.jpg (12.83 KB, 200x200, Heads.jpg)

Two votes for kiss, two votes for Blue's action.

Heads for kiss. Tails for Blue's choice.

782b6 No.25426

File: 1487655736266.png (485.15 KB, 640x398, Shock!.png)

For a while, you're unsure what to do. You thought of hypnotism, and now you can't get it out of your head that everyone here has been hypnotized. You could leave now, but you don't want to leave this girl behind. Thinking on how to avoid a similar fate, you pull out your keys, clench your left hand into a fist and rake your house key across your index finger as hard as you can. You make an ugly tear in your skin. It's not bleeding, but by the look of the disturbed skin, it will start seeping blood soon. The cut doesn't hurt that bad yet, but it stings and burns like no one's business. You press your thumbnail against the loose skin and agitate the flesh below.

Wincing in pain, you step up to the girl. This always worked in fairy tales, and you may as well try it now. You lift her chin and plant a kiss right on her startled lips. For a while she doesn't react, then you hear her drop the chanela.

The girl presses against your chest and pulls away from you, screaming, "Ahhhhh! W-w-what are you doing?!"

You bring your finger to your lips and shush her, "Everyone here is under some kind of trance. We need to get out of here."

She doesn't seem to trust you, but she looks around quickly and can't disagree with your assessment.

Taking a lack of response as a positive response, you say, "Let's go." You saw the outline of the saleswoman go to the left of the stack of cages, so you go to the right, hoping to avoid her. A quick glance back tells you that the now dehypnotized girl is walking close behind you, mouth agape as she looks at all the people in a trance. You figure that she's starting to trust you more and more, despite the fact that you stole a kiss from her.

782b6 No.25427

File: 1487655780046.png (116.11 KB, 209x334, Looking down.png)

As you pass the stack of glass cages, you look to the left to see who the shape of the girl was. You stop dead in your tracks while your stomach does so many flips it could join the national olympics team. Standing right where you left her earlier is the same ginger-haired girl from earlier. She's looking down at a chanela in her hands.

The second girl bumps into you, clearly having still been looking at all the other hypnotized shoppers and asks, "Why did you stop." She looks in the direction that you're looking and gasps.

What do you do?
>You've saved one girl, that's good for now. Leave the store.
>Look closely at the two and see if you can't spot a difference.
>Ask the girl beside you if she has a twin sister.
>Try to rescue this girl as well. [how? kiss, knock her on the head, knock the chanela out of her hands, other?]
>Writein [what?]

89332 No.25429

Definitely should make a remark about how similar the two of them are as we try to rescue the and if the kiss worked the first time, we should see if it works again… after asking our compatriot if she knows her and if we'd get socked in the jaw for our efforts.

5eb36 No.25438

Uhh… Okay, you got me on this one, Moe. Good show.

So, anyone have any thoughts on this besides Neal's idea? Which I'm halfway inclined to go for, except I have a sneaking suspicion that we can get Ginger #1 out but trying to get Ginger #2 as well will catch the Youma's attention.

06b3f No.25439

Option 3 and 4 (if that's okay). ID the gingers, then kiss the other one that's hypnotized. The girls are going to figure out we're playing around sooner or later.

82bf3 No.25444

What >>25429 said

782b6 No.25453

File: 1487805103623.png (386.48 KB, 680x502, mamoru kiss.png)

3 (and a half) votes for commenting on their similarity, and try to kiss her out of the stupor.

You suspect the saleswoman will be back soon, but still, you need to know why there are two copies of this girl here. You point back and forth between your companion and the other ginger, "Is she- Do you know her? Twin sister?"

She shakes her head, her words seem to take forever to vocalize, "No. I've never seen her before."

You can't shake the feeling that you saw two copies of your childhood friend, Honoka, the other day by the fountain. Now there're two of these sporty girls in the same pet shop, where everyone is in a trance. This seems less like a fairy tale and more like a scene out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The door, and safety, is so close, but curiosity gets the better of you. "I'm going to rescue her too." You warn the girl beside you. Your kiss worked last time, so you figure you may as well use it again. With your left thumbnail still aggravating the scratch on your index finger, you confidently stride up to her, push the chanela down with your left fist, lift her chin up with your right thumb, and kiss her.

At first the ginger-haired girl struggles to get the chanela back in her sight, but your fingers on the side of her head and curling to the back prevent her from breaking the kiss. After a short while, you feel her loosen her grip on the chanela, you knock it out of her hand and she stops struggling. The girl returns your kiss, moaning happily.

"Fuji-pi." the girl says happily, without lifting her lips from yours. She then opens her eyes and breaks the kiss. Stepping back, she shouts, "Who are you? How dare you steal an innocent maiden's first kiss!"

"What was that?" You hear from somewhere deeper in the shop.

"I'll go see what it is." The voice of the saleswoman replies, with a noticeable air of annoyance underneath her polite tone.

You see the tall figure of the saleswoman through the frosted glass of the display case. "Come with me if you don't want to be a zombie again." You order, half whispering, half growling.

She glances around the room, and sees that everyone else is in a trance as well. "Again?" She complains. Instantly, her wariness of you melts away. She walks past you on your right side, towards the nearby door. With a determined voice says, "Let's go. I need to find Hono…" She stumbles at the sight of the other girl.

Already turning around, you instinctively reach out and grab her right arm with your left, and keep her from falling. Hoping you won't regret pulling your thumbnail out of the scratch, you interrupt the question that you know she's about to ask, "Talk, later. Move." You drag her to the other girl, grab the girl that you met deeper in the store, and lead the two of through the door and into the relative safety of the sidewalk.

As soon as you're out in the sunlight, the girl on your left breaks free of your grasp and books it down the street to your right. "Shit!" You curse; you need to go to the left to catch your bus.

The girl on your right calls out, "Wait!" She starts to run after her body double, your state of surprised making it easy for her to break out of your grip. A few feet down the sidewalk, she stops, turns around, and says, "Thank you for rescuing me." She bows, "Stop by my parents' shop sometime." The girl turns around and chases after the other girl once more. The two both seem to be setting a fast pace.

782b6 No.25454

File: 1487805150466.jpg (163.22 KB, 960x720, Volunteer labor.jpg)

"Wait!" You call out, "What's your… name." You sigh, as she's already too far away to hear you. You check your phone and realize that you only have a few minutes to make it to the bus stop. You run in the opposite direction. Rounding the corner, you see the store from earlier, Twin Bells. You glance through the windows and you see a woman and four or five girls setting up stuffed animals in the shop.

782b6 No.25455

File: 1487805212928.jpg (83.73 KB, 640x480, Bus pulling in.jpg)

Racing to the transit center, you see your bus pulling into the marked bay. Normally, you would have just missed the bus, but there's an unusually large amount of people waiting, all of them cute girls. You make it into the bus with a few seconds to spare.

You pick the cutest girl out of the bunch, and take a seat next to her. You plan on hitting on her, but you stop as you notice that she's also in a daze. You consider working your magic a third time, but you don't have anywhere to run to. For the entirety of the ride to your favorite flower shop, you wonder what could be causing this epidemic of hypnotism for a lack of a better word. It can't be just the chanela that are causing this. About half the people on the bus are in a similar daze, and there's not a chanela to be seen.

You think back to the girl's words earlier, "Again." What does she know about the trances that those people were under? Who did she need to find? Honoka? What does the bluenette have to do with the zombies?

782b6 No.25456

File: 1487805276751.jpg (135.48 KB, 1280x720, Hanasaki Flower Shop.jpg)

You stress out over it until you see the familiar sign of Hanasaki flower shop through the window of the bus. Just the sight of the sign manages to lift your spirits. You get off at the next stop and walk the short distance back to the shop.

782b6 No.25458

File: 1487805310288.jpg (22.44 KB, 640x360, Kaoruko.jpg)

You enter and inside you see the old woman that runs the shop, along with another old womam. The owner looks up and you and smiles, "Ah, if it isn't my favorite customer. Have you finally found yourself a nice girl to give all those flowers to, Mamoru?" She teases you for your habit of purchasing plenty of roses, but always claiming to not have a girl in mind.

"No, still no one. I just like having roses to decorate my apartment. It makes it look and smell much nicer." You reply. Feeling the gaze of the other old woman on you, turn to look at her.

782b6 No.25459

File: 1487805492333.jpg (32.91 KB, 640x480, Yukishiro_Sanae.jpg)

It seems catching her staring at you didn't faze her. Her expression changes slightly and she asks you, "Didn't you play with my granddaughter, Honoka, when you were younger?"

"Yukishiro Honoka?"

"Yes, that's the one." She replies with a smile, "You know, she's grown into a beautiful young woman. You should reconnect with her. The two of you would make a lovely pair."

You fight a blush, and the store owner comes to your rescue. "Now Sanae," She scolds, but the levity in her voice tells you that she's having as much fun as the other woman, "Don't go scaring off my customers."

"Oh, but isn't it a grandmother's job to play matchmaker for her granddaughter." Sanae counters.

"That's true," The owner replies, "But I was planning on setting him up with my granddaughter in another year or two."

"Already training her in your wicked ways, I see." Sanae replies with a smile, "How is Tsubomi by the way?"

"Blooming like a flower." The owner answers with a laugh. She finally turns to you once more and says, "You don't need to listen to two old women talking about their granddaughters. Take a look through the shop, Mamoru. Maybe you'll find some other flowers that you like."

"No, just the roses, today," You reply, turning around, your blush has been replaced by a grin. You wonder how long these two women have known each other, it must have been a very long time for them to banter so shamelessly in public.

"And what if you find a girl that doesn't like roses, or likes some other flower more?" She asks.

"Then you'll be the first to know." You answer, looking over your shoulder.

She laughs, her wrinkled face creasing more from the laugh, and waves you off, "I'll get your roses ready for you."

You dutifully step deeper into the store, giving the two women some privacy to talk about their granddaughters while the owner prepares your bouquet. That's the nice thing about old women, they have a tendency to be refreshingly frank. You wonder what your grandmothers had been like. Your grandparents had all passed away before you were born, and if your parents had told you anything about them, you lost all those memories in the car crash that killed your parents. It was times like these that make you long for a large family.

You perk up as you realize that the two women have become strangely quiet. The two of them are sufficiently hearing impaired that you can hear their "whispers" from deeper in the store.

"He's the young man I was telling you about, Kaoruko."
"Are you sure? I've never sensed anything from him."
"He must not have fully awakened yet. He was at the fountain yesterday."
"With Honoka?"
"With Honoka."

You feel like your stomach just fell into a pit. You've never seen the second woman, Sanae before. She never attended the parties at the Hina household. What does she know about you that you don't? You'd drop it for a case of mistaken identity, but you were at the fountain yesterday, and you did see Honoka there. And that line about "awakening" brings to mind all the dreams and visions that you've suffered through.

782b6 No.25460

File: 1487805596433.jpg (97.87 KB, 800x512, two-dozen-rose.jpg)

Still lost in thought, you're startled when the owner calls out, "Your bouquet is ready." You head back to the front of the store and wonder what you should say to the two women.

The owner hands you the bouquet, "There's you go. One dozen roses."

You glance at the bouquet and see that she's clearly given you two dozen roses. "This is too much," you protest.

"Oh nonsense." She waves you off. "I'm not that blind yet." She winks at you and says, "Besides, I thought you might need them."

What do you do?
>Thank her for the kindness, pay her for a dozen roses, and be on the way.
>Try to pay for two dozen roses, or leave half the roses behind.
>Ask them what they were whispering about.
>Ask them what they know about you that you don't.
>Ask Sanae, what Honoka's favorite flowers are.
>Writein [what?]

5eb36 No.25463

First, points for the Terminator line. Second, hmm. Third, more hmm. The old ladies seem to be on to something here. I wonder how deeply the masquerade goes with all this. Last thing we need is getting the Mages Association on our ass.

…Okay, I may have just suddenly imagined Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya tossed into all of this and now I'm not sure which is a better thought, Ruby having our back if we tried to go for Ilya or the idea of us somehow being able to use a Class Card and turn into Tuxedo Saber or something.

As for this… she seems to purposely be giving us an extra ammo clip. Survival Horror rules dictate some scary shit is coming around the other corner. I say we make a token attempt to pay for the extra roses but don't argue if she plays it off as us being a repeat customer or something, then casually ask these two how long they've known one another, since they're clearly such great friends.

6111a No.25465

I'll Side with Blue here.

5eb36 No.25472

On the vote or on the Prisma Ilya thing?

06b3f No.25473

I agree with the first half of your plan, Blue. Make a token effort to pay for them all, then accept their generosity. Free ammo is free ammo.

However, I'd like to try to reconcile the two personalities ASAP; it will make it easier to rp as there will be less difference between character knowledge and player knowledge (imo). This is a long-winded way of saying that I want to directly ask them what they know about us that we don't.

5eb36 No.25475

Compromise with you, Shadow. Use my question as a lead-in to asking them about what they know.

Re: I originally planned to say that and got sidetracked while writing the post and forgot about it. >_>

5c6c6 No.25477

I meant the token effort to pay part.

Still, using the question as a lead in to ask them about what they know also seems like a good idea.

5c08c No.25495

Lots of discussion, but only three people so far. I'm keeping voting open for a while longer. Plus, I'm waiting for Limits to come in and see if he flips his shit at what happened.

5c6c6 No.25496

Yeah, we seem to be missing our Horseman of Transformation Sequences.

a1e39 No.25501

Sorry, I have limited internet access throughout the work week, unless I'm at work, in which case I'm not going to look at NSFW stuff.

782b6 No.25502

No worries dude. RL is always more important, and not losing your job is part of that. I'm just curious what it was that you swore nine and a half months ago if the flower shop turned out to be what it is.

a1e39 No.25504

OK. I'm all caught up, and hot DAMN. One of the most important rules of PreCure to remember is this:
Old women ALWAYS either know more, or are more involved, than they let on.
That being said, HEARTCATCH YEAAAAH!! My dreams of getting up-close and personal with Cure Moonlight are closer than ever!
I admit to being confused at first, but in fact, HeartCatch PreCure existing explains multiple Honokas and Nagisas very easily. This isn't PreCure All-Stars; each season is a separate parallel dimension, each with different teams being activated as PreCure. We just saved Futari wa PreCure Nagisa (Cure Black, the one who said "Again?") along with HeartCatch PreCure Nagisa (just a normal girl, though possibly not for long.) Kaoruko, the florist, is Cure Flower. She's *STILL* a certified badass with a ton of power and far greater repertoire of magical techniques than any of the other HeartCatch PreCure, even despite having retired several decades ago. She was a one-woman PreCure team, as far as I know, and her fairy partner is still alive. The other HeartCatch PreCure who tried that (Cure Moonlight) lost her partner to a cheap shot from <SPOILER REDACTED> shortly before Kaoruko's granddaughter, Tsubomi, became Cure Blossom.
On a side note, when Nana Mizuki voices a fairly important character in an anime, that character will become a force to be reckoned with (Hinata Hyuuga, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Tsubomi Hanasaki are all prominent examples of this, and three of those four either are, or will be relevant here unless Moe cuts us off :<)
So yeah. We saved two Nagisas. No evil plot, no nothing. Good job!

If anything, Blue, they're here to help and watch over their magical granddaughters from afar. Unless Moe added a magical girl Illuminati of some kind, we don't need to worry. If we were metagaming, we would try and forge an alliance with them ASAP, since they understand a lot more of what's going on.
However, since we're *not* metagaming…
I vote for the consensus that's forming so far, but I'd also like to add a subtler version of option 3. Mamoru is probably the sort of guy who tries to get on with his life, despite his turmoil, but is always looking out for strange little tidbits that can help him put the pieces of his life together.

5eb36 No.25516

>Stuff about Nana Mizuki

Shows how little I knew or cared about Naruto that I didn't know Nana Mizuki was Hinata's VA, yet that knowledge simply reinforces how much I like her amidst the rest of my general Naruto disinterest.

As for Fate, yeah. I really hope no one's still clueless as to why I'm pushing for finding the Nanoha stuff.

>Stuff about PreCure

Interesting. So what you're saying is we have a chance to get some inter-dimensional 3Ps going. I like this line of thinking.

As for the grandmothers who clearly know way too much, yeah, it's not nearly so much I think we should avoid them as I think we need to figure out a good angle for approaching them that isn't metagaming as shit. Coincidentally, this area is semi-connected to the pet store, and we know Kamen's going to be in that area pretty soonish… Hmm…

Oh, actually, I got so distracted by the flower shop stuff that I forgot to say, we should probably have Mamoru avoid the bus routes for awhile after this. Jadeite might not've stopped at two concurrent plans running at the same time. If we ever hit the Hikawa Shrine stop on one of these rides, I'm pre-emptively voting for getting off right the fuck away.

a1e39 No.25517

I read this one semi-crackfic that was Naruto-based. In it, Hinata and Tenten were practically forced by fourth-wall-breaking Powers-That-Be (in this case, kitsune) to be rivals with each other, simply because of their voice actors. So I looked it up. Tenten's VA (Yukari Tamura) later went on to do Nanoha. So there's some more anime trivia for you.

Also, I agree with you about the grandmother's, but avoiding bus routes would also be metagaming until we hear of some threat emerging on bus routes.

5eb36 No.25524

Well, Mamoru did notice that the people on the bus all seemed to be hypnotized as well, so we might be able to use that. Knowing the exact stop we need to not be on the bus anymore would admittedly be meta, but thinking the buses themselves might be getting dangerous isn't.

…Huh. That's actually the second time now I've had to use Mamoru recognizing hypnotism when he sees it to justify why we should have him react accordingly.

a1e39 No.25533

Well, I'm convinced.

782b6 No.25536

File: 1488083771209.jpg (37.15 KB, 640x480, View of the town.jpg)

Consensus is to be polite and offer to pay, then ask how long they've known each other, and what they know about you.

You pull out enough cash for two dozen roses and give it to the owner. "In that case, I'll pay for them all."

The owner takes the money, and makes change for one bouquet. "No, no, no." She says, giving you the rest of your money back. "The second dozen are a present from me. I won't accept any money for it. And maybe you'll find the right girl soon." The old woman adds with a knowing wink.

"Careful with your wishes Kaoruko," The other woman, Sanae, adds, "He might just find more girls than he knows what to do with." Her giggles sound strange coming from a woman that old.

"Thank you." You say, grateful for the gift. "You two seem like good friends. How long have you known each other?"

The two old women look at each other for a moment, and the owner answers first, "It was a very long time ago, during the last year of the war. We both had been sent to the countryside by our parents to be safe the bombing."

Sanae continues the story, "We became close friends over that year. Then the war ended, and they sent us home." Her eyes are getting misty as she recalls the memories. "There was a tree on the top of a hill where you could see the city. My father used to bring me there when I was very little." She pauses for a while to regain her composure, and Kaoruko takes over telling the story once more.

782b6 No.25537

File: 1488083827846.jpg (67.88 KB, 712x480, Destruction.jpg)

"The road back home took us over that hill. And from there we could see that there was nothing left of the city, just burnt ruins. That was when we found…" The store owner cuts herself off abruptly. "That was when we realized that we still had each other. We could either give up and give in to the despair, or we could do our part to make the world a better place. We decided that we could face the world together, and not even Sora was able to tear us apart." She has a bittersweet look on her face, as if countless happy and sad memories were flashing through her mind. "Although he did come close."

The other woman has dried her eyes, and sagely adds, "The world has changed so much since then. It's such a better place since then, but still, so much doesn't change. Honoka is facing some of the very same problems I did when I was younger. She's handling them so responsibly. I'm very much proud of her."

They may have answered your question, but there was so much that they left out of their story that they hinted at, and you have so many new questions that you'd like to ask. You nod, "You must share a very close bond then."

"Yes…" The store owner replies, sighing wistfully.

You continue as tactfully as you can, "I overheard the two of you whispering about me earlier. Is there something that you know about me?" You glance at the two of them.

The store owner smiles somewhat uncomfortably, Sanae's eyes flash open for a moment, then she regains control of her expression and answers you, "I was just telling Kaoruko that I saw you yesterday in the park by the fountain."

"And the part about awakening?"

"Just a figure of speech." She replies with a wave of her hand, "You're still young, and don't know what you want to do yet." With a smile she concludes, "Chase your dreams, they'll rarely steer you wrong."

You feel a shiver running down your spine, does she know about the dreams you're have? No, that can't be right. Chasing your dreams is just a common idiom, that has unintended connotations for you.

Is there anything else you'd like to ask them?
>Write-in [what?]

How do you want to get back?
>The people on the bus were acting strange, walk.
>Other [what?]

5eb36 No.25539


Definitely not taking the bus, btw, but as for a question… This is gonna be some fast logic connecting on Mamoru's part, but at least it isn't bullshitting or meta to ask.

"Actually, since you mentioned the fountain yesterday, that reminds me of something strange I saw both yesterday and today. Right after I saw Honoka over with you, I noticed a girl who looked a lot like her walking around the area nearby with a ginger-haired girl. The ginger-haired girl seemed to have mistaken her for someone else, but the odd thing is, I saw that same ginger-haired girl in a pet shop earlier today before coming over here… two of her, actually, both in the pet store at the same time. I know this sounds like a silly question, but I don't suppose Honoka or any of her friends secretly have twin sisters running around, do they?"

a1e39 No.25540

I'll back you up with my vote, Blue. Mamoru's a smart guy.

a1e39 No.25541

Also, Sanae saying that Honoka is going through a lot of the same things that she did is very suspicious. Mostly because it makes me think that Moe's taking liberties with just who was or wasn't a PreCure. Not that I have a problem with that, it's just…interesting.

5c6c6 No.25544

I'll throw my hat in with Blue's idea as well.

782b6 No.25556

File: 1488179760630.jpg (89.19 KB, 712x480, At fountain.jpg)

You don't fully believe her explanation, but courtesy demands that you let it slide. Another questions comes to mind though, "Actually, since you mentioned the fountain yesterday, that reminds me of something strange I saw both yesterday and today. Right after I saw Honoka over with you, I noticed a girl who looked a lot like her walking around the area nearby with a ginger-haired girl. The ginger-haired girl seemed to have mistaken her for someone else, but the odd thing is, I saw that same ginger-haired girl in a pet shop earlier today before coming over here… two of her, actually, both in the pet store at the same time. I know this sounds like a silly question, but I don't suppose Honoka or any of her friends secretly have twin sisters running around, do they?"

Sanae thinks for a moment, "Hmm, I thought you only saw me after you…" She cuts herself off and answers your question, "No, Honoka doesn't have a twin sister. She's an only child, and so was my Aya." She glances at Kaoruko, "She does have a cousin from the other side of the family, but they don't look similar at all. But I think I know who the ginger-haired girl is. That's Honoka's new friend, Misumi Nagisa, if I recall correctly. I think the of two of them might end up sharing a bond like Kaoruko and I." Sanae smiles at that thought and concludes, "But no, I can't think of anyone that would look like my Honoka, or like her friend either."

What do you do?
>Ask something else [what?]
>Thank them and leave.
>Writein [what?]

If you haven't voted on how to get back home
>Other [what?]

5c6c6 No.25557

Unless anyone else has any other questions, I think it's time for us to take our leave. As for the way to get home, I'm sure it's a lovely day for a walk and not go on the hypnotized bus.

ebbed No.25560

>sharing a bond like Kaoruko and me

Pls stahp
I can't even right now

Seriously though, are they going to be the magical-girl equivalent of the Janitors (Ben 10), or the Order of the White Lotus (if you don't know what this is from, then shame on you)? And every other granny from every other PreCure season that has a granny is going to play a part?
I actually think that's a good idea, but you're making it very hard for me to keep from going full shadowrun here.

Anyway, while I do think that we're not going to get anywhere by asking them any other questions, I have to wonder: considering the mysterious circumstances under which Tuxedo Kamen is shown *driving a bus* in the Sailor Mars intro episode, what if we're *supposed* to get on? No vote from me yet, I just want to talk this point out a bit.

5c6c6 No.25563

Probably eventually, but Mercury is before Mars, isn't she?

5eb36 No.25564

Yeah, Ami shows up in Episode 8, Rei shows in Ep10, and we should hopefully hear about the disappearing buses around the Hikawa Shrine stop around the time we're required to be there. And if we see Usagi near there, definitely go on alert.

As for the vote, I've got no other questions. My intention was just to bring up the idea of two Honokas and Nagisas to the grandmas so they're aware of it, if they weren't already. Time to move on, methinks.

06b3f No.25567

Thank them, leave, and we go on our own two feet! Gotta build that stamina!

10291 No.25569

File: 1488239237004.png (654.36 KB, 608x608, cat.png)

>Pls stahp
>I can't even right now


5eb36 No.25570

God. Dammit.

9d1b9 No.25585

OK then. Let's move along, in a most grateful and gentlemanly way (thank them and walk back.)

Also, yes. Very yes, Moe.

782b6 No.25589

File: 1488260269896.jpg (88.24 KB, 1280x720, Portal.jpg)

Her answer doesn't help you all that much, but her first sentence sticks in your mind, 'after you…' what? What happened to you? Did you get hypnotized at the fountain as well? That would explain why you don't remember anything that happened after that. But then, why did you not get hypnotized at the pet shop? Is it like a virus, did you become immune to it after being hypnotized once before? Or are you more susceptible to it? Could that be why you've had all these blackout incidents lately? How long have these hypnotism incidents been going on?

You thank them once more for the roses and the information, and take your leave. The thought that you might have been caught in this wave of hypnotism or whatever it is that's going around, plus the fact that the girls on the bus earlier were seemingly also hypnotized, makes you think that it might be better if you walked home instead of taking the bus.

The walk home is long, but it does you some good. Everything seems normal for once. All the people are behaving normally, and it seems just like any other spring day. As you walk home, your thoughts drift back to the girl on the flyer; she looks familiar. However, you don't remember having ever met her, or even seeing her before. If she's some kind of genius, maybe she was on the news at some point, but that explanation rings hollow.

By the time you reach Sendai Hill, it's already after six. In front of you is a T intersection. You're on the major, or "through" road, and to the right is a minor road, and to the left, a retaining wall. A bus speed out from the minor road on the right. You stand in shock, the bus is going to fast to make the turn. Even worse, it doesn't look like it's even trying to turn. You can't peel your eyes away from the impending crash. However, the bus doesn't crash into the retaining wall. Instead, a dark vortex opens up in the wall, and the bus drives straight through. The portal closes behind the bus, and no trace of either the bus or the portal remains.

You can't believe your eyes at first. This isn't something that happens. Buses don't just disappear into portals. You figure that you have to be dreaming. You've had stranger dreams before, dreams of kingdoms and knights, of love and war, and of sacrifice and despair. While you struggle to figure out if you're dreaming or asleep, a woman's voice echoes deep in your mind, "Find the Legendary…"

782b6 No.25590

File: 1488260298520.jpg (52.12 KB, 1280x720, Txedo Kamen.jpg)

"Find the Legendary Silver Crystal." A voice whispers to you. You open your eyes and look around. You are Tuxedo Kamen, infamous jewel thief. You are at the base of Sendai Hill, near the Hikawa shrine. You sense that an evil presence had been here, but it's gone now. Perhaps you could find some answers at the shrine at the top of the hill, but you can sense a concentrated mass of darkness in a building several blocks away. You sense a warm presence near that very same mass of darkness. It feels like Sailor Moon's blindingly bright aura, but far more subdued.

