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Let's start a game thread!

Violated Heroine
I'm sure most of you already know about this, but here's the link for those who miss it

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Oofa, sure feels like one. DLSite games, which used to be the go-to stuff for fresh content for me, basically just died in regards to preg content.

Here's my much dwindled tracking list now, but it's all 'under development' stuff :I

Renfield: hxxp://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=25964&highlight=pregnancy

The only game on the ulmf forums I'll mention. Nothing playable aside from a 'run around in a blank world' for… two years and counting, but the guy's been working on it ever since then, and his screenshots pique my interest every now and again.

Cursed: hxxp://anonymousmangames.blogspot.com/

Remember this one? Well, good news is that the anon author is actually picking it back up again thanks to some Patreon support. Bad news, he's recently switched jobs, so… not a long of action going on. Still, though, it's alive rather than dead.

Powerless: hxxp://scolexxxgames.tumblr.com/

Mentioned this one before >>16684. Still under development. There's a neat comic strip that the developer is doing to shape up his art skills a bit that features tentacle preg.

Apocamorphosis: hxxp://anonymousynn.blogspot.com/

More under development text adventure stuff, but there's a bare bones pregnancy system now in place. Give it a few updates and it'll get fleshed out more. I remember tossing $5 at this guy a couple months back, so glad to see it amounting to something.

Tainted Elysium: hxxp://www.atticusarc.com/

Another mention to >>10638. Recap is a CoC / TiTs like game with a super nice feel to it. Lots of focus into weight gain and digestion, but pregnancy's in here. First time I've seen an avatar profile that dynamically changes (actual animation, not a simple image swap) based on what happens in game.

Carnal Souls & Venture Seas: hxxps://www.carnalsouls.com/ & hxxp://virtuousdevelopment.com/wp/

Lumping these two together as they're just breaking ground after getting enough funding for development. Pregnancy content was in the list, but not a main focus, so not holding out too much hope here. Artwork is pretty good though.

So basically it's nothing but 'Under Construction' signs that I'm seeing recently. Progress is progress though. Just like Rome, games like these aren't built in a day.

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It should probably be mentioned that the English translation for Violated Heroine is "complete".

Since the development thread has been consistently active and updates have been released every few weeks/months, I think the game will be completed by the time anime becomes real.

fb467 No.18926

This one is a text based slave/city management sim. Though it includes many fetishes, pregnancy is defiantly a large factor. You can even conditions slaves to fantasize about it too. the only thing that seems off limits is under age content.

4abe3 No.18929

Anyone ever managed to get either Violated Heroine or Cursed to run on Linux?

Seem to be having trouble with them…

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File: 1464704730556.png (33.81 KB, 510x286, 1430496791017-0.png)

Yes I have.

I'm back from the dead after a long period of silence. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up.

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File: 1464785851771.png (1.26 MB, 1600x1200, 0449.png)

I fixed a few bugs and did some adjusting with the stats.

Feedback, as always is appreciated, while I work on the next update.

porn for attention


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I noticed that a lot of events do not update the image at the end of the day, and it will remain non-updated if you keep using the newer events. Looking at the code for a few mins, I think it might be because everything calls the dayadvance() method but not the draw() method, which is called separately inline on the "Go to sleep" button. Maybe move the draw() call into dayadvance().

33f53 No.19552

Same thing with going to the doctor and getting diagnosed as being pregnant doesn't cause a single change in later events.

2f2d6 No.19731

It is connected to a variable but I haven't had the chance to add it to anything.

A bug. Fixed now.

2f2d6 No.19732

It is connected to a variable but I haven't had the chance to add it to anything.

A bug. Fixed now.

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File: 1470143304834.jpg (158.72 KB, 1043x695, falloutshelter.jpg)

Hey mates!

Fallout shelter can be played on PC now. Don't waste your time. Just like I haven't…

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So has anyone come across something good as of late? I've played everything interesting on here already, but if anyone would share something new they found that would be great.

64784 No.21589

There's Maiesta over on deviantART, but that's a table top RPG. Still a game, but might not be what you're looking for.

On that note, maybe I should make a thread about Maiesta somewhere to rile up interest for it.

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Drop factory is now 100% translated. http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=28188

837a3 No.22521

Woohoo thx
But how about Vitamin Quest? People said there was version 1.06, is it ald fully translated?

