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Let's start a game thread!

Violated Heroine
I'm sure most of you already know about this, but here's the link for those who miss it


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Excuse me, but could you post a download link to the game?

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After hours of trying to find some way to run this on my OSX partition (get the jeers out of your system folks, I'm a Mac user!), I finally threw my hands in the air and decided that the hassle of having to reboot to my Windows partition was worth it to just get this installed. I can't believe I haven't played this yet, and I've been wanting to for quite a while.

418bb No.484

The files are encrypted, the password's the name of the main protagonist, does anyone know who she is?

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Need more pregnancy in games :\

dc60e No.554

For those who just found out this game:
1) The soreness we'll be gone in about a week.
2) It'll never, ever, be finished.

b039c No.566

Actually, it is finished. There hasn't been any activity since June. Unless you're talking about the katteban version.

00f3e No.597

Name of heroine: nanoka

Anyone know how to fix the "rpg_rt.exe is not a valid Win32 application." problem?

Well, this guy does:



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Im having some trouble downloading this, its telling me the files are corrupt when I try to unzip them. I've set my system locale to japanese, but its still saying that.

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File: 1411406404669.png (254.16 KB, 546x417, vq.png)

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File: 1411583623853.jpg (105.61 KB, 800x610, 641248545654.jpg)

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File: 1411583716613.jpg (94.62 KB, 566x409, 9654221587.jpg)

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File: 1411583811902.jpg (84.91 KB, 806x605, 32145884585.jpg)

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File: 1411583959941.jpg (98.93 KB, 570x428, 47565655854.jpg)

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File: 1411585372259.png (973.52 KB, 819x1281, Urta as Mother.png)

Do text-games like Corruption of Champions, Trials in Tainted Space, Nimin and Fall of Eden count?

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File: 1411585412235.jpg (191.11 KB, 640x643, 458464564.jpg)

Anyone have this game? I'm looking for this for a long time

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File: 1411590370704.jpg (137.73 KB, 810x615, 3235656555.jpg)

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File: 1411590461706.jpg (103.99 KB, 563x403, 658986552.jpg)

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File: 1411590540991.jpg (94.1 KB, 565x404, 649898656.jpg)

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File: 1411590715160.jpg (128.82 KB, 567x431, 854123654.jpg)

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File: 1411599611803.jpg (114.44 KB, 565x424, 54545665644.jpg)

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These don't seem to work on any flash player i've tried.

cc025 No.793

For me, only >>764 doesn't work

Also, try updating your flash player to see if that helps

d35ad No.802

A lot of the people working on it are in school, so there's always a dry period during the summer and the first few months when they get back.

d301a No.819

I could never get this to work, it just hangs after the title screen.

2072e No.820

Did you change the Windows regional settings to Japanese?

aa1c5 No.846

Try opening the flash file in your internet browser. That may work, for those who can't open some of them.

0c883 No.878

Format, Location and unicode are all set to Japan.

2d302 No.1355

These aren't games. each has 16 scenes, each scene is a 3-5 frame "animation" (slightly different images) with japanese text
there is zero interactivity, you just click the mouse button to advance

Also, you could have just packed them all together into a single zip file

754f0 No.1451

This game keeps crashing on me. Anyone else get it to work?

e8bad No.2893

Bumping for games.

947e7 No.2929

Seeds of Fate in case any of you hasn't already played the 2nd demo. Currently we're all waiting for the new demo 3 with re-worked stuffs. Download link below.


9fa40 No.2979

Lots of fun very good game cant wait for full version.

94d80 No.2983


There any birth to this? Or just pregnancy?

9fa40 No.2984

Just pregnancy at this point

9fa40 No.2985

>>641 game crashes :(

30591 No.2987

It's looking highly unlikely there will ever be any nudity, much less birth.

9fa40 No.2988

but still this game is so much fun

9c1a6 No.2991

Though considering the artist and writer, there'll be a lot of fanservice at least. They're planning a lot of cutscenes and looking for spriters to help give the characters better models.


94d80 No.3002


Kind of a shame. Why have pregnancy without any birthing? :/

9c1a6 No.3006


For one thing, it's not a normal pregnancy. It's a magic induced impregnation with a godling that gives superpowers.

28492 No.3008

Because not everyone likes it.

94d80 No.3041


That doesn't really rule out eventual birth…

e62bd No.3043

good grief.

94d80 No.3066


What's wrong with expecting birth to follow pregnancy? It's just logical

28492 No.3078

What's wrong with not liking it. It's the artist's prerogative.

94d80 No.3079


Seems kind of silly to not like a natural followup to a certain subject.

db92c No.3080

Except that it's
A: Not everyone's cup of tea. There's a lot of pain, blood, and other body
fluids that some people might not like.
B: Would be explicit content in a non explicit game

5f6b9 No.3081

Hah, you speak as if the pregnancy fetish isn't full of unnatural sub-fetishes.

Birth is the end of pregnancy. This is fine and dandy if you're just using a one-off character like is common in fiction/doujins. If you want a longer-lasting character though, you have to find a way to keep them pregnant, either by making them a breeder as is commonly preferred, or by making them have an indeterminately long pregnancy. Both routes have their pros and cons, so it's up to personal taste. (Or you take the third option and just keep rewinding the clock to before the birth, which some artists do. That can cause problems if you're running a story though.)

dd228 No.3084

Remember the poll for which sub fetish should get its own board so that you could avoid it if you wanted to? Birth was in the running, alongside furry, loli, and mpreg for a reason.

If you're into it, more power to you. But not everyone is, and some content is going to be without it, so you need to learn to respect that even if it doesn't mesh with your logic.

Because just like loli, furry, mpreg, and futa, it's one of those things wher if you're not into it, you want to avoid it, but if you are you're always that guy in the room asking "what about my kink?" Don't be that guy.

e62bd No.3087

and the kicker is a bunch of us dissenting to the whole 'why not birth?' thing to games are also probably people that happen to LIKE birth scenes.

It's a specific fetish. It really can't be expected, and shouldn't, because having it alienates lots of people. Keep some perspective about your interests. The fountains don't all pump tea because we're not all fond of tea every day.

db92c No.3088

And you'd be right! I do look up the occasional birth thing on ExHentai.

1279e No.3089

Easy fix would be a skip button for individuals who don't want the birth cut scene

ae671 No.3092

If you look at the art and stories written by the two people making the game (there could be others that I am unaware of) then its pretty obvious it won't include birth scenes. I can't speak for them but I am pretty sure its not their kind of thing so I would not expect to see it.

e62bd No.3095

File: 1415439472229.jpg (37.02 KB, 640x362, Sheldon-Cooper-on-limitati….jpg)

"I need to to drive me to the train store!"
no, Sheldon. It'd be a big hassle.
"Oh, no, you wouldn't be any trouble! I've already laid out the most efficient trajectory"
>missed the whole point of why there wouldn't be a birth scene in the first place, but ignored it because they really want birth content. Consider a skip button for everybody else to be a compromise everybody can live with.

28492 No.3102


This is why I can't stand participating in the "community" for long periods of time. There's always "this guy."

4220b No.3115

Moving on.
I sort of expected Newgrounds.com to have more content to this effect, but it's been so long since I browsed around there anyway. Did they shift their stance on fetish content or are they particularly hidden?

1a8eb No.3116

back to VH. I just discovered Nanako's journal in the innkeepers room. I'm not sure if you have to have the innkeepers kid first or not, but it looked like it had quite a bit of variable content in it.

94d80 No.3186


One, that's not the guy who wanted to know about birth content. Because that was me. And really, you're kind of sounding like an ass as though the suggested "skip" feature would be a problem. Sure, if the creators don't like birth, then fine. But it's hardly fair to just assume and then shoot down everyone who says they'd like to see something. If the creators are open to considering it, then they might. If not, then at least they know there was an interest.

94d80 No.3187


It seems to be all over the place. There's quite a few scat related things that show full on defecation, including scenes from hentai films.

1279e No.3330

Completely agree. Not sure how a skip button would inconvenience non-birth fetishists. On the other hand opting out of birth entirely would inconvenience birth fetishists.

That sounds more like Sheldon Cooper. "I don't like that particularly fetish therefore no one is allowed to and don't even mention it in my presence."

db92c No.3331

What sounds simpler? Trying to force the developers to insert x rated material into their non-x rated game or accepting the developers aren't going to include it and move on?

94d80 No.3335


But nobody is forcing them. At least, no one has outright demanded it be included.

2ac07 No.3337


Did you miss the part where several of the people arguing against it LIKED birth?

dd228 No.3339

Okay, this has gone on long enough that I might as well stop worrying a bout pissing someone off since that's one more post from happening regardless, and set the record straight.

>Does Seeds of Fate have birth scenes?

Currently no.

>Will it?

There are currently no plans for birth scenes. This will likely not change for several reasons ranging from personal preference of the creators to the fact that including birth would immediately make it an AO game which carries its own baggage in terms of production, marketing, and release.

Just for example, say someone makes graphic or programming resources that we're using but they have a "no porn games" caveat. As it stands the game skirts this, but birth would put it pretty firmly in that camp, which means said resources would have to be removed and replaced.

>It should have birth scenes.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I am honestly, truly sorry to disappoint you.

>What if you make it skippable? That makes it easy for the player and gives them a convenient choice.

That's easy for the player, yes. Not so much on our end as that would mean at bare minimum:
1. Clearing it with "legal"
2. Drawing the scenes, both with cut scene art and sprites
3. Writing the scenes
4. Adding new programming mechanics to make the content skippable.
5. Eventing the scenes, especially in ways that would not break future game play (think Fable 2 dog) and will work regardless of who you currently have on your team (and this is a spectacular pain, let me tell you)
6. Clearing it with "legal" again.

Now, if we were to do them in say, the style of the Harvest Moon games where it's all dialogue, that changes things significantly. But I'm willing to guess that's not what you guys that are asking for birth scenes have in mind, right?

So….Sorry to rain on some parades, but that's how things stand at the moment.

bbbb4 No.3344

I keep getting an error in jap when ever I try to open it

1279e No.3351

I never said anything about the developers. If they don't want it that's entirely their call. My beef was with the guy who made it sound like pressing a skip button from the user's perspective was too much of a hassle for him as a user.

28492 No.3353

Yes. You didn't mention the creators. That's the point. Everyone else did. You completely ignored the fact that the track record of the creators says it's never going to happen.

You're trying to fight against someone who has as much bearing over the content of the game(0%) as you do: Your fellow consumer.

If people want birth the OP's game example seems to be full of it.

606d4 No.3357

28492 No.3359


There is a website in the description that links to several places to purchase it plus the free trial version already provided there…

606d4 No.3428

Think he is looking for a free download.
Not sure if this works, but can try this?

cd826 No.4887

Clear dungeons to unlock a shit ton of outfits. Enemies strip and rape, and losing gets you pregnant.

Puzzle/exploration RPG where a girl and her sister get locked in a basement and have to avoid being caught/raped by Sloth from the Goonies.

I forget what this is about, but you can seduce guys in town and get pregnant.

Then there's this, which isn't a game, but deserves a mention for being schoolgirl tentacle impregnation in its purest form. It's a short story with a few endings to choose from.

Couple others I had downloaded, but don't remember the exact scenario off the top of my head:


Other worlds quest

Mature Quest

イルツォーク・サーガ ~女戦士レンの冒険~ (RJ119355)
Go to island on your first quest or something, can't really remember. Birthed monsters join your party.
There is variations to the birth scene, such as orc impregnation results in orc baby, though there is a couple that used a generic egg birth.

プレグナント・ブレイブ (RJ106684)
Haven't played it myself, but the title and preview images speak well enough.

This 聖女マリリあ (RJ142759) game. I've not played it too far as of yet, so I'm not too sure just how much preg/birth content there is.

7923e No.4981

I usually don't post stuff but here's a place to find some with pregnancy (the saint one seems like it will be like violated heroine but it bugged for me but it might not for you…)

e9bb5 No.5050

Seeds of Fate is a fun game, cute characters, big and growling bellies etc. :D A little bit longer, cant wait for the end of the story. It would ruin the game if it'll be containing birth or such elements.
Vitamin Quest is a typical game i was looking for (can get pregnant even in a fight, pregnancy gives certain bonuses, and can give birth as you want, just to get pregnant again), but way too short. :/
For some reason cant start Violated Heroines, as i want to start it says "RPG? 2000?", which i installed too and didnt solve the problem…
Looking for more english language games containing pregnancy and birth, its more fun for me if i understand the story and not just looking pictures. :D

8a3eb No.5054

File: 1421022136657.jpg (90.76 KB, 560x420, RJ148169_img_main.jpg)

bf89a No.6676


RPG Maker hates any OS later than XP, so that's probably why it's throwing errors. Any game made on any version of RPG Maker prior to VX (I think) will flat-out refuse to run on Vista or later. No idea why. (No, running in compatibility mode won't do anything- you'll need either an XP computer or a virtual machine, take your pick.)

59dbd No.7427

Has anyone else found a game in that genre? Just would like to play something… :P

ec91e No.7442

You can get Violated Heroine to work on Vista (I have it running) but I forget exactly how.I did have to download RPG2000. Also you will need to change your system locale to Japanese.

