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Second thread only took five months to hit the post limit, and that's even with a devoted discussion thread to offload some of the off topic chatter.

Here's the old thread >>24451
Here's a pastebin of the story in the old thread.

I still haven't done any error checking on either of the first two threads. Once I do that, I'll also archive the old threads and add a links to the pastebin.

Stat sheet as of the end of episode 2:

We are wrapping up episode 3, scene 3. We still have one more scene in episode 3 after this.


You are Chiba Mamoru, seventeen years old, first year university student. Orphaned at a young age, you are plagued with strange dreams and visions, always centered about a beautiful woman trying to tell you something. They are usually accompanied by the absolute worst headache. You also have a bad habit of waking up at odd times, in a public place, dressed in a tuxedo. You must have some sort of amazing social life getting invited to the kind of parties that you wear a tux to, but you have absolutely no recollection of going to, or even being invited to a party.

You are also Tuxedo Kamen, infamous jewel thief and ally of magical girls. Potentially. The girl in white told you to recover the Silver Crystal, as it is the key to restoring you sealed memories. The lovely blonde girl, Sailor Moon, seems to also be after the Crystal. This competing interest may be the undoing of any potential alliance between the two of you.

However, neither personality is currently aware of the other. An annoying gap in the memories of the two personas inside your body.


Rules are the same as always. Vote for your preferred option. Write-ins are always welcome, but may not always be used if they don't work. Write-ins that don't win, but had some popularity before the end of voting will affect the final result if I can make it work. External knowledge is allowed unless it becomes a problem.
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ac52a No.33636

Not chess. Super Robot Wars.

Which this kind of is.

I'm withholding my vote until I have more sleep.

cce62 No.33649

I need to momentarily withhold mine as well. There's a lot of information to process this time.

cce62 No.33672

Write-in option: We should give Luna to one of the girls; I'm not sure she's hurt but for being knocked out, so she needs to be kept safe.

Next, get to Mercury and set her free so she can keep running interference on the youma while we free Moon.

Mercury could pinpoint the youma's location with her visor if needed, which means attacks could be done by everyone but whoever's holding Luna and Moon. The attacks will give Moon time to find her tiara and join in.

b3c40 No.34009

File: 1507245832134.png (265.75 KB, 321x480, Luna in glass.png)

Apologies for the unscheduled hiatus. I can expect to be pretty busy the rest of the year (and especially so in December), but I'll try not to leave you guys hanging.

You take a knee next to the pile of animals and pick up Luna. As you touch her, you see an image of a black cat inside of a glass tube. The cat appears to be sleeping, or in stasis. The image fades away almost as quickly as it appeared. You start to heal the kitty while you decide on a plan. Despite what you said earlier for the five of you to stay close together, you figure the best course of action is to split up. You motion for Black and White to get closer.

Shortly afterwards, Sailor Moon stops screaming to take a breath. You try to tell the two Cures to loop around and attack the opponent that's shooting at Sailor Mercury. However, the girls are rubbing their ears and show no sign of being able to hear you. Realizing that their ears must be ringing from Sailor Moon's screams, you touch of each of their ears in turn with your free hand. You don't like the increased strain on your magic reserves from healing two targets at once, but you quickly fix up the Cures' ears and tell them, "Try to outflank the enemy and hit it with your Marble Screw."

"Flank?" Cure Black asks.

"Got it." Cure White replies. She grabs Black's arm and runs into the mist.

You call over the two new Cures. You heal their ears and give them their orders, "Egret, Sailor Mercury is the one that's standing up. Help her out of the vines and tell her that Tuxedo Kamen says to thin out the fog. Bloom, Sailor Moon is the one on the ground. Untie her. If either of you see a tiara on the ground, give it to Sailor Moon. Go!"

You watch the two of them run towards the bound girls for a moment, but then you turn your attention to more pressing matters. You need to take the high ground. There's a tree nearby that will suit your purposes. You take a running start, run a few steps up the trunk, and jump up and away. You neatly land on the branch that you had selected. Pulling out a rose, you observe the battlefield, waiting for the fog to thin so you can have a better view of the combatants.

