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File: 1506469115611.jpg (1.52 MB, 1447x2047, 65145279_p2.jpg)

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Or should I say admiral?

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e959e No.35047

Hip? And i and still learning the Sendai bit

e959e No.35049

This is going to sound really bad but could you be more specific? (Hip wise…and Sendai too) As it would help alot!

31f69 No.35058

On Sendai I think the issue is that the shadows from her arms are too big and make her belly appear warped.

With Prinz, look at the patch of skin between the bottom of her belly and the top of her crotch. Though, the issue could just be the viewing angle on the image. I can't really identify the problem, it just looks "off" to me.

e959e No.35059

Ok the shadow thing is defiantly my bad there.

For the hips on Pinz. I can see it so i'll tinker with it. Thank!

e959e No.35060

File: 1509569497760.jpg (152.65 KB, 850x2953, Final project! Pinz pregna….jpg)

That more fitting to your liking?

e959e No.35061

File: 1509569629762.jpg (56.96 KB, 637x702, Sendai test Finals 1.jpg)

Also i shall stop spamming but last one.

Shadows have been reduced or blurred.

31f69 No.35064

Yeah, much better.

You don't need to do this for me, do it because you want to improve. I'm just some asshole on the internet.

e959e No.35070

True but thank you anyway.

bb259 No.35085

File: 1509602204981.jpg (155.45 KB, 868x1228, 177a2f562c53df6894bf8029de….jpg)

bb259 No.35086

File: 1509602663529.jpg (122.54 KB, 540x740, 8d3642a389a8b95630007172d0….jpg)

e959e No.35087

That has been posted on pregchan before….

1b7e0 No.35101

The dressed version, not so sure about the nude version.
Besides this site normally has a duplicate detection system.

e959e No.35103

I think you just needed to literly edit it slightly and rename it and it still works.

e959e No.35346

Bumping this becasue i have edits of ship-girls that i dont really want to put in the generic Edit thread….also love my ship-girl bumps.

19ca8 No.35349

Doesn't seem like I can post any pics yet so have some videos instead. They are located in the MMD Related folder.

New: Renai Decorate, Junjou Skirt


e959e No.35350

Its good trust me.

e959e No.35359

File: 1510290956651.jpg (162.78 KB, 850x1425, Arkprime.jpg)

Just a few edit i did.

e959e No.35360

File: 1510290975420.jpg (431.21 KB, 919x1300, Warspitebumproyal.jpg)

e959e No.35361

File: 1510290990921.jpg (623.6 KB, 1254x1592, Warspitealpha.jpg)

e959e No.35362

File: 1510291024549.jpg (295.46 KB, 746x1054, Tenryuubabybumpbananza.jpg)


278c6 No.35402

File: 1510406108809.jpg (238.3 KB, 2048x1448, DOWeygsUQAAj8oK.jpg)

e959e No.35404

Must nuzzle!

e959e No.35416

Eh it's not kancolle but must nuzzle more!!!

bb259 No.35417


e959e No.35418

Nonononono you can post it here. Make it a shipgirl general pics instead of just Kancolle.

2c1f7 No.35427

File: 1510494944497.jpg (128.23 KB, 848x1200, DObfhNtVwAAXpDx.jpg)

c197b No.35497

File: 1510591703897.jpg (349.17 KB, 700x780, 65882927_p1.jpg)

31f69 No.35510

That's a lot of fluid. Are we sure she's pregnant and not just leaking diesel from her tanks?

5313d No.35517

She's flooding her drydock to launch a new ship

1b7e0 No.35523

My aunt had twins and my grandmother said even by C-section, breaking her water flooded the floor.
So maybe she's got more than one in there.

e959e No.35539


140e6 No.35573

File: 1510753391702.png (804.86 KB, 1080x1151, MDS00205.png)

It's really hard to find a good pregnant art of my favorite battleship Musashi.

So I decided to draw one
..in abyssal form

140e6 No.35574

File: 1510753499351.png (1.73 MB, 1994x1440, MDS00222.png)

Another sketch of pregnant Atago abyssal form

14ed7 No.35578

Awesome and so sexy.

40bd7 No.35589

31f69 No.35591

>So I decided to draw one

Can you not read?

1cc2a No.35599


e959e No.35601

Lovely! Good sir you are good at this and i doo concer that there is no Preggo Musashi! Do you wish to be named or stay anonymous friend?

40bd7 No.35609

The artist handle is literally "So I decided to draw one"


31f69 No.35611

File: 1510805410936.jpg (333.69 KB, 1134x1577, yufutarime0022.jpg)

Who you calling a dumb ass? If you could read you'd know that the artist IS the anon that posted the images.

Here's a pregnant melon so this thread doesn't get completely derailed.

e959e No.35619

Ok people lets keep it calm here.

e959e No.35620

File: 1510821938041.png (288.8 KB, 1460x1031, stream1_8_17shadow_by_cros….png)

Lets not all but heads……lets let the bumps speak for themselves

1b7e0 No.35657

(Sees list of new girls)
Great, we’re in for a dry spell aren’t we? The only one that’s not a loli is Suzutsuki, and even then she’s just a DD.
Although I do have to admit, they’re all kinda cute, and I’m a bit partial to the smug loli. Man, a few years older and I feel like she’d give Shimakaze competition.

e959e No.35674

So how is the event for everyone? Barely getting passed E-1 without pulling my hair out about losing some of my girls

1b7e0 No.35678

Losing your girls?
I hope you don't mean sinking.
You've been playing long enough that you should know better than that.
I just unlocked the boss on E1, so now it's time for me to pick a fight with the Dyson sisters (and the ship I'm actually supposed to be sinking).

e959e No.35679

I mean almost….i havent lost anyone yet

52a9e No.35774

Heyo fellow admiral. How s the event going? Just doing the transport grinned on E-2.

1b7e0 No.35819

E2M took me longer than I'd have liked, but once I got down low enough I untied my girls hands from behind their backs( so to speak) so they could actually fight. Made CA Hime pay for every bit of resources wasted.
I just knocked Kitanda out of the way on E3. Of course I was doing easy and using a fleet meant to be able to do hard so it was a cakewalk, other than it costing me about 1000 fuel and ammo/run. I figured overkill of that magnitude would make it more economical overall, and I was right.
Now for the hard part.

bbede No.35826

File: 1511351737616.jpg (177.71 KB, 848x1200, DPLBDwNVwAAr_WI.jpg)

The last part of E-3, Carrier vs Carrier task force was cool. Have a Zuizui as commemoration.

E-4 on the other hand… already spent 15K fuel and grinding down the first boss.

75949 No.35838

File: 1511364580523.png (494.15 KB, 864x1028, MDS00345.png)

Another sketch of pregnant Musashi who is heavily pregnant and "damaged". She survived in battle and her baby(ies?) still moving and kicking.

How she got in such situation? Well I let you to decide..

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