77306 No.7472


holy shit, someone's actually still running vista

a8c04 No.7478

IIRC its supposed to be a PG13 game.
which seems mind boggingly stupid for a game about a sexual fetish

30cd2 No.7480


Yeah, it's so stupid that people have different tastes.

7536f No.7481

It's equally stupid that normies might be opposed to their resources being in a porn game, thus severely limiting what's possible.

e506b No.7488

Rats… This one's got stuff that looks good! But as far as I've seen, ALL the download links are broken D:

ea2e3 No.8619

[スワンアイ] 孕ら☆ちゅちゅっ!! ~咬めばあの娘もHな天使~

Anyone got a crack for this thing? i seem to have deleted mine :(

28492 No.8623

>their resources

That's their choice. You have the option to make your own. It's RPG maker you can get it of steam for a few bucks and coding is pretty easy once you get through a few tutorials.

I still sprite in MSPaint so anything is possible.

>Still running XP


4db9e No.8656

File: 1434321630499.jpg (599.23 KB, 800x600, RJ156184_img_smp2.jpg)

This game is pretty cute. Granted, there's not a whole lot to it - Lime gets insta-pregnant and there are no birth scenes, but it's something.


e9cd5 No.8657

Had my eye on a few HRPG Maker titles this year, but a lot of them were hit with delays and pushed back release dates:

Le dernier saint chevalier:

Was waiting on the this one to pop up around May, but after it came and went without any sort update, it all of a sudden went to a Dec 2015 release date. Demo had a somewhat progressive pregnant system to it that tied into the storyline fairly well.


Showa Insult Memorial:

Duration of demo doesn't get into the preggo bits, but you play as three shipwrecked girls that need to survive on an island whilst evading rape via the island's inhabitants. Each girl has their own fertility cycles, and if caught during a 'danger day', they get pregnant.


6/17 release date, so I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Misty Tower Paradise:

One that's actually released and (I think) has partial translation via the ulmf forums somewhere. Very similar pregnancy system to Violated Heroine. While all potential companions you can get can also get pregnant, it's kinda grindy.


Other Stuff/Tools:

RPG Maker Decrypter:


If you're just interested in getting the pics from a game, you can use this extractor tool to 'unzip' the data file and get them.

I use it to check the game's pregnancy content. If there's only a couple pics of pregnancy, chances are it's a one-shot / game over deal, which I wouldn't be interested in.

Translation Programs:

One major problem I'm running into with these HRPG games as of late is that Google recently did some background work to it's translation site that broke several translation programs (I was using chiitrans2). So unless I find a walkthrough somewhere (which is very rare unless it's a popular game), I usually can't progress in the game considering I don't know what's the heck's going on.

If anyone's got any alternate suggestions on that front, I'd appreciate it :)

28492 No.8661

File: 1434348181026.jpg (153.75 KB, 960x640, tumblr_npz22iphRy1qeedc0o1….jpg)

Just for the fuck of it. Welcome to Fallout Shelter.

edd0d No.8663

I think that's what pissed me off about the fallout games: the lack of pregnancy content. I want my character's female companions (or my character if I'm playing as a female) to get knocked up, damn it!

28492 No.8664

Well it's the same reason there aren't children in most games or they are immortal. People generally find it unpleasant knowing they can get hurt.

2bc88 No.8666

I once heard a story about some moronic beta testers or alike that liked to kill children and pile them up as a mountain of corpses. Hence the Immortality censorship… how much truth in that is i cannot say however.

Btw. lack of pregnancy is dealt with by mods. I saw some pregnancy mods for several of Bethesa games, but i cant say how good they were since i never installed them. I played those games for the actions and flair^^

e9cd5 No.8669


Yepper. If you set up Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands, you can have pregnancy content for both Fallout 3 & 4 games via the Lover's Lab SexOut mod package. Latest versions of it make the game unbearable laggy for me though :/

I posted some examples a while back in the PC/Console content thread.


edd0d No.8671

I was thinking more native content rather than modded, but then that's because I have the steam version of the games and have no idea how mods are even supposed to work now since the change to the file system last year (or was it 2013? All I know is that none of my hl2 mods work anymore).

a21dc No.8672

I saw that on Bethesda's E3 conference last night! Thought of the board immediately.

Amateur modder here. I know when I recently started implementing content from the Nexus to my copy of Skyrim, one of the things I had to do first was copy Steam into a new directory of my own creation and then delete the original in my Program Files folder. I was just following a beginner's guide, so I didn't truly know the significance of this step. Related, maybe?

e9cd5 No.8673


Somewhat - Steam typically installs to the Program x86 folder, whose files are protected via Windows UAC. I personally haven't had any problems with it, but some say the write protection can mess with a modded game.

I would heartily recommend following STEP for laying a solid foundation to your vanilla Skyrim before going on to mod it though.



Vault management game with vanilla pregnancy? Nice! Gonna fire up the iPad and give this one a whirl :) Eventually coming to Androids as well, I hear.

e9cd5 No.8690


Well, it's too unstable (Bethesda, amirite!?) on my old iPad to really get into it, but it's pretty fun; was definitely not expecting it to be as fleshed out as it is. Got a soft spot for those builder simulation game types.

Definitely never going to happen, but it'd be nice if the pregnancy system was tweaked to visually progress like patch's 'infinite neko replication' gif sequences, albeit at the game's pace. For some reason, the artwork just seems to sync with me.

[Warning: It's kinda weird, but you're here already though, right? :P]

e2229 No.8734

File: 1434648964661.jpg (196.08 KB, 1270x546, p1NBBBH.jpg)

My vault has 100% of it's females pregnant 100% of the time. As it should be.

1d699 No.8735


Time to download this now, then.

64784 No.8741

I want this game, but android

1bb64 No.8834

Fallout Shelter told me that my iPod was too old. :'(

1a44a No.8927


1a44a No.8928

1a44a No.8929

e9cd5 No.9028

File: 1435883766617.jpg (117.78 KB, 644x483, Rin Birth.jpg)

Another flavor for Violated Heroine birth.

Are there any other RPGMaker games that have a comparable pregnancy/birth system? Opinions can vary!

2b7a5 No.9029

Any 3D games?

e9cd5 No.9074

File: 1436081853468.jpg (89.13 KB, 555x465, Collar Screens - Preg - 1.jpg)

Came across a English H-RPGMaker game (quite rare) with decent pregnancy content (even moreso!)

You play as a cat-girl Izuna who co-habits with several other people that you can talk to and eventually romance. You grind a job you pick at the beginning of the game to get money (or gather stuff for alchemy and sell them), then develop relationships with your housemates in order to get a magically enslaving collar on them. Banter and mannerisms sound very webcomic like, but the characters and such are unknown to me.


Still under development, but it currently features:

- Fertility cycles (safe/danger days, menstruation)
- In-game pregnancy sprites (clothing sprites still WIP)
- Short pregnancy dialogue up waking up every few days or so.

Still too unfinished for me to really get into, but it's got promise. Note that most characters with sex scenes are slightly furry (just ears and a tail). Looks sorta loli, but Izuna turns out to be 27 years old; just the artist's style I suppose.

f86ed No.9123

Any games that also have birthing voice? Including >>9028.

81a4b No.9134

File: 1436448444162.png (199.02 KB, 600x517, 3DJV.png)

Nice find, thanks! Although the outward appearance conjures a certain image to mind, I was pleasantly surprised to a good amount of content with some decent writing.

e9cd5 No.9147

File: 1436493573821.jpg (91.77 KB, 660x510, Lynn & Miene - 2.JPG)


Oh those silly OC characters XD I was half expecting a basic ripoff of Shadow from Sonic.

Another incomplete game with tons of potential and a pretty damn good art style: Dungeons and Prisoners.


You play as Lynn, a dragon priestess/warrior who gets caught up in a save-the-world scenario. She is accompanied by Miene, a samurai girl.

If you play past the demo, you'll have the option to play in a never-ending dungeon to see the combat/rape mechanics. It's an impressive real-time grid action setup, with very good roots into DnD spells / mechanics and such. Rape happens if your health drops to zero. Vaginal sex can result in pregnancy (Lynn has a magical 'virgin' barrier that needs to get broken first before she can get impregnated), which is basically a long-lasting status effect that ends in birth that spawns new baddies around you.

No idea when it'll be completed; game development's been going on for two years now.

a2f8e No.9148

You got their names backwards, but yeah, cool game.

e9cd5 No.9149

File: 1436496558365.jpg (90.56 KB, 651x514, Lynn-2.JPG)


Well shoot, I did; been a while since I played it.

Guess I owe ya another screenshot.

4146e No.9158

I should probably qualify that as a good amount of *unfinished* content. But it's something to keep an eye on if it follows the Harvest Moon format of changing seasons with interspersed events.

04678 No.9204

How do you play this? It gave me a weird file from mega

04678 No.9207

File: 1436762747154.jpg (34.14 KB, 656x528, Capture.JPG)


SO I downloaded and tried to open it and this is what I got, any advice?

b96b5 No.9213

It can't find the UmePlus Gothic font.

Probably fixed if you install japanese language fonts.

04678 No.9220

File: 1436826544565.png (95.93 KB, 450x550, merrill_by_narodii-d42p2b4.png)

Thanks, It keeps crashing on me so Im gonna have to reinstall. Take this pic for the help.


04678 No.9251

Game is still crashing for various reasons, is there a more complete version out there>

5cdae No.9293

so, where can I find this game?

2aa9b No.9294


It's Fallout Shelter.

It's a mobile game currently available on all Apple products. Bethesda has promised it will eventually come to Android later this year.

066a9 No.9299

Is going to be out on August of this year.

09c52 No.9314

There is a game called Devastated Dreams on Kickstarter that is somewhat relevant. Check it out if you are curious enough.

c160f No.9410

File: 1437623131176.png (1.09 MB, 699x977, 2015-07-22_00002.png)

Very long time lurker (back before the original pregchan split off from iiichan IIRC), thought I would contribute a little something.

As already mentioned, most of the Bethesda games have preg mods of varying quality and difficulty to set up (Skyrim I'm looking at you), but if you have the patience to set them up, you can get nice results that can belong in the She's pregnant and still doing that!? thread.

Pictured is my current PC in Skyrim, carrying triplets early in the 3rd trimester.

c160f No.9430

File: 1437761950243.png (463.33 KB, 442x774, 2015-07-24_00001.png)


And for comparison, when she entered labour.

e9cd5 No.9789


Friendly reminder that Fallout Shelter is available on Androids today :)

e9cd5 No.9887

File: 1439748291586.jpg (179.82 KB, 1334x750, fallout-shelter-pregnant-l….jpg)


Step 1: Get all female Vault Dwellers pregnant.
Step 2: Get overwhelmed with children.
Step 3: Watch Food Stores dwindle to nothing.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Start New Vault.

Reminds me of Banished and other 'City Builder' type games; if you screw something up, by the time it becomes apparent it you're already screwed XD

6dbd5 No.9898

File: 1439783755208.png (321.26 KB, 1500x880, ninsin.png)

I hope this one actually materializes, unlike his 151 Tentacles game.


e9cd5 No.9951


Gaah that game was such a tease in the end. In fact, DLsite games in general have been rather sparse lately.

Progressive belly pics with multiple outfits are a good sign of a dynamic pregnancy system though. Good to see!

23433 No.9970

You post this pic, and then Shadbase drops this - http://exhentai.org/g/844442/4424318377/
You think he heard us?

e9cd5 No.9974

File: 1440109447195.jpg (277.59 KB, 715x1000, 2015_08_19_overseers_order….jpg)


Neat! Dunno, but I'm not complaining either way.

Sooo… anyone know how to mod Shelter yet? :P (j/k)

60137 No.9980

i want to see a video of that.

bf943 No.9981

I just found a somewhat helpful feature in fallout shelter. If you fill up your vault to capacity and then get all the females pregnant, they won't deliver until you make new living rooms. So theoretically, it is possible to have a permanent pregnant vault. For mine, I send out all but one male to the wilds while leaving the females pregnant and in the vault.

876dc No.9982

Bad idea. Really bad fuckin' idea. See, pregnant dwellers all panic in emergencies, and can't use weapons. Fire breaks out? You're fucked. Radroach invasion? Fucked. Raiders? Fucked. Deathclaw attack? There are no words in the English language capable of describing how utterly fucked you are.

bf943 No.9985

I also have upgraded the doors, have 3 guys armed to the teeth in there as well as mr handy floating about. It is tough but not impossible

38bc6 No.9986

File: 1440162144047.jpg (619.94 KB, 865x1308, 2015-07-03-fallout4-perks-….jpg)

shad's been knocking it out of the park with this fallout series lately

e9cd5 No.9997


I'll say! Thanks for sharing.

Finally got a good flow of resources and SPECIAL training rooms in, so it's time to let the vault dweller breed-a-thon commence :D

I don't think the parent's SPECIAL stats influence their offspring, which is a shame for my designated wasteland explorer. He always had a blast after returning from his long trek of the wastes.

fe13c No.9999

You would be wrong on that. The parents SPECIAL stats do effect the offsprings stats, even if it's trained stats.

64ccf No.10031

Hey, how do you break the barrier on Miene?

e9cd5 No.10034


Miene needs to have vaginal sex to break the dragon's virgin barrier placed on her.