After what seems like a long time, but was less than a minute, you can see Mercury's fog start to thin out. Since the fog isn't contained by the walls of a classroom like last time, Mercury is able to dissipate the fog much faster than the last time. Furthermore, her efforts are aided by a slight breeze.

Your view of the battlefield rapidly expands as the fog thins. First, you're able to see the Sailors and the new Cures. Cure Egret is making quick work of the thorny vines wrapped around Sailor Mercury. However, you see that thorns are tearing through Mercury's white uniform. Unfortunate for her, but perhaps you'll have a nice view later on. The bluenette steps to the side and pulls the purple-haired Cure with her, barely dodging another attack from the enemy. Cure Bloom is ripping the vines binding Sailor Moon, but she's in visible pain from the blonde girl's wailing.

You hear Cures Black and White start the incantation for their attack. Then, the bolts of black and white lightning striking them mark their position clearly for you.

b3c40 No.34010

File: 1507245878348.png (813.37 KB, 640x480, Youma.png)

The fog clears enough for you to make out Cures Black and White and the monster. The monster is purple-skinned, green-haired elf-like creature. A tangle of thorny vines emanate from her hair, but they end at a surprisingly uniform length. The vines match the thorny ones wrapped around Sailor Mercury, but not the lighter green ones tightly binding Sailor Moon. You quickly put two and two together and realize that Sailor Moon must have cut Sailor Mercury free using her tiara. From your vantage point, you mentally draw some lines connecting the monster to Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon's possible firing arcs. Sure enough, on the other side of the enemy-Sailor Mercury axis, you spot a glint of metal, Sailor Moon's tiara.

b3c40 No.34011

File: 1507245903793.png (9.05 KB, 1122x825, Battlefield.png)

The monster is turned to the side to face the new threat. Instead of hands, she has a flower at the end of each arm. From each flower a seed sac at the two girls. At the same time, Cures Black and White fire the PreCure Marble Screw at the monster. The monster's right seedsac flies straight into the spiral beam of death, and almost instantly vaporizes. The attack continues and grazes the monster. Her right arm is destroyed by the attack. All that's left is a small cauterized stump of her brachium.

However, the other seed sac barely avoids getting caught in the Cure's attack and it reaches them. It hits Cure Black, bounces off of her a short distance, and erupts into a mass of vines similar to the ones that Sailor Moon has been partially freed from. With both girls right next to each other and holding hands, the vines wrap around the two of them. Faster than the two of them can react, the vines cinch tightly and tie themselves off. The two Cures are pressed against each other, face to face, and you can only imagine, breast to breast as well. You smirk, "Cure White is certainly enjoying it." The two of them struggle, but with their movement so restricted, they soon fall over. They land on their shoulders, fortunately neither of them landing head-first on the concrete pavers, and then they roll over so Cure White is on the bottom.

Luna stirs awake in your arms. Your healing has returned her to consciousness and starts to struggle in your arms, although you can feel that she's not fully healed yet from the squirrel attack.

You see Sailor Moon's tiara. Mercury is moments away from being free of the thorny vines. Sailor Moon is still only about half free of the vines. Cures Black and White are incapacitated, Cure Bloom is helping Sailor Moon, and Cure Egret is almost done helping Sailor Mercury. The monster has lost one arm, and hopefully lost the use of her thorny hair-vines. And the fog has mostly lifted. What do you do?

>Let Luna go.

>Tell her to hold still while you heal her.
>Write-in. [What?]

>Rose the monster.

>Cane the monster.
>Retrieve Sailor Moon's Tiara.
>Help break Sailor Moon free of the vines [how?]
>Help the Cures out of the vines.
>Get into the brawl and distract the monster so the girls can regroup.
>Write-in. [What?]

d9899 No.34014

That went about as well as I expected it to, if I have to be honest. I was hoping B&W wouldn't have ended up getting roped up, but no use worrying about it now.

Tell Luna to hold still, for now. Dropping her in her current state would just lead to a rude awakening, and there's no need for that kind of animosity when we're just now starting to get somewhere with her.

