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You know what? Fuck it. I've been wanting to do this, but was afraid to. Then I wanted to ask if this thread was a bad idea, but couldn't decide whether to pose the question of appropriateness in /c/ or /bs/.

Anyways, pregnancy edit thread! Take a screenshot of a cartoon character, or a comic panel, and BAM! preggify her.

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This thread reminds me of my awkward puberty.

oh god what have I done I went to go look at these really awful old edits I did as a child and omg I thought I was strong enough to fight back the embarrassment but I'm not I can't handle this abort I give up lord have mercy

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You're weak. I don't mind this thread at all

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I think his horror came from seeing his old work. I mean, I know that I recoil in horror from my earlier attempts at drawong pregnancy.

49f66 No.2726

Nah, these pictures are fine in comparison. I'm talking about stuff I made. Just imagine tan shaped circles photoshopped onto random pictures.

I shared these with people.

5ac20 No.2733

Yeah, those were the days.

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File: 1414415224602.jpg (330.42 KB, 886x672, tifa1.jpg)

About ten years ago or possibly more now, I can't remember, I used to open up this image in MS paint and go to town, progressively trying to make her bigger and bigger, experimenting with the whole "so big it opens her zipper" thing despite, uh, not realizing she doesn't have one.

That's not even starting on the fact that I used to also try and edit her topless. Which as you can imagine, via MS paint and compared to how crap I am at the whole art thing even now, was nightmarish.

But dammit I kinda miss those days.

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I know exactly where you're coming from bro. You can either laugh at yourself or cringe at yourself. I can assure you the former is much more enjoyable :D

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File: 1415227003552.gif (3.3 MB, 488x736, bbkf.gif)

I do this alot… Hell, I even take it a step further and animate them sometimes.

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File: 1415252461420.png (271.2 KB, 645x427, chel.png)

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File: 1415252482592.jpg (37.9 KB, 379x379, 640560-daphne_blake_bikini….jpg)

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File: 1415252622285.png (695.33 KB, 524x2064, clover_by_soloik-d7q7wze.png)

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File: 1415605296529.png (124.76 KB, 273x350, 3556993474_Vlcsnap_2011_12….png)

Trudy Proud. Gave birth to twins, is milfy as fuck, and yet no one ever made her pregnant? Blasphemy!

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File: 1415605321820.jpg (67.43 KB, 534x401, dfppopweekmikety.jpg)

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I don't mind this one. Artist did good on the edit.

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File: 1415692623334.jpg (38.37 KB, 512x384, 1757437-wasp7.jpg)

There's some good shit in there

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File: 1415692634711.jpg (39.09 KB, 365x353, Eris21.jpg)

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File: 1415692649642.jpg (45.19 KB, 640x360, Untitled_Panorama1-8.jpg)

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File: 1415692691929.jpg (18.73 KB, 232x300, img-thing.jpg)

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i try :)

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File: 1415857934865.jpg (923.49 KB, 2003x1613, etna_morph1.jpg)

Does it have to be screenshots or comic panels, or can it be someone else's fanart?

I've been too afraid to make a thread for my own blatant stealing for fear of backlash…

22060 No.3363

File: 1415868370297.png (187.47 KB, 349x484, JanineMelnitz-TheRealGhost….png)

OP here. I was gonna say keep it to official works, just to avoid art theft, but ultimately I decided to skip saying it.

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File: 1415868399240.jpg (76.63 KB, 640x480, SoraEpilogue2.jpg)

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File: 1415868424968.jpg (47.15 KB, 640x480, TFTS100.jpg)

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File: 1415868440582.png (446.54 KB, 640x480, Old-spies-07.png)

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File: 1415868635760.png (137.89 KB, 290x454, vega.png)

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File: 1415868660428.jpg (48.45 KB, 500x426, tumblr_lvzxvvUc9A1r2s92r.jpg)

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File: 1415868696008.jpg (34.71 KB, 360x268, grandeer5.jpg)

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File: 1415868731811.png (127.66 KB, 333x250, Charming_Ty_Lee.png)

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File: 1415868763602.png (780.24 KB, 817x985, totally_spies_clover_bikin….png)

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File: 1415868891013.jpg (35.31 KB, 480x356, 08stata.jpg)

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File: 1415868909736.jpg (31.69 KB, 319x386, 527975-cheetah_.jpg)

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File: 1415868924372.jpg (51.79 KB, 396x1024, 378741-73749-stargirl.jpg)

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File: 1415868954584.png (96.19 KB, 345x245, Huntress.png)

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File: 1415869018373.jpg (72.67 KB, 852x480, 429131-i seee.jpg)

If I remember correctly, this was from the scene with the masturbation joke. How oddly appropriate.

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File: 1415869031445.jpg (30.65 KB, 466x350, BBs02e09-Rats_0002.jpg)

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File: 1415869056685.jpg (185.32 KB, 1563x927, Mad-Love (2).jpg)

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File: 1415869085881.jpg (73.54 KB, 1024x576, 06nf_zps43996548.jpg)

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File: 1415869128023.jpg (32.9 KB, 480x356, 02static.jpg)

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File: 1415869426667.jpg (61.28 KB, 750x568, BatgirlTAS.jpg)

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File: 1415869438523.jpg (66.77 KB, 512x384, lw1.jpg)

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File: 1415869453310.jpg (44.57 KB, 500x375, ten_melanie_ref1.jpg)

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File: 1415869484704.jpg (62.47 KB, 640x480, does_my_butt_look_big_by_t….jpg)

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File: 1415869502681.png (520.52 KB, 703x964, ts_sam_by_soloik-d7y0nuy.png)

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File: 1415869532675.png (661.96 KB, 1024x674, ts_sam_clover_workout_2_by….png)

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File: 1415869562285.jpg (148.93 KB, 1024x768, Totally-Spies-totally-spie….jpg)

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File: 1415869649678.png (95.99 KB, 189x306, tumblr_lvph6eDSPg1r2s92r.png)

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File: 1415869658774.png (198.1 KB, 576x432, Gravitina2.png)

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File: 1415871911798.png (170.13 KB, 314x454, Gwens2.png)

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File: 1415871928611.jpg (49.88 KB, 640x480, wuya_allpowerfulagain.jpg)

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File: 1415871938177.png (368.69 KB, 507x552, vlcsnap-2010-08-11-00h38m5….png)

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File: 1415877371341.jpg (30.45 KB, 576x432, 80511-rain_mikamura_pictur….jpg)

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File: 1415877390624.png (300.5 KB, 720x480, SissiDelmas-TipTopShape3.png)

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File: 1415878547953.jpg (14.02 KB, 259x195, images.jpg)

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File: 1415878564582.jpg (61.1 KB, 720x480, Rogue-and-Kitty-dance-on-s….jpg)

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File: 1415879131150.jpg (34.92 KB, 440x330, Do_you.jpg)

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File: 1415879639585.jpg (34.82 KB, 369x480, Kittrina.jpg)

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File: 1415881175967.png (398.71 KB, 1023x744, 135186173032.png)

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File: 1415881186751.jpg (35.85 KB, 447x358, jessie49.jpg)

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File: 1415881203264.png (230.06 KB, 500x340, tumblr_inline_mnluxbP6Gc1q….png)

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File: 1415881260507.png (127.59 KB, 640x360, 640px-Hot_S12.png)

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File: 1415881383841.jpg (50.35 KB, 491x368, 491px-HikariEpilogue1.jpg)

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File: 1415882350834.jpg (83.37 KB, 640x480, digimom3.jpg)

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File: 1415882387495.png (456.64 KB, 900x506, mrs_ridgemount_by_uberbomb….png)

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File: 1415887219949.png (382.52 KB, 1023x575, X-men-Evolution-x-men-evol….png)

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File: 1415949800902.jpg (23.18 KB, 480x360, 140789316339.jpg)

i wanna see what you can do with this pic. btw sorry its small its the only one i could find

4ec19 No.3430

File: 1415997172156.png (248.31 KB, 500x375, lw2.png)

56688 No.3431

File: 1416001896399.jpg (12.38 KB, 205x246, Aelita_pyjamas.jpg)

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File: 1416001914712.png (141.56 KB, 400x300, 195239-74602-taranee-cook.png)

56688 No.3433

File: 1416001934444.jpg (51.2 KB, 598x464, Leshawna_and_Gwen.jpg)

56688 No.3436

File: 1416004414062.jpg (133.54 KB, 720x1011, Sedusalg.jpg)

56688 No.3437

File: 1416004443656.jpg (48.46 KB, 640x480, mommies048.jpg)

8eefb No.3439

File: 1416006512203.jpg (46.42 KB, 500x375, abbypaige.jpg)

b10ca No.3452

File: 1416036599877.jpg (31.99 KB, 480x360, abby2.jpg)

b10ca No.3455

File: 1416039437070.jpg (107.13 KB, 1005x764, Thundercatscheetara.jpg)

The girl that made a thousand furries.

b10ca No.3456

File: 1416039448288.png (89.71 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lvnv1jhh1C1r2s92r.png)

b10ca No.3457

File: 1416039482741.jpg (28.6 KB, 500x372, tumblr_lzlf2zmGeA1r791bbo1….jpg)

b10ca No.3460

File: 1416042706462.png (144.7 KB, 294x530, ilana (1).png)

Since I posted one hottie from Sym-Bionic Titan, I might as well post the one that's a main, rght? Ilana spam.

b10ca No.3461

File: 1416042724927.png (112.44 KB, 284x357, ilana (2).png)

b10ca No.3462

File: 1416042749913.png (583.24 KB, 500x1044, Ilana_in_her_Sherman_High_….png)

b10ca No.3463

File: 1416042765165.jpg (66.44 KB, 800x450, ilanasbt01.jpg)

b10ca No.3464

File: 1416043060537.jpg (31.78 KB, 576x320, 719244-mosaic_dvdriparvie_….jpg)

b10ca No.3465

File: 1416043071013.jpg (18.77 KB, 400x300, 224930-177052-scarlet-witc….jpg)

8eefb No.3468

File: 1416059484146.jpg (36.76 KB, 500x375, Gassy Abby Archer.jpg)

8eefb No.3469

File: 1416059506339.jpg (31.04 KB, 500x374, Gassy Abby with her mom.jpg)

8eefb No.3470

File: 1416059528231.jpg (38.68 KB, 500x374, Gassy Paige with friends.jpg)

8eefb No.3471

8eefb No.3473

8eefb No.3474

File: 1416059880603.png (444.38 KB, 1280x720, Pregnant Thalassian.png)

cec8a No.3475


There is never enough pregnant Cheetara, both versions, out there in the world.

91baa No.3476

What show is this?

8eefb No.3477


8a984 No.3494

File: 1416123057985.jpg (88.59 KB, 830x467, Cheetara_kat_imprisoned.jpg)

That there most certainly is not.

8a984 No.3495

File: 1416124978956.jpg (47.05 KB, 405x561, Adella.jpg)

8a984 No.3496

File: 1416125382114.png (250.98 KB, 640x368, Vlcsnap-2012-08-10-16h53m0….png)

8a984 No.3497

File: 1416127128579.jpg (78.27 KB, 491x605, Ice_DCAU_001.jpg)

8a984 No.3498

File: 1416127151973.jpg (27.17 KB, 480x358, 13zeta.jpg)

8eefb No.3503

File: 1416155564342.jpg (52.33 KB, 389x481, Ice_BTBATB_09.jpg)

8eefb No.3504

File: 1416155914425.png (267.85 KB, 1024x576, Vlcsnap-2014-03-19-01h17m5….png)

9ffd1 No.3666

File: 1416198815303.jpg (36.97 KB, 640x480, bee10.jpg)

9ffd1 No.3667

File: 1416198825043.jpg (43.36 KB, 480x356, Harley&Ivy's_new_friend_01.jpg)

9ffd1 No.3668

File: 1416198838794.jpg (40.76 KB, 480x368, Terra-teen-titans-girls-11….jpg)

9ffd1 No.3669

File: 1416199050419.jpg (37.9 KB, 640x480, Freakazette1.jpg)

9ffd1 No.3670

File: 1416199087881.jpg (76.31 KB, 584x768, totally_spies_clover_worko….jpg)

9ffd1 No.3671

File: 1416199155636.jpg (226.76 KB, 640x480, Ts5x0800077.jpg)

9ffd1 No.3672

File: 1416199186140.png (391.97 KB, 529x750, ts_clover_by_soloik-d7y0li….png)

9ffd1 No.3673

File: 1416199222073.jpg (33.63 KB, 400x300, 22.jpg)

0450f No.3674

File: 1416200131335.png (337.85 KB, 640x360, 640px-S1_E2_Martha_pretend….png)

8eefb No.3689

File: 1416268973163.png (822.71 KB, 1024x576, S2_E2_Emma_currently_has_t….png)

b3e79 No.3690

File: 1416270394694.jpg (21.79 KB, 290x311, 115.jpg)

b3e79 No.3691

File: 1416270400623.jpg (23.75 KB, 400x300, 368807-82162-gwen-stacy.jpg)

b3e79 No.3692

File: 1416270408038.jpg (58.37 KB, 370x1024, 5842384107_b95951d77f_b.jpg)

b3e79 No.3693

File: 1416270416735.jpg (19.95 KB, 285x479, 285px-Megera.jpg)

b3e79 No.3696

File: 1416271401446.jpg (24.08 KB, 361x368, 361px-Shego.jpg)

b3e79 No.3697

File: 1416271451433.jpg (120.13 KB, 400x300, 260239.jpg)

af165 No.3698

There's nothing more disappointing than a half-assed edit.

4d6e2 No.3700

File: 1416283995120.png (477.17 KB, 930x523, pyrrha_edit_by_mjelster481….png)

8eefb No.3703

File: 1416312930003.png (746.58 KB, 1366x768, Courtney's not happy.png)

0450f No.4060

File: 1417419861298.jpg (37.22 KB, 496x496, dani1.jpg)

As a Transfan, In felt obliged to watch Rescue Bots. It sucks, but at leas t Dani here is cute. So I done did it.

0450f No.4061

File: 1417419868443.png (101.03 KB, 640x360, dani2.png)

0450f No.4062

File: 1417419884764.jpg (24.77 KB, 300x450, SmallBlessings_Hayley.jpg)

And this blonde chick.

0450f No.4070

File: 1417475566827.jpg (28.37 KB, 230x407, BOT_Elise_Presser.jpg)

0450f No.4071

File: 1417475576235.jpg (117.64 KB, 716x986, Baroness_S2.jpg)

cec8a No.4072


Woah, Baroness looks great being pregnant.

0450f No.4075

File: 1417483559508.gif (903.41 KB, 537x697, astoria.gif)

I decided to make a simple glowing gif out of this one. After all, cyvertronian hybrid babies would have sparks, right?

3fd3d No.4093


Anybody know any more of this character? Can't seem to find her debut on YouTube…

0450f No.4095

Because there really isn't anything to find. All she had was a cameo in a musical number. She was supposed to get her own episode, but sadly, the show was cancelled.

8eefb No.4206

File: 1417966947311.png (672.93 KB, 1023x766, Boo Dude.png)

8eefb No.4207

File: 1417966976479.png (770.28 KB, 1024x766, Welcome to the Darth Side.png)

8eefb No.4208

File: 1417967054294.png (640.88 KB, 1024x768, Love at Worst Sight.png)

cede5 No.4211


Um, I don't think these count, seeing as she was actually pregnant in-show.

8eefb No.4212

I know, just thought I might add her in. :(

8eefb No.4213


I know, just thought I might add her in. :(

484ba No.4221

What show was this???

69659 No.4222


I think it was called 6Teen, if you're referring to


29ab7 No.4231

File: 1418063642491.jpg (42.01 KB, 640x480, Harvey Birdman Abogado Tem….jpg)

what can you do with this :) ?

0450f No.4236

File: 1418088814097.png (997.78 KB, 1047x769, Untitled.png)

Appreciate it for being one of the only times you'll see a sexy pregnant woman in lingerie in a western cartoon?

0450f No.4285

File: 1418256463897.png (116.96 KB, 333x250, Mary_Jane_Watson.png)

0450f No.4286

File: 1418256475696.jpg (68.5 KB, 380x653, Cleveland_RobertaPose_v3F.jpg)

3f43f No.4289

Good Job Keep Up The Good Work :)

3bd67 No.4483

File: 1418940366190.jpg (71.8 KB, 554x418, kim1.jpg)

3bd67 No.4526

File: 1419057971442.jpg (54.13 KB, 440x455, waitress.jpg)

one more

0450f No.4555

File: 1419217707705.jpg (50.46 KB, 720x400, 4711_4_zps2a9d093f.jpg)

Maybe she should be teaching health class instead?

