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The new Wolfenstein game will have the character Anya Oliwa pregnant with twins. Could potentially see her get rather large. If you watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2HKHdVIy9k

It shows her quiet often, at one point even killing someone.

414d3 No.29169

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5716a No.29185


On /pol/ (of all places), they were saying not making Anne Frank BJ's lover and (if you're familiar with Wolfenstein lore) ancestor of Doomguy was a missed opportunity.

>inb4 pedo

The game's set in 1960s, she would've been over 30 by then. It wouldn't be that creepy.

9a372 No.29198


That is tremendously stupid

9a372 No.29200

(Same Anon here)

And I don't mean the good, fun type of stupid.

74507 No.29201

I'm just excited for the prospect.. there is a lot they could do with this. I just hope the don't skimp out and make that the biggest she gets(which is most likely going to happen.

Additionally, we've actually had two games with prominent characters pregnant. The other game being Outlast 2.

274ef No.29204


I admit it's tasteless and offensive (unless you're an Inglorious Bastards fan) but this is /pol/ we're talking about. It's the closest Anne Frank's ever getting to a compliment on that cesspit of a site.

Besides, they had Jimi Hendrix and Rule 63'd Nicola Tesla get killed by Nazis in the last game and they're gonna have Angela Davis in a new one so it's not like they haven't given a historical person a hero upgrade before.

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