As for the actual fight, let's pick up on canon a little here and rose the bitch, piercing dart style. Fuck it, since we've still got the stealth damage bonus, aim to take out an eye with the shot. Take a page out of Fem's book and go for a crippling move. As soon as we let fly, go for the flying leap in the direction of the tiara and grab it.

My plan is to grab the tiara and throw it back to Moon while the youma's still stunned, but if Usagi's still too tied up for that option or the youma recovers before we can pull it off, my backup plan is to run interference while Luna gets the tiara over to her instead, once the kitty's awake and mobile.

cce62 No.34015

I could be really cruel and say we borrow Spark's "Death from above!" move (thank you, "Dominic Deegan"), but the spirit of my own dearly departed black cat would be gravely disappointed with me. :-P So let's put Luna on our shoulders and tell her to hang on; we can finish healing her soon.

So Black and White are tied up, Mercury's almost free, Bloom's helping Moon: If Mercury is almost free, then rose the monster in the eye (siding with Blue here) and tell Egret to go get the tiara; Mercury can finish freeing herself at that point and help Black and White, I think.

Although before I say anything about Moon, how many vines are left on her now, Moe? And is Bloom hurt other than a momentary case of tinnitus?

0dce8 No.34016

Going for the eye sounds good to me.

b3c40 No.34017

File: 1507269745914.png (365.97 KB, 366x480, Sailor Moon Vines.png)

>Although before I say anything about Moon, how many vines are left on her now, Moe? And is Bloom hurt other than a momentary case of tinnitus?

The three vines around Sailor Moon's torso are gone. One last set of vines around her skirt are keeping her forearms pinned, although she has free use of her wrists. Once those are gone, you can use her as a stationary turret. She still has another set of vines around her thighs (barely in frame), and another around her calves (out of frame).

And Bloom is OK aside from really bad ear-ringing.

dbfd3 No.34031

Okay, cool. Thanks. So Bloom should at least free Moon's arms so she could remove the other vines herself catch the tiara if Egret can toss it back to her. Then hopefully everyone will be ready to attack or defend themselves.

54eda No.34039

Tell Luna to hold still and hold on. Rose-dart to the eye. Tell Egret to get the Tiara, but help Mercury if she can't get herself free. With the girls coming free, we should then see if we can help Black and White if we get the chance.

5d847 No.34046

Good, classic reference. That's refreshing and heartwarming all together.
Hmm…finish getting the Sailors out of at least some of their bindings is step 1.
Tiara retrieval is step 2.
Keeping the youma occupied and possibly adding extra debilitating damage so that step 2 can work is step 3.
I think letting Mercury finish getting the vines off of her is good. It would free Egret up to get the tiara to Moon, who can cut through vines pretty easily with it.
And yeah, called rose shot to some important body part will help Egret do her thing without being harassed. Hopefully, Luna will follow Egret, since she recognizes how necessary it would be to get Sailor Moon's main weapon back to her. (I don't think she'll do it on our say-so, though, so we might need to explain if possible.)

b3c40 No.34184

File: 1507613662495.png (421.42 KB, 457x480, Rose.png)

You squeeze Luna closer against you and order, "Don't move too much, you're still hurt." To your relief, she stops squirming in your arms and allows your to continue healing her.

You turn your focus to the youma at the scene. She's screaming in pain and moving around a lot. That gives Egret enough time to free Mercury from the last bit of thorny vine binding her, and Bloom time to free Sailor Moon's hands. Unfortunately, that doesn't give you the clear shot that you need to hit the monster so you pull out a rose and hold tight.

Upon her arms being freed, Sailor Moon stops yelling and starts helping Bloom rip through the vines binding her legs. Mercury resumes firing water balls at the youma, turning the monster's attention to the girls assembled between it and you.

The youma brings her left arm to bear on them and spends a few moments deciding which one to shoot first. That moment of hesitation is all you need. You push your magical energy into the rose, and then push it forward once more. Your rose transforms into a sleek dark that you throw, aiming at the youma's eye.