0450f No.4556

File: 1419217754797.png (507.2 KB, 990x745, tumblr_mg1t6mqFIT1ru642no1….png)

0450f No.4557

File: 1419217870356.png (119.01 KB, 232x441, SC.png)

0450f No.4558

File: 1419217907940.jpg (42.6 KB, 640x480, mommies050.jpg)

0450f No.4559

File: 1419218560637.png (28.36 KB, 200x464, 200px-FinalAniBlackarachni….png)

316e5 No.4560

Julie actually got pregnant in the comic, but the show ended before it reached that point. Ane she got HUGE lol.

0450f No.4561

Wish I could find pics of it. Have to find the right issues I guess.

d4e9c No.4562

Julie? Is that from that one… Mask show? Max or something? I can't remember, I just remember there used to be this crazy VHS I used to watch as a child and it reminded me of that.

b290c No.4563

Yeah, it's The Maxx. She was pregnant in the comic, but not the show, sadly

2ab76 No.4566

Can anyone post th those pregnant julie winters pics?

a0537 No.4571

File: 1419324932818.png (668.92 KB, 1024x1024, Adventure.png)

35426 No.4586

File: 1419381553904.jpg (479.26 KB, 964x1500, Maxx 14 20.jpg)

35426 No.4587

File: 1419381657610.jpg (569.8 KB, 964x1506, Maxx 14 22.jpg)


This image and the one above are from Maxx #14.

35426 No.4588

File: 1419381700912.jpg (466.74 KB, 964x1496, Maxx 14 21.jpg)

35426 No.4589


Upon further research, she's pregnant from issues 14 to 23.

Also, could someone redirect me to the thread for comic book-related pregnancies? I've got a lot of these panels from this series floating around on my hard drive.

0450f No.4626


0450f No.4643

a0537 No.4667

File: 1419578219006.png (698.04 KB, 1024x1024, ZjjLR.png)

Would you prefer this version instead?

6503d No.4850

File: 1420210478202.png (222.09 KB, 873x916, edit.png)

im not too good at this but i do what i can

6503d No.4851

File: 1420213296523.png (579.03 KB, 705x888, 1420196046070.png)

b8b31 No.4852


You drew all this??? :O

527b7 No.4853


Well it's the edit thread so I'm pretty sure they're Shooped.

Not that I'm complaining. All Korrasami all the time plz.

5c0d7 No.4917

File: 1420496442613.png (396.31 KB, 720x480, Katara-katara-27846363-720….png)

5c0d7 No.4918

File: 1420496462473.png (204.51 KB, 254x600, Nami_dance_girl.png)

5c0d7 No.4920

File: 1420499561183.jpg (41.66 KB, 448x411, Fiancee_fullview.jpg)

5c0d7 No.4921

File: 1420499574141.jpg (43.7 KB, 650x566, Mod_article2188338_1.jpg)

5c0d7 No.4922

File: 1420499589242.jpg (25.27 KB, 230x346, Lulis_fullview.jpg)

5d4d3 No.4930

File: 1420515348487.png (305.4 KB, 614x918, EGSP.png)

5c0d7 No.4931

File: 1420517559040.jpg (31.68 KB, 500x375, kazemom.jpg)

5d4d3 No.4932

File: 1420518461222.png (213.3 KB, 850x860, funa.png)

bf18a No.4933

File: 1420518810428.png (1.44 MB, 1486x1044, fixed 9.png)

did these for /co/ a while back

bf18a No.4934

File: 1420518845675.png (1.09 MB, 2089x1080, fixed 10.png)

5c0d7 No.4935

File: 1420519924331.jpg (116.62 KB, 583x438, screencaps-teen-titans-gir….jpg)

5d4d3 No.4936

File: 1420521040033.png (216.18 KB, 728x410, fairy fun2.png)

5c0d7 No.4938

File: 1420524711796.jpg (44.32 KB, 640x480, 4Rougeisthumbsup.jpg)

6503d No.4940

File: 1420526438997.jpg (425.7 KB, 1638x1436, unlimited bordem works.jpg)

haha i wish

this one was in response to someone, somewhere a while ago, trying poorly to make her bigger using probably the smudge brush. i was bored so i made my own version

6503d No.4941

File: 1420526585814.jpg (72.32 KB, 600x805, raven edit.jpg)

you did gud

this one was an x-ray and i loved the picture but im not really into that so i "corrected" it

6503d No.4942

File: 1420526726913.jpg (56.18 KB, 600x805, cm__raven_by_nylonwave-d77….jpg)

but if you are here's the original

6503d No.4943

File: 1420526843559.jpg (360.57 KB, 900x600, 13163526604202.jpg)

de33f No.4954

These edits aren't really my thing, but I like this scenario to much to care. I'm a sell out.

5d4d3 No.4961

File: 1420567409400.png (138.06 KB, 459x918, Bunny fun2.png)

5d4d3 No.4962

File: 1420567477471.png (256.95 KB, 728x410, Lol duh.png)

5d4d3 No.4963

File: 1420567602241.png (138.79 KB, 728x555, research.png)

b7aae No.5137


How about something similar to these, only with Wilykit and Pumyra?

8eefb No.5170

File: 1421519107061.jpg (137.74 KB, 1440x1076, Big Belly Dancers.jpg)

8eefb No.5171

File: 1421519129082.jpg (37.75 KB, 611x786, Bluebell.jpg)

5c0d7 No.5191

File: 1421554175944.png (161.9 KB, 640x360, 640px-S1_E1_Kelly_stands_s….png)

5c0d7 No.5194

File: 1421554883208.jpg (70.76 KB, 720x540, 855382-zelda1.jpg)

Well, excuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!

5c0d7 No.5195

File: 1421555780606.jpg (17.97 KB, 426x240, 468123-08.jpg)

In the annals of classic anime hotties, few are as classic as Miss Mine Fujiko, Lupin III's resident femme fatale. So I figgered someone oughtta knock her up(I mean, Lupin himself is never going to…)

5c0d7 No.5196

File: 1421556753841.png (38.48 KB, 120x162, Iona_art.png)

b4a07 No.5229

File: 1421621442329.png (2.5 MB, 2200x3636, shante.png)

here's a pic of shante I edited

9f260 No.5309

File: 1421818334102.png (1.5 MB, 720x544, Miss Dimmsdale Mom2Be.png)

9f260 No.5310

File: 1421818437442.jpeg (178.44 KB, 720x544, Twerps Punishment.jpeg)

9f260 No.5311

File: 1421818649332.png (1.07 MB, 704x396, Team Rocket Expecting.png)

458a6 No.5315

Okay, that's REALLY good. That one yours too, Doc?

f98a9 No.5324

File: 1421837701141.jpg (26.92 KB, 241x521, Morphed May.jpg)

Don't know if this one counts, but I stumbled this across this on DA in 2006 (and since then I think the artist has gone).

I hope it's good enough for here though…

fb551 No.5325

File: 1421851818938.jpg (884.24 KB, 1050x1600, c70f0bd95085dfd3636a330b79….jpg)

fb551 No.5326

File: 1421851872285.jpg (89.85 KB, 213x724, Maya_OA_morph.jpg)

fb551 No.5327

File: 1421851897798.jpg (403.55 KB, 715x1000, d82dd957158d8093715b1059fb….jpg)

fb551 No.5328

File: 1421851914189.jpg (243.17 KB, 580x746, 1291024037660_morph.jpg)

fb551 No.5329

File: 1421851934353.jpg (184.43 KB, 507x640, 1395721599264_morph.jpg)

fb551 No.5330

File: 1421851978264.jpg (1.28 MB, 1500x1941, 447af31b19c009e14f4a9c5eaf….jpg)

fb551 No.5331

File: 1421851994684.jpg (186 KB, 400x600, 45222892.jpg)

fb551 No.5332

File: 1421852010610.jpg (215.94 KB, 445x800, 41164163.jpg)

fb551 No.5333

File: 1421852031844.jpg (166.39 KB, 548x731, 44060637_morph.jpg)

fb551 No.5334

File: 1421852047898.jpg (381.34 KB, 1200x1380, 44031428_big_p1_morph.jpg)

fb551 No.5335

File: 1421852072326.jpg (654.71 KB, 720x960, 4669692583d6260a89da9505ee….jpg)

fb551 No.5336

File: 1421852086513.jpg (164.56 KB, 566x800, 0485c352220ccc6fdf802e0422….jpg)

9f260 No.5421

File: 1422165192664.png (1.17 MB, 640x480, Operation Maternity Shoppi….png)

Thank you. That one, as well as the others I post, are all edits of mine. I just picked up the hobby.

9f260 No.5422

File: 1422165340001.png (2.96 MB, 850x911, Fairy Tale Ending.png)

9f260 No.5423

File: 1422165508376.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, Forget about Boys.png)

9f260 No.5424

File: 1422165609414.png (1.17 MB, 640x480, Alien Shotgun Marriage.png)

5252d No.5957

File: 1424895182512.png (4.07 MB, 4200x7352, highreszomb.png)

more shante fanart

60adf No.6026

File: 1425368808393.jpg (234.88 KB, 960x544, 1424656938370_morph.jpg)

THANK YOU! I tried doing this myself but couldn't quite get a result I was satisfied with. Props.

60adf No.6028

File: 1425371479635.jpg (264.14 KB, 461x900, 2fd48d846cfaf62e689a46d273….jpg)

5252d No.6077

File: 1425621886899.jpg (315.48 KB, 840x700, videlcompare.jpg)

here's one I just finished of videl. Critique would be appreciated.

I'd also do requests if anyone has any, I'm looking for things to edit.

5252d No.6080

File: 1425635537182.jpg (148.2 KB, 420x700, videlprg.jpg)

I hate to double post, but just needed to make a small edit

5da9e No.6081


Looks realistic enough to me
And a really good over all edit!

73310 No.6082

Love it.

3bd67 No.6108

File: 1425778940362.jpg (360.29 KB, 817x626, milf_s_update_2_by_silvers….jpg)

I colored one of Silverstar1976's scraps

Original: http://silverstar1976.deviantart.com/art/Milf-s-update-2-402005534

2410d No.6109

Great skill sir. I am truly honored. I love it. I saved the pic. I used youtube Alexandra, Heather Graham and Sofia Vergara as reference.

3493c No.6116

File: 1425822680017.gif (31.97 KB, 198x199, Its _71068304511da5b57b5f4….gif)

bcdfa No.6118

I am not sure how to do an edit like this, but these are amazing.

5da9e No.6119

File: 1425846646721.jpg (263.31 KB, 1024x818, image.jpg)

Can anyone color this for me?
Pretty please with a cherry on top?

bcdfa No.6141

File: 1425940232775.jpg (159.58 KB, 723x1023, Nozo.jpg)

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to request in this thread, but this please?

5252d No.6143

File: 1425956160265.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, wedy.png)

5c0d7 No.6187

File: 1426216040226.png (331.82 KB, 633x475, NikkiC.png)

Caitlin and Jen are already here, so let's round out the trio with Nikki


15739 No.6190


"Round out". Ha. Puns. :P

5d4d3 No.6203

File: 1426252740578.jpg (95.91 KB, 610x521, Shantae.jpg)

Continuing the Shantae trend

5c0d7 No.6207

File: 1426270114629.jpg (134.15 KB, 534x225, starchase06_zpse957795e.jpg)

5c0d7 No.6449

File: 1427313797187.jpg (68.85 KB, 709x1126, 5e1178acb49b04b186c04b8d32….jpg)

Okay, so I didn't make this one. But it's pretty nice.

5c0d7 No.6452

File: 1427317390119.jpg (25.49 KB, 300x476, 136619-kiva_picture_1_larg….jpg)

Chicks dig giant robots.


5c0d7 No.6453

File: 1427317441515.jpg (141.92 KB, 1280x720, f9d94b2ac50c600843e924796a….jpg)

87e1e No.6454

File: 1427317513074.png (522.56 KB, 595x761, Capture1.PNG)

i tried

87e1e No.6455

File: 1427317631684.png (585.37 KB, 593x746, Capture.PNG)

87e1e No.6456

File: 1427317646029.png (582.04 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_nfd01rg37D1rkaiego2….png)

87e1e No.6457

File: 1427317673185.png (832.55 KB, 800x1309, tumblr_nfd01rg37D1rkaiego1….png)

87e1e No.6458

File: 1427319917373.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1697, 7234627846244.png)

af165 No.6461

87e1e No.6475

File: 1427401431622.png (1.62 MB, 993x1380, 1324y237492349.png)

87e1e No.6477

File: 1427401447235.png (398.73 KB, 850x850, 4278628674524598.png)

87e1e No.6478

File: 1427401482127.png (208.72 KB, 450x600, 444527856783657832.png)

i gave it a try again

15739 No.6479



bcdfa No.6481

File: 1427404737469.png (687.43 KB, 750x1000, ab7d744293fc5d597f6e666ea4….png)

I hope it isn't too much to ask for you to try with this one as well?

87e1e No.6485

File: 1427409715982.png (702.06 KB, 750x1000, 546523456348.png)

gave another try, shes cute

bcdfa No.6486

That was quicker than expected.

15739 No.6487


Mmmm, she's gorgeous. :3

15739 No.6488

File: 1427411771826.jpg (230.62 KB, 645x912, 001138.4.2.jpg)

Do you think you could give this a try, please? ^-^

bcdfa No.6489

File: 1427411861307.jpg (140.73 KB, 529x750, 2d8f8892b3533260e558f4b7da….jpg)

Last one for today, I suppose.

af165 No.6492

File: 1427422429970.jpg (378.74 KB, 1200x1800, malonnude.jpg)

I have one more request…dunno if it's possible, though.

Fuck her up with as big a belly as you want.

91fdc No.6493

Good god yes! I just finished this show and I've had a hell of a time finding decent preg of the series. Not to ruin anyone's image of her, but she's actually about twice as wide in the waist as she is shown in the anime and here. Atago is a big girl, but still super hot, though she doesn't even come close to some of the girls. She is one of the more motherly ones though. Mmmm…Mutsu might be nice too.
My favorite happens to be Kongou, but I don't know if being pregnant suits her as much as girls like Atago, Takao, and Mutsu.

91fdc No.6494

Apparently not the first time someone requested a kanmusu. I'm not surprised. For what the show lacks in consistency and the game in…doing stuff, it's 1 redeeming quality is that the girls range from most adorable loli you ever seen to boner just from hearing her name.
The amount of potential is simply astounding!

87e1e No.6495

File: 1427434044686.png (372.52 KB, 645x912, 389275635635535468.png)

87e1e No.6496

File: 1427434081104.png (386.25 KB, 536x750, 925723523563756378.png)

87e1e No.6497

File: 1427434119839.png (1.48 MB, 1200x1800, 23948723487248.png)

these were challenging !

cb866 No.6498

Excuse me Sir, but would you be willing to start a request thread?

af165 No.6502

Oh my…~

Fantastic! It's almost like it was part of the original picture…!

bcdfa No.6505

File: 1427452319513.png (1.55 MB, 1066x1600, bddadc5a63cd0488f579e0b116….png)

Try this.

15739 No.6507


Mmm those are absolutely delicious, thanks for that. :3

e5999 No.6510

File: 1427484260240.jpg (285.16 KB, 500x556, the_naga___commission_by_r….jpg)

Very nice job! Keep up the good work!

bcdfa No.6515

File: 1427495763143.png (749.22 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nlf8aamEgl1tm1dgio9….png)

This too as well?

af165 No.6516

File: 1427504637883.jpg (55.72 KB, 621x1000, Fevrier_4.jpg)

I looked through all my commissions but Malon was the only one that was suitable for editing. I suppose you COULD try Fevrier if you wanted, but her boobs might be too huge.

But really thanks for the Malon and Mihoshi shops. They're great.

91fdc No.6517

File: 1427510248621.png (526.97 KB, 800x774, Takao sisters damaged.png)

Most excellent, I wish to impregnate her…and pretty much 90% of the girls outside of the destroyers.
BTW: I'd mentioned that Takao and Atago aren't like >>6515.
This is what they really look like though the fandom tends to like them either much bigger or much smaller.
Feel free to use it as a reference in the >>6515 edit.
Do well and I might give you the 2 younger sisters to pregify as well.

af165 No.6654

Will you also accept loli submissions? Or no? Because… This pic by Yamada would be a great one to alter: http://i.imgur.com/xtb7tl0.jpg

3bd67 No.6672

I get you all want shit done but can you keep the requests to the request thread

2ca93 No.6699

File: 1428108119803.jpg (47.97 KB, 500x556, 1427484260240.jpg)

af165 No.6700

Don't be rude, Nappa.

