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I didn't see any topics relating to eroges/visual novels/games with pregnancy content, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to start a topic to one of the only VNs I know of that focuses explicitly on pregnant sex: Maman Kyoushitsu.

I'd like to throw open the topic for any and all discussion, be it your favorite girl in the VN, walkthroughs, any luck finding a more complete translation patch, whatever.

So, how many endings have people reached for this? There's one each for Mimeri (pettanko unlucky childhood friend), Honoka (somewhat ditzy married blonde), Saera (sarcasti and lusty single mother), Momo (your ditzy gluttonous little sister) and Emiko (your ditzy horny mom), an "Incest Supreme" hidden ending where you get Momo and Emiko together, a Harem Ending (only possible after unlocking all the individual ones) and a bad ending (make all the wrong choices when instructing the girls about preg care + say you don't like working there at the dinner conversation when it comes up).

Personally, I think I like the Saera and Mimeri routes best, with Momo's exclusive incest branch close behind. I don't like NTR, especially for a happy couple, so breaking up Honoka leaves me uncomfortable, and mother/son incest isn't my thing at all, thus cutting Emiko out of the picture.

a60d4 No.777

Found a link to the current, patched as much as it has been, version of the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cw23nib8f8e998g/Maman+Kyoushitsu+English+Patched.rar

Also, it's a fairly straightforward game; you basically just gotta keep selecting the girl you want in order to see her ending. That said, there are a few areas where choices are important:

Unless you want to bad-end, you need to take the answers "Maternity Yoga", "relaxation & muscle growth", "lactating moms should" and "it makes it easier for the baby" when the questions arise during your classes.

Apparently, if you want Honoka, then you have to choose the "you can't" answer when she asks about sex whilst pregnant.

When Emiko asks about what you like about your job, I don't know if there's any difference between saying you like helping people vs. confessing your pregnancy fetish, but I do know that picking the "I don't like this job" answer is one of the bad answers you need for the bad end.

After… I think Saera… gives birth, you'll be presented with a choice to go home either with Momo, Mimeri or Alone. Either of the girls is fine if you're looking for a monogamous relationship with someone else, but going home alone leads to incest sex.

8912d No.1005


How do I make it run again?

80a9d No.1230


After you have the .iso of the game downloaded, LoeQuality (the translator) wrote this about how to install it and make sure it works correctly:

"LoeQT here. Mamankyoushitsu, in my experience, has been rather picky with how you install it. I’ve found it works best when you

1.) Install it in Japanese region settings
2.)Have the disc image on your harddrive, and only install the game onto your harddrive. What this means: No mounting the image from an external harddrive or installing the game onto a USB drive or anything like that. It tends to make the game not work.
3.) Do NOT install Mamankyoushitsu into your Programs Files. Put it somewhere else on your hd, preferably under your username in the Documents or Downloads folder. (I have it in a folder on my desktop)
4.) Once installed, don’t bother with a CD-Key or crack to bypass the security. All you need to do is get the .exe of the game’s trial version. This can be downloaded online, but Swaneye was nice enough to include it on the disc, so when you have the disc mounted, open it (right click the disc in My Computer and select Open from the drop down menu) and go to the おまけ folder and then the ままん教室!体験版 folder. Inside will be mmscex.exe. This is the trial version of the game. Copy it directly into the folder you installed the game to (so it’s in the same folder as the real maman .exe). Use mmscex.exe to run the game
5.) Only use the mmscex.exe to run the game. It should be installed properly now.

If you want to use my english patch, make sure you have the game properly installed (like described above), and have a legit version of the patch. I recommend the LoeQuality blog, but that’s because it’s me.

1.)Extract the patch files/folder from their archive directly into Mamankyoushitsu’s folder (so now you’ll have patch.xp3 and a patch folder with a lot of .ks files in it inside the Maman folder with the trial .exe, the game’s files, and everything else).
2. Delete every file inside the savedata folder before starting the game.
3. Run the game (again, using only mmscex.exe). It should be in horribad unrevised english, since revising would have delayed the patch so long.