You hit her in her left eye, right before she was about to shoot her seed sac at Sailor Mercury. Instead, she falls backwards from the unexpected attack and her seed sac is fired off uselessly straight up. You consider retrieving Sailor Moon's tiara, but Cure Egret is closer, and you decide to give the task to her. Announcing your presence from the tree you call out, "Now! Cure Egret! Get Sailor Moon's tiara!" You pull out your cane and point to the location of the discarded tiara.

b3c40 No.34185

File: 1507613688749.png (583.36 KB, 640x480, Death!.png)

Sailor Moon cranes her neck to look up at you and calls out, "Tuxedo Kamen!"

The purple haired girl looks around to find the source of your voice, and then looks in the direction of the cane to locate the tiara. She hesitates for a moment, but Sailor Mercury nods her head and says something. After some encouragement, Egret runs off to recover the tiara. Sailor Mercury does a very good job of pinning the youma in place, repeatedly pelting her with the water balls. The monster is clearly elementally associated with plants so her attack isn't doing too much damage, but it's still restricting the youma's movements.

Egret reaches the tiara, picks it up, and turns around. She calls out, "Bloom! Catch!" The purple-haired Cure throws the tiara like a frisbee to her partner. Her aim is less than stellar, but her partner stops helping Sailor Moon get free and quickly takes a few steps to get in the path of the tiara.

The brunette easily catches the wobbling tiara and calls out, "I'm in top form!" Bloom quickly takes the tiara back to Sailor Moon and hands it to her.

The blonde girl takes her tiara back and it starts glowing with magical energy. Seeing that Sailor Moon has the tiara back, Sailor Mercury stops harassing the drenched youma, letting it stand up and present a larger target for Sailor Moon's attack. "Moon Tiara Action!" She yells as she throws her glowing tiara at the youma. Since Sailor Moon threw from a sitting position, the tiara is slicing through the light rain slower than usual, but it turns out to be enough. The youma stands up just in time to be cut in two by the tiara and turns to dust.

Sailor Moon and Cure Bloom both yell, "We did it!" Egret turns around and smiles at the sight of them, but Sailor Mercury calls out, "Watch out! Above you!" Cure Egret looks up just in time for the seed sac that the youma had fired to fall down almost on top of her. She vainly puts up her shield just moments after the sac explodes and releases a torrent of vines at her, but the vines were already inside the perimeter and they quickly bind the girl. She's teetering on her feet, but without anyway to recover her balance, the slightest force will tip her over.

The pile of squirrels stirs and they dart back into the forest to escape the light drizzle, no longer under the monster's spell. A gray-haired man that had been unconscious is stirring, but still not awake. Presumably he was also affected by the youma. However, the vines are not turning to dust along with the youma, so it looks like you'll have to free everyone by hand.

Sailor Moon just needs to free her legs. Cure Bloom is looking back and forth between Moon and Egret, not sure whether to finish helping Moon or go free her partner. Mercury is looking at Bloom, ready to go to whichever one the other doesn't go to, and further away are Cures Black and White bound together. White is of course squirming, taking advantage of their close quarters. Luna is healed to full.

>Help free one of the girls from the vines. [which one(s)? Bare hands or use one of your items?]

>Tell Bloom and Mercury which girl to help. [Cross series or same series.]
>Dramatic parting words and tell them to meet you in the city as you're going ahead to help Sakura and Nanoha. [What do you say?]
>Try to get one of the girls alone.
>Write-in [what?]
>Mix and match.

Also, what do you do with Luna?

d9899 No.34189

Not bad. A little sloppy on account of how three out of four Cures ended up in bondage vines, but given that OTL needed a fire elemental I'd say this went incredibly well for us.

Tell Luna to hang on, then let's go help White and Black since they're the furthest away. As for the other girls, I'm going to suggest cross-series assistance, just to build up some Lily Rank points and let them talk to one another. Once we get over to the monochrome pair, put Luna down and let her help if she chooses, and otherwise let's see if we can focus magic into a rose in a way that gives it more of a blade than a point. If that's no dice, a sharp-tipped dart will still do just fine as long as we're careful about using it.

…Random thought, but we haven't tried using Reinforce on our hat yet, have we? I wonder what that one would do.

0dce8 No.34205


I think we should help the closest before we head off to go help Sakura and Nanoha.

Maybe reinforcing the hat will allow us to preform an Odd Job maneuver?