0e310 No.6702

man that's really good. How do you do this? Do you grab a belly from somewhere else and edit it onto it or do you draw and shade it will a tablet?

2ca93 No.6707

Cheers! It's just painted over.

e5999 No.6717

File: 1428175144077.jpg (812.33 KB, 750x1000, advanced_by_alexnegrea-d6g….jpg)

Thanks for the pic! ^^

15739 No.6739

File: 1428261844694.jpg (97.21 KB, 685x960, 11070140_932610226763068_7….jpg)

I don't mean to be a pain, but this picture just begs to have these girls' bellies stuffed with babies. ;)

(And I lack the skill to do it…I tried. xD)

01ddc No.6743


The ultimate penalty game…

15739 No.6745


Yesssss~ <3

3bd67 No.6788

File: 1428381222136.jpg (73.08 KB, 550x630, 1427972569332.2.jpg)

I thought I'd put this in the edit thread, i think it'll last longer on here. The one I originally posted it to is a lot less active

a208a No.6806

File: 1428432504465.jpg (175.55 KB, 662x840, Swimsuit_calendar_Kimi_by_….jpg)

bcdfa No.7015

File: 1428710450068.jpg (213.73 KB, 550x1178, aura.jpg)

Suddenly, I now realize that this would have been perfect for an edit.

a30f4 No.7020

File: 1428731365062.jpg (214.32 KB, 684x960, Higurashi_preg_edit.jpg)

I gave my best shot. I used Paint Tool Sai to edit. Higurashi is definitely an anime favorite of mine.
Also, this is my first post on pregchan! Yay!

15739 No.7021


Oooh, very sexy, thank you. <3

Awesome, another Higurashi fan! xD

And welcome to the chan, hun! :D

107a6 No.7059

File: 1428953861045.jpg (196.65 KB, 1024x1433, palutena.jpg)

I was wondering, can anyone try doing something with this picture of Palutena?

442f7 No.7061

File: 1428976165606.jpg (325.69 KB, 1024x1536, Female Titan Annie.jpg)

Could you make Female Titan Annie pregnant?

8d30e No.7083

8db94 No.7089

This takes muscle girls to an entirely new level.

ae85e No.7109

File: 1429168295261.jpg (508.12 KB, 1024x1433, tmp_16832-2015041618323704….jpg)


Here is what I managed to do using an app on my phone. Not to happy with it because I solely used distortion, but it might be a couple of days or more before I can try on my desktop with a real image editor. Hope this kinda tides you over until then.

58f27 No.7193

As much as I hate that show, I kind of really want to see that happen…

91fdc No.7214

I'm not even sure how that works. I mean I've always kinda wondered what pregnancy looks like from a musculature standpoint, but since it isn't really something I'm dying to see I've never bothered to think that hard. I mean in my head I've got an idea of how it goes, but then you introduce a universe where everyone has a 12 pack, and this one doesn't even have skin to hide the fact.
My thought when I see a pregnant muscular chick is "I'll bet she could squeeze that baby out with one push."

5c0d7 No.7215

File: 1429769233248.jpg (84.61 KB, 300x249, Diastasis-Illustration.jpg)

Here's a helpful chart!

d79ca No.7218

If it helps, think of the Titans as bio-robots. That isn't human muscle and skin, it's stylized exterior of a machine made of meat.
It isn't true human anatomy, so no matter what you do, it's going to be altered. How you choose to alter it is up to you.

eecd2 No.7219

It's not the vore aspect of the show that gets me, it's just not really a show that I like. The story just doesn't strike me in a way that can hold my interest for very long.

5c0d7 No.7243

File: 1429855245606.png (264.45 KB, 639x348, 2210832-daphne_2_.png)

5c0d7 No.7244

File: 1429855257883.jpg (75.68 KB, 900x725, Princess_Kida_Atlantis_by_….jpg)

5c0d7 No.7245

File: 1429855270900.jpg (58.94 KB, 640x480, Ep35-151_zpsb2c10028.jpg)

5c0d7 No.7246

File: 1429856501487.jpg (114.83 KB, 1000x726, 285258_full.jpg)

9babd No.7247

File: 1429865787898.png (383.05 KB, 716x980, Seras Victoria.png)

If someone edit this, that'd be grand.

fb068 No.7250

Who is this female characters? Which series tdid she come from?

9707f No.7252

>>7250 it's from the mega man star force anime

5c0d7 No.7255

File: 1429905009216.jpg (129.5 KB, 576x576, 20_htag1.jpg)

5c0d7 No.7256

File: 1429905096098.jpg (96.63 KB, 432x576, Helga03.jpg)

5c0d7 No.7257

File: 1429905126887.jpg (83.32 KB, 432x576, Audrey07.jpg)

5c0d7 No.7258

File: 1429905191677.jpg (35.25 KB, 480x355, 12-1.jpg)

5c0d7 No.7259

File: 1429911392081.png (361.9 KB, 716x980, 1429865787898.png)

9babd No.7261


Not bad, but feels kind of lacking compared to the other morphs here.

c5067 No.7262

File: 1429942554537.jpg (261.83 KB, 600x800, a0f66848bce472bbac1e46dd60….jpg)

I don't suppose anyone could preggify her could they make her pregnant with triplets

af165 No.7263

Not with her hands in the way they can't.

b1348 No.7265

File: 1429966671697.jpg (56.63 KB, 422x528, aa6a3f4b9ecef2819941e646ba….jpg)

Can someone edit this picture in a pregnant picture?

af165 No.7266

Also to answer your question it's really not necessary to go to edits for this.

For example, SaburoX on deviantArt recently posted a picture of her pregnant with a lot more than triplets in her belly. Although you need to be a member to view it.

8d30e No.7523

File: 1430975830102.jpg (77.93 KB, 850x933, sample-9da63745b8c4b059e4c….jpg)

how about this?

4a25f No.7961

File: 1431714039016.jpg (156.06 KB, 355x500, Higurashi_preg_edit 2.jpg)

Another Higurashi edit that I made. This one originating from an ad/promo for a pachinko machine?

4a25f No.7962

>>7961 It's a slot machine, my bad.

b08ca No.7971

That does look really nice.

5c0d7 No.7991

File: 1431896179427.gif (23.57 KB, 353x395, ryoko47.gif)

I don't suppose anyone could do something with this image of Ryoko phasing through a wall?

442f7 No.7995

File: 1431900511598.png (430.23 KB, 1000x1497, faye_valentine_posing_by_m….png)

Can you make this female bodybuilder Faye pregnant?

bcdfa No.8005

f4574 No.8051

I second this

8d30e No.8144

File: 1432360980733.png (445.36 KB, 734x599, 2ELrKEl.png)

can we make her bigger?

95f25 No.8146

File: 1432384126915.png (414.09 KB, 734x599, 1432360980733.png)

b19e7 No.8150

More Marge Simpson would be great!

338b0 No.8184


Shame same thing can't be done for Manjula - after all, she did have EIGHT kids…

8d30e No.8241

i can try to find pics of her.

8d30e No.8243

File: 1432579146522.jpg (149.03 KB, 1280x720, The-Simpsons-Season-23-Epi….jpg)

how about future maggie?

338b0 No.8245


Episode source, please?

64d1a No.8261

S23E9, Holidays of Future Passed

5c0d7 No.8276

File: 1432678952715.jpg (442.54 KB, 996x915, 1185773_1361982129653_full.jpg)

5c0d7 No.8277

File: 1432678976675.jpg (142.68 KB, 600x416, mother-up.jpg)

5c0d7 No.8278

File: 1432679036472.jpg (187.29 KB, 620x349, Producing-Parker-post.jpg)

5c0d7 No.8283

File: 1432682323179.jpg (199.97 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

e316f No.8340

File: 1432976986448.jpg (368.5 KB, 987x1400, image.jpg)

I'd like to see a professional edit out of this masterpiece. She has to be pregnant on both pages and she has to be 9 months pregnant and be good at Photoshop. Please?

b4fed No.8345

File: 1432986716178.jpg (90.55 KB, 340x340, big_boss_2_857.jpg)

RIP Nikki…

e316f No.8426

She was a great content in the army. She will be missed. :(

d6f09 No.8788

Ask and thou shalt recieve

8d30e No.8832

File: 1435113672705.png (560.95 KB, 913x573, Side-ProfilChicha.png)

can we make chicha from the emperor's new groove even pregger?
only good pick i have

69ea4 No.8836

File: 1435175534868.jpg (1.37 MB, 1280x2678, Rias' Boosted Gear Balance….jpg)

Could you draw this character to make her pregnant and going into labor?

e9fd0 No.8838

No.8836 is this by any chance high school dxd or another anime

69ea4 No.8842

It is high school dxd.

e0178 No.8856

I'll do this. I'll find a couple more pics online as well.

69ea4 No.8858


e9366 No.8861

File: 1435280081084.png (439.49 KB, 595x950, 1435192720511.png)

Does it even count if it's not official art? Whatever.

18dc9 No.8866

File: 1435294889899.png (197.55 KB, 695x1057, Opalpng.png)

^ Ohhhhhh yesss. This is good. Now if someone could do Opal my week would be made!

e0178 No.8868

I made that pearl one, and I made others ones that I'll post in a sec too.

I do that Opal one as well.

ee164 No.8869

You're doing us all proud thenypod4. ^_^ Good work.

18dc9 No.8873


Much praise

e0178 No.8875

File: 1435396056885.png (225.46 KB, 600x1066, pearlpreg2.png)


I know they're from fan art, but they're edits so whatevs yo

e0178 No.8876

File: 1435396090851.png (2.25 MB, 1031x2087, pregdot2.png)

e0178 No.8877

File: 1435397683959.png (285.37 KB, 1000x1350, amepreg.png)

e0178 No.8878

File: 1435397841694.png (247.06 KB, 497x1000, lapis[reg.png)

here's a lapis one I did, but I don't really like it, I haven't posted it before

e9366 No.8880

what an awful nose though

e0178 No.8885

File: 1435436816468.png (687.09 KB, 1107x568, chicha.png)


I don't like the third one I did but I think it's ok

8d30e No.8914

hey thats really good :)

8d30e No.8925

File: 1435569873897.jpg (33.08 KB, 640x360, lNZ9ypN.jpg)

can we make her belly even bigger?

e0178 No.8926

even tho this isn't the furry board, this request will never be answered there so I'm gunna do this one here

8d30e No.8939

oh thank you.

8d30e No.8950

File: 1435628150631.jpg (68.6 KB, 400x300, thumbnail_33049.jpg)

>>8925 nah not callie. Antagone
sorry the pics are not that big

e0178 No.8952

File: 1435637825673.png (681.22 KB, 1280x706, camile.png)

done. gunna work on the antagone one

cec8a No.8954


I have to ask, how do you work around hands in poses like this. Cut copy paste tweak?. It's something I have always had trouble with making look good.

e0178 No.8975

I basically just cut it out onto a new layer, draw the new belly then fix up the hand so it looks good in a good position.

18dc9 No.9052

What? Someones gonna do Opal pregnant, sweet!

cec8a No.9067


Heh, I guess I just have to work on my editing skills then. But, it's just something I do to screw around with. Like a minor hobby.

e0178 No.9095

anyone has a different Opal artwork I can work on? That one posted is lame.

18dc9 No.9126

File: 1436379794861.png (335.35 KB, 675x1500, 1572046 - Opal Steven_Univ….png)

18dc9 No.9127

File: 1436379879174.png (533.94 KB, 1055x1461, 1566184 - Opal Scarmiglion….png)

6071a No.9139

File: 1436479788502.png (329.84 KB, 675x1500, opal1.png)

As if this picture wasn't already hot enough

6071a No.9140

File: 1436479831122.png (324.9 KB, 675x1500, opal2.png)

Kick-free version

3093c No.9141

File: 1436483192536.jpg (97.16 KB, 736x952, image.jpg)

Here we have Peter parker's incredibly hot and dangerous trio, anyone wanna take the challenge and give each of them a set of triplets?

18dc9 No.9150

File: 1436503410076.jpg (45.68 KB, 408x541, a0fc8b9b21395031e46c305c5e….jpg)

>>9139 I made the Opal request. If I ever request anything else and it doesn't get done, I am ok with that.

18dc9 No.9151

and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Amaziballs!

e0178 No.9154

whoa this is way better then anything I could ever do. mad props.

97fcf No.9155

File: 1436531370130.jpg (145.83 KB, 900x614, Tingling.jpg)


Not an edit, buuuut….

8d30e No.9162

File: 1436590343749.png (764.94 KB, 847x629, latest.png)

here is Katerina from the first episode of cowboy bebop

8d30e No.9163

File: 1436594372450.png (872.7 KB, 846x631, latest.png)

and another pic of Katerina

af165 No.9164

Too bad she's not actually pregnant, just smuggling drugs.

15739 No.9183

File: 1436706667246.jpg (163.28 KB, 850x1328, sample_5abeb2d840bf751cafb….jpg)

8d30e No.9185

well maybe we can change that

2ff22 No.9189

File: 1436713460818.jpg (479.35 KB, 850x1327, edit.jpg)

15739 No.9216

File: 1436781482684.jpeg (410 KB, 960x960, 536525f4da4cb7b6c86cc3c09….jpeg)

18dc9 No.9221

File: 1436826655755.png (630.52 KB, 800x814, opal_by_eye_of_the_hawk-d8….png)

cman660 beat me to it!!

97fcf No.9226

File: 1436850607386.jpg (82.58 KB, 900x770, Bad Little Boy.jpg)

97fcf No.9227

File: 1436850661711.jpg (80.24 KB, 900x770, Bad Little Boy P.jpg)

Looks like someone was a bad little boy…

8d30e No.9257

File: 1436926017334.jpg (140.96 KB, 1280x720, o01Ec8e.jpg)

maggie simpsion :)

8d30e No.9258

File: 1436926040548.jpg (14.28 KB, 480x360, 3Ws6d9x.jpg)

how about marge?

af43c No.9262

Which episode is that from?

8d30e No.9263

Holidays of Future Passed

8d30e No.9264

File: 1436942539542.png (488.63 KB, 1280x720, 23x9-maggiepregnant2.png)

from the same epsiode

8d30e No.9272

File: 1436996665535.png (448.47 KB, 1024x576, WdxSyr7.png)

can we make her super sup pregnant :) ?

26538 No.9276

What's this from? It looks like Lindsay from Total Drama Island, but I'm not 100%.

8d30e No.9277

its from total drama world tour and that is blaineley

e0178 No.9280

I feel some people don't mind, but this isn't a request thread so don't go crazy

e9fd0 No.9295

No.9272 did that actually happen in the show and the same goes for the venture brothers one

8d30e No.9297

what are you talking about?

107a6 No.9439

File: 1437779411622.jpg (737.22 KB, 900x1200, 28518847_p0.jpg)

Could someone try making Ran very pregnant in this pic?

3224c No.9460

File: 1437939888935.png (708.4 KB, 900x1200, Ran preg.png)

Standards of "very pregnant" seem to vary wildly, so I just did what I could without making her belly seem unnaturally large for the pose she's in (and without having to move her breasts). I tried to match the look of the rest of the lineart, too.

ecd3e No.9589

File: 1438677335163.jpg (88.82 KB, 533x963, natsuru.jpg)

Late-night edit thanks to insomnia. (And squirming babies.)

It's kind of crappy, but I'm surprised it even came out this good. xD

Note, being pregnant oneself does not mean one becomes a goddess at drawing bellies on cartoon characters in Paint. :P

98304 No.9631

File: 1438750001498.png (40.83 KB, 565x295, Curve.png)


Choosing a picture with simple shadows (one light and dark color, no gradients) is best for a quick Paint morph. You can use the Curve Tool in the shapes option box to draw smooth lines, but I'd recommend what you did with doing a free hand curve first to get the rough shape you're looking for, then tracing over it with the curve tool for polishing it up.

I deal with architectural plans at work, and believe it or not actually use Paint for quick embedded email pictures highlighting areas in question. It's a good program for quick jobs, but for picture manipulations, the most limited feature is probably the lack of layering functionality.

TL;DR - Paint's alright. Good pioneering step so far Spooky.

b4746 No.9641

File: 1438766470923.png (27.46 KB, 232x296, Mia..png)

Mia aka the best Fire Emblem girl.

ca64c No.10103

Is there any video explains how to make?

fa408 No.10267

File: 1441593110375.jpg (521.73 KB, 1280x1707, AoP2lTq.jpg)

Someone plz try and do an edit for this? The world needs more pregnant Pyrrha. .w.

df769 No.10268

File: 1441596367829.jpg (424.02 KB, 1600x2560, Rebecca Lee.jpg)

Can you make Rebecca Lee (aka Revy) 9 months pregnant with twins?

ffac9 No.10269

File: 1441606912132.png (490.34 KB, 768x1024, large (15).png)

Can a kind soul edit the picture so the girl on top is pregnant? This would create a fetish singularity for me.