If you encounter a problem where you only see half of any given cg in the story, you have a windows update downloaded which breaks this (and many other) Swan games. They can be safely removed, and are the KB files listed by Swaneye here, on this page:

If you ever encounter a script error when starting or playing the game, I’m going to guess you didn’t install the game like above and/or you didn’t delete the savedata files after applying the patch (which causes an error when the game detects the new english text instead of the Japanese text that should be there. This breaks the game.) The usual best bet is to delete everything and reinstall all over, from scratch, following the steps above. I apologize if this is tl;dr, but it’s the safest way of getting it all to work and stay working. I also apologize for the quality of the english patch. I didn’t intend for it to be this low, but revising it would have delayed release for ages, and I didn’t think people really cared that much about quality for a nukige release. Just note that whenever you encounter Japanese text in the game, it is not an untranslated line. What it is is that I missed typing one “;” in the script, in front of the original Japanese text (which would have prevented it from displaying), so now the Japanese line appears before the english translation of said line. I swear I didn’t do it so half-assed that I just skipped translating some lines; I just missed entering a couple script commands, which fuck up how some things are/aren’t displayed. It’s also unrevised, so most of it is in that really weird semi-literal Japanese to English translation state, rather than more coherent english. My apologies"

80a9d No.1231

File: 1411916678681.jpg (66.4 KB, 207x320, 2570102.jpg)


"For people wanting a translation of the game’s buttons and options, I’ve made this Imgur album. All important buttons are translated here. Everything else can be found out via trial and error (especially the wallpaper creation mode):

http://imgur.com/a/9MIxV#0 "

a60d4 No.1303

It's been a while since I've played this; can anyone clue me in as to what sorts of kids the various love interests have?

I mean, I know Saera has a girl (Sae) and Momo has a boy, but I don't remember what Honoka has.

Similarly, I remember Saera has a girl in her ending, and Mimeri has a boy in her ending, but I don't remember what the other three have in their exclusive endings.

Actually, do you get to hear the results of impregnating the five in the harem ending?

80a9d No.1330

File: 1411997477783.jpg (143.15 KB, 800x600, Maman.Kyoshitsu.full.52974….jpg)


In Honoka's ending, you find that she has a girl by her (ex)husband, a boy by Kei, and they are expecting another child.

In Saera's ending, she has a girl by the first guy, a boy by Kei, and asks Kei to get her pregnant again.

In Momo's ending(s), she has a boy by her husband, and in ending one, that's it. In ending two, she and Emiko both get pregnant again but you never find out the gender.

In Mimeri's ending, she is pregnant by Kei, but you don't find out the gender.

In Emiko's ending, she is pregnant by Kei and I think it's a girl (at least, Emiko really wants it to be a girl).

In the Harem ending, they are all pregnant by Kei, but you don't find out the genders unfortunately.

In HimeKoi, one of the heroine's actually shares the same last name as Saera (and has a lot of brothers and sisters) but seems to be unrelated to Saera in any way.

a60d4 No.1359

I haven't played through the other endings recently, but, like >>1303 says, I do remember that Mimeri has a boy in her ending and Saera has two girls (one by her last boyfriend, one by Kei) and is asking for baby #3 in her ending - it's in epilogue sequences after the "pregnant in a wedding dress" scene. Unless the translation somehow went drastically wrong, but I really doubt that..

52bac No.1360


I think Mimeri's route has her Pregnant in the wedding dress > Credits > Epilogue, where she's attending class with the other girls and producing entirely too much milk. I don't remember whether they tell you the name of their child or gender, though.

a60d4 No.1370

Tought I'd play through the game again and see if I can help out with the most recent question - only problem is, I can't recall how to do the Emiko route. Can anyone clue me in? All of the other girls are fairly simple - always pick their options for interacting at class, say Pregnant Sex is a No when Honoka asks if you're going for Honoka - but Emiko's route is escaping me.

Gives birth to a daughter, Miho, by her former husband.
Ending - Divorces her former husband for adultery and marries Kei, giving birth to Kei's son, Yoshihito, at the highlight of the ceremony.
Epilogue - Honoka is pregnant again.

Gives birth to a daughter, Sae, by her last boyfriend,
Ending - Gets married to Kei whilst heavily pregnant.
Epilogue - Gives birth to Kei's daughter, Keiko, invites Kei to impregnate her again because she's too horny when not pregnant.