54eda No.34206

Hmm… get down from the tree and set Luna on her feet. Don't hold onto a cat that doesn't want to be held.

Have Bloom and Mercury help Egret while we get Moon out of the last of her bonds. Give her a flirty wink before we move on to help Black and White out of their loving snuggle *Ahem!* I mean plant bondage.

4d32f No.34207

Use our hands to help Black and White; if Luna's feeling better, she can take her own initiative on what to do. (Shadow has a point about not holding on to cats who don't want to be held. They get squirmy as hell.)

Tell Mercury to help Egret and Bloom to help Moon. Once everyone's free, ask if they're still up for action.

d9899 No.34211

We're pretty torn on what to do about the kitty, so I should probably mention my reasoning for suggesting bringing her over to Black and White is to try and build points between her and the Cures. The cross-series Lily Rank building should probably be done with mascots as well, after all.

3fb32 No.34214

I'm guessing "Lily Rank" is a Super Robot Wars term? I just haven't heard of it before.
I notice that Luna calmed down after she realized we were just healing her. In which case, I think Blue's plan can work as written, without needing to worry about the grumpiness of cats. So that has my vote.

b3c40 No.34215

>Lily Rank
Lily is the translation of yuri. So, I'm pretty sure Blue is talking about getting the girls build up some lesbian attraction among themselves to make harem politics a little friendlier.

d9899 No.34217

I'm making a Hyperdimension Neptunia reference. Lily Ranks in Nep refer to the relation points you build by pairing people together in the party formation menu. High enough ranks generally unlock support skills, conversations, or ending requirements depending on which Nep game you're playing.

So I'm mostly just talking about getting them to be better friends and work together better on the field, but given the only male party member I have ever seen in the Nep series is a talking fish, we can go with the yuri idea as well and it works out fine by me.

b3c40 No.34237

File: 1507789517225.png (223.67 KB, 848x943, pokemon_trainer_tuxedo_mas….png)

This is the closest that I could find to a picture with Tuxedo Kamen and Luna together in a positive way.

You decide to help free the girls, so you jump out of the tree. As you land, you necessarily loosen your hold on Luna. The cat, well aware of the fact that she's been fully healed uses that opportunity to slip free of your grasp and land on her own four paws. In a very cat-like fashion, she ignores you and runs over to Sailor Moon. All things considered, that's probably an improvement over your usual interactions with her.

At first you consider helping Sailor Moon, but Cure Bloom is right next to her, and the blonde is almost free. Instead, you gently chide Mercury, "Go help free Cure Egret. She did help free you from the vines earlier." A quick glance over her confirms that her uniform is covered in a bunch of small tears from the thorny vines. You can see small bits of boob peeking out from the tears, but nothing too titillating.

"OK." She replies, but doesn't go at first. She takes another look at Moon and Bloom, and then runs off towards Egret.

Seeing the bluenette go to help Cure Egret, Cure Bloom turns her attention back to Sailor Moon and helps with the last bit of plant matter binding the girls.

You jog over to Cure Black and Cure White, admiring the sight as you approach. Your erection visibly tents your pants, and you don't have a good way of hiding it, instead hoping for the girls not to notice it.

Cure White has managed to get Cure Black to start squirming to try and free themselves of the vines. The vines are sufficiently tight around them that they only real way for them to move is to press their breasts against each other and pull back. It's a strange sort of breast humping and you're not sure if they're even getting any pleasure from it. Either way, Cure White is clearly enjoying being bound to another girl like that.

While neither of them have noticed you yet, you pull out a rose and decide to test out another way of charging the rose. You push some magic into the rose, and then direct it to the sides, hoping to create something with an edge, rather than a point. The flower closes back up into a bud and hardens into a pommel. The stem flattens and widens, with the thorns creating a serrated edge on both sides of the stem. The point is relatively dull, and not much of a stabbing weapon, but certainly useful as a slicing weapon. A very short section of the stem remains round and thorn free. It's not enough for you to grasp it in a traditional manner, but you place the pommel in the palm of your hand and clench your fist, letting the stem go between your index and middle finger. It looks like you have a long claw. You could easily hold two more roses like this and give yourself three "claws".