2323a No.10270

>girl on top
>implying you don't know that's a humanized Applejack

af165 No.10273

Ponies go in /f/

235b7 No.10274


It's fine as long as they're humanized.

2323a No.10275

Any fully humanized animal characters are fine here

ffac9 No.10277


I know it's Applejack, I'd just rather not say her name.


It's HUMAN Applejack though.

bcdfa No.10326

File: 1441864229287.png (765 KB, 755x1057, megurine_luka_by_kawase_se….png)

My Luka fetish is kicking in again.
Anyone mind editing this?

af165 No.10352

File: 1442103348833.png (693.84 KB, 900x1200, silent-fly-371831-Ino_Yama….png)

This looks like good edit fodder.

98304 No.10366

File: 1442183109992.png (746.98 KB, 603x805, Morph_1.png)


About an hour in Flash C5.5. Gave her a little more up top as well.

Need to dabble with better methods of matching the color/shading.

bcdfa No.10368

Hey that isn't bad at all.
Would you mind doing that Luka one?

98304 No.10371

File: 1442196064332.png (492.79 KB, 653x780, Morph_2.png)


Sure thing.

Hour and a half this time - too much time fiddling around with the strand of hair between her breasts before I fell into 'Ehhh fuck it' mode :I

bcdfa No.10375

You're a good man.

8d69f No.10376

I can see a slight decrease in image quality but other then that it's remarkably well done. You have quite the talent.

0105d No.10377


You magnificent bastard. Great work!

bcdfa No.10380

98304 No.10382


Damn, tried this one for about twenty minutes last night until I had to tap - Flash's coloring capabilities are nowhere near enough to match the coloring/shading. Photoshop would probably be the way to go, but I don't have it.


Simple two-tone shading are more my speed; I'll have another morphy go if this damn migraine lets up later on tonight.

ffac9 No.10383


Hey, could you do >>10269 please? I'd really appreciate it.

98304 No.10384

File: 1442292993725.jpg (114.99 KB, 700x932, Morph_4.jpg)


Ehh I tried; same color/shading limitations as in >>10352

ca64c No.10386

File: 1442323379434.jpg (327.61 KB, 572x800, 16210790_p0_master1200.jpg)

Anyone mind editing this?
I prefer popped navel.

ffac9 No.10390


Thanks, I had a slightly bigger belly in mind but it doesn't matter. I'm incredibly grateful for what you did and I thank you a thousand time.

bcdfa No.10394

For two reasons I guess.

1. To satisfy my Luka fetish once more
2. Maybe it'll help me get over my constant depression.

Oh and to turn me on even more, give her a popped navel.

2fdfd No.10395

File: 1442389522163.jpg (270.74 KB, 450x628, Luka_edit.jpg)

Ah, the things I do late at night when I should be sleeping. It's not as amazing as I had hoped, but I was rushing a little and it IS past midnight as I type. Hope you enjoy Prefers to be Anon. I'm sorry to hear about your depression though. Hopefully the belly button is popped enough for ya'. I tried my best.

bcdfa No.10397

Ahhh, I love it!

98304 No.10406


Teach meh your ways D:

I used have a questionably obtained copy of Photoshop on a CD somewhere, but I can't find it for the life of me.

Great manip job regardless chrisguy3!

83569 No.10407

File: 1442448970819.png (72.19 KB, 375x300, gimp-featured.png)

Might I suggest a FOSS alternative?

98304 No.10408


*Googles for a bit*

Oh, you certainly may - thanks for the advice Couchy! That liquid morphing feature should help tremendously with color/shading.

5c0d7 No.10410

Never works for mine.

c4be8 No.10412

Pirating photoshop is as easy as ever today.
Download Adobe Creative Cloud, download a trial of Photoshop from it.
Then get a DLL crack.

It's literally just one file, you replace it with the original and you have a fully working cracked photoshop.

Steer clear from Gimp, it's shit.

80b53 No.10417


You can also get phosohop CS2 for free from abode because they consider it old enough to not be competition anymore.


bcdfa No.10418

Sorry, this just seems perfect to me.

edf0d No.10419

File: 1442531825837.jpg (92.15 KB, 500x710, tumblr_no43dsWlid1u85ze5o1….jpg)

could someone please edit this image

cfb14 No.10420

File: 1442534368558.jpg (119.22 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

Can I get an edit of this? And I'm looking for possibly twin or triplet size.

76cae No.10422

File: 1442541200073.png (739.25 KB, 1200x858, remake.png)


Seemed simple enough and it was~

76cae No.10424

File: 1442543959707.png (686.9 KB, 720x960, remake2.png)


Also simple!

cfb14 No.10425

Nice one

98304 No.10426

Awesome double reshii combo!

76cae No.10427


Realized I left color splotches on the top and forgot to erase them xD;;
http://imgur.com/AIvWX9N <- non-splotched pic for enjoyment

cfb14 No.10430

I feel like you had that belly button premade.

4f9b3 No.10431

File: 1442562636565.jpeg (110.25 KB, 800x1071, b81fb51c7ca88cdb1f65af67c….jpeg)


Excellent stuff, fellas! Anybody feel like taking a crack at this one?

bcdfa No.10432


bcdfa No.10433

Oh woops, haha

ca64c No.10435

File: 1442584754362.jpg (253.07 KB, 572x800, 16210790_p0_master1200(mod….jpg)


Well, I tried to edit it by myself, but how can I make it popped navel?

cfb14 No.10437

Think you have to hand make that

76cae No.10439

File: 1442606951350.png (552.83 KB, 800x1071, remake3.png)



76cae No.10440


You'd think after the first time I'd remember the splotches. Sorry yet again!

00e2f No.10441

File: 1442608906920.jpeg (855.79 KB, 736x1050, image.jpeg)

Think anyone can edit this with a popped navel?

bcdfa No.10442

You da man!
next to SoulC of course :P

But really both of you are good.

bcdfa No.10443

File: 1442609432200.jpg (725.66 KB, 800x1253, 69dfc5f3f3a2df58a4f5ef6d06….jpg)

cfb14 No.10444

I just wanted to point out that the area around her bellybutton kinda gets more flat and angled and looses it's circular shape and if you don't mind fixing that, that would be nice.

76cae No.10445


Aww, thank you! As long as the torso isn't cluttered and the shading not too complex I am very capable :D


Unfortunately, I have not been saving the photoshop files for the few pics I did. Sorry about that!

80b53 No.10446

I don't see the problem. Must be a personal preference.

0b676 No.10447

File: 1442646343747.jpg (495.32 KB, 800x1253, tmp_19297-20150918-6649810….jpg)

Here you are. Nothing amazing since I was manipulating the image on my phone. Tried to make it look genuine though as much as possible.

ca64c No.10448

File: 1442669732257.jpg (253.85 KB, 572x800, 16210790_p0_master1200(mod….jpg)

I found the way to make it popped and done by myself again.

98304 No.10449


I may have the shape, but I'm miles away from coloring. Found my copy of Photoshop yesterday though, so hopefully that'll help.


Marrazan from Deviant-Art made a handy belly button reference chart, in case it might help in the future :)


76cae No.10450


That's fantastic either way!

bcdfa No.10452

I honestly want to learn how to do these, but I'm afraid I'd screw up.

edf0d No.10470

could edit the image PLEASE

14532 No.10482

File: 1442851865663.jpg (177.39 KB, 850x1201, 1380941688025.jpg)

anyone interested in giving this a whirl? ive tried a few times with no success.

76cae No.10484

File: 1442860632870.png (1.17 MB, 850x1201, remake4.png)


Tried a new method this time. Much faster process now.

ca64c No.10494

File: 1442928324454.jpg (364.35 KB, 750x949, aslhkxBRD(modified2).jpg)

bcdfa No.10496

File: 1442957997095.jpg (253.98 KB, 707x1000, 5ef15d53b10c41dc3fc71f4594….jpg)

An idea
Meiko and Rin both preggers, Meiko's belly can be bigger than Rin's.

01e1d No.10497

File: 1442967465960.jpg (161.45 KB, 680x975, cd8.jpg)

I reeeealy need this edit in my life.

01e1d No.10498

File: 1442967549926.jpg (168.2 KB, 680x967, 71e.jpg)

This one is a bit more elaborate, but I would give someone my firstborn for a belly under that nightie.

326f5 No.10499

I always think the opposite… the smaller one should be bigger.

Just an opinion.

cfb14 No.10500

Bellies in nighties are such a turn-on

a8147 No.10501

don't know jack about vocaloids but the sizing thought is always the truth.

bcdfa No.10507


Yeah, good point. Let's do that.

30deb No.10511

File: 1443009270575.png (143.35 KB, 550x329, Lisa Preggo Clip.png)

I saw this on YouTube a while back (now I can't find it), and thought this might make an interesting pose for someone to really make Lisa Pregnant…

30deb No.10512

File: 1443009337807.jpg (116.14 KB, 840x269, kk20150917.jpg)

The position by Fiona on her bed, also made me think of a good look it would be with a bloated womb in place…

ca64c No.10514

File: 1443015636384.jpg (300.66 KB, 707x1000, 1442957997095(Modified2).jpg)

Here it is.

ca64c No.10515

File: 1443019217952.jpg (460.38 KB, 990x1200, 41_wly0j99m9v_edited-1.jpg)

I love popped navel

df769 No.10518

Can you edit this picture so that Rebecca Lee (aka Revy) is 9 months pregnant with Rokuro Okajima's (aka Rock) twins girls? This would pleases me.

76cae No.10564

File: 1443231474277.png (1.02 MB, 680x975, remake5.png)


I would have gone bigger but wasn't sure if the words and little chibi image would matter or not

76cae No.10566

File: 1443231879056.png (1.03 MB, 680x967, remake6.png)


And you're very lucky this character is adorably chubby! Otherwise I wouldn't have attempted this one. Lots of painting by hand. I think the first one came out better, but that's not for me to decide I guess.

9ada8 No.10567

There is a God.

7a4d1 No.10568

70cbc No.10570

Sweet merciful lord in heaven praised be thy name, amen.

84ab8 No.10572

As amazing as it is, now she's drinking beer while pregnant

76cae No.10574


Yeah, I only noticed that after the fact, haha.

ffac9 No.10576


My mom had a beer once while I was in the oven. One drink is not the end of the world.

0daae No.10578

Oh yeah, here's the CG set those were from. If anyone wants to take a crack at more edit, I certainly would not complain.


4f9b3 No.10584

File: 1443384177604.png (1.42 MB, 1280x1257, 2ab39cc022190f31ef67bc9e69….png)

Could someone give this a try, please?

ca64c No.10591

File: 1443449342668.jpg (778.51 KB, 1280x1257, 1443384177604_edited-1.jpg)

ca64c No.10592

File: 1443449385449.jpg (777.03 KB, 1280x1257, 1443384177604_edited-2.jpg)

Bigger one

bcdfa No.10602

File: 1443503285582.jpg (Spoiler Image, 692.64 KB, 825x1125, 32341758_p7_master1200.jpg)

Well it seems like it would be hot, right?

14532 No.10612

File: 1443673383150.png (826.13 KB, 528x1599, Yesyesyes.png)

This is weird to say but could someone please impregnate my waifu

848a7 No.10614

I'm with pregnonymous here. We really need more Persona 4 in here, lol

c3b2e No.10617

Like to see someone have a go here; >>10616

Make Roaslind bigger than she already is b'now…

c3b2e No.10637

File: 1443825016221.gif (99.08 KB, 900x265, image.gif)


Here's another moment from the latest pregnancy adventure in "Safe Havens" by Bill Holbrook.

If anyone's viewed his comic, you notice that all the expectant mothers over the years; "Kevin & Kell": Tammy - 2001, Danielle - 2006, "On the Fastrack": Wendy - 1995-96, Checonia - 2000-01 and "Safe Havens": Ming & Jenny's Duel-Pregnancy - 2011, and now Rosalind - 2015, have had massive bellies and yet had only ONE baby*.

(* — Probably made by the shapes of the dresses and the way Bill draws them…)

Folks are welcomed to try and make these girls even larger. Just go through the archives on these dates, and feel free to expand to your heart's contents.

edf0d No.10690

when they will do what? that I'm waiting

7a944 No.10709

File: 1444434815703.jpg (1.27 MB, 2025x2700, cp_arleloopriscylla01-pris….jpg)

If someone adds a 9 months pregnant belly to this image I might transcend the need for more porn for the rest of my life. Or at least get pretty close to it.

0c2ca No.10711

File: 1444452329947.png (447.56 KB, 558x1000, heresy.png)

Anyone here wanna try and give Best Heretic a twin belly?

5576a No.10719


76cae No.10736

File: 1444606605736.png (600.75 KB, 1600x860, remake8.png)

An edit for a pic I found. Very happy with the after :D

795c9 No.10737

There's impressive editing, and then there's that. Geez, man. Are you sure you're not the original artist? Heh.

de561 No.10738

You must be new here, because reshii is a god when it comes to edits

98304 No.10741


Very this!

Appreciate showcasing your skills here reshii!

edf0d No.11178

Anyone want to edit this?

66ac4 No.11198

I'm working on it, but it's slow going, because to make a good sized belly I have to push her breasts up…

96fbd No.11339

Can I second this?

edf0d No.11398

File: 1447012941224.jpg (278.46 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_no9pflGEAZ1rmc3tto1….jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

963b3 No.11530

File: 1447363977945.png (396.74 KB, 617x1121, shantae preg bikini.png)

just finished this edit

561aa No.11744

File: 1448239258247.jpg (100.17 KB, 500x700, tumblr_n9dh2orOEP1s768weo1….jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

85879 No.11745

Perfect for the holiday season!

561aa No.11808

How much you need to finish?

d8a3e No.11837

File: 1448574714633.jpg (226.25 KB, 1200x1760, tumblr_nfapvv3wrK1u0s40so1….jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

3c688 No.11855

File: 1448663571895.jpg (249.73 KB, 743x607, Area-365257-Kinky_Shantae.jpg)

Continuing the Shantae trend with this pic I found a while back. Anyone care to make an edit of it? Full term with 1, twins, or triplets is totally up to you.

3c688 No.11856

File: 1448664132683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.29 KB, 689x705, pokemon_ondine-022.jpg)

I'd also like to see Misty filled with some of Mewtwo's "kittens." Checked NSFL 'cause I'm not sure if Poké-Beastiality fits into this.

9bc4b No.11860

seconded, this would be awesome

c50cb No.11865

File: 1448679460774.jpg (412.48 KB, 876x1200, 1447728238425.jpg)

could this cutie get a round, pregnant belly straining that already-strained shirt more


e316f No.11870

File: 1448699573305.png (316.04 KB, 1280x715, image.png)

Hi Reshii. I was wondering if you can help me with a professional photoshop edit on this individual alone. http://orig02.deviantart.net/8a5e/f/2012/350/d/b/apple_bloom_by_aruurara-d5o6c5u.png
The reason why I asked this one is because there isn't a pregnant version of Apple Bloom that's actually good. There's that one made by that PAB's Guy. But his is so crappy that I bet he uses MS Paint just to be lazy with his so called… "Perfect edit!" lol I wanna see a Pregnant version of this Fanart and make it look like an actual pregnant belly. Also if you wanna know what her cutie Mark looks like? I'm going to show you an image of hers right now. (BTW? It's the one in the middle.) Her name is Apple Bloom if you are wondering?

06c45 No.11873

Can we make her ready to pop with twins? Nice and heavy and full, like she's carrying low.

ca64c No.11953

File: 1448867411208.jpg (141.11 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

Could someone edit this?

c01ee No.12566

File: 1450418827865.png (631.13 KB, 991x558, Korra_and_Pema.png)

can someone give pema a bigger belly?

c7191 No.13669

File: 1451843180443.png (120.61 KB, 500x666, Yas2.png)

An edit I did recently, enjoy.

c7191 No.13961

…did this thread vanish for anyone else?

d65ef No.16636

Here's a gallery of someone who has good talent; http://grevilleadawn.deviantart.com

120c4 No.16687

File: 1456623910803.png (1.12 MB, 1700x1201, PregTharja Edit.png)

Originally found this picture in Impregnator Kings Thread #3 and couldnt resist trying. Have a preg Tharja morph <3

120c4 No.16688

HAH FINALLY! It was a filesize issue!

cdd25 No.16819

File: 1457292045370.png (169.62 KB, 620x679, egs.png)

Behold! My first victim-Err, edit, in my line of preggy superheros.