What do you do?
>One mystery at a time, check out the shrine.
>If that warm glow is Sailor Moon, you may need to rescue her again, check out the mass of darkness.
>Writein [What?]

5c6c6 No.25591

I vote for aiding Sailor Moon, we can stop by the Shrine after we make sure she's safe. If we're lucky, maybe we can get her away from the damn cat this time.

5eb36 No.25599

And that's why I said don't get on the fucking bus, kids!

Agreeing with this, though my thoughts are that since it's less "bright" than Moon usually is, it's probably Ami instead. Either that or Usagi just hasn't henshined yet, and either way we win.

06b3f No.25603

The evil at the shrine is gone for now, so we can let it go for now. Right now, let's go help another lady. To the brightness!

d46d7 No.25617

Yeah, a mass of darkness sounds like just the thing to test out our new batch of 100% Cure Flower-approved +3 blessed roses!

782b6 No.25627

File: 1488354489542.jpg (110.84 KB, 1280x720, Crystal Seminar.jpg)

Whatever was going on here has passed. That concentrated mass of darkness demands your attention now. You sprint down the sidewalk. The familiar tingling sensation of your magic restoring your muscles returns.

A few minutes later, you stand in front of the Crystal Seminar, a four-story building devoted to cram schools. From the second floor, on the north side of the building, you see several windows brighten up in flash of light. Simultaneously, a bright glow overwhelms your senses. You can still feel the massed evil in this building, but it's obscured by that bright glow.

782b6 No.25628

File: 1488354515210.jpg (71.33 KB, 640x480, Directory.jpg)

You charge into the building. On the side of the door is a sign. You quickly gleam the information from it: Elementary school aged classed on the ground floor, middle school on the second, and high school on the top two. For a moment, you wonder why you were expecting to see a floor for university students, but that's just one of several things that you can put off for later.

Rounding a corner inside, you hear someone running up the stairs to the second floor.
you planned on following, but you hear a loud crash from the classroom on your left.

What do you do?
>Investigate the classroom.
>Go to the second floor, that's where the person ahead of you went, and Sailor Moon is.
>Write-in [what?]

5eb36 No.25637

Well, shit. On the one hand, I want to get up there and jump in because Moon and soon Mercury will be fighting a youma pretty soon. On the other hand, while I acknowledge that OTL is starting to break down around us, Ep8 is one of the early occasions where Kamen didn't actually make an appearance and the girls handled things without him, meaning we could take a detour and it wouldn't risk horrible doom happening to cute girls while we aren't around.

Guys? Any thoughts?

5ea3e No.25640

Detour would be fine. There might be something interesting in the classroom here.

06b3f No.25641

Let's take a quick look in the classroom. Hopefully it won't take long.

5eb36 No.25643

Alright, going with you guys on this. Good thing we're stocked on ammo, at least.

782b6 No.25644

File: 1488416533792.jpg (80.9 KB, 960x720, Lecture Hall.jpg)

Sailor Moon has been in two battles, maybe more. You figure she can hold her own for a while. Elementary school kids on the other hand probably won't, and the fact that you heard a crash means that someone is most likely struggling in there. The mystery person in front of you can also wait.

You run towards that classroom and throw open the doors. You quickly look around. It's a lecture-hall style classroom. You're standing at the top of the tiered-seating area, looking down into the room. The students look to be about eight years old and are sitting at attention, seemingly oblivious to the loud crash that had just happened, or the current commotion in front of the blackboard.

782b6 No.25645

File: 1488416564671.png (338.12 KB, 383x480, Hatchet Arm.png)

At the front of the lecture hall is the source of the noise. A red-skinned monster is swinging her hatchet arm wildly. The shattered remains of a podium give you a good idea as to what the crash was.

782b6 No.25646

File: 1488416609685.png (535.4 KB, 960x495, Ferret.png)

Taking a few steps into the classroom, you see that she's trying to hit an overgrown rat that's scampering around the floor and dodging her wild strikes. Just as you think that the animal is behaving strangely by not running away as fast as possible, it comes to a stop. You're convinced that the monster's next downward strike will cleanly cut the animal in half.

782b6 No.25647

File: 1488416645375.jpg (83.2 KB, 1920x1080, Round Shield.jpg)

However, it stands up on it's hind paws and holds its left front paw out towards the monster. A magic circle appears between them, and the monster's hatchet bounces off harmlessly. To your even greater surprise, it calls out, "Nanoha! Snap out of it!" The tan-furred creature turns its head to the students, you assume to look at whoever Nanoha is. However, his gaze focuses on you.

What do you do?
>Ask what's going on.
>Ask which one of the students is Nanoha.
>Fight the monster [Rose, cane, other?]
>Tell the rat to run away.
>Writein [what?]

5eb36 No.25649

Ah, Yuuno. Truly, one of the most unsung of mascot partner heroes. Few others have felt the pain of the Friend Zone quite like this one.

There's really no need to hesitate on this one. Rose that bitch in the back of the head while she's still focused on Ferret Boy here, then jump in with the cane while she's staggered. We need to buy him as much time as we can if he's gonna get Nanoha up and moving.

b92bd No.25655

Nanoha. And HeartCatch. In two scenes.

I don't think I'll stop smiling until I go to sleep now.

Anyway, we don't need to worry about which one Nanoha is just yet; we're here to rescue all the children (even if they happen to look like ferrets right now), and Yuuno will naturally head towards Nanoha after the fight. The fastest way to bring that about is, naturally, to smack down that youma.
This is even more true than usual, since *Sailors Moon and Mercury* are supposed to be fighting that particular youma. The fact that they *aren't* leaves me a little worried for what they might be fighting instead.

78241 No.25658

Agreeing with the others. Bitch be needing to be taught a lesson about starting trouble here.

Rose her then loudly exclaim that vile fiends such as her shall be brought to justice for feeding on the students. Then apply the cane pain train as needed.

06b3f No.25667

Don't get in close with a melee fighter. We stick back and sneak attack rose the woman. And a call to the ferret saying we can buy him a few moments, but little more.

782b6 No.25669

File: 1488493849177.jpg (49.45 KB, 640x480, Papercut.jpg)

Rose from afar, speech, get into melee range

Keep the fight at range.

The situation looks cut and dried to you. The monster fighting the cute woodland creature is obviously the bad guy in this situation. The magical rat is almost certainly a familiar, and that means another magical girl is somewhere nearby. Most likely, whichever one of these hypnotized girls is named Nanoha is the one.

You pull out a rose and throw it at the back of the head of the staggered monster. Your aim is true and the red-skinned monster satisfyingly howls in pain as the sharp base of your rose penetrates her skull just under her occipital bun.

She snaps the rose close to the base and turns to face you. "You dare interfere!" She roars, "I'll have your head!" The monster throws her right arm in the air and summons several sheets of loose paper above her head. She flicks her wrist and fires a volley of three sheets at you.

"Not so fast!" The ferret yells, and scampers in front of her. It throws up another magical circle above itself and facing her. The first volley of papers had already made it past the line of defense before it threw up the shield, but the subsequent two volleys harmlessly bounce off the magical defense.

The incoming volley of papers denies the stairs to you, as you don't want to find out if the paper projectiles are as sharp as you assume them to be. Without anywhere else to go, you jump onto the desk to your left and loudly proclaim, "vile fiends such as you shall be brought to justice for feeding on innocent students!" You leap from desk to desk, running down to the floor with your cane out, ready to beat some justice into the monster.

"Stop interfering!" The monster yells, and kicks the rat from under his shield. Her kick sends it flying into the students on the other side of the aisle from you. For a moment you worry if it'll be OK, but you soon find your concern superfluous.

"Floater field!" It calls out. A pair of magical circles appear along its direction of travel and absorb its momentum like a magical cushion.

You make the final jump from the first desk to the ground floor and swing your cane as hard as you can. Half-crouching from your landing, you hit her in the flank. The loud thwack of impact is the perfect punctuation to the hiss of your cane cutting through air.

The monster howls in pain once more, and raises her hatchet arm to counter-attack.

782b6 No.25670

File: 1488493927234.jpg (59.92 KB, 960x720, Chains.jpg)

"Chain bind!" Something calls out and four green chains shoot out at the monster. They wrap around her wrists and ankles pinning her in place. The monster struggles against the chains binding her, unable to continue her counterattack.

It's moments like these that you wish you had a flashy light-show of a finisher, so you could dispatch this monster in one clean stroke. Unfortunately, you don't have that luxury, so you to the next best thing; you wail on the red-skinned monster's head with your cane until you beat all the life out it, and it disintegrates into a pile of dust.

With the monster defeated, the tan-furred creature dispells the magic circle anchoring the chains and the green chains dissipate out of existence.

What do you do now?
>Time to go upstairs and find Sailor Moon, or the other person that ran upstairs earlier.
>See if the rat's OK
>Thank the creature for the assist.
>Ask who Nanoha is and if you can help wake her up.
>Ask him if he's a familiar.

782b6 No.25671

Yuuno confirmed for best support mage. This was supposed to be a battle where the monster attacks the kids with the papers, and you had to balance offense and defense, but it turns out that "chain bind is OP, needs nerf in next patch."

85c48 No.25673

Moe, what did you expect? These are characters from Nanoha that we're talking about. That show is the Texas of magical girl anime. Surprisingly non-lethal Magical Death Lasers are a way of life there, and if they aren't *at least* as big around as the person shooting them, then that person is either purposely holding back, or they're a mook.

ac488 No.25678

Anyway, I vote for giving Yuuno a quick bro-fist of appreciation (yeah, sure, more like a *little* bro, but bro is bro), and then…Honestly, OOC, I'm more worried about Usagi and Ami right now. It took Nanoha *five episodes* to gain the kind of magical firepower that Usagi only managed to gain at the *end of a season*, after all her friends were dead.
In-character, though…Hmm. Tuxedo Kamen is, honestly, kinda ruthless when he's hinting for the Ginzuishou. He wouldn't hurt a girl, sure, but would he leave one in the capable hands of a "familiar" who just gave him a huge assist? I think so. So my final vote is thank Yuuno and then cheese it upstairs. Maybe mention how we sense another threat up there. It could lead to Yuuno and Nanoha following along, and that would be a fantastic result.

5eb36 No.25679

Not gonna lie, I sort of expected a much more drawn out fight than that, but I'm not complaining. Plz don't nerf.

Yeah, I'm gonna agree with this one. Give him a quick thanks for the assist (Though he oughta give us one in return) and add that there seems to be more going on higher in the building, perhaps another one of those monsters, then leg it. If I remember my Yuuno (and more importantly, my Nanoha) correctly, they'll follow behind us very shortly.

f5dd2 No.25682

Siding with Limits as well while adding that we wish the ferret and Nanoha well.

06b3f No.25686

I can't help but wonder if this is a little like Skyrim and as we put in work with the cane we'll get better with melee.

Let's thank the ferret for the huge assist, and ask him if Nanoha can come help once she's able, then head upstairs ourselves.

5eb36 No.25688

At the very least, I'm glad we've confirmed that "No Finisher =/= No Kills". That's kind of a standard Mahou Shoujo trope that I'm happy to do without, since it means we don't have to always run support during fights, or even that we're the only person outside of an MG that can get a kill if the circumstances are right. Yuuno being the easy example, if he got good at scoping out the potential environmental hazards of an area, he could easily use Chain Bind on a monster and just let a landslide or collapsing building or something do the job for him.

c57a3 No.25695

At least since we're operating off of Crystal canon as well, we'll eventually have the chance to unlock a finisher.

5eb36 No.25697

Yeah, but it's just nice to know we're not helpless just because we're lacking in one. Moe said we lucked out with Chain Bind's effectiveness, sure, but I was fully expecting us to have to wait for Nanoha to get up because we didn't have a special of our own to us right now.

a1e39 No.25698

I thought that we could pick-and-choose thanks to the very first vote.

782b6 No.25702

File: 1488662561329.jpg (56.46 KB, 640x480, Commander Luna.jpg)

Thank the ferret and move along.

With the monster defeated, the children all slump down in their seats. With the immediate threat gone, you can take a closer look at the brown-furred creature as it scampers up to the top row. It's hind legs are much more built than a rat's. It looks like a weasel, no, you correct yourself, a ferret. The ferret comes to a brown haired girl in the back row, house right. It shakes her and prods, "Come on, Nanoha. Wake up!"

As you run up the steps to get back out of the classroom, you see the girl starting to stir on the ferret's pestering. Hopefully, she'll be up soon. Passing them, you say, "Thanks for the assist little dude. There's still more monsters in here. I'm going upstairs something's going on there."

Heading out the door, you hear it call out behind you, "Thank you for helping!"

There's still more evil on this floor, but since you don't hear any other sounds of struggle, you figure everyone else is in a trance like the students in that class were. You can come back and free them later; your assistance is probably needed upstairs. You reach the stairs at the back of the building and run up to the second floor. The doors to the first classrooms on the left and right are open. Just past the door to the right, you see Luna calling out orders, which you assume are for Sailor Moon. You can hear the blonde heroine's panicked squeals from inside. It seems that you had a little too much faith in the blonde's combat prowess. To your left, you can hear someone running around inside. From the occasional grunt of exertion, you can tell that the person running around is of the female persuasion.

While deciding where to go, you see three sharp pieces of paper stick into the wall on the side of the classroom to your left. Shortly afterwards, a familiar female voice shouts, "Wake up already so we can transform!"

Where do you decide to go?
>Go to the right. Sailor Moon seems to be having trouble fighting the monster in that classroom.
>Go to the left. The girl there hasn't transformed. She could get hurt.
>Write-in [what?]

a1e39 No.25706

Aww, no OP assist from Nanoha and Yuuno? Anyway, Moe, it is time for you to learn an unwritten rule of the Sailor Moon fandom: if given a choice between Ami and Usagi, most people will pick Ami.

And I am no exception. To the left!

4ba0e No.25711

I'm gonna dissent and go right, I think left would take us to the Cures.

5eb36 No.25717

Yeah, the "so WE can transform" bit's kind of a giveaway that it's more likely to be the Cures behind Door #2, not to mention the whole familiar voice thing.

Which unfortunately forces me to have to vote to go left, because while Usagi has backup whether or not said backup is aware of it yet, Honoka and Nagisa do not, and it sounds like they're in just as much trouble.

782b6 No.25732

File: 1488772012878.gif (2.79 MB, 250x190, Upskirt.gif)

While we wait for Shadow to come back, I may as well reply to some posts.

>Moe, what did you expect? These are characters from Nanoha that we're talking about.
I was expecting you guys to send Yuuno back to wake up Nanoha to get the big guns. But the big guns proved to be unnecessary. Also, >>25698

>I can't help but wonder if this is a little like Skyrim and as we put in work with the cane we'll get better with melee.
Sort of. I'm trying to play fast and loose with the mechanics, but you should get better with more experience.

>At the very least, I'm glad we've confirmed that "No Finisher =/= No Kills"
I had a choice between letting TK start off with a finisher, allow non-finishing moves to kill, or making TK pretty much useless until he gets a finisher. I chose the second option.

Yes, I'm well aware of that rule. I've always been more of an AmixMako fan than MamoruxUsagi. Pic related. But then I became a fan of MamoruxAllTheGirls, and then I became a fan of MamoruxAllTheMagicalGirlsFromAllTheShows, and then you guys got this quest.

782b6 No.25733

>Also, >>25698
That was supposed to be:

Also, >>25697

5eb36 No.25740

>Yes, I'm well aware of that rule. I've always been more of an AmixMako fan than MamoruxUsagi. Pic related. But then I became a fan of MamoruxAllTheGirls, and then I became a fan of MamoruxAllTheMagicalGirlsFromAllTheShows, and then you guys got this quest.

Moe, my friend, as a comrade in arms, I share your vision, no, your dream. I, too, wish to see us rise to the top and successfully Harem Get all of the magical girls. Let us continue this glorious journey together.

782b6 No.25743

>Moe, my friend, as a comrade in arms, I share your vision, no, your dream. I, too, wish to see us rise to the top and successfully Harem Get all of the magical girls. Let us continue this glorious journey together.

Calling back to Neal being the horseman of miniskirts, your declaration reminds me of this.

06b3f No.25749

Apparently I read the last post and forgot to reply. Oops. Guess I'm sort of the kultzy absent minded mascot. Hopefully I'm something cool. Or can change into something cool.

Anyway, to the left. We help the helpless first.

(I do find the sailor scouts hotter thanks to Black Dog's works, but I'm too much of a practical goody-two shoes to actually get laid.)

a1409 No.25757

File: 1488837485227.png (762.53 KB, 1200x900, Wmplayer_2011-01-16_17-36-….png)

Onwards my friends, to the miniskirts.

1776b No.25763

Ah yes, glorious. Unfortunately, later seasons take away much of the focus and characterization that allowed this to take place.
Also, I understand that progression, but honestly only in the context of this quest. Tuxedo Kamen is all style, no substance in SM canon. Honestly, I think you've given him more characterization than Takeuchi did.

Also, I think we have a tie right now. I *might* be willing to change my answer.

782b6 No.25768

File: 1488863646668.png (69.31 KB, 143x363, Nagisa Behind.png)



Left, right. You're torn, but you soon figure that despite her less than stellar combat ability, or at least willingness to throw her tiara, that magical uniform of her should at least let her tank a few hits. The untransformed girl on the left doesn't have that luxury. Left it is.

You step into the classroom, and immediately you see the source of the commotion. The door opens to the back of the classroom. To your immediate left, along the wall separating the classroom from the hallway, stands a ginger-haired with her back turned to you. She's wearing a rust colored miniskirt and a pink jacket. The jacket has a slice over her right upper arm, and the fabric appears damp. She's probably bleeding.

782b6 No.25769

File: 1488863703969.jpg (47.1 KB, 640x480, Red part deux.jpg)

At the front of the classroom stands another one of the same red-skinned monsters. She looks just like the one from downstairs, but her left arm is normal and not an axe. Unfortunately, she notices you the moment you step inside. "Tch. Another meddler." The monster grumbles.

The girl turns around and you confirm that this is Nagisa. Her face lights up and she exclaims, "Tuxedo Kamen! We need to get Honoka to wake up so…"

You ignore her as the monster behind her has your attention. The red-skinned woman raises her right arm to the sky and summons more of those sharp papers.

What do you do?
>Yell "Duck!"
>Yell "Dodge!"
>Tackle Nagisa and protect her with your body.
>Drop to the ground.
>Run behind the back row.
>Write-in [what?]

a1409 No.25777

Well, tackling her and shielding her with our body will earn a few brownie points and give us a chance to get "close" though I'm not certain how well we can tank hits.

I'll go with that unless someone has a better idea.

5eb36 No.25782

Return fire with a rose, preferably aiming for the youma's face, while moving to tackle Nagisa. I'm also heavily in favor of telling her to never take her eyes off her opponent in the middle of a fight, should we survive the volley.

06b3f No.25787

A good mascot supports the hero, therefore as the Horseman of Mascots, I support this plan!

782b6 No.25802

File: 1488959517452.png (16 KB, 164x133, Upskirt.png)

Going on pure instinct, you run towards Nagisa while pulling out a rose. With your height advantage over the ginger-haired girl, you throw the rose over her head. You don't have time to see how good your aim was as you're already upon the girl. Her expression is shocked as you wrap your arms around her and force her down.

You hear the monster's first volley of papers slice trough the air where you had been moments before. You place your forearms behind Nagisa's head, and soften her landing. You land on top of her, shielding her with your body, and hope you didn't hurt her too badly.

The monster howls in pain, letting you know that your rose hit its mark. You realize you could have landed beside her and spared her the impact of your body weight. Moments later, you join the monster in howling in pain. Although you hit the monster with your rose, it had already launched the second volley of papers. One of them gets caught in your cape and deflected, but the other two cut through cape, jacket, shirt, and skin. You hope Nagisa's going to be grateful and not complain about you landing on her when you shielded her from the papers.

You refuse to stick around to see if the monster had time to summon and launch a third volley. To your right is the relative safety of an aisle between two rows of computer stations. You shift the positions of your arms: left elbow behind Nagisa's back, pressing her chest against your torso; left hand behind her head, holding her against your collarbone; and right hand cupping her ass. You kick off as hard as you can, throwing your weight onto your right shoulder and your legs into the air. You let your momentum rotate you, and you pull your legs back down in the aisle. Once more, you let the momentum of your action work in your favor and bring you up to a sitting position, whereupon you let go of Nagisa's head.

Nagisa is straddling you with her legs doubled over. With a confused expression on her face, and her head spinning from your sudden burst of acrobatics, she starts to ask, "Wha-"

You cut her off and admonish her, "Never take your eyes off the enemy." Battling through the pain of your wounds, you come off sounding much angrier than you actually are.

"R-right." She says, chastised by your words. Nagisa starts to wiggle uncomfortably in place, and you realize that your hand is still cupping her ass.

It's a nice, firm ass. The girl obviously works out, and it has done nice things to her derriere. Reluctantly you let go of her, and she stands up. Nagisa immediately crouches as another volley of papers passes overhead. She looks down the aisle towards the window side of the classroom and exclaims, "There she is!" She gets on all fours and crawls down the aisle. Her maroon miniskirt rides up as she crawls and gives you a good view of her panties. Disappointingly, they seem to a pair of plain white panties. You were hoping for something if not risque, than at least a little more bold and adventurous.

782b6 No.25803

File: 1488959590634.png (298.93 KB, 1000x553, PreCure without yuri goggl….png)

You get up to a crouching position, listening to make sure that the red-skinned monster isn't coming closer, but looking at the cute ass wiggling away from you. Just past the middle of the aisle, Nagisa comes to a stop, and you see who she was looking for. Sitting transfixed in front of her computer is a certain bluenette, Honoka. You see Nagisa take a deep breath as if she was steeling herself.

Nagisa pulls on Honoka's chair, pulling the bluenette away from her computer and rotating her to face in your and Nagisa's direction. The ginger-haired girl takes another deep breath and quickly straightens up and kisses the other girl with a fierce urgency. The beautiful sight lasts only for a few moments as Nagisa pulls Honoka and they both fall to the ground to dodge another volley of papers, with Honoka on top of Nagisa.

Honoka's long blue hair obscures your view, but she tries to robotically move back to her seat. Nagisa grabs her friend's head forces her back into the kiss. For several more seconds, Nagisa kisses the robotically struggling girl. Then, Honoka's struggles become more frantic and animated, only then does Nagisa let go of the bluenette's head and let her break the kiss.

782b6 No.25804

File: 1488959681770.png (764.81 KB, 990x1209, Honoka blushing.png)

Honoka looks down at Nagisa and struggles to form words, "N-nagisa? Am I dreaming?" The bluenette is blushing furiously.

"No." Nagisa answers, "There's another monster, but it's not a Zakenna. We have to transform." Honoka tries to stand up, but the ginger-haired girl grabs her and Honoka falls down on top of her once more. "Don't let it see you. It's throwing these really sharp papers."

"Right. Let's transform down here." Honoka replies, practically into Nagisa's young tit. The bluenette rolls off of her friend onto the floor by the wall of the desk behind them.

You can't help but feel a little jealous at the way that Honoka was nuzzled up against the ginger's breast. That makes you realize that something feels off about that. It didn't look like Nagisa pulled all that hard when the bluenette tried to stand up. Furthermore, Honoka could have rolled off towards her desk, which would have allowed her to get off of her friend without having roll her head over Nagisa's other breast. You grin, that naughty girl knows exactly what she's doing.

What do you do now?
>Roll out to the aisle at the side of the classroom and fight the monster. [rose or cane?]
>Stand up, throw a rose, and hide again.
>Sit tight, wait for the monster to walk to your aisle, and cane her when she shows her face.
>There's a zombified girl in the chair right next to you. Feel her up, she can't say no.
>Make your way over to the two girls. You can strategize easier that way, and guard them if necessary.
>Writein [what?]

715a5 No.25809

I realized I didn't mention this during the transformation, but Tuxedo Kamen does have his cape back.

Also, I did that particular bit of acrobatics to make sure it's doable. It is.

5eb36 No.25814

Bwahahahaha. I know I didn't vote for kissing back in the petshop, but I'm quite pleased to see Nagisa has taken the lesson to heart. Now I'm just a little jealous she stole Honoka's first kiss before we could. XD

Same basic strategy as the first fight, only without the OP Chain Bind support. Stand up and toss a rose, shout "Over here!" to get her attention, then dodge in the opposite direction away from the girls. We want to give them time to get moving. If the youma gets in close enough range to melee we can go for the cane, but this one seems to be sticking to long range attacks right now.

a1409 No.25815

Seconding this.

06b3f No.25827

Has anyone else noticed that when Moe posts a lot, Aristocrat isn't as active and vice versa? Hm… Has anyone ever seen them together in public?

Props for doing the research to see that it was possible.

Also glad to see our kissing is having fun side-effects. XD

I agree with buying them time to transform by sniping with a rose.

782b6 No.25830

File: 1489028262114.png (615.32 KB, 640x480, View from the front.png)

Here's the classroom from the POV of the monster.

b131a No.25833

No. Bad Shadow. No Batman hypotheses.

Also, their writing voices are very distinct to me. Not impossible to fake, but difficult enough.

And yeah, Blue's got the right idea.

5eb36 No.25835

>And yeah, Blue's got the right idea.

I feel like there should be a running tally of how many times someone has said that one line or something very similar.

b2779 No.25836

Heh, perverted king by day, perverted masked superhero by night. Almost like Endymion himself.
Aww, but it's so fun.

ee996 No.25841

That's partly because I end up reading these posts after you've already replied, and partly because we all have mostly similar methods to achieve our goal. On the rare occasions when I post first, you've backed me up more often than not as well.

500f5 No.25843

While I'm not a fan of the underage content, I am enjoying seeing you players think through the choices Moe gives. I also really Moe's GMing style. Keep up the good work, everyone. I look forward to seeing what y'all do next.

500f5 No.25844

* really like Moe's style. (Apologies for posting before I'm completely caffeinated.)

06b3f No.25846

But it's worth it for the lulz.

782b6 No.25848

Thank you for the kind words. My ego is my second-most favorite thing to have stroked.

dd330 No.25859

Your first being your hair?

782b6 No.25862

File: 1489121026924.jpg (41.2 KB, 640x480, Rose.jpg)

Throw a rose and roll away from the girls.

The girls will transform soon, drastically changing the balance of power. You figure your best course of action is to make sure that they aren't interrupted. That means it's time to play decoy.

You feel a tingling sensation on your back, so you know that your wounds are healing. Confident that you can tank a hit if necessary, you pull out a rose and stand up. The monster is standing at the front of the classroom, along the solid left wall. Almost directly ahead of you. However, her attention is on the spot where Honoka had been sitting with three volleys of papers summoned and ready to throw the moment one of them showed themselves.

You throw the rose at the monster's head and shout, "Over here, ugly!" Once more, you don't stick around to see if you hit the monster. The name of the game is to get the monster's attention away from the girls to your right, so you roll left.

Unfortunately, you were behind the leftmost student and computer desk. Rolling left has brought you into the walkway along the left wall of the classroom, and nothing but empty space separates your from the monster.