Cure Black has her back to you, so it's Cure White that notices you approach them. "Tuxedo Kamen!" She calls out, "Can you help free us?" If you didn't know any better, you'd think she was completely earnest in her request and her struggles had nothing to do with rubbing up against a girl she liked. She lowers her eyes and then smiles while a blush forms on her cheeks.

So much for the girls not noticing your erection.

Quick time voting interrupt. What do you say to the girls?


>No [but thou must!]
>Congratulate them on the attack, even if they did get tangled up in more than they'd bargained for.
>Tease them that for serving as a great distraction, even if that wasn't their original mission.
>Obliquely let White know exactly what she's up to in a way that doesn't spill the beans to Black.
>Thank them for the show. Joke that they should kiss.
>Write-in. [what?]

d9899 No.34240

Hell yeah, Rose Claws. Once we get stronger, we should totally try and see if we can turn them into full on dagger-length blades and go all knife fighter with it.

Honestly? I'm gonna go for A, C, D, and E at the same time. We can make running commentary while we cut them loose.

0dce8 No.34241

Blue's running commentary idea sounds amusing so I'll go with that, unless Moe nixes it.

bc113 No.34252

I like it. Thirded.

d9899 No.34253

Oh shit, someone else is actually playing with us!

4d32f No.34254

'Fraid I have to be the dissenting vote here. Black and White are probably embarrassed and might not appreciate the teasing. Black probably isn't ready to admit what she's doing, and White certainly isn't ready to confess to her enjoyment, so teasing would also create some unwanted friction. Besides, Black's not teasing Tuxie about being turned on, so let's return the favor.

Just congratulate them on the attack, reassure them that everything will be okay, and cut them loose. As a femanon, I can definitely say that if I were in that situation, I'd appreciate the praise and comfort.

54eda No.34255

Down with Rose Claws for our rogue class. This is all sorts of classy and deadly.

I kind of like the running commentary, but for the sake of simplicity (and my own personal preference), I say tease them for being a distraction then joke about them kissing.

54eda No.34256

Thanks for bringing in another angle on this.

Moe, please disregard my previous post, I am changing my vote to agree with Femanon. We're playing the long game already, so let's stick with that.

b3c40 No.34261

b3c40 No.34262

File: 1507854198746.jpg (357.59 KB, 1186x557, Cure_Black_and_Cure_White.jpg)

"But of course." You reply, taking a knee near their feet. You grab Black by her ankle to keep the girls in place, and you slice through the vines binding their lower legs together. "You two did a great job disarming the youma." You say, as your work. The upper half of the thorns on the front of your rose claw snap off as you cut through the vines.

Cure White giggles and Black looks back and forth between her partner and you. "What did I miss?" She asks confused.

"Disarmed." White replies.

Cure Black groans upon realizing your bad pun.

You move your hand up to Cure Black's thigh and start cutting through the vines around their thighs, using the back of your claw this time. Cutting through the vines you continue your banter, "I'm not kidding though. You two did well." Your claw snaps in half as you finish cutting through the second set of vines, the thron free upper half of the claw falls between the girls. Part of White's gown got caught on your claw and there's a tear in the fabric showing off more of her thigh.

"You even made a good distraction, and that wasn't part of the plan." You move your hand up once more and cup Cure Black's bum. She tenses up and you can feel her toned glutes clench under your hand. You start cutting through the vines with the front of the bottom half of your claw. "Hope you don't mind," You say as you work. "But I need to make sure you two don't wiggle too much so I don't accidentally stab you with this." You tilt your head to point at the claw with your nose.

"Not really, no." She answers, but she hides her face under White's head.

Locking eyes with Cure White, you continue talking to Cure Black, "I'm sure you'd be more comfortable if I had Cure White holding you, but I need to cut through these vines to free her hands first." You wink at White and she responds with a guilty smile.

"Really, it's OK." Cure Black mumbles into White's cheek.

You move up and cut through the vines around their waist, using the back of your claw. The last of the thorns fall off your rose as you finish cutting through the vines. The rest of the stem snaps free of the pommel, so you discard the rosebud in your hand. Your claw appears to only have four uses before breaking.

There are two more sets of vines binding the girls. You have nine remaining roses.

