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File: 1506269712474.jpg (3.8 MB, 3200x5000, 67b1bae7a6e9537d6f81a36071….jpg)

155af No.33575

The third hit its cap, as with the ones before it. So begins a new thread of delightful edits.

Same rules of common decency; Don't spam requests, be patient, be polite.

Previous threads:

819cd No.33576

Right, now this is just confusing

Which of these threads are we actually using now?

6a275 No.33577

Reposting my request in the proper thread.
Give Iowa here a bunch of babies.

6a275 No.33578

I assume this one because it's titled.

819cd No.33579

Going to repost my request here as well


Just give her a nice bump please, with an outie preferred.

155af No.33581


Hopefully this one doesn't broken space, but yeah I'll re-add mine too, since the pose is just too hot.

5e294 No.33586

Why did you put a name credit on the thread…

819cd No.33589


Just reposting it here in the hope that someone will attempt to do this one

e2946 No.33598

File: 1506298797904.jpg (136.74 KB, 700x870, image.jpg)

Cool, happy to see that a new thread is up.

Anyways, would anyone be willing to give Mikasa a big twinner belly? Thanks!

f2793 No.33603

File: 1506311679693.jpg (189.05 KB, 1116x716, zeldaforce_by_mistressainl….jpg)

I think these lovley ladies need a expansion.

030ba No.33626

File: 1506363886544.png (1.45 MB, 1140x1396, 5bb0f356446d92f89c315a7a02….png)

Can something be done with this one?

819cd No.33627

File: 1506377293623.jpeg (166.8 KB, 1280x1820, image.jpeg)

Anyone here willing to do this one? Thanks in advance, and if possible remove the bottom left part as well please.

c2091 No.33628


Gonna have to second this one. Mphm

819cd No.33629

File: 1506377734951.jpeg (729.52 KB, 666x1000, image.jpeg)

Reposting the image for >>33577 due to the non named thread being deleted

819cd No.33630

File: 1506378014524.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1000x1600, image.jpeg)

Also reposting the image for >>33579 for the same reasons given in the previous post

I couldn't find the image for >>33581

155af No.33632

File: 1506380231881.jpg (437.92 KB, 2480x2362, 56222165_p0~01.jpg)


Another please and thanks, then.

2816f No.33633

File: 1506386943585.jpg (342.2 KB, 629x920, e423d62ad8b3d356af2700cce2….jpg)

Anyone up to give the trainer and her gardevoir on the right bellies?

ef025 No.33637

File: 1506419100089.jpg (83.64 KB, 540x371, IMG_1422.JPG)

How about these two?

94d0e No.33641

You mind if I upload it to my DeviantArt page?

81e72 No.33645

This is the one I've tried before, but I couldn't do well.
Can anyone make it better?

6a864 No.33647

>>33637 D.Va and Mei will be the best parents

64246 No.33659

File: 1506485137150.jpg (107.2 KB, 950x1343, 1471112784770-1.jpg)

if someone would do may or even both of them i would be thankful

fa289 No.33671

File: 1506545037264-0.jpg (181.45 KB, 733x1050, 55939476_p0.jpg)

204ed No.33673

File: 1506552175423.png (540.55 KB, 683x868, 20170927_183736.png)


I think it turned out aight

9a8ef No.33674

so hot so big.

030ba No.33675

That's pretty neat!

94324 No.33676

File: 1506557678100.png (1.54 MB, 1600x1200, doublev.png)

Could someone try to give her a belly? Thanks!

e2946 No.33677

Looks fantastic, thanks a bunch.

abd63 No.33678

Bumping this

27e80 No.33682

File: 1506566165042.gif (62.06 KB, 600x808, IMG_1547.GIF)

Pregnant Rosetta edit please?

b0014 No.33685

File: 1506574941759.jpg (165.7 KB, 848x1174, 1494993040010.jpg)

Would anybody be willing to give her a full-term pregnant belly? Thanks in advance and sorry if her muscles present any problems.

bfa28 No.33686

File: 1506576573416.png (2.55 MB, 2000x2600, whitney_s_donut_binge_by_m….png)

Requesting a navel edit of this, to give it more a preggo + stuffing feel as opposed to just stuffing

c6cc7 No.33688

If >>32296 seems to difficult, the image source has multiple versions of that image, including a nude version and versions without shadows.

https://touch.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=48748244 Requires a pixiv account to view.

f3167 No.33693

File: 1506601750052.jpg (902.4 KB, 1487x1198, 1493388032712.jpg)

Requesting this belly to be edited to look like she's pregnant. An outie would be apreciated

f3167 No.33694

File: 1506601923454.png (303.64 KB, 1280x715, 1506023237229.png)

Pregnant edit of all ghost please.
Bonus points for an outie and belly bumps

c3e67 No.33695

File: 1506604902671.jpeg (775.69 KB, 840x1152, 5c7ae75a0b88198609bf8e23c….jpeg)

I'd like to request removing swimsuit (?) from this Mei pic here. Thank you!