It takes a while, as most initial sex scenes are oral or anal, but eventually it procs. You'll know when it does. Best advice would be to lose to a bunch of monsters in the infinite dungeon (remove Lynne's sword beforehand).

a544d No.10057

Has anyone ever gotten VH to run on Linux?

e9cd5 No.10058


I had to use AppLocale in order to run it on a PC. Is there a similar OS program that Linux-based systems have? Something that changes the system locale.

Apologizes, but completely devoid of Linux knowledge over here.

c160f No.10189

File: 1441070245105.png (43.06 KB, 1024x750, Newlife.png)

Found this Java-based text game called Newlife. Has a similar concept to Cursed, but with a lot less micromanagement, no RAGS, and better romantic interactions. Still in beta, but very playable in its current state IMO. http://splendidostrich.blogspot.co.uk/

aa6f3 No.10190

this sounds like everything I ever wanted

2c219 No.10193

File: 1441087772320.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1018, img20150901015507.png)

I've been playing around with 3D Custom Maid 2 lately and having fun. There are no true pregnancy mods yet and what mods exist seem to be very difficult to implement, but there is a fair bit in the game as unlockable content and free color selection for hair/eyes/nipples.

The game does have a belly slider that maxes out at something that looks early to mid-term, so the maximum can be changed through various other things such as Cheat Engine or save modifiers, but turns flat in the front at most lengths and likewise going over 194 Breast causes problems in game with the way the bounce mechanics work.

2c219 No.10194

File: 1441088062270.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1018, img20150901021354.png)

2c219 No.10195

Having trouble posting now for some reason

2c219 No.10196

File: 1441089877558.jpg (206.6 KB, 838x1017, cm3d2p3.jpg)

Trying again

2c219 No.10197

File: 1441091341516.png (580.03 KB, 751x1014, img20150901030719.png)

e38f0 No.10198

The pregnant content is rather sparse by comparison, I think. Can't have more than one, description is pretty minimal…

aa6f3 No.10199

Gave this a test-spin. I set out to make a woman who would get pregnant easily, so I gave myself all the shy "nice-girl" traits, the weakest willpower, a beautiful appearance, and baby-making sexual traits. (Prefers raw sex, hair-trigger orgasm, maternal instincts, child-bearing hips.) There's options in game to go to a doctor and get fertility treatments (like in Cursed) but the game charts your "safe" and "unsafe" days.

Since my goal was to get knocked up, I waited for an "unsafe day," and then went out "clubbing" for the first time. I was approached by a man who offered me a drink, and I let him decide what to give. Then he wanted to buy me another drink. Then, another. About five cocktails/tequilas later, he was inviting himself over to my place and helping himself to my virginity. The sex scene is really intricate in the text and made no attempt to conceal he was a selfish individual who was just looking for a willing vagina. However, thanks to the shy traits giving me a preference for being a submissive, we both got off anyway. Cooked him breakfast too.

Immediately pregnant, which I discovered at the doctor's office next week or so. There's an option to talk to the father and tell him it's his. He doesn't care. Don't even have the willpower to be annoyed and now prepare self for being a single-mom. Meanwhile, keep fucking the man every week. He's finally at a point where he's responding romantically, but still remains a selfish exploitative shit who wheedles money from me and prefers me as a shy girl who lets him do anything he wants to me.

There's options to quickly "advance" the pregnancy, but since you're playing week-to-week and you don't have to choose what type of shoes you're wearing every single day like with Cursed, I didn't see a reason to. Currently in second trimester, had an ultrasound (it's a boy) and am at bump + morning sickness + convoluted pregnancy feelings. Lots of nice descriptions of the belly when wearing something flimsy/revealing.

Definite potential, I think. Even if it is all-text.

1bd7d No.10221

Does the game have any birth scenes?

1377a No.10222

Good work

1d699 No.10224


Pregnancy does end in birth, but like the comment said it's not that descriptive. This is after playing two different saves with two pregnancies.
Hopefully this gets more attention and in turn more content.

a1414 No.10225

If you can manage to get pregnant fast enough to have birth before the 52 week plot deadline, yeah there's a quick quick non-detailed birth scene.

In general, the pregnancy content is okay. And there are a couple lines that include them scattered among the scenes.

My main problem with this game is that the characters and their characteristics are randomized each game. It sucks if you want to re-read content that you may have missed. For instance, my first playthrough I met a guy named Jack who was incredibly rude, took me to a porno theater for a date, and told my character that women were only good for giving birth and that he would keep getting me pregnant. No other Jack on each playthrough have been the same, and I haven't met another guy with that same personality, which is kind of a bummer. Most other guys are incredibly samey and boring compared to him.

e9cd5 No.10226


You can tell pregnancy isn't the main focus (as it was in Cursed), but it game does accommodate being pregnant and changes events slightly (having sex standing up becomes possible in your 3rd trimester, for example). Having sex while unprotected shoots out pretty good potential impregnation texts as well.

Most of the focus is in the clothing and sex system, and it definitely shows. Good game overall :)

e38f0 No.10227

File: 1441241687407.png (324.25 KB, 1124x668, 1440803051412.png)

Anyone else keeping an eye out on this?


I actually joined up to this thing a long time ago, and it looks very promising. They released a small intro/demo recently. Mostly placeholder characters, but still pretty nice!

1d699 No.10228


Apparently they're taking polls to gauge what the people want. Here's the pregnancy one!

614af No.10291

>>10227 I can't seem to find the original thread regarding this game, or anything about it. Could somebody please elaborate?

e6041 No.10292

Here's the archive:

(4chan X's automatic archive redirect for 404'd threads is your friend)

e38f0 No.10293


This is the website for the developing game. Just sign up and hop on the forums to give feedback, support, or whatever!

207a9 No.10309

All this talk of Cursed got me interested and I went and found the sites for it

I don't know if it's just me but i can't seem to get the RAGS to download, can anyone help?

b3918 No.10314

Don't bother with it, really, it's bad.

This is pretty good, needs more pregnancy text options, but still good.

e38f0 No.10319

I disagree, I've found cursed to be pretty nice (just don't expect much updating in the near future), being that it has a lot of text revolving around pregnancy, maternity wear with associated descriptions based on how far along you are, and the ability to have up to triplets (which gets you bedridden if you aren't strong enough).

If you can't get rags to download, have you tried here?


If you have, then I'd just suggest searching for a mirror/alternative.

207a9 No.10321

I had already tried that site and it doesn't work but I had not thought to look for mirrors, so thanks.
I have tried Newlife and it is pretty good. That is what made me interested in another "text game" like Cursed.

e9cd5 No.10322


Cursed gets my vote as well (despite the clunkier RAGS UI), but it's pretty much dead. Wonder how a Cursed Patreon would have turned out; if NewLife is any indication, it'd go pretty darn well.

Below is a comparison of clothing descriptions in case anyone wants an example.

You are wearing a thin grey halter-neck crop top. It ties behind your neck, a single knot stopping it from falling down to your waist. The thin fabric hugs your full breasts and the outlines of your nipples are visible. Your top doesn't cover the smooth rosy skin of your pregnant belly. Your black skinny jeans cover your legs completely. The tight jeans cling to your bottom, showcasing it for any onlookers.

You are currently wearing a low cut top that shows off your cleavage, along with a mini skirt that barely covers your ass. You feel quite sexy wearing it, even with your huge, pregnant belly exposed to the world by the belly shirt you're wearing. Your leather underwear creaks and groans ominously with every movement, and your panties, strained by your gravid belly, threaten to come off at any moment. You find yourself relishing the thought…

4096a No.10324

I think the Cursed guy's lack of updates is probably more motivation than money. I think I remember he was talking about how it was harder and harder to get new updates to not break things.

At the moment newlife has a really good sex/dating engine. Give yourself the "likes bare sex" and "maternal" traits and you get lots of nice impreg. fetish text.

0064e No.10329

Is the game editable?
Cause if it is it might be good idea to update it

And if it isn't, it might be worth it to try to contact the creator and asking him about making what he has right now open source and leave it to the community to keep it alive

b3918 No.10330

It is not.

Needs a password.

Emailed the creator, gonna keep you posted if he responds.

28492 No.10332

File: 1441912666409.jpg (237.82 KB, 600x504, mystique.jpg)

>leather underwear.

14d89 No.10353

Anyone know of any dating sims that involve you dating a pregnant girl? Preferably non-NSFW.
>inb4 the growth academy is recommended
I'm looking for a finished(or mostly finished) game.

a2390 No.10358

14d89 No.10379

*unzips pants*
This will do. But I'm staying away from the incestuous routes. I've always had a burning hatred for incest and how disgusting I find it.

a2390 No.10385

I started, but haven't finished, a patch to remove the incestuous context from Emiko's route, because her route is my favorite. Steamy full-term shower sex FTW.

c847a No.10477

PG13 is not "a different taste". PG13 means Parental Guidance 13, aka "this is suitable for children who are 13 year old, with parental guidance".
This is extremely stupid for a game that is entirely about a sexual fetish

If you are going to make literally your entire game revolve around a sexual fetish, don't try to make it "technically kid friendly" and thus having all the content watered down to the point of extreme meh

134e4 No.10478

Because the only worth a fetish game could have is whether or not it goes full H.
Look, the demo has fun writing and plays like a solid enough old-school JRPG. On top of that it has some great art by SaburoX. If that isn't enough then fine. Really. But I would say it is more your limitation then a fault of the games.

75340 No.10479

Oh good god, don't be bringing this back up again. It's their fucking game. They can put in whatever they want. Saburo has explained their reasoning so leave it alone.

8fee2 No.10492

Uh oh someone needs to go back to their hugbox.(IT'S YOU. YOU'RE THE HUGBOXMAN.)

75340 No.10493

Pffft, if anyone's thin skinned enough to need a hugbox it's the one whining that a developer isn't including the content they want even though their reasons were stated quite clearly here >>3339

I'm just annoyed that rather then bumping with actual content, they decided to necro an argument that's been resolved for nearly a year.

134e4 No.10516

Sorry I responded to the guy, since everything that needed to be said is said.
I must admit I just enjoyed the demo because the story and characters were fun. Doesn't always have to be about whether or not you get your H scene at the end is all.

f459b No.10636

I just tried cursed and while it is detailed and has a lot of option, the interface and the delays ruins it for me.

I mean, the Pregnancy is in actual day time, you can't speed it up past 28 weeks, if you get triplets you're bedridden for literally 7 weeks and you alwyas have to click on the bed and sleep is annoying. Same for going outside.

Corruption of Champion is already better for its simplist interface alone.

I liked Newlife though, is there other games out there like those?

e9cd5 No.10638

File: 1443826825263.jpg (158.88 KB, 712x763, TE.jpg)


Yea, much too rough compared to the newer types of games out there. Wonder if >>10330 heard anything yet from the creator about getting access to Cursed's innards via the RAGS interface. Even so, I'd imagine others would prefer a more friendly UI.

Haven't come across any similar and complete games, but I would bookmark this one: Tainted Elysium.


I feel like the main focus is in weight gain and digestion, but there is a pregnancy framework. The biggest sell point for me is the game has a dynamic and customizable player silhouette that changes in shape/size depending on what happens in game.

Haven't checked the latest version, but so far you can initiate a pregnancy via the debug console (currently doesn't end and is a WIP).

b3918 No.10640

Hey, >>10330 here, no response, unlikely the guy will ever respond at all.

e38f0 No.10647

You're only bedridden if your strength is too low. Hit the weights before the pregnancy, and you won't get stuck like that. That being said, you are totally correct in the inability to speed things up.

c160f No.10655


Did he remove the debug menu in later versions of the game? It goes by a lot quicker when you can skip days using it.

e38f0 No.10665

No, that's still there, so I guess I was a little incorrect. You CAN speed things up by skipping days, or even weeks one after another, but there's no way to speed the pregnancy itself up. And skipping forward has its consequences, like lack of exercise and the house's cleanliness, but those can be maintained through debug as well, I think.

f66c8 No.10666

Even with the debug, you can accelerate the pregnancy, but only up to 28 week.
You actually give birth around week 35 or so.

That means you have to skip manually around 35 days.

And you can do that only on debug in the bedroom, by double clicking then clicking on the same button over and over again.

Again, not the most practical. I'm pretty sure this game could be coded equally by having a multi option menu for each places instead of having to navigate your map to get to the room you want.

6fc6d No.10677

How do get pregnant in the game via the debug consoles?
What do we type in?

e9cd5 No.10707

File: 1444428700076.jpg (108.74 KB, 408x646, Shots.jpg)


There should be a debug item in your lower right inventory window. Right click it and you should see the option to get pregnant.

Meanwhile, another RPGMaker game to look forward to, from the makers of Misty Tower Paradise. Author behind it has the next best pregnancy system in RPGMaker games compared to VH, imo.


63681 No.10708

Looks like an older version of >>10

f6dcf No.10721

Same maker. I was wondering what happened to this guy recently.

b3918 No.10725

oh boy another rpgmaker game that's never gonna be finished

2aa9b No.10754


You hit the nail on the head there.

Seeds of Fate turned me off to these "Beta test our incomplete game for us" sites. No disrespect meant to Darien Shields or Saboro X but I think they should just put together a group of folks and just do closed Beta testing until the game's done.

Make no mistake I know all too well making a game with RPG Maker is very time consuming. That said, if you're going to make a game the least you can do is keep your base in the loop and when it's discontinued, make sure word gets out so folks aren't waiting years.