Edit by Me

Art by Dan Shive

287ab No.16820


Nicely done, but we really should restrict this to the stickied Edit thread. Mods, is there any way we can merge the two?

07f76 No.16824

File: 1457303599715.jpg (525.22 KB, 700x990, shinn-stellar-manga.jpg)

Could you make Stella Loussier in this picture eight months pregnant with one baby?

b3549 No.16827

I'd like to see a belly for my old requests at >>16787 and >>12029

2a100 No.16828

File: 1457319675350.png (913.85 KB, 784x1024, 2.png)

2a100 No.16829

File: 1457319771595.png (912.97 KB, 784x1024, 1.png)

I tried putting on a larger belly. I think I like the first one better though.

2a100 No.16830

File: 1457320186600.png (400.13 KB, 987x973, jhy.png)

2a100 No.16834

File: 1457325155282.jpg (233.13 KB, 1200x1652, 3_3472.jpg)

2a100 No.16835

File: 1457325224034.jpg (124.11 KB, 1200x677, sloppy.jpg)

This one feels a bit sloppy :p

2a100 No.16836

File: 1457325595448.jpg (228.07 KB, 1200x1652, 3_43.jpg)

Could someone with experience impregnate her? Bonus points if you can add in an bulging egg laying tentacle going into her vag. Please and Thank You!

2a100 No.16837

File: 1457326215708.jpg (134.61 KB, 1200x1200, 4.jpg)

c0166 No.16842

File: 1457349521262.png (697.46 KB, 800x1184, wendy_corduroy_03_preg.png)

a2ac1 No.16862

File: 1457454988392.png (486.43 KB, 735x1088, wendy_corduroy_04_by_theey….png)

a2ac1 No.16864

File: 1457464477197.png (895.46 KB, 1024x1339, ryuko_kill_la_kill__by_fat….png)

cdd25 No.16885

File: 1457554576000.jpg (23.31 KB, 236x323, Squirrel2.jpg)

Haha! My second vi-Edit, Squirrel Girl! She may be unbeatable, but certainly not impregnable.

6a2c5 No.16899

File: 1457705861302.png (814.08 KB, 765x1500, sky_practice_by_sb99stuff-….png)

7a4d1 No.16933

File: 1457957992709.jpg (400.23 KB, 630x891, midna_by_dandonfuga-d9v3kc….jpg)

This is still a request thread, too, right?

aa9b5 No.16934

File: 1457964328871.jpg (341.93 KB, 700x720, 1108201__safe_solo_twiligh….jpg)

aa9b5 No.16935

File: 1457964669177.png (867.62 KB, 683x965, large.png)

45ec2 No.16948

File: 1458072153570.png (323.29 KB, 852x1058, reysndvgna2.png)

45ec2 No.16949

File: 1458073636902.jpg (249.39 KB, 780x1050, 6680f38dbddb4ea9234d8750ea….jpg)

5f6ab No.16961

File: 1458163357407.png (2.95 MB, 1817x4098, maya_fey_trilogy_art.png)

5c756 No.16971

File: 1458251631136.png (495.42 KB, 883x904, kill_la_kill___matoi_ryuuk….png)

3f852 No.16976

File: 1458274686736.png (506.98 KB, 526x932, latest.png)

Gave "Legend of Dark Witch" a try on the 3DS, and…yeah, not a good game. However, I have to say that the main heroine, Zizou Olympia, is quite the cutie; she's dressed up in minstrel clothes with a rather cute showing of her belly.

Main issue for this character is that there is VERY little to go on for references (that I can see anyway).

If anyone could give her a try for an edit, that would be fantastic.

3f852 No.16977

File: 1458274882407.png (953.63 KB, 672x664, 2694894-untitled.png)

Another sample image if it helps out.

cdd25 No.16981

File: 1458315023782.png (682.27 KB, 1920x1080, Morphin.png)

I think this could be a neat pic if done correctly. I've tried and failed to do so myself.

d65ef No.16985


Source of this one, please?

2e79f No.16986

File: 1458343181922.jpg (268.1 KB, 869x720, CVuw5EbXIAEZ5oK.jpg)

c86c4 No.16992

c86c4 No.16993

fae13 No.17002

File: 1458473488338.png (914.59 KB, 2000x1408, asuka_langley_soryu__s_pan….png)

fae13 No.17003

File: 1458473627805.jpg (104.72 KB, 566x800, KILL.la.KILL.full.1928779.jpg)

974d6 No.17043

File: 1458663124685.png (3.52 MB, 1280x720, largeaj2.png)

974d6 No.17045

File: 1458666925312.jpg (408.98 KB, 984x1920, totally_spies_by_cartoongi….jpg)

dd5c6 No.17046

File: 1458682043322.jpg (53.5 KB, 447x600, tumblr_o4cgou9y6T1tnhz8do1….jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

7d0f1 No.17119

File: 1458923497086.jpg (505.46 KB, 975x740, 15___CR.jpg)

O-o-o-oh, exploitable! Morphed Mary Jane Watson from Ultimane Spider-Man #72

7d0f1 No.17120

File: 1458923877687.jpg (463.72 KB, 975x748, 15CRWA.jpg)

And "bubbless" version of picture.

7d0f1 No.17127

File: 1458942204518.jpg (220.69 KB, 511x721, MJCR.jpg)

9a0f3 No.17135

Does anyone wanna try my requests at >>16787 and >>12029 ?

7e43a No.17138

File: 1458971629083.jpg (55.92 KB, 780x650, 0a0793_4499448.jpg)

how bout this?

a36c4 No.17140

File: 1458976585017.jpg (84.78 KB, 429x600, image.jpg)

Requesting a near full-term edit triplet or larger edit, with her shirt riding up on her belly so at least some of it including her belly button is exposed. Note that the white thing she's wearing is a skirt and not part of her shirt, and it should be below her belly, not on top of it.

abfe6 No.17148

File: 1458998798451.jpg (121.69 KB, 780x650, 1458971629083.jpg)

62b0b No.17150

A heavy request with no manners? I doubt anyone will follow you up on that request dude. Try being politer in the future.

287ab No.17156

c86c4 No.17160

I'm just gonna ask again with a source this time. I'd appreciate it if someone turned this into an inflation/morph sequence.


070b3 No.17165

File: 1459080280261.png (447.98 KB, 1280x720, MorphinEdit.png)

My first time posting here (After lurking around for a long time). I thought the edit would be interesting, here's my try at it. Dunno how well the edit blend in with the original art style.

7b417 No.17168

File: 1459089134202.png (990.85 KB, 1430x2143, image.png)

Would anyone like to put a belly on this picture?

Wow, that look's great! The edit blends in really well

c86c4 No.17170


Very impressive for your first post. I see a lot of potential in the future.

070b3 No.17172

File: 1459094008960.png (1.22 MB, 1430x2143, samusEdit.png)

I really should be doing something else more productive.The shading is pretty hard though. Hope ya like it.

8b3ae No.17173

File: 1459098671421.jpg (263.4 KB, 526x932, 1458274686736_m.jpg)

qt p2t

4927f No.17178

File: 1459112408780.jpg (113.77 KB, 850x643, sample_d38e66d2ceda6190f63….jpg)

I would be very grateful to anyone who can edit this Picture! Please and thank you!

7e43a No.17181

File: 1459122589497.jpg (43.99 KB, 637x800, 10433696_372006166293150_5….jpg)

is this do-able?

d3d8b No.17182


Holy crap this came out amazingly. Yeah the shading does look pretty hard but you certaintly pulled it off pretty well. Thank you!

51cd9 No.17185

File: 1459129406014.jpg (136.98 KB, 714x1200, IMG_20160327_214035.jpg)

Would it even be possible to put a belly on this one? I think it may be difficult due to the sweater's texture and the hand on the hip, but I would be eternally grateful to anyone willing to try.

51cd9 No.17186

Sorry, idk why it flips when you enlarge it.

83569 No.17187

tl;dr: phones sometimes fuck around with image metadata, which may or may not cause it to be rotated by other viewers. Maybe there's a vichan option to strip that metadata…

01cc6 No.17193

File: 1459152976831.png (853.93 KB, 1116x1557, MayEdit.png)

So I decided to go with a name. (I did these btw, >>17165 >>17172)
And here is an edit for >>17140. I did this because I liked the picture (She's so cute and sexy!). But remember that if you want something done, please be more polite. You don't want to make other potential editors to feel forced. Anyway, I redrew the whole picture (cause curse those .jpg compressions) and added belly. Enjoy!

01cc6 No.17195

File: 1459160766861.jpg (49.92 KB, 637x800, Edit.jpg)

Pretty sure it's do-able.
Note: I compressed the image to make it looks genuine. I could do it better if you have the .png source (or something similar).

52115 No.17198

File: 1459171166937.jpg (557.22 KB, 900x1200, 49532100_p1_master1200.jpg)

Can anyone edit this?

52115 No.17199

File: 1459171437734.png (940.6 KB, 920x1300, 48127103_p0.png)

There are arm and steam around her belly, but is this editable?

26957 No.17201

File: 1459175049491.jpeg (530.25 KB, 1175x1250, Kill-la-Kill-Anime-Matoi-….jpeg)

It will be great if someone edit this. Anyone? Please? :)

01cc6 No.17202

File: 1459175742380.jpg (52.44 KB, 637x800, Edit.jpg)

Noticed something missing. Here's fixed version.

81ac2 No.17203

File: 1459175753772.jpg (257.13 KB, 640x1117, 7a3.jpg)

d22e8 No.17204

File: 1459176153504.jpg (66.24 KB, 736x520, c462c0b6eb16bec6c88ce2cf21….jpg)

Someone? Please?

01cc6 No.17205

File: 1459180734624.png (1.03 MB, 1175x1250, KillLaKillEdit.png)

Took longer than I expected to. Still not 100% satisfied but I think it's enough.

9db0e No.17206

File: 1459183206791.jpg (651.08 KB, 800x1132, 4992273ec0269c86b33afbcf31….jpg)

Kindly requesting that this one receives the editing treatment.

b6e01 No.17210

Not quite as big as I invisioned, but hell, it's still nice.

7e43a No.17212

this is the reason i love this site; such dedicated artists/editors

b8e6b No.17213

that looks awesome man, top tier edit there

56c77 No.17214

File: 1459199057717.png (1.06 MB, 920x1250, Pregchan shocked.png)

Tried my hand at it. The steam and arm are issues, sure (I took care of the latter with some cropping), but the difficult part is just her tits being so damned big as to take up the space her belly should be taking. I considered making her belly look a bit squished (as if she was pressing her breasts down hard onto it), but I couldn't get it to look natural enough. I think it turned out alright.

The original's quite nice, though; I'd happily try to edit more shocked/embarrassed stuff like that.

74cdf No.17215

File: 1459207711480.png (1.48 MB, 800x1132, gren.png)

74cdf No.17216

File: 1459207782096.png (419.1 KB, 736x520, lores.png)

You couldn't have found a lower resolution image if you tried.

d650d No.17217

File: 1459211947245.png (663.5 KB, 818x1200, 0de9bdf574588c350dc5a46d83….png)

If this one is possible, I'd be grateful if someone edited it.

72295 No.17219

File: 1459224096759.jpg (952.71 KB, 850x1062, sample_ab9847a63c0a0ce84a4….jpg)

If someone could please do one or both of these, that would be amazing. My Paint-fu just isn't cutting it.

72295 No.17220

File: 1459224428004.jpg (131.38 KB, 1200x1200, 056.jpg)

Second one. Might be a little harder.

A big, full-term belly on either of these would be great.

Please and thank you to anyone who wants to give these a try. :)

bf55f No.17222

File: 1459244622581.png (840.22 KB, 1116x1557, MayEdit2.png)

"Not as big" you say.
Looks like it's a little bit too big for her. (I do have an un-edited face version, I'll upload it too if you want.)

107e4 No.17223

File: 1459247913777.png (661.51 KB, 818x1200, weditgh.png)

I hope it looks good. The posture threw me off a little.

56c77 No.17224

File: 1459251936775.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1280x1600, ab9847a63c0a0ce84a45a41d9….jpeg)

For the sake of whoever's planning on editing this (I probably won't have time to try it myself, but that's what I said last time), here's the full-resolution version. Remember to click "view original image" in places like Gelbooru.

52115 No.17226

File: 1459258067893.jpg (146.72 KB, 672x1000, 47324476_p0.jpg)

Can anyone edit this?
It looks difficult how to keep the lines of sweater.

52115 No.17227

File: 1459258156393.jpg (223.88 KB, 567x862, 26461680_p0.jpg)

52115 No.17228

Thank you.

b6e01 No.17229

Nah that's perfect size. Also nice trips.

9db0e No.17230


It looks good. Very good. Thank you for doing this.

19305 No.17232

File: 1459270176339.png (8.1 MB, 1262x1680, RyukoMatoipregnback.png)

1f790 No.17233

File: 1459272701939.png (2.65 MB, 1280x1600, hsdxdedit.png)

Here, have the edit. Is she full term? I have no idea. I just do what I feel like. I can make her bigger but I've got to go now.

287ab No.17234

Just wanted to say kudos to Maiesen and our other editors coming in and contributing. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it, even if we don't all say it.

77fb3 No.17235

File: 1459277777570.jpg (316.88 KB, 991x1300, Sing (1).jpg)

I haven't been able to find a single preg SS Zelda pick. Anyone want to give this a try?

17e5a No.17236

File: 1459281751599.jpg (471.82 KB, 1024x768, 0845_sui113zf.jpg)

If someone out there wants to try their best to put a belly on these ones, I would really, REALLY appreciate that!

And for this image in particular, yes, I know there already exists pregnant versions of her, but I want to see a pregnant version of her in this pose.

17e5a No.17237

File: 1459281914850.jpg (588.77 KB, 1409x1057, 9a557ccacb0962427f11eff685….jpg)

See above

37f29 No.17239


Very very nice, thank you! Bigger and heavier-looking would definitely make it perfect and like I imagined, but this is very cute and 'enjoyable'. :)

a2c7e No.17241

File: 1459308878099.jpg (84.92 KB, 600x851, Pregnant Female Bodybuilde….jpg)

a2c7e No.17242

Recognized this pregnant picture?

8402d No.17251

File: 1459347270014.png (2.61 MB, 1280x1600, hsdxdedit2.png)

For your maximum satisfaction.

There's too many requests now (for me anyway) and I'm pretty burned out. Trying to make them looks good takes time. I'll be posting less frequently from now on.

ed423 No.17255

Well if it helps, one of my requests ( >>17236 ) has a skirt where their stomach is. I would be much happier if the belly was bare, and did not have a skirt around it :).
I know that would mess up the continuity with the portions of skirt around the lower corners of the photo, but I wouldn't care.

My other request ( >>17237 ) has a condom around her left side with some semen on her stomach. I would much prefer both to be removed, rather than adjusted around a belly (if it makes shopping a belly in easier).

4927f No.17271

File: 1459433347717.jpg (3.82 KB, 105x150, thumbnail_f57c85ebd932ebeb….jpg)

I have another one! if anyone can do something to it, thank you!

17da0 No.17272

File: 1459434839800.jpg (364.6 KB, 991x1300, sszeldaedit.jpg)

Wow, that's really hard. I don't think I did very well, especially with her 'belt'. But I don't want to waste more time on it so here it is. (I can only do it so well you know). At least I learned something from trying.

That's pic is so tiny. Please don't give us the thumbnail to edit. A source would be much appreciated.

17da0 No.17273

File: 1459436172891.jpg (604.88 KB, 1024x768, 084e5_suid1t13zf.jpg)

I did a quick and dirty edit. I might work on it more but no promises. Still, it's not too bad, right?

af7b1 No.17274


If that is your definition of "dirty", then you're already blowing me away :). But do you mind if you lower the belly by roughly half its current height? It's to show the mouth and thus her expression, and show a little bit of the breasts.

17da0 No.17276

File: 1459446574809.jpg (615.93 KB, 1024x768, 084e5_suid1t13zf2.jpg)

No, I do not mind. Enjoy :D

74064 No.17279

File: 1459454343031.png (648.43 KB, 1190x1684, f57c85ebd932ebebf9ec61e751….png)

For the sake of everyone here, please remember what I said about fetching the full image when on Gelbooru. Taking the sample image from Gelbooru is one thing, but taking the thumbnail simply makes it impossible for anybody (myself or Maiesen) to work with.

77fb3 No.17290


That looks fucking amazing. I love it, thanks.

I actually chose the easiest one that I could fine with regards to a clear belly.

40332 No.17292

Nice skills.

Please reveal your secrets.

156ee No.17294

i have a drawing tablet.

d2aaa No.17304


Wow. I just want to say that I'm really impressed with your work on this and others. Keep up the great work

e316f No.17305

Was gonna ask if reshii is retried or something? Hmm?

