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Let's start a game thread!

Violated Heroine
I'm sure most of you already know about this, but here's the link for those who miss it

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2ceea No.25558

Follow LORE, it's 100% what you're talking about.
The blog site's kinda messy though.

c70e8 No.25561

Oh wow, thanks!

39fee No.25562


there is a money cheat out there if you want an small loan of just one million dollars

90f2e No.25573


I use the console cheat for money and skill :P

3c77f No.25574

Hey, I see pregnancy's a feature, but I don't really see anything about modified meshes. Is there any aesthetic breeding differences, or is it like breeding season where it's just 'there's offspring now'?

7520f No.25575

How does one access this console?

cc8c3 No.25576

Anyone know how to get to the preg scenes for Haramase sim?

b2485 No.25578

Does anyone know how to get it to work on an Android? I've seen a YouTube video where someone does.

faeb3 No.25579

If you visit Michelle, Miyu, or Alexis once they've been impregnated, or go to a location where you can see them (e.g. the pool), they'll have grown. There's also a scene with Arcana if you visit the hospital the week she's giving birth.

cc8c3 No.25581

Yeah Im super loston finding Arcana, is that the oracle? Help please

faeb3 No.25582

No, the oracle's at the fortune teller location. You can meet Arcana at the school if you explore the roof and later, Arcana's classroom. She also travels randomly. Try visiting the pub and buying stuff for extra encounter chance before checking the roof.

cc8c3 No.25583

Thanks! Now I just need to find out how to feel like a fighter jet made of biceps?

39fec No.25584

If you ask the Oracle about Miyu, the girl that is silhouetted, she gives a Youtube link, and the video will tell you what to do. The description is a reference to said video.

faeb3 No.25586

Specifically, the video tells you what to do at 0:56. I recommend setting pregnancy time to 'express'. ;3

0b814 No.25587

You mean by drinking POWERTHIRST?!

0b814 No.25588

Because it'll make you have SO MANY BABIES!!!


2ceea No.25592

You have sex with them, then over the course of 5 or so days, their belly gets bigger and bigger until the final day when you wake up and have a kid walking around the area.

2ceea No.25593

-There's also a basic system (that they're going to improve at some point) where you can get hybrids based on who impregnates who.

cc8c3 No.25596

SO I have to have 400 babies? Thats gonna take awhile

39d2f No.25598

Full save for Haramase Sim for those who want to just get to the good stuff.

MF Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/bxdklvpd4zh7v88/1-1-LT1.save

Unlocked all girls( up to 0.2.1) and at a good amount of cash to play around with. Enjoy.

b2485 No.25600


Like other creatures?

96de7 No.25602


Save file DOESN'T seem to be linked to the , erm… .SAVE file. I blame Flowey.

Fastest way to bang a chick in the game though is to:

Visit to hospital to meet the nurse.
Find the cat in the alley who will attack you. Nurse is then unlocked as partner.

Work as waiter once, change to construction, work for 500 yen for the fee. Visit hospital again.

2ceea No.25629

"Other creatures"?

2ceea No.25632

They added fetish perks now. Not a whole lot of use yet, but I picked the pregnancy fetish and that unlocked a few neat things.

39d2f No.25638

Theres a folder called game and in it should've a folder called "saves" put it in there. If there is no save folders then play the game and save once so it makes it for you. Then add the save file in (override if needed) .

a43ef No.25648

File: 1488418279578.jpg (58.62 KB, 500x342, IMG_2838.JPG)

Yeah, but it's worth it in the end~

96de7 No.25659


Already did that. Even removing the save folder entirely regenerates the saves.

538d5 No.25680

Just downloaded this. Hope I don't regret it. I love how messed up the interest rates are. The bank lends you money at a lower interest rate than it gives you for deposits.

The deposit interest rate is 1.5%, and the effective loan interest rate is .75%

It's funny because I do this stuff in real life to give me a little bit of side income.

a8ea5 No.25687

I take back what I said. 200? Fine. Sure. That's a couple days of playing for a bit each day. 300? Well, it's a chore. An irl week of an hour or two a day with optimized breeding. 400? That's bananas. And they don't even count pregnancies from donations…

b4ff2 No.25699


There's also a saves folder in (on Win 10)
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\Game Test-[numbers]

dd876 No.25783

File: 1488910220449.png (563.16 KB, 569x802, 139483627938.png)

>CIA references

d151e No.26108

This links definitely should be revived

ad28a No.26291

can someone give me another pregnant vh game? if that game have birth scene it will be cool

7cc31 No.26292


There aren't a lot of birth VH games tbh.

ad28a No.26301

it's okay atlest that game have pregnant scene

dd876 No.26303

File: 1490488352706.png (175.3 KB, 622x675, stoic observes pure love.PNG)

VH is now 100% translated, and they're moving on to translate Katteban
>all those new forced impreg scenes

bd3e3 No.26304

But the game itself is still developing. gg

4ec9a No.26310

besides a larger focus on serena, what is the main difference between katteban and VH?

dd876 No.26324

different art and it's got a lot more "bad endings"
I don't know the full extent of all the scenes though

At a glacial pace at best

1fb12 No.26326

Wait I just heard about this Katteban things. What is it, actually? VH Remake?

dd876 No.26328

It's a fork of an older version of VH, but the artwork was redone, darker tone on some stuff, and more Serena content
For example some stuff that is a game over in the base game has additional content. If you lose to the bandit boss several of the girls get locked up and knocked up with a big new scene

As Serena, if you get the meat toilet thing with the guards, there's extra stuff afterwards in town where people will blackmail you or just use you

ad28a No.26354

Look like katteban in MEGA is already remove, anyone have another link for katteban? I want to download it

20d80 No.26401

try googleing VHwiki i belive you can find thelink there… :D

4e66b No.26413

Really? 100%? I haven't played VH in over a year. Where could I get the fully translated version?

33991 No.27069

¿que tipos de juegos de nacimiento hentai me reecomiendan? ¿alguien me da una lista de juegos de juegos hentai de nacimientos que no sean de aqui?

18729 No.28096

File: 1495378678392.png (117.06 KB, 961x618, CSOTN_statues.PNG)

While playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night i saw theese peculiar statues… Is it me or they are definately looks preggy?

ca9ed No.28098

They doesn't look pregnant at all. They looks just voluptuous

f6bdd No.28099


Ah, I also see pregnant mirages all the time. Happens when you are a huge fan of pregnant bellies-you start to see them everywhere lol

52627 No.28101

I won't lie, while I figured they weren't actually pregnant I did kiiiinda see it a bit

besides who's to say ol' Drac hasn't stuffed his castle full of statues of the one human he ever gave a shit about? at various stages? naked?

but enough talk!

cf080 No.28121

Kinda wish that there were some rom hacks that add pregnancy content to games.

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