6c7e6 No.22890

Whew, having a hard time with the catalog today, so I'll just go with the most relevant thread I can find:

Hard question here, does anyone know of a bodyslide'd set of nipple tape, pasties or anything like that for the UNP bodies in Skyrim?

a6a46 No.22902


How do I use the patch file? I transferred all the files but the game is still running in Japanese.

a6a46 No.22903


Nvm, turn's out there's a link that show me how to decrypt the files so they can be replaced.

74246 No.22981

In Violated Heroine is it possible to get Benetta pregnant? I can have her get fucked by a monster and all, but, being an companion only, I don't know if she can actually get pregnant.

74246 No.22983

>>22981 Never mind, I found out the answer. Benetta can in fact become pregnant, but since there's no coding for her birth scene, the game crashes.

8f21c No.23320

hey does anyone have a working download vitamin quest?

cebf4 No.23323

File: 1478832767636.jpg (62.5 KB, 560x420, RJ186234_img_main.jpg)

I don't usually care much for CG-fests, but this one has nice art, a dress-up system and a focus on impregnation. Unfortunately, actually being pregnant blocks off most of the H scenes.


6699f No.23325

The one with Makami right? If so Bun if you want i could simply put the game in my dropbox for you to get. I got ver 1.04 and ver 1.06

8f21c No.23359

>>23325 really? if you could that would be amazing.

6699f No.23370

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mmglozdtypx3t8r/AABGyQ_QnXkX5DqaxwnI4_lua?dl=0 version 1.04

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8842lj6vqh2cb90/AABJA1UFV_lvxnC5ykurF3Kwa?dl=0 Version 1.06

Let me know when you get the RPG's DL Bun so i can take the links down. Version 1.04 is the only one translated. Enjoy. ^^

137c8 No.23429

Does anyone know how to mod Violated Heroine? I've looked on the referata, but the stuff there is out dated, and some of the links given are dead. So how do I mod VH now?

5348d No.23547

All right i wait awhile at lest but now i took the links down. So if anyone wants the game you can get it from http://www.hentaibedta.net/

3650e No.23685

Would anyone know where to find WoW pregnant models and how to install them?

5fba8 No.23748

WoW has pregnant mods?

2be84 No.23753

It had some pregnant skins i remember seeing, char model edits and such. I just cant find them

b2485 No.23778

Hello! Is there a way to play Japanese visual novel games with some kind of translation since I don't speak Japanese?

cfef8 No.23779

Hope it gets officially translated, that there's a fan-made patch, copy and paste the text into google translate, or just try to guess.

What do you want translated anyway? There are many Japanese visual novels, and quite a few that are themed around pregnancy.

b2485 No.23782

>>23779 ail soft's maternity insult or any of the trois monster park series.

225fd No.23810

Visual Novel Reader: http://sakuradite.com/

Stuff is easily found if you just Look.

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50693 No.24417


Still working on this?

ad923 No.24484

File: 1484355382992.png (49.72 KB, 660x521, VH01 Error.PNG)

So, I try to keep up with the updated translation of VH, but the last 2 updates haven't worked for me. They cause this pop-up to appear, and I sadly cannot understand Japanese. Can someone help me figure out whats wrong?

92c73 No.24488

File VH title 5 not found. Probably the title screen image is missing or needs to be renamed.

4e66b No.24489

File: 1484360676115.png (814.25 KB, 798x595, maternityinsult.png)

I can second maternity insult, if only because the bellies are huge, and I can't get it to work with chiitrans and the like

ad923 No.24490

What folder would that be in? If it really is just missing the title screen I could copy over the file from one of my older versions of VH.

b2485 No.24502


I've been looking everywhere for it. Where did you get it from?

eb59a No.24503

Look for the title screen image in the picture folder or copy it from a previous version and name it "VHタイトル5.png"

ad923 No.24514

So, that gets me to the title screen, but is there any reason why I would have just shy of 800 files without an extension? And this only happens in the December updates.

ad923 No.24515

File: 1484460511926.png (16.28 KB, 293x170, VH01 Error2.PNG)

Also, this error pops up upon trying to start a new game. What am I screwing up THIS time?

4e66b No.24523

Hard to say, I got it years ago, but I tend to get most of my stuff from anime-sharing.com , as annoying as it is to download a game in 5 parts at a snails pace from file-sharing websites for free

dd876 No.24540

If you're getting that many errors, I'd just delete, redownload, and double check your locale

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