7536f No.10756

>No disrespect meant to Darien Shields or Saboro X but I think they should just put together a group of folks and just do closed Beta testing until the game's done.

Actually that is exactly what I'm doing. (And, cards on the table, it really is just me doing the work outside of testing and some minor subcontracting stuff for resources at the moment.)
I've got a guy helping me with testing.

As for keeping people in the loop, I'm just gonna have to make a dev blog or something. (I do weekly updates on patreon as to what I did towards the game during the week, and used to on the BW forum on a monthly basis, but seeing as how that site went the way of a childhood goldfish and is dead as hell). Project is still ongoing though. Was just working on sprite work for it an hour ago.

I really want to make it good since the last release was rushed against my will and full of bugs. Hence I had people vote on whether they wanted new art, new story, or new game play. People wanted all of the above, which means the longer wait between updates. Then I thought I might have stuff ready by August but car troubles and a load of bugs prevented that. If you'd rather just wait until it's all finished, that's cool, and probably even a good idea in some respects. But a fair number of people did donate cash towards the project, so that makes them entitled to at least some playable proof of progress when I have it ready.

Can't even really show off the new stuff like I want, because I can't seem to run capture equipment AND the game at the same time. I'm sorry for the wait and for the disappointment. And especially for the silence; poor social skills on my part make it so I get so deep into a project that I sometimes forget to tell people that I'm doing it in the first place. But for what it's worth, here are some of those failed video attempts:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTm1UGQ5leM - 1st 10 minutes of game to test capture software. Didn't go well.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShREgnLR05U - Preview of the theme music I commissioned.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkzyyljF2C8 - A couple sub systems like random treasure in crates and barrels, item synthesis, and a side quest prompt.

93e0b No.10757

Good to hear you're still working on the game. I found the demo a while ago and rather liked it. The game mechanics were ok and characters and story were good. The only complaint I have is that for what ultimately is a pregnancy fetish game, there were only like two shots of the characters pregnant outside of the chibi sprites. I do hope the final version features more "cutscenes" with artwork (like, just a picture of the characters during some plot-relevant dialoque scene).

2c4bc No.10986

File: 1445641577006.jpg (502.35 KB, 1366x768, 2015-10-24_00002.jpg)

Hey lads, great game, and what was surprising for me, you can make your character to look pregnant. In fact, it's a crafting game, put into a zombie apocalypse, so it's a double win for me. :D

2c4bc No.10989

File: 1445641664320.jpg (499.69 KB, 1366x768, 2015-10-24_00004.jpg)

2c4bc No.10990

File: 1445641926442.jpg (473.79 KB, 1366x768, 2015-10-24_00003.jpg)

Ah, nearly forgot, game name's 7 days to die

e9cd5 No.10992


Hey, that's a nice idea preg-anon! Was looking for an intermediate game to chew on while I wait for Fallout 4, and this may fit nicely if mod installing is nice and easy for it (unlike Skyrim).

If the player model can be altered in-game, then a pregnancy mod shouldn't be too hard to make (basically make an alternate 'infection' that alters the model's belly value on a timer). But again, pregchan taste is a bit niche in 'mainstream' games.

bb459 No.10993

You can't change your appearance in-game yet with 7 Days to Die, but the game is still technically in Alpha, and such a feature might be introduced later on down the road. They also plan to make the game more easily modable too.

As it is, they've been making good progress. They release a new alpha every 2-3 months on average (The next alpha is due out soon, in fact).

Overall, it's not currently possible to implement a pregnancy system, but it might be something that can be implemented eventually.

6fd0a No.10996

Funny thing is, that if you change your character in the main menu (options), the next time you log in to a server, you'll have all your things, only your character changed. :D

649ca No.10997

I still have the v2 demo on my machine. Would it be cool if I reuploaded it for everyone, or are you planning on a new release sometime soonish?

7dee8 No.11005


About the weekly updates of SoF. Have you to "pay" for them to get access to them? it would be cool if you can make this updates visible for everyone.

on the da-page of darien shields are still functional links of that version

649ca No.11008

I assumed they went down with Bastionworks. Thanks, I guess?

2f28c No.11009

Nah, the actual downloads were hosted off site.

6dbd5 No.11038

File: 1445823228707.png (182.77 KB, 546x443, Capture.PNG)

This was updated today. Old saves don't work, but I have a Cheat Engine'd save with most buyable items if anyone wants it.

6b311 No.11045

What game is that screenshot (and presumably save file) from?

c847a No.11048

in the post you quoted there is a link to a previous post, follow said link

4096a No.11050

Newlife now has a custom NPC creator (limited to his patreon at the moment). So you can make guys with your own choice of traits. One of these is called "impregnator," who actively will try to get you pregnant by any means. (Not pulling out, refusing to wear condoms, getting more excited if you tell him you're ovulating, etc. Author says sooner or later he'll sabotage your birth control pills if you take them.)
There's a lot of customization here. Like you can also choose the trait "wants kids," then he'll be happy when you tell him you're pregnant. (If you're both in love, it's romantic. If you're not, he'll gloat and tell you being pregnant is your proper place, and good luck raising them.) Or you can leave it so he doesn't "want kids," then he'll try to run out on you once you're pregnant.

5411c No.11126

File: 1445995517482.jpg (864.83 KB, 1600x900, lovingexpectantmother.jpg)

Just started playing Wildstar. No spoilers u gaiz.

2aa9b No.11133


That reminds me. I'd heard the latest build added pregnancy to the game but don't know much more than that.

2d632 No.11134

If that were true I'd play it in a heartbeat, I need more pregnancy in gaaames :(

c160f No.11135

Found this tool as a replacement for the long outdated AppLocale. Haven't tested it thoroughly yet though. http://xupefei.github.io/Locale-Emulator/

52627 No.11136


Sadie's a character in the starter areas of certain exile races. That's the entirety of preg content you're gonna get out of WS unless you happen to like giant purple worm monsters that USED to be people.

5411c No.11143

No spoilers means NOTHING, huh?

52627 No.11144

coming from the guy who already revealed she died

It's not a spoiler to say there's no other preg content. There IS a ton of 'wild arms meets phantasy star' so stick around for that. And mentioning the existence of space worms in a sci-fi game isn't exactly spoileriffic.

52627 No.11145

There IS a fair bit of birth and impregnation in Wildstar, only the things giving birth are gigantic eldritch hellspawn monsters and shambling screaming cancer monstrosities, and the impregnation is more like the chest-bursters in alien that can and do kill their host bodies.

So… yeah. It has that going for it, I guess?

Oh oh… wait. There's a woman in the game who gives birth to alien squids and survives. That's all I can think of.

52627 No.11146


Oh and don't mind me having the same ID as Hidon. I'm just someone who lives in the same house as him and is addicted to the game. :B

e9cd5 No.11234

File: 1446412623990.jpg (198.07 KB, 864x620, Bike.jpg)


Been trying my hand with 7 Days lately with a preggo-looking character. Took a lot of scavenging, but I eventually got the mini-bike :D And the iron armor with a denim jacket clipping through it kinda looks like an Armored Vault Suit.

…. Is it Nov. 10 yet? :(

1bb64 No.11278


I'm waiting on Fallout 4 for a bit. At least until the first round of good belly and breast mods come out. (Plus that's the same day StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void comes out, so I have other things to play. And I'm still playing Civilization: Beyond Earth, Rising Tide.)

e88d6 No.11285


Got a name for the character or possibly a clip of the birth?

e9afa No.11300

Wow, you really are something. I never managed to craft the bike. XD Maybe I shouldn't play on big servers with 13 people, there not just the zombies, but fellow scavengers are attacking and shooting at me. XD

e9cd5 No.11310

File: 1446601676992.jpg (289.25 KB, 1018x636, Bike_2.jpg)


Yea, I'm on single player; like with most survival MP games, I figure the generic crowd is your standard band of internet tough guys I'd rather not interact with :I

e7018 No.11317

Once we should go together. :D

2fd3a No.11376

What's this game called?

2f2d6 No.11387

File: 1447003425069.png (365.63 KB, 800x600, 082.png)

So, I posted this on /chat/ but got no responses.

I'm making a small game in javascript to get some practice, currently only have the basics figured out, but the game is actually working.

I'm looking for exact and precise data about how a pregnancy progresses. What the woman feels, the size of the belly week by week, how active the baby is, its weight, etc. The game is text based, so I think it would probably immersion if I had exact data.

Anybody know where I can find something like this?

pic unrelated, just for attention

20b19 No.11399

If you are aiming for content with a realistic approach you could just google for more technical knowledge, and also look in the chat threads here on pregchan of the wonderful ladies who are sharing their pregnancy experiences. You won't find everything you are looking for in any one site/place.
Now, i don't know if this is the right place to ask this but does anybody know if http://daysofragnarok.blogspot.com/ is still in development? Seemed pretty impressive to me but the developer doesn't seem really consistent.

2f2d6 No.11401

I did google it, obviously.

I'm asking here because I couldn't find anything useful.

e9cd5 No.11402


Here are two similar things that I could dig up. None of them are as detailed as you want though:

Super Pregnancy Project Calculator:

New Belly v0.2a (Quite dated):

2f2d6 No.11403

This is actually really good
Thanks man

2f2d6 No.11439

File: 1447101683369.png (1.4 MB, 1600x1200, 0076.png)

Alright so, after a few days of work I have a somewhat working prototype of the text game ready.

This is mostly a proof of concept at this point, it has only one sex event from which you can get pregnant (triggered randomly by going to school, fertility is pretty much 100%), but has a decent pregnancy progression system and one birth event written.

I'd love to get some feedback from you guys, I'm not an excellent writer, in fact I suck cock at it, so don't get your hopes up. I would however love to hear some event suggestions (or even fully written events) from the community, as basically all the game needs right now is content.

The email to send suggestions at is listed on the top of the page. You can pretty much let your fantasy go wild. Feel free to ask questions here or via email about writing events.

Progress (only how far you are in your pregnancy for now) is saved in your cookies. If you delete your cookies you lose your progress.

Also don't mind the barebones look, I'll make it look prettier as I go along.

Anxious to hear your feedback.


37dd2 No.11457


Zip that up and upload it somewhere. I want to try playing the game again but working through the RPG mechanics can be a hassle.

e9cd5 No.11470

File: 1447196273936.jpg (453.66 KB, 1024x742, 53115847_p2_master1200.jpg)

Non-related CG pic to compensate for wall o text below.


Well, it's super bare, lack-luster, and rough, but no worries; at this stage, it's expected to be. Some feedback / things to consider:


- While it isn't completely necessary, having an end goal in the game can help give players a sense of direction. All the actions you eventually write in can help them achieve this end goal in some way. For example, perhaps the player is looking to save up some money to buy something at the mall, or increase her social status at school?

- Stats. It can be as simple as covering the main three branches (imo) - strength, finesse, and intelligence. Depending on how the player spends their days will determine how these stats increase, and succeeding at random events can be determined by a certain stat the player has.

A corrupt/purity scale (or lewd/prude, etc.) is also a popular thing - if a player keeps on acting in a certain way, some event choices would be chosen automatically based on this scale (or unlock new events altogether), with a context / description change that reflects how corrupted/pure the player is. This is also a good way to add diversity to events that start to feel grindy without any real purpose or goal to achieve.

- Clothing options. You're obviously going to put in more options, but adding in some features, especially those that revolve around pregnancy, is a must. Maybe clothing can act as a booster to some stats, certain clothing can only be worn at certain levels of lewdness/prudishness, or some that can't be worn if the player is too pregnant. And each having their own descriptions, with slight differences based on the player's stats, actions, and current pregnancy state, would add much needed flavor text. I can't think of any better system than Cursed has in this regard. Descriptions that change based on the player's scale, current week of pregnancy, and certain clothes that can be only be unlocked after doing certain things.

- Above all, thinking of events and features that add to the diversity of the game will help increase its appeal to the masses. Stick to the main point of the game - setting up a interactive scenario where the player can get pregnant and give birth, but giving a super varied amount of ways to get there is what'll make it interesting. Locking into one particular point of view and making it super linear is the best way to make a bland game that no one can relate to and enjoy, so do whatever you could to avoid doing that.

Just remember the saying 'Cast a wide enough net, and you're bound to catch something.'


There are several types of games that fall under the category of game that you're working on, and I suggest checking them out to get some ideas on how to handle stuff (NewLife, CoC/TITS, and Cursed would be great starting points). Do not, however, simply copy-n-paste scenarios and such - it's up to you to think up a new flavor of texty game - something that's part of this pervy genre of text, but offers something unique in its own way. It doesn't have to be as complex as the above referenced ones; as long as it's got that special charm you're looking for, then that's perfect :)

I see potential in it, so keep chipping away at it anon! It's a bit too 'early access' for me to offer anything, but once you hammer down a few more things, I'd definitely help you out with writing out scenarios / descriptions and the like. And I'm sure others would contribute as well as it gets built up more and more.

c160f No.11471

I noticed all the text is hardcoded in the javascript code. Perhaps you might want to put them into another file and import the strings as necessary otherwise the javascript will become a nightmare pretty quickly. Also, having the text in an external file gives the benefit of localization options in the future.

c160f No.11472


Further on my previous point, all of the javascript is embedded in the html file. Perhaps separate js file(s) for the code, along with some object-oriented code before it becomes a pain to convert it.