The monster fires off her papers shouting, "I'll get y-AAAAHHHHH!" Your rose hits the monster in the left eye; the thorns shred it to uselessness. You don't have time to appreciate how well her destroyed eye matches with the gash on her chest from your previous rose attack. Her papers fly off in an uncontrolled fashion. Most of them hit walls or furniture, but three of them him more valuable targets. One of them hits a monitor and causes it to blow up. Another grazes a students ear before embedding in the wall behind him, and the last hits you square in your right shoulder, cutting to the bone.

782b6 No.25863

File: 1489121272312.jpg (16.01 KB, 236x354, We are Precure.jpg)

Your own scream of pain drowns out the girls' transformation chant. You're only alerted to it when the room is lit up in a strobing rainbow of light. You look to the right and see the two of them standing on Honoka's desk, yelling something at the monster. Mission accomplished, but the satisfaction is poor consolation for the pain you're currently in.

What do you do now?
>Sit tight and heal.
>Crawl to the safety of the aisle between rows of seats.
>Writein [what?]

782b6 No.25864

Actually, I'm Christopher Marlowe. I wonder if anyone will even get that joke.

Anything specific about my style that you like? I always appreciate feedback that lets me know what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong.

Ah, a comedian.

5eb36 No.25868

Gah. I think I did that, specifying which direction to go. No way we're recovering from a hit like that any time quick, so we should probably sit down and heal if we can. I do want to check the collateral if we have time and make sure no one else was seriously hurt by that computer going up.

Remind me how sustained these papers are, Moe? Like, do they fade off after a few seconds or are we going to have to physically remove the bastard before we can start to heal? Because if so, I'm adding that in.

801f5 No.25869

You're welcome.

To begin, you have a good mystery going here. One part of it has to be the old ladies at the flower shop; I have a feeling Tuxedo Kamen will need to go back to them sooner than expected to find out what they know about what's going on.

Secondly, I kind of like stories that involve universes merging; rules get bent or discarded while other rules come into play, and given that several magical girl anime operate on similar rules, the merge is going pretty well. The amount of cast members involved can be very tricky, but so far, everyone's gotten what looks to be a fair amount of screentime.

Third, these scenarios have brought in some cool gamers who get along well and are willing to work together for the most advantageous outcome, and you work with them to create other scenarios that change the story's path in fun ways. And when the surprises are brought in, that's when things really get interesting.

Fourth, I love the callbacks to the original and current "Sailor Moon" anime. Bringing in the chanelas made me giggle. (Will admitting that ruin my image as a somewhat dignified and aloof anon? Meh, who cares.)

Anyway, fifth, despite the whole "wanting to knock up underaged girls" thing, it's good to see Tuxedo Kamen still treating them with respect and trying to keep them safe. Adding the part about Mamoru wishing he had a big family made sense and was oddly touching.

Last but not least, you didn't tell me to butt out when I told the players to make Tuxedo Kamen give the battered Sailor Moon his cape, even though I'm not a player here. I appreciated that.

(Eddie Izzard impression) So, uh- so yeah.

782b6 No.25870

File: 1489128046287.jpg (85.33 KB, 640x480, Fading papers.jpg)

>Remind me how sustained these papers are, Moe?
Fade off after a few seconds.

782b6 No.25871

Thanks. It's nice to know what people like about the quest.

>Anyway, fifth, despite the whole "wanting to knock up underaged girls" thing…

Yeah, I know that this is certainly one of the things keeping this quest from being more popular.

As for
>Last but not least, you didn't tell me to butt out when I told the players to make Tuxedo Kamen give the battered Sailor Moon his cape, even though I'm not a player here. I appreciated that.

The quest is open to everyone. Although it's certainly coalesced around the "four horsemen". Plus, it helps that you gave the answer that I was hoping someone would give.

dd330 No.25877

I vote for concentrate on healing and try to spend some of our magic on speeding it up, the girls probably have it in the bag after we crippled it but we need to be in top shape in case sailor moon needs our help or things go pear shaped.

Just because we're the Four Horsemen doesn't mean we don't appreciate other people contributing.

5eb36 No.25879

>Just because we're the Four Horsemen doesn't mean we don't appreciate other people contributing.

Speak for yourself. The fewer scrubs in mah mahou shoujo game the better. >_>

I'm kidding, obviously. I do think the smaller player base has worked out for us in this quest mainly due to how moment-to-moment some of these situations, the fights especially, have gotten, but a couple more regular players than what we currently have wouldn't ruin it.

On the other hand, though, I attribute a lot of our in-game success and lack of any "physical" progress to how much the four of us regulars have gone about micro-managing Mamoru and Kamen to think more with his upper head rather than the lower one. A larger player base, especially with a full anon crowd like in Vyrule or Kings, would probably be much more detrimental to us keeping ourselves alive and out of trouble.

It's an odd balancing act.

aa281 No.25882

I say we crawl to the safety of the aisle.

801f5 No.25885

Oh, also, you actually did the somersault to see if it was plausible. I can respect that because I've also done things in the name of "Will this work in a game?"

And a thanks to Nealend86. I'll stop derailing things now and see how y'all solve the current problem.

06b3f No.25887

Indeed. There's more to this rp than just the four of us. The more the merrier, especially when they bring in different viewpoints and ways of thinking of the current situation and different actions.

Though I do see the merits of this. It's like the difference between writing longer, more detailed posts for story, and shorter posts for action scenes. I've rped on the internet for a long time and the two styles are very different.

I personally don't mind the underage thing, but I can only admit that because this is the internet and such things are only going to be fantasy. It wouldn't do anything for me irl.

Anyway! The mascot has digressed long enough. Move to safety and sit tight to heal for a moment (yes, that's both but why not?).

a1e39 No.25889

I've seen large anonymous playerbases derail plans made by a few readers who invest a lot of time and thought into making a quest run well. It never stops being depressing :<
This is especially because I'm usually in the latter group.
Femanon, I completely understand your concerns. I've basically just reached a point where my brain ages the girls up, but only when it's convenient. I've seen some pictures on the Internet that are relevant to this topic, and it's pretty much instant boner-killer. The only exception I can think of is adult-aged Nanoha characters (season 3 and beyond.)

a1e39 No.25890

Oh, and I vote for heal. That monster has a wrecked eye now, and the PreCure to deal with. We probably won't need to dodge, so let's just focus on getting back to 100% so that we can hopefully help the Senshi.

782b6 No.26015

File: 1489535517017.jpg (50.68 KB, 640x480, Blocked Axe attack.jpg)

Blue: Sit and heal.

Neal: Sit and heal.

Ovenonymous: Crawl to safety.

Ovenonymous (who is actually Shadow): Crawl to safety.

Limits: Sit and heal.

You want to crawl to safety, but the pain in your shoulder is unbearable. The Cures should have the half-blinded monster's full attention. You hope that you'll be safe where you are. The monster rips your rose out of her eye with another bone-chilling wail. She summons another wave of papers.

The monster glares at you with her one good eye. For a moment, you fear that she'll finish the job. Fortunately, she decides that you're safely out of the fight, and focuses on the new threat. She launches the first volley of papers at the two cures. You breathe a sigh of relief and collapse against the wall. If you're going to stay exposed, you may as well have the best possible view of the battle.

You bring your left hand to your injured shoulder to pull out the paper, but you see that it has already vanished. You place the palm of your hand on the wound and focus your mind on healing yourself. Interestingly, you feel that you're using both your passive regenerative powers and active healing powers to stitch your shoulder back together. The tingling on your back is replaced with pain. You assume that your powers are focusing on healing the worse wound, and leaving the two earlier ones alone for now.

Despite facing the right direction, most of your view is blocked by the desks. You can tell that Cure Black is leading the charge, and Cure White is right behind her. The pain in your shoulder dies down as you continue healing it, but like when you were regenerating and healing Sakura at the same time, you can feel that this is draining your magic reserves quickly. Still, you should be fine for now.

Some time after the monster had fired all three volleys of papers at the girls, they come back into view. Something looks off about Cure Black, though. You watch Cure Black land a flurry of punches in the monster's gut, and then duck out of the way as Cure White follows it up with one of her patented flying spin kicks to the face. It's nice to know that the girls are learning how to attack as a team.

Cure Black comes back into view to land another series of punches on the staggered monster. That's when you realize what's off about Cure Black. She's not wearing any gloves. You're pretty sure she was wearing them when she transformed. Although you admittedly didn't get a good look at her when she was standing on Honoka's desk.

The heroine turns around after landing her punches and you see that her right shoulder pad is also missing. What is it with this monster and right shoulders? Cure Black freezes when she sees you. Your wound is already better than it was previously, but you realize that your blood has soaked through your white dress shirt, and you look like a mess. The girl gasps and asks, stunned, "What happened?"

The monster behind her raises her left arm and it starts to transform into an axe. "Dammit Black." You groan out, realizing your words are probably too quiet to reach her, "Stop taking your eyes off the enemy."

"Black!" another voice cries out. Cure Black looks to her left just in time to see Cure White force her out of the way and throw her arms up in a high cross block. White recoils from the impact of the axe-hand on her arms, but she manages to hold the block. It seems that her uniform has the same magical properties to redirect damage as Sailor Moon's does. Her elbow length white arm warmers split from just behind her wrist, to the end of the material. Then, the damaged parts separate from the undamaged portions of the arm warmer and fall off, leaving just a small bit of material, the blue heart charms, and the wrist frills. You're a little jealous. If your tuxedo behaved that way, you wouldn't be licking your wounds right now.

With Black off balance and White on the defensive, the monster regains the upper hand. She roundhouse kicks Cure Black in the back, her foot tearing a gash in the wall. She plants her right foot beside Cure White, and drives her left knee into the bluenette. The two Cures are sent flying down the walkway towards you.

You press yourself tightly against the wall, trying to get out of the way, and protecting your right shoulder from impact. You can see Cure Black's shocked and pained expression as she's flying towards you. Her feet hit the floor first and get dragged behind her, causing her to land on her knees and side the rest of the way. She lands at a slight angle near your feet, with her bare midriff on your lower legs. Her legs are closer to you, and her head is closer to the desks. You can see a chunk of her pink belt missing as well as a chunk of material from the back of her top. It seems that the damage gets spread out to the nearest piece of her uniform when an attack connects with bare skin.

Cure White is right behind her, flying backwards while doubled over from getting kneed in the stomach. Her legs get tangled with Black's, and she lands hard on her tailbone. Her head and torso snap back, and you instinctively release your right shoulder and awkwardly catch White's head with your left arm. It's not a comfortable catch, but you do keep her from hitting her head against the ground. You notice that she has a tear in the front of her gown, presumably where the monster kneed her.

The two Cures are pinning your legs in place, Cure White over your thighs, and Cure Black over your shins. While you have no quarrel with girls wanting to cuddle up with you like this in most cases, the middle of a battle isn't the appropriate time, especially since the monster has her right arm in the air and is summoning another volley of papers.

What do you do now?
>Get yourself to safety. [How?]
>Get yourself and the Cures to safety. [How?]
>Get the Cures to stand up and figure out how to dodge the papers once you're up.
>Your cape deflected one paper earlier. See if you can't use it to deflect the incoming papers.
>Pick up one of the Cures and use her as a shield. They have magical damage absorbing armor, you don't. [Which one would you use?]
>Writein [What?]

5eb36 No.26016

Goddamn botched combat rolls!

So we're pinned down under the Cures and staring down the barrel of the gun at this point. Not good.

Part of me was thinking about the cape thing, but I don't see the difference between the paper that got blocked and the ones that didn't. If we can figure that out, we might be able to go all Protect Shade with it, but again, I don't see the pattern. What about you guys?

aa281 No.26023

Honestly, hard to get a great choice for this. While not a vote for anything, what would prevent us from turning our back to the papers, (ie. So they hit us in the back), as to protect the girls? We could use our cape as well. But if I'm understanding the situation, we should protect the girls, even if its hurts us heavily.

d211a No.26027

I vote to try to use our cape as a shield for us and the cures, but this time try to actively channel magic into it. See if we can boost the deflection.

06b3f No.26031

I agree with this, but lets be judicious in how much energy we put into it. Let's not wear ourselves out just yet.

5eb36 No.26054

I agree with the idea that trying to protect the girls is definitely the "right" decision. I also agree that if we're gonna do something to protect them, it better be a smart idea that doesn't get us killed in the process. We're Tuxedo Kamen, not Shirou Emiya. As for trying to use Reinforcement on the cape… fuck it. Worst case scenario, we all die. Go for it.

782b6 No.26069

File: 1489646353408.jpg (9.89 KB, 283x213, Cape Defense.jpg)

Use the cape.

Use the cape with magic behind it.

It may not be the best idea that you've ever had, since these girls are better equipped to handle this monster's attacks than you are, but a gentleman always protects a lady, especially when the ladies in question have been kind enough to throw themselves over you. The desire to protect not withstanding, you still need something to protect them with. So far, your body hasn't exactly been the best shield around as your throbbing right shoulder would like to emphasize.

The only thing that comes to mind is that you were only hit with two papers when you protected Nagisa earlier. That means that your cape probably stopped the third one. With no better idea, you decide to use it to try to deflect the incoming papers.

You release Cure White's head, running your fingers through her blue hair and along her white gown. You yank your cape out from under you and get ready to try to intercept the incoming papers. "Get up." You order with clenched teeth. Without the healing boost from your hand, your shoulder once again flares up in pain.

As you're waiting to intercept the papers, an idea hits you. Perhaps you could channel your magic into the cape and have it function as a shield of some sort. You're not too sure exactly how to do that, but you imagine the cape being made of a fine chain mail, light and strong.

Immediately, you feel it working as your magic power surges into the cape. You quickly regulate your magic flow down to a more acceptable drain. You need to conserve your magic to heal yourself later. When the first of nine papers is close by, you throw your cape out and shake it, to drag any paper that cuts through the cape and knock it off course.

The first paper cleanly bounces off your cape and you revel in your new defensive power. You keep shaking the cape to keep it up. The next few papers likewise bounce off your cape, but each impact feels somewhat different in a hard to describe way. You quickly realize what that difference is as a paper cuts through your cape, but is deflected by your shaking of your cape. The impacts were wearing down the magical defenses.

As the Cures scramble to get off of you and on their feet, you regretfully pump more magic into the cape, but still try to keep from too much being shuffled off into defense. Of the remaining papers, you manage to block all but one. That is too far away from you and passes the edge of your cape. It hits Cure Black as she's getting up. The girl yelps, more out of shock than pain, and part of the left side of her black skirt is sliced away.

>Magical item – magical cape: You can use your magical power to temporarily turn your cape into armor.

>Magical control - level 1: You can direct your magical power into a magical item to activate it.

When the last piece of paper bounces off your cape, you lower it and take stock of the situation. The monster is running towards the three of you, ready to use her axe since her papers proved less than effective. The two Cures are standing up. Seeing the monster running in your direction, the two of them step forward to get clear of your legs, and take a combat stance.

782b6 No.26070

File: 1489646397819.webm (223.05 KB, 712x480, B_W_Thunder.webm)

You consider whether to focus on healing yourself once more, or get out of the way, but the Cures soon render that decision moot. Cure Black calls out, "Now!" and Cure White hums her agreement, "Mhmm." The two girls hold hands and lift their free hands up.

"Black Thunder!"
"White Thunder!"

782b6 No.26071

File: 1489646479383.webm (1.93 MB, 712x480, PreCure_Marble_Screw.webm)

You resume healing yourself as the room darkens and a pair of color-coded lightning bolts come down from the ceiling, striking the girls' hands. The girls take on a rainbow glow as they absorb the lightning's power and continue the chant.

"Our beautiful souls…"
"Shall crush your evil heart…"

They move their hands so they're now intertwining fingers and simultaneously call out, "PreCure Marble Screw!" They thrust their free hands forward and shoot a black and white spiral beam of death at the monster. The recoil is strong enough to push their feet back against your legs.

782b6 No.26072

File: 1489646557976.webm (498.01 KB, 640x480, Youma_Death.webm)

Resting your head against the wall, you have a good view of the monster. You watch her face as it changes from her war face, to shock, to terror, and finally to oblivion.

The spiral beam of death strikes the monster. It takes a moment to penetrate through her skin, but once it does, the monster screams. Her body then turns to dust and falls in a pile on the ground.

The two Cures turn around to face you. Cure Black stumbles over your legs, but regains her balance before she falls over. White kneels on your left side and Black crouches on your right. They both focus on your right shoulder.

"Are you alright?" White asks. She looks down out of some degree of embarrassment as she realizes that obviously you're not.

You give her a crooked smile and say, "I will be soon enough."

"You're not OK!" Black calls out forcefully. "We need to take you to a doctor!"

"Trust me," You say with a wince, "I'll heal myself up soon enough. Besides there are still more…"

You're interrupted by a strange sensation. You don't have time to wonder what it is as the color starts to disappear from the room. There's a wavefront, regular color on the far side, shades of gray on your side. The wavefront expands until it fills the whole room. Not only does the color disappear in the growing sphere's path, but so do the students.

"What happened?" Asks Cure Black in surprise.

"I don…" White starts to reply, but interrupts herself, "Where is everyone!"

The three of your are the only things still in bright color in the room. Your shoulder wound is no longer bleeding, but it's not fully healed. You can move it, but you're sure if you put too much strain on it, the wound will reopen.

What do you do?
>Tell them to stick by you while you heal up.
>Tell them there's at least one more monster across the hall from you, but this entire building feels full of evil. Have them go fight while you heal.
>Same as above, but ditch the building and find somewhere safer to heal yourself up.
>Ask if one of them could kiss it better.
>Writein [what?]

8676b No.26073

Jokingly ask them to kiss it to make it feel better before telling them to head over and aid sailor moon while we heal up. We'll join them in a second.

Best case scenario is one of them takes us up on the offer and we actually get healed from it somehow. Even if they don't, it's a lighthearted joke.

5eb36 No.26076

Looks like that fog warning's in effect. We've missed our chance to be a big hero with Ami, unfortunately, but then again if we had swooped in and saved her she probably never would've been able to henshin in the first place.

I'll agree with the joking part, but instead tell them to stick close for the time being while we heal, but slowly start trying to feel our way towards where the door once was. Shabon Spray's a fun way to get lost in the middle of a room full of cubicles, and it doesn't look like the Cures can see through it any more than we can at the moment.

ee996 No.26079


That's no Shabon Spray, that's a dimensional barrier, courtesy of either Nanoha or Yuuno! It was made to prevent collateral damage! (Because in Nanoha world, collateral damage is a way of life.)
The biggest clue in all of this is the lack of visibly obvious bubbles. And that's great, since any ongoing energy-draining should be abruptly cut off on account of the youma now being in a separate pocket dimension from any bystanders.

Jokingly ask to kiss it better, but stick by them as you heal and meet up with the Senshi/maybe also Nanoha and Yuuno.

5eb36 No.26080


*Athena's theme starts playing*

If the joke fits…

06b3f No.26087

Oooh! Ace attorney reference! I knew you guys were my people!

Also, if we can put magic into objects, I can't help but wonder if we could use this to enhance our roses for more powerful ranged attacks, and to enhance our can for stronger cane attacks. Combined with the cape armor and healing, and we are set. We just have to flex those magical muscles and make them stronger! We must grind!

I agree with jokingly asking them to kiss it better, but sticking with them as we try to make our way out of this.. whatever it is (and again I wish I have seen these anime, and not for the last time!).

f56d8 No.26088

But of course ;3

Also, we're currently in the setting of Sailor Moon Episode…8, iirc. Only, since this is a mega-crossover, we have the first two members of PreCure with us, along with Nanoha and Yuuno. Which leads to the question: *how* did the Dark Kingdom afford to make two extra copies of the same youma? They had a serious energy crisis regarding sending youma to Earth in Sailor Moon canon.

5eb36 No.26089

Well, there seems to be at least some sort of cooperation going with Jadeite and Poisony if the zombie card nonsense was any indication, though that was also partially just an edit-to-fit of the existing Precure episode, and Moe's hinted pretty hard that Zoicite's up to some serious shit going on. Given that this is an SRW take on the mahou shoujo genre, we should probably assume the Divine Crusaders are already starting to build up steam and it's just a matter of time before the Bian Zoldark shows up in his Valcion shows up to ruin our goddamn day. And that's not even getting into the Einst. I will deal with a lot of people but to hell with the Einst. Those bastards are second only to Shu on the list of Things That Make Me Run Away Screaming.

If none of that made any sense to people, too bad. Professional deadlines are a bitch to have to work with.

782b6 No.26090

Everyone wants to joke to have them kiss it better.

Neal: Cures go, you stay and heal.

Blue: Cures stick with you, but everyone moves closer to the door.

Limits: Go with the Cures across the hall.

Shadow: Same as limits.

I'll probably get this written up tomorrow. Whether I post it tomorrow or not depends on computer access.

Keep thinking along that line. You may stumble onto something.

For everyone who doesn't get what Blue posted here >>26089 you can read this LP from over on SomethingAwful. Their paywall is temporarily down.

782b6 No.26114

File: 1489883820545.png (202.11 KB, 681x485, Mist.png)

Keeping the healing energy flowing, you pick yourself up, sliding up against the wall for support. "There's still at least one more monster across the hall." You inform them. "Maybe we can figure out what happened to the other students there. Besides, this didn't happen when I defeated another monster downstairs."

"Another one!" Cure Black exclaims, "How many are there here?"

"Lots." You answer, "The entire building is full of an evil energy."

"Then you shouldn't leave here until it's safe." Cure White says, the concern visible in her eyes.

"I appreciate the concern," You reply with a smile. Teasingly you add, "but if you're that worried about a little cut, you can always kiss it to make it better."

That seems to have shut them both up as they both look away in embarrassment. For a moment you wonder if it was their first kiss earlier. It's not a very romantic way for them to have had one if it was. You continue healing the muscles underneath the now closed wound with your left hand, and use your right for some extra support against the wall. "Let's go," You order, and walk towards the door at your normal walking pace. Each time you take a step, your shoulder has a burst of pain from the telegraphed vibration, but it hurts a little bit less each time.

You're tempted to look behind you to see what the Cures are doing, but with the wound, you feel the need to present a strong image to the girls. The point is soon rendered moot as they soon run in front of you and lead the way. You follow them out into the hallway and immediately see a thick greenish fog billowing out of the classroom across the hall.

You can hear fighting going on inside the classroom. It sounds like an all out brawl, not just Sailor Moon running and screaming like earlier. You're not sure if that's better or worse. As if on queue, you hear an ear piercing wail, followed by the sound of shattering glass.

The two Cures cover their ears. You don't have that luxury. When the shriek dies down, Cure Black shouts, "What was that?"

Despite your ringing ears, you answer, "That was Sailor Moon. She's on our side… Probably."

Cure Black looks at you as if she wants to ask you something, but you shake your head and cut her off. The three of you edge forward through the surreal grayscale hallway and reach the door. The fog is very thick, and visibility is very short. You can see just far enough inside to see that this room is the mirror to the one on the other side. The door is near the back of the class, and the front is to the right. You can head forward or to the right. As you're thinking what to do, you hear a rush of papers, a loud thud, and Sailor Moon's unmistakable whining from straight ahead of you. From somewhere more to the right, you hear the scampering of paws and at least two female voices.

How do you enter?
>Rush in
>Go in cautiously.
>Don't enter at all.
>Writein [what?]

If you enter, where do you go?
>Run over the desks to go diagonally.
>Writein [what?]

How about the Cures?
>Tell them to stay by the doors.
>Have them go with you.
>Have them go in one of the other directions [Which one?]
>Writein [what?]

Any other actions to take before or after entering?
>Writein [what?]

5eb36 No.26118

Oh wow, this sounds like it's gotten fun on us. Okay, let's see… Given that we still really can't see too well around us at this point, I'm gonna say go cautiously, to the right, telling the Cures to stay close. Just because we're a more hands-on Tuxedo Kamen doesn't mean his bread and butter isn't still gathering intel before jumping in.

a1e39 No.26121

Glad to see you've considered the implications of smashing universes like a physicist would smash atoms. That's one of many things that justifies my continuing participation.

>greenish fog that reduces visibility that intensely
See, Blue? *That* is the Shabon Spray effect. I'm assuming the two female voices are Ami and Luna, then.
Hmm…The more I examine the situation, the more it seems like Usagi's at a "not quite hurt, but now would be a good time for Tuxedo Mask" moment (despite how certain I am that Tuxedo Mask wasn't even *in* Episode 8…)
Therefore, I'm actually going to vote for pretty much the exact opposite of Blue: rush in (taking *some* care to refrain from running into desks), go towards the sound of Sailor Moon's voice, and tell the Cures to meet up with…The paranoid talking cat…OK, yeah, that part's a terrible idea. Have them stick close. My overall plan is to dashingly whisk Sailor Moon out of danger at the last moment, regroup with everyone else, and then go from there. Two frontliners (the Cures), a mid (Tuxedo Mask), two backline magical artillery (the Senshi), and a cat. You do the math.

5eb36 No.26122

>(despite how certain I am that Tuxedo Mask wasn't even *in* Episode 8…)

He's not. OTL's meaningless at this point, but if it were still in effect at this point, the Shabon Spray would immediately be followed by Usagi (Who can see through the fog through whatever hax they give the girls for this) just jumping up and throwing the tiara. No Kamen whatsoever.

06b3f No.26124

We're injured and recovering, and while the cures are powerful, they lack experience.

I say we enter cautiously, and have the Cures keep close to us. But we'll go straight to see if we can find Sailor Moon, who is apparently in distress.

1d70f No.26125

I'll go with cautiously going straight, while telling the cures to stick with me.

ccad9 No.26129

I am casting my vote for Blue's course of action. We are still mostly human, and whilst we are operating under magical girl rules, the girls are the ones with the hardcore plot armor, not us, and even then Moe is playing these villians as actually somewhat competent. Caution may lead to less seduction, by being a sexy corpse is not likely to get us laid. Just mourned.

f47f2 No.26130

>Sailor Moon, who is apparently in distress.
No need to repeat yourself. :-D

a1e39 No.26141

Aww, I'm the only one with faith in the swag :P
But anyway. I'd like to propose the addendum to my vote that, should the Cures still get separated, *then* they can head towards Ami's and Luna's voices.

5eb36 No.26147

I see what you did there. XD

782b6 No.26161

File: 1489996172522.jpg (69.5 KB, 1280x720, Shadowy attacker.jpg)

Blue: Cautious right. Cures stay close.

Limits: Run straight. Cures stay close, unless they get separated, then go right.

Shadow: Cautious forward. Cures stay close.

Neal: Cautious forward. Cures stay close.

Bun: Cautious right. Cures stay close.

Four votes for cautious, three votes for straight, four votes for Cures sticking close.

Hopefully the scampering paws to the right belong to Luna. You're not sure who the voices to the right belong to. They don't sound familiar, but they don't seem aggressive any more either. That simplifies your thinking. You'll go straight.

"We go in cautiously." You tell the Cures. "We'll stick to the back wall. Stay right behind me so we don't get separated."

"No." Replies Cure Black, "You're injured. You stay behind us."

"Alright." You reluctantly agree. This doesn't sit right with you, but the two of them together are blocking your way forward. Unless you want to overpower them, you have to follow them.

