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5ba3c No.31304

Continued from >>420. Post about pregnancy-related vidya and online adult-oriented games.


Violated Heroine:

Tainted Elysium (Alpha): http://www.atticusarc.com/

Carnal Souls (Alpha):

Nimin Fetish Fantasy:

a31b1 No.31307

Anyone know any games with preg content that does *not* involve either being forcibly impregnated or forcibly impregnating others?

7d36f No.31325

Asides from some visual novels/harvest moon-type games, not really…

e3097 No.31338

I'll make you a single dungeon/town adventure in rpg maker for 10 bucks.

31999 No.31389

File: 1501852643943.png (16.22 KB, 564x586, goblinwarr3.png)

I'll mention it here as well just in case someone who's interested might have missed it.

Fetishmaster is a game with a pretty intricate functionality for pregnancy and even though the base game lacks content somewhat it has plenty of different mods made by different people which expands on it.

The thread for the mod/overhaul I'm working on is here http://pregchan.com/d/res/29324.html

5ba3c No.31700

Almost all the impregnation in Nimin is voluntary.

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