2f2d6 No.11474

File: 1447199289128.jpg (16.84 KB, 418x299, 1428409046702.jpg)

I do feel like I should have an endgoal, although I really can't come up with an interesting one that doesn't quickly become tedious.

Original idea was to do the usual "you got transformed into a girl, find how to go back" thing, but that seemed really lame so I dropped it.

As far as stats go I'm kinda on the defensive. I've played a good amount of games where they had stuff like that, and I always felt it really annoying. I might change my opinion if I actually end up finding a way that doesn't make them annoying, you never know.

Also yes, purity/lewdness is something I definitely want to make and I already have planned out in my head.

Clothing variety is also something I have planned, but the sheer amount of text walls I will have to write is really putting me off from doing it. I'll get around to it sooner or later. The code is built in a way that should already allow me to have different descriptions per week (or even day) of pregnancy, so no worries on doing that.

I'm also planning to write a non-pregnancy and pregnancy entry for pretty much every event I'm going to add, so hopefully that will give it more variety.

Thank you for your feedback anon, it's much appreciated!

Yeah my code is a mess. I'm just trying to get some basics going before putting everything in separate files. I'd say I'll start giving it some order by the end of the week.

Also today I finished working on the events for the Club scenario. Check it out, the event is different if you are or aren't pregnant.

64784 No.11475

Gender transformation is my jam so I'm a bit bummed you dropped it, but it's your game so no big deal.

I would try to give more input but I'm tired right now so I can't think of anything constructive.

2f2d6 No.11477

I like it too, but it just seemed a bit overdone.

But hey, never say never.

cc149 No.11595

Maybe add something where you can trigger an early birth if you do certain things more? And birth in public (the mall or the club) if you don't pay attention to the dialogue.

f5a71 No.11598

I got it, since this is pregchan, tie most of the game into pregnancy and anything even remotely related. You're a teen girl in highschool/college and your "main" goal, should you choose to accept it, is to graduate, but manage to survive without getting too depressed or quitting school / failing out completely. The "challenge" is to deal with your character's pregnancy fetish / high libido (more demanding based on difficulty) which must be sated by roleplaying with a close friend (balloons under the shirt), watching pregnant porn, distension enemas, hanging around pregnant friends (rubbing their stomach helps a little), anal inflation, or becoming pregnant yourself. Obviously, having a child means it'd be a bit more stressful on your school life, but you get MONTHS of sated-fetish time until the birth.

f5a71 No.11599

- the player can choose hormone treatments for possible multi-child pregnancies, or contraceptives for more of the just plain ol sexy fun times. Taking some of the ideas further (on higher difficulties, maybe?), the player might have to hide their fetish (or maybe the pregnancy itself) from their parents, who would just add more stress/arguments to the game.

e9cd5 No.11612


That's a pretty darn good plot point to the game imo anon. The purity/corruption angle could be how responsible the player chooses to handle the her high libido fueled fetish (having an super impregnation fetish could make it very difficult to practice safe sex, for example). Events like that could happen that continually test the player's purity/corruption level.

2f2d6 No.11613

[I started writing the intial event for transforming into a girl a few days ago and it's literally this]

Are you reading into my mind anon? Please stop

64ccf No.11656

e8bad No.11826


959ee No.11830

File: 1448555256584.jpg (179.43 KB, 600x450, abb4473b-s.jpg)

This seems like an interesting game that I just came across.


e794b No.11831

I like the picture of the baby was drawn wet with blood and amniotic fluid that is connected to the umbilical cord.

e794b No.11833

Before placenta discharged after birth, delusion that young woman a baby that is connected by the umbilical cord is wet with amniotic fluid and blood to put a single breast to drink milk even I like.

64ccf No.11845

So for those of you who don't check it very often (I know I don't), there's a new patched release for VH out as of 2 days ago. Pretty slick. More translation, now there's the updated party system (and scene for if you have a pregnant teammate) so yeah, check it out guys and gals. ;3

1f175 No.11862

is it the pre=patched game that has the new patch? (violated heroine)

e036c No.11877

cant find it

64ccf No.11983



Here's the mega link for the main group (can't remember their name) and Katteban's pre-patched builds.

df51f No.12004

Thank you

2f2d6 No.12028

File: 1449187597482.jpeg (37.05 KB, 550x453, Feels_516771_4069365[1].jpeg)

>serena will never get more story or events

Why even live

d5c7f No.12030

VH is pretty much always being updated. Just check hxxp://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/416869-Violated-Heroine-%28VH%E3%82%B2%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A0%EF%BC%90%EF%BC%91%29
from time to time

add33 No.12116

so maybe you guys could help a guy with some VH trouble? downloaded the game worked just fine until i tried to install rpg translator to translate the untranslated bits now when ever i try to open the game it wont respond to the arrow keys tho it starts up just fine. help?

2f2d6 No.12138

Uninstall and reinstall is my first thought

50cce No.12215

I legit didn't even know Rin could get pregnant. How do you get her into h-scenes? because they are always nanako?

e9cd5 No.12216


Been a super long time since I played VH; there were only storylines for Serena and Nanako, so their pregnancies were the only canon ones in that sense.

If you use the cheats in the Debugging Rooms, you should be able to get any playable character pregnant afaik.

50cce No.12217

Got no issues using debug tools. I do a lot of speeding up to get the walking out of the way. You're almost forced to use them with how incomplete this game is in some parts. I wasn't able to pick Rin in the debug item menu for changing heroine but I'll try it out.

09d43 No.12437

which mod is that, again? And is it just a perg model thing, or can you actually have kids?

c160f No.12454


It was the SexLab framework with the Beeing Female preg mod. However, I had changed the body type to a preg CBBE bodyslide variant, as the one suggested in the Beeing Female mod at the time looked fairly bad. It resulted in a lot more work to get everything in order and working, but looked a lot better.

As for the children, I used RCOTS with the Beeing Female RCOTS addons so children would not be fugly and could be companions.

Unfortunately, my old hard drive decided to start dying several months ago, and I no longer have any of the mods or Skyrim installed anymore since its replacement. I don't remember the exact install procedure for my "modified" setup of everything, but it isn't for the feint of heart. If that doesn't deter you, then I can see if I can get it all working again and come up with a step-by-step.

2f2d6 No.12476

File: 1450307393708.jpg (241.09 KB, 800x600, 800b_235.jpg)


Sorry for not updating in quite a while, but I had some personal stuff to do that didn't really give me any time at all to keep working on the game.

What you will probably notice from a quick look at the site is that we actually have a visualization that updates automatically trough the pregnancy. This is thanks to the amazing work that Couchy did over in this thread http://pregchan.com/d/res/904.html#2361 I did not have the opportunity to reach Couchy to ask him/her permission to use it, so I just went with is. If it's not okay for me to use this just contact me and I'll remove it.

In the last week I spent some time cleaning up the original code, now all the events are located in external files, making it much easier to edit them and add new stuff and events.

As far as new content goes, I have added an intro that contains some genderbending stuff. I know this is not everyone's jam, but I still wanted to give it a shot. Depending on the feedback I receive I might remove it.

The intro also gave me the opportunity to add a roommate to the protagonist of the game, Marie. She will comment on the progress of your pregnancy every once in a while, and it will give me some more opportunities to write some more stuff.

Also the site now looks like an actual site, instead of plain text, which is also nice.

That's pretty much it as far as new stuff goes. I've had a few people contact me with events they've written, so I'm probably going to add them as soon as they're ready.

Hope you enjoy it.

All new updates will be posted at http://teensimulator.altervista.org/

ce4fb No.12483

But why?

6dbd5 No.12490

File: 1450320059785.gif (1019.68 KB, 257x194, 181082-Brent-Rambo-big-bos….gif)

>All credit for the visualization goes to Couchy from Pregchan.

Not *all* credit. idleHQ made the original image. Glad to see it being put to good use though. A couple suggestions: 1: Put the text in a scroll box and keep the buttons and image on the screen with a similar layout to CoC. 2: Continuously update the belly every day/hour/whatever instead of in steps. I might be able to help if you're interested - if I can tear myself away from FO4, that is. I'm definitely interested though - keep up the good work!

2f2d6 No.12522

I'll add credits for his picture then.

Still working on the layout, not too much of a fan of scroll boxes, but I'll see what works best.

Also I should be able to make it grow day by day, it's just gonna take sometime to figure out a way to make it work nicely.

Amazing job on the code btw, it's really impressive.

Thanks for the feedback!

2f2d6 No.12528

Belly now increases day by day.

Thanks for the suggestion!

93e0b No.12542

Sorry, the gender change thing is just a massive turn-off for me. I have the same problem with Cursed, which I'm told is pretty good but the gender change thing kind of ruins it for me. For some reason it seems to me it's harder to find text-based game that similates pregnancy that does not feature the protagonist having originally been a guy.

It's partly because it just feels out of place in anything but an extremely fantastic scenario, breaking my suspension of disbelief, and partly because I know some people who suffer from gender dysphoria so I know in real life something like that would fuck you up mentally.
No problem wiht people who are into that, but I wish it was optional rather than the standard.

2f2d6 No.12543

File: 1450389797006.jpg (23.76 KB, 273x366, 1428608129687.jpg)

Well so far the gender change is just mentioned at the start and I don't really plan in using it trough other events, I do feel you though.

I'm really thinking about removing it it honestly, it kinda feels out of place, I used it mostly because it was the easy way to set up the game.

I'll give the starting event a rewrite and remove it, in the end there's really no point in doing something other games are already doing I guess.

Might take a while before I change it though, if it's not too much of a problem for you you can just skip the intro and play the rest of the game without too many problems.

2f2d6 No.12544

Added a poll to the main page to collect some more opinions on the intro in the meantime.

Please take a second to vote http://poal.me/et575v your opinions and feedback are very important.

d0a92 No.12545

viva gender change pregnancy!

942e6 No.12585

File: 1450434497605.jpg (21.07 KB, 544x374, gamecenter6.jpg)

Alright guess it's settled then.
I'm probably going to go with some amnesia shenanigans to justify the protagonist being a general whore.

97030 No.12718

i want to download Violate Heroine

6d6fe No.12812


e9cd5 No.12909

File: 1451026280255.png (567.98 KB, 578x638, F4 - Preggo.png)

It begins!! Still in development, but I like what I'm seeing so far :)



Oh, and Merry Christmas n' all that.

1bb64 No.13079

File: 1451311235436.jpg (71.71 KB, 471x574, Bodyslide.jpg)

I've been playing with that a little bit, good stuff. Use with BodySlide.

c4577 No.13084

e9cd5 No.13094

File: 1451344540047.jpg (495.29 KB, 1548x976, Piper_Preg.jpg)


Pretty good shape for a big-sized belly via BodySlide! Mind sharing those %s on the belly?

Messed around with Piper's outfit, could only make a decent looking small belly. Couldn't get a good shot of her without the cig in her hand though - guess she's following 1950s era health advice :/

Someone released BodySlide capable armor pieces as well. Gonna try them out later tonight.


1bb64 No.13148

Currently my Belly numbers are 74, 0, 100, 100. I don't think they are far from that in the pic. But as you can see in the pic, neither the Lone Survivor nor Piper is wearing any clothes. I am confident this means I did something wrong with BodySlide, so if you get it to work, I'd like to see. :)

I've got the CBBE Armor pack, which doesn't seem to be working right, but I may just have things (breasts) turned up too high.

1bb64 No.13149

File: 1451396801187.jpg (169.75 KB, 1168x827, FO4 Browsing.jpg)

Got it! In BodySlide you need to do a Batch Build. There are still a few things that aren't changed, BOS uniform and Scribe outfit, Helmeted Cage, but that's really not important. Sorry about it being night in the pic. There will be more later. :D

e9cd5 No.13176

File: 1451432965418.jpg (358.44 KB, 1559x746, F4_P1.jpg)


Yea, Batch Build all the way for mass outfit production. Higher % values will probably break something :P Even the standard CBBE curvy shape has tons of outfit clipping; found that using Leocid2's body as a base helps with that.

[See Post #17 for Leocid2's preset]

Posted up a Mega of my pregnant .xml preset - can't do anything about the recessed belly button, but I'm trying to get that tear-drop shape juuust right :P


1bb64 No.13277

File: 1451500597716.jpg (40.68 KB, 302x575, FO4 Grognak Topless.jpg)

I've been untroubled by the belly button, but I have been trying to adjust the combat armor belt to not stick out four inches in front of the belly.

Here is my topless Grognak armor, I ended up putting the top back on, it seemed to look better.

1bb64 No.13278

File: 1451500623218.jpg (67.47 KB, 365x637, FO4 Grognak.jpg)

Gognak with the top back on, I think it looks better.

1bb64 No.13279

File: 1451500718742.jpg (85.47 KB, 708x566, FO4 Belt Mishap.jpg)

This is a screenshot of the weirdness of the combat armor belt.

68d20 No.13302

File: 1451528403188.jpg (491.58 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-28_00005.jpg)

I've spent far too much time tinkering with CBBE and various Outfits.

A tip for taking better screenshots:

Use ~ to access the Console then input "tfc 1" to toggle free camera, while also freezing all characters in place. You can reactivate the game and return to your character by typing "tfc 1" again into the console.

To hide the HUD, type "tm" into the Console. FYI: This will disable the APPEARANCE of everything on screen. The game will still be paused in Console mode, so you can use ~ to unpause. To turn the HUD back on, bring up the console and type "tm" again.