The three of you enter the classroom, and take a step left to reach the back wall. The two Cures walk in front of you holding hands. Cure White is on the left, and has her left hand against the back wall. Cure Black is on the right and touches the back row of computer stations as you pass by. You stand behind their linked hands, allowing you to see forward as best you can. You glance behind you every once in a while to make sure nothing sneaks up on you from behind.

In front of you, a voice that unmistakably belongs to Sailor Moon complains, "No, I can't move!"

Another, deeper, but still female, voice shouts, "There!" You hear footsteps from somewhere farther forward and to the right as the owner of that voice starts to run.

"Move it!" You order the girls. They waste precious moments looking at each other, then at you. "Go!" You prod them once more, and they break into a run.

You're one step behind them, and even that short distance is enough to start to obscure them somewhat. In front of you, you see a running figure come to a stop in front of where you assume the back wall is. "Haaaaa!" the figure shouts and thrust an arm into the wall.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Sailor Moon's cry of pain echoes back.

You're just a few short steps away from the action. The two Cures will beat you there by a little. You hope it doesn't need to be said, but more information never hurt anyone. "Crying blonde girl is on our side!" You call out.

"Right!" Black replies. She then tackles the shadowy figure that had just attacked Sailor Moon. The two of them tumble farther down the back of the classroom. Cure White runs right after them. That leaves you alone with Sailor Moon.

782b6 No.26162

File: 1489996216577.jpg (78.83 KB, 1280x720, Injured Sailor Moon.jpg)

You see that the girl is secured against the wall by numerous sheets of paper. She should consider herself lucky. If those had been the sharp papers that the monsters were throwing earlier, you don't think her magical uniform would have been able to withstand that barrage.

782b6 No.26163

File: 1489996242520.png (2.72 MB, 1364x2058, Reference.png)

The papers that you assume had been covering her midsection are gone, presumably blown away by the shadowy figure's attack. Her uniform also has a large elliptical hole in it, taller than it is wide. The bottom end of the oval is blunted by the thicker material where her leotard meets her skirt. The edges of the fabric also appear to be smoldering with an eerie green glow.

You're almost in front of Sailor Moon, but she hasn't seen you yet because she's crying and her eyes are closed. You see that there's a gap in the computer stations here, creating another walkway down the middle of the classroom. From straight ahead you hear the same deep female voice from earlier, "Ugh, more meddlers! Youma!"

What do you do?
>Pull the papers off of Sailor Moon until you can pull her off.
>Figure out some flashy way of getting Sailor Moon down. [what?]
>Chase after the Cures, Sailor Moon will be fine.
>Go to the right down the middle of the classroom and see what's there.
>Backtrack to the door.
>Backtrack, and then go right to the female voices from earlier.
>Writein [what?]

9d61b No.26166

Hmm. Unless someone has a flashy was of getting the papers off, I'll go with pulling them off while keeping an ear out for the Youma sneaking up on us.

06b3f No.26168

Hmm… the time saved might be worth the energy to try something fancy. I'd be curious to see if a touch of magic into the end of our cane would let us cut her down.

5eb36 No.26169

I'm more for trying this and falling back on pulling them off if that doesn't work, but the thing we absolutely NEED to do before that? Put our hand over Usagi's mouth and tell her to BE QUIET while we do it, or else she'll see us and shout our name so loud they'll hear it from whatever gap dimension the buses drove into.

a50e5 No.26172

Seems reasonable though I'm worried that it might hurt Sailor Moon's feeling.

5eb36 No.26175

Well, we don't have to be rude about it. A simple "Shhh" and tell her we're here to save her but be quiet will work. I'm just legit worried that if we just start busting her loose she'll realize it's us and squee loud enough to draw attention.

d0c53 No.26196

I agree with Blue. Again. The last thing we want is for the youma to hit us with a bunch of papers in the back because Sailor Moon yelled. We wouod end up pinned to her, crushed uncomfortably down with our body in intimate contact with hers.

Actually, count this as a vote for just peeeling the paper off her. Doesn't really matter if she screams.

af316 No.26202

You see, anon, Blue has good ideas, along with a tendency to post first (or at least early.) The rest of us, being fairly intelligent ourselves, realize that Blue usually just says what we would say if we had the opportunity.
In light of that, I'm going with what Shadow said :P For my flashy method of choice, maybe magically reinforce a rose, and just use it to either cut or stab at the paper like with an ice pick (if stabbing, nothing that would hurt Usagi.) If that fails, yeah, then we need to tear them off individually.

And yes, I also agree that we need to keep Usagi from freaking out. Her magical sonic amplifiers are almost as much of a hindrance to her allies as they are to the youma.

782b6 No.26222

File: 1490237480724.jpg (58.28 KB, 640x480, Extending Cane.jpg)

Shadow, Blue, Neal: Shush her, try to use the cane, fall back to peeling papers off.

Limits: Same as above, but try to use the roses.

Bun: Peel papers off, let her squeal if she wants to and maybe get pinned on top of her, pressed closely against her.

It may be a bit of a blow to your masculine pride, but the Cures don't need your help. They were able to deal with the monster from earlier. Was that the Youma that the monster here called for? You can't sense anything now since your sensing powers are overwhelemed by being so close to this trapped blonde heroine, but you know that there were more evil entities in this building. If this was the boss monster and she was calling for backup, getting another heroine back into the fight is the best course of action.

You come to a halt in front of the crying girl. She doesn't notice you until you place your right index finger over her lips and say, "Shhhhhh."

She sniffs a few times. Unable to wipe the tears from her own eyes, it takes a moment for her to be able to focus on you. Once she does so, her entire face brightens up and she starts to call out, "Tu…"

You twist your hand cover her mouth, cutting her off. "Shhh, we don't want the monster to find you again." You tell her. Your shoulder doesn't complain too badly on the sudden movement. That means you can start worrying more about the fight, and not about healing yourself. While you certainly wouldn't mind being hit by these sticky papers and being stuck intimately close to this girl, the monster's inevitable followup attack makes that proposition far less attractive. Besides, when you claim this girl as yours, it's going to be on your terms, not because some monster threw an oversized spitball at the two of you.

There are a lot of papers holding Sailor Moon in place. You could tear them off one by one, but ideally you'd like a faster way of tearing them. A thought hits you, if you could pump your magic into your cape to turn it into armor, perhaps you could do the same with your cane. You pull out your cane with your left hand, finding the motions unusual and slightly uncomfortable. Focusing on your inner stores of magic, you force some into the cane to see if anything happens.

Sure enough, it does. The tip of the cane extends and hits the wall. Sailor Moon "eep"s into your hand from the sound of the impact. You cut your flow of magic into the cane, and it contracts back to its normal size. Good to know that you can do this, but it won't help you with freeing the girl.

>Magical item - magical cane: You can use your magical power to extend your cane.

You take your hand off of Moon's mouth and put your cane back in its place. That leaves you back to square one.

What do you do?
>Try pumping you magic into your roses and see if that will help.
>Stop fooling around and just rip the papers off the wall.
>Writein [what?]

782b6 No.26223

This is actually less than half of what I had written for the next post. Then Limits mentioned empowering the rose, and a sense of fair play (don't worry, I'm working on getting rid of it) compelled me to give you the opportunity to try it.

5eb36 No.26224

Interesting. That doesn't help us here, but I can definitely see us making use of that in the future. It probably has a range limitation, or at the very least I doubt we'd be able to extend it quite as fast as we could throw a rose to that spot, but it's definitely got a surprise element we can use. I'm thinking of it as a Charge Shot compared to the rose being our Missiles. Now we just need to find some Super Missiles.

I'm all for experimentation, but we should probably save it for a moment when Sailor Moon isn't watching our every move. We probably looked a little foolish just now as it is, but one instance is easily ignored. I'm worried that something heard the impact just now and is going to come our way. I'm gonna vote for just ripping the papers off, but try to be either reasonably quiet or really quick about it.

980c7 No.26225

Well, the roses seem to act like darts, so I'm not sure if they'd cut like daggers, but it might be worth a try if everyone else is interested.

Otherwise I'm voting to stop fooling around and try to tear the papers off.

980c7 No.26227

You'd be surprised. I remember Tuxedo getting some hella good range on that cane of his in the original anime.

06b3f No.26231

Hmm… Charge Shot cane, Missile roses, I guess that makes our cape the Varia Suit. Now we need to keep an eye out for a Chozo statue to get the Grapple Beam.

Kidding and nerd jokes aside, my idea didn't quite work as planned, so let's do this the manual way.

5be93 No.26233

Considering your comment in your next post, I wonder which option I'll vote for?
Oh yeah. ROSE (because seriously, those things can punch through some seriously hard materials. Granted, we just have to use it like an ice-pick, and be very careful. No stabbing our cute blonde bunny.)

Just according to keikaku :3

Correct! It's practically the Ruyi Jingu Bang for classy gentlemen. That is to say, the Compliant Rod, a weapon that Sun Wukong uses in "Journey to the West" that can change its length at will.
Tuxedo Mask uses it to smack a Rainbow Crystal clean out of Zoicite's hand at one point in the anime.

782b6 No.26261

File: 1490331049936.png (863.95 KB, 1280x720, Hand on butt.png)

Blue, Neal, Shadow: Rip papers off.

Limits: Try the rose.

Seeing as how both your cape and your cane can be magically enhanced, you consider doing the same with your roses. However, you quickly decide against it. Two failed attempts to get Sailor Moon free might break your aura of mystique. However, you make a mental note to try it out when you're not under pressure.

You decide to free her by hand. "I'll get you out of this," You promise, and you start tearing away the papers covering her right arm. It doesn't take long to do so, then you start on her left arm.

Sailor Moon starts picking away at individual papers, helping you free her. Her other arm doesn't take much longer to free. You move on to her torso, but you realize that if you try peeling off all the papers, it will take too long. Instead, you focus your efforts on tearing through them in such a way as to separate the papers sticking to Sailor Moon from those sticking to the wall.

As you work, you listen to what's going on. Off to the right, somewhere near the far wall of the classroom, you can hear the sounds of the Cures fighting the monster from earlier. Behind and to your left, you hear an indistinct conversation, punctuated by a young girl's voice saying "Right!" and running in the direction of the door.

You look to your left to see if you can make out the runner. You aren't able to, but you do notice that the fog appears to be getting thinner, and clearly moving towards the right, towards the outside wall.

The owner of the girl's voice from earlier closes the classroom door and calls out, "There's a bunch of red skinned monsters in the hallway!"

Dammit! Reinforcements. You see that Sailor Moon is hanging much more loosely from the wall now. You figure that's enough prepwork. You step up to the blonde girl and get your arms behind her. You lower your left hand to cup her bum and place your right on her shoulder blade.

Sailor Moon gasps as your hand reaches her ass. She looks at you with her mouth open, but you tell her, "Keep still, I'll pull you free." You hold her tightly against you, press your feet against the wall, and pull her. You strain against the sticky paper holding her in place, trying to pull with you left arm, and only use your right for support. Soon, you hear the paper start to tear, and you move one foot back to not fall over.

The papers finally give way and you pull Sailor Moon free from her restraints. You have the blonde girl in your arms. Her cheek is nuzzled against your chest, and she's looking up at you with adoration in her eyes.

You want this moment to last forever. Something deep within you yearns for this, even through you know that you should be fighting now. Her breasts feel nice pressing against you, and her butt is softer than Nagisa's was. It's by no means fat, but it's clear that she doesn't work out nearly as much as the tomboy. Although you probably could have guessed that from hair length alone.

You hear a familiar boy's voice call out, "Stay close." That's followed by the sound of footsteps. More accurately, two sets of footsteps, and pawsteps. You quickly realize why that voice was familiar. It's ferret-bro from downstairs.

The direction that the footsteps seem to be going means that they'll pass behind you. If the fog was as thick as it had been a short while ago, they wouldn't have been able to see you. But with the way that it's thinning out, there's a good chance that they'll spot you, or at least see your outline in the fog.

What do you do?
>Take Sailor Moon and head out into the hallway for some alone time.
>Keep the embrace going until you're interrupted.
>Let go of Sailor Moon, but stay here.
>Let go of Sailor Moon and you (or both of you) head towards the approaching footsteps.
>Let go of Sailor Moon and you (or both of you) head towards the Cures to help them fight.
>Call out to the approaching people and ferret. [what do you say, and do you let go of Sailor Moon?]
>Writein [what?]

If you don't have Sailor Moon stick with you, what do you tell her to do?
>Writein [what?]

980c7 No.26264

I really really want to go with alone time, but I'm pretty sure we'd get attacked. Unless you guys think we can pull it off?

Anyways, barring some brilliance from my compatriots, I'll go with Having Sailor Moon and Tuxedo try to meet up with the approaching Nanoha and Yuuno while calling out his name so he knows it's us getting close. Don't want to get blasted with friendship lasers accidentally.

Once we meet up, we try to connect with the Cures.

27a58 No.26271

I'm gonna go with this one. The if we can link up and get everyone on the same page, we can get some serious firepower going. We've got Gundam, so now let's group up with Mazinger and Getter Robo.

782b6 No.26273

Blue's on vacation. That either means that he'll be posting more frequently (not sure if that's possible) or much less frequently and giving other people time to be first.

Also, Sailor Moon is not Gundam (although she might be Nobel Gundam). Nanoha (the white devil) is obviously Gundam (also the white devil).

ebbed No.26274

Depends on how you see it. Aesthetically, Nanoha is definitely like a Gundam. Thematically, though, aren't Gundam usually more "Real" robots? If Nanoha doesn't fall more on the "Super" side, I don't know what would. And the older she gets, the more true this becomes: by the time she's 25 and doing experimental weapons testing in some sort of joint government/private sector project, she's basically a walking fortress. Heck, her new weapons system is literally called "Fortress" (don't worry, Raising Heart is still there. It's just in a standalone form that allows it to reposition itself for getting better shooting angles while more effectively synergizing with the rest of Fortress.)

06b3f No.26277

*chuckles* 'Ferret-bro.' I love it.

I'll agree with this, but I would like to add that before we let her go, let's give her a quick playful wink, a smile, and a soft whisper of 'Another time', so she has more to look forward to.

980c7 No.26282

Yeah, I can agree with that.

782b6 No.26305

File: 1490490086743.jpg (50.68 KB, 640x480, Mercury in fog.jpg)

Meetup with this group, then go to assist the Cures.

With a smile, you wink at Sailor Moon and regretfully take your hand off her fine ass. With implications of further fun heavy in the air, you whisper, "Another time. We need to meet up with the others." You attempt to step away from her, but the sticky papers are keeping the two of you together. You hold the blonde girl at her waist and forcefully separate her from you, leaving some papers stuck to your coat. You glance at them, but decide to worry about it later.

Speaking loudly enough to be heard by the approaching people, but hopefully not by the monster that's fighting the Cures, you call out, "Ferret-bro. This way."

The ferret replies, "Right!" To his companions he ads, "Let's go." You head towards the voice and approaching footsteps, and you hear them coming towards you. You see two figures in the fog, so you wave to them so they know you're friendly. They run up to you, and you realize that you've never met either of them, although the younger girl resembles the girl from downstairs.

The older of the two figures is a bluenette in a sailor outfit like Sailor Moon's, but with a blue theme, and no sleeves on her top. Also, her left elbow length glove has a hole over her left forearm. Her blue hair is cut short, contrasting with Cure White's slightly darker and much longer hair.

782b6 No.26306

File: 1490490124986.png (400.38 KB, 432x441, Nanoha in fog.png)

The younger girl appears to be about Sakura's age and has a similar shade of brown hair. You're pretty sure that this is the girl from downstairs, Nanoha. Her white and blue outfit resembles the school uniform she was wearing earlier, but somewhat bulkier, and parts of it are wet. There are gems on her blue cuffs and around the hem of her dress. Her hipguard and shoe buckles appear to be made of metal, you assume for extra protection. She's also holding a white staff with pink ends, and a gold crescent on top with a red orb suspended in the opening.

"Mercury!" Sailor Moon calls out.

"Sailor Moon!" She replies. "Weren't you fighting that Youma?"

782b6 No.26307

File: 1490490180842.gif (527.19 KB, 480x370, Embarrassed laugh.gif)

>Pretend she's transformed in this gif.

The blonde girl next to you scratches her hair and laughs to cover her embarrassment, "Eh he he… You see… She got away."

Luna jumps onto the wall of one of the computer stations to your right and criticizes, "Sailor Moon, you need to treat these battles as serious matters."

"You don't have to be so mean." Sailor Moon replies, dejected, while Mercury giggles at the conversation.

782b6 No.26308

File: 1490490259772.jpg (46.63 KB, 360x360, Yuuno.jpg)

"Where's Ferret-bro?" You ask.

"Right here." He replies, standing on the wall of a computer station to your left. His face is covered in scratches, but he appears to be otherwise OK. "Nanoha. He helped me defeat the monster when you were passed out earlier."

The younger girl bows and says, "I'm Takamachi Nanoha. What's your name?"

How do you reply?
>No time for introductions. We need to help the Cures fight the monster. Then we can worry about introductions.
>Quick answer, then steer the conversation towards fighting the monster. [Do you say Tuxedo Kamen, or something else?]
>Introductions all around. If we're going to fight together, we need to get to know each other a little bit.
>Writein [what?]

If you select option 3, introductions all around, you will open up freeform conversation. Like last time, write down any topics you want to bring up. It can be an actual sentence to ask verbatim, or just the topic and I'll flesh out the details.

782b6 No.26309

Key detail I forgot to add. Her outfit is wet, but not completely soaked.

fc6c4 No.26318

Short introduction and steer the convo towards the youma issue, starting with (because we don't know) the issue of the fog and meeting up with the Cures. Luna in the group means any sort of flirting won't fly, and unlike the Cures who are partners and might not react so much to group flirting, trying a group thing with two Senshi and Nanoha will go poorly. Moon's gonna have to be taught to share her Tuxedo Kamen-sama.

Plus, honestly, we just don't have time. It's at least the youma type from this episode plus an actual commander running this show, and the Cures might need backup.

980c7 No.26325

Yeah, pretty much what I was thinking. Short introduction while introducing ourselves as Tuxedo Kamen and then guiding them towards helping the Cures.

e63dd No.26341

This may sound like a cop-out answer, but thinking through it, I think Blue has the right idea again. Honestly, if I had gotten to post sooner, I would've posted a similar vote.

782b6 No.26343

File: 1490589698261.jpg (78.41 KB, 1280x720, The face of a leader.jpg)

Keep it brief, tell the truth, focus on combat.

"I am Tuxedo Kamen." You inform the two girls and ferret that don't yet know you. "We can get to know each other later. For now, we must assist Cures Black and White with fighting that monster." You point in the direction of the thicker fog. It sounds like there's more stumbling happening than fighting, but that's besides the point. An unlucky hit against one of the Cures could be unfortunate. "Speaking of which," you continue, "What's up with this fog?"

"I- um." Mercury starts to say, but stops when everyone's eyes turn to her.

Sailor Moon chimes in and answers for her, "Ami made the mist to hide me from the youma, but then we got lost in it."

Mercury, probably Sailor Mercury since her outfit matches Sailor Moon's, real name Ami. You make a mental note of that. She mumbles something that you can barely make out, "And then we had an accident, but I'm getting rid of it as fast as I can."

"Alright. Here's the plan."

What's the plan?
>Everyone runs in there and kicks ass.
>Call out to have the Cures retreat and gang up on the monster when it gets out of the fog.
>Split the team up, some go to fight the monster, some go to the hallway. [Who goes where, and what strategy.]
>Come up with your own strategy. [See below]

Your available forces:
You: Armed with throwing roses and an extendable cane. Armored with a magic cape.
Sailor Moon: Armed with tiara and glass-shattering crying. Armored with magical uniform.
Sailor(?) Mercury: Assumed to be armored with magical uniform. Can produce fog (as well as control and dispel it to a certain degree).
Luna: Can talk.
Ferret-bro: Can produce shields and bind targets in place with magical chains.
Nanoha: Combat abilities unknown. Assumed to be armored with magical uniform, since she's transformed. Has a staff.

Your semi-available forces.
Cures Black and White: Currently in the fog fighting the youma. You call out to them, but distracting them with detailed orders isn't a smart idea. Armed with hand to hand combat abilities (Black: punches, White: kicks and Judo), and Marble Screw. Armored with magical uniform. Rainbow Therapy can restore brainwashed individuals.

980c7 No.26347

Not sure too much about this, but have Mercury part the following rather then dispel it. That should be simpler to do hopefully.

While we know Nanoha's specialty is Frickin (friendship) laser beams, Tuxedo doesn't know so we should ask her.

Beside that, the main plan is for us to tell the Cures to fall back, have Mercury to part the mist in the general direction of the monster, Yuuno cast chain bind, then Moon and Nanoha nuke the sunnovabitch.

06b3f No.26350

I agree with this. Though we should keep Moon and the Cures on backup in case the youma doesn't get bound easily.

782b6 No.26351

>part the following
Is that supposed to be "fog" and it got autocorrected to "following?"

980c7 No.26352

Yeah, it got autocorrected when I was using my phone for some reason. We'll try to have her part the fog/mist rather then just remove it.

fc6c4 No.26353

I don't really see a problem with this.

782b6 No.26358

File: 1490752699788.jpg (63.24 KB, 1280x720, Bandeau.jpg)

Part the fog, Cures retreat, Yuuno uses chain bind, then blast the youma.

"Alright, here's the plan." You say, "I'll tell Cure Black and Cure White to fall back. Mercury, instead of dispelling the fog, part it so we have a good line of attack. Ferret-bro…"

"Yuuno!" The ferret interrupts, "My name is Yuuno."

"Yuuno," you correct yourself, "Use those chains like last time to immobilize her. Then we fire everything we have at her. Got it?" You get a nod of approval from everyone. Luna's nod is rather reluctant, Yuuno's is enthusiastic and accompanied by a fist pump and a "Yeah!" You order, "Do it, Mercury."

Mercury turns to face the outside wall and scans back and forth for a moment. She points to a spot about two-thirds of the way to the back of the classroom, "There!" She closes her eyes and focuses. The receding fog starts to part.

You turn to the blonde girl at your side. You stroke her back and whisper, "Get your tiara ready Sailor Moon." As you turn back to face where the monster is more or less, you see Luna staring daggers at you. Oh well. You'll win her over some day. Out of the corner of your eye, you see that the blonde heroine has her tiara in hand, ready for action.

782b6 No.26359

File: 1490752762621.png (969.68 KB, 717x1000, Cures running.png)

Sailor Mercury is able to part the fog faster than she could dispel it, and the outlines of the monster and the Cures are soon visible. As the fog thins, the fighting starts to intensify. That's your signal to call out to them. "White! Black!" You shout in a commanding tone, "Fall back! We have bigger problems!" Not exactly true, but you hope that it will give them incentive not to argue. One of the girls stops and is unsure what do do. Based on the shorter skirt, you figure it's Cure Black. Fortunately, she's aware enough of her surroundings to block another attack. "Now!" You add.

The other Cure gets behind the monster and punches it in the back several times. That confuses you since you were expecting a kick from the second girl. "Come on!" The second girl calls out. The voice is clearly that of Cure Black. She takes the first girl by the hand and runs between a row of computer desks, in your general direction.

The monster raises an arm and you know what's coming next. It seems that you and Yuuno's thoughts are both in sync on the matter. You pull out a rose and he summons a magic circle. As the monster starts summoning papers above her hand, you throw your rose at the monster's center of mass, and the ferret launches four chains from the magical circle.

Your rose hits true and the monster screams in pain. Three of Yuuno's chains find their marks, binding both of the monster's thighs and the wrist of her outstretched right hand. Her other hand is still obscured against her torso, and the chain hits her torso and falls to the ground.

The monster struggles to fire off the papers, but the ferret's chains hold for now. While Yuuno retracts the chain that missed back into his magic circle, the monster, no, the youma raises her left arm to take control of her summoned papers. Her long sharp nails are visible through the clearing mist. She flicks the first volley of three papers after the retreating girls. Before she's able to fire a second volley, Yuuno's second shot of the last chain wraps around her left wrist and prevents her from following through with her next attack.

Luna orders, "Now use the tiara, Sailor Moon!"

782b6 No.26360

File: 1490752799339.png (38.93 KB, 150x112, White's panties.png)

Your attention is split between four targets: The approaching Cures two rows to your left, the three sheets of paper thrown at them by the youma, the bound youma, and Sailor Moon.

The youma starts grunting and you can sense a pusating evil energy coming from her despite Sailor Moon's presence obfuscating your sensing powers.

To your left, you hear Cure White cry out and stumble as one of the papers hits her in the back. Black catches her and the two of them make it to the middle walkway. As soon as they're clear, Black veers right. Still holding hands, Black's motion swings White in a half-cirle and the bluenette lands next to the ginger-haired girl against the sidewall of a desk. You can see now why you confused the two girls in the fog. White's gown is normally longer than Black's wraparound skirt. Currently though, White's gown is shorter. Cure Black's skirt is just a scrap of fabric so short that she has a pair of bike shorts underneath to protect her modesty. White doesn't have that and so her white panties with blue polka dots are visible to your gaze.

782b6 No.26361

File: 1490752826109.png (589 KB, 750x619, White and Black hiding wit….png)

You quickly look them over for more damage. Both of Black's shoulder pads are missing, as are her gloves. You remember her uniform to be damaged in the back, but you can't see that when her back is against the wall. Cure White has all but a small bit of her arm warmers gone, as well as one of her leg warmers. You can also see a big hole in her gown where the paper hit her in the back. Of course, all of that is in addition to her gown being much shorter now than it had been previously.

782b6 No.26362

File: 1490752897412.jpg (102.01 KB, 1280x720, Orbiting papers.jpg)

To your right, Sailor Moon holds her tiara up and shouts, "Moon Tiara…"

You step out of her way to clear the firing lane and look back at the youma. Although she's unable to launch the papers with her wrists bound, she's summoning more and more papers and causing them to orbit her in three distinct rings.


You see the glowing and spinning golden tiara flash by you as Sailor Moon throws it at the youma. As it flies, you realize that it's really more of a bandeau than a proper tiara. You don't have time to wonder where that bit of knowledge came from as Sailor Moon's attack reaches the youma. It hits one of the orbiting papers and is deflected slightly, but not enough to miss the gray-green skinned monster.

782b6 No.26363

File: 1490752931912.jpg (53.98 KB, 1280x720, Cut in half.jpg)

The golden band slices the monster in two, leaving just a pile of ash on the floor. With the fog parting, you can see that the window behind the monster is shattered, presumably from Sailor Moon's scream earlier.

782b6 No.26364

File: 1490752962178.png (220.61 KB, 367x657, outside.png)

It's already late evening and the outside world is tinged red from the setting sun. The burst of color takes you by surprise after all the time that you spent in the oddly desaturated environment.

Yuuno dispells the chains and the magic circle. Mercury does something with her hands and the fog once more starts to recede.