Momo, No Incest: Choose "Go Help Emiko" after completing most of Momo's route
Gives birth to a son, Momotaro, by her former husband.
Ending- Momo and Emiko listen to Kei's instructions about being better mom, but no further sex/pregnancy occurs.

Momo, Incest: Choose "Go Help Momo" after completing most of Momo's route
Momo gives birth to a son, Momotaro, by her former husband.
Ending - Momo and Emiko both become sexually involved with Kei.
Epilogue - Momo gives birth to Kei's son, Keiji, whilst Emiko gives birth to Kei's daughter, Sumomo .

Ending - Gets married whilst pregnant.
Epilogue - Gives birth to Kei's son, Keito.

Harem: Requires obtaining all individual endings first, trigger by saying "Only with me" when Honoka asks about pregnant sex
Ending - All girls get married whilst pregnant by Kei.

dca02 No.1501


Is this the full game or patch?

a60d4 No.1502

Full game plus english language patch.

a60d4 No.1758

Okay, found the Emiko Route after some trial and error:

When given the choice to go home with Momo, Mimeri or alone after the "sex during pregnancy" talk, choose "Go Home Alone". This will lead to a scene of Kei suckling from Emiko's breast.

When asked what Kei's type is, pick "Bubbly and Cheerful"; you're now locked into Emiko's route.

Emiko gives birth to Kei's daughter, Miko, and the final scenes are the two suckling, even as Emiko teases Kei that she might have fallen in love again if she'd given birth to a son-grandson.

a60d4 No.1962

So, anyone have a favorite sex scene or character in this game?

Myself… well, really, the incest storylines are the only real storylines I'm disappointed with, but I think I definitely like Saera most out of the choice between her, Honoka and Mimeri.

All three are definitely attractive, but Saera's wicked playfulness and libido just seem to speak to me the most. There's a deepness to her character, being so horny yet at the same time so loving and responsible, and with genuine conflicts about some of the aspects of her character. The teasing is also a very fun aspect of her character.

3a191 No.2400

Ok, now to work out how to make this work.

3a191 No.2401

FYI I opened the files using 7zip

3a191 No.2403

I think I've got it working. Tell me, is there not meant to be a character image for characters like the hospital director or the guy in the car accident?

3a191 No.2404

Ok, worked through ths tory, but I do believe I only have the trial version installed, but cannot find maman.exe in the files. Do I need to find it elsewhere

80a9d No.2460


Nope. Minor characters (and Kei) have no portraits whatsoever. As for where to find the trial version .exe, if you have an .iso of the disc, you can mount that and explore the disc. and the trial .exe "mmscex.exe" should be in one of the folders. Copy mmscex.exe from the disc into the folder where you installed Mamankyoushitsu to, then use it to run the game and it SHOULD work. Mamankyoushitsu is very picky about how it gets installed, so errors do tend to occur.

3a191 No.2467

Ok, It's the iso I lack then

80a9d No.2469


If you don't have the .iso, have only the demo version, and are looking for something called "maman.exe", I'm going to go ahead and assume you did something wrong. Rather than try to correct the error, let's make this easier on everyone and just start over. I'm going to assume you can torrent, have Daemon Tools Lite installed, and can (and have) set your computer to Japanese region settings, or know how to use applocale to install and run Japanese programs.

To begin, I'd recommend using this torrent (if you can) to get the .iso:


Once downloaded, use Winrar or 7zip to extract all the files from the archive.

Once that's done, mount the extracted mmsc.mdf file with Daemon tools lite. It should appear listed on your Devices and Drives list under My Computer/This PC (whichever OS you're running). It might try to autoplay.

Once mounted, follow the directions listed here to install the game, and where and how to install the game:

Once installed, look back to >>1230 for instructions on where to get the .exe of the trial version, so you can bypass the security. Follow those instructions as well.

Once mmscex.exe is in the proper folder, use it to run the game once. It should start perfectly fine; if it does not, you have done something wrong. Reinstall and try again. If it does work fine, close the game (make sure it is not still running in the task manager after you close it).

Now it is time to get and install the english patch. I recommend you download it from the LoeQuality blog, as that is the most up to date version:


Once downloaded, extract the contents of the patch archive directly into the folder where you have Mamankyoushitsu installed (so a folder named patch will appear next to the savedata folder and the plugin folder, and a patch.xp3 file will appear among the other files for the game).