68d20 No.13303

File: 1451528492494.jpg (553.72 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-28_00027.jpg)

Like… WAAAAY too much time.

68d20 No.13304

File: 1451528559217.jpg (475.97 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-28_00028.jpg)

Work, sleep, CBBE.

68d20 No.13305

File: 1451528647204.jpg (549.74 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-28_00030.jpg)

The model is Curie, who I slightly modified ingame, adding different make-up and different hairstyle. Same adorable accent.

68d20 No.13307

File: 1451528671130.jpg (538.83 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-28_00034.jpg)

I mixed things up a little…

68d20 No.13308

File: 1451528763945.jpg (267.79 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-28_00037.jpg)

I get distracted while talking to Curie.

68d20 No.13309

File: 1451528984339.jpg (287.06 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-29_00004 (2).jpg)

I started a new game with a female character. I used a different SliderPreset for this model. I also found that editing your appearance in game, the "Body" triangle can have dramatic effects on the outcome of the CBBE shape. This character had the marker firmly in the Fat corner.

68d20 No.13310

File: 1451529127583.jpg (461.94 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-29_00030.jpg)

I find that while the model looks jaw dropping from certain angles, it also looks borked as hell from other angles.

It also looks wonky while in motion.

68d20 No.13311

File: 1451529601456.jpg (547.38 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-29_00046.jpg)

Last one for now.

Unfortunately, I don't recall what % the sliders are at on these models. I uninstalled CBBE for the time being because I wanted to actually play the game again, and I have friends who like to stream while I play. I really didn't want a random gigantically pregnant woman to waddle by in my settlement.

"Was that a huge preggo in a latex outfit I just saw?" Would've been real hard to explain that one.

If anyone is interested, I can try to recreate those models and share the %'s. I can also put together a list of mods that I use for CBBE.

f5a57 No.13317


Somebody is using my calculator to figure out game visualizations? That's the best news I've ever heard!

e9cd5 No.13318


Ah, the same commands as Skyrim I think. I was just being lazy, truth be told :P


Oh, please do share! And thanks for reminding me about that the Body Weight Triangle; I need to break out the ShowLooksMenu command and play around with it.

I can make a Mega repository for all pregnancy body BodySlide presets that come my way, if there's an interest for that as well.

1bb64 No.13361

File: 1451588411043.jpg (122.72 KB, 927x808, FO4 Jerk.jpg)

Yeah, I really should do that, with the console. When I have some more time next week, I think I shall.

In the meantime, here I am showing that pregnant ladies are not necessarily nice ladies.

1bb64 No.13365

File: 1451598904533.jpg (40.65 KB, 345x380, FO4 Vault Worker.jpg)


!!!! The sliders in BodySlider stop at 100, but you can put in other numbers. Bellies start looking weird past 150%, but you can do it! Breasts hold together, as it were, better when the percentages get further past 200%

Picture just a preggo gal in Vault 81.

68d20 No.13372

File: 1451608300480.jpg (643.5 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-29_00036.jpg)

I am having a hard time creating a round belly. Everything ends up being very pointy but never seems to expand up towards the sternum very much. I've resorted to using the gravity slider for the breasts to essentially cover the gap between belly and boobs.

Coldsteelj on deviantart has some pictures of his character that has a nice round belly, but it seems he uses blender to create the model or something of that sort.

68d20 No.13465

File: 1451688260199.jpg (552.06 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00022.jpg)

I played around with some new outfits and hairstyles. I ended up downloading a dance animation to see what kinds of shots I could get.

If this isn't the most "come hither" look ever…

68d20 No.13466

File: 1451688507593.jpg (652.3 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00077.jpg)

I am starting to think CBBE is ruining Fallout 4 for me… or maybe the opposite. Can't tell yet.

d3935 No.13475

this is a very odd question. but how did you get CBBE installed on fallout 4? now this makes me sound like an idiot, but I'm using the nexus mod manager. for some reason when ever I install CBBE nothing happens. I go through the pick slim, curvy and then i don't click nevernude. then when I go into fallout 4 nothing has changed. I still have the villa bra and panties. any ideas?

68d20 No.13480

File: 1451697862281.jpg (695 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00058.jpg)

First question is, did you enable mods in Fallout4.ini?


This will help enable mods in Fallout. There's a video tutorial towards the bottom under the Nexus Mod Manager section. If you have already done this step, I would say delete CBBE, reinstall it, and ensure your load order is correct (Which, if you're only using CBBE and the BodySlider mods should be a non-issue).

68d20 No.13482

File: 1451698335996.jpg (555.21 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00050.jpg)

I recommend downloading and using BodySlider from Nexus, if you're not already using it. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25/?

Using BodySlider through NMM, you can create the design that you wish and use that to Batch Build (Basically, mass converts all the outfits to the slider preset you have built).

On an unrelated note, I found my %'s aren't consistent between some outfits. By that I mean a 100% Breast Size isn't the same between two outfits, because one of the outfits was building off of an outfit I had adjusted already.

68d20 No.13483

File: 1451698434082.jpg (672.46 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00055.jpg)

I pretend the skin clipping through the outfit is really just a tear in the fabric…

e9cd5 No.13496


I think that the current version of BodySlide can only pump out low-poly models at this time. I was honestly surprised to see BodySlide so quick without access to GECK (Fallout 4 modding kit).

Once GECK gets released, then the true SexLab-tier mods can start to get worked on.

68d20 No.13499

File: 1451705643488.jpg (714.31 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00068.jpg)


I've been not-so-patiently waiting for the CK to come out. I didn't realize it wasn't released at launch, but I think it will be released the same time the first DLC comes out.

68d20 No.13500

File: 1451705954518.jpg (719.12 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00100.jpg)

Once the CK is out, LoversLab will become flooded with the stuff that dreams are made of.

ce3fe No.13502

Friends don't let friends use NMM. I'll wait until the new Mod Organizer is stable.

68d20 No.13507

File: 1451710882754.jpg (650.65 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00099.jpg)


I've never had a problem with NMM, so I've never understood why people don't like it.

ce3fe No.13509

NMM directly messes with your game's data directory so that mods can and will overwrite game files and each other. MO keeps everything in separate folders and then combines them into a virtual directory.

68d20 No.13510

File: 1451713513849.jpg (805.45 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-01_00089.jpg)


On the rare occasions I need to uninstall a bunch of mods, usually to remove incompatibility issues with a newer/better mod, I've only once run into an issue with the game files being altered. Using Steam's "verify game cache" quickly fixed the issue. LOOT and WryeBash also help prevent, or atleast warn of, any potential problems (Not updated for Fallout4 yet though).

To each, his own, I suppose. I just like NMM because I'm lazy and I like clicking one button to download a file directly to the Mod Manager.

e9cd5 No.13537


Are your screenshots using ColdSteelj's body or with a preset? If the latter I would certainly be interested to getting those %'s :P

68d20 No.13550

File: 1451757450342.jpg (759.91 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-02_00003.jpg)

I'm using a preset that is kinda building off of another preset. I've tried recreating previous attempts, but because the foundation was a different size, the result ended up being different (Not by a lot, but noticeable).

I don't know the Breast %'s offhand, but the it is 100% on Belly and Big Belly, 150% on Pregnant Belly, and 100% on VanillaFO4. I just play around with the sliders until it looks acceptable.

1a187 No.13553

Where did you get that hair??? O.O

68d20 No.13554

File: 1451764971522.jpg (802.24 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-02_00001.jpg)

There's a few mods for hair I use. Nothing too fancy. One adds new variations of Ponytails (I'm a sucker for twin ponytails…), the others are retextures.

Search Nexus Mods for:

Ponytail Variations (Hair and Face Models)
HAIR MOD - Blonde hair with Dark eyebrows (Hair and Face Models)
Wasteland Salon - Hair Texture Improvement Mod (Visual and Graphics)

1bb64 No.13555

File: 1451768485147.jpg (218.27 KB, 912x607, FO4 Wonky Ragdoll.jpg)

The fix I found for bellies not going high enough is down in the torso section, with waist height.

Pic mostly unrelated.

1bb64 No.13556

File: 1451768591570.jpg (118 KB, 1440x900, FO4 Piper Sleeping.jpg)

Just a nice picture of my companion napping. I need to grab one with more light and less clothes…

1bb64 No.13557

File: 1451768838154.jpg (79.55 KB, 394x647, FO4 Some Sun.jpg)

I think this was around the 200% for belly size, and it did look wonky when you did much more than stand there.

68d20 No.13559

File: 1451770269426.jpg (676.13 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-02_00019.jpg)

I found waist height ended up creating this weird "Hip Shelf" that just looked terrible. It was a blocky protuberance about half way up the waist that had very sharp edges to it.

I only use the pregnant outfits to take pictures with (I'd feel weird murdering lots of Pregnant Raiders anyways), so the belly looking weird during movement isn't much of an issue.

1bb64 No.13560

File: 1451770639530.jpg (123.59 KB, 770x598, FO4 Ex-Raider.jpg)

If you're shooting at the pregnant Sole Survivor, you get what you deserve. :P

1bb64 No.13562

File: 1451772485375.jpg (148.1 KB, 670x644, FO4 Dressed to Kill.jpg)

Just one of the settlers in Sanctuary. :D

1bb64 No.13604

File: 1451787593508.jpg (51.02 KB, 283x634, FO4 Clipping.jpg)

Plus I like having my wandering belly a reasonable size, to avoid clipping troubles like this.

1bb64 No.13605

File: 1451787836813.png (1.05 MB, 862x773, FO4 Piper Sleeping 2.png)

A better version of my sleeping companion. :)

(Belly is at 200% pregnant; which I think works better than 100% pregnant, size, and big.)

1a187 No.13619

Thanks! I shall look into it. :3

e9cd5 No.13620

File: 1451792838407.jpg (579 KB, 1920x1080, F4_P2.jpg)

Thanks for the pics and %s Trooper and Unrated. The F04 Vanilla Slider really makes a difference in the belly shape; wouldn't have ever tried it myself.

Been tinkering myself, and the below Megalink has two preggo Presets. v5 is a full term-ish belly, while v6 is beyond that :P (still tweaking it; the underbelly has an odd jagged shape to it).


Attached screenie is the v5 version.

68d20 No.13634

File: 1451799290314.jpg (311.92 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-12-29_00005 (2).jpg)


Thank you for sharing your .xml's. Your v6 is not so different from my current build I've been using for screenshots. I tend towards absurd, unreal proportions in the breast and butt areas, because Dat Ass.

68d20 No.13635

File: 1451799444217.jpg (420.77 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-01-02_00024 (1).jpg)

I like to play around with the in-game Body Weight slider in the "slm" command to add a little more to the model, or in some cases, scale it back. Course that makes it a case by case basis for each model's physique.

And I'm always on the lookout for more… enticing clothing and such. I'm trying out an ENB to improve on picture quality, to give it a more realistic feel.

e8bad No.13900

I think this Bethesda-game stuff needs to go to another thread, it's outgrowing this one.

In my opinion.

1bb64 No.13913

e8bad No.14175

TeenSim updated.

2a566 No.14196

Yes, it has.

Not as much as I would've liked to update honestly, but good enough. Apart from adding a few new events I fixed a lot of problems the script was having, like loading text out of order, and changed the intro which a lot of people didn't like.

There's a new poll going at http://poal.me/fg4mon since the next update will introduce basic stats, most importantly money, which should give the game a more "gamey" feel. I'll try to introduce it without making it to grindy or annoying, hopefully there will be enough events to keep things fun.

Seems that so far the Waitress option is winning, if anybody has any ideas for events related to working as a waitress feel free to submit them, I have a few in mind, but the more the merrier.

Thank you!


a6ef5 No.14197

I have a request: Can you embed the text in a script instead of doing http requests for it? It would solve your sync issues and make the game easier to download. You can have large multi-line strings by enclosing them in `backticks` instead of quotes. The only downside(?) is that it doesn't work on IE.

2a566 No.14198

That's what I was doing at the start.

Unfortunately that made the code terribly messy, and every time I wanted to edit something I had to sift trough a lot of pointless text.

As it is right now it's fine, there's milliseconds to load text, so I don't think it even matters at this point.

a6ef5 No.14201

I don't see how it would be any messier as long as you kept the text in separate js files and and out of your funtional code. Just saiyan - you're free to do as you want, of course.

2a566 No.14202

Believe me, it was pretty messy.

This last thing I implemented is the last try, if this doesn't work either I'll go back to hardcoded text for sure, but so far it seems alright.

c160f No.14218


If the sync issues come up again, you could have a text cache hash table of sorts that could be where the AJAX requests get dumped into before being displayed in the container. That way, the container just refs the hash table always in the right order. Have to write logic to make sure all the requests are completed before displaying though.

Or, you could use synchronous requests, instead of asynchronous ones, but you are using a framework for that so would prob have to write your own request method.

2a566 No.14221

Now there's basically a queue where all the requests are stored so it's that. I tried setting the requests to asyncronous but they froze up the browser and I didn't like that

e8bad No.14964

Man, Free Cities has a bunch of preg content but I still need more.

5b991 No.14992

Two things:
1. Even if you get your pregnancy diagnosed at the doctor's office, it doesn't seem to effect the rest of the game at all. Your character continues on unaware of their pregnancy.