What do you do now?
>Congratulate Sailor Moon and/or Yuuno.
>Check on the Cures.
>Check the hallway to see if the red-skinned youmas are still there.
>Have everyone properly introduce themselves.
>Check if the kids are back.
>Dramatic exit (jump out the window) [any parting words?]
>Writein [what?]

f9c79 No.26366

>oddly desaturated environment
Yeah, the kids (read: other students) are back. The question now becomes: do we want Tuxedo Mask to be kind of a jerk and disregard their sudden reappearance? It wouldn't necessarily be out of character for him; remember that his driving motivation, more than saving lives and protecting people during this early part of the season, is finding the Ginzuishou. And due to the type of quest that this is, he has another as well: getting the girls.
On a side note, I'm a bit surprised how, from a Watsonian (in-story) perspective, Nanoha did absolute bupkus aside from possibly putting up the dimensional barrier (it's not particularly hard to do if you have a Device.) From a Doylist (OoC) perspective, though, it makes perfect sense: Nanoha is an A, maybe A+ rank mage at this point. That's better than almost all trained soldiers in a technologically super-advanced, world-spanning military. *AND SHE'S NINE YEARS OLD.* Compare that to the bumbling ditz, the just-got-her-powers wallflower, and the Cures (who have *metric shittons* of potential, and are defensively tough and strong up close, but they still have some growing to do.) In SRW terms, Nanoha is comparable to the Grungust Type-0, or any other similarly OP mech.
But I digress. There's so much that needs to be covered, but with the dimensional barrier being taken down, there's a very limited time to do it before random bystanding students wonder what's up with the shiny cosplay parade in their classroom. Normally, a change in venue would be a good way to fix that, but the Cures don't look like they're at 100% right this second. If character growth is all comparable, Nanoha might have Flier Fin by now, but we wouldn't know to mention, "Hey overpowered girl who sat there and stared at the rest of us, can you airlift the two semi-wounded girls out of here so we can all exchange names and numbers?"
So, I'm going to vote to check on the Cures. If their condition is good enough, then Tuxedo Mask needs to tell everyone to make tracks and regroup somewhere less visible to the public in a few minutes. *Then* we can do introductions, congratulate Usagi and Yuuno, the whole nine yards. Another possibility is mysterious vanishing. That option will probably always do what it's intended to do. However! Getting a whole group of girls to stare at Tuxedo Mask lovingly as he turns swag to maximum for a short time could have *very* unpredictable effects among group dynamics. So that's why I'm sticking with my previous vote.

5eb36 No.26367

Yeah, I'm up for introductions to at least a small extent, but somewhere we can control the pace of things without worrying about letting the masquerade slip. Let's make sure the Cures are able to move first, and then beat feet to the roof or something.

And I almost wanted to argue equating Nanoha with the Type-0, but then I remembered this is first season Nanoha and will let it go. She's definitely closer to Dygenguard once she gets going. Just replace the Zankantou with giant lasers. And now I want to see Nanoha swinging around a Zankantou goddammit.

Also, yes, I may have just immediately played logic of association and equated Fate with Aussenseiter, because that kind of dodge hax really is her speed anyway, and also because I could totally see her busting in with Trombe! playing while she does.

782b6 No.26368

Something I realize I should clarify. The inside of the Crystal Seminar still has the strange desaturation effect. However, through the broken window, you can see the edge of the effect. On the far side of that dividing surface are the warm tones of sunset.

If that changes your actions, please edit your votes accordingly.

Or perhaps you just want to see Nanoha riding Fate, like Tatsumaki Zankantou:

Although since they're both girls, perhaps Royal Heartbreaker would be more appropriate:

Or, maybe some strange mixture (ideally, the exact opposite of this video).

06b3f No.26369

I agree with checking on the Cures and relocating. Hopefully we can get a moment of niceties before we have to part ways.

5eb36 No.26372

>Or perhaps you just want to see Nanoha riding Fate, like Tatsumaki Zankantou:

This thought crossed my mind long before you said anything, trust me.

ee996 No.26376

Oh, the dimensional barrier is still working. That's not really how it worked in Nanoha iirc, but I'll let it slide for plot convenience.
Anyway, if it's still up, then we don't need to leave just yet. This only changes my vote a little bit, though: it goes from "Check on Cures, relocate, do introductions" to "Check on Cures, do introductions in a suitably suave manner, relocate by yourself unless a good opportunity arises." It probably won't because of Luna, but oh well. If she interferes, then we just need to leave this gaggle of girls wanting more.

>that last YouTube clip

Dammit Moe. I'm going to very forcibly change that subject by asking how you would stat these girls if this *was* an SRW game. I'm not necessarily expecting complete answers because that's all pretty much OoC info, but it would be nice.

7bb5b No.26384

I'll follow this plan, with the added bonus of praising everyone involved before we check on the Cures. It shouldn't be hard to spare a few moments to say "Well done Everyone."

5eb36 No.26385

Oh yeah, that's a good move. I figured it'd be a given, but it's a good idea to specifically do it so I'll go in with that one as well.

782b6 No.26386

>This thought crossed my mind long before you said anything, trust me.

There is a required item that you will have to collect that will make that possible if used appropriately.

>by asking how you would stat these girls if this *was* an SRW game.

I have a mix of SRW, D&D, and FF5 builds for these characters.

TK is running a (FF5) Thief with !White command.

Cures Black and White are your (SRW) punchy real robots (that means good at dodging) with a combo finisher on the wrong stat (ranged). Black's a little tankier, White has counter.

Sailor Moon is a (FF5) black mage with no subcommand (so really a black mage from any FF game other than FF5). Alternatively in SRW terms, she's pure range (no point-blank attack, no post-movement attack) hybrid (trying to be both dodgy and tanky, which means at low levels she sucks at dodging and at tanking, and at higher levels is good at both).

Sailor Mercury is an (D&D) Illlusionist (Wizard of the Illusion school), with some damaging attacks.

Sakura is a (D&D) sorcerer, but her spell list is her card collection instead of "what she's learned". As seen with Shiny Sakura, her card-based magic is not limited to Clow Cards.

Yuuno is a (D&D) Cleric, he can heal, instead of heavy armor he has lots of shielding spells, plus other miscellaneous support spells. In SRW terms, he's Aphrodite A (has armor, can repair), plus an overpowered support attack (chain bind) like Volfogg's Melting Siren in SRW W.

Nanoha is a (SRW) pre-production super robot. The armor is there, but most of the weapons and special abilities haven't been installed yet (she hasn't learned too many spells yet).

17b18 No.26399

Huh. I mean, yeah that all makes sense. I'm just wondering if this quest is going to shift over to SRW mechanics with time. Not that it needs to happen, mind you.

782b6 No.26400

Blue: Praise everyone, check on the Cures, make your way to the roof, have introductions there.

Shadow: Check on Cures and relocate. Hopefully have some time for proper introductions.

Limits: Check on Cures, have introductions, then relocate.

Limits's plan, plus praising everyone.

That splits the voting 2v2 for introductions before or after relocating to the roof. Someone either needs to switch their vote, or we need an anon to break the tie.

Probably not, but there's already a bunch of things I said I wouldn't do, and ended up doing anyways, so we'll see.

17b18 No.26403

I don't feel the need to change anything about my vote, but I agree that letting everyone know that they did good is a good idea. So add that to my vote.

e2036 No.26405

I-If you guys don't mind, I'll throw my vote in.

Check on the Cures, praise Moon and Mercury while moving to a less conspicuous place, THEN do introductions all around. Hopefully in that order?

I guess that would be Shadow's plan.

>SRW mechanics on my magical girl shows

Man, I knew there was a reason why I started posting in pregchan… besides the preg.

4bbb4 No.26411

Go right ahead. Always happy to have new blood around.

782b6 No.26472

File: 1491060362650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.22 KB, 480x360, Impregnate Impregnate!.jpg)


"Good job everyone." You congratulate the girls and two animals. "I'll check on Cure Black and Cure White, then let's regroup on the roof." Mentally you add, 'and then I'll turn the swag up.' You get a murmur of approval as you take the few steps to the sitting girls.

Behind you, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Nanoha introduce themselves to each other and start to talk about something, but your attention is on the cute and vulnerable girls in front of you. You get down on a knee and ask, "Hey, you two alright?" This close to the girls, you can tell that they smell wonderful.

"Yessss." Black replies, her 's' is prolonged as you pat her ginger hair.

"Mhmm." White hums in response.

"Good, because I love the view." You reach down and cup White's mound through her exposed panties. You feel invigorated, and you see White's panties dissolving at your touch. You're absorbing her armor to recharge yourself.

While White purrs in pleasure as her pussy is revealed to the room at your touch, you move your other hand to cup one of Black's tits. Her crop top dissolves beneath your fingers, freeing her breast. "Do I get one of those kisses," You ask, "Or are those reserved for girls only?"

The Cure practically throws herself at you, pressing her bare tit against your hand harder, and kissing you with pent up passion.

White is moaning in pleasure now. She gets on her knees next to, and slightly behind, her partner. The bluenette grinds her sex against your hand while her tufts of pubic hair tickle the palm of your hand. Cure White sticks her hands down Black's tight shorts and rips them as she tries to pull them down. She starts playing with the other girl's pussy while attacking her neck with kisses.

You switch to Black's other breast to free it as well and you hear a voice behind you say, "Don't forget about us!" You break the kiss with Black and look behind you just in time to see Sailor Moon run up to you and hug you from behind. She presses her supple boobs against your back, and you can feel yourself absorbing her uniform as well.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see White take one of Black's hands and bring it to her still covered breast, and then kiss the other girl passionately. You can tell she's overjoyed to be doing so from how hard she's humping your hand. You want to comment on their sapphic passion, but you see some strands of blue hair before another mouth latches onto yours.

As you make out with the new girl, you hear a voice complaining from behind you, "Ahhh, don't hog him all to yourself. I want a turn!" Reluctantly, the girl that you're making out with pulls back and the blonde from behind you makes you turn your head as far to the left as you can so she can also make out with you.

You feel someone unzip your pants, and you thrust a finger into White's snatch in surprise. She yelps in surprise and falls forward, pressing herself and Black against your chest.

You have to take your hand off of Black's tit, but you reach between her legs from behind and start absorbing her bottom while both Cures' tops are absorbed from being pressed against you.

The hand on your crotch frees your cock and rests it on her gloved hand. The material feels nice, but you can feel that it too is being absorbed. "Give me your hand, Nanoha." The voice belonging to the hand calls out, and soon a second hand joins her on your cock, this time resting on top. The older girl's hand closes around your cock and the younger girl's hand.

As the two girls, Mercury and Nanoha by process of elimination, are stroking you, and you're making out with Sailor Moon, you thrust your right middle finger into Black's now exposed pussy.

The ginger rubs herself against your chest, and soon, a finger belonging to one of the other girls joins yours inside of Black.

You break the kiss with Sailor Moon and pull your finger out of Cure White. A quick glance down lets you know that it's White's finger joining yours inside of Black. You stick your left index finger in Moon's mouth so she can clean it off of the bluenette's juices. Catching your breath, you lean forward and are about kiss White but you stop and look to your right.

Mercury and Nanoha both have a bare arm, and their tops are also starting to dissolve as your absorb their magic. "Mercury," You order, "Show Nanoha an adult kiss."

Mercury's eyes widen and for a moment you think she's going to complain, but she doesn't. Instead, she pulls the younger girl to her with her free hand and kisses her.

Satisfied with their kiss, you turn back to your earlier target, Cure White. You press your lips against hers and wordlessly try to communicate your fierce desire to impregnate all five of these girls. You feel yourself on the verge of climax, but Sailor Moon spits your finger out of her mouth and says, "No, No! Inside of me!" She swats Mercury's and Nanoha's hands off your dick. She couldn't have done so at a worse moment. Your desire to cum is so powerful that you're in physical pain.

Sailor Moon steps out from behind you, and the Cures push you off balance enough to make you fall on your back, pulling your finger free of Black's wet pussy.

White says something to Black, but your thoughts are too far gone for you to understand her. The two girls slide down and press themselves against your legs. You can see that they're using one hand to play with each other's cunts, and they're using their other hand to try to pull your pants down completely.

You tilt your head back as far as you can, and you see Sailor Moon naked, and with her bare dripping pussy almost right above your head. "Mercury, left side." You order. Once the other Sailor Guardian jumps over your, you reach up and grab her crotch. It takes just moments for you to absorb her ice-skater-like leotard. She falls down to her knees and you thrust a finger into her pussy as well. With your right hand, you reach beneath Nanoha's long skirt and thrust your middle finger against her young cunny. Her panties are in the way, but your finger burns through them with such ease that you barely notice. Her passage is so tight around your finger that despite the copious amounts of her lubrication dripping out, you have a hard time getting your entire finger into her opening. However, your task is made slightly easier by the fact that just like the other three girls, Nanoha doesn't have an intact hymen; these girls really are a bunch of sluts.

Sailor Moon carefully steps forward and leans down. She plants a kiss on the tip of your cock and says, "Please give me lots of babies." She straightens up and stands astride your hips.

You watch in agonizing suspense as she lowers herself, inch by inch. Slowly she brings her private treasure to your desperate and leaking cock. When she's close enough that you can feel her heat, you're stabbed by a pain so intense that you can't even scream. The left side of your field of view is blocked by a long green crystal shard, with the tip embedded in your heard. You try to think of some way to save yourself, but your vision… slowly… fades… to … … black.


fe8b7 No.26473

It's a trap! Fission Mailed!

28d71 No.26474


9d466 No.26476

I was suspicious as soon as there was no out-of-character confirmation that Tuxedo Mask had gained a new ability.
Unfortunately, that was part of this update :(

5eb36 No.26478

Honestly, it's probably a Fool's post. If not, though, well, "FUCK" about sums it up.

d8032 No.26479

It could be both. The start of a boss battle and a April Fool's post.

a1e39 No.26481

Don't give him ideas, Neal! Don't do it!

06b3f No.26492

*looks around* Welp, see you gents Monday. *gets out like all NOPE!*

782b6 No.26498


I've got no idea who this >>26472 Meo guy is (who just so happens to have my same writing style and posted on April Fools).

As the April Fools background should have made obvious, that was an April Fools post. Real post is coming up in a few minutes or so.

782b6 No.26499

File: 1491112809853.png (655.67 KB, 736x389, Sailor Moon on Tuxedo Kame….png)

Consensus is to congratulate the girls, check on the Cures, regroup on the roof and have a round of introductions there.

"Good job everyone." You congratulate the girls and Yuuno. "With teamwork like that, nothing can stand in our way." You look over everyone to get a read for their thoughts. Sailor Moon is swooning. It looks like she'd throw herself at you if there was only a slight modicum of privacy. Luna is being her usual self and staring daggers at you. Mercury is busy looking her uniform over. You figure that she's new at this. Nanoha doesn't seem too happy at the moment, but that may be related to the fact that her uniform is wet.

Yuuno jumps from the computer station into Nanoha's arms and says, "Cheer up Nanoha. This means we have more allies to help gather the jewel seeds."

"Um, yeah." The young girl says, cheering up somewhat.

"I'm going to check on my compatriots," You announce, pointing to Cures Black and White behind you, "Then I propose we regroup to the roof, and we can all properly introduce ourselves." No one objects and you get a murmur of approval from the girls.

You turn around and head to the Cures, but behind you, another conversation starts up. "Sorry for getting you wet like that, Nanoha." That voice belongs to the bluenette.

"No, I'm sorry." Nanoha replies, "I should have tried to talk with you before attacking you.

Mercury replies, "Apology accepted." Then, she gasps. Out of curiosity, you look behind you and see Nanoha hugging the older girl.

You get down on a knee in front of the Cures and comment, "Looks like someone's made a new friend."

Black looks over at the two hugging girls and says, "Looks like it."

White adds, "Nanoha seems like such a sweet girl. But I didn't know Ami could be so friendly."

"You know her?" Black asks.

"Mhmm. We have cram school right across the hall from each other. Ami's so smart that they put her face all over the advertisements."

"I don't think anyone can be smarter than you, Honoka."

The bluenette's face turns a very deep red and she buries her face against Black's bare upper arm and hugs her. "Thanks." She manages to mumble out. "But really, I…" Whatever else she was saying is too quiet for you to hear. You've already figured out that White has a crush on Black. Based off of their interaction just now, you can't tell if Cure Black is intentionally teasing her partner, or if she's really just that oblivious.

The ginger haired girl reaches over with her left hand and strokes the bluenette's shoulder. That only makes the question even more burning; is Nagisa some suave ladykiller, or is she naturally and unknowingly gaming this girl? As much as you want to know the answer to that question, you know that you won't get it now. So you focus on more important things. Although their uniforms are damaged from the past two battles, they seem to be unharmed. Even Cure White's back, where you saw her take a hit from a sharp paper, doesn't have even a scratch on it.

Of course, you take a moment to glance at White's panties while she's too distracted to complain. That thin fabric is all that's separating you from your prize, or at least one of your prizes. The soft fabric is pulled tightly against her, and you can see the outline of her pussy lips. You burn the image in your mind, and you grow an uncomfortable erection. Your cock is demanding to fulfill its biological duty, but you reign the desire in.

As you're checking out Cure White, Yuuno calls out, "Nanoha! What about the youma," you can hear him slow down on the strange new word, "in the hallway?"

"Eeeeh!?" You hear her run towards the door. You also hear another pair of footsteps, with the unmistakable sound of heels run after her. A third set of footsteps makes its way towards you. You turn your head and see that it's Sailor Moon. You give her a smile and a wink, especially at the fact that Luna seems to have run off with Mercury, Nanoha, and Yuuno.

Time to go back to your original purpose. "Are you two alright?" You ask with genuine concern, "We might not be done fighting yet."

Cure Black makes a fist with her right hand and exclaims, "Just a little tired, but I caught my breath. I can keep going!"

You see that when the tomboy moved her arm, her upper arm rubbed White's tits. A seemingly innocent action, and it couldn't be more calculated to drive the other girl wild with desire if it had been planned, which you're still not sure if it was or not. Innocent or not, Cure Black is a chick magnet.

Speaking of chick magnets, you're not too shabby yourself. Sailor Moon sits down seiza style to the right of you and embraces your right arm, pressing herself against it similar to what White is doing to Black. "Hello Tuxedo Kamen."

Cure Black may or may not know what she's doing to attract Cure White's affections, but blondie knows exactly what she's doing. She is marking her territory and telling the two girls to stay away from "her man" without a word being spoken to them. Sailor Moon needs to be taught a lesson on sharing, and you're more than eager to play the teacher to her schoolgirl in that scenario. Unfortunately, that's just one more thing that you don't have time to take care of at the moment, but you promise yourself to make that a reality in the near future.

"Hello, Sailor Moon." You reply. You'd love to wrap an arm around her, just to clarify the point that she is yours, and not vice versa, but her grip on your arm is tight, and her breasts are soft. Without too much regret, you let her stay like that. "This is Cure Black, and Cure White." You say pointing to the girls respectively. "Ladies, this is Sailor Moon.

782b6 No.26500

File: 1491112835704.jpg (89.84 KB, 900x900, Nudge nudge.jpg)

The three girls exchange pleasantries for a while, then Sailor Moon lets go of your arm and leans across to Cure White. She covers her mouth and whispers something, then returns to your side.

Cure White immediately gasps at sits up straight at the blonde girl's words. She looks down at her exposed underwear and starts breathing heavily. The bluenette covers herself as best she can with her hands. Her face is dark red once more, and she looks like she just wants to curl into a ball and disappear. The two Cures' uniforms begin to flicker, becoming somewhat transparent, returning to full opacity, and the repeating. White's mental state is compromising their transformation.

You're not sure what to say or do, but Cure Black takes the initiative and says, "Don't worry Honoka. I think they look really cute."

Cure White stops hyperventilating, but their uniforms nearly phase out. For a brief moment their teenage tits are completely visible to your gaze, and you stare shamelessly. Far too quickly, the girls' uniforms become fully solid once more. White is still blushing profusely, but she's no longer panicking.

Remembering the girl at your side, you quickly glance at her, hoping that she didn't catch you staring at the bare breasts before you. To your surprise, the exact opposite happened. Sailor Moon is still staring at the Cures' now fully-covered bosoms. Maybe this girl won't be too difficult to convince that any relationship you get into will involve a harem of beautiful, and pregnant, girls. Perhaps if you promise to share the other girls with her, she'll be open to sharing you with said other girls.

"There's so many of them!" Nanoha calls out from behind you, unfortunately turning your thoughts back to the upcoming battle.

What do you do?

To Sailor Moon:
>Tease her for staring.
>Ask her if she thinks the girls across from you are pretty. [mention boobs or not?]
>Writein [what?]

To Cure White:
>Offer your cape.
>Whisper that Cure Black will appreciate the show if she doesn't cover up.
>Offer to give her some privacy and step away.
>Writein [what?]

In regards to the horde of monsters in the hallway:
>Come up with a batte plan. [What is it?]
>Let someone else do the planning.

3f220 No.26504

I will give my thoughts once the transparent message boxes go away and I have an easier time reading.

06b3f No.26512

To Sailor Moon: ask her if she thinks the girls are pretty, with a hint in our voice that we certainly think they are.

To White: offer our cape. It's a hit to our defenses, but if she's too embarrassed, she'll be less likely to fight, and we'll need every girl we can get. And a kind gesture is always appreciated.

As for the monsters in the hall: the Cures are our melee fighters, so they can get in close while Moon, Nanoha, and we hang back. Without our cape, we'll have to stick to distance attacks, and make each rose count.

5eb36 No.26513

I think I'm mostly in agreement here, though I'm a little worried that Moon will get irked about the cape. She's already going for the "He's mine" response to other girls as it is, so seeing us give up the cape to another girl after that time we gave it to her (And let's be honest, Usagi probably slept with the damn thing, knowing her) might do some damage to her Tuxedo Kamen-sama level worship of us.

24eaf No.26515

Would it be possible to keep the cape and give the jacket instead, to tie around Cure White's waist?

2c349 No.26517

>April Fools Post

Goddamn it, just when I thought we were finally getting somewhere…

2cbca No.26521

I'll go with this, though I don't know if we have any more fights here.
The jacket might work though it'll involve a bit more unbuttoning and Sailor Moon simultaneously getting jealous and wanting us to take our pants off next.

782b6 No.26522

Finally that annoying background is gone.

It's a tarp!

I seem to be getting that a lot.

Don't worry, there's still some time until the boss battle. The green crystal shard is simultaneously a hint and a red herring.

Rare footage of Shadow in action.

Sorry dude. I wanted to get to the smut as well, but story takes precedence over smut.

782b6 No.26541

Note to self, offering clothing related options summons Femanon. Maybe I need to offer them more often.

Coax out her bi side.

Offer cape.
Maybe offer cape.
Offer Jacket.
Offer cape, but maybe offer jacket.

If any of the maybes want to shore up their vote, that would be nice.

Strategy for the youma in the hallway:
Cures get into melee range, fight there while screening the back row.
Moon, Nanoha, and TK stay back and use ranged attacks.
Mercury, Yuuno, Luna: unassigned.

Voting's still open.

0f771 No.26542

I'll go with the jacket.
Also, plan for Mercury and Yuuno: Lock down and disorient, then let someone with low EXP blow up the youma while it's a sitting duck. Maybe then they'll get a better Spirit Command or Pilot Skill.

f32dc No.26547

To Sailor Moon: Ask her if she thinks the girls across from you are pretty. No need to mention the boobies just yet.

To Cure White: Offer your cape. Apologize that we're not exactly in a good condition to fight (at least in melee), and the Cures are our better option.

Strategy for the youma in the hallway:
Cures: Close Combat
Moon, Tux: Mid Ranged Combat
Nanoha: Long Ranged Combat (snipe any unfortunate fucker that gets successfully Chain Bind'd by Ferretbro)
Mercury: Maybe she can use fog *around allies*, decreasing enemy accuracy? If not, then stay put for any enemies trying to shank the back row.
Ferretbro Yuuno: Chain Bind when the opportunity arises.
Luna: … keep glaring at TK?

Now that I think about it:
Cures - twin Alteisens (with their own combination attacks even)

Moon and Mercury - Gespenst Mk2 (kinda weak at first, until they get upgraded into the Kai variants)

Nanoha - Bellzelute (sure, can do melee, but wreaks absolute havoc at range, even moreso post-upgrade)

Tuxedo Kamen - a Huckebein?

Someone needs to cast Cheer on the last hitter. TK's moral support counts?

2f258 No.26549

You know, hallways done leave a whole lot of room to dodge around in. If we could set up a proper firing line, we'd likely tear them apart.

5eb36 No.26551

Before we get too crazy with it, though, let's not forget that we don't have all of the information necessary to give orders to everyone. After all, we legitimately don't know what Nanoha can even do yet aside from the fact she seems to be armored up to some degree.

8a59e No.26558

It's funny: you only listed Banpresto Original mechs. Fortunately, I've played a little SRW J (though I always went with Coustwell as my starting mech because I always have something to prove regarding the capabilities of generalists), and I just finished reading an (INCOMPLETE) LP on OGs. So I know what you're talking about! :D
However, I don't think these girls can be compared to any currently-existing mechs, except for maybe Nanoha for obvious reasons. Think about it:

Senshi: more-or-less magical artillery pieces (no post-movement attacks, mid-high range, few-but-damaging attacks) with dodging capabilities almost as high as their defenses (at least at first. They would practically *lose* dodging as they leveled up, in exchange for tougher armor.)

Cures: They're very mobile, but moderately-strongly defensive, with mostly melee attacks and (as Moe said earlier) finishers on the wrong stat (and some of them are combo-only!) Some can fly, but we've only received hints of that team being here so far, and even if/when we get them, they won't be able to fly for a long time.

Sakura: Imagine, if you will, one of those crappy jet units that you get at the start of an SRW game. Then load it with an extremely varied and decently powerful arsenal, in terms of both offense and defense. She can fly, but her costume is just for show (in other words, it doesn't protect her. At all.) Good movement and dodging, though she also needs time to grow into her variety of magic.

Nanoha: I'll be doing Nanoha characters separately from each other, because they're all decently unique from each other.
Nanoha herself is, relatively speaking, an armored juggernaut with high range, though her best attacks are pre-movement only. I say relatively because she is also very fast and dodgy, and she learns to fly fairly quickly, but magical dogfighting is a *way of life* in Nanoha-land, so her armor is more impressive than her movement abilities.
Yuuno is as Moe described him: excellent support. He's not necessarily strong, fast, or tough, but he can: shield himself and others, lock down enemy movement and attacks, and even heal people (eventually.) He's strong in his own way, really.

5eb36 No.26560

I always equate Yuuno to how I used Russel in the OG games in my head. Full support and gets zero kills, but fuck it who needs them when he's the guy I'm putting the gear that gives him the SP Restore on him.

782b6 No.26595

Next post is 30-40% written. Real life's been getting in the way, so I may not get it out until Saturday.

However, I'm happy with all the discussion happening.

f0d2c No.26620

Take as much time as you need Moe.

f32dc No.26626

>It's funny: you only listed Banpresto Original mechs.

Now that I look at what I've typed, you're right. I guess I was more biased to OGs as I thought. I still love a good proper crossover SRW though.

>Senshi: more-or-less magical artillery pieces (no post-movement attacks, mid-high range, few-but-damaging attacks) with dodging capabilities almost as high as their defenses (at least at first. They would practically *lose* dodging as they leveled up, in exchange for tougher armor.)

Can't deny that. I don't recall anyone moving much during attacking in the original Sailor Moon anime, just lots of relatively nice posing.