Just to be careful, open the Savedata folder and delete every file inside of it.

Now, finally, run mmscex.exe and start the game (use this imgur album for a translation of the menus: http://imgur.com/a/9MIxV#0 ). It should be in working english, as well as I wrote it without having done any editing or revising. My apologies.

3a191 No.2512

I download the torrent and it just sats 7zip cannot open the file

43b53 No.2514


I do not mean to offend, but let me assume the problem is that you know nothing about how torrents work.

To begin, make sure your computer has east asian language support, so that it can show Japanese characters. If you don't have that, that might be why 7zip can't open the archive (since its name is in Japanese).

Next download the torrent file from nyaa, and run it with a torrent client that you have installed onto your computer (like utorrent or bittorrent - I recommend utorrent, just be sure to get it from a legitimate source).

The torrent file will open via the torrent client, then presumably ask you where to download the files the torrent file is associated with (These files will be archive of Mamankyoushitsu's disc image and etc that you are looking for).

Set the torrent client to download the archive to some place on your C: drive (your default download folder will probably work) and click okay.

Now the torrent will download the files and it might take some time.

When it is fully downloaded, go to the folder you told your torrent client to download the archives to, and right click the " (18禁ゲーム)[091030][スワンアイ+]ままん教室~未来のHなお勉強~ (mdf+mds+rr).rar " file.

On the drop down menu, there will be a 7-zip option. Mouse over it and it will load another drop down menu with the option "Extract files…" Click that. This will open a window where 7-zip will ask you where to extract the files. Extract them to whichever folder, probably your download folder.

This might take some time.

When it is finished extracting the files, find MMSC.mdf and mount it with Daemon tools as I wrote about above. Continue following those steps and you should be fine.

3a191 No.2539

I am reading through this currently, but no, I have little knowledge on how torrents work, you are not being offensive. That being said, I do have east asian language support.

80a9d No.2541


Quickly put, torrents are a easy way of file sharing (but requires a torrent program to work, like utorrent or bittorrent that I mentioned above).

They work like this: I have a file, let's say the Mamankyoushitsu.rar archive. I use utorrent to make a torrent file from the Maman archive, and I upload that torrent file to nyaa.

Someone downloads that torrent file from nyaa and runs it with utorrent. Utorrent loads that file, and will connect across the internet to my computer and begin downloading the Maman archive (as long as I have my utorrent set to allow people to download from me).

To put it in torrent terms, I am SEEDING the file, since I have it 100% complete, and the guy downloading it from me is LEECHING the file.

Once he downloads it completely, he then becomes a second SEEDER of the archive (if he chooses to).

Then, let's say you download the torrent file from nyaa and run it with utorrent. Because me and the other guy both have it completely downloaded and are seeding it, you now connect to both of us to download the Maman archive, which enables you to download it that much faster (the difference of two people sending you the data versus only one).

As it stand with the nyaa torrent, there are 17 people who have fully downloaded the files, and are letting people download it from them simultaneously. Some popular files (like new anime episodes) get hundreds to thousands of people to download the file and then seed them, making those downloads extremely fast (even if the files are huge in size). Various MMOs use torrents to distribute the base install for their game, since it works faster for many people than a direct download off of their own servers would work.

Naturally, this method of file sharing has been used by piracy, and various ISPs will monitor torrenting to see if you are downloading movies or stuff. Fortunately, Mamankyoushitsu (and visual novels in general) are so obscure that no isp really cares - it's not hollywood; it's not important.

What might matter is how much it affects your data plan for internet. Seeding torrents means you are sending the torrent data to a number of other people on the internet (your PEERS) and this can build up fairly fast (on my other computers I have uploaded over a terabyte of data via torrenting), so if you have data restriction or don't want to overtax your internet connection (downloading torrents and seeding torrents can make your internet connection rather slow at online gaming or other tasks), you might want to pause the torrent, stop the torrent, or exit utorrent entirely. There is no necessity for you to seed torrents you have downloaded; do so only if you choose and are able. Also if you download other things via torrenting, be aware that like with every file sharing method, people may upload viruses, trojans, or other things. Only download what you know you can trust.

a05ff No.2547

Sadly you may want to watch torrenting ing the US, had my internet flagged and shut down for 24hrs because somewhere in the internet pipeline to my house I was flagged as using a torrent.

