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File: 1414473620364.jpeg (163.24 KB, 784x1019, 1_000_000______pregnant_b….jpeg)

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There is a surprising lack of pregnant Pokemon trainers around here. Post away!
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a60f9 No.20012

Years later and Blue is still the best pokegirl.

a3cd8 No.20020


And yet, like so many others, she tends to get ignored in favor of Misty and all the other female PCs and rivals (anyone else tends to be uncommon or rare). As I said before, lots of others worthy of the art, which I think this topic has shown in a couple of different ways.

9280d No.20041

I thought Blue was the guy, and the girl was Green…or something like that…

a3cd8 No.20042


It's kind of confusing due to Generation 1 in and of itself. Remember, in Japan, the original games were Red and Green, with Blue being a somewhat improved version released later (the games we know as Red and Blue were basically a combination of the three: Red & Green with Blue's upgrades added onto them).

The fact there was no Green version internationally (at the time) meant they couldn't call the rival character 'Green', so they changed it to Blue to match the games we did have, which lead to most everywhere in the world knowing the rival character as Blue and the female Kanto trainer (who appeared in the manga before finally getting to appear in FR/LG) as Green, while in Japan it's the other way around.

9280d No.20084

Ah. That's tricky. Though it does explain why Gen 3 had FireRed and LeafGreen, not FireRed and WaterBlue or something like that.
Also, Blue seems to make more sense as the rival character at first because of how red and blue are generally seen as rivaling colors. Or at least, that's what I think.

1e1f6 No.20361

File: 1468217069676.jpg (1.32 MB, 1592x1464, Pokemom Lenora.jpg)

Well I went and drew another preggo gym leader. Lenora found a fossilized pokeball with some cute lil' gen 1 fossil pokemon.

d3aac No.20444

File: 1468555604688.jpeg (240.01 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

94bc8 No.20728

File: 1469511311981.jpg (45.44 KB, 471x708, Hex Maniac.jpg)

can anyone turn this hex maniac in lingerie into a sexy mommy to be?

9d09a No.21027

I think that's sexy as hell and awesome looking for a black and white. Any chance of a 2nd pick showing her kid popped out? :D

d3aac No.21038


Probably, but don't count on it. I'm in one of those moods recently where I drawing is a struggle.

d3aac No.21039


Probably, but don't count on it. I'm in one of those moods recently where I drawing is a struggle.

d3aac No.21690

File: 1472409817676.jpg (831.93 KB, 2382x1713, flannery gives birth.jpg)

Flannery is the best Pokégirl.

79787 No.21785

File: 1472651686008.jpg (300.29 KB, 892x1155, 1472598880.bluebrush_patre….jpg)

6ca5d No.21990

File: 1473308186461.jpg (955.77 KB, 2000x1816, ySpRuVr.jpg)

I, for one, am hyped as fuck for Pokémon Sun and Moon and welcome our new best girl, Wicke.

6ca5d No.21991

File: 1473308213616.jpg (77.76 KB, 797x986, J4a7QgmSL.jpg)

7e2e1 No.22741

Sources on these?: >>2828 >>2830 >>2833 >>3950 >>5240 >>11892

7e2e1 No.22742

(Let's just try that again.) Sources on these?:

ca258 No.22999

File: 1476986336751.jpg (61.94 KB, 425x600, shauna_at_the_beach_by_k4g….jpg)

Not sure if this is the right thread, but could anyone turn the ditzy secondary female companion into an overdue mother-to-be, while you're at it, make her naked

ca258 No.23000

File: 1476986580049.png (572.08 KB, 716x1054, shared_father_cover_by_flu….png)

Also this. Made by Flutter-Rays on DeviantArt, it's a cover for my story shown in the title, if anyone wants to know the plot, ask and I'll tell

fe28a No.23005

Okay, I'll bite. What's the plot?