Would definitely benefit from Hit-and-Away, but who fucking needs that when almost all of their (limited) moveset are Finishers and their intended targets are almost always dead already?

>Cures: They're very mobile, but moderately-strongly defensive, with mostly melee attacks and (as Moe said earlier) finishers on the wrong stat (and some of them are combo-only!) Some can fly, but we've only received hints of that team being here so far, and even if/when we get them, they won't be able to fly for a long time.

Mixed bag, with an even weirder stat distribution and moveset. Fortunately, they're strong enough at the moment for those cons to not matter too much.

>Sakura: Imagine, if you will, one of those crappy jet units that you get at the start of an SRW game. Then load it with an extremely varied and decently powerful arsenal, in terms of both offense and defense. She can fly, but her costume is just for show (in other words, it doesn't protect her. At all.) Good movement and dodging, though she also needs time to grow into her variety of magic.

To be fair, there were little to no purely malicious enemies in CCS; they were mostly conceptual problems. Sakura's moveset are a reflection of that, I think.

>Nanoha and Yuuno

Aaaaand as a complete reverse of Sakura, Nanohaverse magic is mostly technology running high on Clark's Third Law, so they're super effective on physical enemies.. but they don't have too much on conceptual or spiritual problems.

Thankfully, Nanoha has the other girls to deal with that.

The man's a literal Iron Wall, and is proud of it. Heck, he's a way better fit for the Giganscudo than Tasuku!

Take your time and keep yourself health, OP. I just hope you don't mind me (or the others) clogging up the thread with something you'd normally see in an /m/ thread.

ee996 No.26633

Sailor Moon herself was the type to tumble frantically and awkwardly while fighting, but never during her own attacks. The other Senshi all had more poise, most of the time, but that just means they didn't dodge as much.

Yeah. It's *hard* to lump the Cures together. Season 2 adds Shiny Luminous to the White/Black team, and she's full support (though technically, just as strong as B/W. Wtf?) The next team is Not!B/W, but they eventually start moving in a more magical/ranged/barriers direction. Then you have a 5- (later 6-) person team, and boy are they distinct from each other, including having a combo finisher that would be near-impossible to set up in an SRW game. I could go on, but suffice to say that it's difficult. Maybe I'll put it in a pastebin or something.

I agree with you about Sakura, and I think that gives her potential for a huge variety of useful abilities for almost every circumstance. But unless we artificially inflate her dodging capabilities, I think her long-term usefulness will be hindered. She needs to be able to either evade-tank or wall-tank, and she certainly can't wall-tank.

Nanoha's conceptual issues all boil down to "this person is suffering, I use the weaponized concept of FRIENDSHIP until they stop." She's actually the one most suited to being here, seeing as the magical girl angle is a thin veneer covering up the immense sense of "Everything else about this show is literally Gundams." There is only one other team that will (probably not) be making an appearance in this quest that can make a similar claim. There's a fragment of a scene in a hint picture that Moe posted in the previous thread, but I knew. Oh *boy*, I knew. Three words, Foggy.
I sincerely hope I get to see kung-fu pilebunker pop idol girl and her magitechnological friends get to wreck more stuff with the power of rock and mythological weapons.

5eb36 No.26637

So, aside from Symphogear, what other shows would you like to see in this series, Limits? I'm curious. The question's also open for everyone else, too. And this isn't some sort of sideways way of saying "Hey Moe you should put these shows in", I'm just curious to see what people think.

I'm not really coming up with anything else off the top of my head that isn't already in this game that I want in, myself, though I feel it necessary to restate the collective "OH GOD NOOOOO" to Madoka from earlier discussions. The other show I'm on the fence about is Prisma Ilya, if I have to be honest. I mean, I'm a fairly decent Fate fan, against my better judgement, and the stuff with the Class Cards and such that Ilya does is actually pretty cool… but it would also be introducing Fate/Stay Night stuff into this game, and that, well… That's a level of torment I'm not really interested in doing to myself in what's basically a fun game.

f264c No.26638

>Take your time and keep yourself health, OP. I just hope you don't mind me (or the others) clogging up the thread with something you'd normally see in an /m/ thread.
Thanks. I don't mind this turning into /m/, that's been my home on the internet for the past 8 years or so. In fact, that's where this quest was originally conceived.

Warning, lots of behind the scenes spoilers, but also lots of ideas that I ended up not using, so you might be excited for something to be in, then it turns out that it's not.


I have a reply to your post, but it's a spoiler. I'll save it for later.

I'm all for more brainstorming. I already have the series locked in for game 1, but there's nothing stopping me from adding something that fits amazingly well. I am running this with a strange combination of extensive research and planning along with seat of the pants scenario creation.

342e3 No.26640

Don't forget, y'all could take the OOC discussions to the thread I started on the Chat board. You won't hit the post cap as quickly in the game proper that way.

c3e71 No.26642

Contrary to popular belief, my animé library is…much more like half a bookshelf in comparison. I might enjoy seeing more of them being used here, but asking me which ones I would pick will get you a confused shrug and the face of a lost soul. (Also, because most entries in the genre are, well, kinda garbage, really.)
Madoka is too thematically dissimilar from pretty much any of these others to work. Even if we're dealing with the world post-Madokami, it still gets weird and goes to dark places. Granted, that might make for some interesting final-boss stuff. Who knows?
And yeah, Fate/ is a level of mindscrew that could conceivably be its own SRW variant. And it doesn't seem to be quite the right genre anyway.

Ooh, shiny lists and promises of future spoilers?! I really wish there was a private messaging system so that you could respond to just me, like you seem to want to do.

Completely fair statement, and a good point besides. I honestly forgot we had that >_>

f32dc No.26644


Excuse me, I need to wipe off this drool off the side of my mouth.

Ah, sorry.
I'll do just that, I think.

782b6 No.26653

File: 1491713328437.jpg (14.79 KB, 350x350, Sailor Moon thighs.jpg)

>Coax out the bi.
>Offer cape. (Won by half a vote. I started writing when jacket was winning by half a vote, then I had to scrap a bunch of what I wrote. I blame the new guy.)
>The above fighting strategy.

You tilt your head just little a farther back and whisper in Sailor Moon's ear, "Do you also think those two are pretty?" Since Sailor Moon is back to her earlier position hugging your right arm, you emphasize the words by stroking her left inner thigh with your captive hand.

The blonde girl purrs at your ministrations and unthinkingly replies, "Yes, they're very-" She catches herself mid sentence with a blush to rival White's. "I mean they're- yes, but not- that other way- you know?"

It looks like you broke the poor the girl. You're not sure if it was your words, or you caressing her thigh, probably both. You did get her to admit that the girls are pretty, which is a step in the right direction to have her be in your harem.

You turn to her and run your fingers through her blonde hair, coincidentally hiding your right hand from the Cures' view. "Don't worry. I know what you mean." You tell her with a smile and a wink. "Unfortunately, we have a hall full of enemies to deal with right now." You finish stroking her hair and use that hand to pull one of hers free from your arm. As you stand up, you drag your right hand along her thigh down to her knee. Still holding her right hand in your left, you see that she has goosebumps on her thigh from your actions.

You help Sailor Moon stand up and turn your attention to the Cures. "We can't have you fighting like that. You'll be too embarrassed to send the youma back to the darkness." You choose your words with malice aforethought to tease the girls for their transformation chant, but it seems that Black didn't get your joke, and White is still too busy being embarrassed to worry about such little things like humor.

You unbutton your cape to hand over to Cure White. It may be your only true bit of defensive armor, but the girl needs the extra covering to fight without being so embarrassed. Besides, the Cures should be able to form a screen and keep everyone behind them safe. A quick glance at your biggest fangirl lets you know that she's not happy with another girl getting your cape, but it seems that at least she's understanding enough to not say anything about this. For a moment, you wonder if it might not be better for you to give White your jacket instead. There are several advantages, both practical and interpersonal, but in the end, you decide against it. If Sailor Moon sees you start stripping, she might not let you stop.

"Let's get you covered up." You say, as you offer a hand to Cure White. She tries to think of a way to get up without moving her hands away from covering her underwear. The bluenette is leaning against Cure Black's right arm, and she doesn't even have the leverage to straighten herself up. Reluctantly, she accepts your hand and stands up. The moment she does so, she pulls her hand free of yours and covers herself up once more.

You walk up to Cure White and put the cape on her with a flourish. "Hold this for a moment, please."

The bluenette complies, but she overlaps the ends of the cape, so that she's fully covered. You pull out the gold chain from your jacket's left breast pocket and use the oversized double-sided cuff links to secure the cape in place. Like with Sailor Moon a few days ago, the cape is large enough to cover her up completely. However, she's slightly taller than the blonde girl, and not as much of the material drags on the floor. Hopefully that won't cause any issues during the fight.

Still clutching the edges of the cape to keep it closed, White looks up at you smiling and says, "Thank you."

"Then let's get to the battle." You proclaim and turn around to head towards the door in the back of the classroom. You mentally sigh. That was a perfect moment for you to dramatically swish your cape behind you. Listening to footsteps, you can hear Sailor Moon following close behind you. Shortly thereafter, you hear Black standing up, and the two Cure follow as well.

782b6 No.26654

File: 1491713393849.jpg (212.75 KB, 1169x826, Sailor Mercury leaning ove….jpg)

At the door, you see Mercury peeking under the corner of a poster covering the door window. She's sticking her ass out in your general direction. As much as you'd love to walk up to her and cup it, you have too many witnesses, and you haven't had a chance to work your charm on her yet.

Luna looks at you and Sailor Moon and scolds, "Where have you two been?"

"Taking care of a wardrobe malfunction." You calmly explain, pointing behind you to the bluenette behind you wearing your cape as a cloak.

Luna glances back and forth between the two of you and harrumphs.

"With our respective strengths and the narrow hallway, it would make the most sense for Cures Black and White to get in front and fight hand to hand." You say, explaining your plan. "The rest of us stay behind them and attack targets off opportunity. Yuuno, you'll be in charge of shields and binds."

In a snooty voice Luna responds, "Yes, that's a good formation, but there's no strategy. Do you want everyone to just run out into the hall?"

Before you can respond, Mercury calls out, "There's one right in front of the door. I think five to the left between us and the stairs, and I can't see too far to the right, but there's a lot."

That's no good. If you go out there, you'll be fighting on two fronts. That's never worked well for Germany, and you don't feel the need to see if you're immune from basic principles of combat.

Yuuno chimes in, "We could make a run for it to the stairs, beat the youma in the way, and then go upstairs. Then we can fight them as they try to make their way up."

Luna counters, "The door is a natural choke point. We let them come to us and pick them off as they try to squeeze through."

Cure Black butts in, "Let's just blast them! Sailor Moon uses her tiara. We use PreCure Marble Screw. Boom! No more monsters!"

What do you push for?
>Adapt your plan to work with a two-front battle.
>Make a break for the third floor [or down to the first].
>Use the door as a choke point and let them suicide trying to break in.
>Break out the finishers.
>Come up with a new strategy [what?]
>Escape out the window.
>Writein [in case there's some other business you want done before the fighting].

5eb36 No.26656

Absolute first and before doing any goddamn thing else, stop and have the brilliant idea to ask Nanoha what she's able to do. She and Mercury clearly had some kind of minor altercation earlier, so logic should allow us to put it together that she can do SOMETHING.

52253 No.26662

Definitely agreeing with asking Nanoha what she can do, and then I think we should take Luna's advice and try to use the doors as a choke point, blocking one of them with the desks if we can.

5d5eb No.26690

I think you have the right idea. Though I would say that blasting the youma from range isn't mutually exclusive with creating a choke point. So that's my vote: get Nanoha to contribute, set up a choke point, then fire away! >:D

f32dc No.26704


Ask Nanoha about her guns, then shootout.
I like the idea.

Collateral damage to the building is…

… maybe acceptable.
It's already partially wrecked anyway.

5eb36 No.26708

Whoa whoa whoa, guys. Hold up. You guys are jumping ahead way too quick here. I'm saying ask Nanoha what she's good at and THEN with that information we can decide what to do, not ask and preternaturally know ahead of time so we can just move right into it. I just wanted to get a quick mini-update out of Moe so we'd actually have all the information before getting started.

And I'm definitely against blowing the hell out of the building regardless of what we learn. We can't just magic together a whole building again if it gets blasted in a firefight, and that's not even taking the bystanders into account. Hell, that's one of the major rules of Magical Girl Combat, never get into a big enough fight that people unimportant to the plot can stumble into it or hear about it on the 6PM news. Let's pull it back here a bit.

a7169 No.26734

It wasn't my attention to blow the hell out of the building, and blocking off one of the doors to help create a choke point is still a good idea anyways.

be180 No.26743

Blue, your concerns are noted, but invalid in my case. I voted for that option while assuming that only Usagi and the Cures would take part in that (or that Nanoha would join in later.)
Also, as far as I remember, we're still in the *anti-collateral* dimensional barrier (even though it was rather awkwardly described, seeing as how we can apparently see outside of it. No, that makes no sense to me either, but I mentioned it when it happened.)
So don't worry! As long as Nanoha or Yuuno are around (as well as certain Cures), we can wreck stuff as hard as we want! :D

782b6 No.26769

File: 1491959594974.jpg (90.21 KB, 1280x720, Mercury's Elemental Attack.jpg)

Ask about Nanoha's powers.

>quick mini-update

Mini-update it is.

"Actually, that's a good idea Luna." You say thoughtfully. "We can even use the desks to make it even harder for them to break through. But while we're on the topic of combat, Mercury, Nanoha. I haven't seen either of you two in action. Do you have any attacks or spells that can be helpful?"

The girls look at each other for a moment to decide who will answer first. Nanoha ends up taking the initiative and answers, "Protection: It's a little bubble of, well, protection. Sealing lets me seal Jewel Seeds. I can use Raising Heart," She indicates the staff that she's holding, "to hit things with, and I'm faster and stronger when I'm wearing the barrier jacket. Yuuno's trying to teach me Shoot Barret, but I can't control it yet." The young girl visibly deflates when she shares her inability to master the spell.

You go over to her and pat her head, getting your clothes damp from her wet uniform. Her brown hair feels soft between your fingers, "Don't worry. That's still a lot." You leave your hand on Nanoha's head and look over to Mercury. You make eye contact with the bluenette and prompt, "And you?"

"Mercury Aqua Mist." She answers. "That was the fog that didn't really help all that much. And I can shoot balls of water."

You nod your head as you process that information. Mercury is definitely back row material with a ranged attack and her disorienting mist. Nanoha seems more of a front liner. Her uniform, she called it a barrier jacket, appears thick and multi layered, which means she should be able to withstand quite a few attacks, and her protection spell should amplify that ability. Furthermore, her attack is physical, like with your cane, and she's struggling to master a ranged spell. Still, something just doesn't feel right to put the youngest girl in the room at the front.

"While we're planning," You say, "I'm worried about the other students. We defeated the Youma here, but they're not back yet, and all the color is still gone from in here."

"Oh! That's me." Yuuno calls out. "I set up a barrier to protect the students from the youma in here. It creates a pocket dimension that separates magic users from those with no magic potential to keep them safe. It also prevents damage to the buildings and structures in the real world."

Nanoha gasps, "You can do that, Yuuno? That's amazing!"

The ferret chuckles, embarrassed at the praise, "I told you before, Nanoha. I'm a force field mage. Shields and barriers like that are my specialty."

"Wow!" Sailor Moon gushes. "I don't know what that means, but it sounds cool!"

Luna sighs loudly at her blonde charge's comment and facepaws, perfectly summing up everyone's thoughts.

After a short, but uncomfortable silence, Cure White speaks up, "But if we completely block the door off with desks, Black and I won't be able to help from the front. We'd be better off using the PreCure Marble Screw from behind if we do that. Someone with a shield would be better in front."

With Yuuno enjoying his moment in the spotlight and Sailor Moon not winning any awards for brightness, what do you from here?

>Prep for battle and draw the youma into the classroom [final confirmation of the tactics and formation you'll use.]

>Continue the conversation [what topics?]
>Convince everyone to leave through the broken windows.
>Ditch the girls and jump out the window. [then do what?]
>Writein [what?]

5eb36 No.26772

Okay, now I feel a lot better about opening up with the MAPW attacks. Yuuno's a boundary mage, that's really helpful to know in context. He's not quite Yukari Yakumo, but he'll do.

Annnnnnd now I just started picturing Touhou thrown in on top of all of this and I'm suddenly not sure why someone on this board hasn't actually started writing a Touhou quest on this board by this point. You'd think if Zelda or especially Kancolle can get a CYOA around here, Touhou would be a perfect candidate for it.

Anyway, I still have questions about the Shabon Spray and whether or not Ami can selectively control who and who isn't blinded by it, if I have to be honest. I expect she can, and I'm heavily willing to cut her some slack about us not being able to see through it earlier due to the fact that she didn't know there'd be allies, not to mention this is HER FIRST DAY ON THE JOB. But that's for another day. Ami's smart enough to experiment on her own time, and she'll actually listen to Luna on the subject of training. For now, she should definitely stay back, and we can worry about boosting her up a bit later.

Aside from that, I've got no other real complaints to the pre-established formation ideas. Nanoha can't snipe at this point, a two-sided fight is a bad idea, and I don't think we've got anyone fast enough to run out and draw aggro back into a trap for us. The animals could do it, but Luna doesn't sound like she wants to take orders from us ever if not never, and Yuuno would be the one I'd want setting the trap, not playing the bait.

The only other possible idea I could have is instead of going defense, just go full offense. Have Mercury drop down the fog of war and everyone rush the hallway and start blasting anything that moves. The youma might be disorganized by it enough for us to inflict some major damage before they catch on, but depending on who's where when they do it might go pretty bad, pretty fast.

58172 No.26774

>Ditch the girls and jump out the window

"I'm free! I'm free!"

Ahem. Sorry. Had a little silliness stuck in my throat.
Anyway, I'm entirely fine with Nanoha having no ranged ability yet. In her animé, it definitely took her a few episodes to get into a stride. And in the meantime, she *did* use Raising Heart in melee. (Like a complete goober, but oh well.)
I agree with Blue's assessment of Mercury as well. She'll get good…eventually.
However! I don't think we have any attack that can be considered a MAPW in the traditional sense. Mercury can fog up an area, but that does no damage, so I'm kinda on the fence there. Further on the tangent, there *is* a team of Cures who have MAPWs galore, due to being one of only two seasons that involve mooks supporting the MotW. Fun fact: both seasons have the same initials (HCPC), writer, and general plot structure as well, and they are the two absolute best seasons imo. I'll go into more detail in the OoC thread.

Digressions aside, I don't think the plan has changed much (though that may be partly due to my fatigued brain, so help me out if I say something stupid.) Blast the crowd of youma with the tiara and a Marble Screw to get their attention and take out one or two idiots, then hunker down and bottleneck all the rest to death.

Also, Moe, this encounter is what I will point to if I am ever asked when I thought this quest started feeling like an SRW. Reinforcements on both sides, multiple enemies at once…good times.

5eb36 No.26775

I pretty much started hearing the "enemy reinforcements appear" tune kick on at around the same time I think you did, yeah.

edd28 No.26777

Sticking pretty much with my plan then, close off one of the doors and force them to come at us through only one door, using Nanoha and ourselves as the melee fighters if they get too close, Yuuno's chains as CC, and the others for ranged attacks, with the Cures moving back into melee if we start to get overwhelmed.

782b6 No.26780

One think I wanted to clarify. There's only one door in the classroom. It's in the back right of the classroom (if you're facing the front). I don't think I've mentioned a second door in any of my posts.

06b3f No.26781

I'll agree with funneling the youma into the class room, but as soon as we get a chance, the group should make a break to the upper floors to find the source of the problem.

58172 No.26786

A Touhou quest, you say…? Hmm…

Eh, I'd need to do more work to figure out what mechanics I'd use (if any.) Or what the actual plot would be (if any.) Maybe once I've addressed all the other things swirling in my brain.

edd28 No.26788

Oh, in that case nevermind about blocking off the door then. Thought you described it as having two doors earlier.

2569a No.26800

You make it, I'll play in it.

e4649 No.26807

Thanks for that ringing endorsement :D

But again, I need to settle some other ideas first. Namely, my original questing/RPG setting, and the accompanying mechanics. I'd bring it up more on this site, but it doesn't inherently have anything to do with pregnancy.
Also, like I said last time, I haven't even really started to think of any details about a Touhou quest on here.

782b6 No.26812

I'll echo Blue's words. You make it, I'll play it. Let us know here if you do end up running it. Even if it doesn't have anything to do with preg content, I'm sure you'll have a dedicated voting base to get into gravid situations.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make a full post until after Easter. To tide you over, vote on a omake. I should be able to pop one of these out tomorrow or Friday.

Episode 1:
The Wind verses the Wings
Meteor Shower [already seen]

f32dc No.26815

>Nanoha without any ranged attacks
Well, that's novel. For now at least.
And I feel a teeny bit bad for turning a little girl (more little compared to everyone else in the room) into the Tank/Bait, despite currently being specced into Defense.


I don't care where I am right now, I just have the urge to imouto-zone the little fairy and regularly give her headpats. Hnngh.

Maybe spend an action later on to accompany a little girl in her practice session…

>Plan of Action

Steady as she goes… I mean, proceed with the tower-less defense plan.

Omake Vote:


The Nihongo calls to me.
Also, I got no idea who this pertains to, so it's a complete mystery box.

5eb36 No.26825

Wind and Wings is gonna be Sakura, Catscratch is possibly Usagi and Luna. I'm gonna vote for Onegai.

ee996 No.26833

Right, right. It's just that making a Touhou quest isn't exactly easy, even if you follow the formula. I suppose I could brush up on my TPW memories for mechanics…But that still leaves the plot.

Anyway, yeah, let's go with Onegai. I think I know who it is, but I'm not sure.

fa53e No.26834

I'd vote Catscratch but the tide seems to be favoring Onegai, so I'll vote for that.

41a18 No.26863

Just to buck the vote a little, I'll put my vote in for Catscratch

782b6 No.26978

File: 1492479820771.jpg (69.52 KB, 960x720, Running.jpg)

Onegai gets the win. Unfortunately, I wasted far too much time trying to get subtitles to work in a webm. I could have burned them in using ffdshow, but there's a limit to what I'm willing to do.

Watch episode 1 of Nanoha, especially the part from 16:45 to 23:03

"Can you hear me? Can you hear my voice?"

"It's the voice from last night's dream, and from this afternoon…"

"Please, listen to me. You, who can hear my voice, please! Please lend me some of your strength!"

"That Ferret's the one speaking to me…"

"Please! Come to where I am! The time we have left… The danger… It's already too late!"

782b6 No.26979

File: 1492479850536.jpg (93.77 KB, 960x720, Vet.jpg)

At the clinic, the ferret is running away from a black shadowy mass. It soon jumps into the girls arms.

"W-What's going on? What is that?"

"You… came for me."

"You spoke!"

782b6 No.26980

File: 1492480046175.jpg (62.7 KB, 960x720, Raising Heart.jpg)

The two run away from the monster until they find a safe location while the ferret explains the situation to the girl and asks for her help. Finally, she agrees.


"What should I do?"

"Take this!"

"It's warm."

"Hold it, close your eyes, and open your heart. Repeat after me. Okay? Here's goes."


"I am the one who has been given a mission."
"I am the one who has been given a mission."

"Under the contract, release those powers."
"Under the contract, release those powers."

"Winds to the sky, stars to the heavens."
"Winds to the sky, stars to the heavens."

"And the unyielding soul…"
"And the unyielding soul…"

"To this heart!"

"Magic to these hands!"

"Raising Heart, set up!"

"Stand by ready. Set up."

"What magical power! Calm down and imagine a magical wand that will control your powers, and a sturdy armor that will protect you!"

"You say that, but everything being so sudden… Let's see… let's see… I think this will do for now!"


163ea No.26985

There are times when being right makes me sad.

This is NOT one of those times :3
The first time I heard those words, and every time I hear "Standby Ready. Set Up" or some variant, I just get the biggest grin. It just wedged itself firmly into my mind as something that is just so right and happy and good. Even now, years later, I still feel that way. And now you all know why I had absolutely no complaints about being the Horseman of Transformation Scenes.

Oh, and the reason Moe called this interlude "Onegai"? Early in the series, Nanoha relies on a fairly long activation phrase (though not as long as the first time she said it) to transform. Eventually, as the show becomes less a straight example of the magical girl genre, and more a Gundam series in magical girlish form, she shortens the activation phrase until it's simply, "Raising Heart, please!" I assume that you can all figure out from context or prior knowledge what "onegai" means.

41a18 No.27024

And I'm sure that the fact that most girls get naked during their transformations has nothing to do with your love of them, right? XD

2b1e9 No.27065

Shhh. You're not supposed to make him admit to that part!

782b6 No.27066

>the fact that most girls get naked during their transformations
That's about 90% of the reason why this quest even exists. The other 10% is split between the fact that I love the idea of a harem of pregnant girls, and the fact that magical girl anime is pretty much super robot anime, except for girls (and pervy men), so it makes sense to have them in a SRW style game.

b1d3d No.27070

Actually, for the most part, no. (The only exceptions being Cure Moonlight and any adult from Nanoha StrikerS onward.)
Remember, my opinion on lolis is "For headpats, not lewding." My cognitive dissonance in this quest is at full power :P

On a more serious note, am I the only one confused by why/how a couple of *NINE-YEAR-OLDS* have *boobs*? I kid you not. Nanoha and Fate are revealed in their transformation sequences to have legitimate (if tiny) breasts! It's like, "How many weird-ass magical girl puberty hormones do they have running through their bodies to have breasts at nine years old?!"
Though it does explain why they're both *ridiculously* stacked at 19 (StrikerS.) As Nanase from El Goonish Shive would say, "Magic boobs".

dc032 No.27073

File: 1492657516187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.71 KB, 627x500, the_reason.jpg)

>Remember, my opinion on lolis is "For headpats, not lewding."

… unless we're talking about legal lolis here (Evangeline, Monmusu!Tamamo, etc.).

>As Nanase from El Goonish Shive would say, "Magic boobs".
Pic related.

dc032 No.27074

File: 1492657573288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.36 KB, 627x500, the_real_reason.jpg)

Chose the wrong reason.

Pic even more related.
Thanks Puppet Master!

782b6 No.27085

Both of those describe Nanoha very well.

>am I the only one confused by why/how a couple of *NINE-YEAR-OLDS* have *boobs*?
Like Foggy said, MAGIC. Except I'm saying this with full seriousness. In this (pregnancy focused) universe, magic powers give girls early puberty, simple as that.

As for lewds vs. headpats for the lolis, I'm planning on adding warnings for the sections where the younger girls are placed in sexual situations.

4810b No.27088

Both of those describe the relevant example that I gave, too! (Nanase is also both magical and a lesbian.)