29c06 No.17307

I'm really just waiting for a new edit thread to pop up before I share anything. There's almost too much on this thread, it's pretty much filled up like the last one.

The dedication to this is astounding.

546dd No.17311

File: 1459588617389.png (640 KB, 1190x1684, f57c85ebd9132t.png)

I was gonna post something yesterday but that fake spam got me a little. Still, I was very busy yesterday so the April Fool didn't matter too much.

Another quick edit from me.

I wholly agree. The thread is getting cluttered.

52115 No.17319

File: 1459605168825.png (869.42 KB, 900x1200, 49532100_p1_master1200(edi….png)

52115 No.17320

File: 1459605211565.jpg (418.54 KB, 1000x940, 0285.1255808545441.jpg)

Can anyone edit this?

4927f No.17323

Thanks! It looks really cool! I didn't even know if you could do something with it

8e57d No.17328

File: 1459624806494.png (553.23 KB, 1262x1680, RyukoMatoipregnback.png)


I took advantage to do a little fix on this.

8e57d No.17329

File: 1459625407951.jpg (1.37 MB, 1595x1180, _map_by_picolo_kun-d9xglcc.jpg)

8e57d No.17332

File: 1459629958876.jpg (214.44 KB, 1280x1394, 43835858a264.jpg)

Can anyone edit this? Pretty please?

a2c7e No.17358

File: 1459651734541.png (341.01 KB, 821x1280, Mikasa.png)

Could someone edit this picture?
Pretty please?

4927f No.17376

File: 1459705044620.jpeg (670.16 KB, 1100x1500, 3a96a2e82ee1b0c8d892e0dfb….jpeg)

I have another, the mighty and sexy Erza from Fairy Tail. Though let me know if I messed up on the download, I'll fix it

37d7d No.17435

File: 1459943160477.jpeg (278.94 KB, 811x2028, Takahirokun-Anime-Art-Ani….jpeg)

I whish if she was nine months pregnant, with slightly enlarged boobs, and her swimsuit so tight, so it shows her lower belly and breasts, please :)

62b0b No.17475

File: 1460047758259.jpg (344.77 KB, 700x800, d39eba880197c0ae8418afc259….jpg)

Excuse my blissful ignorance, but is this doable?

37d7d No.17498

File: 1460119322702.jpg (956.54 KB, 835x1080, commission__jungle_city_gi….jpg)

8-9 months please

a0728 No.17502

File: 1460146059045.jpg (448.62 KB, 1280x1394, HarnessThePowerofMaternity.jpg)


I may Have tried to edit a bit beyond my abilities with the milk and baby kicks but I figured I'd give this one a go. The lighting on this pic is also kinda weird.

199a0 No.17512

It's awesome piece of work! Thanks!

6e613 No.17522

File: 1460260590135.png (637.03 KB, 1200x1600, Untitled.png)

20d36 No.17523

File: 1460260756739.jpg (166.95 KB, 580x900, image.jpg)

Preggo contest May would be cute

4927f No.17524

Thank you!

0702c No.17560

File: 1460320183355.jpg (266.72 KB, 1010x1191, 00000anima.JPG)

fb24b No.17564

In addition to pregnancy, this has two other cool things: A tribal character, and a pet monster. I like it :)

542bf No.17612

File: 1460513700335.jpeg (528.12 KB, 848x1200, 1460512771925.jpeg)

Can you get this girl pregnanted? don't care how size is, just early pregnancy(3~6 month) would be easy

fbc2e No.17671

File: 1460706357829.jpg (305.8 KB, 919x650, 0f906b8d984bcd7c9dd62df3e5….jpg)

sleeping preg?

8b3ae No.17697

File: 1460817817918.jpg (580.6 KB, 1241x752, 1382076221603_morph.jpg)

Was bored this morning.

62b0b No.17698

Oh wow, this is great! Do you have anything else for us? :O I'd love to see them!

8b3ae No.17709

File: 1460871983273.png (822.3 KB, 1024x1058, couch_cuddling_by_caffecci….png)

I don't collect all the stuff I do in one place, but there is a high likelihood that you have seen something I edited

fb24b No.17720

I do love MadoHomu, I do love Caffeccino's art, and I do love magical yuri babies. Wins all around here.

8b3ae No.17740

File: 1460959912260.jpeg (346.01 KB, 1000x1012, cbb4e2663f13c18e4e1d3be12….jpeg)

Here are some of my edits I was able to swipe from all around

I really love Etna. Disappointed there isn't much pregnant artwork of her.

8b3ae No.17741

File: 1460960039582.jpeg (621.99 KB, 1778x2305, fbb2e5e6cfddcf4f42bfb7a39….jpeg)

I forgot I already uploaded >>3361 here…

Have a rotund succubus.

8b3ae No.17742

File: 1460960072011.jpeg (423.35 KB, 800x1062, 71a73ef299ad26a08f4dcf28b….jpeg)


c7db1 No.17759

File: 1461052758445.jpg (56.87 KB, 560x840, FB_IMG_1460716583913.jpg)

make her looks pregnant

62b0b No.17760

"make her looks pregnant, please"
Fixed that for you. :^)

6980a No.17761

"Make her look pregnant, please."
Fixed that for you. :P

62b0b No.17762

You're a witty one I'll give you that m8 :P

9727b No.17766

gotta remember that full stop.

0c32c No.17770

I couldn't even tell that it was MadoHomu until it was pointed out. I blame the fact that neither of them have wavy hair in the anime.

f11ce No.17837

File: 1461494727444.jpeg (114.41 KB, 480x560, image.jpeg)

Could someone edit this?

6c7ba No.17838

File: 1461499456274.jpg (228.11 KB, 715x1050, 4191.jpg)

b8337 No.17842

File: 1461524344702.jpg (438.37 KB, 1200x1704, sisters_of_purgatory.jpg)

This might be more trouble than it's worth…

But it'd be really impressive to have them all pregnant.

e316f No.17857

What anime is this?

303e5 No.17859

Umineko no Naku Koro ni, otherwise known as When the Seagulls Cry. The characters in question are based on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Greater Demons of Hell that correspond to said Sins. Ya know, if you care about such details…

b8337 No.17861


37d7d No.17862

File: 1461582413745.jpeg (125.41 KB, 881x1200, 3049561.jpeg)

Can you edit her?

97c5c No.17865

File: 1461591875623.jpg (263.03 KB, 850x1204, tumblr_njz8jum2Xx1tktcxmo1….jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

8b3ae No.18032

File: 1462135962699.jpg (529.54 KB, 850x1204, 1461591875623_morph.jpg)

I tried

8b3ae No.18033

File: 1462136005887.jpg (279.49 KB, 600x1200, etna_journal_future_skin_b….jpg)

I made identical versions of these, but I lost them a while ago becuse of computer problems. So I tried to repeat them. Might be slightly better.

8b3ae No.18034

File: 1462136042585.jpg (686.72 KB, 1920x1080, ced6854ad035a6341cdc38fc8a….jpg)


8b3ae No.18036

File: 1462136518365.jpg (269.34 KB, 554x950, 1462100962488_morph.jpg)

For an errant poster in another thread…

4116e No.18055

File: 1462219613655.png (812.74 KB, 1296x1715, hexy.png)

Honestly, there needs to be more pregnant Hex Maniac pics.

c72cf No.18057

File: 1462237557988.jpg (178.88 KB, 700x761, d019824681d78dfb10fec8044e….jpg)

I would kill for these death god waifus to be expecting. TBH Eiki seems like she'd be easier to edit.

fbc2e No.18099

File: 1462438479644.png (699.36 KB, 1200x1500, fuminaaaa.png)

anyone wanna edit this?

7aed0 No.18100

File: 1462438528045.jpg (112.88 KB, 688x973, 4685dd0327ab66f3e64bef3dd0….jpg)

try this one,you're all awesome

ce3d9 No.18137

File: 1462637649801.jpg (618.66 KB, 807x1142, ShooterM-347698-Tardis_Mai….jpg)

could someone make please make her 9 months

76260 No.18139

File: 1462647549874.jpg (617.35 KB, 807x1142, 1462637649801_preg mod.jpg)

Here ya go!

58b5b No.18141

File: 1462652493095.jpg (53.77 KB, 1024x439, 13173052_10154162739634320….jpg)

Please and thank you!

d06f9 No.18150

File: 1462669343981.jpg (233.05 KB, 880x683, 1345_Mercy_Overwatch.jpg)

d06f9 No.18151

File: 1462670402894.jpg (297.21 KB, 533x800, 1434194284_porno-multik-ho….jpg)

ce3d9 No.18153

File: 1462682722924.jpeg (334.6 KB, 759x970, 360c77b8e535d8b798534df51….jpeg)

Land Pirate i loved the first picture you did for me could you make this one 9 months pregnant

a4cd1 No.18172

File: 1462736518381.jpg (623.34 KB, 1400x787, aoki_hagane047.jpg)

a4cd1 No.18178

File: 1462752845779.jpg (243.78 KB, 427x604, xeqex (1).jpg)

f75c2 No.18180

does no one want to make Amy pond 9 months pregnant please

f75c2 No.18181

post 18153 please

d9751 No.18185


Just stop. Stop spamming.

a948f No.18189

File: 1462781543665.jpg (20.99 KB, 228x320, image.jpg)

The underage is just oozing from these posts

fb64c No.18213

File: 1462841253243.jpeg (93.46 KB, 500x667, tmp_24657-1840418 - Fire_….jpeg)

Can some make her 6 months? Thanks.

83569 No.18243

File: 1462916325850.jpg (149.04 KB, 1157x1700, 56368709_p0.jpg)

Tell me she isn't asking for it.

f2742 No.18244

File: 1462917711862.png (165.62 KB, 1000x1210, totally_knocked_ellie_up.png)

38df0 No.18304

File: 1463064498662.jpg (172.23 KB, 850x691, sample_97ed036901b0677944b….jpg)

could some one please morph them so they have each a nine month pregnant belly

c86c4 No.18329

Err, Amy's not underage, she's just got small tits. Hell, she's even pregnant in an episode.

62b0b No.18330

They meant the person asking for the edit.

05bd8 No.18331

i'm not underage i just have a spelling disability. I'l been working on improving it

59851 No.18364

They mean the spamming of requests. Stop eating up the post limit.

e316f No.18389

Huh? Has anyone seen reshii on this site? :/ Weird.

8b3ae No.18393

File: 1463374729115.jpg (423.75 KB, 1200x1500, fio_m.jpg)

Probably left and never looked back after the first time the site took a shit. Or maybe it was after post quality took a fucking nosedive. I don't blame them.

d9751 No.18394


Or the same anons spamming requests.

303e5 No.18395

Some people just can't keep from 'looking a Gift Horse" in the mouth, so to speak. Fuck, they send the Gift Horse to the factory and turn the poor guy into glue, as the end result. C'est la vie.

b1da0 No.18396


I know how that feels. I do nice things for artists I admire and they throw it back in my face with rude comments…or they don't like the style I did them in (and yet everyone else likes them)

e316f No.18399

File: 1463392565370.png (98.13 KB, 261x309, Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at ….png)

And this is why we need to learn how to do Photoshop the right way. lol

I do not have the best computer in the good old USA.

(Mines a Macbook and they don't work on PS.)

But I will buy one in 2016 along with a new Laptop, too.

I hate those type of people who ask for requests every 10,000 years. lol

It's that mindset on why I was away from the site. (Even before it first shut down back then.)


>Pic related

7d7ac No.18423

Probably doesn't know that the site's back up.
>that fucked up M1911
I physically cringed

c22b4 No.18426

I think it's actually a fucked up Sig P226.

>that too-far-forward ejection port

>that massive bendy-straw trigger guard
>that huge fragile spur hammer

25f81 No.18540

File: 1463677810188.png (478.39 KB, 881x1200, 1.png)

25f81 No.18544

File: 1463679360202.png (796.59 KB, 1296x1715, 2.png)

4116e No.18547

Simply amazing. Thank you.

7e53b No.18587

File: 1463808385134.png (801.58 KB, 1200x1500, fuminaapreg.png)

Hello again.

fbc2e No.18591

File: 1463822304028.png (185.46 KB, 939x352, img_contents02_b.png)


Oh my goshh I love it!!! thank you so much!

bbf70 No.18601

File: 1463840565252.png (186.04 KB, 500x281, Doublethefun.png)

Someone contacted me and put a contract out on Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. Not one to turn down a request, I was able to get her and Janet Pym at the same time.

6a333 No.18669

File: 1464019719859.jpg (43.81 KB, 640x480, 8db80d544810d2492db48f9c98….jpg)

how about this one i really want to see her pregnant

46b6b No.19268

i think this thread is dead because no one will help that guy

833ea No.19334

If someone could do no 17838, it'd be much appreciated.

3aff2 No.19523

File: 1465631202820.png (523.74 KB, 707x1000, 1465246127627.png)

bumping the thread with a request for this to be done

b3549 No.19667

File: 1466039845595.jpg (213.68 KB, 1200x960, 17a6af7010fa068688dd59a344….jpg)

I'd love to see a belly on her.

And if you do the request, have my thanks in advance!

00768 No.19716

File: 1466180290048.jpg (145.09 KB, 1000x1200, chie.jpg)

19700. Are you sure?

5ad15 No.19717

I'm aware of that version. I preferred the one I chose.

a7623 No.19730

Can I bump my request? I understand if it's not possible for whatever reason, but preggo femdom is so yummy.

42308 No.19893

File: 1466867083114.png (5.39 MB, 1656x2000, !!!___preg.png)

875c8 No.19923

Can we get more preg edits for Pearl from SU?
Any pic or fanart, too many cute ones to choose from.

875c8 No.19954

File: 1467062991259.jpg (106.58 KB, 1200x675, Tumblr_nvni3qKBpj1ucmq92o1….jpg)

here's a great one

59851 No.19970

File: 1467123746907.png (716.36 KB, 1000x1062, tumblr_o9g36acUGB1srphoao3….png)

Stumbled across this, thought it would be neat to see them pregnant. Twins or maybe trips in the white haired girl, single in the pink?

36809 No.20237

File: 1467718055408.png (104.53 KB, 514x912, Hanabi bdsm nude pregnant ….png)

Decided to edit some paint friendly drawthread requests I gained a while back. First time doing something like this. I like the end result and felt like sharing.

36809 No.20238

File: 1467718199502.png (219.41 KB, 685x1000, Umbrella Pregnant.png)

c5d4f No.20276

I honestly didnt know where to submit this, but could anyone finish the following drawings? Like add a proper lineart and splash on some color maybe?

If you're wondering who the people in the pictures are, the first one's the mane 6 from MLP
The second one's of Gwen tennyson from ben 10 in different age stages and the last one is Zoe from dinosaur king!

Thanks in advance!

c5d4f No.20278

File: 1467924365537.jpeg (160.5 KB, 1136x703, image.jpeg)

c5d4f No.20279

File: 1467924563535.jpeg (113.07 KB, 1122x712, image.jpeg)

c5d4f No.20280

File: 1467924622726.jpeg (119.87 KB, 647x1234, image.jpeg)

ca413 No.20281

File: 1467925840202.jpg (762.28 KB, 3300x2550, img004.jpg)

I actually already did a color of this one.

e6abe No.20286

Thanks! I totally appreciate it!

I would actually like to try to color a few, How'd you outline it?

ca413 No.20291

I literally just printed out the original, retraced it with a fine point pen,and colored it in with quality colored pencils.

e6abe No.20293

Nice! I'll try a few of my own.
Say, did you ever do a few more?

ca413 No.20311

File: 1468059723277.jpg (785.33 KB, 3300x2550, img001 (2).jpg)

This is the only other color job I did for one of killir-kurtis's works

fbc2e No.20406

File: 1468379530803.png (324.32 KB, 517x956, __miki_sayaka_mahou_shoujo….png)

wondering if this is editable

e0cc9 No.20584

Can anyone tell me who drew Eliza from skullgirls please

e6347 No.20707

File: 1469392117300.png (660.94 KB, 1280x709, Lamia Preg.png)

Not totally sure where this belongs due to its "mostly human, significant not-human parts" nature, but I put this together for personal use and realized afterwards that you guys might like it.

Have a swollen lamia (be it eggs or a more human variety of young, I suppose).

2a4ac No.20740

File: 1469537376636.jpg (159.82 KB, 1920x1063, 1418082772135.jpg)

i took my own crack at it

68c5e No.20963

File: 1470260330760.png (704.54 KB, 1070x603, Lions are ships.PNG)

Anyone wanna try her?