6489a No.23009

Owen Davis (The guy in the center) had lived in Kalos since he was 10, it wasn't till 6 years later he and his friends would be verified to be Trainers, however, two of his friends, Shauna and Serena, have a lot more then Pokemon. The girls were pregnant, with OWEN'S babies, but they don't mind sharing a baby daddy,. Can Owen handle The Kalos League, Team Flare, Mega Evolution, AND two women pregnant with his children? Find out in this story! It's on hiatus at the moment

b9912 No.23026

I checked your deviantart but couldn't find the fic itself posted anywhere.

9280d No.23029

Is that the same Serena as in canon, then?

f7ebf No.23030

http://fossildiggerstudios.deviantart.com/gallery/60553849/Shared-Father You were saying boi?

Pokemon's an RPG so there is no real canon

a3cd8 No.23032

Sounds like an inversion of an RP scenario I…well, it would have happened had we gotten far enough with it: preggy girl being shared by two other girls (one of whom being a futanari who got the first girl pregnant, long story as to how that happened). I made a request in the request thread for something related to that once, but there's more spammers than artists making use of that thread…

89202 No.23035

File: 1477097935413.png (1.39 MB, 1280x2455, ace_trainer____doesn_t_wan….png)

10 minutes later, her water broke

e19a6 No.23041

File: 1477105403946.png (952.83 KB, 1200x1600, 80505_20161021005809_0.png)

d5ca8 No.23551

File: 1479780898964.jpg (716.83 KB, 1000x1062, lolibooru 119689 sample.jpg)

Bumping with content in light of the new game coming out a few days ago.

37537 No.23552

File: 1479783406986.jpeg (579.8 KB, 955x1123, c760d43c3137f08c29a155071….jpeg)


Been "enjoying" that pic for a while. Love the way the bellies are drawn on those slender, petite frames. They're adorable with their big ol' bumps, and their expressions make it even cuter! The more pregnant Mallow we see in the future, the better!

252dc No.23564

File: 1479847790555.png (134.01 KB, 500x716, 5516433.png)

New girls are nice, but I have yet to see anything that tops Hex Maniac

29efa No.23566

Lillie, how mood swings have changed you

37537 No.23571

File: 1479880752357.jpeg (963.76 KB, 1026x1158, 4b0a5ac7209fcb5279653578b….jpeg)

Well, I guess she found that "strapping young swimmer" she was hoping for!

6e55b No.23572

>all those dicks
way to kill my boner

fac59 No.23577

Your boner was weak and would not survive the winter.

e19a6 No.23630

File: 1480222284989.png (1.32 MB, 1254x1771, 60115189_p0.png)

e19a6 No.23631

File: 1480222332323.png (2.17 MB, 1254x1771, 60115189_p1.png)

e19a6 No.23632

File: 1480222354934.png (2.1 MB, 1254x1771, 60115189_p2.png)

e19a6 No.23633

File: 1480222373509.png (1.39 MB, 1254x1771, 60115189_p3.png)

e19a6 No.23634

File: 1480222395792.png (1.57 MB, 1254x1771, 60115189_p4.png)

a3cd8 No.24140

Bumping up, this thread isn't dead yet

5939d No.24144

File: 1482988147523.jpg (82.83 KB, 663x600, 1562024242.jpg)

Dawn is a beauty. would be pretty sweet to see her pregnant, could someone please edit it

5a0d8 No.24150

Wrong thread bud

5a0d8 No.24151

What happened to this thread anyway, nobody used it for weeks

6ca5d No.24177

File: 1483078807085.jpeg (223.17 KB, 900x1200, a498f136bf45c1da1a2236c91….jpeg)

07842 No.24183

File: 1483086935412.jpg (168.16 KB, 850x680, j.jpg)

07842 No.24184

File: 1483086976951.jpg (202.15 KB, 850x1096, jj.jpg)

6ca5d No.24194

File: 1483145501215.jpg (110.75 KB, 532x998, a_bit_of_belly__by_teddybe….jpg)

2bdab No.24202

File: 1483169732094.png (229.45 KB, 770x1038, sketch1483169662840.png)

e2437 No.24456

File: 1484218192547.jpg (115.54 KB, 566x917, IMG_0409.JPG)


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