Yeah, I figured. Honestly, if I was running this quest, that's the explanation that I would use. In my own original (incomplete) setting, I have a similar idea going, though I'm not sure how much it would accelerate puberty. If it did, it would probably just cause them to grow up faster in general. They may be chronologically 9, but in every other way that is meaningful, they're 18.
This ability would also make them more fertile, though there's a bit of a limit to that, since a bunch of super-fertile people is unfeasible: if they get too powerful, their sex organs basically irradiate and destroy other sex organ things that come near them. I'm being vague because both men and women can experience this. Basically, you can plow your powerless partner all you want, but you won't get any kids from it. As they get closer to being on your level, though, fertility increases a lot.
Also, this sort of power can be used to delay aging, at least physically. One guy did that for so long, though, that he ended up with pretty severe OCD and probably megalomania, and almost did some really nasty stuff. In a rare moment of lucidity, though, he instead organized a immense ambush against his enemies, and basically turned himself into a massive positive energy bomb right in the middle of their negative energy asses.

Sorry for the digression.

dc075 No.27459

I want to start by saying I have had minimal exposure to any of these animes or mangas and what I know about them is due to Googling whilst I've been reading this thread.

But hell, I'm not gonna stand by when the MC is a suave sonuvabitch with a flair for the dramatic and absolutely fabulous to boot.

782b6 No.27677

Still not 100% back. Not sick anymore, but stupidly busy at work (and then when I had a bit of free time this weekend, I ended up playing Sims and ruining my sleep schedule. Stupid addictive game. Why do I still have it?)

So, let's vote on an omake, hopefully that'll get me back in the flow of writing.

Episode 2:
Fightin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
A Grandmother's Youth
Panty Flash!
A Mother's Love [already seen]

dc032 No.27678

>stupidly busy at work
My feels, take them.

>I ended up playing Sims and ruining my sleep schedule. Stupid addictive game. Why do I still have it?

Like me, except replace The Sims with Civ3.
Old game, I know, but it's the only one that could run comfortably on my toaster of a laptop.

Must be my inner megalomaniac that keeps me from deleting the game.

Omake choice:
>Panty Flash!

Because pantsu.

54d6d No.27679

Fighting 2 seems interesting.

5eb36 No.27680

Going with Neal on this one.

2870b No.27682

Please tell me "Panty Flash!" involves Cutey Honey. Pretty please?

ee996 No.27688

Glad you're back. I was getting a little worried.
Anyway, I'm actually picking Grandmother's Youth. If this is what I think it is, I want to confirm some information, and I believe this will help.
Also, I'm still trying to put together that Touhou quest idea. I'm almost done, so get thinking about which Gensokyo girls you want the main character to start with (up to 4.)

5eb36 No.27689

Can I pick Sakuya four times? >_>

41a18 No.27692

Panty Flash, because why not?

ee996 No.27695

In TPW, yes. In this quest, the characters are the actual Gensokyo girls, so no.

782b6 No.27696

Ok, "Panty Flash! involves Cutie Honey." Now the question is whether or not I'm telling the truth.

ee996 No.27702

Dammit Moe XD

782b6 No.27707

File: 1494380636246.jpg (72.58 KB, 640x480, Physical Contact.jpg)

>Dammit Moe XD
I seem to keep getting that reaction. I wonder why.

Despite not being worded as a vote, I'll count femanon as voting for Panty Flash.
3 votes Panty Flash
2 votes Fighting 2
1 vote Grandmother's youth

PS. I lied.

"Did Umino say anything to you?"

"About what?"

"I think Umino likes you."


"But he's innocent, so he's too shy to say anything."

"Usagi, let's go on a date!"

"What's wrong?"

"It's not a good idea to come to school dressed like that."

"Who cares. Usagi, let's go on a date today."

"You know…"

"He's gotten brave all of a sudden."

782b6 No.27708

File: 1494380785139.jpg (48.58 KB, 640x480, Panty Flash!.jpg)

"Umino! What is that outfit? Umino, what are you thinking?"

Umino ingores his teacher, walks past her, and flips her skirt up, "Thinking this!" He laughs maniacally as he

Miss Haruna collapses and cries, "No one will marry me now!"

[Sailor Moon episode 2. 12:58-13:58]
I'll get to work on the main story soon once more.

54d6d No.27710

I think I remember this part of the episode, just barely though

dc032 No.27712

Well, someone certainly had an attitude adjustment.
Or so it seems.

dfe50 No.27717

It's part of the episode with the tarot cards that we popped in on the other night. Umino and a bunch of guys are controlled to be assholes, then go full zombie horde mode later during the fight with the youma.

782b6 No.27822

File: 1494741292752.jpg (50.17 KB, 640x480, Moon Tiara.jpg)

>All those votes previously.
Fortify your position and fight defensively.

You explain the slightly revised plans to the team. "Let's gather up some chairs, monitors, the teacher's podium, anything that we can use as an obstacle. We want to make it harder for the youma to reach us once they get through the door. Yuuno, Nanoha, I hate to put the two of you on the front lines, but the two of your know shield spells. Keep them up, and make sure they aren't able to throw those horribly sharp papers at us." Your shoulder pulses at the memory of those papers. Continuing, you order, "Mercury, Sailor Moon, Cure Black, and Cure White, you're with me in the back. Ranged attacks are the name of the game. Keep blasting them as they come. Oh, and Mercury, stick to the balls of water for now. The mist would have been a good idea if we went with Black's plan, but it won't help us when we've got a nice defensive line."

You make sure everyone know their duties and doesn't have any questions. "I'll open the door and run back. Sailor Moon, throw your tiara at the first one you see to get their attention."

You all take a few minutes and set up a rectangular kill zone for the youma in front of the door. Once the hazards are built up to your satisfaction, everyone takes their places. Yuuno is at the short side of the rectangle, directly in opposite the door. Nanoha is close to the door on the long side of the rectangle. Hopefully this will funnel more of the attacks at Yuuno, as he's more experienced, and specializes in force fields. Sailor Moon is directly behind Yuuno at the moment, but she'll move left after her opening attack and leave that space open for the two Cures. Mercury is directly behind Nanoha. She'll have the worst firing arc, but her water balls sound like the weakest ranged attack that your team has, so it makes sense to put her there. You'll be between Moon and Mercury throwing your roses once you get back.

With everyone in position, you jump over the obstacles and get to the door. You make eye contact with everyone once more and in a swift motion, open the door, take two steps to build up speed, and front flip over the barier to your right to get out of Sailor Moon's line of fire. You hear her call out her attack as you're in the air and the whoosh of the flying tiara behind you as you land. Turning around, you see the monster that was in front of the door is reduced to a pile of dust, and Sailor Moon's tiara returning to her.

For a moment nothing happens, then you hear a stampede of feet in the hallway heading towards the classroom that you're in. You can feel the energy in the room growing as everyone tenses up. You know that's not a good thing; all of you need to be calm and composed to fight at your top form, but you're just as guilty at tensing up. Confident in your plan and teammates as you may be, you're far from immune from the anxious butterflies of a novice, finding himself facing a foe that far outnumbers him.

782b6 No.27823

File: 1494741343343.jpg (38 KB, 712x480, Ima chargin my attack.jpg)

You hear Nanoha call out, "Protection!" Moments later, a robotic voice repeats. "Protection." The orb in Nanoha's staff glows for a moment, and then she's enveloped in a shimmering translucent ball. You can see her flinch as sharp papers bounce harmlessly off of her shield, but she holds her positions. You were worried about placing her on the front lines, but the girl is brave enough to play her part.

As the footsteps grow closer, the two Cures start their incantation. You hear them summoning the thunder that powers their attack, and you ready a rose to throw. As soon as you see a youma through the door, you throw your rose. You're confident that you hit your target, but you aren't able to see your handiwork as the monsters keep moving and you pull out your next rose.

Once the first youma crosses the threshold, Mercury steps to the left and fires a salvo of balls of water between the wall and Nanoha's shield. She hits her mark, and the stumbles from the unexpected attack. The mass of red youmas pushes forward, and the first one is trampled underfoot. You throw a rose at the youma that's not at the front of the attack. Between your relative safety partially hidden by Nanoha's shield, and the fact that the youmas' movements are restricted in the kill zone makes it easy for you to score a hit on the lead youma's eye, shredding it with your rose like you did to the second one that you fought.

It howls in pain, and once more threatens to back up the attacking monsters. It's at this point that Cures Black and White shout, "PreCure Marble Screw!" They shoot a black and white spiral beam of death from their hands. It blows a hole in the first youma's torso, and continues right past it, doing the same to the two youma right behind it, and continuing into the hallway out of your sight.

782b6 No.27824

File: 1494741365646.jpg (72.09 KB, 960x720, Boss Scrya.jpg)

Yuuno calls out, "Round shield!" and a magical circle appears in front of him, just in time to block nine pieces of paper fired in three volleys of three. The two Cures start their chant over again, while Sailor Moon yells "Action!" and throws her tiara once more. You don't see it hit, but you hear a sharp howl of pain that dies off along with the creature.

Like clockwork, the process repeats itself nearly identically. One of the youma attack Nanoha with her arm-axe, but you and Mercury team up to hurt and distract it until it's killed off by the Cures' next beam of death. Yuuno is once more showing off his usefulness; all the monsters are being funneled towards him, and he still hasn't budged. He has been raising and lowering his shield as needed. Right as the Cures fire off another blast, he lowers the shield to let their attack go through without having to punch through his defenses and then raises it once more as soon as their attack passes by.

782b6 No.27825

File: 1494741419177.jpg (52.05 KB, 640x480, Axe.jpg)

You count nine youma destroyed that you saw or heard so far, plus a few more you assume were killed either by the Cures' attack or by Sailor Moon's tiara. There's still countless more crowding at the door, trying to force their way into the room. However, your attention is pulled away by a loud noise behind you. You turn around and see the tip of a red axe breaking through the wall. It seems at least one of the youma has no intention of walking straight into your killing fields and is trying to open up a second avenue of attack to get in your rear.

What do you do?

>Take care of the problem yourself. [How?]

>Send someone or several someones to take care of it [Any orders?]
>Ignore it. Focus on this front and hope you take care of the youma before that one breaks through.
>Run for it (through the window).
>Have everyone retreat (with or without Mercury laying a fog screen).
>Writein [what?]

5eb36 No.27831

>is trying to open up a second avenue of attack to get in your rear.

I see what you did there.

Man, I feel really bad for Nanoha and Ami right about now. They're definitely the rookies of this whole magical girl business and here we are throwing them straight into the deep end. This is Ami's first day with all this nonsense, and Nanoha doesn't really escalate that much until Fate shows up.

Still, the killbox is actually working for the most part, so props to that. As for our problem… If we're lucky, it's just one youma trying to be smart. If it's not, we're in trouble. Thoughts?

73db4 No.27838

Right now, I think that if it's one youma, we can at least disable it ourselves. As for the how, when all you have is a hammer (roses), problems start to look like nails.

If it's leading a group, then we might need to cheese it. But I don't know where, or how to solve the problem long-term. For there to be this many youma, there needs to be an element of higher leadership nearby…but *where*?

54d6d No.27841

I say let everyone know about it while we take Mercury with us to try to take care of it. If it's just one we can take it out quickly and rejoin the group, while if it's multiple, we can have her throw up a fog screen while we regroup.

41a18 No.27845

I agree with this idea. We need to get closer to assess what we're dealing with. Cane and water can take one youma and we have a plan B in case there are more.

782b6 No.27853

Unintentional. But next season there's going to be a villain group that's all about surprise buttsex.

3480c No.27866

Actually, I like this plan better. I'm officially changing my vote to match.

c37b6 No.27872

I'm in. Let's do it.

54d6d No.27878

Well that's us four horsemen.

Femanon? Foggy? Your thoughts?

e9683 No.27895

See, that is something that I would never plan for if I was in charge of this quest. That's kinda…avant-garde… >_>

5eb36 No.27899

Hey, he's gotta pander to other fetishes than just magical girls and impreg. Not that I think he NEEDS to, he's pretty much already got all he needs with just the two, but y'know, branching out's a good thing on occasion.

…The question now becomes "But does he take requests?", however. Because if the answer is yes, I've got a couple. >_>

e9683 No.27906

I get that. I'm just saying that it's not what I would have expected.

782b6 No.27907

>it's not what I would have expected.
That's why it's SURPRISE buttsex. Also, it will make a lot of sense when in context. (If we ever get around to season 2).

Sure. Send it to me on Twitter @Questing_Moe or Gab @Moe. No promises, because I already have a lot of stuff laid out, but if it fits within my plans, I might slip it in.

e9683 No.27909

Now I can't help but think of the Sailor Moon R movie, only with Mamoru quoting a certain Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged line: "With you, Fiore, it's never a surprise."

54d6d No.27911

Oh mai

0f5ad No.27912

[looks up from crafting YGO decks, glasses skewed sideways] Me? The votes look unanimous. I appreciate the thought, but I don't think I'm needed. :-)

e9683 No.27917

Every voter counts, especially when they give a cute mental image like that.

54d6d No.27919

Besides, you might make a point about something we missed.

41a18 No.27920

Indeed. :)

And now to see what kind of -dere she is by how she reacts to being called cute. XD

0f5ad No.27928

The pedantic kind. Lim didn't call _me_ cute specifically; he called the mental image cute.

[quaffs remainder of coffee and sets mug down] Anyway, I agree. In any combat situation -especially if one's situational awareness is compromised by, say, too many walls obscuring your senses-, if anything or anyone unexpected shows up, that means there's a very good chance you're now outnumbered and all your allies need to know about it so a new Indy Ploy can be implemented.

Tuxie needs to warn the girls, take Mercury to confront the new youma, and bash its head in with his cane. If his cane can extend a la Sun Wukong's Ryuijingu Bang, then flick it to quarterstaff length, grasp it in both hands, and use an overhead strike either from an angle or dead straight ahead.

(The reason I got that specific is the fact I've tried a few stunts with pipes and broomsticks tall enough to be bo staffs, and even as a 4'10" pipsqueak, a two-handed overhead swing, with a good deal of weight behind it, coming down on anything like that is BRUTAL. Plus, men carry their center of gravity in their chests, hence the greater upper body strength, so imagine the damage a mahou-otoko fueled by protective instincts could do with enough momentum and righteous fury behind the swing.)

Then, when the youma is neutralized, Mercury should scan for more, just in case. That's my vote. :-)

f120d No.27933

Judging from the response, I'm thinking kuudere :P
But just to be sure…

Maybe I *should* call you cute, then.

5eb36 No.27947

God, guys. Either get a room or get a camera rolling.

As someone who is tall and much better and experienced at staff/spearfighting in real life than swords, much to his eternal chagrin, I pretty fully agree with Fem's point about an overhead being hilariously skull-crushing, and turning Kamen into a surprise two-hander would be a great move to drop on people.

The only thing we'll have to watch out for is learning how to control the reach of the cane. We don't want to pour too much magic into it and suddenly have it extend out and hit a wall or ceiling, or even worse one of our girls, in the middle of trying to whack someone. I really still think we need to just have a good old fashioned training session with our powers at some point, because if we're getting to the point where we need to start thinking up action commands for the girls in these situations, we should definitely know what we ourselves can do.

Throwing out a Persona 5 reference here because fuck y'all I love the game, but everyone in the party has a pretty clear role they can fill or an element they can hit with, but it's the MC's job to be the ace in the deck. You don't do that by not knowing what he's got to work with.

dc032 No.27948

[Gets up from a pile of Servants, Shipgirls and Mitsurugi]
… yeah, I think I've bitten off more than I could chew with mobage. Oh well.

Oh, and Plan Nealend86 sounds good to me. Division of "labor" and all.

f120d No.27953

Jealousy is unbecoming of you, Moe. I mean come on. Femanon is, by her own admission, smol but fierce, and a meganekko on top of it. It's the perfect combination of moé and GAR!
…In fact, now that I think about it, if Femanon is a blonde French-Canadian artist, then I've probably already met her irl.

3fca7 No.27966

Brunette/Pictish in build Coloradoan, actually. Sorry if that disappoints. :-/

Anyway, Midnight Blue has a point about Tuxie figuring out what he can and can't do. Maybe he'll have a chance to do so once these youma finish herding us to the roof as I suspect they're doing. But for now, the votes still look unanimous.

782b6 No.27967

File: 1494999341506.jpg (170.56 KB, 1600x1236, Ruyi_Jingu_Bang.jpg)

That was Blue, not me.

Voting seems unanimous on taking Mercury and using the staff.

"Mercury! With me! We've got a leak to plug." You order. "Sailor Moon, take my place." With the orders given, you turn around, once more missing the swoosh of your cape, and head back towards the youma that's trying to break through the wall. Mercury follows along behind you.

You think what to do. The hole in the wall is too low for you to comfortably throw a rose through. You consider having Mercury shoot her balls of water through the gash, but the same problem applies. You remember that your cane extended when you forced magic into it, and you realize that it's the perfect weapon for the moment. The youma hits the wall again, tearing through more of it, and that's your signal.

You shove one end of your cane through an earlier gash, get a secure footing, line the cane up with where you think the red-skinned monster is, and push your magic into the cane. You feel the rush of magic leaving you and the cane grows rapidly. You feel it strike the youma and continue to grow, pinning the monster against the opposite wall in the hall, and pushing you backwards. Of course, the sudden jolt causes you to lose your focus on pumping magic into the cane and it starts to shrink once more.

A nasty plan starts to form in your mind. You alternate your flow of magic into the cane, letting it shrink, and then grow explosively right back into your opponent's torso. After a few such strikes, you feel something force the other end of your cane to the left, towards the stairs. Since you're using the wall as a fulcrum, and you're on the short side of the lever, you're jerked hard to the right. Your grip is solid and you're pulled along with it, right into Mercury, and then into the wall. The bluenette cushions your impact; she's about half a head taller than her similarly outfitted blonde companion, and a little more endowed as well. However, you're still a head taller than the bluenette and her face is pressed against your chest.

During all of this, you stopped pumping your magical reserves into the cane, and it's now back to it's normal length. You try to catch your breath and enjoy the forced closeness between you and the lovely girl that you have pinned against the wall. However, your thoughts are interrupted by an axe coming through the wall, just barely missing the two of you. You scoop up Mercury with one arm and quickly pull her her away from the wall to safety.

782b6 No.27968

File: 1494999383752.jpg (19.36 KB, 440x226, Mercury Goggle.jpg)

With her breasts pressed against your torso, Mercury looks up at you and starts to ask, "Is that THE Ruyi Jin…"

"Sailor Mercury," Luna calls out, interrupting her, "Use the Mercury Goggles!"

You silently curse the cat. You were having a moment with the girl.

The bluenette finally realizes how intimately close she is to you and squirms out of your embrace with a squeak. She closes her eyes and exhales. Her movements seem different, and less natural, as she brings her thumb and index finger to her left earring. A blue tinted visor appears over her eyes from her tiara. She turns around and faces the wall where there are now multiple youma trying to break in.

You pick one of the areas where they're focusing and once more use your cane to try to attack the youma. However, the monsters have wisened up, and your blind shot misses its target. You see that the slash this time is horizontal, meaning the red-skinned youma must have been to either side of the point where it's trying to break in.

"I can see them!" Exclaims Sailor Mercury in surprise. "There's three of them."

"If you can see them, then tell me where to strike."

Sailor Mercury does so, guiding your attacks through the wall to strike the enemies. Confident that attacking the monsters through the wall is a good idea and that the bluenette will guide your attacks, you put more magic into each attack. Your first two strikes hit home, and you feel your cane hit the monsters and then punch a hole through them and the wall on the other side of the hallway. Regardless of what happened to the one you struck earlier, you're confident that these two are defeated. Once more, Mercury guides your aim to hit the third and final youma. With a loud crack and a painful jolt, you feel that your cane was deflected by a support beam. Your hands hurt from that, but you move to avoid the beam. The bluenette tells you where to aim once more, and you defeat the third and final monster trying to break through the wall.

With your rear secured, the three of you return to the main front. Sailor Moon destroys another youma with her boomerang, and the Cures are about to fire another Marble Screw. Instead, they let the energy dissipate as there aren't anymore targets. "Is that all of them?" Sailor Moon asks.

"I think so." Yuuno replies.

Sailor Mercury scans up and down the hallway, as well as the neighboring classroom. "That's all of them." She confirms.

782b6 No.27969

File: 1494999418372.png (372.15 KB, 729x693, Texture.png)

You look over your companions. Sailor Mercury, Nanoha, and Yuuno seem no worse for the wear, although Nanoha gives and exaggerated sigh as she dispels Protection. Sailor Moon is doubled over. Charging up her tiara that many times has tired her out. You can't see too much of Cure White since she's still wearing your cape as a cloak, but Cure Black looks almost as bad as Shiny Sakuru did the other day. Her outfit is losing its cohesiveness; small squares of fabric are out of place, casing parts of the uniform to look like a patchwork. Fortunately, not too much of the uniform is gone, but you know that she's running out of magic. Those Marbles Screws must have drained her, and you can only assume that that White is in the same shape under your cape.

"Good job everyone. I'll get some of this out of our way, and lets regroup on the roof." True to your word, you clear out some of the obstacles that you've put up and make an opening for everyone to get out. Although you trust Mercury to not have missed anyone after she guided your attacks the last battle, you still peek out into the hallway and make sure the coast is clear before letting anyone else follow.

Your companions file out of the classroom. You're about to head for the stairs when you suddenly sense an evil and overwhelming aura. It hits you like an icy fist to the gut. "Something's coming." You warn.

"What? Where?"

You're still trying to compose yourself and don't catch who said that. "I don't know. It just showed up."

Everyone frantically looks around to find your mysterious interlocutor, when Mercury calls out, "There, above us." She points down the hall, away from the stairs, and up. "It's coming down," she comments, lowering her arm to keep tracking the target.

782b6 No.27970

File: 1494999445872.jpg (75.29 KB, 640x480, Jade Sword.jpg)

A hole starts to form in the ceiling and a green tinted ball starts to slowly float down, widening the hole as it goes. Inside is a man in a in a blue trimmed uniform with short blond hair, holding a green crystal sword in his right hand and a blue-green aura around his left fist. When he's near the ground, the ball disappears and he lands gracefully. "So you're the unruly brats that have destroyed my beautiful school."

782b6 No.27971

File: 1494999493902.jpg (37.58 KB, 106x401, Jadeite.jpg)

You're getting such a strange case of deja vu. You know that you know this person. However, you're just as equally confident at the fact that you've never met him before in your life.

Your confusion is giving you a headache, but you try to will the pain away. "Who are you?" You ask.

"I am Jadeite, servant of the Dark Kingdom and Queen Beryl, and I will make you pay for what you did to my youma!" He raises his left arm and the energy builds up even more around his fist.

"Nanoha!" Yuuno cries out, "He has a jewel seed!"


The blond man shoots the built up energy at Nanoha.

Nanoha casts protection and Yuuno scampers in front of her. He calls out, "Round shield times three!" Just as you'd have expected from the name, three of the magical circles that Yuuno has been using as shields appear above him. The charged blast breaks through each of the shields, one after the after, but it visibly weakens each time. It also manages to break through Nanoha's shield and hits her right in the chest. You can hear the wind knocked out of her lungs, and fragments of her barrier jacket scattering, but the damage to her jacket is localized to the impact area. The rest of it holds up to the attack, and Nanoha doesn't even fall over. That's one tough girl.

How do you fight Jadeite?
>Boss battle [writein]

f120d No.27974

It just means we've never met before, no harm done.

Oops! So it is.

Geez, this fight. Anyway, I can't think of much, but I know that it's going to be better to dodge than block, if all his shots are going to be like that. That's ridiculous.

34bbd No.27976

I think I officially hate you, Moe.

I'll start thinking of something, but if anyone's got any good ideas for fighting a tank cannon in an enclosed hallway with a crowd of people, feel free to speak up.

54d6d No.27980

Right, we don't know how much he's been observing us, so first order of business is to try to surprise him with giving our roses a quick magic charge before throwing them at him. If we're lucky they'll act like Gambit's cards and blow up when he tries to block them.

Also try to coordinate with Mercury and Nanoha to attack his sides after we hit him with the rose.

41a18 No.27983

First order, tell Moon and the Cures to step back; they're worn out and will be more of a liability than an asset at this point. We can do this at the same time that we fire our first rose salvo, but let's not put everything into this first attack; instead using it see how he'll react and take a hit.

If Nanoha has something to hit him from a distance with, she should use it to pepper him. Mercury can use her water to keep him off balance and hopefully blinded with water in his eyes. After the first salvo, close the distance and fill in the melee role, laying into him with our cane.

3fca7 No.27984

In addition, Tuxie shouldn't aim at just squishy organs; he should hit places that'll make it hard for Jadeite to move at all. Kneecaps, elbows, collarbones, shoulders- seriously, break either of those and not only will he lose use of the corresponding arm, but a wounded shoulder _never_ heals properly. So if Jadeite survives this and returns to the battlefield later, he's going to have problems.

[speaking from personal experience; right shoulder is kinda screwed up due to falling off horses repeatedly]

782b6 No.27997

>I think I officially hate you, Moe.
Such are the wages of QMing.

Also, as is usually the case in my descriptions, there are hints as to his weakness/limitations in the text.

2569a No.27998

I agree with telling Moon and the Cures to fall back, but we shouldn't be obvious about it. Jadeite isn't as much of a dick as Zoicite, but I'd go for weaker targets first if it was me.

IIRC, all the Dark Kingdom generals share certain moves, namely beam shots and barriers, and severe underestimation of the Senshi is what led to most of their downfalls. We should be careful not to do too well here, lest we force him to escalate and we can't keep up.

3fca7 No.28012

We also need to get the sword away from him somehow. (Wait, we? Apparently I'm a quester now despite myself. Okay then.)

dc032 No.28013

The only way I know to throw off heat from the tired girls is for TM to dash forward and get the first strike on Jadeite. But Plan LEEROY JENKIIIIIIIIIIINS almost always fails, so..

Not to mention that'll focus the heat on TM instead.

At any rate, strike with the cane at his arms, mostly at his shoulders, and if possible… at his hands, to disarm him.

77333 No.28040

Gobble gobble, gobble gobble,
We accept her, we accept her,
Gobble gobble, gobble gobble,
One of us! One of us!

(I am unapologetically silly at times.)

Anyway! Whatever we do, I think we might need to target his left hand. Or wherever the Jewel Seed is. Just please, for the sake of everything we know and love, DON'T HIT THE JEWEL SEED. If we smack it out of his grasp, Nanoha can seal it. If we hit it, especially with a magically empowered object, we'll make the same mistake that Nanoha and Fate made in episode…7, I believe, of Nanoha S1. In other words, basically a magical nuke that temporarily destabilized dimensional space. It's worse than crossing the streams in Ghostbusters, by several orders of magnitude.

5eb36 No.28043

And assuming we survived such an event, we'd pretty much immediately end up bringing the TSAB down on our heads and I really don't think any of us want to deal with that. Like, at all. Seconding the "DON'T HIT THE TRONIUM ENGINE" warning.

Okay, so having had a little time to think it over, I've got a basic hypothesis of his attack options going. He's got that sword, obviously, so we can probably tie him up if we go close range, but doing so will draw all the aggro onto us while also making it impossible for anyone else to get a clear shot in. As for that cannon shot he fired at Nanoha, presumably charged with the seed, it's not a quickfire attack.

Think of it like Mega Man X, where your buster has a couple stages of charge. He was already charged up to the first stage as he was floating down, and then charged up to the second during the cutscene so he could fire the big blue shot as a cheap attack. It probably would've actually really hurt Nano-chan if it'd hit, but Good Guy Yuuno watches out for cutscene attacks.