3f4af No.33699

File: 1506616510658.jpg (89.77 KB, 800x1000, rachnera_by_pastellettaart….jpg)

Requesting someone to give rachnera a big belly please

3f4af No.33700

File: 1506616603104.png (370.28 KB, 500x759, 084.png)

Can she get a big pregnant belly

ac70e No.33708

2016 - dragon tattoos - year of baby's birth - year of the dragon - I can see the symbolism.

6414c No.33715

File: 1506660689485.png (750.81 KB, 1200x853, edit.png)

A possible big belly on all a em if possibru!
thank u!

88f3d No.33731

File: 1506702719681.jpg (124.65 KB, 765x1000, T6iZpju.jpg)

I'd like to kindly request any stage of pregnancy, please.

2bedc No.33743

File: 1506736333352.jpg (481.62 KB, 1680x1050, __chitanda_eru_fukube_sato….jpg)

Alternatively, if nobody wants to draw Hyouka art, I guess an edit is fine too :D

Would like to have the girls made pregnant (any stage, though further along is better) if possible. Thanks fam!

Not sure if the image is suitable tho, if it isn't I can provide a better one I guess. Mainly chose this because it's a group picture.

155af No.33769

File: 1506781182954.jpeg (124.61 KB, 866x972, 7a8fdb44072c6fc9d1a3f08ec….jpeg)

Can anyone grant her wish~

(Or if she is already pregnant, maybe make it a bit more noticeable?) Thanks.

55c27 No.33771

ya know what? I second that. That art style is phenominal

db3d5 No.33778


I know that's not fulfilling your request, but browsing for source I found the artist page, and there are some pregnant pics of her (I think she's supposed to be a genderbent Harry Potter or something)


155af No.33779


Nice. I'd still want this sexy pic edited though, it's awesome.

Thanks for sharing though

55c27 No.33784

sweet fucking christ, that website is shit. I just spent 30 minutes trying to pull up a search of "@ojigi + #pregnant" to post here in case the request got skipped. You can't even have 2 search terms at once on that garbage search tool. You can only do 1 hashtag/user at once.

but hey, here's an easier way to look at his art https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=4544581

01386 No.33788

File: 1506817458905.jpg (164.11 KB, 1439x1680, 21993992_1681172561901423_….jpg)

Blow her up good!

c6cc7 No.33812


We only need Wakasagihime and we've got the whole trio

35604 No.33868

File: 1506975718412.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, 1465253611795.png)

Requesting Noire in her first few months

04318 No.33871

File: 1506977412471.png (434.12 KB, 894x1080, 2296207 - American_Dad Bad….png)

Requesting Hayley Smith with a 9 month pregnant belly, please?

07fc5 No.33872

I'm gonna bump my request for >>32654

acfa9 No.33884

File: 1506993960034.jpg (278.67 KB, 1180x1585, tumblr_osv1bhLit51w4hbigo1….jpg)

Can anybody give her a nice belly? I prefer kinda "realistic" size but suit yourself if you want to :D

f3167 No.33899

File: 1507005802157.png (781.82 KB, 1200x2221, 1506907335097.png)

Can someone make her belly look pregnant?

07fc5 No.33972

Anyone here willing to give >>33073 an outie? Thanks in advance

fb2bd No.33987

http://www.pregchan.com/d/src/1500950730652.jpg Give her a 5-month belly, please?

48c6c No.33989

File: 1507175941279.jpg (354.04 KB, 695x900, 2C0.jpg)

Anyone willing/able to do this?

e0202 No.33992

File: 1507186471504.png (1.39 MB, 1800x2344, Eris Pregnant Edit_2.png)

Something I had posted in one of the older edit threads, its not great, but okay I guess. I just made her bigger to look like, she was having a litter.

e0202 No.33993

File: 1507186613033.png (112.28 KB, 786x984, Eris pregedit02_2.png)

One other thing I edited, I think it turned out alright.

81e72 No.33997

File: 1507202172640.jpg (548.13 KB, 744x1024, 63917231_p0.jpg)

Can anyone edit this one?

dd2b0 No.34047

File: 1507358476122.jpg (68.83 KB, 775x1000, -523240422f6f9920.jpg)

huge and round belly,please

57c89 No.34053

Recently been seeing a lot of content in the edit threads being uploaded onto sankaukucomplex.

Any thoughts on that? Any artists here curious as to how their edits have been rated?

e8532 No.34054

I've noticed that too. I was very humbled when I came across my edits there.