36ca4 No.21586

File: 1471970540175.png (448.36 KB, 1000x1072, pkmn_trainer_hilda_by_cogb….png)

Any takers? ;)

e0428 No.21661


Reminds me of a story where Starfire gets a cock and impregnates Raven, causing her to lay an egg that looks like the mutant worm pet they have. Wish I could find it again.

5ba2a No.21665

File: 1472292266026.jpg (736.61 KB, 967x1073, Springfield's Bachelorette….jpg)

Here's a good clip from a "Simpsons" comic that would be worth having a go at.

Can't wait to see how big anybody can make these ladies…and who can do it.

0ba3a No.21684

File: 1472364479645.png (618.48 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n2qqq8a6NQ1sj7963o2….png)

how about this one?

1312a No.21685

File: 1472371487931.png (472.04 KB, 1280x720, 1472364479645.png)

I've done a few of these kinds of edits before for personal use. This is my first post of one though. Thread could use some life.

0ba3a No.21691

File: 1472416335018.png (140.59 KB, 236x333, c0926702dd24f5988e3101faa6….png)

Can somebody Redraw this, but with her breasts a Little bit Larger?

1312a No.21696

File: 1472431947008.png (137.21 KB, 236x333, 1472416335018.png)

Here you go. Ms paint and some time. Who is she anyway?

0ba3a No.21711

No, I also was Meaning she be Pregnant with those Breasts

1312a No.21712

File: 1472451147450.png (133.61 KB, 236x333, 1472416335018.png)

Oh thank god, I thought people were going crazy for a moment!

0ba3a No.21713

by the way, she is Viola from Pokémon X & Y

97c5c No.21857

File: 1472927351604.jpg (167.5 KB, 850x1202, tumblr_o7bkxyila21uxf60lo1….jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

9141f No.21885

File: 1473052484691.png (440.18 KB, 703x903, 1473051820504.png)

Requesting a nice large gut on her

1312a No.21912

File: 1473128915258.png (409.13 KB, 703x903, 1473052484691.png)

Here you go. Can't resist the Pokegirls.

9141f No.21913

Not quite as big as I wanted…
By big I kinda intended multiples, you know, twins, maybe triplets?

1312a No.21915

File: 1473143275204.png (403.24 KB, 703x903, 1473052484691 (1).png)

As they say bigger us (usually) better. Or at least this once. Hard to get it to look good on a tiny frame like hers.

9141f No.21916

Just one more criticism, it should hang down a little more, not just stick straight out. Gravity doesn't work like that.

1312a No.21918

Yeah I had problems getting the curve tool to agree with me. It came down to size or shape and I figured it had enough weight to it. Just picture she's still perky and firm enough, I've seen worse torpedoes on real women.

1312a No.21919

By all means thanks for feedback though. I just don't have the patience to edit the same picture again heh.

da04c No.22016

There are certainly a couple of these I wouldn't mind trying… If only I was more confident in my skill with editing.

202ba No.22020

File: 1473442061929.png (895.56 KB, 1366x768, korra-screenshot.png)

Injecting some life into this place with the best edit I've got. Korra's expression just seemed perfect for it.

2cf5a No.22021

thats not bad

facc2 No.22032

File: 1473459270783.jpg (287.88 KB, 606x823, 7074816297564.jpg)


Capitalizing on a perfect screen-cap moment. Well done! Have another morph.

16ac5 No.22091

File: 1473718197587.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, !!!12T11111AAAASP_WHITETIG….png)

16ac5 No.22092

File: 1473718266630.png (678.01 KB, 800x1184, !!!12T11111AAAASP_WENDYC_c….png)

7d9f1 No.22157


Very good! Source, please?

7d9f1 No.22158


Sorry, forgot to add that it looked like White Tiger was ready to drop…

77277 No.22198

File: 1474155443000.png (289.17 KB, 705x1000, 1473764300173454118.png)

Edit her, please. Anyone?

fc92d No.22200

File: 1474177634871.png (329.93 KB, 705x1000, 1474155443000ed.png)


Perhaps this will suffice? Not specific on the details.

77277 No.22201

Yeah, thanks :D

62b0b No.22202

Dude, nice edit!

fc92d No.22209

File: 1474223164703.png (487.41 KB, 1070x603, 1470260330760ed.png)

862e7 No.22211

File: 1474226357791.jpg (2.09 MB, 4080x5919, e7e1604c538d9331d39a7b9e38….jpg)

Requesting an edit of best girl.

fc92d No.22212

File: 1474227785165.png (441.26 KB, 1000x1072, 1471970540175ed.png)


Hope this works for you.

62b0b No.22213

I concur, I want this so bad!

Godly edit you got there!

fc92d No.22219

File: 1474231768192.png (339.41 KB, 517x956, 1468379530803ed.png)

fc92d No.22224

File: 1474243136900.png (7.35 MB, 4080x5919, 1474226357791edi.png)

fc92d No.22226

File: 1474248358209.png (803.89 KB, 850x1202, 1472927351604ed.png)

2c35a No.22227

File: 1474250406849.jpg (171.79 KB, 1024x1519, IMG_2227.JPG)

Anyone be willing to edit her?

0bc15 No.22228

Any of the Madoka girls is just fine with me to put a tummy on ^_^

fc92d No.22229

File: 1474252514320.png (393.63 KB, 1200x675, 1467062991259ed.png)

fc92d No.22230

File: 1474254324292.png (469.58 KB, 707x1000, 1465631202820ed.png)

fc92d No.22231

File: 1474254961966.png (678.08 KB, 1024x1519, 1474250406849ed.png)

fc92d No.22233

File: 1474258106293.png (747.05 KB, 1000x1062, 1467123746907ed.png)

9141f No.22234

is drawing her a bit larger an option? she seems a little small.

202ba No.22235

Damn, Pencil Junkie, you're going nuts over here. I mean, they're all great, but don't burn yourself out on EVERYTHING here lol

12010 No.22236

File: 1474263708923.png (366.59 KB, 807x761, Roxanne_(trailer).png)

Can anyone please edit Her?

9141f No.22239

File: 1474273869446.jpg (137.66 KB, 850x1039, 1474266490986.jpg)

requestan a nice big ol' tummy on this
may be difficult due to an arm being in the way

62b0b No.22240

Based g0d.

37d7d No.22241

File: 1474275036835.jpg (153.4 KB, 714x544, summer eri.jpg)

Edit her please

fc92d No.22244

File: 1474286907320.png (468.95 KB, 707x1000, 1465631202820edb.png)

28ec1 No.22247

File: 1474293164749.jpg (406.45 KB, 1900x1483, Luka.jpg)

I'm gonna hop on the request train and throw this out there. A bump for Luka please?

17a2d No.22256

File: 1474336745272.png (2.37 MB, 1900x1483, 146706299125954ed.png)

17a2d No.22258

File: 1474339648343.png (877.29 KB, 850x1039, 1474273869446ed.png)

17a2d No.22259

File: 1474343120706.png (313.8 KB, 807x761, 1474263708923ed.png)

97c5c No.22263

Hey Pencil you can edit this?

75edb No.22265

File: 1474390782731.jpg (75.55 KB, 789x1013, flan.jpg)

I find a few pokegirl ones :)

Anyone wanna make them full and ripe?

97c5c No.22266

File: 1474400893860.jpg (212 KB, 1200x1697, tumblr_o2wk13YFq61uxf60lo3….jpg)

Can anyone please edit this?

60b54 No.22267

File: 1474405189036.jpg (214.72 KB, 1088x995, 1715080 - Gwen_Stacy Marve….jpg)

How about to preggify such lovely heroine? 616-Gwen was pregnant already, somebody make that happen with this one :D

4116e No.22268

File: 1474409718453.jpg (133.29 KB, 850x567, geranium.jpg)

It's been a while since I requested something.

28ec1 No.22271

Wow, those are great, thanks!

17a2d No.22274

File: 1474423254741.png (336.93 KB, 500x710, 1442531825837ed.png)

334ff No.22275

File: 1474424013014.jpg (85.35 KB, 500x708, mizty.jpg)

334ff No.22276

File: 1474424048769.jpg (72.44 KB, 1024x576, new.jpg)

hon hon

17a2d No.22277

File: 1474424430804.png (822 KB, 1088x995, 1474405189036ed.png)


Unfortunate that the image is cropped like it is.

60b54 No.22278

That's great as it is! Thanks.

17a2d No.22279

File: 1474425965378.png (359.33 KB, 500x700, 1448239258247ed.png)

60b54 No.22286

File: 1474433693600.jpg (651.85 KB, 1230x1338, 1981545 - DC DCAU Diana_Pr….jpg)

How about this one?

17a2d No.22292

File: 1474516099743.png (611.93 KB, 789x1013, 1474390782731ed.png)

929f7 No.22294

File: 1474529708030.png (1.99 MB, 639x816, pregnant_batgirl_with_harl….png)

62b0b No.22295

I requested this a while back, and am wondering if this is doable?
If not then it's all good :^)

59851 No.22300

File: 1474566171271.png (667.94 KB, 500x862, 1378652423640.png)

This should be doable, right?

68c5e No.22304

File: 1474588190492.png (613.93 KB, 1070x601, Cute Nyma.PNG)

Can someone make Nyma(alien chick) 6 or so months pregnant?

17a2d No.22305

File: 1474594345368.png (1.69 MB, 1200x1760, 1448574714633ed.png)

17a2d No.22307

File: 1474598687323.png (659.49 KB, 700x800, 1460047758259ed.png)


Did what I could.

17a2d No.22308

File: 1474602731196.png (400.02 KB, 1070x601, 1474588190492ed.png)

68c5e No.22309

File: 1474607978062.png (586.84 KB, 1280x720, Lance_&_Pidge.png)

How about Pidge (the glasses wearing boyish girl) 5-6 months pregnant with 1?

12010 No.22310

File: 1474610924526.png (544.96 KB, 600x960, roxanne_by_shablagooo-d7wm….png)

anybody please edit her?, Pregnant with the areolas of her breasts a little darker

59851 No.22311

Nice! Could you do around that size with >>22300?

62b0b No.22312

And what you did was perfect! Thanks a lot!

17a2d No.22313

File: 1474632344207.png (282.17 KB, 714x544, 1474275036835ed.png)

17a2d No.22314

File: 1474633957792.png (582.26 KB, 1280x720, 1474607978062ed.png)

57e11 No.22315

File: 1474674638898.jpg (94.87 KB, 600x800, NSFW-Gamer-Catfight-Zatann….jpg)

Can you edit her with a 6-7th month belly signed "batman's property"? Either way, you may don't add this writings at all.

68c5e No.22322

File: 1474683613158.png (1011.22 KB, 1382x707, feeling guilty.PNG)

Sameanon here, anyone wanna edit her to be about 5 months along, with 1?

82d4a No.22325

File: 1474698864468.jpg (619.31 KB, 750x1000, IMG_2359.JPG)

Good someone put a big belly on her

17a2d No.22326

File: 1474702767691.png (486.14 KB, 600x960, 1474610924526ed.png)

97c5c No.22341

File: 1474742380616.jpg (129.24 KB, 900x1200, 45066783_p0.jpg)

Anyone want to edit this?

740d5 No.22346

File: 1474749275629.jpg (920.68 KB, 1063x1600, 56076052ab710dd7ab8aa9e913….jpg)

Can anyone give this a shot if it isn't too taxing?

17a2d No.22348

File: 1474751447927.png (455.43 KB, 500x862, 1474566171271ed.png)

12010 No.22352

how many babies is she expecting?

19447 No.22356

File: 1474780054115.jpeg (389.68 KB, 1000x721, JaGo-Harley-Quinn-DC-Comi….jpeg)

Put some nice bellies on them, pretty please! ^_^

97808 No.22358

Might I say these have been some good edits recently. Just wanted to pop in and say that.

595a1 No.22366

File: 1474820172162.jpg (763.68 KB, 2028x3880, a237804f6061c28c86971ab782….jpg)

Would it be possible to edit this one?

6bfa8 No.22367

File: 1474821578221.jpg (64.3 KB, 708x1000, FB_IMG_1474821381800.jpg)

Editor pls edit her give her a 9 month pregnant belly pls

15470 No.22368

woop woop for kantai!!!

17a2d No.22369

File: 1474831197935.png (722.38 KB, 900x1200, 1474742380616ed.png)

17a2d No.22372

File: 1474834714250.png (5.01 MB, 2028x3880, 1474820172162ed.png)

862e7 No.22375

Damn that's awesome, thanks!
What program do you use to do the edits?

17a2d No.22376

File: 1474840174632.png (633.58 KB, 727x1000, 1474821578221ed.png)

17a2d No.22377


Thanks, I use Paint Tool SAI

2d2f4 No.22379

File: 1474843687352.png (129.76 KB, 730x1095, junko_enoshima_by_sonicblu….png)

How about this one?

17a2d No.22380

File: 1474844263814.png (1.8 MB, 1063x1600, 1474749275629ed.png)

d9bc7 No.22381

How do you get your line weight so fantastically?

17a2d No.22383

File: 1474852718881.png (577.07 KB, 1382x707, 1474683613158ed.png)

17a2d No.22384


That's just a matter of practice/trial and error.

6c697 No.22388

this is absolutely lovely, so plush and huggable :3

17a2d No.22389

File: 1474857561041.png (799.78 KB, 730x1095, 1474843687352ed.png)

2d2f4 No.22390

Thanks a lot. Will you try to do something with this one?

15470 No.22392

ah the beauty!

fbc2e No.22394


Holy crap I forgot about this lol

Thank you for the edit

52115 No.22399

File: 1474898870167.jpg (170.33 KB, 1120x960, image.jpg)

Can anyone edit this?

15470 No.22404

hey i used that art……. still can use it i just wondered how you reposed

68c5e No.22410

File: 1474952038323.png (1.65 MB, 1793x1009, 109._Nyma_working_her_char….png)

can someone make her 4 months pregnant?

5627a No.22411

you literally ask for the same character, with basically the same edits, every single time. even after others have already supplied you with edits of said character, several in fact. let some other folks have a turn, maybe, or at least throw some variety in(?)

24fd7 No.22414

>realistic belly shape
>workaround for hand placement
Phenomenal work on this one.

d1960 No.22415

File: 1474962543311.jpg (131.86 KB, 640x906, Marvel.jpg)

Nigh Impossible, I'm sure but…damn.

ef4c9 No.22417

Apologies, I'll try to mix it up.

3b068 No.22420

That image has already been done anyway.


52115 No.22424

Do you mean you've already edited this one?

15470 No.22427

no i mean the picture that was posted…i posted that in my story and somehow you it could be reposted. I don't know if that is possible to repost things now

59851 No.22428

File: 1474995089087.png (135.89 KB, 750x1100, 1443905613413.png)

59851 No.22429

Shit, didn't think it would actually post. Anyway, do that voodoo that you do so well!

97c5c No.22431

File: 1475011214776.png (527 KB, 800x1128, tumblr_od12n1AMPz1uxf60lo2….png)

Can anyone edit this?

24fd7 No.22434

File: 1475014474669.jpg (1.66 MB, 1236x1600, c58370f5b8564816a21427c2bb….jpg)

Anyone willing to give this a try?

ecf39 No.22435

File: 1475016093561.png (3.5 MB, 2227x2589, pregnant_mei_overwatch.png)

24fd7 No.22437

File: 1475020735124.jpg (357.77 KB, 516x728, 49343322_p0.jpg)

Would a preggo edit be feasible here or am I setting the bar too high?

17a2d No.22441

File: 1475035103581.png (553.19 KB, 1000x721, 1474780054115ed.png)

62b0b No.22445

God bless this thread

c1b71 No.22453

Thanks a lot. Though, their bellies too large for my taste, but nonetheless.

036ea No.22454


e47d0 No.22466

File: 1475126417859.jpg (115.96 KB, 706x784, c053.jpg)

Just finished editing this a little bit ago. dA link: http://fav.me/dajcm5d

Don't swallow watermelon seeds, kids.

97808 No.22472

File: 1475131342243.png (1.33 MB, 1000x1245, cd04b5d37628c0a53ea533f402….png)

I was wondering if anything can be done with this one.
Thanks if it is.

37d7d No.22475

File: 1475142756851.jpeg (307.86 KB, 811x1146, bmlts.jpeg)

Whats 'bout them?

15470 No.22477

Chris just to say that someone on diviantart has taken this picture and put in on there gallary. just to let you know

30758 No.22501

Would someone be willing to edit any of Olympic dames to be bigger and/or sexier?

f665b No.22503

File: 1475359624024.jpg (937.75 KB, 1200x1600, 1475355881276.jpg)

Requesting this with twins in Serena and triplets in Dawn, both about full term, with optional stretch marks on Dawn

2cf5a No.22505

File: 1475387528634.png (153.71 KB, 640x368, Vlcsnap-2012-10-07-19h12m2….png)

can someone give shego octuplets ?

c7ae6 No.22506

File: 1475388020576.jpg (134.56 KB, 540x810, tumblr_oe18koQ5rk1rt0lgvo1….jpg)

Found a good one that might make a good morph.