80a9d No.2582


Torrenting itself is not illegal; as I said, a number of mmo developers use it as a quick way to distribute their game files. It usually depends on WHAT you're torrenting and how much data is being transmitted which will cause your ISP to step in (unless you just have a pretty bad ISP). I use charter internet and they've had no problem with downloading via torrents

0c19f No.4577

I seems to have missing file after I install , what should I do ?

ea712 No.4578

File: 1419349021943.png (527.14 KB, 560x420, 001_Title.png)

I found this game's CG on Ex-Hentai web
It's quite interesting but it's in Japanese
It's a short RPG where you must do several tasks to seduce (and impregnate) the girls, who are from other games
I tried to play to it but without understanding Japanese I weren't able to advance anything

This is the link to the CG

I would be very glad if someone could translate or post any walthrogh of this game

80a9d No.4579


Re-nstall Re-download? Tell which file seems to be missing, is it from the game or from the patch?

52c60 No.4594

All those ks. xp3 file are missing from my game .

80a9d No.4607


the .ks files are the english patch, which should be in the patch folder, and the .xp3 files are the game's assets, which you should have when you install the game. I don't know how you got the game and/or patch to have neither of those, but you need to reinstall both of them.

de367 No.4663

To me, Emiko is the sexiest woman in the game. Regarding the incestuous context, I started changing the translation patch to make Emiko not related to Kei and Momo. Yes, this degrades the authenticity, but it also removes the squick factor.

80a9d No.4665


If you plan on releasing that, I just ask that you also edit out Loe Quality Translation from the intro, so people don't confuse one release for another. In other news, what do people think of HaraPara? HaraMiko? I get absolutely no feedback on anything :C

d1379 No.4672

Would enough people want my edited version to merit a release?

35527 No.5038


I enjoyed both. Do you have an ETA for the next patches for HaraMiko, HaraPara, and HaraKano?

a1b73 No.5265

File: 1421720911100.jpg (49.8 KB, 256x360, 21094.jpg)

This seemed like the most relevant thread so…

I got a minor problem. I recently downloaded Ryoubo's Maternity Insult VN the other day. Got it to run fine, but the translator which I had been using well enough for all my other games, chiitrans, doesn't seem to work right with this one. It only seems to pick up a part of the text, usually in a weird place like the middle. I haven't updated it in ages, would that probably fix it? Or should I rely on a different translator for this game?

80a9d No.5267


Haramiko: Uzuki route and Harem Route in the works now.

HaraPara: Not on the list of priorities. Whenever I have the time and want to work on it instead of other projects.

HaraKano: The VN feels long and less than interesting. I am continuing work on it, but more focus is going into HaraMiko/Junketsu/etc than it.

You may need to change which threads ChiiTrans is monitoring to find which is the correct one for that game (click the binoculars icon for a list of threads available). If that's not it, updating to Chiitrans2 might help, but I'm not sure. I have no experience with that title.

a1b73 No.5271

File: 1421738266168.jpg (43.89 KB, 256x365, 20875.jpg)

I thought it was a problem with the threads at first, but only two identical threads appear, and both of them are only catching a fraction of the text, so it isn't that. I'll try updating chiitrans, god knows I should have done it ages ago.

And not that other guy, but I think Harakano might be worth a translation, at least for the main heroine. I greatly appreciate any game which follows a heroine through the stages of pregnancy over the course of it, and has more character models than flat -→ 6thmonth/full term.

Pic related is Hara Marriage from Cyc-no. Similarly, the pictured heroine goes through her pregnancy throughout the game, which is a rare treat.

80a9d No.5276

File: 1421741764982.jpg (54.13 KB, 800x600, NE06A_c.jpg)


Most of the later games by Flap and all the games by High Running do as well (not surprising, since High Running was just Flap under a different name, and dedicated to pregnancy in VNs… until it closed ;_; )

80a9d No.5277

File: 1421742253323.png (262.68 KB, 684x436, 133162164341.png)


BootUp has been including pregnancy and progression in a number of their more recent games (especially the Aneimo series) though not every heroine gets a detailed model in every game

80a9d No.5278

File: 1421742343527.jpg (272.96 KB, 976x538, Untitled-4.jpg)


Black Package did exactly once, for their game NuruPuri, though it was for all four heroines.