07fc5 No.34055

Out of around 38 requests (both new and bumped requests) only 1 has been edited, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

e1624 No.34058

Better learn how to edit then.
Put up or shut up.

61a58 No.34079


Or you can just be patient for your edits, I know I did.

61a58 No.34082

File: 1507432480745.jpg (693.55 KB, 860x1200, 64309121_p0.jpg)

That reminds me, I'd like it if someone edited this chick to get preggers with twins or something, but take your time, editors.

6a275 No.34146

File: 1507506054403.png (231.29 KB, 1200x1200, 1507325159374.png)

Not sure if I waited long enough. Bumping >>30097 's request with a cleaner image.

49d18 No.34153

File: 1507552112942.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1000x1600, image.jpeg)

If the shadows in >>33579 >>33630 make it too difficult, then here's a version with less of them.

c04e9 No.34187

File: 1507614230015.jpg (916.34 KB, 1470x1820, __chitanda_eru_hyouka_draw….jpg)

Make her pregnant, please. Thanks :D

e8532 No.34190

File: 1507623974982.png (1.73 MB, 1470x1820, 1507614230015 edit.png)

One rushed edit coming up.

c04e9 No.34194


Ey, thanks m8. Was hoping she'd be bigger, but w/e, this is good too.

Was trying to find a good pic of Mayaka to edit, but fml, she hardly has any art of her to begin with :/

0e9e0 No.34200

How's that for gratitude?

662f9 No.34201

So rude. Makes me wonder when users are gonna start migrating to some other site.

6c023 No.34203

Please tell me when you find this site that is free of all rude people.

c04e9 No.34204

Ugh, that came out wrong. Should prolly think before I type a reply. Really sorry about that!

Thanks for the edit, btw. :) Much appreciated.

85510 No.34209

File: 1507672429083.jpeg (309.37 KB, 785x950, image.jpeg)

Any chance someone could give her a nice, round, belly?

77656 No.34238

File: 1507804266098.jpg (464.58 KB, 1157x1920, tumblr_oxieaeblFu1v4nu6io1….jpg)

Anyone want to take a go at this Ryuko at all, please. Might be difficult with the placement of the shadows though.

b1660 No.34258

File: 1507840234627.png (893.99 KB, 848x1174, chiereq.png)


Hows this?

e8532 No.34259

I'm not very good at giving criticism so I apologize if this sounds rude.
It's a good edit! Though the belly does look kinda… alien-y? I edited your edit to take away some of the muscles: https://sta.sh/028ydlokzomy
Also the main shape is off towards the bottom. I was given some fantastic advice once: Try to make the belly look like an egg. While it's a good shape, honestly there's not much wrong with it, it could do with a minor bit of tweaking.

Other than that, it's nice :)
(Not the OR btw)

c8f67 No.34271

Let out the belly a little

a8c38 No.34275

Looks more like stuffing than pregnancy.
I think its because the top seems to be where the weight is concentrated, like it's the stomach that is expanded rather than the uterus.
It's still good though.

b1660 No.34279

File: 1507920631303.png (864.13 KB, 848x1174, ChieAttempt2.png)

Attempt 2 changed the dimensions of the bump also drew her a new belly button and reduced the muscles on her side.

e8532 No.34282

Much better!
Nice work dude :)

58fb4 No.34299

File: 1507988398098.jpg (129.13 KB, 1495x2032, FB_IMG_1507988252031.jpg)

Edit please ;)

aa5a3 No.34320

File: 1508099490790.jpg (107.4 KB, 600x865, ashley_by_sal0.jpg)

Can some one give her a big belly

8d96a No.34361

File: 1508163176688.jpg (452.78 KB, 1153x1650, 1508163099183.jpg)

This would look cute with a belly :3

bac77 No.34422

File: 1508273466099.jpg (769.99 KB, 1072x1052, Magic Is Might.jpg)

Just look at that smug face! Aagh!

8d96a No.34492

File: 1508405494957.jpg (32.13 KB, 499x499, silva_granblue_fantasy_dra….jpg)

Okay, this'll be the last time I did this for now lol.

88f3d No.34505


Nicely done! Thank you!

2fcdb No.34507

File: 1508431805020.jpg (142.13 KB, 765x1000, 1506702719681 edit.jpg)

Woops, just fixed the navel so I deleted the previous one.

c9191 No.34508

File: 1508445807761.jpeg (219.97 KB, 1119x1600, image.jpeg)

Hallo! It's me! The Dva fan again! Would like to request her to carry a new batch of Dva babies? I mean come on, how will she beat her new high Score! Thanks in advance!

155af No.34515

If we're back to editing, let's not forget the ones at the top. They've probably been the most patient.

Welcome back though, editors. c:

662f9 No.34517

Is that Jaina?

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