22b78 No.22513

You're a special kind of douche, aren't ya?

a8147 No.22518

Do…do you have any idea what you're talking about?

59851 No.22523

Perhaps their grasp on reality is as loose as their grasp on grammar?

99492 No.22526

Isn't this whole thread about taking the artwork of others and altering it in a public forum? Does it matter if it's on Deviant Art or this board? Deviant Art is full of morphs. Just leave it be.

a8147 No.22541

Are you sure you're thinking of the right person?

37d7d No.22564

File: 1475656043789.png (279.66 KB, 811x716, Beth-Smith-R&M-Персонажи-R….png)

68c5e No.22611

File: 1475721526498.png (66.38 KB, 480x280, tumblr_inline_mlhf6fktdi1q….png)

How about a cute little bump for this princess?

22d0e No.22662

File: 1475867180094.jpg (189.62 KB, 850x1173, sample_8c125a0db5dfa4251c1….jpg)

I love Charlotte in FE Fates, and I love this pose. Could someone give her a nice, low hanging belly with an outie please?

84ee5 No.22667

File: 1475875393621.jpeg (834.22 KB, 1411x2000, Tsunade.jpeg)

I would love this shot of Tsunade for my game.

e3c0d No.22728

File: 1475939048009.jpeg (708.5 KB, 1920x2085, 2c0c9753a72365f37a93ac593….jpeg)

Can some edit this scene from Akame ga Kill! and have both Mine and Akame 9 months pregnant

97c5c No.22862

File: 1476283517971.jpg (390.37 KB, 852x1200, tumblr_oeiul5Vxfc1uxf60lo1….jpg)

Can anyone edit this?

17a2d No.22931

File: 1476499668554.png (891.74 KB, 850x1173, 1475867180094ed.png)

17a2d No.22952

File: 1476644264564.png (3.2 MB, 1920x2085, 1475939048009ed.png)

2fd33 No.22953

File: 1476644986789.jpg (312.82 KB, 600x750, 0964969b60cda7f8fc70334716….jpg)

Anyone up for editing this one?

e3c0d No.22954

Is it alright to ask for any male pregnancy/mpreg edits on this thread or not?

97808 No.22956

It isn't bad how you changed the hand on the girl on the left. But you might have not noticed her original just under the belly.

24fd7 No.22963

File: 1476746713529.png (609.01 KB, 900x653, image.png)

Any way to turn her into an expecting mother of two?

17a2d No.22964

File: 1476759732974.png (3.2 MB, 1920x2085, 1475939048009ed.png)

Oh snap, whoops

97808 No.22965

Much better. Was just pointing it out.
Don't worry I make mistakes like that all the time when coloring and notice after the fact.

e4207 No.22969

File: 1476769993967.png (1.63 MB, 1280x1257, natsu preg.png)

Did this on my laptop with just the track pad, so it's not the best, but it's the best I could do. Anyone want to make it look nice, and possibly make her bigger? She's looking 7 months with a single right here, I'm thinking ready to pop and heavy.

37d7d No.22988

File: 1476866349401.jpeg (519.46 KB, 525x900, bbcc.jpeg)

What about her?

4d72f No.22989

File: 1476883592222.png (2.84 MB, 780x953, pregnant_aoi_asahina.png)

4d72f No.22990

File: 1476883694605.png (5.7 MB, 780x1911, pregnant_akane_owari.png)

2c49d No.23053

File: 1477188506954.png (369.77 KB, 960x720, Sexy Korrina.png)

Can anyone edit Korrina Pregnant with One Baby?

ed6ae No.23058

File: 1477289726345.png (935.27 KB, 782x1167, Capture3.PNG)

hi, new here. Thanks for making this really awesome thread. Is it possible for someone to make a tutorial on how to do these morphs? I really want to how to do these awesome edits as well. Can someone edit this to around a 7 to 8 month term?

59851 No.23059

Actually, I'm pretty sure most of these are someone redrawing parts of the image to achieve the desired effect. So I wouldn't really consider these morphs. Hence the term "Edit".

d1960 No.23282

File: 1478481605341.png (622.33 KB, 1920x1080, 1610-seq_1080.png)

Here's a sequence I think would be fun to manip (Maybe with twins or triplets)

a4c2a No.23302

File: 1478728723939.jpg (371.97 KB, 768x994, pam.jpg)

made this

1312a No.23305

Very good. Line thickness and belly shape are beautiful. Thank you for this.

f0928 No.23308

Do the whole set plz?

a4c2a No.23310

File: 1478795849394.png (2.5 MB, 1500x1941, lana.png)

this one was a little harder, but i think i pulled it off.

a4c2a No.23312

File: 1478796989918.png (2.19 MB, 1500x1941, Cheryl.png)

and last but not least.

1e51b No.23313

Holy shit snacks! Imagine the orgy during which Archer knocked them all up…

e1160 No.23319

Love it! Belly is a tad large IMO, but just an observation, not really a complaint. Thank you very much!

f90ef No.23330

File: 1478892104752.jpg (178.58 KB, 752x1063, IMG_0297.JPG)

How about this

6b2c9 No.23401

There's a furry thread for this right?

fbc2e No.23570

File: 1479875407612.jpg (350.55 KB, 740x1035, Rinko.jpg)

anyone wanna edit this?

4761e No.23583

File: 1479968876712.jpg (223.07 KB, 850x1062, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

I've noticed there's a lack of Senran Kagura characters, so I'm going to request one.

If someone can edit this, preferably with the belly button/navel like these:
that would be greatly appreciated.

I remember reshii did a goodass job with edits, but I hope one of you can do something like it.

a208a No.23679

File: 1480536092667.png (764.72 KB, 686x1120, artc.png)

What about her?

e4207 No.23736

File: 1480816153288.jpg (60.9 KB, 602x960, 15283979_1324420530915367_….jpg)

This is perfect for a belly.

5bdc6 No.23752

File: 1480832458153.png (799.3 KB, 724x1154, CycxwMyUcAAYFYC.png)

I agree.

6081f No.23754

thank based maiesen

97c5c No.23756

File: 1480856702828.jpg (154.68 KB, 1024x1365, tumblr_o44wf3sB0k1uxf60lo1….jpg)

Can anyone edit this?

6ab29 No.23764

File: 1480928565929.png (2.19 MB, 1280x1600, e7266ea5419589a9bb5ab15031….png)

I'm no reshii but I hope this works

I made her boobs a bit bigger if you didn't notice.

57687 No.23768

No worries
You done good, maiesen

I'm proud of you!

54e68 No.23882

File: 1481585912274.jpg (65.99 KB, 499x891, IMG_3466.JPG)

Could someone edit this?

68a5f No.23883

File: 1481599831184.jpg (505.1 KB, 924x1648, 14c3b851ee99efe09c555bc7fe….jpg)

>that resolution
Here's a higher-res one for the benefit of everyone.

74cdf No.23886

File: 1481672230043.png (1.05 MB, 924x1648, nomercy.png)

54e68 No.23887

Bigger maybe?

54e68 No.23888

Yea, belly needs to be bigger

1312a No.23893

I think it's awesome, ty for this!

54e68 No.23894

Me, too

23483 No.23895

I know this isn't the breast pregnancy thread, but she looks like an incredible candidate for that. Suppose someone can do that form of edit and post it on that thread? Just a suggestion. :)

59851 No.23897


I'm gonna be that guy and ask you if you could please give >>22428 a shot?

52115 No.23902

File: 1481808154543.jpg (400.67 KB, 800x1104, 57827429_p0.jpg)

Can anyone edit this?

a92a0 No.23904

File: 1481850713411.jpg (444.84 KB, 638x862, 1481774025727.jpg)

Someone wanna turn that Poke beach ball she's holding into a nice pregnant belly? Thanks in advance.

202ba No.23908

That's just begging for an edit, sadly I'm nowhere near good enough to even try.

24fd7 No.23913

File: 1481934928424.jpeg (455.34 KB, 657x890, e6e05486efd8c2ec3531459d4….jpeg)

Requesting an edit of this.

791fa No.23914

Is this only for preg edits?

70cbc No.23917

This is really nice. Love that curve and round shape. Though if you want some critique I can suggest ways to improve it (Though I don't expect you to redo the picture, it's fine as is).

The buttons on her belly are a little blurry from being resized. Since they are the same kind of buttons on her boobs I would suggest just using those since they are a more proper size and color. The darker ones don't work as well because they are shadowed in the original pic but not shadowed as her belly is larger.

Anyways, thanks for the hard work.

b4c89 No.23919

Anyone wanna try an old request I made at >>19667 ?

74cdf No.23920

File: 1481994758333.png (373.56 KB, 800x890, 1481934928424e.png)

24fd7 No.23924

Looks more like she just ate someone with that belly…

62b0b No.23925

You asked for an edit and you got one. Stop being ungrateful…

54e68 No.23926

File: 1482028487695.jpg (250.38 KB, 799x2074, IMG_3548.JPG)

Could someone edit this?

47490 No.23927

File: 1482034961020.jpg (454.35 KB, 638x862, pokeball.jpg)

Challenge accepted

e6cc1 No.23930

just a criticism, the belly seems a bit too low and doesn't vertically extend far enough, the top of the belly should be a bit higher
not asking for a redux of the edit, just some constructive criticism for the future

202ba No.23931

Well, shit.

24fd7 No.23933

Alright, if you need criticism:
The belly is hanging too low and doesn't attach to the upper body like pregnant bellies do. I'm grateful that someone took the time to make an edit but this is more the shape of vore belly than of a pregnant belly.

dca8f No.23934

I love it that the two girls in the background now have baby bumps too! good show!

791fa No.23936

File: 1482077658049.png (145.93 KB, 468x821, non_futa_ver_by_koimii-dar….png)

Can we add a belly to this girl?

a92a0 No.23939


Holy crap this is awesome, thank you!

84ab8 No.23940

dayum. I rarely post but I just had to commend the results.

5627a No.23941

Damn son, you destroyed that edit, in a good way. 5 stars.

c50cb No.23947

File: 1482116796014.jpg (947.9 KB, 1700x1144, 1480712047172.jpg)


cfae6 No.23963

File: 1482162343387.jpg (248.03 KB, 800x1781, bAase.jpg)

Can anyone give her a ripe Quintuplet filled belly?
The royal throne needs heirs, after all

54e68 No.23970

File: 1482187708883.png (63.54 KB, 538x944, IMG_3576.PNG)

I tried

2fd33 No.23974

File: 1482203691816.jpg (219.33 KB, 960x1356, db5808ad5b4b081591d724332d….jpg)

Anyone wanna give this one a shot?

30e33 No.23975

like i said before, can anyone please edit her?

47490 No.23976

File: 1482209039769.jpg (281.7 KB, 550x1178, aura.jpg)

Saw this one a while back. decided to give it a go

84ab8 No.23977

File: 1482209477096.jpg (955.98 KB, 1098x1500, 1470177168699.jpg)

Think anyone could do something with this?

e3f63 No.23978

Whoa, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks!

cfae6 No.23980

File: 1482246354920.jpg (117.23 KB, 1300x1000, Angel.jpg)

While these aren't manipulations or anything, here are a few filled in colored B&W sketches that I did, if anyone can tell me how to properly shade/tone. etc.

cfae6 No.23981

File: 1482246477116.jpg (157.75 KB, 1024x1940, Pokomon - Copy (2).jpg)

While these aren't manipulations or anything, here are a few B&W sketches that i've decided to color, which i think can still be considered an edit.

Constructive criticism is welcome, I'd really like to know how to shade/tone. etc.

cfae6 No.23982

File: 1482246511539.jpg (158.72 KB, 1024x1190, Molestia.jpg)

Ok sorry, didnt mean to double post the comment

cfae6 No.23983

File: 1482246582346.jpg (157.71 KB, 1024x1940, Pokomon - Copy.jpg)

f7604 No.23987

I have a piece of advice to fix those hints of white around the outlines where colour should be - I'm not sure what program you're using, but putting the sketch on one layer and the colours on the layer beneath will let you colour a lot more seamlessly if you set the sketch layer on top to the right blend mode (in Photoshop, I'd use multiply). You want something that makes the top layer more opaque the darker it is.

That, and you just have to look out for the wand tool leaving out corners, if that's what you've been using, which there's unfortunately no quick fix for - you just have to go over it manually.

20e01 No.23991

I love this picture alot I love her

Do you wanna roleplay with me?

791fa No.23992

And this is why I adore this place~ Looks good!

cfae6 No.23993


Much appreciated friend!
Fortunately my photo editing software does have these tools, I must've overlooked them when I was coloring about.

61964 No.23996

File: 1482284868104.png (818.51 KB, 703x1200, jean_grey_summers_by_salam….png)

This beauty deserves round belly C:

47490 No.23999

File: 1482287968335.jpg (14.28 KB, 428x306, image001.jpg)

the best way to think about shading and toning is to imagine how light interacts with the object in question. First imagine where the source is coming from and then how that will affect how highlights and shadows are created. Also think about the condition of the surface of the object. Is it wet or dry? Highlights (the highest point of reflectivity) on a wet surface will be more pronounced and sharp but will affect less surface area as more light is being reflected. a dry surface tends to dither the reflection and simply make a lighter area on the surface of the object. one can get very technical with lighting as you can see from some examples

47490 No.24000

File: 1482288285667.jpg (12.7 KB, 384x288, oranges_final_comp.jpg)

Also here. I might also point out that you can study some of the other artwork here to get an idea of how they are shaded. You might think of "cell shading" (for lack of a better term) where shadows and highlights are not blended but simply the actual highlight mid-light and low-light points.

47490 No.24001

A final note about the examples given above are the fact the these are lighted from multiple points (notice the "rim lights" in case it wasn't obvious)

56524 No.24010

These Pokemon Go edits are splendid

52115 No.24017

You can remove the drop of water if it makes the picture difficult to edit.

30e33 No.24050

File: 1482599630245.png (640.09 KB, 850x683, Wingsuit Roxanne.png)

Can anyone edit her, please?

54e68 No.24066

File: 1482704444965.png (133.33 KB, 905x729, IMG_3638.PNG)

Gotcha, fam

54e68 No.24067

File: 1482706178646.png (239.88 KB, 887x1214, IMG_3640.PNG)

d78a9 No.24068

Yasssss! Awesome work!

30e33 No.24070

Sweet and Hot

8d701 No.24074

File: 1482728777683.jpg (952.2 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_5622.JPG)

In the spirit of Christmas could someone please edit these pregnant?

439c8 No.24079

seconding this
preferably quite large, triplets or more

29593 No.24091

File: 1482808303802.jpg (166.28 KB, 1260x1800, 1477408281829.jpg)

Noice! Something good just became great! At the risk of sounding greedy, can I ask for an encore with this? I don't think I'll ever tire of hex maniac…

54e68 No.24094

File: 1482822407430.png (111.25 KB, 835x1196, IMG_3652.PNG)

5627a No.24096

from fat to phat
fuck yeah man

f195d No.24097

File: 1482834643339.jpg (182.58 KB, 936x1330, Tracer3.jpg)

I've got plenty more than this, but I'm stuck using a potato computer.

37d7d No.24098

File: 1482836107063.png (516.43 KB, 750x1000, Boli.png)

Can someone make them pregnant?

54e68 No.24100

Tbh, I think I won't tire from her either

54e68 No.24105

File: 1482864163106.png (198.72 KB, 880x1167, IMG_3654.PNG)

God damn, wasn't this hard to do.
But hot damn, the result is great

54e68 No.24106

File: 1482864272702.png (197.9 KB, 875x1171, IMG_3655.PNG)

Also here's an extra one with baby movement (just cause)

54e68 No.24109

File: 1482884824673.png (219.77 KB, 912x1217, IMG_3661.PNG)

54e68 No.24110

File: 1482885534484.png (199.6 KB, 857x1074, IMG_3662.PNG)

9162c No.24111

bellies look a little awkward, but hell, it still looks great

29593 No.24113

Many thanks, seems christmas came twice this year!

e0328 No.24114

File: 1482902039691.jpeg (95 KB, 500x586, 54ad27694608f9843776a3f29….jpeg)

I know its fairly detailed but could someone please have a go at these girls?

Cheers in advance

83b75 No.24115

I agree actually. I might give this a go and have their bellies moosh together…

54e68 No.24116

I thought about doing that, but I didn't risk it

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