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File: 1506469115611.jpg (1.52 MB, 1447x2047, 65145279_p2.jpg)

e5289 No.33650

Or should I say admiral?

Previous thread: >>17082

e5289 No.33651

File: 1506469354651.jpg (1.22 MB, 1447x2047, 65145279_p3.jpg)

e5289 No.33653

File: 1506471875657.jpg (606.19 KB, 1000x1200, 65069123_p0.jpg)

85c9d No.33664

Yeah this makes more sence. We can keep request coming in.

85c9d No.33665

Also beautiful!

e5289 No.33737

File: 1506730988847.png (405.87 KB, 1060x1500, 65029901_p0.png)

18a41 No.33739

Can anyone translate this?

31f69 No.33748

Obviously it's a guide to drawing better bellies. The tips the artist gives are pretty good. I'll give a general overview.

The basic shape of the belly should be like a raindrop, and should never be wider than the women's hips. The top of the belly should start at the breasts and slowly expand downwards. The artist says that a sphere shape focused on just the abdomen looks too much like inflation.

Also, a big belly itself doesn't make a pregnant women, and you should add small touches like darkened areolas, glands of Montgomery (the bumps a pregnant women gets on her nipples), and broken capillaries (due to increased blood flow).

When drawing a "popped" navel, make sure that it sticks out no further than it would be indented normally, otherwise it may look grotesque. (The artist actually used the word "grotesque" in English).

Lastly, remember that no two women have the exact same pregnant belly, and it will even vary between different pregnancies of a single woman.

I hope this helps. This artist, Ryuun, is actually one of my favorites.

I should also note that in a different thread a while back, I posted a similar guide on drawing bellies from a different artist.

bcb0d No.33753

File: 1506761100870.jpg (181.24 KB, 1800x1900, DGYvrCdUIAMoE1D.jpg)

Have a pregnant Destroyer Escort. They are also available in-game during the saury fishing period.

31f69 No.33754

File: 1506763400522.jpg (521.08 KB, 600x2364, 68e0f8a40e537392492001e8a5….jpg)

Young girls and fishing you say?

Gives me an idea.

85c9d No.33759

Hah. i tried the mini event……just seem like i am going to train. also Cute Destroyer escort!

daea7 No.33761

Who is the artist?

31f69 No.33785

>This artist, Ryuun, is actually one of my favorites.

Do people not read threads anymore?

Just search for りゅーん on pixiv, twitter, gelbooru, etc…

85c9d No.34067

File: 1507416956005.png (527.61 KB, 679x960, 22279865_735282180002988_2….png)

Do you think someone can Edit this?

1b7e0 No.34139

Wow that's a beautiful Kaga. I might keep her the way she is, as nice as the pregnant version would be.

85c9d No.34140


6a6a6 No.34149

File: 1507538463152.jpg (238.88 KB, 850x1202, __yamakaze_kantai_collecti….jpg)

Saved this a while ago but currently have no plans to edit this. You guys can give it a try if you want.

1b7e0 No.34152

I feel like I saw a cute pregnant Yamakaze on SanCom the last time I went.
Or was that Hibiki?
I remember very cute, round, and dark lingerie.
Maybe I'll go see if I can find it.
If it was Yama, maybe I'll post her.
I know she was labeled as a loli though, but I don't count the Shiratsuyus as such.

6a6a6 No.34154

File: 1507553358273.jpg (87.71 KB, 572x800, dc869b42d66de073df7f339a28….jpg)

I assume you mean this one?

Also a reminder to prepare for Autumn Event in November for a chance to get Suzutsuki and possibly that new British Destroyer

85c9d No.34155

British DD! already preparing! for her! Going to start my British Ship-girl fleet with the destroyer.

Also Cute Yamakaza!

792a9 No.34161

Gonna give it a try. Havent been doing edits as my tablet broke. When its repaired im gonna do more, but this should be simple.

5cc05 No.34164

Yeah, so it was her. Thanks!

792a9 No.34179

File: 1507608739474.png (2.93 MB, 850x1202, Yamakaze Preg.png)

bb259 No.34180

How do you do that?

792a9 No.34183

A lot of practice with photoshop. One of my hobbies is modding game textures so I have plenty of time to experiment with layer styles. Happy you like it. :)

792a9 No.34186

Oops forgot my name thing.

bb259 No.34188

Feels a bit incomplete. Could you try merging those little corner areas right under her breasts?

4f2d3 No.34195

OP here, hope you enjoyed working on it, probably can't find anything more fitting than that picture.

85c9d No.34239

File: 1507817437542.jpg (61.33 KB, 960x480, 22366314_1886644624683105_….jpg)

I……kind of want this

1b7e0 No.34242

File: 1507822593230.jpg (118.62 KB, 960x757, Amagiri2a.jpg)

You'd have to go for non-popped.
Otherwise how are you going to store the soy sauce in her navel?
It's strange isn't it?
Sagiri is definitely prettier and cuter, but Amagiri is vastly hotter and cooler.
Consider this one a present. Never know when it could come in handy.

85c9d No.34251

I have seen it already….and the bump could be 6 month. small enough to have a non-popped and large enough to know she was pregnant.

