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File: 1421900962986.gif (687.93 KB, 922x628, 182118_20141207140313_0.gif)

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All this time and no GIF thread?
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File: 1448407859857.gif (601.4 KB, 320x240, ed01_12.gif)

Source: hxxp://g.e-hentai.org/g/873878/0e68f32576/


Animations like this are always a teaser to me, as I immediately think there's a game associated with it.

b294a No.11792

He actually is working on some sort of sprite sex game. Quite far from being finished by the looks of it, but I'll take it over yet another RPG Maker CG-fest.


b294a No.11793

Also, the encoding quality on that gallery is a travesty. I'm actually tempted to download the game and re-rip it myself.

e3c92 No.11819

File: 1448515320497.gif (30.06 KB, 136x96, laggirlpreg.gif)

Hey guys.
Remember me?

e3c92 No.11820

File: 1448515343827.gif (16.75 KB, 157x131, laggirlpreglabor.gif)

I've been doing stuff.

908bd No.11827

Yay c:

9a7bc No.11828

You the guy who posted concept art for a lagomorph game on the COC forums?
hows it been going anything new coming out?

e3c92 No.11835

I decided to go private because I was tired of disappointing people when I announced shit and then ran into delays. But I found a new sprite style that works for me, so maybe I'll be posting more often now ;)

e3c92 No.11836

Though you can find me at phlevels.tumblr.
I post stuff there now, these days.

fd1b4 No.11842

you forgot the hyphen

e3c92 No.11843

Sorry, make that ph-levels

02302 No.11881

Welcome back, dude!
And don't worry about "disappointment"; sometimes, life just happens.

77a1d No.17682

File: 1460745990190.gif (7.54 KB, 100x100, S.gif)

Practicing pixel animation. Having fun so far

03bab No.17684

Amazing work! It's very cute.

8eb96 No.17688

That amazing and soo sweet!

Ahhhhhhhh she looks so adorable with the kick as well

59d99 No.17694

Lovely, but good lord that's one hell of a kick. Kinda looks more like the baby did a headbutt down the side of her uterus

25195 No.17701

Fantastic, Foogle!

34619 No.17764

File: 1461073124267.gif (863.67 KB, 600x491, 133004832241.gif)


These are so effing hot. Great thread

f7eb4 No.17819

Hey, are you the same Foogle who wrote the "Krista" stories on dA?

77a1d No.17820

Yep, that's me. But unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to finish them. Sometime last year I lost the drafts for the final chapters when my laptop gave out, 20-30 pages of material. And what with school and studying abroad, I just haven't had the time or motivation to pick it back up again.

a7e01 No.17833

If you kept the HD, assuming you have confidential information on it, you can recover data off it, by moving the storage disk into another drive, unless it has been burned or severely physically damaged.

If you encrypted it, you can use a professional service to aid in the data recovery.

f7eb4 No.17867

Love your stories! I actually gave writing a try for the first time after reading your stuff. Hope to see more…of anything really from you. Cool to know you draw and animate too!

29133 No.17905

I just gave it a read myself. I'd happily wait months for that story to update.

dc182 No.19047

File: 1464602788302.gif (277.66 KB, 230x196, 145983.gif)

414da No.19055

File: 1464623085619.gif (703.25 KB, 500x425, tumblr_o0yls0xPyx1sm1on9o2….gif)

Bigger version

84ed6 No.19097


4a897 No.19136

File: 1464790272203.gif (183.78 KB, 500x538, pacifica.gif)

Here you go! Might draw more pregnant women GIFs in the future.

26abc No.19142

I'm looking forward to it. :)

5fc77 No.19490

File: 1465504034050.gif (270.2 KB, 453x540, ikaruga_best_06_003.gif)

d15ed No.19498

Awesome gif. I love the transition and size on it. I know what CG set it's from, but did you make this gif?

5fc77 No.19499

Yeah, I made it in Photoshop. I just made a simple transition effect using the layer opacities. Thanks for asking!

d15ed No.19521

Really? I need to really brush up on my photoshop myself. Ever considered incorporating the first two images into the sequence, where she's flat and then when she has only a bit of belly?

b294a No.21772

File: 1472603815832.webm (430.57 KB, 1440x900, 58730013.webm)

A WEBM is fine too.

45d5a No.22005

File: 1473378223222.gif (1.42 MB, 320x192, Prego insaniquarium.gif)

(Sorry about the quality my Dawg but this is all i could find)
Surprised that no one shows Prego from insaniquarium any love

c4dcf No.22018

Nostalgic, but I can't fap to this.

d5005 No.23553

File: 1479799949627.gif (285.56 KB, 852x1056, comm__a_belly_in_motion_by….gif)

By cross-crescent on DA.

f104a No.23569

Holy…that is incredible!

d5005 No.23582

I agree, I'd love to see more animations of belly movement.

33ff4 No.23622

I second this motion.

d5005 No.23759

Bleh it's not letting me post for some reason

d5005 No.23762

File: 1480922623330.gif (77.25 KB, 1000x678, happybelly.gif)

d5005 No.23763

File: 1480922671047.gif (126.88 KB, 1600x1151, babiesawake.gif)

025d1 No.23889

There are shitloads of replirs here…mind if you point me out some gifs where birthing is involved?

(Yes, there were some in the human birth thread. We might find some here.),

a35fe No.24215

File: 1483205718085.webm (6.92 MB, 1920x1080, New_Years_Sample.webm)

I do hope a sample of a dance file in WebM format is fine too. I've edited the camera slightly but the dance moves ain't mine.

d92ee No.24222

Oh, wow, that's great.

08453 No.24225

Can't wait to see the rest. I do love that touch of her holding her belly as she turned; it was really cute.

a35fe No.24227

Planning to decrease size to about Youtube player's size so I can squeeze everything into 2 or 3 WebMs. Since I'm doing that though might as well edit some more stuff in the video.
The song is Gokuraku Jodo and I'm using the MMD motion file made by some kind soul on the Japanese side of the web. Only plan on using the first 1min 30s of it though.

a35fe No.24228

Was probably gonna procrastinate so just go get the 1min 30sec mp4 version here if you want.
Camera work is not very good cause I'm not familiar with the software but at least with this done I can move on to other stuff.
Link: hxxp://www.mediafire.com/file/9t4j2nu2wqv558x/New_Years_Video.rar

59529 No.24372

File: 1483824166941.webm (7.85 MB, 1920x1080, Drops.webm)

21 sec lighting test

d92ee No.24373


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