80a9d No.5279

File: 1421742521658.png (856.87 KB, 1500x600, e47313d6283573b2f88e4f8abe….png)


And of course Norn is as fond of progression and pregnancy endings as ever (though the character models pretty much switch from not-pregnant to full term, with no progression in between)

bd454 No.5280

File: 1421745783978.png (172.97 KB, 720x438, 0120.png)

80a9d No.5284

File: 1421764917672.jpg (638.23 KB, 2250x778, Bote Hisui.jpg)


Oh right, the Ane Haramix series by Lilith does as well. I'm not sure if any other Lilith games have progression, but Ane Haramix 1 and 2 do.

Speaking of Shinigami, Harakami by CONCEPT certainly has progression, though unfortunately chose a more Lucky Star esque art style, so it may or may not be something you want to have (or is even legal to have) on your harddrive, depending on location.

a1b73 No.5289

Updating Chiitans didn't work, and I think it might be a problem with the text hooher, anyway. Not getting everything from whats written to translate. Should updating AGTH not work, I'll see if I can find an alternate translator that might.

I don't have Harakami, but I have almost all of the others you mentioned already, or at least ones from the same developer. Norn, while generally just not pregnant → pregnant, often makes up for the fact with the characters often getting an obvious boost in the bust when it happens.
But back to harakami, I have no qualms about the artstyle or characters. In fact, I happen to have a one that I'm not going to picture, only name. Hajimete no Okaasan, content aside, I was floored by just how many individual character models there were for the main character throughout her pregnancy. Just look at the character CG on sadpanda, and you will see what I mean.

a1b73 No.5290

File: 1421783324405.png (788.07 KB, 1014x589, uyfjhchgc.png)

That didn't work either. Would anyone have a suggestion as to alternate translating software that might work? No matter what I try, it seems AGTH only picks up fragments of what is being said.

80a9d No.5298


Interactive Text Hooker is the only other text hooker I'm aware of. It should be still available via Hongfire, though I'm not sure it'll fix the problem you're having. You might be better of asking google if there's any certain thing you need to do and/or AGTH code or whatever you might need to enter for the hooker to find the right text.

80a9d No.5299

File: 1421804329179.png (159.93 KB, 1008x538, results.png)


It's easy to say that it's worth a translation when you're not the one looking at literally 10,000+ lines of text that'll need to be translated :y

2c964 No.5301

There should be an option in there to delay translating by a few hundred ms. If that doesn't work, try chiitrans lite, which has replaced that version.

a1b73 No.5317

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
And I don't take it that way. I simply disagreed with your assertion that it was 'less than interesting'. Its definitely longer though, so I can see why you wouldn't want to.

e80ca No.6271

I saw that SwanEye released HaraKano a year before Maman Kyoushitsu. How do HaraKano's CG scenes compare to Maman Kyoushitsu's CG scenes?

eb89b No.6289

Maman Kyoushitsu

Full Walkthrough, use google translate

acf8e No.6323

does anyone have the crack for hara para! ? because all the links for it are broken or removed.

719b5 No.7001

File: 1428617490477.png (769.93 KB, 700x980, 49755784_p0.png)

I don't usually care too much for VNs, but this looks really good.


7b85e No.7644

File: 1431170310368.jpg (44.39 KB, 600x450, 12500495639 (1).jpg)

trying to find the name of this VN anybody, have an idea?

2ef25 No.7662

It's okay but very short. There's only 3 characters, 1 of whom is already pregnant and the other two you impregnate. Each character only has two scenes as well.

汁だく接待 汁だらけの街 おかわり一杯目~過去の蜜はどんな味?編~

957e8 No.7746

Any downloads for this?

1669f No.8399

I was wondering since harapara now has a 100% patch does anyone know how to install it. I have the game but requires a CD code. Any ideas?