>Create another rose claw and cut them free. [careful when cutting, or "accidentally" lighten their uniforms a little?]

>See what happens if you push your magic to the back of the rose.
>Tear through the remaining vines by hand.
>Try to slide the last two vines off of them.
>Write-in. [what?]

Free-form conversation:
>Write-in. [specific lines to say, or just a general gist]

4d32f No.34265

[groans] I think I just took about five points of pun damage.

Go ahead and make another rose knife, but let's not be disrespectful; don't touch the uniforms. The more respect Tuxie shows now, the more trust he'll build with the girls. That'll pay off later when sexytimes happen; I've heard when you trust your partner, you're more willing to explore limits and kinks and other fun stuff like that.

No matter how pervy the game is, I think Tuxie's a gentleman at heart. He may not share his ladies, but look at all the times he did his best to make sure nothing happened to Usagi and the Senshi canonically. And aside from the one time he kissed Usagi while she was zonked out, he hasn't done anything to make them uncomfortable.

5316b No.34266

Black is almost a dense shounen protagonist. I don't think she noticed Tuxedo Kamen's reaction to their situation.
*White*, on the other hand, is a lewd little scientific genius (she can bond with Mercury over that eventually :3) and knows exactly what she's doing.

As for the new vote, I want to test more magic stuff. As far as actually freeing the Cures, I say slide the last few vines off. Should be interesting. If anyone else has any options for conversation, I'm willing to listen.

a84d0 No.34267

I want to experiment a bit more with the pommel, but if nothing good comes of it I'm okay with just making a new claw. And being careful with the outfits. It's one thing to do it on accident, it's another to do it on purpose.

I don't have much for conversation topics at the moment, though.

0dce8 No.34269

Agreed, continue cutting their vines but be mindful of the outfits.

As for conversation topics, we could ask them how they encountered these two new Cures.

b3c40 No.34272

>Black is almost a dense shounen protagonist.
Yes, she totally is.

I don't think she noticed Tuxedo Kamen's reaction to their situation.
But to be fair to her, TK was behind her the whole time. She didn't see him until he got close to them, but by then, he was on one knee, which his his bulge.
>I want to experiment a bit more with the pommel,
I did write TK discarding the pommel, but that can be retconned if needed, or he can just pick it back up.

eaed6 No.34273

Oh, I thought that was the part you meant by back of the rose. Disregard that detail, but I'm still voting for experimentation.

b3c40 No.34274

File: 1507910266837.png (13.32 KB, 1122x699, Rose claw.png)

>Oh, I thought that was the part you meant by back of the rose
Ah, no. The rose claw is a two-edged weapon. It has a front edge and a back edge. Each edge is further divided into an upper half and a lower half. One "use" of the claw, strips the thorns off of one quadrant of the claw.

So by the "back of the claw" I'm referring to the edge that you would slice with if you do a backhand.

54eda No.34281

Yay for puns! And we get to feel Black's firm rear, and better yet, she doesn't seem to mind. Nice.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Let's be careful as we continue to attempt to free them, no matter the method. Though for the method, let's not keep them waiting as we experiment. Another claw.

As for conversation… could use some help, but I would like to include that we feel lucky to have beautiful girls like them helping us out and being willing to go along with our plans, even when they go less than perfectly.

bc113 No.34289

Not new, but finally speaking up.

This sounds like the best idea. >>34281 seems a little….. sucky-uppy?

b3c40 No.34454

File: 1508311738487.png (1005.75 KB, 882x800, Black and White.png)

Rose and ask them how they met the new cures. Apologies for any typos, but my head hurts like a mofo.

Although you're interested in testing out the last way of charging your rose, and also about testing the discarded rosebud pommel, you decide to go with what you know will work. You pull out another rose and charge it with your magic, once more pushing the magical energy to the side after charging your rose. It turns into the serrated rose claw again.

Placing your left hand on Black's side, your thumb right under, but not touching her right breast. You start cutting through the vines right below their breasts and ask, "How did you find the new Cures?"

Cure Black pulls her face out from under White's and answers, "There was a cloud of insects that we followed to find out what was going on. We saw a bright flash, at the top of the hill, and that's where we found them fighting that tree. Karehaan then attacked us to keep us from interfering."

