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4d29e No.4601

Not pregnancy like the other thread.
Only giving birth.

Gosick episode 19.
Tide Line Blue episode 1.
Eureka Seven AO episode 14.
Reign The Conqueror episode 1.

The image is from Gosick.

aac47 No.4603

Hime Dorei Ep.2

ceaf4 No.4604

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Episode 21

db143 No.4605

Witch Hunter Robin Episode 25 has Maria become pregnant with her child Robin Sena in a flashback.

4d29e No.4608

>>4605 Dude there is no giving birth scene.

4d29e No.4609

Earth Maiden Arjuna ep 9
Clannad After Story ep 14
Vandread2 ep 2
Shigurui ep 5
Itazura Na Kiss ep 24
Toward the Terra ep 11

4d29e No.4610

Does anyone know hentai anime which a female gives birth to human babys? Not monsters or eggs?

db143 No.4613

I know, but that is one old man use a knife to cut her belly open and Robin Sena is born.

a0686 No.4615

There's already a thread for this here: >>534

We don't need to get super-specific for each thread.

ceaf4 No.4617

Well that's not a birth scene that's the C-section scene.It needs to give birth naturally.

4d29e No.4639

>>4615 It's not being specific.
Actually it's a different thread.
Pregnancy and birth is not same.

4d29e No.4661

>>4610 Yeah. Really I've never seen that kind of hentai anime.

a0686 No.4717

Actual birth involves pregnancy.
They're related, so they can go in the same thread.

4d29e No.4720

>>4717 Then the category is to vast.
Impregnation, pregnancy sex is also included in pregnancy and each one is completely different.

4d29e No.4727

>>4720 I agree with you.
Giving birth should be a seperate thread.

4d29e No.4744

Agree added.

f2bd7 No.4747

These two posts seem formatted identically…

But if you insist on using separate threads, then I'll place your posts in the original thread.

f34b3 No.4794

Is this it?
I mean there are tons of anime and hentai, but there are so few birth scenes according to this thread.
And thinking about it, I have never seen a hentai anime which a female character is giving birth to a human. Just like >>4610 said.

5193b No.4810

This is why I suggested posting it in the original Hentai/Anime thread.
It is too niche and will end up just saging to the lower pages.

4d29e No.4830

>>4810 You should read what >>4720 says. If you call this niche, then what you are talking about is to vast.
Pregnancy sex, inflation, impregnation, etc. They are all so different.
Also, giving birth is quite different from those things as well. They are inflating the belly. Giving birth is deflating it. Also, pushing baby out of vagina is what only giving birth contains.
You can make this thread thrive by adding more anime/hentai with giving birth scenes.

4d29e No.4833

Human birthing hentai anime…that would be interesting.

62ae8 No.4849

Do you guys know this anime or hentai?
It is a story of three girls filming AV in order to repay their parent's debt.
As far as I can remember, at least one of them later gives birth.

62032 No.4864

I think you two are the same person.

4d29e No.4868

>>4864 Look falloutghoul, why don't you just talk about birth scenes instead of tackling this thread. It's really annoying.

4d29e No.4869

Naruto's birth scene. Kushina giving birth to Naruto.

d3de6 No.4870


Every single one of these posts is the same guy. Which you don't even need IPs work out since by default every post on this board has an attached ID that points out samefagging anyway.

So no. You got called out. Deal with it.

458a0 No.4881

>>4870 Somebody fuck this thing off(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

ad0bd No.4885

File: 1420395878481.gif (3.02 MB, 320x215, giphy.gif)

6ad39 No.4890

I had to check out what Jim was up to…ROFL

b6abf No.4894

File: 1420433162952.jpg (320.62 KB, 788x895, red_by_talwyn182-d2z5mh7.jpg)

Ok now I get it. Feel free to disregard my question in the other thread Hidon ^_^

Yeah, I tried to pull that shit on The Belly Zone two years ago. Not a smart idea. When you get caught and called out on it–and believe me, you will–just come clean. Even if you use two different browsers it doesn't change the fact both accounts are at the same location coming from the same computer. I had a pretty believable story in my case but that means nothing for anyone who knows anything about networking.

Can we assume all of his posts will be purged as well?

d3de6 No.4895

I didn't wanna push it that far since it's pretty much the entire thread but if people really want us to we can.

848ea No.4896

I never noticed that's what the ID mark means.
That is GENIUS.
…And hilarious.

f7701 No.4902

I'm gonna level, I'd prefer to have this posts kept around as a reminder to people about this sorta thing.

Also cause that was hilarious.

bb862 No.4906

Shin Ringetsu and Rape!Rape!Rape! are as close as I've ever seen to that. In both cases the women go into labor after having sex. Shin Ringetsu actually shows Suzune's water breaking, but everything else happens off screen.

62032 No.4909

I'd rather have the posts redirected to the original Pregnant Anime/Hentai scenes thread here: >>534

158fa No.11362

f6fe5 No.11365

Saimin Jutsu Zero, I think. But never seen this before.

aeccd No.12891

aeccd No.12892

aeccd No.12893

b5c5d No.12982

What are you trying to say?

39ba0 No.12992

Hello! Yes please!

f4a0c No.28960

File: 1497184779571.png (1.51 MB, 1887x1440, FMA_4.png)

The 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime has a pretty funny birth scene. The cartoonpregnancy wikia also has some more screencaps and vids as well .(link below).

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