There's no guarantee that we'd be able to prevent him from charging if he's busy fighting close range, though, and while we've got the auto-regen, Nanoha probably has a better Def stat than we do. If we took that shot in the same way she did, even after four barriers to slow it down, we'd be hurting. Getting hit by the full power is gonna be an instant Game Over. If he starts to charge it up again, we either need to turtle up or go for the throat.

782b6 No.28044

>Good Guy Yuuno watches out for cutscene attacks.
I demand Good Guy Yuuno memes.

04fde No.28045

Maybe we can do this: Subtly warn away the Cures and Sailor Moon. While Jadeite is charging up his next shot, have Sailor Mercury blind him. While he's trying to clear his vision, Tuxie takes a few shots at whichever hand has the sword and tries to break shoulders or collarbones as well. Then Tuxie and Mercury press themselves against the walls to allow Nanoha and Ferret-Bro a chance to lay the smackdown on Jadeite. That'd be Round One.

dc032 No.28049

File: 1495180994426.png (221.4 KB, 400x396, designated_support_member.png)

Truly, a cultured gentleman.
Worthy of calling him a bro.

73db4 No.28077

Now we just need someone to Photoshop a little ferret's head on there, then it would be perfect.

But seriously, well done.

1d958 No.28078

Alright, so we seem to have hit the extent of our speculation for the moment, so let's get some action going. Tell the girls to fall back for now (As a whole, that way we keep our low SP group protected under the blanket) and rush him. Don't start dropping magic or two handed stuff just yet, we don't want to show all of our cards too early in the fight.

My strategy is to keep the Afro squarely on us for a few minutes so we can learn his moves, clear the hallway in case he goes to fire that buster shot again, get the girls back to safety so he can't single anyone out, and also keep them directly out of his line of sight for a few minutes so that they can regroup and use those magical girl talents of theirs to come up with a good plan to inevitably save us when we start to flag here, and we will.

It serves our purposes better for the assembled magical girl crew to be the ones to drive Jadeite off here. He doesn't know any identities and thus won't have any specific targets to go for later, and more to the point, it keeps us off the radar for just a bit longer. Poisony and David Bowie are both pretty wise to our power level, so we need to mitigate that a little and try to keep them from comparing notes and deciding that Tuxedo Kamen is the Prime Target in all future engagements for as long as we can.

73db4 No.28081

See, I can pull together little tiny details about a scenario, but I'm actually not often that good at turning them into a viable full-fledged plan of attack. This is why I suck at mechanics, and I'm little better at tactics games.

Good thing for Blue. I recognize a good idea when it appears, and gladly follow along.

5eb36 No.28083

I'm also trying to think a little more long-term, since it's obvious that at least Jadeite and Poisony are cooperating behind the scenes. It's only a matter of time before the villains go full Divine Crusaders on us as it is, so we have to kind of work the long con whenever possible. As I said before, there's a straight up precedent set by canon that the Dark Kingdom lost because Beryl preferred to sit on her ass in front of her crystal ball and tell her minions to prioritize life energy and the Silver Crystal rather than going after the Senshi directly for most of the first season. Sailor Moon as a series pretty much weaponized the concepts of dumb luck at finding/defeating the monster of the week and being criminally underestimated by the villains when they really should know better, and we need to capitalize on that as much as we can. I don't think any of us want someone like Kunzite to show up tomorrow.

782b6 No.28092

Charge the roses. Have Nanoha and Mercury attack from the sides.

Moon and Cures stay back. Probe his defenses with a rose. Nanoha and Mercury provide covering fire. Get into melee range.

Shadow's idea plus making sure to target joints, especially the shoulder. Mercury tries to blind him. Nanoha and Yuuno attack after TK and Mercury. Try to get the sword out of his grasp.

All the girls stay back. Try not to be too flashy. Charge Jadeite. Pull aggro (although Jadeite with an afro is a funny image), and study his attacks. Have the girls go to safety, regroup, and plan in case they need to rescue TK.

Blue's plan, and try to knock the jewel seed out of his hand without hitting the seed itself.

Maybe go Leeroy Jenkins on him? Try to disarm him.

3 votes for suppressive fire, with two of them for using that opportunity to close into melee range.
2 votes for the girls retreat to the reserves and TK trying to solo Jadeite (not sure if in melee or ranged).
1 vote possibly for charging into close range.

I'll start writing in the afternoon. Until then, feel free to change or clarify your votes. The winning action right now is to lay down some suppressive fire (but try to aim for joints when possible), get close, and try to disarm Jadeite of his Jade sword.

dc032 No.28108

Changing my vote to Plan Limits.
Which is actually Plan Blue Kai, but yeah.

Time for the masked man in the tuxedo to take center stage for a while.

dc032 No.28109

… and only noticed now that switching my vote turns it into a tie. Fuck.

>The winning action right now is to lay down some suppressive fire (but try to aim for joints when possible), get close, and try to disarm Jadeite of his Jade sword.

The overall plan's been outlined already, so I guess my previous comment was moot point anyway, so belay that one.

782b6 No.28116

Alright. I'm locking the votes in now. I've started writing, but I'm suffering through a heat wave, so I may not get the next post out until Wednesday. My brain shuts down once the temperature gets about a certain point, and I don't have AC.

54d6d No.28120

Good luck Moe, remember to drink lots of water.

782b6 No.28227

File: 1495609907890.png (207.36 KB, 288x440, Jadeite used Ice Beam.png)

That blast was nasty, and you're torn on what to do. If he's able to rapid-fire those attacks, you and the girls don't stand a chance. You consider sending the girls away to regroup. However, you realize that he was charging that attack while he was descending and while you were talking. That means you have between now and the time that he finishes charging his next attack to get into melee range. Hopefully, if you can keep the pressure on him at close range, he won't be able to focus on charging.

With a plan formed, you shout orders to everyone, "Mercury, you're with me on the first volley. Nanoha, Yuuno, second volley. Everyone else, wait for an opening!" You get in front of everyone and hug the left wall. You motion for Mercury to do the same on the right wall, and she mirrors your action.

The blond man fires another blast from his left hand, but you see it's much smaller in size. It grazes Mercury, hitting part of her blue skirt. You take a quick look at the damage. The part of her skirt that was hit is frozen, and when Mercury presses herself against the right wall, you see pieces of it shatter and fall to the ground. While looking back, you see that Nanoha's uniform is likewise damaged from the attack that she took. Her dress is intact, but the front part of her jacket shattered from the attack. For a moment, you can't believe your eyes. You blink and look again. Sure enough, without the jacket, you can see that Nanoha has small, but noticeable, breasts, and her nipples are stiff and tenting her dress.

That's not a sight you were expecting to see, but you don't have time to dwell on it. You pull out a rose and call out, "Fire 1!" You charge your rose with your magic, and you sense that you don't lose control of your magic the moment you push it into the rose, you can guide it a little bit, forward, to the sides, or building up in the back. You choose to push it forward, and you watch as the rose's thorns retreat into the stem, and the rose takes on a sleek, dart-like shape.

Mercury fires her water balls first, and you throw your rose shortly after. Jadeite tries to blast a few of Mercury's balls, but he only manages to turn them into ice balls. He brings up his green tinted shield, and the ice and water balls shatter and splash uselessly against the shield. Your rose impacts the shield. It penetrates and hits the blonde man under his collarbone, but much of the rose's momentum was depleted by making a pinpoint hole in the shield, and it's by no means a debilitating strike.

The rose falls out of Jadeite by itself. It may have hurt him a little, but it mostly served to get him angry. You see him start to charge the blue-green aura on his left hand.

"Fire 2!" You yell and run forward. Not sure if she should copy you or not, Mercury hesitates for a moment and runs after you.

"Shoot Barret!" Yuuno calls out, and he shoots a magical bullet at your opponent.

"Shoot… Barret…" Nanoha calls out. You feel her gathering an enormous amount of energy.

"Master." The robot voice from earlier interrupts, "You must focus your magic into a small shape, then you can shoot the bullet."

"I'm trying!" Nanoha protests, and loses control of her massed energy. The magical energy makes a lot of noise when it dissipates, but otherwise doesn't harm anyone.

You come to a halt and order, "Fire one." You throw another magic-infused rose, and Mercury shoots a salvo of water balls a few moments later.

Jadeite readies his sword from behind his spherical barrier. Mercury's water bounces off harmlessly, and he parries your rose with his sword once the rose penetrates his shield.

You see the blue-green aura around Jadeite's hands grow larger. You shout, "Fire 2!" and sprint towards the blond man. Yuuno's bullet flies past you, and Nanoha once more tries and files to launch a projectile.

You pull out your cane and go towards Jadeite as if to attack him head on. Knowing that that will only serve to shield him from everyone else's attacks, you tuck and roll at the last moment, and get behind the blond man.

That's not what he was expecting you to do, but he only stays off balance for a moment. Jadeite turns around, drops his shield, and aims the charged energy covering his fist at you.

Your life is saved by Mercury's initiative. She fires some of her water balls at the blond man's unprotected back.

"Ugghh!" He grunts in pain and surprise. Ignoring you for a moment, he turns around to blast Mercury. You're able to see that the charged energy is smaller than a moment ago. Mercury's attack managed to disrupt his charging.


Jadeite's attention is drawn away once more, this time towards the tiara that's coming straight at him.

You're pleasantly surprised. You had only said that to Sailor Moon to keep her and the Cures out of the fight without Jadeite knowing that you were protecting them for some reason. You didn't expect the blonde girl to actually throw her tiara of her own volition.

Jadeite refocuses his aim, and shoots a continuous blue beam at the incoming attack. It takes him a while, but he cancels out its momentum and Sailor Moon's tiara clatters to the ground. The tiara is so cold that it's forming a small cloud out of the water vapor in the air around it.

You're behind Jadeite. Mercury is to your left on the other side of him. Everyone else is far down the hall, with Yuuno and Nanoha in front, and Sailor Moon and the Cures behind them. What do you do now?

>Boss battle [writein]

54d6d No.28233

Slam you cane into his kidney! We're the rogue class, so it's time to sneak attack.

41a18 No.28238

Getting behind him was the best thing we could do. He can't block from all angles (at least I hope he can't), and even if he can, he hopefully won't be able to do so for long or counter.

Cane strike from behind while Mercury fires from the front, which will hopefully give Yunno and Nanoha enough time to fire their shots. Triple attack!

36956 No.28240

Interesting change for the rose, but it also reveals a distinct weakness in that barrier: Piercing or pinpoint attacks. Most magical girl attacks are generally going to always be these big flashy spells that hit wider areas, so all a barrier needs to do to hold up against one is be able to take a minimum amount of damage over each part of itself in order to hold up. You usually just see the heroes solve this by getting an even BIGGER spell that overwhelms it entirely an the villain is turned into line art while screaming as they disappear in a wash of rainbow death. Pinpoint shots usually aren't utilized as a result. Venus will be all about the laser strikes when she shows up, but until then, it looks like it's up to us if we want to hit that particular weakness.

I'm gonna go with Neal/Shadow's idea. We're close enough now to nail him or force melee, and Jadeite clearly can't keep focus on one person at a time. With any luck we'll give Nanoha the time she needs to cutscene learn her first attack and nail him with it, forcing him to say fuck it and peace out on us.

2870b No.28242

Agreed. It's time to aim at the squishy bits.

Also, is there any chance Tuxie's even mildly ambidextrous? If so, have Mercury keep firing to give Nanoha (and possibly the Cures and Moon) a chance to recharge. Then have Tuxie take the cane in one hand for the kidney attack, and a rose in the other. Magically charge it, and then slam the stem into the divot between the bottom rear of Jadeite's skull and the top of his neck, piercing as deep as possible.

That's a shiatsu point; normally it can loosen neck muscles, but shoving something sharp into it? Normally that could well be a killshot, but Jadeite's probably made of tougher stuff. He just won't be able to turn his head without excruciating pain, if at all.

36956 No.28243

Well, hang on a bit there, Fem. We're not necessarily trying to kill him yet, just kick his ass. This is Jadeite we're dealing with, not that rat Zoicite. No reason to be quite so merciless so soon.

There's a fine line to walk when it comes down to how willing one can be to kill their enemies, and while I agree just shanking him in the back of the neck and ending him right now would solve the problem of having to fight him, I don't think that's the sort of precedent we want to set for how we deal with our enemies, especially in front of the girls.

Not to mention, there's still the issue on the table of whether or not we can turn any of the Dark Kingdom generals back to our side, since they originally served Prince Endymon to start with before Beryl corrupted them to the dark side. I'm a second chance kind of guy, so as long as there's still a possibility of bringing a villain back from the darkness, I'm going to disagree with any decision to kill them.

2870b No.28244

I didn't say we should try to kill Jadeite. I said normally it _could_ be a killshot. But that's on an average human, which Jadeite is not. If he can't even turn his head, then his ability to do anything to defend himself is severely limited.

a733c No.28251

Sorry for misinterpreting your intent, then. The way you were talking about inflicting severe injuries before had me thinking you wanted to cripple or ace him, I guess.

2870b No.28258

No worries. I probably should've been more precise with my word choice in the first place.

Actually, can I modify my vote? A shot to the kidneys with the cane, pierce between neck and back of skull with the rose to cause pain and immobilization (because seriously, remember how Batman couldn't turn his head in the early live-action movies? Imagine trying to fight like that), then try to get some answers out of Jadeite. Nanoha might need to know where he got his jewel shard, and if we can get any info as to what the villains are planning, that would be ideal.

ee996 No.28273

I thought Batman couldn't move there because his "mask" was actually pretty thickly armored back there.

But anyway, yeah, let's use those flanking bonuses to our advantage. Again, if we can get the Jewel Seed away from Jadeite without activating it ourselves, so much the better.
I've read Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon (the unfortunate title is on purpose), so I've seen what Jadeite could become if he's not having his talents criminally wasted by Beryl.

dc032 No.28363

Minor thought/idea:
Learn rapier techniques (not outright learning the fighting style due to time restraints).

Thrusting attacks plus a weapon that can grow long on command fits the sword style.

782b6 No.28463

File: 1496111536756.jpg (67.51 KB, 640x480, Jadeite Changed Uniforms.jpg)

Jadeite's back is turned to you, and you intend to exploit that opening to its full potential. With a rose ready in your left hand, you lunge from your kneeling position and thrust your cane right in Jadeite's kidney.

The blond man gives off a half-muted grunt of pain, staggers forward, and falls to one knee.

Mercury continues to be on the ball with her attacks and has no compunctions against attacking Jadeite while he's down.

Jadeite eats a face-full of Mercury's water balls. He screams in frustration and activates his shield once more. Like Nanoha's Protection spell, the shield protects him from every direction, although it has a strong green tint while Protection only has a slightly pink tint.

Your follow up attack with the rose to his neck is foiled by the reappearance of his shield. The stem of your rose snaps uselessly against the green shield. You spare a glance down the hallway. Cure Black is holding Sailor Moon back from running down the hallway to retrieve her tiara. Yuuno has another bullet prepped and ready to fire. Nanoha seems to have given up on trying to cast Shoot Barret, at least for now.

Jadeite stands up and brushes himself off. "Hmph. I see you're all too weak to take me on by yourselves, so you have to team up to even stand a chance."

"You only stand a chance against us because you're using the power of the jewel seed!" Yuuno counters. "Without it, you're nothing!"

"I will…"

You cut Jadeite off and ask, "Where'd you find your little toy?" Although you're still unsure as to what this Jewel Seed is.

He turns around and glares at you, "That's none of your concern."

What do you do now?
>Boss battle [Write-in]

41a18 No.28503

Waited for a while for ideas and other posters, but I suppose it is up to the mascot to be the one to spur heroes to action!

His back is to the others, and we need to break his shield, or at least his concentration. I want to give a quick glance and small nod to Mercury. If she doesn't actually hit him, hopefully it will take his attention. I wonder if we can use magic in our cane to pierce the shield and strike the hand holding the Jewel Seed. If we can get him to drop it, then we get an advantage.

7a177 No.28512

Nealend86 had a good suggestion in /c. Maybe we could combine yours and his?

54d6d No.28517

Yeah, I posted my idea in /c first to get some commentary on it before going with it as my vote.

36956 No.28518

I'm going with Neal's plan as mentioned in /c. For some reason, I'm not coming up with any good ideas myself.

41a18 No.28534

Goodbye thunder, I wish I could have had you longer. But, 'tis the fate of the mascot.

54d6d No.28574

*sticks it in jar to save for later.*
Seriously though, if you could head to the discussion thread and critique my idea, that'd be great.

c2bf7 No.28575

Okay, mashing several ideas together and elaborating. Mercury throws more water at Jadeite's face and immediately shrouds the area in front of her with her mist, but leaves the area behind her clear; that gives her temporary teammates chances to get their weapons or charge up more attacks.

If the mist is thick enough, or if he's taken off guard, Jadeite might not want to move, since he will have to stop and listen for the next attack. If he doesn't move, then even without trying to turn his mask into Bat-goggles, Tuxie could probably power up his cane, extend it, and pierce the shield with it, since he'll know where Jadeite is standing.

I vote for aiming at Jadeite's neck (stunning blow), or the wrist of the hand holding the sword (breaking blow), or his back (another stunning blow). Y'know that one spot on your back that if someone hits it super-hard, you're suddenly convinced you're never going to be able to inhale again? Yeah, extremely distracting. Then Tuxie hits the deck and lets the ladies launch a team barrage.

And then, just to add insult to injury, Yuuno bites Jadeite on the ankle or something.

[looks around hopefully] Good idea? Bad idea?

782b6 No.28576

File: 1496298685086.webm (1.31 MB, 1280x720, Mercury_Aqua_Mist.webm)


Voting hasn't coalesced, but I wanted to start writing, because I might have a few busy days coming up.

You stare back at Jadeite, neither of you wanting to break eye contact. Behind his shield, he's safe from all but your charged rose attack. However, he hasn't been able to attack without lowering it so far. So long as it's up, you're at an impasse. "Use the mist." You order. You break eye contact with the blond man and look at Mercury. The bluenette is hesitating, remember the confusion that arose last time she used the attack. You nod to reassure her, and then resume your staring match with Jadeite.

"Mercury Aqua Mist!" In a matter of moments, you and Jadeite are surrounded in a disorienting mist. Trying not to get lost when your visibility is short, you run past Jadeite to get on on the same side of him as the girls. You can hear the footsteps of someone in boots ahead of you. You try to pump magic into your mask in the hopes that it will let you see through the mist, but your magical energy bounces off the mask without doing anything.

782b6 No.28577

File: 1496298816466.jpg (40.03 KB, 550x446, Ice Mist.jpg)

You notice that the air around is unusually cold, and the visibility is increasing. You look around you. To your left, and a little behind, Jadeite is holding both his hands out, and his shield is down. His sword is gone, but he's holding a small jade shard in his right hand. He's freezing the mist, leaving tiny reflective ice crystals behind, but otherwise clearing the view.

What do you do now?
>Boss battle [write-in]

54d6d No.28579

Right, second part of my idea then. Charge a rose and toss it at the shard.

36956 No.28580

It's so very tempting to go for a killshot right now, regardless of what I was saying to Fem before. He's probably not dropped his guard, but it's the cleanest shot we'll have all day. Which is why I'm agreeing with Neal, let's aim for his jade shard.

41a18 No.28607

Take a shot, but move afterwards since he'll try to hone in on our location. Circle around until we can get into cane range, striking if the rose doesn't work.

ee4b2 No.28661

To expand on that, charge up the cane if possible to pierce the shield, then either smack the neck or back to stun, or the wrist to break and make Jadeite drop the shard-sword-thing. When he's stunned, tie him up somehow and try to get some answers.

73db4 No.28663

Oh yeah! Compliant Rod time!

I feel like the general strategy is to take potshots before the fog clears up, and try to do so in such a way that it opens up a better target for us to magic the cane into. Or provide the girls with a good opportunity. Or both.
Again, non-lethal is the key here. Separating Jadeite from the Jewel Seed is still a reasonable plan that shouldn't be too difficult if we can just get around or through whatever defense he puts up.

782b6 No.28695

File: 1496561706448.jpg (100.22 KB, 1280x720, Forehead Crystal.jpg)

Jadeite is quickly nullifying Mercury's mist, that means you have to act fast. His shield is down, and his attention isn't on you anymore, so you decide it's time to strike. You pull out another rose and charge it like last time, turning it into a sleek dart. You throw it at your opponent's right hand, and your aim is true. The rose-dart strikes the back of his hand and penetrates through, stopping only when the flower, serving as the flight, reaches the back of his hand.

You can see the jade shard fall out of Jadeite's hand, but before it even hits the ground. the blond man screams in pain. You pull out your cane, ready to follow up while he's dealing with the pain, and charge at him.

Jadeite tries to clutch his wounded hand against his chest, but that doesn't work while he has your rose sticking through it. Instead, he aims his left arm in your general direction and fires a scattershot of blasts in your direction.

You realize that you're still sufficiently shrouded by the mist that although you can see him, he can't see you, at least not clearly enough to know where to shoot. He still manages to get two hits on you, a glancing blow against your left upper arm, and a solid hit to your chest. That second hit causes you to stagger. Your dress shirt didn't do a good job of protecting you from the cold, and your chest is so cold that it feels like it's burning.

Fortunately, Jadeite's unfocused attack is interrupted by a focused salvo of water balls. The blond man falls to the ground, grunting it pain from the unexpected attack, and snapping the stem of the rose embedded in his hand. He scours the ground, frantically looking for something.

You hear an indistinct mass of footsteps running up the hall from where Yuuno and the girls were. Assuming it's them, you resume your charge, leaving the burning cold of your chest to worry about later. Like with the youma earlier, you bring your cane to your side, and force your magic into it, extending it.

To your chagrin, Jadeite rolls out of the way of your cane extension and the tip of your cane bounces off the floor uselessly. You cut off the flow of magic into your cane and it retracts to it's normal size. You find your magic to be flowing less freely, warning you that you might be running low.

You continue forward to get closer while Jadeite rolls out of the way once more. This time though, he uses his momentum to get up into a kneeling position. You swing your cane levelly, hoping to strike his ribs.

As you swing, Jadeite's crystal shard grows from his left hand into the sword he was using earlier. He braces it with his right hand near the top. The blond man blocks your cane with his sword, and you start to feel darkness encroaching on your vision. You see the shape of a perfect Jade crystal on your opponent's forehead, and then your eyes lose focus as your head starts to throb in pain.

782b6 No.28696

File: 1496561760362.jpg (122.47 KB, 1280x720, Flashback.jpg)

You see a blond man holding a sword in front of him. He looks like Jadeite, and his uniform is vaguely similar, but his light gray cape, and especially the way it's fastened, remind you of your own cape. You feel like a voiceless spectator, watching a scene play out before you.

"Jadeite," The blonde man declares, "The Knight of Patience and Harmony."

Your eyelids feel heavy and you close them, wondering what it was that you were seeing.

You wake up face down on an unfamiliar floor. The last thing you remember was a bus driving into a wall and going through a portal. No, that had to be a dream; that's too strange to have actually happened. From a distance, you hear, "Seal!"

Someone's at your side, asking if you're OK. You want to tell her that you aren't OK, that your head feels like its in a vice-grip, but you can't form the words. You just want to sleep this off…

782b6 No.28697

File: 1496561789058.png (95.78 KB, 316x129, Knocked out.png)

You wake up with a groan, staring straight up into a fluorescent light. You try to remember how you got here. You were fighting Jadeite… Did he win?

Your question is partially answered in the form of a blonde girl practically throwing herself at your prone form and hugging you tightly. "Tuxedo Kamen! You're awake!"

Her voice is a little grating as it reverberates through your head, but she feels so nice pressed tightly against you. You instinctively wrap an arm around her to keep her close while you try to fully wake up.

"What happened?" A voice asks.

It takes you a while to figure out who's speaking. It's one of the new girls… blue hair… Mercury! "I…" You start to respond after a while. You stop yourself, recalling what there was of the battle, "I swung at him, he blocked, and then I blacked out. What happened then?"

"You and Jadeite both collapsed." Mercury answers, concern thick in her words. "I thought you were both injured. After a while, Jadeite teleported away, but he left behind the Jewel Seed, and Sakura sealed it. Yuuno healed you up, and we were waiting for you to wake up."

You let your head roll to the left to see who exactly is we. The first thing you see is the crotch portion of Sailor Mercury's leotard as she's crouching near you. You fondly wish that her uniform was more friendly for the occasional panty-shot. You keep looking to remind yourself of who's here. Sailor Moon is still hugging you. Luna is looking on disapprovingly. Nanoha and Yuuno are talking about something, pointing to Raising Heart. Cure Black is standing in the middle of the hallway, bored, and Cure White has answered your prayers for a panty-shot. She's standing next to Black with her hands in front of her trying to not let anyone see her panties. However, from your angle you can see right up her shredded gown and see her white panties with blue polka dots. You tilt your gaze a little higher and make eye contact with White. She's blushing and fidgeting. You know she saw you looking. She could easily have stepped behind Black, but it seems she's intentionally putting on a show for you.

You lower your gaze once more and peek up White's skirt, but another thought strikes you while gazing at the cute scrap of fabric covering the bluenette's nether lips. She was wearing your cape earlier. Where was it now? You bring your right hand up to check. Sure enough, your cape is fastened to your jacket once more.

What do you do now?
>Cup Sailor Moon's ass and see how Luna reacts.
>Ask some more questions about what happened [what?]
>Move to the roof for introductions as in the original plan. [Hold Sailor Moon close while getting up, or not? Anything to specifically say or not say, anything specifically yo ask the girls?]
>Have introductions here. [Get up, or not? Hold Sailor Moon close while getting up, or not? Anything to specifically say or not say, anything specifically yo ask the girls?]
>Write-in [What?]

69911 No.28699

Let's head to the roof, maybe leaning heavily on Moon for "support."

41a18 No.28701

Yes, let's head up to the roof, leaning on Moon for support and maybe a quick touch.

But while we move, the other girls should keep their eyes out for any stragglers. If there are any, don't stand and fight, just use Nanoha's and Yunno's shields while continuing the retreat up to the roof.

36956 No.28702

Gonna go with these, they're as good an idea as any at the moment.

Interesting reaction, though. I know I'm not a huge fan of Jadeite, or any of the Dark Kingdom generals besides Nephrite because he had style, but the idea that we might be able to turn these guys back is just too good to pass up. And I know, one's first thought in a game like this might be "Why would we bother with guys?", but that's fool's logic. Showing mercy to your enemies is universal, no matter who it is. If we were to ignore Jadeite but try and recruit Poisony, that's not showing mercy, that's just favoritism.

Zoicite can still go eat shit, though, the fucking prick.

69911 No.28709

That, and Beryl's generals were actually Prince Endymion's most trusted generals. It's just that Beryl got her claws into their reincarnated forms and brainwashed them like she does to Tuxedo in canon.

69911 No.28710

Whoops, this was me.

2569a No.28724

Yeah, that's pretty much my room main line of hope for being able to turn them. Jadeite and especially Nephrite should be doable, but I have legitimate doubts about whether we can turn Zoicite and Kunzite at all, or if we can do it without great cost.

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