2. do you plan for the size chart on the side to expand with the character during their pregnancy?

5daac No.15660

This is still being worked on?
Just wanted to say I tried it and it looked pretty promising.

a449a No.16684

A Flash game to keep an eye on folks.


Basically a top-down Zelda-esque game I suppose, with somewhat interactive sex scenes (whip your mouse back n' forth to progress). Sex scenes can end in pregnancy. The fact that fertility/lactation stats exist definitely piqued my interest.

ec6a8 No.16788

Thanks for the post! Looking forward to see where the current game is going to lead.

5f277 No.16809

Do you know anything similar to this?

0cbf8 No.16903

File: 1457758147157.png (158.1 KB, 1280x900, 1456423774404.png)

Detailed character creation but a bit too orange imo

a449a No.16988

Goes to play Breeding Season. Sees potential pregnancy content, but none in actual game. Checks wiki on breeding:

"When the sperm of one monster penetrates the ovum of another, a portal opens up in that monster's womb. The [fertilized] ovum gestates and is born in the Chaos,…"

Flips table. Leaves.

Though if you're into monster girls/anthros(?), then you'll have a good time with it I guess.

c4e5a No.16989

It's unreal how much money they take in on Patreon for how little work gets done on it.

39fec No.16990

Why bother finishing and releasing a game when you can just stretch "development" for monthly paychecks.

e4ffd No.17008

The exception to that rule in the game is when a male monster knocks up the female PC. Monsters gestate quickly in a human womb, but no preg-avoiding dimensional horseshit.

In an earlier build you could get knocked up and see her swollen belly in the screen notifying you of that. Seemed a hopeful sign that the devs might have some idea of how popular the game could be among the preg fetish crowd.

That part got removed in the 'graphical overhaul' and hasn't been seen since. I doubt it'll make a return. Fuck 'em.

4f646 No.17023

I think i remember the dev stating somewhere that it would return, but sadly its been so long since then… Guess the patrons are all mostly just furrys.

4f646 No.17024

Sorry, didn't mean to double post

I think http ://virtuousdevelopment.com/wp/ &
https ://www.carnalsouls.com/
might be potentially good, though that is a matter of time.

e8bad No.17221

Dunno, not really a fan of Switch, after they abandoned Euphorian Tide. Venture Seas looks like ass and I'm not seeing much promise in the future.

5daac No.18391

Bump? Anything new?

0cc42 No.18392

Well, SaburoX has made a new home for Growth Academy and Seeds of Fate.

6dbd5 No.18416

File: 1463442903399.jpg (41.04 KB, 325x209, Drought-MGN-graphic.jpg)

e8bad No.18425

Even the furries are running a bit dry these days; that's not a good sign.

fb467 No.18447

00951 No.18776


Oofa, sure feels like one. DLSite games, which used to be the go-to stuff for fresh content for me, basically just died in regards to preg content.

Here's my much dwindled tracking list now, but it's all 'under development' stuff :I

Renfield: hxxp://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=25964&highlight=pregnancy

The only game on the ulmf forums I'll mention. Nothing playable aside from a 'run around in a blank world' for… two years and counting, but the guy's been working on it ever since then, and his screenshots pique my interest every now and again.

Cursed: hxxp://anonymousmangames.blogspot.com/

Remember this one? Well, good news is that the anon author is actually picking it back up again thanks to some Patreon support. Bad news, he's recently switched jobs, so… not a long of action going on. Still, though, it's alive rather than dead.

Powerless: hxxp://scolexxxgames.tumblr.com/

Mentioned this one before >>16684. Still under development. There's a neat comic strip that the developer is doing to shape up his art skills a bit that features tentacle preg.

Apocamorphosis: hxxp://anonymousynn.blogspot.com/

More under development text adventure stuff, but there's a bare bones pregnancy system now in place. Give it a few updates and it'll get fleshed out more. I remember tossing $5 at this guy a couple months back, so glad to see it amounting to something.

Tainted Elysium: hxxp://www.atticusarc.com/

Another mention to >>10638. Recap is a CoC / TiTs like game with a super nice feel to it. Lots of focus into weight gain and digestion, but pregnancy's in here. First time I've seen an avatar profile that dynamically changes (actual animation, not a simple image swap) based on what happens in game.

Carnal Souls & Venture Seas: hxxps://www.carnalsouls.com/ & hxxp://virtuousdevelopment.com/wp/

Lumping these two together as they're just breaking ground after getting enough funding for development. Pregnancy content was in the list, but not a main focus, so not holding out too much hope here. Artwork is pretty good though.

So basically it's nothing but 'Under Construction' signs that I'm seeing recently. Progress is progress though. Just like Rome, games like these aren't built in a day.

c5afa No.18778

e8bad No.18856


39fec No.18898

It should probably be mentioned that the English translation for Violated Heroine is "complete".

Since the development thread has been consistently active and updates have been released every few weeks/months, I think the game will be completed by the time anime becomes real.

fb467 No.18926

This one is a text based slave/city management sim. Though it includes many fetishes, pregnancy is defiantly a large factor. You can even conditions slaves to fantasize about it too. the only thing that seems off limits is under age content.

4abe3 No.18929

Anyone ever managed to get either Violated Heroine or Cursed to run on Linux?

Seem to be having trouble with them…

eae34 No.19093

2f2d6 No.19105

File: 1464704730556.png (33.81 KB, 510x286, 1430496791017-0.png)

Yes I have.

I'm back from the dead after a long period of silence. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up.

2f2d6 No.19130

File: 1464785851771.png (1.26 MB, 1600x1200, 0449.png)

I fixed a few bugs and did some adjusting with the stats.

Feedback, as always is appreciated, while I work on the next update.

porn for attention


c160f No.19512


I noticed that a lot of events do not update the image at the end of the day, and it will remain non-updated if you keep using the newer events. Looking at the code for a few mins, I think it might be because everything calls the dayadvance() method but not the draw() method, which is called separately inline on the "Go to sleep" button. Maybe move the draw() call into dayadvance().

33f53 No.19552

Same thing with going to the doctor and getting diagnosed as being pregnant doesn't cause a single change in later events.

2f2d6 No.19731

It is connected to a variable but I haven't had the chance to add it to anything.

A bug. Fixed now.

2f2d6 No.19732

It is connected to a variable but I haven't had the chance to add it to anything.

A bug. Fixed now.

a8b51 No.20910

File: 1470143304834.jpg (158.72 KB, 1043x695, falloutshelter.jpg)

Hey mates!

Fallout shelter can be played on PC now. Don't waste your time. Just like I haven't…

8a2bf No.21585

So has anyone come across something good as of late? I've played everything interesting on here already, but if anyone would share something new they found that would be great.

64784 No.21589

There's Maiesta over on deviantART, but that's a table top RPG. Still a game, but might not be what you're looking for.

On that note, maybe I should make a thread about Maiesta somewhere to rile up interest for it.

a424e No.21888

e0303 No.22471

Drop factory is now 100% translated. http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=28188

837a3 No.22521

Woohoo thx
But how about Vitamin Quest? People said there was version 1.06, is it ald fully translated?

6c7e6 No.22890

Whew, having a hard time with the catalog today, so I'll just go with the most relevant thread I can find:

Hard question here, does anyone know of a bodyslide'd set of nipple tape, pasties or anything like that for the UNP bodies in Skyrim?

a6a46 No.22902


How do I use the patch file? I transferred all the files but the game is still running in Japanese.

a6a46 No.22903


Nvm, turn's out there's a link that show me how to decrypt the files so they can be replaced.

74246 No.22981

In Violated Heroine is it possible to get Benetta pregnant? I can have her get fucked by a monster and all, but, being an companion only, I don't know if she can actually get pregnant.

74246 No.22983

>>22981 Never mind, I found out the answer. Benetta can in fact become pregnant, but since there's no coding for her birth scene, the game crashes.

8f21c No.23320

hey does anyone have a working download vitamin quest?

cebf4 No.23323

File: 1478832767636.jpg (62.5 KB, 560x420, RJ186234_img_main.jpg)

I don't usually care much for CG-fests, but this one has nice art, a dress-up system and a focus on impregnation. Unfortunately, actually being pregnant blocks off most of the H scenes.


6699f No.23325

The one with Makami right? If so Bun if you want i could simply put the game in my dropbox for you to get. I got ver 1.04 and ver 1.06

8f21c No.23359

>>23325 really? if you could that would be amazing.

6699f No.23370

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mmglozdtypx3t8r/AABGyQ_QnXkX5DqaxwnI4_lua?dl=0 version 1.04

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8842lj6vqh2cb90/AABJA1UFV_lvxnC5ykurF3Kwa?dl=0 Version 1.06

Let me know when you get the RPG's DL Bun so i can take the links down. Version 1.04 is the only one translated. Enjoy. ^^

137c8 No.23429

Does anyone know how to mod Violated Heroine? I've looked on the referata, but the stuff there is out dated, and some of the links given are dead. So how do I mod VH now?

5348d No.23547

All right i wait awhile at lest but now i took the links down. So if anyone wants the game you can get it from http://www.hentaibedta.net/

3650e No.23685

Would anyone know where to find WoW pregnant models and how to install them?

5fba8 No.23748

WoW has pregnant mods?

2be84 No.23753

It had some pregnant skins i remember seeing, char model edits and such. I just cant find them

b2485 No.23778

Hello! Is there a way to play Japanese visual novel games with some kind of translation since I don't speak Japanese?

cfef8 No.23779

Hope it gets officially translated, that there's a fan-made patch, copy and paste the text into google translate, or just try to guess.

What do you want translated anyway? There are many Japanese visual novels, and quite a few that are themed around pregnancy.

b2485 No.23782

>>23779 ail soft's maternity insult or any of the trois monster park series.

225fd No.23810

Visual Novel Reader: http://sakuradite.com/

Stuff is easily found if you just Look.

4cf83 No.24004

50693 No.24417


Still working on this?

ad923 No.24484

File: 1484355382992.png (49.72 KB, 660x521, VH01 Error.PNG)

So, I try to keep up with the updated translation of VH, but the last 2 updates haven't worked for me. They cause this pop-up to appear, and I sadly cannot understand Japanese. Can someone help me figure out whats wrong?

92c73 No.24488

File VH title 5 not found. Probably the title screen image is missing or needs to be renamed.

4e66b No.24489

File: 1484360676115.png (814.25 KB, 798x595, maternityinsult.png)

I can second maternity insult, if only because the bellies are huge, and I can't get it to work with chiitrans and the like

ad923 No.24490

What folder would that be in? If it really is just missing the title screen I could copy over the file from one of my older versions of VH.

b2485 No.24502


I've been looking everywhere for it. Where did you get it from?

eb59a No.24503

Look for the title screen image in the picture folder or copy it from a previous version and name it "VHタイトル5.png"

ad923 No.24514

So, that gets me to the title screen, but is there any reason why I would have just shy of 800 files without an extension? And this only happens in the December updates.

ad923 No.24515

File: 1484460511926.png (16.28 KB, 293x170, VH01 Error2.PNG)

Also, this error pops up upon trying to start a new game. What am I screwing up THIS time?

4e66b No.24523

Hard to say, I got it years ago, but I tend to get most of my stuff from anime-sharing.com , as annoying as it is to download a game in 5 parts at a snails pace from file-sharing websites for free

dd876 No.24540

If you're getting that many errors, I'd just delete, redownload, and double check your locale

ad923 No.24641

Thanks, I checked something and I think i have an idea as to why it doesn't work. The repository I use to get my VH updates has everything but the last 2 versions (read: the only ones that won't work for me) as a RAR file. You wouldn't think that would cause it, but it just might be the reason…

cebf4 No.24642

ZIP doesn't handle foreign encodings well compared to RAR or 7Z. In that case, you need to set your locale to Japanese or run the extractor through AppLocale or whatever locale emulator you use.

d3339 No.24668

If that's the case then it got screwed up on the compilers' end. I haven't been out of Japanese locale for months, so that clears me…

a58fa No.24765

This is not a game, but it doesn't fit into any other thread, so I'll post it here.

There's an animated version of a work by Mokuzou (hxxps://exhentai.org/g/848962/555f7837be/?p=5) here: hxxp://online.hentai-share.me/1189-wife-overrun-chigirarezuma-motion-comic-version-part-1.html

Now, there's a second part that contains a birth scene, and I've found a torrent for it. (hxxp://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/torrents-47/7-%5Bhentai-2d%5D-wife-overrun-chigirarezuma-motion-comic-version-part-2-%E5%AE%B6%E5%86%85%E8%B9%82%E8%BA%99-%E5%8D%83%E5%88%87%E3%82%89%E3%82%8C%E5%A6%BB-%E4%B8%8B-%E3%83%A2%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B3%E3%83%9F%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E7%89%88-549450/)

Since I can't torrent things, can anyone download it, verify that it's legit, and spread the love?

0b568 No.24797

There is a new (and free) videogame in Steam where you play as 9 month pregnant woman in horror setting:

e506b No.24811

Thanks for mentioning that! Game looks pretty interesting, too, definitely gonna give it a try ;D

e5422 No.24920

Wanted to ask: Is there exist any Princess Maker like game with (hyper)pregnancy?

178b6 No.25012

The close you're going to get is Slavemaker, and pregnancy is very vanilla in that. In fact, you're more likely to get a monster/tentacle pregnancy more than anything.