You're being careful with cutting through the vines, but when you finish cutting through the vines under their breasts, you see that you still cut a little through Black's pink bow. It's a minor cut though, not revealing anything beneath.

"Tuxedo Kamen." White says, getting your attention.

You move up to the last loop of vines around them, but don't yet start cutting through them. You make eye contact with White and reply, "Yes?"

She wilts under your gaze, searching either for the words or the courage to ask you something. After an awkward moment of silence, she finally works up the courage and asks, "Before we transformed, when we were walking up the hill…" She pauses once more, and then blurts out her question, "Were you there with us? I mean, without your mask. In regular clothes."

"No." You reply, "I sensed a fight, so I came to offer aid. Although to my surprise, I found four beautiful heroines instead of just two."

Black turns to look straight at you, but she moves her entire body and rolls over, pulling White on top of her. Cure White gasps in surprise at the sudden motion, and again when her partner grabs her upper thighs for stability. Sure enough, Black's index fingers are brushing against the swell of the bluenette's bum. She asks you, "You really think I'm…" She can't bring herself to finish the question.

You wink at the ginger-haired heroine and watch as a mixture of emotions run across her face, shock, elation, embarrassment. She's at a complete loss for words, so you instead say, "Hold still." You cut the last vine binding them together and White rolls off of her partner. Quickly looking them over, you confirm that they're OK and that your rose claw didn't do too much damage to their uniforms. You get up from all fours to being on one knee, put the claw on the ground beside you, and offer a hand to each girl.

Cure White quickly places her left hand in your in a very feminine and formal manner, and you wrap your fingers around hers.

Cure Black takes a moment to process what to do, but then claps your right hand with hers, like a sports player being helped up by a teammate.

You stand up and help them get up. Before you can forget, you pick the rose claw back up. It's now at half length, but it still has two uses on it.

Cure White is grinning like the cat that ate the canary from the fun she had with Cure Black. Black on the other hand is too flustered to notice. A quick glance around tells you that Sailor Moon is free. She's looking back and forth between you and Cure Egret, wondering whether to join you, or follow Cure Bloom and Luna to help Mercury free Egret. Mercury has gotten half of the vines off of the purple-haired Cure and the two of them are working on dealing with the other half.

What do you do?
>Chat with the Cures. [give me a topic]
>Go over to Sailor Moon.
>Wave Sailor Moon over.
>Go to Cure Egret and help free her.
>Head out to help Nanoha and Sakura. [take any of the girls with you, or head alone?]
>Write-in [what?]

eaed6 No.34464

Hahaha, they're picking up on the masquerade. That's adorable. Too bad Kamen is legit unaware of Mamoru right now so our denial is as honest as it'll get.

As for action, I say wave Moon over while we go to help Egret. Ami will probably be done by the time we arrive, but it gets us grouped together for the next move.

6490a No.34467

Give Sailor Moon a reassuring nod, but go help Sailor Mercury and Egret. I agree with Blue that the help may not be needed by the time we get there, but then we can ask how everyone's doing, check for injuries, and ask if they're up to help Nanoha and Sakura.

54eda No.34470

The girls are faster at picking it up than we are, though I suppose that's to be expected. Though he doesn't know it's him, the idea has been introduced to his subconscious, and will return to nag at him at a later time.

I agree with these actions.

b3c40 No.34473

>Hahaha, they're picking up on the masquerade. That's adorable. Too bad Kamen is legit unaware of Mamoru right now so our denial is as honest as it'll get.
>The girls are faster at picking it up than we are, though I suppose that's to be expected.

This is the episode where Rei went with Mamoru on a date and then pointed out that maybe Mamoru and TK are the same person (And Sailor Moon of course didn't believe her). But since she's not here, Cure White got to do that.

bc113 No.34475

Agreed, with a side of >>34467 's chat topics.

d9899 No.34477

To be fair, they literally just saw Mamoru before getting into a fight, so I'd have probably made a comment about it if they legitimately didn't question it at all by the end of the day.

0dce8 No.34490

I'll back Blue

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