3847b No.8413


Thats the crack for Hara Para. Note that you have to have jap locale on to run it. HF pAppLoc won't cut it with this game, if you're not using Japansese(Japan) locale, it won't run. Also use harapara.exe, not data.exe

01f99 No.8414

Does someone have the wlakthrought for Hara Para?

68347 No.8424


It's in Japanese but if you translate the site you should be able to figure it out.

1669f No.8456

much appreciated

01f99 No.8457

Thank you a lot.

ffcab No.8785

Forgive me for the necro, but does anyone have a download link for Haramiko Shimai? I've done googling but all I've found so far are dead links and dead torrents. :|

957e8 No.8803

e93f2 No.9136

does anyone know where i can find the no dvd crack files for 汁だく接待 おかわり一杯目 ~過去の蜜はどんな味? it seems like it does the same thing Maman Kyoushitsu. just it doesnt so any visuals. its plays sounds and acknowledges clicks just no video. its not my gfx card as all other visual novel games i have work just fine. anyone have any ideas?

a608c No.9417

File: 1437660975502.jpg (95.69 KB, 944x476, error.jpg)

When I try to install maman kyoushitsu and I followed every step given this happens when i try to launch the game using mmscex. Is it my pc problem or did i do something wrong

957e8 No.9420

Did you change your PC locale to Japanese?

a608c No.9426

Yes I did

b4607 No.9475

Currently playing MK, loving Mimeri's route.


a4aa1 No.9499

Rather than changing the whole system locale, I installed Windows Applocale and ran the installation file in Japanese. Worked just fine!

b4993 No.9504

I wouldn't recommend Applocale - it's an ancient Windows XP tool and isn't compatible with every program.

48fcf No.9558

File: 1438525389838.jpg (211.84 KB, 1288x753, 2014-11-30_00001.jpg)

LQT just released a new HaraKano patch which translates the common route and all of Marina's route + her bonus mode epilogue. It's not really the most erotic thing I've read (not until the last bit) but if you want to read a slice of life love comedy, I guess it works

bf0f8 No.9560

Is Kanna's route any better than Marina's route?

48fcf No.9561


Haven't read any of it, sorry

b9542 No.9569

Yay! a HaraKano translation! Oh speaking of, does anyone know what happened to the guy who said he was going to translate Haramin? he kinda vanished off of his blog.

51c82 No.10052

File: 1440610143656.jpg (26.02 KB, 256x334, 2315.jpg)

Does anyone know how to crack Haramin.
I tried using the demo but it didn't work

b9542 No.10056

It does work, you just need to get things in the right folders.

60f12 No.10255

I've been playing Harakano, and I like it a lot, but I can't figure out how to get the harem ending. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

2e22a No.10290

talk to kei in the gym on the third time (after finishing all other ends) Then respond the 1st choice 3 times. If I recall correctly

60f12 No.10294

I've gotten all 7 girls' endings, and I did this. He doesn't ask me anything and I just get a random girl's ending. Did I miss something? is there another ending I need?

2e22a No.10296

well here is a walkthrough I found that got me to the ending

60f12 No.10323


Thanks for the help!

60f12 No.10378

File: 1442242773490.jpg (42.95 KB, 256x368, 7938.jpg)

I don't know if anyone has played Junketsu Megami-sama, but it looks really good. I can't find a working torrent anywhere though. I'm posting this here to ask for help, if anyone has this game, could you host/seed it?

17dd3 No.10393

The funny thing is that the incest babies aren't malformed demon creatures. I guess you have to throw realism out of the window to please some people.

bdedf No.10411

60f12 No.10414

Thank you for your help!

a0744 No.11400


Hate to necro a thread, but I just recently started playing Hara Kano, and I have the same issue here. I've followed the walkthrough best i can, thanks to google translate, and I've even tried choosing only Kei in the playthrough, but nothing seems to unlock the harem ending. I want to complete this game 100% so I can play through the Epilouges that have been so kindly translated for us. Any help? Suggestions on what I may have missed?

4fa8a No.17278

File: 1459448786406.jpg (192.66 KB, 817x643, 1453592523471.jpg)


You need to have 100% of the CGs done and gotten each character's ending. After that, start the game again and (I think) pick the choices that will lead to Marina's route (or Haruka's, Hiyo's, Kanna's, or Kaho's). Before the story officially changes to any of their routes, Mari Aihara should appear and ask you three questions - if you pick the top option every time, it will start the Harem route, if you pick the bottom option at all, it will continue with Marina's/whoever's character route.