2a258 No.25039

I've played Slave Maker, but it's not like it's have much of the pregnancy content

0ab0c No.25094

Hi guys, can anyone recommend games that involve pregnancy progression? I think most of the games involving this tend to be RPG-type games where your character has enough time to run around completing quests and exploring territory, but I seem to have played through most of the content available in English (ie. most of Fenoxo's work, VH, Newlife, Girl Life, even whatever of Fallout NV with the relevant mods).

96de7 No.25203

Googled "Girl Life", found THIS instead…



2846e No.25254

File: 1487043404880.jpg (130.63 KB, 1280x720, 20170213205805_1.jpg)


2846e No.25255

File: 1487043498761.jpg (172.32 KB, 1280x720, 20170212005150_1.jpg)

2846e No.25256

File: 1487043549581.jpg (125.7 KB, 1280x720, 20170204133926_1.jpg)

1bb64 No.25283


Nice work on the belly shape. :)

Fallout 4 thread here: http://pregchan.com/d/res/13657.html

78b90 No.25349

Found a game on TFGames that shows some promise. It's called Lilith's Throne and here is its TFGames page: https://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1119

It is still in early alpha, but it plays a lot like CoC/TITS and I think it's worth keeping an eye on.

39fee No.25489

ok so this seems like it needs to live here:


the main point of the game is impregnation with some pregnancy content with it

39fee No.25490

File: 1487951771676.png (584.54 KB, 768x480, splash.png)

137c8 No.25493

Has there been any new games that have come out recently to feature pregnancy and birth?

7520f No.25494

Not gonna lie, I just spent close to 5 hours playing this…

00c81 No.25500

Does it actually have pregnancy content or just impreg while only mentioning pregnancy?

cfef8 No.25507

Some of the girls develop bulges. As in, one or two. I assume that number will get bumped up.

Get the 'lifeguard' job and you might see one of them pregnant in a bikini, randomly.

4fc8a No.25512

There a program needed to launch? Tried using my python as a tool to use, didnt work

259d8 No.25515


Only Michele, Alexis and Miyu get one.

7520f No.25519

It's an amazing premise, and actually rather fun.
Since it's so early in development, I wont go on about a lack of polish but it's certainly a lot of fun for what it is.

The only problem I can find right now that might need immediate attention is that you can occasionally miss certain opportunities if you don't meet people in the right order.
For example, you meet quite a few people at the pool (there are two I can remember meeting solely at the pool) and 1 that has a rare chance to be found on a hot day at the park.
I worked super hard to earn a lot of money real quick to gain a stamina boost so I went from job to job pretty quick with only 4 girls unlocked, which means I bypassed a lot of these things.

This isn't to say you cant run into them later when you have the best job - you just need to downgrade to the life guard position and keep an eye on The Oracle (not dateable yet), which - may I add - has an annoying mechanic of increasing her price every time you speak to her. I can understand that it's to pace out gameplay but after going to her, like, 5 times her price went from 100 credits to 5000. It's not entirely balanced honestly.

But I digress - for a game that's in 0.2.1 it's doing mighty well and honestly it's really well made as it is currently.

(also the gameplay becomes clockwork after a while when you realize that every couple of days you're impregnating the same girls every 7 weeks - if you didn't change the weeks - and you find yourself going in a circle.)

I can't wait for it to develop honestly. I feel that this is the start of something big!

(Sorry for the novel…)

259d8 No.25542


Money is not a problem after you got high skill, become stok trader.

It net a lot of money.

6b311 No.25548

I once saw a picture on the boorus (don't remember which one, maybe gel) of this guy impregnating girls with animal features, like he was the main character in some breeding ranch video game. I say this because there were GUI elements labeled "Goose", "Swan", and "Lizard" (I think), and it showed sprites of the animals the girls were based on with loading bars and countdowns for their pregnancies. One of them had just started, another was halfway done, and the third girl was giving birth (laying an egg? I don't remember.)
Too bad there's no such game, huh? I think it would be fun to play a game like that :< All this talk about Haramase Simulator made me think of that.

5ddcc No.25549

File: 1488147837736.jpg (651.98 KB, 1204x980, 7041749_p0.jpg)

You mean this?

From left to right: Tanystropheus (Dinosaur), Swan and Goose.

d8f42 No.25550

Bit of off topic info

Tanystropheus isn't a dinosaur, but a creature known as protorosaur

The following comes from Wikipedia

"Protorosauria is an extinct group of archosauromorph reptiles from the latest Permian to the early Late Triassic of Asia, Europe, North America. It was named by the English anatomist and paleontologist Thomas Henry Huxley in 1871 as an order."

9c3ed No.25553

Yep! That's the one. Why can't someone make an actual game with that premise?

2ceea No.25558

Follow LORE, it's 100% what you're talking about.
The blog site's kinda messy though.

c70e8 No.25561

Oh wow, thanks!

39fee No.25562


there is a money cheat out there if you want an small loan of just one million dollars

90f2e No.25573


I use the console cheat for money and skill :P

3c77f No.25574

Hey, I see pregnancy's a feature, but I don't really see anything about modified meshes. Is there any aesthetic breeding differences, or is it like breeding season where it's just 'there's offspring now'?

7520f No.25575

How does one access this console?

cc8c3 No.25576

Anyone know how to get to the preg scenes for Haramase sim?

b2485 No.25578

Does anyone know how to get it to work on an Android? I've seen a YouTube video where someone does.

faeb3 No.25579

If you visit Michelle, Miyu, or Alexis once they've been impregnated, or go to a location where you can see them (e.g. the pool), they'll have grown. There's also a scene with Arcana if you visit the hospital the week she's giving birth.

cc8c3 No.25581

Yeah Im super loston finding Arcana, is that the oracle? Help please

faeb3 No.25582

No, the oracle's at the fortune teller location. You can meet Arcana at the school if you explore the roof and later, Arcana's classroom. She also travels randomly. Try visiting the pub and buying stuff for extra encounter chance before checking the roof.

cc8c3 No.25583

Thanks! Now I just need to find out how to feel like a fighter jet made of biceps?

39fec No.25584

If you ask the Oracle about Miyu, the girl that is silhouetted, she gives a Youtube link, and the video will tell you what to do. The description is a reference to said video.

faeb3 No.25586

Specifically, the video tells you what to do at 0:56. I recommend setting pregnancy time to 'express'. ;3

0b814 No.25587

You mean by drinking POWERTHIRST?!

0b814 No.25588

Because it'll make you have SO MANY BABIES!!!


2ceea No.25592

You have sex with them, then over the course of 5 or so days, their belly gets bigger and bigger until the final day when you wake up and have a kid walking around the area.

2ceea No.25593

-There's also a basic system (that they're going to improve at some point) where you can get hybrids based on who impregnates who.

cc8c3 No.25596

SO I have to have 400 babies? Thats gonna take awhile

39d2f No.25598

Full save for Haramase Sim for those who want to just get to the good stuff.

MF Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/bxdklvpd4zh7v88/1-1-LT1.save

Unlocked all girls( up to 0.2.1) and at a good amount of cash to play around with. Enjoy.

b2485 No.25600


Like other creatures?

96de7 No.25602


Save file DOESN'T seem to be linked to the , erm… .SAVE file. I blame Flowey.

Fastest way to bang a chick in the game though is to:

Visit to hospital to meet the nurse.
Find the cat in the alley who will attack you. Nurse is then unlocked as partner.

Work as waiter once, change to construction, work for 500 yen for the fee. Visit hospital again.

2ceea No.25629

"Other creatures"?

2ceea No.25632

They added fetish perks now. Not a whole lot of use yet, but I picked the pregnancy fetish and that unlocked a few neat things.

39d2f No.25638

Theres a folder called game and in it should've a folder called "saves" put it in there. If there is no save folders then play the game and save once so it makes it for you. Then add the save file in (override if needed) .

a43ef No.25648

File: 1488418279578.jpg (58.62 KB, 500x342, IMG_2838.JPG)

Yeah, but it's worth it in the end~

96de7 No.25659


Already did that. Even removing the save folder entirely regenerates the saves.

538d5 No.25680

Just downloaded this. Hope I don't regret it. I love how messed up the interest rates are. The bank lends you money at a lower interest rate than it gives you for deposits.

The deposit interest rate is 1.5%, and the effective loan interest rate is .75%

It's funny because I do this stuff in real life to give me a little bit of side income.

a8ea5 No.25687

I take back what I said. 200? Fine. Sure. That's a couple days of playing for a bit each day. 300? Well, it's a chore. An irl week of an hour or two a day with optimized breeding. 400? That's bananas. And they don't even count pregnancies from donations…

b4ff2 No.25699


There's also a saves folder in (on Win 10)
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\Game Test-[numbers]

dd876 No.25783

File: 1488910220449.png (563.16 KB, 569x802, 139483627938.png)

>CIA references

d151e No.26108

This links definitely should be revived

ad28a No.26291

can someone give me another pregnant vh game? if that game have birth scene it will be cool

7cc31 No.26292


There aren't a lot of birth VH games tbh.

ad28a No.26301

it's okay atlest that game have pregnant scene

dd876 No.26303

File: 1490488352706.png (175.3 KB, 622x675, stoic observes pure love.PNG)

VH is now 100% translated, and they're moving on to translate Katteban
>all those new forced impreg scenes

bd3e3 No.26304

But the game itself is still developing. gg

4ec9a No.26310

besides a larger focus on serena, what is the main difference between katteban and VH?

dd876 No.26324

different art and it's got a lot more "bad endings"
I don't know the full extent of all the scenes though

At a glacial pace at best

1fb12 No.26326

Wait I just heard about this Katteban things. What is it, actually? VH Remake?

dd876 No.26328

It's a fork of an older version of VH, but the artwork was redone, darker tone on some stuff, and more Serena content
For example some stuff that is a game over in the base game has additional content. If you lose to the bandit boss several of the girls get locked up and knocked up with a big new scene

As Serena, if you get the meat toilet thing with the guards, there's extra stuff afterwards in town where people will blackmail you or just use you

ad28a No.26354

Look like katteban in MEGA is already remove, anyone have another link for katteban? I want to download it

20d80 No.26401

try googleing VHwiki i belive you can find thelink there… :D

4e66b No.26413

Really? 100%? I haven't played VH in over a year. Where could I get the fully translated version?

33991 No.27069

¿que tipos de juegos de nacimiento hentai me reecomiendan? ¿alguien me da una lista de juegos de juegos hentai de nacimientos que no sean de aqui?

18729 No.28096

File: 1495378678392.png (117.06 KB, 961x618, CSOTN_statues.PNG)

While playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night i saw theese peculiar statues… Is it me or they are definately looks preggy?

ca9ed No.28098

They doesn't look pregnant at all. They looks just voluptuous

f6bdd No.28099


Ah, I also see pregnant mirages all the time. Happens when you are a huge fan of pregnant bellies-you start to see them everywhere lol

52627 No.28101

I won't lie, while I figured they weren't actually pregnant I did kiiiinda see it a bit

besides who's to say ol' Drac hasn't stuffed his castle full of statues of the one human he ever gave a shit about? at various stages? naked?

but enough talk!

cf080 No.28121

Kinda wish that there were some rom hacks that add pregnancy content to games.

e257d No.28202

hmm you just see the curve of the abdomen muscles with the hips being too dark. Sometimes a shapely tum can be very deceptive. Same goes in one wall decoration in Tormentum

64b21 No.28278

is someone have this http://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_058902/ full version of game??? it looks kind of fun if you play it at full version….

a3464 No.28609

Any suggest other game rpg with pregnant tags? Well new or old doesnt matter

82e71 No.28673

cebf4 No.28674

I thought it was going to be one of those pregnant Elsa games.

cdbb6 No.29255

File: 1497677434150.jpg (107.78 KB, 1167x676, wfstn2_anya1.JPG)

So, evidently the new Wolfenstein sequel will feature the protagonist's lover from the previous game becoming pregnant with twins. The big trailer which revealed the game shows a couple scenes of her noticeably pregnant, too.

Shot 1 of 3

cdbb6 No.29256

File: 1497677459546.jpg (27.2 KB, 331x464, wfstn2_anya2.JPG)


Shot 2 of 3

cdbb6 No.29257

File: 1497677488828.jpg (27.68 KB, 392x401, wfstn2_anya3.JPG)


Shot 3 of 3, yes, her stabbing a Nazi to death.

b69d3 No.29262

File: 1497685182018.jpg (238.1 KB, 949x678, IMG_3866.JPG)

Clearly nothing bad is going to happen to her by the end of this game…

dc012 No.29263

Welp…It's "Wolfenstein" games.You know that anyone can die in its games,right?Like the one with the brutal brain removal scene.Just hope those Nazis don't pull out her babies forcibly with their weird automated surgical tools and kill em right in front of Blazkowicz

e264f No.29268

There's only two ways it could go. Either everything's fine, or she gets fucked uuuuuupp

eaed0 No.29274

you know maybe "maybe" you just spoil the game lol
its 'wolfenstein' after all lol
but i hope betheda give her more role in the game hahahahdhaha

dc0ab No.29367


Not to spoil anything, but the marine in Doom is BJ Blaskowicz's grandson. Unless they're planning on screwing up the game universe even more, then his kids will be fine.

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