3a50c No.34369

File: 1508176132453.png (235.48 KB, 675x675, agano tun edit.png)

Just keep fishing, just keep fishing…

3a50c No.34370

File: 1508176163097.png (216.97 KB, 675x675, __agano_kantai_collection_….png)


1753a No.34390

Aaaaaaah lovely!!!

bb259 No.34451

File: 1508295339237.jpg (110.48 KB, 880x1200, DIsvcm6V4AEZMjk.jpg)

b59a8 No.34462

File: 1508339117110.webm (9.82 MB, 1280x720, Happy Halloween Test.webm)

Small sample of Halloween plans. Probably going to change a lot of things if I have the time.

b59a8 No.34463

File: 1508339625038.webm (9.9 MB, 1280x720, Renai Decorate.webm)

Also, here's another project which wasn't released as a full video.

e959e No.34469

Aaaaah beautiful! And I think warspite too! I know someone that might be fuming if they found this

1b7e0 No.34476

I know exactly who you mean.
Small internet huh?

31f69 No.34478

Someone other than you?

be4a9 No.34484

Now I'm kinda curious about this mystery person.

1753a No.34491

I love warspite as much as anyone else. Hell she is my top waifu but this guy went over the top. He made a big story about getting her in the event and if you even try to mention you like warspite he would respite that and say she is 'his' love.

I don't think you want to know….

Anyway. I love warspite and I have a soft spot for ark and when the British DD comes out I will surely love her.

e959e No.34493

and i bet if he saw those he will do one of two thing.

1: he will stay that is not warspite even though it is and just refused it due to it not being his child inside her.

2: he will class the child as his and paraded around facebook saying that he impregnated her……which he didn't

31f69 No.34494

That's what happens when crazy people think they're in love with a souless, corporate product.

e959e No.34495

I hope i don't fall that far…

31f69 No.34496

It may be too late…

e959e No.34497


e959e No.34499

File: 1508419355939.png (52.43 KB, 287x521, stream_request_shadowameli….png)

If he saw this he would be bananas

1b7e0 No.34500

You'd be in good company.
Besides, at least she's a cute soulless corporate product.
They all are. There'd be no game if they didn't expect us to fall in love with them.

1b7e0 No.34501

Or rather, it'd be WoWS

e959e No.34502


ec2c6 No.34516

File: 1508504647498.jpg (150.46 KB, 991x1400, __kitakami_and_ooi_kantai_….jpg)

e959e No.34518

Aah best lesbian couple. Hope they both have bumps but i am cool with just Kitakami.

ec2c6 No.34519

Any suggestions on what to do next? Got like 300 editables to choose from. Anything you want to see?

e959e No.34520

Wait that was a edit! Is there a cute one of Ark royal yet?

e959e No.34521

Also in the picture originaly they were….getting it on! I bet with a bump that must be even better!

ec2c6 No.34522

That'll probably be hard so not yet.

bb259 No.34523

Are you up for a request from someone else?

e959e No.34525

How about our resident amarican battleship Iowa? Or Kongo? can't go wrong with the "original" English speaking girl

I would say warspite but i say we can wait for that.

Kaga! Aircraft carriers needed some love too.

ec2c6 No.34526

You guys decide on something together. Don't want to be overwhelmed so just choose one for the thread.

bb259 No.34527

Iowa sounds good to me. There's a request for that from the edit thread, how about we go with that?


e959e No.34528

Ok lets make a pool.

Ryuujou (Come ooooon lets give her a reason to be loved….unless you like flats then thats good too)

There are more but this is my selection. I can compromise

ec2c6 No.34530

OK I'll go find my own picture of Iowa to edit

e959e No.34531

So two sexy votes for Iowa. Lets do it!

1b7e0 No.34534

File: 1508523814100.jpg (801.04 KB, 1200x853, Taigei2.jpg)

I was trying to get this nice Taigei I found to you guys last night, but as you know there was a small hiccup with the site.

1b7e0 No.34536

File: 1508525095688.jpg (767.78 KB, 1240x1800, Tribal Mikuma.jpg)

You might also enjoy some tribal Mikuma.

1b7e0 No.34537

File: 1508525407989.jpg (89.22 KB, 848x1200, RJ.jpg)

As if RJ isn't lovable already.
I might have one of her lying around, assuming it didn't originate here like 75% of my content.

And I would have voted Mutsu or Furutaka for myself, since I'm going to marry Mutsu and Sara next event.

1b7e0 No.34538

BTW: That scene in the movie where she trips and faceplants into the water is priceless. The whole movie was a hell of a lot of fun honestly.

e959e No.34539

These are all great! I need to find girl that are not "Mainstream" to love.

e959e No.34540

Also i love RJ……she is cute and funny as hell…also one of my only Light carriers thats does anything.

e959e No.34542

Also also….Mikuma look cute yet scarey as that torpedo has been bent out of shape, the prapalar looks off aaaaaaand there is blood on it. I love it!

e959e No.34546

File: 1508536876610.jpg (50.82 KB, 648x960, 22688793_1515221841904765_….jpg)

I saw this and though it would be great to edit! If someone feels up for it. (After Iowa of course)

e959e No.34547

Just a little one. maybe 4 months

31f69 No.34548

If you want a small belly just pretend she's only 8 weeks pregnant, and thus not showing.

e959e No.34549

Eh true. Then everyone look at this art…

But like a belly or something to show she is actully pregnant

e959e No.34550

Ok i just made not sence…… What i meant to say it….Give her a belly of 6th month or something. Do what you want.

31f69 No.34551

I'm just joking.

A four month belly is nonexistant for a userbase that screams "24 months with 10 babbies or GTFO".

e959e No.34552

Ah thats fine. I just like my bumps small and humble. No hyper for me.

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