I think the only routes this does not happen with are Ayana's and Ren's routes.

Speaking of this thread though, if people were waiting for it LQT just released the patch for Ren Fujino's route:


0a456 No.17755

File: 1461031878035.jpg (328.89 KB, 1280x776, header.jpg)


And now there's another alpha patch for Junketsu Meami-sama.

Probably have to use a text hooker to read the text properly.


991e3 No.17973


I don't suppose you have a download link for the VN? I keep trying the torrents but they seemed dead. :/

60f12 No.18083

File: 1462369824562.png (841.09 KB, 816x641, missing CG.png)

I'm playing Haramin, and I can't seem to get this one CG. I figure this is the best place to ask for help. Does anyone know what I should do?

4c40b No.18084

60f12 No.18086

Hey, thanks bro.

888e0 No.18387

Yeah, same here. I rather struggle to find working torrents for these games.

e6c9c No.19108


I recommend using https://sukebei.nyaa.se/ and searching for the Japanese titles of the game (though if you get a pre-patched version, make sure you go ahead and get the latest patch from the translator's blog, since the torrent might be outdated).

bdba7 No.19703

File: 1466147852063.jpg (100.97 KB, 427x674, Swan Tereka0004.jpg)

Kanna's route is done, bringing the total up to four routes completed

bdba7 No.19759


About that image…

From the HaraKano Side Notes:

HaraKano came with 5 pre-order bonus telephone cards (viewable at link as of this writing, or in the SwanEye Bonus material collection on Sad Panda/E-hentai), which depict Marina, Kanna, and Haruka in different states of undress (and pregnancy). Though there is no way to know if any of the artwork from these telephone cards are directly related to any of the routes from the game (though two seem to be from the Harem end), card three seems as though it might be an even later epilogue to Kanna's route. It depicts Kanna and Marina together very, uh, lovingly (which only happens in the harem route in game), yet with Kanna visibly very pregnant, while Marina is not (which does not happen in the harem route, and could only happen in Kanna's route). Looking closer at Marina, however, you can see a slight bulging around her (usually very smooth) waist. This may indicate that, even though Kanna's route ends with a definite Kanna 'win', Marina and 'Oyakodon' may not be out of the question for her and Yuuichi's relationship.

54e5f No.20788

Does anyone have walkthrough links for HaraKano?

af254 No.20802

Just keep seeing the same girl to complete here route.

To get the harem route simply have all other routes completed then visit Marina, Kaho, and Kanna. After some more scenes Mari will ask you some questions, and just answer "yes" to all of them.

2a1f4 No.21126

File: 1470608180960.jpg (201.27 KB, 960x720, OVD-0016_story.jpg)

Junketsu Megami-sama has another alpha patch (translates about 1/4th of the game) thanks to LQT. Let's you get to know all the girls better and do two of the scenes with them (one slice of life, one hentai):


Overdose (a partner? of Lune-soft) has also announced a new title all about pregnancy and impregnation, set to come out end of September. By the looks of it, it'll be the biggest pregnancy-related title since Junketsu Megami-sama:


"ジャンル: のんびりとした山間の片田舎でイチャイチャ子作りスローライフADV"

"Genre: Carefree, slow-life ADV, set among the mountains in the country, doing erotic things and making children"

2a1f4 No.21127


Cool story: if you can get the Lune-soft page to load, there's a button near the top in orange and white that says "エロイね!" - you can click it to show interest/support for the title.

If the Lune-soft page doesn't load for whatever reason, here's the official website: http://spielsoft.1000.tv/over-dose/onsen/index.html

2b660 No.21344

Can somebody reup this?

b0604 No.21363

File: 1471039790105.png (130.39 KB, 240x380, 868f0282-5789-4d64-cdb9-54….png)



LQT went through and revised and edited the common route, so it reads a bit better now. Must have changed the url to download it

84c88 No.21973

File: 1473258763163.jpg (297 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

84c88 No.22084

File: 1473687022257.jpg (240.48 KB, 1600x1200, image.jpg)

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